Hour 2: Who's going to lead Georgia?


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Jamie Newman who moved over from wake forest for his senior season expected to be the starter expected to perform brilliantly according to many of the experts is opting out due to covert concerns and we are joined by my Griffin's to give us the absolute latest griff. Thanks so much for the time I. Know The story is evolving. We appreciate you making time for us. So what do you know? All like Newman has put out a tweet on this now Paul to small but to go so three, fifty, eight PM. Made official and he's going to opt out and try handed the NFL and and effectively end. Georgia Georgia quarterback situation. I know that Georgia is Georgia the Georgia quarterback situation always seems like a made for TV movie how how had he performed and what were the expectations? You know what I mean. The Red Sleigh came jt when JT Daniels transferred into Georgia and may I mean that? Told you something was up right? I mean there've been soon meetings and been talk and some questions about how Jamie was doing into zoom meetings and how he fit with Todd Hunkin. We knew the Kirby smart had ample opportunities during the off season to say how Great Newman was doing and he Said I don't really know who the quarterback is. Don't know what we really got there. He was saying that you know afternoon on campus in January and. February as well and in gone through the walk drills and and worked out with the team mate. So I think there was some question is how Jamie with it that new offense and the competition was hot this fall I mean Kirby GonNa. Take you down to the wire or not gonNA hand the job to anybody. Now James should have an advantage he's been on campus since January but you'll jt daniels is a really talented guy and you know maybe a better fit for this air raid offense we're going to see George Goto and you know Newman. Had A good run at wake forest He right I mean ranked six Qbr in the ACC sure what that means but he is now gone which let's continue the conversation griff about J. T. I know I know he was banged up I. Don't know what the status of that is but. His career is pretty legendary and he's still fairly young maybe the top quarterback coming out of college he started most of his freshman season. So I mean he he's been tested. off more even in that Dave clawson offense and I. Don't think people give Dave Clawson wake forest of credit. I mean. They did beat north. Carolina. Last year you know ran up more offense on. North. Carolina's and Clemson did if you go back and look at the box score when we jamie had his talked to receive is healthy but part of the reason was come to George was playing more of a pro style offense and group those potential NFL skills and you know I. Think he's been able to work in that offense, and now there is worth it. You know there's always the risk of injury with a ten game schedule. Last year, you make it through the season had a shoulder injury, the poorest Miss Florida state. Now, he's looking down the barrel of a ten game schedule. He's got a guy on his heels that my overtaken for the position in JT Daniels you know how does that look NFL scouts? So you know I think this is the Decision. Maybe per newman if you have concerns about covert nineteen or losing your job or or getting re injured, let's face it. It's a really physically Paul I mean there was only four out of fourteen teams in the league last year that had a quarterback that started every game and that was the eight game season. Now, you're looking at ten game season. Well. So let's talk about. Let's move. Let's move on because Newman is gone. Ye How does this affect your outlook on on the dogs this year Hit to the to the depth that quarterback I said before I didn't expect him to be the guy wire-to-wire whether by answer you let it by competition I. Mean I think t Daniels was a guy that. You knew coming in here was going to press I mean Keith Daniels is a really really talented quarterback was the number three rated quarterback coming out that class with Trevor Lawrence and Joseph fields and actually left highschool youthful has pretty much left after his junior year and got thrown into the fire You back let's look at those numbers Keith, Bartlett, Southend's coordinator that that didn't work out real. Well, put the head coach on the hot seat, and then the next year he was started coming out right any to over two hundred yards in the first half against Fresno state, and then the knee injury in the second quarter of that game let's hovis comes in kill. Does a job wins the job and the you know dangerous figures out. Hey, you know that this has got to be there guy to transfer somewhere the most amazing about this nobody saw jt Daniels company Georgia you know recruiting secrets are pretty rare especially this caliber, but but Georgia and the Daniels family really pulled this one off. This was a shocker when he came to George and it was also a red flag that maybe things weren't working out real great between Jamie over the data pumpkin. Well, let's talk about the todd monk and offense here because you know we all know as great as. As from was it was a mismatch and last year frustrating what about Mahnken jam-packed so far and and how does that correlate to jt Daniels since he is now going to be the expected starter Well First Things First Paul you gotTa have guys that can run the right routes and catch the ball George had trouble with that last year. You know they'd lost five other top six receivers from here before and they had six guys last year that either miss game with injury or suspension. Right I mean George picking didn't catch a ball onto the first four games and he was suspended for parts of to the last three games so that that was you're really talented freshman. More Caja. Was the guy that when he's on the field, you know problem completed over seventy percent of his passes. When he wasn't, it was fifty three percent because the rest of the receiving core was pretty early in that various sign that sound I think they're frustrated from and he left I think this group you've got experience coming back and some help I mean you hope that cares Jackson Dmitri's Robertson, two guys that were banged up early last year you hope they can stay healthy heard a lot about this incoming freshmen, your meat burden. Kitty a graduate transfer tight end for you know you're saying, well, wait a minute. You're talking about players not talking about it comes down to players. You know yes, it's. It's a sound scheme. There's new terminology they're going to be able to spread the field. They're GONNA go running back committee once again may drop off the deposition got a reloaded offensive line. He could got jt Dan who's back there I think pretty good triggered and Glenn Mathis and Carson Beck are extremely calculate the freshmen redshirt freshman respectively. We have not had a chance to talk to you since the full schedule has come out and you're you're certainly one that always can can see through what maybe others don't Open Against Arkansas Auburn Tennessee at home at Alabama. Kentucky. The Usual Game Against Florida add mizzou Mississippi State at South Carolina and Dander. But what is your assessment of the of the dog schedule now that they'll likely have J. Daniels at at the quarterback position Better, have your act together early, tall better. Have Your Act together early. You know you talk about that stretch. Where you play Auburn Tennessee Alabama Kentucky I mean that's the physical four-game stretch right there and so it's Kinda frontloaded. If you look at Georgia schedule, you still hold games between October tenth and November twenty first. That, that would seem to be a challenge. So I think you got the lay up there at Arkansas you get your. Scrimmage. Get Your Jamboree was saying Pittman in Fayetteville bitch better work that you'd better work the kinks out you better iron out the wrinkles because they're not going to be much margin. Play Auburn's tough listen Kevin. Steele is a great defensive my very nearly Tennessee's head coach. Remember he was a finalist switching through it and then you go from Kevin. Steele's playing Jeremy and you know year before was twenty nineteen, twenty, eighteen think Tennessee was only game jake from didn't have touchdown passes Brutal Scheme Yup if you've got the players they they got weaknesses maybe but but but he's a good coach and and then after that Nick Sabin sitting back only see what Kevin Jeremy did. So by the time, Georgia gets to Alabama on that game. Is. Going to have a pretty good read on them and George stay healthy and and they need this offense to sync up. They've got to find some playmakers and got trained kitty comes through that ident-. James Cook is a guy me not hurt his name much double cooks little brother. This guy's really good in the open field do everything running back and then you gotTa Hope George Picking. Up plays like a man can't afford for him to get suspended or break assignments. Mike, I know you have a story to put together. We thank you for coming on as a story is breaking. We always appreciate it. You. Got Migrants on the news. No official that Jamie Newman is leaving the University of Georgia before he ever plays a game, this is statement that he just issued. With much prayer and discussion with my family. I would like to announce the due to the uncertain news of this year amid a global pandemic will officially opt out. Of this football season to prepare for the draft, I would like to thank mark for expanding the opportunity for me to be a part of the program. All of my time has been short I built some relationships had a chance to continue my development as I prepare for the journey ahead. I remain hopeful and excited about what future holds especially during these challenging times. Hashtag grateful Hashtag God's plan Jamie Newman gone. Before he ever played a game at the University of Georgia. We will take a break more of your phone calls more guests in a moment. Don't let a hangover, slow you down fight it with goodies hangover pain relief at the speed of powder. Good. He's hangovers. The first hangover offering from an analgesics brand temporarily relieves minor pains due to hangover headache and even handles muscle aches. 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Glad you are with US recall joining us as he does every week and Rick I want to start with yet another bizarre. Unexplainable Week for Kevin Warren Commissioner of the big ten. He takes a call from the president. The United States with more information now available it looks like it was set up communicated through through a a go-between. I'm not sure what was accomplished other than a lot of attention. Good afternoon. What do you make out of it? Good afternoon I know Kevin Warren Well Arizona State. He's attributed to our sports business handbook obviously president of the Vikings got US Trust Stadium done for the Super Bowl for the bike. Pedigree credential when he took his job not sure you knew what he was getting into what I make of it is the president attempting to try to get in the middle of starting everything again before the election and I'm not sure whether his call is going to move Kevin Warrant Action you need a significant majority of the trustees and the president who control the athletic directors as we know, and every story has another side to it. We now see that I was state is now as of an hour ago deciding not to have fans in stadium for opener, we have you know your neck of the woods or former. Alabama with all those testing positive and as you said in your promos and as I said, everywhere, athletes may be safer it each other than going to campus going on campus traveling college students of any kind. These days is a license to spread the virus good or bad. If the college students stay on campus and get it and get quarantine, that may be the best way to control that. But obviously, with home and away schedules and college football, it becomes a whole different issue. Rick on the big ten position we're not clear what they're going to do but but I am interested in your thoughts on their obligations or contracts or whatever. We touch major networks like ESPN and Fox Where does that play in their decision to have some semblance of the season better late than never or a spring football season? Well I don't believe any of the standard contracts require you to play the season within a parameter of X.. Two X. Time is not really thought of before I know that some people like the British open had thought of actually pandemic as a reason, British tennis and British Golf not to go forward. Therefore, their settlements were pretty significant because they had thought about that everything here is an uncharted ground is an act of God quite clearly the the the networks base their issues at this level on personal relationships in common sense not. Necessarily where the contract. So obviously, with the big ten, you want to preserve as much money as you can. You don't have basketball mud for marching band is you don't have fans coming in. So you need to TV money. So if it's deferred action in the spring, but you get some of the money upfront, that's what the issue is, but it's not going to be resolved in a court of law, it's going to be resolved in a boardroom. I if they end up for the sake of argument playing by Thanksgiving they, they're not doing that specifically or are they to meet to meet the requirements of their contracts. Now, they're doing it specifically to generate as much money as they can, and they're contractors away to protect them and make sure they get it now on the other hand again, if it doesn't fit with the schedules, obviously the holiday time and the bowl time and the championship time or very important to as you know ESPN. We understand how many goals they have. The National Championship, that -plication understand how important the big ten schedule could be slash would be for the National Championship. But again, that's that's not as important frankly to the big Ted as the money would be generated and therefore distributed. Finally, the NFL we're a week away from from their first game, the first big weekend, and they have been about quiet throughout all this is is I can remember I realize we're not playing preseason games but I'm really interested if someone who has deep ties to that league, what you make out of the last few weeks for them and what do you think's going to happen next week Yeah that's a great word I I love that word even though I don't know how to spell it. So here's here's what's happening I. Think they're gonNA play I think again, a remote bubble where they gotta go to thirty six different locations thirty two different locations whether they like it or not. He may have playoffs in the bubble super bowl. Maybe February maybe April and you WANNA get through sixteen games and you want to spread it all out listen what happens this week which is kind of interesting at the same time we're squabbling over the corona virus and its impact on advertising and television. There are studies that have come out to the average NFL franchise. Even the Bengals is worth over three billion dollars and the cowboys over six so they must be doing something, right? Rick thank you as always great to have you on. Time antsy. Carl. Joining us as he does every week. We. Are. Again Watching a very interesting story of Athens. Georgia where it is now official Jamie Newman who transferred from wake forest is opting out. Of the season, we've already talked about that a little bit, but certainly he is now made it official with his Farewell Statement. Again, we are going to continue with your phone calls today five to four to seven, two, eight, five more guest come on what's already been a pretty busy Tuesday afternoon. Hey. It's your homie. Sorry. It's your home i. know you don't like it when I call myself your homemade. So I have some favors to ask you could you get rid of a few chairs in the living room? My floorboards are tired and other easy thing we save money. If you bundled your home and car insurance with Geico one more thing I know you of lavender scented candles but could be tried to he shouldn't be Noah. I think it would. Be Better. For Bundling made easy go to GEICO DOT COM today. Listening to Paul Finebaum. Show podcast look. At Shell we know from the time you get up to the time you wrap up there's a lot of meet ups. Eat, UPS, and hurry up. So come to shell and three things done at once fill up with Shell v Power Nitro plus to help keep your engine running like new save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again and snack up with in-store rewards to save even more at the pump make the most of the stop you need to make shell engines they continue. So you shall v Power Nitro plus premium gasoline full terms and conditions if you rewards. We Iraq and again repeating big news Jamie Newman the. Expected starter although we're hearing different stories. Now, coming from reporters is opting out of the season. Let's get some reaction from our callers. David is in Florida. Hello. David. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you. I wanted to. Get your opinion on Jim Newman of course, as we both know, he's been incredibly over hyped this entire. Season on I wanNA get your opinion on the ports that you may have opted out because he's not going to be winning that starting job. Well. I think I. think that's what you are hearing and by the way I mean there's no way to know I've covered college football longtime and usually when a player leaves, that's what the story is coming out of the bubble and sometimes it's true sometimes just not the one thing I will say. Is this. In this year of all years depth position was fairly important and Georgia has. Much less than they did but. Kirby smart has had a revolving door at the quarterback position for a long time. I mean I realized Jake Jake from started his entire career but you know historically of winning the job and then adjusting field and now this is pretty standard Tara Georgia. How do you think this changes the dynamic to the east with assuming J. Daniels that starting job. I don't think it does I think Georgia is still the favorite. Maybe a little tighter squeezed than it would have been a only from the depth position and and again, you have a good chance of losing your quarterback in this issue whether it's injury or Covid, and it would have been a nice cushion to have but based on the people that have really do know. Jt Daniels career they think he was always going to be the better quarterback. Thank you. Thank you Yeah, I. Mean It isn't like Georgia has been wiped out they have not. They just have leapt less depth at the most critical position in in in the game let's continue and more calls and Jeff is in Georgia Hey Jeff. Thanks good afternoon. Hey, how you we are great just wanted to touch on the Jamie Newman News you know one question would be widey wait. So long to opt out I, heard rumors about the heat. Bothering him as well as Justin fields being at the first scrimmage and at University of Georgia practice. So is there a possibility with the big ten in air? Up in the air is it is there a possibility that he may be trying to maneuver back down this morning? Wow that would be the story of the year wouldn't. I first of all for him to get to Georgia. He would have to be granted a waiver. and. The fact that he is still remarkable that he got the one that he did to go house state I sincerely doubt he's going to get another one to go back since he used I believe in the waiver. Application circumstances that occurred down there I believe that's correct. To to help you open the door for him to get out. Not, happening and. What you said earlier about Georgia's quarterback debt You know they got four guys. They got four guys behind him when in other years they've only had you know. Two quarterbacks on the roster that were able to play. So you know with that being said I think everybody is going to have some some attrition less than. If you. Ask Me. Yesterday. Why Georgia's chances a baby winning the SEC getting to the SEC, championship game would have been a lot of reasons. But I I would have. Easily said, depth to quarterback is one advantage and if you look around the league. Even though neither has played a down at Georgia they both have started in in big time college football. So yeah I I think you would've felt pretty comfortable with that. So that changes but I think. I think any conventional wisdom that all of us had used in the past is out the window this year. But I will say I I think depth on your team at every position is going to matter and there are few teams. That had have any more depth Allah. The Alabama Georgia lsu still has some depth, but they have just taken a bashing in terms of skill position players and big time players who are gone. Now, let's check in with terrance who is in South Carolina. Hello. And thanks for having me on the show. Thank you very much. Yes. I was calling I'm a big time gamecocks fan and I was just wondering do you think might Bobo could actually This offense and new spark in could luke doty be a new weapon for us to possibly you know. Letting us at least have a decent season and you know turn things around and this young defense. Yeah, you know I think those are all interesting question. My question to you back is, what's a good season in South Carolina these days I mean it's been such a roller coaster ride. And and I I really wonder. So appreciate the call very much. Let's continue Lucy. In the sky in Tennessee. Hello Lizzy. Their how I'm a first time caller wonderful and I wanted to tell you that I am so proud of the way that you have represented it the University of Tennessee. Well, thank you. That means a great deal and I think too often because I have I have not lived in Tennessee. You know since my college days it gets forgotten about, but still very important to me. And I am. Proud. Today as I was when I graduated just a couple of years ago to be a graduate of university. Way Our shopper proud I do and I wanted to ask about the University of Tennessee season and their quarterbacks. And let Utah Okay. Well, thank you for the call and thank you for the kind words and I. I think the quarterback situation. With jared is good. I don't know if it's great. Hope it is I say that as a fan not as a commentator but I'd I really Feel pretty good about this year I thought the way the. The twenty one, thousand, nine season ended was phenomenal. The way began was atrocious but how you end is where people are going to remember and Jeremy Pruitt has done a really good job of building that staff and and recruiting at a level that Tennessee needs to recruit at two to be. Seriously, considered as a contender one day and I think they're getting close to that. Let's talk to Linda in San. Antonio. Hel Hello. Linda. Good. Afternoon. My name is Linda Gamble and it's an honor to speak with you. I wanted to. Hear your opinion on. Why College teams have got into politics now. That's all I. Is College Sports. And University of Kentucky have coach Calipari has they have brought in politics four black lives matter all the teams players had t shirts on his kids vm. And So I would rather that they politics out of this. And he would saying. Coach Calipari was saying for. Had different pages together. Encouraging. There's team players who votes to rich vote. That's okay. But when you're telling the team to pull the lever for one. For One group and They didn't say the Democrats. They said that what they were saying was about the policemen, the abuse and the racism of police. So if you've got common sense, you know which groups they're saying, which would be the democratic group. Why Do, they have to bring this into college football. You've you've raised interesting question and I think there are two separate issues here. In terms of what players are doing, marching and wearing. B.. M.. T. Shirts. I agree with you on the on the encouragement of vote I've I've interviewed various coaches and they say, you have to vote on November third. I think it's pretty obvious what they're saying without saying it so. You need voting is a privilege that we all have and we should execute but when I hear. When I hear that NBA NBA Arenas are being opened in others. It's it's pretty clear that there is a there is a director of there but. Beyond that, I think the other part of this is young people simply expressing themselves about things that they believe in and remember they're young people. Thank you for the call Augie who is who was once young. Is, calling us next. All I think satellite TV and cable has Expanded their subscription to retirement. Communities. Last week. Yeah I guess it was last week when you have Peter Byrnes had to take over for you when you were having some technical difficulties and I noticed that earlier this week you had some more. were you able to watch that telecast while those guys? He enrolled Ruin Harper were doing your show No, I was not just not like. I opted out. Okay. Well, I told you this before never walk in front of Peter Burns especially downstairs, and don't accept any beverages from him because he's really comfortable seating in your. And I'm glad to hear that Better Roy Roman Harper's your friends better check that because. He didn't insinuate he actually said because Paul's an old guy. He's a challenge by tricks equipment. So he pushed that off when you. and I thought that was just wow, that was really ugly to Paul but today prove that Romans probably right punk scene recall the Alabama Texas. Game. I mean, that was a great game. Texas. Didn't Alabama pull it out at the last minute when two or three pass and They basically crushed Texas this season. With Moore remembering that correct. I wish nobody would help me with that because I do not remember that when. I'm. To remember that one I thought Alabama player that lady was so certain again, it proves my point your show is with the t anybody can say anything becomes fact anyway great show called keep it up. Thank you very much. We are heading to a break. We'll talk about the big ten's problems with Teddy Greenstein. Coming up here in a few moments we have spent a lot of time in the last ninety minutes talking about the Jamie Newman opt out. We are coming right back much much more. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Help. We are acting Bob is in West Virginia here on a busy Wednesday hey bob. Hey Bite em a friend. I'm doing great. What's going on with you? Hey, let me ask you a question. You always gotTA opting out from. L. Hugh. For example, they'll say L. issues five enough are then players allowed to opt back in. A good question? I have to get some clarification on that But I don't. I would think once you leave once you opt out you you you leave the program I. Don't think you're coming back I'll have to get somebody to help me with the actual language there but I think you're gone. You're probably one more other thing Paul. Let me tell you something you gotta you wouldn't agree with this. If coated mark, he's players. They could march their way out of a job. Now, you're you're you're one hundred percent correct and I think people are missing that message I've had friends semi. Surprising literature about Nick Saban did the other day and I think they're missing the point. That the the the coach in in in this case or in any case is not making a political statement he simply backing his players. Exactly, right. There you go. Well, you probably know the answer it's about MC saving new stable was a quarterback in high school you know hearing Mananga? Three years in a row that was three years ago him and carry him although he was a running back they would. They would undefeated every year Dick quarterback and they won three state championships. he was. He was a you're right he was his father was a coach. It was a great quarterback. Thank you very much for the call. Bob Zach in Knoxville Tennessee Hello Zack. All how you doing Jack? We're doing great. I I'm surprised Surprise Y'all haven't heard from a daryl yet about the sense of what's going on down in Georgia. Yeah well, I'm not sure Darrell. Pace call is close to a close attention as it used to. So I got off. He opted out a long long time ago. I love that comment. You made last year I. Think it was when you said he retired Allah snow. Funny. But I wanted to ask you something else How do you say How. Do you say Florida season go on. I think Florida has has a really good season ahead, I? Think he's just. Going to simply come down to. Texas A and M. Game, which is a little more prickly than they wanted and obviously the Georgia game other than that. I think they're in pretty good shape. You think the LSU game would be a real struggle but I. I. Have some I have some questions about Lsu. Right. Right now with all the players they have lost but the gators. I think that am game on the on the tenth is one to keep your eye on. A really tough stretch militia back to back at the season is is a lot that can be determined during during that stretch and of course, tennis at Tennessee, at the end that's a tough tough ending they they've had. DREW is up next. Hi Oh. Hello. Drew could after him. How's IT going Paul? Very well. So I had a question for you, how is with the big time? Obviously, not playing right now, and if they do get a late start policy in effect couch football playoffs if the season carries on for them getting late start. I. Think it depends on the late start is I mean were they to start October? Or something like that. It wouldn't you know maybe they could work their way back into it but if they start Thanksgiving which is the speculation they're out. You a playoff is scheduled to begin on New Year's Day and follow. Eight eight or ten days later on, and if they're midway through the season, they are not going to be a factor it's over. Pretty Okay I Gotcha, and then one more thing. So say they do start in October and they have a chance getting playoffs. How big is they like shrank schedule born to play and like say the teams from SEC in the big time because I mean the like season a lot stronger than daytime. I it stronger but. Let's say it's we're talking Ohio State I. Think they have a game at Penn State? I mean that's a huge game. So I think. We're they'd come back. Allow State with. To, me starts season or winter started the season one of the two or three best teams in the country. So I don't think they would have any problem at all with their schedule. Now they lose the the Oregon game, but everybody loses a game like that. We're most everybody. moved. Okay. Cool. I. Got You. Thank you for your time. Thank you very much Terry is up next Kerry run ahead. On time, how are you doing? Great thanks for calling. You know I'm a huge dog fan and You, know these things happen I. Think now we should cancel the season. I'm kidding. I'm kidding it. You did say it does affect you know the debt that's it. I. Think I'd WanNa going to be pretty good with we've got other options is not a great thing to happen the timing is. Pretty cruddy for the situation but I think we'll be okay I wonder trying to open up a can of worms here but. This is the third significant player in in three days that has opted out in the alone and I'm wondering what's going on here under the surface because we're three weeks away from the season and. I'm curious what people think about why? Now what has caused Newman's case he may have seen He may have seen that he wasn't going to play, but that's right. That's still a strange I mean Jamie Newman. is projected pretty high, but this is not any by that's proven very much. And also, Paul that you're caller earlier about the Kentucky. Basketball into politics. That was a pretty smart call You know I I don't like talking about politics, but she made a couple of points to. Agree I mean this is a a I tried to explain it. I'M GONNA. Try because it's it's a complex issue. And in every coach doing it for you know probably the same reason to back his players and. or or concerned that if he doesn't, you know how is he going to appear right? What backlash would be? Yeah. So I think if you John Cale Nick Sabin, you decide do I do I go ahead and do do this Show my players that I understand them and believe them or do I say no and face the consequences and I think the answer is pretty pretty obvious. Appreciate call again I realized that somebody you were getting on late Jamie Newman the way far transfer many people thought he would be the starter and. He has opted out. That's the big story of this day we will continue discussing it also go to the candidate few minutes and find out what's going on there. What to do i Wednesday stick around? GEICO. Knows there are many reasons why you ride from the thrill of the revving engine and pure adrenaline of flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico. Has Your back with twenty, four, seven access to claim service. But are Snyder has one reason in particular. I had extremely large upper arms. They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture. 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