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All Right Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Feast is in tune your ears. It's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field and how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience, and attracting better clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage your host Brian S. Arnold. On the virtual stage. How you doing everybody episodes of your projects and I am here with my. New Good Friend, here. Even, get your last name. Right abdomen you somebody I summoned. Yes. In this bring our faces on the on the the platform here how you doing today first of all. Great I never got our ties mixed up a little bit my fault. But we are here. We are here. No worries. We know how we're both professionals. Yes. So, we can do it we could do it. So she is here. She's going to show us today how to get clients as fitness expert and excited to have her on the show today at least she's GonNa give us some great strategies and tips on that. But before we get started, please just tell us real quick who are personally and professionally. That's great. I mean mother and somewhere around here in background a heavy nine year old boy, he's actually with network today. In my fair time, I love writing and writing my behind and Actually during the pandemic to play a flute. What keeps me really busy. It's my job I am the owner of my body could sure I'm sitting you're at the studio as. As, well. I. Haven't works and Murder Studio in a also have digital studio where I see clients in the whole goal is to help people feel better in there. So the vast majority of people that into see me come in because thing on their body hurts. Out those nagging pains that we often associate with aging. So the shoulders, her hips, her the low backers, three quarters of people can relate to one of the things I said already, but we also have easiest feet, etc. so what often happens is that we get to a place in life for that just full. Will stop from our hobbies I named out a few hot I. Love. So let's see riding her bike or love gardening and had people come into the guarded I also people that WANNA do high levels words. I have people that are CEO's of companies who told me that they feel embarrassed when they get your plane. This is a private space and I also offer my services privately digitally, which is really great. So it for people that want that one to one touch where they want. Rams solutions that really were very sustainable and I use a lot of nontraditional shots. So we're not wishing ten of ways of doing things that maybe i. Haven't loved the experience of going to the gym in the past. So we're we're looking at new solutions for people that they really st with. Awesome. Oh career that is wonderful is all my questions show is over now. No? No. So so basically the question. Christian now is a new question about what you're currently working on ending special. That's currently working on right now actually I. So. This is the covid special where I probably have eighty percent of my business being in bricks and mortar stage to. I'm probably at around fifty fifty now. One hundred percent at one point I had some culture back in but I also plans throat America's. So I have people that are in Miami I people that are in. Chicago and have people that are in New York City in British Columbia Toronto. Said got people all over the place now. So there is a huge component of businesses going to stay on line and what really changed actually interestingly wasn't me it was the marketplace. So twenty eighteen, I started offering digital services, a online classes on private. By? A lot of technological concerns. So I would always offer to my clients if you're make Asian, I can give you a skype session whenever that literally. March of twenty twenty was all of a sudden, the entirety of north. America and actually that's the honest World Scott, comfortable in twenty four hours zoom. I had already walked in marketplace that had worked at the case went being on camera and all that awkwardness bobby angles on that South side is lucky enough to you. At that way, be able to offer that service clients immediately because I had some experience with that on my end, but then it was actually really up to the clients to feel comfortable and confident on camera themselves. So we kind of got over that little hurdles. By now is just actually standing that offerings. So even things like podcast where we now have a much more viable market throughout all of the continent as opposed to just being in one solvable area. I. Love It. Awesome. So this let's this go. Down what took you down this path of helping people with their body couture's counters? Culture, culture took. You got down to this path what led you here to action. So I I think a lot of entrepreneurs do what we do because it was a service that we wish existed at one point. So I had a knee injury in a game that the injury by running and I was I was not an athletic person when I grew up. So I went from zero to hundred. So me if I knew that ninety now I would never have gone on best pathway they did but I went to the doctor I went to a role for. How he would do whatever drugs. Members of the, of Kiss. I went to all kinds of places. What I know now is that all of 'em worked on this specific area of pain that I had fight then I would go run again and they come back. I didn't actually how the mobility and the strength in the areas of my body to support the acuity. That simple. Basically at the age of I don't obvious eighteen or twenty I had to seek all these solutions just to do a hobby and I went on with my life, I actually ended up being a fashion media. Events in your city and had not going on, but in the background of my life is side hassle. I. Was Doing Training I was in clients in developing this whole pieces my wife. Actually, not ever sentenced to be a job. I love you. So I did what they say to do, which is invest in trainings education and investment equipment, and invest in all of that time and get that experience, and then by the time I actually did may transfer another due largely type for solid. So the child ashmead executive job wasn't necessarily as. A deal. So I actually took a lot of elements that I had both encountered and worked on when I had my day job my day job obviously I didn't work at a gym, I could be a teacher. So I would see people primacy seating one on one. So from day one, I was doing that side hustle theory in a very entrepreneurial way. So when it came time to do that shift, who's just so natural because I already had an idea of how to get clients by myself. I already had an idea of how much to charge people had all that training and experience in my back pocket and I'm not GonNa say it was like that but it was like that. how long does it take for you? Because I know this the question that I really want to get across to the to the owners years. How long did you take fee to get to that transition from being at this? You know pretty high level job to really going out and doing your own thing. Six years. Yeah. The sixers awesome awesome okay. Get that out there 'cause a lot of people think that you know things happening overnight or the can happen within a few months or so four but no. And actually even during. I'm kind of laughing because there are certain things that are helping my business right now this is an open. For almost eight years and it's the overnight success. I need it. Awesome. We do have an idea. Work. My Day job. Side Hustle do that for year each hugh process and bucks hurt when I referenced earlier, which is I did what they say to do. But no one early tells you how long that is going to take is quite a while because you have to build up over baseline you and yet you could comfortably actually make of living doing it. I am so glad you said that because there's so many. Fly By night things out there do this sixty days ninety days and is for the most part is not true. You might have your you know your example people who do it you know, but it's not the norm in my right about that. I have to my industry. Should I see things all the time? Say Twenty, one days you can you know lose twenty pounds or? This is going to sell. It is big by. I love it I. Love it so. Let's listen I'm going to do one question before we get to the client client. Issue Client. A question? What problem did you see out there? They got you're searching for this bird solution whereas I kinda Kinda searched you up a little bit. Yeah. So what was what was that? You saw that you know? You saw other finish solutions that were that you knew was a write in that. You need to solve this particular problem that wasn't working for you. Question. At the gym is relief focused on one certain type of person in one phases life. So if you go into gym right out, we're going to see a heavy up of folks in their twenties nothing wrong with nothing wrong with offerings nothing wrong with going on in their back when it really boils down only about twenty percent of people North America even have a gym membership and. Show that a lot of those folks are not even using those gym memberships. What is happening? We all know at our age that we should be working out. We all know that we should be going to the gym. When we're really looking at maybe ten to fifteen percent of people are going immediately that there's a disconnect there for people. Here, in that I experienced. I'm putting all this time getting no results and putting all this time looking around and other people are getting results in Ireland. That's the worst. Hurts. So, there's a lot of bloggers injuries and there isn't really a great path of the physio for how do we get I talk about it like a pyramid. So I don't progress my clients fitness until out up he because we're not gonNA be old. Fitness on top of paint. When we get into Jim Setting, our knees or hurting thoughts. How long were you? He going to the GYM Rinat a super long time. So I wanted all the reasons why people aren't going to traditional finished. Embarrassment. A lot of people actually the I really find interesting they feel like they need to be in shape in order to go. That makes sense. No that makes them. So I built a private facility has we can take all that. We're not. There's no mirrors in Harrison nobody's nobody's looking at you including you. There is no loud music in factors new music at all. Because a lot of facilities are really it's it's very over stimulating for some people. A lot of movements are things that people don't enjoy doing straight up do not enjoy them, and so this isn't solution for everybody either but I'm trying to focus more on. Here's a totally different hack edge and then working from pyramid where we have to be paying and then we can get fitness his knees who were squatting or sitting or walking or running rocking to do that, maybe able to force ourselves. and to use our brains in willpower overcome. Roy. A short period of. Yet. So, we need to get more education. On how to stay out of pain in the first place and we need to maybe get a bit of help do that in a way disparaging the traditional fitness industry. But for modern people, it's not that helpful to kind of your end him and nine and. Information that we can actually apply. This is what it should feel like in the hits the swept should be happening when you sit new sand, etc.. I couldn't hit that from a couple of different angles and. Problem. Is Really. Talking to myself you know. Athlete but I dropped. So he is that nontraditional solution for people that are just like me. A of personal trainers come at it from highly athletic background. That's. Not. A person's like though. I'm glad that you said that because it's like. Your solution really comes from your for your own story, which which is which is. A great way to build something obviously. So Let's get to and I love. It might be a little bit slightly over thirty minutes. That's okay. Just continents incredible so far so Let's get to the point where. We can start to getting clients based on this problem that you now solve how how did you to the point where now we're how did you start finding clients and it was it was it well, just let this go ahead and do you think. At. I opened a studio. Actually there is one other thing I do unaddressed so quite often. We feel like. We need to build a huge business plan and we need to have it. All right. I didn't either of those. visit silence more in my head than on paper, and when I say kind of it was my head and not on paper at all. In business and may first business a sense all the time basically putting it on paper getting plan. You can spend eight hours a day working businesses quite easily. I was. Really, taking from that I needed to execute not plan. Again, bout with knowledge that it had six years of her experience doing this. This wasn't kind of just like shooting at a dartboard. When I opened the doors to the space, it wasn't actually fully decorated. I wasn't fully ready. I didn't have my branding on the wall in the waiting room chairs. When it's about a service. So I actually sent the first couple of years every time. I. Got a little bit more revenue I would continue that branding. So back important. We often think I've gotta have this huge roster. I've gotTa have two hundred thousand dollars to get all SINU- JINDAL business cards and Let's tidy and clean. Wasn't what it is today. What I did to bridge that gap. was actually working outside facility. So I had clients who were exposed to my services. And I had plans in here but I also worked in an outside facility. Isolated private member's silly. I didn't ever get a lot of crossover, but it gave me a lot of confidence what is doing right and I can also kind of test may series on. And I actually. You know what I'm. Not Lying. He would not telling the truth I admittedly an hour ago client that's from back in those days. So that's GonNa Client so So that's one thing I recommend I mean I was exposed. She's thousands of people in another scenario where. Ten. People maybe were really connecting with that message technique style became hines and some of them existed to this day. The second thing that I did was work with referral partners so Much to add would have similar clients who had similar problems might need extra support. And I went to chiropractors in acupuncture and massage therapists. Natural Gas. Had A couple of difference but I would build a deep relationship with that referral partner. So I would trade services with them myself. Or them all guys a new character may network for quite a while. I would go to her and she would come to me. So that way when those referrals are opening, it wasn't based on the fact that we had looked looked at each other's website it was based on this result that I got my. And then we also really understood how we worked together. So eight quite often people really fringe. You refer clients to another option especially when it's something that's kind of similar. But knowing that. That that. Practitioner could do something that I could. I could do something that they couldn't It's few pieces to the puzzle for A. Very, active strategy. He's building that deep relationship again, it's not gonNa Winston Buddies or instagram lakes it's actually sending the time. Other percent your service, and it might be services in our. So that's not a minimum invest in terms of what I'm giving to us. The third thing I did was explained referral her room. I had gift cards that are made of plastic. So they're similar to what you would get at the gap or another major retailer at Christmas. It. With seventy five dollars. I decided from day one because I had done a whole bunch of price testing. Wasn't gonNA discount because what happens when you discount is that people wait for the discounts Right. I found a lot of money every year upgrading my education. That's really really important to me to be very on top of what's happening. So turnaround and the nine my service because offering more in terms of their packages or devalue my service in terms of we know that every long weekends I'm GonNa Knock Twenty five percent off or every summer I'm going to have that Christ. Means that I'm going to get clients in here who are paying us because they've waited and a, it's not fair to the clients you're paying more but be it means that people hang back in purchased service than they know that is just yet in St. I know that it's discounted because of the business owner and I'm not going to give them the same service that somebody paying crisis because I thinking. I pay more? Created with a program where there was a way to get a discount and it was to tell your friends. Whenever. Somebody. would. Tell me that they wanted to share my services and share those results to someone else I wanna give them a little stack of four or five gift cards barcodes on the back. So it was Kinda fun because they can see how long it took somebody knew who had given them the card. And then I would give it person you refer them seventy five dollars off and I will give the person who has referred in Stettin dollars off. Art was the way that you could get a discount and it really was friends and family or up. To this day the most successful thing I've ever done for the business. Does that serious. I love that I love that. He had refer partners who are working for me. I am working for me in very early days I hustled in outside ceases now I do marketing in different ways, but that was. Built base who was in turn I ice. Awesome. So let me let me ask you this. Are there certain social sites you like over others? When you're trying to prospect. Line. Possibly yes. So that's what I do is a little bit different in my face I have always really been successful is. Because one where a ensure concepts nate Diaz. As opposed to photos. Of either alter my clients results. So I have actually had quite a bit of success through instagram. Four seven years it's face to face face suck. Impact. During the endemic. I looked at my statistics and one hundred percent of those sales and that's that's not. Okay. But not actually go sacked to in my industry. The most common way that business owners or personal trainers will themselves is to show photos of themselves. With a lot of their body showing that's not really Mike Hines hell. It's not really my target market and it's not a message at all. I'm all about how your body feels books. Now, I have no problem putting up photos of myself, but I'm not going to be there in a bikini not gonna be there flashing. Top when actually doing all up pictures of things that actually end but not. Go somewhere and pose. This is great marketing for other folks but not struggle within scrum because I always just had this offense message. Any more of it is almost in your brain than it is in your body. Until you get going. So Eva was really not pleased that we have those longer conversations on block on their. Et CETERA. So instagram has taken a little bit more of at least recently. A Lot of people have actually switched to gone in las months because the messaging on facebook has been. You know. Very noticing. Yeah. Yeah I get that in a standalone APP. So you're getting one message usually instead of being hounded by. He, is a group, his ned. Gresh so Awesome awesome. Let's go to. We already kind of looked at your local clients, our clients as opposed to virtual clients. Let me just ask you this going forward. Are you looking more? So getting virtual clients going forward or used to elect the the one on one aspect of a local client? That's a great question so I love both. Because I think that what I offer not I. Think I know that I offered specialty service and there's people everywhere looking for it. So that's also why he's since because Instagram Hash shaking, we can reach different people in different cities may be otherwise. Shop. So what I'm offering something that is very specific when Capel discovery it either a yes or a not interested at all because it's really about somebody who wants to feel better in their body. Passed on site. You're. GonNa look great but that's a side benefit. Still, and it's really for somebody who wants to get that deeper education. So I'm not kind of setting target head in terms of. Twenty twenty two, one, x, vigil. Is. Not. What this opens up is an opportunity to do both in a totally new way all of me to draw clients because I serve everybody generally during. Down Were still recited super happy and I did pick up clients as I mentioned from different places throat north. America? So I think that there is just tremendous growth potential im staying grounded in a physical space because they think is something that it's almost like a laboratory. Where we can really get that human touch but you know we we live in a in a world where we can all travel I can travel to clients is there's anyone here for Hawaii I'm in. Like that. there. I can travel to clients they can come here or we can keep it fully digital. So I think there's just an emphatic master I actually had. There was a there was a movie being produced locally. There were higher profile folks caveman and I worked with that lead actress for the period of time that she was here than she left. So those are reasons that I walked keep A. Physical bricks and mortar cease just to stay grounded smart. But I don't have sort of a client ideal slant sometimes, it might be one hundred percent sometimes the. Eighty percent. I love it so. It's a few more questions if you don't mind. So who do you target for Your Business besides the people in Hawaii now? British film Christ. My clients are always surprises you vote but I have a very strong Max's males and females. and. Generally work with plus thirty, five group end only for the reason that that for those aches and pains typically pop. So I've certainly had younger clients, but generally got some people to recognize that. Okay. This is an issue I need to address this. I generally work with people who are a bit more cerebral in interested in learning the house of reviewing a wise of what we're doing not just let's do twelve squats somebody watching really interested in in. like and. Getting a bit more invested in the process. So modern, what we're doing is education body awareness because. One, hundred and sixty eight hours a week. I'M GONNA send one or two with you. One, hundred, Sixty, seven, hundred, Sixty, eight, hundred, sixty, nine hours. You're not with me. So you're GonNa have to actually take that information out apply. So I have to work with people who actually understand that PC if they're working to need to give them. This instant solution nervous phenomenal body that. Always works impeccably without actually having to do a unit on their own. That isn't really that real estate. So I meet people that are basically ready to do the work interested in investing in. Knowledge that mindset for themselves in an somebody really willing to take on that piece where it's either at work which again. Is a bit more of an investment of time and money and in knowledge in in actually supporting the back end of their lifestyle to be either. Wonderful. So you'RE NOT GONNA get out of here with new chips. Rican us. Just as we go along before we go in and you. Know hopefully, hopefully, get a few people to get this is. This. I like what you're saying I really love what you're saying actually because. You are you was spot on when you're you're people are out there. They're way not sometimes. With the out there in the fitness gyms and they're doing what they can and they have no clue. They just know that you know they. They read a few things and maybe do. A few. Videos. Copying. Right, exactly. Exactly. So can you give us a few tips? Just before you got here of what we should be looking for are feeling just just on your one on one kind of stuff. So the kind of thing. Yes. So I talked about that pyramid in the basement that is the thing much. We hope body sustainability so we always come to fix this. Summer Higher Up the pyramid. When you acquire a car, you know you're going to have to put gas in the car you're going to have to wash the car. To dreaded oil change, you're to change the oil. To the base of sustaining car. So if you, for example throwback hurting routines oil the engine. I don't even know what would happen. Yeah Never wash the car is certain regions of north, America is linked Ross. ETC If. You don't put gas in the car you literally. Gas needs trucks. So we all know that about the things that we all we never really considered about about our body. To Fish. But the problem is that many of us there has been gap between Venice. Let's when your teenagers or kids, and now we have jobs Isa there for eight ten, twelve hours a day, and then we want to be fit and we hope that just going to the gym is going to give us up but we've missed that components we're putting our foot on that got settled the car we've missed the component where we have to change the oil we have. Our. Most of my clients and that sort of When I talk about him. We have to take back their to the place where they actually can sustain their already to do those activities. So we are paying, and even if it was if we are desktop, that's not what our bodies were meant to do we need some sort of mobility. So we talk that often in our culture of flexibility, which isn't isn't. Or, other on cast. But. We need to sustain her body that we can actually take it in the range of motion we can handle the stress that we're lifting or. The stress of running can handle the stress that activity. So some people need more money Stanley works some people he less icing ability work that just depends on what kind of body you have the what it is you're. Et CETERA. So, most people need to focus lawrimore on sustaining the body that we do in pressing down at gas at all especially for low over thirty five. So I am a big proponent of traditional fitness and I always told me keep doing what you're doing. If you are playing soccer, I had lots of hockey players. So you're not going or we're GONNA, add in other component as obey sound Gatien. So that is a big piece of what I start with for all lanes I. Love It. Awesome us. I have one last question I ex ex about tools and APPS that you might want to recommend. I'm not sure there's anything that that you that you are not. Actually because they know that there's a ton out there but it was our. Last question I asked all these questions. All guess. and. They're sitting here the going GonNa be watching listening later. In they're asking you know. This person genus I i. like what she's saying. I Love I love her I love her co thing. I love what she's teaching. I WANNA be like that I I'm interested in that so much I wanna be I wanNA do exactly what she's doing. in be the authority in that space were in for me. Can you give us a few? Last knows a few things that you can share with them right now of how to get that done or you. In their space arena in in this particular in the fitness world thing. Just give us some tips on how to build it. Okay. Get as much education as you can afford fitness education for trainers and your teacher is very expensive. But a lot of. People get training, and then really don't do much other than the required continuing education certification. Why has really created this business in created the ability to work primarily with clans is having a huge diversity of different trainings and investing in that literally every single year. Number to decide if you are. As a private instructor or instructors. So I tell my clients am eight private instructor who can teach That informs how I T shirts. It's very different kind of style than if I was a teacher. So have a sense of your private teacher teacher and if you are a client. And you WANNA private experience book it was somebody primarily does privates eighty percent plus about businesses privates. Number three. Do as much seeking in writing in content creation can because that's going to help connect you to the audience. For Elephant Journal. They have my social media facebook, twitter, instagram they youtube channel. But get your message out there and I didn't do that by not sharing a ton of exercises that shearing who I am sharing my story sharing my client testimonials I think there's a lot of different ways that you can do that we need to be not afraid to be with your message. I. Think credible I love it. I love everything. You're saying the just. I we're going say I know I knew we had a little little bumps in the road scheduling. Kill the today girl you killed it. I love it I. Love It. We had Eastern time she's mountain town. So there was a little bump in Illinois. We got. So. Tell people where they can find you after the show sue connect with you further. Excellent. By website is my body could share dot com three separate words my and why body the O. D. Y. could sure co U. T. U. R. E.. Dot Com I'm also on instagram. Under INSTAGRAM DOT COM by body catcher on facebook under my body share on twitter and my body could share and then I think a lengthy. You're not GonNa have here is an. Elephant Journal. So I have. Fitness articles there. They also have some articles outside of this state. So you can look my name and you'll find my office file and you can read over there. Amazing and I think I think are really want you back so you can tell us about Brandon is My Buddy get your is it you got going on girl so I. Love, it I love it. You can find I would say if you just search my buddy can cheer you can just find her. There you go. So. Amazing stuff hope everybody got a lot out of this. I knew I did if. You want to give us some less final words. I'm feel free before we get out of here I would love to. have. You. Really have confidence in yourself to go for it in. No as we discussed at the beginning of this conversation that it isn't overnight but I know that for number of years I did feel like I have to step back and wait. I wish with some retrospect that I had just had that confidence to get out there get a little bit more visible get on instagram a bit more. and. Really just union three with gravitas. I. Love It. Unbelievable. Thank you so so much for coming through. The work and nothing else to say. I GonNa stay because we are doing this still. To, get it out here. On the ticket here, please go to the authority letter dot Com where I'm getting giving you some. Timpson pointers eventually here on that as we go along with our podcast launch here over these latte over these eight weeks each week number six. Now we've been giving a digital product away. For the last five weeks, you can go to your door dot com on that list different out when the next Devroy is or you can text, we are live at four, four, two, two, two, two, GonNa list there as well. We'll hook you up there. So That is all I have to say today that so much for coming through here in before we go just let this just know. If you build it. Share it they will come are right. You are the project we want to put. Thirty onto your name, you can sell more what you're great at. This will be hit for you to do engineer just killed it that you know how to do it. Her Way I appreciate you that you so much and we'll see you on the episode of the Authority projects. And that's a rapper, this episode of the Authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give Honest Review Jaren tell your friends. So they can hear to amber even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter DOT COM, get free weekly content, and digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe and Aha moment from today broadcast just remember it's your authority build it. And they will come until next time.

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