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They're not intended to be investment advice and should not be used as the basis for any investment decision from the financial capital of the world twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot. com the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg quick take. This is Bloomberg radio. Birth World Headquarters I'm Charlie Pellett Monday move higher for the US. Stock Market stocks are advancing amid a flurry of deal activity and signs of progress toward a corona virus vaccine as and P. Five, hundred index up fifty three. Now, that is a gain of one point six percent the Dow's up three hundred, ninety, three points up one point four percent Nasdaq is up two hundred, twelve points up by two percents ten years up one thirty-second ten year yield point six, six, percent gold is up eight tenths of one percent nineteen fifty-six. And West Texas intermediate crude down three tenths of one percents. Thirty, seven, twenty-three, four, a barrel of West Texas intermediate crude after being halted briefly article gained on reports the company beat Microsoft and negotiate for the US operations of tiktok oracle shares they're up now by four point, six percent Microsoft is up by one and a half percent. Also, we've got immune a medic shares doubling after Gilead, sciences agreed to. By, the cancer drugmaker for twenty one, billion dollars Kelly add up three point, four percent and shares of immune. Oh, of medics up now by one hundred percent. So an update for the US equity markets gold up eight tenths of one percent nineteen fifty-six, the ounce west? Texas intermediate crude doesn't mention down to ten thirty, seven, twenty, four, a barrel it is one. Oh, two on. Wall Street time now.

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