Trade Unions Act passed in Canada - June 14, 1872


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Ever you get your podcasts. This Day in history class is production of iheartradio. Pay Everyone I'm eaves and welcome to this day in history class. A podcast that flips through the book of history and tears page every single day. Today Is June fourteenth two thousand twenty. The Day was June fourteenth eighteen, seventy two. Parliament passed the trade unions. Act in Canada legalizing unions. Laborers Canada have been striking for better living and working conditions for decades by the time the act was passed. In the mid nineteenth century, industrial workers laboured ten to twelve hours a day six days a week. Unions were growing and spreading, but they were not legally recognized. Strikes illegal and unionist charged with crimes, including conspiracy and sedition. Some strikes inside it progress, but many were unsuccessful railway workers printers shoemakers were some of the people who struck for shorter workdays in the eighteen hundreds. Printers form the Toronto Typographical Union in eighteen forties, they kept up with politics across North America and in Britain. They were aware of workers movements happening in the United States in the mid eighteen hundreds as they rallied in petition for better conditions. In August of eighteen seventy one news of a strike in Newcastle England over reduced working hours made its way to Canada Canadian. Workers were encouraged by the strike in England and by the immigrant workers who moved from England to Canada in Eighteen, seventy one. In January of Eighteen, seventy, two, an international effort known as the nine hour movement began Hamilton Ontario skilled and unskilled workers gathered to form the nine our league, an organization that sought a nine hour workday through collective protests and strikes. The demand for the nine hour day soon spread to groups in Montreal as well as Toronto and other towns in Ontario. It also emerged in places as far as Halifax, but the movement in these places operated relatively independently from the movements Ontario and Quebec. The movement gained support in saw meetings that sometimes involved hundreds of people, but that's not to say. There weren't divisions in hostilities within the movement racism sexism prejudices against unskilled workers and religious hostilities. All affected the workers involved. And it was hard to coordinate a movement that was growing so rapidly. But some people did emerge as leaders in the movement including printer, J S Williams Cooper John Hewitt engineer, James Ryan and Railway Mechanic James Black. They helped establish local nine. Our chapters work to develop coordinate strategies and helped build connections across Canada. The Toronto Typographical Union passed emotion in favor of a fifty five hour work week. Informed Strike Committee. It also petitioned Toronto's newspaper owners for nine hour days. Their demands weren't met, and the printers went on strike on March twenty fifth. The strike made headlines in Garner support and opposition. In April around ten thousand people marched in Toronto in support of the nine hour movement. George Brown owner of the newspaper, the Globe and the master printers. That he had organized went up against a demonstrator, but prime minister. John McDonnell introduced legislation to legalize unions. The Trade Unions Act passed into law on June fourteenth was modeled on British legislation that passed in eighteen seventy one. To Act said that unions would not be considered associations that obstructed trade. The right to strike was recognized, but remained a criminal offense. The nine hour movement proved largely unsuccessful due to a lack of coordination employer, hostility, waning prosperity in Canada and divisions within the working class. But the legalization of unions was a win for the movement. In Eighteen, seventy, three, the Canadian labor union, was formed throughout the next couple of decades Canadian workers organized more trade unions and participated in more strike. I'm Jeffcoat coat, and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday, and if you have any comments or suggestions, you can send to us via email at this day. IHEARTMEDIA DOT COM. You can also hit us up on social media at Ti. HD podcast. Thanks again for listening to the show and we'll see you tomorrow. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or area listened to your favorite shows. I'm Katie. couric I'm Bosma Saint. John I'm an award winning journalist. If I do say so myself and I'M A. trail-blazing marketing executive and we're very confident. We wanted to combine business and branding expertise with Katie's natural curiosity to create a podcast responding to this moment in time, welcome tobacco Biz with Katie and bows. 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