Dallas Morning News 8/10/20


Good Morning. It's Monday August tenth. I'm Alex Brody and here are the top stories from the Dallas. Morning. News. It'll be sunny today with a high near one hundred. Expect clear skies overnight with a low of seventy nine. Our Top story is Dallas County reported eight hundred and forty-three new corona virus cases yesterday along with four deaths. The latest fatalities were a baulch springs man in his fifties, an urban man in his sixties, Dallas woman in her sixties and a Grand Perry woman in her seventies. The Grand Prairie woman irving man had underlying high risk al conditions. Officials said that the other two victims did not. Not. The newest cases bring the county's total of confirmed covid nineteen cases to fifty, four, thousand, six, hundred, seventy, four or about twenty point seven out of every one, thousand county residents. The death toll in Dallas, county rose to seven, hundred and fifty, five in education news with some Dallas, area school districts just days away from opening their doors for in person classes. State officials are still trying to decide whether to collect data on the number of corona virus cases at Texas public schools the Texas. Texas Education Agency the Governing Body for the state's primary and secondary public schools and the Texas Department of State Health Services. Both said this week that they are in discussions to decide whether to collect covid nineteen case data from schools and provide that to the public doing. So would give a glimpse on how safely Texas, in at school systems are managing to return to campus an option that state leaders including Governor Greg Abbott, and Education Commissioner Mike Morath have demanded for families in other news a social. Social media rumor that militant and other groups were going to protest a confederate statue and Weatherford prompted more than two hundred counter protesters. Many of them armed to show up at the county courthouse, Saturday sergeant, Matthew Chalmers. A weatherford police spokesman said that information on social media said they were going to be several hundred people coming from black lives, matter and Antifa, and as a result, there was a counter protest groups and up chalmers said that counter protesters began gathering near the courthouse around eight am. But the groups that were rumored to be planning a demonstration never showed the WEATHERFORD. Democrat reported that many of the counter protesters cared shotguns, rifles, and semiautomatic weapons, and finally JC Penney's lenders extended a key deadline over the weekend. As negotiations continue about the fate of the plan obeys retailer. The lenders file a notice to extend the deadline as the Wall Street Journal reported speculation yesterday that Amazon may be interested in buying some of pennies stores with Major Mal owner, Simon Property Group. According to a filing in the US bankruptcy court on Saturday, the lenders deadline was moved to Wednesday, for Monday pennies, lenders are selecting a bidder for the Penny Retail Company, which is expected to exit chapter eleven. Later, this year, a corresponding hearing has been rescheduled for Wednesday a winning bidder for the one hundred, eighteen year olds. Department Store chain could be approved by the end of August. The idea that empty mall stores are a good fit for Amazon to. To us as fulfillment centers is not a new one Amazon is bought to malls in. Ohio. For new fulfillment centers and interest from Amazon has been a topic of speculation throughout pennies bankruptcy. The Dallas morning, news rewards. Program is proud to bring you virtual events for more information and upcoming events. Please visit rewards dot, Dallas News Dot, com for more on these stories and for the latest breaking news visit Dallas. News Dot Com thanks and enjoy your day.

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