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The massive move the big push that I've been waiting for quite some time. Well, it happened. And it didn't just happen to go to sixty five sixty six hundred level sort of asking for it was mainly can be get up to this roughly around these levels over the weekend. Then that would have as far as why from six thousands of many people would be questioning the bearish sentiment that they may have still held as well. They could potentially you pull by six thousand now coast on on Saturday, eight often evening will often an evening mall time. Anyway, we did see bitcoin. Go absolutely nuts. It had third priced by the point I sent on the clothes day and actually closed at seven thousand two hundred twenty one an astronomical move. So last week off signed the I was impressed by the lack of selling leading up to six thousand and at six thousand though the way the stronger that point I was hoping for sixty five to sixty six hundred to get that pull back to six thousand. And guess what? I was very wrong. It kept going. I'm not worried about that. That's excellent. We now have a bit of a pull but going on here. It's actually being a non hundred dollar fullback on the last twenty four hours on the. Hi to obey. Currently. It's only down four percent. When it comes to the shots and the prospering from where there has had quite a significant pool. But now we'll going to happen. This Wickham bitcoin is going to be very interesting only gonna console. Oh. Are we to say this continue to rush and rush? Rush higher will love sit continued rush high. But it also love to get. So from the point of view right now as I sit here looking at bitcoin. We have had the first I first pullback on the four hour pretty big candle, and it's already triggered a move up and back down. Now, I wasn't looking at try that I was in the white at that point eight on keeping a very close on these low timeframes at the moment the race. I'm looking at these low at times at the moment is because it when the market really does take off. The the one hour on the fifteen minute can really be the trading timeframes of choice Semite and a simple reason is is that they take off so quickly. The you know. The highest timeframe just don't give you an opportunity for injury. You gotta white moves the low A timeframes. I'm tried them. They're now got no problem with that. Because I got started. He's at a designed to be tried it on anytime friend, one of my five at trades in that fifteen minute Ryan's when it's pumping is the fifth Naci boost up. It's using the Nazi levels in certain other bits and pieces to make sure that you do have you know, you can actually bought on. Limit orders was pulled back, but you do have a safe stop loss and a and a very good injury to make sure that your probability of the bounces high. So again when it comes to trading not just buying sitting back and doing nothing and husband goes up. That's fun to do as well when it comes to try to specially during that period did start the sail up more former starting to come in over the weekend. When it does stuff to happen. Like that you need to have your rules imply, she need to have a prop up plan. And yet with that one. You not gonna survive now close the rest of the top ten over the weekend. The oats, look we. I did get to see them. Start to move, for example, theorem did run-up test two hundred it didn't hold it. We're at one eighty six right now, we're down one point. I'd percent. But did get it set looking more strong than what it was just fraud. I of loss white AOL says at five dollars thirty three and it is down two point one seven percent. Also, having fished onto a new high heart. It's not the most attractive child labor saying, but it no doubt is looking a little bit more bearish abolished once again. Still aluminum is is really suffering. It again down full point four nine percent. Now, it did have a bit of a rally, but not long lived as a non-point night cents except pay down two point six eight cents sitting rod around thirty cents. Mock raw again at shot off and its pullback. Justice quick lot coin ID four fifty down two point nine four percents sitting on old level support and resistance around that eighty five dollar mock Willard hall will this be appointed bouncing tunnel. Tell bitcoin cash the only market in the top ten at is up thus fought diabetes up point one of a percent three hundred fifty two fifty one dollars. A course it's broken to new highs there on this must racing badly trend very throwing date. Bonnets against US Delekta twenty dollars and sixty nine cents down point five to Tron is up two point three cents. And it is down four point four two percent fondly Todd Donna the biggest fuller in the top ten down seven point six percent after having a big day. So they of nineteen point four percent. So as you can say right now all market is having a bit of a brave. Why didn't you say what is to come next? And because of that I too will sit back a brave that and see what is to come next guys. Don't forget to go to try to call dot com. Forward slash free tools. Free information get involved looked through the website. If you want to learn tried I can take you to get going have a go on by. The traded cub crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called ole try to cope courses products and tools can be found at Tradenkov dot com. Because experience met is.

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