Dems Turning on Pelosi? | 1/17/19


Pat, gray is here on the blaze radio network. We have so much to get to today. It's going to be like Sophie's choice of getting to it. All. But that might leave, you know, some some gooey goodness for tomorrow to and then of course, we've got more interviews. Well in the second hour tomorrow. What's the game this week keeps it's going to be the Rams at the saints. Yeah. There's only to choose choose from. Right. Well, if you don't wanna go back to back. Uh-huh. Okay. So Rams saints that should be fantastic game. Yeah. Not a scoring lot of things going on with the border of there's the Brexit situation, which we haven't gotten into much. But I I wanted till you about story the Scotty Sweatman sentence. He tweeted the story out to us from the babble on beef. You're not a familiar with the Babylon be very funny, satirical, website and. They write that Satan has claimed responsibility for kale, of course, we knew this was true. You know, it was true in your heart. You knew it was true. You may not have verbalised it. But thankfully, someone has amid claims that the ungodly disgusting substance could not have been possibly conceived by a benevolent creator, the great adversary Satan published a video claiming he alone was responsible for the violent attack upon humanity known as kale authorities had long surmised that whoever invented the bitter repulsive leaf cabbage did so with millennial malevolent intent and the dark Lord statement confirms that kale was in fact designed to be an act of terrorism against mankind. Yes, you fools. It was meal along Satan said on the video posted to social media Tuesday. Who else do you think could have deceived? People at a paint tons of money for horrible overpriced or gannet, kale, chips and salads. Only. I the father of lies possibly have convinced people. They actually like the nauseating taste of kale. He added before breaking into ominous booming laughter. Publishing time the devil had also claimed total and complete responsibility for Kombucha and keen wa. Awesome. Oh that was satire. I thought that was it is to me. It's pretty real. Yeah. That's real. It's pretty real. And that's of course, why I've turned to brickhouse nutrition because they created field of greens, which is a real SuperFood where you get kale in it. But you don't taste the kale? All right. Yeah. You don't have to taste it tastes Satan's creation. Right. I think he also created brussel sprouts and spinach. Oh, yeah. That's those rumors are now being firmed. Yeah. And green beans. I don't obviously I don't like any of that stuff. And that's why field greens is so perfect for me. It's an actual SuperFood containing all that great stuff. All the nutrition you need. In fact, just one scoop field greens has a full serving real USDA organic fruits and vegetables complete with Addie oxidants. And if it wasn't for this for this fantastic product, I would never get vegetables in my diet. Never it's easy. It tastes great. And it really works. You're gonna love this stuff. Brickhouse Pat dot com where you go to get it try today. Get fifteen percent of a month's supply when you use the offer code, Pat, brickhouse, Pat dot com. I love this story. About Dan Crenshaw, refusing pay during the shutdown Now, Dan Crenshaw's, a is a new congressman a veteran who lost his eye in the service of this country. And now you saying, yeah, you know, what I can't accept pay during the shutdown. And that obviously created an uproar of criticism one of his democrat colleagues criticized the gesture and her name is Ilan Omar of she's a democrat from Minnesota. She says we are paid until February first so no pay to withhold right now vote to reopen. The government like we did and give hardworking fed employees their paychecks that's carrying stop this virtue, signaling congressman the American people need to end this. Now, not February first stop the virtue, signaling signaling a what? What is that? Where did this virtual signaling phrase come from? I don't even know what that is. I guess it's a signal to the world that you're virtuous. Or you're faking it, I don't know. And be tell me we haven't arrived at a time in America where everything good is bad and everything bad is is good just as was foretold in Zia. You know, if you offer to have your tax payer funded salary withheld do a government shutdown. That's not good it's bad because you virtue signalled if you try to stop the murder of unborn babies. That's not good. That's that's bad. You're interfering with a woman's right to choose her reproductive rights. If you oppose people from other places, breaking our laws, that's not good, of course, bad because you hate you hate people from other places, and you're obviously racist if you support traditional marriage between a man and a woman that's not good. It's it's very bad. The because that makes you a homophobe. If you believe gender is eternal and that there are only two that's not good. That's it's bad. Because you obviously hate gender fluid people. I that that is where we are. Now, you you can't even do the right thing and not be. Dog slept for it. I just I it's difficult to take. And so the border battle continues and the shutdown battle continues. This is the longest of all time. Ripta what twenty eight days now twenty or or twenty eight days, it's a lot. I know that right in there. And by the way on the weekend before Christmas, they sent out a group of all in tears. This is another reason reason number seven million eight hundred thirty thousand y we need to get a grip on the border situation group. Volunteers went down to search for the remains of dead migrants on the Barry Goldwater air force range, the remote desert area in southwest eras were military jets conduct live bombing exercises. The volunteers recovered the skeletal remains of eight migrants into days. And so over all last year, the remains of one hundred twenty seven dead migrants were recovered in in southern Arizona alone. And frankly, we've done a lot to try to prevent this the border when the border patrol fines of the bring them help. They don't beat them with clubs. They get them help to get them water. They get them food the get the medical services. Do you? Remember when we place the water stations at the border, so they wouldn't thirst to death. We even built water stations for them to accommodate them as they're breaking our law sneaking into our country. And still, you know, one hundred twenty seven people died just in that small area last year. That's just those. That's just too we found who knows what the actual figure is. The caring thing to do is to get a grip on this thing. Just and we're just not doing it. Branches and farmers near the US Mexico border. Have also been finding something kind of interesting at the border because keep in mind, good hardworking decent people from Mexico central and South America. That's all who's coming across that border. And every single one of them are N Djelic all of them. They're they're the most wonderful salt of the earth people, you can possibly imagine. When no wonder the Democrats don't wanna border wall. You don't wanna walk. Great people. Like that. Don't know you don't. They all represent wonder and and love. So are they finding like angelic robes down there along the border? Is that what we're seeing? I think in part. Yes, they're finding a lot of Anjelica robes and then to show you that. Yeah. Okay. There's just really hardcore religious people. They're finding prayer rugs whatnot. Prayer rugs. You know from from people of the Muslim faith. Okay. Now, what's the problem with mysteries lab? No problem. Problem. It's just that these people are forgetting their stuff and leaving behind upset by how do you find them? You know, it's like. Found out there next to the water St. right, boy, hey, could forty eight hundred people who left there prayer rugs. Please report to the way station. In near mcallen, Texas, please. I got a call from Joe's already cross he said, hey, somewhere, mcallen. I lost. My my magic carpet there. Can you try to find it? They may have turned it in and bring it up here to Dallas with you saw means is that obviously there's Muslims crossing the border. There. It means that they're not just coming from Mexico. They're not just coming from central and South America. They are coming from the Middle East wouldn't when you draw that conclusion and every time you mentioned that the Democrats are like oh, nobody's coming from potential chair is kind of crass. But no evidence of that you're making that up. Okay. But one one of the ranchers who found a prayer rug said there's a lot that are coming not just from Mexico. They're coming from all over people, the general public just don't get the terror threats of that. That's what's really scary. He said, you don't know. What's coming across? We've found prayer rugs out here. It's unreal. It's not just Mexican nationals. That are coming across just because you find a prayer doesn't mean they're terrorists. Obviously. But it's a clue that okay? There might be some issues. There is a group of Muslims have promised to bring terror to our shores. And there's a huge story today about one an American though in this particular case, but a radicalized Muslim who wanted to blow up the White House thank heaven. They caught this guy. Did you read the the plans that he had going? Yeah. Had a tank missiles take out a tank coca antitank rocket Nick, you think some people would call that some people. Yeah. You know, people who knew what they were talking about Georgia, probably not originally. But what do I know just looking at his name there? Hi, shar Jalal to have twenty one. Yeah. Sounds like Alabama does arrested yesterday charged with attempting to damage or destroy a building owned by the United States using fire or an explosion. Explosive. It's not immediately clear whether he has an attorney, but we'll provide one for him, which is the beauty of this country. Of course, a local on forcement agency contacted the FBI in March after getting a tip from someone who said to have had become Radha radicalized. He had changed his name plan to travel abroad. The affidavit says to have told a confidential F B I source at Tober that he planned to travel abroad for history which the agents had refers to traveling to territory controlled by the Islamic state. All right. That's nice because he didn't have a passport he couldn't travel abroad. So he wanted to do as much damage here as he possibly could any met with the undercover agent and the FBI source multiple times last month and was also infrequent frequent contact using an encrypted messaging application during one meeting to have advise that if they were to go to another country, they'd be one of many. But if they stayed in the United States, they could do more damage. He explained that Jiahd was an obligation that he wanted to do as much damage as possible and he expected to be a martyr in the cause. So he was really trying to. I mean, he and this person who is pretending to help him. We're going to sell their cars in exchange or trade their cars in exchange for all this weaponry, including the anti-tank rocket. Then they were going to go into the White House where he had he had schematics of the west wing and the floor plan there. So once he got inside he was going to try to kill as many people as he possibly could. Can you imagine had that had that plan succeeded? Wow. I mean that changes that changes everything. So fortunately that was somebody. He was talking to that was shocked at what he was doing and saying and planning and the alerted the authorities. It's nice to know that something is still shocking and twenty nine thousand America, isn't it. Yeah. That's great. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. When was the last time you had your ears professionally cleaned if ever if they're itchy or you have pain there or they feel plugged up. All the time constantly not hearing people, right? 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So you wouldn't be afraid if they were leaving bottles behind the border, you haters legit that wouldn't even that wouldn't worry you one little bit final kinds of bibles at the borders depends on which translation it is. King. James, right. You're like, whoa. We got some fundamentalist in here. We'd better locked down right now. But if it's one of those have the new ones with the word says, dude, dude. Yeah. Like, dude kiss chick. Like when when Jesus said do don't do that. Yeah. When guys like what? Who'd I told you about that tree? What are you doing man? What's up? He'll. That's the the good version of it. So. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. Here's a a report, ranchers and farmers if you don't believe me, this is talking about the ranchers and farmers who are finding the prayer rugs on their properties. They don't have it any proof of it. But I've talked to several agents that I trust. There's not a lot that I do trust. But the ones that I do trust. I've talked to him the percentage of what Berbatov classifies as OTM's has really increased in the last couple years, drastically months Chinese Germans Russians a lot of Middle Eastern middle easterners, those Czechoslovakians they cut over on our neighbor this last summer, there's a lot of of people coming in from not just Mexico, and they and people the general public just don't get the terrorist facts of that. And that's what's really scary. You don't know. What's coming across? We've found prayer rugs out here. It's it's unreal. It's not just Mexican nationals. That are coming over the heat. Did you hear the hate numbers? I totally heard. Oh my gosh. My gosh. The just the emnity the. Zoo's almost hyperventilating. She was so crazy. Well, yeah. Nuts just out of her mind with eight and then she just. For for for token affect through in the French and Germans and. Okay. You're worried about. Hey, by the way, there is no Czechoslovakia anymore. Okay. Pumpkin point. Yeah. All right. Check tried to tell us Czechoslovakians. What is this nineteen sixty eight pudding that what this is Cold War is over. Yeah. Okay. The seventies called back. They want their country back the iron curtain is gay. Could lose the two. And yes Mel neck is check. So I'm gonna hollow defensive like Czech Republic or well. I mean, we're check made to or talking old school. Gotta check is it. All right. Czechoslovakia from back in the day before Czechoslovakia. Oh, wow. I'm a check on that for you. And get back to you know, what I did there. There was a door. You're not acting like it was a door will give me the could she sound anymore reasonable, right. I mean that was just sincere. Hey, look, there's a lot of people coming across that. They're not telling you about and the the media is not reporting on any of that. It's like, oh, these are just all workers, you know, for America. That's all and what was her source border patrol agents that she trusts. Yeah. And then she lives there who knows better than the people who live right at the border. Side. I don't know. I guess the people up in DC, I guess Nancy Pelosi up in San Francisco. She knows better. Let's play. Do we have the do? We have the montage of what these Democrats used to say all the time. Then I mean, this is Barack Obama Nancy Pelosi. Barbara Boxer Nessie you've played this in the past. But this is gotten says even more people in and listen to this it making it easy to illegally enough. How about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? No sun. No Saint country would do that. Right. Guess again. If you break our laws by entering this country without permission give birth to a child, we reward that child with US citizenship and guarantee a full access all public and social services, this society provides it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws. We have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop. Think we can't enforce our borders. I think we should enforce our borders to to have a situation where forty percent of the babies born on Medicaid. Hello -fornia today are born of illegal immigrants a very real problem. Weird deeply opposed to illegal immigration, and I call on the federal government the president in the immigration services to stop the influx of illegal immigrants into this country. I believe we have very serious immigration problems in this country. I think as you've heard today sanctions against employers who hire illegal immigrants virtually non-existent how border is very porous soil. Look I voted numerous times when I was a Senator to spend money to build a barrier. Very tried to prevent. Immigrants from coming in. Well, that's all. And I do think you have to control your borders. Why we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected on documented really unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently gently and lawfully to become immigrants. I've been saying, but is that illegal immigration is wrong. Plain and simple until the American people are convinced that we will stop future flows of illegal immigration. We will make no progress. What the heck where did all that come from naturally where did all that? Go. What? Well, I mean. It's just their structure eighty degrees. Man it. Yes, exactly. They are the opposite of that today. Those weren't that's not ancient history. That's the last five and ten in twenty years. What was the quote illegal immigration is wrong planet? Simple. Yeah. What he said. Yes. Schumer sue, so. Yeah, it's hard to get around that they didn't even so much wiggle room. No illegal immigration is wrong. Plain and simple. Okay. What what happened to that? And why will no one ask them? Why will none of these reporters because that's not the agenda? That's why somebody Fox News. Someone should ask these guys. Hey, what happened to your stance on illegal immigration in securing the border? What happened to that? Now, you're willing to keep the government shutdown completely. So that you don't have to provide a penny in border security. So that you so that we make sure we never secure that border and continue to send the signal to everybody in the world. Hey, all y'all y'all come free. We're we don't care. Just come across the border will do nothing to stop it. Nothing. It's amazing. Just don't be coming from Germany or France, or Czechoslovakia. Yeah, they won't be coming from Chuck. I can Gary to you. They will not come from Czechoslovakia. Noted. Yeah. It's. Boy, what was this. I I need to look this up. You know, how the Republicans have been cracking from day one and this shutdown? Susan Collins led the charge, right? Did. I see something we're Democrats or some some democrat to look this up. They may be having a little trouble as well. Now in wanting to give in. Yeah. I got it looked this up. I think I saw a headline forget the read the story. So way to bring that to air Keith before having read it, but anyhow going to find out give us some look forward to. Yeah. Yeah. So there's hope that waiting with baited breath. That's the case. I hope it is true because it would be nice to you know, to stop the shutdown because the things that you want shutdown aren't like I want congress to go home and stop doing stupid things here. If they were going to do something good you'd want them to be in in their in their seats in the halls of congress. But they're not. Yeah. So check that out freshman Democrats, turn on Pelosi over border wall seep deal with Trump, really. So let's see here. Several freshman democrat members of the new house of representatives majority of turned on speaker, Nancy Pelosi Anderson, refusal to fun. Today or do another talking about a deal? Like does this included Cossio Cortes? Let's see that would be interesting. If Nancy Pelosi is is more hardline on this than she is. She is not mentioned in this article. Okay. She's too busy making annoying videos with Al Sharpton. And and and angering folks. Joe lieberman. Yeah. Joe lieberman. His kind of his kind of democrat doesn't exist anymore. Nope. Inactive Democrats in office? It just doesn't exist, by the way. Top North Korean official is set to meet President Donald Trump and secretary of state Michael pump in Washington later this week. That's according to four people familiar with the matter, Kim, Young Chawl. A top aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong UN is scheduled to be in Washington tomorrow as part of negotiations over their country's nuclear program. So apparently it is proceeding. Two of the people said his plans include a meeting with Trump. The State Department spokesperson said there's no meetings to announce that either means, okay? The it's faulty information or just not going to announce it. And early round of talks, you might remember that was supposed to take place in November was cancelled. The announcement of the first summits date came. When Chawl a former North Korean spike chief involved in decades of nuclear talks, visited Trump at the White House in June that about ten days after that, visit Trump and Kim got together in Singapore. So the hope is that maybe this will happen again. And maybe we can move this thing along a little bit and defuse that whole situation which would be an amazing accomplishment by this administration. Because no one's been able to do that yet. So keep our fingers crossed on that. Also, Nancy Pelosi has asked Trump to reschedule the state of the union because of the shutdown, and I think the speaker has to invite the president to congress. I can she shut it down if she wants to she officially say there will be no state of the union address. I think since she controls the agenda of everything in that chamber. I think in I think that's what the case is. Yes, she has to it's always a formal extent. You know, hey, you know, coming something. Well, talk about the bringing us together. What was the last time that happened if ever it's another thing we should look into? But they don't want to give them a platform to blame them for the shutdown. So there they wanted to reschedule the state of the union or deliver it in writing that's old school right there. I think they should make him chisel it out in stone, tablets and. Yeah. And then have it delivered. That'd be interest by a bearded messenger. Take a while. By the time. He gets. Tonight on that right away. Pelosi said the partial shutdown. It's hamstrung both the US secret service and the department of homeland security potentially harming the security planning that precedes the state of the union address. But that's kind of interesting because the secret service that she mentioned here says, yeah, we don't know anything about that. What are you talking about? You haven't come to us with that. We didn't tell you that. She said, sadly, given the security concerns, and unless government reopens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine a suitable date after the government has reopened. And we'll see who wins that battle to triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Let me tell you real quickly about home title. Lock home Tytler is something that could protect you from a well, a disastrous situation if somebody steals your title, and they're all available on the internet and fairly easily stolen, then they transfer your title to a quick title deed, and for your signature in the own your home. Then they take that out take it to another Bank and get alone. Now, if you own a home, you need to get home tied a lot for pennies a day, they'll put a barrier around your home's title on the internet, you could already compromised find out by signing up at home tied dot com for a free title scanner report, usually. Hundred dollar value. It's home title dot com. Get it today. Get that peace of mind. Pat, gray unleashed. We're we're kind of wondering. Whether or not Nancy Pelosi can officially just tell the president. Nope. There won't be a state of the union speech. The US constitution mandates article two section three the president's shall from time to time give to the congress information of the state of the union recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary inexpedient, but it offers no specifics on how that should happen. But obviously, we've got the pageantry of the televised address. Now, it just doesn't have to be that way. Now, here's a look at the history of the state of union address as the White House ways response to Nancy Pelosi. In the first one delivered by obviously, George Washington, January eighth seventeen ninety. Does it have to be a speech? Nope. Thomas jefferson's? I address on December eighteen a one he sent written copies to both houses of congress to be read by each chambers clerks. He wanted to simplify what he believed was an aristocratic imitation of the British monarch speech from the throne. Then the practice of sending written copies to congress continued for more than a century. Wow. Then of course, Woodrow Wilson resume the tradition of delivering the annual speech in person. It was it wasn't until FDR. That was even known as the state of the union speech. It was just an annual message. It's like win. The Super Bowl is called Gathie AFC the AFL NFL championship game or whatever. It was. How has the speech but affected by advances in communication, well, Calvin Coolidge delivered the first speech broadcast on radio in nineteen twenty three. Harry Truman was the first one to be broadcast on TV and Lyndon Johnson recognize the importance of having a national audience when you move the speech from mid afternoon to primetime in nineteen sixty five. Now has it been postponed? Yes, there have been several instances, though, they all appear to have been initiated by the White House run. Reagan eighty six. Postponed the speech after the challenger space shuttle exploded yet, you would think. Okay. Yeah. That's appropriate in nineteen forty four Roosevelt was scheduled to to deliver the address on January eleventh. But instead transmitted a written message because because of his health. What about a during a shutdown state of the union addresses yet to coincide with a full more partial government shutdown now boy still now so uncharted territory. Like everything right now. It's gotta fun. Jason florida. You're on the blaze. Hey, good morning. How are we doing? Well, listen, I've got an idea. You know, the curb Pelosi is kinda showing how small petty and spiteful she is by one she's doing to the president my suggested, maybe the president on just take it to congress taking Greg. They two people go over to our case stadium and fill that stadium with all of us and give that speech and watch how small they really look then that'd be kind of cool. And he'd be the one to pull it off. If anybody could thanks Jason predate it. Yeah. And conservatory and lady tweeted pedal leashed. Why don't do it from the Oval Office while you good? Yeah. Well, eating a Big Mac with border agent standing behind him. But yeah, absolutely. Why not do it from the Oval Office? I think you absolutely could if you wanted to it just says you have to I mean, congress can watch if they want to can be trivia trivia question this president game a state of the union from the Oval Office. That'd be fun. Yeah. You know, we'll know the answer because it'll just happened. It will have just been pretty recent. So didn't necessarily mean the trivia probably say, yes, I Don Donald Trump in the near future could have been something, you know, ten twelve years down the road. All right. Okay. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three ended Pat unleashed on on Twitter where spunk in brunettes. Tweets. Kale is the candy corn of health food. Now. See I disagree. I like candy corn kale is no, no, hopped up pants hamster. We've lost the ability to make a sumptious about people's names after someone named their kid. Acidy navy? This from some guy named Steve while such hate and Xena phobia from those Democrats, they could never host the Oscars. TJ top state of the union is a waste of time and money shut it all down. There's that too. You could just do it in writing. But you know, people are all steeped in this in the new fangled way, we do it. And seriously, we haven't done it like that forever. In fact, it's the minority of the history of the United States of America where we have done it like this. Meanwhile, as far as the shutdown Keith mentioned a few minutes ago that some of the freshmen some of the freshman congressmen are starting to split with Nancy Pelosi's hard line. They include Representative Abba Abigail span burger from Virginia. She defeated Dave brat defeated. What's his face? The can't Eric Eric cantor. So she says she's getting enormous pressure in her district to the point where she thinks Democrats aren't performing well in handling the shutdown. She said if I'm getting comments and contact for my constituents expressing concern that the Democrats are not prioritizing security, then I think we can do better. Representative Collin Allred from Texas. Says that they're all he's open to funding President Trump's wall as part of a deal. I'm not gonna rule anything out. I'm really really not. But I like that the first quote, you said that shows it makes a difference to call your congressman. Yeah, apparently. Yes. Getting some pressure there from constituents on building the wall, which we kind of give it up on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And there's an indication maybe we shouldn't. And there's more democrat freshman that are. Yes, Lucy bath from democrat. She's a democrat from Georgia. Befuddled. Her name was for middle was tak-, like Lucy, take them bath. They will say that's just what we work with a chance here. I call him. Take see whenever a what's up tak- chance there Lucy. Take him bath also quoted she says, she's hoping for a compromise with Trump on the wall. I hope we can all come to a compromise. Because that's the way things get done. We don't compromise. The American people are the ones who get hurt Nancy about that right now. They're hanging in the balance from Jeff drew of New Jersey, another freshman democrat, if I had the opportunity to vote for some sort of a deal I would. I think if we work on the border security, in my opinion, the president would be willing to work on some of these other issues, maybe some of these people don't hate Trump as much as they haven't been there. The leadership give them a few minutes. I know, but that's promising. That's very promising. Yeah. So it's nice. See? Yeah. There's some cracks in that rhymer to regardless of the issue. It's nice to see some voices of dissent to the leadership on the left for change. Sure is wow, we see that all the time with Republicans. Now, we've got some Democrats splitting with the democrat leadership. Good. Good. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. This is an amazing story. A jury has awarded a Miami hotel dishwasher. Twenty one point five million dollars because they made her work on Sunday. And then she wouldn't work on Sunday. 'cause it's against religion. She said, yeah, it's part of honoring the Sabbath and keeping it holy to her. And she got fired. So she took him to court and won eight twenty one point five million dollar settlement by a lot of bibles. They're good grief. However, unfortunately for the sixty year old woman. Okay, Marie Pierre. She's not likely to end up getting all that money. Instead, it'll be more around five hundred thousand that's a big difference. Still. I mean, five hundred thousands of nice. That's a nice check. What happened to the twenty one point five the punitive damages are capped in federal court. And the jury didn't know that they thought that they punished the Hilton hotel with twenty one million dollars. So she's only gonna get the five hundred thousand of it. She'd get up to three hundred thousand punitive damage, which is the limit in federal court and in a. Addition to the five hundred thousand dollars awarded for emotional distress, thirty five thousand in back wages. So she'll probably after legal fees white up with around half a million still. I mean, yes. But. That's a big difference. It's it's probably bad to codify law like totals amounts. Somewhere the constitution. I'm looking at right here Ruth. There's a money. There's actually money mentioned, you know, two dollars or something like a fine shall not exceed two dollars or something. Like that. I don't know. And it's like don't do that don't put founding fathers did make a big mistake. They put a dollar amount in the constitution. And that's always a problem. I can't think where that is. Yeah. I'm gonna for something that is shall not exceed or something. It's in here. So find it two dollars used to be real money. That's what I'm saying. I'm marches on you know, let me tell you about Cosmo hurts kids. It's it's great when it individual sees a problem, and then has the courage to take a really strong stand. That's what Victoria I is done. And in her case, it's pretty amazing because her family's corporation, the Hearst corporation, owns Tuzla, politics magazine. And that's what she's kind of fighting against. She believes and so do I and we pointed out many times Cosmo contains pornography, and that's harmful to kids. And so she doesn't want them to have to stop putting it in there. She just wants the state's harmful states material harmful to minor laws applied to cosmopolitan legged his other forms of pornography. And then you couldn't sell it to the kids under eighteen just it makes a lot of sense. It's a reasonable effort to try to help our kids. And when you look at the articles, we just had one the other day that we saw about sex positions. Okay. Really? You're going to be teaching these kids who are buying your magazine all about that. And yes, they do. That's what they do. So if you'd like to learn more about Cosmo hurts kids campaign, go to Cosmo hurts kids dot com. Again, it's not about free speech is just about protecting kids. So if you believe that pornography should be kept out of the hands of kids under eighteen then visit Cosmo hurts kids dot com. That's Cozma hurts kids dot com. Hat great on weeks. Fund, the fine. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's in let's see here and suits at common law where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars the right of trial by jury Shelby preserved yada, yada, yada. So in other words, if you're oh, it's twenty dollars trying to sue for more than twenty dollars. And. Yeah. So also also talking about slave importation talks about a tax duty, maybe imposed on such importation not exceeding ten dollars for each person. So probably not best to fix a dollar amount. Yeah. Constitution, right? All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And at Pat unleashed on Twitter course, what happened Tuesday night in the cable news race. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC had three point two million viewers, which is way higher than normal for her. She was number one on the night wonder who she had on. It wasn't Tuesday night. Okay. Then it was Tucker Carlson at two point six. So she beat everybody by a lot like over six hundred thousand then the five was third in Hannity just fourth then MSNBC's. O'donnell two point four million wonder what was going on Tuesday night. I don't know. But I'm not able to find out at MSNBC dot com since I haven't downloaded the current adobe flash player. Really got that thing. I got that. I haven't seen that message in a long time. That's there. Let's get yourself. Dobie flash player. Let's see we got Chuck Schumer was on with her looks like Cording to the transcript on Tuesday, Amy klobuchar and Chuck Schumer were guests on Rachel Maddow. Wow. Wow. That's exciting. Chuck Schumer is going to be on come on kids. Kid imagine. That's what sparked her just saying. That's pretty weird Tuesday night. One fifteen January fifteenth. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Wow. That's that's pretty ruck in good time. Right. There can be coming over. Was that the night that we found we found out? Maybe people were just looking for the Trump bashing is that what that was because it was that the day that he hosted Clemson hamburgers. Yeah. The hamburgers yet a thousand hamburgers. He gave out to the Clemson you believing all the man burners Domi, let me. Let me slim. W ever need to update. Your your auto. Correct. Your your phones dictionary with all due respect, by the way. While you're at it update your head. Head stupid is rich like that. Michael Strahan says once you give them lobster, man. I'll treat him to love stirred like a champion should be fed. Shut up all loved it. Shot up to hosting your drag Queen eight year old or whatever it was on your show that yeah. Yes. It was him. What do you wanna bet that eighty percent of those guys would rather have the hamburgers and pizza than lobster? I'll betcha eighty percent of them. But what was ridiculous was Trump? This film. I can't let that go. You know, he's probably the dumbest president of all time from probably not just president. It's probably the dumbest person who ever walked this earth ever. Yeah. Because you remember the good days with Obama when he didn't do any of that was so smart. I mean, he was perfect factual Lau shame rooms, I know was telling because he's kind of above us above us. He's kinda like God. If I remember my Newsweek editor correctly, Thomas or something. Yeah. That was a good. It was a good time. They're talking about how he's kind of floating above us. Yeah. He's sort of in a way above the country above the world. He's sort of got he's he's. He's. Sort of of the country. Let's let's let's be clear here. He's not sort of is. He's there. He is. There is there. I mean, this guy was so smooth. And so smart, here's a good example of that when he was talking with he actually had he was introducing Eric Holder was introducing home general when we back with. Here's what happened how brilliantly mandalit Eric married up. Yeah. He and his wife. Sharon Malone, the nationally renowned beginning been great friends for years OB gyns gotta hit that one again, please. Oh, my he goes up. He and his wife. Sharon, Malone, nationally, renowned guiding been great. Can't OB gyns over ninety. And so he doesn't know OB GYN. Yeah. I just wanted to make sure that that that wasn't Eric holder's wife's name. So I did some research on Sharon or whatever there and her name's not OB Gainey. No. It's actually she's an who's no. Yes. Sel Waldman for tweeting that yesterday I have never heard that one. And I have either I mean that right threat at the top. Now, all that set the best one Italy lions or any sports poser line that he tries throw out there. Malysz one Gainey this one is so good. That is. But I mean that shows his perfection because he he's so suavely set it we've all been pronouncing it wrong can we play. Just one more time national OB guiding. Be the nationally renowned be gaining. That's worse than Bush thing. Oh, yeah. Remember, the Bush thing we've talked about OBGYN's too, many OBGYN join able to practice their their women across this country too. Many OB gyns. Busy practicing their love women all over this country and the OB gyns. Yeah. He actually said OBGYN ladies, don't forget to make your appointments with your OB guiding if you haven't been in a while so got to be it's always a good idea. I think at least once a year right guiding get your over ninety appointments spelled Gainey anyway is G Y N E Y, it's Gyi in. I e I e OB gained Guidi, and it's I think it's period be period. Ganey? That's amazing that that one got bias. I don't know how we didn't see that man. Because today was the first time I'd ever seen the the Obama OB Gainey clip. That's and of course, the mainstream media never said anything about it. 'cause he was perfect to them. He was sheer perfection Saturday night. Live said we don't joke about him. Because there's nothing funny. Funny about funny about him. He doesn't do anything that we can even joke about mean. It's not like the man introduced AG and called his wife's profession Oba gaining. He'll be gaining. Oh beginning. The best the best Russell triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three Anna padded leashed onto. On the means spreads of Helena. It's Pat gray on wings jubilee nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three on the phone or on Twitter. It's padded leashed. Some guy named Steve tweets. Trump could tweet the state of union that'd be kind of. Yeah. Keep it to a hundred forty characters to that would be nice. I think we're up to a little bit more than that now to to eighty okay? But he would be totally for that. He would love that Cooley drinker. I'd like to see the state of the union give him from the Oval Office and focused on how congress doesn't care about the people of this country. That would be yes Beal see to conservative. Hey, Pat, instead of holding a state of the union address, president should just hold us state of the union rally. Good old in Texas stadium. You know, he'd back that place. Also, just to muck at much tweets. Here's a fun. Fact Glenn mentioned Woodrow Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, thirty six minutes into show yesterday. And Pat just did the same today. That's interesting. I haven't. Interesting. During number to call that count for pet grade. Bingo, probably the second time. I said it. Yeah. I'd say does. Yeah. Pumpkin out today there buddy noticed. Oh, well Twitter. And then from the Twitter handle hamburger. He wrote. Budding two of our recent discussions how about state of the union address from the Oval Office with candidate laws and laughter. That would be fun. Actually, it would be good fellow Americans. The state of the union is great. Wait. You weren't supposed to. That I wasn't joking about that. It really is. No seriously. Shoot. It might be kind of fun after line. I know I know sadly, kind of is got boneheads like the CNN analyst calling David Webb. This. This is amazing. And we wanted to get to this yesterday. And I didn't but I got play this today because Areva Martin from CNN accused of FOX nation host, David Webb. He's on Sirius XM and FOX nation. Well, watch and see what she accuses him of his should not dare requirement here. Primary choir -ment, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of network, be that they are capable of covering politics. For instance, if you're going to cover political campaigns sports may not be the most qualified background, and that brings to the point of if people want to get into these fields, regardless of color, I've chosen across different parts of the media world done the work. So that I'm qualified to be in each one. I never considered my color the issue. I considered my qualifications the issue. You know that that's a whole nother long conversation about white privilege and things then you have the privilege of doing that people colored. Yeah, they'll have the how do I have white privilege David by virtue of being a white male? You have David there. I hate to break it to buy, but you should have been better prepped. I'm black. Okay. Went to white privilege. This is still foul soda in. This. You went immediately with an assumption. Thank you people, obviously. Or you didn't look you're talking to a black, man. Darted out in rock radio in Boston for us the path into hip-hop building one of the greatest black stations in American and went on to work for Fox News where I'm told apparently blacks art supposed to work right yet because of your privilege, and you go to white privilege, actually, insulting. Thank you. Because my people gave me wrong. It's amazing. They told me whole white privilege thing is can I apologize and correct. The record. I wanna apologize. I was given wrong information about you. Based on Mike you were going to something that I was part of and just to add to it. My family background is white black Indian Harrow wack irate Scottish. I mean, it's so diverse. I'm like the UN when it comes to this. And this is part of the problem with driving a narrative around a construct like white privilege. Thank you Rivoli ges. One thing we're applied wealth economy, various social factors, but not necessarily determined by color of skin. So there it is there. Anything more priceless than somebody who immediately plays the white privilege card. No matter what just automatically goes to if you've succeeded in this country. Well, yeah, that's that's about a whole nother conversation about your white privilege, my white privilege does that extend to black people to. It just shows the lunacy of it. And he had done all of those things at he's black that just destroyed her whole argument, despite the fact forget about the fact that she wasn't prepared for the interview. Who cares? The point is that she goes immediately to such a bogus argument. And he destroys it completely. Just by the fact that he's done all that. He said he's done. And she, you know, her thing about white privilege is will blacks can't do that. Because they don't have that privilege who's the racist there? I wonder. So you have to you have to be white in order to succeed like that you have to have privilege in order to succeed. Blacks can't do that. By the way. Aren't you a CNN analyst? Good heavens. I mean that is just. That's priceless. That is priceless stuff. And how do you? How do you go on somebody's show like that? And you know, she says why was given false information. Oh, you weren't. You weren't given. Any did? Somebody say, hey, David Webb is white guy. You're speaking with a white guy right now. No. She just assumed I'll bet you thousand dollars. Nobody told her David Webb was white. She just made that assumption. And because you can't succeed unless you're white. Right. According to her, I guess, isn't that the whole white privilege point that we that white people can get places to the nobody else can because we're just privileged it. Just happens. Things are just given to us because of her skin color, your listeners had some great responses to that yesterday on Twitter, Pat unleashed. Yeah. Peculiar baptist. What he say old and busted. Yes, ma'am. Highest honors new hotness. Eight to break it to you. But you should have been better prepped. I'm black. I love it. The highest degree thing though. I'm not sure that will ever be busted looking at going reverting into a depression at that point everyone. We're going into a depression your head. Do you have a degree in economics? Yes, ma'am. I do highest honors. So. Okay. So now, there's somebody who wasn't well prepped. Mere cat. Yeah. You realize this whole exchange, especially here response to the whole thing means his race is part of the prep hustle is that. Yeah, I don't know that it was. I don't believe it was nobody's going to say, hey, this is a black person. You're speaking to or this is a white person you have that ever happened. If you ever no I'm saying that she never she made the point that her staff hadn't prepared her that who she was talking to which means probably normally is a standard of reading procedure for them. Maybe right. I don't I don't know. Maybe I think she's just trying to play the blame on somebody else. Yeah. Because she's making faulty assumptions that shouldn't be made triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three desouza and Kentucky saying that. OB gyns is the way to say this. No come on. Susan, welcome to the place. Hi, thank you or you. Good. Yeah. If you grew up a female in Chicago, you say I'm going to be any really about Medine from there. Well, he didn't grow up a female. Rocco nor did he grow up enjoying hope in Chicago. Why don't know? This debatable grew up you grew up in Kenya. As will the whole. I mean, he he much against in my protest. You know was Senator. Yes, he was for. Thanks. Thanks a lot. That's amazing. Although he obviously grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, and then he went to school in California. And then he went to school in back east. And then he went to Chicago when he was in his mid to late twenties. So maybe he picked up then I don't know. I think we're giving him too much credit. I think he didn't know what he was talking about wouldn't be the first time as for sure. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three Mississippi man in declining health is now telling a cool story he's kept this secret from even from his own family for forty five years that he was abducted by aliens. Tell Calvin Parker says he and his buddy Charles Hickson were fishing in nineteen seventy three on the banks of the pascagoula river just north of where Ingalls shipyard now sits if you know where that is. I know you probably well aware of that I used to hang out there. When a real bright beam appeared all over us, and it kind of blinded me for a second. When I got my vision back I seen three bulky looking creatures coming toward us. Can I do a Jeffey jokers that not allowed anymore? I thought it was one of kind sorry. Sorry, continue Parker said the creatures would probably four four and a half five foot tall built like football players. But I noticed they kind of moved mechanical wise, and they was floating off the ground not they were floating. They was floating off the ground by the time we stood up and turned around. They was there on us all at one time. Two of them. Got a hold of Charlie one of them got a hold of myself and instantly. I felt like I just got relaxed. Rookie Parker was nineteen at the time. He claims in the forty two year old Hickson were levitated into a space craft. They were taking the Mars though, to become sex slaves that he there were just t- were given a space like a rectal exam a space rectal exam because he's our space OB gyns. He says this was an examination room. What I call it and the old big ugly creature his words, not mine. I would never refer to these people whether aliens. Yeah, the as ugly. I who might adjudge. I mean, you could not judge. You're you're you're you're dealing with. Read the story. Anyway, the big ole ugly creature that brought him in. Yeah. He took me and lead me on the examination table. And he just backed up out of the way, I couldn't move or anything all I could do was look device about the size of a deck of cards, then came down from the ceiling it hovered about a foot in front of my eyes. And then it went to the right side of my head, and it clicked with behind my head, and it clicked with to the left side of my head and clicked and then straight to the front and then shot back into the ceiling. Using like old school thirty five millimeter cameras aliens thought, they still have coda chrome chrome. Well, those coda chrome gives you the nice bright colors and the anyway, then a more feminine looking creature cave out. Oh, Sheila completely different than what I called the robot. She had regular fingers and came over and pinched me on the side of the cheek. And then she took her finger in ran it down my throat and got behind that thing that hangs down back there. Visit his great aunt. Cheat. What's going on here? And then tried to come up, my knees cavity. And that's when it started hurting. And I started choking. I got scared, and she was kind of telepathically told me they'll be afraid. We're not gonna hurt you. Did he tell tell her yard are hurting me? Your jamming your finger up, my knees passage. That's not that's not pleasant. Calvin Parker says he was abducted by these aliens in nineteen seventy three. So he's kept this all to himself all this time. Wow. Former Jackson county captain Glenn rider said he told them into come into the station to test their sincerity deputies secretly placed tape recorder into an interrogation room, and then left the two of them alone. There to listen to what they had to say interesting, then he says, I got to get home get to bed or get some nerve pills or something see the doctor something I can't stand it. I'm about to gold pieces. Tell you when we when we get through. I'll get you something to settle you down. So you can get some damn sleep vixen told him. Yeah. And so this officer said something happened to them. You don't fake fear? He was scared. He was scared out of his mind, and they actually gave them a light detector test, which both men passed. So what do you make of that were they abducted by skip space, OB gyns? That may be may be. So he just had a stroke. He said to open heart surgery. So now, he's decided to write a book called pascagoula the closest encounter mice story. And that was published in July. So if you're interested in this, you could actually buy that he said, you can't really pin everything down. You don't really know. And that's the point. I'm holding out. I don't I don't know. What happened? I know something happened. Well, yeah. Space OB gyns abducted you and gave you a rectal exam. Well in a nasal exam too. Which is interesting because I don't care for that stuff. No. I don't I don't do the camera. The knows. No. I just soon. Not just. Yeah. It's not pleasant. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three oh means you're magic muffins are done. Ovens are muted over here goes off. There's a way to eat less magic muffins than you're eating now. And less of all the things that are not good for you. It's reduce own reduce own is something that just about everybody in this building uses. This is a product that was launched by a local company who produced a metabolite of olive oil and created a patented product that helps people control appetite and lose weight helps you burn fat. There was a six year study on it. It showed that when you lose weight. Your body actually thinks something bad is happening. You must be sick. What are you doing losing all his weight? We worked really hard to get you up to. What are you doing? We're really hard to get you up. This this heavy and now we're gonna have to kick into slow gear. Here reuse own contains a patented ingredient that kicks you back into high gear at Bush metabolism it reduces your appetite and you'll lose weight and for a short time. You can get thirty percent off when you go to radio dot com and enter the promo code pad thirty percent off reduce own. Our d use e o any. It's reuse own dot com. Gray is on leased. Traffic and weather together every seven minutes threes coming up all day, log here. Good morning, everybody. The math does not work beautiful beautiful beautiful board like this boarding boarding like sixty five today, I seventy three tomorrow. And then twelve the next give or take a couple of every thirty degrees. It's going to be cold here. The whole nation, man. Oh nations about the get blasted polar vortex locale snap holder vortex climate chaos climate change global warming or winter dogs and cats sleeping together war. Yes. In other Canadian cold front that down all the time. He's going to be fun watching the patriots and chiefs play in Kansas City with a high temperature eleven degrees on Sunday. Somebody said it might be to below. That is overnight. I think. Yeah. Okay. Mic not at time. No. No. No. All right. It'll be balmy gametime. Let's go to Joe in peon, the Pennsylvania is that that's not the actual breed for Pennsylvania. But is that where you are Joe? Yeah. Okay. All right. We'll. Welcome from PIN wherever that is. Thanks for taking my call. Yeah. Everybody's on the voice of curry. And I'm all for I'm all for technology. Yep. Especially at the ports of entry. Definitely. I think so that we can elaborate on that. And and my opinion, my two cents is you put up a chain link fence thirty foot wire. Technology. Yes. On the on our side. I go that you put her. So you put a solar field. A similar field. What what is a what is a solar field. What happens there? Perils? Okay charges. It charge the fence. Oh, you're talking about an electrified fence. Yes, sir. Okay. What are you guys doing or anyone from coming through its? Yeah. Look, then you're you're if you need a wall or a solid barrier in other areas, then you do that. Yeah. And you add technology to the ports of entry where apparently most of the drugs, and whatever are coming through according to the demos right that the hate-mongers. Yeah. So I think that would be a good alternative slowly would for shit. Thanks, joe. It would it would discourage climbing the fence that you will electrify it. They don't mess around PIN. Do they don't they don't. I don't know where that is those people mean business gay don't don't try to sneak into our area here in PIN or you'll be electrified. Now, see? The left would go absolutely ape crap over that. Because you know, you'd be obviously people would try to climb the fence and get hurt. But what about the wildlife the wildlife could happen into the fence and be killed? And then why you've got you've got the death of wildlife on your hands. And that is unacceptable. I mean, we've learned that habit. Just wonder around, you know, you don't they don't respect international boundaries. They'll they don't. So they're no respecter of national sovereignty. They don't care. Don't care. These badgers said another word. He's dumb badgers. That's that's I've talked about as Honey badger, Honey badger. No, big trouble. He'll hit you when you're going across, and then he'll flat, and you out eat your school, right? All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And at Pat unleashed where UK's all berries tweets, did the aliens telepathically send that guy the home version of their game. That would be a fun game to receive Tove ethically. Wouldn't. From Eric as Whitten. Hamburgers thing. This is a nice way to apply that neither is the word hamburger your honor. Favorite right from maybe it quote from the movie involving Ruth, Bader Ginsburg. Completely fictionalized a moment in history, but it works great. I love the call back to all these references. And this one is priceless. Ovid appearing once in the US coast Titian. What is the word freedom? You on. And now, neither does the word hamburger. Here honor. Where is there's no rby g on on. Just bingo, I'm pretty sure there was your honor. Wasn't there? Oh, yeah. I know it was on there. All over all. Got to on this row. Three one one come on. It's gonna happen soon. Though. This is an easier game than we thought. All right from Steve durski. Speaking speaking of the CNN analyst calling David Webb a white guy when he's a black guy St. points out. She also assumed David Webb identifies as a male really good point there. That's a really good point right there. Yeah. We have a case where someone was identified as a female. I think we played this last week. There was a trans woman that went into a. What was it game? Stop game. Stop Albuquerque, New Mexico, and he she's not not happy. She was pissed and she went a in in the in the store knocking stuff over. Yeah. Threatening violence and growling like a. Angry woman an angry woman. Well, you know, what the hell hath? No, fury, right lanes, gender scorn. Yeah. So don't do it. Don't even do it. Mr. don't use the wrong pronoun. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like a pronoun scorned. So we'll play that for you. Because follow one of the local yet. We've got more information on it. One of the local TV stations would out in dash Lee did an interview with this wonderful lovely just beautiful woman is beautiful beautiful trans woman. Yeah. Yeah. So can we ever hear that ever seen anybody quite so beautiful? So we'll get into that. In a second. Meantime, we're going to tell you about real estate agents trust company Glenn started about six years ago because he was frustrated with his experience of realtors couldn't sell his house, and they lost a lot of money. So the thing is it takes a lot of expertise to be a great realtor. These days, it's it's hard to navigate so people who have a hard time selling are usually victim to realtors don't have enough. -perienced? That's why we built this team. They've got a lot of experience they know how to market your home. They're fans of the show. So you have a lot in common with them. It's not going to be uncomfortable. Experience being around him real estate ages. I trust the best way to buy or sell a home in America. Go there now by yourself, really fast and at the right price with real estate ages. I trust dot com that's real estate agents. I trust dot com. Gray. And welcome. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three patties on Twitter. We were talking about this is poor person who was referred to as a wrong pronoun, the N A game. Stop. It's just a it's unconscionable. What happened to this wonderful, beautiful visual woman? And so we now know how this person identifies so by golly, this is a woman through and through as you'll see here at a minute G. She got a little upset because the the clerk called her the wrong thing. And and so then TV station went out and did a report. And here's what happened. Have you seen the rest of that viral video happened you like here in New Mexico says a transgender woman losing or cool when she says an employee at an Albuquerque video game store called her, sir. Instead of ma'am. News viewed more than a million times on YouTube, and it's getting many talking a lot of people have made fun of that woman for her. Stay right thing by defending her gender identity now on four she's telling her side of the story to KAI quarter. Ma'am. Ma'am, obviously seen by millions Tiffany more a transgender woman who recently started her transition yelling at an employee inside this Albuquerque game stop Moore says the cashier repeatedly called her sir, the gender pronoun, she identifies with ball. She was trying to return a game. She bought for her son. Mantle of you. Go, sir. You guys. Sir. Stomach for such. That's clearly woman. Right. How many how many women have ever said said that threatening voice? Yeah. Why don't we go outside, and you can show you a man show ya man. Like the point that happens all the time. Tiffany Tiffany was returning a game game son for son. She obviously gave birth to obviously. Well, look at her. I mean, the most lovely specimen of womanhood awkward for me to to look at her not give you I'll give you something to cry about you to want me to come over there. Give them to gripe out. Really now just looking at her what does exchange the game for sir, ma'am? Ma'am, sir. Member are ma'am, or sir, ma'am. Shumita wait a minute. What do you mean? You're gonna show me a surf you take me outside. I thought you were a, ma'am. I why do you want to why you want to show me, sir? All right. Let's there. Gone. So you concert. Kicks angry that point literally five or six times. Got me soaking angry, and I was causing the internet responding to the viral with means like superman, aquaman and macho man, tranny savage is a swing transgender that many defensive and derogatory is bringing so many big. It's Woodward local rapper isn't letting the tour she's using her found viral fame to raise awareness about the transgender community. And she even wrote her to get her message out there like you were people like you. We have kids we have parents brothers sisters and cousins, we're just telling catchy song. For how more handle the situation inside the store with that, expletive filled outburst. A whole lot better. You think, but you know, what I look back at it change a thing. I would do one hundred thousand times again, I would kick over that. Again, because actions justified. No, it was it was blatant. It was blatant and malicious mischief littering porter KO be. I witness news for the day bleeding and malicious hate because this person who clearly looks like a man, but identifies as a woman, and has recently started the transition has not completed the transition. The voice is man. Like, do we have to pretend like reality isn't reality? No. That was not that was not justified. What you did kicking over displays yelling and screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs. You know, how you handle something like that? I'm actually a, ma'am. And you leave it alone. That'd be and then you walk out of the store. You don't you? Don't get all. I mean, that's lunacy. What was going on there? Screaming carrying on could. I just make a shutout a call out the for the pet unleash listeners out there. If we could find Tiffany more, the the lovely lady subject with video there, we could find some audio of her rapping. I would although grateful for that. So at. You know, she's a wonderful rapper fleas said he's. That is amazing. That is absolutely amazing stuff. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three nights where we are in twenty nineteen though. That's where we are. And you're supposed to I guess you're just supposed to know inherently how the identify and when they come in immediately identify them as such as they're identifying not how they're appearing to you. Screw that up. And you're gonna pay for. Yeah. Yeah. Take you outside show you serve. That's what's going to happen. That's gonna weird because. Yeah, I know mean. To be a man lady. So what do you mean, you're gonna show me what a Surrey evidence? Just because you're three times the size of the clerk behind the desk. I guess he should have realized he should've should've realized that you're obviously a woman obviously, triple eight nine hundred thirty three eighty three. Remember, Chris Hansen isn't Chris Hansen. The one used to do to catch a predator. That's the one on NBC. So Chris was arrested Monday not not trying to be a predator. A thirteen year old. No, fortunately, not no, he wrote bad checks to a vendor he owed money to oh, no checks bounced, wait a minute people still write checks. That's maybe the bigger story. Here is still writing checks have been in Dallas for seven years the checks that I have it's a combination of will I had so many. I'm also cheap in that. I also don't write many. I'm still using cheques with the address from New Jersey. Wow. Hansen turned himself into Stanford. Police in Connecticut after a warrant was issued for his arrest fell in charge of issuing a bad. Check. In the summer of two thousand seventeen Hanson, but about thirteen thousand dollars where the promotional items hats, t shirts, mugs, from a local company paid for them with a check and it bounced the owner in Hanson went back and forth for a while. And so Hanson finally gave the business owner another check and that went bounced to Chris what is happening, man. That's very sad. So he was what were these mugs and shirts for I mean. Well in two thousand fifteen he launched a kick started a fund the new show Hanson vs predator, a mugs and t shirts are listed as incentives for donating that didn't that apparently this going. Well, take minute Hanson editor no didn't really I don't know if it was going to be an internet thing, or or what Chris had in mind, but again, people still write checks now it's kind of interesting now, it's Hanson versus state of Connecticut fairly. There's a Russian hospital. That's a little bit redfaced after some photos of a make shift bed made of a aboard that is placed across chairs that that's a hospital bed right there. What do he want Russia in Russia? That's a hospital bed. Well, sure. I mean, you put a mattress on that. That's perfect. You're good to go. How it's triggered outrage on social media management of the healthcare facility where the pictures were taken said, it was a stopgap measure in response to a sudden increase in admissions. That's not normal procedure for this wonderful hospital. You're talking Russia here. You know, they've got first class service sauce. Sauce, cut them in a bed time. I'm sure that's all I'm sure the residuals of having communism every corner for over a century, communism equals equality. That's that's what it equals. Yeah. Everybody gets a bed like that. Everyone suffers equally they all do. Yes. So if you need to go to the hospital, you can count on a couple of chairs being set up with a board place between it don't don't under sell this, sir. A board five links several boys playing laid across that those chairs perfectly. Not a plank. Come on. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. By the way, on that on that attack that planned attack on the White House following the tip to thirties, the man's been arrested, and they're looking into whether or not he had anybody else that was helping him or behind the scenes with him or in his little group. And so far, they they don't they don't think there was a whole cell, but twenty one year old has shar Jalal to head of Cumming Georgia is in custody. Now, this is the guy who was going to take an anti-tank rocket and fired at the White House. And when they when they picked him up. They found drawings of the schematics for the for the what west wing. Apparently, he had some ins- information and was about to use it to really do a lot of damage. It's amazing because all of these people want to kill as many as many people as they can just amazing how you can become radicalized like that. And fortunately this person that he was speaking with in the beginning. And he went to him and thought that he was like minded, fortunately, he wasn't. And he called the FBI. And that's how they caught this guy. Anti-tank rockets. Yeah. Ebay or something, right? Is that what he was doing? I have no idea. I don't know where you get anti-tank rockets that I I don't want to advertise where you get anti-tank rockets either Craigslist Craigslist. Yeah. Yeah. Or overstock, maybe you can get two day shipping. Amazon. Anti-tank rocket furniture store that's always advertising on TV furniture mart. Now, it's the kid even think maybe there. I don't know. Fortunately, they found this guy. Can you imagine what kind of carnage? There could have been because his plan was to kill his many people as you possibly couldn't do as much damage to the White House and surrounding area as. Really bad. So a big tragedy. Verd- we don't know how many times that's happened since nine eleven because a lot of that stuff is classified triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Let me tell you about home title lock. Because this is another big problem that can this could up your life in a big way for a long time. Anything can download your home's title because they're all available now online. They just fought your name off it and transfer it then take it to another Bank and take out massive loans using your equity, and you'll get stuck with the payments, and you don't know anything about this until the Bank loan notes. Start showing up in the mail. Chris hansen. Yeah. Exactly bouncing checks. It's just it's the snowball effect so just prevent this from happening as soon as I find out. This was a thing. I I knew I had to be protected from it. Hopefully, you'll do the same thing if you own a home or you have rental. Operti you owe it to yourself to get home, title lock and get a little peace of mind for pennies a day home title will put a virtual barrier around your home's title now could already be compromised, you can find that out by signing up at home tied lock dot com for your free title scan and report one hundred dollar value. They're gonna throw that in for free just for signing up visit home tied LOC dot com and get some piece of buying today. Home Tytler dot com. Gray. So Theresa May survived. The no confidence vote yesterday day after her breakfast. The Brexit plan suffered the worst parliamentary defeat in modern British political history. They also then did a no confidence vote because they were trying to bring down her government. And she she survived. It. So the no confidence vote was brought by labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn and Germany Corbin lost three twenty five to three. Oh, six. So it was pretty close. Yeah. This is in the hills of hurry close that other vote to stop Brexit was the worst margin of defeat for British Prime in modern history. Yeah. So where do you go? Now, the parliament votes already voted on her Brexit Bill. So we don't know that failed the parliament intervened the no-confidence vote didn't work. So now there might be. Here's the here's the possibilities. There could be a second referendum. Meaning they go back to the people again and have them revote on leaving the EU. Well, how would you be? If that's you already won that battle. The people have already spoken, you're gonna make us do it. Again, would totally pass again, probably bigger margin. Now that people are angry. So so there's that possibility or there's a possibility that may that Theresa May works with labor party, and they work out some way to extract themselves from Brexit. That's agreeable to everybody or the lawmakers just take over and do whatever they do. I don't know what they would do. Maybe they just leave the EU without a deal, and you try to make a deal with the United States. And leave the rest of it to to Europe. All right. We'll we'll do without you. You do without us. Let's see how that works. I don't know. It's it's tough. And then to defy the will of the people. And make it look like. Yeah. We're just going nor what you want. That's that's kind of a problem. I'm thinking at this stage. That's kind of the problem with with what we have to have to deal with here, and what Great Britain is dealing with their. They just don't care what the people want. Exactly what's happening with the wall. But you know, secure the stink in border. Will you please? By all that is holy just finally secure the border and enforce our laws. That's all we're asking for that too much to ask. Well, yes, it is. Yes. It is. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three, let's go to Doris in Virginia, Doris. You're on the blaze. We we have a line one there. Hey, doris. Hi. Hey, welcome. I just have a comment. Yes. Ma'am. In the game. Stop store if the reaction was that for being called ma'am for return the Suns game, what's the reaction when the sun calls, dad? Right. I hope the sun doesn't because all hell would break loose. I'm shooter. Thank stores. Can you imagine that how difficult that would be to if your, you know, your whole life? That's been your dad. And now, he's she your mom. I guess, but you already have a mom. So then what do you call the dead that used to be your dad, and now is the woman. I don't know. I don't know, that's too complicated. For me. I don't have any idea. Just incredible. Where we find ourselves right now. Isn't it? No wonder people spend nearly half their waking hours looking screens. We're just trying to escape the real world for all the studies that tell us how important it is to limit screen time. Kind of people aren't doing that. Is what seems to be happening? Forty two percent of the time Americans are awake. There is fixated on a TV screen, smartphone, computer, tablet, or other device. I would think it would be a higher percentage in that supposing the average American slept eight hours a night, not even close for most of us. The researchers calculated that people's fit about six hours and forty three minutes a day staring at a screen. Wow. Over a typical lifespan, you know, how long that is twenty one point eight years almost twenty two years looking at a screen. Sure. Those numbers those numbers are higher for teenagers. They've got to be the because teenagers never look up. They're always doing their thumbs. And looking at the screen. I'm sure you have interesting story that you've been reading over there. I'm just a little busy get your screen doing just catching up on a fruit ninja for the day. Here's a great screen to look at. I know you don't have Keith since you're continually whining about the team. What do you have a forty three inch screen or something forty? I don't know. Try this new Samsung on for size doing this to me. This. This is the Samsung TV called the wall. It's a wall. That's already been built how big is two hundred and nineteen inches. This has already been built. And it is not immoral. The most moral thing I've ever seen in my life. This. Wow. Colors. It takes up the whole wall. Which is why it's called. I wanna watch football on them right now. Right now. All right. Can turn it down. So you see the size of the wall that this TV is on. I mean, it takes up a whole the whole side of the house and the screen is almost the same size. That is unbelievable two hundred nineteen inches. That's like that's like a theater screen at a, you know, at a cinema at a Cinemark AMC. I think that's about the size of those things are it's that's crazy. That's amazing senior. Well, let's see a twenty foot screen. It'd be son of screens are usually between twenty and fifty feet wide. Okay. So so it's pretty close. That's pretty close to the low end of that. Wow. And you know, the colors are so vivid and just absolutely beautiful picture. I I'm gonna ask this. I'm going to have to ask my wife for this. Now thinking of asking now, the seventy five inch one that we have in my bedroom. Looks like a like. Hate you point. You had enough TV? Told that story where I was always kidding with. We need a bigger TV. I wanted eighty inch TV in in the bedroom sling at getting getting. Big tonight. Sorry. No, I need we need a an eighty inch TV and then a couple of Christmases go. She bought me almost eighty inch DV seventy five. It's just I mean, it's ridiculously big story. And then this is what two and a half times the size two and a half times the size the hundred forty six version of this is one hundred grand. Whoa. So while really mean, so what's the to nineteen version? A hundred thousand one hundred forty six inches hundred thousand. Yeah. That's a while. I don't have the price of big boy the to nineteen but. Under. Hundreds, you know, maybe get one on black Friday for you know. Yep. Sorry fifty. That's. That's not gonna work with your Kohl's cash. Probably. No, no. I don't. I don't know that. I I do know that I don't have a wall big big. No, that's yeah. Think about that too. Because you're not gonna just hang that above the fireplace. That's. And you're going to have to think of like, what do you what do you put into the drywall to hold that thing up? Wow. And you have to figure it's probably one hundred and fifty thousand then right? If one hundred forty six I'm thinking, it's probably too. I don't know. It might be might be might be two hundred. My goodness. I'm willing to build an extra wall into my house for that thing. It's beautiful though. It'd be fun to have. But at that price that kind of eliminates well almost all of us. President can get one for the White House. Maybe that guy can still mansion in California we had on yesterday. And all yeah. By that TV, right? Starting to get what thirty six million for it. Sure. I'm sure he's gonna clear with a check of a hundred grand right sold. EV? Speaking of checks, maybe Chris Hansen buys it. One of his bouncing, Chris Hanson? Yeah. He doesn't seem to have any problems writing checks. He can't back up. So why not why not do that one? Least you get the TV in your house for a few minutes before they come in and repossess it. Right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three tomorrow is more on trivia day. As tomorrow is Los Angeles Rams versus New Orleans Saints and the world's home team, Jerry. They are. They are. Okay. So we will see you back here. That's our two tomorrow. On Pat gray unleashed.

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