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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Davis Versus Nunez Media Conference. Call your host for today it Leonard Our be Leonard the floors yours. Thank you thank you everyone joining the call. Today may WANNA promotions. This is really thrilled to bring this very exciting event where it all started for two times to featherweight champion who really beat the odds of making us to where he is now and we really the beginning for Devante day we expect vekaric star studded with so many hometown supporters on Friday night and nowhere spans across the nation will be locked in and we tune into action right. 'cause we all know what Davis brings to the table it depends to prepare his mandatory challenger Ricardo Newness in store Title I kind of Media Baltimore fetching rich history of boxes and hadn't which hadn't been the title and really it's been nearly eighty years and more history trust me. We'll be ridden on July twenty seven exciting event. We'll be watching you none other than live on Showtime Championship boxing at nine pm Eastern time six P._M.. Pacific time and are even would be brought to you from Royal Bombs Arena in Baltimore promoted by Mayweather Promotions and T._V. Promotions and association with G._T.. De Promotion is still a few tickets available more at ticketmaster DOT COM or the funds box office. You'll get him also to open up the exciting event. We'll have none other than dairy mayweather promoting repairing Miller taking on Jezreel corral Goldman Event and we have to former world champions will be on all Astra Battle and then board taking on Rocky Martinez which will be an outstanding `bout and then that'll leave right into the main event Devante Davis will be dependent again in a super featherweight title from noon it also <hes> there will be several mayweather providers may motions fighting speeches on the car. <hes> Ronald Gonville Richardson Hitching diluent price Donald Thomson can enroll in just the name of showtime and Mayweather Promotion being the biggest dynamic bureau inbox and it's like none other we put on the biggest event in sports period and we will keep the fine as devante makes seven showtime opinions while showtime is I even in the city of Baltimore at this time. I liked to welcome so time that were president in a sports programming none other than even Espino comment. Thanks very much Leonard <hes> this is indeed showtimes first event ever in Baltimore thirty three years of boxing thing and <hes> we hadn't been there before and were there for certainly <hes> a good reason in this fight. This is tank seventh appearance on showtime six no in his private prior six appearances six stoppages <hes> part of a twenty one to Know Twenty K._o.. Record <hes> you in the sport today we throw around the wordstar quite a bit <hes> everyone's a potential star or a young store or rising rising star <hes> but that term truly applies to tank Davis anyone who has seen him fight on television person sees the charisma the skill the fan base that he has built and the excitement that he builds the rain and you truly is one of the most exciting young stars in boxing today now Ricardo Nunez may not be a household name here in the U._s. but I can tell you he is a very aggressive fighter. He's got heavy hands. He mixes up his punches. Well He's twenty one and two nineteen Cao's. He's won ten straight fights fifteen of his last sixteen wins have come by stoppage. It doesn't matter who the opponents are when you stop fifteen out of sixteen that is saying something so this is a matchup that provides fireworks it provides action and a lot of excitement. We can't wait. We will see you there until I twenty seven thanking Stephen and just to touch on with even you know we call them a hard hit Panamanian with and he has a chance really what would call the huge of it that was set up his own future you know in the sport or you know notoriety coming into this part. He's very confident. After July twenty seven everyone will know his name and have a renewed respect for him so without further ado I like to <hes> Energies Ricardo newness few words Ricardo by <hes> T. V. Seattle but then I wanted Davis proxy more than the Julio Located Aluminium Printer Ricardo but I see a ocoee and thousand they got celebrating on Tanto. Yeah get old channel which assign you can feed you went off and we haven't only time well. I'm very happy to be here. Thanks for the press being on this conference call of course showtime and the other the promotion company Leonard Ed Lee. Thanks for giving me this great opportunity. It's the opportunity I've been waiting for done a lot of sacrifice to get to this point and <hes> that's why I'm here and I'm going to be fighting agreed fighter but <hes> the opportunity is now and I gotta take advantage of it. Okay thank you <hes> when when it comes to tank Davis all think about him in how he got his wrist started this knows person about the energy he's pretty they're very intricate. Role from intake lights not only just as being a trainer but also being it bothers me and <hes> that has really helped paint chances and into being the fight that he is today in the young man that so without further do this time. I like incident devising China coach Taliban for comment how you doin' showtime everyone here. Thank you for this opportunity to have a chance to listen to <hes> opponent going against and can't wait to the twenty seventh to get just want us to is that just can't wait to twenty seven years soon to work that we have to put in Baltimore's excited right decided to have a world class championship fight here you know it hasn't happened in so long as a Baltimore natives. You know so everybody's looking forward. You know perfect. Thank you tell them I said before and I'll say it again. They focused tank is a dangerous thing. devante is more focused and more motivated now than he's ever been before and as you continue his legacy if you Baltimore champion come before so without further Ado Ladies and gentlemen the W._p._a.. Super featherweight champion of the world none other than Devante tank Davis to say a few words Yeah Yeah probably did Mr Davis is open looks like it justice connected <hes>. Let's get them to call back in one second bare wood as well back on morning getting them now and type <music> Davis your lines open okay. Would you like to say a few words. No hello hello. Can you say if you worked to the media about the price. Yeah <hes> since bogus ready we two weeks away. I'm almost on away and Nama cited for the home oncoming. <hes> cat been great been trying when my brothers every day. We've been pushing trouble. I'm just ready for us. I like Jiwei pretty settle okay perfect. Thank you so operated what you you can your instructions opening up to the media question. I'm absolutely absolutely ladies and gentlemen at the time. If you have any questions please doll star one on your telephone keypad again any questions. Please all star one on in your telephone keypad. I'll just a couple of moments or the cue to build all right. First question comes from mark well in Walla with sporting news mark. Your line is open tank. How you doing man <hes> how does this feel to have this and <hes> you know so much of especially Baltimore you looking up to <hes> actually coming back home? You know but it's big price. It's amazing actually you. You know me just trying to win. My brothers and you know I've been fighting all over. You know I fought in London for L._A.. You Know New York. It's time to bring the big one back home. I think <hes> now is the perfect time uh-huh again gonNA start in my career and things like that so <hes> just decided man. I'm focused. Probably I'm more focused than I ever been. You know I'm just decided to be don't keep all right next question comes from Carlos Toro with by the new Pager Monterey. Thanks for taking time to you talk to us. Is You know how much do you know about Ricardo new aside from being your mandatory you have to really good knock outrage on the coming into this <hes> on a pretty good win streak <hes> I know that he I know that <hes> you know he'd been training. I've Been San little clips on him and then I know that he had you know spun and things like that got great power <hes> I know he <hes> he's going won't be ready to fight. You know there's some big trash in front of him. Just ask you a big test in front of me. <hes> I'm just pushing for a great fight. You know the please the fans and you know <hes> that <hes> July twenty seven going to the action packed freight all right and our next question comes from Jeremy Heritage is a fan sided dot com. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. <hes> obviously you talked about fighting in front of your hometown and how that's made you more focused. <hes> what does that do for you <hes> emotionally. Is there a different <hes> mindset you feel more pressure to perform in front of a home audience. How does that impact you come? I don't think it's is more pressure. <hes> judge fighting in front of a big crowd. You know periods of big pressure. You know my first tat. My friends big fight <hes> in front of a big crowd. Was You know my first world title one. Would I fought Coltman so I'm saying I think <hes> you know just fighting back home in a in a big crowd thing <hes> embraced the crowd. You know that's given the fans what they WANNA. See this ban back in the maturing. No I'm getting older and wiser <hes>. I'm just happy to be here. I know that <hes> this is your second and fight this year <hes> once last year in your opinion. Are you the the most duct super featherweight in the world at this point <hes> No. I don't believe I'm the most because <hes> on a result I I think I'm not because I'm ready like the cash cow in the <hes> one thirty division <hes> I believe <hes> it's a big risk but you get paid. You know a lot if you fight me you know so that's why a lot of guys. She called me out. You know they <hes> they know it's a big risk but they get paid. You know better than taking that small risen in low money with someone else. I know that you have part of unions in front of you but are there other names <hes>. Do you have a list of names that that you'd like to fight or zero a preferred group of fighters that you'd like <hes> depending on obviously your performance against newness Yup but I don't WanNa call anyone name right now. I'm GonNa wait so at <hes> you know <hes> Saturday night inside that you are you will know know who I want <hes> Hossain One last question <hes> is your goal to unify the super featherweight division before moving up in weight or do you see a move up in the near future <hes> definitely one of the unified one thirty you know <hes> always wanted to unify before I move up but if one thirty one thirty five over for me <HES> WE'RE GONNA we're GonNa do that but I'm really focused on unifying one thirty right now. Awesome thinks tanking and best of luck and enjoy the homecoming. Thank you so much all right or next question comes from Leicester filled up with univision good afternoon everyone <hes> Davis <hes> congratulations on Europe coming homecoming fight <hes> my question. How much more do the fans <hes> have to wait Davis fight? I talk fighters and the super further we know you being no strenuous calling out names. But how much more do they have to wait to see someone with a really tough position <hes> probably about it and then this year after this was my mandatory everybody ahead of the mandatory. <hes> I see a lot of fighters have <hes> they're men in twenty people not saying about that but I'm just you know I'm fighting. I'm finding whoever they put in front of me <hes> Islam Up. I'm not GONNA now. You know there's a Lotta great fighters out there you know from the one twenty six one thirty one thirty five that can fight that I see this big fights you know I'm just <hes> I guess my waiting on the right time you know and I'm and I'm GonNa the fight on them and I'm just fighting who who they put in front of me. Thank thank you all right or next question comes from Gail Falkenthal with communities the digital news. Thank you good afternoon everyone. This is the question both mainly for Stephen and Leonard. We've seen <hes> the build up of some great fan bases in some areas is that aren't L._A.. Las Vegas in New York <hes> Fresno Omaha. Do you see the potential to do the same thing here in Baltimore Yeah. I'll I'll take that went on on where we we. We don't have a photo throwdown venue was well over twelve thousand people from next Saturday night in Baltimore and you'll be the first again like I say in over a year and it's all because of the Star power the Devante Davis Brings <hes> to the sport and with him being <hes> is named resonating out there with the casual fan you can expect Baltimore to being hotbed for big fight big time this be the only amy time that will be coming back to Baltimore for business homecoming but fight for him and he much-needed fight to get back to you saying and we're very excited. Do you see this as a healthy development overall for boxing something that is necessary most definitely <hes> because again this is not only as it relates to to Baltimore but if you look at the Star Power with tank brings to the table you go back <hes> inspired when we took him <hes> to <hes> England sold out packed arena we come back we bring him put him in the Co main event to bottle Jack and James the GAL again. We got well over ten thousand people in the building at Barclays. You bring them back in close this four over fourteen thousand people there and again that's what he does. He brings all all different types of people from different walks of life because we're paying days and brings to the entire sport excitement against you. Give the fans when they want to thank you knock out and thank you very much enclosing <hes> not to derail call but if any of you would like to offer any thoughts on the passing of Pernell Whitaker I invite you to do that and good luck to you. Tank on your fight. Thank you so much. Yes <hes> donors <hes> sweep when the baddest and wanted to guys <hes> that we've been studying on a two <hes> Scotland for you know tank was little we always used to watch but now and you know ten you sick man. I used to do that and then we still put out because you say day doing before me so you know have lose. The great man really hurts. Thank you Calvin. I appreciate the the words all right our next question John. Carlos Torah with by Full News. You Know Hi sorry <hes> I earlier. I asked the question but I got my phone. GOT CAUGHT OFF <hes> one another question for Devante you mentioned wanting to please the fans and you you really have done that. You're fraud your time at at at world champion fighting the U._K.. Knocking out go to the weekend your last night in the first round you feel any pressure every time you go out. Just SORTA outdo yourself. You know I'll do your last performance especially now. You're going to be fighting in front of a home crowd. <hes> not the outdo my <hes> <hes> I last performance but just know always give the fans of great performance. That's my job. When I step in the rain? You know <hes> not trying to you know <hes> please the fan. I'm not just trying to go on edge. Just look Oh for and look for a knockout but try to get them assignment. You know get them where they get on. What they they pay that money for you know so <hes> I came up in an era when when when <hes> our signed a lot of fighters and it was fighting you know <hes> he's like ducks coming up in the ranking and they got a little sloppy and they're trying to knock the guy out and wind up getting clipped so already? Don't you know focus on NOCCO but every prevent himself and the person don't belong in the rain with me I definitely capitalize on and take him out. <hes> a couple of Florida Nunez <hes> Ricardo. Is You know this whole proud to build up of this fight. It's always been about Devante Davis and him come back home and you know continuing his progression. Someone's getting bigger fights down the road. Do you embrace the fact that you know your being looked at at the underdog and have that added any motivation for you and despite regarding come into the future Devante Davis in Baltimore and Claudio is under the it people to assert went up in Goma component immune to get them Oteiba. If there's Tara driven today's one and we'll be okay I will you know come. I let it's like I'm I'm bill mind. I leaped up a little bit. I ah one baby familia in from Grennell NIMMO's we'll come field all dolphin morally horrible level and we all know pad fifty you know Technica Mentally Actual Super Jim Hint at the aperture well <hes> of course and thanks for the question yes. I'm very motivated. <hes> this is personal for me. I do WANNA be vaunted. Davis have a great showing in Baltimore. Although it's his hometown I wanNA bring the championship back to Panama not only for myself from my family. <hes> we've prepared courtesy very well physically and also technically for this fight <hes> so you're going to watch a great fight coming from me. You know lastly you know looking at your resume. You only bought out night Panama. Leave one inger pro career so have you done anything in the camp. Do not only prepare for the five but also you know playing for the travel to the United States Monica every in Panama inoke ascione after really fit in into the campus. If we are here it's almost need or buy it. Appealing tells a lot of Orlando and they come in you. Immoral Holland Bola Yano. It's also better dancing people the death row Laima it's memorial in full and dogs and thoroughly comment a hey it okay and of course we have. This is for the championship belt <hes>. I've had no problems in training camp so there's no excuses we've matured as a boxer. <hes> I record states that <hes> so everything has been of worked on double <hes> for this great fight. Thank your vaunting recorded million for talking to me for one Donald. Thank you thank you all right ladies and gentlemen as a reminder. Please Press Star one on your telephone keypad. Give any questions again of the reminder. Please press Dr One on your telephone keypad. What if any questions for next question comes from lesser cruel though with univision again everyone these questions nations were Nunez <hes> when the Union Nunez <hes> we know the Davis are strong and it's very aggressive in the early around but you also no stranger to having some power yourself <hes> were you look like the advantage of his aggressive with of your power rather than those the CBO Cage Avant Davis one little holders Kasit if you had to India pull their KOMO SEATTLE BUT MAGO Orlando Com Attack Nam Michael Bender economical him yeah because they were putting a run about no matter what on them yeah yeah? I'M GONNA I use the style that's best for me. <hes> as a condition fighter <hes> we're looking at <hes> drying to hit them when we hit him with the hardest bunches we can knowing how he's also a strong boxer. So that's our game plan. You'll see the style when we get there that that it's going to be the best one for my form of boxing one last question <hes> we know that the Cuban can bosom card <hes> do we foresee a potential <hes> showdown between between the born Davis in the near future who knows how to call who knows what the future might change change focus is on the caught on in their car on me is a very tough challenge to the table and everything most recently in Boston anything can happen. We've seen if you that so take folk and you've got to be on Taller Nunez and we'll we'll deal with whatever isn't that after the place perfect thank you guys are next question comes from Keith. I DECK WITH BOXING THEME DOT COM yes. My question is for Ricardo. <hes> Ricardo Toronto Davis's Mrs Five fights at the top level since two thousand seventeen have not been competitive really. Why will this fight be different? Nobody wants to keep their boxing seeing Tacoma Air Ricardo lasutina Cinco players Devante David van what any competing eh four caterpillar and I said when I feel feces we're going up in the only way and then got the miracles in bed. You know <hes> it's it's not until you. I'm all that it's GonNa be a great fight. We're GONNA it's going to be great great. Show that we're going to have if you look at a record. It's two rivals that the percentage of knockouts are high. I think he has one more knockout than me dur during his career <hes> so that's why this fight is going to be action packed act because we're both <hes> you know are not got artists so so golders from Seattle the way it went up no yeah so that's why it'd be <hes>. Keep it. You know an action packed fight <hes> because we both are not got artist Ricardo if he sees there any way that despite goes the distance either way today is regarded okay w violently Tanzania and no no no. I definitely don't think this is GonNa go <hes> the full rounds because because <hes> as I said before high-percentage we have of knockouts so somebody's definitely going not down. Thank you very much question for Devante Devante. How important is it for you now that this is your second fight in two thousand nineteen for you to fight again at the end of the year and get those three fights in this year and our menas active as you want to be man I I got 'cause I gotta go running? He say ain't going to distance. I'm scared man <laughter>. So working real anymore fucking daily the deal of D._N._A.. Meal too get the Pony Great Anymore Questions L. O. Translating what Germont said to record so he could be here also that <hes> we end up in a meal if he gets up here okay okay all right. We'll see question we see I've got all righty are named question comes from Robert Zell with fight journal Robert Your Lines Open first question <hes> how difficult is if you to make <hes> hundred thirty pounds. It's not it's not difficult. <hes> I'M GONNA WELLM. Actually you know close to wait now. <hes> I definitely be you know thirty or twenty nine. You know come windy so <hes> I'm just ready. Okay now. Correct me if I'm wrong last time you fought in Baltimore. The nickname was Rambo so how'd you the name Tinkham about <hes> I tangle NCUA insured because I started started <hes> <hes> fighting okay. I tell me five years from now <hes> tell me what would you like to be in your career. Oh so whereas you know <hes> probably a <hes> a world champion you know probably on the street it <hes> trying to help otherwise you know to get to where I'm at <hes> and a lovely fall. That's that fast in my knowledge on to the to the next like you know such as men minute <hes> Stephen Chow during the me so <hes> it says in a great position to be able to hope you know also be in a great position myself okay no less what's going to happen next Saturday. <hes> that's the action packed fight going to get won't give the boxer world to fight fans. I'm a break show. I'm I'm trying to every day and I believe my opponent trying to <hes> she want my spot. You know I can't let it go easel. Well <hes> good luck to you. Both man thinks next question comes from T._k.. Turks thin with Vegas sports daily. Are You doing tank appreciate you taking taking the time out to do this and everything <hes>. I got kind of a two part question for you. Have you ever <hes> well. Actually I take that back so for for yourself. Obviously the homecoming <hes> to my you know. I don't think it's ever happened in anybody's lifetime. There's going to be there. They said over eight years so other than off the top of my head. <hes> you know Hussein Brock Rochman Stuff <hes> you know obviously ray Lewis every but to be a son of Baltimore and and to come out there and do what you're doing everything. Do you ever take opportunity to think that it might be some you know the dirty kids somewhere on the block. I mean compliment you know coming up there. Maybe where you were twenty twenty five years ago and what it would mean to him to have somebody you come back and have a world championship fight in the hometown of Baltimore City and how difficult is it how you dealing <hes> with the with probably everybody ended entire city. You know for tickets and want to get in there. How you able to just maintain your focus? <HES> EH task ahead <hes> to be honest I don't I don't really have too. Many people hit me up for tickets. It's selective MOMS. I is this the yeah not yeah but <hes> just you know me. There's coming home. You know come home to fight on a big stage. I started in Baltimore and I'm coming back home and I'm asking training home well. Also I always always believe I was at all reach of kids that it will it will mean more than doing it from a way. You know so that same kid. was you know coming up or just looking at meet coming back home. Is I've been in that position before you know <hes> and I always wanted to show love you know give back like a couple of fighters death for me. You know I was never fighter that you they didn't show love you know the Floyd <hes> Adrian the Maltese ethnic Peterson <hes> a lot of guys even Dan Garcia when Danny for that he called me up the swamp you know so I always wanted to get back and <hes> <hes> just showed them that you know anything is possible. I came from the same project I came from are the same block and things like that. You know so <hes> January. I'm in July twenty seven. It's going to be you know history a lot of a lot of kids gone. You know asthma be opening night. Can I WANNA chime in on that <hes> as far as the tickets and stuff right <hes> then it'd be always looked for a lot of kids is there's a press conference. You know a lot of kids came out you know so we try to make sure that the kids around actually we had some kids came out to actually watch them work out and whatnot so you know they goal is to see the the same thing that tank the that they can do it in city a Baltimore. That's why in our press talk if you wanted to know the city no right this is a big thing this this not big for tight and look at some his tweets. He's talk more his brothers this coming behind him. He's trying his brother but you know he's trying to show them and showed the city that they can make a difference. If they just put their dreams I hit them and take some you know and he's been wonderful and the People Baltimore Ain't been tested us. He stayed home and normally WANNA fight. Stay home it. It gets real hectic. <hes> a lot of media everybody wants but they let us work and do our job. You know appreciate what they're doing. You know so he's been having real good. They respectable for you know. It's been good for US Banharn. Thank you coach and just last question for yourself a dramatic you the one you has there been any difference from having camp you know back home. I think you kind of touched on as compared with down down Florida Out Vegas and stuff like that and if because I'm not sure if you touched on it but just passing snoopy Whitaker D._M._v. guy from you know <hes> of Virginia Norfolk Norfolk Virginia Beach Area if you talk on if you had any impact when you're young still coming up or if he was somebody that you tried to to emulate in and learn things office now there's a southpaw selfies <hes> sweeping he was definitely one of them guys that my clothes made me sit down. Watch you know if I fun to see you know Tammi. We go finish watching this and so he was definitely wasn't him guys that you know after the gym I go back home or <hes> I stay at Coast Calvin housing wash the <hes> the tape and you know after we watch boxing. We'll go you know looks at the gym. You know train you know and try to <hes> you know do them. <hes> <hes> fly fight his style or trying to pick off of things that he did you know so it was he had a lot of impact on <hes> boxers. I believe period so you know <hes> sorry for us. Laws you know could donor so his family and things like that what <hes> well. I actually had actually have a pick a sweet and tank. We was in Jersey. They both took a picture together. You know and speak people might guy is definitely tank grew up off. He didn't know it. He didn't know what he was watching but when he got in everything as Amazon so you know man he's GonNa be missed all right that can food the Cuny portion of our conference. Call Okay thank you <hes> this is more than about grant. It's it's really a historic experience for everyone. In the city of Baltimore for all the fans around the world the witness devante making this homecoming total different places really opening doors for many other fires. Were really close to him like me Hawkins Kareem Martin and me want you know just to name a couple of guys look up to him again. This this will be historic event and this will be a great chance for the fans across the world to watch the most exciting fighter in the entire sport so be sure to tune in twenty.

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