OBI: Bengals/NFL post-draft Water Cooler Chat (5/3)


Everybody happy monday. Is anyone having a draft hangover. I hope not. There has been a lot of coverage a lot of news regarding the cincinnati bengals. They made some significant moves to bolster up their roster. And we're gonna talk about that room. Talk about draft grades. We're gonna talk all kinds of different headlines with the bengals with their afc north rivals and around the nfl as the twenty twenty one. Nfl draft is behind us. We hope that you enjoyed all the coverage that we brought you not only on this program but on the cincy jumper podcast channel with folks like matt mimic ason zim on orange is the new black and of course all of the articles on cincy jungle dot com a lot of hard work from a lot of great folks. Hopefully you enjoyed that. And really across the bengals media platform whether it's bengals dot com all bengals all kinds of different. Great grave the enquirer. I'm sure missing a few others. Espn a lot of great coverage across the board About the bengals. And hopefully you enjoyed all that stuff. Good to see everybody here. A i just want to say one more thing. I apologize for friday night for those especially the facebook live. We had a significant amount of people. Still wanted to hang out really late for the livestream on the breakdown of rounds. Two and three. We had some audio issues to start the show. We cleaned it up. We've got an edited version of that on our youtube channel. So go check that out. The audio is available on the podcast channels while but just wanted to apologize. Particularly to the facebook live viewers for that episode. Facebook was not working with us on that episode in. It was not working on the next day when we tried to upload the edited video so apologies to that push push the livestream time back a few times for live. You're so just want to apologize for all of that. In case you missed it and We're a little frustrated by that. I apologize but good to see everybody in. This is the water cooler. After because by the way. I don't know if i'd reintroduce myself But appreciate you tuning in on this monday. And it's good to see a lot of live viewers in that. There's not a lot of people who seem to be sick of the draft coverage so we're going to keep feeding it to you. Let's get it started with some bengals news and we're going to start simple and kind of go into more. I guess headlines of analysis. We're gonna come through all the headlines with the bengals all the headlines with the afc north teams and then of course the nfl. So let's get it rolling here on the water cooler chat. We go back to the class itself. In case you missed any picks here they are around one. Pick five wide receiver jomar chase. That was rumored to be the picco in the couple of weeks leading up to the draft. The bengals did go that route and not with finacial sewell. But they got an offensive lineman in the second round in the form of offensive guard slash offensive tackle jackson carmen with the clemson tigers. They move back from that spot. From thirty eight move back. Eight spots and collected to fourth round picks from the new england patriots in round three. They got Who many view as a steel defensive end slash edge slash linebacker joseph. I out of texas in round four. Pick one eleven. Cameron sample of versatile. guy that probably you know. He's kind of a little bit in the mold of the car. Loss type of thing in terms of a little bit more stock. He's about six two but a guy you may be able to kick inside On occasion helps out in the run. Good pick there. And then you got the big big boy tyler kelvin from lsu. Pick one twenty two in round four big guy. We're talking three hundred forty pounds or so a true nose tackle in a guy that'll help shore up run most definitely in the afc north and then. Of course you've got dante smith promising. True athletic offensive tackle needs a little bit of development but If he if his development meets that athletic profile you may have a star in the making their in the fourth round and round. Five bengals surprise a few people by going kicker but it seems to be the consensus best picker. Best kicker in the draft. In evan mcpherson out of florida he had been working in talking with darrin. Simmons as reported up to the drafts of the bengals really wanted him. We're gonna we've got another headline with that in just a second get interior offensive linemen trae hill. A guy who probably will be backing up at center and or guard may be competing for the center spot if trae hopkins rehab does not go as planned so trey hill is the around six. Pick number one ninety two. Oh two an athletic intriguing. Running back out of michigan. Chris evans a guy who can catch the football guy who's a pass protector. He's a little older. He's twenty three twenty four years old so we'll older but not a lot of wear on the tires. I think he only had sixteen carries last year but a guy who's got a really really high end athletic profile that relative athletic score from kent lee platt shows him to be very athletic player So a guy that maybe can can do some of the things if not all of the things that giovanni bernard brought to the team and with the last pick the bengals go defensive end again in wii hubert who you know you hear things like motor and a guy who you know high effort and You know all kinds of different things are worse than talk about. Maybe a little little too aggressive at times some flags and i guess at the senior bowl there. There were joking. I think it was maybe daniel jeremiah. And the nfl network was when they made this pick you can't they. Were kind of saying that coaches had to remind hubert not to touch the quarterbacks in practices and whatnot but An guy if you notice the bengals came in. I said this on a on a post on cincy jungle breaking down everything after our super show with All of the cincy jungle podcasters the came in to the to the weekend needing wide receiver. Help a lot of offensive line. Help a lot of defensive line help. Basically pass catchers defensive line offensive line. You can argue that. Nine of those ten picks were used to those capacities chase and evans to a much lesser extent in terms of a pass catcher. But a guy who is known to be able to catch the football. Of course you've got the three offensive line picks in carmen in smith and in hill. You've got four defensive line. Picks in aside cam sample tyler shelving and hubert so they did a lot of work there and then of course the one that didn't address those areas is a guy who puts points on the board theoretically inevitable. Evan mcpherson the kicker so You know bengals did a lot to shore up some weak areas and it sounds like i tried to find an article for it to share. But i think it's probably on bengals dot com bengals. Maybe even since jungle dot com. Where Zac taylor that the the team has not done in terms of looking at free agency to help fill some other spots potentially so there may be some more moves on the horizon. Here going forward Tim co who from germany. Thanks for tuning from germany. Tim that's awesome. So let's keep it rolling. This is again. just kinda some reminders. In case you missed some things over the weekend there was a lot of news. I'm sure everybody kind of knew about the bengals picks themselves but what about undrafted free agents so far the bengals have a couple of really really neat players to their undrafted. Free agent. List puka williams. A guy who some people thought should have been drafted there on day. Three guy who may be able to give you some special teams assistance. You've got obviously a backup running back type of Possibility for him. Maybe he competes with trivia on williams. Air it's going to be a pretty big battle. Between puka williams. Trayvon williams and chris evans to see who gets the spots on the final roster. There you've gotta punter drew christmas. And i saw a question from one of our live listeners. Does that mean huber is going to be probably not but there's probably going to be a little bit of a competition there of some To what level yet but so they do the bengals pickup buckeyes. Kristen more on that in a second ball state. Cornerback antonio phillips. Tcu tied in pro wells. Recall name that is pro wells. Marshall thundering herd defensive end areas hodge south carolina quarterback colin hill interesting player there northwestern wide receiver riot riley lease is well a pretty athletic guy. There riley lease so some good names for the bengals as of so far on monday. The undrafted free agent list speaking of drew christmas. I guess we'll transition here. Just real quick some some neat background on on this kid. This i found on twitter. This is a video of him. In case you are not aware he's the man is Is married and he candidate a unique proposal. Here's a video of it. I guess i'll expand so you can maybe see it here a little bit better for those watching. He's kind of. Have i guess his girlfriend slash fiance kick a ball. Just kind of is a fun thing. And he ends up proposing to her on the field in front of a lot of people there so i guess unless this is fake somehow It looks like this was a real deal and he did it all in front of teammates and whatnot so pretty cool. Pretty cool deal in a little little story behind. Drew christmas At the ohio state punter. That is now an undrafted. Free agent for the bengals in a couple of just a another couple of funny ones here before we get to some more headlines in case you were not aware of this one. The there was a really interesting set of circumstances. That kinda hilarious set of circumstances. Actually the of came to be here in terms of high profile. Quarterbacks in the league either drafted this year or last year getting reunited with some of their best offensive. Weapons in you. See here this year. You had trevor lawrence and travis at the end both drafted in the first round by jacksonville. You have obviously tamar chason. Joe burrow arguably the highest profile of all of these groups to tag ovalles loa and jalen waddell who they picked Right after the bengals took tamar chase and then the eagles you have jalen hurts and davante smith a little bit of a reach their since hurts. was was in alabama for a couple of years. And then you know went to went to oklahoma for his final year. So there's a little bit of overlap there but still really really kind of funny how the league works. And i think these coaches are kinda cna and let's. Let's make these young quarterbacks as comfortable as possible by giving them people they already have reporter with players they already know and have shown to be productive with so We will see how that plays out. Here we go ryan bowling horrible draft Okay we're gonna get to. We're going to get to some grades here. I guess that's a good spot to go next. Seeing as how. There's been some people not so hot Some people really like this draft. Some people did not some people. Think it's just kinda solid look. I know what everybody was looking for out of the draft but the bengals. This was always going to be a little less sexy than the year prior in terms of the positions that they took the players that they took. This was a little bit more of a meat and potatoes type of draft. Whether it's line defensive line edge players that sort of thing that was always going to. That was always going to be part of the plan this year to shore all that stuff up as the team you know did so. Obviously your first. Two picks was quarterback and wide receiver. They were not going to emulate that this year. But here you see here. This is from our good friend. Daddy o of dna jr sports Pf gives the bengals a b grade in the draft in the browns receive an a plus so the browns. The browns draft was was quite solid. We'll we'll show you. They drafted and just a little bit here in case you missed all of that. The pro football focus gives the bengals b-grade the that that seems to kind of be a little bit of a consensus. There was after the bengals drafted jomar chase there. Was i think a bleacher report grade. That said that the bengals got enough because they did not go. After penny will well lo and behold in the second round not only did they get an offensive lineman one who very well could start at the open right guard position but a guy got two picks for it. I mean that's you're able to get your guy that you targeted and then get more picks to help out other areas and oh by the way you know in the fourth round because they got those two those two extra picks in the fourth round they got another offense tackle deontay smith. So take that for which i guess. Some people are just not going to be happy about what the bengals did this weekend regardless but they grabbed some talented players. A here's a little headline as well on cincy. Jungled dot com about the big boy tyler. Shelving about three forty three fifty. A pretty good coach wanted wanted this player You know it. Three his three fifty. I've i've heard three forty ish. So we'll see three hundred fifty pound but again another one from that bill belichick coveted the newest bangle tyler. Shelving he wanted that big nose. Tackle presence on his defense The patriots earlier went christian bar more with in the second round there so they wanted some other some added beef up front and sheldon was a guy and look. I mean he's had bell checks at. Vince will for keys. Add richard seymour and to kind of different builds and players there but to very very outstanding offensive lineman and he obviously felt that sheldon was going to be a good get for them and The bengals grabbed him before new. England could do sell so obviously that was a coveted. Pick around four by pretty good coach. Name bill belichick. This is the water cooler chat and orange on the orange. Black insider bengals podcast. I am anthony app. You'd have all of you joining us on this monday post draft. I know there's maybe a little bit of a let down. But i guess there's a little bit of a oh man it's over Yes unfortunately it's over but our coverage is not fortunate for you that we will be continuing all of our coverage. We're going to be here for a little while longer. Going through more headlines and Bringing you all the all the good stuff here but it's it was. It's a long weekend. There was a lot to cover but it was a good one and personally speaking. I think the bengals did some good good things over the weekend. I know not. Everybody fully agrees with that based on some comments that i've seen already today or whatnot but regardless good to see all of you thank you for tuning in today in what will get to more in just a second but You can get this show in case you're new to it on itunes stitcher spotify. Google play megaphone iheartradio. Really wherever you get. Google podcasts Really wherever you get your audio you can get this show as well as on our youtube channel. If you want to join us live. We like to field comments. This isn't so much as interactive as some of the others like listener questions live and all that kind of stuff but if you want to join us live. 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Obi let's keep it rolling more headlines to get to here. We mentioned this fifth round. Pick maybe a surprise to some but the bengals quote fully. Expect evan mcpherson to be their kicker going forward if you watch some videos on this kid. He's impressive he's got a leg I hesitate and i think some also hesitates using the words. Justin tucker but this guy. He's got some talent. It's got some town. The bengals did draft. Jake elliott a couple of years ago. They cut him and now he's gone to philadelphia and has had a pretty good career there but the bengals decided to go with mcpherson. Here and darren simmons. Paul dana junior on twitter says darren simmons says he fully expects mcpherson to be the starting kicker on opening day. I guess that's what you do when you draft kicker that early. That's the expectation so the bengals appear to have a new kicker going forward. Austin seibert was the veteran on the roster. They're probably still will be a competition in the summer. Training camp in preseason preseason but i think mcpherson has the job here unless there's some sort of travis dortch type of disaster in those of you who have been bengals fans for a while. We'll remember travis. Door should go look them up. That did not work. Wealth for the bengals. But i think this is gonna work out with this kid. He's got a good leg and the bengals need. I said this before. The bengals need a kicker who can kick in the elements. Good i mean after games are played at home and obviously cincinnati. Get some rough weather later in the year there. They play three games on the road. In cleveland in baltimore in pittsburgh every year weather's usually rough in those areas as well whether it's Rain wind snow. Whatever so you need. You need to kick her. Who can kick through. The elements is kids. Sounds like he's got a strong leg and the bengals also need not only that they need. Kickers can get points in clutch situations and of course they need dies can hit deep kicks Forty nine yards and beyond has been a bit of an adventure to say the least over the past few years since You can go back to shayne graham. He was a pretty successful kicker but even he didn't have the strongest leg either. Oddly enough shayne graham coached. Evan mcpherson in florida. So there's a connection there. Obviously the synergy. Between darrin simmons and shayne graham worked out. Well they're so. Hopefully this kid really works out for the team. He's got a lot of talent and it sounds like he's going to be the kicker going forward by the way for those still criticizing the sewer verses chase argument here neighbor allston. Is you know he may not be one hundred percent on board. I know he likes. He is partial to a receiver picnic. Be a former receiver himself but neighborhoods in basically says if you're gonna swing swing big if you're the cincinnati bengals which they did with tamar chase. Now you've got t higgins. Jomar chase tyler boyd all together. Oh yeah and by the way. Auden tate thomas rounding out the group is well. But you can go. We can show you this clip here or you can go to john. Sharon's twitter account to see the video itself but basically he kinda says in go big. Go big or go home here. In the bengals went big. They felt that they got the better player. Not only at a position. Another position of need. They felt that they just got a better overall player than grabbing one of the offensive linemen that were available at that spot and they had their pick of the litter in terms of a wide receiver or an offensive line. None had gone up to that point. And the bengals go with jemaah chase and they're kind of thinking you know not only talent wise but the reunion with joe burrow. That's going to pay. Dividends but nate burleson is on board with it. It appears For if you're interested in the talking head the national media's take on what the bengals have done speaking of pennzoil the bank of the lions talk to the bengals on thursday night to move up to number five not four and maybe they were. I don't know how honest they were being if they were being forthright with dangles in terms of trading up but the the lions actually inquired to the bengals about moving up to number five and it would have been for finacial so it didn't really matter because detroit was still able to get sewell and the bengals were able to get chase. Who knows i mean. Detroit ended up investing in wide receiver. I know they got on raw saying brown on day three and they had some issues at receiver so who knows if they actually would have still grabbed so if they moved up to five you would like to think that they would have But either way i mean. They still had a big need at wide receiver after losing marvin jones and kenny golladay in free agency. So they had they had some issues there but The the lions and dan campbell the new head coach he he wanted some attitude upfront. And some nastiness upfront. And he got panay sewell both teams. It worked out well for them. You know the bengals got their diet. Tamar chase in the lions got theirs and sewell by staying put so guess it worked out. Here's another one. From bengals dot com on grades for the bengals. Apparently draft analysts have some good reviews in this is from michael plaza over there at at bengals dot com. They did a great job. This weekend is well but you see the picture we win over those as well You have the ring or giving the bengals in a minus. Nfl dot com giving the bengals a b. Plus you've got him. These are all linked to So a really good really good link on bengals dot com. Go check it out and check out. All the links to the stories. Specifically sporting news gives him a b. Plus pro football network. Who by the way trey wingo. Formerly of espn is with pf. N i believe. And he was all about the bengals. Drafting will in you know. It was just absolutely criminal if they drafted tomorrow as yet that network still gives the bengals a b. plus espn gives the bengals a b. I believe that was courtesy of mel kiper. Indoor todd mcshay pro football focus as we mentioned earlier gives the bengals a b. Usa today gives the bengals a. Be as well so go. Check out all the all. Those stories are linked and you can see the canada. The little blurbs that each one of those outlets wrote about the bengals in what they did with their ten picks go check that out. Good stuff from bengals dot com in michael lip lock in there Basuto five threes. I just wanna say thank you guys for posting my video on jungle that was pretty dope. You got him got. We did see jungle by the way not only on this show but on the website. You know there's a fan posts sides so you can just right you know. If you've got some thoughts you can write about that stuff. We also recognize that a lot of fans within the bengals fan base are quite knowledgeable. They're they're really good with videos and pictures and digital media and all that like if you look at our if you look at our logo there i guess it would be up here or the subscribe button down there. That's from dalton signature. A bengals fan in washington. A great guy who was kind enough to come up with some logos for us and he's bengals fans so there's a lot of talent a lot of good is in years amongst the bengals fan base. Oh no worries man. Glad glad we were able to get you a little exposure exposure there on since juggle in case you did not know. We've talked a lot about your march as but in case you have not known. There was a rule that was passed. That basically is permitting Different players to wear a lot of different numbers the limitations on position groups wearing certain jersey numbers is basically ceasing. An so jomar chase will be number one on cincinnati bengals. That will be his jersey number going forward here. So you've got you've got joe burrow thrown number one here the same number he wore in college. That jersey is apparently available for purchase. However my understanding is they don't have them specifically in the physical pro shop. But i think you can buy them through the pro shop online or through. Nfl dot com and it is a number one jersey that you can buy so if you wanted to march jersey i may be getting one of those a little bit down the road as well They're they're available for purchases my understanding online. So go check that out. Let's keep it going to the afc north. If you guys don't mind we will the in case she did not catch up. We're going to try and get through these pretty quick in case you did not. You were not caught up with wet. The other teams did in the draft. And then there's we've also got a little bit of news here for each aside from their draft picks. We've got a little tidbit of news for each team here. But let's start with the baltimore ravens. Who did some nice things in the draft here and there's gonna be some players undoubtedly who will become thorns in the bengals side going forward here. They had the first round pick number. Twenty seven reshad. Bateman a talented wide receiver out of minnesota. So they got him he six foot one one ninety three. He had a good year with in minnesota there last year they also had a second first round. Pick number thirty one. They got the edge player. He used to go by jason away. I believe but he wants to go by his true name. oda fe away. I hope i'm pronouncing that right. A talented talented edge player at penn state not an overly strong class for edge players. But you know some diamonds in the rough. Hopefully that the bengals grab but also away was one of the tops in the class as well and then they've got a third round. Pick a guy that i know. A lot of bengals fans wanted to see the team. go after benn cleveland. It just a a mean dude at offensive guard for at georgia. They're and you know the bengals like those georgia guys. So ask ben cleveland a talented player going in the third round to baltimore. They had another third round. Pick number one. Zero four overall. They go with quarterback brad stevens out of smu their fourth round. They get another talented wide receiver thailand wallace oklahoma state and you know the baltimore ravens having drafted overly well at wide receiver of late. They do have hollywood brown. He's had some ups and downs but wallace adding to the wide receiver core and then in the fifth round. They get i. I mean i don't i i know. He struggled a lot this year. But getting sean weighed in the fifth round out of ohio. State that's a great get by them. Another fifth round. Pick dalen hayes. The edge player out of notre dame and then fifth round. They get tight. End ben mason out of michigan. You know uh baltimore. Likes those tight end. So they are stockpiling. Those ben mason at michigan there. That is what the ravens did over the weekend. And what's what's been coming in. What's been occurring starting today. Really teams kind of shedding. Some players off of their roster. Doing some different things because they've added this new class of rookies on the flip side of things. The ravens are actually looking to work. Lamar jackson's contract extension. There's been a little bit of an impasse there but as of earlier monday todd car carpet. Which hopefully. I'm saying that right of raven country part of the sports illustrated network the counterpart to the all bengals page run by james routine and company. The ravens are ready to pivot back in in address. Lamar jackson's contract situation. And i think that was a big deal. Wi- lamar jackson was able to win that playoff game last year. A lot of people thought you know obviously puts up the stats. He's a great regular. Season quarterback wasn't doing much in the postseason and lo and behold there you go the he playoff game and now. The team is ready to talk contract again. So we'll see we'll see if that gets settled over the summer here. I would assume that the ravens are going to pay quite a bit as to what lamar is is asking for. Very talented guy. Obviously his really taken it to the bengals in the past couple of years so He in all likelihood he will be remaining there in the next handful of years as well here is the cleveland browns draft class first round. Pick twenty six. Greg newsom out of northwestern a cornerback. Second round pick fifty two jeremiah wazoo. Core amoah j. o. k. Is everybody's been calling a linebacker. Out of notre dame third round pick ninety. One anthony schwartz a quick wide receiver out of auburn a little bit earlier than expected there for schwartz but a talented player fourth round. Pick one ten local favourite offensive lineman james hudson. A lot of people think he may kick into guard but is a tackle by trade out of cincinnati fourth round. Pick one thirty two tommy. To- guy out of ohio state. A a big defensive lineman their fifth round one fifty three. Tony fields a linebacker out of west. Virginia one sixty nine in the fifth round richard. Count the third a safety out of georgia. Some people thought he may have been a day three pick for the bengals air. Because the george connection maybe get another player for the defensive backfield but goes to cleveland. Sixth round pick to eleven they get a running back to metric felton out of ucla in that was essentially their class there now It hasn't been the there. Were there was a player that the city bengals may have thought about looking at especially since he went undrafted but unfortunately this is a good player. He was thought of being maybe as early as the third rounder fourth round. Or that sort of thing. Big defensive tackle. Marvin wilson did not well so he went undrafted but tom pella zero of of nfl. Dot com Reported a couple of days go. The browns are signing florida. state defensive. Tackle marvin wilson to a huge rookie. Free agent deal that includes a thirty thousand dollars signing bonus plus one hundred sixty two thousand guaranteed base salary A big bidding. War for wilson one of the top players to go on drafted so the cleveland. Browns get another seemingly solid defensive lineman at a at a good value in terms of undrafted free agent. I know he didn't have the greatest athletic profile but a talented kid. Got some tape out there so good. Good pick up by the browns. They are in terms of undrafted free agent. Let's pivot to the pittsburgh steelers showy. Are everybody's favorite team. The pittsburgh steelers. Everybody's favorite team right here is. Are there picture. You got nausea harris. Pick twenty four in the first round running back out of alabama. You've got pat fryer move tight end out of penn state to just Historical stereotypical whatever type of picks by the pittsburgh steelers. You get a tough tight end and a tough versatile running back in they wanna go a little ground and pound play action that sort of thing get back to the basics speaking of that they get kendrick green it pretty talented interior linemen out of illinois around three they get to tackle out of texas and dan more in round four they go back to texas a and m. to get a linebacker buddy johnson at pick one forty they get the defensive end out of out of wisconsin isaiah louder milk. Quincy rochet talented intriguing linebacker Type of player out of miami and round six get another safety out of oklahoma trade norwood and then they draft punter with their final pick number two fifty four georgia tech presley harbin. The third is the part that they grabbed there. So you know not everybody absolutely love and that was on steelers dot com by the way not. Everybody absolutely loved with the pittsburgh steelers day. But you know i. I said on saturday afternoon. I thought it was interesting. That for a team picking late in round. They were really really kinda going after needs. It wasn't a ton of best player available type stuff at least with those early picks. They needed those two positions tied in running back especially for what they wanted to. You know reassess in be who they have traditionally been in the nfl great tight end good running back and let's let's kinda be physical that sort of thing and then of course they get kendrick green the physical interior offensive linemen in the third round. So they did some work but it was. It was need-based to be sure. So here is. I believe this. Is chad ride. Actually you know what. I'm going to go here instead. This is the fifth year option tracker because the pittsburgh steelers made some news on this. So we'll this'll be a nice nice bridge here. Fifth year option tracker for twenty eighteen. First round picks. You can see here Most almost every in the top twenty has been exercised. Mayfield saquon barkley. Sam darnold denzel war bradley. Chubb quinton nelson josh allen. Roquan smith mike. Mcglinchey so rosen. Was not the tenth overall pick quarterback for the cardinals because he was traded and then waived so his his contracts gone his rookie contract is gone. He is on the san francisco. Forty niners right now. But you see here. Exercised exorcised exercise. Here we go number twenty one billy price that has not been exercised the fifth year option there and the tennessee. Titans declined the fifth year. Option on rashaan evans. And then if you go to pick twenty eight here while you were shot penny seahawks. They are declined. Pick up his option. He's been a bit of a disappointment for them. Any go pick twenty eight. Terrell edmonds a safety out of the pittsburgh steelers their first round pick it was. They are declining to exercise his fifth year. Option tom pella. Sarah is well so and then there's some others still being determined later in the round there. Obviously lamar jackson. They exercise that and they are looking to potentially get him an extension as i mentioned earlier but trail emmons. The safety from the pittsburgh steelers brother an excellent linebacker with the buffalo bills edmonds. For at least the steelers. Edmonds has been a bit of a disappointment. They are declining his fifth year option. So that's what's going on. With the thousand eighteen first round picks here are some more grades. I think we mentioned this. One for cincinnati bengals. But this is on. Nfl dot com final quick. Snap grades for all thirty two teams. This is by chad writer You can see here in falcons eight plus you can go on. Here baltimore ravens. I guess this is in alphabetical order. Buffalo bills minus will stop where the bengals are at here let it load up chicago bears. Uc they've got an a cincinnati bengals. Be plus here and then you look at all the pics in you see. Here's the day one. Basically they were b. or b. plus every every day according to nfl dot com b plus b plus b and. Of course you see. The bengals had a choice between a dominant left tackle anthony sewell and an outstanding receiver. Chase chose chased despite the fact that they're young quarterback joe burrow head his rookie season cut short by an injury suffered in the pocket. They hope that's like in carmen will rectify the situation. Allow borough and chase to rekindle the connection that led them to a national title And then you know. Dave day three stuff getting sample early in the fourth round should help the pass rush shelves powerful bass makes him a nice run stuffer Mcpherson was bound to be fifth round. Pick in the team needed upgrade that position but likeness kicker comes with its share of risk. So good stuff thereby chad writer and you can catch all the grades for all teams on there as well. Couple of other tidbits of news before we bounce on outta here just for those. Who may be cord cutters or anything like that Amazon prime video will be the exclusive thursday night football home starting next year. Not this season coming up in twenty one but next year in twenty two so get that get that in your calendar there and make a note that amazon prime video will be the exclusive. There's football starting in twenty two going on here. This'll be the last one that we get to today on the water cooler chat. This is the top undrafted rookie free agents following the two thousand twenty one draft. This is kind of a cool thing by gillibrand. It's a tracker updates. They've got updates on here in terms of where guys have gone. Shane boo shell bounce from texas. Smu is signing with the chiefs And then you've got some others here that are still potentially available. You've got some others running backs here. Puka williams you see him there but a couple of other interesting names hookah williams. Obviously as i said earlier signed with the bengals wide receivers may be another group to look at here. But there's been a lot of activity here. Tyler vons at usc interesting player marlon williams. Ucf you know. These are guys that damon hazelton missouri. So there's a couple of names in here. Sarah was a guy. I would like the bengals to take a flyer on but he signed with the lions apparently going with on raw safe brown there so not a lot left in this in that position group You know the bengals could could go there and then of course you've got some decent names at the imposition offensive tackles in case anyone was worrying wondering here not a lot left there although that supreme position that usually gets drafted very very heavily. So there's a couple of here a couple of them here they all appear to be unsigned at this point. And then you've got some interior offensive lineman Tommy kramer is a name that some some folks no out of notre dame There jared hawkers and other name out there so A lot of these been scooped up as well the interior offensive linemen. And then you've got some edge rushers about half of those listed here have been scooped up and then there's some mother carl rochelle out of organ states. Another guy that a lot of people know so. Go check this out. There's a lot of information here and things that are linked on here. So a undrafted. Free agency tracker on. Nfl dot com with a lot of interesting names. Some of which have been signed some of which have not. This has been the water cooler chat. I know there's some questions here. We're going to try and do a listener questions live this week. So we'll get to more questions from you. All thank you all for keeping your eyes and ears on cincy. Jungle dot com both on the website and our podcast channel. Subscribe to our youtube channel. The orange black inside That's on this video here. You can also subscribe to our podcast channel for your favorite streamer. Please do that and be sure to check out all the episodes of our podcast and the other great ones on the podcast channel. We appreciate all the support in everything in the interest level that you showed all of us over the weekend. We hope you had a great weekend with the nfl draft. Hopefully a little bit with friends and family too but thanks for checking us out and we'll see on wednesday when we do the analysis in deep dive. Show myself and john sharon. We'll see then take it easy. Everybody enjoy the rest of your week.

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