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Welcome back to the extra yard. My name is Nicoletti here with Joe Santa Gatto. Oh Danny Low Priori. Did you have a future in radio. You go back to school. We had had this like he was like the dean or something and he would always like that he was like I think he was like a seven foot. Tall definitely could ball and he would to make the announcements and you go and he was talking about school dances. And you go. You know a Louis Armstrong Louis on from party. Don't stop until ten o'clock it just started. The eight ended at ten. I had a black principal to and he was cool. Shit Dr Baker used to do the moonwalk and he had a megaphone megaphone all the time and did a movie. Yeah yeah he was up and just do the moonwalk and just like fucking megaphone at the same time. I wish I was making that story up. I'm not guy also gay. Hey later on found out and he actually died in a car accident and they couldn't save pin between the tree and it's part of that's from the movie. Science Gibson was a priest right. Yeah he's talked to my fucking separate Roy. He's not a print signs. I've never seen him to read really a lot of a lot of people. Were afraid that move. It's not scary. I know but it's just I remember apart when the alien walks out of the Cornfield fucked me up parts fucked up. I'M NOT GONNA lie. That part scared the shit out of me. I was like nine or something. Feel the dream suck an alien coming coming out of there dude. How do people live next to like corn stalks like that or any fuck? That is afraid to go in there. All you do is hear them all night like a fucking cocoon runs through as a little bit. You face your like I guess we got. We got to pick up and get out of here. Get the fuck Outta here at Iowa. Yeah so anyway we I'm surrounded by I find Star's Today we actually prefer the word Vine Boys Vine Boys. BB's I remember that cause your school. Just don't let it happen again. We were both verified on there so like I was way more important on there now. Just unverified thick bitch. That was PAM. I'm getting verification badge. Hell yeah all right. I feel like now. It's not as cool though not cool. It is lost. It's meaning though 'cause everyone's verified verified like you see someone like four hundred dollars and it's like oh you like worked at fucking people magazine. Are we doing what you guys are. Just verify boys. Took grass is always greener. The grass is always Bluer Ice Blue Grass Kentucky. BLUEGRASS ask cool. I I hate to call Kentucky. Bluegrass Green Right. That's true. What is that like? Who fucking named it? Bluegrass colorblind dickhead called BLUEGRASS. The grass isn't Bluegrass Gijon. Row of music. Yes it is that too. So maybe it's that what came first chicken the hip hop grass out there. I mean I don't make the fossil too but yeah man it's fucking Vine Boys. Do you remember the first one you've ever made. Yeah I do too Yeah Yeah Also I'll tell mine I Okay mine was A five year old boy named Jebediah us off the bat five year. Old Boy Jebediah from the country who is not very smart and It was Boron -fensive it was I was I would say that if you reenacted it it would probably be wildly offense. Dan of five and My mom and my mom didn't know I was filming her and she got mad then I was like. I'm just GONNA post this on the Internet. The biggest mistake I ever made was putting my real name on there ever feel that. Yeah sometimes wait why because I was like I would just love to have a S- because if it didn't work out fucked because all my content was about sucking titties and ass. I couldn't get a real job. They may I was fucked. Yeah Yeah Yeah I I feel that way Kinda but then I'm just like all right I got I got to go hard with my name. That's what there's no turning back. What was what was your first one? I used to work in a car dealership and it was like just this kid had like this egg. You know there's eggs like you throw at the wall and it like slides down fake just like because I didn't really get the concept of it yet so I was like made a bunch of quick cuts and I was just kind of like fucking around is really stupid wasn't funny at all you straddle this like great line line between like like artistically weird bro Comedy and just like just didn't make any sense yeah but for some reason it just made sense So that's why I love your content so much mine is straightforward man. I was a big Fan. Thanks man we exchanged a fan of you. We exchange a few DMZ at one point but they were always like like we never got anywhere. We never got anywhere. We're trying to get into your life or you know people listening openings. And I'm like this all. He's like cool guiding me but I'm just like really I get anxious I'm like I don't know what to say. This person doesn't think I'm like weird Not as as an anxious person Person Myself I know what it's like to just like all right so like what Nixon too cool for me and me and my to say to him man. You could see Bubbles at one point. I saw bubbles. Uh this is about to be dope and then they disappear but Out of all because you have like a bunch of like like like famous as vines which which is the one that people usually come up to you about. Because I'm assuming people see you and they're just like Oh dude like I did that Kyle and sided and that's pretty much it. I can only goes. Yeah well you have a show Carolina tonight which is sold out. Congratulations we will becoming we will. We will be kicked out a good time. Do you have people when you do live shows do kyle. Yeah definitely and I actually at the beginning of the show. I started out with like I'm like Yo I know like because some people are actually there to just hear that. Stupid Shit Eh. I did this college show in Rhode Island and like after the show this girl. Dm Me and she was like really sad. You didn't say Kyle like that's the only reason I came so I was like Faulk Lake so at the beginning all right. Let's get it out of the way. Like what are you guys. WanNa Hook Smart. It's still kinda like I don't know because it's like it's part of that as they go nuts. Oh Yeah Yeah. And then they're like so you're you're honestly could probably sell a room just saying Kyle for like thirty minutes I'll different variations different kyle material. Just walk out. What the fuck is up? And then everyone's like. Oh yeah go down for it. It's like Kinda crazy. Yeah I mean those those folk inside dude vines were fucking awesome right because you want to know what it is. It's like when you're in it and obviously your influence or two when you're in it and like you feel like all right. I have this huge following like I'm part sort of like this fucking vine elite. Whatever the fuck you WANNA call it? It's good when you find somebody that's up there with you that you actually like their content you. There's because there's a lot of like dude fine was fucking shit. There were so many people that were bad. Tara like eight people I feel like okay. These there were. Yeah there was like the fucking the lay ponce's like people that are just like upper echelon but then there's like the cool like us we it. Was You Casey because Casey came on late yeah. Casey was came on late. My brother. I don't remember Casey from Vine you never saw like I did Zizi that. Oh yeah he has some heaters yet some heaters and he danced on there too a little bit also. I didn't even notice that was Casey until afterwards like when he started blowing up on instagram than I I was like. Oh Shit that's from that vine. Yeah he's kind of always been hustling that like bro like like fuck boy. Connor character bites his living rolls. A show up a lot out there. Yeah we're we're helmets Sir He's a good dude played. xbox with them hilarious in real life. Yeah as well as online his his his text game these little work. Yeah it needs some major work at the time. He's he's from nor cal. Yeah it's just a different vibe were from the east coast. It's very like hey we're talking now I'm up. I'm ready to go. He's like Oh yeah man like I'll see you in an hour. Maybe it's very loose. which is different yeah? He's a he's he's like. Hey you wanNA play Cardoza Gay. Let's do twenty five minutes later you on as I did to my now the best is he told me the other day. We're supposed to meet up. And he's like Yom Venice and I'm like where did like where I roam around and scream your name. He's like where are you did. I'm in Venice man. I'm just happy that you guys have had Like a store crossover Happy that you guys crossed over because I made that mistake. I didn't come until later. I didn't realize that you know you kind of have to do all platforms and you'll vines going to be forever and then next week they shouldn't. I thought that too was so crazy though. Because I feel like he was still at a point where it super-popular it sound like it like died out. I feel like it just got shut down. I mean it was like dying out and then all those people like fucking WHO's the kid who Rudy Buddhi Mancuso taken? The whole squad were leaving Bucky Games. They all moved into that one. Like apartment building sixteen hundred nine in La. Yeah it's it's literally on Vine Hollywood and Vine it's this huge apartment that most of them all still fucking live there. It's like incestual almost they're like. Hey you WANNA make a video. Yeah videos video may have what it was but back then I was so like I guess I was. I don't know I I just remember. Remember seeing like all these people in a vine together and they're all tagging each other and they're not even saying anything right there in it just being like Oh and then there are tagged and they re posted. I'm like yeah what the fuck is going on right standard movie sound effects and fucking smart. I mean they. They've they've figured it out. The content was just like doc headed. Your mom left your pizza rolls in the oven too long faulk. Yeah I think you were around during this time were you around and yet maybe during like the the vine the massacres landing a vine. Yeah yeah yeah so I was like Yo. But here's the other problem with that too. There's no crossover appeal. It was only big on that APP so I made all this content. That just went nowhere. Because it's like I don't understand this rudy McHugh so like who cares. Have you done any. He's Curtis Lepore to and he I don't think he ever like press me about it but you make fun of people right. That's the best thing about it so easy with those. Those people are just like such easy targets because their conduct his ass. Yeah there's no there's no house now waiting I I mean or it's like you're just even be weird the NOCA- sometimes like Yeah I. I didn't even understand that but it was like edited and well put together. I have no idea what it means. But it's something but with them. It's like all right Take my Jordan's and run down the street numbers chase you. It's like what is that. It's like Oh cool or our it was like Like you said it would be like Yo like when you're when you're late for school and I'm like dude. You guys are thirty five. Yeah seriously the worst one auto auto saying it's like come on your homework fucking. Forget it man when you're as mad that's that's enough at a couple of people call me can reach out to me day. Storm reached out to me. I hope all these people are doing well. I think they're good for them but faulk them. But if you can't handle me like yeah you're GonNa have a hard time doing whatever it's at the end of the day it's comedy like comedy is like cutting up on each other like can't fucking take it. Then why are you here. Why are you putting yourself out there? We're not going to say like nice things. People didn't take it seriously because I gained a hundred thousand followers and like a night who've really blew it up for you It was. I Made Fun of all those Of Brody Smith's sale vines where you throw Frisbee to sail and like they were real video radio and then I did one where I made. Fun Of Leeann v always using slow-motion And I think it was land V And then blew up and then everyone was coming and then I just posted one. y'All I'm doing everyone's county. We won't be as everyone came on. He came on me and then I put a post. I was Moseley. You're doing I'm going off at like ten o'clock 'cause I would do them live all you just do them in real time like all after one and tagged the people who was doing yeah so then like some of them got mad so corny though I would you get mad I but that's what I've learned from doing because I've been doing like Youtube Kitson's like twenty eleven and I made the mistake of going to these youtube events like in the beginning of when I was doing it and just meeting all these people. I'm like you know these people are just so fucking wrapped up in the ship insane. Yeah they take it really serious and it's like it's fine taking it seriously from like a business standpoint because now it's a legitimate job and like like you know Blah Blah Blah do. Don't take yourself so seriously to the point where you're walking around like you're fucking Meryl Streep Shit emotionally invested in your like. They're walking Out of hotel. Someone who's like has twenty thousand subscribers on Youtube is walking out of a hotel with a Hoodie up and like glass all my. Oh and I'm like no one gives faulk nobody cares. You are like relax on my God. Also too. If you've got a Nicoletti follow he didn't follow people So if you're in there you're like it was like a like a sub-genre Harry Pow sub-genre stamp of Approval House House like sorry. I was like I made it all right. I've been this one I said I'm good. I just honestly I just get annoyed with like look even to even like these days like instagram. Like I'm you fucking everybody I felt because I don't I don't WanNa look at people's DEF. Yeah Stupid Shit that they do all day. Yeah Yeah I gotta I gotta use them you the button a little mad people. And it's just I love it because it's so much easier than on following and the followed this one girl and she was like was to deal like what's up and I was like I immediately refunded sorrows mistake I was like SARS scrolled and follow people. It literally press you. If it's a little scary right. Yeah it's like I don't know you aren't interesting to me. I sorry Bro do do you want me to be honest with you. Think your life is trash school grades man someone that I've never. I haven't talked to in like two years you on follow them in there like what's up Mike. Don't even know who you are. Who you know your girlfriend? Yeah like the kid you got a child fuck that child. I don't want to fuck kid getting caught up. Don't fuck your. Don't fuck your kids but fuck out like do you guys at it. These no no no yes yes unless something crazy happens usually dozen now usually doesn't but You also you did music to Are you trying to get back into trying to get back. I love love wrapping. Dude if you ever want to rap track we got. We should make a song together. It's about time I made some real music. I've got so many gets on me all the time because I'm just leaving like potential millions of dollars I've been telling him like there's people on fucking twitter like just put out a song that's thirty seconds and I'll buy literally do so so you can sing and rap dude. I heard him like legitimately make in like forty minutes. Ordered food and the food shows up on my go. Do the foods here here and like I'm eating and I finished eating and then I go in there and he still didn't come out. I'm like yeah what's the deal. And then he plays the song new heat and it was fire. And he's like it wasn't about like titties or anything like that and he was singing like pro vines over. Can't get over. It took away my verify saying but yeah man it's like when vine went away. It was Kinda cool because then like everyone was like. Oh man thank you so much for all this stuff and I was like everyone could just like Van Mumia Donald. Yeah Yeah please bless me But do you remember where you were. We found out it was done. Yeah I was on tour with getter when it finally was over and honestly didn't even really care at the time you're getting another bag. Agate that right I see. I didn't really process. Then it was like fuck. It was just so fun like it was just it was fun like the community was fun. I've tried. I take talk. It's just not the same me to just kind of weird people people miss that shit like. I've missed it's like a like a real call. Call like will pay would pay blood to get yeah they would and then this fucking Guy Dom that Don Hoffman. Whatever made it it was like yeah? I'm coming back V.. Two and it was like yeah. We have to push back I was never mind. Never mind sitting out the Betas. Now it's not gonNa work and they just like each ninety. Yeah if they just came up if they gave us the code. That's all we need the looping thing whatever they did like it looped it kind of would like fuck fuck it up sometimes cut it out at just the right time. It was like magic almost and then you had like people that figured it out which always made me laugh like they'd be like it's actually six point three seconds so we have to cut it down to that to make a perfect record just make did there was there was a time. Actually I did this thing. It was like in New York. And there's a lot of people who do like social media from New York so I was like called in to do the same for the gap and it was me that these this fucking it was. The gap is the biggest bag in the whole world. Nobody was me Markus. John's the Asian dude who like scream public. I forget his name. Oh He's I love that co Q.. Your Cue Park Park Parks Unions. He was always the one he he got on the bull and Wall Street. Yeah dancing and he's you walk through Harlem and like the Fucking Mail romper. He's really nice guy you know what's crazy too. When I met him? He was like the most reserved and Nice Guy Never met. This guy is so calm. But he's like a psycho go out there and just like screws donald but I remember specifically like we were filming something like we like filmed it and it was totally fine and then marcus chances like back like a director and I was like damn do like huge like just not enough natural light and I was at the time walk. That means me. The open a window world this was for vine it was for a vine okay it was a six second vine and he was like Tucson enough natural light and I hated that. It's funny. That's all that matters like all that stupid Vich Shit like they were big like people were big into that. It's gotta be like unperfect. I was like Yo Bro. Like I'll fucking go home like fucking in little boy their shit imbalanced literally like I'm not going to stay here because the sun's going down and the right lights magic hour. We got thirty minutes guys. Come on let's go skuld in our you're going and our come on collaborations kind of killed that APP Once people started collapsing and like they were in all their shit and then they I mean they figured it out like let's just like if we all our shit while beyond like pop page Popovich thought pitch when you when you hit pop page. Chicago's you did. That came notification right. It's like you made the popular page. Yeah I think you made editor's choice so many times. Yeah I I lived on their. Yeah me and gathered. Did like a editor's choice. We we were in like they. They actually sent us to Miami for this music thing and they they gave us a hundred twenty ninety five dollar gift cards really asking you. What do you mean just like A? It's like the whole charge the hotel room to this but I mean it was tight. Miami's not bad for doing editor show. We got to go on Jetskis. Excuse to and we were with Chris. Mellberg's Chris Mellberg out mellberg would love to have milberg around here numbers nasty a fortnight I popped into a store twitch stream wants. Here's how all these people are. Just good at video games ask suck suck so bad. I'm not like terrible but I see these people that are like I've never knew they were so good at the fortnight. Good I was playing with Casey and like the first game. I don't know what he was. Use Nasty yeah the first game users just like yeah. It's good talking a little. He said like just one never change like his voice at all just like yeah. Yeah it's still. I was really good. He plays a lot of rocket league. He's a he's always on rockabilly. Oh is that they're like soccer game. Yeah I noticed cars fucking good rocket league dude. Looks you play cod though right yeah I play a little. Everyone's just everyone's just so good now. It almost makes it like not even play just dropping a fortnight. You're dead in like they're good to like him his brother. I'm not that good though. Yeah but like so you get double digit kills. Usually every round like I'm foregoing foreign twenty Danny's food like like we'll be like Oh God it's so close and then we'll lose offutt would happen and score six of my bad my bad not bad guy. Next go sit in a fucking corner. Danny any do you think Do you think another vine will come along. I think tick Tock has replaced it right It was a musical talks cool but it's not the same not the same. It's not saying I think it's called Bite right about that. Yeah Yeah I've heard rumors of her to the ground enough. It's a true rumor but bites by two and what it's like six loop thing I think so hopefully any more money. I love to just like me to to go into that. There was a lot of money inviting. I feel like yeah there was in thankfully. If you got on the early you would be successful. Then once celebrity started doing it slowed down a little bit. We'll like Kevin Hart got talk. Did he all right. There's probably a bunch of people to do that because I remember like the Migas made Yeah we talk. Yeah Oh yeah. Did you guys get paid with spending money. It takes everybody sign up cuevas like everybody signed him get skirt all right shit. I'll sign outside to making to every all the wrappers are making talks the man. It's Kinda scary definitely. I can't see migos demographic being like all right cool. Let's think yeah I mean who I think like what white guys are like a huge demographic and hip hop yeah white. They're the biggest eighteen year. Old Guys any concert concert. You go to. It's mostly all like yeah. They love the new school. Like Shit. Do Remember when we want the Travis. Scott yes a home onset was white and they were girls yeah mostly girls and white dudes going fucking bore ham. Yeah it was insane my parents when Cisco mode hit by the wave the whitest screamed and there were sweater vest sweater. uh-huh show people like. Oh my God is drinking. Come out. He's talking to me and talking to you the dead resonates then. There was a part where this is how I really saw how white it was. There is a part where travis runs from one stage to the other. He's got off to so like you separates everybody and they bring the house lights up a little bit and I was in damned. That's just mad whitefield while I was like. That's who buys tickets. Yeah so he WH- cashing on those wipe. Was the fucking. Yeah why not. That's the thing like it's a like for you when you sell out show we're flex Humble Humble Brag Humble Brag Iraq. Do you A young millennial. Yeah Yeah I tried I tried. It doesn't work. I'm thirty Do you like that. Your audience addresses. This is your old stuff or are you kind of just like more towards like I'm just trying I'm doing new shit here. Yeah I definitely I try to cater to the to the old school fans who know me from the Internet Shit like I do a little bit of the Internet Shit like and then I go into Like my lie. 'CAUSE is this is like my first. This is like my first impression of right. People are getting their first impression of me. Like comedic like stand up like traditionally so I I just talk about myself. I'm like hey guys like yeah I know you guys know me from the Internet. I'm going to say a little bit of this shit and then we're going to get into like just like my life so you guys know me a little better Yeah I mean I don't if I was up there for an hour saying Internet drugs I wouldn't feel good about that. I'm like okay. This is like because if I saw that job like this fucking blows was for our but people do though. It's crazy and I'm I'm thankful the following like it's cool that I can sell the shows but at the same time I still feel like there's a part of me that's like I don't deserve this yet like I. I WanNa get better at comedy. I WanNa make make shows really good like it's great that I can sell these shows. I like it's really cool but I want to be known as like Nicoletti the Fuckin- comedian like he's hilarious. Traditional comedy not like Oh he can sell out a show because he has people know him on the Internet right the way the way to do it because I mean with my experience with just like Comedians in New York City like a lot of them are very spiteful people total they hate people do shit and I had to go get I do. I told them that to us. I totally get it right. You're like I'm doing these clubs every single night I gotta go up and the show sold out player office. Sorry it's like I'M WE'RE GONNA headline this fucking historical fucking place. No big deal I get it though like a lot of these dudes have been doing it for years and I'm like dude dude like you're better than me I fucking know that I'm i. I almost feel like I want to apologize to be like the. I'm sorry for what you're about to see like but when did you make the transition. You're well you know what I'm GonNa Start Doing. Stand up comedy. Now I told my manager and my booking agent I was like Y'all WanNa do stand up. So they started giving me like the five minute slots flappers comedies place in Burbank. Did that a couple of times. And then they were like all right. We got you a show in brats our long so I had to like what yeah had. I had to like five minutes. Our right I had never I skipped like the fifteen thirty s straight to the fucking our. I've been doing that since August so I've only been doing this for a couple couple months. That's crazy it is. Yeah that's great and I tell them I tell the like the dudes these veterans like who are going up before me. That and that is like doc the fucking Cherry on top. Wow Fuck fuck visited like when I used to work at Caroline's and like we would have like influencers for answers come in from time to time and like all like the New York. Underbelly of Comedians are always like Like fuck this like they literally come they open and then they would like go to another club till yeah no they always leave like I always go back to the green room and they're never there all right on cool. Yeah whatever folk you so which I get. I'm not like I'm not like so tone deaf then I'm like why don't they like me Nicoletti I totally get it but Yeah but at some point. It's like all right dude like sir. You're supposed to apologize though right. What am I supposed to do for you you know? Let's Lincoln Bill Posey. Yeah you WANNA write together or do something like that. Yeah there's definitely a lot of hate and resentment which there is everyone's fucking miserable and it's like it's ridiculous totally especially in New York City. I always I always say this. I feel like the Comedians in New York City. Not all of them. Obviously but the ones that aren't like haven't made it and have been doing it for so many years or whatever they have this resentment. Oh yeah because they're just like it's like it's an old school way of thinking. Oh Yeah and then like always here like man. I wish I got on the Internet earlier. I'm like dude. No one fucking didn't let you do that like you have more than you. They'll do it. There's still time you that. Yeah it's like it's not fucking going anywhere so you're only shooting yourself in the foot if like that's the other thing too. It's like I had to start over uh-huh leach awful. Nobody you know what I'm saying but I but I did get sucked my way to the top. Yeah but you know something had do you got what I had like eleven thousand followers on when I came here. Now I'm like two hundred thousand on instead on just like the one that everyone's always talking about. Yeah Yeah 'cause like another thing too. It's like I didn't really know how to use sulfur media which I learned a lot like working with him like I never realized how important it really was. Oh it's like money. Yes they're like. I had no idea like I had fucking six seven hundred thousand followers on vine and I had like seven thousand instagram Just doesn't make sense because I didn't see it or instagram. Only recently really started a matter. Right right yeah I would say like in the past because at first it was just people were really just like taking pictures of like. They're fucking dog or like a salad. But now it's like hey drink my fucking energy booster. Yeah fifteen percent with my code all that and so that's the other thing is We do love our sponsors here on the show Drink energy juice drink energy juice to your but Danny's but juiced up with my budget is coming out dropping twenty twenty carbonated calories. The EP comes with a to back is a mystery box in a couple of case starter so like so so yeah yeah. We're starting to wind up I always feel like I like. We'll be out still and it's crazy to me. How big let me Sucker Tate? He still list like this like Dan like Like you know they have like those twitter moments of the decade simply like they had to ship posted on there and like Dan popped up a Ha. That's it was crazy. I got lost. I got lost I got what are we talking about now. I don't know something about success but I don't care anymore. No let's get back into Chester. Oh He's got some brown sugar love it. I love that I I love that time. Yes so people like we'll be out somewhere in like people just like will walk by and let me suck your titties. It's great though it does feel I love I love it I love it. I love it the first that happened when I was with you. So fucking funny. We were like in bed stuy and some guy in a bike was writing guys. y'All let me suck not didn't even process in my head because I was like what the fuck it was going on like. You See. I thought he was talking to some girl or something and then like and I and I was like Oh shit so it feels good. It may get a little Chubby. I grow like point two inches. And when when you're with a girl and it happens dude. Aw Aw Yeah Oh my God my God you are. It's cool. Yeah it's cool. It's humbling you. Can you tell us humbling until a falling out of the window store down here. Oh yeah it was like fill out of a window. It involves a females a great story. Yeah I was With a female in the bathroom at It was like all the viner like J. J.. Was There Jaisigher is Chris. Might have been there Charlie Charlie Castro remember. Him is their biggest. He's the pimp of life by the way he's the man he pulls like he would always just walk in with like eight girls girls. I'm like dude. What is the D.? He's he's just one of those guys assist Tattoos Super huge MoD vape fat backlash Stephanie. Rebecca whatever angel this one. I don't know but it was like one of those parties like Who who are some other people? Rachel Ettinger is there a couple of other. Maybe I don't think I've been there yet. But love brain. It was one of those little vine parties. We ordered some Dominos Pizza. got a little hammered. One thing led to another. I was in the bathroom sexual relations doing some stuff and sucked. I feel I plead. The fifth. Means getting sucked sucked up. I don't know what happened. I think I had like whiskey Dick or something like I think I was really embarrassed so I was like I don't know what to do so I open the window of hammered and climbed climbed out the window and I like fell out of the window. She was in the bathroom. Yeah way she likes who I guess so I was like just dip out of here. You know and you're like Oh oh yeah I was like I dunno on gotTa leave and then like I don't know how I did. It really hurt myself. That's what I'm saying like did you even assess. That's how high you were no out unscathed and then everyone was laughing at me and my one friend. Pick me up and I was like around. Yeah WHO'S FUCKED UP I. It came as soon as you hit the pavement. Finally it worked. I did this thing where At the jump out a window to come so yeah I have to say with me with me. It was really good by the way. Yeah I'm about to come so let's see in a little bit like that. was like at the be Ramon. Good morning everyone moved to l. a. though like when that was like five years five or six maybe like seven years ago. What did you decide to make the jump to go out there? I never went I was always really fascinated with Los Angeles. I really just thought it was a cool city. It was more of that for me other than like. Oh this is a a business opportunity So I was like a shock. It thank you I was like a mom data move in. La Basically they take it. They were really. I think concerned not concerned. Like oh next like fucking crazy like oh how's he going to Like eat food right there. Yeah they were scared which is totally understandable? Save up money to go. You're like actually did a fucking can go fund me. I was like hey guys like dislike career starter like you guys believe in me like help me by this plane. Taking you had like a good following by them I had like a not really on vine. I think it was more on twitter. I used to tell jokes on twitter every day I wake up and just tell like like Kush. Healy's like that. Yeah love loves all that jazz so dumb but Yeah but you saw the obscurity in it and that's what made it funny Obviously I mean I don't I don't know I I it's hard for me to Like I said there was this level of mocking that that there's a level of the mocking but people. Oh could actually believe that that was actually you That's what made a great You know so like for me like the only reason I didn't move out there was because I didn't think I would be like successful out there like I. I wasn't willing to take the shot to go out there. So that's a big jump though he asked me about your mom datum out piece. He's Pittsburgh to Pittsburgh was I mean Pittsburgh is really great honestly kind of regret. Because I was in such a good place creatively in Pittsburgh because is it was like small town kind of vibe like fuck. I need to get out of here like I'm GonNa Hustle my ass off now like an L. A.. It's like that's kind of like I definitely don't make doc as much shit as I did which is like maybe I'm just doing it. Because I wanNA put really good shit out like I would just ship host. But then I don't know I think there is merit to living being somewhere small like that like I grew up in like me and Mike were big on there. Like people will wait outside our house shit like little kids that's awesome. You know what I mean. So what's up guys guy walking into the garden like I would sign something and I walk into my house. Danny I gotta go. You GotTa go fans tip-offs in twenty five minutes but it was like that was the coolest part because like if I was in New York City Eddie and I and I was big on their New York City like not trying to flex or whatever but we usually get recognized when we go out in New York City. It's like our. It's our biggest demographic traffic right. Yeah so but even then it's it's few and far between when you can't go anywhere in your hometown without like somebody's showing you mad love So I was like yeah. This is really really cool and like I thought that was like okay mate. Yeah right two thousand people know who I am town on the fucking man right. What once you'd like like realize that you have to do other things? It was hard for me so that's why I never made the jump to go to L. A. Because I didn't think I had not. I knew I had what it takes. Shakes hat new. I had what it took. Yeah don't ask me. I knew I had would took to be successful but I didn't really believe in myself at that time so like my confidence wasn't wasn't great. I think you're right though. I think when you live in an area where. There's a lot of distractions that you're just totally. I was making a shit like out of my ass. I was like making a song in the morning. Like three revivals like another Song Youtube Video. Now it's like. Yeah it's just not the same like I feel like I lost that Kinda Kinda like that edge which I've thought about moving back to Pittsburgh. LA's cool but it's really I don't know it's a huge gap between like Leonardo DiCaprio. fucking lives there right and it's like that definitely weighs on my conscience. I'm like fuck I want to get to that level right but you know I. I don't know there's there's pros cons because you also don't want to be in a place scary. It is scary. What happened with ever be at that level? Like there's doubt and shit but it's like you should just be focusing on creating. Yeah there's also on the other side like you know what happened to you you basically got complacent because you were like all. I'm cool here in this town so cool and I'll continue to make shit whatever but if you just get complacent with their or you get to the point where it's kind of overwhelming re like little mucking to live in that fucking house. It's got like eight tennis. That's Gordon. Well yeah in. La You feel. Like I'm like fuck like why. Why should I even try like I definitely feel that way to you? Got Like like you said Leo Leo and Fucking fucking Brad Pitt. Running around out here right and like what the fuck am I doing right. But I've just video this cool right you like it was in a movie. Yeah Suck my Dick Kademi award. Yeah I'd say the Oscars saving the earth which I'm cleaning the ocean. Climate Change Orange motherfucker. What he's doing out there being dates hard and just fucks he just gets sucked and saves wildlife which Sommese bust a nut and then just like save a five thing elephant I think thus saving the world thing is just a ploy to get even more posey? Yeah fucking guys I save the world. Come on I posted a picture of tiger. This isn't fair. You don't get to be this right. Also he's just like the perfect looking good actor kind of yeah he needs to get a Dui like immediately. Because it's not fair happened. It was worried about Leo during the METOO. They're going to get him. Because I this guy throws Dick around like. I don't think any girl would ever do that because they're like he's so like Jack. Nicholson is the same way. He's probably they say that. Jack Nicholson had sex with ten thousand women but every every woman was probably like satisfied so pump that they're not gonNA eat your pussy each year buzzy. Now Kill you with an axe jack. Do you like that escapes. Do you want to sit courtside or maybe crazy shit will come out about them like I know I just feel like Like I would feel the same way if I was out there. Yeah because it'd be Tough it'd be like yeah like all these people are here and then like what am I doing. Yeah here's here's analogy. My mom was like my mom said this thing about all that when she said this at first I was like shut. Shut up like you know you're talking about but now totally feel like you're a you're a big fish in a little pond in Pittsburgh but out in La. You're a big fish in a fucking huge. You yeah pond with way bigger fish and it's only getting bigger because everyone's right can influence or yeah so it's like when you meet people it's like they don't have social social media or they're not trying to do something to you. See the most random people from your neighborhood or like these people you knew from high school. Whatever they're trying to make skits and shit and you're like what the fuck? Yeah what is happening here. There's like fifty hashtags of the catching what's happening in the other thing. That's crazy to like Like when we would make vines right even never when it got serious. It wasn't fun anymore. like it was like I ha like you kind of had to make money too. Yeah Yeah I have a responsibility in fact that's how I feel. Yeah and it's like that's when I found again I just WanNa GonNa have fun again. That's what thankfully he gave me a job here like I was able to start having fun again Pam. Yeah it was very very very start crying. Love here you're an asset that you're hilarious. Hopi not does he. lets me know every day. We'll go to ship. They said that. But I'm just saying fucking mucky down jerk save your life you piece of Shit. Ed fueling new what I did for you like I look at guys like him right and yeah he's kind of always had to figure it out so like what the Youtube Shit he was like. I have to do other stuff And and he's very modest but like you know you had youtube then you kind of had the the speak out and you Kinda had what was the speak-out is spoke out against a group of people. That game fucking ellen like car gashes put that thing in their mouth he'd be. Oh Yeah you created it for Ellen no for has just for the earth that is fucking tight. Yeah are you serious. Yeah yeah I mean that happened like by for Hasbro. Yeah Dude so you has money brands. There's a BMW out there. But he's doing that's tight dude but like I bet he's always he keeps me from being complacent because I have a complacent Personality yes to and I'm very like the thing we did. Two days ago was awesome. and Joe's like dude. What are we going Bro? Yeah I got a head some Rahman I'm cool. Yeah I do like I live on the upper east side of Manhattan. Like I'm good and just like no. It's not no it's not good. I don't want this Dan I feel like I am staff all the time all the time. How old are you twenty seven? Okay cool off your thirty five. Yeah my God yeah you got all. Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah dating. Yeah we're on the same age bracket kind of it's kind of like yeah but like that szekely staggered but that's why it's perfectly staggered. We could switch updates and the number of trade but like that's that's why I'm happier doing comedy though 'cause you're not being complacent exactly you know we were saying before it was like you're making these videos. It's kind of like. Oh whatever like you're starting from zero right and you have this new thing that like you're not going to be good at off the bat and it's like all all right now. I have to get to a certain place I have now if in your mind. You're back in Pittsburgh right. Had Nothing and like I have to build this vine thing again. You know. It's kind of the same thing ain't now. You're you're zero with comedy and it's good that you're not like yeah. I'm just like selling out a tour. Awesome Dude Nicoletti hilarious. Good data good at it. Then you are zero. I JUST WANNA learn. I WANNA listen like yeah not not to flex but I met with Kristalina. ESTELA invited Casey out to comedy store the other night and I was thankful enough to grateful enough to come along like Christmas. Cool about route like me coming along and he knew who you are from Bonn no he he did recognize me. It was like. Oh you're doing stand up now like Blah Blah Blah and. He gave me some wisdom and he totally verified the same thing that I was thinking. which is you need? You're an Internet guy that's great you can sell these tickets. That's fucking cool man but if you WanNa get the respect and like the respect from your peers which is invaluable. You need to do the shit shows you need to go to the open mics. Four people are at some dude fucking coughs like. That's the last like you need to do all that shit which I was like I needed someone to fucking tell me that because yeah you're selling out the shows you could totally I see. Go go the fuck boy route and get like a big head. Huge Gobi like a fucking hilarious funny. But that's not true. I just WanNa get better and I was so fucking afraid to do it like I was so afraid to start it. So that's he do. I would be terrified. You fucking our fucking Free Hour of material that you have now. ooh That's why special and all the people that are like that can even look at you and be like you know because I I was just like you. I understand why people would the people who like me. I used to do a podcast comedy club in the city and I would meet Comedians all the time and then after the podcast a bunch of them would be like. Oh Dude I wanted to hate you so you know and I get that I understand that but you know their whole their whole thing like. There's there's people who are salty but someone one of my. My friends put in perspective for me. This comedian and he was like. He's like dude I I I just hated you. 'cause like oh I'm I'm working this job and I'm doing these six spots tonight at a bunch of different clubs. This is like but you're coming up with the material every single week and that's not an easy thing to do. People do the same act for ten years Jerry. Seinfeld's done the same thing for like thirty years and you'd cereal cereal to go. What's murder? Murders Jewish God but for you to go from five minutes to an hour like that is unheard of even even if it's even if it's awful people have to respect the fact that you were even able to do that. It's not an easy thing to do. It was definitely out of necessity like it wasn't like it was like almost they were like dude. We booked you the show. Like what are you gonNA do bitch out. Can't and yeah like I. I wasn't going to be like dude. Sorry I some deep down I was like this is this is it like after fucking do it. Yeah now now when you started writing Did you feel that you were. We're like in the right head space to start writing or do you feel like maybe you want to like you said maybe not not something as drastic as moved back to Pittsburgh and like start writing again but did you have to find yourself like getting motivated to write like an hour. Yeah definitely but it's tough. It is tough I would what I do is I like all right a joke and then figure out a way to string it into the next joke and then I just keep doing that and then Casey actually which it's so simple but I never thought of doing he just said set up your camera and do it and just riff and like just keep watching yourself and like timing and watching yourself and that that's really what like like save. Neil so you got a process you you got. You're able to write like yeah. It was super daunting I was like fuck. How am I gonNA come up with an hour's worth of material? I would try to like think that I was up there for like forty minutes. Look at the clock and it'd be like fuck. How's everything? I wouldn't be able to do it. You could definitely can like I'm i. I'm very I think you just have to write one day. He's going to realize dude like you're GONNA wake up. You have no idea like you even know no you know what I mean. I feel like you know that's all in there. You're just GonNa do it and then it's going to be like well now. It's working out feel like an idiot because just like oh man now. Five years ago ten years ago yes true. Yeah I definitely like I'm doing all right. It's still the whole thing like like. Do you still get nervous. Four shows code because they say if you're if you're not nervous you you you don't really care well. Yeah that's I mean. I was talking to Chris about that because he doesn't smoke or drink. Yeah and I'm definitely trying to cut back on on the smoking both Quitting drinking yeah I got you. I did stuff but it is tough. There's okay thanks man I appreciate it. There's temptation everywhere especially the comedy clubs do. Yeah everyone's getting wasted minimum right. Yeah everyone wants to drink rink with you right. But he doesn't smoke drank and I was like dude What do you do about nerves like an anxiety? Because I know you don't smoke or drink. And he was like dude. Feel that shaped shaped like you need to fuck and feel that anxiety before the show like it's just GonNa make you better like and it's just GonNa push you to go that extra mile and I was like faulk like it's always the the simplest you think it's like this complicated thing but it's usually just like the simplest it's just it's just a change your mindset like do you do you struggle with like you want to be recognized as artists. No I just WANNA make people There's always I always think that there's one depressed person in the audience and if I can make that person happy be for however long if even if it's one joke like I've done my job is worth. Yeah because like I struggle with that thing too I was like yeah like I want to be known as like an artist. You know what what I'm saying and it's like you know people already do like see that way like you know like you make people laugh for living right but also even what is it that even mean not only that. If you're an artist like I I would never call myself an artist ever. That's for other people say he's artistic person or whatever we gotta do you like. It's it's all trial and error like anything that anyone does as far as comedy goes like there has been. There's never been someone like this is my first try bowmore done. It's amazing yeah. It's just failure after failure and like working it out so you have to suck and it scared to suck especially it scared to suck when you have an audience already where everyone thinks you're hilarious. Oh my God there's so much pressure and people you know whatever so when they see me in this like different setting. If I'm not funny like it will crush rush bomb. There's definitely been times. Tell a joke and no one laughs. And it's like you just gotTa Push. I was so excited and tells us joke three hours hours ago. Totally frees up but Yeah I think comedy I think anything is trial and error artists. You can compare To music I think in paintings like an herb basketball's my my favorite comparison with with anything artistic. It's like Steph. Curry doesn't make a shot. He's not gonNA fuck in take his shoes off and go home like he's not going to quit the game you just keep trying and trying and trying and like store the harder you try and the more you try the more chances chances you have of being successful and he he just like fucking goes in and gives it his all like that's all he does. Yeah like that's why he's the man because he just goes into the game and fuck in places as his ass off. That's all you have to do anything. As long as I think. A big part of comedy is like having that mindset of just wanting to be good because a lot of they're not good and the reason why they're not good and like I always. I always thought like okay. Yeah I think I'm funny. Whatever like there's these people that I look up to fucking bill? Burr and Louis C. K.. And these people are fucking funny. Yeah yeah the legends and you go to a comedy show and you're like everyone on that roster was fucking terrible. They were awful drunk with my eyes closed and like do a better than them and then it like those people they just have this woe is me kind of self pity about them that they get up there. They tell the same jokes folks and they don't work and they're like Oh you know I don't know what they're waiting for like some fucking exempt from comedy Central Bank. Yeah we're going to give you a specialist guy rocks. That's never going to happen. Do you have to be realistic realistic with yourself and be like okay. Is this joke even more new materials. Should I do something completely different. But they're just stuck in this old way of you take jokes because the old school way of it appears in common here like you you write a joke and you keep doing it until it becomes funny and then you just and like okay. That's the way I do it and then you just do it that way. That doesn't exist anymore. Especially in this fucking era were you know I think eventually comedy is GonNa gotTa get to the point where it's like people don't do the same fuck it and then everyone lousy. You're scared. There was people when I did this. Show at Caroline's they got tickets so bolt shows and thankfully it was a live podcast and not like a standup show. But I was like. Yeah if this was a standup show. These people don't even Komo. Yeah like a like a younger person who was like fucking eighteen or seventeen at the time. WHO's not who doesn't really know comedy but knows like Youtube Shit? Yeah they don't get that like yeah this is going to be the same exact show. They were just trying to see that a lot of those pants on that. It's a lot of people's first comedy shows like when they come they're like I didn't even know this is GonNa be. Yeah so it's like you can either leverage that or like. I don't know how do you like talking to the crowd at all. I don't like crowd work because I'm always like Fox. Someone's GonNa burn earn me just like not know what to say but every once in a while if someone like some girl was like hey I better answer me and I was like fuck no uh-huh everyone just started dying so if someone sets me up really good I like play along with but generally I don't like to like get into it with people because anyone ever tried to like heckle you not really I haven't had like a bad heckling story and and if if someone has I definitely didn't like Rodeo. I know that it was happening. You just so anxious and nervous just went over. You're always talking. Always look down and go. Yeah Man Cool you blow it off but some people get really really mad like when we were at Christie's show someone was like he was like yeah. I don't smoke or drink at someone's like BOO news. Like fuck you dude. You're a fucking loser areas though he like fucking killed it. Yes some people are really good at it. I'm just like not. I guess I just need to get sack up talking to be more confident. Yeah but you know it'll come and go. I feel like like the the more you do it. The more you'll understand like people are just fucking assholes right. He become wasted. Dude yeah people come hammers shows or fucking mess. Have you ever four hundred New York now so this is like my third time ever being here in in my life. Do you like the I like it. It's stressful yeah. It stresses me and and I feel like there's just a stressful. Everyone stressed out. You're not you're four a stress. We're going out tonight. How are we gonNA use the subways? Attacks in New York is literally the home of the rich poor That's what it is. It's like you'll be rich anywhere else but you are poor here so it's like you know you're talk about how you've no money but your apartment costs four thousand dollars a month right. You know what I'm saying. People are like you no kidding. That's obviously you have no money. Cause you to live in a clause four thousand dollars but I think being a real like New Yorkers you have to kind of hate it I love New York and I fucking hate it. I like hit. Because excuse me honest I feel like it's a good middle ground between La and a small town like you guys. You're up in you know because it feels like the best example that I always have is put put out this video on time and I was like. Oh I've liked his video lot like I worked on it like it's funny by law. It was doing views and shit and I was in. La At the time Filming some Shit and all the people around her like all do that was really good like all the stuff like Blah Blah Blah and like just like blowing smoke up my ass all right. Jesus Alexa wasn't that good. What's happening and then I got back home the next day and I was at the gym with my friend and he just goes? y'All that video put out your sales. Like yeah he goes worst video. I've ever fucking San. And he was like dead serious and I was just like dude I was like I like that. Because it's like it keeps me honest and being like this guy is not going to give me opinion. Just because he thinks he can get something out of me. That fucking sucks. It wasn't for for video. Fuck does are the friends. You gotTa keep close. Yeah yes nobody likes the all my friends are just like dude. We don't fucking care you know what I mean. I prefer that honest really have to try. I'M GONNA put this out. Hit me up like yeah that kid the funny you should have him on you know. Yeah you definitely need. That definitely need that. You know who. I'm jealous of people that don't give a shit about instagram or any of that. It'd be on instagram. Oh I don't have one. Yeah do what's that like. What do you do with your life without like? Yeah just like how can we go with how pure is head is. Yeah it's like you gotta in today maybe work out. That's all I'm thinking about. I got a water. My voice in the morning dammed because ever since like I was I was never a computer person ever or phone person ever like I like texting and shit like T- nine like those tigers should I was doing so up takes forever yeah and then like once vine started started then I became like this like addicted to the Internet purse. I hate that quality about me but it's like obviously it's part of our our job to do it but I just wish I cared a little bit less about it. I wish there was a middleman that could look at the comments that I didn't have to you ever look at the comments and you're like wow that ruined my whole day. Yeah he's the one that actually told me this out reading comments get mad and he would say yeah me too. You'll suck my fucking die. Gets so fucking mad I got into a fucking. DM Like novel thing with this guy because he was like. Yeah Dude you fell off and I was like eight that I know I was like like shit to me all the time I was like I was like Bro. Why would you say that to me dude? Like you don't even fucking know me I don't I don't go on your page and make fun of. He was like a club club promoter. I was like dude. Your club sucks. Yeah I didn't even say that I was like how would you feel if I fucking said that to use a warm soon for my friend like but the fact that I was even arguing with this guy fucking no stranger such a waste of time and energy. I've baird my soul to people right. What am I doing? What am I going through a lot right right now? One time I posted a vine right and it was like more towards the tail end and I wasn't really caring about it that much. It was like. Oh it's like he just wrote like it's a shame used to be so funny. Did those comments or the worst. I hit them up and I was like Yo Bro. What's your fucking problem? And he was like what. You're the comment you left. He's not cool. Aw and then I went on this fucking thing that I realized that I sent a Fucking d m that might have been seven paragraphs and I was like all right. You're ever refunding talk to me. Damn right chill chill. Yeah Stranger never talked to me again. He's I wasn't planning on it. I read it a day later. I was so embarrassed that idea and Magadan apologize right and then you just look like a crazy person and he was like no. It's cool Bro. Like I've always been a fan. Yeah that's what always happens. Why are you telling me like shouldn't be Danny? Oh you're mad. Wanted your attention. And that's what they want eight that. Yeah that's what I don't answer Sir like you also can't thank you that these days took fucking honestly the past month. I really been fucking up on like my health and Diet. Shit Eh. Comment went off the rails but Smarting I had some oats beat beat Juice look good thank you look good. I just did like Vegan for like two months. How was that it was good? I felt really good. Like how's your Shit. I'm always worried about like what you shared is not your ship person. I should I actually worrying. About what your shit. You is really soft. It was just off I guess. It fluctuated the more fiber fiber Audi. Like if I had like a bunch of folders right. It's all braided hurts. Beats this kid drink hot chocolate the other day it was like I was blessed with shitting on workable and it was also like forty forty five minutes after I drank it which. I don't even know what that has caffeine in the hot chocolate. I don't even know lack lack. Yeah I eat pizza and like my body's like cool but if I drink like if milk is in a beverage site we're shitting now. I definitely I can tell like if I eat something that I I don't. I don't know like say like you like if I eat. Cheese are like meat. I definitely feel slower and dumber but if I eat like vegetables and like really clean I can tell that. I feel like more energetic. My mood is definitely so. It's not like like bloated and Shit Right. It's like has to be a mixture of like actually healthy and like placebo effect right because I consistently felt really good like I would wake up. Don't be like all right cool. I'm working out today. I feel awesome feel positive but then when I each shitty food I just feel like I think. I'm just very sensitive to like how my body reacts to should yeah because the I mean I'm with exercise I if I don't exercise I feel like shit like yeah like a half to. It's like Madison for me like I just have to. What's that like what's exercise like it's crazy You know exercise dude. If we could get you on a regimented if you if have you need this right. Yeah but I need like literally something like from the ground up Like start with walking. That's what I did walking and then a little bit of running and then you'll seriously seriously start to get like a taste for it like crazy I do. I do walk a lot I walk. I walk my dog four mile walks and I'm like okay. I I still do that. But it's just like I've really shout Eklund Bro. They sent me a whole bunch of meals now easily cleaned bro. Choline ecological in Ashland has very good so like my food has been very clean so like I was a lot of protein though a lot of protein. Yes so my my thing is is like you got to burn that Shit off man. The protein will just gave stay fat on. You will clog your arts gay cluggy if you give give it a week. This is what I'm going to tell you to go vegan per week. Try It. What's the worst I can happen? You're not gonNA feel bad you're gonNA feel good can. Is it possible to Vegan on the week of Christmas. Now you can wait are all right. How about I'd say? Just give it a shot because I felt I was recipes and shit and what to eat like like. That's the type of person yes I am. It's like okay just for breakfast. This for launch. EAT This for dinner and shut the fuck up. I would usually just skip breakfast. Drink some coffee and then use the coffee as energy to go workout out and then eat like a huge lunch and then like maybe a smaller dinner are both morning workout people. Yeah I can't work out in the afternoon. I try not to think about food like because I I have an addictive personality. So if I'm going for it I'M GONNA I'm GonNa eat like pizza wings. Maybe a cheese fries till I can't eat anymore or so I really have to like real it in when it comes to my health cheat sheet Hor do like. It's not like really bad slice of pizza the whole pizza. I'm eating this fucking pie right like when I stopped drinking like that's the thing like with the exercise like you know if I could quit drink I could definitely exercise Drinking was way worse for thing for Roma but it was. It's easier obviously but it's not like I've never worked out before my life either. I used to work out all the time but like stopping drinking. This made me realize like so you have to do more stuff to be like healthy though just stopping drinking isn't going to like. The Pinnacle of Health Helps Frees up. A bunch of not drinking. Frees up a bunch of your time time like I said I haven't been drinking. I think like two months now. It's awesome so I stopped doing that. Just like frees up a bunch of time. That's what I've realized because a lot of the plans that I would have it'd be like yeah. You want to go too far this so when you're not doing that and it's like oh I don't really want to go this time because like I can still go to a bar and like whatever you decide that fucking really need a beer. I remember those days. Well once I got over that what I had to do honestly was go to bars. I just face to face the fear. It'd be like if I can get in and out of here and it's like you know I. I seriously had nights like that. Where like I'd be like damned? I've definitely had to go home early like like I can't go like it's happened to be plenty of people often spend like. Yeah like all my home drunk like this is awesome and then you're the only see being the only sober one fucking trippy now. It's awesome now. Yeah we went to Nashville off man. These guys he was one of the best times ever had in my life just like dealing with them. Yeah Dude I get a fucking Seltzer water actor. You know what I'm saying and I'm straight cut loose and in everyone else's actually drunk. Yeah everyone's fucking wasted. It's like it's still new for me but I I enjoy the most is that I'm out and it's like a like eleven thirty or twelve and like I've just been having like water or herself the whole time and then I know my head like yeah I could get up and go work out at eight o'clock in the morning tomorrow and then like these guys are GonNa Kinda feels good in that way that I could wake cup after a night of going out and be like I'm yeah so that got a little addicting to me. I don't really have the urge anymore. Honestly it's just the first couple of months a really tough I like three weeks is really hard. Well I drank a lot. I in my experience the first three inches. Yeah Dude Fuck it. I had a nervous breakdown. Yeah Yeah just fucking stop doing fucking snaith and drinking sh- NEEF. I haven't been heard in called out in a minute like a year. It's fucking thinking fucking yup turn and every light on my apartment for no reason should hear something. Yeah Yeah Yeah Forget. I have doorman nobody can get to Mason. Somebody's coming upstairs. I think there's a bird in this apartment. Yeah Creek what was that. That's why I had to clean all that shit up man. Once I cleaned all that shit it up like your body goes through withdrawals physical you get fucked up definitely feel so good too from not just feel. Everything's firing quicker acre. It's like yeah it's just it just it's just when you change the meaning of social interaction. Yeah be around alcohol. That's when you can beat that because listen you can't be a someone that struggles with alcohol will be halfway Ha- half-and-half out because you're in. Yeah what is your in like. I only drink on the weekends. You're in your drinking. That's only do that. Yeah like if I have to make a choice ever in my head like yeah. I probably shouldn't drink five days a week. It's probably a little bit of a problem definitely issue. So that's what I just realized I'm like yeah like I'm staying up till three o'clock in the morning drinking. I've been eating shit then ordering fucking domino's Dell's yet again. Two hundred pounds really. Yeah Dude. I've hundred zero bundle. When I first started working for him I was like two hundred? Eighty two pounds. Daddy's big my my arms around the guy down to F- to forty to forty six this morning. I I got down to twenty five and then I thought I made it started eating again. Yeah I was also present presses scared the world need to. Yeah so I was like. I'm not going to eat this then. I got a little more came out of holy and start eating a little more tough to think that yeah. I never never really really smoked a lot of trees. I hate you last night for some grass. I I was in out not really. Yeah I think I should just cut that shit out to just take your time with it though. Like for me Gentlemen Gentlemen Fragile. It's true though like you know 'cause he's very hard everything. Cold Turkey legitimately almost almost kilby really. Yeah did not like physically like like off mentally. It almost killed me. Yeah you know so. I was struggling with Kush for a while. I've always wanted like now. It's not even fun anymore for me like I don't want to do a habit stop. Oh you're good. You're done to wean off of yourself leaning for like three years. I've also realized that I can't do things in moderation. I've had except that about myself whether it's food whether it's fucking drinking's next sacks fuck in all that shit yeah and it's like you can roll rock and roll a tough conversation have with myself. Yeah Dude I'm I'm the same way I'm just like yeah like I don't have the ability as yet or I don't know if I ever did there'll be like y'all have one beer and go home home I can't either. I'm staying partying. I'm going to be the last one party. Yeah and like. I'm calling sniff man at four o'clock in the morning dude. You good you go through how you been hitting me up right now but then you realize you're like lying to a lot of people to and then like you realize you're more importantly just line yourself once you start lying about stories like if you've either you being drunk or like whatever then it's always use asleep. I was sleeping being like you. I was actually up at six. AM Good afternoon. My mom would like tax me and just like ripping a fucking rail l. and I'm just like she's asking me how I'm doing. I was if I told my mom I was doing right now. It would break her cry. Yeah Yeah and that's the type of thing I would have to turn my phone off. Sometimes because like I'd see my mom calling me and I'd be like yeah. Yeah 'cause Yuccas and you start feeling like a piece of shit about your mom and she's like she suit like she had a security cameras saw that she would fucking cry. Yeah so that was like another big thing to like. He didn't really know like what I was doing. You you know so like for me. It's just like I had to stop that Shit and you could do that. You could do it because there's people that smoke weed and it'll be like yeah like I go to work come home smoke. A couple hits of a Django to sleep. It's like but if you're waking up taking wants to the face and then like smoking while you're out and I smoked three times a day. It's like an now. We're getting crazy. Yeah it was. I mean I'm not that way anymore but when I first moved to La. And I thought I was like yeah. I'm a pimp fucking verified layer met this Dude Q. Shadow Q. Charlotte to Q.. He showed me backwoods now. Oh yeah I thought it was so cool like smoking backwards. I'm like yeah I'm a fucking rapper and I I wake up in smoke like a backward smoking all day but it just it really. Isn't anything anything it's first of all it's always gonNA run out you're always GONNA to be out at some point so it's not sustainable like then you're gonNa feel like Shit and the other thing yet to figure out is that I used to think it was extremely connected to my creative process me too. I'm like I need to be high to be fun. You come up with a cool idea. It's not true right before we would film things like I'll have a beer. You're like let's figure this out. I did that for a while to before. PODCAST I'd be like I'm just GonNa have a you actually come up with worse. Shit yeah you also say Wild Shit Shit. Yeah and you're like Yo. This cannot see the earth podcast. We did once and I accidentally was like got really drunk because I was like. Oh I'm just have a couple of beers but I'm like craft beers drinks like seventy five percent beer alcoholic and then I got really drunk and I recorded a podcast with him. My Buddy Frankie and then like at the end of it. They were just like they're like like all right. Cool see you later and did this. And they're like Yo dude. We can't put that up. I was like no. We're good. I'm putting the whole thing out. And the next day I watched it back in the record like an hour and twenty minutes and I put the episode. I was like forty-three minutes. Yeah yeah cut down all this shit I was like damn it. I was like I had a thought one of my mind. But that's not the way to explain it. When we me and Evan Brennan Casey had a podcast for a hot minute and we did the same thing we we like got really wasted one day and thought it was gonna be like awesome? Everyone's lose but then you're just too loose good as crazy can't even comprehend it. Yeah like that's another thing. That was big for me. Once I realized that I could be creative without it. Elsa go right boom. I'm good yeah you know. That was the scariest thing I was like. Yeah like better without it. I'm I'm better with how a better all my vines that I really thought were hilarious were when I was in Pittsburgh. at-home living with my parents not being able to drink or smoke just at will will because now that we're older you could do whatever do whatever the fuck you want. You can get a wasted day. No one's GonNa tell you I could get anything I can get any drug delivered here right now. Literally and and the thing is it's like like you said it always runs out right. You know what I'm saying. It's like yeah. One day I was doing fucking Ketamine one day and then I was just like in there. Yeah I stood up and I was like I can't feel my legs. I literally went in the bathrooms. What are you doing what are you doing yeah slippery slope it's just slippery slope? Microwaves and shit going. Yeah go home and I literally went home and then that was like you know the kind of the start of like. I can't do this anymore. Yeah 'cause I'm GonNa fucking or at least we. At least we can come to that realization. There's people that are like in their. That'll never never come to that realization. And it's just like it's not A. It's not a good way to live your life. You're not giving people what they deserve. And you're not giving yourself what you what you you deserve which is like your full attention and your full potential and you know just being fucking present. Yeah one of the biggest things for me was just kind of like on a much smaller scale. was just feeling like okay. This is what you do for fun and it was like the only thing and then like there's so many things you could there's so many hobbies you could pick up and this and that and you feel like there's no time because it's like oh I just work and then when I'm when I wanna like relax or whatever a go go have fun like I'm drinking and it was. Are you doing this job. So it's like when you when you take that out now. You're like all right. Well I'm not GonNa sit here and do nothing you know. So what am I going to do. And that's how these little things pop up and you start autry like. Oh that's a nice thing to pick up instead of fucking productive to do instead of just sitting there and drinking bar. Yeah so it's like I mean also opens. Would you up to like more. That life has to offer away totally. Yeah and it's like bars can be fun without drinking. I know doesn't make a lot of sense science but it can be like I said we were just a natural and that place was. They called. Nash Vegas Everyone's in their together there too. Yeah so like everyone's it just gets drunk hot wings fleetwood MAC and everyone's trying to suck each other off. If I could make it through this thing. Hang on straight. Yeah we're going to go to When do we go to Miami next month? Yeah we'RE GONNA go to Miami next month. I'm not doing shit but I'm GonNa have a fucking great tom because it's just like you know. Fuck chill fucking cigar and famous. Things are more fun than you think they are. When you're fucked up? Yeah it's not reading a book or like sitting by the ocean is so cool like a cooler than you think. It is actually awesome. Yeah just to be able able to have that ability to do that. Yeah and enjoy and fully enjoy it. Yeah like Dude fucking to hammer to even know where I am right now like. That's just not for for me. I knew like at some point. I had to stop because it was like I wasn't twenty-one anymore. I could drink. It'd be like Y'all do it again tomorrow like it was starting to be like. I was forcing myself the strength just because I needed it. I wasn't even like a routine. It was a routine yet to be hung over a yoga. I just got a drink to get. Yeah well then you get into that cycle or the or the dog Menia and like nine fucking cocktails later. Her the dot did her the dog. Oh Man I used to. I used to wait for my fiance to go to sleep. And then go get like two twenty four bud light lines and sit outside the starbucks right down the street from my apartment and and crush those and like listen to drake. What are you speaking to me? I was like dude. What are you doing? Yeah it's Tuesday night. Where we today? We sat on a bench outside. His apartment had a six pack of Beers. That was a great night. Though it was a great I'll I'll I'll I'll. There are great really. Oh Yeah we confess a lot of stuff but then Oh yeah the worst is when you start to try to justify it in your brain starts to like it's like this is okay. This is fine. Yeah and what people do are like. You're like I don't have a problem like this is almost guy guys like. I'm always like someone in the world is getting drunk right now. It's cool I'm fine. Yeah some dude in like mom buys getting wasted so me and him do both for all. But here's some lamb. Yeah it's like why would you. Why are you making excuses for yourself? Yeah when you're like thirty years old and wasted is just. It's not a good look. It's just it's not a good look just blacked just blackout. Where's Danny Oh? I don't know he's gone. He's on the floor in a ditch day sleep and I had some great times. I'm so had some great times I don't I don't regret any of the good times Drinking but it's the so many like you drank for no reason nights. It's like you'll drink six beers reasoning. Just go home then. It's like nothing but I'm happy that you're trying to like cut back on that a little bit before. Now I can't I can't do it like creatively walks. You'll see it'd be great for you good and I also feel like it was a lot easier for me to just like not do it because like I mean he stopped doing it I was drinking or whatever and he was like good and then I'm like I I 'cause I didn't want to do it anymore. I felt like at the time I was. I was just drinking a lot and for the first time in my life I was like consistently blacking out and I was like okay. This is like I don't even like this and I also getting into fights with people and you're just like wake up the next day and you're like fuck. Yeah I'm like dude. I literally have to apologize. I honestly couldn't even tell you what that was you work like. I don't know why I said that. Or whatever and that's just not me like I'm not one of those people that make emotional decisions like I really like try to be as balanced as possible also. This is like ruining that for. I don't want to be this person or whatever But Yeah Danny House along with that because he was he like seeing him do it in like what the shit that he would go go through and Being at a bar and it's like Danny's here he just had a fucking mental breakdown and he's he could sit in this. The bar like just have a good time like whatever like it's possible and I like getting up early and using as much hours as as you can and I'm like dude if I'd get drunk I completely lose Sunday loose Saturday. You lose everything and I'm like I don't want to just lose these days because I need to drink fucking and like I'm good with having I mean I won't do it but like I. I don't think that I have like an addiction. I think I have an addiction to like the social aspect of drinking and just being like oh I just want to be a part of this thing. Think and once you feel like I don't have to drink to be a part of it and it's like a little easier you know I. I was drinking alone to five nights a week. Yeah Yeah I would do that sometime sued. I always like chalk that up to like Oh craft beer craft beer. I'm just trying to a new thing I've never had. I'm like my head three though. Yeah we'll say justifying things like why a why do I need to go through that with myself and like lied and myself just to like like do this yeah. There's a lot of lying to yourself you do. Once you realize that you're full of Shit is usually the turning point. Why why Awful Shit Right? Well Fuck Shit. I stopped in August. I was sober for three months and then I had like a beer Thanksgiving Yup and knowledge. You should get you. I was like dude I can have a beer like cool and then like seventeen years later. I'm like Yo crawling out a window right right I mean I. I seriously can't like I just can't do it Kan so I yeah it's it's tough yeah Before we go we have a a set of questions that we usually ask everyone all right all right so start first one or do you want to start with the first one we kind of switch it up all the time. Yea We'll do it all right. Here is a real hard hitting questions. You Cry Straight cool all the cries. I cry every day. Was the last time you cried. That's not one of the question is asking. That's a good one. Though last night you cry. I cry like all the time bind. Grandma I haven't cried fire right. Yeah Nana uh-huh. I felt good though. I love crying dude sometimes sitting on the couch and I wish I could just cry right now to do something Jaeger. Pull your fingernails. You say I wish I could cry. Yeah yeah no no. No you know when you have that feeling in your chest chest and you're like I need to let this out crime so you know. And then you know like I gotTa Make Myself Caro- Does does the first this questions sheets that are currently on your bed now. How long have they been there? I just got new sheets What is this guy was so clean as maybe a month? Yeah because my girl was like how long have you had these. This is Greg. Yeah all right all right changing finding it they. Yeah they'll usually nudge. Narrator this is this is the hardest hitting question we have supposed. Also no one's been able to do this named five kid rock songs. I can't I can't even name fucking one bowel Tobar to bow the Dang digging digging Giga. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's a little work any other kid rock song it's crazy. I want him up with that one I did. It's an impossible. It's a good one who is a bar in Nashville. Did you guys go to that. Let's call it rocks. I'll talk did we go to kid. Rock's I don't know it's pretty fucking it's live. It's actually nice bar stage that's cool. It's real confederate in there. What's what's yeah? Everybody have fun except for that minority group over there. What's what's something you have to do every day? Like that's not like obviously like Poop and pee pee like the normal stuff like what's something that you have to work out. Okay definitely every single day no no days off now and any any like we were talking about. If I do take off I feel feel depressed. I feel like Shit. I'm anxious after like work. I think I'm just like a high energy like yeah right I have to work out to the point of like exhaution awesome. Yeah why so like three months. How many days do you think you take off this past three months where I was like healthcare? I worked without every single day. There was not one day that didn't waste. Go get after. Yeah what time you should do it. Just when I wake up like seven or seven or eight I live fucking looking dude in La. I live above Jim so like at fucking six. Am I hear like yeah. Come on. Patty offers that sound. Like all right. I guess fucking up. Now I'm getting. I'm getting down there Patty Wright and getting after so I just go out at that time. What game show would you have the best chance on? I think I'd be good jeopardy. Yeah I'm surprisingly jeopardy pretty well. Usually everyone goes. Yeah not jeopardy and they start thinking about. I think I know a lot of random shit. You're good at Trivia Trivia bar or some shit. Now I've lived for that to be honest Bar Bar trae Archer through Paul's I drag aggravates winter winter. No immediately John Stevens Yes yes yes clean I just know I just just not on Stevens from New Hampshire Rate Yourself. One to ten two and the one is that I have both my my knots. All right yeah. That's a plus automatic one. That is an odd way to reproduce. That's why I have to. I don't know I I can see that's cool. I have addict got sexy. Mouth the chapstick on balls and some lipson automatic deuce chat my ball. What's your what's Your uh-huh what's your least favorite feature about yourself like do you have nipples or some shit? I'm pretty hairy. I'm a pretty Harry and it's patchy is after I get my back lex really see I don't do because I know it's going to grow back so I'm just like fuck it dude. I'm just GONNA be. It'd be nice silky seal yet. Spain Italian it's life changing Jewish right once great. Really Yeah Your your lady will love it to well. You don't even know she likes my your chest tubes. Yeah I'm telling ever made a point to be like. Wow some girls really like it so mad. In the chest I leave trim it maybe a little bit but the back and like all messy. Yeah Yeah Yeah. TB Yes okay. Yeah I shave my and not still with a razor. That's that's the I don't. I hardly even do that ever. You should have just let it grow like I'll I'll shave my face and my Mans grote. That's Dong manse grow buckwheat stroke and uh-huh stroking his balls for wisdom. Not this decision really currently out good sometimes tug on it hurts your. It feels nice though. What was the thing we said? One time where you gently Greg Ball sack twist like cricket. It's Aga ponder scroll ponder grabbing it and go like that. It's really nice somehow gently last question. Are you happy happy today. I feel great today. I worked out. I'm here with you. Guys are fun. Hotel Hotel Gym lady working out. There's a sign the hotel says. Don't use your phone in the fucking workout thing since she was on her phone. And my dad is like this like I don't know if you guys flashbacks he's very like hey there's a fucking sign like what the fuck you doing. Can you please not fucking dog shit all the time I have to like. I almost said some real myself and other than that I feel great. So that fucking bitch. She's three awfully test test. Dad's yeah he's my Dad Irish half Sicilian half Irish always. It was a fucking maniac. He's the dude who's like Yo you guys wearing fucking gloves back there at McDonalds like he's that guy or your hair net. Yeah right yeah. So Oh. He's team turnoff like term. He'll he'll call people out but I I as I'm getting older I catch myself. You're getting more getting getting less and less patient with people bullshit. Yeah you have to. I was outside of my apartment. This woman just let her dog shit. I told you I don't remember this woman. She's like. Yo Yeah I was like Joe and she was like excuse me I said excuse me I was like Oh man excuse me she was like yeah I was like. Are you going to pick that up. And she was like. AH HAVE A bag. I was like it doesn't matter like you can't leave that there because your hand cut it. Yeah I literally went into got a bag from my doorman and brought it out and made pick up your dog shit gangster. He will don't give a fuck anymore like I don't know yeah it's call culture. It's called on culture get called out the one one more thing I wanted to ask before we left The Youtube show you guys come back. Real gross yeah. Yeah awesome awesome. Oh yeah season three baby season three when you got shooting real bros.. It's already shot. Oh in probably the kind of like the later stages of editing. I'm sure they're kind of wrapping up. The episodes just did a bunch of promise. Tougher it yesterday and shows huge. Yeah People People Love Dude. I had no idea that I was going to get as big as it is right. A baby yeah. Ride the wave. It's Guy Yeah. Jimmy's the fucking man. When I I feel like you and him would click? I loved Jimmy because like when I first started doing youtube I fucking hated everyone. Because they're always like twenty five things in my room microphone and just like we get two million views. Yeah bows like young. Kids is making sketches. That are good and he's like has a legitimate skill you know. And he's like and soon as I saw that he got like the backing from facebook. I think okay. I'll do like do sky's the limit for him. He outworked fucking everybody. He's like the first one to show up last one to leave. He's not just like I think people people think that people in Hollywood are people that are famous successful are just like they were just born with it but being in those environments with those people they work their ass off off. Do they're like up at fucking six am. I'm sure he wakes up early and it's like they're just getting after. Yeah it's not. It's not like a a mystery. Yeah Yeah there's definitely like effort and you can definitely see like overtime like Jim and Jimmy was never like the biggest youtuber like on Youtube. There's always people like bigger than then him and there was all bullshit like fluffy but he always had like. I feel like everyone always knew of Jimmy though. This actually makes funny videos good. He works hard art and he's really funny. Yeah Yeah I'm so happy for him. It's he's he's like he's not movies now he's fucking. He's on Von Really Inspire. Yeah he's super inspiring dude. It's like fun to watch them work. Yeah he's great man All right cool man. Thanks for for coming on the show. Thanks for having me for sure awesome. You got to do like typical like radio. Sign off now. Okay thanks for so much for coming in you know you got anything you WANNA add. We're GONNA people find all your shit. I don't want people to find me. Move back to Pittsburgh at Nicoletti on on everything. Nick unders work lady. Were you big Mac Miller Fan. Yeah that was tough for the city right totally did yeah. Yeah I remember we were talking about that for a little bit because what I forgot. Forgot the the Pittsburgh connection there but Yeah I had. I had the I got to meet him. I got the hang out with the mcgready was we were like kind of like a just becoming better friends. We were acquaintances. He had invited me to a couple of things and then that's don't though because he put on for that city for for a while growing up in Pittsburgh I used to have dreams of meeting him. I was so fascinated with a huge fan. Too Big Mac fan myself but like he. He's he he was a huge fan. Ah It's still like a really I can't listen to his her like why it's h- stuff on his always pops up on instagram. It's super hard to watch but you know it's it's something that you know left something behind the at least we were able to have his music. At least you know in artist fucking coolest dude. I used to say that obviously I I've never I've never been back at all my bad I bring. Yeah people ask me about but I remember just like seeing videos haven't been like Oh dude. Casinos Matt Cool. Yeah he just seemed like the nicest guy in the world. Yeah he really was. Who's always made me feel like I was part of that? 'cause I knew I wasn't like I was like a fucking viner diner kid. Yeah like I was like dude this crazy but he always made me feel like part of the team he always made me feel welcome. That's dope awesome. Yeah you know. It's crazy easy Mac. Miller's music is the only music ever data I felt like and it took until like after he passed away I was like I'd like a like a week later. I was like Damn Dude like his music. Like meant a lot to me and it was probably the music that he hated doing also but it was like just happening at the same time. I think remember the same age and it was just happening at the same time as I was trying to do shit so he was like super inspirational his music to me. I'm like I watched this whole journey from like kids to like best day ever and Shit Shit. I'm like Oh my God like this is what I want to do. Whatever obviously not like wrapping and Shit motherfucker wrap too? It wasn't just like you just out there like viral sensation and White Boys Fire Bar fucking nice man recipes. The back rest in peace and we're going to end today feel bad. I feel bad that brought it up but I I just had that Pittsburgh though share that with us. Yeah of course yeah you find that Nicoletti instagram and twitter selling out shows and a may computers. COMEDIANS met meant slit. Glitzy you guys next yeah.

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