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Everybody. It's Daniel Jeremiah for move the sticks, and I'm Bucky Brooks. And this is calamari three six. Pocket might be worries at its most dangerous CD a walk in touchdown pass up the same Morris. Touchdown. Out of their escape ability. Draft week. This is our final three sixty episode for the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. And with a guy like Kylo Moore either. So many reasons why intentionally be the number one overall pick in this draft today, we want to focus on three main elements. What makes the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback so special number one? He's a winner forty three and Alan high school in Texas, three state championships. One hundred eighty six total touchdowns and over fourteen thousand yards for his high school it onto college is Heisman winner. He's a big twelve champion as a one year starting quarterback at Oklahoma. Number two. The unique ability to be dominant athlete into sports top ten pick in major league baseball and a potential number one overall pick in the NFL number three the dynamic of having to replace Baker Mayfield if Oklahoma how did the two all American quarterbacks compare. How are they different? We'll hear from many people close to calamari throughout this show. But first let's start with this office coordinator at Allen highschool in Texas, Jeff, leaner. I coach thank you so much for spending some time with us today. I question from me is just wins. The first time you met Cuyler Murray. And what was your impression? I was able to meet collar when he was actually in middle school. Kevin is dad was trying to one of the quarterbacks we had at Alan high school there in that two thousand ten two thousand eleven years, and so he was in middle school, and then his freshman year high school and got a chance to meet him a couple times at some of those training sessions in new and got a little bit. But for you know, you guys in the media note pretty quickly that is not real trust and everybody right when he first meets him. So is definitely fun that he went ahead and came to to Alan highschool and got to build that relationship with them, you know, in in in terms of building that relationship. What was it like when you finally had an opportunity to work with them in practice and to see and observe how you interact with his team Mason games. All is an absolute blasphemy you. I just see him that the first two three throws. He has just a out of practice. The very first time we got to see him practice. He was actually before we even started our our fault practices in with some of our receiver. In our other quarterback just to throw some balls at one of the middle schools in just from the very beginning knowing that he's just barely fifteen years old in watch. And you know, everything's perfect. I mean, the the fundamentals is hits this feat is armed placement. You know every single ball. Whether he's playing catch from guy ten yards away from home or throwing a post route down the field. It's it's effortless. And you know, it was one of those things that made it really easy as a coach that, you know, a lot of times you'd have to spend a lot of time working on fundamentals in drops, and footwork and things like that. And there's so much of that with Cuyler that was just it was just natural or just what he'd been working on for so long with his dad coached for those that don't know maybe from outside the country outside the state of Texas. Can you kind of paint the picture of just how big time high school football is when when you're coaching over there at Alan highschool in in the run you guys run? I just don't think people, maybe if you live in another state, you realize just how big how important high school football is. Oh, well, you know, anybody that says if you're going to be high school football coach, you know, there's no other place to do it like, Texas. You know, there's their stories all over the state of of coaches in Texas that loaded up their bags, and you all in their family from New Yorker, you know, places like that and drove down didn't have a job. But just said we're going to Texas because I won't be icicle coach. And you know, I think a little look at, you know, Friday night lights, the movie or the show and see some of that and think, oh, well, this, you know, some this has got to be some hyperbole some exaggeration for Hollywood. And maybe the good and bad of it is it really isn't on the best way to explain, you know, Alan is when you take the the insanity that is Texas is school football. If you want the poster child for that, you you look at it Allen high school where you know. I think the the fun part of just the city of Allen is it is very much the small town Friday night lights mentality as far as everybody's. Going to close up shop and go to football game. But we're going to have all that. But on the largest scale being the largest high school in Texas. It's been very important to them for a long time in that city that they wanted to always be a one high school town. They they didn't want anybody to have to, you know, wear a different color surged or you know, support a different team. And they've done a great job in that town continuing that in thinking about the pressure that comes along with being kind of like the only show in town. You guys went on a historic run you want three straight state titles and calamari was the starting quarterback. What did you learn about calamari doing that sustained room when you guys were able to kind of dominate the level of competition with him into quarterback? Well, you know, I mean there there was definitely games that we went went into and we were going to be the better team. But I think that that gets overshadowed sometimes is in those runs we went on when we got into the playoffs in playing some of the powerhouse teams nationally ranked teams year in year out. I think that's where his leadership in his ability really set us apart from everybody else because you know, there's not many games at the highest level in Texas where you're going to win just because you have the best athletes on the field. You know, you just can't you can't win that way. When you're playing the teams like the sodo euless trinity, cedar hill, Longview, you're playing you know, all of those powerhouse teams in it. That's when it has to be more than just the talent a of a guy like Collor Murray, and you know, his leadership is such a different style. And probably something that's been called into a question a lot because following a guy like Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma everybody. That's what they. Expected which was you know, maker was a guy that wasn't afraid to talk from the Mike phone and be loud. In be the the passion guy, the juice guy, the guy given the pep talk for the games and dancing and getting all the excitement going where you know, Keiler has always been my description island assassin and the confidence that he brought to his team just simply on is preparation in play. But I think there's just so many people that don't get to see as leadership because the out there in front of you on social media in front of the cameras to we have. I mean just stories upon stories from his three years as our quarterback at practices as far as he demanded you to be at your very best and be great on single snap and every single rip that we took at practice or you're going to hear about it. Pretty quick. Buck. I thought it was fascinating to listen to coach flavor talk about his time there with Cuyler Murray, and you kind of get a sense of the seriousness in the competitive side of Cuyler. Yeah. You get a greater sense of how competitive years how he held his teammates accountable. Some of the leadership questions that maybe we had about him. He answered those and more importantly, we get a chance to see where he stacked up with some of the great quarterbacks in highschool. They played at Texas guys. Like the drew breezes to Andrew luck, Patrick Mahomes. Baker Mayfield Matthew Stafford the list goes on and on look Calum Murray has been called by some the greatest player ever play in the state of Texas as a high school athlete speaks volumes about his ability and another person who's watched Cuyler Murray closely for years ESPN recruiting director in college football, analysts tob Lugan Bill. He had Murray ranked as a top overall quarterback in thirteenth best prospect in the class of two thousand fifteen. And I had a chance to sit down and talk with Tom. Cuyler murray. I don't know that there was a more decorated high school player in terms of the success. He had there at Allen high school there in Texas. But when you're evaluating him as a high schooler, I mean, how did you? How do you look at what he's done all zillion division one players on his team? But still he stays out like a sore. Thumb. What was your evaluation on him before we went to an I think the first thing you've got to do with column Murray is got just alive to remove measurable 's and really focus on the production focused on the little nuances of the position. Some of the things that you can't coach instincts pocket awareness leadership. A quiet swagger doesn't say an awful lot. And I've said all along I actually said that's when he was coming out because he was the guy that we had in the Under Armour game. And we had talked very very deep with our staff that if this guy was three inches taller. He'd be the best quarterback prospect that we evaluated at that. Time. I think we've been at ten years were added about thirteen fourteen now, but the reality is he was, you know, five ten in some change. And you know, the one thing that I've really been focusing on with that. They're everybody says well is is tall enough. Will it's not Izzy tall enough. It's can he stay durable. Can he protect himself because the game is changed its shock on bass game. He'll find lanes he can change arm angles. He can do all those things got much better arm strength than people think he does. And I think it's really important. Today's gain you've got to be able to throw off balance. You've got be able to make throws when things aren't perfect. Those are some of the things that he does really really well, so what you really become concerned about is the durability side. There's a difference between five ten and six foot doesn't seem like there is. But there is however with Cuyler, and I don't know if you agree with this. There's also a difference between being short and small. Question. He's not small each short. What he's got some stature to him in. So all things, you know. I I look at what I call the triple A aptitude athleticism. Accuracy, I think he checks those boxes and then to other things mental toughness and competitive instincts. How difficult was it for you? Because this is something I mean, if you'd ask me ten years ago. Said are you actually going to have a quarterback who at the time? We thought was going to be five foot nine as the number one quarterback in an NFL draft class. I was ten years ago said there's no way. Well, that's I've arrived to that point. Now it helps haven't seen. Russell wilson. Drew Brees and Baker not being the biggest guys in the world having success. But still it's you feel like early on the process you're putting yourself out there a little bit to have him as a top quarterback. Was it a challenge for you? You're putting out a list on ESPN dot com that everybody in the country is going to pay attention to. And are you sitting there going? Oh, man. I'm a wait till I get some blowback on this. I've got this five foot. Ten kid rated as highly as I do. I mean, how did you navigate those waters? It was difficult and truth be told when we first kind of started charting in as a sophomore junior. We actually put them in our athlete category. Because I was so concerned that from stature standpoint, I mean, how do you go on this guy? And then I had to be convinced. I had to see him in person I had to continue to watch him and. The things that he would do and how he would affect a football team. But it wasn't. It wasn't easy. And I think going between his his junior and his senior year was when we said, okay, let's transition him into the quarterback category. And if if you're going to be a university that's going to offer him a scholarship is a quarterback unique to tailor the offense around him. And I still feel the same way. Now DJ at the National Football League level, you're gonna take him. You're not gonna put him in the west coast. You're not gonna put him under center in a multiple pro style offense. Asking me to throw the eighteen yard comeback. You're going to do an Andy Reid has done. With Pat homes in what Doug Peterson is done with Nick foles. Because if you don't you're going to be putting yourself at a disadvantage, if you do I think you're going to maximize Kyla Meri's traits. And nobody's going to be talking about the fact that he's five ten change. No doubt. We know how it ended up. We know the Heisman Trophy winning season there at Oklahoma as we March towards the draft. I mean that that's where everybody's folk. Last question for me. Just real simple. What what went wrong for him? A texas. Am that led to the transfer? I think there were an awful lot of extenuating circumstances that probably were mostly off the field as opposed to on the field as it related to having two talented freshman quarterbacks. A program where in my opinion. There didn't seem to be a lot of locker room disciplined didn't seem to really have a lot of direction in terms of the leadership of the program. And I just don't think it was a good marriage. I don't think the locker room was the right environment. Just didn't work sometimes it just doesn't work, and I credit the young man because what he played he chose to go somewhere. Sit out redshirt, wait, which is something very hard for kids to do especially when you're talented the way that he is. But sometimes if you have a little patience, and you're willing to take maybe a little bit of a different path to get to where you wanna get those sacrifices will end up boring out to be fruitful in the end. That's fantastic. Luke's? Thank you so much for your time. And that was huge help these that was fascinating stuff from Lugan Bill. I think the thing that stands out to me is just may what would guys have rated Calum Murray, if he had been just a little taller, if he had those prototypical, physical dimensions that you typically look for and QB ones the fact that he was rated as highly as he was coming out of high school just continues to kinda seem it the case that this was a special player, a dynamic athlete. A remarkable playmaker. At the high school level. Yeah. I think it speaks to the timing. Right. If this is a player that had come out ten years ago without having a Russell Wilson doing what he's doing mate without having Baker having that immediate success. Maybe get a little more penalized for his size. But it definitely is a different time. Not only for us as we look at these guys coming in the NFL, Tom speaking to that fact, as you're looking at high school recruits. All right, buck, I had a chance to do a coach's roundtable where chance to sit down and visit with four big time college football, head coaches, including Mike Gundy, somebody that knows firsthand what it's like to play against Cuyler Murray. Guys. I want to talk about a player. I sure if you've played against him or you've definitely seen him through this process. One of the more unique players that I've seen in my scouting career Cuyler Murray and the in what he presents as an athlete in just a weapon at the quarterback. There's anything like it coast gun. Yeah. I know you play the position their first question. Just to the skill set of somebody like that in how fun it is to be a play caller when you have somebody will I certainly didn't play the position like he played at that's for sure. And. He was a one and done guy. And I have to say I'm glad he's one and done, but he's being aren't being an arch-rival of us, obviously with the bedlam, but but he had has had the single greatest year in my opinion of college quarterback for to show up and play one year and then move on and into watching play live the guys fantastic. I mean, it is what it is watching him play in the things that he was able to do the success that he's had and he just had a fantastic year in in. We we did not want to compete against him. You know, but I will say this. I have a lot of respect for him the way handled himself in the way that he competed. He was fantastic. Our book get a chance to talk with those guys. I know you were you were there that day as well got chance to visit with them. It's always fascinating, not only talk to guys that have coached someone but more Portland does have coached against him. Yeah. Because you get their perspective in its unique. When you stand on the opposite side line and you've had to be game plan meetings. We had to figure out how do we slow this guy down? What do we want to do to contain him? Can he be contained and then you play it out and the GATT continues to break, your heart unique perspective for guys that have really been on the tuft in some losses handed at the hands of calamari tell everybody what we've got coming up next here. Buck a good a good friend of the show. Also, somebody has unique insight here on KOA Murray. Well, a friend of our show and not only this show, but PAT's draft Joel Klatt a former big twelve starting quarterback at Colorado and was on the call for five Oklahoma sooner games last fall. He has something to say about Calgary. When it came to Cuyler and meeting with him. I know we've talked to how it before he got the job. Did you sense? Just from a comfort standpoint. And kind of being the lead man is that something and talking to folks I talked at Oklahoma sound like that was kind of an acquired taste for him. But haven't covered as many games, as you did did you sense as you're going through the year that okay, he became a little more comfortable as the front, man. He's just a quiet confident leader, I think that their confidence is virtually the same in the in their self belief of what they can do and what they can provide. And so I thought that when you when you would hear that. And you're like, well Keiler is not the, you know, he's growing into the leader. I think that's more born from their expectations of what they just had for the acre. Because when I talked to the teammates they loved Cuyler, they love what he brought a quiet confidence is very different than a boisterous confidence. But it still confidence. Nonetheless. And I think as the year went on. And I got in there more and more often from FAU week one all the way until the end of the year. What's what what I saw was a team that gravitated towards his style a calmness in particular offense, which they needed because their defense was so bad. And it was kind of like he just stood up. Put his home at honors like all right? We're gonna go score again. And that's kind of how they ended up playing. So I thought he wasn't a poor leader by any stretch. It was just a different leader than Baker a great insight there from our buddy, Joel Klatt. Who's obviously spent a lot of time around Kyle Murray having called all those Oklahoma games. Yeah. Look, he's fantastic. Well, look, you also one of my favorites you and Jeffrey Chindia where it Oklahoma pro day to watch the first team all American quarterback with fifty four total touchdowns last season. Here's a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Calamari? And asking everybody around here around the program about you for for today, and even leading up to the combine here a lot of the same things talk about your toughness and talk about your intelligence. I are great things about your work ethic. Everybody says, you know, you're quiet your little bit quieter. Is there an example, can you give me an example of just where you've kind of taken over in that in that vocal leadership role? We know your leader, by example. But is there an instance here at OU where you've got in front of the team and shared some things. I mean, I can't go through every what happened everybody. Everybody in the locker room knows. I can't give you that side on this on the TV show. Almo boys? No return, a nice intense. It is you know, it's time to go. You know, we're not playing around. That's just who. I am. No. I don't have much to say about it. Let's get something straight your teeth smile. 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Dereck club dot com slash podcast, offer code sticks. Block. It was fun to talk with Kyle felt like got him to open up a little bit got to see a little bit of his personality come out in that interview there which visiting with him at the Oklahoma pro day feel like a nice job of painting the picture of Cuyler as a winner. That's really all he's ever done from high school onto college. We've proven the point this guy is a winner. Now, the second theme of this episode focusing on the dual sport aspect of Cuyler Murray. Remember, he's a ninth overall selection by the Oakland A's and the two thousand eighteen MLB draft projected top picking the NFL draft expend to become the first ever athlete draft in the top ten in both baseball and football his high school offense coordinator, Jeff leans folder, all from the beginning and offers a unique viewpoint on Cuyler Murray's sports status. Coach what kind of a baseball player was it. You get a chance to see him there at the high school. How was he is a baseball player? The blast going to watch him play baseball in in. It's it's so funny. How the to kind of went together we used to have college coaches that would tell us on our football film. They loved getting to watch are in zone. Angled our of our film because an effect had a really big division. One offense coordinator say that if he didn't feel like he was going to thin the other quarterbacks in his room. He would have shown them Cuyler highschool tape on what your lower lower-half your body's supposed to look like when you're throwing balls and moving in the pocket. Same can be said in baseball. I it just amazed me to go watch a kid like that that just everything about his swing was effortless and everything about his hands. And and how we just played the entire game. It just looks so smooth and so natural, and you know. You know, just sitting here thinking about how much people struggle to hit a baseball, and how to swing and how to, you know, use your hips in your forearms on your legs and your feet and all of that stuff in and he just makes it look so effortless. But you know, the crazy thing about Qatar is as you get to Nome and hear the stories and get to know his family's. He had a guy like his dad that from very early on could help them with the football stuff. And then you have his uncle Calvin Murray that was obviously professional baseball player in pretty good at it. And you know, it was able to be trained but more than anything calories. Just wired in a way that he wanted to be great Kevin will tell that story a lot that you know, he wasn't one of these Todd. Marina vich nad type guys where it was demanding that his kid do this in practice this much colleges that three and four years old was constantly grabbing dad. Hey, let's go hit balls. Let's go. Let's go do this. Let's go do that. And I think that's what really sets them apart. Is you wish? Every single young athlete had that in. But like I said he he's just wired differently than other people. He wants to be great. I think the the, you know, even looking at his decision to go in the NFL draft. You know, helmets of that was just because people said he couldn't go play NFL. You know, he he's a guy that that bribes on that proving people wrong. I'm just excited that people starting to see what his skillset can do at the highest level. You know, coach one thing that I wanted many people wonder because he was so talented and gifted into sports in baseball and football. Let's discuss what's dilemma know, what he could become. I think that's the scariest part for everybody is he's never done that he's never been a hundred percent one of the other. And so if he's gonna put one hundred percent behind something it's scary to think that he could be even better than he is. I think you know, for a guy that split us time for so often, you know, and getting to seem at the high school level where things are a little bit differently. As far as getting kids. Attention spans two to be focused on what we're trying to do when games when there's so many other things going on within our software that we use to for film. We call huddle at the high school level. We're able as coaches to track how much film guys watched. When we log in. We can go look, you know, as a kid only watching, you know, three minutes of video or is he watch thirty minutes of video as we sit stuff out Cuyler was three and four times higher in amount of video. He watched than anybody else. Some of my favorite memories of collar were Monday mornings as. Dolphins a coordinator. I would just bring him in and go through the game plan of what we've seen in what we thought, you know, after that first year sophomore year, his junior senior year he started coming in on Monday mornings and almost giving me when his game plan was in what he thought he could break down exactly which safety. He thought we should attacked or this corners, pretty good or this corner. You know, he hits on this. But he loses receivers if they get on his outside hit. I mean, he was coming in and saying, hey, we need to pick on thirty three. And if if this guy ever comes in the game, you'd better call a deep shot right now because he was just so confident, and you go in and I'm sitting there thinking man, this guy might be watching more video than I am right now. And so it was just such a a passion thing for him. And it was phone for me because he really didn't ever want any part of I think we should run this route or this combination of things like that. He was great at where he found windows in places where he felt like he could attack. But he was the first one. That you know, it wasn't. He wanted to call the plays or he wanted to do this. He just wanted to be a part of the process. And so I I can't say enough about the type of kitty is far as the work that he would put into be great. But he would also take your help take your coaching which is hard to find especially the high school level. When you have very talented kids coach we can't thank you enough for taking some time for us today. We do appreciate it. We wish you the best of luck there at mesquite high school. And the the fall will be here before you know, it thanks again for your time. It will not really appreciate it. Thank you. DJ's uncommon for God to be dominated into sports. And for someone to see it from the ground level watching him in highschool watching him being able to not only dominate them the grid on. But what he was able to do on the diamond you just don't see those kind of athletes you're talking about Dion Sanders. Bo Jackson caliber stuff that we hearing about calamari no-doubt book in go chance to visit with the couple coaches at that coaches roundtable and coach Gundy and coach holder sin talking about recruiting to sport athletes to the college level. We're looking at Murray taking it to the NFL level having a chance if you wanted to play major league baseball, there's something about dual sport, athletes, and these coaches offer some interesting insight. You guys start at the ground floor recruiting these high school kids coach Gundy, I'll start with you on this just the traits. Got gotta have it at that position in your opinion. I think now it's a cerebral part guys that can make a decision quick with the different things we see on defense got to be very competitive. Gotta be tough. You know, we talk a lot about our quarterbacks. They're the one guys that take hits. And really don't deliver them. They got to be physically tough. They gotta make quick decisions. Mentally, you see a lot of guys in shorts times and seven seven's in the summer. They look really good. But they've got to be able to make plays in games. They got to be competitive. And they got to be a great leader. I mean, we we had Weeden there when you were with us. It was a great deal. So brand was a was a different type quarterback. You know, he was a first round baseball pick and a first round football pick. That's pretty that's pretty well, that's kind like. Kinda like kinda like the one at Oklahoma right now that that's coming out. There is no doubt. I tell you the number one thing that I look for. I got I got a pretty soft spot for coaches gives. He's got one in his house right now. I've got one in my house. You know, all those Texas Tech guys that we have. They're all coaches kids third with cliff Kingsbury Graham Harrell, all the case keenum, all these guys are coaches, give will Greer is a coach's give the one that. I have Houston right now. Dear at king is a special player. And he's a coach's kid, you know. So I it goes back to the cerebral thing. These these coaches kids, they'd kind of absorb a lot of the things over the years in a in a football office, and then they can transfer it onto the field as well. Just I know the brain Weeden with his situation he had been drafted in baseball coming out of high school. You actually had no the player that was with you. That was drafted while you're there, Josh fields. When when I came in with coach miles was head coach and I was the offense coordinator coaching quarterbacks right there in Stillwater. It's still want her high school was Josh field to nobody. Recruited. He was just a guy who was six foot and a half hundred eighty pound baseball football player, we had just come in and got the job. So we took him as we had a spot, and we couldn't really accumulate recruits guys that we needed. So we take him he grows to maybe six one ends up being one hundred ninety pounds a fantastic quarterback. Played force gets drafted in the first round bus Kaga White Sox, and then comes out and plays and played a little bit of pro baseball and went over play Japan. But the store is, you know, we talk about quarterbacks being dual sport guys. And and he was a fantastic baseball player, obviously. And then really good football player. I thought if he would've played his senior year that he would have been a middle round pick and football. He had gotten and develop himself that will where he understood defenses. He was a student of the game very tough Eric competitive came in we played Oklahoma down there. We were twenty eight point underdogs and breaks his breaks. His thumb quarterback breaks Assam. He comes in and plays. Finishes the game. We beat him down there that showed a little bit. He's a true freshman when he did that. So kind of that's kind of young man, we were dealing with. Well, it's not the collar Murray's not the first he won't be the last here having to make that decision baseball and football, I'm thankful that he chose football. I know you guys at the thankful that he decided to leave Oklahoma. DJ? You know, I'm a fan of guys that can play both sports. And I think is interesting to hear coaches give their take on guys that are multi sport athletes. And so, you know, if we're gonna talk about multi sport athletes, we're fortunate to talk to one who was outstanding in his own, right? A guy who can relate. How about Joel Klatt? Here's Fox Sports lead college football analysts. Continue on with the baseball team. How do you think being a standout baseball player has impacted his ability to impact the game? And. Skillset wise. I don't think that there's a lot of translation at all. I think it's all mentality. What position did you play? By the way, Joe crafted by the Padres. So the man. Draft by the current first place Padres. Go ahead foreshores. That's right. And their scouting department all got fired after that. No. I was third baseman. Yeah. And so a position player, and I think that that's important because pitchers and position players are so different in what they have to bring to the table. And one of the things that I struggled a lot with his that. I had a football mentality playing baseball. I wanted to succeed every single time play with a sense of urgency. You is you know, this is the most important better harder better effort effort effort. And and that's the way that I wanted to approach baseball. That is a failed approach in baseball. You cannot do that the guys that just allow it to come for them understand that the regardless of what happens in this opportunity. There's going to be a next opportunity, regardless of what happens in that opportunity. There's going to be a next opportunity and those are the styles of mentality. I think are really successful in baseball one of the reasons why he had a lot of success in baseball. And then you see that approach come the football. So the failure I dealt with in baseball as a position player. I thought led directly to me being a little bit more calm, even though I'm still tightly wound. But as a quarterback so that helped me at Colorado more than anything was the fact that you know, if I threw for fifty five percent, I was like man what a great day. Promoted this is a lot. And this is back when you know, sixty was really more than normal than the current day. Seventy percent so dealing with failure help, and I think that came to fruition with Cuyler as well. That's why I think you see the calm nature with the way that he kind of operates on the football field. And, but that's the attribute that I think translated the most one of the things I was thinking about just the way you described that to me, and you hear coaches talk like this buckle time, but focusing on the process and not the result. And seems to be kind of that's the baseball mentality. Yep. That's what it is. Whatever happens after the ball leaves my bat that's out of control. But in terms of getting myself prepared for that at bat for that moment. That's my job, and I can live with whatever happens almost seems like personality wise that kind of makes sense the way you kind of see Kyle Murray how he handles him so doubt, and it's not that different from playing quarterback because there are things that are out of your control as far as the result goes. Does you know? But if you immerse yourself into the process into the system. Yeah, candle. I think that's why Brady is so great. You know, now he's made himself a great thrower of the football very accurate down the field. But what he does best is operate the process. And I think from that standpoint, you know, I think that that is a learned trait from baseball that Keiler can can bring to the table. I love our boating. Joel in some great insight there book baseball football, the difference between the two although I got a needle Joel this a little bit because he wasn't a first round pick. I mean. Murray is going to be a top ten pick in both sports. Joel just got you know, he's just found his way into both sports professionally. I mean, come on. Joe? Let's let's step up your game a little bit here. Okay. This enough about Joel let's hear from the man himself at his pro day. DJ you and Jeffrey Judea where Norman with the all American quarterback caliber. A two sport star for your entire life. And you retire for your here. Now, you have entire spring to focus on football. What what's that been like for you to not have baseball in the back of your mind, I've done in my whole life. So when people ask me is it like do you have to flip a switch or anything like that? No. I mean for me I touch one field. I do my thing. And it's time to go on that feel so. I guess yes. Now that I'm spending all my time plan for wall people I hope to make a tremendous strat, obviously. But one day at a time for me. It's always been that way. So that's how we're gonna keep keep doing. Well, I asked you coach this, and I want you to be really honest about this because this time last year, you were a guy was a top ten pick in the major league baseball draft and people were talking about you playing footballs. If you just wanted to do it because you've never had a chance to do it. When did you realize this dream of playing in the NFL was a lot more realizable than than it was a year ago? Since I was a kid. You know, always wrote down on paper, you know, playing in NFL. But obviously, you know, the past two years. I'll sit him Baker in all I was doing playing baseball scouts. Obviously got see me play baseball didn't get seemingly football. So I'm five ten you know, we know how everybody thinks you know, about that. So not many of us in the league. So with not having film NBN short. You don't know how the NFL feels about you haven't played in two years. And that's just where it was. So a fly just pretty understandable from the outside of if you're looking in. Wiles in situation. Colorado. Nice job of explaining the process there where his focus is. And you can kind of definitely feel the love for football come out when he's talking about. Both of those sports now Lincoln Riley, somebody who has unique insight on what took place during this process. And what went into the season for Cuyler Murray? You go back to this point last year. And Calum Murray was a baseball player who was going to get up ball a one year shot at what point during the season. Did you realize he was going to have a tough decision to make about the NFL? Well, I've thought even before the season that if he played the way we thought he could that it potentially could could be could be a decision and I remember about about the mid season after they'd played a few games. And I'd seen him live. I it was the the by week he came in. And we talked a little bit about it. And I said, hey, you keep playing like this. You realize you are gonna have a decision to make. And so just just keep doing what you're doing. And he obviously even went and played even better the second half of the season. But I'm proud alley handled. It I mean, there's never been anybody in any sport that's had to deal with what he's had to deal with and the different offers on the table and all the scrutiny, and he's just he's handled it all so well and just just with a very mature manner. It's interesting to hear Lincoln Riley talk about Calvin Murray and that decision when. It comes to playing both sports league of Raleigh still had the decision to make when it came to determining quarterbacks. And he had Baker Mayfield. He had Cala Murray kind of sitting into on-deck circle to gas who they eventually thought would maybe compete for the starting job but to have back to back Heisman Trophy winners. I think he offers a unique insight and perspective on how to look at both of these guys. It can be a little frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry or running late to find yourself at a railway crossing waiting for a train. And if the signals are going into trains, not even there yet, you can feel a bit tempted to try a sneak across tracks would don't ever drains off and going a lot faster than you expect them to be and they can't stop even if the engineer hits the brakes right away. It can take a train over a mile to stop by that time. What used to be your car? It's just a crunched hunk of metal. And what used to be you? Well, better not think about that. The point is you can't know how quickly the train will arrive the train can't stop, even if it sees you. The result is disaster. If the signals are on the train is on the way, and you just need to remember one thing stop trains can. But y Philip you've made it cleanly through the first two sections of this podcast. I focusing on Kyle Marie as a winner. Check that box second focusing on Cuyler Murray as a dual sport athletes, somebody potentially a top ten pick in two major sports. And now we're going to transition and talk about the connection with Cuyler Murray and Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield Heisman Trophy winner. First overall, pick Cuyler Murray Heisman Trophy, winner potential first overall pick that is unique situation an interesting dynamic, and that'll be our focus for the remainder of the show DJ on that topic. We caught up with big twelve defensive lineman of the year, Texas, Charles amid who at the senior bowl and ask them about both Calum Murray and the number one pick in the twenty eighteen draft Baker Mayfield. Once you put your scouting hat on here joined to scouts here. And let's do some scouting what talk about maybe the most electric player in college football. Kyla murray? You got a chance to see him twice. So I want a little valuation on ham, and maybe a comparison. But what you saw in Kyla Murray in the guy. He replaced him Baker Mayfield. So. Yeah. Karl like a main best play I've ever played some hands down dynamic with running the ball. And then also people might not give him credit, but you Can Tho that thing. So yeah, I book compare him to Baker Baker the bigger than run the ball. I he did Baker allusive now. So you go back and watch our game. Baker duct some Saks need one. Fortunately to side was just got one, but he's allusive tube. But not to love kala throwing I think they're right there with each other. They're both very accurate trust that they both trust their arms crazy. But I think collars better did because he can run that thing you feel his speed. Like a lot of times we ask defensive players, and they know how fast somebody somebody's thinking. Can you feel you feel his speed when you're onto field? Kyle mary. Yeah. So the first time we played is option play. And I had a my job was sue slow play him. So he would pitch it and give time for everybody rallied to the pitch, man. And so he the option he's going to sidelines kind of pretty close. But not not too close. I'm playing them. And he's seeing that he don't keep it. But he was planning so slow. So he was a lawyer sleep. And then boom. Do like lightning win by me, and bro. I looked to my my do. I do did you just see this man like he was literally right there and then hit the Ceylon so fast. But and then he's so good like tip toeing, Gondolo X-ers extending the ball because you know, he Hayek as the ball. And also, do we're we're going to get some is real do Mike Vegas. Nice. Awesome. Quote. I wanna know even more about it. Because you face them twice. How much did he change in the second game? From the first game didn't run as much. The second game was a lot more of a pound the rock, and we did we did decent job are the run. But they were trying to throw that ball and move the pocket there. There are a lot more balanced than they were the first game. Block is great to hear from Charles men. Who are look somebody had a little bit success at least splitting his games with Cuyler Murray. And at a tough loss there against Baker Mayfield. But I thought the quote there that was so interesting. He said Kyle Murray the best football player he's ever played against. But you had a chance to catch up with my thirtieth ranked prospect in this year's draft. Oklahoma all American offensive tackle, Cody for you got a chance to visit with him there at the combine and ask him about the Oklahoma quarterbacks. What is it like to play with the Heisman Trophy winner? It's exciting, you know, plan with just one but back the back Heisman winners. I don't think many people get to say that they honor to play with both of those guys but playing with collars different. He's a great athlete. Great leader. And a great teammate to have when your team, you know, thinking about that. Because it is a unique contrast to be able to have Calum Murray and Baker Mayfield who was first overall having to protect for both of those guys what are some of the similarities and differences between the way they play. Some of the similarities would be they both to take control. The situations wins newbie. Another similarity is if we miss up as a lie, they find a way to make us look good getting out of the pocket of one difference. I will say with collards. Of trash talkers much as Baker. But that's the only difference. I I can come up with. Yeah. I think it's interesting. What Cody for was able to say about both of those guys Cody Ford, obviously knows those guys will have been blocked for them. I thought his take on their leadership styles and just a differences between Baker Mayfield and Kalamaria will unique. But I think is one of the challenges that teams will have going forward in a National Football League. When you look at the way that these two guys played the game in their respective manage chance to talk to somebody who lined up in front of Kylo Murray. Let's talk to somebody who lined up out wide marquees Brown. He had a chance in Allie play with collar Murray. Obviously spent some time there Baker Mayfield as well. If I was gonna ask you the difference playing for Baker Mayfield and with Baker Mayfield. And then playing with Kyla Moreno you've been asked this before. But what's the difference between the two? The differences. They're their personalities, you know on the field. They both load win. So the difference is you know, Keiler is more. You know, just Emmys reserve, you know, he's out their business like in baker's is you know, how he's going to get everybody gar is that edges different personalities. Having to play with those guys back to back, and you talked about calamari being a little more business. Like, we're Baker was a little more flamboyant and boisterous how long did it. Take you guys to adjust to calories leadership style. I mean, we knew Cuyler. So we knew there are two different guys. In those force at first it was like, you know, we had to raise the energy levels in different ways. Because basically wasn't there. But that's something we quickly adjusted to because how close we are you. How much fun was it though, knowing that would either one of these guys at quarterback is fast. You are man. It's tough to overrun them. I mean, they get the ball up, and they get it out and you guys attack vertically with both those quarterbacks getting over the top. Is a blessing onus during the process. You know, Colorado's my hoes. So like, I knew I was gonna have, you know, some good quarterbacks in that was the reason I came here. You know in in in having relationship because collar was your host the offense change much on new. You guys were like tight, but you had a close relationship with Baker Mayfield as well. How much did they offense change When Collor took over for Baker Mayfield? You know, it says a lot Nokia's collared can do a lot with his legs. So, you know, it came more dynamic teams got count for more people. So is changed the lion. You know, he opened up a lot of things for people. Offer those don't know about this Oklahoma offense. I know Baker made a very smooth transition to the NFL, I think some people thought, oh, this is kind of that old air raid offense. But man that what they ask of you guys at the collegiate level really helped him get prepared to play right away be successful at the NFL level. What is it about this Oklahoma offense that works? So well, it gets you guys ready for the next level. The standard at his say, you know, if you don't play standard you won't play. That's goes for block it from, you know, just doing your summit is to plan our everybody, you know, I think our office translates just because you know, we're not just a pass team. We have like three thousand Russia's the Joses we feed off each other with balance. I love the Hollywood when I was at the pro day got chance to chat with you a little bit. And then a child with Cuyler on the air and got a chance to ask him. You guys have been asked before put put your hand on the ground. You're healthy, your Foot's, totally healthy. We go ahead and let you guys run for who wins. So I'm not going to tell you what Kyle said. But I want to get your honest opinion who hits that tape. I if you in Tyler where where often a race, I say me I've been in. Unruh racing all the time. So isn't that get out there and race? If I lose I lose, you know, even prolonging too long. No. How close would you raise be? If you win. How close is few feet is gathered right on your heels. How close did their race between you and or when you hit the tape and in a forty four, okay? Got a good take off. Is going to be close ship, but anything past the forty leaving. Start striding out. It's over. I love it. All right, buck. I had to ask him the question. I mean, there's that's an age old question. Right. Who's faster? You your buddy? I had no choice ad ask that one. I mean, you had to ask them. I would love to see their race play out because there's a perception that Calum Murray may be quicker than fast, and we know to how they would just has the gas. And so to see them in a forty yard dash pay. I pay a little those money down to go being attendance for them. Yeah. I think I would go Hollywood on that one close race college fast. But I'm going to take Hollywood to win that race back to the coaches roundtable. Book talk of Mike Gundy Dana holders in about highway Murray, filling the shoes of the number one overall pick in Baker Mayfield. I haven't seen him obviously, it's your rival school. I'm seeing him the guy before him was the first pick in the draft last year. How would you compare the two well, they're very similar with their ability to have success? But Baker Mayfield was was so good at moving around and find a receiver downfield and just being deadly accurate in being in a position that you thought you had him multiple times. And he could find a way to throw it downfield make a play Murray being the opposite somewhat in the fact that you thought you had him and you couldn't get your hands on him. And we played him. I tell the story we played him. I think eighth or ninth game this year we played Oklahoma in going into the game. He had only been tackled seven times not sacked tackled. Really tackled to the ground seven times in games or so so that's the type of player he was. But. We thought Baker was fantastic. And then condos long behind him and made a lot of good place. So they've they've been fortunate down there transfers go, do, you know, this this player? Very well. Haven't been around that scene. What you're taking? Yeah. I recommended to the Browns people that they should probably take Baker Mayfield as the number one pack because he was the best that I'd ever seen and their offense was the best I've ever seen when I was at West Virginia competing against these guys thought we could make a run Adam last year that didn't think that there is any way they could duplicate what they did in two thousand and seventeen while they were better and Baker Mayfield collar Murray was better. I've never seen anything like it. We played in Morgantown ended up fifty nine fifty six. I don't think we tackled him all day. We didn't add to that stout. I know that because he scored quite quite a bit. You know, I just thought there's no way that could have duplicated and they did. So I take the job at the university of Houston, and we opened up with Oklahoma. And they got another one of these transfer quarterback. Axes hurts. I can't escape these guys right now. Jalen, I'll say anything about it now. But because he's he has he doesn't lose many games and Oklahoma doesn't lose too many game. So Lincoln does a great job. But those guys, and they're they're they're going to be everybody's good next year. Unique insight for both coaches, even though they combined the go, oh and eight against Baker Mayfield and caliber in the past years below they weren't alone. A lot of teams two losses at that wanted to gas who was in attendance for bunch of those games. Joel see what else he had to say? Our Joel first question for you on on Cuyler Murray before we go to the Heisman Trophy or this year. I want to go back to when he wasn't playing there at. Oh, yeah. I know you're around that team when you call a bunch of their games each and every year, but what was it like, you know, what were they saying about him kind of behind the scenes as he was waiting his turn behind Baker Mayfield. Yeah. I know you're. Yeah. So I want to go back to the year he had to sit out. And so so when he just gets there, and I went in and they were actually in the midst of of building their their new facility that we've all been in L. So they were in like these temporary facility in the Switzer building across the street, and it was all kind of like dark, and you know, I mean, it's temporary. So when I go in and we're meeting with Lincoln, and and coach stoops and the whole gamut we're going to talk to Baker, and this is his second year starting and when we go in and I see Cuyler there, and I had not met him yet. But obviously known a lot about him. So I went over and chatted with him. And then I and this is when Lincoln was just the coordinator. And I was like how's he doing? And he looks at me, and he was like baker's got his work cut out for him next year. So when Cuyler. Eligible then to play. So it's a competition. He's like it's a competition. Now, what ends up happening is that years. When Baker kind of goes bang through the roof. They ended up he was a Heisman finalist. He kind of grabs. Hold of not only the job but the team, right? That was baker's whole thing is that he was kind of a leader of leaders. And so it never materialized the competition. But I always go back to that moment because Lincoln knew at that point. And Bob knew at that point. He was like they knew how special Cuyler was. And they thought that he was going to regardless of what Baker did compete for the job. No, it didn't end up happening like that. But I go back to that moment because they knew how special he was and in one of the things I remember vividly about Lincoln saying is he throws it. Way better than everybody would expect him to throw it because it was just at that point threats. So so outlet and he said he's got all the throws. He's gonna be great. And so when he been you know, stayed and backed up Baker and then became the starting quarterback. I had pretty high expectations for them. And they did as well. Last story. I'll tell you about the time before he starts Heisman year. I'm at baker's pro day and Baker through great. He's got the headband on, you know. Baker all of that different stuff. And I remember an at the time. Now, I've had developed a good relationship with him because I've covered them so many times. And so Tyler was over on the silent. And I was like all right. What tell me about next year because I'm there, obviously more next year than just the draft. And he looks at me, and he was like, oh, he could be better than me. And I was like what? And I was like you don't normally say things like that. And he was like, no, no, he's he's he's more gifted. He was like I've had a great career, but he's more gifted than I am. Wow. And so those are the two things and so that's that's what I was expecting going into this season. So I don't think I was all that shocked that he had a great year. So this unique in terms of hearing Baker can give someone praises. He doesn't really. That's not really I was surprised. So so now you opportunity because you neatly you're up to in the press box you able to watch both of those guys play. And so how do you compare and contrast the two? When you saw them in Oklahoma. That's a great question. I I am mmediately saw a difference in in the threat of what Cuyler was providing as a runner, and it's and it wasn't. So the difference came in the style of defense. They were facing, you know, everyone was concerned about Baker. But they were concerned about him as a distributor and his ability to read the RPO down the field. And and hurt them in the middle of the field with his arm, and he was so good as you guys know, regardless of platform just flipping that ball out, you know, whether it was full backs are tied ends like Mark Andrews, or then he would wind up and deliver it outside the numbers. And so now all of a sudden the defense has had to make a choice. Now is the first thing I noticed because everyone had defended Oklahoma. So similarly when Baker was a quarterback, and now all of a sudden they had to account for this guy that if an win he wanted to pull it down. It wasn't just all man. He's going to move the chains. It's like, oh my God get him on the ground. Please. Because he he could take the distance. So it was a little bit different. And I think that those early games I got him at FAU. I got him against UCLA. And what I saw was a guy that was out there, and he was lethal and taking advantage of defenses that were built to stop him. And he was going down the field to Hollywood Brown. And and he showcased what I was talking about earlier, which was his ability to throw the football. And I think people were a bit surprised early early in the year at his affective nece down the field in particular guy, like Hollywood Brown or even CD lamb was not in this draft. But will be in the future and probably be one of the top two or three wide receivers that we're talking about in the coming years. I thought he was more aggressive than Baker. I mean, you talk about going down the field, and it's just looking at their styles and how they played I thought there's sometimes where I wish collar Murray would take a little check down. Like, you've got some you got some little bites. They're you're up to eat those sandwich in one bite. I thought Baker would maybe a little more prone to say, that's what they're giving me. I'm gonna take it. I just felt like Cuyler was always always reading deep too short and always trying to take shots to great point. I think a lot of that is born out of the urgency of sitting for two years, and knowing I got I got to go only twelve guaranteed bites at the sandwich. You know? Like, I I gotta get going worse. The calmness of playing for three years for Baker understanding us I and so I think that that was more experience because late in the year. I thought Cuyler did a better job of that. And to be honest with you even against Alabama when they really needed it. I didn't feel like he was raring back looking for home runs all the time. I see you know, I think early on in that game. He was and I thought he settled down. And then jars thing verbal it's not get into. That's a whole trust me. Get your defense on the field day seven. Twenty eight. Put him out there, Alabama. I'll be the second best offense. Go get them. Come on Lincoln. Really appreciate the insight there from our buddy. Joel it's unique for someone to be in attendance at so many of those games calling those games not only being there on game day. But doing all that prep work studying the game tape like Joel does to get ready for those Oklahoma game. So we do appreciate his contributions. Now, the man probably most responsible for where these two young men are right now is their head coach. When you look at Lincoln Riley the job. He did developing Baker Mayfield the job he did of really launching Cuyler Murray this season into a Heisman Trophy win as well. As potentially being the first overall pick. It was great to catch up with him and get his perspective on these two passers. All right. Let's start with the simple stuff. I mean, you've had the second straight year. You got a potential first round pick first overall pick in this event at your pro day as a coach how proud are you of this? What's calamari he's done so far it really proud just from where he started coming in here having to sit a year, and then the baker's backup for year, and then with all the outside pressure on this kid from in all these sad on him from his from his high school career all the baseball just so much has been made of it. And he's handled it all so well, and I'm so happy that he got the chance to to make the decision. He certainly made that decision to go full for the football. And he's somebody's gonna love him at the next level. Coach I want to go back to that time. When Baker when Baker moves on goes to the Browns. And now you're going to give the keys to Cuyler with this offense. What was said in that meeting? And did you see any change in Cuyler from kind of sitting in the passenger seat and now taking over there in the driver's seat? The great thing about Cuyler was even when he wasn't the starter. He was pretty aggressive. I mean, that's just his nature. And he was always competing with Baker. I think it made those two guys better throughout their time together here, but he certainly took the reins pretty quickly here. He was very natural and comfortable in that leadership spot. Really, I think the team really took on his personality, especially as competitiveness, and he he's one of those guys he set such a high standard for everybody around him, and he sets for himself first, and then expects them all meet it and made our team better. And he was certainly tremendous leader for us Baker had that smooth transition last year coach coming out of this system. What what is it about this offense that you've built that makes that transition a little easier for these guys go into the next level? Well, it puts it puts a lot on them mentally. I mean, it's it's like operating out of a huddle. It's just we do it. No huddle. They they communicate everything they do they do protections ever kind of throw scheme run scheme play action scheme that you could imagine, you know, we challenge these guys that do it and they've done it. Well, so I think they get them those situations. And and I think they're they're feeling comfortable. They've been able to do these things before they've had success. And they've. Translated. Well last thing from Joe get one more in here. Just selfishly erase in practice Hollywood and Cuyler how has that gone who wins fits one hundred? I would say Hollywood films a forty you pay. Good money to watch. That's a good way to put it. Thank you. Thank you. DJ how about that your Lincoln Riley in two years in as head coach you have to Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks. Let's go back to Oklahoma where you in Jeffrey Judea taught with Calum Murray about replacing a legend at OU. I don't know if you were here last year when Baker Mayfield was going through his pro day. But clearly he was the first pick in the draft. He's had a really good rookie season. Have you reached out to him about how to handle this process? And what kind of advice has he given you about going through this part of the process since the during the season, we didn't really talk much because he was busy. I was busy. But since the Heisman talking through that deal on and so forth. We've been we've been in contact pretty much a lot, you know. So talk to him last night about Odell trade. I. What are you saying? Can't go into that. But sales a little jealous. But now, he's he's a he's a great guy. That's what boy so it's great having quarter. You don't have to say it. I know you're not going to say it. But is there a team you have in mind where you're looking at it saying, that's where I wanna go or you open to wherever. Yeah. I'm not one of those guys. That's like I want to go here. I want to go there. You know? I'm grateful to be in this position. Wherever I go. You know, this is always been in a fell. So obviously, I would love to go number one in the draft. But if not, you know, it is what it is last question. Then we'll let you run here your head coach this question because I'm curious the two fastest players. I saw tape this year where you and your teammate Hollywood. So if I if we you guys aren't going to run he's got the foot what he's healthy when you're healthy. Maybe it's like ride some rocky hollow. Nobody's in the gym. But you guys race that forty who wins. I got him. Today. Definitely right. But more record sin that forty yards. I'll get him. There you go path past forty yards. He got really care about that. Well, that's that's it. In terms of the interviews for this episode, man. It's it's great to look at these three different aspects of Kyle Murray. He's a unique player. It's a unique situation, and it's gonna be fun to watch him at the next level. But it begs the question, we've heard from everybody else people want to know what we think you're all live give you the floor here Kylo Murray. How do you see them fitting in as a potential number one overall pick is that the right spot for and how's it going to do? I think he's going to be a fantastic player that next level. He's unique because he's a little different. He doesn't fit the normal. Prototypes. When it comes to his physical dimensions or even style of play. However, he can't play in a traditional offense because he is a polish pocket passer. He has unique traits when it comes to his arm talent. And then he gives you the extra which is running ability. I would expect Calum Murray to do what he is always done and high school. He was a dominant player and a winner in college. He was a dominant player in a winner. I don't think it changes when he gets to the pros. Sure you have. To make some some changes a little bit tweaks to office to make sure that you fully take advantage of all the things that he brings to the table, but I expect if he goes to the rice situation, he's going to win with Arizona Cardinals cliff Kingsbury, and he like being able to kinda work together. I think that's a unique challenge. Just because the coroner's may not have a lot around him. But cliff Kingsbury is a terrific quarterback developer he has a track record of having success with quarterbacks. It'd be interesting to see how plays out but Calum Murray certainly is worthy of consideration. At number one. Because I think he's a top ten player is just a matter of scheme fit with the player. I think he should have success regardless. Well, I look at it. And I say, this is a this is a marvelous athlete with a huge arm. Who's got a lot of twitchell in that to me is underrated aspect of the positions. One of the reasons why last year look at guys like Sam darnold and Baker Mayfield things you like about them. Everything was sudden, you don't have to be the best Athen world. But everything's just sudden and quick see things quickly quick release quick feet. There's just suddenness about him. And I see that with Kyle Murray. And those things I really really like he can make things happen quickly now to challenges he's going to face at the next level. Number one is something that's been talked about a lot. It's just durability. He's not the biggest guy in the world. He's little or two hundred pounds. He's going to take some shots. Kenny continue to get back up off the field after taking those hits. He's done. A really good job of protecting himself. Sliding get out of bounds. Giving up you'll even see him. Roll his shoulder. Turn away from contact inside the pocket, but still durability would probably be at the top of the list of my concerns. And then the unknown for me. He is playing chaos. You look at him you go back to high school. He played with a tremendously talented high school team. They went forty three you know, as we've talked about here e Ed better players on his side of the field. Every time he got on the field at Oklahoma. Almost the exact same. You could argue until they got into the playoffs every game. They took the field. Yeah. Better players if four draft picks along that offensive line v next year. So entire offense line NFL players did not have to function in the chaos, which with that AirAsia cardinals group buck. He's gonna fight himself in some of that chaos. How does he play? How does he function in that environment to me that's a little bit of an unknown? It isn't a known think to bring up valid concerns because he has always been the favourite the heavyweight he's never necessarily been the underdog when it comes to who years with them. And so how does he ham that how does he handle losing gains because he's never really been exposed to a lot of losses. And so either you're who because you hate losing so much that you find a way to will your. Your team to victories, or it can kind of parallels. You a little bit because you've never really had to deal with Decca of adversity. There are some questions that he will have to Asser along his journey, but I'm certainly willing to Bank on his ability to acid a Bill and come out of it on the other side. I ended up with him as a top quarterback initiatives draft class. It does look like it will be the era Zona cardinals. If not the Zona cardinals. I think you start to look at the raiders at pick number four potentially a team like the Washington Redskins or Miami Dolphins climbing up get ahead of the raiders to pick him. I I can't see any scenario where he falls out of the top five can you book? No. I can't think he's just a special player unique talent he's one that we've been championing for a while. And I think the play matches up where he's going to be selected because I think he has an opportunity to be a superstar in this league. All right. Well, that's going to do it for us today. That's our three sixty on Cuyler Murray. Hopefully, you've enjoyed it. If you have be sure to go check out the rest of our three sixty series here on the podcast where we've come with Wayne Haskins Nick Bosa Daniel Jones that Clemson defensive line all four of one of my favorites. We've ever done to go along with this. Kyle Murray episode, and you can find all of our podcasts. NFL dot com slash podcast, apple podcast, or your favorite podcast app. And all the move the sticks video content, NFL dot com slash NPS video or YouTube dot com slash NFL. Big shout out to our guy who's an phenomenal job putting this three sixty series together. We hope you enjoyed it. Next time. Time.

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