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OBI interview with Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton


<music> hey everyone it's anthony with the orange and black insider bengals podcast enjoy this set of interviews recently done by our co host john on share in these interviews include hearing from the likes of bengals head coach zack taylor quarterback andy dalton running back trayvon williams wide receiver josh malone offensive lineman billy price and linebacker jermaine pratt. These interviews also feature other members of cincinnati bengals blogs and podcasts. This is the type of content we love to bring you and will continue to do so during the preseason. He's in regular season and offseason. Thanks for listening to those yeah. I think it was more of an emphasis on it. <hes> that's one thing we felt like in in years past week since scrambled real situations we weren't everybody wanted to with okay. We need to be what spots you need to work because there is there is some technique meek arts scramble drill so <hes> i think we we worked on it to more last year than we did before and it showed some of career. How do you work on something that you guys have drills for in your practice or we really drill it and we talk about it in meetings and stuff okay if you're in certain spots wants to play breaks down. This is where you need to work. So we need to try to do is difference for you. Between heaven a coach who is a quarterbacks coach marvin independent guy yeah. This is my first to have an offensive minded coach and so <hes> got his hand on everything that we're doing offensively and so with him calling the plays and i mean it's it's been good for us to talk every time we've we've got something or i see something. I'm always getting my opinion on kyi. I've done missile before i've done that and so it's been great i think he's he's been very creative and everything that we're doing and i think we're gonna be explosively. Do you have any favorite pieces of the offenses. You're really excited for. I think the biggest thing is we can spread it around. It's not just focused on one guy so i think with the talent that we have. I think that that's a good thing you can't kill. One guy obviously remiss a._j. She was she was in. There and <hes> teams really have to focus on him but <hes>. I think everything that we're doing. We can really spread around housing jospin co code even replacing a._j. John and practices for yeah i yeah i think this has been absent. We would want a._j. John out there just the experience that they're getting the more reps they have the they've been so <hes>. I feel like they've done really well and <hes> spilled in that trust and chemistry with them. You have any particular the strength that you think translates really well to this new style of offense or is it similar to anything you've done in the past. I feel like i've heard mentioned that it's kind of like what you did with us and pieces of what you it <hes> i would. I honestly i wouldn't compare it to anything that we did with huge. It's a lot different. I think you know this offense. You get the ball your hands quick you. You throw on the move and stuff that i do well until <hes>. I feel like that stuff really fits with everything that we're doing that. Extending plays in scramble is that's been the biggest thing that the heart behind you to improve in several scheme or what's the biggest thing that even need to like improving hansen your game. I think it's just at this point is just master in this offense the known exactly what what we're doing like. I'm there now you know you had. The offseason had ninety ninety five percent of the installs in now so so i think now it's just making sure everybody's comfortable seems like the n._f._l. Is talking about responding to twelve personnel more bustan nickel is that that's something you guys are pretty aware of and preparing you go into the season. I know you've talked a lot about during a lot of eleven stuff last year you guys are second in the league and eleven personnel behind the ran's though with your tight end up with some of the injuries early in the season that's near excited for attacking like getting into the white clay running game maybe to attack people standing there yeah eh if you're a nickel and we're in toll personnel i mean you should have the advantage when you run the ball and you know we've had that before with the wants to wants tyler's into game love teams have put twelve or put nichols air force and i'll just because of the past threats he is so but when you do that you got to be able to run the ball because <hes> you you got the size advantage so we've heard reports that ryan finley struggle earlier but he's been doing a lot better recently. What do you think is led to his improvement. It's it's just time in the system. Your rookie had things i get you. You get to try to figure out how this whole thing works and <hes> rhinestone well. He's got he's got all the skills that you want and so <hes> ryan's gonna be just fine. Talk about team will listen just how he's like progress over on another guy that's like he's got tools tools. He's got stuff that you feel like you can really work with and i mean he's impressed. <hes> i think he's he's done great. When the ball is come as ways he knows where he needs to be and so once these preseason games but we'll see how these guys out one of my favorite throws to watch you execute is throwing to tyler right for me conceal linebacker's name plate. What's your favorite throw to make. That's a good one when the number of pick somebody's back. He's down to one thing we feel like with with guys like cam and a._j. And t._v. and all these guys we got to give them a chance chance they'll make the play. That's one of them when you can get down the red zone and do throw a high ball the tyler and the vaccine zone though j._j. Once again you've been listening to one in a series of recent bengals interviews courtesy of co host john sharon he recently spoke with members of the cincinnati bengals including head coach zack taylor quarterback andy dalton running back octavian williams wide receiver josh malone offensive lineman billy price and linebacker jermaine pratt john was joined by other members of <hes> both since he juggled dot com as well as other bengals podcast but this is a pretty exclusive set of interviews is that we bring you on our podcast. We thank the cincinnati bengals for the opportunity to speak with all of these members of the team and we thank you for listening to this set of interviews. We'll continue to bring you more of this type of material throughout the rest of the preseason regular season and into the offseason. Thanks for listening <music>.

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