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Hour 1 - Darren discusses MLB's horrible offer to come back, who made a hair appointment already and supervisor Greg Cox


The white glove guys. Previously Darren Smith Show. So again I know people have said there could buys are ready. Let's Go and if you gave me the plunger on push it immediately just don't have to drive pass that eyesore, but if that happens on Friday that that that becomes a pretty important moment in in sports in Santa Goes Sports History in this county sentimental Darren Smith. Always I mean. What are we doing this for? Welcome to the Darren Smith. Show is the big boys. This is the one that brings us back soon. Am Radio while rain wants more. Now here's Darren. On. On extra thirteen sixty. gradings to you and a happy Wednesday everybody is the twenty seventh day of May for two thousand twenty. I am Darren Smith. This is extra thirteen sixty. This is am one. Oh, three, three available on HD, Radio One zero one point five FM channel number two. That's right. If you get HD radio, you might not realize this. Some of those presets, some of those channels that you tune into have multiple channels, so give that a look find us see if you can have hd radio if you have it in your automobile. All you gotTa do find us, but one time and it'll change listening experience the iheartradio APP talk about changing. You're listening experience. Everything is there this show. Is there all the shows? Are there all the stations? Are there all the podcasts? Are there the iheartradio? APP is a free app you can listen in real time can take us with. You can stream us through your speakers. You can also auto download this show. Any portion of it and we're very flattered that people actually listen for three hours, but the vast majority of people do not so. If you miss something, you want to go back, track it down a little later on spore iheartradio APP Auto Download Sports S. DOT COM. That's our website and you're smart speakers and I've had many conversations with my smart speaker. Over the last fifteen hours, or so as I've been an Internet, hell here. Yes, they are. They are Syrian Alexa. They know how to find us all you have to do if you have a solid internet. Connection is ask and they can deliver. We say good afternoon here show number forty eight from the wind cave on this Wednesday afternoon. Good afternoon tomorrow casual. What Martha. What's going on? Who Just said wow sentimental and well groomed I said yes. You're forgetting that I'm also very clean that I clean around this house. I don't know that this is turning me into the catch of all catches here but well-groomed sentimental. And I know how to clean a kitchen table. Boy I. Tell you that again Darren again. You are Danny Tanner. Trust me on this. Check all the boxes. well-groomed. Very very clean divorced. Yes. or No. He was widowed. And you're very sentimental. The only thing is you have a cat and he had three kids. Can you name the three children? You say three Three daughters. The twins, though weren't actually twins on the show. There was only one of them. So who are the kids on full house? I know. Kimmy Gabler was the neighbor right? Is that became part of Bob? Sag? It's Comedy Act See. Michelle was the youngest play by the twins all right. There were three of them. Yeah, you're right about that. Yeah, three daughters. Okay well. You can get back to us on that good afternoon to Jim Russell. This is Jim. Ta What on the Kosta. and Richard Show this morning, because it was just Johnson, Mike is out under the weather, and we hope my that obviously means I know totally different things than it used to, but I don't believe this is just something where Mike needed a day of our in our and Man I will tell you jetson. Jim was ruthless to you. Those guys I've seen it on the text line I've heard bits and pieces of it, but those guys boy. They don't hold back. They really don't. What was it like working with Judson earlier this week, we have a very hate hate relationship between us I could tell. I could tell they were saying the gyms joke of the day. That Jim is the joke of the day Oh. Yeah, they took that to the next level. They were talking about your hair about your joke. It got a little rough. It was a little uncomfortable there, buddy. I know it's every time that I mentioned my name to them or meant. My Name's mentioned to them. It becomes a becomes a joke fest and just a writ fest on me I. Don't know what I don't know what I did. I literally don't know what I did. Man. It is unrelenting I will just say that, even in these uncertain times it is unrelenting the amount of verbal abuse that comes from Judson and even fletch man. They don't really they don't really hold back and I know costumer their man. It would have been that scene from top gun where it was. It was iceman up there with all the mix flying around. It would have been that scene if I were on that. Show this morning. Were there and Judson and Ben Fletcher would have been that I. would have been there all by my lonesome coming up on the show today, county supervisor Greg Cox will join us in our next segment. He will join us here early. We'll find out if the county supervisor who represents district one which is a lot of the South Bay area. Chula Vista National City Imperial Beach We'll find out the important stuff like Greg Cox. Run out and get a haircut. Jim Run out and get a haircut yesterday since there are appointments being made I. Don't know exactly which places are in our an open, but Jim sent us a picture yesterday where he was compared this morning. I don't even know what this reference means. But he was compared this morning to the saxophone player from Spandau Ballet. Little sense sorry. Way! I don't know. I that. By the way I was responsible for that line. Just you know being up front. About, we'll find out if Greg Cox ran out and got a haircut Jim Russell. Did you run out and get a haircut? I'm currently in the process of finding a location that's open and I think they didn't open up until like midnight was like the date time so I think that today's the first day that hair salons are open is that's what Jack told me so today? Jack I mean that's that's the right person to speak to their I would. I would say that. Really at the front of the line will be Jack Cronin from newsradio six hundred, Kogo. He from what I'm told now keep in mind I haven't seen jacket about ten or eleven weeks. Just like we haven't seen Jim like ten or eleven weeks, but Jack did tell me that he attempted to cut his own hair. It's it's not it's not gonNA go well, not not good. Not Good I love thought. Oh Yeah I see him every day it's. It looks like he did it. Yeah. What happened? It just looks like modified bulk. Modified bowl cut like a ball, you know with bowl cut like he put a ball over his head, and then he had a pair of clippers, and he just trimmed around the sides and back. Into, dumber. That look not to that extreme, but like the front is definitely. All messed up in the back. It doesn't look pretty so yeah he needs. He got really brave and tried to trim the top because I've only done sides and back here. On sides and backed as well just not the top sides, and back for him as well, but the sides and back just you could tell it was done by him. OR NOT PROFESSIONAL! Do you not here. The typing of that keyboard into the microphone. Really not hear that. Gosh Almighty. if there's one thing I will not miss about staying at home, it is not having an it department because I will never take an it department for granted again, and before the start of the Kogo show last night I couldn't tell you what happened. I will tell you that I considered jumping into the jeep getting on the fifteen and going to the IHEART studios because I didn't think that I was going to get myself on the air last night and I somehow figure that out and then today. I had to do the show last night. Using the Ethernet cable to power this equipment, but I was unable than to have wi fi, so I had to do whatever research I had the do. We spoke with Brandon waters last night. WHO's the CEO at Ballast Point? We spoke with him but know you do a lot of research. Take a lot of notes. I keep open certain pages on the laptop in front of me in case. I want to reference them during this show during that show as well and last night and I. I can't explain this. I think there is a router type issue a router situation going on here. It's a new router. It's only a couple of months old. When we switched and got rid of at and T. and got YouTube TV. We got rid of a t and t internet. We replaced it with web pass. Everything has been great so far Martier five times a week. We stream televisions. We have laptops. We had ethernet connected to the radio broadcast equipment. My Wife's working downstairs via Ethernet. Wifi often at times, we have phones. We have lots of things happening here, not the hint of a problem whatsoever last night. If you wanted Ethernet I had to hook it up directly into the Jack that would go to the router and I had to hook it straight into the equipment, which meant I had no Wifi. Okay fine. You could deal with that for an hour, but I can't have Mardi over here. Banging away at that keyboard for three hours if I don't have Wifi. So I was a bit in an uncomfortable position, because what do I know and I'm on the phone cable company on the phone with the Internet company. I'm on the phone. Even tried to call the router company was weight. Well how many guests from forty five minutes web has was very quick. Pass really picks up within five minutes. You know they did now. I will say that the router company that I'm using here. They said Hey. Listen to Kovin. Right good walk right. Just good luck you're on your own is essentially what the router company said now I guess you should expect that because what is a router? It's a piece of equipment that you buy from best buy target or wherever so who knows where you're even call, but for the most part the message from the router company was. Good luck. and. We're just not answering the phone now. So then you start looking around you start looking at youtube videos trying to determine. Can I fix this myself? But like what do I know about a router and all I will say without boring everybody even further on all these details as We have learned to appreciate things that we often took for granted I. Hear this a lot about teachers that teachers now are certainly appreciated by parents who have been homeschooling who have had children at home for months more so than they ever realized. I would also put in there. For the fall semester it departments because man oh man, if I had a clue, and then I'm just taking random wires out of the wall, plugging them into this port, plugging them into that port every time I come out into the kitchen I. Ask her who shall not be named what the weather is just to see if the WI FIS working, because that's connected to Wifi, the TV's connected to Wi, fi or equipment. Here's connected to Wi fi I get Mardi a heads up and say hey. If you have a personal hotspot, you might WanNa bring it over today. Because the best that I can guarantee is that we can connect one ethernet cable to our. Our broadcast equipment, which totally screwed over the wife, because then she would have no internet throughout the afternoon as she's attempting to work, so we almost turn this place completely upside out the long and short of it is hugging person if you them if you work with somebody if you live with somebody who's in an it department on my behalf, please hug and thank that person for me, because I was lost I was completely lost, and this gobbled up hours, really my life in the last. Oh, I don't know sixteen hours. How you listened the solution simple. You could have come over to PB. No I'm sorry. You can have come over to crown point. To my heard I have Internet and. Working Devices I would've been happy to let you in. You also have rancid. Half a gallon of milk on the counter is gonNA prevent any. Any self respecting human being never set foot in that house again. Nobody is ever going to come to your house now that you have posted that picture at Mardi Caswell DOT com. Nobody is ever going to walk into your home again. Knowing what Sore I mean, forget cove nineteen. I'd take my chances there, but with the Ranson rotting food and drink being left out in your place Marty. I will decline. This invitation. Here publicly, discussing by the ever seen like one of the most things I've ever seen. Did. You use a filter on that now just to enhance the how disgusting. The milk was. That has been left on your counter for how many days now? I want to say about five days. Are. You not worried to sleep in this house. I would be worried. I'd be now to the point where I'd be worried to sleep in this sleep in the kitchen I, have my own room. You are not that far away, and this is a living object that will attract other living critters and for me. I couldn't live like that I couldn't. I don't do well in those areas, but man that's that's rough, so we're on, and that's all that matters will take the three o'clock and the loose cannons today, but yes, this has been an agitating nightmare over the last I. Don't know like I said what eighteen hours or so since I started getting ready for last night's Kogo, show. Major League Baseball. What's the deal? Gone out these guys. Serious. They at least now I think the best thing you could say about Major League baseball is they are currently going to be the last sport in this country to return. Is that about the best thing that you could say for Major League baseball now you can have. A Hiccup with the NBA's plant. You can have a hiccup with the hockey plan. You can certainly find yourself in a situation where circumstances dictate that you can't get major league soccer off the ground right? The National Women's soccer league the US, l., etc, there things and potential pitfalls, unforeseen circumstances that might prevent these teams or these leagues. I should say. From getting up and running. But it feels like best case scenario. Is that baseball if when it returns will be the last sport to return based on an interruption of play. Footballs in a totally different department college football, pro football alike because their seasons guess what they don't start until September. And that's about the best that you can say for the sport right now is that it is behind the planning of NBA leadership. It is behind the planning of NHL Leadership. Clearly, it is behind, and we were behind the country for some of the European soccer leagues, the Bundesliga the Spanish Soccer League La Liga the English league. The English premier league so it is, it is understandably behind as are all of North American sports behind the European counterparts. But as it compares to the other sports in this country, if you were wagering on what would return I? Is there anything you think that baseball would be ahead of with regards to sports that have already been in Iran. Now nothing, what about you I? Mean now I. Think it's safe to say. What will you see first? Major League Baseball or football. We're almost to that point now. That's a little premature. That's jumping the gun just a little bit. Because as we know, this is a a living negotiation. Every early signs indicate that it's not going real well out of the gate, but that's not necessarily damning as where it's going to be in its final conclusion, every major sport seems to have a plan to return where the players. And the owners are in somewhat of an agreement. Baseball seems to be a complete polar opposite opposite were the biggest news coming out of it seems to be the divide. Not just on the money. On the housing, but on the health and safety the players it just it looks bad does. It is put fans, and it is put media in a really rotten position, which as a league, this should have been the thing that you were hoping to avoid most finger-pointing. Blaming owners blaming players. Now you're blaming. High end highly compensated players more than you're paying play blaming lower paid employees, and that's where you're at is now you have apparently some form of civil war going on in baseball, and who all is caught in the middle of it. Well, the fans are just WANNA. Take a break for a couple of hours and watch a stink in baseball game to fan who've gotten through the wire and they're ready for live sports. Who Don't WanNa? Start another series. For. Any salaries is good enough to compare the wire. Fans who are tired of binge-watching an eighteen year old show series. They're ready for something new. And with no spoilers new, we'll take a lot of different formations. New will be the return of the NBA new will be I'm intrigued by the NHL plan. I don't understand it, but I will at least pay attention to it early on new is Oh. We've got a couple of football players who were playing golf in the rain. I guess I'll tune into that for some period of time new is what did you say a Marble Race Oh? Yeah I, get you to I will watch that as well so. It's just it. It is very unfortunate especially for the sport at least in terms. Of the creation of the sport, the actual mechanics of the sport. Aren't such that spend. A lot of tiny spent a lot of time to clubhouse. You spend a lot of time a bus. You spend a lot of time around your teammates because you play every day. But in terms of the mechanics of the Sport Act. This isn't football where you're leaning sweating on each other. This isn't basketball where you're leaning and sweating on each other and breathing in each other's face. And you're all over one another and your contacts mentally spitting on one another so mechanically speaking just in terms of the mechanics of the sport and I'm not saying that there's zero contact. It's just a low contact sport soccer. You're all over people. That's not the case here. And yet it is hung up. Pretty much on everything for one reason. Though, more than others, and that would be the money. And I think that baseball. Ownership. The League. Has succeeded to a certain extent. In attempting to divide and conquer among the ranks, the rank and file of major, League baseball players by saying. Hey, you guys you top earners here. You guys who are on the high end of the food chain where you're going to take the biggest cuts as if they weren't already. When they were getting prorated salaries, those were the guys that stood to. Lose the most if you will. Because a thirty million dollar player playing a half, a season on a prorated salary was always gonNA. Make fifteen million and a guy who was scheduled to make five, hundred or six hundred thousand dollars was always gonNA. Make three hundred thousand dollars so you? There's a huge gap between fifteen million in losses, three, hundred, thousand and losses. Then again, you can spend that. However, you want to spend him. But some of the pay cuts that made the that we're making the round yesterday I. Mean You're talking? Everybody's got a price. Everybody's got a price seven million bucks to play baseball for you and me, and for most people seems like a pretty good deal. Unless you were scheduled to make thirty five right. And you really need to have the discipline to say to yourself. How would you handle a seventy percent reduction in pay even if it was for fifty percent of the work, how would you handle a seventy percent reduction in pay? And you know the problem with the whole revenue split as I see it. Because, it's also easy to say well. Yeah, just split the pot. Right like here here. Here's the revenue. Players, you get fifty. Sorted out amongst yourselves, which will create problems. And then owners, here's your fifty percent cotton. That makes a lot of sense. Right when you think about it when you just say it that way. How about if we take all the revenue? We put it into the middle and we cut it up fifty fifty. Here's the problem though. That neither any of you out there listening unless your name is Ron, Fowler Repeater siler. Nor I Nor most people nor many players can tell you. Revenue is in baseball because they've got these really really clever ways. Of saying that revenue is TV money. Ticket sales of which there will be no. Concessions. Maybe some local television radio money. What about MLB advanced media. What about the parking structure? What about teams that on a percentage of the regional sports networks? The padres do I think the padres if I'm not mistaken on twenty percent of Fox Sports San Diego. Right I know that the Yankees own the Yankee entertainment sports network etc. So, how does that work and the problem is because? You're not off in saying just split the revenue right? Other leagues do that and it seems to work for the NBA. For the most part. It seems to work for hockey for the most part. Except in this sport in particular like you just can't define what the revenue is because that terminology is means one thing to Mardi than it does to me since she's the owner in on the player. What? She considers revenue, or what I consider revenue, those things don't exactly ally, and that's where the confusion comes in, and it goes back to the root cause of all this, which is trust. Which is that neither side? Especially, the players with the owners based on history. Don't don't don't trust the owners. She'll. Know I'll tell you I do remain perhaps naively optimistic about this. Just because they're still talking when they're not talking then I think you stick a fork in it and it has done. But we'll see we'll see. We'll talk with Matt Vast Gershon about this coming up in a little bit, but. Again, best case scenario for baseball is that it is. It is the last spore. To return and that's unfortunate. Given how the sport is structured, but it is what it is when we come back. County Supervisor Greg Cox is GonNa join us. We'll talk to him. About hair salons barbershops opening up. What's next? What's going on at the beach? An update from the county of San Diego when we return on. Coming up today, three on the canons very latest for Major League Baseball and its players. Association will be joined by Scott Miller from bleacher report at three thirty. We get going at three on extra thirteen, sixty and FM one two, three three. All right graduation might look different, but your commencement address better than ever. John Legend, Bill and Melinda Gates Tim McGraw Eli Manning and more delivering encouraging messages and words of inspiration listen to commencement podcast you could hear life lessons from some of the most influential and interesting people in the world available now be via the free iheartradio APP. Have had the chance to watch Greg Cox, county. Supervisor County a San Diego many times during the county's briefings. They did them on a daily basis I think they're. They're down three times per week tonight. Today might be one of those days, but he's been up. There mask given out the information. It's been greatly appreciated. I know at times. We were just talking from the federal level to the state level of the county to the city. Some of this can get a little confusing. There's no doubt about it. You need a scorecard. Some of it can be a little bit frustrating when you hear one thing coming from one agency and one thing from another agency. Consistently here, the county supervisors have been delivering. The message is all throughout this pandemic Greg Cox joining us on extra thirteen sixty county supervisor representing district one supervisor. Cox Darren Smith. Thank you very much for your time. We appreciate it. How are you I? I wonder that level you're there to to hopefully sift through some of the confusion in some of the frustration from the people who live in San Diego, but for you yourself. Have you experienced any of that? I'm sure you have over the last couple of months. How do you deal with it? Well? It's. Kind of housing yourself at home, obviously I gotta do a little traveling back and forth, but you kind of adjust to it but I think. Know after a while I think everybody gets a little cabin fever, so I think it's it's nice to at least being a point where we can serve relaxing. Some of the early help the orders that we had and let people get outside and exercise a little more fresh air, and hopefully within the next week or so. We think that we'll be able to work to get to the beach. Sexually opened up even more than they are now. Well. That's good news. Greg Cox's joining us on extra thirteen sixty, so did it yesterday, the announcement from Sacramento from the governor himself that someone's barbershops, the county for those that might not know this requested from the governor that we be a pilot program to get into stage three, perhaps a little bit ahead of schedule than the rest of the state. Did you hear back and was yesterday's announcement specifically the barber shops and hair salons. Do you think that that was not us? Being told yes, go ahead with the pilot program, but will give you a little bit of of autonomy and added freedom. It's probably more the land I mean. I think we've been very successful in San Diego and getting really pretty good cooperation from everybody in regards public health orders to. Keep social distancing the to only on essential trips to you know you know. We had a few instances I guess over the weekend in Carlsbad on the beach, but generally speaking. People have been pretty compliant with that public health orders, and of course the the governor is really setting the standard and a lot of those and then our own public health officer wooden. gas to give the final authority in in within San Diego County. So you know I think that the fact that we've we've had good compliances allowed us to start opening up. More things opening up stores now where people can go in although you know again with social distancing and proper spacing, but I think the the letter we set up to allow us to be a pilot. I think you know we're getting bits and pieces of it as we move along, and that's okay. I mean I think you know. We love to get the full package, but. If you have to get drips and drabs as long as we keep getting more or things opened up and get the economy rolling back to to a healthy standard I think That's certainly a priority along with obviously the highest priority. So I think those who have to go hand in hand. So holiday weekend three day weekend. Traditionally people travel it's a very popular time to gravitate towards the Pacific. Ocean to gravitate towards outdoor spaces. Neighborhood Parks, etc. It touched a little bit on perhaps some north. County some small minor. North county situations there, but all in all. How would you say it's going? How are people in San Diego County handling the added responsibility as it comes along. You know I think generally I think this is in San Diego County have been doing an outstanding job I mean it's it's tough to be cooped up along. We have all been cooped up. But I think there's a realization that this is not going away anytime soon and so we need to say take certain precautions which Shaw again most people I think have been been pretty observant of I. Just mentioned yesterday. I went into the gas station and chill listed their case this and am PM. ARCO Station and I didn't have my mask on because I was just filling up the tank about my car, nobody was around me and I was waiting to get a receipt, and it didn't give me one so I went inside the store, and I had my mask with me, but I didn't have on, so they told me to go I can put an on which I did and I appreciate that that Tells me. People are taking this very seriously and sometimes. You. Know sometimes you laps back in your old ways, but there's kind of a new normal right now at least for the next few months until we get a better handle on either back sooner or treatment for. Nineteen. All Right? What an interesting seeing! That would have been to telling county supervisor. Greg Cox Excuse me county supervisor. You need to put your mask on before you're coming into this place. In got to follow the rule. That's part of what we gotta live with. No doubt about it and we've seen that you guys have had the put your foot down in certain situations as well. Which I'm sure was not easy to make some of the decisions that you've had to make because we know what this past week and represented for certain establishments that didn't follow the rules I. Don't know that that was an easy decision for the county to make to punish bar and Pacific beach by doing what you had to do to send a message there to to make sure also that the people who were doing the responsible way didn't feel I didn't feel compelled to wander down that avenue. I'm sure that these none of these decisions are probably easy for the county supervisors. And? Of course you get a lot of people earn business that are and want to get you know open backed up, but our goal is really not enforcement. It's more compliance. We want people to kind of just abide by the rules and if we can. If we can get people to do it with by, you know saying. Hey, you know if you didn't have your ask on, you should or. In one case of the the the business in Pacific beach. Unfortunately, we had to shut that down for a couple of days, but I know the owner came in yesterday. That was our public health officer, and I think working on a plan I think they're going to be able to reopen within the next couple of days and I think there's going to be certainly greater compliance. Sandwich. I would say so, if not nobody ever will feel sorry for them. Greg Cox County Supervisor District One joining us on extra thirteen sixty. Where the portion of the county that you represent supervisor, it's for people that might not be familiar Chula Vista National City. SANUSI drove a lot of south bay communities as well and not to to dig too deep into the data here, but it does seem like there's been a disproportionately high amount of covid nineteen cases in in that district in particular, some of those areas compared to the population. What what's happening in in South Bay what show? What do we think is happening there with with some of the disproportionate numbers in the high level of cases? Where you're right? They're certainly more positive. Cases of covid nineteen in South County, and you know what the reason for that. There's probably several reasons I mean. Obviously it's it's the first step for American. Citizens are living in Mexico are coming across the border. a lot of them are probably going to the scripts and in sharp hostels until. You've got probably a lot of essential workers people that are working in grocery stores and gas stations and the takeout restaurants that are selling operation that work in those establishments and so I mean it's. It's a combination of a lot of different things. Older population larger families, which means it's, it's probably more likely to to spread once. IT GETS IN WITHIN A. A A family living unit. So what we're doing is we're. We're opening up more and more testing attack too early today. I was at a press conference that these children children's hospital where they're going to start doing to two thousand tests per day, primarily children's, but I'll children, but also their parents and people can can call and they point to to Schedule an appointment either to raitis hospital for. Two months. And a couple of other places that they can call to make appointments to get their children tested and get themselves says at the same time. And you know we. We rolled out this program. We call it t three, which is testing you. People get tested positive positive than we immediately begin tracing process. We've hired Process mind over five hundred people that will actually go around and in contact. All the people that those individuals that have tested positive had been a close contact over the last few days. And, then once we identify those individuals with them tested, and then the third part of that to US treatment, so he tests. Were we trace, and then we treat, and that's GonNa make a big difference in south. County we're doing a lot more testing at different locations I guess. Paradise Play Hospital is beginning to do testing imperial beach. health centers. They're going to be doing testing. We've got a couple of different locations and chill this including the old sears star. In Broadway and h street until this, so I think having more testing means we're probably going to have more positive cases, but important thing is it means we'll get those people Under, treatment that will hopefully minimize impact of covid nineteen on their lives. Supervisor! We realized that this is often a day to day situation for you guys on the Board for the county for the different cities, etc, but this being a sports station. I'm I'm obligated to at least ask, do you? Do you think at all? What sports looks like? If it's able to return, we have the padres. We've got pro soccer. Do, you have a sense of of what the return a professional sports might mean at some point this summer, and what it might look like for you guys. Well you know the governor's GonNa be the one that really calls the shots on that one of those types of activities are in what they call stage four. It's kind of the. The most high impact and high intensity type of activity where you have stadiums, conferences and conventions and theme parks those are going to be really opened up by through executive order of the governor, and I think that's probably still a ways off. Kind of hard to speculate win. That might come, but I think. You know as long as we get somebody. Many other businesses open and obvious saying Oh people want to get out and get involved in sports. Activities Little League chomping at the bit to shop. There I think that's coming, but it's probably still a few weeks way. Have you made a last thing, did you? I'm not saying you need a haircut supervisor. I'm just asking. If you've made an appointment to go, get your haircut next. Monday at five PM. Jim Desmond. Has Your be about a week. Just so you know. 'cause. I saw him this morning on. K. You as I said he had an appointment ten thirty today. Yeah I Think. I was GONNA, draw, and of course they have to kind of cut down on the number of customers they can. They can handle. So I gotta get my my. Name the two and Five is. Not Looking for. We appreciate it. Thank you very much for for the updates there during the press sessions. Thank you very much for joining us steady on extra thirteen six. We appreciate it. Thanks there. You got that is county supervisor Greg Cox represented district one for those that that aren't one hundred percent familiar with the way this works and I will confess that I wasn't one hundred percent. Aware of how the county supervisors work there five of them. They divvy up the county. There should be more in some people's opinion. I think Scott Lewis has always advocated for more county supervisors I think. That's right I don't think he's advocated for less so and that region where Greg Cox. Were what the region where he represented has represented for quite a while district one and it includes some of those areas I was just talking. A period leads things area areas like that imperial. Beach National. City Chula Vista Sanusi Dro-. You know those those types of of more south. Southern County Cities established. You know both incorporated, mostly incorporated cities. I think for Greg Hawkes, so we appreciate him stopping by anything there that that encouraged you thought beaches now pretty soon. You could take a beach towels pretty soon. It sounds like it takes. You might be able to take a beach chairs. And make your way out there to all the great beaches that Crown Point has to offer. Yes, yes, love the very famous for their for the pristine beaches. No doubt about it. Has Right there. That's that's great. Great News hopefully soon. I'm ready for I'm ready just the feeling of warm sand. Where you can touch the sand. Yeah, but you can't lay in it the CAM. Laying it. You want to lay in the sand as it lay your lie. I don't know the answer to that. I think you're right I think it's lay. All right. We'll be back. On Thursday on Kosten Richards as Major, League Baseball, players and owners go back and forth. Does it feel like they've taken you the fan into consideration at all? We'll talk about tomorrow and see at six and extra thirteen, sixty and FM one zero three three. All right coming up fast. Gershon will join US our number three. We're GONNA. Take your text messages in about an hour. Seven, zero, four, seven, zero first word of the tax X, T R A. that's the first word of the tax that shows up right here in front of us. Read 'em coming up at about one forty five or so. They were very very funny. Yesterday we. We appreciate that got a tweet here from. Jeremy, who says I thought you guys had Brady hoke on for a second. Now that's that's the way Greg Hawkes sounds, and he has said that, and he's had some sort of a vocal throat type condition for years, and he actually has said that early on during the pandemic started no Greg Cox I mean he does He. Brady hoke steel is at all, but that Greg Cox got up there and said at the beginning of the pandemic when the county started doing daily press conferences like hi, everybody. I'm Greg Cox County Supervisor District One. Yes, this is the way my voice always sounds just so you know. He's able to have a little bit of fun with it as well, but yes, as a texter. Our tweeter said I thought you guys had Brady hoke on I think he often gets confused for Brady hoke. It's a good question I don't know the Greg Cox pins a ton of time on sports radio, so I'm going to guess probably not. I'M GONNA. Guess that there are probably more people like Jeremy. Who would say I'm tuning into a sports radio station and you haven't reintroduced your gas and I'm trying to think well. Who is this? It's sounds like Brady hope, but why Brady, hoke talking about Covid, nineteen testing right in Chula, Vista, the and the padres plans. That doesn't make any sense. I don't know that I I would expect to hear Brady. Hoke talk about Covid, nineteen testing or punishing this place in Pacific Beach, but you never know you never know you know why Mardi, because these are uncertain times. And in these uncertain times you might ask Brady hoke questions about covid nineteen testing in national city. Yeah why not? Well. I can think of plenty of reasons. Why not to ask that question, but. You never know. You just you don't know so. Yes, I, that's that's pretty good there. From from Jeremy who tweets that at and that observation, but he said that and and it's not that he's. He's talking himself into this condition. It's just it's. It's the way he sounds so he's made an appointment. Have you I've not. I. Have Not Jim have you. I'm sorry. What was the question? Have you made an appointment for your hair? No, not yet. Has Sarah made for you know she hasn't. I'm trying to figure out what place I WANNA go to. Minority o'clock tonight Jack Cronin. We'll have an appointment. Bertie has one. Probably. Jack Might Show up there today Jack might be. Sleeping on the sidewalk, waiting to get into whatever local establishments open yeah I've been texting Ron Chamberlain who owns a bunch of the sport clips locations here in San Diego, and that's one of the biggest. That's I think the biggest chain in the cow, certainly the best chain in the county. Let's put it that way. And he, he had said to me early on through this that they were hoping that they would be open by June now. That might have changed. Its may twenty seven, so there's only a handful of days here, but in terms of like we were saying yesterday. Not Every restaurant was opened. Some of them unfortunately are closed forever ready to be opened, and I think that the hair salons being open Darren right now caught some owners by surprise, they were not. They were not cared this early in phase. Phase in. Two plus where okay they would not prepared for it or. Whatever you WANNA, call it at this point, and there is confusion so a hair salon can. Okay and you get close, there's touching. They touch you, but you can't get your eyebrows or eyelashes done. Or facials right right Leo's. And Mardi now or communicating between. Most of us are just sitting this out, everyone is waiting. Roll roll waiting. We're all happy about that, and if we had more time for with Greg Cox I was going to ask you. Please ask him when the nail salons can open up because of all the things that we cannot do by ourselves. That is probably the top of the list. We're all trying to buy own supplies. We have a friends, do it. We do it ourselves. Not Working. Sarah Sarah's right and do her nails the other day. It was It was a disaster. It was not good. Really, yeah, she tried. Them! She messed up I. Don't know she cuts like her nail and it just didn't work and got all mad and so please. Nail salons opened up soon. Interesting. Interesting that that's on the radio. I will tell you of all the things that we have lived without the thing that I. That I hear about most in this house feels Nelson. More than the hair more than the eyebrows. More than anything else you can you can you can. You can wear a hat. You can do different things with your hair nails are. There all the time. Can't you can't hide them? Gloves gloves it's Kinda weird. Good wear of admits. Plenty ways to hide those hands. Feet socks with flip flops, yes. Although defeats the purpose when you wear socks have holes in it and a big toast sticks out through the sock. Like a rag among. I resist asking those kind of questions, not that they're not good question, not that they're not on everybody's mind, really important question, but I also know that he's going to say listen. Certain things are just dictated by the state I would love to give you an answer quite frankly, I it was a bit of a surprise for us that we could open our barbershops in our hair salon yesterday. I would love to tell you today tomorrow. I think we're ready for a lot of this. Remember the county and the mayor who sent a letter to Sacramento. Loss to be the pilot for Stage three days three. Let us get into phase three. We WanNA get into phase three. The asking the governor said no, but he did then grant us a couple of a couple of qualities of face now. Here's the important question because you mentioned that Mayor Falconer. He sent a letter. If the Mayor were hawks and Greg Cox. They compose a letter together newsom on. Can we open this? If the mayor were a woman was a woman. With nail salons. Backwards so that would that be included with that being -cluded in now, you have this backwards if the governor was a woman. would. NAIL SALONS BE Open. Yes yes, all I know is yes. If my wife was governor, nail salons would be. That much. But yes, I think that you would have to appeal. To a woman on that. 'cause for me frankly. It's in one ear and out the air. Doesn't affect you one bit now. Does not. Give women in their. Exactly. I think this is why Joe Biden is considering a woman, a really good idea as vice president, so that these decisions will be made a little bit more naturally right all right hour number two. It's actually.

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