LeBron Shut Down, Zion's Fall, Dianna Russini Talks Odell and More


This show is presented by Hulu. If you didn't know who has last bortz watch live games and all your favorite teams with Hulu. No cable required. Live TV plan required. Restrictions apply. Jalen and Jacoby on CNN. Where he because if we ever do, y'all. Pop the strong. This week. Is Jalen Anthony rose. What up DOE? I'm David Jacoby. Cool. Centerstage on though, my with putting it on wax. It's the news. Jones kobe. What do we do? We got to people. They. Long. It's been a long time. We shouldn't have left you out a dope pod to step to. We were preempted on television. I had to go to England to work with Katie Nolan always lay with Katie Nolan Michigan. We check out that very special episode. I went to Liverpool via been Liverpool. Jalen rose. No, I've hurt my liver swimming in the pool. Okay. My libbers been through a lot. I saw you. International beers. Yeah. Everybody wants beer there. I'm not a beer guy. I'm Tito's soda splash a grapefruit that's my go-to soda sponsored through what I do. But they I asked for Tito sodas flash grapefruit there. They didn't know what Tito's was and then they gave me actual grapefruit. Like, they think I thought I meant like splash grapefruit in that. I was like, you know, what else do beers does here. They'd love beers there. They do beers early to they do beers at like eleven in the morning that ain't early that's early. That's are you ever heard of something called a Bloody Mary you ever heard of something caught him a Mosa course, those take place usually before eleven AM. I like adult beverages not early in the morning not. Well, you got a day job. I've got a job there's that. But the children every time we take our kids to this one particular restaurant at noon on Saturday after swim class. I won't tell the people where it is. But I always try to get my wife to drink. It's he never does. One day. We're going to do I never do it. I want to make sure that we get our voicemails nine eight five eight zero Jalen, ladies, we need. Tomorrow is. Women crush Wednesday where we celebrate females in our lives and around the world is superior gender. We have a very special female coming in later as a special guest on the program to discuss some of the latest in the National Football League. We're going to break, then we have a special segment about the tournaments as we haven't discussed the term assist. The elite eight Michigan still in Iraq. What happened was? Okay. Okay. It's a shame. What happened to flip? It is a shame. I also want to talk to you about a certain Michigander. Former wolverine Tom Brady visa goat grays quarterback there. Live join Twitter yesterday on April Fools and did a retirement joke. That's just corny even you have to admit that he's the goal, but the tweet was corny. It was good. I'm glad you today. Some because sometimes you come back you back up your wolverines wolverine together. Here's what I won't do. And this is how earn credibility in this business. I will flat out laughing. Nobody. Know, I can't sugarcoat dead in any way shape. You're giving me nothing to work with. So I don't really Brock with April Fools jokes on April. Fools. I always kind of got I've always got my head on the swivel overrated. But like. You you can't be obvious with the Tom over every single person on the planet was like, oh, Tom retired. You know what I mean? Come on. Tom was idea was that April Fools is overrated period, in my opinion? It's never really really been done. Right. I like what they did in high noon. Will you know what I mean? But it's never really really really been done. Right. What I'm not a big prank sky. Neither. They're funny and everything but like. Very special story to start the show today. Mr. rose, not only is it unfounded, irresponsible speculation about free aging, kyri Irving. It is also. Unfound? About free agent. Kevin durant? However, Mr. rose this comes from an extremely reliable source. You guys Phoenix freely. Greenlee reliable source. Our guy our colleague, our friend. Brian win horse went on the hoop collective podcast and had this to say about these two gentlemen's relationship. Let's listen to windy, Katie and Kyrie Cairo, by the way. I heard I had somebody reputable this week tell me that that relationship is as strong as ever that Durant in kyri talk every day or if not talk text every day. Jalen, do you? And I are very close. We don't talk text every day, but we worked together siege. Other every day all the time. But this is interesting to me now again like we do joke about as being unfounded, irresponsible speculation. But this is from Brian this is happening. And also, this means something to me like if you're texting everyday with someone on another team, and you're both gonna be free agents. Am I just doing the media guy thing and being like, oh, they're definitely gonna play together next? You're you're not doing this an indication you're not doing a media got theme because we've say over and over on this program, and I've felt like it's going to be a Fe if both of those. Guys lead the current destinations. I think they're going to play together. And if that happens, I think is going to be in New York City. So if you're talking every day, you're going to talk about all things happening. The last time much both of those guys are free agents this off season. So they get a chance and rightfully so to control their own destiny. And they're going to do that. Do you think these two players will play on the same team next year? I do. Yes. Really for the New York knickebocker. So here's the thing. I don't want to be the person that says all things aren't great where they are in h estate because if I was those guys vows, Cari, whatever I gotta do to stand Boston make you weren't. And if I was K D, whatever's happening in Golden State, Landon metoo finals MVP's, maybe. Heavy ships. Maybe but I've said into this microphone reasons why if they wanted to leave they should leave like when you talk about building a team now today's NBA people don't even mention Katie talk about who the best player in the game. He really medicate. It's interesting to me that that has changed. You remember to finals ago when it was him against LeBron head to head? That's we're having the conversation who was the best player, Katie LeBron kind of disappeared. Best point guards in the game. We're not even talking about kyri if he p conversation, none of those guys get neither one of those guys get Mitch. So from a team dynamic, I think the Celtics they're young players and their assets in their chance dish year to continue to grow. Their roster would seem like that's going to be the flourish in wave. But I think both of these guys want to prove that they can lead which is something that people have question and both of these guys based on your reporting with Wendy are spinning talking a lot together because that may be the case next season. So here's a question for. You people always talk about this. Well, Katie would leave the warriors because he wants to have his own team because people looking at Steph Curry's team in kyri wants to have his own team. If they team up on the same team, isn't that somewhat against the purpose? That's not against a purpose purpose. Here's what. It wasn't orchestrated. So we're K D joined the warriors. They were already a well oiled machine at one and championship. So he wanted to eliminate something in his life that people were going to hold against him. As a great player is that. Yeah. You got four scoring championships. Yeah. You made to the conference finals. But then in an N y'all lost in the finals. You ain't got no rings are on Normandy. I know I'm I'm eliminate. I'm gonna go who won't go state. And then he showed that he wasn't just ride near coattails. Now, he's carrying because he put in work kyri didn't control where he got traded it just so happy. He got traded to a better situation. Newly that does not happen. They fleeced the Cleveland Cavs to the point where they can't acquire. Anthony Davis right now for that. Exact same reason about that. And so four kyri he's like well turnkey leader, the Boston, Celtics. I really know if this what I wanna do. And you seem both of those guys sending front of the media could they were miserable. You remember right after the all? Ms picture together in Miami reading the all star break, and they both kind of had the same narrative to the media. Let's focus on basketball. I don't you blank. Let's they kind of both left this all-star break in a mealy win the microphones and start complaining about the way to get covered. Correct. And so now, what ends up happening is. Where can we find happiness? Let's not worry about wins and losses because as long as we're there that's going to take care of yourself working. We have fun working. We enjoy the game. Again, both of these guys. I see guys just like my seeing playing at the garden easily see him plan at the rook wouldn't surprise you. Another thing is because we always talk about the median when the championships in the narratives, and this and that, but from an actual basketball standpoint, I love this partnership from on-court Xs knows the actual basketball. This is I think that there's a better tandem than kyri. And LeBron I think it's a better Canaan than Stephan. Katie all. Do that. Oh, LeBron was the boss has sodas kyri. You cannot say it. Kevin Durant and Steph curry wouldn't be better than he and Kyrie because Steph does it need to dominate ball. That's probably fair. He does more catch Shimla went too, far the second one. All right now, we like I said you. Harry's combing coming. Oh what else? I heard was that, you know, and John start working it out in the big three. I. Next your former team one of them. You have a lot of those ten Indiana Pacers NAT tile, and those Boston Celtics that we are discussing chop locked up in a head-to-head battle for homecourt advantage in a series against each other. When you look at the Eastern Conference standings, it's pretty clear to number three is right here. You know, it's pretty clear who number six is right there. But that four and five is a really interesting bow the tide right now. Jalen rose, they both won last night. Why do we still not consider the Pacers a threat in the playoffs? First off when you start talking about coaching of the coaches of the year, Nate McMillan musket mentioned with Boone holder and some other people that are doing mazing jobs Malone on Denver. The reason why is you don't normally see a team get better in the playoffs without their best player. There are fifty win team without an all star. You normally don't see that. Take place. So therefore when you look at like their stats or like what they've been able to do with or without him on the floor. The distinction says, wow, they're really good on paper. And it's also taking a look at what they're doing defensively. They're number one in the NBA with opponent points per game. And number three in defensive efficiency. Like, these are good numbers for them. But at the bottom two and seven in the last nine games. It's not exactly how you want to end up going into the playoffs. Well, here's the thing. Like during the regular season. It's almost like being a student. Your grade point average is a reflection of your effort showing up every day showing up on getting extra credit doing all of the dirty work your test taking is like the playoffs. That's your skill. And without their best player. It would seem like all of a sudden can bogdonovich cancer bone is canned collison miles Turner who they gave a big deal. Wesley Matthews Ken these guys lift themselves and get a couple of those guys to play it in all. All star level because I seen this collection of Celtics without Kyrie Irving performing a playoff, but the Pacers gonna play hard and this idea that is going to be easy. But the Celtics it won't be at all very quickly on this one. There's a sneaky huge game tonight in the western counts. I'm have to stay up late for this. When you know, I don't like to do that. The warriors host the nuggets any warriors are now one game ahead of the nugget from the number one seed, the nuggets could tie it up. This would be a huge homecourt advantage for them. If they end up pulling that up so the warriors have fluctuated in their effort this year in the regular season. They seem to be looking places. Sometimes are we gonna see the playoff warriors. We can see the third quarter warriors we've seen the best of the warriors tonight as they host the not gonna continue to beat a person as says when the warriors dropped twenty four gains. We not going to give them all they were just complacent. They lost. Okay. And the Denver Nuggets while being a young group led by Yokich Murray have Paul Millsap who's a vet and Barton, and so many guys they've been able Montaigne Morris as play really well for them. This is their first time playing together in the playoffs. It's going to be a learning curve. So the more comfort you get more confident you'll be so if they could get home court advantage if they can dust the warriors won they plan. Now, all of a sudden it makes you feel a little better stick. Chess out a little more regardless of the opponent because that mental edge that the warriors have on Denver. They have on the rest of the lead. They want three in the last four championship. Yes. They did. Right now the basketball season things really start getting interesting. The true contender start to outperform the rest just like Goodyear tires, so wherever you're driving your family your friends this basketball season. Make sure your car has the right tires to get you there safely. Goodyear knows that performances everything whether it's on the road or on the courts when it comes to choosing tires let good dot com. Help you. Choose what's best Goodyear, more driven. Let's give people what they want. We are joined once again by our colleague in our friends diner. Seaney? Thank you so much for coming back with did you enjoy the city? It's gigantic. So. Space. In a move in. You were in Cleveland yesterday for the big Brown's press conference where they debuted all of their new toys the biggest and newest shiny toy being Odell Beckham junior. You spoke with him yesterday. He said it was one of the best things ever happened in his life being traded to the Browns. What did he say to you take them out fifteen minutes just to get to that line? Because most of the conversation he was having out. There was about how absolutely Shuki was about finding out. He was getting traded. I still think we're talking twenty one twenty two date twenty two days later, he still having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he is no longer in New York with the Cleveland Browns and life is completely different. Even though there were so many rumors about the trade. I don't think he ever really thought. It was going to go down. Yes. We know. Jarvis Landry was wishing it and posting about it a year ago, but in terms of it actually happening, and here's the thing with the trade as we know get a say, and we know what Dell. Likes. He likes the son. He likes LA. He didn't get ass where he wants to go of all the teams that you want to go to. Yes, we can argue all day that Cleveland has tons of potential Cleveland is a tough city to sell to someone like Odell Beckham junior who we know could probably do pretty well with that Rams offense. That's why somebody that has been traded a few times you sell winning. And they are seeming to have a terrific off season a winning on paper. So now since you were there in the building what does it seems like their expectations are for their season issue. Well, here's the one part about the tree that I was actually feeling for Odell. When I landed in Cleveland, there was about six inches of snow on the ground is that I don't know if he even realized what he's about to step into. But in terms of just the chemistry already. So the Browns thought was look this isn't about individual this is about team in the message starts today when you have a superstar like Odell Beckham junior. He we know he can overtake room. He can overtake. An organization. They presented him outbound. Sage with move Myles Garrett with Baker Mayfield with Jarvis Landry. Which by the way, you know, you're talking about your two number one overall picks the last few seasons all up there. You have a lot of talent up there. And I think they're just trying to drive home that it's about us and Freddie kitchens for sheer head coach luck. He's got his hands full. But he was saying all the right things yesterday talking about the fact that he's got a hold his guys accountable, and he will not and I thought this was probably one of the most outstanding lines. He used I will not let them media draw a sand or draw a line in the sand between me and my players, and he emphasized that. Because I think he knows like he's got his hands full with Jarvis. And and with Odell in the Baker took all the questions about you know, there's only one ball in Cleveland that's gonna go around. And he got these two great receivers. We're going to want it. He goes, look, here's my hope. I was gonna throw this thing up there, close my eyes and hope one of them comes down with it. So. All the guys in terms of excitement is look oh deli still taking this all in. I think you still also grieving, you know, we with losing, you know, nip. But I think and I did speak to him about that actually. So he was on my flight on the way home which. Oh, I don't fly. Commercials. A scoop on Jalen into this is what was no. So I got on the plane and Odell is actually sitting in first class when I got there. And you know, he he give each other the nod of like just give me my space four. Four. We're cool. I'm not asking if he could sit in the window. Nothing. I said first class I was in the back. So I go in the back, and I see him get up, and he just grabbed his stuff anyway, all the back, and I kinda peaked, and I assumed he was doing what I expected, which is he was just sleeping. He just wanna lay across without bothering. Although tar government bend, the knees. So short. But he's good. Yeah. So I don't know if I did the right thing. But I waited for him when he got off and we walked to the baggage claim together. And I was like, you know, how you doing? I'm exhausted. Actually, I'm just I'm drained emotional. He's today was weird. This is just a weird experience. I don't know how to describe it other than I can't believe this really happened on the one thing you notice that he went to Cleveland for work, but he came back to New York to to. So I did ask. Look, this is probably the last time. I see you in Newark airport. You know, New Jersey isn't your home anymore, man. He's like now, I'm going to New York for sheep. Back here. So because that was my thought too. I was like, look, maybe maybe he's got someone special Hugh that he's came back to see who knows you know. He's got tons of business ventures as we now. But in terms of what I think we can expect I think once he gets adjusted once he gets a custom and can really wrap his emotions around that life is going to be different in Cleveland. And obviously he's been talking to guys like LeBron about him. I think who wanted love and LeBron was you know, he talked to him about it. Lebron kind of sold them on Cleveland everything. And then Odell mentioned that he asked to stay in LeBron's mansion in Akron. Lebron shut it down quick and said it was his house was too big. That's a thing though. There are houses are to the second. First of all you have to furnish a house, that's large. I mean, I'm not sure if LeBron was willing to keep that house. Furnished for Odell, but you have to deal with cleaning. There's a lot of responsibility with the big house the maintenance David Jacoby. Tim bedroom? Stay for a couple of nights though. No, you're young. You're an elite urine, you're prime my wife and kids stay here and go to school from here. Thirty five thousand square feet, you ain't about to be up in my career party. It reeks of thanks. But no, thanks. You can afford your own. Friends voting friends that you had that you go down to Miami with you guys can get your own nice little place in and help the economy Cleveland Byron, Scott. He did leave the New York Giants and go to clean them browse and one things that football fans people that really pay attention to sport, look it. Oh, wow. What an amazing town receiver. If only he had a quarterback that wasn't align. Manning throwing him the ball. Well, this a little bit of news about Eli manning. The New York Giants saying that now they would not hesitate to extend ally. Manning, what is happening Diane ever seen by ally. Manny recently, also just was ask at a vet. He was at who is the best athlete you've ever been around and he said hotel Beckham junior. So even he will. Kelly's the best player he's ever played with. But Dave Gettleman, Pat, Shurmur alone with his ownership is going to stand on this hill. And they're gonna kick and scream and say that they have a plan that they are going to build this team. Whether or not they believe you lie is the future. Not as it seems right now with does seem like they may believe he is. But if we were to sift through a lot of the talk, I think, I do not believe that they are going to extend you like I think that they're going to give him one more year. I think they're going to draft a quarterback. And then the figure where they're gonna go from there. I think they're just playing it safe with that. I understand why that got out there. But I think this safety net is just keep Eli here until we find the guy and what about the thought process of taking the locker room bag Bodell such a magnetic personality. He's a generational type talent, you take saquon really high in the draft you want championships? Why does it seem like that's the? Direction that they're trying just take the locker room back before they rebuild what they're trying to get accomplished. Absolutely. And you spend one minute around saquon Barkley, and you are overcome with just the leadership with maturity professionalism. And I think now coming to his sophomore season. I think it's tough to be leaders rookie. I know he wanted to do that. He said he wanted to do that. But I think now that he's got that one year under his belt Odell out. I think this now becomes saquon Barkley team that is nothing but good news for the New York Giants because I do believe not only does he know how to lead, by example. But he's got the respect of the guys around him that they're going to listen to him. Because look this is a time where the New York Giants to go back to being the giants that we know because you know, you talk to young NFL fans, and they don't know what we're talking about point. When we say how great of an organization they are. I mean. Yeah. Maybe because of Dell's there, and that's fun. But what else can they do? I think now this time that the giants to get back on track. Well, it's now time for news. The man. Huge controversy over the weekend. Omari Hardwick of Jalen favourite show was at the end of Lacey pe- image awards, and this is what happened got picture with Jay z went over to say Hello to beyond say single kiss double kiss, Diana. What do you think of this controversy that is sweeping the internet? There's so many characters in this video that you have to think about let's just start with the victim here. Her name's beyond. First of all when you go in for a hug, it's three seconds. Max max and going in for the double kiss. I mean, he was trying to get a little bit of dessert before he left. He got the one. Course meal. You got your little appetizer. Now, get out the fact that Jay was looking away because he trusted that this person this actor in Hollywood would be respectful to his stunningly beautiful accomplished wife and just give her a simple hug, but instead he got all phantom on her. But I think he thought he was in Europe or he just forgot he was re but all accounts, my Harvard is just a sweetheart, and it's just like such as lovable guy. Everyone's been telling us, you know, how nice isn't it was doesn't really mean anything? But Jalen, there's something about the proximity of where the second kiss landed. Others. Let. Well, a couple of things one. We gotta definitely get him on this show to explain it. Because I said the first time he looked like Amari the second kiss. He looked like gold. He he just he just forgot about everything that was going on in life. He he was real into whiskey at all at that moment. But what I want to ask you if somebody that works in a male dominated industry, how do you deal with that dynamic because I'm pretty sure when you're at sporting events, and then locker rooms and around teams, you get bombarded with this level of behavior. No, nobody's coming up in HOGAN kissing me. Hi, five thanks so much. Maybe picture. You know, the pictures like my cousin that's at the on the sideline. So no, I don't I don't really do that sometimes players that I've covered for years. They're offered by and they'll give me just kind of like like a like a half hug like space. There's got to be a lot of space between but in normal everyday life. I'm a hunger Italian of touchy three seconds max. Thanks. We're going to do a first ball. You know, what I'm used to those all no, no. Oh. Jalen rose determine is now down to the final four, but not everything regarding the tournament is worth discussing. So we have a segment called keep moving. We know Becky. If you wanna talk about the topic, you say hit the brakes, if you don't meet you and method man jump in the minivan and keep them moving. Are you ready? Mr. Rolex, get it. Zion. Williamson is now free to become a New York Knickerbocker. Keep moving or hit the brakes. Did you say Zion? Diane it the brakes. Of course, we're gonna hit the brakes on his I it was the topic by now, you know, that Duke lost to Michigan state all that hype. All those expectations all came crashing down against the mighty Spartans. Jalen rose. What do you think the legacy of this team will be in as we look back at them? Well, a few things collegiate freshman at a year ACC player of the year ACC conference tournament player of the year. The two freshman the both average over twenty. It has never happened before him in RJ beer. Watch somebody shoo- explo- live. Was there? Okay. There was a level of intrigue to if would he come back by some I felt like he would. And then how he played once he returned it continued to boost his stock and his confidence to the point where we're going to pick up a newspaper here soon, and he won't be getting a hundred million dollar shoe contract. So here's a question is we look back at your Michigan fab five as a collective as a group. Even though you had Chris Webber who is a consensus number one pick. Do you think we will look back at this team as zion's team the team at Zion played on or the collective of Zion and RJ Cam and others auditing Zion plays on lie as a collection. It won't be at thirty for thirty. And then for them. No. We're not going to get that. We're not going to get that one. He didn't get their own shoe. They didn't become a cultural phenomenon. People weren't cutting their heads bald. But there will be a lot of kids names. I on like, they would Jalen what do you think? Zion will be in the NBA. I. Think he's going to be an effort player in energy player and explosive player somebody that can give you lockdown defense say like of a Ben Wallace. But yet hopefully grows into the kind of player where he can moonlight as a guy that can make good passes like Draymond green. And so his game will evolve in a level in aero position lists basketball. You know, I'll talk a lot about skill bigs versus will big he has a chance to fall through the category of both. You can't tell me he can't do guys like Stephen Adams clink appello, you're on Trez Herrell. He can do what they do. Julius Randle is having a terrific season this year. So he's going to be productive. And it all is about fit and who they put alongside beside. I also think when you look at this Duke teams tournament run they kind of squeaked by a couple of teams before they lost Michigan state like UCF in Virginia Tech like they were dominating the tournament until they ran into Michigan state. So I think that's an. Interesting thing to look at in terms of how they finished games and also RJ Barry, always who should go. First argued will maybe our parents a better prospect seemed like that's been quiet a little bit. And he certainly didn't help his stock with the way that he managed this game against Michigan state. Well, he had an amazing freshman season. It just it late in ballgames. They looked to him to be the sole playmaker. I was surprised on each of the big plays. Zion was on the left wing at the three point line when that's not necessarily his strength Cam reddish. Oh, there is. That's the only time I seen him. And. And obviously trae Jones, I think she come back because he went from being like a player that could go in the low twenty two maybe in the second round now to improve them shoot for improve this shooting a get a little more coaching from the their staff. So that I think will be something that you can look forward to happen in the future though, the team had high expectations. It looked like they were gonna make a very deep Termine run was Kazakova and Josh Perkins said that the bonehead play he made will haunt him forever. Keep them moving or hit the brakes. Ball hair plays. Do haunt you forever. But we're gonna keep them. Moving pile on the young move in. We keep him. The Michigan wolverines hit the brakes. They couldn't score. Oh, no. They couldn't score the basketball. Say how lost I think we'll talk about Glen Rice scores shown points. What about Lowy ball? They have two field goals in the first ten minutes. What happened? What happened? What about Romeo Robinson? What happened in this game against Texas Tech? Michigan is one of the best teams under coach be line. Doing a couple of things that didn't happen in that game. One protecting the basketball suet making open shots in three slowing down other teams prime offensive weapon. Those three things weren't happening. And as a young player when you're not making shots, historically, like the university has been there since two eighteen hundreds. Okay. And when you haven't scored when when you scored a few points in the first half and overall that means they continue throughout the game. And you can't get rhythm. When you can't make shots. What was your experience? Like watching this game. Because it wasn't close. This wasn't a nail biter. Well, you know, what my experience to tell the people. Okay. It started initially with the better made chips and popcorn mix at the house. And then absolutely. And then I wanted to make the personal popcorn on the stove. No, he like to do that drama butter. Little seasoning, a little salt and pepper. Hot saki. No question about it. What time did you give up on the wolverines? I didn't give Jalen I ain't give them a whole game thought they were gonna come back. Now, I'm an long, I'm a donor. I'm a former player, I do not give up on Moscow. I Don I give up. Real quick Zion Williamson's famously blown out she was estimated to be worth a quarter million dollars moving or hit the brakes. All I know is he going to get a huge shoe contract. And that's going to be a big reason. Why for now we keep it moving? Mickey pay most coach Cal. Agreed to a life time deal. A lifetime deal with Kentucky keeping moving hit the brakes. Lifetime lifetime deal hit the brakes. So he has now signed up to be the Wildcats coach for as long as he wants to coat and then after he retires. They will still compensate him to be an ambassador of the program. I mean, this is we've seen a couple of lifetime deals before. But this is really interesting. Do you think that it will play out this way? Like always say, we never get in life. What we deserve young people. Let me say that for you again. Sometimes we start the mope it feel sorry for sells it feel like somebody did us wrong. We got disrespected and business in a professional since we never get what we deserve. You only get what you have the leverage to negotiate and when UCLA is on the other phone, and they're like, well, we'll give you six years and forty eight million. He gets off the phone with them in his agent. Get on the phone with Kentucky and say, you know, call we just had right? And so now they have to up to any. That's just how the game works when you wanted to best and you're proven congratulations to coach Cal will never forget what he did for the university master's program moving on. There's a hostage situation at this year's NCAA tournament keeping moving or hit the brakes hostage. I'll explain say. It's a brain. There are commemorative rugs in the locker rooms of the players in the NCAA tournament, and you see from Jordan Bohannon, the players have got these rugs hit Jordan tweets, give us the ability to make money off our own name. And we'll give you your rug back. You have twenty four hours NCAA. This is funny. But it's also it's hilarious. But it's also kind of real what do you think about the rug hostage situation? All I know I played in the final four, Minneapolis. And there was a folding chair the ended up in my apartment. All really. Oh, no doubt. Oh, you should have seen me when I went to the White House. No, I was taking everything with the logo on it. I'm going to the bathroom at hand towels sticking everything with the logo on jn. You didn't feel like they were making money off your lighting? No, not at all. So imagine if you felt like that. You'd be taking everything you can where's the polling chair? Now. I don't know. You know what? Nah, I think. Yeah. I don't know. No idea. No. I'd never did a great job of keeping antiques because I didn't get a chance to win at all. I wanted to purvey. That's what I want. We'll get you a parade. We'll get you. What is up? Jalen rose, new ship academies got championship coming to it. The parade there. I like what you did there. We lost a rapper by the name of nipsy hustle. He was gunned down in Los Angeles. Why is this particular entertainer loss of their life? So tragic well because like I consider him at old soul. Like if you look back at interviews that he did before he was quote, unquote famous. He have level of maturity responsibility focus and discipline yet still garnered the respect of offsides corporate America to athletes to entertain us to his peers, and he have bars to ours. And so like when you lose somebody. That's so very young. It has so much to give to society and has done it. He was in a neighborhood that not only meant so much to him. But he just started a business there and twenty four hours basically after it was announced that he was killed. He was going to meet with the loss. Angeles. Police officials to talk to them about what it took to help curb gang violence in the community with rotten nation. So it just it just like this senseless violence just has to stop, and we continue to have this happen, unfortunately. But I hope this now becomes the one moment where we say it's time to stop talking about it and actually make sure that these types of scenarios do not take place anymore in our community. He did so much for his community, and he was involved education us involvement so much risk Mutiti. That's why we respect so much our condolences go out to friends and family of nipsy hustle. Jalen rose. Lebron James is shutting it down for the rest of the season. We will not see the king play basketball anymore. Luke, Walton said that they had to convince LeBron James to shut it down. Do you think they've really had to convince him to shut it? Now, not they had to convince them. It just became a reality of the situation. We have a handful of games remaining. You did a great job of showing that you did recover enough from your groin injury to still be productive which was when he got back into the lineup. So now that we understand that you're going to be healthy going forward. Lonzo ball is implant. We're going to the lottery clearly it is time for him to end the season. I mean, I know you don't like resting healthy players. But to me, this is just the obvious right decision. Do you agree with that? It's the logical decision not necessarily the right decision. Nobody felt like we'd be at this point with LeBron James. To the point where we would question whether they be in the playoffs. Let alone so far out of the playoffs. And it don't matter whether he plays or not so because of that storm and him going into a seventeen seventeen season. It's logical even fans would say like kinda makes sense for him not to play. If we want to see them next year when you look at the Lakers, you know, their ability to win games with them and out LeBron James, there's a drastic difference there. I mean, they're not going to be winning very many games the rest of the season. But we do have some information about LeBron James if some are plans, you gotta remember he usually plays like another two months. So he's got a lot of free time. And what's he doing with that free time? He's not going to play with team USA in the World Cup. He is going to film Space Jam to. He said he's going to have a court Bill onset. So he can still train while it's building Space Jam to what do you think about LeBron James filming Space Jam to he went in that game alive? And I remember when M J was shooting his space. Jim. I actually went up there to the court and play before really. Uh-huh. Got I went would you want Howard? As a matter of fact, and what ends up happening when you're an athlete. People assume that you got to be consumed by basketball at twenty four seven three sixty five you're not focused almost like the mic and rocky, you know, but you're actually human being he has a lot of interest. And LeBron Jay could still get his work in. I have a lot of fog questions. Mr. rose, did you pay for your own flights where you're playing five of five was invite only how did it work when you went to the Space Jam set to play against my door to pay off lights because I always had a spot in LA as you know, how does for twenty years. I was not participating in five on five. Just gotta play on the court. It was invite only because Michael Jordan was there is he is he is much of a jerk. As people say he is when he knows basketball. No, I got a chance to play against him. So many times in the league. And while we were teams are opposing teams, you know, the pace is having a chance to play against them in the playoffs. And then having a chance to play against him as a member of the bulls when he played against his former team, which is clearly emotional for him as well. So I had a terrific amount of respect for him as a competitor on the floor. And that's why consider him to go hands down. You're gonna play against the Brown. Space Jam sue not gum able to. Very quickly. We have some more unfounded. No errors. Speculation about free agent, kyri Irving, and there's an update. Oh, that's Devon Bondi of the new York Daily News says that he hears that kyri might be considering the nets over the Knicks your thoughts, Mr. rose, you see I knew what you were going to say. Of course, he missed the game when it came to play against the nets. He's from the east coast which puts both teams play basketball wise one team has solidified itself Shaam marks general manager. Don, a great job head coach Akerson done a terrific job. He and his coaching staff. You're going to see on the bottom of the ticker. We'll begin extensions and new contracts soon they have to mex- spots available. They had a couple of young players elevate themselves cares. The Vert before he got injured was on off Star Trek. And then all of a sudden de ngelo Russell actually bought enough to become an all-star, they resigned Dinwiddie. They have Alan the big fella down low. So if you have a team that you're picking solely for basketball reasons, it would seem like they're further along than the Knicks as it relates to possibly winning. But when you add hiree, you lose some of those parts, so it's better than it. It really you're only as good as your your weakest link. And so you would still have to build the situation around kyri? It's gonna be fascinating to see what he decides. Well, ladies, we need you to call nine eight five eight zero Jalen tomorrow is Wednesday. We'll be taking exclusively female voicemails. We're also looking for international callers. So whether you are an American on foreign soil or someone from foreign soil in America makes you call ninety five eight zero Jalen and leave us voicemails. We love our international listeners right now, we're taking all callers like this one hit it, reg. Hey on them. What's up gay? And then what's up to Kobe did his Anne from Iran international caller, shutout rage shout out. So I have a question for you guys me, and my ex wife be sick rated about a year and a half ago and sh be having a little daughter. She's about. Six months seven months old now, and I used to keep going there and visiting her twice the B. And now, my ex wife doesn't let me anymore. She says the you are not a good father. And you don't these there to visit her every and I've done everything. I can I've given her every penny I half and I've worked hard to give them money for some poor. I don't know what to do. So what's your opinion? What should I do? Thanks mayor. Thank you for the call. Appreciate the love Ali Lee. I'll take this. Please do. As the. Single father on the show. I have lovely biological daughters by. That grew up in the Atlanta area. One is a freshman at Georgia. Maine national. Honor Society person most. My youngest is the beast of the southeast in volleyball. They're both doing amazing. When you're not with the person that you had kids with and I'm going to put pets in this category as well. Because people love their pets the way, I love my kids. You got to be patient and they're going to be times when a relationship is turbulent. You're not getting the communication you want from the mom, you're not getting the communication you want. Sometimes from the individuals involved. You might think when you go and you finally get a chance to spend time with the dog that the dope not giving you the love dessert. But you still have to be patient, and you have to understand that. When a separation happens, it creates a space, and when their space, it creates a great area that allows people to operate that sometimes isn't in concert the way, it would be when everyone lives under the same roof, and are living in harmony, that's just how it goes. So I want you to continue to be patient be disciplined on the days when you feel like you're not getting a communication, you want still send everything that you promise, you set you would send still be available at the time that you hope to be available. And I think your situation will eventually turn around because karma has away at work in itself. Well, put Mr. rose Ali in Iran. Wishing you the best. Reg, let's do not pay to be. This is tash Sydney. Australia I need help with solving a boss move all soft move debate. So when you're waiting for a flight, and they announced that it's boating and everybody gets up same time and minds up and only and everyone's writing the line for ages two to both actual plane. Is it a buffer soft move to wait for everybody to board the plane and then come up loss and got on the plane lost? Yeah. Would really appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks. I just this is a great question. I have fluctuated on this strategy many times stealing rose. I know that you fly often there's a couple of things that I need to address here with this. First of all love international, collars, Australia, specially, okay, Tesche. Two things that come into play here. I like to be the last person on the plane. Two reasons one if I'm flying coach, which Jalen, I know, no, you know, nothing about or I don't have a gigantic carry on because the only thing because I liked to be than the plan because you spend you spend the least amount of time sitting there on the runway. However, there is nothing worse than trying to get on the plane. And then telling you that there's no more space in the overhead bins, and you have to check your bag that is the worst. That's the war. I just look them in the face. I know they're not I know there's no space but was looking right in the face. It's just I just feel like my dog died when they tell me that then they put that little tag on it. And you don't know if it's really going to get onto the plane that is bad, but if you're carrying just like a purse out, and you're in coach I want to be the less now. Jalen, why would you wanna be first on the plane if you're in business or first so it's a couple of dynamics here play when I travel, so if you're flying in first class, I figure all of the things that I will be doing in the airport. I could be doing in my first class. T like ordering beverages. Eh getting them free on the plane. The reason why I don't like to get on the plane last sometimes I do it. But I don't necessarily prefer that it just because you scan your ticket with your phone, and you walk down on the tarmacs terminal or whatever so still be a long line of people trying to get you turn the corner the way I think it's called you turn the corner, and you just waiting online there. That's a good point. Exactly. That's a good point gain an advantage. I might as well already be on the plane to beverages in while they're still clearing the line that you talked about with my back in the overhead and not having to worry about anything. I think you're right. I think I think all things considered you probably want to be on the plane as early as possible. Thanks so much for the call. Thank you. I leave for the cause we love our international callers ladies called nine eight five eight zero Jalen leave us voicemails for tomorrow. We're taking all female voicemails tomorrow because we gotta show tomorrow. John. Me and my little guys I love peaking at a hobbits. Let's talk about LeBron James all care about my nipples seriously.

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