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And some of those appearances include cruise to the edge, which is coming up soon, which is the progressive rock crews. I'll be broadcasting the volume show from that cruise everyday covering progressive rock music other stuff going on that you should know about well time, you're hearing this. If you listening on post day on an Anaheim, California, and they'll be hosting Ronnie Montrose remembered, which is tomorrow night at the m three live venue there in Anaheim. So that'll that'll be happening tomorrow night. If you're listening on post day as I wrap up about ten days in southern California. And then from there you've got Saxon at the ideal ballroom that isn't Tulsa February thirteenth look forward to hosting that than the monsters of rock roots coming up. Which I host and also broadcast from also just added tesla and kicks March third Seminole hard rock in Hollywood, Florida. I'll be there to host that and also whitesnake on April twenty fifth Seminole hard rock in Hollywood Judas priest's there on may third full listing of all the events and everything that I'm hosting is it gets confirmed again on the homepage of my website. So be sure to check that out at the time. I'm doing this. I'm in southern California was in LA for my monthly broadcast from the rainbow this past past week. It featured Tom Morello who came by to talk about the Chris Cornell tribute show, which I made a little bit of that show. I made the second half of that show saw Tun of people talk to all the guys of Metallica tally from the foo fighters. So Mike ein as just a ton of people that I ran into it that great event, but I didn't get to see much of the show because I did get their kind of late because of my flight coming in late, but that was. You know, great event. And then Thursday of last week exactly we ago, I did my L A show from the rainbow the monthly broadcast, I do from the patio there and had Morello on also the new band deadline ritual, which is made up of Matt Sorem and Franky Perez and Geezer Butler and Steve Stevens all of them came on as well. And it was great to to meet them. I'm excited about that pan. Because those guys were saying they're going to fill out outside of their original material. They're going to be doing a bunch of Sabbath songs, and that an playing Sabbath all areas of Sabbath is going to be really really cool. So looking forward to seeing if this ban sticks and what happens with them going forward? It's an encouraging start judging by the one song that we have from them now next week on the podcast. I'll bring you that interview with Steve Stevens Franky Perez Geezer Butler, and Matt Sorem, which basically sort of more or less introduced. The band to everybody. It was really the first interview they did together about this brand new ban. So I'll do that next week on the podcast. This week will be the first hour of the LA show from the rainbow with a live audience, and that I our as mentioned feature Tom Morello, and I wanted to get this on SAP because it's timely because Thomas talking about Chris Cornell timeout, a huge role needless to say in the in the Cornell tribute showed the form last week. Obviously you had a band with Chris with audio slave. They did some of that Tom came out jam with Soundgarden. He was very involved and attached to that show in a lot of ways. And we talk about it in detail his remembrances of Chris, and what went on at the form for that that tribute show. So wanted to get that on as quickly as possible, which was the first hour, and that'll take up almost an hour of this podcast for the interview. And then next week. Will give you the second hour of the invasion show, which as I said featured dead land ritual Geezer Butler is on the you'll hear him for a segment here with Tom Morello. So he came on with Tom and our one to talk about the Cornell tribute because he played bass with audio slave Tim calmer for for whatever reason did not play bass and didn't was a no show for audio slave. So Geezer played some of it. And I think Robert Trujilo played some of it and. They had you know, Geezer became a part of this through through necessity and through the interest in helping to to contribute to the Cornell event. So you'll hear Geezer come by for a little bit. While Tom is there and then next week when I bring you the deadline ritual portion our two of this you will hear more from Geezer than of course, when his other three bandmates join the conversation Keyser as a man a few words, but he wanted to be a part of this and he came into the Morello segment as well as your to here. 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Download and subscribe on apple podcasts and podcast one today and remember to rate and review on apple podcasts. This is the Eddie trunk podcast. Welcome back to the trunk podcast. Let's get to the interview right now, we take you live to the rainbow in Los Angeles. And this was our one of my to our monthly broadcast. I do there as part of my Sirius XM volume show as I mentioned before our one was mostly myself, Tom Morello Geezer Butler drops in talking about the Chris Cornell tribute show which had happened the previous night at the form. And I got to catch a little bit of it. But Tom, obviously was very involved in it and gave us some great insights here talking about Chris Cornell his legacy and this the tribute show that went on. So here we go with a live audience from a week ago Wednesday a week ago Thursday rather from the rainbow in LA, we call it the trunk nation LA invasion there live on Sirius XM volume, and we give me an hour of it right now for the Eddie trunk podcast. Tom Morello is here late. I just happened to be at the rainbow. Anyway. This is nothing Tom, and I wouldn't be doing if there were like phone Sierra and probably a little later. We get 'em nights. There's a show some nights. We're just here. Right, right. Usually little later than six o'clock Pacific, but Thomas here, and one of the things I wanna talk about with Tom among a few things, though is really what went on last night at the form in here in Los Angeles. You guys some of you guys were there. It sounds like looks like yeah. And I flew in and landed and touchdown at the airport grabbed my car got over there. I enroll into about ten fifteen and I was like man, I'm gonna miss it. Because I guess there's eleven o'clock curfew, and I think we're still rolling it like well thirty so I caught a good amount of it. And and thank you for forget me, and Tom and I walked in. And I'll tell you I walked in that backstage while wait look like seen almost famous. It's like, oh, there's there's Brad Pitt. There's the foo fighters Metallica. There's Tom Morello this. It was an unbelievable gathering of love and support for Chris Cornell. Yeah, it was it was an. Epic and historic night. I think in the history of rock and roll really paying homage to one of the greatest singers of all time, Chris, and he really got his do last night. I thought that it was you know, for his fans it was a tremendous. I fans not just in the room. But around the world, like I I was on a little solo tour, you know, in the last couple of months in every city people were just talking about the show, and how much it meant to them that it was even happening ran into people from Finland and from Scotland in from all over the US who were in the room last night. So it was a great night for Christmas fans. But it's also really like a great night to celebrate rock and roll, you know, like it was five hours of Metallica foo fighters. Dudes from rage against the machine was obviously temple the dog Soundgarden playing Chris Cornell music and some of their own music, this really some of the most timeless great kick ass jams. And so I was we were was an Rb for me. It was a in an emotionally complex evening, but I was very very happy to be a part of it in the celebrate Christmas music. Yeah. I'll tell you. That's an interesting point to a couple of people have asked me about that. Because it was really. Really throughout the course of the night. Even in the time that I was there. It seemed like there were a lot of needless to say a lot of emotions because it was a great celebration for rock. It was a great celebration for Christmas music. I saw stone gossard when he was on state saying, you know, we want to celebrate Chris tonight and all that. But then there were times where you also realize the almost the finality of the loss. And I think that you know. We lost Chris a little while ago. But it really wasn't there. Really wasn't a thing. Like that that. Yeah. End of put some sort of stamp on it. And I remember stay in your room as a matter of fact last night where you had your friends and family and stuff the video that was playing there was that clip that came on. I am Chris Plante. And acoustic version of I am the highway with kind of like a memorial memorium package of videos from his entire career with both family and all of his bands. And it was it's brutal. You know, it's a it's a hor-, it's horrible in wrenching laws. That's not going to get any better. You know, emotionally for his friends and bandmates and fans, but but that's something. We can't change what we were able to do was all stand together and room last night to really celebrate his memory and his music. How was it talk about for you? Specifically what you did. Because there were so many musicians that got involved in this. But when when did you first hear about this and your your role beyond obviously you played? Audio slave stuff. But talk about everything that encompassed for you. Sure. Sure. Sure. Well, when I when I heard about, you know, they approached us, and they said we're looking to have Soundgarden temple dog audio slave Metallica foo fighters and special guests, I'm like that's not special enough. That's crazy. Insane Bill that is like I want to just go to do I have to and then and then we had to figure out what we were going to do. And you know, it's it's it's one of the most challenging memorial shows in history because you have people have to sink Chris Cornell songs, which are exact which are, you know, he has incredible range and sort of nuance to his voice, which is very very difficult. So when we put the audio slaves that together, we played Cocchi with Geezer Butler on bass and with Perry. Farrell singing, and it was really important know, first of all Geezer is just awesome. And the they'll be here shortly any rates, then you know, to have Geezer, you know, who I can from the first time I picked up guitar, and I listened to records like it was the rifts that he was. Playing and the lyrics that he was writing that we're so very impactful to me, and I learned those the risk to all that Sabah stuff and to be standing on stage with Geezer playing my riffs was so like an out of body experience. That's really unreal. And then Perry who's been from day one with both Soundgarden and with rage against the machine to have saying that was really important, then let me play the song be yourself with Juliette Lewis, and she did a great job of that than we did with Sam from Exxon Bassett IRS and Tim from rise against and Chris the bass player of Jane's addiction. We did set it off which is obviously hot jam for the first record. And then we played like a stone with the whole crowd will Brandie Carlisle saying the whole crowd saying it with all the lights on which is really an emotion moment. And then we close the show with a with was the building came apart. I've just I missed this. Because when you visit. The song. I said you gotta done mean. Holy shit, dude to the building come apart when Dave Grohl and Robert Trujillo played show me how to live and I was on stage. Like, I can't even believe this is happening. And it was like it was one of my favorite moments ever on stage. And it really felt like we thought about closing the set with like a stone, which is really emotional like it. First of all it's the biggest hit song that everybody knows. When you sing that feels like a prayer like it's beautiful melodic prayer in a way to kind of to to really be spiritually be have togetherness in the room over Christmas memory. But I said let's close with the fat fucking jam showing me how. And that's the thing. That was the right call the end of the day. How how did Dave do the vocal on that he kill an incredibly credible? He's a national treasure. I was just like I was just wondering like thank goodness. Like he I called him up. And I I sent a bunch of list of songs that what do you want to what do you wanna play and took well to? He said, I think I can scream my way through show me how to live right on bro right on. But you know, you bring up a great point because that that is no that it's not a camping understated when you're you're doing a tribute to a guy like Chris Cornell who can sing like that. They're very few people who wanna tackle that even in a situation because you kind of have to put your own spin on it because there's very few people that can do Justice absolutely in the way. It was originally started. That's right. Yeah. So there would I would imagine a cross that five hour show. There were challenges finding people. I'm sure a lot of people wanted to contribute. But then when they said, well, do you want to sing? I don't know so much about not birth ritual. Which is like a seven octaves off. But. Taylor Hawkins was buzzing around the whole night. You did a great job. He's saying a couple of Soundgarden songs. He was drafted. There was somebody else's originally said Mike Patton, Mike Patton dropped out towards the end. And so Taylor, you know, he he played Soundgarden song the day. I tried to live which he calls the day tried to sing. But I thought he did spectacularly well. Great. But he was buzzing around like, you know, if you know Taylor is a ball of energy constantly, and he he was buzzing around backstage, and he was just like, and he was in his shorts and a shirt because look I'm wearing my grunge outfit. And he was like completely ended when he goes he goes to me goes. Yeah, man. He goes, you know, Mike patent is sick. He couldn't be couldn't be you're seeing. 'cause that's sort of a bet you fell on me. Now, I gotta do this. And that's what he said, what are you going to what are you going to sing? And he goes well the day. I tried to live which I am alling the day. I tried to sing which needed a greater. Did do a great job and the and then you came out and played with Soundgarden. Yeah. I mean. My tell you my introduction to Soundgarden was in my pre rage against the machine band. Lock up when you weren't touring in the van and the van touring rules. Are the driver gets to pick the music, right? So so it was my turn to drive, and I might to cassettes back, then we're Dan's against Soundgarden had ultra mega, okay? And and the loud louder than love record. And those are my all night driving jams and the song loud love this. This is my take on one of the reasons why Chris Cornell is so important first of all these devastatingly handsome, and and a tremendous singer and a great songwriter, but he redeemed metal Chris Cohen, I think along with James addiction, but it was Chris cornell's music, which unapologetically embraced huge bad ass Sabbath Led Zeppelin riffs, but it, but combine them with a punk rock attitude and intelligent and nuanced poetry, and that for people like me that love mental. But, you know, most of my favorite metal songs were either about the devil. Or groupies neither of which were a big part of my life growing up but Christmas poetry really spoke to me, and he didn't compromise one ounce on the kick ass risks and the epitome of that was a song loud love, which I played with them last night. And it was just unbelievable to stand on stage with the surviving. Members of Soundgarden play a song that I used to crank in the van in nineteen eighty eight and to be there, you know, celebrating Christmas memories. So that was a nice sendoff. Yeah. I didn't I met Chris a couple of times. But I certainly wouldn't say I knew him. But what you just said about him in the impact he made on music, and that sort of bridge he created did did he acknowledge that did you ever talk to him about that? He was a huge influence on rage against the machine. It was the two cassettes that were formative when we made the first rage record where bad motor finger in the first cypress hill records, and if you listen to the first record in that conduct. It's exactly those records put together, and it was just that kind of unapologetic embracing of metal like it's got guys from the punk world that kind of went, you know, what that move music kicks. If we take out the silly elements, and I don't know if this on hair nation, I apologize. I love a lot of those jams to we're on volume will be getting money for doc and tickets to just like everybody else, but talk, that's it, Tom we love it. All we go in there. And we start working out platelets later on the radio, and we'll go through love Hayden daughter and right through the struts and rival sons. So it's all good. Yeah. But it, but it it did show a different way. Like, you didn't have to be in this one lane of acting. You know in a in sort of a cliche rockstar way, you could be like real and be punk and yet still have the Sabbath zeppelin riffs and kick ass and any other highlights for you in the night. I mean, I know for you you were getting pulled in a million direction. They're honestly for me. It was it was a really emotionally complex night. And it was I hid a lot in the I watched a lot of it on the TV because I didn't want to be in the room. He was real every time. I was room. I was gonna cry like, it's really sad. Like Christmas death was is tough. And this. I had kind of perhaps unhealthily kinda put it in a drawer and the. For for this show came all the way open, we were rehearsing those. Obviously songs some of which we hadn't played for twelve years. And then some of which were the last time we played with Chris was in January of two thousand seventeen we play the anti inaugural ball when I do the inauguration, and we did three audience. They song show me how to live like a stone and coaches, and so for that show we had one day of rehearsal with Chris then a couple of days later, we played the show. So for this memorial show, we had like a day of rehearsal with those singers with those same songs, and then play the show with his odd sort of mere image of you know, of just him missing. And so I-. Fortunately, there are a lot of distractions backstage and people come and going, and my mom was there. And so I try to not get too emotionally into it. But I did watch temple dog. And I shed a lot of tears on the side of the stage when they when they played some of those big jams, and you mentioned that for the audio slave set that Geezer played with you some of it Brad was there. Brad wilk. But Tim was not there is that correct? That's correct. It did he choose the conflict. He does not the play. He chose not to play any elaborations on that. I didn't speak with him about it. I was just like you got win with the team. That's on the field. And we got Geezer Butler. It's gonna be alright. While yet you have kids. Okay. So he just opted out of it. Basically, he chose not to be a part of. That's correct interesting. Okay. So in for you playing audio sleeve again revisiting that music. You mentioned you've done that for that. Yeah. Yeah. One show. But those jam I mean, how much I love that. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. It had a feel good. If a bat, you know, you wish he didn't after for that reason right for you to revisit that music in that way way nut stuff amid or sweet though, it's bittersweet because like those, you know, listen to those songs and learning from the record again, I remember making the record and you own the last time, I saw Chris was was the that night in January. And the last thing he said to me was that was such a great time. We should do this again real soon. And thought that there'd be more audio slave coming in. And then this was it. And it's a while. So there was a chance you felt pretty strongly that at the after coming off of that that he could have maybe had another run with audio slave. We for sure we were all we're all down to to do with such a great time. It was really great to reconnect an in the place. When did you how did you first meet, Chris Cornell? Well, I met I kind seen him around, you know, like we had crossed pass on lollapalooza. But when when the first real series meeting was when rage broke up in two thousand Tim, and Brad, and I knew we wanted to play together. And we're spending a lot. We knew we wanted. Rick Rubin and make whatever next record was so spend a lotta time over at at his house and listening to CDs, and the one that we kept returning to was a bad motor finger and just we're like man that I mean that guys it just his voice was incredible. Like the song it was. And it was also kind of scary like there's something about it that they something not entirely, right? That was very appealing so Rick, and I drove at the time Chris was living in Ohio. It's about an hour. And a half north of here, and so recognized drove up now, Rick Rubin. Rick done drive anywhere for anything K in go. He's not going anywhere framing of. And he does it's like a Rolls Royce inside another Rolls, Royce. So so he's driving up there in my Chevy, Astro van? You know? And he was like at a convenience store for the first time in forty years because yeah, they have Eminem's due to this. So he was Grammy was outside the bubble right which meant he was serious about. So we drive to Ojai and in the skies are darkening, and Chris, of course, lives on the last loneliest mountain of the the wooded path. And it's you know, it's dusk is falling. And we pull into this kind of Spanish style castle at the very top. Like, you're going to Harry, Harry Potter, Ed, and or or Transylvania, and we we pull in and there's there's a motorcycles in the driveway, and it's got a long winding stairway that goes up to this guild door. And then I we pull in we're kind of looking other. And I swear to you straight out of the Addams family that door opens like with nobody opening the door to doors open and out Christmas. Six six to something his lanky frame. He comes out, and he starts, you know, sort of taking these long steps down the stairway. Rick rubin. It's turns me goes. Let's get the fuck outta here. Nope. Rick know him we were scared to death. Like he was dragged who'll was going down the mayor's, man. But Rick our souls were they Rick had no real history with known on a we knew him. But anyway, fortunately, we got over our childish terror and then we had dry ice on the stairs. It was totally terrified. But I mean, Chris had a presence that was part of it was like he'd be sitting here and having a good laugh. But there was a side. There was a side was that enabled him to tap in to those lyrics that were so compelling in a way. And I and I said it last night from the stage, and I'll say again that that that, you know, celebrating Chris was, you know, a great father and a great, bro and a great philanthropist. But he had a very very he wrestled with demons his whole life. But he, but he he took those demons by the collar, and he wrote them like a mother book and chariot of lightning strap with Marshall stacks to make some of the greatest rock and roll he harnessed it in a way the for fifty two years. It's what he tapped into that is a crucial part of what made him great. And so that's that's one of the things we were honoring last night too. It's not like, you know, it's not like, oh, if only he had just been a cheer, dude, the whole time, you wouldn't have had the tremendous music that he made so. So you get past the whole the whole dry ice in your in this crypt of CA. And we had a great conversation. Then you have a great conversation conversation. We just decided to jam and so we came down, and it was and, you know, Chris he'd made the you for your morning record be hadn't been touring anything for a while. And he was very what he wanted to do as he's like, I just want to say I want to write lyrics. I don't want to say he'd been you know, the principal Blake sort of musical songwriter in Soundgarden. He was like I want to sort of be free of that. And we're like well great. 'cause we've got a lot of ideas, and he didn't wanna play guitar. He didn't wanna play guitar. He wanted to sing. He was just like show me some music and the way in for us. It was it was great because don't like all in the four rage against the machine records. There are exactly zero chord changes. Like, it's the James Brown formula. It just keeps coming back to the one. It's relentless the riffs and the grooves. And so with Chris's melodic vocals, it was a wonderful challenge for us to musician as musicians to to make a musical backdrop there wouldn't allow. To shine. So it pushed us tremendously as artists to create, you know, songs like like a stone and songs like I am the highway, and you know, some of the other stuff that were well outside of what we had done before. It was one of the most fertile musical. Periods of my musical life was when we made the debut audience later, but that's interesting. So the way you made those records with Chris and what he wanted to do is. He wanted to just be the singer and lyricist. Yeah, he didn't wanna play guitar, and he wasn't involved in the in the right of using wanna do it. Sometimes we'd be like we put a guitarist. Gimme a spoon, man. To like. He's like, no, I'm cool. He did write some of it like, for example, the bridge of like a stone is his and to this day like last night. And I always have to is. It's very the way that he he had sort of deep Kornel and Beatles e backdrop, which is very different from my world. And so some of his writing was very counter intuitive to like how my fingers go. So every single audio save show including last night. I have to have a cheat sheet of the cords of the bridge like stone on my aunt because I can never remember. Wow. Wow. It was it was special to. I mean, I'm bummed that. I got there too late. Unfortunately here that set, but everyone was raving about an everyone was talking about Dave Grohl sing and show me how to live and and and you guys fire in that stuff up again. It was really especially like, do, you know, I'm not sure was it filmed or recorded. I don't know anything about that. I mean, I would hope somebody they certainly for the screens. But I don't know that I don't know. And there was a charitable component till all around is one hundred is the the there's the Chris Cornell, Kristen Vicky Cornell foundation, and then there was another another a charity, which I can't remember the name of. But they raised from all of the ancillary events was over a million dollars was raised for charity last night. Yeah. It was it was really a hell of a night really wasn't guys there. And and it was a night that I think a lot of people didn't want to end, especially LARs, all requests still think is there back in the hallway Metallica came out by the. Yeah. Yeah. They played they played a couple of I'm for deep super deep Sanga and cuts, and then they played master of puppets. And for whom the bell though. I love it. Like Metallica is the Chris Cornell benefit show, here's master of. Why because it kicks you wanna hear it? I was so awesome. Like the first song. They played was. I think dishonors for whom the bell tolls. Like, yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. I walked in. And I was like what what did Metallica play? They master puppets them. What way which yourself? You can't blame them. No, blame them. If you got that in your back pocket. Not when you almost played master of puppets. We wanted to hear it so bad that I I think foo fighters played ever long. So there were bands that did play their ears of music. It was it was a great celebration of rock and roll, man. Like, I haven't been in a room like that in a while where you know, it's that kind of it felt like you know, like like a Grammy performance or a Super Bowl performance. But one that didn't suck, you know. You know, it's like it's or an MTV music awards, performer, whatever like where you're just gonna go like wears a rock, and it was like, it's all rock and roll bands. And you're gonna get master puppets. And Dave Grohl is going to sing an audience slave song. And it's it was it was great. Yeah. And what I loved about an along those lines. What you just said, you know? Nobody's singing attracts. There's no auto tune. There's no nothing that was everybody bringing it out there. Whoever had to come up, you know, whatever combination of musicians, it was real warts and all and most everybody just delivered in in every way imaginable. I mean, it was really was really diverse lineup to like when I saw some of the names I was on my IRA so scratch much. I was I was scratching my head at some of the names. And and I gotta tell you like like she was pretty great and Miguel. I don't like Miguel who's eight like a soda. I didn't know who he wants. He's in. He's in the world of sort of ARIN be pop and he saying reached down and holy shit. Shit. Do. It was great. It was really really great. And so it was like I felt like that felt really rather than going like it's all going to be artists that were on lollapalooza in one thousand nine hundred to like it felt like it had there were artists who Christmas children were fans of, you know, which I think was one of the things that was important in the composition of and artists who've known crisper very very long time. And it was a really great night. And the other interesting thing about it too. Is that speaks to ensure those the range and impact Chris cornell's music had on people. The fact that you could have people you could have obvious guys like Metallica Dave Grohl. What have you? And then you could also have Miley Cyrus and brandy Carlisle, and some of these people Carlisle was great like I was I had played a show with her in that I was not like my wife's a huge fan of Brandon Carlin. I was not deeply familiar, but we won't say perhaps the Dave Grohl moment. I was saying my highlight of the entire night was we were Hearst all the song. Back because we didn't have that much rehearsal for these. And everybody's schedules are pretty chaotic. So we did like acoustic rehearsals in our dress addressing was filled with people chattering. The shows on the TV loudly. We're kind of in a corner rehearsing the songs with everybody. And we did like it's done with brandy Carlisle. And if you're at the show, you know that the end of it, you know, we sing like a stone chorus, and then it drops down in the crowd sings it like sort of prayer like and then the house lights come on and the whole crowd things at super loud. Well, we did that in our dressing room and everybody who was in the room who is doing all the chitter chatter. Everybody stopped and sang, and it's it was so beautiful. Like, it really felt like, you know, Chris was in the room for that. It was pretty great. We gotta get to a break. And we'll spend some more time with Tom here in this first our little more on this show talk about Taylor vamps in and what she did in that too. Because Taylor has a history with Taylor the pretty reckless where the last band to play. They opened four Soundgarden Taylor is here. I was texting with their earlier. She's not here in the building. We're trying to get her to come down. But she didn't work out for but we'll ever on soon. And and she's a friend. And I was really glad she got to be part of that. Because she was she was an enormous, and is an enormous Chris Cornell, and and the pretty reckless opened the last ever Soundgarden show the night that we lost Chris. And there's a backstory there. That's a pretty amazing. So it was great. She was she was a part of it. We'll talk a little bit more about what went on the form last night for the Chris Cornell tribute this is the Eddie trunk cast. Hey, if you like my show, you're gonna love all the shows on the collider network on podcast one the YouTube channel, turn podcasts. Super network has got everything for your pop culture needs checkout. Collider sports Djeddai council one on one with Christiane Har love movie trivia, movie, talk, and so much more. Check out the collider network every week on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. This is the Eddie trunk cast. We are. We are good to go. We got we're up and running with a great show here spending time with Tom Morello in this first hour talking about what was really a historic night for rock music last night at the form in here in L A with the Chris Cornell tribute first time, I've been to the form since it was remodeled, obviously, an incredible venue with so much history. Such a cool place to have had that happen, and we're welcoming now guide to the stage. Who was part of it in jam? We talked about messiah going played with with Tom and audio slave. You you need a pinch hitter on base. It doesn't suck. When you've got Geezer Butler, ladies and gentlemen, coming in on base. Yes. And he's going to join us right now for oh, he. The. We've also he's also an excellent bowler. Excellent bass player excellent bowler. And ladies and gentlemen, the legendary Geezer Butler d-, he's. Get okay, come on as your spry. We just saw you bowl. You're on our bowling team. You you you helped us win. We we won the DO bowling challenge. And for charity. The only part that we left out of that occasion. Those we had one extra bowler. Then everybody else we one we had an extra person. You didn't know it was you you were the late edition. You put us over the top much. Good to you. You did. Well, that was the first time you bold. Right. That's right. Yes. And I think you did quite well geeze, Tom. You remember geese both one hundred and something he did very well eleven strikes. Ten frames. These are talk a little bit about last night in and play in that show, and and playing with audio slave fantastic. Tom anyway, and invited me to take politics. And of course, it is an honor to be politics. Great. Well, we five Odio slice thumbs cow cheese anyway. And we'll pick that one supply. Did you just do the one? Did you do once did be yourself yourself and for as far as Chris Cornell? Did you know Chris at all I mean, obviously, Chris mentioning solid psalms. In fact, took him to see sat took me, son. Biff to Newcastle will think reply Nope in new castle in England. And if we son biff is massive Sangaldhan fan, and it took them took him backstage to meet the abandoned. And it was great Chris great soon took photos, you them and stuff and the rest of the same. God. It's great. What did you make of the entire night as far as how much time did you get to spend their did you see a lot of people? What was your takeaway from the whole evening as far as how the feeling in that room is gripe to say since diverse? Collection of musicians on that even actresses and actors. It's amazing. How much Chris Cornell meant to so many people in so so different. John was of music and even for you to get involved. I mean, you're not Christmas from wrong. But you're not a guy that has jammed with a lot of other people. Have you like you've you've gotten up with a lot of people and plugged into something like an audio slavers something that's not something you've done a lot in your career hasn't really. A charity things of done right done stuff before we Tom how'd the rehearsal go. Tommy. To get a lot of work in with. We surprised them a little bit because we told them that the gig was on Wednesday. And then like, I forget what it was gonna be like Sunday or something like that. It was like and like the lesson like an were rehearsing Monday. And he's like I thought I had three day. I was going to turn up at San check on Wednesday and just go through the song. Instead it was punished him. But like to solid days of hers. But no, it was great. It was. Yeah. It's it's awesome. Just to be fun. It's fun. We had a we had a lot of fun. We live. Yeah. Well, you're well, I didn't know what was going on because your your wife Geezer. Who's also your manager contacted me like a Cup not far out from the event and said, hey, can you put us in touch with Tom about? And I was just I didn't want to pry it wasn't my business. But I was like and Thomas, Don, Tom, and I had talked before about some other bass players that might be able to chip in and play. And we've talked about Getty Lee who was on my show potentially coming. And then so I wasn't sure didn't know Tim wasn't playing. Sure what happened? And then the next thing, you know, on Twitter. There's a photo of all you guys like you said something like Tom tone. Tell Tom there's a chicken above us editor. On the photo. And the next thing, you know, there you go you guys. Are you guys rocketed, right? It was it was a hot start to the set with with Perry. Farrell and Geezer playing with Brad. It was a pretty hot start geese. Did you get to take in much of the night? Did you see any other performances or see some people that you've got to spend time from that stage? You do that Mondays backstage and watched a lot of it from the well, it was it was absolutely a special night everybody that was there knows it and Tom. I'm sure for you. You can you can check that one off your list to bass player easer Butler. You know, we've had the good fortune to play together a couple of times before. But oh, you guys have played together. Yeah. What what content Ozzy and friends? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So I got to play geezers riffs, and he got the play mind, which is so trippy. Keyser as a guy who says I told him last night. I'm glad that he's not legit. Because most of my ribs are really just Sabbath ribs with one. Around. So don't tell Tony. I'll be sure not. I was going to say he's would you like to do some sort of evaluation of Tom's riffs whether they'd be obviously of rage against the machine. Great. I was going to be five guitarists of all time. Anyway, you go that's put that on the resume. But then my business car, you're on your way. It's just like if you ever get a business card from Billy Gibbons, it says friend of Eric Clapton's. So you can say if he's said about you. That's all I told Geezer the other day like the first time with Sabbath entered my world was it was I was really young. We were doing like some presidential physical fitness thing in junior high and like the one bad boy in our class like the kid who had numb chucks and smoked and like had gotten laid, you know. Is a preteen brought in a Sabbath record to the gym. And I just remember looking album cover, and and I was just terrified that something like that existed in the world. And then he put it out like, a forget, whatever the music, we're listening to maybe sweets or something in the, you know. And all of a sudden it was like the Sabbath record came on. I thought I need to know more about this, and perhaps devote my life to it. You in a million other people that play music, thanks to this. You know, this guy had a hand in creating an I think this just hit me. Speaking of Chris Cornell, didn't I think sound Soundgarden covered a couple Sabbath songs didn't they do. Do. You know that Geezer? I'm not sure which one gonna anybody during the breaks they by. No, I'm pretty sure Soundgarden hat Donohoe. You're out there. He'll probably they definitely covered a couple because I have some of a monkey size, or what have you, and I guess you never heard him. He's I gotta look up which ones they are during the break. But obviously the influence was enormous Sabbath on you know, what Soundgarden did it's always a pleasure and honor play with because of course, he's a great bass player. But he's just like a he's a really good dude in a very humble fellow. You know, like, he's our Butler of black Sabbath could be anybody, you know, when you walk in a room, and he's just the nicest guy who's you know, who plays. You didn't have a big rider and demand had very suits may Ryan, let's not very few demand. No Brown EMS. That's on. There is a good. It's a good reminder that you can you can make massive music and on a huge scale for decades, and the sort of care yourself with kindness and humility, and that's something that other rockers prep should take note. Absolutely. Right. All right. Somebody in in our audience come on up here. And she doesn't want to say now that the microphone is on. But but you wanted to mention something about you were at the show last night and about how strong will you felt about some of the women that performed. I mean Taylor obviously was fantastic. As you saw. Hi. My name's Nicole, formerly from the northeast no longer. So I will. Yeah. I just think in this day and age it's very unusual to see very strong female front. Rock goddesses. Taylor was awesome. Last night. Mildly surprised the shit out of everybody last night. And I'm really curious to hear what you think about how the female guests performers did against the guys everyone's expecting to see the guys maybe not the women so much, and I'm curious what I mean. First of all, I think it was it's a much greater challenge for the guys to sing the songs 'cause Chris Cornell was very uniquely gifted with regards to his range in a way that that. Woman singer, maybe can hit those notes right then. Yeah. Right. But I thought the Taylor moms did a great job. And she's the one that's saying loud love with me and think she sang another song as well. But but yeah, the throughout the night, the female vocals were incredible. I mean, brandy Carlisle saying couple of like stone with us, and she's saying one of the I think hunger-strike with Chris Stapleton. Maybe something like that. And she has a beautiful and like nuanced voice. And it was great. I mean, it was it was not like a dude heavy event. And it was it was sort of mixed age wise, and ethnically wise, and it was great celebration of music and rock and roll. And Chris Cornell there was there was that. It was a great point. And a call me there was there was great performances across the board young old male female everybody that brought it the interesting thing about teller Mommsen. And what she what her connection to this is which makes this which made last night unbelievably powerful for her is she I know her I've known her for many years. She's and she's based in New York. So I see her here and there. We've talked. She was and is a like absolutely worship, Chris Cornell and the last Soundgarden tour that happened. The pretty reckless tellers band landed the opening slot. So this was the dream of dreams for her. And she was out on the road and Tom you can attest to this. Sometimes when a band is in the opening slot. They can go a number of shows without even meeting or seeing the ban. They're opening for. It's just the way it is you role in your roll out. Its you know, whatever I I was trying to connect with the opening bands. But yes, sometimes you can go through as an opening band. You can go an entire tour without meeting some of the people in the in right headlining now. That's if the if the headline band has anything to do with you. I mean, sometimes they'll walk in. Let's say a low they'll introduce you introduce themselves and say, hi, but there's times there's just separation or timing or when you show up versus when they play. So so Taylor had gone five six shows on that tour the pretty reckless without having met Chris Cornell who was her hero. And she couldn't believe he was opening and she had told me a story that the night. Right. That Chris died. She was standing by the backstage door and Chris walked out towards the door because he had a car waiting Soundgarden was done playing and much. Like you said when you saw him come down the stairs. It was almost like a trail of dry ice. And he's wearing like a cloak or something. And it's like, and she's like, oh my God here here he comes. And she didn't know what to do if she should introduce yourself and say, thank you, and she just kind of froze up and he walked over to her and said, hey, Taylor. Welcome to the tour. We're glad you're on board. And can't wait to you know, you're going to do great things in your career. And so glad that you're you're with us which made her her world is you could imagine and gave her great excitement for the rest of the tour in the future. And that was the last time anybody had heard from or saw Chris Cornell, and that is just an unbelievably incredible story, but she had that moment. And I don't know how many. People people recall, but she was so devastated about Christmas passing that she actually made a bunch of headline dates, and she just cancelled she couldn't there were a lot of people very worried about her. She didn't know him personally that well, but that's the impact that he had on her. And at least she got that moment literally just before he died. So it's it's a pretty so for her. And I texted her today to have seen her up there being able to do that. And seeing that last night wasn't allowed loved that. She did love, and she did what was the other song talented NBA? I forget what I've seen at drawing lies. Yes. Yes. Just did it did a great great job with it. So I was very happy for her because I knew how much that meant to her. Hey, before we wrap up this sort of part of the conversation. We've talked a lot about Chris's voice, obviously and his writing. But in the in the three records, you made with him and audio sleeve, we do you have any stories any moments that you're in the studio watching him cut vocals, or you're just like, you know, sitting there like the part of Chris's, unique brilliant. And this is one thing that Rick Rubin constantly pointed out to us and how fortunate we were timber night of being a band with him was his is the effortlessness with which he concocted. Great. Melody like, you could give him a super complicated. Heavy riff where you could give him a two chord chord progression. And he would just we would do the vocals was he would just sort of sing melodies to them without words. And it's just like the ability to make something that's really great and beautiful and can connect to people. That's not he doesn't even it wasn't a crafty. It wasn't like he sat down and went. Oh, I need to go up third here. It just came out of him effortlessly, and that's one of his greatest gifts as a song, and you hear throat as an throws entire catalogue from those. I real hard core. Punk rock Soundgarden records to his own more melodic stuff in on his acoustic tours which shines through the end of the day is his talents. Not just as a singer. But as a as sort of a composer of melody, and what about live in the live shows that you guys did. I mean, he delivered night in and night, bad nights ever. I mean that like for all of the power of Chris's voice. He sang very softly, like even those notes that are the crazy high ones. It's not him, you know, busting a gut seeing how it was we could be in a room with them. And it wasn't and he would be seeing with that incredible range and that incredible. Sort of greenie power to it without sort of this kind of loud projection that was when things sort of very surprising. And what kind of what can you share with people about him may be having been a guy that was in a band with them and toured with them and recorded with them that maybe people wouldn't expect like like, you know, intangibles things he was like things things into maybe a funny story, and I've also this. He was always I whenever I've always come in at the band with some charity stuff for some activist stuff. And we and he was always just down. Like, he was he was never kind of a discussions like if you know, this is something that you believe in. I think that we should support it. And that was like really, you know, I've been in a lot of bathroom from high school to today and often there's discussions and sort of trying to figure it out, and Chris was always very very supportive of human rights issues and things like that. Which was really great what you wouldn't take for granted, you know, he didn't have a political history in garden that was one great thing. You know? And just is a really funny like we had a lot of laughs. Man. We have. Very intelligent like a great sense of humor. And we had a lot of laughs on the road. And and, you know, not not like, a real great knowledge of of music and being able to just sort of sit for a long time talking about stuff and having about music and Evan laughs. Yeah. I'll give you one quick one before we have to wrap up in this hour. I very little experience with him and dealt with them interviewed him two or three times. I did a TV interview with them for I was working for Madison Square Garden network. He had played his own solo show at the beacon theatre he played two nights. And I went the first night and did the interview after his performance, and we shot it. And it was it was great. And we had a nice conversation. And he's he said to me. What did you think of the show, and I remember being stunned because I had seen Soundgarden a couple times. But when you hear somebody sing like that on the record. You're immediately inclination is kind of like, well, they can't they can't do this live. Yeah. There's no way they're going to do this song and song out live. So I watched that guy sing at the beacon theatre his own show. So he's playing his whole catalogue. And and he just sang at all. Nope. Perfect effortlessly. Well, thanks to Tom Morello for dropping by. Thanks also to Geezer Butler again next week on the podcast. I will bring you our number two of the show. You just heard from the rainbow, and it will feature an interview with dead land ritual the new band that features Matt Sorem Franky Perez Geezer Butler, and we get a phone call from Steve Stevens that'll be on next week's podcast. So put a book end on the the show that you're hearing again, listen to me live every day to four PM eastern time on Sirius XM channel one. Oh, six volume talking rock every day. Doing interviews. Taking your calls and that show replays every night nine to eleven pm eastern and on demand. Anytime you want on the Sirius XM up here on the podcast. You get a little taste of what I do live on a daily basis on volume and again, follow on social media at Eddie trunk Twitter, Instagram Facebook at he trunk dot com. Is the website? You guys have a great week. Thanks to Katie. You're sorry. The producer of the Eddie trunk podcast. I'll see you next Thursday with our number two from the rainbow with deadline ritual. 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