I Did Poopy & I Know Calculus


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Now see how the donkeys and this upcoming Friday we hear from out of the closet. This was the caller who had committed to coming out of the closet but had not yet done so so a lot of people are GonNa want to hear how he's doing so check out followed. This week's call public school teacher from New Jersey. So you know right away the New Jersey stuff right there. I got enough to talk about for an our but we focus a lot on on the state of public schools. What it's like to be in there as a teacher with the frustrations are all sorts of stuff that swirls around being a schoolteacher? I want to just say at the top of the caller immediately starts telling me I know you hate school. You tell people to drop out of school you hated public school and I want to say I say it. In the course of the call but I'm older and wiser now. I phrased that in smarter ways I also just in the spirit of what this call is. I just want to say I had a teacher in my public high school who actually did change my life. Her name's Melissa Blevins and she was the drama teacher my school and she told me to take her class. When I was a junior said next year? You're taking the strong. 'cause she'd made it all about do Improv and she specifically made a point of telling me that I I was funny and maybe if I didn't spend much time being a wise ass that that was actually an asset instead of a drawback instead of everybody else rolling their eyes at me for trying to be funny. She told me it actually actually was a skill and I think I'm one of the few people in the world who got to live his dreams and I all of that to her. So there's a shout out to public school and apoe Oh schoolteacher anyway. This caller is one of the good ones as well. Think you're gonNA hear that fighting hard for the right reasons and tells us all about what it's like in in this world that we all know about enjoy the call Thank you for calling beautiful anonymous. A beeping annoys will indicate when you're on the show with the host. Hello Hi hi how are you how am I well. I'll tell you very honestly I booked some acting work which is always nice. And it's for thing. Yeah I can't talk about but then I'm pretty excited about but they keep bringing me out to Los Angeles and since I'm a maniac saying I would love have to do this but I need to get back to work as quickly as possible so I keep flying out to Los Angeles one day at a time and flying back on red eyes so I took the red eye last night half dead. But that's okay. That's good a good reason to be. That tired is because I'm working and it's all through the union so it counts Sir my health insurance. This is good stuff. Oh that's good how are you. I'm good I'm a little. I Echo you're Half did a little bit I'm actually just I was is putting up projects in a display case down there while I was on hold and I just walked up four flights there so that I could get to my classroom. Oh yes wondering why. You're putting projects accent display case. That's a very specific thing. Say Yes my students had Sorry just got here. My students had their predict do this week. So we had to put them in the display cases downstairs and and You know it's always gonna be doing after school on a four thirty on a Friday. So Yeah Yeah. It's all good but I do have to say I am a New Jersey public schoolteacher. So God bless you talking the school. I'm like I'm sorry. No I'm listen I mean that's that's college and I've emend I'd like to I think that as I as a mature and I should have been more mature than this in my thirties but I think that again to reiterate where I stand now before my mom and my wife and say stop telling children to not go to college. I just think if you you don't have specific goals in mind. Maybe take a gap year and think about if you WANNA get six figures in debt. Because very often I found the real world nobody even asks where you went to school or if you even I have a college degree but that's just me but if you WanNa be a teacher or a doctor yes you. What's that I I completely echo what you just said? Completely because as a public schoolteacher You know I'm as my seven year and I'm still opinion I'm still paying and I'll be paying for a long time and I I'm in the best the best Position that one can be and I got a job right out of college in the field that I I wanna work in and you know it's hard. It's hard to to do that and to to start off your life with so much. Debt is a very daunting thing to do And so no I totally and I tell my students. I teach elementary school. So they don't really have a concept of you know high school okay Even but you know I do tell them. School is very important but It is important to make sure that you Have a plan and you know what you want. And if you don't then it's not. College is not like the only choice choice you have. You do have other choices in in life and you know you have to be smart about your decision to make thing I would like to think so and I think you. I'm I'm sure nationwide but I know in New Jersey to Like I had a friend who taught in one of the best public high schools in the State Milburn. I'm sure you might Milburn's like one of the best public schools in the country. They say at and I'm not trying to slam lamb milburn. And I'm not trying to out this personnel. Who worked at school system but this friend of mine left because there was so much pressure on the teachers and the kids and I am the parents that it was a system where someone gotTa Be Parent Teacher Meeting? Because there's so much pressure on people and so much defining asking asking our kids to define themselves to the grades they get. I don't know if that always coincides with asking them to define themselves based on the people they are in the values they have and yeah and I don't know if it prioritizes happiness and I think it makes people feel like accomplishment is the only pathway to success or happiness and that it bothers me I will say that bothers me. Yes I I agree. I don't blame you because thank you. I appreciate the eight that because you know some people do but I think I think the the test scores are very That is probably we The most I don't WanNa say the most rushing there are a lot of frustrating things and there are a lot of amazing wonderful things about teaching teaching that I love and that are really You know I wouldn't trade it you don't get it and other jobs A A sense of fulfilment that I get but I think the the focus on test scores and the fact that you know not only are these students. I mean I teach nine year old. Not only our nine year old held to this like standard of you. You know this ridiculous standard but Their teachers are too. And you know there are a lot of factors that that that come into play when a kid comes in and takes the test whether it's the standardized tests or whether it's an assessment that you're giving on any given day you know it could could be. You don't know what they went through that morning at home you don't know whether they're feeling okay whether they had respite whether you know. They had a fight with their parents. I mean there was like a thousand things just like for teachers. There are so many things that go into our lives before we get to school and affect d'art performance and I think that there's a there's a huge focus on data in education which I think you know data has a place but it's a very human job it's a very it's a very It's a job where you get to connect with people and you get the I interact with these students there in my classroom all day. Hurt six hours For five days a week. That's an opportunity. Unity for a connection that you can't you can't Quantify with a with a number so I really. It's hard I think and there. Are you know there are teachers that are on the data wagon and I understand that and I I love data just as much as the next person but I think to have it be only focus is kind of dangerous because I think we have a very Unique opportunity to influence influence the next generation. And obviously I listen to your show. So a big focus on empathy and and human you know connecting to a little human and influencing their lives in a positive way and I I think it's I think that's more important for me to be honest with you. I think it's more important for me to make sure that. They know that they have a safe space. That they can Talk to me about anything that we can work out problems. They and creating that environment is more important to me than how how they do. WanNa test But it's it's it's interesting. It's an interesting environment to try to make that happen. When you know your evaluation based on how they do on a test at the end of the year one of the good one thank you? Oh thanks I mean I try. I really do try but it's it's not easy I'm I'm I'm trying to be the best human that I can be But also the environment in my school's not the greatest at the moment I don't want to say too much but it's just it's that's hard you know when you don't feel supported and you don't feel like everybody's working as a team that can be a really difficult thing With all of the other pressures so anyway I wanna say this data obsession as you pointed out with education I feel like this is kind of like a silent right. It like the amount I know a lot of people who work as like writers and we all know this from he's book there's Times where like people have to crank out ten articles a day for website. You can't write ten good things and it's all. Because they just want the clicks clicks fix the clicks. They want the data the data. That's how I wind up clicking on something that it'll be like a star wars headline when I'm like Oh i Love Star Wars stores then you click on it you know like I just spent three minutes. It's reading thing that basically says Oh star wars movie exists and I'm like what does this sports same thing. I can't watch baseball anymore. I grew up a loved the Yankees. You know I'm in North Jersey. He I love the Yankees. You're in South Jersey the phillies. I don't know if you're a Yankee your affiliate fair nobody in Jersey really likes some people your Yankee Fidel known that I am a Yankee fan so I wasn't nine from north Thursday. That's great I love that but baseball. Now everything's this persons warp. Is this the voice over under. It's like stop rambling about random number. I just WanNa see somebody I just WanNa see if somebody can like steal a base or hit a double or get a home run or if a pitchers on fires at all the commentary to be like will when you factor in this person's persons Replacement rate over same thing with basketball. Oh The plus minus over unders isn't it. It's like whatever happened to the old days where you just wanted to see. starks hit a three the and Oakley put someone on there S. And that's why you watch ticks fun data data now. You're mentioning lot of pressure for Teachers Public School Teachers Teachers. We know this. How just let's get into topic that I think is very on the surface that I would love to hear public? Schoolteacher talk about you face all this pressure. You're out and you've got to get all these test scores up even for nine year olds you got the administration keeping an eye on everything. You've got parents who are met. You got kids who might have develop emotional problems developmental especially teaching nine year olds. I WanNa talk about that later to a nine. That's a weird age because some of these kids maybe yeah maybe they're still kind hi to mentally six-year-olds and then some of them my best friend. Anthony started growing a mustache and fourth grade. I was like Whoa. You see these kids weird. Yeah one of my conferences. I open it up with it. This is the biggest transitional year in every we single way. Just be prepared because I mean it's like emotionally physically academically literally everything happens in the fourth grade or starts to happen. I don't want to happen because it doesn't everybody but But you see it and then have. Her class is growing mustaches. And then half classes like crying because they didn't get a turn during You Know Simon says or whatever and it's like what to manage manage you got one you've got one kid who's like I did. I did Poopie and then the next kid your skin already calculus and maybe they're the same kids what it is different. I don't know how it was in your school growing up but in my school growing up we We were tracked. And they had like high middle and and low classes Homogeneous Grouping for like the core subjects matheny La and now we have heterogeneous grouping which means that in my classroom through my have all three level all the time all day which there are pros and cons of both? I don't want to say you know one is better than the other but it is. There's a lot there's a lot going on there's a lot going on At any given in time so Yeah it's a lot to manage. There's it's Kinda crazy like I'll get to like. Oh sorry go ahead. No no no no and you'll get to what I know I'll get to like lunchtime and like I love my friends like I have two friends and like a a group chat from high school and I'll get to lunch and I won't even know where my phone is and I'll have like thirty seven messages from. Oh my friends with like office jobs. Who can be on their phone and they're just texting each other and I'm like Oh my God I can't even? I can't even look at anything I just need like like quiet I'm GonNa read my book and I'm GonNa eat my lunch and I'm GonNa make my copies and Maybe I'll tackle that at a later. Time Because that's also a thing you know like I don't even know where my phone is during the day so it's just it is it's like A. It's a three ring circus I share so you're dealing with this three ring. Circus parents administration test scores all sorts of education philosophies that change enj- on on on the state swim you got kids who are emotionally surging in different directions. Let's not forget you're waking up at five thirty thirty six in the morning every day affects your literally. Yep yet you're physically exhausted everybody else gets to go out for drink you just gotta go collapse at home. It affects your personal life. Like you said your friends. You don't get interact with them in your dating life. I'm sure and all that and they basically pay you a salary that's like a high five in an applebees gift certificate. How do you feel about this? And then no and the best and teachers will Jump all over this and then they're like everybody gets excited when you can wear jeans on Friday. Oh ooh ooh get to wear jeans tomorrow. Oh my God yeah. It's But I have to say you know it's a it's something that you sign up for. You know going in that like all of this stuff is the way it is. I will say. Also you don't even know until you you experience that you don't even know it's like the difference between like when you get your Your permit and you're driving with your parents. And then like you learn more on that first day of having your license and driving by yourself. Real like ooh too close to the curb there you know like that is what teaching is like. It's just like you jump into the end and you kind of handle things Like a minute at a time because you have to. There's just there's nothing that can prepare you for it. And then they say education is the most important portent thing. Education is the most important thing and hey the people who are your children's guides through education we We pay pennies. He's on the dollar and you might need to might need to pick up a side Gig on the weekend and we WANNA break your opinion on top of that and we want to destroy your union and we and and there's all this smear campaign against your union all this stuff. Yeah they don't like to teachers no no. They don't think what we're paying teachers. What like thirty thousand dollars a year to take care of our kids it's Is it more than that. It's got to be more than that now. Right it's more than that. It's more than that. Yeah Yeah but it so we have like an increase in pay but now we with Chapter Seventy eight in New Jersey You have to pay An enormous amount of your health care so that's been something that's been really It it really has affected people's salaries more than anything else. has been the healthcare. Because that is it's and healthcare is expensive for everybody But yeah it's a it's a it would be nice It'd be nice to move out of my parent's house but Not really repeatable for me at the moment and then you send you said you've been teaching for seven years. Yeah so this is yeah well and I'm not judging it all and oh no no not judging but for everybody listening if you've ever been at the dinner conversation dinner table conversation when you start going. Oh the Teacher's Union is the problem. This means you're in your late twenties. You're teaching our kid yet. You're busting your ass. You're living with your folks and you just said part of that is the pay issue. That's not okay with me. That's not okay. Not when someone not when someone's job can be if when someone's like I find. I find poor families whose homes are being foreclosed on and then I flip the homes after they go bankrupt and those people can be millionaires. And that's fine. That's fine in a capitalist society. But what's not fine with me. Is that you're sitting here saying I'd love to move out of my parent's has between my student loans and my health insurance and the teacher pay rate. I can't that's the part that's not. Okay now guys. Let's go ahead pause the shove. 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Yeah Yup I know but also it is also North Kersey is just astronomical it is. I'm looking into moving back there. You'll love this okay. First thing I want to say is I knew you were from North Jersey. I knew you weren't to someone working in New Jersey but that you grew up there. 'cause you don't you you don't have much of an accent but the way you say that we're very the way you save. Er that's when I was like very very very and how do you say eight and maybe you don't say but how did we grow up saying. H R I B L e Horrible how Har- everytime you imitate your mom and I'm like Oh my gosh we do day that horrible terrible coffee door mork. It's NORC and arcade NORC so ridiculous. Now I'm telling you I'm you know I have my son now. I don't WanNa be raising this kid and if acute by the way thank you. I love 'em everybody tells me he should be the next Gerber baby kids cute areas. -Ly Impulse I. I can't get over. Everybody loves his temples in his long eyelashes and everybody thinks he's a girl because of his beautiful ashes. Such a weird thing to say and be proud of. It's a beautiful in every way now you were saying North Jersey. We're thinking of moving back there. Because I got I was on the subway three days ago with a subway masturbate or the two in the afternoon. I'm like no one even stopped. We all none of us even stop them. He was keeping it in his pants sandwich in his penny. Didn't take it out and that's where my humanity manager come to where it's just we're on a train like as long as you don't take it out buddy just finished fast. I can't remember what my dad says to me. He goes. Hey I spent it my whole life escaping those Essex County taxes. You better not go back to that. Most of these days I can't go pay twenty grand in taxes I know my sister. I have my sister. Does you move to West daren and not nonetheless. Nuts in there The the access to the city. Everybody's moving moving out of the city into Essex County because it's on that train line Montclair. What's your West? Orange is like becoming a cool spot. Now which is astounding to me as someone who grew up there. It's not even on the train line. It's like in the in between the towns. You know you take the Jitney to south our end. They didn't have the Jitney I heard about this Jenny. Jenny and I heard they turned the Old Thomas. Edison factories intellect. Hi Class CONDO lofts which is insane because this was giant abandoned factories. My mom actually Drepung Block. That was her houses demoss to expand the factories and that was a rough and tumble part of town. Sometimes people tell me now and I'm on the tangent people. Tell me like Oh you're always talk about West orange like it was like it's a tough place that super rich town and I make maybe it is now but you know what. Let's talk about this Let's talk about this. Actually okay this half a teaching thing and Half Jersey thing right here. Jersey is the most densely populated state. But I want you to. I would never ask you a district. I know that that's a big no-no remember. That's a big began. You speak to the fact of. How Weird is it in New Jersey that you might being one town in a public school that has the highest rating like Millburn? I mentioned one of the highest rated public schools in the country. But then you might also know the reputation that high school I went to West Orange high decent but not a great reputation. Columbia high where all maple all these people move. Maplewood all these new all the Brooklyn money's GonNa that high school is not known as being. It's it was always known growing up a little bit of a tough school. MHM five minute drive apart. Even in West orange like there are really cheap. You might go to school one part of town where the elementary schools really nice but the Washington Ashington school grew up down. My First House was down the block from Washington school. My brother until third grade that school was built in the eighteen. Hundreds and there's trailers trailers classrooms in the parking lot and some kids in some neighborhoods. Have a great some kids. Don't Jersey flight this these towns next to each other where yeah. Some of them are rough and tumble humbling. Then you're right next to real wealth and talk about how the I don't know what kind of school you're in. How much of these class crossovers you see? But it's a very very interesting part of life in general and in Jersey since it's so dense you see it really up close and because there's there's so many small town there's so many small towns that are really close together and so you go from one to the other and you're like It's a it's a a huge difference. I even see my town which is a small town? Thank you go from an small. I mean like maybe two square miles and you go from one side of the town to the other side of the tunnel like Oh like this is the same town it's crazy it's crazy And there are even. It doesn't matter. How big the district does you could have small town in New Jersey and have one one side of town that has all you know Has I hate to say it this way. But like to the two family houses and people who who are The the the low income housing and all of that seems to be on one side of the town and you have this huge food Kadhamy between the schools and I mean we see it In My district I thought in my I mean my my. The town that I grew up then is We only had one elementary one middle school but It's in a lot of towns and I think the answer Sir at least in in some schools that I've seen Is a lot of districts are going to one on you know kindergarten first second grade building and then one Third and fourth grade building and then having a a true middle school instead of having multiple elementaries and multiple middle schools. I think to kind of cut down on the differences in training. You know one side of town to the other. That's so they're trying to make sure all the kids. From all areas the town meet each other early and have the have equal experience from his. Because I tell you it and again people sometimes roll their eyes so hard. But I'm I'm forty so I don't like you're saying a lot of a lot of the hipsters and whatnot moving out to my old hometown. It's great I wanna see the place doing good but I'm telling you I. There's two middle schools in my town and I I had a buddy who I went from kindergarten through college college with and we live together two years in college we lived in the same neighborhood and we lost touch and about. I don't know in in our thirties. We tracked down his number actually call. I was like a wonder of his mom's listen same phone number and I called him how to sell from her bar in New York he walks in he goes first thing out of his mouth. Goes Dude Edison Middle School fucked up my whole life first thing. He said it was like the fact that we went like going. Oh and the school on the rougher side of town there was it was tough and then you go to the high school and you see this all over New Jersey high schools where there's kids who on their seventeenth birthday drive to school in a brand new BMW and then during the same entre with kids who on food stamps and neither neither lifestyle is right or wrong but holy shit. Is that a balancing act for people have you trenches. And sometimes the administration's don't want to necessarily deal with all the stuff that's happening and kids feeling starting out anyway. I'm on a rant. I'm called it you were you call it at the start. I was like no. I have no problems with public schools and now here I am like the class disparity the one percent we gotta be throwing bricks bricks through occupy public schools. Anyway it's up to you talk you talk. I'm being will be honest with you. No no I like. It's definitely one of those issues that like I found. There's nobody that's neutral on it. There's nobody like there are very. Let's say there are very few people both were neutral there. You either have very very strong feelings in support of public education and and end teachers and And that whole thing or you have a lot of resentment and You know not great feelings about public education and it is. I think it's something that people feel like. They they know because they went through it. You know like so. They went through public school and in my public school. This happened and and these teachers did this. We watched movies all the time. And you know now if we the movie. I'm like freaked out. I have to have like eight reasons. Why we're showing it how it connects to what and it's like? Oh God like you know it. Ah Sometimes sometimes. It's it can be an educational tool you know like but I think that there's this perception that like That you know we come in and you know we. We don't feel like teaching so we just throw in a movie. It's like no bill. nye Is actually actually the best and I enjoy watching them because I learn a lot from him pill bill nice. You know 'cause a lot of people also have problem with tenure. which is is that only a college thing? I forget. 'cause I'm old. No no it's a thing because the thing. How do you respond like I get it like Bill Nye sure sure absolutely but I distinctly remember taking a class on law where the teacher was tenured and we watched the Shawshank redemption? Nice Cau-. Aw that movies law eight up like a solid four day to class diamond. I don't know much about law. Yes and I don't know if he would have been showing that his first handful years. Exactly yes I I. I do understand that and usually when people say that I you know. I talked to friends that work in offices I talked to my wrenching works at a at an office and she was just like yeah. I went in and No one's here so I'm like getting a jump on my Christmas a shopping. I'm like Oh that's like people get to do that like that's days to not have to you know Fit It in on you. You know like schedule the time that I'm going to go Amazon Christmas shopping on my weekends between all of the other things that I have to do like I think that that's in in every industry. Sometimes you know you need a break. I get showing movies all the time but I don't know so anybody that shows movies all the time ever I don't I don't it doesn't happen at least not at my school. We're all really and I'm bringing up the Shawshank thing most asleep for a laugh but I understand what you're saying no it's the type of thing but but it's the thing that used to happen me and I'm sitting here going. Well that happened when I I was a kid and I was in high school in. I took that class in nineteen ninety six with the hell do I know really you know and not and I'm going to be honest. I'm not saying that there aren't bad teachers. 'cause I know that teachers to and I'm not I think it's it's hard because it's such A. It's such the subjective thing it's Like my favorite teacher could have been. Somebody's worst teacher. You know because you're dealing with human you're human and you're dealing with humans and as a teacher you can't you can't How do I WANNA say you can't anticipate every interaction you're going to have with you? Know Twenty students every single day and make sure that they're all a positive. 'cause you're a human yourself. I think you have to give as a teacher I mean I know I have to give myself permission to be like you know what you've had a hard week. The kids have been working really hard. You can take a period and you know. Watch a movie. I don't think you know the worst things and if it has value I'm not China. I promise I'm not to make you defend yourself. I was just it was a funny real preference. Let me ask you. Then that being said I also had a had uh I think it was a criminology course in highschool where we watch seven hamster. That's like all kinds of inappropriate. So that teach you just needed a break. But you're clearly nice you. You're on a Friday at four thirty PM hanging up your kids projects like you're not someone you oh you are a person who values hard work and understands it and teaching. I'm not I made you defend yourself. I feel bad I feel bad now. No okay that's all right I I gotta be honest. We're used to it do it. I'm sure and anyway so I'm sure I can't tell you how many times I've been at a bar and like my friend has to be like we're going to have to leave if you can't like engage the guy next to you who's talking about like teacher. Pensions and tenure. I'm like you know we have to leave because I'm going to start something right and then you're like listen. It's six thirty. DPMI should be getting home. Anyway I've got to grade papers and then be bed in forty five minutes. Yeah passed out on the couch with the papers on the couch with you. That's a sad moment when you wake up. Yeah it's like two forty five to forty five in the morning Disney and you're like oh I guess got pen on your face and now you mentioned. There's some bad teachers. I don't want you to speak speak specifically like Potch as people you know what constitutes a bad teacher. I'll tell you what I look back on. I remember teachers and some of them. I liked in the moment but the teachers who needed the kids to think they were cool. I look back on like that all those people. Now that I'm I'm thirty nine and I'm like older than a lot of the teachers. Anyone who needs like a fourteen year old to think you're cool. You're not you're not teaching. Hi Kids dealing with. That's my thing I looked back okay for you. What's a good teacher? What the teacher Well good and bad are such difficult word to use. Because like I said like I mean I also had a teacher in middle school that literally. Just she didn't like me 'cause she didn't like my brother and so she like I got in trouble. I'm I'm not a huge people. Please they're an is. There was nothing that I could do. You know how much we haven't come on going through school being the younger sibling of an older brother. Who who fucked with teachers? All my brother was such a wise ass and the teachers. Yeah I had to prove to them like a I'm not gonna I'm not not me not at least give me really know and I'm one of four I do too above me and one below me so my my younger brother really had to make a name for himself. Say he likes to He told the story that he based off of what teacher he was dealing with. He he would tell them who sibling. He was so you know if they really liked that percents. Yeah he's very smart very resourceful but Yeah I mean it yeah. Go ahead before. I want you to tell me a good teacher bad teacher by got a story for you that you're GonNa love this teacher is okay okay teacher in my high school who actually liked actually liked a lot and then one day. She was very clearly having a bad day and before school. She in high school in the hallway. She pulled me aside. Start yelling at me about like an extracurricular club that she ran Iran that I had been in a minute. quit started really raising her voice. I mean it was before I was like. Whoa what is like immediately? Even as a young kid I was like what is going on and I kept trying to walk away. And she's like don't walk away from me and now everybody's watching and I was like I just don't I'm not into it anymore. I want to quit and she yells. This is what aspect from gathered reference to my oldest brother in front of all these people watch and everybody. I just froze pros at everybody. Why you felt all the kids you know when kids go from Oud oe something in a fight that kids are real? And how's real worked up and I went back to my homeroom class and somebody asked me. When I so upset and I ranted and raved and then finally went to the office and she was going to get into trouble and administration was like? That's not good. Then my homeroom teacher. I was a young young man surging with angry young man hormones and in the of course of me venting about it in my class I said and I apologize. I would never say this today. I said I don't get it. I don't get why she's being such a cont. I don't I'll get it and I was an angry man. We were raised in North Jersey. Where words are often said? That are regrettable words. We drew up a lottery grew and they basically said listen. If you don't get her in trouble for disparaging your family name then. We won't get you in trouble fridge optimus but like you said the young brother Anyway and oh here's the best part so I'm doing my TV show. This is GONNA be a long tangent. I'm eating up your houses. It is but I think you'll like this so promoting. TV show. I get booked on the Kelly. 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This is the old regis slept so I go on Kelly ripa thing Kelly Ripa a lot of North Jersey absolute so I go on his show. I'm dancing with Kelly. RIPA aware little sweater and some nice pants. I've changed I charm her. She's so charming. So I get a message from my old history teacher who yelled at me and she said I can't believe you Kelly Ripa show and I said I was so mad just reading her name and I just said yes. I was tried to make clear. I'm in my thirties now. I don't need to bow down. There's some bad feelings but I wasn't going to vent it. And then she said something else and she was clearly kind of poking the bear and she was like I wish I could remember what she said but she was like. I have so many memories of you and I was like really was one of them the time Um you cornered me in the hallway. And that's what I would expect from gathered in front of a hallway of my peers. Making me feel ashamed for being from my own family is that what are your memories and I typed. That sent it. She was like wow. I shouldn't have done that and I'm like yeah no you should note and then we just never again never message. I got hi revenge in my thirties. I was able to say I'm a GROWNUP. Now I made to you anyway. Yeah and I mean listen no and those types of re interacting that like you know it it bothers me. I mean the whole thing think bothers me the whole thing but like the fact that she didn't even remember saying that that well that's annoying. Oh and becoming like a celebrity for a minute there. That's all of a sudden see people posting a facing does kids from my neighborhood. He's the pride of down the hill. West aren't really. You beat the shit at the Lady of parking. Now you saw me. He saw me on Conan. And I'm the pride of your neighborhood. Now no no no no anyway. What's a good now not not to Jersey Kid? We all graduates anyway. I've made it way too much about what's a good teacher. What's a bad teacher? What are the bullet points? Well for me I believe that I just I I think at least what I try to do with with. My students is connect with them and model being a good person model being somebody who values learning somebody who values hard work Responsibility is a really big thing taking responsibility. You for your words and your action and in an authentic way and Trying to I'm just trying to create good people And I think that you know when I look back when I was a student the most impactful thing for me was were the teachers that cared about me especially coming from a big family. They do. My entire family All of my teachers dumb. Some of them had my my mom when she went through the school system so she the the teachers that took the time to get to know me as an individual outside of all that Andy as a learner and tried to really helped me become a good person and to accept my mistakes and to kind of. Lift me up in that way That's what made the most impact on me as a student and so will I try to do that for Other for hold on one. Second thank you sorry. He tried to come in and clean my room. uh-huh podcast t about the system You know that's what I try to do. I try to be that person. Listen for them and I try to you know Just try to give them the tools that is going to give allow them to be a successful and so That's I want them to be successful in life. Whatever whatever that means for them and so You know I think that's what a good teacher is. I think that that they they recognize that. These are human beings and that they have a very unique opportunity to To touch a lot of lives and to I mean the best thing is when students come back you know. I'm in an elementary school when students come back and and they you know talk to you when they want to know your opinion and they want to Get your advice and for for me I can teach you about multiplication and I can teach you about all of those things but after school school is GonNa come to an end at some point and you're going to need a lot of life skill that are going to make you good humans and are and you're going to form the world that I'm going to live in if I ever retire. So so that's what I that's that's my goal is to you you know. I think that that's a good teacher. Somebody who recognizes that your you. You're working with children that you have a unique. He goes to reach them in a way. That no one else really has and For me that's a good teacher because those are the good teachers when I went to school Bad Teachers. I don't know the ones but I I see those. Are The teachers that I gravitate towards as a professional those teachers that recognize that part of the job. Those are the teachers that I seek advice from. Those are the teachers that I gravitate toward That teachers is a is a hard hard. It's a hard 'cause it's different for everybody. You know But I think the ones that try that they the ones that frustrate me the most of the ones that like make sure that they look good in front of administration they they took all the boxes and they. I mean the ones that kids ask basically sorry valley and you know and then you don't have to apologize. I recently said contest. So you're good. She's turned this off as soon as she heard her. Youngest son say account anyway. You're saying now three times. Yes yes knocking at heart. So yeah I mean like those the ones that are just doing it for the show when that really bugs me Eh. Because it's not always perfect. It's not always It doesn't always look good. It doesn't always use. It's very messy and I think that It doesn't do us any favors when you know you try to make everything look perfect and and you check all the boxes and you know. Have you really done your job if you ask if I asked one of my kids who is there you you know. WHO's your second grade teacher? And they're like Oh you know like I I for me. That's the most important part of my job and so I don't know and sometimes they're just not gonna get what you're teaching them they're just not and it's okay like you say you walk around with the calculator all the time in your pocket. So I mean as long as I can when you use the calculator off. Both that makes me so sad that you're quoting my anti education rants from different episode. Oh no no no no no because it is true. No because that's a common thing that people say like when am I gonNA use this. Why and it's not about the it's not not about the using it's not about the the actually you see? I use my calculator all the time. But you need to know when to use it so if I can teach you that I and you and I can teach you use it appropriately. Then I think I've done my job. Let me ask you this topic. Because I've I've ranted about math before and you really heard it and I'm a little ashamed of there but let me ask you this. You should not be well what it ties into a question that I think you'll have inside on. which is that and I may have mentioned this on the show before but I want to hear your opinion? I loved school. I loved school until Fourth Grade. It was very interesting talking to you. Because here's the thing so third grade in West Orange. There is this thing called the high aptitude program where like the really smart. The three four or five kids from each elementary school were sent to the Board of Education building to have like advanced classes. Those very elitist in look back on. I don't love but so I was in a rare situation where I was in the high aptitude program. They put me on a bus and have me leave my school to go hang out with the other smarty pants kids it was on Wednesdays and then I would get bust back to my elementary school and later that same day I would take the special math class when it came to creative writing. I would sit there and you'd have to pull me away from the desk history. You'd have to pull my nose out of the book and I could memorize everything like I read a thing and be able to quote it back to the teacher and then math. I mean I drive back on the bus the same day and and I'd be in the math class where and I'm not disparaging. I was in the class. Where but it would be like? Baseball's cost two dollars a football costs. Five fifty. How many of each do you have to buy for it to totalled old fourteen or whatever it was and I'd sit so frustrated and unable to do the math out and I'd be worked up? Sometimes I would cry. I'd go to the bathroom to cry because an I wanted an. Here's the problem. I have with my education experience and I don't know if maybe some of us are mean. SMOOT was unnecessary back then. Maybe it's changed what I never understood looking back on. It was legitimately. Why did I have to do math and I ask that as a legitimate question? Because if they had told me hey yeah in fourth grade it was clear. I'm not going to pursue anything. Academic the Democrat Professional. Ever that I looked back. I've come to learn that there's actually like a version of dyslexia relating to that. I wonder if I have because to this day. I can't do certain in my head. Why didn't they? Why don't they pull kids like me aside and go? Yeah you're the history and creative writing guy nine make you worry as much. There's other other stuff for you to do. Why can't they do that Well I think because because things might surprise you you know like I i. I never thought that I was going to be. I mean listen and I was like obsessed with reading when I was. I would not as good in math. It didn't make as much sense to me. I could memorize stuff. Which is why I did well until high school? Because then I couldn't apply it to any higher math concepts Yeah I couldn't do any of that because I was just memorizing. I was like oh the one up here. Okay now you add it to all of those okay. I can't do that so right answers to hearing you carry all. Oh sorry I don't know to this day where you put the one. Anyway you go. I will say I think you know we reteach math. Very very very diff and you'll see when your son goes to school. We teach math very differently and I think a lot of parents are frustrated by it. That's mostly what I talk about when I Have Parent teacher conferences. Is there like when I help my son or daughter with With with homework I can't do it so I just tell them the way that I do it and then you know I'm just being very upfront and I understand that because when and I became a teacher I had to relearn how to do all of that too because we teach it a very different way It's a lot more focused on like number a number sin and manipulating numbers in different ways. I think it goes a little overboard. Sometimes there's you know there has to be some sort of a middle ground when it comes to the calculation I mean. They do. I need to know how to calculate numbers you know but Guests so all right I'll be grudgingly. Kids know how to add. I think so. So begrudgingly but also if you if you asked me when I was in school. What kind of a teacher I was going to be? I would have never said a math teacher ever ever ever I would have said I WANNA BE IN LA teacher. Because I love to read. And I that's like like the world where I can be myself but but I then I taught special Ed math for five years and I I loved it. I loved teaching math. And it's I think it's because I understand the kids who are like this makes no sense to me and I'm like yeah you're right it doesn't let's make it make sense so I think war I could've used you need to give you the whole life. I think that the tides I think that that's the goal and I know that I know that there are a lot of parents that are frustrated with math. And Oh my God the facebook posts about like can you believe this. Look how much less time it takes us like. But you know what you're really doing do you. Were you able to apply any of that You know Algebra When you got the high school probably not and you know it could have it could have impacted acted me if I learned math this new way? Maybe maybe it would've impacted my life in a different way. I don't know but I know that I can help help kids who don't get math understand it a little bit more is the new way you talk about the right here. They got touch their fingers together all the time thing. Now that's touch does your fingers and that didn't know how to divide strategy the strategy that we use but Yeah it's more like breaking numbers down and manipulating them in different ways and Really it gives you a better understanding of of what you're actually doing. When you're multiplying when you're dividing when you're adding and subtracting I feel like they get a better number sense and also again with the human aspect you gotta understand that you know what sometimes you're not gonna use it and so you know you just you gotta you gotTa move on and then you won't use it and it's not gonNa you know make a difference? I I WANNA be clear. You said you need to teach kids what they're doing in their multiplying dividing. I knew what I was doing. When I was multiplying dividing I was sweating through my clothes and having having a panic attack? That's what I was doing every math test. I took in seventh grade. The guy was the girls soccer coach. He's a coach. uh-huh such tough it out every math test I had I would have diarrhea. I would go to the bathroom. He thought I was cheating on tests hiding math book in there. I'm like no. This gives me so much anxiety diet that I get diarrhea every time. Does anybody want to address that or help me get now. You're on your own. Yeah I mean I definitely definitely definitely believe we endeavour very different than when when even I went to school It is it's just a different. It's a different environment. I think It is it is different too and when you said I have to imagine when you see a kid who scared of math like I was or who is terrified to read a story. They wrote because they're not the creative writing kid and then and by the end of the year they love math or they write a beautiful story that all the other kids like and then they get too proud of that you must be. That must be why why year like this is why I hang up the projects when I should be going on on a Saturday. That's got to be the best absolutely. It has the best it is the best it is the you know or like you when they echo things that I've said to them Like like I was having a really rough day and this kid brings little index card up to me and she goes and she just gives between go online. And it's just like this beautiful note about like you work so hard and you're you really really care about us and you're such a good teacher and I'm just really happy to be in fourth grade. Like Oh my God. What like this This is what that is if you could just bottle that and you know some quietly weep in that moment and then get that framed immediately and then you and then you bring them to special and then you openly in your class. Because you know it's Irene arena within the end of a at the end of Friday many times your weeping because of something like that or because of something else I mean. It's it's a very emotional job for me. If I'm if I'm doing the math right which again I am probably not But you've been teaching for seven years fourth great. This means your first wave of kids is probably going to go off to college in the next year Well or maybe you didn't always teach the only because I didn't always teach fourth grade. God Yeah so I started off But actually yeah I think when I started off. I'm a General Ed teacher now. I started off in special ED and And my first kids I taught fifth and in sixth grade combined class so My this is the first year that I will have seniors graduating that taught which is so. I guess you're right. Yeah But it's it's kind of crazy kind of crazy That I and it 'cause it doesn't seem that long ago It doesn't seem that long ago that I had them. You know. Those memories are still very fresh so Yeah it's And they do like a walkout at the The end of the year they walk through a building building. And we you know we clap for them and All the seniors that are going to graduate high school that year. And it's going to be the first year that I actually know kids. That are that are graduating. So it's that's a I mean. Mostly it makes me feel old Yeah my sister my says I come from a family of teachers so my sister is also a teacher and she sent me a screen shot One of performer students. She's a middle school teacher. One of her former student would Running for council. ooh ooh I can't pull kitty. Listen you on your mind blown. We've been talking for over an hour our have we really. We're we're like a minute over already man so many other things I know yeah unfortunately I had to ramble out of revenge on my sophomore year. Street teachers sorry about that. I do I do want to say a couple. Oh thanks first of all. Thank you because despite all my Blustery opinions on school. I know that the the real deal teachers that are getting in there and rolling on up their sleeves to help kids that those are heroes that those are heroes. And they're doing things the right way and Iran's about the bad experience because I'm exaggerated. Brian need to thank you and I need to think all all the other teachers out there doing things the right way and like I said at the beginning you're all criminally underpaid and the public schools. Your Union is a good thing not a bad thing and and And I hope that keep fighting the good fight and let me thank you again. Sincerely you offered a lot of perspective. I'm also so happy to hear a lot of the things that I'm bitter about from when I was a kid that you're like no we do things really differently. And most of all North Jersey baby and go yanks that's right. We also have a wellness period now in our schedule so yea for mental health. I would love that glad to hear it. Thank you for doing so out all right. Thank you Chris. It was so nice to talk to you. I WanNa thank thank our teachers so much for filling us in sorry. I was so exhausted enabled with some story the help they had detained you and I hope that we still managed to hear a lot about what life is like right right now on the front lines of teaching also wanted to plug a site. I learned about it. I did Steven Kerr show. And they give out gift certificates that contributed to on my own as well donors choose dot. Org there are a lot of public schools that are so underfunded that teachers are actually responsible for buy your supplies and when I say buying their supplies I need. You can go on the site and find classrooms. Teachers say please. We need pencils. Need Markers is that we need them if we can get a used IPAD to run education programs. Help these kids donors. There's choose dot org. I think is such a well intention site. You can find actual classrooms run by individual teachers in your town in the county your neighborhood where their kids who need stuff you can throw in a couple of bucks and help them. Have Literal. Notebooks pencils art supplies so to say well worth checking coming out. Thank you so much considering. Thank you for calling. Thank you Jared O'CONNELL and the booth thank Michel Shacks in the music for no more about me. The Chris Guests Dot COM Shogo apple. podcasts we use inscribed really really helps when you do thank you so much for support You have correct Carl from an inmate at mclovin to accept its call prince five now when other people ask you. Hey what are you in for and you tell them some of the the stories you told me call boy. I forgot that I keep forgetting that when you tell people some of the stories you told me which I think you're you're the first to admit some really dark horrible stuff. Are they shocked. Typically what they'll say is money or drugs so you hear white collar money or are you correct and people are shocked. But I'm not here for money. That's a clip from the first episode of season. Two of beautiful follow ups. You WanNA listen. Go go to stitcher. Premium Dot Com Promo code stories. Get a free month premium that. Let's listen to beautiful anonymous this whole back catalogue. Without Ed's whole bunch of touring shows. You can't get anywhere else else. 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