The Attorney General Lets it Rip # 955


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan bongino. I love to the Dan Bongino shepherdess, Joe, how are you today? Dude. It's a fine day for a radio program. That's all I gotta tell you. I I always anxiously await your your entrance onto the stage. You know? My greatest showman. When when Hugh Jackman hands off the baton to that his his protege guy at the end, and he just wait for you start dancing like elevates the start coming out. You start doing the triple? Unitil? This sudden we cut to a wide shot. Joe ch. Hey, seriously. We have a stack show today. I drove Joe. And my wife Paula crazy last night producing today's show. There's so much. We'll see what we could get to. So let's waste anymore. W the bar testimony yesterday and just some astonishing video you're not gonna wanna miss right today show. Brought you our buddies at helixsleep helixsleep makes the finest mattress out there. Ladies and gentlemen. 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Let's go before we get to Bill bar and some an astonishing dump yesterday. Jim Komi that got lost in all the Bill bar stuff. Hat tip that undercover Huber Twitter account guys. Great. I want to get this. Bernie Sanders thing because we are running into twenty twenty election against a bunch of socialists who are out there screaming and yelling like a bunch of band. She's. Screaming like Howard, Dean style. Ru. Stream it about wealth redistribution it socialism. Bernie Sanders at the tip of the spear is leading the pack. So Bernie Sanders as evidenced by his numerous speeches tweets and otherwise he can't stand millionaires. He obviously doesn't like millionaires. He can't stand that Trump is wealthy. He can't stand Evan as evidenced by his tweet that the Trump cabinet has people in there who have been successful. We have the tweet up on the screen. If you want to watch the show, you can go to YouTube dot com slash Bongino. I'll read it for you. This was the Bernie Sanders tweet on his official verified account at Senator Sanders. Trump's quote anti-establishment cabinet of millionaires millionaires and billionaires like you says is worth more than one third of US households combined. Oh my gosh. Birdie raging raging against the well, the dying of the light Matic Bernie Sanders. Ray G can't stand millionaires billionaires. Well, what do we find out yesterday? New York Times story by Cheryl, Cheryl, gay, Stalberg, birdie said there's now a millionaire pledges to release tax returns by Monday, New York slimes. This is just peachy. So now, we know why Bernie's been hiding his tax returns up until then, you know, why? Because these folks take this to the Bank cash this check. Bernie Sanders has had a focus group together because he's a fraud. And he's hypocritic biggest phoney out there. I'm the Mark by words, he has had a political focus group together. And he is trying to find a way. It's the reason he was delaying his taxes to message to the public that he is. In fact, the very same person he rails against because he's a fraud. He is a Lieutenant General in the fraud hypocrite brigade he is leading chore. Jeez. On a horse at the front of the hypocrite progress brigade getting ready to attack Bernie did he is the biggest phoney out there? So his message now because he was hit on this. Check out this tweet. How he tries to message his new millionaire status. This is hysterical. This is comical in its tier one absurdity. There's a tweet from John Harwood. Bernie Sanders acknowledging that he's rich as he belatedly prepares to release his tax research. So Essen this is cash tag epic fail. I wrote a basilica book if you write a best selling book, you could be a millionaire to really slowly as my wife is so kindly pointed out today, we do. Okay. But we didn't become millionaires for books books do. Well. But you know, we have to split them up marketings a lot of costs in it. And we had some researchers hope that and we did the right thing. But we didn't become millionaires. Bernie did this guy is a fraud. He is forget Lieutenant General. This guy's a four star general in the hypocrisy. Army? He is a total fraud. So in order for Bernie to rescue. This guy's sullied destroyed reputation among serious people Bernie, Bernie Brahimi. Hey bre, bro. You, bro? Haber? The Bernie broS don't care at all. Because Bernie broS just their life. It's a religion for them. This is not based in reality. Data Mon understand that this guy is a hypocrite. He's been railing against millionaires and billionaires that he is one of them Bernie process, but reasonable people's reputations destroyed because he's a fraud if you put together facts and logic, and you say Bernie Sanders hates millionaires and billionaires and the aggregation of well, yet Bernie Sanders is a million who is aggregated wealth. So who have you Bruce book, so? Birdie Bernie should lead, by example, into rescue is sullied reputation that have a suggestion. Remember, what was that movie was an Adam Sandler was Billy Madison? You can do it. Remember, rob Schneider? Do you can do it? Billy Roberta you can do this. You can redistribute the money from this book sales. I expect you I am now folks let's start a movement. And here's what to give it back. Hashtag on Twitter. Give it back send a hashtag that to Bernie on all of his tweets give it back, buddy. You're a socialist your whole credos, your whole reason for being is that government is best is the best spender and allocate our resources that individuals are not that individuals who actually produce aggregate collect wealth, whatever put wealth than a Bank accumulate wealth via business successes. That is not the best way to to operate in economy. Your theory Bernie is the best way to operate economies to turn that money over to government. You weren't a socialist do the right thing lead. I will expect you at a minimum a minimum to donate fifty percent. I'm being kind. Because socialists, want full collectivisation. In other words, the full collectivisation of private assets to the government. I'll give you a pass. I am expecting has Ted give it back. Bernie Sanders to give fifty percent. Thank you. Ms Paula who even put it up on our YouTube dot com slash bunch. You hashtag give it back. Bernie. This should be the new bread. They have their own hashtag feel the burn respond to every feel the burn hashtag by Bernie. Br Haber Haber respond with give it back Bernie needs to give back fifty percent of those book sales to salvage his sullied reputation. Otherwise, I don't want to hear another peep from this guy about Medicare for all about redistribution socialism. Nothing give it back Bernie Kevin back hue can do in. You can do it costed. We need rob Schneider. Right now, he, you know, Bernie, but also pretty good in some sort of paramilitary uniform. You know, what I mean going to work Castro? You get don't you think? The green Uni green Uni. That's not a bad idea. The military cap can use you. You know, what that if he gives it back at least he'd beat for real. Because those are two things that will happen. It's actually I you will have military tyranny, political prisons, death and destruction and second if he gives back the money, so he'd stand by that at least he'd represent what he represents right government control people's freedom liberty in the economy, but it gives back the money at least he'd be ideologically aligned with what he's telling everyone. But he won't do any of that not a bad idea though. Joe? Yesterday. I don't even know where to start Bill bar was up on the hill. I actually do I had a line. And he's my you wanna see my notes, you could check this out YouTube dot com slash bungee. But the videos, that's how many notes I had for today. Took us good four hours to get today's show together because there's so much stuff. So Bill bar. The attorney general goes up to Capitol Hill yesterday testifies, and I have it broken down to three major takeaways. I mean, I could you know, we were bombshells a lot. But it's overused. Clearly, but these are three let's call them in the interest of being not hyperbolic significant takeaways from yesterday. So before we start we played that video quick, Bill bars reaction. This is set the standard for yesterday. This is Bill bars reaction where he just like, you gotta see the facial expression. He makes this quickly Bill bars reaction when being questioned by a democrat congresswoman, and he just clearly has no time for the nonsense. So you knows he's about to be subjected to play that cut. This is very clear that he opposed it. And so let it work out in legislation. I want you to very I want you to need very let me finish my question because that's what I heard. Maybe you need to clarify. So this credit congresswoman tries to put words as methods ignited say that. Fizzy not watching. She comes back as well. This is what I heard this is that whole democrat. This is my truth thing. I say is true show. It's my tree. Like Joe Joe? My truth is your name is John, Dan. My name is Joe it doesn't matter. It's my true. Your name is John Armacost, it stopped me telling me your name is Joe. But Dan, it's on my purse ticket, dude. It's my truth. It's my true. This is her true. What bought Bill Bart is to have a little cut from that later to happen to Kansas. Oh and says, well, hopefully, we'll get to it today where it's their truth to somewhat Kansas Bill bar said. But you gotta see bars face for those. We listen to the audio. He just totally guests this lady off shrugs his shoulders. Like, okay, whatever that's what I said. But if you insist that's what I said, you just roll with that go right ahead. So that sets the tone. Let's get to major major developing story. Number one. This is from the hill yesterday piece by John Solomon, just amazing. The title of peace will be in the show notes today. Please check them out. You don't dot com. Tom. If you subscribe to my Email list that will send you these articles the hill, title the single sentence. Russia bombshell that attorney general bar delivered to congress by John Salman, short piece, really just summarizes. The fact that Bill bar is now told us all under oath. That he is investigating the FBI conduct in the Russia gate spy gave the FBI malfeasance during the campaign and afterwards the presidential campaign afterwards. He is investigating it. You may say, okay. So what's the big? Oh, no, no, no. There are some big big nuggets in there. Baker gets. I. Here's a snippet from John Solomon's piece at the helm. Though, it didn't happen on his watch bar told congress he will investigate and we highlighted this. How the FBI came to conduct a counterintelligence investigation against Donald Trump. Then the Republican nominee for president starting in the summer of twenty sixteen hold. We'll go back to that. In a second. So take away number one. Remember, I said there were three takeaways I want to break this down. So it's collated nicely for you. And your cerebral cortex. Takeaway number one is bar. The attorney general is investigating himself. The FBI's conduct under one bar opens investigation. Here's a sub bullet. He's investigating. How it open? Why is that important? I know knows. And I know our regular listeners like, oh, oh, yes. Yesterday's show makes sense up. Why is he investigating how they opening investigations the Trump the New York slimes, David corn, Chris cillizza and all the sleazy liberal useful idiots out there working for the Russians and all the distance formation people out there already told us. How Joe how did the investigation start? Yeah. Top dopoulos meets with down or in a London, right? The New York Times it the FBI said what what are we investigating? What's the oh? You mean, that's an open question. How they why is it an open question. Because I told you the F B I is hiding something. The top. I'm not talking about the hump workers. We used to we call it shows that in a secret service, not majority. We were the hump sweet did the work. Sure Joe's that middle class that. I don't want people think I'm insulting anyone the upper level Kabbal involved in this investigation of the Trump has insisted from day one. No, no, no. It just started with the popadopoulos Downer tip. And that's why we opened the July thirty two thousand sixteen investigation against Trump. Is that right? He sat right. Why is it that the day before you open the investigation July thirtieth twenty sixteen the day before you open that investigation? The oars Bruce Meli or one who was working for the company hard by Hillary dig up dirt on Trump met with the dossier producer. I talked to had nothing to do with opening the investigation. I thought that's what you told us. I thought it was all popadopoulos the day before they open the case. The oars are passing off information by the producer of the dossier steel to the F B I taught that had nothing to do with it. So why is bar investigating? How would open I thought that was a closed book book close. I have not steered you wrong. You have not been wasting your time. Here I've told you they are hiding something over and over the case did not start with the popadopoulos down or tip. I beat that horse to death. I wanna move did not they're hiding something. Big here. I'll move on. And it'll make a little bit more sense. All right back to the John. Solomon piece says we have known for more than a year. Now that department of Justice inspector General Michael Horowitz has been investigating whether the FBI or DOJ abused. The Pfizer court to secure a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign advisor Carter page less than three weeks from election day, twenty sixteen. This is important but bar made clear Tuesday that his review is this stink and more far-ranging than I g Horowitz's investigation. It goes back to the moment when a probe code-named crossfire. Hurricane was open on July thirty first twenty sixteen by Trump hating FBI counterintelligence agent. Peter stroke, sorry, gave the case was open on July thirty twenty sixteen to meeting between or steel McCabe page is on July thirtieth today before. Why is this important? So again, headline number one bar is investigating himself. What went on with the contact? How it started? I thought we've already been told that take away number two under under under one here. Sub bullet number two. So one be this is not the Horowitz investigation. Why is that critical? Because ladies and gentlemen, Michael Horowitz is not a prosecutor. He is an investigator. There is a significant difference between an investigation being run by the Justice department head Bill bar and an investigation being run by an investigator investigators secret service agents FBI inspectors general do not have subpoena authority. This is important. This is a critical takeaway when I was investigating credit card fraud counterfeit money cases in the secret service to get a subpoena. You have to go to a government prosecutor and assistant United States attorney or someone granted equivalent powers special counsel, whatever it may be from the DOJ Horowitz doesn't have that. The fact that bar is making crystal clear that he's doing a separate investigation with full subpoena. Power is going to be devastating for the cabal of idiots involved in this. Remember, I will insist to you from this point on. I've always insisted this that will continue from this point of this is the greatest spy story ever told. Except it's a story of idiots. There's no JAMES BOND. There's a bond James there's a bond, Jane, there's a Bondo, Jamie. But there is no JAMES BOND. Nece these idiots failed to cover their own tracks and now bar with subpoena. Power is looking into how it started. How it started? We've already been told that no you've been lied to. And he has subpoena power. Both. You wanted some technical subpoena duce, tcm, but other words produce some documents produce some materials bang records. Whatever it may be emails or subpoena ad testify Cottam. In other words, you're going to testify about this. These people are in a world of trouble right now. Now, Devon newness appeared on FOX and friends right before we was it FOX and friends are America's new one of the morning shows right before we got on the air and also seemed to indicate what we've been telling you forever. The case did not start with pop it up. I'll tell you the minute what they're hiding. It's fairly obvious. If you're a regular listener show, but it's important with this new hawk right? Newness said at this morning on FOX's well, the FBI keeps saying the case start on July thirty first twenty sixteen. We believe it started a lot earlier than that. He said this morning possibly back to twenty fifteen all boy who's been lying, folks. This is going to get real good. Okay. So that's takeaway number one, a one b bars investigating. He's investigating. How it started which is going to be a doozy. And he's investigating separate from our wits. Cepeda power on. It's an awesome power. Here's takeaway, number two, the deuce. The inspector General Michael Horowitz. Should we just referred to is now investigating the role of Stephan? How per a piece written up yesterday. It'd be in the show notes by Chuck Ross at the daily caller had tipped the Chuck who broke the helper store, he should get a Pulitzer prize for that. Here's the story. Daily. Caller report DOJ watchdog scrutinizing FBI informant who made contact with the Trump campaign Chuck Ross April nine twenty nineteen. Wow. Folks. I thought we were all Joe are we conspiracy theorists and nuts for claiming the Trump campaign with spider. Remember that? Yes. When I've heard remember when you're open, but we would call that when the CNN and MSNBC lunatics, the slimes and other people out there left this hack on Twitter. Armacost bongino. You guys are crazy you're conspiracy theorists. Really because that's funny. The New York Times put out a piece yesterday acknowledging the fact that helper was used to gather information on the Trump team. The definition of a word spy for all you nut bags on the left Yuccas fast. By New York Times there wasn't informant used to spy on the Trump. What we've told you this the whole time now take away number two yesterday. The inspector general is investigating the use of said spy now there is some sub bullets to this one. This how our investigation by the inspector general is going to be. Nuclear level at its explosive capacity. Let's put up a snippet from Chuck Ross a piece this is important. This is critical. We should put a shirt thing it this is import one of our key. I like how I known campaign contact. This is the spy working for our intelligence entities. I know campaign contact was with Carter page July eleven twenty sixteen. Way early July eleven twenty sixteen. Why does that matter because they told us Joe the case opened on July thirty first of two thousand sixteen so how is the spy contacting the how is that? Joe? How is that? How is it that twenty days earlier, a spy known to the US intelligence community with deep ties to it is contact everyone. Hold on, folks. Everybody scratched their heads. Joe? What's I shall I eleven or July thirty first just so we're clear I need a double check on July thirty first before before after July eleven comes before. I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Yeah. Eleven it's. No it actually comes after July thirty first comes after. But that's okay. I told you I Spyder I thought you said it was okay, spy you ever, see goodfellas, and he shoots like I bought. Okay. Spider. Paula. Incent? That's triple check this. Maybe I'll get my mother's Paula is July thirty first after July eleventh or before. Okay. Thank you, Paul again. I think right to Joe Evan is before July thirty first it. How is that? Now. It is bullet point number one what bars investigating make sense the FBI. Our case opened on July thirty first twenty sixteen please put up that clip again from Chuck Ross that's amazing because the spy known to the US government contacts Carter page on July eleven twenty sixteen several weeks before the FBI formerly opened its counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign. Chuck Ross continues how per page remained in contact you September of two thousand seventeen the same month the government ended it surveillance of page in NATs pastoral church lead. Wow. This is just magic. So this is fascinating. Because we've been told by the FBI repeatedly over and over that George popadopoulos foreign policy adviser to Trump meets with an Australian diplomat in London over this boozy encounter, which is nonsense. Downer himself describes it as one gin and tonic and popadopoulos reveals to him that the Russians have information on Hillary. And this started our investigation on July thirty first of twenty sixteen. Really? So he meets page two weeks prior to them opening up. The case they say doesn't exist yet. Why is this important? Because who is the key player in the dossier? Hillary Clinton's team had put together on Trump. Well, there's two key players in it Carter page and Paul Manafort. What is the government connected intelligence assets? Stephan how for doing contacting a guy who is only a suspect Carter page because of a false fake dossier paid for by Hillary. What are they doing contacting him with a government intelligence asset? If the investigation isn't even open yet. Oh, maybe Bill bar. Get an answer in this investigation into the how. This is just fascinating, by the way, the New York Times putting out a story yesterday. The New York slimes. Putting a story your city outing how how completely. Listen to me, take this check to the Bank cash at spend the money and invest it. You'll never have to give it back. The times got a leak because the FBI now what show is trying to get out in front of this and massage this story in the most gentle way possible they have been voiding for months what here's the Khuda GRA here. Folks, they had been spying on the Trump team way before July thirty first twenty sixteen. The popadopoulos story is a cover story to hide the fact that a US government spa S P. Why Joe Biden would spell it s p I was spying on the Trump team way before they opened up the formal case on July thirty first we know it now, and we know bar is looking into it and bar as evidenced by his reaction to the democrat congresswoman who has no time for the truth gives exactly zero. Ooh about anything. They have to say up there. He is going to get to the truth. And the truth is the FBI to this day is lying about the depths of their involvement in a massive spying scandal on a presidential candidate. One more angle to this. Ladies and gentlemen. The FBI as we indicated in our first book spy gate on this where we cover this in-depth. Please pick it up if you haven't yet. In one of the chapters. We lay out the FBI's own rules for the use of spys, confidential, humid sources, I don't care what you call them. I care what they did. They spied helper was a spy. And Joe was awfully inconvenient in. That is in the laying out of the rules necessary to spy on Americans. You cannot employ a confidential human source until something happens. Joe? A full investigation is open. I'm confused. How is that the FBI and the New York slimes and slimy Cilicia and usefully David corn have been telling us for months that a full investigation was an open on Trump until July thirty first twenty sixteen. How sad if the spy made contact with the Trump team two weeks earlier than the case open, and you can't use a spy until a full investigations open. But the investigation is an open for two weeks later. How is that? Oh, there was an investigation. Already open Bank on it Bank on it, babe. As Joe would say, yes. Cash. The check spend that money. They are lying to you. And bar is all over it. You think that's a mistake in John Solomon's piece? Takeaway number one bars investigating how they opened the investigation. You think that was just some typo? I told you Salomon knows the whole story. They are lying the scandals. Not just that they were spying on Trump team. It's at they've been covering it up. And they still are. No, no, no, it started with popadopoulos. Wow. That's magic because your intelligence asset contacted Carter page who only appears in the dossier, by the way, not in popadopoulos is talk with Downer. And that happened two weeks earlier in the FBI has to open a full investigation in order to use confidential human sources, how'd that happen. This is me scratching my head. Yeah. Also. The FBI excuse me. The department of Justice is now looking into three Michael Horowitz, the inspector general. Contact with Sam Clovis as he lays out Chuck Ross lays out in his piece. This is another critical. Takeaway Sam Clovis was then a senior campaign official with the Trump campaign. We know that this spy the fawn helper made contact with Clovis as well. How's that show? Clovis isn't appear in the dossier. Overseas never been charged with anything. Matter of fact, I thought you just told us this case started with a popadopoulos tip to Downer. What is the US government spy making contact with a political campaign official for who has no connection whatsoever to Russian collusion. Oh, when we love to see the emails about that one. Folks. I'm telling you. This thing is about to erupt. I know some of you were frustrated with the time line. And I understand I respect that your concerns are extremely valid again. Mike Flynn's already been put to the ringer. We had popadopoulos targeted Manafort six AM raids popadopoulos locked up on a PC warranty airport. You're all these people are still running free. I get it point stipulated period. Full stop. You are correct. Your complaints about the speed of Justice are accurate. You complaints about Justice coming or not. Now a fair point. I'll even give you the the comeback to this Justice delayed is Justice denied fair enough. I get it. I agree. So let me just say. Justice delayed is Justice denied, but Justice will not be delayed. Forever is probably a better way to say this maybe give you some or of hope about what's coming. These people are in a world of trouble. Okay. I got one more takeaway here. These are the three major developments. Let's just rewind a bit number one bar is investigating. How this started critical. We've been told how it started. And it's a lie. Secondly, the inspector general is now investigating helper who is an intelligence asset for the United States government and his role in context with the Trump campaign before they started the investigation. This is going to blow this thing wide open. Takeaway number three. Bob Muller declined a review of Bill bars report, I have a video of this. This is important. And it's not as simple as the media's making it out to be. If you listen to my show the other day, you'll understand the layers to this. But this is a little more complicated than this sound bite. Let's on all explain what what is that? Here's Muller describing excuse me Bill bar describing how Muller didn't want to review is report. Did you contemplate having the special counsel's office help you with the preparation of your March twenty four th letter or did you? We offered to have Bob review it before putting it out, and he declined I didn't ask you about reviewing I asked if you thought about having them help prepare the March twenty four th letter. I mean, they did. No, I didn't think about why not because it was my letter. How did I love this Bill Barr? I love this guy. It's Charlie grabs. Charlie. Christie's hapless congressman the guy with the most permanent permit tan I've ever seen in my life. I Charlie Chris. I don't know what he does. He have like one of those easy bake ovens or something at home. But Charlie Chris used to be the governor of Florida. He's really an awful guy. He was a Republican. He couldn't stay at a power. So we switched over to be a democrat. He says, well, you know, I didn't ask if I asked if you ask Bob Muller to help you prepare the report but bars like, well, why would I do that as my letter? And he indicates there that Muller passed on reviewing the letter, you may say so what what's the breaking news. Oh, listen to me, folks. Democrats never ask questions in front of national cameras on C span and cable news like Charlie Chris, they never waste their time on a name questions. They don't have. The answers to. What am I getting at someone told Charlie Chris to answer that question? Why? Well, you remember last week show Bill bar before he was appointed attorney general it was even consideration for the position wrote a memo as a private citizen indicating that the president could not possibly be guilty of -struction of Justice due to the information available publicly for the firing of Jim Komi. That's before bars appointed attorney general before he's even inconsideration. Mahler by refusing to review the letter that exonerates Trump that Bill bar produced. Joe this is this is slick this is game theory by the left. Chris knows that by Muller passing on reviewing the letter. It puts the responsibility. For the exoneration of Trump on the obstruction charge, which Barin Rosenstein, do they say there's just no evidence for this charge. Puts the responsibility on who bar. I told you this last week nothing happens that these hearings by mistake. Everything is fed to these congressmen. They're not smart enough to think of the questions themselves or you thought Charlie started that himself. What are you nuts, folks? Believe me when you run for office, and you meet these people, they're the most unimpressive people on the planet. I mean, it they are seriously unimpressive. I have conversations outside with hard working manual, laborers who I'm telling you are thousand times smarter street smarts and book smarts than these idiots up on capitol. I'm not kidding. Chris had that fed to him. Ask him if Muller assisted in the review because if Malla reviewed the letter, Joe, then what happens the less talking point about bar made a unilateral decision on absolving, Trump of -struction would be gone because Muller would have reviewed the letter. You get them talking about ambush slick. Yeah. Muller knows exactly what's going on here. Let me just read. I got I gotta redo a little bit. What I said last week said this is important yesterday. So Bill Baugh writes this letter he says this four page summary. The mullahs report is to bottom lines bottom line number one. There's no collusion. There's really no dispute about that anymore Muller's even sign because there was no evidence. Now, you may save Muller's not a friend to Trumper bar. Why did he write that because they can't fabricate evidence? There was no collusion because there was no collusion. It's not a judgment call you either have evidence of a conspiracy or you. Don't Muller had no choice. He wasn't doing Trump of stop saying Muller exonerated Trump. He didn't Trump exonerated Trump. There was no the Bank wasn't rob Muller. Can't charge Trump with a Bank robbery, and it didn't happen. It's black or white, folks. Either the Bank was robbed or it wasn't either. There's evidence of a conspiracy with Russia, or there's not there isn't Muller had to write that. But Muller hates Trump. So. So in order to keep the air of suspicion over the Trump campaign. They wanted to charge him with obstruction of structures a judgment call. It's the equivalent of with the MVP we had disorderly conduct some cops would charge disorderly conduct for screaming industry about something. It's a judgment call. It's a judgment call. Because Muller knows it's a judgment. Call who's judgment? Does. He want on the record. Bars. Charlie Chris knows this because bars already written a memo before he got into the position indicating that obstructions nonsense. So what's the Democrats line going to be thinking through all listen, he was already predisposed to say and Trump was guilty of obstruction? Look at this Bill bar giving him a pass. Now, you may say, well that doesn't make sense because if Muller has evidence of obstruction why not charge Trump or charge him in a it is report. Because you can't indict a sitting president. But write it out in a report show and let them use it for impeachment. An after Trump's impeach charge him with structure when he leaves office. I explained this last week because they have no evidence of -struction Trump asked Jim Komi to investigate people guilty of malfeasance on his team McCain's admitted under oath. There's no evidence Muller would never in a million years taken impeached, President Trump removed from office to trial on an obstruction charge. So he does the slimy est thing possible he passes the football to bar he lets bar make the call bar reads, the evidence on obstruction realizes would Rosenstein it's garbage says there's no obstruction. We're not going to charge him gives the letter to Muller Muller says I don't want to see this. They then pass a question off the Lakers. Aided Muller of you. No. He didn't review it. Oh, he didn't. Also, what was bars called the guy who wrote the memo before this is typical democrat. Sleaze ary of the Mt. Eighth degree. So take away number three. We now have it on record. That Muller did not want to review. The why would he not want her? If that's insane. Joe you're an investigator. Bob Muller for the government investigating a crime. I'm reviewing your report, my writer, four page, synopsis of what you say, you're not even remotely interested in seeing it. Folks, read between the lines. Muller is becoming a full blown liberal activists. That question was fed to Chris to now setup suspicion. That bars corrupted. Unreal. On believable. So takeaway, number three Muller declined to review the letter A for no good reason whatsoever. Other than to put the blame on bar and to punt on on a judgment, call to bar to make bars judgement appear suspect. All right. I got another tactical nuke that one off yesterday again hat tip that at John w Huber account got Twitter. Just a really good job. He pulled out a snippet from some now released documents about court documents from October Jim Komi that are going to prove my theory that this was Muller's quiz corrupt the whole time. All right before we get the today show. Also brought to you by buddies equip, one of those important things we for our health, everyday brushing your teeth. I have a quip I love it feels like a power-washing for your mouth yet. Most of us. Don't do it properly quip sales at problem for it's a better electric toothbrush. Created by dentists and designers quip was designed to make brushing your teeth, simple, affordable and even enjoyable takes. All the guesswork out of it. It has sensitive sonic vibrations, gentle and sense for your sensitive, gums, sometimes people brushed you hard. Some electric toothbrushes are just way too abrasive. It has a two minute timer that pulses every thirty seconds reminds you the switch side. Adds up to ninety percent of us. 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The FBI in the special counsel's office have determined that this closure of the Komi memos or any portions of them could be reasonably expected to adverse effect depending Russia investigation. Listen to this boy, former FBI director James B Komi is a witness in the pending investigation. The call me memos or his contemporaries notes about the incidents that are of interest in that investigation. They are call me as a witness. Why? How is Jim call me a witness? What investigation. Folks, you may be saying at home, Dan, clearly Komi was a witness in an investigation to the Russia probe. No, no, no, no, no, ladies and gentlemen. I spent an awful lot of time in federal local law enforcement, and I can assure you, I have never had a criminal case. I worked in the secret service where the secret service director, no matter who it was loom lady or whoever after that. I was like three or four of them. I worked for I can assure you they were never a witness in my case. I can also assure you that there is not a snowball's chance in hell. The chimp Komi is a witness in this Russia gate probe. Jim Komi has said repeatedly under oath repeatedly. I don't know. I can't recall he was not the investing please pick up. What I'm putting down here. Comi was not the investigator. The investigator was Peter stroke in the Russia gate probe. One of the other investigators was that gator guy. My gator who met with steel in London two weeks prior. Oh, two weeks prior to her crossfire hurricane opened up. How was that? I thought it opened July thirty first. Yeah, you're wrong. Komi is not the investigator. That is not the case. They're talking about that he is a witness in. All right. So what are you getting that? What case is call me a witness in. Komi is clearly a witness in the obstruction probe against Donald Trump. Ladies and gentlemen. This is big MRs really big why? Because it's commes firing that prompts the obstruction probe we now know according to these same court filings that Komi gives his memos about his interactions with Donald Trump to Andrew McCabe before before. Muller is even appointed a special counsel. So how is our this is Donald Trump, the president United States who has full of thirty to hire or fire. The FBI director for whatever reason he sees fit a point acknowledged by Jim Komi himself under oath. Fires the FBI director pursuant to a memo written by rod Rosenstein about Jim commes stupid, mistakes and malfeasance. Kobe turns around if he's fired gives the memos to his deputy directors buddy McCabe who then starts an investigation to the president for firing his boss. Where Komi becomes a witness later on? There's doubt they've state conspiracy theorists. Are you sure you elected the president United States who has full executive authority report fire terminate these people at his discretion. He fires them pursuant to a memo written by his attor deputy attorney general to fired FBI director, then institutes at deep state investigation to take down the same president to fire them by giving his memos to Andy MacKay. Now, you may say well, Dan, you open this up talking about the Muller probe. And how you believe it may prove you, correct? Oh, I did. I've told you repeatedly Muller is not hired to investigate collusion. It's all hoax Muller's hired in may of twenty seventeen. He knows immediately at the latest July of twenty seventeen although I'll make the case, and I have any new probably way before that because his lead investigator, Andrew Weissmann. Joe already knows the dossier. That's the bedrock of the collusion case is a Clinton campaign document. He was briefed on it twenty sixteen. You tracking me that's right Muller's lead. Investigator knows the whole case is based on a hoax dossier Muller is not hired to investigate collusion. His lead. Investigator knows it's a hoax. He was briefed on the hoax. Mahler is hired from day. One. To investigate obstruction. Why because it's a judgment call. You don't need the Bank to be rob. You can just make a judgment that. You think the Bank was robbed, and they could have kept this obstruction case open forever to dismantle the Trump presidency. Which was exactly why sman and Muller's intent the only thing that stopped them is the appointment of Bill bar and subsequently before is acting Matthew Whitaker to run the Justice department. That's the only thing that swallows. This thing down. That's why it stops. Let me give you an example. What I mean why this is important? If I'm trying to destroy Joe's career Joe's, the president United States accused show being involved in a check kiting scandal. I'm eventually check kiting when you send checks to credit card companies bounce you use that period to run up your account. Eventually, I'm going to need cancel checks and records from the credit card company. It's abundantly obvious. If I hire a guy to help me investigate Joe. Who fabricated evidence against Joe, it's abundantly obvious that the cases of fraud from day one. But if I want to keep investigating Joe to ruin his life because I can't produce credit card records. There are none and nor can I produce a canceled check because Joe wasn't kiting checks. But if I want a high this elicit investigation conducted by my lead investigator now using the target show the best way to do. It is the started judgment crime investigating next because it's your judgment. You don't ever have to produce a significant amount of evidence, you can just Leach it out over time. Gotcha. And hope the president makes a public statement. Oh, that's obstruction. That's obstruction. That's that's that's baloney smo- Pery in the teeth degree. Yeah. All you do is wait for Joe. Who's the president? I say it's keep making public statements and everything he says is going to be evidence of obstruction. Oh, he talked to Lester Holt and NBC and said that the Russian thing was a made up story when he fired Komi construction. The evidence is the investigation. The investigation becomes the evidence. You leave a judgment call investigation open. You wait for any public statement. By the president you use every public statement as evidence of the obstruction charge your keeping open to destroy the presidency. Now does this snippet from the court filings? Now does this Jim Komi was a witness make sense, man? He was clearly a witness in this open ended obstruction case for his own firing. This is incredible. This is the status Shing the balls level of cajones. I know how to say could it's a family friendly show. It's friendlier saying it cajones. We you get it. Trump fires. This guy for grotesque malfeasance who then goes back uses his contacts within the FBI to initiate a full blown investigation into Trump. He then reconnects with his buddy Muller. They know they love each other. He reconnects with Muller as the primary witness against Trump for his firing on a totally judgment. Call. That's completely authorized by the president's own powers. Ladies and gentlemen, the hubris. Here is stunning. Jim Komi was a witness in an obstruction case kept open because the collusion case. Jim Komi started was a complete failure. This is on believable. Unbelievable again hat tip that undercover Huber account for Poland that out of there that is a terrific fine Komiya witness. He's not a witness to the collusion probe. They're using commies a witness to obstruction because he hates Trump is this huge. Yeah. And now, we know he gives the memo's to do McCabe before Muller's even hired. Hey, buddy. You want to start an investigation against that guy would just far be Orangemen bad. Let's do it. Love the liberal fares. Now they've start. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Guys, keep that up idiots morons morons. So stupid. All right moving on. I have two videos here. This is I'm gonna call this. The I didn't say this is kind of a little bit of a fight as a very serious shown anybody on a little bit of a kind of a funny note. And I may even by funny. I don't mean funny. What happened to these people? But funny, and how clueless the Democrats recall the I didn't say that. Semi montage here. I I want to play some outstanding video short of Candace Owens. He's worse for turning-point USA conservative activists happens to be a black female, which is relevant to any of us in the listening audience. But of course, matters to the left that loves identity politics. Kansas is excellent defending yourself. So Candice is up on Capitol Hill yesterday for hearing on social media and the absolutely hapless democrat hack. Ted lieu this congressman a debunked conspiracy theorists. Nut who would really as grasp what reality is tenuous at best tries to impugn the character of Kansas Owens, by intimated. Insinuating somehow. That she's like a fan of Hitler, which is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard my life. But listen to how can this Owens response to this? Because the because this is what you have to do when you ever debating liberals, you just have to call them out of their Bs 'cause they make everything up play they cut. Thank you, miss Owen. I'm sorry. We just started recording. Would you like time to respond to that? Yes. I think it's pretty apparent that? Mr. loop believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety. He purposely, presented an extract Nick strategy. Suspend for moment is not proper to refer disparagingly or to a member of the committee. The witness will not do that. Again. We're just may continue. Sure. Even I was called despicable witness may not refer to a member of the committee stupid. I didn't refer to him as stupid. That's what I said. It's not what I said at all. He didn't listen to what I said. Lee's Roro tricky, folks, please if you don't mind, even if you listened on audio and the audio covers most go to the YouTube account, YouTube dot com slash up on Gino. Please check out the video because I just want you to see Jerry net. Joe you saw it you see Jerry Nadler's face hack, democrat congressman Jerry, Nadler, another conspiracy theorists Jerry Nadler's face because he he's so not used to strong woman like Candice Owens calling him on his BS. Oh, that's what I said that that's not what I said. Did you not listen to me Nadler goes whatever I didn't say that. And then I love Candice Owens, opening Mr Liu Ted lieu the other conspiracy theorist who tries to impute our character saying you supports Hitler. I love her opening line. Mr. Luther black people are stupid, and they won't watch over for you can call it. This guy is nut at lose. Like you. Gotta see loose face. Looks even dumber than nether. It's classic. So that's the first Democrats trying to put Kansas who wants to not call Ted lieu stupid, although he is pretty stupid, by the way, I would have happily called stupid because he is. She said that they that Lou thinks black people are stupid and I loved that. She defends herself I didn't say that. And of course, you can't you can't play that without playing Bill bar calling out. Another democrat congresswoman who again tries to put words in people's mouth is very clear that he opposed it. And so let it work out in legislation. I. I want you to very I want you to be very let me finish my question. Because that's what I heard. Maybe you need to clarify where truth is never the truth. There's the truth at you. There's no like your truth by true to let me give you an example. Maybe liberals basic math to figure this out up. Joe? Let's do it diagram. Hold up a piece of paper. We have a sharpie in here somewhere. I got to do you ever sharpie out there, Paul? Let's do this. This is the truth, folks. Democrats watch two plus two equals four. Okay. Two plus two week was four you can see that. That is not your true. That's just the truth. I played them on the little, you know. That's not what I say. Because that's what the Democrats want you to be there. Truth matters the truth. That's not what Kansas. Oh and said, and it's not what Bill Boston. But you see crap. Like this all the time and it's super frustrating. Man thought we just end on a kind of semi humorous note today. All right. I've got some more stuff tomorrow to try to get to this John Kerry thing I couldn't get to it today. But John Kerry just getting completely own Joe keep that for tomorrow, paulie, to by by Congressman, Tom Massie, John Kerry, getting just destroy basic environmental questions, isn't they good also play that tomorrow. And I don't wanna tie it into a OCD thing. She did on the religion of environmentalism because it's become a religion. So we'll play that tomorrow. So sorry for throwing a curveball into the show. But it's this stack stuff today. All right, folks. Thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciated police subscribe to YouTube channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino. You can also subscribe to the audio show on itunes soundcloud. Iheartradio. Please subscribe it helps us move up. The charts helps other people find the show. We don't have a huge marketing budget here. So our growth is been organic to use the buzzword and is entirely attributable to us. So we really deeply appreciate. Support. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on items or soundcloud and follow Dan on Twitter. Twenty four seven at dbongino.

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