3: A fresh start for Caleb Ewan and a reboot for Bob Jungels


The cycling podcast in association with Rafeh. From grand tours to group rides. The Shawn's Elise. Eliza to coffee shops Rafeh exists to celebrate the world's most beautiful sports. Hello. My name's Richard were I'm with Lionel burning. Hello, Richard Daniel Frey. Hello. Hello fallacy. Yeah. We did that loss. We lost week young wish year to Lionel. So go ahead. Happy new year. Daniel happy Hogmanay lovely that last week. Probably went we revisit that topic. Now, we've done that. I was looking thinking Alicia data, and we we've lost ninety percent of Scottish listeners after last week. Well, I'm hoping you've come back from de Kooning with on Allie haulage interview Lionel to try and win them back. Unfortunately, not because he he wasn't there. He was already on his way to Argentina for his. I think he's he was in Scotland for Hopman wasn't a so ALI'S army perfect opportunity to play Aaliyah's tartan army than nineteen Seventy-eight Scotland World Cup fame. Of course that World Cup was played in. Argentina is absolutely perfect might try and secure the rights to them for next time. Wins rice valley, hold. You wouldn't even have been born. When the World Cup was in Argentina. But anyway, we're not we Jimmy Johnson. We didn't mention him loss. We used to talk about him, anyway, go and carry on count cycling size. Well, Lionel viable you're back from decoding you weren't happy with our pronunciation of decoding class week. But you like to put more. More curbing, Kern curling gather, the conning kind of sounds like the Jerry sounds like a verb. The Jaren of meaning something like I didn't know when a third world economy has a rush on when the rush on gold prices or something. Did you come back? Having negotiate any kind of bonus for us every time we mentioned the Kooning. No. But my new windows are lovely. On no. Excellent. Well, you're gonna tell us a bit more of your time with dick eunuch in laser naps. I think in the final part of the episodes in at part two I'm getting confused. But which part is what I think you've got some. Unsee with Caleb Ewan Daniel from training come that. You're out lots of Saddam before Christmas. He oversees an action in Australia at the moment of to done under. And but before any of that, Lionel do have new please. I during D, Richard. Yes, good. You mentioned Caleb urine because he won the people's choice. Classic the curtain raiser criteria to the tour down under the weekend. His first race. And I win for lotto Seattle after moving from Mitcham Scott off the Mark. But not off the Mark in the world taught yet as we speak the tour down under got underway. Couple of nights ago Elliott via ni of tacona quickstep won the first stage his first world to race of the year. I victory in wotour Acer the his lost race of last year was the final stage of the welter in Madrid which he also won. So literally picking up where he left off and that we speak the second stage of the tour down under also being held. New Zealand time tro champion, Patrick Bevan, one to give CCC their first victory in their new orange jerseys or the jerseys is the same as they were when they were CCC before. Of course, the team no longer BMC racing. Of course. So he he will be swapping. They are Inge CCC jersey for slightly darker okra, orange jersey as leader of the tour down under the race continues until the weekend the women's tour down under has over. He concluded Amanda Spratt one stage and clinch the overall their Australian right at one three of the four stages with grace Brown and Chloe Hosking also taking victories at first clarification corner or corrections corner of the year last week, we talked about the quite remarkable story of the ninety year old call grove who was US masters champion on the track in the ninety two ninety four year age group before testing positive just to clarify it. He was we were talking about why would resort got into. A write up who was the only competitor in his category should've clarified that the reason he was tested was because he'd set a world record time for the age group. Not just because he'd beaten nobody in the racist. Bit more doping news, unfortunately, Yanni Brockovich as being banned for ten months after testing positive for methyl Santa Annemie, the UCLA accepted that substance within a contaminated sub supplement that he taken hence the short ban. The thirty five year olds lenient road for Discovery Channel, Astana radio shack, embar Morita it. Biggest win was two thousand and ten and last year he was writing for the Slovenian Adria mobile team, which is the same team started his career with the reason I'm mentioning this because he wrote quite powerful blog on his website explaining the circumstances or explaining how he sees led to this positive test. And in it, he talks about having been bullied during his career feeling that you didn't fifteen feeling. He was on the go the rough end of the stick because he wasn't prepared to dump as much as others is the implication. The I'm reading into that. He also said during the till June the tour during one tool he was choked by teammate told he was zero nobody worthless quite a powerful and troubling blog really if anyone wanted to check that out on Yanni Brockovich, she's website. Bit more doping news in a white confirmation that the ban on the painkiller Trento will come into effect on March first we had long -ticipant to this. But the UCI have confirmed that Marcia I that's the last. Well, that's the first day that Trump will be on the banned list. And finally, the former teams guy and British cycling. Dr Richard Freeman faces a medical misconduct trial in Manchester early next month, some of the pre hearing reports of being posted on the general medical council website regarding the hearing, Dr Freeman is alleged to have ordered thirty show. Thirty sachets of testosterone put a coup Tesco jail from a company called fit for sport. Ltd the product delivered to Manchester velodrome in may twenty eleven in October of that year. Dr Freeman is alleged to have written to fit for sport requesting that they send him an Email confirming the order had been sent in the allegation is Freeman knew this to be forced the other key allegation is the product would intended for an athlete now the tribunal will oversee test of this evidence in a hearing that could lost as much as a month. The decision should be published twenty eight days after that. So we should be a little bit clearer on this story by what light March, I guess. But really troubling these allegations also stock, and of course, now there are no grey areas when it comes to a substance like testosterone or that. There are no no this is a dark shadow 'em looming on the. Very troubling. Indeed. I mean, there is you can't doping investigation into all gone on partic- team sky involving Dr Freeman on it didn't get to the bottom of some of the stuff and already in the published by while the allegations of the published and will which will be investigated doing the hearing they go farther than you county doping. We're able to go, and so I, you know, very very troubling. Indeed. And as you say, Lionel, no gray area Thole testosterone is cheating on if they're able to prove that it was intended for athlete, well while who was intended for and you know, what what are the implications of this for British cycling team sky. I agree rich. This is probably the most troubling whiles sort of shadow of of allegation of the allegations. And second. Secombe social evidence been sort of collected about teams going loss three or four years. Some of the stories and rumors and. Actions of amounted to nothing, really. But this is a very worrying one, particularly when one considers the timing two thousand eleven spring of two thousand eleven so before well before Bradley Wiggins second tilts toward France in the same spring few weeks before the contentious jiffy bag was delivered to the dolphin and allegedly deliver to the definite also a year when get Landes, the Belgian doctor who of courses at the center of the noise about team sky that was when he was probably he's if he was influential at all times, it was it was then and not season he had just on the detail as being released pre prior to that hearing. I mean, the things that leap out to me all accompany fit for sport supplying a testosterone product anyway and. The idea of sending anything of that nature clearly band to Manchester, velodrome home, British cycling, and if that was an error that was a significant error. It's a case the medical professionals will certainly want to get to the bottom of I actually had a look at the fit for sport website. And I mean, you can't search amongst the products. They do have testimonies from various sports teams football clubs cricket clubs, and so on providing plenty of, you know, perfectly normal sporting equipment and and medications, but yet a company that is supplying that kind of stuff. Also in a position to supply, a banned substance testosterone is well it's puzzling to say the very least. A community around the world stories and films with the most compelling characters. The world's finest apparel. Explore the world of cycling with Rafeh. Frank very much to Arriva are headline sponsor of the cycling podcast there. The kit that we mentioned last week for education. I was unveiled at the weekend. Very fetching I'll colors not my strong pump colorblind can I can tell pink and blue. But this is purply fade into blue and pink. Without be correct. Yes, let's suppose, so Richard. Yeah. I'm not very good on blue and stuff. But it certainly certainly eye-catching, isn't it. It is. Yeah. I mean, kind of tie effect, I guess or a bit like those those thermonuclear t shirts, whatever could hyper color, t shirts that were popular. That's the eighties used to change color with heat, basically body temperature so give model the effect. But no, it's certainly striking. It was stand out in the peleton. What? What what did you call us things? What do you call those things which we're like a picture like usually a beach scene or some kind of tropical landscape made from sand in gloss frame. What are those things called San frames? You mean, but see where you're going with this kind of remind. Reminding me. Well, as well as supplying the kits raff are also making buying the scenes films with education I and well couple of gone gone live one is gone live just as speaking a chance to watch yet. But the second episode of gone racing is now that focus on Lachlan more. And and yeah, have have a look if he gone Raph dot CC, you'll find links to that or on Rafeh Twitter feed or other social media feeds belonging to Rafeh. So check out. And I mean, I forgot surprise at your news roundup wine old, but we have to mention this Donald crikey. Don't we? Blue. We do. Speaking of teams doing things are I ching and ear catching I was special. How many how many folks stocks before you actually, go all the way through the whole thing without your face, Scott? I watched the old with viruses, the whole thing. It was great. Yeah. No. As the podcast resident hip hop aficionado. I found the right tough world. Yeah. I I had the very very very strong impression. Laura's DeVries was was behind. It was very much. The funny thing is he's the most my unquiet guy in, you know, quite quite a why go to me as though he? Yeah. It looked to me as though he felt his whole life had been building tapering to this magnificient point where he was going to stunt for. I love the bits in the hotel corridor with the Yacob fool scien- what like shopping trolley. Almost like they they cannot figure sayings in mid I. Rings around the necks redundant of the beastie boys with their stolen VW car badges from from the that was that was the thing. But then I can say just accidentally of ice. Oh, no, please. Strolling around the trendy Apollo of London with us the fifty six or fifty eight tooth chain ring on on on a chain round their neck. I'd probably I'd probably go for thirty two. You know, I'm not quite as capable as they used to be. I was also fascinated to discover this place called Palestine and a rapper snoop. Doggy Dogg people may not be aware. What we talking about? You can to get on YouTube and search for a Steiner rap, but it caused a sensation on social media, which obviously is the point just to just just to fulfill our contractual obligations, if you check out the the Rafeh gone racing film before you look son around would be it'd be very helpful. Thank you. Anyway. Moving on the racing has started died under and Caleb you and I I think for his new team of pseudo golf the flyer, but we've seen two stages of Twitter and under as well on I'm gone to you you mentioned there Lionel the piney Bevan's New Zealand time-trial champion because one of our listeners wasn't very happy didn't run through the New Zealand national last week. Enjoying that. We don't we badly. Mention any of the national champions do because we're previewing the two of the frowns. It's just the way the cookie crumbles can't do everything no on everything. But anyway, I'm what what has marked all three of these races. So far frustrated that under and the and the the carton razor criterion. Adelaide are crashes been a law of big crashes done if you've noticed Nathan Haas at theory, but he was he reckoned the heat was partly sa- blame the m the brakes aren't staying away. And and the writers are coming to finish quite fresh waiting for the sprint. He says issue in part is in the heat. Our final effort is like a firework with no fuse and more people are fresh, which increases the risk his opinion. But big big crashes and in all stages so far. Well, we had in major tools that we often the I I saw the most dangerous. Because of that freshness. Eagerness in us BOS the star of the racing season starts even exessive especially by the fact that it's worked oration has been for a few years. Now, I know, but you know, the stakes are increasingly getting higher. Everyone wants to get off to a fantastic start. I win is the hardest to get as they say unless you're curling quickstart in which case it just comes along as a matter. Of course, it seems. But yeah, I mean, the the toy down undone I'm not going to fall into the trap of saying it's the preseason set friendly of the season because clearly from from watching the way that Patrick Beveren pulled off that win for CCC in. This is this is now an absolutely top level race being contested by everybody just as much as the grand tools will most and Vivian looked extremely shy. Sharp in winning sage one of the two hundred under. He's he's a track racing over the winter as well. So you know, he looked like he was he was race fit. And ready to go Caleb. Ewan looked good on the first night on you. Daniel met him recently big change for him moving for major than Scott to at Loftus Sodano from a string team to a Belgian team can you? Well, how did you find him? He seemed pretty relaxed form rich interesting was can be an interesting experience for him to read lotto and the Belgian team very much Belgian team unions gone in there, not taking a big entourage with him. Adam bly has come on board released as lead out man for Caleb in, but it was interesting to observe just some of the groups that formed at the training camp training camps being held at the roughing it Dow center in Monaco in my orca. Rafeh was was around. Surely, I didn't seem guess healthy. But yeah, he was on the premises. But yeah, I didn't notice that. I'm a few called schools had broken out among the being played by the Belgium, Reuters. Whereas the speaking rod as well Colombian unemployed spent more time on their phones than if that's indicative of cultural coach difference, but I all accounts unit a pretty easy guy to get on with ah don't expect this to be too many problems that as far as his integration is concerned. One slight issue that he might have. And we actually spoke about the training camp in Monaco was that he's having to change his coach this year as a result of his move to lotto pseudo and previously. He's been working with the gentleman called Kevin Poulton from the New South Wales while previously what's New South Wales institute of spa. Mean the guy who who masterminded hayman's predominantly swift the base training before the two thousand sixteen pie ruby which he subsequently won. Anyway, you in has been working with Kevin Poulton. He will no longer be this year and is put a bit about that on the coming season for. Yeah. I think honesty's he's a great coach. But also think you have to be a certain type of ride to benefit from each training trying super hot and super specific. So if you're not one hundred percent committed in one hundred of the program, then it's going to be hot came to get the benefit out of you. So yeah, be interesting to see how how the guys from coaching from coaching. But for me, personally, it's being not great because I've worked probably lost three years building relationship with him. Now, I'm changing team. So. That's already a lot of change then trying to change coach at the same time is is not ideal. But it's what happens, and I think I'm actually pretty easy to to adjust as things like that, sir. Yeah. That'd be fine. And you say training super hard in terms of just being relentless all the chill, the the rois themselves and the excise themselves just superintendents both. He's pretty relentless. And also that factual training days can be super hod. Yeah. Yeah. It's I think he was also coach of aqua blue law. Shia. So that he hurt some of the guys there and probably some of them couldn't really handle it. And you could probably see and performance. It never really got better or anything. So. Yeah. I think he's a great coach if you can really handle handle what he's giving you. So how are you going to replace him? Well, we have a great coach on the team that. Yeah. Does most of the he's doing the training camp now? And and. Yeah. And he's he's doing all the programs here. So it'd be good to talk to him and discuss trainee a little bit in see. We'll we'll work well together. How the wise. Yeah. I'll just have to find another coach. Fairly clear ideas on to what you need to work on wall of direction. You wanna developing this year's from a physiological point of view. Yeah. I think maybe probably my strength a little bit. But that's just kind of always coming with age. Probably need to work on my sprints a little bit more. I think I've gotten maybe a little bit slow in the live. It's slow. But maybe I haven't kept increasing. I should've so increasing he'd so I just need to. Yeah. Focus back more on sprinting when I was with my old coach who is really a lot about insurance. I feel like maybe I lost a little bit of speed. But now, I think yeah, I'll focus back more on sprinting in. Yeah. I mean, that's what I'm good at it. And that's where I need to be good at to win races. So for more on that in I can win some more aces. One thing obviously increases right is insurance is doing major tools. You haven't done one for a couple of years you finished one. Yeah. Could be a bit of an advantage as well. Though in the maybe you haven't insurance, but you've also kept some speed. Maybe some guys lose when they do to Gruntal here. Possibly. Yeah. I think saying before that the training that I've been doing with capital is. Spotty hard. So I feel like. The insurance that I've done actually so far as it's almost like grandma. I mean fifteen sages that year when I did it. The year ago. So I mean, the difference was Wayne finishing fifteen sages finished. So I don't know what the difference is. But I can't imagine. It's like a ridiculous difference in your overall performance. So yeah, I think this year I'll try to. I think if I'm feeling good. I can try to do geo but having that could really change their their audio. Make you make you a lot stronger. But yeah, it'd be important to. Yeah. As you say keep the speed those well. And just finding this time last year. Mitchell's put out a press release to say, you were going to do the Toda FRANZ probably a mistake from your point of view that point of view but looking back on that year. Now, do you look upon it as a wasted year or year where you took important lessons away? Performance wise. I think it was a wasted year for sure I learned to lots I guess I learned a lot as a person about. Probably the first time really is a cyclist that I've had to really deal with a really big disappointment. And try to come back from that. And I think I did pretty well. I came back in I think it would have been easy for me to really. Be pissed at the team and not do well or not try to any of the races. But yeah, I mean at the end of the day, it's my career, and I always want to do. Well. So it's it was a good lesson in that sense. But I think as a. Performance wise. It was definitely a wasted year too. Few racing days, basically. Yeah. Too few. And I think I mean, I don't think that bad of Iraq that I don't deserve it grant who was spot in any of the grants. Who is so. Yeah, I think in the end it was the team. Stuffing me over. But. Yeah, I mean. At the end of the day. I think they also lost results by doing it. And it's a pity for them as well. And. The causes sponsoring. I think the people lower down in management made made decisions they shouldn't have made. And that's that's just sports in the end. I guess and done now. And now in a team where they're so flexible with my race program, and they really want to give me a little cheese that that I want. So it's it's nice being now don't environment like that. Cost team car. The back of the pack flees PK, they reminded me to tell you this episode is sponsored by the economist, the calmest, of course, is by far more than economics and finance. It covers a range of subjects from world, politics and business to science technology arts environment. And even sport helps you prepare for what's going on in the world around them and sift through the noise focusing on the essential information that tells the real story at the time when facts matter more than ever they trusted source of intelligence for over one hundred seventy years for the kind of person who never stops asking questions, I want to know why the world is the way is you can get free copy of the communists. If you listen to the cycling podcast by texting the word cycling. Let's see why C L I N G two seventy seven oh, not shot to spell cycling there on the cycling podcast. But I did at Lionel you've been reading. The economist any articles catch your eye this week. Well, yes, rich, you mentioned people are always asking questions whenever on the tour de France, but driving around Frenchtown and cities, and we see the street names off an off game Francois. Why why so many French towns have names roads named after the same sort of dozen or so historical figures? I mean, every town seemed to have a plastic shelter goal or an avenue, Victor, Hugo or Roo, Louis pastor or rougeau s and the story that crew fronts while Thomas. No, quite there might be wanting Maasai, maybe we should name a street after Francois take our own homemade plaque and stick it up on a on a street somewhere because this is actually what has been happening in France. There's a push tonight more European streets off to women and in front a Persian group of being unofficially renaming roads. So there now he's up a own say boulevard, but it's a serious point this because. Most of those roads and streets are named after historical figures are named after men and in Paris thirty one percent of streets named off demand. And just two point six percent named after women and in Brussels been trying to redress the balance a little bit. They were twenty eight new street names required a new policy, and none of them have been named after individual men. So they've been balancing up trying to balance a little bit my favorite because I read this articles. Well is the one St. is being called. This is not a St. a an Omar's to the Belgian surrealist artists ready migrate. Like, maybe. We'll visit the this is not a St. when we when we go to Brussels for this Tertre fronts. It could be the first corrections corner. We could say yes, it is. Yes, it is. Phonetically is a street well for your free print copy of economists just text cycling to seventy seven, oh, that's cycling to seventy seven or we'll kill Abune. They're quite and quite Frank by you know, missing or the prospect of not working with his coach, Kevin pelton. Am what's happened to him? Daniel Kevin Poulton rich will be working for another well team in two thousand nineteen ninety he'll be working for one of Union's main rivals and one of the guys who's going to be among his main rivals in the sprints. Do you know who eats will yet because this is all setup, isn't it? Yeah. Kind carry off. When it's burns nine. So can we saw in the dropbox folder? So I know I know we're going to hear from him. Now. Well, he's gonna be working as a coach for moss. L Kissel cotija out percent in two thousand eighteen but let's hear from Kevin Poulsen because just a couple of days before I spoke to Calabrian admit Kevin Poulton on the also New York Marciel is doing everything ROY he's the consummate professional account fall to meddle in terms of what we're doing. Now, it really is doing the by seeks and doing them properly doing the will. I guess what I bring to the relationship eary's monitoring, the fatigue were building up and nine winter rest, and so on and there's also I guess there are few secrets for coaching sprinters in terms of how to kit that legs played and assigned, Tom. So because in your to put to put muscle and for someone with his experience and the now to be our to input a new stimulus, and you stress on the body. He's got room to improve which is. Pretty exciting talking to somebody the sprinter couple of days ago bore and he said, you know, he's changing his approach slightly in in the sense. He's almost going morals schools realize quite big engine and he's doing less sprint training now needing more volume. But that just sort of shows how the art of sprinting from physiological point of view from training point of view, still very much evolving. Still sort of trying new things everyone is yes. Yeah. It's it's it's it's a lot of fun. Hurry, the simple way to put. A lot of fun. But in some ways the Bisi rules acquired simple. Yeah. It's interesting. The he hands China there, but we're doing things a little bit differently. But look with the sprint says, it really is about being fresh the mole recovered and fresh sprint series, the foster they are. But it's the parties point with start to lose fitness unless that's what we're trying to do is coaches to keep the insurance and the sprint. So just finally carrying on Marcel if there's warn keychain significant change he will be making on the you will be making two thousand nineteen what is it? That's a hard question on K change. It's not the kind of thing you really want to be putting aside we have made some changes and. Watch watch the results. Well, Kevin Poulsen houses a big job on his hands doesn't. Hey with Marcel Kissel who is coming off a really mean. Caleb you and had had a bad season loss. You're one of the start of the year. And then went mumps amongst with winning and wanna get to Britain. But it was it was a pure year for him as he said to you Daniel a wasted year. But Kittles problems seem to cause problems with his team Kittle was in the new team and was marquee signing for catoon opposite and was put in position to to win and perform well, but but just didn't seem to have it and the job I would think to to turn things around to into Patrick lefavor the to curbing train campaign. Hayes still maintains kid'll is the best in the world of all the sprinters. But but said the Katiza basically just assumed the dropping him into the team would lead to results and LeFevre said that wasn't how it worked when? Kittle was with that. They kept the pressure on him. They may impressed on him. He had to deliver. If we're were going to dedicate the team's resources to getting into the line. And you know, I think that's whether or not in a contusion may dispute, but because he clearly in not only to the knock at the results, but he never looked happy. Really the tour is completely outsource and he had already had a bad few months, but it's interesting. They obviously signed him massive signing for them. And they think we've signed the best in the world and that we need to do. And I think that probably a lot more to it. Indeed line. I think there was some confusion and a few misconceptions star lost year about one of the the problem was with Kissel in cotija a few people pointed the finger at the lead out train. And when that really wasn't issue this. She was the Kissel was no inform was not particularly fit when he started the season and never got fit. And that's been a bit of a recurring theme or something had a couple of seasons. When issues early on in the season have blighted him them for the rest of the season. So we someone who needs to really hit the ground running needs to have a mental straight away. And then he's he's very very difficult to to be. It's going to be interesting to to see how he gets on this year with a few changes every nobles come in mostly was a great German sprinter in his day. He's gonna be working alongside Kevin Poulsen Catania opposite. And then as far as you and is concerned. I mean, he's he's going to get. A bit of about about his afire. I think the Toda FRANZ lost year. Mitchelson Scott didn't make war. I think they would probably knowledge was that mistake of of announcing the previous December that he was going to ride the Toyota France, and and whether he rested on his laurels in the spring. He certainly didn't have ticket. Good results in the spring. Didn't win a lot of races. But I think as the months went by it became clear and clear it's Mitchelson skull that they were going to become even more of a general classification team. And and with only eight ride is at the Twitter FRANZ, he was going to be difficult to support a sprinter, and they didn't take you. And, but you know, that's left him as we heard an interview looking back on a couple of years when he hasn't done grand toes is still hasn't ridden a toward France. And there's a bit of a bottle neck as far as the sprints are concerned going into the season because there's. There's no office dominant figure from maybe Vivian. I mean on the basis of last year. We've Yanni will be the man to beat. But as you say law, and that's Waal. Kitto is still probably the faucets. Money's day deciding cost is supported by science in sports, science and sports fueled by science Frank very much to scientists sport for their support of the cycling podcast and reminding get twenty five percent off with code s I s c p twenty five SIS CPI twenty-five, the website, science and sport dot com. This week question for the sizes for expert comes from James, Jordan. And I think James lives in the US because he says are am friends. Coverage is worth every cent. He's paid. Thanks, james. But he asks the experts scientists sport and a question about morning attrition. My problem is feeding early in the morning as normally get up and head straight the trainer before going to work these sessions and only range from one to one and a half hours of in terms of intensity. Normally in the eighth tonight at ten on require nine hundred calories. According to my par- meter. My problem is feeding the for the sections of as I've never been able to eat any solid food in the first four hundred fifty minutes of waking. If I do anything I can guarantee it will come back up within ten minutes of consumption. I'm trying to lose weight of only been drinking water with a science electrolyte tablet. So new additional calories promo. Find it hard on occasion to finish my final interval as I am starting to feel like I just didn't have the energy on not having it in the legs. Most surprised James. I'm wondering if I should swap. My current drink for one that has more carbohydrates or eat something during the session. Thanks again. James Jordan over to you, Ben Samuels, I think right question James, and this is going to be a topic fail poses endurance focused individuals. Now the cans going to be balancing both body composition performance goals over consistent trading blog. I'm looking to achieve both throughout the training weeks. It's how we get best outcomes. Now, you're into left. It's on the going to be a time. To prioritize performance and in day. Not we need to ensure that both calories in carbohydrate of that to maintain what? Lows throughout the session, the drop in energy and subsequent suffering through those rentals, a lightly indicator of depleted carbohydrate stores and having to do this first thing in the morning before breakfast is just going to the compound issue for this one suggest a high carbohydrate evening meal the non beforehand, then cuffing prereqs provide that mental stimulus and get started through the first couple of intervals the nephew suggested. So each carbohydrate electrolyte drink joined the session that's going to provide the energy maintain carbohydrate availability for those lots of rentals where you rarely Stein to see performance declines 'em relations body composition goals. Weightless targets that you might have h days in the week that really time to talk so rest days coverage spans the lower intensity sections are the ones where you can reduce Cowdery and carbohydrate intake. Thanks for bed and reminded that if you've got. For the scientists experts. Please Email us contact at the cycling podcast com, or you can leave a voice memo on the what's outnumber which line off think you know, that off by heart. Don't number do well off by heart, but it's plus for for seven nine seven one three three eight two zero five, and if you miss that either just back ten seconds on this podcast, or it's in a bioch- on our Twitter page cycling underscore podcast. Indeed. So please send us your questions. Most of the questions we are about people's own nutrition. But if you wanna ask a question or even for the professionals, we can endeavour to get those questions answered well by a professional writer, so yeah, if you've got any questions at all just send them in. Now, Lionel you're in Spain last last week on early Spanish holiday for you in the south of Spain and copy at lovely copy. What did you what did you learn? Decoding comp land. Lots of things really. There's obviously been a rebranding of the team with a new sponsor coming into coning quick steps. Move back down to the the second sponsor slot, which well their association with cycling back to nine thousand nine hundred nine they were the co sponsor of the my team that Patrick Lefevere managed in one thousand nine hundred nine then they when Lefevere left and set up his own team. Quick step were the sponsor. They had a couple of years as secondary sponsor when a megaphone an ethics with title sponsor. And now that back in second slot. Patrick lefebvre's. He spent a lot of last year talking about the funding gap that he had knowing that quickstep was stepping down to the coast, bro. They still get some funding from that. The check kazillionaire. Denic Bokola, but not as significant as it has been in the past. And so they needed an additional sponsor and to Kern and came in pretty late in the day and not meant that few riders left. The team most notably under cavalier who went to you a team member basically to expensive for for current quickstep to Cape similar story with Nikki Terpstra who won the tour of Flanders lefavor would have liked to have kept him. But basically didn't have the budget to do. So when Direct Energy made an offer LeFevre said to terms or were you better take it because I don't want you to hold against me the opportunity slips boy because you any guarantees. I mean, not just be smart management. Terpstra is getting on a bit of just being the time to let him go and that a touch of the Alex Ferguson's about the favors, and that you know, he he's been there. So long running that team that you know, he's had generations of right? The the emphasis of the team is a be on winning winning the classics winning lots of stages never really gone for challenging in the grand tours may will change a little bit. With emergence of 'enrich. Massive course, a second in the well to last year, and we'll be talking the tour de France with very big personal ambitions this year that they believes he can win it on his debut, which would be a remarkable result. But they've never really had a great impact at the grand tours Lefevere's team lost match shagman who's going to one hundred grow. But the team still packed with Reuters can win an awful of experience last year. They went to seventy three races Philip show bat is still in the team. The the old man of team still harboring dreams of winning old of the monuments. Not sure how realistic that is. But for the couple classics if you're bad eve Lampe who won two of London. The last two years that set an XT. Of course, and Bob young who's will be having a go at the couple kasichs for the first time in this team's colors, laced them for the sprint cycle. Elliott Viana who already off them mall they season and Scotland's finest Alvarado and for the Auden, and I guess the the front shooting elephants. And and that's you know, out of it. He's going to win the tool, but he's certainly being French get some publicity. He's state winning potential and between you and Allah Philly like a presence in in the classics. Well, they really go all the bases covered. The on the management front a little bit of a region because I have to plug the hole will be left by Braun home. Who isn't quite retiring. But stepping back significantly gather around about fifty rice dice sports direct to this year, but most likely won't do any of the grand tour. So I understand given bone Belgian. Who? The two so the rider, but he will be in the team at the tour de France. So, you know, subtle changes rather than than, you know, big big big signings this year, but Patrick Lefevere knows that having one seventy three races last year. That is a a a talk that that that pretty unlikely to match I would have thought particularly having locked phonetic via who white in quite significantly spoke to a few ride as last week. We'll play a couple of other interviews next week. I think when those particular riders kickoff Essy's in Argentina. But this week we'll hit from Byun coups who is going to ride on the couples again this season not pyro by but he will ride from only news blood through two the two of Florida's started by asking him a little bit about why the team and he has come to that decision. And then I asked him about his grand. Tour NBA ambush and having finished six in zero d'italia in two thousand and sixty eighth in two thousand seventeen he focused on the two of to France last year. And from the outside looked like everything was going, really. Well, he was seventh stage two ru by the end of the first week, which meant he was fourth overall going into the first rest day, but gradually things unraveled in the outs. He looked a little bit of time on the stage to the grown born on when his roommate Julian elevate won the stage. And then you get more legacy and really fell out of contention over that mid week, though, he did rally a bit in the final week and finished eleventh now young very thoughtful young man magnificent ask I was. Came off sees it would it was looking like a well risen love. It was it was absolutely magnificent. And I had nothing but everybody it was hard to come on the conversation, really without my eyes drifting with difficult. Isn't it? It is. Yeah. Oversea Saloth cabinet tension into and I wonder whether that. Indicative of each of his macula macula glossier shiny than a life of bread. It's kind of life of bread with a with a some kind of glaze line. Oh, no. No. Exactly, right. Yeah. As it is magnificent. But he's quite an intense character, and obviously thinks very Kathleen about before like real type. No, I think in love. It's it's solid. But he talked about how basically he wound himself into such a state of the tour de France and didn't enjoy the racing told the tour is is tense and controlled anyway, and possibly the culmination of that and himself failing tents and controlled lead to him over thinking everything I was going to ask about you going to do some couple classics. But I guess the question turn around. Why have you written a couple classics of number eight because obviously under Twenty-three reveal debate well on the couples in the two loss gear. The reason because of how did last July while actually I did I did dry to regain my first year pro-. But then. Yeah. Kind of. I felt more attracted to the classics that time and to be on today. I'm very happy. I turned to that. But yeah, also winning winning last year. Also showed me that I was actually able to to win those monuments and. I talked to Tom Steels at the end of the season. And I don't wanna say he convinced me because it wasn't mind. I think just needed that little push. And I got a little confidence from the team riding on this. Yeah. It's kind of. Kind of trigger that that he may be released that I said, okay, I'm going to do that. But I also say that I'm going to use this year as and really as an introduction into those classics because I think well the experience teams, they're overly. I haven't. I haven't been around a lot in in Flanders recently. So I think yeah. Those races you just have to experience more than wants to perform at your best. I didn't want to make a hundred eighty degree turn from the ordin. So. Still living Riveria site. I'm convinced that founders this is raised. That's very close to profile is too. I'm still and just with couples which should actually suit me very excited about it. You say earlier on today how much you enjoy racing in Italy. And you're going back to the Jiro done. Well, in the past I'm interested in is what you made of the two of the FRANZ experience loss going in with a higher profile because of your JIRA result. And how racing in Italy and France compatible different. Well, awfully of hats. All those are open wide open was. I thought everything was supposed to and so actually put a little pressure on myself, maybe training too much interesting enough. I didn't have that freshness. Going into and then even during the toy I didn't enjoy one single day. I was just I was super stressed and. I was not myself in that race. But Silla of learned a lot especially this year. I I've learned to handle difficult situations, which I haven't had before. So. Yeah, it was quite an I think very important for myself just to get to know myself. Also better I'm convinced could have done better in two. But the reason why I'm going back to Jiro simply the course which. I mean with the three time trials with the first week that's out say, medium heart. And but like, yeah, it is on every stage. There's something going to happen. So it's very very much. My kind of racing for me outside. It looked like the first week. And especially when you wrote so well in the Cobos in the to like everything going fine kinda surprised to hear that. You were Phoenix directed kind of ten about the writing. What was it that go into your head then and made it so difficult? To be honest thing. I was just the pressure that put myself, I was just. Trying so hard to make that results in a tour and just couldn't relax. I was always worried about the next day at what would happen here. And. Yeah. And then you all was Julian in the room, and he was just like, I mean, he smashed it. And that didn't make it easier because. Yeah, obviously, you wanna perform well and. Yeah. So it was kind of kind of difficult to handle all these things. Even though I was fourteen you see for the first week that pressure from that we just fell off and then, but I couldn't perform India then to the end they got my. Yeah. Like this easiness and this feeling back in I was tacking into periods. And. Yeah. Experience with the tour de fail that you have absorbed coming from it. You have learned something when you go to the Jiro. You'll be conscious of allowing yourself to relax. Yeah. I think well what I've learned. It's definitely have to see things sometimes a little bit less strict to be strict myself to respect also respirators, and we kind of did that already. We have less racing much more focused. It's a level of one day racist. But they're all like, I say very precisely fixed too. To deliver to to make results and not just be, Dan. And that's what I'm I'm definitely taking from this year. I wanna be at start again and be there to win that race. And. Not to see how it goes support bugles there as you said, Lionel, very thoughtful on the an unmeasured, and I on a real talent and always husband but unclear what writer he become legend by still near winner. Now is he? Through the first couple of GD. He was mentioned as a you know, somebody who would develop into a three week stage. Racer I'm not sure he's just maybe maybe too big a build having said that is a similar Bill to Tom the mill with skill similar skill set. And he's still very young as well. I don't know whether it's a blessing recurs for him being declining quitter, so many other good writers and Baden. No, the Jiro. This year will be a chance for him to find his Mojo Agana suppose a three week tour. Are these tough hemorrhage and not team? I mean, just listening to the interview that was the conclusion I drew really in that team. I think there is space for a ride who's almost ready made and sort of ready packaged grunter ride to do. Well, we saw that with mass the Welte lost year. But. Uses kind of guy you feel team needs to make a project of setting as far as his Gruntal ambitions concerned almost like some web of done with Tom Dumoulin, who's a similar kind of profile of Reuters having similarly magnificent ha, but you'll lose you know, you hear him talk about needing help the toward the FRANZ. And you know, we mentioned loss week when we were talking about Dumoulin, how some web coaches now list of and I'm sure they're alone of sort of drill down into the the fundamental differences between the tour and the other ground tools and the tool within any given stage, you'll you having to accelerate, you know, one hundred times maybe as against full times in jeer or well to stay just to find you position in the bunch. And what not tells you is the you need. There's a lot of that goes on. Position moving up moving from one side of the bus to another. And generally when that's the case you need teammates, any people around us to do the and as we've seen in. Los couple of years is no the the coining now quickstep fully it's not team that can afford to go into ground tool with five guys just doing that for for Bob young. So I I think it's going to be tough AM. And you know, it was really interesting as well. Listen to him talk about the toll austere, and and rooming without a Felipe, and I can fully much in that was a difficult experience for him. Because I think they have very different current is quite intense. He noticed that the even the definite lost year that he was someone who was certainly very very determined. Not to let anyone down not to disappoint the team of the tour de France. But felt they looked to me is who's putting pressure on himself and on the other. Well, and they was rooming with Allah Felipe who to whom everything seem. To come effortlessly. I'm the success of the tool Jake came effortlessly, and he was also the same time being sort of adult Tate as this this national sweetheart in France, and with with the Midas, touch, and I must have been really difficult for young. Well, he's very effervescing elephant. Whereas you goes as far more kind of reserved. And so, you know, they must take all this into sedation when locating rooms and putting people together in rooms and making sure that compatible they must know them. So they must have they must. They must believe the work. Do they do on very well, don't I'm not. No, I I would imagine. So I mean, the the thing, you know, you'll go would would have been going back to his room everyday focusing on his performance. I mean, he did finish Levin. I mean, sixteen minutes down in the tour. You know? No, no, terrible. By any means if you'll remain is turning up every day with a fresh king of the mountains jersey and another guy flowers. Pretty tough to such a such an individual event the tool to France. Or as Francois says a team sport practiced by individuals, you things ongoing wealth for you. And you'll roommates having a wonderful time. I can imagine that would be difficult. What the problem for you? I think is he is so talented and stow versatile. I mean, there aren't many writers who can win the best on the age in the style that he wanted last year, which was impressive who can just sort of say, the click of the fingers all I'm going to back into couple classics, which I haven't done for years, but you know, as a quickstep team, you know, this is not writing the classics. You know, I didn't know g too. Bad example. But you know, this is the team that will go into every single couple classic expecting to get on the podium, at least and can go to the Jiro and legitimately think of a top five finish in a way to kind of quick, you know, all we talk about how efficient winning, you know, they don't need to put a lot of energy and specific f- into one particular item like bugles when I know that others will more more likely than not deliver as well. He's you know, he's like being in a in a great Manchester. United team the past back to Alex Ferguson example, again with lefavor he's he can play a role, but he can play all sorts of roles and variety. To versatile Pap series. I'm good under the luxury as well. Maybe because he's well, he he's also let's not forget when they've had a sprinter played an absolutely key role in in leading sprinters. I remember remember and particular with Gaviria the twenty seventeen Jiro there was a stage on Sardinia. I think when the crosswinds Ingles was immense. They and then wrote a very good race overall as well. So. Yeah. Huge a huge shoes talent. What will the next few years? Look like for him. It remains seeing I and yet Naipaul my understand that average ups Lutely determined than an Ottoman to win the Toda FRANZ. We wanna ride as before he does a day. Yes. And that will here in a friend special in. I think a few weeks time today my conversation with Patrick Lefevere. He's got at least he's giving himself at least another couple of years. So toy time is running out if he wants to win the two en masse this year, my my big my big tit this Year's Eve Lumper. I think he's going to have a big year for the. Several. He's got him. All the skulls Manal. He's gonna I think he's gonna win the to Flanders. There said he's gonna win the funds as even park. We funny now when he gets in a break on stage four of the tour and gained three minutes. Well, we'll be dig it. We'll be digging this by we should wrap things up their chops. And before we go quick, congratulations to Shinui who who as we as we speak has. A new addition to the Shinui family little baby boy born this morning. So congratulations to her family, wonderful news. And we should also remind you that are friends of the podcast program. For twenty nineteen is is open for business. Thanks very much. Everybody who signed up already is friend. There are three audiobooks available to friends of the podcast one from the four one from the Jiro one from the tour one from the Welte one from the women's to read by Daniel, Lionel myself, or LA and Francois Tommaso. So they're available honest say thanks very much. Everybody who signed up at the cycling podcast come very very grateful to you for your support. And if you've supported us a little bit more with extra money, thank you for that. And you will also be able to submit some ideas for a special episode later in the year of she will be guest editor. So we'll be asking for ideas. Sudesh our next. Special. I think will be yellow to who aren't called off to anymore. You movies MMA? I spent some time with them at their training camp before Christmas, and we'll hear from them, including premiums, rogue lich and Stephen cries wig. So that's coming up quite soon. But for the moment, thank you very much, Lionel, thank you, Richard. Thank you, Daniel, thanking I ever pro cycling two zero one nine new season is coming soon. This is a standard. Keep a ceiling Amelia. I'm marina behind me. Gene.

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