05/20/2021 - Hour 3 - The Warriors Will Be Contenders in 2022 + The Athletic's Marcus Thompson


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Live from the fox sports radio studio and you can follow us on social media. I met chris. Underscore bruce hard on twitter. Chris bruce sixty eight hundred gram rob. Have you changed your handle yet. It should be wait a minute. We gotta alex was my new handle. Rob parker parker. You just ugly at sloan actually is rob parker f s one on both twitter and instagram nat. Of course was our freight kwame brown rod. I got ugly. I m not the most attractive guy. But i didn't know i was ugly. Wow attractive no comment. He said you agree with them. What it is on the radio for years at guantanamo did hugh rob you. You don't need to hear that we got our man. Marcus thompson of the ath- let coming at the next hour and we're going to have some fun here this hour. A lotta fun. But let's start rob. We talked lebron shot. You and i disagree. I just think this narrative that he's not clutch is just again. The biggest misperception one of the biggest misperceptions in all of the nba history. But i wanna ask you this just looking at that shot last night. The thirty four footer. He hit at the end of the game. Like fifty eight seconds left. I think and they go up. One zero three one hundred turns out to be the game winner. Do you think that shot was clutch or luck. Five the pick one at a two. I say luck only because it was a desperation shot with the shot clock and he just had to put it up. There's no thought to it. I just think it's just you just put it up. You know you not. I think when you have to think about it and like the ramifications if i miss it if it was a drawn out play chris where you know what i mean you came out of a time out and they figured it out and they were going to fake the ball. Somebody else in lebron wind up open. You know what i mean. They'll does with robert ory shots. You know what. I me where where. It's kind of like you know everybody else's guarded and get ready. We'll push it around the perimeter and it'll find robert ory and then he'll be one open even on his guy made shot stories. Were not all. But i'm just saying there was some i mean. I watched a couple of them. But i'm just saying i'm gonna i'm gonna lean on the side of lucky y- and to your point. Lebron hit those shots to orlando. That's out of a time out out. Is he ad time to think of the ramifications. They would have been down. Oh two in that series at home going to orlando. he's too big three chicago. Remember he told. David gimme the rock. Gimme iraq and he hits the corner three so I think it was more clutch. Obviously look if anyone not named steph curry or dame lillard if you hit a shot from thirty four feet is some luck involved. I just 'cause nobody makes them consistently from that distance. But i think it was more clutch if you look caddy. Squared his shoulders. It wasn't a heave. His form was true. Yeah he faded away phase away on a lot of his jumpers and one off the glass and bouncing all over the rim and dropping. It was pure and again to me. He's done it enough. Where i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt so i think it was a great clutch shot and look. It's so early. We'll see where this goes for the lakers but I do think it was more clutch than Luck but let. We've talked about the lakers. Rob and you know. I got him winning the west. I think you got the clippers win in the west but let's look at the warriors and of course they play tomorrow against memphis in the play in game if they win they got utah in the first round. If they lose They go home and his memphis utah. And i'm sure anyone not living in memphis i don't know about you. You probably actually with the folks in memphis but anyone. Most people live in memphis. Don't wanna see staffing own states. Run in this early is gonna in soon but pick picking memphis in that game. I'm not look. I'm going with stay but i. There's no look memphis. Could get them number one that game last week route. Remember for the. Acc was close. Memphis played him. Tough memphis is tough. They got john at dillon. Brooks is playing well but also is possible that golden state will be emotionally spent. You know what i mean from that game. I mean they put everything into that game last night and come up short so i wouldn't be surprised if you're right but i'm gonna i'm gonna go with the warriors i remember. Showed me something yesterday. You they had a big league chris. They choked it down. They came back. You know what i mean like. That was a game that they they could crumble because they had such a big lead early on in a game. And yeah i. I don't know and the warriors in the cl- the lakers had to shoot four for twenty eight to start game a chance to be in that game. I mean to be didn't blow them out. They went up by twenty five. A team shoots four for twenty eight. You know the three big stars and europe. I tell you you talking about. Look the lakers are only. We're only in that game. Because their two best players were hurt. For gobs of the season the warriors were in that game because right now there are a legitimate. Abc that's what they are and so it was one team is just better than the other but the warriors had their chance. But here's what i want to talk about. And i was on with colin today day on the herd and he thinks staff should go elsewhere. We we've all talked about you. Know lebron recruiting staff. What if the the brooklyn nets are as good as advertised. And they just become the new golden state warriors. Nobody can play with them to staff. Need to team up or lebron get somebody else. Maybe those to team up to challenge brooklyn. Here's my take rob and bay and i felt this way all season but even more so based off last night i think the clippers. I'm sorry the warriors will be contenders next year now. I don't know that they're win the west. I mean i think if if age doesn't get too much of lebron the lakers will still be there. The clippers will still be good assuming they don't lose qualm which i don't think they will. I mean why why. i don't think they will. And then of course you know the other teams are pretty good. But i think golden state will be a contender a have a shot at winning the west that team though jordan pool and want us gone away anderson and all these other guys are getting seasoning right now and they're gonna move down a notch. Instead of being a six-man you'll be a seventh man or an eighth man or ninth and they'll play well in that role because of the seasoning. They're getting now. Andrew wiggins who people have criticized him obviously not to the point of kwamena brown. A similar is less of course but andrew wiggins was the number one pick. Everybody thought he was going to be a superstar. He's not that but he has a very good player. His defense this year was stellar. He's become a. I mean he's always scored he's always giving you about twenty game but he's not really that second score on a great team but next year he moves down a notch. He's the third score and he's fourth best player. So i think staff and clay. You're not going to be able to focus on steph as much as you have this year so it will open things up for him. Wiggins becomes the third scoring if he gives you seventeen. Eighteen night is the third score and great defense. That's terrific draymond will play. He's play well other than scoring but he'll even score a little more because again everything is opened up. I like james. Wiseman i think he's a nice center for that team because he's long athletic. He can shoot a little bit. So i actually think what steph should do is stay there next year contract and go for it if they're up in the elite of the west whether they win the western not. I stay there if they go in there. Seventy eight seat again like this year and you you see that. There's just a huge gulf between you and the top teams in the conference. Then maybe you can look at moving on. But i don't think they're window is absolutely positively shut to at least get back to the finals. I just don't think he's leaving golden state under any circumstance. I just i. Just don't i really don't think he's one enough his legacy not going to change any. He's one of those guys who should stay in the same uniform then his entire career. There's only a handful of guys who do that nowadays. And i think that's what would be better for him. And what an trying to just figure it out with whatever you have left to got clay you still have the original three guys who were drafted and played their together. I just think that would be the the right ending whether they win or not. Going to be another part of another team. And then maybe even not winning doing a michael jordan and going to some franchise or going somewhere else. And you don't win or you get dropped or you get one out of the building or whatever it is. I just don't see steph curry doing that. I would be totally surprised and shocked if he if he joined or did anything of that nature with other players out. I just don't see he's got three champion. He doesn't have anything else to do but play out his career to me. But i think and i agree with you that i don't think he'll leave. I wouldn't be grudging. If he does. But i i just think the warriors actually have a chance to have another run you know. Tim duncan into the spurs rob. They went seven years between championships. Six years between even getting to the finals he wanted in two thousand seven is fourth ring. They got back in two thousand thirteen loss to the miami heat and they won in two thousand fourteen. So it's not like you know you get a five year period and that's it a lot of times that's how it is but it doesn't have to be that way and i think what what the warriors have remember. They also have the minnesota timberwolves number one pick. So that's the top three protective pig. And then they got their own pick so the whether they draft the player or whether they use that may be package it with somebody else to get another star type or or near star type player to help them win now. They've got options so in that regard. I'm with you if you if you can win it again in your clothes. Why in the world leave. But if steph you know he's still playing great. Like i said i. I think he's playing the best ball of his career just because of all the attention that is on him and he's still doing damage so if he's still got four more years at this level and wants to play for championships. Then i'm not mad at that at all so we will see what the what he does. But i totally think he needs to stay there next season and not even think about moving on and i think that'll be the case. Eight seven seven ninety nine or fox. Eight seven seven nine nine six sixty three sixty nine. We're throwing it out to you. Do you think the warriors window remember. They got klay coming back. James weisman will be there next year and they've got the minnesota timberwolves number one draft pick. Which will be a hot one Do you think they're window to compete for. Championships is over. And if so should staff move on your turn away with chris rod the couple fox sports radio. Be sure to catch live additions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. Okay people. what don't you know about mike tyson. Well if you thought the last dance gave you an incredible new look at michael jordan. Just wait for this new tyson documentary event. It's called mike tyson knockout. The title says it. All from his incredible climb to the top and becoming well really the baddest man on the planet to his heart crash. 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All right let's kick it off with a shack in richmond. You're on the odd couple. Fox sports radio. I'm assuming that's richmond virginia. Yeah shagman spoke before. I got some good good good a shock. Did you know how ugly i was a main kwame brown said. What did he say about me. Rob parker you okay. Yeah watching the early man like nine anybody across by right now playing about quantity but as far as the warriors man ready for that record is raucous audience. Done no way. No how leg when they did klay back as long as he's about Eighty five percent and ninety percent of what it used to be. I can make another run at a Nobody else gets hurt with the guys. They got so lucky. You live in his shot. They got a shot. I'm with you. I mean nobody in the west. Is that crazy though. So i mean roddick. Lebron older the clippers a shaky like at the end of games. I mean it's phoenix in utah. Really scary. And i mean not to me like i mean as far as the dominant talent. Like only team out there. There's really that wall is brooklyn. Wait for the end of the game. And if it's close steph won't win form so that's what you hope for a transit. Yes on that shack for the call. Hey rob in missouri. Ima zoo your knee. I couple of fox sports radio. I went to mizzou for a couple of months. How are you. I'm doing well Got drawn we're great man we're great. Hey look man. The warriors have as good a chance of winning the western conference with everybody healthy as anybody in the wall circumference age of bomb in a couple of other players. You know. I'm not so john mopus ain't gonna be good and stuff like that but if you get back a healthy clay and south comes back you know i last night i think it was a fluke. I grew up in southern california. And i big laker fan. All my life and If you yesterday was was Who says you're you're desperately wrong. Sesa hooper ariza hooper just games. That's going to happen and it's happening abroad. That's happened they. i'm jay. You know that's why it's possible. I just take that. With a healthy goal. Set warrior team and the coaches. They have not competing for the western conference. Nice car like it a lot. Make sure they send your last car. Excellent knowledge that was good. You think so. Joseph in indiana. You're the i couple of sports radio. What's up joseph your brother. How are you not bad. Other another day in paradise. We're in indiana at all. Actually you must be in paradise indiana. 'cause i don't own any place in india you at indiana joseph. I'm a little problem. Bloomington indiana okay pay. I lived in indianapolis as a kid. I lived in a lot of places. It was my favorite place to live as a kid. You just like the say nail. Most shrimp chris. That's the only thing that shrimp cocktail that wouldn't nap town. The town is bustling compared to what he hadn't had mall down there right. Yeah i am bad downtown. Joseph my take the water's just like take step mentally that pick. They have ended the pick the top three protected if they can they should take whatever they get drafted. They should try out the power for the guy that like. They were placed dream on flow and they got wiggins like eventually. Try to move that wiggins contract but may and try to get another young asset that can be small pool or and they blow up because the last caller said. Rav done a fluke. Lebron james ain't ain't no eight no eight. The best player in the player ain't the best point in the world. No more he's a he's a choke artist. Who is the best way in the world. Joseph janni from the komo the greek freak you can get. It can win a couple of playoff series. How about that before we give it to him true. I who are now. I joseph thank you. We'll see those easily swayed. Surpri wanted his neck lows. Rob it gets people go. No way means what glow sticks. They even notice talking and he's talking about clothes. Yes clothes stick likely to make it. I'll try to make make it so everybody knows they're not gonna know about chris. What he was a kid is that they say money light bulbs you just have to walk into a room and everything was good all right. Let's go to chris. You're sports radio what's up. Hey what's up guys. How you doing man. good man. Nothing nuts and i got So lebron is getting been right so you think eight eagles. Eight eagle in la. Oh yeah yeah he's he's. He's won a championship I honestly don't think is the type that's just championship seeking. I think you obviously want to win. But he's not the level of player where you're counting his rings oh he's needs to more to pass duncan no he ain't never gonna pass him. Dunk lay to. He's with the lakers. While leave as my my thing. Is you know steph steph He's going to recruit players yourself. Not just because players gonna wanna play with stuff. So i don't see him going anywhere. I could see them moving players but a player that nobody really talking about. I think they can move his dream on green like yes draymond. Green been near dragic but You know hemming care. You know bump is you know. He's not really producing so much like deeply i think he's playing great defensively. I rate garden. Ad last night. Yeah he's just rusty right now. That's all but i just think i think he overrated to me but i think go to state they still got you know they still got time. I think they'll try to see if they can go ahead and make a run at bradley beal he would fit well there so that would be interesting all right. Speaking of the warriors we got marcus thompson from the athletic covers. The bay area for them as a columnist. He'll join us in a moment but first fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup. In the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. r. to listen live was up. Everybody it's me three times. Provo lavar arrington. 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Our episode is passive income a myth out now to learn more about passive ways to earn additional income. And you can learn more about becoming a host at home slash host is. I don't know if you saw us column. He wrote a column for the athletic. As you know he's a great writer. Wrote a column today. Saying brian staff is the burr magic of our time with that. Yeah did you. Yes i agree. You agree with it. Well outlook obviously. It doesn't have the cultural impact. The burr magic. I mean they saved the leak. No no go all that. Yes in terms of them. Saving the league ganger who racial aspect. One was white in boston was black in. La in la was workmanlike player. In boston i mean you couldn't have made a better scenario of a league. That was in trouble and on tape delay and all the other stuff that went with it. The ncaa championship game was the highest rated. I i just don't look at it. That way and then i read to in his column that last night game felt like a finals game. Well here we go. We got marcus witness and less we have got some do. We were just talking about your column. I thought was very good. you say. Curry lebron is the magic bird of our time Go ahead and explain. Give me give me a better rivalry since they give you a better to players who took turns beating each other played at the highest levels of there every year even another one jordan with five fell. He didn't have a rival. Who i agree with you. I don't it doesn't have the cultural impact. Didn't save delete. it did wasn't one white one black and all that. But i do agree. I don't think there's been in better individual rivalry in recent memory. Lebron never met in the finals in. You're right. I the only problem i have with it is. It's three to one staff and two of those championships. Were durant lebron. More so than steph that we're gonna disagree. Thank god we could get it. You're in the bay area. Not getting no. No no you steph. Breath maxwell was the finals. Wanted to thank you. Know a great player. Now no no no no. No let's put steph also choke down the three to one leave without durant. The knitted never happen. Marcus and it never happened in the nba. Where magic didn't tragic. No they didn't show down. It's tragic to one lead in the final nine lead. I've never had out the clock. Never okay it in the final. No no that's not what i said. I said don't ever happened history. I know i know. I got it never happened. You give me your neither have a with it. Neither had mtl l. injury. Neither had it your spinner to talk. They didn't lose any lose to more than two games in a row. All year steph had to win one of three games and that's all they had to security. I'm not buying explain his point though. Why go here marcus. I is like players it happened. It happened when the bronze is happy with steph. It's happened with magic. The only person that hasn't happened with michael jordan. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you fail so to make a failure. Disqualify you literally disqualifies everybody but bill russell and michael jordan. That's not the point. The point is there's nobody else in this league. That's drawing like lebron steph and keep in mind since jordan left this has been an issue right. Kobe became that next dude of kobe and shaq And lebron was the parent. But when you start looking at lebron's whole rain. Who's the rival. Who who kept them afloat. Who kept him going. We're going to look back on that and say it was lebron steph. It wasn't the brian. Tim duncan we know what then ratings numbers did right. It was lebron and steph those other two players who keep people watching those two draws those are people who gets archies and uncle about who gets you know casual fans involved euro saying that that that was the point not like obviously magic and bird saved the league like nothing is a hundred percent but we haven't had two players whose own rivalry between each other has been this captivating and this big of a draw they got five point six million on a play in game a game. That don't even count like think about that. They ain't got five million album. That felt like a finals game in a game. That really didn't count. There was no last night. It wasn't a bra brought in like a finals game to me last night. No okay i mean you got different feelings. I didn't say game seven. You gave throwing a game. One of the finals guy. Everything it was big. I said that like a finals game up just evening. Hey marcus what if you wrote a column everybody agrees. The goal has probably a terrible car. Watching the golden girls robin roberts trip. Because let's remember like you remember this Chris game four of the nba finals when the world was going three one. And lebron got into withdrawing mind right. Remember that that whole. He had just kind of desperation. He's like we're about. And i'm about to do anything right like say like this dude. Hit a thirty four footer. For the where you telling me. That's like what what what game was it like. Was it like a regular season game. Would you like to play a game. Like we don't have that reference like last night from the standpoint of all i'm saying is it worse i'm like what if he told me that. That game. somebody. Lebron steph was going home absolutely i would. I would be in game just fine. Okay detroit. Nobody goes. Oh game through the nba finals. Nobody goes on. It's the say it's about the intensity it's about how much you don't get to determine if anyway broncos and determine what it means to him missed the him how this lee and you get to determine what felt like to you. But i'm just telling to me as a guy was covered the nba nineteen eighty-seven and i've been around the game. I don't cover it every day like you. Do you know because of the warriors and where you are with the athletic. But i've covered the league for a long time. I'm just saying i watched it. It didn't feel like that to me. That's all come on. You gotta get gotta get the juicy celebrity game back delivered a game back out here. You gotta get eleven again back to this to all time greats going at it Win is that not a big deal. You know what. I'm saying like come on. You telling me steph didn't wanna hit that game when three half court doubled him he out eight seconds trying to find a look back on the turnover at the end. Did you want to hold onto the ball. There was no turnover at the end. What are you talking about. What did corker before you go before. We got about a minute for you answer. Do you think the war is going to be contenders next year when they get klay back where you do. You think they're window is closed for that or do you think you agree with me. I think they'll be considered only. Because i don't think the west is as great as everybody likes to think they are like there. There are no not. The lakers are great Somebody's got knocked him off. But i do think the warriors have some of the pieces. I think they'll need another move though. Like klay coming back especially two years. You don't know what he's gonna be. I still think they need clay. Plus one other thing right. And i don't know what that is but if they get that i'll tell you what nobody wanna play this thing. They don't wanna play 'em now with steph weekend right they definitely don't wanna play with play another piece. That's our man. Marcus thompson gray stuff. Great column to may go check it out at the athletic dot com. A very thought provoking interesting read as his all of his stuff. Great stuff brother. We appreciate it man. I tac in you final interview. It aided attack do fruits opinion. I know what you robin which all big brother piece man. Good job are. We got some breaking news in the world of sports. We'll share it with your next couple of fox. Sports radio be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. It is the act. Chris rob coming. You live from the fox. Sports radio studios wrapping up a tv theme song. Thursday a feisty when rob parker was was i maybe brown stuff got him. It ain't get to me. This is an okay why cannot disagree with one of our guests. He's why like. I just disagree with it. That's all. I don't want it to be like everything is glad hand and we agree with everybody who comes on. It's nothing personal i disagree. What was disrespectful to no no okay. I'm not disrespectful. He's he's a fine writer and covers basketball very well. I just disagree with them and he was think we get too caught up in the moment all the time. I got breaking news. Don't we yes we do. I i there is no excuse. Folks for not buckling up. Law enforcement is giving tickets out. Why risk it do the smart thing and buckle up every trip day or night. Click it or ticket pay for by nitsa. Here's breaking news breaking news. More breaking news from fox sports would have went to the update desk but we have technical difficulties right now espn is reporting tyson. Fury deontay wilder will square off in their trilogy fight. July twenty four. The two sides verbally agreed to a deal. They expect the deal to be signed in the coming days. It's going to take place in vegas unsure of the venue exactly right now. But it's looking like it's gonna be allegiant. Stadium home of las vegas raiders. The lot of people in one arena to watch a boxing match sixty forty split in favor of tyson fury for the contracts will remember fury was supposed to i anthony joshua and deontay wilder sue. Well not sube took it to arbitration right and because they had a contract for their last fight that there be a rematch but the concert was like four year rematch within the next year. And that time paso fury dot. Okay i can fight. Josh were well. The arbitrators voted on the side of wilder. And because of what happened. And that's what that sounds like that. Yeah that has something to do with it because it did right. I mean there's no because they couldn't fight so year kind of weight went away and he lost his chance when nobody was fighting. I think that's a fair ruling. Chris i agree i agree I do this is early. July twenty fourth. Remember fury's been training thinking. He's he's gonna fight joshua i guess. Wilders been trained. And i know he wants to get a chance to avenge himself. I'm i'm going with furio rob. I just don't think wilder has the boxing skills to beat fury and he obviously has the one punch. But here's the even bigger thing. I worry about rob with wilder. You know this you've seen you cover boxing a lot of times when the guy who has run roughshod over everybody especially if he's done it for years right where he finally loses. He's never the same mentally he's never been knocked down never been beaten that aura that he had within himself and the opponents have of you is gone mike tyson even though he came back and has some nice winds was never the same after buster. Douglas nope kim and shane everything. Also and guys were scared of him anymore. Guy's more scared. Because i was covering box into an time and he was guys used to shake the ring before the fight even started mean he had people shook my adult apps. I thought michael spinks was done weeks before that fire on the other guy. Was frank bruno as it. Flat was bruno. Carl the truth would rank. Bruno laguna came out. The chris ripped you remember him. Hose got us. Yes built like a greek god. Yes and he was in there shake in against him and he was bigger enticing. I mean obviously wasn't a tall guy but bruno like you said he was. He was he looked like he was gonna knock tyson's block off and i think rob doses when tyson hit a guy. Good in those situations ages went down. I think they wanna know once. They felt his power. I don't think they wanted any part of you whether they could've got back up or not. They want to get back up. I agree they want. i'm good. I'm good exactly. I'm getting to save him out of money. I'm going to lose. So i might as well stay down. But yeah roy. Jones rob he never was the same after antonio tarver beating and so i- wilder i just don't wanna think type fury's a better boxer. Anyway he's already tasted wilders power and come back from it. He obviously beating badly in the second fight. I think this when. I think theory's gonna win fairly easily. I really interested yup look forward to it. Yeah and then of course the winner will get joshua so we got some good things to look forward to a heavyweight boxer. And you know somebody's aiming make is. Maybe i think you're gonna see some more cross fights rob which i'm i'm here for that. It is the couple. Chris rob tv theme song. Thursday is gonna come and gone. Keep it locked for jason smith and mike harmon here on fox. Sports radio do if you're a small business owner growing. Your business is what it's all about that is if you have the space to do it. Keep smart self. Storage has the solution with a variety of storage unit sizes helpful online resources and easy to access facilities cube. Smart self storage provides a self storage experience that puts the focus on you. Because you and your business matter most help you grow. Cube smart is offering up to twenty five percent off your monthly rent. 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