Hi, I'm Colleen your host of the good news podcasts. And I'm Neil. The other host. The good news podcast is your source for good news, fun stories auditory, delight and sonic. Joy. We're bringing all of this goodness. To you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago. Today, we travel to Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee, trigger Chattanooga, Nashville, Tennessee that classic Tennessee. I just made that up guys. But if you liked it give us a shout on the old hotline. Yeah. Give us a shout on the hotline. Tennessee is doing something cool call in what are they doing? They are offering tuition to the university of Tennessee for free to lower income students. Hot damn. So if your household income is lower than fifty thousand dollars reach out, and you live in Tennessee reach app to the university of Tennessee and see about getting an education gratis says seem this seems to me like the ultimate case have paying it forward. Yeah. You let let's invest in our young people give them the education. Let's not saddle them with student loan debt. As many of them are. Yeah. Myself included. It's a major issue. Yeah. It's hard. It's hard to be. It's hard to go to school. It's hard to have debt. It's hard to then that you know, what really boils. My blood is people go to school. They have student loan debt, and then that debt then influ. What they go into. Then maybe they can't follow a passion because they're just like, well, that's not going to cover. My student loan Bill when I get out of school. This is this is trouble. So university of Tennessee is tackling. That problem nipping it in the bud. It reminds me I don't know if you remember, but we did a story about the NYU tackles NYU medical school, which for which gave free tuition to med students because they wanted more students to get into general practitioner right to be like a small town, doctor regular doctor instead of going into these crazy specialties because they had this huge loan debt. So yeah, I mean, it's like it's like about making smart decisions up front and helping kids get it done. I like the idea call in that you are framing this as an investment in the future you've got to. And you know, I bet people that go to who are from Tennessee, go to the university of Tennessee. Yeah. I bet there. Gonna stay in Tennessee. Yeah. Why not right? They're going to they're going to grow that state. This is a state that has done me. Right. So I'm going to stick around a free. College education is worth a million dollars million trillion dollars education is priceless. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news incredible? Or maybe wanna tell us a joke idea. Excellent Email us at Hello at the good news, podcasts dot F M or leave us a voicemail. Seven three two one seven zero one five six you can also tweet us at the good news pod and follow us on Instagram too. And if you love the good news podcasts think about supporting us on our patriot page. Most of our music is by putting bear.

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