Falato on Football: NFC & AFC North draft reviews


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Nick faldo and today we are going to be going over the nfc in afc north's drafts just a quick review on maybe the team's philosophy who they selected and the immediate impact they can have on the current roster and we're going to start and kick this off with the minnesota vikings who had a whopping eleven picks so so in round one they trade back and select off. It's of tackle out of virginia tech christian derek saw and in any picks round two but they had four round. Three picks quarterback kellen at texas am chess raw inside linebacker at a north carolina. Wia davis opens guard at ohio state. Patrick jones defensive end at pittsburgh and then on days three convey nuuanu iowa state running back with selected over kennedy gain while which was interesting cam. Bynum california cornerback to norris robinson. Florida state defensive. End amir smith marquette iowa wide receiver zach davidson central missouri tight end and then jalen wineman pittsburgh defensive tackle and i think it was an interesting draft because another minnesota vikings were more than likely incredibly high on elijah barrett tucker who they traded back with the new york jets for two third round picks that's why they had so many third round picks and they allowed the jets to scoop him up but they still drop down to pick twenty three and they were able to select christian dera so they ended up getting an offensive tackle and i think they probably look at their roster and view some unlike as cleveland as somebody who they drafted as an offer to tackle out of boise state last year in the second round but now they can kick him inside to guard. 'cause i think about a team analyze avera tucker and i do believe you would have been. For what mike zimmer and clint kubiak their offense coordinator want to do here in minnesota. A lot of stretch sewn a lot of inside zone just a lot of zone concepts in general. I think that's i think tucker can fit in any system. But i think that's where a large avera tucker could thrive and he's also really versatile. You camplin tackle if you ask them to despite his short arms and he can play inside at either guard position but they're able to get a possible left. Tackle the future in christian darris all with the trae back adding the extra capital. I think it ended up being a good outcome for the minnesota vikings so then they didn't have a second round pick and then you look at callan. Monde who quarterback at texas am and. I think this is really interesting as well. Because there's money tied up in kirk cousins. But he doesn't seem to be long-term answer for the minnesota vikings kelham on beat that they made him the second pick in this draft class so obviously they probably have a high grade on him. They could've traded up to possibly get with the new york giants but the new york giants doubt they were going to the vikings at is give up a first round pick to move up a couple of spots. They went in a different direction and looks like may work out from the sense that they end up getting good offensive tackle. Endorse all somebody which finished a little bit stronger because he just took some off. It seemed like. But somebody. Who i think mike zimmer can get that and coach that out of him because mike zimmer berry demanding coach kelham on. That's interesting and then you get at inside. Linebacker get surat. Help beef up your offensive line with wyatt davis somebody who is recovering from some but brings a lot of tenacity a lot zone experience there at ohio state. And then you look at the trenches. They ended up getting patrick jones. He's somebody who a lot of people really high on. Had a solid twenty twenty went down to the senior bowl and didn't live up to his two thousand nineteen year but he falls the third round. that's solid value. Engineer robinson florida state defense invented and jalen climb. And you can tell you. Just look at this draft with two offense of linemen and those three trench players that the vikings want to get stronger in the trenches. They were one of the worst rush. Defenses last year and you add climbing. Who's a player. That played well but then tested really poorly so you get him in his six round. That's actually a pretty solid pick. And this is what the vikings liked to do that. Love to bank on day. Three on traits on athletic ridiculous types of players like generis robinson who has all the physical traits and also all the athletic ability to thrive in the interior but didn't put it all together at florida state. They gave him in the fourth round. Then you get zach davidson somebody who was just dominant twenty nine thousand nine hundred as a tight end huge tight end prospect six foot seven two hundred and forty five pounds did not play in twenty twenty because of kobe and all that so you end up adding him. He's going to be raw player but still trait. Mere smith marquette traits. That's what you're looking for it. He has the burst. The explosiveness the vertical ability. But he played in iowa's offense and they're not necessarily a vertical downfield type of offense. They're much more conservative. Under kirk bryan fans the end up getting him in the fifth round and i honestly think amir smith marseille can be a wide receiver who can look to operate out of the slot and eleven personnel win. That job over the likes of chad. An olabisi johnson who are playing right now with adam and justin jefferson at the other two and i also think smith is going to be pretty solid tight end without houdief not there. But that's beside the point right now. I like this draft. I mean this is a lot of players you can kind of step in and they can make an impact. I think longo is. They wouldn't like. I said they selected them over kenneth gain. Well they bring him into the fold. They have alexander madison. Were they drafted in the third round. Back in twenty nine thousand. I'm not hundred percent. Sure how comfortable they are with him. It seemed like he gets dinged up. Every time and cook is dealing with an injury. So now you're bringing this guy who can give you definitely special teams value but possibly could earn snaps. Madison doesn't rise to the occasion. Solid overall draft for the minnesota vikings. So let's go to the detroit. Lions real fast and the detroit lions. When you have dan campbell and you also want to look at their front office. They bring in brad homes from the los angeles. Rams also bring an agnew and also john dorsey so you have a bunch of different types of personalities and people with a lot of nfl. Experience there to kinda help dan campbell. Their newly hired head coach. Run the show. They bring an anthony. Linda be their offense coordinator. The former coach of the chargers have aaron glenn former defensive back in the nfl as defensive coordinator and they're draft goes as follows swale at seven which is excellent levi on the riga deep of tackle from washington aleem mcneil north carolina. State the tackle i e to mellow bond. Woo syracuse cornerback on raw saying brown. Usc wide receiver down. The starts the day three trends. Derrick barnes fourth round pick inside linebacker purdue and then jamal jefferson in the seventh round running back to oregon state. And i like this draft. I mean let's be honest about the detroit lions. They had a lack of talent on their roster. There was a turnover here. And you have the crazy opening. Press conference with dan campbell talking about chewing on people's kneecaps and just wants to bring toughness so you want to beef up the trenches. They're you add swell. Who can be your starting right tackle. I would say with taylor decker. Still being on the left side. And he'll be groomed to be the long term left tackle peninsula. But that's an excellent edition right there and then the defensive line you bring in michael brockers brad. Homes helped draft over their loss angeles. You have trey flowers still there. But then you draft a lean mcneil and leave owns a rica. And to be honest levi. He's a one gap penetrator who can really thrive as three technique. And i believe nick. Neal is somebody who you can also move around and kind of. Allow him to use his penetration skills. Because i north carolina's state basically just one tech and a nose. But he has that initial quickness and those heavy hands to get up field and put pressure on the quarterback. So you're able to get onto rita macneil in the second and third round. Then what your last third round pick you get mellon fondue fee to mellon fondue. syracuse cornerback. Big long type of corner can thrive in zones cover three type concepts and i feel even know he is big he can have enough athletic ability or he does have enough athletic ability to operate with his hips and play man coverage and obviously you have jeff okudah who you're drafted in the first round last year. You drafted a mani or warrior from penn state in the fifth round back in twenty one thousand nine snaps mellon fond will kind of take over that role. These are a bunch of interesting pieces. That derrick barnes the purdue kid can definitely kind of step in and just bring their toughness that dan campbell is looking to instill on the defense and then almond rousing brown who could be the steel of this draft class in the fourth round right there. The there's nobody to catch passes here on this team shod paramount terrell williams quintez cephus. Who's a solid guy with the human. The fifth brown last year. I look at a lot of these receivers. And i think i'm ron brown. Could be a seventy to eighty catch type guy in year one especially with his team trailing lots. I think that could definitely be an interesting addition. So i really like what mayans were actually able to do here with limited resources and just the fact that this roster is just not not great right now. I think a lot of these guys can have an impact early on for. This team helped build a culture here and even jamaa jefferson and intestinal that. Well but gordon the gps tracking. He was one of the fastest running backs in the draft coming out of oregon state. I think that's a solid addition as well when you look the detroit. Lions running back from right now. Lebron jamaal williams physical back from green bay. They have the andre swift drafted in the second year last year. I think jamal jefferson could be that change of pace type of individual there for the detroit lions so good work for the lions They're still going to be a bad football team more than likely this year. So let's move on to. the chicago. Bears the team that the giants traded back to twenty with. They came up. The tenant selected justin field quarterback at ohio state and then the second round the traded up to get oklahoma state. Tackle heaven jenkins. And they didn't have a pick until the fifth round where they selected offense of tackle. Larry boreham for six round with khalil. Herbert virginia tech running back das- newsom north carolina wide receiver and thomas. Graham junior oregon cornerback in the seventh round. They go with kyrie's tonga. Byu defensive tackle and trading up getting their potential franchise guy for the next ten years and then landing kevin jenkins to help protect him. I think that was an excellent one two punch in. It's exactly what chicago needed to remember. Ryan pace selected mitchell trubisky and the next year in two thousand eighteen. Matt nagy came into that head coach. So matt nagy gets to pick his guys somebody. Who's on the hot seat ryan. Pace is on the hot seat and not a lot of general managers. Get two kicks at the can to select a quarterback for that franchise ryan pace is on thin ice. But he's able to get justin field here. And i think that is a great development for chicago. Chicago never has the quarterback they just seemed to never have the quarterback they thought trubisky was going to be the guy that did not work out. They bring an andy dolan. They still have nick foles on the roster but by mid season at least if not in the beginning of the season justin field should be the starter. He's very very talented individual. And now he has headed jenkin to protect him at left tackle along with the strong interior off of lyon. They have with james daniels and cody white hair and kicked germain feddie in their play. Right guard on the right side. Larry king compete with elijah wilkerson to be that right tackle. I haven't necessarily watched much film on missouri. Offensive line for larry barnes. His skill set. I don't want to speak on it because that would be disingenuous. But i love what the bears did the six round with these two pit specifically khalil. Herbert running back out of virginia. Tech and thomas graham oregon cornerback khalil. He's just somebody that has been a consistent player went down to the senior bowl and actually showed a lot of skills as past protector. He's about five foot. Ten two hundred and ten pounds. You have to re cohen. Come off the serious injury. And then you have david montgomery the kid. They dropped out of iowa state. A few years ago bringing damian williams who opted out of the twenty twenty season. I think that running back room is actually pretty interesting now. David montgomery really had a breakout year. In two thousand twenty especially down the stretch of the season bring khalil her. But i think that was excellent. Value there in the six round. He's somebody that. I had higher grade on than gary brightwell. Who the giants drafted a few picks before khalil. Herbert so i think that was a good get by the bears. And then thomas graham he somebody pac twelve. He doesn't have a biggest size but he's a player that has a lot of production at the catch. Point brings a high level of disruptive to the catch point went down the senior thought had really good i practice and then had a really poor second third practice in ends up sliding him down too late in day three and i still think that he's somebody who can step into the bears roster on defense and possibly earn snaps. He can be kicked into the slot if needs be but he probably won't start super early on and then tonga's just rotational defensive. Lineman has solid lateral quickness. But there's a lot of depth here on his defense with the chemo. Hicks belong nichols. Mario eddie goldman you have guys like angelo blacks down there. Think of tonga could earn some snaps their but again later down the overall outlook at the bears draft the fact that they were able to get the quarterback in the left tackle was huge. But other than that. These are all bunch of days. Three kicks at can doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to be excellent. You know they need some development. But i think the khalil herbert graham selections are specifically. Pretty solid gets by ryan pace. Now let's go to the green bay packers now. The green bay packers are aaron interesting team. Now we don't know if aaron rodgers is gonna be the starter. This year seems like every day. There's worse news and matt floor. And this coaching staff nathaniel hackett. Who's the oc. They're basically pleading. Brian goudie coincident general manager of the pleading. They want aaron rodgers back but aaron rodgers seemed like he doesn't necessarily want to be there because he seemed slighted by the jordan love selection when they traded up to get him the twenty twenty draft and earn rogers goes and has his mvp season and he still playing at a high level despite the fact that he's thirty seven years old this draft class at they actually finally added a wide receiver but in the first round. They select eric stokes at pick twenty nine. georgia cornerback. Second round josh meyers ohio state center to replace corey lansley. Who is now on the chargers in the third round they go with amari. Rogers clemson wide receiver. The son of t martin quarterback who helped tennessee win the national title. Not peyton men then in the fourth round. They go with royce. Newman ole miss offensive guard fifth round daryl slate in florida defensive tackle chamara jones charles appalachian state cornerback Six round coleman lennon wisconsin offensive tackle. Kind of keep him home is. Am mcduffie boston. College inside linebacker in the seventh round keilan hill at a mississippi state. The running back who mike leach came down there and still. His offense did not mesh well with kyle hill and he just fell down. Boards didn't have the senior bowl. Either so i think stokes has all the athletic traits transitions are good. I don't believe he has the best ball skills or anticipation on routes not my favorite cup of tea especially not in the first round. I thought it was a little bit of a reach. But the packers are looking to add. That cornerback pair with j. or alexander. Who's one of the top three cornerbacks in the league. To thrive next or dried within joe berry's system at corner they bringing kevin king who a lot of people remember for being torched the playoffs this past year but they signed him to a one year deal he might end up. Starting at stokes is in quite there yet. the packers love to bank on upside. They love to bank on athletic ability. And they get that with eric stoltz stokes. They also get that inamori rogers. But it's kind of weird. Because i feel like the pack always look for a prototype wide receiver. Somebody who's above six foot one somebody who's very very fast and it's not a rodgers. My rogers is more of that randall. Cobb type of ilk about five or ten stout two hundred and ten pounds you know. Very thick contact bounds can be used in. A variety of different ways is good in the slot. Hasn't had shown his ability as a running back out of the backfield in the senior bowl and was operated that way at his pro day. As well and i think he could be an interesting player. To four this nathaniel. Hackett offense four aaron rodgers if he does decide to come there because he's a totally different type of player than the davante adams. Who's a stud allen. Lazard was a biscuit away from being a tight. End is a big bodied guy. Marquis valdes scantling big body. Guy with speed nimia sing brown big body guy with speed and now you have a maurie rodgers to be that shiftier guy in space with contact balance runs low who can also receive hands. I think that's a good value for tamari rogers in the third round and i also hear his character is through the roof. So that's pretty cool. You have been a rogers coming in. You have a rogers. Possibly going now. But i know packers fans probably don't like that too much but a versatile guy same with royce newman. Another versatile guy played offensive line. Play each tackle position both guard positions can kind of move him around. Wherever you wanna put him. So i think that's a good depth piece for the packers. Offense of line has just lost corey. And i know. They drafted myers out of ohio state. He might look to earn snaps eventually because right now looking at the depth chart of the green bay packers who had david bacteria coming off of the injury. You jon runyan inside to play. Left guard elgin jenkins one of the best interior offensive linemen young interior blaming in a game. Lucas patrick and i believe the resuming could compete to be that right guard than billy turner on the right tackle side. I'm wondering if newman or coleman lennon compete for the right tackle spot. I also think. Cold on lenin could be kicked inside and possibly compete with lucas patrick as well but the office of line that's going to be the daily added picks there but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to translate to ineffective yet we all know that the packers office of line is typically really really good but without bacteria last year you could tell that they suffered somewhat so it's interesting with the green bay packers very interested to see what's going to end up happening with them because you don't know what's going on with aaron rodgers but go back to the draft. I think van lennon's good six round addition. Somebody who can't play guard possibly tackle. Obviously he went to the university of wisconsin so keep him close to home bringing him to green bay and then a fifth round that darryl slayton selection. I think that somebody with a lot of upside they were able to get him in the fifth round there. And he's somebody who can earn snaps behind. Kenny clarke dean lowery. Because he's just a mountain of a man. A lot of people at that florida program thought that he was going to be a player that can really step up in twenty twenty and solidify himself as maybe a high day to pick and none of that happened. So i think there's a lot of upside with somebody like to daryl slade but overall the green bay draft. I don't love it. I think eric stokes is a little bit of a reach but they love their athletic ability. They love somebody who can play multiple different types of coverage is somebody camp lays on somebody who can play man covered which is what they're probably going to be doing there with joe berry so i understand it but i think there are just better players better value there at the twenty ninth pick and then some of these other selections. I haven't watched enough film onto give an accurate portrayal of who they are specifically shomar. Jean charles in isaiah mcduffie so that is the nfc north now before we get into the afc north. Let's take a quick break to hear a word from our sponsors support for this episode comes from locker room the app. That's changing the way we talk. Sports locker room is sports. Fans dream come true. It's alive audio platform that lets you connect with other fans experts. And even the athletes themselves locker room makes it easy to start your own conversations. Talk about the latest rumors takes news and teams you care about most joined. 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Just wanna have a huge individuals on the office of line to move bodies. That's been cleveland. The office of guard at a georgia and brennan stevens. The smu quarterback and then day three picks. Some names and a lot of people may know thailand wallace oklahoma state wide receiver shaun wade ohio state. Cornerback dalen hayes. Notre dame deepens event and then ben mason. The michigan fullback to round out the fifth round. They did not have a sixth or round. Pick and i think bateman is going to significantly help lamar jackson because he somebody who runs precise routes and outside the number throwing has not been something that lamar jackson has really done. Well in the nfl. And i think bateman his route running and his ability to stay within the structure of the play and be where he's supposed to be with good timing his reliable hands ability to release. Off the line of scrimmage. All of those things are going to benefit lamar jackson. That was an excellent draft. Pick by the baltimore. Ravens fell to this big and they were able to select him. And i think that is going to work out well for bateman. You would hope us well as long as the offense coordinator gregg roman who is known for his diversity in the run game but not as much for his passing coordinator as long as he can ensure that bateman is used to his full potential. Bateman is a totally different type of wide receiver than markey's brown. Sammy watkins miles blinken. James prochet devon. Do i think the bateman thailand walls we end up getting in the fourth round. Could be two guys who were looking at towards the end of the season as players who are getting significant snaps behmen. That's obvious time not as much time on. Walls came off the acl injury. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred had a solid season in two thousand twenty. He's a deep threat with excellent ball skills and his good contested catch situation. Despite being sub six foot tile walls is going to be seeing the field this year and that was another great get by the baltimore ravens along with rashad bateman and then alwa- penn stay outside linebacker. He couldn't to a better place than a wink. Martindale coached team. Who's going to utilize his skill set in his freak athletic ability and all the upside that he has all that potential and put him into the Position blitzing on those stunts and twists with this aggressive defense. I think the coach and that he's going to get with the baltimore. Ravens is perfect for him and he's just scratching his service. He didn't have any sacks. Twenty twenty number one. I wanted to bring that up. A him going to pittsburgh. That's scary for the rest of the afc north so good job on them to land him. As i said ben cleveland. That's the most just baltimore ravens type of pick you can think of as three hundred and forty plus pound six foot six guard operating in this system that is very very power gap oriented. Now brad stevens. I haven't done a lot of film. But they just want to add more depth to their secondaries of six for two hundred thirteen pound kid long arms. And that's kind of what you're looking for. Good against the run. So imagine that what he. That's what they envision in these quarterbacks. Because they also brought in sean wade from ohio state of former. Everybody thought top. Ten pick then. He had a horrendous twenty twenty. But he's somebody who's really really physically sub two hundred pounds but he comes down a hill and he sticks people in iran. If you look at the baltimore ravens. They have a very very deep secondary with marcus. Peters jimmy smith marlon humphrey. Wade's not going to have relied on. Coaches are going to have to kind of dive in figure out why he struggled so much in two thousand twenty why he kinda fell off the map. During that season see they can recapture the solid tape that he showed in previous years at ohio state and i also really liked dalen as somebody who play the run heavy heavy hands and somebody who has a lot of pass rushing ability got him in the fifth round six foot four two hundred and fifty three pounds convert speed. The power like i said. Some flexibility is good against the run. So i love that. And ben mason. Patrick ricard on this roster so they just add another fullback and i think that's just a a baltimore ravens type of selection afc north type of selections. I think it was just an interesting draft. Overall john harbaugh and this crew. This coaching staff is general. Manager in eric. Decosta who's now a few drafts in since ozzie. Newsome retired but moving on to the a- cincinnati. Bengals who i mean. It was a lot of talk. Are they going to go with g. March chase or penny. Suo do you go with the receiver or do you go with the offense of tackle. They ended up going with the receiver. So let's go there. Draft real quick more cheese was the fifth selection in the draft wide receiver out of lsu jackson carmen in the second round. Clemson offense of lyman josephus is the third round texas defense event and they have to fourth round. Picks cameron sample tulane. Diva then tyler sheldon lsu defensive tackle deontay smith east carolina. Tackle one fifth round. Pick evan mcpherson florida. Kicker to six round picks trae hill georgia center. Chris evans michigan running back and then a seventh round. Pick wyatt huber kansas state and they just wanted to address their trenches and get tougher in the trenches. You do that by. Adding jackson carmen. You do that by adding a tyler. Shelve in the fourth round somebody who has struggled with his weight but definitely somebody that can hold. The point of attack can to gap and just command. Ea gaps as a nose or a one technique cam sample somebody who a lot of people call edge defensive end but he's a true five technique with heavy hands at good penetration ability. Deontay smith a good sign developmental tackle at of east carolina trae hill kid from georgia. They really really went after the trenches. And then why hubert who was a candidate guy short short arms hustle type of guy gets hustle sacks somebody that seventh rounds probably not gonna see feel but can be a special teams guy for you and then joseph aside and the third round that deepens event is he going to play a linebacker off. Ball is going to be an edge. I don't necessarily know if he's going to step in and start for. Cincinnati bengals with lou on our room out former new york giants secondaries coach as the defensive coordinator. Now they brought in trey hendrickson. They still have sam hubbard. You have cam sample. So it's interesting to see how they're going to rotate a lot of this defense front especially when they brought in. Dj relache year to play nose tackle. I think tyler shelf and could possibly win that job if a reader struggles drafted came davis gaither last year too. Good second level defender. logan wilson. A really really good linebacker person. They still have germain pratt on their roster. Looks like he may be a starting linebacker in a four three type of defense. I think joseph can come in he pass rusher on third down in. Kyle allow him to pinhas years back as he develops more consistency as a pass. Rusher but overall man. You look at this draft. And i'll bring up to chase before. I guess i go over the overall thing i think. Adding jomar chase with tee higgins with tyler boyd and you think about what joe burrow didn't college while he was at lsu. There might be a lot more spread concepts here. You might see a lot. More wide to buy two three by two sets with joe burrow operating out of the gun and just had him get football out of his hands. Quickly to playmakers like chase. You could win. At the line of scrimmage and go in all three levels of the field who are just a dynamic playmaker. Then you have that. Prototypical x t higgins. You have tyler. Boyd was excellent out of the slot. They liked using on tate. Who's a good red zone threat as well and you bring in trent taylor. Somebody else's something happens to one of these other slot. Receivers can step in there and be solid slot on but i mean you're looking at a lot of probably eleven plus personnel eleven personnel ten personnel sometimes five wide type formations here and another obviously try to also get joe mixing involved in the passing game. But you want to make sure that joe burrow is safe year. That's going to be paramount you brought in riley who's gonna play right tackle for you still have left tackle. John williams the interior part of your office of line can be upgraded. I think. Jackson carmen can step up. He played tackle clemson. But he's more guarded. He definitely step up and play guard and probably start over. Either spain or jordan jordan i think played solidly last year. Spain somebody at right guard and carmen could possibly up starting at that position. And then i think the other smith is a perfect. Developmental tackled kinda learn behind riley reef and could possibly start in the next coming years. So overall i look at this graph. There's a lot of selections here. And i think some of these guys can end up being impact players in year. One possibly helped this bengals team be a little bit more respectable. They're not quite a playoff team yet. And zac taylor is definitely on the hot seat. I'm not sure if he's going to be able to see the all. These draft picks developing while he's still being as head coach but he's able to get another wide receiver. He obviously wanted t higgins last year. He gets to marchese so he has the weapons not try to make this offense work but cannot protection. Hold up that's going to be something that's going to be debated did the bengals the right choice by selecting chase over. So well. i guess they do riley reaper. Somebody who can start and who still plays at a high enough level to keep joe burrow upright now. anything could be better than bobby. Hart is what i say. But i still think it's a very very interesting thing that we're going to be looking back in a couple of years so i love the chase pick. I think is interesting in the third round cam. Sample tyler shelby deontay. All good picks in my book and chris evans is an interesting running back. Who had his troubles at michigan didn't see the field as much as one would expect but in the six round that solid especially with the durability issues that joe mixon has struggled with. So let's move on to cleveland browns. And this was one of my favorite drafts. a consensus. I feel like a lot of people feel like this was one of their favorite draft so in the first round pick twenty six they go with gregg. Newsom cornerback at northwestern second round they trade up jeremiah. Woo sukhoi moa ended up falling the inside linebacker from notre dame but he really plays a bunch of different position there round anthony swartz auburn wide receiver fourth rounds day. Three james hudson's cincinnati offense of tackle. Tommy tokai ohio state tackle and then in the fifth round. Tony fields. the second the west virginia linebacker. Richard leconte georgia's safety and then dimitri felton the wide receivers slash running back from ucla in the six round and literally getting someone like greg. Newsom was just excellent at twenty six and that was their achilles heel last year. Dan's award has been dinged up a lot but when he's on the field he's excellent. You have joe woods as your d. coordinator and you need to shore up that secondary. Because like i said a secondary has been injured. Lock you williams struggles to stay on. The field. dens award has been dealing with his injuries. Grant delpit safety. They draft in the second round and lsu missed the majority of the season. But you bring in. John johnson whose excellent coming down the alley. You still have ronnie harrison as well. I think you add greg newsom and you just edged perfect pairing with dens award to keep yourself in your defense one two punch as players who can execute every type of coverage who are nuisances at the catch point who are incredibly fluid and who should not be liabilities at the line of scrimmage with their skills with their feet and their hands in press so i really loved the addition of greg newsom also brought troy nickelback this year kid from the los angeles rams i think that was just an excellent addition. Getting newsom though you trade up to get jock jeremiah. Wushu cormo. he could play overhang apex. He could play linebacker. You can try them at safety athletic physical enough to do all those things. Even though he's not even two hundred and twenty pounds near the lot of linebackers here bring anthony walker. You still have saone taki. Taki malcolm smith. Now wilson jakup phillips with a lsu in the third round last year also. Add tony fields at the fifth round. I think a lot of town here for joe woods to get creative with i mean he is to first overall selections on his defensive line with myles garrett into davian clowney. You brought intact mckinley as well. You still have andrew billings. Maliki jackson now comes in to be on your defensive line draft. Tommy toga i somebody. I think can really get pressure on the quarterback on third down if you want to line him up as a one technique and he's also a developmental guy. Get him in round three think. That is excellent. Selections right there from the cleveland browns. And then anthony schwartz. He's just incredibly athletic. Speedster out of auburn. We don't know the long-term stance with jarvis landry and odell beckham on this team. And i think schwartz is somebody who could step in the nfl right now. Be one of the fastest guys really helped baker mayfield offense out. You can line them up in the slot in steal a little. Bit of snaps from rashad higgins donovan. People's jones is a totally different type of receiver. But i really think that down the line a little bit you may look at schwartz or yes. He proved enough in year. One to allow browns to feel comfortable. Possibly moving on from jarvis landry or an odell beckham junior so from that standpoint it makes sense and then you have bill callahan as your offensive line coach here with alex van pelt as your office coordinator kevin stefanski ofensive head coach. Ed you bring in these developmental pieces who have a lot of upside. Like a james hudson the off of the tackle at a cincinnati who did a really good job handling a lorry in the first half of the bowl game and twenty twenty before he was unfortunately ejected from the game for targeting penalty. Disease just went off. But james hudson with that type of development he could be steel in the fourth round there but there was a lot of defensive focus here rightfully so but then in that six round they go with dmitry felon out of ucla. Somebody who went down to the senior bowl everybody was talking about because he's running back a wide receiver. He's very versatile. He's somebody who has really really quick. Jill lateral ability lateral movement skills kind of has joystick type of tendencies. About the way he moves. So i think getting him in the sixth round. And he's a low key. Steel and if kevin stefanski wants to get creative enough felton shows that he has a chance to stick on this roster he could be used creatively especially if one of those running backs end up getting injured. More specifically to kareem hunt rather than nick chubb. Who's a top running back in the league but kareem hunt ends up going down. I think felton can jump on there and be that receiving type of back. Because i think he has a little bit more upside than someone like the owners johnson who still on that roster so overall i really like what the cleveland browns were able to do in this draft. I think they had developmental upside with guys like hudson. And toby. i. And i think toga i can be good even without that development and then guys who just could be impact player on defense with newsom and jock and then schwartz wide receiver. So i really like this draft for the cleveland browns. But let's go over to the final team. We're going to talk about in the afc north on this podcast and that is the pittsburgh steelers. Pittsburgh selects nausea harrison. The first round pick twenty four running back up. Alabama pat fryer mood. In the second penn state tight end kendrick rena third round illinois center to fourth round. Picks dan moore junior and buddy johnson. Both that of texas. A&m an offensive tackle on inside linebacker respectively. Isaiah louder milk. Wisconsin defensive tackle in the fifth round six round. Quincy rochet miami outside linebacker and then to seventh round picks trained norwood oklahoma quarterback and then presley harbin the third georgia tech punter. Now the pittsburgh steelers have really focused on upgrading. their defense i feel like every year. They draft a defender in the first round but now they go three straight picks on the offensive side of the football one being a running back and ninety harris. I mean he's six foot one. Two hundred thirty. Two pounds has similar traits to levy on bell now. A lot of people have kind of made that comparison because they think of lebanon bells being a little bit smaller but when he came out of michigan state. Lebanon bell was a bigger. Algae harris. has those receiving skills. He does have patients. He's a very very physical runner. I think that pittsburgh wants to kind of emulate the offense of five ten years ago and and they did that through this draft by selecting najji harris by getting fat fryer who has similar tendencies to heath miller might be a little bit more dynamic as a receiver but can block. Can't hold up. The point of attack and eric ebron that role right. Now as the receiving tight end. But i think pratt moose will find his way onto the field and twelve personnel and also be a block or do the dirty work and then kendrick green. Which reminds me of pouncey a little bit. I'd pouncey was a better prospect coming out. But from everything i've seen kendra green he somebody who can slide in here and he could start on this office of line now that is gone and they have jay haas and wire. Bj fini as soon as. But i think hendra creek can start on. That side is still david castro. You still have kevin dotson who got in the fourth round last year. We actually had a pretty solid year. Despite the fact that this was recommending adding kendra green ads. The beef to this defensive line beat it was needed to be honest with more competent players along this front because last year. If you remember. They couldn't establish the ron. James conner was painfully slow. Trying to get to the edge and everything ben. Roethlisberger is quick passing attack so the entire defense just played up knew that that was what was coming. And they didn't have the time to throw the football deep. And we saw the offense just crumble down the final five games of the season and then into the playoffs where they just not competitive team. They weren't a team that you thought was going to end up actually making run where team that was backing their way into the playoffs. So i look at that. I think they're just trying to replicate some of the pieces that they've had in the past dan more junior. That's developmental offensive. Tackle that can kinda be groomed behind. Tacoma a core for and zach banner. Who is going to be the starting tackles right now in. Both those guys aren't necessarily that banner is brad recovered from an injury and then okorafor is now going to be playing left. Tackle has some experience on the right side was a third round. pick back in twenty eighteen. And he's he's has solid from everything that i've seen but losing alejandro little wave of isn't going to be a great loss especially since he went to the ravens even know had down twenty twenty year he was a stalwart for this offensive line for quite some time and i think quincy rochet six round is somebody who can kinda earn some snaps behind. T. j. watt and alex highsmith in may work into the rotation on third down. And you were able to get him in the sixth round. i think that's also a solid addition overall. I don't love the steelers draft. I see what they're trying to do. They needed help on the offensive side of the football already. Had a really solid defense with some all pro type guys fitzpatrick and devin bush back. You have t. J. watt any grateful to steal tyson. A lulu who is a good player from jacksonville. Somebody that played for the steelers last year and was going to go to jacksonville and then it was like you know what screw that. I'm going to go back to the steelers. He was able to come back. Still up cam heyward stefan to really really tough up the middle and in the trenches. They're on the website but they had to focus on getting tougher and getting more effective developing a rushing attack on the offensive side. So they were able to do that. Not in love at the draft but i get it from their standpoint already. Everybody this is philosophy on football here on the big blue view radio network. I'm the host nick. Faldo hope you guys enjoyed this show. Please check out all of our work over there. Big blue view. And valentine joe. Delay own chris fleming. The ganger always putting out great content and police subscribe in download. All of these podcasts. And also leave some reviews as well. You think i'm terrible. Lifson terrible reviews. Please make them five star reviews but you can trash the comments but make them five zero. That would be excellent. all right. everybody thank you so much and have a lovely day and be safe whether it's delivering groceries to a neighbor or night off from cooking what touching the life of one person could make a difference for many more now each time. You order online tap. Install with your mastercard. At qualifying restaurants grocery stores. Mastercard will stand up to cancer one precious cent at a time up to five million dollars and start. Something priceless promotion on august. Thirty first twenty twenty four when maximum by million dollar donation is reached whichever comes first debit pin and international transactions. Ineligible stand up to cancer as a division of the entertainment industry foundation terms. Apply see mastercard dot us slash s you to see.

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