Gamescast #52 Demons Souls


Gas my name's nick. Naylor this We are here. Is the thanksgiving hangover episode. Maybe the earliest show. We've ever done. Andrew milton. I doing house thanksgiving. Did you do anything thanksgiving what happened. I did literally nothing yeah so it was Regular day for me and this is nearly. This has to be the earliest absurd. I don't know why we would record. Pretense him before today right. So i i don't really know jared. Did you do anything for thanksgiving. Hey everyone yeah. I went to my girlfriend's brother's house. was just me and my girlfriend and her brother and her brothers remain And we just had little intimate Thanksgiving dinner Had a couple of drinks My my girlfriend's brother has like a a tiny bar at his house any. He's not a big whiskey drinker or anything like that. But he's got like a few bottles of scotch and he was like you need to try those bottles scotch. Because i've had them for years and years i don't know if they're bad or not and i was just like would have been keeping them in the sun and he was like well. Yeah they've been exposed to sun so it was my job Yesterday to go through the different whiskies that he had and tell him if they were bad or still a good which is a good job to have really. That's a great job yeah. I can't imagine that they were bad. Yeah i don't see nick. Having bad one of the bottles was johnny black and it was bad if he was like. I've had it for like probably almost ten years. I was like yeah. You should throw it away. It's not good. It's not good. Does it taste rate. So johnny black doesn't taste right where you buy a brand new bottle. That's fair that's fair But he actually had some pretty like rare stuff that you can't really find here in utah. That i was like fuck. I'll try this and it was all good Also hilarious he had fucking Like two or three bottles of fucking like very petey. Like pete monster who keeps am lake. Do you know anything about these whiskies. Have you ever drank any of the ins. And he's like no. I don't i don't drink it and i'm like this is not like a whiskey that you would offer to like a casual like whiskey fan like this is something that like. If you just had some random person over they were like. I want some whiskey and you gave them this. They might look at you sideways and be like what the fuck did nick. Just give me. He'll so pretty funny though but goodness it could. Whiskey is the thing though. I feel like the scotch industry has punking people like if you i mean. People aren't going to bars very much right now but the next time you're at like just a normal bar not not a whiskey barbara. Just a normal bar. Look at what they have. And they're going to have like glenn levitt and gla- like the standards and then they're always there at the end is the bottle of like log villain orla. Froyo am always just like man. People don't know what you're getting yourself into if you order that shit and when they only have three or four options is a good chance. Someone's gonna fall into it and it serious. Yeah it's like the lobby. Beluga has been there for like ten years. It's like i've been coded this bar for eight years and this bottle is barely barely halfway halfway through. Yeah i don't know personally. I love them obviously But they are. They are intense whiskies man very very intense. You gotta know what you're getting yourself into and if you don't know what you're getting yourself into you could have a bad time you know because i can't imagine i mean the pda. Caesar certainly not for everyone. Right so For sure but yeah. It was good I have on a weight loss journey over like the last time. I don't know four months or so. I've just been working out a lot watching And i've been weighing myself regularly and a shitload of food yesterday and gained to fucking pounds so i was like fuck you out. I was successful successful day. Man jesus doubt you retain the two pounds. Oh i to you know. It's brown friday and all the busiest day for plumbers and that is that is that is literally what they call it. That is a real thing. That's fucking disgusting. Yes hilarious so we ordered from the grocery store we do pretty often they delivered it not like cooked but we any tried to order the turkey breast now full turkey and they were out and a lot of these delivery services do is. They'll just give you something. This is close so instead of a turkey breast they gave us to turkey legs so any smoke them and we just look like fucking caveman with these massive turkey legs for dinner. That's awesome. there's fucking good god. There are so good we we order from so so my My girlfriend's Brother's roommate was like. I'll just cook and we were like no fuck. No lake cook lake will fucking just get some food so we ordered from the grand america which apparently as as everyone that we talked to said like does incredible catering for thanksgiving so he ordered that and You got prime rib as well as turkey And then like all the like general fixings you know side dishes potatoes and i honestly i was like usually we go to my girlfriend's mom's or parents place and she makes it all herself in. It's fantastic but i was like honestly if we ever have another pandemic this is not that bad. I really enjoyed myself was a lot of food just gorge and ate and drank. You know like your fucking supposed to so it was bad. Sounds great. I can report the my My rescue golden. Retriever has learned the ins and outs of what happens. When baby eats at like highchair so she now has her posts she just goes and lays on the ground and just stares at the ground and waits for it and it's pretty funny pretty hilarious. She's not necessarily thin to begin with so know what this is to do to the diet Yeah that's funny that you bring that up My girlfriend's brother has to bernie mountain dogs pairs there via their fucking huge dock. So he's got a male and a female. The female is like probably just over a hundred pounds in the mail is probably like one thirty. Like oh my god is he. He's he's a fucking monster dude and he's huge like he's giant well over. I'm like five ten on a good day and he's well over my waist like when he's just you know on all fours like his head comes up close to like almost my chest but anyways we We were having dinner and as you can imagine having a dog that big when you're sitting down in a chair who can literally just put his head or her head on the fucking table It was a difficult thing to navigate. And then i had my boston. Terrier is with me as well which are tiny little for dogs in comparison. It was just a fucking hilarious shit. Show yesterday at thanksgiving but pretty funny all all the same does penny love having no the dogs to like play with seeing as though locke's so for controlled No lockin penny. Play all the time He is very joe. Locke is very chilling comparison to penny. But they they they play but Yeah it's pretty hilarious. You'd like to think that Both of my dogs would be like terrified of the bernese because they could literally bite them once and kill them Like no joke. Like one of those bernie's wanted to you know latch onto one of my dogs. It would be Really really bad But they love each other and get along well and it is hilarious because obviously my dogs are way faster than the bernie so Mike girlfriend's brother has a big backyard. We just let them run around in the backyard and it was hilarious watching these giant job. Try to catch these speedy. little boston. Terriers yesterday they get along pretty well on. It's pretty funny bernice dogs. I've met have been weirdly timid for their size. Like i've never really met what have been like man. This one's kind of aggressive or like in your face that they're always kind of like it's like you could kill me in there like i'm scared to you. I'm terrified. yeah no. They're really mellow dogs. Like honestly i never been around them. You know at all until my girlfriend's brother got two of them. And i i really liked them like their temperaments. Obviously it's anecdote you know But the two that. I bet around at length i think their personalities are great. They're really sweet and and pretty like you said they're pretty timid dogs. They're not like super in your face Or anything like that. Which is good thing is. They're fucking enormous But yeah. I think they're cool dogs and they It was snowing a little bit here in salt lake yesterday. And they that's like they're fucking jam. Dude it's so funny like my dogs have short short hair and they get a little cold going out when there's like a breeze and these fucking dogs are like literally just burrowing into the snow in his backyard and making a little bit and they just like chill out there all day long because they just that's their own they love that shit man so refunding the super smart dogs. they're they're ranked really high in terms of like intelligence for breeds. Travel there. yeah they're they're a they're a little dirty. I would say But pretty obedient than god. I can't imagine the hair that they would shut all over the place. Well we briefly talked about the new consoles the playstation five specifically the last games casper gant really. We haven't really played a whole lot of games on them and two weeks two weeks straight up. Plain demon's souls. how's it going shared. It's going all right I've been really pissed off a lot of the time these last few weeks Did you can you before you dive in. Do you play the original idea. Yeah yeah yeah This was like before the the craze you know the the like i mean this is the oji g that started the entire craze of like souls likes games. You know what. I mean obviously Dark souls would be the one that you would point to and be like this really made it you know. Put it on the map. Essentially this kind of this kind of game. But but even souls was the first one and I remember i was in high school or just out of high school and One of my friends had just picked it up on a whim like no idea what it was. He just bought it Yeah and he had no idea what it was. He played it for a long period of time and then he was like do the scheme so fucking interesting like i'm never played anything like this. You should check this out. So i went and bought it and after that like I believe the first time i played it. I immediately balanced. I was like this fucking sucks. What are you talking about. I have no idea what to do this game so hard And then. After that. I believe i picked it up again. Three or four years after that and played through a large portion of it. I didn't finish it. But i played through a large portion of it and And then then kind of moved onto the later games in the series but Yes i have a little experience with the original playstation version. My understanding. I did not play. Original is that blue point has done a very accurate remake as far as how the first one played level design items equipment. Like there isn't a whole lot of changes made except making this thing gorgeous and make controls better. I don't really know it controls really. Well i i like the film. It feels real good yeah Blue point is knocked it out of the park in relation to a remake And you know what. I'm just gonna this out there. I think that they've done an incredible job on creating much anything that they have touched Sony really has fucking special thing on their hands with the studio because they just take whatever. The source material is and. It's very clear that they have a fondness for the source material and they treat it with love and care And and and really this thing is to be their most impressive work thus far although shadow the colossus make that on the playstation for. That thing is fucking incredible as well so high recommend. I just listened to one of our friends in the dischord science store at his podcasts. Wjr podcast he just played through it. And i just listened to it. And i've never played that game and i was after listening to them. Talk about it. I'm kind of wondering if i should go back and play your copy. Yeah you do you do among other games. Jarrett's you should you should. This is a long running joke in the podcast. You've been listening for a long time. Knicks got fucking shitload of my games. He's never going to give them back to me. So this is the way it is. Okay with it No you know. They're absolutely right. I mean it is incredible remake of an incredible game already. I mean The original playstation. To be you know Shadow the glosses a fantastic game in its own right And if you play the compilation the aiko echo don't fuck at me I don't know how to pronounce it and the shadow with colossus bundle. That came out on the playstation three which is essentially just like a high-rise version of the playstation two version both of those games Or that game is just fantastic on playstation two so blue point games man. Holy fucking shit. It is incredible what they their their body of work on their wicky and like look at the things they've worked on for sony in particular Incredible and my thought processes like wendy's sony. Throw them a bone. maybe they're completely i. I don't know You know their thought process on it but like they have done so good with what they've been given and my thought processes is like windows. Sony say like okay you have for not an insignificant amount of time like over a decade been putting out like quality remakes of Beloved franchises like windows sony. Say let's see what guys can fucking do like give them a chance to like make an original game. There wasn't original game. They made the first one On the playstation three but it was like a download like very small low-budget game so be really interesting to see you know sony invest some serious money like they have for these remakes and give them a shot to like make their own. Ip because they're very clearly incredibly talented studio. That can do some incredible things and it just shines through virtually everywhere In this this remake of consoles gap in in look it. Looks fucking good I'm having one. I wanted you up. Do you ever load the game and the frames per second her. Not very good. Like right when you start and it's choppy. No never once. Not that i can think of off the top of my head The frame rate in this game is pretty steady in my experience The only time that i've had any dips in Frame rate is When particularly effects or There is a sequence in the stone thing tunnel world where you like osu. Yeah you dive through some barrels. And there's like a bunch of barrels you break at once and there's like fucking like debris flying over the place the frame rate consistently slows down in those scenarios but for the most part it's been pretty good so what i'm getting is only happens when i start the game like turn on the playstation. Get it going it loads in and something's obviously wrong like my frames are goes down to like twenty and you're like what the fuck is going on and i exit the game and reload the game and it's fine and i don't understand why and i was really assuming that when i asked you that the same thing was happening to you. It's almost kind of more concerning that it's only happening to me. It's nice that it can be fixed and it would be a bigger issue if we were on previous consoles but these low times are so fast that i get a resolution in ten to fifteen seconds and i'm back at it but kind of weird. I don't know that is really weird. I don't know to both use the quick restart feature or is it something to do with like cashing the game and going to do other things on the playstation Pretty much exclusively playing this right hats. Correct i i Have one other coal in the fire. That i'm very eager to play But i haven't touched it yet. Because i just decided to finish steven soles before i go and play this other game like a you doing stuff on it. I'm exiting the game. And jared might not be okay because i'm moving this playstations. Being moved around a lot. So i do exit the game. More than what. I ever did on the playstation four. I would always just put thing into sleep and then resume or i do restart the game more often. So maybe and i haven't like searched online to see if this is the thing. I i guess because it's only kind of a complaint because it's i get a resolution so fast back at it and then it never i'm never playing a level. Suddenly it does this. It's always right when i start. I'm standing next to an art stone So it's kind of weird hiccup learn. I dunno i so in sony's like recommended use is not to move it more than three times in his lifetime. So i don't exceeded that Avoid you are as well worth. Think handle being i saw. I saw a video of a very unhappy. Ups driver who clearly was bummed. He didn't have playstation five. Just rolling them out of the truck. Like when i when it was evident. Somebody who's getting playstation five this dude just like drops it out the dole and slides it to the poach with his foot. And i'm just like fuck that guy but maybe that guy delivered you'll you'll playstation probably for poor delivery drivers. That's a sad day so let's dive into a little further. I obviously played a lot. And i was kind of thinking. I'm going to do something i haven't done. Let's do a magic bill. And i always heard that magic was a little overpowered in all the souls games. I think that's a pretty accurate rule. I'd never done it. And i think it's a royal or royalty class and i was just cruising through this game probably the first four or five bosses. I may be tied once in. It's it's a completely different philosophy. You're basically it's the coward's way. Like i am not really i shoot a fireball to kill bosses and i do an enormous amount of damage and i'm not really learning a move set on the bosses. One of these bosses are going down in like six shots. Which is kind of absurd to i. I just run. He's run from you. Get far enough away and then you shoot it and there was a. There's a certain level of satisfaction that this brought me early on. Because i've never really had a souls games where you just walk in and melt. Shit which is essentially what i was doing. And which is basically the polar opposite of jared's experience. We'd be texting as we play through these games. Jared are you sorting board. Yeah i usually run the exact same built every game and that's like a strength Encumbrance spilled essentially so very heavy big ass sword and shield And you know Not very mobile You know in the games where you have a blocking ability Blocking is a huge part of it and you know stab and move block stabbing move. That's essentially the loop So it is. It is challenging because a lot of these you know it's a soul game and bosses do massive amounts of damage so Polar opposite experience. Like you know there have been certain bosses in this game where you just bang your head against the wall you die you die you die and then you figure out there. They're tells in their move sets and you figure out how to exploit those set so Definitely frustrating but that's that's that's par for the course that's really something that frustrates me about this game. Like i have as much experience with the series as anybody else in. And i love the you know the all of these games every you name it. I played all of them so That's less frustrating to me it. What is most frustrating to me. Is like the quality of life improvements that you have in like seco- or a dark souls three or dark souls to were blood even These things are are huge. A lot of them are really big improvements. And then you go back to you. Inception of the series and a lot of those quality of life improvements just here and so for my perspective. That's what's really been most frustrating to me is like it pisses me off that. The only way if i'm really frustrated i want Like have to rely on other people To put down like a sign that i can some people into my world right in previous or games later in the life cycle. It's like you get an item where you can do it and say i want fucking someone to come and help me. These types of things are really annoying to me Grinding for health. I think that that's terrible. That's the big one. That's the big one. The nick and i were talking about earlier in the week. In you know newer souls games you have essentially like a flash system where an upgrades over time through. While you play the game you'll start out with like maybe four or five or even three uses of this. This health rechargeable health and use it three times in the have to wait until you touch a bonfire and that refills automatically not so in. Demon's souls There is no flash system in this game it's literally Item bay so you get what is essentially weeds like. They're weeds or it. Like if you look at it it's like like you would see like On a bottle of roundup or some shit like pesky weeds that you would like wanna kill and destroy off your lawn. That is what heels you in this game like. I'm not joking about that But anyways they're dropped by enemies randomly and and the the drops are pretty Pretty good and i would say It's not that big a deal. There are certain areas where you can go if you run out of health. Refillable or a rechargeable health items you can go and grind for twenty thirty minutes and stock up and then be okay but the fact that you have to grind if you are you know facing a tough boss and you keep on dying us all your health items and then you had to go and grind for health items these types of things in twenty twenty after playing seco- and bloodborne and dark souls one two and three. It really grinds my fucking years. It really pisses me off. And you can't lump bloodborne into that look the same system. Okay whatever okay. We'll leave worn out of it. Fine fine that's fine. There were some differences between bloodborne s- health system in this system specifically centering around Your perry mechanic and and how you could increase your damaged or your health based on. There is a lot of interesting systems in that game. That were not present in any other souls games for that matter. So maybe that isn't a good comparible so fine. No it's just that the the help was you still had to rely on stocking health in bloodborne like okay. Do you had to get back. Okay well well either way might thing is. You'll let the fucking genie out of the bottle. And then you fucking try to suck back in it. It doesn't work man. It doesn't work for me i i. It just pisses me off and it just feels archaic and old and it's weird because this is you know. This is definitely like a a proof of concept for the playstation five and went. This console is capable of doing And is literally the only console exclusive game. That is out right now. as far as i understand pressure. That's the case Where you can't play it anywhere else but playstation five. It's gorgeous game. It's a great fun. Game is fantastic but there are things about it. That i'm just like the i would rather i would rather play any other souls game than this because there are just so many quality of life improvements that that exists now in these games right and that doesn't mean they're easier than i mean. These games are always hard and difficult and frustrating in a lot of ways. But i think that it doesn't help when you already have an incredibly frustrating game and then there are things that are like essentially stripped away. And you're you're left with a bare-bones experience that is frustrating. But that's just me. The frustration is completely reasonable. Because like you hip officers in all these games that you need to spend time bain your head against the wall and it sucks when you are like okay. Well now. i'm going to stop fighting the boss that i'm trying to learn to kill because i gotta go and get health for thirty minutes and stock up it just it. There's it's an unnecessary break. The games already hard enough and make you go and farm is not. It's not great like the farming and grinding is not great. It was really funny when you were texting me about it. Because you're you're you're early earlier in the game. I think the fourth boss and you're ticked off in the plane to me about it and like i said i was playing. The overpowered magic class. Had not had this issue at. I'm just like jared like you just do. You're being widely bitch. What you problem get good you know gets a magic and just kill these things at this point. I'm just overflowing with health items. And i'm just like what is he. Is he added these. These are these games clearly and then fast forward to literally twenty four hours later. I hit a boss. The data problem on. I just set you. Attacks update out of health. Items going to grind. Because it did finally loop around. Like i have eventually. I was challenged as the magic class. It just took probably twice or three times as long as it would take someone. Who's trying to malay these motherfuckers so it is a bad thing. It was pretty funny. I don't know like they. They clearly made a very true remake of this and they didn't want to change those formulas. maybe they should have tried to tweak this a little bit i. i don't know who knows. It's a difficult one to from their perspective rate. It's like did if you look at their previous work like we were talking about before it's like. Did they drastically change. The experience of those previous games no You know they brought them to modern era But retained all of the elements and mechanics that people know and love from those titles so for their perspective like it would have been pretty hard sell to be like. Oh well grinding for health. Items socks Should we change that like. I'm sure there was a lot of people at the round table that was like now. Fuck no like. Let's make this thing really pretty show off what the playstation five can do and bring it to a modern era a new into a modern audience. But let's leave. What made this game the game that it was back on the playstation three. So it's a difficult one One other thing that drives me. Absolutely fucking bonkers. Crazy is The world tendency in this game. I think it's a dumb mechanic That exists to a certain extent in all of the soul series but this is the worst one by far and It really grinds ears more than any of the other games. Because you're very reliant. On essentially like being ultra chad to get pure what you can go. Pure white or black world tendency. Okay so anybody go like. Explain a yeah. We're this is. Yeah so so. Essentially you. You get there. There are two. There's character tencent tendency and then there's world tendency right so world tendency if you're playing online is an aggregate of Everyone's actions online so essentially if people are being dick's and killing nbc's that they're not supposed to in air quotes because you can kill anything in this game if you want to or doing things that are kind of against the grain The the world tendency will shift from white to black right and so it's an aggregate. What's going on right now because the game hasn't been out for very long. The world tendency is shifting towards white red and then But but it could shift you know an and Depending on what's going on with the overall player base of the game And then additionally like. I said you have character tendency which is basically specific to your character. What you're doing and how you're affecting the world's specifically right there are ways to change both to white or black and there are benefits and negatives for both of those things right. There seemed to be a lot more benefits for whites world tendency than there are for black however there are some benefits for black world tendency Obviously means that you're doing Good things essentially or Like i like to say it. Making you an ultra fucking chad. Because the way that you change the world tendency among other ways but the easiest way to do it either fight invaders that because this is a synchronous multiplayer game so If you're playing online people can invade your world if you're in human form and P essentially and if you defeat those invaders than you will a point up in your your world tendency towards white But but i think more reliable way to do it is to go to the nexus which is essentially hub world in this game in human form and jump off a cliff and kill yourself and die. I'm not joking about this. And then go to so forum which is essentially you have fifty percent health right then. Go into these worlds Explore these worlds with fifty percent less health than you would in human form go to a boss which is incredibly difficult and beat that boss with fifty percent health. Which if you do that then you retain you you You get your human for back and you also tick up This this meter essentially and it will point you towards a white white world tendency so essentially the game is like. Hey do you want it to be as hard as possible. Do you want and this is. The thing is most frustrating about it is like there are certain things that are just gated that you cannot get like a weapon sets are sets items that you might walk rings Design pc's like if a completion. Est like myself like you have to you have to tinker this fucking world tendency and that's the most frustrating thing about it. It's like it's like okay. This game just wants to make it as hard as possible to get like certain items. And i just i hated it pisses me off. It's a cool idea. i'll give them. That is really interesting system. But i fucking hated. I absolutely hate it. The problem with the idea is that it's very easy to get to black because if you are in human form and you die than the world. Tennessee goes towards blacks of you wanna get to pure black tendency. That's really easy to get into pure white like say you have to either kill bosses and anytime you die in human form across town so you have to play the whole game with the percent health or kill invaders. Which is that is a very random swimming. Invaders are very good. So the idea that you're going to be able to kill invaders consistently more than fifty percent of the time that's not a very reliable method so really what is lacking is more ways to influence the tendency you need always to be able to push it to white because it'd be fine and you can get access to these the all the different. Mpc's kinda funny story built around the world tendency. I played through. I'm nearly done with my royal class. I have two bosses laughed. I got bored essentially because it's just ice. It's not how i wanted to play. I restarted the game as the decks class. Basically i am just taking down bosses with just a two handed sword having a great time doing that but What is it to get todd. Or the basically. It's a tana sword. I'm using an order to the way i need it is. I need these blades. Stones and the only way you can get pure blade. Stones is to kill black skeleton in five one. Ashby pure black tendency makes sense to me. So what do i do. I keep going into human form and dying in five to get this to pure black world tennessee. I'm pretty early in the game. But i'm going into an area is further advanced. Everything seems fine. But i didn't do my homework. I got to pure black. Funny thing happens when it's pure black in five one. They spawn a red. Black phantom nbc. Right at the arch stone. So as soon as you enter this. Black phantom comes and murderer's the shit out of me. Because i am not to take this dude down. I'm trying to farm stuff. That's where i'm currently at is trying to figure out how to kill this. Black phantom being nowhere prepared to kill him because until i can this entire world is locked off. I cannot increase tennessee. I cannot get past him. I have to kill this guy. I be able to figure it out. Like alvin move set. I just do any damage to it. So it cuts not great cooked you for choosing basically yup. Yeah yeah basically. I was trying. They knew i was trying to grind and get this sword. That was you know. I was gonna get this thing upgrade. So that when i went back to these lower level bosses i was hit. Really hard with this thing and they just like well. If you wanna do that then you show us that you earned it and i am trying to earn it yet. So it is what it is man. It's an interesting. it's i will say man. If you really look at it like from the perspective of this game what originally came out in two thousand eight. I believe like how crazy like ambitious. This was especially for from software that was not from software that it is now right. This multi multi million a copy seller developer like from software. Did not have the pedigree that it has now. Miyazaki was not A well known Kind of visionary. In the video game industry he was just this fucking guy and he came up with this fucking really. If you look at it from that that perspective it is fucking even more impressive because nobody had done anything like this and And you know they had a low shoestring budget and no one really cared about this and if you go even deeper into it There were a lot of executives at sony. I think it was was shuhei. Yoshida that played this game prior to it coming out back in the day and he straight up was like this game is auction is too fucking hard. And why would anyone wanna play this. And then like He really pushed sony and the executives to kinda shelf it because he didn't think that it would find an audience or a market and thank god knew and listen to because man this thing turned into a fucking phenomenon and sparked an entire genre of games that is super prevalent in modern times. So looking back at it this way in this in this way is is it's awesome. Man is really fucking cool that this is the thing and it's really fun. Cool that this is. This is a playstation five exclusive And people can experience if they can get their hands on a playstation five and see how this whole fucking thing started because it is not a bad game. I don't. I do have a lot of things that i'm critical of but also i am having a fucking blast with this game. I was playing it before we started recording. This podcast and i. And i beat the man eaters for the first time and a satisfying maneater is a hard boss Because you it's essentially a garg oil that spawns in this very narrow area and then if one hundred seconds go by or you get the first gargoyles down to twenty percent health than another one sponsor and this has kind of become a trope in the soul series at this point There's lots of bosses like this but you know again. This is the first one that kinda did this thing and it is incredibly satisfying. Just like any seco- bloodborne any of the dark souls games when you fucking figure out that that that boss fi and you actually take it down. There are very few experiences in gaming. That are more satisfying in my opinion. So that boss fights fun that it. That is really exciting when you first. You're aren't almost got him. Hamill scott him and then we'll set over there. Another one fuckers. Yeah so fuckers. Another thing we should probably touch on quickly as It's interesting like a in in games. came out after demon souls. The original demon souls. They kind of moved away from like world one world too and it was more like an interconnected type of scenario where everything more or less was interconnected In this game it functions more like an old school mega man. Which i think is an interesting way of handling it and it also has a if you go online. You can find an optimal path that you can take and it's not like you would think where it's just like go to a one and do all the areas in level one and then go to level two and do all the areas their Their optimal past that you can find the game doesn't tell you Just like a mega man. Game wouldn't tell you you should go fight frost man first and then go and fight this this boss. You know It's all jumbled in random order. And i think that that's a really interesting way to handle it it's definitely unique In the context of the soul series. While i i like it quite a bit. Actually i like a good hub. I like having the options to bounce around a little bit. It's it's definitely the level design. Hi in this game leaves a little bit to be desired. As far as like this is a gorgeous game. The first level bull terrier is is awesome. It's like this palace at your outside. Dragons news like sweet like the. The scenery is pretty good. And then the next quite three levels or like in ks and dark and it just doesn't quite a take advantage of what this thing can do like i just. I just kept wanting to be like i wanna see the sun tzu. What like the. Let's get some good lookin' views in this thing. Yeah they're The stone thing i Arch stone that you spawn in your outside in this canyon and it is very impressive. There are some pretty impressive us. But i generally agree with you. There's a lot of dark. You know gothic muddy areas that we it's not bright or happy So that's that's kind of a bummer. But you know you gotta stick to the source material. I suppose Another thing that's frustrating about the level design that really irks me is shortcuts. There are short questions cuts in this game. But they're not nearly as Prevalent as in Souls games that came after demon soul so there are certain areas that you'll start out at a an arched shown and it is a fucking track to get to the next to the next boss right. So if you die in between that those points you know whether it starch donor or Towards the boss year there is a level of frustration that that that jumps up because in later souls games there's always like you go certain increments of space and then you find the shortcut and you're like oh nice. It's takes me right back to fucking where i was before and again even that like the i like the original dark souls do this best. Their level design is fucking incredible. Because you go and you have pushed a long ways and you finally make it through section and the near like what's this random little elevator looking thing all right. Let me get into that. The grinded up and it's like it brought me back to the fire link shrine. You're like how the fuck is this world. It's layered on top of itself in a way that dark souls want is the best. I think all of them. Some of them got a little more horizontal. Dark souls. one willis dislike this verdict bill. insane level. it's so cool. I i literally before we Started this podcast. Ice played like thirty minutes of dark. Souls the remastered one just to see to see how it was built a little different and thinks cool. I think i might still think about that a little bit as well. Yeah That's that's the thing it's like going my point it's like This thing is fucking awesome. And i'm glad that it exists and good on blue point for fucking making it and then i in my other hand. I have like the soul series after demon souls. I like you so much more want. I want to spend time with you instead of this. That's the way i think about it. So i i don't know man But you know. I you have to give them credit Sony credit this you know before the launch the playstation five. We're looking at like what was going to come out on the playstation five and it's like a barren wasteland same thing with The xbox it's like this is not a compelling launch lineup at all and you know some of that might not be there false. You know we're living in a crazy time right now. Pandemic is nuts but but also it's kind of a little disappointing both sony and microsoft but the one like diamond in the rough is demon's souls right where this truly feels like a next gen experience Just from graphic standpoint from fidelity standpoint It's something else man so you know it's like the one like positive in like a otherwise pretty fucking launch lineup. so yeah. I'm looking forward to hopefully today. I gotta go and grind against nbc. So i can Get a little further. Because i think. I'm i don't know if i'm gonna go back to my magic class. I think i might stick with this one. It's a just so much mahary warding to kill. Kill them with malay where you had to feel like you earned it like so many of these bosses i just did. It did not do. It didn't feel good to kill them. You're like i wasn't. I wasn't challenging fun or anything so all right. Why don't we take a quick break. Come back keep talking games. i ever back. It's a little early for a beer. But you know pulled the tradition. I guess yeah alcohol off the this t.f. Coconut guava berliner wise beer. Shis okay yeah. I love that they had. They finally had in kansas a week ago. And i just stocked up. I think that's an ice beer is. It's it's definitely nice. I am on the The cider train. I got a nice irish cider. Which i think is better in the morning than like beer is i feel like so no. That's why i went with this one because this doesn't taste like a beer. Like i had a hazy in my fridge like i don't feel like that but this is this is like loosely. This is pretty generous to call appearance. I feel like yeah. I also siders will get you drunk so i regret not planning ahead for this and getting my bloody mary. Mix made 'cause that without it being the right choice for an am recording but I am not getting drunk right now. 'cause i would know what to do with the rest of the day other than continue to get more drunk. So it's fair you know what to do with the rest of the of An incredible drink so we've got some plans. I don't want to divulge the plans. however I am very excited to have you guys Try this new thing. That i have been drinking lately is fantastic. I might send some to your houses. you can try it It is not. It is not my invention. So don't worry. This is not a jared island scenario where nickel drink. It and his throat will close up like he did that. One time i this is this is definitely something that people drink i just have been exposed to it for the first time and i cannot get enough of it so Yeah yeah. I'm excited to try. You know what's awesome. The we Ordered mexican food from radical on the other day. I'll have already told you guys. They do this like they give them are make. Yeah yeah so. Takuya twenty seven as well thirty seven. What number is is a twenty seven or thirty seven twenty seven twenty seven anyways you can do the exact same thing you can go in and like Ask them for like they're margarita mix. They have really good margaritas there as well And they'll just give you the mix you can just add tequila and have yourself a good time. While i have a lot of tequila in my fridge. Maybe i do have plans for the rest of the day. I haven't eaten it and we'll probably be done right around the time of ordering some mexican food and somalia agreements. So oh yeah. Nice little friday. I had that had that. And i wanted a nice margarita and i realized that my house is not the house for tequila. We just had eighteen hundred and i was like fuck. That's really i immediately thought of mid's house like he's got some good shit. Pour into this thing should be fair. Eighteen hundred is not good. I would never say that it is good. Don't don't don't misquote me here. But i will say that eighteen hundred. If you're just like you want a good mexican mixing tequila you can do way. Worse than eighteen. Hundred at least eighteen hundred is made like tequila supposed to be in. It's not one of these synthetic gold tequila also to kilos. I have some custom migos in my freezer. Which is pretty decent like fifty something sixty dollar bottle of tequila in that will go quite well in my margarita plans the often you know what i wish we could get. honestly You guys might disagree with me on this. But i actually had mexican food recently. I think last weekend Me and my girlfriend got to el-shawa take out and I wish you could get just fucking death stars in a bag. That's what i wish. They would just like fill up a bagful of death stars and give them do man. This does does the utah completely illegal thing. It feels like but so my understanding of a desktop star is. This is a normal margarita. And then they add some clear to it. Is that accurate. I'm so at these are. I'm not entirely show. Maybe i think that they used to do it that way. I don't know if they do that way. I know that they got in trouble for Blake breaking utah. Like restaurant liquor laws Because okay so for everybody. That doesn't know what this is. It was like straight up like a fucking giant goblet of fucking booze like food coloring and like Tequila and then. Yeah i think they used to do ever clear in it as well and they would mix it all together with like whatever there was like a ton of different flavors at this mexican food restaurant in salt lake and The put a rubber ducky in it and People have like one of them in than they fucking act fool in their restaurant and limited that because he you're visions you can be limited to bit. You can only get one deck even evening. The duckie did star. which is the star. Yeah those are yeah. Those were great Pre-game except it's just so far away so it did start a son good. What i don't understand. Is i know that like you know i'll st is run by complete muppets and they Have been trying to say. Let us make these to go. Cocktails of ac- not like radiant drinkable bit. S- things people have to take home and the states. Just not having it right. You'd utah has a really put issue with separating church and state Even in the corona virus mandate baas have to close but churches can be open on sunday. Doesn't make any sense. I don't understand why more baas on going the route of lake making the mixture. And you add your liquor. I mean it seems like the no brainer of not trying to shift state laws in your favor to continue functioning but to still do something that might entice people to come a transact with your business. So i don't know i don't get it either especially like a like whiskey streets to whiskey bar just a. They have really good cocktails. Like i feel like they get you close. They could tell you what to buy. The put in it yeah. We'll do a little like cod that you know you you go you go to alpha graphics you fucking make a little nice design called. That is a recipe. You create a little basket of the items on alcoholic and then you fuck can sell it as a like. Mix your own while you're away because it's not going to shift a person's habits when life goes back to normal. They're not going to be like fuck. I can make tom collins now. So i'm not going to the bottom heaven you know it's just Create new ways to to sell shit to people Don't shift the st lois. This i'm not gonna mention. There's a specific bothered that i really used to like. And i'm now getting completely over. How their management has acted during this process. And i mean i get it. It's this is a service industry. Recession right like literally majority of the damage to the economy is in the service industry but the the position this place is taking is like it's impossible to create a healthy or safe pandemic environment in the spa as with most spas. But they just you know instead of being like. Nobody should be open. They like we should be opened kaz churches off which is like damned if you do damned if you don't kind of thing so i don't know i think that it is a risk for these businesses but you gotta adapt at this point and if you created some really cool christmas cocktail kits that assange alcohol. They function as cocktails and mocked tales. They are nice. You know they can be prison people by now. And if you're an establishment people enjoy day'll come by from you just to support you yeah I think that businesses need pivot for sure. You know what i mean. Far it for me to tell them what they should be doing However it seems it seems pretty evident that if you wanna stay in business You're not gonna get help from the government unfortunately so You need to pivot and You know find different avenues to to bring revenue in. And i think that's a great idea especially if you're a bar that you know has those those Really good cocktails. You know how to mix a cocktail. You know you don't even have to fuck and tell people How you're making it specifically but broadly explained the ingredients obviously and then you know. Put it in a bag or container. Whatever the fuck is going to be in and solid shit. I think it's a really smart thing to do. It's tough for the businesses. I get it Hopefully we see some reprieve. Sooner rather than later at the thanksgiving day was the most traveled day march so to my guess is with the cases. We were having That this is just people have given up being adult and ended the assumption that these medical companies can turn out almost eight billion vaccines in a short period of time. So it's a shit show to build on that. A little bit is actually a good jumping off point so obviously businesses are having a hard time our local brewery fisher we talk about. We know the owners over there. They partnered with ken sanders. And that's a awesome bookstore in salt lake. If you've never been there Safe you really should go check it out. it's just it's not what you get at barnes and noble. They have just old old books that you can look at it super interesting but fisher's partnered with them and for the next month or so. Every saturday they have a release the can is as this. Special logo audit the monkey wrench related. Ken sanders and everything and they will be releasing a beer like every saturday and those are expected to be limited and some of the proceeds go to help that bookstore and that's awesome and then additionally I think it's this tuesday. I'm not positive. But fisher is doing this thing. Where a dollar from every a growler they sell on tuesday is going to go to a charity that helps like display service. Workers and people haven't beginning tips and they reach out to me my company's going to do it on tuesdays. Well i think they're just trying to get as makeup up these as possible to kind of commit to just matching a dollar for every growler. So if you're gonna get some beer should probably go to fisher on tuesday. Try to help out the community at with regards to the ken sanders thing. It's all related to a code monkey wrench gang which is about Sort of protecting public lands It's abby right yeah. Abby britain is edward And i think kim sanders had some illustrations done for it or he was linked to the publication of somehow. The the coolest thing about these with these unique cans is they are going to be some super lake. Once-off pandemic time americana. That is like you know you get to drink. Maybe but you get you try. Get these six cans to hang onto because these will be like super cool things to look back and go his brewery china help ray bookstore during a pandemic that is something that sort of has been a a negative thing for everyone and so i think these trying times these sorts of Interesting small town americana items so just have a have a cool unique value over time. It's a good at in. It's a perfect kind of Example right in helping helping Other businesses that might be struggling in your local community. It's an all algen Any way you look at it. Ken sanders. I think it's it's the record store here in On ninth and normal ice cream which is a great ice cream thing. They do release where it's like a limited offer and you buy and you get a random of vinyl which is not some piece of shit vinyl. It's generally a good band and something that people will want to collect you get rid book and you get a pine ice cream And that's also like a good community like three institutions people in salt lake really like coming together to create this unique little package that people can buy and supply and they deliver it to you So it's no contact and you don't have to go into the stores But it's a unique way of like Distributing some funds across three businesses people support Using all three of the networks to sort of get the message out there and creating a new unique sort of product experience for your For your consumers to come in like support you so that's a cool thing to look for to if you're in salt lake they do it. Sort of Every week or every couple of weeks nice. I hadn't heard about that all right well olah. Let's continue this video game. Podcast that we do mids It's been a couple of weeks while was happening. I'm still just fucking running hospitals man like a boss just fucking but should get a medical degree at this. Point is give one to me. The thing is like it's getting so serious at utah that you don't you might be called upon like they might need you. They're going to be like we need the best. Two point hospital gamer. Get him on at three point. What does he think we should point. Hospitals for fucking children. Yeah maybe maybe. I should put it on my linked in that i can run some of the most profitable hospitals onto point With very high recovery rates and low death rates so. I'm still doing the game and it's a great little time poss- time it's a it's getting more and more difficult which is great in the story. Line having ransom new hospitals. That i like state funded hospitals and so you know some of the revenue per episode of illness or recovery treatment. That you that you would gain through the game so far you don't anymore c. Running on fixed budgets and Grants and things like that. So for a little comical game. They've added quite a lot of layers of complexity just to keep it interesting and To to keep it fun. So i'm still really enjoying the game. Does this just feel you know you were. I forget the name of the old hospital theme hospital theme hospital so to you. Does this feel like an incredible sequel to what that game would have been so like with like more layers to it this. Yeah i mean all the little nuances of that game here It's it feels like a remake more so than even a continued title like adding in the the world the graphics Some of the rooms and you have access to Just took what was a beloved game of mine growing up and and has made it a fresh and new and interesting and so to me. It's like i downloaded it to try. Get the nostalgia of playing that game and it was ten out of ten. It's like hundred percent. The experience i wanted to get out of it it's the It's a very reminiscent of the hospital. So for me. It's just been a great purchase in anyone who played the hospital and enjoyed. It should absolutely pick this game up. you know. I haven't even gone through the content and it's supported so they have like halloween events where we had halloween diseases show up and like i'm sure there'll be a christmas event and you get in. You know you can decorate your hospital and you can get some fucking christmas diseases Whatever the cases tis the season to get a christmas. This is a piece. That's getting bitten by christmas. Bug broke. that is a great Is there an add to this. Like is there a i beat three point hospital or is this like you can just keep on running this forever. So if it's if it's like the hospital they will be an into this campaign right them. I'm assuming the campaign will end unless they are actually adding new levels Which i'll have to get to the end to see if they do add content But the hospital you would just basically then like go open mode and sort of you know. Build your own hospital. It has no timeframe. You can just play continuously. But that i don't know if i'll get back into it. That much you know at the hospital for me was one of the games. I had very limited access games growing up And so insistently playing a game like that to sort of mid max affect hospital is not something that i really think i'm gonna do now. What is the stress level of this game. Like if there's like you're having a hard time you're just like oh man. Oh no look what's going on. What am i gonna do like what is happening in this game. Plan to create that feeling adt people dying like pissing on your flows or like these rats running around trash on your floors. Yeah like if you don't have enough bathrooms or if you've done have trash cans and things like that Or if you accuse a too long people get mad and storm out and so i mean it's like it's not that stress inducing. It's pixels at the end of the day. And it's not like multi-player pixel game way you care so it's not to stress inducing. It does turn the notch up. Because you obviously don't want to piss kevin hospital you know that's a bad hundred want hour. Nobody wants yeah. Nobody wants that. So and people dying also bad you know people not dying good people dying. Not as good felt saying yet. It's it's just. It's not too stressful. I'll see if they turn it up. A notch obviously managing finances things like that. But it's it's you know this is like i say pretty relaxed game. You can play it for thirty minutes. You can pay for a couple of hours and You know just chill out so okay. All right may on no not really. I'm still just bitten by the rest bike selecting that game but people are probably bought today. The hearing me tell them how much i love that game Otherwise i have just picked up fifa on this black friday sale You know i'm not really willing to pay full price for afifa title anymore. Bit thirty five bucks Was worth it. 'cause that's the kind of content i think i want over the christmas season is just you know for fee for for me. I people who are the show will know this bit. I love to pick some pieces. Shit british club in like the fucking lowest division. They let me play and run that club. All the way up to being like champions league winners and english premier league title-holders. And so you make a do you get to improve their stats or do you just have to make do with these people that have like two left legs by better is the full transfer market this scouting youth leagues. So you can buy named players. Let me tell you. a leonardo. Macy does not want to join scunthorpe united no matter how much money but you can recruit through what is over the last few years becoming a more and more robust as scouting network. So you'll club pious scouts. You send them to different continents. They look for different quality players. And you you pick these like fifteen to eighteen year olds up and in his training sequences that you go through so you can. Allocate certain amount of training resources to players and training is actually playing training. So you will choose a shooting drill and you'll play this play through shooting drill and you might get five training sort of credits per week cycle. And so you you can both bring in known plays and you can sort groom these fabricated scouted players in two team. sort of building up this like club. That's just yours in a unique experience for us. i kind of enjoy it. It's a nice fun pastime and you can either choose to send the games will play them. I play them Just because it's for why the fuck would you not. So i. I agree with you. I enjoy the That whole process Doing the the seasons. I actually played the new fever A bit the origin store And it seems good seems real good The only thing that i would say is defending in particular. I found it Like i was missing something. So i don't know if they've added something new to the defending but i A few like probably a month ago. I sat down and played like around five or six matches online In the seasons boat and I felt like i was just getting scored on like pretty easily. And i was like i used to be good at this. Why am i getting scored on so easily. So i don't know if they've changed something with defending but the defending in particular felt like i was not doing something correctly which is weird but other than that I was scoring goals Very effectively and the the attacking attacking Setup seems pretty robust and nice so interested to see what you I will that'll be the game. I'm probably talking about next cost. Unfortunately of only just bought it now. So i i don't want to speak on it like it's an older fever. Although probably ninety percent is but just one fucking thing that they change right and it's like it varying levels of impact rate like you can go back and look at previous speaker games and some of them they're like we improved like a off the ball player intelligence. So that like you're attacking players that aren't on the ball will make intelligent runs. And then you're like these are not very intelligent runs to you. Know come out and say that And then you have like more robust changes sometimes so it just depends from from fiba on and i haven't really paid too much attention to what the community thinks about this new one but that was just my anecdotal experience with it. Not i don't know. Maybe i'm just a rusty old man that's lost the the magic and his thumbs and can't fuck and play fief anymore. I don't know yeah. We'll burn one of these days as we're going to have to have a friend brennan talk to us about holtom it team. I remember the last time we talked about viva ultimate team. He sent him messages. Like you fuckers. What you're talking about is the wells like you needed. Play the fed they've updated ultimate team So i was like week. We're constantly talking on a soccer group Just about champions league and stuff like that and he he was like you gotta play this with me and so i was just like fact did i don't buy for sixty bucks to find out is just viva And then i also don't want to commit to like the origin stole probe. Because i was looking at the list of games and i'm like i'm just paying fourteen bucks a month for fever and so the sort of thirty five bucks was like. Yeah that's alpay that fool viva so we'll see that on origin or steam or was that on it on steam. It's the same price across both. It's just that black. Friday deal that you're having so I prevented i. Don't like the origin Platform so i prefer to despite on steam shout killian bob. A man fucking getting his chance to be on the cover differently. I feel like well deserved Feel like he's the next the next big one. I in rhode right now. It's david beckham. the digital one is why think that the standard edition is killian harker. Yeah no great. Great young player Huge talent so definitely well-deserved. I can't is called in the screen of the window. Oh dear along the cat's been stuck in the screen of the window. Maniac been here the cat for quite she's been. She's she walked in from doing that. Outside of my office to come into my office climbed the window and then climbs the screen and This cat has a learning curve that is flat because every time it does that it gets caught in the screen. So my screen is fucking hoff's rated and i have to keep prying a cat out of it so on check. I put this on outlined by want to talk to you about an i. I was clued in as to what's going on here from the giant beast cast which is a very entertaining. Podcast the the game awards you guys know about them there are thing. They happened in december. The jeff keely shit. Yes yes the. I hate the the jeff key. Well i wanna talk about it for a second because first of all if you want me if you are really be taken serious with the game awards you need to stop doing it in december and cutting off like six weeks games at your fucking dumb. I agree with that. Also if you want to be taken seriously find someone other than jeff keely to be involved in it. Just throw some shade on jeff. Kelly i know but not a fan. Not a fan of jeff keely. Let me tell you the problem with a so game of the year. The nominees doom as seven goes sushila haiti's animal crossing last not not scientists like not cyberpunk out. It's even being considered next year. Best game direction. Found fancy seven goes sushila shema. Haiti's half alex last of us to all right most of the same games s narrative final fantasy seven bills shema haiti's last two thirteen sentinels best art direction. Foul fassi seven ghost of tsushima. Haiti's these fuckers only played six games like all. These categories are just the same best score doom solvency seven. Haiti's ori last of us to like it and they just give them all to eighty s and then maybe score today ori. It's just kind of hard to take serious when you're first. Six categories aren't broad enough to even grab anything outside of just this You know. I don't think the game awards should also be list. The six most expensive games of the year awards and that goes for six categories are. Yeah you're absolutely right. i think. I think it's definitely An indictment on the whole process rate And it's unfortunate that the gaming industry doesn't have a more serious. You know kind of awards show or shows in general are a little cringe to be honest with you And it's all opinion. So i mean it is what it is. I suppose but it is problematic when you're just like oh yeah these are all triple a games. That are very very expensive for the most part These are the only games that are in contention when it's like We have a pretty robust landscape. I mean twenty. Twenty wasn't the best year for video games but it certainly wasn't the worst either so To exclude some titles from contention of game of the year. is questionable right. Especially it's like one thing for like a small podcasts. Like ours like maybe a lot of those games that you just mentioned are probably going to be pretty high up on our personal lists They're all great games but but also it's like give The smaller games that are worth talking about some fucking love right. Like what's the fucking. What's the harm in doing that. And i think that's been constantly wanted issues with the game words. And then also as i mentioned jeff fucking keely so Yeah no no not a fan not gonna watch it. Don't care about it doesn't matter to me at all. Yeah they sometimes have game announcements. So i will just. I will follow twitter. Twitter will let me know what what was announced. It's just pretty funny. Best indie game. Haiti's like eighties. Probably gonna win a load of these things which is fine. I probably should probably should you know why do maternal some analysts like. I didn't play it. But i don't know. Maybe they didn't. Fight the marauder despite the marauder and they were like this games great. Because that's exactly how. I fucking fell. I was like this is better than the first doom. That i fought the marauder and i was like yeah i hate this. I don't wanna play anymore. Yeah so that was my exact experience. I was super high on it and they just like fuck this. This is terrible. Who out this is not the experience you want out of doom. But hopefully they don't give awards two games that they didn't play the whole game. 'cause i if i remember thirteen sentinels jared was pretty mean about it to start and then i thought was a little like odd that this robot man has these groups. You're you're i understand what you're doing but because i added the podcast i heard the last episode. It's you are understandably combining to anime games. No i think i think combining captain sue bossa. Were the ship. Captain had all with the same. Is it not captain lot. What's the problem with. the brakes. Can't is the soccer fucking game so you're messing up as well. Nick go see a soccer game. You're talking i'm talking about. You're talking about soccer award. This is exactly. I can't even keep it. You can't keep it straight. You can't keep it straight. No sicker awards bad gave captains who boss. I think it's a pretty fucking bad game. Thirteen sentinels fucking one of the best games of the year. And i don't think that i waivered From the initial talk to the second or third talk. I believe three times on the podcast. No fantastic never never bad. In my opinion i know what wavered. It's my ability to listen to enemy conversations with more than like brian power. That's fair listening. to enter. man games is like when. I like talking about earlier when i meet a new person and i've had drake's it just goes in one ear out the other. I look for opportunities to make fun of jared and that's about it so yeah my being fair. It's pretty easy to make fun of me so it whatever No i i don't know man fucking award shows in general it's like just seems like a foregone era and it seems like do we really need it. You know what. I mean The thing about it is especially in games media and this applies to other sorts of Media as well as like for me personally. Like i'm more inclined to listen to people that i respect Talk about video game and their opinions. And that's what is going to motivate me to play a game more than anything else so like having this panel of like unknown people. I mean. i'm sure you can find who are on the panels that are deciding. These fucking things I just think it's so subjective that it doesn't really carry that much for me. It's like yeah it's great that you know What was the game of the year. Last year was a death stranding. Or what was it for this for this specific were the game awards. Yeah came out last year. What we're what was our team of the year seco- czar game of the year. I think you natalie animus position sucker one okay. They take back everything i said. They fucking completely completely agree with everything that they do. They should keep it up. Keep going on jalen a so other news so unless they delay again which is a possibility next games gas we will have at least touched cyberpunk potentially okay which i'm starting to i just. I mentioned this in the discord. But i feel like the expectations are so high. Pretty worried that this game is not going to live up to what everyone's expecting it to be. We've been talking about this for so fucking long. It's gotta be just incredible. We're talking like red dead to level of know just quality. Why wouldn't you think that it would be. I was a little confused when you sent that out. I like the exact opposite. There's nothing that cd project red has done. That would show me Otherwise you know. At least in the modern era like with with richard three I think that. That's a seminal game that transcends like the genre that it's in and really revolutionized everything i expect the exact same level of quality Have no worries or fears. And maybe i'm wrong. I'm not saying. I'm right but i am not worried at all. I think it's going to be a blockbuster hit that will Blow the socks off of everybody. That plays it honestly. That's my guess. The reason i said that is because the expectations are what you just said. They are only this thing is going to be completely revolutionary incredible and anything below that mark is basically to support. I haven't yeah that's fair. it's like. I mean it's their own fault though right or maybe some of it's their fault than some of its just games media's fault and i see what you're saying there it's like it's not fair to to apply like this is going to be a groundbreaking experience that blows everyone's expectations out of the water and it's not even out yet. No one's really touched it You know it could be just like a fine first person. rpg. Hybrid that you know. Is you know par for the course But i i don't know i mean the amount of time spent the amount of money spent The ambition of the studio all of those things coupled together. I think that they are really conscious of those things. And then the delays that have cropped up with us. I think that they wanna make sure that. This is a smooth launch for this. This fucking thing and give them credit for for pump the brakes and saying no we are not going to rush this process. by any stretch of imagination. We're not going to rush it and we're gonna do everything in our power to make sure that this thing is as good as it possibly can be so i know know i mean i just have so. They've they've Created so much goodwill at c. product read In the last decade for me. At least that. I i just can't imagine a world where this game is fucking bad. You know what i mean. I think it's gonna be special for sure. I think some people are going to like. I have with the delays. I don't really have any specific expectation out of the game as in like i'm gonna get my money's worth out of the title. You know you know that much. And that's sort of what i'm going into it and i think that this will you're going to see a within breath of reviews on this and i think it's likely gonna stem from how big of an expectation people put on it. You know. I saw somebody say online that they're gonna be mad if you can't pse dick in this like what. What kind of expectations of people putting on a consignment with this ultimate customer carrying characterization. If i come. Ps my dick. I'm gonna be fucking mad. So how's ops. Yeah it's just not it's like let's see let the game come out fucking and don't base your decision on if you like it enough over what other people have said i people hyping up cyberpunk voice them hyping it up in twitter chats and they don't know that it's like a single player fucking story game because it's just this giant media of like this is massive games coming out and people have just put so much expectation whether they played the witcher with they know cd project raid just anything just because it's been hyped by so many people so the is going to be a giant crowd of people who are gonna be disappointed because they not even expecting the game that's slated to come out you know here's thing my my Obviously my bar is is just based on the wisher three and so i can't imagine cd red releases a game that you know. We've wounded the witchery. Come out i mean it was pretty early on in the previous life cycle of these consoles and and so it's like if they can improve on what they did with the witcher three and there are so many things that are good about that game in my opinion that that Other games at the time weren't doing right. They've had all this time to research in see how the the The industry shifted and what has been successful. What hasn't been successful. And i think a lot of developers have emulated what or at least tried to emulate what they the success they had with the wisher three so from that perspective. That's the only thing that like. I've always been locked in on when i think about cyberpunk and i'm like goddamn like when i play the witcher three the way that i felt about it and i know you felt the same way nick at the time. I know you've played it back Again you said some of that was a little like the combat was a little wonky and and things like that but At the time man that thing was like holy shit. No one is doing this like just a quality off across the board. Nobody had really pulled that off in my opinion to that level So i expect them to do something very very very big with us. But you know we'll see guess in like two weeks unless they're like we're playing at indefinitely intel fucking january or february we've seen we've seen some studios fall from glory with it but only You know just the time. There's no guarantees. You know who knows if they adapted to what the market wants in that time completely went on a tangent. So yeah there's no guarantee that this is going to be good and i think people need to temper their expectations like they. They need to understand that Just because Studio has had success previously does not mean that they're going to be able to replicate that success but now that being said if you look at studio that is poised and and You know has the best chance of doing it. I mean cd product project. Red is pretty fucking high up there at least for me so i hope that it lives up to everything. Obviously the wichita three came out five years ago in two thousand fifteen cyberpunk was announced in twenty twelve eight years now. Who knows how much they were actually doing a. I'm sure they weren't all on cyberpunk in the three years leading up to the witcher. Maybe they were in a lot of like the pre production phases but still like. It's been a long time. So i'm very excited very cautiously. You know. it's a good point. There's not a lot of other games coming out so we really dive deep into this thing. I'm very excited woohoo. Let's do it do it. Chiesa suck do it guys all right anything else. He has got anything else to say. No so thanks for listening. Love you guys thanks. Everyone thinks everybody. If you're enjoying the show godi tune and school by the rate review subscribe. Tell your friends your family tell people you know have them check us out see what they think if you wanna kinda interact with us. We've mentioned the discord quite a bit of come and ask us questions or challenges to gains or whatever to go over one in our show notes. I should put a lincoln there or you can follow us on twitter at salt city games and our bio has only to the dischord. You come in there if you all follow us individually. I am less of the bob business. King mitts jared rotates you. That's going to do it at the show. Take it easy bites. cat cy. Fighting in the background guides us little and you can get some fucking christmas diseases. Whatever the cases yes. Tis the season to get a christmas disease.

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