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Teach kids about gardening


Hi, this is Mark news from plant talk radio, thanks for subscribing and listening to our podcast. Your gardening questions from plan, talk radio. If you have a gardening question, you'd like our host Fred Howard to answer, send him an Email. The address is Fred at plant, talk radio dot com. Now, today's question feeding the birds. Growing things in the garden. I can't help, but think about what we need to pass onto the kids. The grandkids are kids so that they can learn and enjoy and appreciate it like you and I learned when we were utes. I've heard you say that when you were growing up at that time, you thought it was forced labor? Yes, it was well, it was forced labor by all means, but it was also wartime. And if we didn't grow it in the garden, we didn't need it at just about what a boy don't you appreciate. Yes, she learned. Yes, I do. And then I try to pass that on and when it comes to youth, you can start with really little people. Now if you're going to help them plant something, give them something bigger than a kernel corn, maybe clear up to the size of Lima bean or a melon seed that they can see that they put it in the ground and so on, but but then the the watching them watching to lower sunflowers. Great to get the seat is big enough that they can they can see and it can now it gets gets quite large season. Hey, thanks again for listening to our podcast, be sure to subscribe to our other podcasts as well. The plan of the week podcast and the plan talk radio podcast. All on I tunes or your favorite podcast player if you'd like to sponsor a daily podcast contact us at Fred at plant, talk radio dot com to find out more about Fred Howard and plan. Talk radio visit our website plant, talk radio dot com. Circle to seventy media dot com.

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