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Don't let a hangover, slow you down fight it with goodies hangover pain relief at the speed of powder goodies hangovers the first hangover offering from analgesics brand. It temporarily relieves minor pains due to hangover headache and even handles muscle aches good. East hangover comes in tasty berry citrus boost flavor and includes about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee to help restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue drowsiness associated with the hangover simply toss it back or mix with water or juice. It's that easy. Cody sang over real medicine for real hangovers available on Amazon in Walmart and at your local convenience store. Pride Passion. Then pattern tree of college football leaves here the the Paul Finebaum show our four podcast. We welcome you back on what's been a busy show a very upbeat program moving ahead toward September and the College Football Season There was some news from Notre Dame. Today they have at least for two weeks suspended in person class room activity because of a spike. other schools. Are Continuing to plot on as many schools are beginning to open around the country and we look forward to a finding more about the University of Tennessee David Evan, from the athletic covers the balls. And David. Thank you appreciate having you on and really. Eager to hear about what's happening on rocky top good afternoon. Of Not a whole lot. It's been a busy couple of couple days here. Take us through because I have been trying to keep up with it I know Jeremy pruitt's An and in the schools announced some of the the testing I know the chancellor has been very outspoken just. Take a take from the top which what's going on up there. Well I mean they who players I got there June. They didn't have anybody test positive and they had some positive the numbers a little bit iffy when guys were away for the fourth of July and they've protesting gabler testing. I have once a week now and enter inputs said yesterday and the day by twenty three positives since the started testing. So assuming that. Twenty three basically in the last six weeks and some guys were missing from practice yesterday obviously are closed in the media So unclear exactly who was missing but sometimes are missing yesterday for either positive tests or quarantine to get those guys back. But that we're gonNA fees are now they're going to opposite quite a week testing during the season and and Is You know they they feel okay about where they're at but you know quarter of the rocker already testing positive for a job in nineteen is You know not ideal I suppose yeah. I mean I mean I mean rule it somewhat about one hundred players on the team. So I mean the math is fairly easy isn't it? Yeah I mean it's It's sort of unclear about how serious these cases are. I. Think if there was getting super serious you would have already you know heard something about it but I think also You know these are guys that you know moving forward. You'RE GONNA have to track of what's Hard make make sure there's nothing there. You know we've reported yes lettuce they already had ten athletes in the big ten that have shown why a mile for dynasty inflammation of the heart they can call some real issues. So guys that positive you know you're going to have to keep track about it. If it shows up at some point I I would think it'd be unlikely you see those guys step on the field at some point but you know I think that if he Wants to monitor those things and and you know we'll see I think. All this is so new and It's just so different. You know. Every sports writer now sort of dabbling amateur epidemiology or at least sort of understand a little bit of what's going on and you know it's been an educational five months for all of truly easy David hand sanitation. Social. Distancing and six feet apart other. What else is there just Global, pandemic. Yeah taking care of yourself and trying to act responsibly You know not that stuff although certainly, there seems to be some college students in the south. Might. Disagree. But Yeah. Think hear yourself a difficult but figuring out. Okay. What does this actually mean you know for this program for football as a whole you know the campuses are shutting down or whatever since they're going to cut down on shutting down permanently or for a couple of weeks and what precipitates shutdown does that mean this football or are they gonna try to play football practice? It became shutdown any. It's just there's all these things are so interconnected and so intertwined that it anytime talking about this stuff it's complicated. David I mean I I feel. Awkward, asking this question because I was once a student at the University of Tennessee and they're probably pictures of me doing crazy things that I don't want to act like. That the current students are are are are being rational, but it does seem though that every time we see a positive test. The administration, the football coaches, all say the same thing that they're safe in a bubble here those numbers are all every time a player gets in trouble and comes from all those irresponsible students I mean, you're up there what are you hearing and and and how Much control does the university have over this? I mean tough to say I. Think. You know certainly with the medical care. On campuses, you'd think students will be our players at least. Exist infected would be You know a little bit safer but the question of whether or not they're more likely. To contract the virus on campus or off campus I? Think it's a fair debate. Now Tennessee said that of those twenty three, that's. A positive when they conducted contact tracing they, they said that those positive tests they tracked him to the community and not the facility and not the locker room. So you know I positive that you're not having outbreak. Na symptomatic guys lingering with he may since you know Tennessee is doing all they do you know inside the facility in terms of sanitizing workout stations, guys wearing masks unless they're on the field or working out cardiovascular and weight room they are trying to observe social distancing. You know obviously not using the team meeting rooms much. You're you're using the you know when they're having all one hundred guys, you're using the the indoor facility so. They're doing what they can, and it seems like the the twenty three tests you know if your contact tracing, you say they didn't catch the here. If easy to sort of you know point to point blame at the rest of the campus but you know. Again You. Know How reliable is that? What does that mean? You know all these things? I just think there's a lot of questions with this that don't have good answers. You can get them the best you can but ultimately, you can contact trace. You can do all this, but you can never really know where a guy got the virus or didn't get the virus or where exactly it happen. You have to have an educated guess I. think that's what I'd. Probably, call this and and you know and tracing isn't so much about identifying where they got it as much as making sure that the people who are at risk for notified and so you know you sort of take it with a grain of salt, but it's still either complicated deals and I think that the current of all of this is that if you're going to have. college campuses, cold classes, and have people living on campus and try to play college football at have guys living. On, campus and going to class and then trying to play football. There's an underlying risk and there is a risk there that it's just GonNa be there certainly, you know most players are willing to take that risk, but you can't I that there. David, I realize you cover the team you're not. The players keep her but I'm curious if you know the answer to this, because someone brought it up a minute ago. Where do these players live and I bring that up because everyone wants act like they're in a sealed bubble but once they leave the facility, where do they go to sleep in? Studying do whatever else college football players? Upper class obviously have off campus apartments certainly after your first year. That's a popular spot If not, you know stokely hall is right next to the team civility and the you're talking about a two minute walk, right? That's where a lot of the freshmen live your your athletic dorms are over there and that's pretty much it I mean either. or off campus that's really the only spots where players are living most of the time so. You know I kinda see you know wanted to do the so-called level you know like you know I. Think it's probably the safest thing that you know would be safer players but not safer schools bank accounts. When you're talking about sacrificing amateurism I mean every campus has the ability to do that but that's sort of what this thing is. All about is that either have to clip players at risk of saying you know it's GonNa be probably GonNa contract this or you know amateurs dead and that's what this is. This is what this is better for the last five months. Already was, but I'm glad somebody's keeping hope alive for amateurism David. All kidding aside, thanks for being on. Appreciate the report be well, stay safe and don't forget what's the three the three axioms cove. You just repeated them a minute ago. Come back soon. Anytime David Athletics I've done some great reporting on the return to play. We'll take a break. turned. 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It's your home speaking and I need you to do me a couple of favors I could you get that blueberry that rolled under the fridge last week it's throwing my functions way off second thing, bundle your home and car insurance with GEICO. It's easy and we could save money. Lastly, I know you're thinking of painting the nursery backed off white but I'm actually feeling this baby blue didn't think it was my collar but I m pulling it off Gyco for bundling made easy go to GEICO DOT com today. And welcome back. Couple of another couple more segments on more phone calls in here. Leak is up next emily good afternoon. Lakenheath Carolina are you there? We will try another call. What else can I do? Wendy is up next in Ohio. Hello Wendy. Hi Paul. Ohio Ohio High School football teams are playing and their their families or people close to them can only come to the game. And Pickering north I don't know what team that won the pickering since school system be on ESPN on August thirtieth like at noon on Sunday I saw where? saw where the Governor Governor Do I. How Is Ohio. You can have high school football. You Have Cincinnati playing. You don't have. Kids won't you call up or get Dr Tim Borders on the on your show because he was an issue, a football player from nineteen, eighty, nine, the nineteen, ninety three, and he was on the press conference for Dr. I mean for for Governor Dewine and maybe talk to Tim Borchert and see what he says or. Recommend for this he's he's schools you know or at For you know the signs or whatever you know what I mean. I do well listen to always good to hear from you. Wendy. Thank you very very much and. Stay in touch, let's go to Dylan. Who is in Georgia next? Hey Dylan can afternoon. Hey how you doing today? We are well, thank you. That's great. Talking again, I talked to you last week a little bit about High School Sports Right? Enjoyed that call I want to switch gears today and ask you about Georgia football You. Know we got a pretty good quarterback situation this year. Chaser. And you know I, haven't heard anything on on the radar about who they think that starting job dot maybe you would have a little anti and also Do you have any idea? How that the players that are tested positive for Tova is it? Groups of players like the offensive linemen or they all get his the same time or is that all the freshmen getting hit at and I'm just wondering you know as far as as far as that I think is pretty random. The. Hard part about Kobe in doing everyone is saying how they're doing now the mass outbreaks on most campuses and I haven't heard about Georgia. Alabama Auburn. Clemson. lsu were all early on They were early on because players were back during voluntary workouts and there was very little structure. To, what they were doing and and I think all of that has improved I would like to see no Tennessee. Announced there's I would be curious what you know in the SEC. Of the fourteenth schools what a breakdown, a legitimate breakdown would be would give us a better idea what we're facing this fall because. I think there are some schools that have a pretty high number of players who have been infected. and. A serious as that is and I'm not going to opine on what long-term effects there will be but it does diminish the number of people left to get it. Absolutely I, hear that as far as the quarterback situation I. Think it's a little bit unknown. I think the entrance of. The southern cal young man is really going to make things quite fascinating He has an incredible credentials Jamie Newman obviously does as well but he he missed Spring William is in Maryville Tennessee William, you're on the air go right ahead. Paul. Of you heard that came as is. Moving quarterback because they seem to get eligible on transfer quickly. That that seems. Yeah this wouldn't may not be as easy although Trey Smith coming out in favour him do they did excite a lot of people. Well let me ask you a question Paul. If if they school this year the wealth of the Encyclopedia of knowledge, it's a school. for whatever reason shuts down their football program can the players transfer? anywhere that will take them. I have heard they. What you have to do is go into the transfer portal. Now I think the requirement is this one school begins I. Don't think you can do it. Well I'm talking about if. We're on oil is you're talking about a total shutdown. A total shutdown. Yeah And of course, then my next question is what keeps the stars in the big are in the big ten or the PAC twelve from just announcing. If you're not gonNA, let us play this fall. We're just ultimate transfer. Here's the problem with that They still have to be granted a waiver number one. And I am not sure the NCWA would be excited about. Setting this precedent. and. Secondly. they have to have somewhere to go. And You're right and I think there are I'm talking I'm talking about the top eight or ten SEC schools. Let's leave it there. Not to embarrass anyone but. I mean outside of a handful of players now allow state probably has a couple of players that could do quite well but. I, just I have not heard about that. Yeah I think we may still, but there's a couple issues there I just don't have the answer a couple of questions that I'll have the answer to. Hasn't one thing become I know you've said this become. Abundantly clear to you, and that's you know not only with the Kate may situation which is arbitrary and capricious but but the fact that the NC double a. is completely impotent or. They they've given really very little leadership and. And and he really wonder why they evening system. Here's my theory on that and it's unproven because the next time I talked to mark. Emmett? will be a Cold Day in in in Alcoholic Tennessee But. Mark Does Not WanNa have college football this year, there's no question you can you don't. You don't need to be a genius to figure that out his. His director of the chief medical director for the NCW. Is Giving interviews William to anyone who wants he's the one. That it's the wrong thing to do, and there's there's no path toward it and what and one of the top people on his committee. Or Council is the one who gave us the titanic quote last week the one that said. This is being on the titanic and tried to decide when when the band starts playing so Amer. Did Not come out and say that in quite frankly I would have respected him more which wouldn't be much but I would have respected them a little bit and he'd done. So but but I think he feared the other power five commissioners firing him on the spot which they probably could come up with the power to do probably should well let me ask you question has has any. Any football player. Let's stick with football any football player at a FCS or FDA school who has been tested positive for Kobe. Become symptomatic. I have not heard that There have been the only the only player was the one that Indiana that got the the drum beating reliable car. Diana's. Right. Know. Like I said to you last week you know Privately, I would rather see. Folks look at putting together the Fi fund whether it's funded by insurance funded out of you know pass revenues and prepare for the worst case scenario. So that players if there is a player who become sick or you know players become hospitalized or if there are long term effects, I would rather there'd be some mechanism oriented place. To. Deal. With. Statistically the outliers. and. You know you hear about all these things people want to do but you don't hear about what how are we going to handle the worst case situation because I think you've got to play because you've got to have that revenue to fund everything including player Safety Factors You gotta get money for testing. GotTa money for all of these things and if you don't play, you don't have the money I have a question for you. I know you've been heavily involved I was reading something about endowments and I want everyone to think that we're all Harvard and Yale with twenty five to thirty Million Dollar Forty Million Dollar Endowments Notre Dame has about two hundred twelve. What is the Because I know you've repor you've probably been involved in representation schools. What what, what's the? How do you get into those endowments? Depends on the person making the endowment. Okay. You know you can. You can restrict it. that was Kinda the you know when I was having metal running battle with the MYEMMA mater about continuing to pay Butch Jones Right you know the the When I saw it, there were certainly grounds for termination The answer was well at least not coming out of taxpayer funds coming out of other money. They blow response was well, you know money's fungible and that twelve million dollars that they take which Jones maybe they could use it now and maybe the person that put that money would've been funded. Improvements to the library because you know they they they have finite money, and so I think you know the you know everybody's endowment has certain restrictions a lot of endowments and a lot of Dallas are tested. You know the the were going to give you something when. And you don't get it till I die. And You know of course, you look at some of the you know the leagues with Massive Endowments You know I'm not sure the you know the sec states especially, the state schools in the AFC have those kind of funds available. Yeah I just wondered because regardless whether you're at twenty or thirty percent fans, which seems to be the norm right now in the SEC, it's still going to be pretty tough to deal with with with the losses and I just. I don't even know what Tennessee's endowment is doubt. It's Significant reader my my problem with it is regardless of what it is. You know you you. You should all this TV money's been rolling and maybe you should say that more. we have it probably hasn't been held by the two of us. Right My problem with it was, you know money money to any charitable institution is fungible and you've got. You know you've got to look at the situation and say, okay if I'm holding. You theoretically, you want to hold the principal and live off the interest, right? I don't know I've seen some this much wasted. At the University of Tennessee in regard to Butch Jones I'm still mad about that one because I think that that that was handled very very poorly I hear you. Hey, thanks for the call. We always great to talk. Look forward to hearing from all of you. When we, come back. Listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast you know. Did you know GEICO's now offering an extra fifteen percent credit car and motorcycle policies. That's fifteen percent on top of what Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your baby to let you sleep in a? Sleeping in another half hour. Thanks Sweetheart. and. You'll change yourself to. There's never been a better time to switch to geico save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October seventh limitations apply visit GEICO DOT COM for details. Out The no. Get. All the quality parts you need at your locally owned Napa because right now, when you order from nap online, you can pick up curbside your local store in just thirty minutes or get your order delivered direct to your door with free one day shipping on over one hundred and sixty thousand quality parts when you spend thirty five dollars or more quality parts delivered quickly and safely. That's NAPA know how know how participating stores started shipping exclusions apply. COTY is up next in Florida, Connie and welcome good afternoon. Thank you Mr Find Bonds for taking my call I. Had we've heard or read about what the football players are doing to be Kovic safe and I was just wondering about the marching bands and the cheerleaders and the mascots, what they doing, and are they going to be able to participate, and also if I might just put a little plug in for Justin fields because I am a football, Ohio State Fan, he still needs twenty six thousand signatures for his petition. So anyway, thank you. I've signed ten times tonight I'm in I'm in his next before before I get to you I mean, I don't think we know the answer to the marching band I. Think it's unlikely. We'll see marching bands. But they are an integral part of college football cheerleaders. I do you know the answer to the cheerleaders and marching band question? Will you know there'd be enough empty. So everybody can. Instance could use an entire section for the marching band. And it makes them sound bigger. I don't know about cheerleaders but I guess you know you know public the schedule was really really interesting. And I may have to Stand back for a moment. Depending on the commercialization of the of the history see in the college game. But schedule is real interesting. Let, let's just say. We get to a couple couple of weeks of the season. A player to test positive on one team now that been exposed to everybody on that field. is a quarantine everybody to pull those players off and what happens if if some teams have to forfeit along? Say We'll get through the ten weeks. This I think it's highly likely that there's some teams that may forfeit along the way. What happens if it's some? Let's just say the season. In week seven six. And if everybody comes back to play in the spring, can the teams it played now? Come back and play springs. No. I'm in Let me let me give you the easy answer without even knowing the question. If at any time the in the season, we have a shutdown. Alabama is declared the winner. Hell? No because there's all this it's obvious albums going. Out of. Its. It's obvious. Albany was go joked life father. Brian Deane. Stadium Ball has never had a live else put in that building. that. Has, Auburn. Ever heading tire. Got Eagle then we and you know what? I tell you what hey. Wait a minute wait a minute. Wait a minute. I never heard of the Auburn Eagles. Well people call them the war eagles even. Wait a minute worry. Tation is not a mascot. Understand what it is but let me tell you what Auburn does have. They have a women a winning record in Bryant Denny Tub reveal and Jordan Hare. Okay. You know what Paul you have. Good. I'm going to do everything I can to accomplish that. Thank you for the call Jonathan. In Atlanta Hello Jonathan. and. How's IT going Paul? Very well, thank you. Hey I I was in earlier I heard you talking about you know the fact that we need football and how important is and how many people dependent on it and and just wanted you know kind of get your thoughts on a couple of things. I mean, firstly, I wanted to say that. I I thought it says album emigrant excited about it. You know honestly it's probably one of the best schedule Sparse competing all SEC. No just the excitement of watching who to be competing against and Georgia early those type of things just great. You know. But at the same time I, have to humble that excitement with the fact like I was saying the other day. that. We have a hundred and one thousand. No Americans dead. You know we still have a lot of cases out there and I just want to get your thoughts on. How far in the season you know high school and and college how far suit go before you know we say okay, that's too much because I was talking about that. No one. You know, I think the big ten in the big twelve PAC twelve one to say you know they didn't want to risk their young men not long term health so far should we go whether it's the light firstly and then I think secondly you know How are we gonNA feel morally if you know even if we don't have any, you know problems right now young man but three, four, five years down the line you know they have harding. She's a other issues that come from the virus. Now, what is the more consideration for that? You know how she we deal with them morally now? Johnson you've asked some. Questions. I don't know when it would end and no one else does either I feel really good about the fact that we're still talking about it and a month ago I didn't look very good It looked like this thing was going to crash and burn. So I think everyone is most everyone is really fired up and excited to see the season progress but there are still five weeks away I? I know it's late. August. It feels like the season's should be here but that what's the three week delay for the SEC meant and? Remember? Last? Year. Miami in Florida met in Orlando on August twenty. Fourth. So I mean if you go back a year, we are a week away from the start the season, and it's still a long way to go to sound like I'm reading from a manual here. But you have to try and I think they're going to try they'll watch it closely. And if you get to a point where it's untenable, you shut it down. It's really simple I. think they're prepared to do that I think the more difficult question is trying to get from here to September. Twenty Six Libya's up next libby you're on the air go right ahead. Hey Hey Paul good to talk to you. It's like you. Won't even say many. But the longer I sat the more things I thought of first thing though is since like fruit basket turnover with the schedule why did they not? At. The same time and the thought that it could be cut short I mean do you really want to wait and see what Alabama and Auburn do next year? So. You're you're asking if I understand correctly, why didn't they start the season earlier? Dot. To do what you're GONNA do. Quoc important. Game. Will but. Libby. I know the I know what you're asking because I I lived in Alabama for thirty years. So I don't you don't need to explain it to me, but I will try to explain it overall I think they. They wanted to try to preserve every week being different and traditions do matter, and if you get three or four weeks in and don't get to the Alabama Auburn game, it's it's a loss but you know you have other games. The Alabama Texas A and M. Game Week to believe it's pretty significant game. The Georgia game week four is in my mind the game of the year in the SEC. So you know this is a conference looking at the schedule broadly and objectively, versus maybe what you are not may want and what we are used to be pretty cruel not at the Alabama Auburn game in but that is not the number one priority we are. Officially. Out of time for this program, we appreciate all of you for being a part of it some really interesting guests today we'll. Uh, see you right here tomorrow. Thank you for listening to the Paul Finebaum Show podcast the Paul Finebaum show ears weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern. 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