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The Roy's realm makes its return filled with proclamations in about fifteen minutes. It's very popular and I guess now I would probably be a good time because a whole lot of people right now our new around here because of some recent doings and so I'd like to explain what our show is <hes> for the next thirty minutes so that you can laugh with us. We don't often do this because we're a bit of a spoof of sports radio. Show and many of us are ourselves but also the weirdest loudest most annoying volume volume turned up version of ourselves yeah. When Dan made this mistake he was only acting congratulations j. girl because your fly girl? You're still fly girl now so mike hates when I explained the show and he should hate when I explained the show. I don't want to ever explain the show do you. Although I would've loved to explain last week why it is billy was in front of that camera for a minute looking scared and all of you think he looks scared because he was scared and he was scared but he couldn't hear anything. I was saying not word of what I was saying he could here. He didn't even have his eye of being. That's just how he looks all the time scared and so the debate always rages on in here inclusive or versus exclusive. It's a it's a the truest Louis criticism of our show. It sometimes feels to inside. It's an inside joke and you have to listen to it and you're incentivized to listen to it to get their jokes all over the place. You may get some of them. You may not get others of them but just know that all of you who thought that billy and do God's looks scared and I just regret that any viral clips of me aren't with me and a costume because one day I want one of these clips to go viral with no explanation with me you went gumby viral and so people think that billy this is going to be really funny to the people who like this. Show people think that billy was running off the set because he was scared and that's not the he he was being told to get back to Harry Butts to get. That's what Harry Balls Harry every balls at the fine yeah. You can understand why you made me wait a minute. What that that Eh you control this thing I mean you control source the forces you tempted but that that were explaining the show yes well? I WANNA it can laugh at myself is the point because a lot of people don't think I can that. I'm to impact to it all right and maybe I if you're listening to our show for the first time Harry balls is a former Fort Wayne. Indiana needed some explaining that theme Music Music Forces beyond our control that sometimes randomly as whenever appears whenever a magistrate of content. That's the theme song and we have to go to answer a question. That's in there all right so anyway. Just you need to know that students was watching golf during that clip. He wasn't paying any attention no idea what was listening anything I was saying if you were to lose all five of your senses. How would you know if you truly alive so that is the question? It's very very difficult question. The question is you lose all five of your sense. You cannot taste anything you well hold on a second you want to name the five senses agility agility speed strength awareness and hands hands all hands team. What happens if you lose all that I mean if if you were lose all five of your senses? How would you know if you were truly alive? I I'm just can't myself breathe. I lose. I'm breathing but can I feel I noticed. How do you notice that you're breathing? How do you notice it? Oh man that's your allies. I mean how would you know. How do you know if you don't have any of your senses in your brain is working? This question is about the sole <hes>. Can you tell if you're alive. If none of your human traits are available the religious questions born this way I'm alive. I mean about that. I definitely not sure you have so I told did you guys before the greatest question ever as e._S._p._N.. Was Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilpon drew. Rosenhaus was their guests than Kornheiser asked him. Do you have a soul and Rosen houses. Answer was like typical agent talk. Oh Yeah I have a soul because I treat my clients well and we thinks more torturous being born with all the senses and at some point in your adult life losing all of them the SA- question or just being born without any other. It's using them yeah right age taste. Yeah you know what it is. The Adrian Peterson that is correct because the reason the Adrian Peterson stories making me sad that is not because he's a dope or because he didn't learn any of the previous lessons before him. The reason that makes me sad is the worst kind of poor to be is poor after you've been rich yeah like that's that's. That's the that I've I've told you guys that story that crazy story involving the Philadelphia Eagles where Dick for meal Leonard Toes lived in a stratosphere he was <hes> the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and he lived in this stratosphere where he was spending big money a gambling tables and was suing casinos casinos because he gets so drunk that he wouldn't sign a signature correctly and he tried to get his money back and he went really br like broke broke and he's sitting in his mansion and they've taken all the stuff out of there and Dick for meal. WHO's trying to help him comes in and his saying into him? I got all your friends together. I got all your friends together. I know you're proud. I know you're proud but we want to help you. We raise ten million dollars to help you and his response was. I thought you wanted to help me like yes but that's where Adrian Peterson is. That's Adrian Peterson. How is he going to make the money that makes him a Ford? The Jamie Fox is coming to his party. Three hundred people flown in First Class. If that's how he's living it's going. It'd be hard to go to Rama noodles. I actually think it's worse to have been born without any of the sensations because say I lose all of them in my adult life. I'm still conscious right. That's how I know him alive. My consciousness and I have all these sensations mm stations that I recall in my memory that can borrow from if I'm just born into the world without it. That's no way to live. Let's add is it. That's a but if you've got your consciousness and you're in a Komen. You're being kept alive by machines but you're saying judge Eh Pero the Black Mirror episode. I wasn't thinking of that but thank you great soundtrack. Elon musk is trying to put chips in our brains. You know what I'm Don. Hold on a second. I'm done with the magic creative. Condo never be this is yes. It is is a great question. Maybe we can get back. I will agree that the magic creative content was indeed magical in that circus. Okay we all agree. We agree that once you had a party with cameras you can't go back to having parties without camel hamels stuff. You should put that on the poll at Lebatardshow once you've had a party with cameras. Can you go back to parties without cam and why is that true for most things it's it's worse if you experience it and it had it ripped away but not true with love <hes> the re this is very we're going very deep. Thank you Mike because you know you're alive because you have a soul and you have love <hes> but what I was beginning to explain or trying to begin to explain before fear gripped me and the staff is that his better to have love and laws than to never have loved it all about that. These show aim free time for some ads. How was his how that Dylan thing? He uses hefty bleeping times. He doesn't have any other moves. He's how does the greatest quotes ever stopped it. I'M GONNA keep. Going to it Jordan mid range jumper that the D. Wade pump fake ever that my point is look. Look at the environment we have around the reason. It's been this way for the last thirty minutes. If the Kareem abdul-jabbar Skyhook that James ordered step back you should start you should start actually trying to do it in different tones like speaking it in like you're working on your game like your work like saying it differently but it's a mark burly pickoff move the point being that we can laugh at ourselves around here for you newcomers and the greatest example. I have of that recently that I haven't been allowed to get to the last thirty minutes because we've had too many device inside jokes in the show that we had to get to like cody is that I'd like to spend the rest of the show making fun of this congratulations j. girl because your fly girl you're still apply girl. I want to get back to that. I can't do it next though because we got more gimmicks that we're going to have to explain an interesting creature inhabits the flat arid planes of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead it's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having of brain function but when the bubble had his how GEICO not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to Geico is a no Ukraina glad easy. You can get whiplash Donlevatar. Some people might think that I love. You are the three best words together for me. That's not what the three best words together are still God's three best words together are Stugatz just making a point and going. How's that sound or a derivative? How about that as my favorite here you can eat some of this? How `Bout that house? How is that sound it's I? I don't think there are three better words in the language. I think you guys noticed man like and how about that. V._C.'s live at our show with his two guys on E._S._p._N.. Radio Mike Mike you want to explain this or are. We don't explain things around here. We Wanna be exclusive not inclusive. We just do things when they're ready to be done. We don't explain them so here. We go ladies and gentlemen. It has been awhile since we did this on the radio. It is time for Roy's realm splendor gene down. Now is your sovereign Supreme Royal Highness eating. I will breath. I Miss Hockey hockey was that was that it said hockey wit. Stop playing hockey because we've medieval times. Just throw things out there. A bunch of Medieval folks right mckean. Yes what else happens in hockey that we might like even four goals header heating as the puck the PUCK. I don't really know but there's jousting jousting on salt shops rate and what was this. There's a team called the nights. Yes that's a cheap. Those night's golden wouldn't play in the Kingdom of Las Vegas City of seem to be banished GALACTICA MO- as gets married at the end of the week guys Westchester take proclamation favorite part. Yes this is Mike King issues and order that all of you mouth breathe those must fun the extended their the automation and I don't know what I'm sorry people on the highway trying to cheese lanes before the REC- Chrissy exit highway changing lanes free high varies on the road passageway for the horses and carriages and such street one that makes rules it does who are trying to get on exit at the last second. I will not let you in front of me of course because you like no no so you guys instead of it has been well since we've done this on the radio tuning signal highway expressway haven't vintage so many ways. Let's congratulations to Tim Duncan on becoming the assistant coach forty Antonio Spurs Timothy Dunkin. He was born three years before I was born. I loved him. He's always been a sperm believe it or not even Medieval Times Popovich and Tim Duncan have been around for yes. Yes yes the Weird Tennessee that never went back to back in your mind. Does that affect how you regard them. As one the great it does actually is manage nobly hall of fame account what he did on the international level. I believe the proclamation implementation is rather practice on that chant a lot of don't need practice for that fatty her shallow Hal Lee takeover. It's getting sloppy. You should get help as bleed talk about you. Entry in the trailer came out for a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood. WHO WHO TOM wait a second boy blade? What is blade I laid is a fictional character into a movie all right and West? It's a blacksmith explain. The batch one drill came up beautiful day in the neighborhood uh-huh. Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers. What when asked how about that so he wins the asking price Oscar surprise one of your servants? No no seven is a guy named Oscar. Give it to Misa hanks in appreciation for Likability as proclamation formation the best uniforms in sports launched into Chicago Blackhawks home and you don't think it's on the line no native American face a proud. Native Warrior I'm standing up but it's also tune of one different flesh tones feels like you could easily make an actual hawk. That is the colored black. We don't need to keep putting phases of indigenous people are Jerseys Saudi Astro Coats in blows the Cleveland Indians and that was that was okay. Cleveland Indians got it that one was over the top we all for whatever reason is just accepting and it makes twenty nine hundred and in the Washington racial slurs dismal. There's a few blackhawks lying under the crowd NATO lawyer really are wait a second. What what I'm saying character? I'm blaming coach. There were three alison. There are three emmy nominations snubs that <hes> really made me angry. The nominations came out rea- seahorn from better call sell Komo Alden in Iowa cash as well yeah. I'm very it doesn't sound angered at all like at all then we'll al-Din for better things in cash from iota works ignited claiming yes. I was angry with the very yes yes listen industry proclamation okay great sending it's what we call that in the fees that's what I said quickly be desired away E._S._l.. Of Tea on China interesting right now in his proclamation okay here. We go get the timing. Let's do the grilled. Cheese is the best especially with that right. Embraced debate is what I always say so it should be I soon and petered out there that is all Donlevatar Ron Carter Vice beat Cam Manetti in terms of rugged hand. I think so what about Derek Bell. I don't think I mean we're talking device lies and Ken Committee. I don't think Derek Bells in that conversation. How Morris how about Mo Vaughn Mo Vaughn might be in the conversation? Good one doesn't have rougher Hanson how Morris Sean Casey effort fans what maybe Stugatz good take my good strong. Take on that you know what is usually followed by an opinion the mayor. I feel like the mayor had soft hands I do I do too. I think they're A._B._C.. habe soft gentle caressing hands yeah. I believe that to V._C.'s Zedong Lebatardshow with two guys on E._S._p._N.. Radio did Saturday's result make you think that the one thing left to lure floyd mayweather out of retirement is manny Pacquiao the fight that that would that would pay there has been in the history of sports. There have been very few business mercenaries like Floyd Mayweather <hes> he he values money. He's nicknamed money. A he shows off his money last video I saw him. He had one point eight million dollars laying around in his house and he was showing off the biggest cartier bag in the world. It was just one point eight million dollars. There were the twenties over here and the hundreds hundreds over there the way he burns through money. Though does he really value it or does he just like it because he doesn't seem to value money at all like he'll just hand people fifty thousand dollars to sit on their beach chair. I feel like if he's thousand dollars. It's ten thousand dollars evaluating your money. Billy is right there. I mean he likes money. Okay Fair enough. Put It on the poll. Guillermo at lebatardshow Floyd Mayweather. Does he like money or does he value money. You got me thinking of who are the biggest mercenaries in sports and I Google rule dead and I'm just shocked. I don't know why I'm going to research this but the tennis player Monarto Mitch on this list not find out more. It's who who do they do do like Kurt flawed or Daryl rebus for example Rivas was reverse was a mercenary are scenario urban Meyer mercenary like where you're just hiring somebody from the expendable and you're paying them your soul and you're like win me something yeah they say Carmelo and you can understand why he he doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to him if he damages is the team that he's going to he wants at Max. Extension never really took a discount. Do you think that Floyd Mayweather is a drawn out of retirement by Manny Pacquiao winning his eighth his title his title in an eighth weight class. I think Floyd Mayweather drawn out of retirement for just a big paycheck well. I guess what I'm asking you set it up. This paycheck is what I'm asking the we saw this lame really disappointing. They're just going to say oh. Manny wasn't right that time and they're gonNA try to sell you on this. This time it'll be better more action packed because Manny's right and look he's a champion despite how they you know they can. <hes> you know manicure these things in a way they can finesse these way classes in a way to make Manny Pac L. A. Champion and we've seen many patio firearm out the same but Thurman Thurman talked so much before that fight and his style was particularly not conducive to what pack yeah does which he's so why the pack yeah I was hidden in ten times before he's gotten one of those cannons off off and that guy that guy it was legitimate fight or pack Yao in his forties Beata legitimate fighter beat beat them for the title. Nobody's saying nobody thinks Thurmond got robbed I but the endgame is obviously considering the social media strategy and it's not like we're not stupid. This has been the endgame Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather to and the Mike we are stupid. We just paid for McGregor Mayweather that was glow Whoa Whoa whoa back lasak up and they're not gonNA put Patio and the ring with someone that can actually beat him occasionally. You'll have Andy Ruis like ruined set plans for mega fight but typically you got to put guys in the ring against Manny Pacquiao when the game is a rematch with floyd mayweather with guys that he can beat. That's what happen here and take my money because the super fight and it's fun. I'll bring the beers. I'd rather see Bieber Tom Cruise all that's a good question right there. Which would you rather see at Lebatardshow Pack Yeah Mayweather or Bieber Tom Cruise? I think BIEBER got scared. Though he backed off he did not by the reports that I was reading. Bieber was a person that was a main catalyst of this and was working phones with Dana White behind the scenes teams reported. Where is Dana White? We were supposed to have him today at noon. I WANNA ask him about this. Where is he? I'd ask him MHM worries at but he's not joining us in so I don't know what happened. We still don't know whether it's rescheduled. You can ask them where he was today. Next FRY okay next Friday. We will ask him about because the Justin Bieber. Tom Cruise fight if we're just GONNA fool around with this stuff mayweather McGregor was a circus act. Why wouldn't you make this the Circus Act? Why wouldn't it's E._S._P._N.? Plus now. You don't think people would gather around E._S._P._N.. Plus if Tom Cruise was fighting Justin Bieber. I actually think that might be the super fight like the superpipe. The Super Fight Bieber had now that ruis ruined everything by taking out Joshua. I think the super fight might actually be what Christmas just saying there crews against Bieber aside from Vigdis over the rock after that and there's a beat this was just a concoction that we dreamed up between Bieber and cruise rock diesel real legitimate beef and he had to create separate projects under the same umbrella just because they couldn't be seen together. You guys agree with Dan. Do you feel like mayweather. McGregor was a clown fight. I don't I macgregor had him on the ropes and he did. I thought he was GONNA win. Yeah so this guy's disproving that it's stupid what you're doing right now that that was stupid that was good. You can admit that that was fun those a fun nine months saying it's not fun but we that's what we're doing boxing expert. Oh there wasn't Jill especially some so in Mr Whatever we talked boxing all the sudden he becomes you know he becomes boxing. aficionado weird. You Square up like the Notre Dame logo pugilist specialist. You see what work was not as. Well how long lineage of bare knuckle fighting in the streets of Ireland Donlevatar you guys don't think that I would lose a fight against gene hackman but you do think I'd lose one to Clint Eastwood Rush you lose to hack into you. GotTa be honest with Yeah Stugatz. That doesn't mean I can't fight now. My fighting game has been. I haven't used it in about nineteen here. I mean have you ever seen every which way but loose man he would kick your tail. I mean if he brought the ranting. We just throw a handful of gluttony neuron. You'd be like cheating. Throw things at gene. Hackman doesn't play fair. You know he does not come on guys guys. What do you mean I can't win a fighting on across Gene Hackman look at his base man? It's such an angry face seriously he would take you out to the woodshed. These live with our show with two guys on E._S._P._N.. Radio how old oldest Gene Hackman now is he retired. Did he retire without fanfare because he's gotTa be close to ninety and Clint. Eastwood is somehow still trying to make movies. I mean Hackman is eighty nine years old. <hes> who's WHO's <hes> age stunned you. I mean J. Girl. She's fifty today. Let's get back to that. I would love to so earlier in the show. I said this congratulations J. Girl 'cause you're fly girl. Oh you're still apply girl and I don't think she'll get a better happy birthday today. I really big girl because your girl you're still fly girl. I really there's nothing Iraq you do aron. I know you've got the big contract ed boy but you will never be as graceful and casual and smooth Zion Congratulations J. girl because your fly girl you're still apply girl. That's exactly how it would do it if I was trying to do it in a way that going to be funny congratulations J. Girl 'cause you're fly girl. You're still apply girl however that was not on purpose that was just general fear around me congratulations J. Girl 'cause you're fly girl. You're you're still apply girl. I if this needs some context just no. This is how I talk when I'm afraid congratulations J. Girl 'cause you're fly girl. You're still apply girl that Jay girl transition to fly girl okay that nervous wreck gracefully Jaylo ages. Here's Dan at the same age congratulations J. girl girl. You're still doing better than I diane. Have you thought about reaching out what do you think A. Rod is going to <hes> just inundated her with gifts and then immediately call page six and and tell them off the record occurred off the record. I bought her a rainbow <hes>. They don't really actually have they don't don't they don't have the technology for it yet but I talked to somebody at Apple I gotta deal and I bought her a rainbow. They do enjoy this power couple stuff they they do seem to revel in it and and you know what it's part of the appeal honestly for me when a lot of power couples they try to shy away from the light and keep their private life private not this duo well who does that mean Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union do this while they let us into their bedroom. Yes who else does this one other Powell's coil and it's a good way for them to evolve their little bit out of the Social Social Media Age right in terms of what it's a good way for them to evolve everything they are. I feel like Russell Wilson and Sierra doing that to a degree. John Legend in Chrissy Teigen's very again. One is Russell Wilson actually participating very much in that because I I don't follow him on social media because he's not someone whoever says anything interesting <hes> in my experience so is he is he actually playing along because the quarterbacks usually avoid all that stuff the quarterbacks don't want any of the stuff that can get into their life from social media other than Baker Mayfield to apparently doesn't mind signed fighting with people. I find interesting I am here in two thousand nineteen for the quarterback who with a wink in a smile doesn't mind being a troll like Baker Mayfield knows exactly what he's doing to Colin cowherd knows exactly what he's doing. He's just going both ways. Yes both of those guys. That's that is a wrestling skit what's happening between Colin Coward and Baker Mayfield and do not let anyone tell you otherwise they are doing wrestling. Those are not real feelings. I wish we can find. I wish we could feud with Baker Mayfield hand. I mean we feuded with everyone. Who can we do this with? I would love to break. We'd have to go the other way. You'd Mitch Trubisky that one well. Let's fight Mitch trubisky risky. We're enemies now. Deal with it. Yeah trubisky your overrated. Yeah learn the throw more accurately on the run pal what kind of names Dubinsky I can't win. A championship with my quarterback named your Bisky you get to the N._F._l.. Among just supposed to call you Mitchell you're Mitch Mitch Pillar Mitch. I can't win a quack. Put on the poll Guillermo. Can you win a super bowl with a quarterback named Mitch. I don't think he's ever been done also appreciate you leave in U._n._C. or killer. All right hasn't Mitch ever won anything as a Mitch everyone anything put that on Nepal Gamut Lebatardshow you eat hot dogs Weird Mitch guys. Let's bet we got him. We are going to bury him. Let's inside a a real fight with Mitch trubisky which is much Lamer than the one Colin cowherd has with Baker Mayfield. That's much better one. Would you not agree bitch. Gaylord is a gold medalist. Oh that's right eighty four Olympic team I did. I know that so you accused me of having the weird wheelhouse of boxing you accuse me of being the weezer great time in the mid eighties for men's gymnastics. It's the first thing you've got right around here. In about two decade remember a former gymnast dad a bar connor. It was really one of the Great Olympic teams of all time tremendous that always buy Ford the weirdest line that you had a day. Let's examine this for a second. Let's examine all of this for a second <hes> what just was stu gods trying to flex his Mitch Gaylord Muscle what just happened there where he snuck in with just a random Mitch Gaylord fact and then fled the premises he was like Magic Olympics. Those eighty four games were magical man they really were you had car Lewis Breaking breaking records and the one hundred you had Edwin Moses. It was a great time for sports in the United States less time you paid attention in a way that retain things in sport. I believe so yeah yeah the men's gymnastics team you had the women's gymnastics team that both both won gold yet individual goals for Bart conner mainly retin L._A.. It was an amazing amazing Olympic Games. The eighty four Olympic gains the greatest Olympic Games of all todd. You remember I would Moses Right. I Eddie Johnson decathlon. What is going on right now? I am sorry that never before. Have I done this. The show you WanNa do Mike Scrap everything we had planned for the twelve o'clock hour and let's do nothing but Olympics talk from nineteen eighty-four because God's has been dying weirdly have this show and finally the repression has come out. Unfortunately I fear that he gave us everything he had right there. He doesn't have another word to offer. They had it in the L._A.. Coliseum you had I think it was muhammed. Ali who took me final torch and now it's a slew of Olympic Bakery and lousy him Jamaican bobsled team the Yamaguchi they of course Jesse Owens who can forget that is broad had strug stick the landing and Bella Corollas there to lift her out but it was amazing. We won that Hog Championship at nineteen eighty at lake placid okay. Do you believe in miracles. Yes Michael Summer Games. Get you believe they played that game. Most people think they play that game in winter say they played it outdoors at L._A.. Frederick Vic- added offense garnered duct on him in an auto policy from state farm gets you collision coverage and his radio ads from state farm gets you coverage of this beloved nineties hits.

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