Gaming Fixx LOTR 11/11/20 Ep#46 Spooky Thoughts


Guts was hopping around tokyo steady. Like a big playground. Bad man. I got expensive opened. Came out of the blue wave started breeding kilo. Neil then they will kill them. We can make it back to the bat cave. Hanley popped forty seven under. his hat. ran out of because on the bad guys explosion as far as the. I can't see that this is destiny and welcome to gaming fix. I am frank. How're you and Era from critical. But it's been a minute since we've done this last time. I did this kind of by myself. I had had their stopped by little bit later. So i don't know maybe discombobulated me so anyway. I guess we'll do what we do. How did you get your game on. Daryl it's been a few weeks But i have been playing some games I just started this one last night. tetris affect connect is the for town like So this is tetris with a equalizer race. It's very zen about Depending on let Difficulties i it's like every thirty two lines. The song change is and goes to new equalizer and the spree speed goes up and down based on. How many lines you go through And like four to five songs per part of the campaign so it's touches to this really cool then equalizer That's basically needy and Also like probably goes into a lot of other Edm genres that. I'm less familiar with but I have actually been letting that. I was up at three. Am in the playing this thing for like two hours in the dark with headphones on so that just came out on tuesday and that's been a lot of fun The most recent game. I finished is hotline miami I actually picked up the collection of the i do Released on xbox one like last week and if you haven't checked out hotline miami there is little playthrough available on critical flop but it is a top down. How do you describe hotline miami. Really fast action game The whole premise is. It's nine thousand nine hundred nine and you are a hitman named jacket and it's really psychedelic trippy. Because the characteristics loosening points. But he gets a phone each mission. You get a phone call in your apartment and you go out and you go to this chasma notre floor floors and you have to kill everyone. This moves lightning pace. So someone see you and they run right at you and if you flinch for a second your debt so It is really fast really gory. Dark game but it has a nineteen eighty like late nineteen eighties coke by doing and it has a really great soundtrack is well. I would argue one of the coq as in like you know cocaine There's i'm cocaine as in like drug scene. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty s miami. Right aesthetic perfectly. Well there's a lot of dance club. the music bounces in Through very like moments of really good ambient sounds and really really calming songs and then to really hardcore like edm style from base Really good game really intense to play very difficult so i would recommend going to check that play throughout One of the other things. I've been playing this week A lot is the right question. Eleven demo which dragged eleven's actually two years dole already. I is set to release for xbox one spot series us as a edition on december third. I think yeah december third and It is. I've actually only played like drag quest eight. I think on the ps two so. I'm lee i figure with obviously the slimes and Some of the other kind of like aesthetics of it But i have never liked sat down and play through uphold right before i've been enjoying it. It what i really like about it is that the pacing is pretty good because a lot of j. rpg's nowadays you'll have a two three hour long intro in are really getting into steady battles this pace it out to where You had like attendant introduction and then you are already fighting in it a little tiny and it you know another ten minutes of st ory and then it broke to the main area so it was very good casing to get into the combat at the game which While i do really love things like persona and that gilmore ham on story elements. I have been really appreciating that. It's kind of an older Say eight sixteen bit aristotle. Jr pg in a way at least Acing but does have a to d mode which unfortunately i was not able to check out because that's not available in the Orioles but the cool thing about this is. It's only ten hours long so you can only pay play up to ten hours then released. But it's all constant aside. Judy mode is available. So a watch the game basically a month early with a few features lacking For ten hours which that's pretty cool. Version pge out. My especially since i played so many different games Getting a little bit of time to set up the game and then when it launches actually already be set up to take a deep dive into it right So those are a handful of the games. I've been playing this week. There's some others. There's this really funny game. I didn't think called party. Heart where It's an indie game. Where you are a serial killer who is tired of the parties dirty spring break and so you go on a murder rampage and you can mess with You so you go to a house party and you poison the food or set things to explode so like you setup stub the next person. They use it that will explode in their face. It's i mean. It is indie game that i bought for three bucks. It's not rape perec and quality and it is ridiculously stupid but it sounds like fun. I definitely i found the premise. Good enough to get deal that old school original. Gta style where it's like. Okay messing with things to have fun. This is in. You know anything here to take seriously. The continents itself is very freaky. Dark the dude. You don't mass. you do kill everyone already though. It's delivered very tongue in cheek One of the most luxurious things. You can't escape for the cops like their trapdoors and everything you can use to get from one side of the party to another but once you used that this little mario character a run out and then killed at up and you'll have So if some lines up seeing like say stab someone or sees you putting a body you know trying to hide a body. They'll try to go call cops so That's one of the funner any games. I've been playing. There's a lot of other stuff. But i haven't been you decide bonded dumpster and the cops don't see her now. The thing about the game is year. You can lose very easily. You like if they go the cops and you're not right near one of those trapdoors like you can basically not really on outrun the cops and you kick. It caught very quickly. Like i will eventually upload the video of it I was shocked with that. It's well you know you could get like a five star investigations like behind this dumpster. I'll be good. I'll be good. That's not how that works if the yeah the way. I got grand theft auto for achievement. For like it's like maintain a five star level for twenty. Five minutes was inside of a hospital. Okay at this point like it would have grown right hospital. Come on now like this guy's enemy number one. Killing kill a always had that like absolutely ridiculous this at at the very least provides a little bit of a challenge the doing the chaos because the chaos is the point while there was an actual game in the original. Gpa's as to there was. It was pretty good though. No one really played it. They were like we can make our can still car and it can fly in the air gossip. That's on something like that. Let's go to the old school. Two d isometric ones on the pc like the for it went three. When i was talked down. Like i remember the whole big thing. Why loved it was that it was just could go around causing absolute chaos. And that's the thing and as games started the belt more atmosphere more aesthetic and you know hire production policies. I've noticed that element is harder to for developer to get like. I don't play modern. Dj with that intent or you know at redemption or any of these other. You can definitely cause trouble though. Oh yeah you can. But that's not. Why play them right now. I'm i'm more concerned with the enriching game mechanics or the campaign or what at and it's very hard for a game. I've noticed nowadays like it was years ago. That terrible game like a hatred which was like go on a mass shooting like was the whole aesthetic of it. And it's like yeah. This is the same like gameplay wise. It's the same chaos but this premise is really stupid. how they're setting it up. Definitely expect more. Having played games for over thirty years. I spent more than you know what was going on in the late nineties early two thousands as far as this type of content and i found party hard to be at these full dark enough but tien chee economic to actually not be like. Oh this is crap right right. Richard you so that covers my gaming over the last few weeks what you've been up to. I saw you guys covered indicated for a while we did cover indicate Indicate and if you listen to the episode it's like basically was really hard to cover on as like once which channel that going on constantly and some of those and like i got i even got bad my badge upgraded because stephanie's willing to do that for me no problem and like i couldn't take advantage of it because it's like okay. This improv thing is on at five. Am or this thing that you want to check out is on at or it'd be like during my dallas's or be like weird times i saw of that. I mentioned the a. r. g. that i was part of that was like It was going into a space and trying to figure out like how to fix things but my bone at like eleven o'clock or no one o'clock on isn't super charged by then. And then you put that with a zoom program. That's rolling and i mean it. Just it died. It died in the middle of the game. Like thirty nine cents. I watched like half of it and then my phone just died car will drive on but no lady was cool but as far as One i've been doing in like one thing. I i wanna previous this thing. We made this clear before as far as getting your game on. You know what. I'm talking about that. I'm talking about game activities. So that's like you know. We've we've covered movies before carson movies again. i It was hall wing. And i set out to watch halloween movies. And the after that on somebody was mentioned And i'm going to get into the halloween movies. That's the point that someone had mentioned. They're like well you know. Two thousand and twenty has been a real pain for everybody so if somebody wants to. you know. Have a christmas tree in a bathtub. Full of candy whatever Then i'm fine with that because whatever floats their go to this point because you know however they can be happy. And i'd like responded with will watch more halloween movies. And so like i started you know halloween week and then you know just started carrying over just started. He watching so. The first thing that i watched was What was it. Oh it's weird because underwrite it down. It's a well. I'll just go through through the ones i remember and i'll probably go back and just won't be an order. Now we can live with that okay. I'm so the one that i did watch a been wanting to see him for a long time. Because i thought it would have explanatory lore in other words. I thought that i would finally understand the mysteries and miracles of this movie. I think you know which one i'm talking about. He's probably on the post. Actually yes hellraiser. Yes site for the when you posted about the question. Yeah so it was hillary. Yeah no it doesn't it doesn't explain anything and basically it's a i've got to say pretty much the The devil in miss jones and hellraiser might be the same movie. It's possible except for less porn. Look that up. Kids will hopefully kids on watch the show too much. But you know what i'm saying like if you're a gamer and you're curious you'll understand the reference but basically She just wants to get with this guy deserved. Who's up the brother of and you know. I say spoilers but this movie is was may nineteen seventy-two. Yeah hellraiser is so long hair so so tough about spoilers guys so tough about spoilers. I'm just. I'm not uh eller salaries at this point. It's like spoiler surprised at thirteen. Like we we kinda should know as horrid ops so basically She decided she wants to be with the brother to the point that like he manifests and then she's like well. I guess of. I have to invite joan callers over so that way. He can murder them so that that way he can get more parts to his body and he ended versus like. It's a hard no on on your brother. You can't you can't kill my husband. That's and then he's like this is like well. I guess so and then like the main character is kind of main character because she comes into in the middle is the daughter. And you know you have these and basically there's more there's no lor it's a cube. It leads to some kind of hellish dimension that somebody thought was of value. This dude in so he'd them a lot of money on a physical bam higher dimension. He stuff they're really in depan it. Yes and he's like a scumbag Completely can't even keep his frigging place. Lean like there's so many shots maggots in that movie. That is just for no reason. Just here's some larvae or you a lot of the movie. I think they use that as their. Oh yeah that's gross out the growth of the three major major owner of a horse I remember this from high school. Film analysis is gross out. Jump scare basically. I forget we may have called it. Something else see back psychological horror. So i don't feel like you need those things in your horror movies but some people and the other detention and that we live i like i like tension and like watchable war. That's my kind of thing. So see. I can deal like me and my film announced. This teacher had this argument in high school. All the time was what was the better horror. Show culture guys or jaws. i'm poltergeist. He's jobs now. I i love dr subway as even the gross out stuff. Sometimes if it's done right and done at the proper at the proper levels and for the right context. I feel that there were some eighties movies. The at did it very well like poker guys. And then you have. I can't remember so much i'll razor. Though that's the point of that a little different. I would say that somewhat the point of that is the gore not smash like. It's kind of like being naughty. You like hooks through your chest. So don't be nodding. It was kind of like it was made for mothers against fund. Is my friend used to use the term. But i can certainly see that if you were are more onto the jiggle. Flashlight tension lighter things. Where a film like hellraiser. Probably gonna be your favorite meal. But i've been wanting to see it. Because i thought it would have a story and then i was on now. Have you read any clip burger. So cli- barker. I haven't read much. But i did read the forward to one of his anthologies like a year ago he tended to write like compared to a lot of the other horror out. There was more about fasting dealing then having very specific story. Couteau graduate like. He's really into like the metaphysical kind of stuff and demons from other dimensions. Certainly like somewhat of a love. Crafty and influence but not entirely in aesthetics just in like that there's metaphysics not a physical properties. All of his work. What else did you wind up watching. So i watched one of my favorite Horror movies to watch in around. Halloween is always been Tells from the hood and it turns out. There was a tales from the hood for two thousand twenty. And i was like awesome really but the pimp is wasn't a wasn't there so i think he might have i kind of remember hearing something about him a tossing away. You know not that long ago That actor that used to always play the guy with the you know what the goal tooth and the cigarette. I think satan basically. I'm forgetting his name. But but the host the host. Yeah and so. Now there's a new host And basically it started out pretty cool. I won't. I won't spoil that. I mean it's two thousand twenty but i will say that it started out really cool It's got some nice twists to it All the stories really worked well together. it was. It was interesting It starts out And you find that out suit. Turn on the basically. There's a little girl that's with her with this Man and the man is trying to save her from the mon- serves or whatever and so they're like kind of on the run and try and going through and she's telling these stories and stories are super creepy especially for like this. Little girl is like she knows. He's really creepy. Creepy stores and the like one of them is About gentrification one of them is about oh yeah one of them is about Honestly it's it's almost identical plot to Batteries not included almost except for no Aliens but you know some you know some kid about kind of pretty much. The same exact character could easily be the same exact character that was in batteries not included Who's in going after ten and then there's a what. What was the other one. The other story was Oh about the sky's the real jerk instills things and he gets justice. Hurts to Anytime you have one of those like tells from the hood creep show masters the poor. You've got to have at least one that it's just about a dude who's a jerk getting a come up. Oh yeah for sure. And so that. Was i mean model number. Oughta that eighties horror films like a lot of slasher films and stuff were kind of based on that premise of like do bad things. Come out it. sure and So the next thing that i watch in like similar it's not an order was i found creepshow on They did a show animated special for this year. So i watched that and that was pretty cool It had two stories they were they. Were pretty good I thought the one they did a real like a lot of time on and the other one was quite as did but ono actually no both of them will really nothing about it was Basically about a survivor on an island. And what he was willing to do to survive which. I mean a lot of these by the way our tropes to if you're like the south korea it's not like and start logic creepshow and like till's when the hood the reason i did like my favorite type of comic book is like house of secrets house of the dead house of horrors like any of those that have like the little stories like that. I used to love to find league. Anytime i say much. I don't care about that either. I just wanna read them. I like i like remind me a book. I actually need to look into seeing. There's an audio version of called a ten cent plague which is about the satanic anik based around those horror comics and how there was a period of where each publisher which is basically one in one up each other Your point too is. I was actually going to mention twilight zone. All of these are seen any of these runs. All of these women's imagining are small. Little either horror shows homes usually by different director each time. They're very short contained stories. Yeah and i used to watch twice lone anna. I used to watch outer limits. And i've watched on the other one Oh amazing stories. See a lot of them. Go back to short stories as well. Like i know a lot of stuff on the our money is short stories and i think for a film like if you're going for an hour on worn out the short story is like the perfect thing to fill it is it is And so and the other one was a A circus on the middle of nowhere with this This girl that kept texting on her phone and she's like it was. It was really kind of crazy You should check that out darryl if you have a chance. It's on On hulu but. I'm not sure of all i'll check my you know. I know i actually probably have files the most of the subscription services. And i think they're either they gave away. A trial is a perk or their for folding disney plus into xbox game pass ultimate. Yeah it's possible I've got was trials. I'll be able to find it somewhere. I'll tell you probably be on the one thing. I don't have all look it up and tell you but And then also because i. It came up on hulu treehouse of horror. But i'll tell you like. I've seen some good treehouse of horrors. This year was not not one of them. Not one of them I think since needs to die in a fire. I think a lot of people have decided that. I think it's tom does it now. I'll be honest. I have not watched simpson's innocent key. There's like there's forty seasons so it's not like it will be in syndication until forever. You'll be able to watch it. Yeah you will see. I'm just saying stop making them. Because it's just if you're not in a way with it l. and well there's a lot to it. I know you had sent me. One of the videos covering the transition of homer may homer. Yeah wisecracked actually did a did one on home are like within the last week Same same top. But yeah since does kinda need to go diana fire like it's i have not seen it in for ever but i've just the general tone when people bring up the sentences like oh it did get worse. Yeah pretty bad. When i left off because i was watching it and the one of the things that surprised me is one okay. So one of the things they did is they did groundhog day. I'm groundhog day qualifies for treehouse of horror. Really it was kind of like okay. Oh that's i mean i guess but I mean you mean the groundhog day premise of leeann. Same day were yes. Okay okay. I thought york specifically saying something revolving ground off and i'm like well. That's no. That could be creepy. We they could go with that. They didn't go that way. An awesome but no. They didn't care about. Because i saw palm springs so i can't really say too much palm springs now very It's it's like a modern day. Grandma gay it's the same premise. Silla differences two people trapped inside a one yet. You have to have fans number else not that you have to have something else behind the groundhog day idea because there are some really good ones One of my favorite enemies. I actually figura. She nino key. I think is pronounced in english is translated to when they cry but the actual translation is closer to win the cicadas Though see the whole thing about this one Is delivered in four or five episode of bits and it slowly turns from slice of life anime into just brutal correlated horror. And see you have to end because it revolves around a festival and there's a it was a chooser are visual novel. Game will visual novel game on key. So they adapt it into the anime making it work as kind of film things go through all the different index that just like You know the one we watched. I haven't reviewed yet. That is definitely got groundhog day. Tendencies too so i mean you can use it as a as a vehicle and you can make it real and it works really well but i'm just saying just as far as like the way that they did it. I was not super impressed. And then There was some four type things occurring around in them. I guess but it was. Like i don't know i just wasn't super impressed with and then that the other one they did they did spider. Man what did they run out at twilight up. So stick still. I don't know they. They use of distill twilight zone episode. The signed the they didn't into the spider verse with homer. Okay and it was very but let's talk about all now montauk about a movie that i was really excited to see. I'm being facetious in brazil. This post to. Unfortunately i saw ten ten minutes of huby scene and i do not recommend it at all. I can't you'll be as india the the video streaming service no. That's but no i you said. Qb no huby. H me i. Oh he'll be okay. I don't know what that is. Adam sandler movie. Okay and i thought it was going to be something like maybe eight crazy nights. Were be kind of funding. You know and it just no no absolutely not it was. It was bad so bad of just done with it immediately like ten minutes in. I don't and i don't like the not just stop watching movies. Usually and i will say though that i did make a pack not a pack of myself a kind of a decision that if i didn't like it wouldn't be part of it anymore because i my time is valuable and i just like. Why am i watching this. I don't wanna watch this. So i'm not gonna turn it off entirely make sense. That's why i don't wa ultra-mini movies anyway. I actually did wash not really well. It's in the horror adjacent. I watch. I actually bought visually. Because i don't have physical copy anymore of hard candy. I'm not. I've seen it okay. So hard candy is a very very dr salam. I basically takes place in the premises that you have a fifteen year old girl that meeting thirty year old photographer You know older should not be taken up on fifteen year olds in a cox and then they eventually go back to his plays out of nowhere. He passes out turns. Up he's all tied up when he awakes and turns out yeah she knows he's a pedophile and that she's trying to find evidence of it of a particular girl that's missing and you have this like really extreme detente between the two and a whole bunch of ups and downs. Like wait. is he really or did you get an over his head. It's like oh no. Yes it really do that too. So it's one of my favorite films. It's very much guilty. Pleasure as far as like under the there. And i do believe it's based on a phenomenon that was occurring in japan in two thousand where Underage girls wooded bike invite petals online to meet somewhere. And then you'd have all been jap- girls and women jumping there s and that's basically you know where the guy got premise for hard candy really intense film Recommend it for those of h So if you are if you are disturbed by extreme content. I actually given into very sensitive subject matter i would say Pick another whole right. So i did watch out a good time cool I also saw the book of blood. Blood was a original from hulu. It's a very similar to It's another one would tails and the tells her dark and It was it was pretty. It was pretty well done. I thought In all the stories tied together. Which i thought was kind of cool and The first one it's a runaway. Who goes and finds a non-hostile but a Aben preface or a once a thing where they advertise online for airbnb and airbnb. It's an airbnb and they're like oh you're gonna join the family and we'll be great and things get really crazy and it. Yeah it's insane and then you find out that the the it's really weird because you're watching this and you're thinking like oh this person like she she doesn't deserve this and you find out. Oh she does. She does because I don't you might watch it though. I don't want to spoil it but it's it's a while it was pretty impressive and then when you find out Yeah the the whole thing was it was really good. It was really well tied in. It was a good good story and then I've been watching it which is really good I watched it all the way to the end. That was pretty cool And i of put it in that category But i watch a wanted. Those poor supernatural type shows. So i don't know some people are like well. You watch all the time frank but still at slow supernatural shows like they obviously supernatural. Would be one of them right. Yeah i have a quite a few friends really into supernatural. I've never gotten not one. i do. Enjoy started on mainland week show. I started maintaining buffy. When i was young in the nba. I was actually. I was going to go to like. I have enjoyed monster of the week. Like buffy would be one of them. I'm doctor. who would be another kind of think about it. I guess highlander would have been the first one of those types of things that i watch because i watch highlander when i was a kid one on usa all the time. There's also a lot of children's programming. When i grew up in which would be the late eighties early nineties. That was monster. The week kind of oriented. Trying to think if i was an adult when i was watching island. Yeah i think. I was going on but like highlander. Heller is cool though because like you would see like all the different on time periods and you live through it. I liked it then. I started watching buffy. It was funny. Because i heard about buffy. And i'm like oh. Can you believe their minimal rebound murphy show about buffy the vampire slayer let's selena. Okay whatever and the monday mama's watching it and like oh wait a minute and like i was being attention. Leo's like this is really good. The dialogue is really good. Show is really good. And i started watching it and watched it all the way until the end of angel where you know. They're attacking the Win they're like well. You get the monitor's on left. I guess we'll get the ones on the right and like it un's ends outlay and you know so therefore i was attached to joss and i'll be talking about johnson a minute but the next Show that i started watching was evil Heard that when i started watching it And i didn't. I thought it was a show. Thought it was a movie and then it was a suit series only. Oh i didn't want to get into series like. Oh well i guess i can watch it like during my Therapy whatever so. I started watching it on my holy crap like basically it starts out. It's a parental psychologist It's kind of procedural but not really on the guy in the church in they're trying to investigate these cases but it's procedural but it is exorcism procedural wait what it's extra schism procedural their shelter. Yeah they insult areas. They're checking the cases like checking for miracles possessions pretty much and there's this And then there's a demon in there which they don't she doesn't know she's actually seeing the demon which he sees him all the time. She doesn't know if she's having Like nightmares. Or if she's actually seen the demon and there's a prosecutor that is so evil enemy he is straight out evil they are like the he's honestly prosecutor he's a defense witness just like she started out as but ford. The catholic church Called her and visas like oh yeah and like they're like talking about So the criminal that she's investigating. Who says that he might have been possessed there Asking questions like in jail or whatever and he starts talking about how she killed like or About not how she killed but like the her seen the demon and what the demon said and stuff because what happened is the guy went and stole the records of the of the therapy session and gave them to the to the criminal so the criminal could say that he was possessed allow and creeper out his. He's like just this bad guy like the catholic church is like. Yeah that's that's floyd whose real name is like. that's floyd. He likes to hook up demons with criminals. And like you know corrupt people. That's his thing. We really don't like floyd in like your oh this. This premise sounds absolutely insane. Is it's really good I saw hellstrom which is okay. It's they've got a possess mother ones like some kind of energy vampire that kind of targets people and sells like antiquities. and the other is a Is a hunter for the catholic church. Like he goes around the hunts the first scene which is really funny is there like our son is possess. That goes in there and he's like this better be good like he shows up. He's like talking to the to the to the none. That lake called him and it's like the kids like sitting there and he's like okay. I'll be able to figure this out. Where's your bathroom like. Oh you know on the way up there. Whatever it's like okay. So he goes in there and like just covered in blood and feces and everything is like written all this shit and stuff and he's like all right. You know get out of here you come here you little bastard or whatever like the kid comes out and he's like all you sucking in like in a latin and whatever maintain no oh and latin okay. So well he takes the okay. Is this right so on the writing side of this. Is this more like actually diving into like more serious. Like actual based on tech stuff or is this zany kind of pop culture. You'll you'll let me finish the story and you'll get an idea. So he he takes the water dousing kid and he's like that's holy water and the kids all like stops talking in tongues and was like. Oh what's going on in like all the stuff 'cause like before he was like saying you will feed me or Or you will have hell to pay or something like that and then like He's like oh that's okay so you oh do you feel better my son or whatever it is yeah. He's like oh that's great courcelles bathroom water. I didn't use the toilet. 'cause i'm not mean and he's like marrara search yelling at him or whatever and he he goes titas moves hands. A bull ring of fire goes around him all the furniture like goes across this way and he's all like now. This is over. I want all that all that washed away with bleach and he walks away and the kids like talking shit again and he's all like with bleach and he does some of the thing in like just walks down the stairs and he's like god. I hate these. Because he's like he's the real deal and he got call bond like this kid that's lying and he's all like but it's like it's more of a slick type thing Where he he is like the exorcist that they call. They brought their own little program You get a feeling like that. The both him and his sister got it from his mom being possessed and that somehow he got magical powers because his mom was possessed and then the sister also got it but the sister is like. I don't care i just wanted to pretty much jill bob people or do whatever i want make money and then like the other one is vigilante. Yeah so it's pretty cool kelly exorcists. Yeah gulfstream it's on who that was pretty good And then last night and you got to the gaming it but anyway. Last night. I finished up Agents of shield which was really good. It was a fun time. They had a lot of going back and very slow allies productions which i was cool and You know josh still tells a really good story. And i always enjoy it But he he really is great about relationships and so it's really good Story about their relationship as a team and really enjoyed it slum right window i'd have to agree though see. I have far less josh meeting under my belt as far as new stuff. He's done like i watch the. I caught angel here and there but huge fan of firefly trying to know is very another major one. I'm missing out of like his original series dollhouse. I've watched a little doll house. And i really like dollhouse. Stop watching. I was enjoying it but i just thought watching it one of those things where you to stop watching it because yeah i get the same provided or something so i just stopped watching. I don't know. I would say that dollhouse did not have the character development that you're mentioning like firefly had that in spades. And so do i need. I need to mention that Art director You know adviser. Casey is in a firefly so i just wanted to bring that up. He's in it for a minute And it's actually It's a speaking role. It's very short but He he's in it. So i just thought i'd bring that up. It's he might want. That brought up on them. Actually you'll have to find that out for me i mean you know. Venus flytrap is in it. But i can't think of actual name that makes me feel bad when i can only think people's characters but because you know he played the priest right. You know what. I'm talking about. Just like oh yes i isn't. He a well known character actor. Names kinda get lost in call. Yeah he is. That's why but like margo martindale or Billy openly or I i can't think actual name but you know the guy that played a leading w. is Again was naming all. Now that's weird doctor johnny. Fever who also later played in the class. Who got replaced mcconnell. The character joe fisher well so then i I played a little bit of a puzzle. Empire i've been working on building my defense to switch out his. I've been Just doing that. I found out today. Which is kind of funny. Because i was like. Oh let's i'm going to beat these guys like look on what going wait. Why do they have fourteen eight like they had fourteen on powered soldiers. Unlike what then. I'm like wait a minute. Let me check something. I go into my My droop builder. And i'm like oh. I guess i should have advanced long time ago. And that's why. I haven't had better troops so i've been finding level up. Yeah i've been fighting with the handicapped and no it And just been like. There's been cases where i was like. Oh well i'm just gonna blow you up. Because i have bombs boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom and then like my main the main that i run is i have a healer who can heal you all the way up and then i have a healer that can heal you. Pass your. he'll point. So i kill him up past their hill. Point i have my sparrow girl and her ability is crazy because all what it does is it's like it seems really week. It's like okay. Everybody gets a sparrow to protect them. A re gets despair to protect them. Again everybody gets. His are all the way to three times. I think it is. Yeah like three tokens on yellow. And then the ability is that every creature under her control gets does Economic damage per creature under her control. So basically it does exponential damage and it just so you see them just go and just like hits hit like twenty three twenty three twenty three twenty three twenty three do massive damage and then. I have another Goblin the he does this drill attack with what's called key blade and then his attack Makes it a you to damage to yourself. So so like a type character will know it makes them do damage to them. Oh okay he. He causes them to be confused. And then so. I go and i i run that and then of i- bombs i'm just like well you can't kill me. Live to make sure. I can kill you so agra damage but you know i'm not i'm not that high up yet only thirty four and i'm working on it but it's it's been fun. Played some magic today on magic arena. plead white his. I'm still working on white. Apparently like in in the league right now that up by color then like you said you're working on white so they have one for each color it is will They want you the track leaguer attract beasley wants you to take a deck master the deck by beating all the other colors and then you get the next stack and then you keep going in then you would go and you can play other people you play other people out if i win i get a pack so i'm playing to try and get the path in right now. I was surprised because like i was like well. I gotta be. I gotta be in in a minute so i should probably get this done like was like at seven no was seven six saw fifty three or something. I'm like all right. I'm gonna get this done unlike gonna play. That game took me like nine minutes. And i lost my but are just almost i was like oh i think i've got it and i'm like no i lost by one point and he's gonna swain fifteen on me right now and i am at eleven. Oh the game. Nine minutes yeah. That's a fair game. That's a fairly long match really. I would say so though maybe play magic. I don't you play sly. just sloppy. Know generally match four or five minutes depending on. 'cause i've played with people over and over again so the ins and outs of all the decks warden now and we were just doing sixty stand right. No i just five is really short to me. Like i always think of like. Obviously i had a sarah. Avatar metronome de basics thing was like to have a creature generator where it would produce for so much man of porto in and then use a spell. I think it was connor that gave you to health her greater on the field and then have a sarah avatar. Which was all your health is a monster energy like games like that where you pull that off with an opponent and like and i actually did have some challenges that that games would go or twenty five thirty minutes but in a general sense so with a deck like that. Now you would like. I used to have a deck like that and i might still have it but one of the things is that people. Be like oh. I don't understand why you're decades this way because now people will be like okay. Well we just negate the gain and there's so many cards that can just drop you back down to ten or something like that. So like with the avatar doesn't work anymore which is really weird. Like you tell someone who is a good combination. Because like i i watched a guy with an avatar. Get all the way up to like the thing. Is you have to call a number. You can't get infinite life because that's the rules in magic now but they've actually changed that. Yeah so you you have to call the number that stoppable and yeah a sense. So you like okay. So three trillion okay cool so three trillion and obviously he's gonna win right and he does but now you could just be like okay. Cool your three trillion. What now. I'm going to just put your life back to normal because of recyclers out there you set those that generally nice digital. I haven't played in a long time. In fact i have signed the Of the planes locker games installed on my icebox. Right now. haven't started them up but guy out of the first one in twenty fourteen right right so all are when i get around to those games l. Definitely be up on gaming fix. So go ahead like jimmy ticks on facebook to check those videos. Oh already have. Oh you mean them yeah. Of course yeah. That makes sense. I do that. I haven't been putting up any video game with my little. As i am back to doing the game of the day on critical pop up every day and i have a few plays playthrough scuffling up to all so cool. It will definitely talk about those In a minute. Because i've taken up way too much time on. I got my game on. But you know it's all of your time or anything. We totally work. But yeah horror movies. I didn't do the horror movie. Binge thing I actually live streamed though is supposed to be alive show and it turned out not to be a bad time. Well it's supposed to be the The winchester house and then it went away. Like i was gonna. I was gonna go. Watch that for a halloween and then it was not a thing. Yeah halloween kind of eight. The big one for me. I'll be honest and i I had some candy. Like i got candy at the at my My treatment that was well. I probably had andy but i get ending anyway. So that's the weird thing too. But i'm an adult so i'm gonna to go buy a whole bag of like marshmallow or those keeps but whatever by it. You know what i mean if i want something i'll just i just. I had candy a candy right now. I little condie sounds good. So i don't have much and i've just been talking so you you should probably wait. I don't how much i prepped for. There is something we're pushing. G do a full on another so one thing. I don't know if you've been checking them out. But one thing i've been into really lately is a mug streets okay cool. Have you checked those out. Or i have been wanting to play among us but i just don't have the don't have i was gonna get it but i get to play it myself The thing is like i would want an actual group of ten people or a solid amount of people to wear. It actually gets 'cause. I'm watching the streams and the first one i found was from the team four-star guys that new dragon ball z of ridge. And it is just they do have some good super cuts because they're all like a whole bunch of amar individually streaming on their own channels onto it so they did a super cut where you get the little pieces of each individual one and it is just absolutely hilarious to watch those videos where especially when it's like voice actors or internet personalities but And they have like I love that every time team. Four-star does it One of the guys toss. Kaiser tossed the director of the whole thing. Like that's his immediate. Vote every time. So i've been watching those and they're really funny and i'm sure you've seen the means that's not too big thing. We do have a little bit of a series of pranks or trolling going on right now with the xbox series x and so there is an article. I pulled up our before we started recording. No the xbox series x cannot make ping pong ball of a tate. There's also been others. I know another image ikot is that apparently people are taking vape pens and blowing through a series x and Taking a picture as if it's on fire though it's quite obvious that it's not like when electrons are on fire like that. That's not against you a other than that. There is a so the gain l. Gooden ring which is the latest from software Dark souls game Which is the lord treatment was written by. George are martin. Game of thrones. Apparently the director of microsoft Phil spencer just spit it out today about it that he has played a significant amount and there has literally been mill information on elden ring since the trailer originally debuted a year and a half so this is actually really good. Like i'm hype about it because someone's actually said they played the game. That's a legitimate source and So yeah elden ring is not not just a indefinite anymore. It actually does exist in while cyberpunk got delayed again. The that's actually not the only game. I noticed that was delayed. There's actually a there. Were a fair amount of december titles for the xbox series at the got pushed back into january and february. Nothing like really hard hitting as far as like Notoriety wise but there is a game called the medium. Which is. I don't know how to pronounce the name. But it's a polish artist that does Various surrealism Dark artwork and That game got pushback anyone Now as far as news the xbox series x playstation five are here and we were talking earlier. how big is the aftermarket value. I oh yeah. So i got this Just watching like facebook unseen two so far and the the highest. I've seen so far was eight ninety nine which is astronaut michael and insane and not not acceptable at all Don't don't pay that folks. Don't pay that one thing. Keep in mind like i bought. I bought a Day one Playstation four and. I you know chew still doing good like you know. She's she's overdose house. He'll tell you actually. I don't know if there's video. I did actually play uh some. Ps four games recently. I did play. Fog is finally but he got so you bought it launch. And would you say that. Viacom's launch launches generally not recommended or the average person. I would i would. I mean. I looked out on it. So i mean if you're buying something on launch you're not gonna pay top dollar for it because there's a possibility that you're going to have some issues if you buy it aftermarket. It's not guaranteed nearly warranties image. It's not really a good plan my way of sina. I'm just surprised like that. Stutz double the price of the console. Like geez now not looked into much of the news going on around the only thing really seen all night feeds. Is that keebler excited to play the remake of demon's souls right on the ps five and I did st that actually think it comes out next week or this week but there is a game by gearbox two guys behind borderlands called god fall that is really third person. Acting in that looks really intense. It definitely looks like very intense. One on one asserts. Or maybe like you know. Maybe you'd have to on but definitely like our core may like on that rpg mechanic. There's a lot of the new stuff on. Ps five. Seems way more interesting because all the stuff right now on xbox series x is also a war on xbox one young and yeah as far as news. That's about all. I have right now so i have some stuff. It's not like a huge amount of some things so yesterday Well actually a week ago. Aws started advertising. That there was a w games. And i know what is going to be to be honest phone. So i Subscribed awa games and south. They're waiting for the countdown and kenny omega. Who is One of the wrestlers. On a w came out dressed in his in a black sweater and the glasses. And did the whole steve. Jobs bit and Basically said you know when. I joined as rustler in all the whole reason that i wanted to do that is because i wanted to be the head of the games. Division w and They did this bit four times with three other wrestlers the canal. Oh they've done this before. No no i'm saying that. On on the thing they actually like he went and then The referee came out and she had some information. Anyway so basically what he showed as like okay. So this is. We're gonna have a console game They're they're doing little. Yuka showed it originally as like a little eight bit. Gin was really bad. Like none of the low games are really bad. And then he arm said actually. This is the real footage in then like said that it's alpha footage was pretty good. It had like a it had a picture of him. Grabbing jerko up like this holding him and it lou pretty solid to me. I guess people already bitching about it. But you know people do that. they'll game. Oh of course. I mean but you know they just brought it out gamers diem. They like to do what they do. And then the next one that they have. Which i'm looking forward to and i kinda wanna play it. I wish my phone wasn't so full with storage but They have a dm game for a gym game where you can be a general manager of and make decisions the wrestlers and book and all the stuff like that which. I voice really enjoyed doing so. That'll be kind of fun. I used to do that on that tycoon. Because there used to be like a yearly or maybe byerly like football manager gain that came out on consoles. There might be a long own. Same law will russell russell basically the the In wb Two thousand nineteen into all those used to have a manager on thing on them or at least two thousand and sixteen did i. That's what i used to play on my ps P and Before i had planet but until then like it was it was really fun in. So i i kind of look forward to playing this the other game. They have which was really weird. I guess they're they have a biggest game. So you can play like you know slots in all that stuff is a gambling game with a w. skin on it right but i think it's like it's it's Yeah it's like awa vegas. I think is what they're calling it and it's funny because Talking about like all of these are in production. But you know we should give you something that is him. You know productions something that's actually available and was funny about it is right before that Rick baker who's one of the he'll Girls was. She was in charge of the shirt so she doesn't aside what she's all. I well my shirts available so it was a like a little. You know asides and stuff. It was kind of fun And i think it'll be a fun game four to it i was. I was trying to happy. I get to You know cross talk about wrestling on the on the game. Show there so interesting I'll meet you it. What i do know is the last two. Wwe to have have Had really troubled development and launch. I don't know if eventually eventually that they've gotten their things together over at two k with the wrestling. But it doesn't sound like it. I i do know for two k nineteen The youtuber matt muscles has a really good a soda. Happen that goes back into the development of what went wrong with two canine gene. Well were they. W they're doing the yuka is has a background of working in the name sounds. Yeah they've done some other wrestling games Some of the older ones that really popular. I can't think of the one he got mentioning at. But i can't think of a And they actually have the they have the developer of Of the game on the on the show thing so it was kinda cool One of the things i was going to discuss. What i don't think she's gonna make it to tonight Was i was looking at light sabers and a friend or somebody is developing one. That's a curve. Till i was gonna ask like what the thoughts were on that. But i don't know that that would really be something on the lights say rating and though i did see that you had been your posting on that about facebook. So yau's looking at at Lightsaber and it was like. It was a curve till but it will look like a tv piece of pvc to me And the fact that they wanted like three sixty five fourteen little high. So i mean you don't know their prices were basically like my ultra sabre that i have Well the one that. I have a one in a raffle. That the one that had their keeps for me in has seen in a while is One that i bought the one that i bought was But eighty bucks absolutely. I'm going to have to work from that. 'cause i got that for painting on for painting a A war hammer set because jeff wanted his game to be pretty so being. Johnny kept working on it. That's a pretty good an exchange. Alex and i kept working on it. Which i don't think jeff noses wasn't because of the possibility lightsaber was because i will. I thought johnny was just gonna stop and jeff will be screwed. Because johnny stopped doing things a lot and if you listen to the show johnny. I'm sorry but. I think you know that that's kind of a true thing. I don't know anyway. Cuss me out later. If you want to know how to get a hold of me. And he's a host of the show. And i get that but still he was the first gas but still I was worried that he will lose interest. Or whatever and so i started helping you know because sometimes when you have two people get the job done better you know and then like because the they was like oh well now seems fair in like. I thought i'd be able to get another lightsaber. But jeff was like well. Now just give you give you the one that you know. You'll me on local of that. I guess i haven't really spent that much on lightsaber. What would or hover. it's funny. Even my mom's money i never i was looking at one and i never picked up like one of the more expensive ones. I was looking at the possibility of getting a Like a kit. That was sounded. And you know all the bells whistles and like rulli well-designed and all that and i didn't buy up to sabres so you know honestly like to me it's like i'm a fighter. Only really need the to sabres. Arlen need the parts for fighting. If you're doing it for like that the game side like i. i don't see the purpose including putting that much money into it unless it actually you know you start going into how it handles and stuff which. I don't know if it gets that intense. You know like speak for the awa game. Yeah do you develop. Her is the one behind most of the ninja. no sixty four titles that are very fond fondly remembered. Yeah that's where. I see numeracy that was it. Yeah i'll have to look more into it. But it saying that they were they were actually behind. Uk k- until two thousand nineteen. So i'm going to have to rewatch that episode of what happened. Yeah they were and then they so. Aws its own wrestling company. So you know. They're trying to do their own thing. Oh no i meant l. per behind it out. There's a lot that went on behind the sino of leukemia interesting. Wwe and i'm trying to say that there's a difference between wb and w on on-time of the people making the new game. I understand not not the wrestling corporation. The game developed. I understand that but trying to say is that there is a difference between the two things right. Yeah there but it's the same developer. But i just need to give them that fog of a bad that quickly so i want to see what they can do. Because you know what you're saying. And i do know that I know that wrestling Do nineteen was so bad that they just decided to not do it anymore. I think that was the case. I i know that oftentimes publishers. I don't know if this was the case with it. Like will make top down decisions like that really make developers just straight up on a walkout because it kills the entire project basically looking to see i am reading some rather positive headlines on it. There's a lot of talk about nostalgia. Good you for the thing. It was so apparently this this interests me. I don't know who it interests anybody else. But i'm kind of thinking about it. I don't know if that will actually work on But you make sure that this is actually Gonna be online. But they're gonna have us cyber tony and space december eleventh two thousand and twenty and the they're actually charging for it was not that much adjoining fifteen bucks and It might not be for everybody. But it's a They're rock band than i've seen here and there and they're a transformer rock band so they're transformers play He's really yeah. Oh man and that that would be the thing to see. And this is a livestream. That'd be a livestream in like know as livestream mertz on face. I don't know how they're going to do it. But i'm interested because that's really close to my birthday. So i mean it's something i could do for my birthday now at eight. They're called the company's called live events. There are whole bunch of now live stream concert stuff going on Like like i had mentioned see on october. On doubles night. October thirtieth i had signed up to For the twisted freakshow experience. Which i had assumed was like an actual live concert which there was an opening by dry by a different rap at group but twist it's was just like okay. Here's a whole winter music videos basically and out. but it's did just get live from Is the name of the company and they do streaming events and it was really well done high-quality production so And i do know that nine just had his livestream concert last weekend as well so and i know that a lot of other artists have now announced concert so hey it's cool that they're doing that hopefully they can do that with the regular live shows when everything goes back to okay as far as going outside. Well when my what i used to do for my birthday is i would sometimes combine the event. Sometimes i wouldn't what i would do I liked to do Just a gaming marathon kind of not really marathon. Just a gaming night like a nerd light and i would bring everybody. You know that. I could and We had a couple of different gain times that we're fun one time. A friend brought a bunch of unglued and we played unglued. We actually had an unglued You did an blue draw. Okay draw draft. We had an ugly draft. Those fun at is actually really crazy to me because action magic. Does things were gone. Yeah so that was fun and then I i've had like quite a couple of times like that. So i don't know what i will do. This time I don't. I don't know if people are gonna wanna come with the compound and hang or not that it'd probably is And and freeze their ass off. That's that's another you know added little value added that i have if you come on down to the compound for member that Also can freeze your ass off It's a of heard it's cold. it's so cold it's a people are like trying to get me a knock it right now because really. Yeah because when. I hit because like i don't have a i have california coats but i don't have like nor far north california codes so like i'm gonna hit there and i mean there's snow with their snow. It's not going to be not. It's not time for the layered. Look you know. It's going to be that goal running jane done. I've already done the cool running. Seen though when i was in new york. Oh okay new york. Jeez because People don't tell you this but when you wait to go see the statue of liberty at very early in the morning. I can't remember what time we were there. It was really early and we were passing around The like the fire packs here hugo and like we have like the gloves. I have like i had a peak. Odom my full suit and These gloves and a hat. That i picked up the ninety nine. And like we're passing around this the little the fire bags but hotak or whatever. Yeah hot pack could actually warm your hands primarily with. So you don't like and what you don't know is like cross by. That is a massive wine. Like it's it's bigger than disney. It's like just a big corral of people is gonna line is just like a big corral and you know people go see the statue and then late more people get on. And that's that's what it is and it's like you're in line for hours and it was freezing. It was so cold and You know there's there's a thing wear. The hotel doesn't have your room ready until three a lot of times and it was one of those so we went. I guess we'll go see the statue today and we hadn't slept like you know we got off the plane pretty much. We're like sitting there just like freezing and it was cold. It was cold and another thing about new york. Those new yorkers. You better move boy. I'm not kidding like los angeles will get that way. But you know it's it's just not the same thing. There's like such an intense purpose with the people walking around in york your new consistently be trampled in la. You could move to the side rex. But you get Mild through in new york. It was pretty crazy but yeah it was. It was cold. So i've been. I've been cold but yeah it's it's going to be colder. I don't know what i'm gonna do one thing. I was thinking about doing and You guys were like no. I don't think that's happening at all. When i was talking about having a desert party in december and then they asked if i i think heather asked. I was high for something like that at the time and i was like. No one wanted to do something. That's probably the case. That's the reality is going to do anything. Where my birthday. Because it's going to be stupid stupid. Covert again. Yeah though. I mean we can. I'm serving forty five. So that's one of the reasons. I'm like on it could be It's one of those even while not even by significant numbers. That's not random why he was important. Coast very important very important. Because that's when i was the answer i still got another six years to go for that. Well depends what you say. I guess yeah that was like a weird threatening statement on the radio kind of thing just goes funny but anyway Move on I've been working on black and white house that being going because i haven't heard much Front for any. W i did hear like i saw you post something on the first day of filming that you said it went. Well yeah so these off right here. This is the this. Is the slate right here of New shows that we were getting film. And i take wild but it's actually It's funny it's overfilled. Where actually going to have. To bounce some sketches. Oh yeah nice But the what's taking so long. Is that you know i'm doing. I'm the only doing the editing and posting the seeds along and Host is most of the work. Sometimes i don't i don't get to my especially if we're talking on time like me amount of time it takes to do post work like i hardly do anything and post in it. Takes dot surprised me. Basically a love. Josh to death. I really do. But he's like But for some reason he suggested that we should have everything grow grow like do chroma key backgrounds. When cool like we can do it post no problem then like yeah. Yeah i figure that out and like he just wasn't catching no saying like i don't. I've never done that. So luckily I talked to my cousin. 'cause i was okay so i i watch how i learn. Everything is like watch youtube videos or in all figured out that way and watch the video on it. And i tried it and i'd be like okay cool so take the dropper and put it on the frame and i'm like the frames not appearing so finally i was like i lost a like all right. I'm gonna ask the internet. So i ask facebook and i was lucky by the way if you like horror wrap something for you my My cousin is a writer director but he does like his actual day. Job is Editing Some sound like he does a lot of different things for different production companies especially like b movie Companies where he gets paid then he is almost never actually. He is never offer to help the project but he's like all. Oh it's premiere okay. Cool cool can i screen share. It is like but i'm on the road right now so as we do now. I'm like okay. I can wait an hour. Make breath women brooklyn's yesterday. Jody till he's a push that tab. Push the tablet open. I'm like oh okay. It's funny sitting. He's sitting on the couch with his beer. Like my gawker all right. You can go the newest busy i knew. And he's he's he's he's more introverted. So i knew he didn't you know released. Wanna hang or anything. But he He does a lot of four does allow of writing. he did he did work on streams. I don't know if you know what that is but it was a you down. And he just recently did black pumpkin he just released it It's it's available in stores or something like that. He said he does a lot of again. He does be movie. Production with with big with some companies. Resign the other side of things. Where i you know do a lot of independent. You know progress. He actually is more attached to from companies and stuff and he He submits his his Scripts for screenwriting. but he's a horse rider. That's what he does all take a look his work. I'm not finding cook. His name is chris chris ruby okay. Awesome h. h. r. u. b. y. In its His his imprint is a ruby inc. I n. c. k. But yeah so y'all go with that We have some. We have some stuff. It's a it's been interesting As has been funny and you guys are still in production right now right. We're post urine post nice. We're posting because of the overlap and because are doing a there isn't one this on abso- coming up but the next episode. There's going to. They'll be a up snow. That means that the the overlap of episodes we don't we don't throw away sketches like. Oh the sketch doesn't fit. I'm not gonna run. I'm just gonna run on the next episode so we may be. I'm not sure. But i think we're extremely close to being on set for a little tiny bit of production for Episode two and i think that mainly most of our production will be episode. Three coming up so it'll be upper so so once at the soon and the thing is since i'm doing all of the post once the other productions have put together or what's the other pieces put together then the next episode will come out fairly quick. We might hold it just all the people. Don't get the wrong idea. Dead serious. Because i don't want people to be like well. You know this up so came out in this episode. Came out so clearly up so come out next. it's like now. We gotta manage some expectation. They're a little bit But just a little bit. But you're gonna are so we're headed production but behind him post right now. Lump sounds go. Look forward to seeing it and we're actually gonna probably have a writer's room this weekend I'll be honest. We were almost not willing to have the episode for a long time because it was looking like i was going to be moving and removing like now so today was the day because as you know like thursday i go back under the needles and then friday will be a packing day and that would have been that and then i would have been like okay. Cool i to do close to my new house. I got to set everything up. Houses gonna work you know. Oh you can't put the computer here yet. You know what i mean. 'cause i don't you know what i mean like. I don't know what i'm working with. How the how things are gonna go so not the thing but luckily It turns out that I'm not moving until next week. And because of that this weekend is going to be a hard day. And hopefully i'll push myself enough to i. Don't i should kick myself in the butt or something. I probably procrastination i. I have other problems. I talked about own. Could talk about a little bit You know. I'm just down. Because i think everybody gets us way when they think and i've i've found this. It's not just a me thing. But i think a lot of times when people move away. They kind of expect people to act a little differently than they do. And generally they kinda don't like a the expectation of kind of the ideal like. Oh you're moving you know everybody's gonna julianne and sad sorrows are whatever. What have you well wishes at you get to the actual reality of everyone's just living their lives like normal and then i go away and the and the thing is it's like i just think about it. I'm going to be seven hundred and forty miles away from here. That's quiet quite the track. Which is why Probably going to need my playstation. Before i i figured as much has been set asides. Okay fair enough. Just hindsight i hadn't even thought about it so honest going there you could play. Yeah doing this week. I'd have been like when we've gotten another like. Oh that's going to be a problem. Well i guess that's a ups have to do. I don't know But it's it's one of those things I don't know it's like and you build relationships with people in your like by the way i'm not gonna be here anymore and they're not really effective and that's kinda hard to take Certainly can see why that would be Fairly hard thing today Trying to think if i've had i've felt that feeling before though i it's been quite a while since i've had like a social group that i've had that kind of formal poll a from though certainly like any sort of time that you're Taking a new journey. Like i can relate to at least the i the feeling of 'cause i was homeless For while and like at the beginning of that track like it kind of feels like you're losing everybody probably in slightly different ways by Right now and you know being being homeless like totally get it. You know. I i got that for sure and like also the weird disconnection I got that a lot being homeless. Because like i would live on campus by a like. Just go through my normal day. Like sometimes i was like you know heather broom. Heather burns know her cancelable. thins For reasons. I won't say that they're wrong or anything by we'll say that the re- like i had no choice. I was homeless. So i had to live and i had to have money coming in so i had to work and i needed to better myself so i was at school so i was doing all three of those things at the same time and sometimes i was exhausted. I have law professor. Say we'll come if you're not you know if you're gonna you know those off my class i'm not having it and i didn't know how to say. Oh okay i guess go You know live on the hollywood subway system. you know. 'cause the shooter said you if you're not gonna be you know participated in my class. It's like okay. Well i guess i'll go. I'll go back to the subway. I'm really sorry you know because people don't know and like i'm not the kind of person the keep making excuses you know but you like say you're homeless. You understand what i'm saying. It's very oh yeah the sea so My thing was that it. It's almost like both the start in the end of a journey. And i definitely can relate to your feelings of sadness and depression and all the automatic thoughts that come with that Win you're just about to take at least you know everybody else is just kinda living their lives and you know especially in the case of moving so far away i imagine you have internalized that quite a bit because seven hundred fifty miles is at a distance from here. Yeah it is and it's funny because this started oddest something where i was like. I was kind of teasing around with the. Because i was looking at like just being made me a nicer place for me in a safer place and then You know it was an issue of you know the this thing is going to stop. You're no longer going to have money coming in and you're going to be in a situation where someone's going to have to say okay. Cool i will wait around for money. And i know that the landlord. Here's not once. I don't know if he'd be willing to do it again. And if he doesn't then. I am once again homeless and the only problem with that is i have acute kidney failure and because of that i can't risk it no liver burden on. That is too high and the risk is too high. And if you've got to say a place there definitely all the reason to go there especially a secure place especially in your situation like i could understand. I'm like someone younger without as many complications. And i don't over speak if she ever. Here's this but like. I honestly think that my cousin will give me more run of the place. Like i think that it will be our house and not you know and you've been an situation. I haven't been in that situation for so long exactly where i can be glow. I can at least be like comfortable and be like well okay. This is definitely her house. But this is still more my acre than it's yours you know what i mean where i actually feel like this is my place and i don't feel like this is a place i am in. But it's not place he he he's eared out. The master of the house is figured i was talking down on him. Get says okay but no so like i think that. That's that's the thing for sure but now there's there's like nice things i've thought about like i thought that when i get a little bit more stable. We had some money in. I could get if i wanted to. I could get a nice tillis then. I could actually look up at the night sky because man. I've so jealous scissors. No lights so absolutely jealous. That does that the rest of it but but no album see. The sky would be nice. Oh the last time. I lived in the woods. I had quite a lot of folks. That were You know when. I lived out in paris. I'm pretty sure. I visited quite a lot and there was a couple times i saw visitors. So that's not something necessarily look forward to and There were some with some spirits. That i had when i was last in that frisco area so i don't know because you know that areas older much older than this area so there's more history more you know folks that have been through or not been through then make it. You know so. I'm sure they'll be all that kind of stuff. That might happen more often than you know. Those happened around here. Oh real time. I have a question for you because i didn't ask you. Did you hear the loud bang on the nights. I think it was now. I saw your post about that. What was up. Like 'cause read really weird. Because i was like there was a loud bang. There's fireball and i'm like and i was. I was talking to josh about Compositing like conversations like this like we're sitting there just chatting and we're talking about compositing so was talking about mark we're just talking about our characters and like different types of styles liked and i was talking about some story. Line that Happened pennsylva- here. An a look at this window right here. Oh looks up pointing over the emphasis. Kobe and and our listeners can can hear can't see that either. But my through my side window online i look and i saw this huge fireball robot. My window and i was absolutely sure of somebody. Just blown a hand cannon right out of my my window and i was worried because in all the tension of the election and stuff i thought maybe someone was just wondering around and tapping people or something and then all the girls were out by the pool. Trying to figure out what's going on. And i'm like thinking there might be a dude sitting there with a piece right outside the window and they're like looking around and like you know and i'm like i really don't like the idea of going out there and getting shot but i'm not i'm not that guy so i actually went out there and i'm like hey and i found out that one of the girls. Her room looked like a bomb. Went off. I guess and then i talked to one person who said that. They heard the same thing and they were wondering what it was. I talked to launch. And she said that she had a verify. But i've heard from no one else. That is verified. And what's weird. Is i looked it up. And i guess since may or something like that there have been these little Reports of these booms and so some people call them sky quakes And i'm like okay. Cool saw wikipedia sky quick. Look it up. It's like some people have reported these booms and they call them strikes is. Where do you love at the pierre things. I'm like i can't. We can't do anything with that. That's repetitive that now it it's ringing some bells. I may have heard something last year. Weeks not so much as to the situation. That just happened the other day. But about some sort of weather pattern that produces some sort of like sonic boom effect. Like i need to speak collecting connecting things in my head. that are willing. It's like it could be a sonic boom. It could be a meteoroid entering like people's don't what they are but they're saying they're hearing him now. I guess what i'm seeing was. I heard it. Maybe something was over the minoan. The horizon or something and reflected on my window. I don't know but the i can't get anybody to Cooperate or tell or anything. Like i've asked people. Did you hear that. You're what and there's a reason. In theory why lonnie might of heard it so i don't know it's weird weird. I did I had no idea anything like that had happened. So and i nothing nothing here. Quiet as usual for this little guy. Grou- ching. He does that he that he likes to do that. All so we did. We did mention mentioned on facebook. I don't know if you if i don't know if you're following me on facebook you probably not but I don't i think i also posted it on the index page that We would be doing either. Gave me fix radio or a show wednesday. We'll be doing this. Show wednesday because i will still be here and then after that i will do the gaming fix radio because basically We're doing a gaming for trio. Were asking mr cheat to come on and do some music. Because there's a possibility that. I may not be completely set up by that wednesday and i want to make sure that you know our listeners. Have something go. Sounds good and i would talk about You know ultimate showdown. But i haven't really heard much about it so i don't wanna say anything without heather here on. We have a couple. Sales always go onto T public slash stores slash gaming fix f. i x. Acts and you will be able to get a t shirt and We're trying to get more t shirts out For the holidays but Looks like there's going to be a couple of those thirteen thirteen dollar Shirts with thirty five percent across the board coming up my gaming picture and we will actually have all of us smith. Yeah i totally will order. The is were done here. Sounds good sounds good. I don't know if i don't know if it's If the cells now. That's why i'm not saying it is but i'll find out a win. That is and then. I'll put those that on the facebook page. But i don't really have anything else and so i'm thinking it's about time to wrap it up. Yeah i have a little cat here. Well not so little cat. He's being demanding now. He's about to start being loud. All right well this has been gaining fix and we will see later achy later. Add fascinate kick. This cowboy i ever saw. Was civilians arranged on first century. Many claimed but eventually the champions the rest other better. Mister rogers bloodstains sweater show hosted by beautiful the knee.

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