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Tree is grand jury. On genetic MRs skylines. The city metric I'm actually out and about right now, I'm recording this in the middle temple gardens next to next to the office. New statesman towers has been evacuated GT a fire alarm. I should the building still there just a test which the doing poly to kind of check the, you know, in the real far rule fine, but mostly to the crap out of all of us. But anyway, been kicked out ability in the middle of the afternoon just wanna get this this cost. So I'm I'm doing lazy. We're doing on my phone instead. And hoping that the sound quality is is remotely capable Ayla. This week is it's too hard episodes or two very different very different conversations in the first half. Unusually we're gonna lead with the experts section with center cities, which the chat with poor Swinney had a policy about about. Then important story that we've we've kind of missed we've not really seen enough Plato around here. Which is the last week Christie. No Tiene metro Maralack Shen, which we not paid enough attention to and that's that's part of the world. So we're gonna have chats about new Madge, Amy drew school of the labor party might do the role imitations are with the boundary stops at the time. Then in the second half, I'm off to another place. Very nearly statesman towers in fact, some house rhyme speaking to Likud charisma Rafferty who who's been working in the in the fields so way of dressing climate change, which is not even necessarily put those two things together. So I figured I'd go over there and have chat Vander how arts can can help save us all but before we get to that. Let's see. Let's see. So we're going to talk about subject, quite quite did your heart. But probably not quite dear enough. We're gonna talk about the new time Marathi the kiss as a Sunday. The native you grow up south at the time. So you're in the bed Tyneside that doesn't get this. Right. When not even Tyneside in from. We you suicides Ebner, John. So yes, once one time the this election have covered with Tyneside. I'm we side. There was a little bit of a falling out. And then we end up getting this new job fee, which is just the three thousand north of the river Tyne Newcastle north Tyneside often-bland, which is I mean that is basically the old no metropolitan county of Novum riot. That's there is there is suitable logic to that. If you kind of look story boundaries. But the fact that there could it no photographer just does not the reason is just literally that they could bring the other guys alone. Right. Yes. Exactly. The point of delusion is about trying to to the people living my life over. It's about the economy today. And what's John that perhaps what the you shy account may have been in whatever the way create is in twelve whatever it was. So the idea would have being to cover all area, which would have had you unsung daynuss while as often, but in Durham noble politics that didn't play out and we ended up with the three. North of the time pressing heads irrespective in someone hang on a minute. The Lucien is actually really big prize and just because gates doesn't necessarily wonderfully anymore because some does want to play anymore. Does it may not we should be deprived from having these powers stem? So go ahead and be pretty pragmatic. I think so why the geography doesn't necessarily work, and we would argue quits Newcastle in to at least you can take out of them and say well gunfire anyway have seen the benefit of division the phrase Cuzner coming Tuesday interesting because I mean, if you have been the region like gates have is very Logan, proud individual history. If you will just dropped in the aero no knowledge of that. You would just assume the south Bank of new coastal economy point of view. Yes, Amina definitely the definite function is one city. And I think certainly the redevelopment of the south of the time in nine hundred ninety s with the ball ache. Art, Senator in the siege. Building on the hill as well. The blending bridge being brought into that was very much about. New bringing of laws to size and same river together functions is is one place that isn't a safe from acidic view that gate centers and topic to identity, but if we're told me about delusion, which is developing eager Powell the economy down to that the economy operates over then yes, we should be used to is kind of a bit like doing having a London merit either stops tens or Manchester one that doesn't solve it. It's it's very you're cutting bits out you central business district, essentially, exactly agree describing. So I have a confession bowl this, which is the inner two years ago. We had the first the first round of metro actions, which in a wheel as poke caused covered pretty pretty closely. I think said by the status of London journalist, we covered it pretty closely. We feed a lot of the cabinet talked about the different races. I very slightly forgot this woman was happening. It was only when you guys published a blog the day after the election. So yeah that was yesterday wasn't it. Now to an extent in. Undefinitive is because there wasn't really much tension. Hey was that we kind of knew who was gonna win. But nonetheless, so you kind of give us a bit of child through the election itself. So interestingly, we were stings was very very attended very pleased about it was tight locally with again. The wasn't so much chatter think even the little press about and so I'm not surprised that you haven't really picked on. Because there just wasn't a big deal made about in the way that was the elections. Yeah. So in two thousand seventeen you had six of them. So even the ones where there was no competition whatsoever. Steve over always gonna be married livable city region, but kind of coverage because there was this whole new group of roles and in twenty eighteen there was the Sheffield city region while I'm which is already that's already going that Dan Jarvis probably gonna win Hughes's national figure. Novato really have any of the. There was a big big name going in for it. That said on burn more, Don Jarvis. Steve this to to a great extent as well. Just so pull in not national interest. And that don't think it was a huge dense fail as a huge amount of interest locally handset nights. The turn actually was pretty good. As far as Loeb election score was about three three percent of this is pretty good. And since while, you might you two thirds of the gloat avoid actually, if you the mesh against the log authority elections and giving the power of interests in in this actually, it was high and given the feted was pretty much safe safe level. Like, if there are a lot of things mitigating against people turning out there the first one demerits election, go thirty four percent town. So forty three percents free going where we were pleased to see that. It was an interesting race in not the politics always happened before the candidates were announced in I think a lot of people. I thought the leader of Newcastle. Nick Forbes was going to get the live or not it was very interested as approach, but then also the Lord live by decided one night, and then went for candidate, which is much more left wing and pitched himself very much being a social listening wants to do regional Bank in these sorts of things, which I think his politics probably much more in line with the currently leadership, and that was probably why getting selected so about was quite controversial about happens. Then how election played out? Yes limited win fairly comfortably. In the end. Breath. Thing was interesting to see the conservative comedies actually push of fatty hard. It wasn't an absolute landslide today an addict quarter second crafts votes because no one candidate mock up more than fifty percent of the vote, and I think winning by about seventeen thousand volts in the end. So it was comfortable, but pops wasn't as comfortable as what people may beforehand. This is worth thinking about. The joke years. Even though the bulk the region's population is going to be concentrated in Newcastle above embarrass around. Any trouble about the new cousin Tyneside again have to populations the people in new Newfoundland itself in largely rural areas small towns a much more likely to be Torey only. So that probably provides a bit more balance to us of political geography the region than might thing. Yes. It certainly if you look at the election history, you see blue in awesomely you'd see in north Tyneside north Tyneside is sort of flicked a thing in in recent years. I'm said that your party saying you semi sent some five percent of the population of the to those two thirties. So it was interesting to see perhaps the the concert Kennedy pulled more than what we might have expected given that geography so all sorts of things to pick will ROY guests from the election results in the end, Jimmy just one an election speech after which was very much about how socialist candidate. And we shall. See what policies he looks to put in place is now one of Labour's most powerful politicians in the country. So just to wrap up this segment. Do you think there are any prospects of the job raphia but role expanding to include that of southern half of the conurbation down into humor to balance out? The November of it human yet county d'armes Willett any I think for an ultimately debate success. We would have to see those is common board game because it is strange that new customer Tiki split into those limit the effect that the Meccan half. And when we did the things that was the first question that came out to his how many minutes, we haven't authorities of what do we want to do to to try and change that all the comedy said that they will be looking to to work with the thirty self time and bring them along with the plan to that doing the mayor's would say soft power and influence while it's hard hours. He has the ability to reach out to them. I'm short we will be the wage that come to in the long term. We were told that. Actually, you know, then then formally commandments of the combined phone in one small the left, and you try and get a more complete geography wine in. I'm grateful does strike community. If you do end up with one man covering the whole fat no feast region except the tees valley beverages cough into his own merit to Tori. Belgian of the that's kind of weed, isn't it? Well, I think this deplorably people who were big funds of the audio and say the northeast as a region we surely Hubbard as one, but interestingly, if you look the queuing problems very little flow of people from north northeast standard, the funny, I permanent culturally some extent as a bit of a difference as well, not people from pig from when you cuss a lot probably happened so much the other way where you know, you've got the title. We might appalling county excetera movement for for work unfor- legends across an area. But but more meant like you're going to end up with people in the southern bed county, Dr Who kind of covered by the mayor of new Newcastle Newcastle, even though they're much place into that kind of mood for Hartlepool spans coin to build the junk fees never going to be perfect. And I think it to some extent the Merrill nuts in place. Now, the banks the time all we to the tweet memorial Scotland. And there's not a lot probably that cutting coven the reality is it's not north Darren became. Came unit in two thousand nine meant more to district's Virgina one sort of super council. I think if that hadn't happened, we probably wouldn't be having a job few include all of county Durham all all of Norfolk and reality is I think that's the way it is. And you re we go and the best that we can possibly get given that the Carol. Jamie Driscoll numer of north of time. We she wrote. Here in in some house, which reading some that house was originated. But it's very fine culture sent conveniently close to these offices in central London. It is Georgia building. So ceilings, very high, and it's very eco liters. You can have to bed with us on that. But we are going to have a conversation about public space big issues like the environment. I'm gonna get my just off my guest introduce yourself now. Hi, my name's Krishna Rafferty, and I'm accurate responsible for public realm and partnerships hair at that house, and I suppose just kind of leading on from that someone's that house was originally built as government offices and housed the non revenue and offices navy all kinds of different societies. But it's now a arts and culture center that has a community of two and a half hours people working here every day. It's amazing. It is like propolis vague team century manor house being the middle of London. Overlooking the taverns whether it's an ice rink every Christmas and stuff like that. If you never been here with worth checking out next in London. So I was reading your you'll see pretty interesting career sounds of exciting things kind of give glimpse of your work ethic questions. Yeah. My beckons in design, actually, so I really kind of worked in editorial design Austin architecture books that kind of thing, and I kind of was much more interested in the development in the ideas around projects that necessarily doing the kind of production of it myself, so I- retrained in design creating and eventually ended up some house programming designed festivals of different sorts talks programs and things like that. So I've been here just over six years and the arts institution has transformed in that to time we have two studios here is about eighty seven artists in residence at the moment, and it's very much kind of evolving site over that time, I programmed quite lots of different types of festivals visual arts, mainly I've worked with artists on flags and outdoor commissions and all kinds of very. Strange things. So it just keeps me interested. Really? Okay. So we spend Fairmount on this this poke costume care about climate change in the lineage of civilization, as we know it. We've talked a lot about possible solutions that one of the things we haven't talked about solution to climate change though, is is performance. Art. That's not something that's really come up before. So so make your case hell, those things into why should we be paying more attention to that? It's something that has actually been kind of like a really important topic of research for me passively and particularly over the last couple of years, but that idea that we have scientists that we listen to don't listen to you. We have bliscoll leaders that we do we don't listen to. But actually a lot of the kind of shift that we need in society. What kind of transform into a kind of sustainable world to kind of culture. What kind of conversations do we want to be having with cells with our friends with families with society, and how can the rule of artists, I suppose is that they can propagate, and they can say things in different ways and use different language than politicians. Scientists. It's an emerging field. But I think is really important one. It's about basically promoting ideas going to spreading concepts for how can deal with this kind of with the PR exercise the environment. Well, I suppose that's one side of it but thinking through different future. So at the moment, I wet quite a lot with speckled to designers whose job is to come up with scenarios for how we might live in fifty years or hundred years, and so much of what culture can do is relate back to individual lives. So how does that relate to the way? We. We eat or the way that we are becoming that we might be more socially, isolated as kind of cities grow in develop. So there's the so many different levels of conversation that need to be had intensive society reacting to these kind of like global climate issues so arts and culture at can provide a myriad of different ways into that topic. I suppose give gimme a couple of examples of the suit of projects you've kind of been involved in the would fishing this category. So last year, we had an installation here, I not just cold Michael Pinski, which was called pollution pods. And it was five geodesic domes in the middle of the courtyard hair. This happens to be I think the fed west polluted area of London and each of those geodesic domes recreate it how it felt to walk through some Paolo or Delhi or different cities international. Beijing was one. I in terms of pollution. So summer, really, humid summer, really nosy smelly in different ways. So it was really really popular insulation. But it kind of allows visitors to have a more emotional visceral understanding of what occasion means you know, what you have in the press is just the same old stories again. And again, sometimes it helps to feel and to have a conversation with someone else. Susa the way to about his dozen nothing technically lot time parts per million of pm two point five of this will reaction to that. Exactly. The way we're can kind of see the smoke. I guess another way. And what do you want to be talking about his how does this affect the the lungs of our children? How does it affect how long we live what kind of cities we want? Do we want to live in cities all kinds of like media, everyday choices that we make so projects like that? Just a way into the. Topic that does sound like will they took him ever being on the communications exercise that you suggested there is another layer tissue projects. Project's kind of illustrate of ways in which this can contribute to the debate. So I'm working on something at the moment, which is a an op commission and the artist is a swing quarter. And she's at signing a new flag from the top house, and it's called chaos spirit, and the idea with that is she kind of talks about they got us to the wind and the ad. And it's a as well as being a flag on top of the building is fifteen minutes. Audio peace with con recordings from the city, and the idea with that is if we only listens to nature a little bit more deeply how that affect how we kind of think about ten years, these ideas. So the giving kind of space breathing Neum, I suppose within our kind of like daily. Lives to include nature. You've been researching this kind of as discipline? Is there any documentary evidence is this stuff does have a measurable effect in terms of how people think of climate change these other big issues that we need to be doing the twenty th century. Yeah. Lots of I mean, I couldn't reference specifically about those lots of scientific reports around the kind of the rule of culture, I quickly with an organization based in this building Julie's bicycle which basically is a not for charity that went with arts organizations to promote the idea of collective action in this area. And how all of culture needs to be talking about these kind of global challenges that we face through a maybe of ways one thing that I've been part of the last two years in his coming to the kind of finally now is a program called creature produces international which is project land by the watershed in Bristol and has been long running program called playable cities, this particular project is positive and the idea is that it's fifteen different producers or creators in different cities around the world. And the idea that the rule of off. Some culture in city change is basically the theme for exploration over these three years. A couple of examples such San gives exam getting getting boring now, but like talk about a couple of producers working around the world, what kind of projects in kind of cities talking about here. I mean, spilling widespread. So there's a there's representatives from layoffs from Mexico City from Tokyo as well as kind of UK clinics. This someone for mentioned to international festival who specifically looking at city change in relation to homelessness. I am this. I'm in Dublin call Michelle who specifically looking at cycling in the city and blacken wave council city officials as well as autism. Woody insists to kind of explore what does it mean to have a more pedestrian cycle friendly city things like that. What does that look like as project, I know cycle cycle clock? And I know, you know. Greg big public. Art looks like I kinda can't quite put the two together in my mind results from this partnership. So over the three years, there's a series of meetings where we kind of all come together to exchange, I suppose different challenges that we all face in the different cities that we're from the point of the program is to develop skills in terms of people that intersect where can with citizens would insis arts and culture, and then also who have a dialogue with city councils and officials and people who can planning essentially as part of that program. There's a couple of things that I've been doing here and my area of interest is obviously the environment and what public space in cities. How does the public space in cities relate to climate change and environmental challenges? So for example, there's a strain is Asian project. Just on all those that Herod some house, which is called strand Aldwych in. It's the plan is. To pedestrian is quite a large area in the center of the city. So as part of this program, I've been working with different groups of young people from the kind of local area to contribute to the public consultation. But specifically asking them what how how does this transformation? What does it mean? In terms of acquisition, intensive exchanging ideas on climate change together in public space, all kinds of things things like that. So the Celtics the new state of secession just round the corner. So the the pedestrianisation of the strand of issues deal for us, which they've been estrin ising icon. I haven't met the crowns Kwesi Phoenix citing its that for anyone that is media with old rich. It's essentially a really dirty busy roundabout that's a d shape, and it's just full of traffic buses all the time. But within the local area this amazing architecture. So there's a Christopher Wren marriage. The strand church. There's I mean, the confront houses beautiful Georgian facade based to small space that you dwell in the city, it's kind of a crossroads between like the West End. Then Cova Godman hope Southbank city is just sort of on the way to places on. Yeah. Exactly. And big cut through intensive north and south Mississippi. So a lot of in the the amount of traffic over. Snoop bridge going north is phenomenal. But the idea is the proposal being put forward is to estrin is the area between some our house Samaritan strength chech- and exceed kings over to the incident straighten embassies. The proposal is that it becomes an incredible new cultural space missing or just slightly played up ago pretend to be more selling because I love on the metropolitan abilities of this stuff. Then not an argument that like if you really want to sell something like climate change them an installation is the way of she to get you need later, boring policy changes you don't just need like more of a metropolitan liberal ages giving excited about something at Somerset house. How would you respond to was the counter argument? I think we need everyone, and we need to every kind of level of society and different sectors acting together. If people are not interested in the. Ideas, and how it affects their lives and Embiid wins and feelings about the future than people aren't going to listen to politicians and scientists. So we've got a two week program coming up here. Tom's house in April one of the installations, which I'm lacking one on in the courtyard is a series of nine very large scale LED powered highway signs not just in price. Greg, and you know, you've seen the school marches. You've seen kind of the retro comeback stuff. The extinction rebellion stuff. This is the people's kind of of the moment. So as part of that insulation. It's nine different authors. Poets right philosophies on climate change, and we're trying to create space in the city where people can come relate, some of those ideas and just have a conversation with someone else about what that means to their lives. Sounds fantastic untrue. People come a health. Thank you very much time. You've been listening to skylines the podcast from Hugh metric new statesman city site, presented them recorded by me, John edge. I'm produced by Nick Hilton, you find skylines every two weeks on I jeans Acosta, whatever app used to get you your custom warrior. Don't leave us a nice review to tell other people. It really helps people. Discover the show and on the meglomaniac. So the more people can get listened to this Beverley who see in two weeks. Thanks for listening. History.

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