The Zeitness of the Whale 8/18: Anderson Cooper, RIP Eminem, Kanye West and Steve Harvey, Bubonic Plague


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What if you could learn from one hundred of the world's most inspiring women now, you can introducing Senecas one hundred women to hear a new podcast brought to you by Seneca women and Iheartradio in partnership with PNG I'm Kim as early in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of American women getting the vote where bringing you the voices of one hundred groundbreaking and history-making women listen to Seneca's one hundred women to here on iheartradio apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. There hello, the Internet, and welcome to this edition. Site water rafting trip I think we may have done that and let's do it to chapter forty, two the Zionis of the whale from Moby Dick brought to you by at Johnny Davis Johnny Knife whatever all those numbers are shot up to you for that Trend Inspired Aka here with Lacey Moseley. Hello. How are you? Dear, Lacey. So, good to hear you so good to see you over zoom Let's get into some of these trends have them I don't know what the Fuck Damian but the first one I do Anderson Cooper's trending because he had the my pillow guy on his show last night and. It, was a disaster for the mypillow. Farce he was out here preaching some Miracle Cure that had never been FDA approved, and he's like trying to Anderson Cooper it works in Anderson is as looking at him like. Sir. You have no medical experience You just sell pillows. Wha. What makes you different than a snake oil salesman and he's like You don't understand avenue under the whole thing is because this guy like Anderson just read him? He's like the deal is this man who made up this fake drug went to you because you know the president and if he can get you and the president onboard with my drug, I can make a lot of money and also I will give you position on the board of this company. Because once it does begin selling, you will reap the profits. Right and he's also giving me very much papa John's sweaty energy. You, can you know like when people wear the cross very visibly and like almost becomes meaningless like some people you know like he's wearing that to almost be like this should be a shield from criticism because I'm a good Christian man. I don't. That's just it feels like a prop for your identity image kit of where it's located two he's got it out. He's pulled it outside of his pink button down and he's wearing this blue blazer and it's like it's not even hanging right? Like he needed more length on the rope. Wears it often because it ain't even like should. Net that shirt and give us some chess me in the car you want that. We'll see what happens. We'll see what happens. Next R.I.P EMINEM. Why why is that trending I? Just know eminem is not. Not. died. Marshall mathers is not died. So this is something else unless he probably did some other you know like problematic should. Not sure but it's under hip hop. Do we know anything now So it's a lot of people just saying r.i.p eminem right now and nobody's really saying what actually happened. It's a lot of people responding to it. Yeah. So it's just a thing where 'cause I, feel like if you really fucking around, that's what you do like if you know. Let's say that we actually have a a army of fake accounts that you and I used as sort of sway public opinion and caused twitter trash, which we don't if we did and we do pay a sizable amount of money to a group in the Caribbean to do. So you know it seems like a thing where people get together all the. Time just say r.i.p this celebrity get going and then it it was like was this thing trending and for no rattle this feels like k POPs doing from everything that I'm scrolling. It looks like this is k. Pop Cape doing this and a lot of people are all being Shady San like like showing pictures of Ellen Degeneres and be like you'll RPM. Those are happening to you but. This is all fully K pop runs twitter times I love it because they really know how to get to Donald Trump and then other times we just like, okay pop. Okay. A double edged, but you know what I'll let y'all have it so good luck with that. Yeah. Next Kanye West and Steve Harvey, they were making a big splash. At. Chick fillet what like Steve Harvey? Sarah. Was Connie tweeting a photo of him saying like Steve came to check on me and we got hungry. He tweeted me and Steve Harvey was hungry. And it's a picture them at chick fillet with what seems to be quite a bit of food I'm seeing a nuggets here definitely, twelve count. I'm seeing a grilled chicken sandwich. That's those are healthier than the fried ones about four hundred, twenty calories opera serving. It's pretty. Do. We know that's grilled because it could also be deluxe because they got the lettuce on there. I can't quite see. Your House one does have lettuce on it the grocery you can also get the you can get the spicy deluxe that also has lettuce and tomato. Yeah you're right. You're right it might be 'cause he does have the final nuggets next to you could be he's reaching into the bag for fries and then in the back I see a milkshake, another chick-fil-a bag and a large soda. So it seems as though they're having quite the meal as some people noticed that Steve Harvey's pocket on his left side has a plastic bag. This kind of sticking out people are presuming that that's that loud. He's got that creepy on them like that. Okay. Now let me look at it because it looks it looks like a square. It looks like that old man move he's like because he's already wearing the zip off cargo shorts whereas I we might go water rafting and he's like I better put my like my my good stuff in a ziplock bags doesn't get water it's. Him By these. Cargoes Miles I. Didn't I was the first thing I clocked I was like you have failed Steve Harvey Book that was a long time ago, and also like the look let's is dragon what is going on with that watches a off brand like watch is some rich people shit? I've not heard about 'cause. I don't. Know. These pants are too tight and too loose at the same time. The to on the legs are way too tight around the man Area Zach Fox said he got that meet folded up old paperwork. Yes and other people are saying that Steve Harvey has that wop. Steve. And I don't understand any of it. Yeah. Well, you know two buddies go to have a good time chick-fil-a where they A lot of franchisees owners. It's funny when. I've noticed recently when Fox News stories about Chick-fil-a, they will use this image of this one franchise where they were wearing back the blue shirts like the crew was wearing back the blue shirts and that's usually I've noticed how Fox News begins to depict. Chick-fil-a and you know whether franchises but AAA is problematic. It's big and they have definitely funded a lot of messed up organization. Don't need it. Don't need it. It's hard. It's hard though I'm not gonna lie it's hard but it's not that hard and then finally bhubaneshwar plague is trending. Horse it is because it's twenty fucking twenty and everything is possible this year but they're saying this headline is California just saw its first play case in five years experts explain why you shouldn't panic I okay. So There was just another case in Colorado like a month ago, the plague in an animal so. They say plague they. This experts plague is naturally present in many parts of California, including higher elevation areas of El. Dorado County. And it's just you know. Apparently we don't. We ain't got to deal with it ain't gotTA worry about it. Right. It never disappeared and there's always like a few cases a year and they give you antibiotics. So the plague has been out here I think this. Is just we never gave it a better name like Kobe one thousand, nine hundred sounds like a virus or whatever match. If we call corona virus the play it should've and we can call it and then Mubarak plague we switch that out for covid. Right. Because people don't give don't know what it really is a branding thing. That's a good point I feel like that's what we need you to do like daily dispatching Black Y'all deplete the don't catch the plague. Don't fuck around and find out. But yeah. Don't worry not even though it just very unsettling because everything's. Can. Their moments you think is a joke and it's not. But I'm glad to know that it is not a pressing matter and we can just go back to worrying about creeping while fascism and white supremacy that we can. Yet we can continue to just sweat bullets over that Shit. So good good. I guess all's well that ends well. Lacy thanks for You know come with me on this trend trend tastic journey. Maybe I'll maybe I'll see you tomorrow maybe maybe this Combo going a little bit maybe people have caught on to know. Someone's trending up front attorney absurd. You might see them tomorrow with that y'all please be safe out there. There is play going around and please treat it as such because there are lots of people dying and many vulnerable communities are being affected adversely much more than places that have access to different kinds of incomes or infrastructure So take care stay safe wear a mask You know if you socially distance pleased to that much possible and you know if you can if you can take a big chunk out of white supremacy is ask during the day though you might as well do that to Cassette Gang Luebeck. Alright. Till then take care of peace and blessings by. I gain what's going on I know it's been awhile since you may have been out of the house living life like you used to. But you know what? 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