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Part 1: Dave Mason Prop Betting During Quarantine, plus the News (ACS Apr 3)


thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one. Well we got some sad news about our friend. Adam Schlesinger from fountains Wayne. You guys probably heard already. We'll talk about that will attribute to him and we'll talk some prop bets and rich banks as a new killer song. That's all coming IOT about bet online no NBA NHL MLB. Nothing to bet on right wrong about wrestlemainia thirty six Saturday April fourth and then Sunday April fifth hosted by Rob Gronkowski. I knew that boy would land on his feet but online has all the action every match all weekend long including brock listener versus Drew McIntyre everybody. Visit our exclusive partnered podcasts on bet online to take advantage of the best bonuses in the business. Sign up for a free account with the Promo Code. Podcast one for one hundred percent. Sign up bonus. Let's have a little fun during this quiet times with bet online visit online dot ag. And don't forget use the Promo Code podcast. One for your one hundred percent sign up bonus today bet online your online sportsbook experts for Madams House. Gina's house and Brian's house. This is the Adam Corolla show with Gina Grad on News Ball Bryan out of facts. Dave Mason stop by and Peter diamantis returns and now the kids are being home schooled. He spent all night last night on porn hub researching sex ED class. Adam Corolla. Yeah get it on got bigoted on Judge Moog in a mandate get it on. Thanks for hanging with us. During these interesting times it'll be interesting archive when People go back a hundred years from now and look at this time. They'll have all these podcasts to listen to to hear what the nation was going through. You know we didn't have with scarlet fever and in other things and the civil war. Good Day Gina Grad data. You and Bob Ryan here. We go. I talked to Remember ever saying that this interesting time in our in our life is bringing out interesting moments. Because when you're you know when you're when you're on your schedule. You you're on your schedule and you have room for what's on your schedule and a little bit of peripheral stuff but not much and so does everyone else and then when you get stuck in a lifeboat now all you have is time to talk and think and and in think of other concepts and other ideas and have conversations of dots that you would have never had so I'm walking Phil yesterday and Judd appetite hits me up. Shut down just wants to talk ninety not really about anything and he wants a cabinet made. Yeah I I have a career to fall back on. No so I'm like okay. So mean jet APPA towel. Just have this long talk. And Judd is a a very thoughtful guy very nice guy very talented guy but there are some guys that are just not you know. And then some guys in this business or a little bit quickly and It's kind of I. You know it's a weird thing The Great Danny Bonnici said to me. Once he said you know everyone always gives a bunch of shit all the child actors and they're always getting strung out on something or getting into trouble at the cost but he went. Take any average dude and ask them how their friends are doing. It's like my my best friends. I had a best friend one to Rehab and my other friends had troubles with cops and substances and whatever it's about average and you know they always talk about Celebrities being this way and being that way. But it's I think it's the same as Dentists and Drywall. Hanger like Judd. Appetito is a nice guy who happens to be a celebrity. And Stephen Colbert is probably a little prickly are but if they were both attorney it just be the same person as well right to further. Bonnie duties point like give a kid give a child an inordinate amount of money and power and how any average child would turn out not well when they beat the odds crazy for sure and judd. Appetite been really successful for a long period of time but he just happens to be who he is which is a super nice guy certain man she likes to laugh and Bub also likes to do stand up likes to do stand up. So we're just kinda going over this period and we were But had an interesting thing. The reason dropping his name as a to drop his name and then be Nassir. My argument of all these weird weird people people. I don't talk to that much coming out of the woodwork. With this strange downtime thing feeling like like to talk to this guy and you know the rally is whether it's forty five minutes with Patrick Dempsey or forty. Five minutes with judd apt out in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. That scenario doesn't exist when these guys are out doing what they're doing true and and when I'm doing what I'm doing so there was kind of Nice but then he said something at the end He Goes Oh hey I got up because I have A. I think it was a four o'clock zoom cocktail party and I thought Oh must be a lot of that going on this close to. Who's in on this shit? Can I hang? Just take a screen shot right. I'm already on the phone and I like to. I like to do my day drinking but if it's halfway there yeah who who. There's gotTA BE. There's gotta be people thrown cocktail parties on zoom right. A few of my friends us are doing Tuesday nights at nine o'clock after the kids go to bed. And we're all getting on zooms Sharon some cocktail or wine or whatever in hanging out. It's nice to see her friends like you said these are people who are very good friends. But we don't actually talk to them that much during the week and and this is kind of thing go ahead. Oh next week Dan done is coming on and he sent ball to use. All you guys. We're GONNA be be doing a cocktail party on this show. He's going to stay until next week. I in the bottles I received. It looks like we have an emphasis on Tequila. And that should be a ripper orange show because normally when we do it. Dan Comes in. We all drove ourselves and we SIP guzzle. I say we do a show now. This essential employees don't really thinking you more than anything. I could be good. It could be good only you know only I know well gonNA find out in on this all right. So that was. The virtual cocktail hour was kind of fun. I only imagine that Judd would have some pretty cool cats on that on that call but it was. It was nice to catch up with him. he he's just finished it. I was asking him What's doing your schedule. Because who knows what his schedule is exactly and he said just finished his film and It just literally just like did the color correction in the rap at not the ramp filming the ramp of post in like the Edit Bay and then just like shook elbows with the guy and went home like so his you know his in his world. The timing was perfect work because he just finished his Pete Davidson movie and then went home but the movies not coming out now now. Yeah it'll be a while right so it's great timing on one respect and horrible timing on the other respect back up Pete Davidson movie. Yeah Pete Davidson is. They're doing an I mean. I don't WanNa tell tales out of school but the movies coming out. I'm not knowledge right right but it's sort of the theme is Pete's Dad died on nine eleven and that's kind of in a judge good for you like I. That's what he did. With Frederick Crane rat did with amy. Yeah. He found what she what she was about tapped into. That did that. It's not. It does not a documentary but go find the person. Go find out what they want what they do what. They're thinking what their desires brain is where they've been through and then just make it about that. It's always goes wrong when they go the other direction. You know what I mean you get you get night at the Roxbury you go night at the Roxbury. It's the exact opposite of something like train wreck right like you've done nothing that in reality there's authentic in any way it's pure stack up on right in in that works in my mind like four medically that works for three and a half minute. Snl sketches it. Just doesn't hold up over hour and forty five minutes on rare occasion. Yeah the rare occasion is like Wayne's world when those characters are kind of authentic and kind of versions of those guys and they're born from truth off the Roxburgh guys who are funny. But they're silly you know what I mean right Wayne's world you can buy those characters like they were a guy like yeah yeah and sometimes it's just about execution it's not like this never works in this always works. It's accused Shin of it. But by and large the great pat travers. I think was it. Pat Travers is some boom lights. Yes I think Ono. Maybe it was back. I'm trying to take one of those argue. No not back back back understand. I get Jeff Back Anyway. Hadn't album called go for what you now and I always thought the reason. Mr Burcham was so successful because I went for what I knew I knew the subject I knew the character. I knew that place in the reason it wasn't kind of one and done because really my first thoughts when Jimmy told me to do characters like all the gay florist and I'll review type. I coulda pulled that off for two and a half episodes but wouldn't have had lakes. You know what I mean I. It had to be something I knew and I think I think judd smart that way finds interesting subjects and then goes. Let's massage this so about what you know as they say an Improv advanced Improv Plato. Top of your intelligence and was told that you don't want to give credit words. Do I think it's like thing like once you get past the basic and you got the mechanics down then you wouldn't you doing improv scene. You wouldn't be gay floors because you run a material after about ninety seconds. If you're gay architects you would probably have a lot more mature orca. Because you know about architecture. As long as I'm stuck in a car you're it you're saying the baseline of your Dick. We're good go with one. We got lakes all right sadly on a sad note. Adam. Celeste sincere fountains of Wayne. You guys are probably heard this guide. They save the corona or complications from Cronin virus at age fifty two so young relatively. I obviously had some dealings with him because he he wrote the themed Crank Yankers he I think the crank yankers premiered The night that he died the second batch of figured out next paddock figured out anyway. Super Sad Super Talented Guy. wrote obviously that thing you do like musicals and fountains of Wayne Stacy's mom mom a rare As I've said it is a rare exception when somebody can do a movie like that thing you do or also like music and lyrics drew. Barrymore that where the hit song actually sounds like a hit. Song is a bona fide. Pop Song right where it's like. Oh that's how you know. Someone's at the top of their game when they're writing a movie. I say the same thing it's like when they do a movie about stand up and stand up is really funny. So that people in the theater or laughing not just the extras and the club or laughing watching it. But Adam had that ability to write a pop song and and had an would stretch out a lot of different genres and we again. Worked on The Man Show Bit Retro Rock and Rock and I don't want to Scrape the story too much but it was a man show bet that was an idea that I had for a long time and eventually I think in our four season we did it. It was My love of all that Bid Ramblin Rock and Devil Woman Rock and all that kind of stuff and we. I think we did it is Daniel. Probably Knew Adam New York guy and everything and I think we were feeding them like. Here's what we're doing. Here's the lyrics. Here's what we're looking for like. Here's some of the song. Titles and then he would send us the stuff that he was working on. He's just a totally prolific guy. It's also one of these guys. Where if you look at his story you Kinda go. Oh there's time there's time to do things you know what I mean like you can work on this and work on that and do this like you could produce a band. You can have your own obey your own band and you can work on a stupid man. Show bit called Retro Rocking Rock but will play a little of it just Just you can hear some of the songs music today. I just don't get it. I'm Adam Corolla you know in my day. Rock and roll wasn't about boy bands or this robot craft our song for about drinking in brawl in rambling. You're not gonNA find these lost treasures on the radio but you will find him here. Pure RETRO ROCK AND ROCK. Twenty songs that rock so hard you'll think you died and went to hell songs about whisky. Jeff Rouse scrolling and songs about hard living hard loving women eighty attracted drinking Cajun Queen and whatever happened to rambling six Queanbeyan. Yeah there's one I if you read the title they'll make you laugh. There was Mama was a truck driver in Man. I I just saw that one. After twenty years that have made me laugh. Going back parentheses. They're so stupid stupid but it was such A. I don't know it was. It was fun collaborating. I'd never written any songs before. Obviously I didn't write these songs. I just sort of came up with some of the titles and some of the lyrics and like sent it and he did a killer job of assembling it and arranging it and I don't know who was singing like eighteen th C rambling highway or any of that stuff. I don't know if he sung some of it. I think he got guys things. Some of it was just a also before all this zoom and everything. It's like you'd have to wait for a while. And then he'd send you probably a file or maybe even send you something physically like in the man l. But He was a super talented guy. and diverse just did a whole bunch of different things like he did music. He did everything music and A little lesson in almost everything and his is a good one. His is just go out there. And if you love music than do Broadway stuff and do like jingles and do and also This guy was doing that thing you do was what ninety six or I think I was looking for. I think it was. I think I looked it up. It was ninety six. The point is he's working with Tom. Hanks and being nominated for an Oscar in ninety six ninety seven in two thousand and two the Jack Offs from the man show are going to help me with this thing and he got it okay like it wasn't going fuck no. I'm working at Birkbeck. He was like. Oh okay just did everything. And that's a I think there's a there's something in it there so anyway Someone younger than me and Someone who I've worked with at least I I I. I don't I don't know I. You know this thing where you go. He was a friend like we weren't. We weren't France. I respected him from afar. We weren't head a little bit and now I was talking to Dr drew and I said well what what what do we need to know like I heard he was on a ventilator and then he was. Somebody said in a coma but it wasn't in a coma. I just sedated. And then the next day was like oh he's coming out of it in their cautiously optimistic and he's doing better and then he's dead and so I said to drew how does at work. You're in a hospital. You're being taken care of tended to. You're you're in bad shape and then the next day you're in a little better you're better shape and then the next day your dad. How's how's that work in hospital? And he said I don't know but it sounds like he may have had a heart attack or there may be a heart issue so the getting better and then dying is. You had a heart attack in the hospital. And he said the corona virus not only puts a stress. Obviously you get a stress. It's like when there's an earthquake and they go. This guy died of a heart attack during the earthquake. Like the old guy died of it. You can please stressed bound patients from an earthquake. Yeah but he said drew also said there are. The Corona virus puts a stress on the heart or does something to the arteries or whatever it is so it does go after the heart cheese and distressed. That makes more sense because when it's reported like oh he had an underlying condition of heart disease. You think will. What the hell does that have to do with anything? So if you already have some heart issues than that make sense well. I would suspect as all speculation and I'm not saying he had heart disease. I'm saying right. It's all speculation but I would assume if you if this is the trajectory you had this. It was bad one in it started to get better and then the next day died. That sounds like there's something going on with your heart that people are unaware of. Maybe even you you go in with this and this is what happens but either way we'll We'll see I wish they just say died at fifty two from corona virus. I wish they would say no. Existing no pre existing conditions or pre existing conditions. Or if there's in I just wanted specified that there was nothing he was suffering from going in or or tell us it. It's Kinda driving me nuts. No till an autopsy. They they may not know. I think they can say star Brian. I think they can say no known preexisting conditions if they wanted to but yes this is gonNA surprise you but I'm not a doctor But this the placating effective saying like it was a pre existing condition is kind of a little slippery slope issue. Here's what I'm trying to say like. Vinnie was on. The other day was talking about like. Oh if you're obese that that's like a pre existing condition. You know what I like. That could have mitigating effects if you get corona virus and I looked according to the CDC forty percent of Americans over twenty are are obese and someone tweeted us today that like eighty eight percent of people are technically overweight out of shape. I mean the the pre existing condition thing isn't just a heart disease and cancer and whatever. It's like if you if you're compromised in some way if you're overweight if you're obese if you have hypertension whatever it is that's a huge percentage of the popular half half the people half the people on the on the on this show the other day when drilling was on had cancer. That's that's what I was saying the other day CERNA. That's what I was saying the other day about like kind of just sweeping it away with will. They had pre existing conditions wealth. You see what? The pupil just condition list is asthma. Bronchitis you know things like that. We all have And just a little mid show Show prep Adam Steve Gregory from. Kfi would love to come on and clear of any press related questions so you have those. I Love Steve Gregory because nobody pronounces his own name. Like Steve. Gregory is a hell of a lockout. How Gregory is that He. He doesn't mind pissing off anyone. He's doing presser with in terms of asking a question that's uncomfortable or whatever and he said of Adam has a question I will give him an answer. You know so. He's doesn't beat around the Bush. Whatever he knows he's happy to share. I will look forward to that. We will arrange it a good point. I would like to know if the person was morbidly. Obese if a carrier around twenty extra pounds that does compromise. You miniscule percentage. I wouldn't need to know that but I would need to know preexisting conditions in in some sort of realm of whether it's pertinent or not right. I what I'm saying is is was Adam Healthy active fifty two year old. Who was just cut down by this or was there something else going. And and it's it's not going to be an exact science. I'm just saying I like a little. I like it a little more specific but We'll see some of that will come out either way. He shall be missed all right. Dave basin is on Dave. Let's see do we. Pot Up Dave Mason. He's joining right now. You should be turned on Mike any Second. All Right Bet online dot ag is going to give us A couple of Ideas of things We might WANNA wager on from home during this downtime. One no was one is Wrestlemainia gamble on one of the world's horrible. How they have to be brought bats. I think notch will go or something. I don't know you tell us Dave now out here you can bet on. Who's going to win the each? Oh Yes yes on. What a world on. How are they doing wrestlemainia this year? Yes it's all pretaped in front of nobody and and Stadium and pre-tape. We heard that they're gonNA obviously wrestling. Matches are predetermined so it's always Kinda challenging offering is but you know you keep the limits low just all from for fun. You know a lot of people. Bet Them We we have a guy a handicap or who loves the sport and he's really good at it. So we're we're lucky. There are a lot of books. Shy away from the stuff so but our guy he I mean he lives in breezes that leads us wrestling so well but we. We heard that they're going to win. We actually heard that they're gonNA. They're his but he told me that they're taping these matches with both outcomes so like the the brock listener Magin wins and they they take your McIntyre winds so I guess at the end only did speak man. We'll know him push on which way once the go which is a good idea and that helps us out a little bit as well You know what I like about. Vince McMahon. He's one of these guys. That has a powerful. Chin and a weak Chin simultaneously in the same guys got really powerful Chin and kind of a soft Chin recessive. Normally we leave it up to this guy to have the soft Jan and this guy to have the hard Chen but he has both at the same time also. It's funny when I think about when you say we have a guy who handicaps Professional wrestling I want to be fair because when I hear about like a single lady who works from home who has three cats. I just tack on forty pounds. Whoever WE'RE TALKING TO Fella that handy after professional wrestling I'm GONNA attack fifty pounds onto that hombre. That's the right thing to do. Oh God who? Don't listen this and he can drop a few. I don't know about fifty easy. Could do a little bit on the Nerdy side but station. He knows his numbers. I'll tell you that much. But he's he's a heavyset fella now. I don't think so you know you. You know we all drop a few drop and fifteen workstations echoed and she can do low intermittent fasting few weeks. Maybe I'M NOT GONNA save fifty extreme. Yeah it's like five eight. He's probably sitting there all day to Sharon. Can you smell with Iraq's cooking yes I can like hot wings and NACHOS ALL RIGHT? I would love us just to figure out what the job was and then we could just TAC TAC pounds on. That would be fun. That'd be a fun gig. Well it's super easy like when I I used to be poor. Teach boxing in do carpentry. I walked around like one hundred. Seventy three annually. Now I do a podcast for my home up. Twenty five pounds. What else. How else could this go? Yes so I'm sorry. So Dave what else what away. We have professional wrestling. What was the other sports that I found kind of interesting the wrong major Russian table tennis really these Russians are ruthless. Fan there except for of EIB He's not fighting but the rush paint on hockey's going on still. There was some volleyball going on at they might. I'm not sure I think volleyball rushing Bible buyers by inside but yet is it. It's table tennis. We put it up after the NBA went down and all that we were scramble to put content on the sites in sports and there are some ways across the world that are going on and we never had table tennis. All we put it up there. People are the hell out of it especially live ING I. I tweeted something about it in some guy. Hit me out and it's like Oh yeah table. Tennis is the best word to bet live. Quick it's so quick and fast scoring going back and forth worth and rights. I mean who knew but yeah. We're getting a ton of Russian table. Tennis well bedding and not to be sports either. Apparently you can bet on. Who's going to be cast in? What role for the Tiger King Movie? Yeah absolutely with those two days ago. So those are those are a lot of fun and we're GonNa have some Org Regain Rob's Coming on soon so that's entertainment and anything you know we. We've upped gaming entertainment. Nfl draft PROC- have like almost a hundred of 'em of up. So you know we keep taking bets casino poker doing the heavy lifting but uh skies on the sports book where where. We're getting innovative here in creative Vernon our paycheck is a UFC. Fight going down. So Tony Ferguson is not fighting could be. It could be can't allegedly can't get OUTTA Russia ordinary boy. He said he couldn't get out of Russian than than they said. You can't take a private jet. And then I think he just pulled out so that that fight is off for the fifth fifth time they tried to fight and it's off once again so the rumors are just engaging versus Tony Bergerson. Which would be a hell of a fight? But it's not official yet. I hope that goes down. That would actually be more entertaining. Fight like the truth of your slugfest. But we'll see we'll were holding out. Hope here earn advantages to coming from Russia and living in Russia versus living in Locking Yada Flint Ridge. And what I'm saying the Glendale area because if somebody says to me hey I need you to come in and do X Y and Z and I live in lock in yacht. I can't go. Yeah now. They won't let me come and there's no way to get there and they just don't want to. If someone comes from Russia or lives in Russia I will believe everything. They say all they have to go. Yeah there's no we can't I can't they. Don't let me all you have to say they won't let me and then that'll be it like I could go. Why didn't you return my email? And you could write. They won't let me reverse right. Why don't you wipe your ass Yeah they don't they got up thing. I just I I have no sense of what you can do and what you can't do so if he didn't want to do something you just say they won't let me be. Does he live it Russia? We Trees Northern California Daniel as groups. So he's back and forth. I mean home basis Russia but I I mean I think he was in California training and anyone back just a few weeks ago or over month ago like right before if you were like well what the hell you going back for if you're GONNA fight. And then he got his allegedly stuck over there but people are saying he could take a private jet out is instagram poses. Something like it's it's not safe to travel on this and that thing which this by the way. This guy's worried about safety conor McGregor. He went over the fence over seven fans barefoot landed on like Joe Rogan's lap and then barefoot dove into the imagine doing all this in a pair of board shorts. You know what I mean just over the top landing and a bunch of folding chairs and beer cans and then diving into the audience to try to kill cell phone. He's not worried about getting Yup. That's ironic parties. Russian Ping Pong players are doing cautioned the win every day but the Batman rushes on the sidelines. I don't get it but I like him because I think he his hat. His hat looks a lot like it's reminiscent of A bad acid came long before could be did which is Lovey from Gilligan's island wear Thurston. How the thirds wife would wear the same kind of hat back when women wore hats women wearing hats. I'd love to because I've always said one of my very few superpowers is. I look great and hats so any hat you got. I'll wear week also how we can tell the difference between the rich chicks in the poor check perhaps bog such boy. Yeah yes autumn autumn. Good news you can actually gamble on the on the website. They had the world car awards. Oh like ear maniac. Yup everhard design of the year world car. The year will luxury car. Wow Wow you know thing or two about cars. Use your inside man. That's that's that's how I make up my money. I on football as I bet on the Oscars put everything on the Kea telluride. I test drove that car. All Right Dave. Let me give you a plug Bet Online dot. Ag User Promo Code. Podcast one when a betting and send my tweet at Dave Mason B. O. L. Is Well Hope you're Ryan this thing out. Okay Dave and It's It's interesting if you want to occupy ourselves hop on there and Enjoy THANKS DAVE. Let me hit. Let's see we got a rich bank song. Yeah let's play. Let's one more rich banks songs plays thank. You didn't want me didn't mean to conceive me Shin Kong good gene. My parents made me trapped. Shit based on couldn't should distance from my mom jets tag know that they were making Milo. The news was breaking up regretting the child. Should it come on the program again when children visit the Smithsonian one hundred years from now they will up these files know exactly what we were going through. He's being document the mood. The mood of the country of humanity. There's going to be a fair amount of kids that may not have been planned for up and that'll be I think so. I think like when those kids are going in the first year of college like eighteen and a half years from now and Every everybody in that freshman class they'll have to go Do you have a sister yes? She's fifty seven corona baby. Okay I got like if you have a brother. Who's sixteen months older fine but I would ask everyone. Who's entering that freshman class? Do you have a sibling? And if that's siblings more than eleven years or more than eight years away it is career. I I'm sorry I just had a stroke of genius and I don't WanNa forget it. You know we got the Gen X. Gen Y. millennials. These kids are GonNa be when they hit thirteen quarantines. Oh that's good yeah Dan Genus somebody. Tm that immediately. Yeah that's going to be the next generation the quarantines well Brian I'm sorry I coined the phrase home improvement yesterday. Gina's now picked up the mantle with corn teens. Would does you got Ryan pressures on some PUN base sham. Some nugget of gold for waiting GONNA workshops and stuff better. Work it out all right. Let me hit ZIP. Recruiter hiring used to be hard multiple job sites stacks of resumes confusing review process. That they hiring much easier ziprecruiter dot com slash Adam. Things are being shaken up. A lot of businesses are being hit hard and then a lot of businesses are hiring for the same reasons that some of the other ones are being. Hit Hard. This this whole situation is going out there. So it's that resume together ziprecruiter. Send your job to over. One hundred of the Web's leading job boards plus ziprecruiter skins thousands of resumes to find the one with the right experience and invites them to apply to. Your job is applications. Come Rolling in. Ziprecruiter analyzes each one spotlights top candidates. So you never miss a match four or five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality can within the first day Ziprecruiter. Right Dawson right now. Our listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash Adam. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash eighty. Am ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM SLASH. Atoms Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire quick break. We'll come back with Gina and her news right after this news. Gino breaks game five. All those crazy talk tweets get gene gene the news with Gene Grad. A record number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits last week and I'm not talking about like a record for like the last year the last two years. This is big from March. Twenty first through the twenty eighth six point. Six million out of work Americans filing for unemployment. That's twice the amount of the previous week's record-breaking number three point three million and more than what most analysts predicted according to NBC News. And just to put it in further Clarity the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint. Louis is predicting the unemployment rate to climb to thirty two percent. The unemployment rate in America was twenty four percent during the Great Depression. So we'll see what we're on track for but six point six million This week well we're GONNA have to find out as much as we can find out as fast as we can find it out and we're just GONNA have to not speak in sweeping terms like I hear articles and a here politicians and they're like When do we go back to work? Well when it's absolutely safe and one hundred percent forever and then we're going back and it's like a that you can't run a country you can't run a business. You can't run a war. You can't run anything that when it's one hundred percent absolutely you can't do that. You're going to have to start collect crunching data like making decisions. And you know my feeling is like I don't know why everything is one-size-fits-all. There's a lot of people who should probably stay home. And then there's people in Wyoming who probably shouldn't or folks in other areas don't have to or folks of a certain age who can go back to whatever as long as they're not going back and living you know with an elderly person you know I have a I live with a bunch of healthy fan young ish people. There's no we're not bringing it back. I don't I'm not living with Nanna and it should be there when we don't live in New York so maybe there should be adjustments. Made I get it at the beginning. Which were were getting to the end of the beginning. I guess that makes sense the end of Act One the end of act one. Now it's time to make realistic assessments and decisions. That's reminds me a book. I read by the lawyer. Vincent Bugliosi you speaking of Mark Gerson reasonable doubt like he's talking about you know finding someone guilty or not guilty. It's beyond a reasonable doubt. It's not beyond all doubt. It's not like well aliens could've come down and shot that yes that that. It's not reasonable so put that out of your mind and now go from reasonable. There's a place where it's like like you said like absolutely say we're reasonably safe like you know. Take take the reasonable measures at the right time and when the right time is to go the other way then it's funny. You bring up boob. Leo's because I just heard somebody speaking we were just talking about. I was just I was he. He had this quote and I don't know if it's in helter skelter or not but there was another thing he said which is as as it pertained to the OJ. Trial when they think yeah right and they kept saying they screwed this up and they screwed that up and they screwed this up. The you know the the guy walked through the the crime scene in the blood was on his shoes. You didn't put the baggies on the shoes. He said And we're in. We're kind of going through it now. It's like the government screwed this up. They said this they did that. They had ventilators that confined the ventilators. They didn't know where the stuff was he. He said she said I travel the country. I order the same thing for breakfast at Every Hotel. I go to for room service and they quite frequently screw it up like I order eggs toast and Bacon and it gets fucked up a lot and these are professionals. Who Do this for a living? And he still eats it and he's still eat it but the point is don't expect the government not to fuck things up and don't expect the lapd not to fuck up. It doesn't mean Jay's innocent means yes shit gets fucked up of course there was. It was in fact that book outrage about the OJ Simpson trial. And I'm almost positive. Word that book store it comes from about reasonable doubt and the same thing you're talking. I read that book and the same thing you're talking about is yeah. They screwed up a few things. He's still did it like you got him on technicality. I guess that like they screwed this up in this group. Not Up. He's still did. It is his blood was all of the crime scene. There is footage of everybody in a position of power. Writing laughed at some point after the corona virus came out saying. Here's what to do and they're all wrong. Well and and to your point to your point we have SARS we have mercy of swine flu. We have all these things so I but it does. This feels different so hopefully after we all come out of this thing. That's in the past business as usual because you know what there's going to be something else and hopefully we won't be caught with their pants down next time and we'll be more prepared because who we didn't know to be prepared until we had something like this happen so I mean we're never the promises there's always somebody worn this and somebody said that but no one ever really Yeah I don't I don't mean like that necessarily but like you know. Hey you know what a couple of extra ventilators if it costs a little money. Not a bad idea to have those storage things like. Here's the here's the problem are. Here's what I don't think you're factoring in. Which is you bring up all those other diseases. We were not prepared for those. We weren't prepared for this but our reaction is so incredibly strong now because of our kind of new world order. It's a new emphasis. It's varsha software communicating much faster also. There's a new emphasis on safety and that we never had in the past. We had some thoughts about it but it wasn't an all out emphasis on safety. So even if everything is in place we're still GONNA to motionlessly react to some degree the same and that is something we're going to have to contend with in the future. Sorry go ahead so I if you if you live anywhere in southern California. I'm sure you've heard about this but frankly it's national news. Prosecutors charged a train engineer who Los Angeles Vay with intentionally derailing train at full speed near the Navy Hospital. Ships mercy because he apparently didn't believe the ship was there for reasons. The government says it was forty. Four year old Eduardo Marino was charged with. This is crazy. One count under a little known. Train wrecking statute that actually carries a maximum sentence of twenty years. According to NBC News Marina was turned over the FBI. A California Highway Patrol officer said. He saw the train which is used to haul shipping. Cargo smashed through a barrier at the end of the tracks before it drove through several obstacles including a steel barrier and a chain link fence slid through one parking lot and another filled with gravel and smashed into a second fence of. This is according to the affidavit. Moreno said he did it out of desire to wake people up. Jesus well we want full. Silver streak is watching the end of silver streak. Timely the other day. Also you know. There's a couple of scenes in silver streak couple of good and a couple of good end bombs and a lot of shoe Polish and shucking and jiving with gene wilder. The probably doesn't doesn't hold up today. Oh right okay. I remember that. Well so these yeah. It's kind of an interesting thing. Which is that movie was a big hit and well received and so on and so forth when it came out in nineteen seventy six or seven or whenever it is and it never makes the rounds early makes the rounds and shy and I was like. Oh this movie from my childhood. That doesn't really make the rounds and I watched it and it's good like gene wilder is fantastic. Richard Pryor spray but you. There's a scene where they go to the bathroom and he puts the shoe Polish on and starts doing. Hey Man and maybe that's that's part of it you like to you. Like to point out the absurdity of the warning historical smoking you know under the rating right at Disney plus. At least I don't know if this is an eighth thing but I noticed this when I turn on Peter Pan for Tessa. What she loves by the way the nineteen. Yeah we've been watching something. Yeah it says Got On the ticket picture. I've been posted for the roller show thing. But it says something like rated TV. Pg for like outdated cultural references or something like that dated something Tiger Lilies tribe. Maybe other Redmond the song. They're speaking Pidgin English. It's it's not. It doesn't flow well today. Yeah I'm trying to think I think Max Pat I don't know I think maybe someone tweeted me this but We got that Sane had the right hair and no sound. He's also the thing about bathroom. Sir Like Grand Central Station and they're in the bathroom and the thing about bathrooms. It's SORTA like cops in movies. There's certain times you need a guy in the bathroom to experience what you're doing. And then there are times he. He's in a huge train station. A crowded train state in in him and Pryor and gene wilder have extended seen empty bathroom. That has plenty stalls in it. It a train station should be hundred people about go but he gets there like could you imagine going into lax and just having all the time in the world to hatch your plan alone in the bathroom and they're just doing a whole and I always say I always say with cops there scenes sort of like if you take a look like pulp fiction where they go into the apartment and they're shooting at the guys and this whole extended scene and there's no cops ever showed up and then there's other movies where you need the cops to show up because you go go go go like you use them. How you use as multiple shots fired a mess small apartment at you Meghan. Imagine someone's called the Kospi Quigley. I would be the worst because I would. I would be staying there for John Travolta and he was and and Samuel L. Jackson was quoting the Bible or whatever it is also come on. We're on they fired. Eleven shots that was like nine minutes ago. We gotta get moving there so far because they shoot the dude on the couch and then you go in the long Soliloquy. That Ezekiel Twenty Four. Seventeen twenty five seventeen kept comes out with the fucking gun. There is extended gunplay. I would be very nervous about the cop but that's an example of a movie where the cops don't exist and then at some point there's movies you know like he or something where the cop definitely exists. And they're rolling. They're showing up. This is either. You have to have someone in the bathroom to react. Or nobody's in the bathroom but it was an extended scene where wilder put shoe Polish on his face anyway Sir and was being taught how to act so he could pass with the radio up to his ear and Dan Dance Yeah right so speaking of ventilators and preparedness and all these things a lot of celebrities coming out to offer help with equipment and fashion. Brands are now turning over to Making protective gear and mass and things like that P.t Barnum Elon. Musk loves to make his big proclamations of what he's GonNa do. He announced earlier this week that he had a thousand. Fda approved ventilators on the way. And there's only one problem with that. They aren't powerful enough to use the ICU. In fact a lot of People don't consider them ventilators what they are called by pat machines which seemed kind of like c-pap machines and You know you you can use them for breathing treatments from what I understand. But they're not not only are they not usable for somebody in ICU. That truly needs a ventilator but to make matters worse they could be making matters. Worse because you know the The sort of Ground Zero Nursing Home in Washington that this disease just swept through like wildfire. That could have been because of people sharing these types of machines for breathing treatments and they also that era sizes so this virus hangs out in the air and when you have steam and things like that being pushed out from these machines it's sort of weaponising it all over the room so I thought yeah. I'm a celebrity hang means sure. I should own my own ventilator. You should like your own tanning machine what you have air compressors for your car tires and stuff so they essentially worked on that. What I'm saying is is enough on when I was a kid? A few of my friends. Dads had their own bowling ball and bowling shoes. So yeah they didn't go. Share one down at the lanes. They showed up with their own. I could afford it number one number two. It was their shoes and their ball. They didn't have other people's cooties on it and they knew how work on probably has one on the yacht. Why should Geffen show up to a hospital on them? Go on sorry Mr Deva. And we're out of respirator for you. We got some poor Migrant guy on it over there maybe when he's done why not like you know. This sounds insane I devices are but if you said to me look after this event this would never work but I would still be happy with anybody. Who's rich or anyone who can afford this by your own garage and put it in his zip sealed bag and we'll put a stamp on it or something. And when you if this shit goes down you roll in with this thing. You have your. Hey you race. Do you borrow people's firesuits do you share buyers? Not that's not know. Does it come with the car. Do I share one now. I have my own. I like when people do that kind of stuff. Like you have your own glasses right your toothbrush your own flaws right right and what about q? Tips Yeah do you share a pillow with a stranger? Or you have your own pill. I have my own pillow okay. So what's the difference? I love that person. That's my favorite person. The person that draws two straight line from the pillow and the same. Yeah when you're when you're in little league. I don't know if I have a question when you were little league. I don't know if this was a era thing or a little league team who had his own Helmets or his own bat or something you know I mean like back in literally when your ten you shared everything. The coach the coach five bats and eight helmets. And that was it. Yeah I had. I shared the bat a shared the helmet adamant his own monogrammed helmet. There's always the one kid is what yeah had to one complete or my right one So it's interesting. There was so much batch sharing that it's like you want to warm up and you're like where's my bat whereas the bad I use the guys up ahead of US using that bad he'll hand it to you when he's done with it but The era of everyone having their own shit like football helmets and football shoulder pads in that didn't exist. There was a couple of rare instances when kids have their own football helmets and maybe a bat and that kind of stuff but it was all pretty universally shared the big Duffel bag and dump it out. Yeah we had Had some weird little coaches literally coaches as I think about it. Now we're definitely weirder than the football coaches Oh yeah the football coaches were just pretty straightforward dudes windbreaker dudes. You know a big beards and windbreakers yelling calling everyone a candy candy ass soft or comparing what? You did to women all the time. You're young daughter Kelly. Just she's on the gymnastics team. She's in She's nine years old. She's not a gymnast. She does more push ups they do. More Pushy Upton at all they did was used girls my lady game you come on ladies. Yeah I the baseball. I love my baseball coach. But he was a little too into little league. And you had daughter who was three years younger than us and it was always like. Oh my daughter could blah blah blah. Thanks I had the ultimate. I had all different kinds in little league baseball and again in football. They didn't have that much. Range big is used to play football. Her too old to play football now. And they'RE GONNA. Yell Young guys to play football. I had a coach named Mrs Crews her daughter. Talk about Breaking down barriers. Claudia Cruz was her daughter. She was a lights out pit jer. She was like peppermint Patty and just lights out. Eleven year old twelve year old kitchen. She just was a lights out. Pitcher name is Claudia cruised. O.`Neil yeah the MOM was to coach. The MOM was like drove. An eighteen wheeler had this kinda. You know those tight Wrangler boot cut like kind of flared pants with there were tied up top and flair. She wore cowboy boots but not. Hey look at me cowboy boots. Just like I wear cowboy boots cowboy booth. She'd be up there with the PARILLO. I kind of like a more cigarette. Like a brown stigler at like hanging out of her mouth. That would bobble when she spoke. She had the Fungal Bat. Choose like all right one round. The Horne is throw it up like Wacko with one hand. Like she was tough. Mrs Cruise was a tough hombre. Claudia was a great pitcher and we had no qualms about having a female coach or like a female ace on the mound. Like better better for us better for you and I let her in Adam history month is Claudia. Cruz is that person. Probably North Hollywood. Same Age as me. She was the baseball hall of fame. Last year was good crews had either fall asleep behind the wheel are maybe the more cigarettes got her. She can't still be around but yeah it was also people. Forget that you could. There's no better time to smoke. Then when you're a coaching little league because you're just outdoors outdoors. Quick could smoke a cigarette. My little league coach Dave Lowman was a genius because he had to hound dogs and one or two but either way the video together at the Grand Slam over the fence aid right over. That fence was like a Gulch. Agali Gulf Drina Gulshan. Gully was a steep steep drop off to an inaccessible area by humans but he had dogs and after after the end of light at the end of the week when all because all the teams practiced at that Park. And of course there'd be a few home runs hit. He'd send it. He had his dog trained to go down and pick up balls. You get like brand new ball. He never bought baseball and his life. Got Brand new balls from this. Golly it's so sad that like I grew up in an era where baseball was a durable. Good Oh yeah ticket item and I would have a couple of home run balls from little league except for I then use them to play over the line and whatever else we played because you needed to use them all right. Let me hit Gyco YOU WANNA do a little bundling you have Homeowners insurance you have Renter's insurance you WANNA put them together with your automotive insurance you go with. Geico you save big box when you bundle at Geiko. Geico DOT COM. They'll tell you just how fast and just how easy it can be to bundle your homeowner's or your renter's insurance with your Automotive Insurance and do it quickly and easily at Geiko that is GEIKO DOT com. Hey Mex- paddock. Can you scroll that screen? My screen looks different than maximum Patta screen. So he has some. I did updated it. What does it. What does the Child Chat? Doesn't Scroll Chris Eighteen new messages down. Okay so yeah. I didn't know that I thought if I adamantly wanted to send everything else to the heavens and then have the latest messages as as the new message. That's what I've been doing. I didn't know it didn't scroll well. What you gotTa do is add those X.'s. To the bottom so it rolls up right. I was always a lot of confusion amongst those. Yeah so my screen at the top says break news but we don't want that on there right. Scroll so if you add stuff to the bottom that might have been just three weeks nonstop the add stuff to the bottom. It'll scroll up right and it'll go off the screen or adding to the top because the newest would be at the bottom. So for instance if I did this and then I think what we're call the top or the bottom of the different. Anyway Gary. Does Gary understand his like like all right? There could be some confusion because I noticed there was an update zoom today so I don't know if some of US have up there. It's behaving differently today compared to the last nine days this. Hey Chris you just found your Russia. Buddy has been an update to zoom. Like what am I gonNA go bullshit? I wouldn't check consume all night. I'm on their website. There's no updates whatsoever up to track her APP. Updating the screen deter show. So I didn't and you weren't saying things. I didn't think anything was wrong with was dealing. I know Chris. We've been talking about this for two weeks on every show I do. I am attempting to do this thing. Where the screen scrolls up and gets the old information off of the screen by adding new stuff at the bottom and pushing the old stuff as it up and doing that with for everybody else is just my screen that I'll get a new message alert and I will go and physically scroll down. I'll get alerts. Doesn't scroll automatically. Ours is so the way mine works. Is he adds axes or check and IT PUSHES IT OFF. The top of my. That's what I've been doing but if it right but our screens are different. As we've established in mind my stuff still stays at the top anyway. Anyway we found the Peter Pan Thing he did go into the last just the last line of the description. It may contain outdated cultural depictions. May indeed it does. Let's do one more Gina Grad. All right well. This is just a video that is fun to play. You know everybody wants to Get get in on the act and do a PSA and make sure all. Wash our hands and staying home. This one looks like he was forced to do it mostly because he says he was forced to do it. Let's just let him explain. Larry David doing a PSA for staying home. And I believe this is under. The governor's twitter David. Obviously somebody put me up to this gentleman. Not the kind of thing I do but I basically want to address the idiots out there you are going. I don't know what you're doing. You're you're socializing to close it. It's not good. You're hurting old. People like me. I have nothing to do with the letters to you but other let's say other old people who might be hero. Who the hell knows but the problem is you're passing up a fantastic opportunity. A once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in the house sit on the couch and watch watch TV. I don't know how you passing that up. Well maybe you're not that bright but here it is go home. Watch TV that. That's my advice to you. You know. If you've seen my show nothing good ever happens going out of the house. You know that this just trouble out there all right good place to be Larry. Smart and I just got. I just talked to August about. I got told the Senate's number so we're GONNA try to get him on the show because he said soon as we're done with the curbs I'll come on so well seeming zoom him and we'll work on that Larry's a great example of just kind of owning who he is and Ellen is a bad example of it and Rosie's the worst sample of it which is like everybody and I think in a weird way in a weird way. Maybe Hilary lost the election because she went a little too much ellen not enough Larry David like we don't care who you are. We just WANNA know that that's who you are. That's trump trump's all appeal right. We don't care that Lance Bass is gay. We care that we think he's gay and these not telling us he's gay. That's what we care about. I'm telling you it was ten years of speculation about Lance Bass the second. He came out as gay. No-one said another word about it right now in care. We're we're bothered. We were bothered by like we're like I don't Hillary. She seems really cheese laughing. It up with Oprah. Is She a good person? I don't know you don't have to see the mistake. Is We need a great person. We don't need a great person. We need an authentic person. And Larry. David is become a billionaire bites just being who he is. We DON'T CARE. He literally just said like look. You're not gonNA see me. I don't WanNa see you. You know that kind of stuff that we go. Oh it's so awesome. Well he's just saying he's just being yeah. I I think back in the day you could pull this off like you take a rock cuts is no one knew it. He could do it. We didn't know we weren't gonNA no. We never found out. We know. Now we're GONNA find out so don't do it. Just be that person be you be. You know I was GonNa have Charles Barkley. As example he is who he is and he's wildly popular perfect. All right let's bring home gene. I'm Gina Grad and. That's the news. The news with Gina Grad. Peter de Mandis is Coming onto part to use such an interesting Guy. We interviewed yesterday. We'll talk to him again In the second half I talk to you about simply safe home improvement to is in our simplisafe dot com peel and stick up and running and Under half an hour batteries last up to ten years it is the best. It is simply safe. Dot Com Right Gene Bald. Another yeoman's job turned in by the two of us and I'll do a one on one with Peter Right after this.

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