Washougal MX 2021 Review


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He's the one responsible for not catching justin cooper's crash. He's the one responsible for the graphics errors for all of that. Everybody it's jason wagon. What's up yeah. That is true. That is true. I mean jay mart was out front. We were just follow liederman. That's trying to do You know we didn't show tomac in the lead of southwick so we're going to just show leaders all the time. Okay all right okay. Sounds fair enough. Hey turn yourself a little bit wage if you can also on the line to time. German supercross champion. Time months y'all supercross champion and also very very angry about the embargoes for the fly racing. Twenty twenty two. It's jason thomas what's up. Jt now much. We definitely need to cover that whole scenario. I have some thoughts and absent explanations. Too dark side did not break the embargo. The heavy odds were on him here in vegas but he managed to play it straight. But our guys at motorsport zach osborne. I'm just you know for all the rules that were brought. We're told to us You you were the rock among you. Were the wacko gone comment because you are saying that it was their fault. I didn't. I said they broke in. I don't i don't want anybody to think that they are there. Especially like someone motorsport. Who is a huge customer in partner for us I don't want anybody thinking that they did anything that they were not supposed to do. there was some miscommunication between different departments and within our company and really what it really came down to is. Our website wasn't ready and in a perfect world. We want to be i right. We wanna go live i And then our website got delayed. Well a few departments were not informed that we were going to be delayed so yet different people are going at different times Zach was told the wrong time By someone who just made a mistake. Nothing there's really nothing more than you can say as other than they just wrote the wrong time and attacks them so either. Julius will know that was his fall. That was that was straight up. Pretty funny which. Jt trying to whack the mole at the carnival. Yeah the racer x ads Went up early and it was hilarious. Because i saw an email from jt. And i'm like wait. This is recycled email from three weeks ago when we already had this issue but no it happened again so it was not. It wasn't as urgent as i thought it was like goal. We already handled that situation And yeah yeah and just seeing and remember as you mentioned dark side this all the fly racing and we didn't explain exactly this is yes but dark side doing it last year. The embargo has been a joke for at least a year. If not two so to see it completely fall apart again was made an amazing friday. All around it really did and it was great. Rj did get on the podium with the kinetic mission the second moto jt but definitely successful twenty twenty two flyer racing when you make a podium. Yeah i mean all we want is our guys to do well and it's been tough when you have your guy with number plate that can't ride because he's injured that's rough And then you lose a race winner from this year. Joey swollen the first corner of the first moto. That's also tough but yeah thankfully. I mean joy. Excuse me a rj pretty well. At least we got some television coverage and the production company for our sport was kind enough to let me speak a little bit and put our stuff on tv which always helps but really. I mean we're just trying to let people know about the products have that's all there is to it. They can make their own decisions. They can spend their own money however they want. If you don't like it that's fine. That's okay But we just want to try to let people know what we're doing what we're about well clinton exciting day up in. We're going to have more coverage of the action in the battles but then we had to go to this. Jason thomas manager interview door. That was that was before the race started so try again while i mean trust me i get plenty of hate. On showing features that are not during the motives rushmore. Anybody yeah listen. If it was during the moto i would have. I would have saved myself a allies going after. But let's check out the twenty to live with thomas ourselves ourselves would have gone down simply because we cut it up. Teacher should have done that. We should feature after tomac around sexton you talk about zach not being there. I'm going to rob a joke from tomorrow. Night's problematic show like he's there he's been at the races have them where the stuff walking around like. He's having put it on. I don't understand enhance mascot. Yeah i mean this was perfect. Chance to me for flyers. It'd be like hey zakho. Listen you're defending champion. You have to wear this twenty twenty two stuff. I mean he. He doesn't want happen. Where the boots or the helmet. Let's be honest but kissed a pickup cat like just like pant and jersey walking around and tennis shoes. Yeah worse i know. 'cause everyone's like look zach osborne what's he doing. He's got his sneakers on so good at a lot of things. But i don't think like style is necessarily your marketing. I'm a marketing guy. And that's what i would do. That's what i and we will. We will pay you to market our brand but let us decide who else and how we market. I missed a massive opportunity so noted and we probably will miss it for eternity hip. And i would put them in the gear. All right while we're does what. What is it rank for you in nationals. Like what what do you think of. What hugo what are you what are you you know i mean what's your thoughts severi. It's a very complex question. Actually have a lot of great stories. Some of the best stories have had taken place shoe I could go on for hours with this. But for example like the first time i ever announced a national like the on the pa system like one of my first big breaks that this race because at this time of year tim caught or have to go loretta lynn's and that's what they would tag me in for the last couple national starting with while struggle so the first time robinson i became the announcers of the nationals instead of it had always been irv ron in qatar ever was like wash ugo and maybe two thousand three or something like that. Maybe i never knew you did any live announcing okay at the guy until until oh nine when i got the tv gig. Yeah and then My wife has some friends that live in portland oregon so we would go there. Probably six seven years in a row brought the whole family out there. Yeah so even. Though it's the furthest one away actually have a lot of history that event. But it's really weird. I feel like why hugo does anyone say like universally people say red buds awesome. And you say melville's the best track which i think. A lot of people agree on. Everyone seems to really like wash bugle but does anyone ever circled as the best. It's weird out. Everyone likes it but no one will put it at the top but everyone likes it. I always felt like growing up because it was on the west coast. And i guess it was the it was later in the season like that would be the race motocross action would cover with a eight page spread right. They i think the the picturesque nece was part of that as well. Yeah they would they would put recap troy and they would recap red bud you know in a couple of pages or they do a national catch up but when it came to shoe goal was a full coverage right because it was close to so cal i myself always look wash chicago. I enjoy going there. Because i generally. It's a hot long summer long flights and you go to chicago and the weather's great scenery as you mentioned scenic. And i'm like okay. This is starting to wind down. The national series is starting to wind down. That's kind of my thinking of what about you. Jt when you think of what shoe will you go at. I really enjoy this race. I didn't love racing. It to be honest i always was a little fearful of the track. The shadows i wasn't a huge fan of The traction was always really tricky. So it wasn't my favorite track to race but now that that chapters closed. I love going. Here bought its supersonic. The flight super short. Which i know is a a weird thing but i people who travel as much as we do short trips or nice and i just enjoy the you know everything about the atmosphere. The scenery of the mouth you know mountainous backdrop that trees is very unique event. So i have grown to. Why get much more now. That i don't have to race it anymore. We tough to pass on here. We go got six zero like this. Your little you know secret about this track. Washable is wash stuff to said about red. Bud you said about south last week. Guttering remember mill same thing. Start the middle jt. We talked about. Charlie always launching gear or doing something special here over the years. I actually got to the bottom of it this weekend. I was talking to tyler. Kief about and he said that troy love the green background and the dirt against against colors of gear. Talk doing going up against bright colors of gear. That is why they always put something special at washable. Yeah if anyone likes break hours it has that brand so that is why they always did wash. Ugo i was we were just reminiscent. I'm like because they did the venom this weekend. Of course for bam bam and so. Yeah i brought that up and so there we go but yeah it's a it's a great race. I talked to ryan huffman the owner of the place and he told me biggest while she will ever and was hacked. I mean i feel like. I've seen more people that i'm not going to go against what he said overflow parking he told me. And so. Yeah so i was gonna. I was gonna comment on that. So i left right at the end of the second floor fifty model because added. Oh that's we. Did you know that he left right. At the end of the second four fifty motor really a i had a flight and So i was driving out. I've never seen cars parked. Where i saw them part this weekend so i was. I knew it was. I knew it was really busy of everywhere. But i've never seen these specific parking. Lots used before. I even know they were parking. Lots available and that's go off of his where people are at where campers that where people parked on. That's a pretty good barometer for. Yeah we was packed. I guess so. I i i. I'm the likely to get a good handle on that. Because at peak time about noon on. I'm not out there. So i'll take it word for it. I can only tell at the podium. Seem nuts in back. Yeah yeah it was really cool. It was it was great to be there. It's a great rates for sure you know. They must've did something about there was a ton of people there. They must have really did something about the exit of the track. Because i was like god. I haven't waited long enough to leave. You know what. I mean to leave the track and then i got right out. I got all the way to the bottom of the light. Before i sort of had some stop and go which was like an all time record to getting out of there i would. I would have thought the time you spent arguing with maxine. Santa's wife would have held up your departure. Why did definitely hold my departure. A little bit and i got really into two on the highway. So that was oh. Wow oh yeah yeah just cut over in front of me. I to slam on the brakes a little bit. And then the dude behind me in a pickup truck Bam right into me. So that's awesome but anyways yeah it Got out of there really quick and everything else so it was. It was cool. Alright leauge we did notice one thing before we start talking about racing so i was walking back towards the track from the media center and it was probably i think it was in between the red. Before the second yeah. Yeah you're running with a bottle of water. Bikes sprinting to the tv truck quickly breaks happening. Usually i can go. I'd say nine out of twelve hours can go the whole four hours without paying but i decided to break the seal on this day and You get a two minute commercial break to make it back and forth and if everything goes right it takes about a minute total but the self-consciousness of if you trip right now and you smash your face you don't make it inside that truck in the next ninety seconds this whole thing is off the rails so that you got to see that in person that was. I didn't know you saw me. I yelled at you guy. He's he's in the zone right now. Yeah yeah and you probably saw the the running was not it was not the most formulate running. It was not trip on the fire. Okay so i was just going to bring up to jt. You're a sneaky good runner. You've sneaky good endurance. Yeah he runs so long. That i missed lunch. Yeah exactly. he is a very sneaky runner. He's got good endurance. So i very confident. Why can't making this. This is more of the Running through the tires like they do the speed drills do not catch show on on all this crap. That's down here in the tv compound and jt. Like i was under the honda. Tent jet was getting. His jet was dressed up ready to go and we comes walking by like santa. Shouldn't you like. I know you do the stand ups early in the morning. Right with the standups. Not before the motives when they and twenty. Am so. i knew that the stand ups weren't getting done but do you were. I don't know what you were doing like. Yeah i walked over to the honda truck at twelve. Forty or and steve is like. Why are you here why here. Why are you not in the booth. What are you doing right here. We go on the air. And i've got one thousand nine minutes and fifty nine seconds. I mean i just thought you'd be over there. Getting ready gone over notes. I don't know we were. We were talking with zakho we. I don't know where you were. We were we were catching. That goes see what's going on with rj. I don't know where the hell i missed. I missed launch. I was over at the honda truck for so long. I missed launch very upsetting day for me. Not happy with that but i was getting some scoops talking to talking to to the jet and talking. Change rune rooster in lars. That's why was going over there. Because what i've really lost ears steep. What is the role. Are we allowed to go into the team trucks. I still don't know i still don't know. I don't think we're allowed in the wall. I don't think we're allowed in certain factory trucks inside the rigs because i tau guys like hey tell the coffeemaker. I miss him. Tell tell them. I'll see him in anaheim but i am noticing Last year was wash. it was just you know. Get do what you gotta do. It's the quality of everything's going to suffer a bit right and this year. I'm noticing like i'm just not getting as many conversations in as i used to because of that precautions for sure i mean good. Yes off the rails. You couldn't literally do anything but here. It's like if you wanna to marvin scan which would be nice to. Hey what's going on. you either. Hope that you walk by the rig five times any happens to be standing next booth bike or you will never see him. Because i don't think i'm allowed to just go in and be like. Hey marv around. So i'm kinda getting frustrated on like there's too many motives were. I wish i knew more about this guy so we're just trying to get into the pits more hoping to bump into people. Because i don't know what else i'm supposed to do so i do ask if i can come in. Yeah no one's ever turned me down yet. Okay but i ended up in the hamburg sexton. I saw sexton in the door. I'm like come in and he's like i don't care so that's one okay. That's one right. Jeff came out the change boots and that was hilarious. You claim you're there for scoops. All you were doing was talking about old canadian moto changing all you were doing we got into. We got into that. I'm sure jet was giving a lot of scoops. Well along those lines. Jt jet comes comes out to put his boots on and then all everyone starts doing. Its quizzing hand on old writers. Do you know that. Someone named rick johnson raced. Do you know the zoo. Jeremy mcgrath does that a name that you're familiar with. Did you know any of them. Or how mcgrath. Which again made him. very sad. mcgrath. Yup and off trust me. Trust me if i had a gun right. Dan shot myself in the head. He said i heard of them and then he said he he said he didn't know rick johnson but he met him because of osho and then he thought he was a fan and then after. Rj walked away. They're like dude. that was. That was a bad dude and osho was like you know that's john's you know what i mean and i'll tell you what man like look dude german graf longtime ago. It really. was you know what i know. But i mean you gotta think jet was born like what three before the three probably tab. What you six or seven before. You know what's going on in your life. Yeah no. I'm saying like i remember racing wash ugo three. I remember vividly. Remember how i did. I remember my my needed new cylinder for the motor because my bike blew up. And he's like he's not even alive yet so it's it sucks we're oldest hell man and that's why next year is my last year. That's why next year is my last year. not you just. You just bought a new house you are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future anyway Do you have any comment. Jt at all about the certain graphic that popped on the screen during the two fifty class. Race joe shimoda slash brandon heart raft. Yes I mean i just feel like that's where we're at okay. Yeah you just nod your head and say there's there's our moment for the week i don't know i don't know how to help you get there. How does that happen. I mean you think about it. They're very there are many similarities name printed harbor. Very similar survey right heartless. What it is. I hope so. Please tell me the number thirty one was okay. Yeah but that's the only possible answer number thirty different class different brenna by completely different name. Oh okay number. Thirty that actually at least are some. I'm not saying it's an excuse. But i couldn't even figure out how it's i just thought of jt. When i saw that on my twitter mentions i. Just wait a minute this. I just figured something out so i had sites in the we'd show and i tell them who i talked to so they can put font on it and the writers number and they're like we have ryan sites has ninety seven on our sheet and i'm like that's weird bikes to sixty four. Maybe he earned supercross points last year. That i'm like i'm trying to remember back to atlanta. He raced in. Like i think he was to sixty four. They might have just had last year's list ninety seven last year. I mean that happens quite a bit. But it's not like they're just going random numbers but it's still not really excusable in my opinions. No like i said. That's not an excuse. I just wanted to know how the steak such a random mistake Fly racing racer podcast presented by the folks at maxis and rental cobo links in motorsport dot com all onboard. This was the motorsport dot com. What's you'll national as well Armagh and on maps chase sexton gets to win one week after adamson's exits a series his training partner shea sexton rise flawlessly and mowana. Get the win. Third in modo two and i mean look i don't wanna draw any obvious parallels any conclusions or jump to any sort of wild theories here about sex and told me after the race that he worked with a tim. Ferry on starts this week and nailed them this week at the race. And yeah timmy. For everybody every go. I mean what else. What else can you explain it. How else can you explain. I i. I'm so happy. I don't know how when was timmy's last year racing nine. Oh nine we did not know. I all timothy would go on to be a coach or trainer at that time. No we certainly did not know that. His son would be a budding soon to be professional and factory. Rod the fact that you keep having these gifts being given when twenty ten. I'm like how steve gonna do this. We've got one or two more years can even use the tim ferry material. And it's going to be out and here we are no he would just keep going anyway. It wouldn't matter but it would be. It would be very irrelevant even while i was going on. You know snow incredibly aerobic notice. Some is going to be professional. He's working with top riders today. Like mardi for years ever stop a sex is never signed. I'm not saying. I'm saying if he hadn't done any this it would be irrelevant. But now but it's been arrested and no one has slowed down working with marty canard very relevant. That's very very relevant. Evan you're saying using f i it was trey and that was perfect very relevant than it was mardi then still relevant and now it's evan and now it's relevant and now it's the winner of the race like now it's so relevant. I do not believe it would matter one percent. You're your rollerball do hasn't been relevant for thirty years. Do you understand what you're saying. Of course i agree. I'm saying it's perfect because it's relevant about arguing that i'm not gonna stop. I'm just saying stopped you. It's never stopped you. Yes but now it's it's been relevant so it's been great. It's never stopped me but now it's relevant it's fantastic. It's been relevant. How does i mean dogar is not relevant. You just keep hammering at home. None of these things i mean. It's cool like i'm happy for you that you have a guy this relevant. I am not arguing with you. I am not arguing with you here. That i would ever have stopped mentioning but what i am saying is that it's been relevant for a long time now. So it's been perfect. What is the backstory of. How sexton ended up hooking up with timmy. And can we just mention for starts. Yeah he no he's known he's a known star okay so i was on my mountain bike. Ride the lsd ferry No no no no. No i got the theory. I got this theory. And so i want to know the truth. I don't want your theory. Stay with me here. So i was on mount migrated anos thinking about timmy and starts and sexton and like here so timmy wasn't going to start with me at all yamaha for four years. Better cowie though. I would you agree. Jt better kelly on starts. He sends me to have it really inconsistent. He sends me photos of them and videos of them getting starts to prove that. So i read a story. One time that like sampras or or currier or one of these american tennis players back in the day would practice where they wouldn't rack because it would make it would make the game easier when they got on their carbon racket rap racket right so they would practice with this heavy old wood aluminum wood racket and whatever so then come the the match. The racket will work better so they would sit. They would be great. So did timmy purposely tank his starts because they were so good that he didn't need to do good starts. He didn't need to have good starts. It was a challenge for them to get bad. Starts to the pack under some sort of like physical. When you came up with it was it was home low on oxygen. No it was hot though. It's not listen. i'm still working out. I'm still doing the math but it is odd. That sexton worked at timmy. On starts you know what though honestly i i have worked with tim on starts to and just because you aren't able to always execute something doesn't mean you don't know how to do it there. There is a significant difference there. I think that michael byrne can help people go fast much better than some people. That could go faster than he could. There is a. There's a difference between being able to do it yourself and knowing what you're actually supposed to do so i don't. I don't think it has to be correlated. Timmy ferry helping chase sex out chase second winning. That's your headline wage. Forty eight hours before this race on your motive sixty show with the great justin brayton who i can. Only hope continues to provide gifts twelve years after he's retired the way theory has but he probably will. I can probably count on it but anyway we're talking about jet lawrence's trouble with starts me you in the great. Jv and you literally used to me. As you reference of dude we did thousands and thousands and thousands practices. We did everything. We tires bikes up. Would carburetor we did everything and it never worked and we were literally you were literally using him as the yardstick of how hard it is to six starts. Yes and forty eight hours later chase sexists like i've never had a shot my outdoor career and then temporary fixed Mazing do you understand my joy when he told me that after the race all understand it. I think we can i can i. I just finished getting verbally accosted and was a little down in the dumps. And that was that was brought up to me and i forgot all about i need so much more information on costing but So my last thing on this topic where where did the sexton ferry connection. Why was even working during. How did this even happen man. Oh i just want to work with the great so you reach out. He's been trying to get a hold of timmy. Forever and tim he's been turned down. Okay something like that okay. So it's james stewart easy easy connection to make no prob. Yes if he could just ever get a hold of this guy right exactly. It's great fantastic. Everybody's still still dominating the races off the track. It's fantastic but sexy. Great man that i motor was epic kenny cottam. And you're like okay. Kennedy's early and we know what she doesn't get that rough and doesn't get that hot and everything else and now i'm kinda like okay. I i think rocks is going to get them and Sex and drop the hammer and pulled away and yeah. Jt was a flawless. I moto it was amazing sakamoto. Yeah he he admitted he didn't everything for he likes it. He was trying to creatively block. Them couldn't couldn't hold them back. So it was a a really impressive ride especially the first mode because i think that both marvin and i were putting in some really fast laps trying to close it down and it would have been pretty easy. I think to lose your poise there and fall back into their pace and yet what was the motive there so i think this race has been a long time coming. We've all been expecting it. And kinda wondering where that level has been ever since we left paula. I think we've been kinda scratching their heads about where it's gone but he certainly looked like he was back this weekend and a lot of the talk right now and the sexton just really helped his cause right there. I'm in a man on a sexton motorcross nation. You are okay yeah mean. I don't expect to win. Just i'm in on him being there. I'm good with the best part is jt. He himself chase sexton is in on it because perfect. Yeah he was asking. Somebody has now asked. Rj rj city is not paid approached. Hasn't heard anything about the nation's but sexton's like johnson where it was this a conversation combo. Yeah some some fan. You told rj when he walked away jets fan. No please don't don't even saying on this show in case leaked out. Energy finds out very sad. Detective said he wants to do it. Absolutely hundred percent would love to race it but he wants to earn it. you know. he wants to get it by because he's winning races and not. Because you know four other guys didn't picked or couldn't be picked So that's cool. He's enthusiastic about it. I want guys that want to be there always. Did you talk to tomac after the race. No i was over in that media corral but he had already done like eight interviews mike. I'm molly malone. He was he was stoked man he lost and he was told he said yeah. It sucks to ride that good and not win. You know what i mean. But he's like. I gave it my all. The fans are amazing. And what are you gonna do man like i mean like wh what can you do. I was trying. I was trying and he was happy. He was really happy and he got second. And i don't know. I was just thinking to myself. We a little bit about what you were saying about like guys aging right and and maybe he's rap and i talked to him every race so i don't know for sure but i felt like it. Southwick he was a little pissy at his day and and for whatever reasons he wasn't just this is larry. this is just. This is just a matter of interpretation. So i cannot believe the path that you have just gone down okay. So i didn't need interview like is coming brower from racer x already had and he's like i was surprised. I saw how happy on the podium. But then when i interviewed him after the race he seemed super unhappy because he didn't win and he's like well like that. You've got to try to get the winds on those days. And then in addition steve. I could not believe how happy i thought. So maxine when i did talk to him after southwick and you're saying he seemed unhappier then so i don't know really funny. He he exactly how maybe we ended up in the world where we're at today right with news but yeah i felt like he was just like the first motors are a joke. I got to figure that out that kind of stuff you know at southwick and this one he was like. Yeah what can you do. What can you do like. I gave him my man you know. So he blew it. He blew it not turn right after the mechanics. I think he had a shot at trying a move and then outside berm. He was railing. He just blew it. And that was it but i think go ahead well he. He told us that he he was trying to set up dylan the same way. He set up sexton after the finish right. Couple turns after that. And so that's what he was sidelined. Right that's what he was trying to do. But at that point when he screwed up the corner the mechanics he had lost his chance because it was a white flag lap. You know what i mean. So he tried before comes before that. Yeah he tried that. He just didn't get there what he didn't get inside the way he did on sexton and then after that he was railing that outside wine and it kind of blew out on him. But i think as a precedent that you just have to give you know. Sometimes you just have to nod your head to civil. I mean he. He was incredible the way he was able to ramp his intensity backup. doesn't happen very often. Most guys can't withstand a tomac run. And i think that was vintage tomac in those last few apps and for says just found a way to fight it off and thomas faster like we all know but try to think of times or somebody's able to been able to hold that off and i just think you have to tip your captive francis. Hey good job you did enough in the first. You know ninety five percent of the race. That i couldn't get there well and in front is look back at one point like a three way through and it was like i was like okay. Gotta go because everybody knows what he lives coming right. These screaming his bike. It's it's it's sounding like monsters behind him as a domestic abuse to say so credit. Yeah full full props a friend as leading every lap of the second moto each to get third overall and he has a forty seven point lead. Yeah yeah we'll we'll get to that later with rocks in a bit but It was impressive because it's kind of like the battle. We've been waiting to see like we've seen that we know eli rep like when he gets going late in the race. It's obviously almost legendary and then francis has been very very strong late the races this year and we didn't get to see them ballot southwest. I don't know if you guys saw on the tv coverage. Unfortunately francis bike was steaming. But we didn't we didn't get that battle there So i was waiting. I'm like what if we get one of these days. Where allies eat really eli and for indus happens to have a good start at the same rate and we got it and yeah i got the fastest lap of the race. He hit a two thirteen which was ridiculous. But and got back into. I believed to fourteen on the last lap. Gained for the challenge. Does good also yeah. It was awesome and of course had gotten friend is that what given the overall you know. So that was exciting as well. I'm sure knew that. So is it not crazy. The of all the things that tomac this year a million of them also. Now he's putting in some pretty good rights like the first couple rounds. We will never understand brown to thunder valley. But now he's put in a series of good races. He's been fast almost every weekend. And it's like is he gonna win and overall like it's unbelievable how it's just not working out. And he seven rounds deep even now writing fast. It's bizarre. He gets one hundred of course but at this point. I'm surprised we've gone four or five races in a row where he's been really good and it just keeps not working out so a on faranda so on twitter Jimmy button was Conversing back and forth with racer x zone brower about the battle between maranto. Amac and jimmy button was hypothesizing that you can't wet tomac win in that situation like no matter what it is. What the situation is you have to go for the win. Because it's you. I tell him back in because you can't let him get on a roll and i am not there. I don't necessarily buy that. I don't think that verandas was like i've gotta go. I've got to put it all on the line because it's tomac in because i can't let him get momentum. I just think you wanted to win. I don't think in that moment. He was thinking championship. Momentum could all shifts right here. I just think he's i wanna win. I i've been waiting this whole motor. And i'm gonna i'm gonna go for it right tries hard as i can versus like this big picture macro view about tomac and momentum because talks fifty plus points down. He's not even second points. So i was just curious. Your guy's thoughts on that of what's going through fernandes's mind in the moment walk. Couple friends specifically made mention about not too many people beat. Eli tomac late in the moto about. Yeah and you know. He was very stoked on that right that he did that he was very. He mentioned it a couple times. I think it's the same idea right. Yeah you just wanna win. It's too early to start like what if the momentum just wanna win. I think i think trying to trying to say that. A rider is thinking about big picture momentum for championship when your your heart rates two hundred in the last few apps i don't i'm not i'm just not there. I always shade. An aside of. I said it's a million times there. They do not calculators. Handlebars i feel that. Most of the time and this is based on tons and tons of post race conversations of riders mechanics. Teens people teen people over twenty years. It's usually under thought not over thought. It's yes it's as simple as yeah. I was in the lead. I was trying to win. Like i'm not like okay. I could let them pass still overall. Wouldn't it be affected. Points wouldn't be like they pretty much. Just go as fast as they can for as long as they can and then they finish where they finish to me. That's pretty much the way. The racing goes to strategy game. Highly over thought and over analyze. It happens that stuff you think about this week and next week at the track. And you're on your your bicycle all during the week. That's when those those thoughts not to go when you're adrenaline is through the roof. And you just want to beat the guy like yeah man round seven hundred twelve. We're not even you know you're not going to start being like doing math at waco tax threat right now really you know. He's so he's he's a full race out you know. I don't even go so far as to say the amount of times. I've argued over like ryan. Don't you did a man. He would just take a third if the wind wasn't there and i'm like no. He went as fast as you possibly could or he went as fast as he could anyone. He just went as fast as he could every week. And whatever got what he got. That all started from scott taylor and ricky co stuff. That's all started. you know. Yeah yeah the take taking second to third. I don't think. jt know better than me. I don't think you can be at that level. If you're over thinking it like you have to at this level extreme level that tomac and is on. You're going on instinct at that point. Aren't you well. There is something to be if you can't win today. Don't crash out into there's something to be said for that. I do get there. The two fifty by the way. We'll get there. Yeah right right and it's very it's very relevant there. Yes but i don't think guys are like well you know like in moto. You hear that a lot because motorcyle it's it's such an equipment based sport in s. One is the same. Where if you're bikes not very good on a certain track. You're just screwed like you can't overcome certain things because you're the bike and the car is everything we're motorcross honda's just not very good at wash u. also were hoping for a third day. That's not really how it works. You know but mid moto like dan. That guy's just too fast. I'm not gonna throw away the championship trying to win today. I think that does happen at some level. I just don't think in that moment. Where horrendous is winning. he's like nope. i'm going to turn it up here. Because i can't wait. I can't wait till mac get on track here. Well guess what already won a bunch of second mode and it didn't really change anything that comes into play a little bit. That kind of stuff is when the when the guy gets you right. And you're like okay. Do i want a wicked up to stay with them. No i have pointedly. You know like i this limit right now and so. I go over this limit. The chances of me crashing is really high right so you're just like go ahead man you know. Whoever that guy is go go go away so for me. That was typically ten to fifteen guys. I felt that were for anybody. Timmy didn't know anybody helping helping people win. Racists this day. I also say look if you're doing any guy that level ninety nine percent of the time you've ever written or race you're just going as fast as you can so the all of a sudden can just change into this calculus algorithm program during the week. What are they trying to do. Go as fast. They can for every minute of the thirty minute. Practice moto practice. What are they doing. They're trying to go fast. And every mode. Where i i. Just don't buy that these guys. I would think renaissance situation is more like i have to hit the stern. I have to triple into these. Whoops i have to. I think he's thinking about that. Not tomac yeah points. Let me see maybe not worth it like. I don't think that goes on as much people say sign a lifer marvin for marvin moose can qualified. Second second tho- basically the whole. I moto crashes late and gives it gives it away but this is a good track from our if he's one here before but he also want southwick and that wasn't so good but three five on the day and fourth overall for marvin. Jt he'll take it. It's a sign of life. Oh that was a huge step forward. I mean that that is the first time in this season where he and. I'm going for memory so if if someone wants to prove me wrong go back and stats whatever fine. But that's the first time. I remember him all year where he's really moved forward inamoto or both motives. He was faster than most of the guys around him and he was pressuring towards the front. So if you're marvin hell yeah. You're in a good mood on your flight home like that as a really positive day in a season where it's been mostly crap yup good job for that barsha. Four seven on the day went to interviewing after the race and then he told me get outta here. I don't wanna talk to you. And i said don't get mad at me because you suck today one week after winning and then we got into it and then we were laughing. We're weird where i have gone with justin barsha at this point He also wants everybody to watch. Tv either one of you watch tv. I don't know what that is. No but i have to say the sales pitch. I did listen to your interview of our show as you explained it. It's not the typical dog race day. Now i'm actually He inter- he says it's the best rider of log out there but has down okay and he said something. If i didn't laugh he would give me one hundred dollars. Remember exact thousand dollars something here in for that one time. My parents were crocodile. dundee came out. They said if you don't laugh. I like i don't want to go to the movies like if you don't laugh we'll buy your choice so i can stone face it. Do not worry. There's a price on the line. I will not laugh laugh in dundee ida toy in the line. Hell no hell no. Is that a realistic movie to be a an alien. That is right from the bush that relatable. I think the movie was actually good. But i wasn't giving my parents that i spent an hour and a half thinking about tonka. We're not gonna get just keep not laughing so barsha hundred bucket. Yeah four seven for him. It's again it's like. I mentioned him in the post race. Thing you didn't get the starts and that's what happens when you don't get the start so you probably ended up on the podium. Had he gotten starts but fifth overall. It was cooper wet when he. He's the only one that really has for end assault for and us do everything at him and he didn't get him just last week. Actually didn't barsha get brenda's back. Yes for ns. Marcia got for ennis. Barsha pass them. Oh did he. yeah. I believe. Let me double check. I just remember for lying longtime and night back briefly but always ahead of them. Yeah bam bam got him okay. i don't know the beginning of the race ban was ahead of them or sorry behind him. Okay wait that. Is i recall. That is my that i just pulled up and go ahead of them millville okay millfield very relevant also ahead of everybody else. No here. It is fifty one fourteen. No i guess you know what i think they swap positions on a lap. I swear to god. I watched the pass and then ban got him right back. That could be true. Yes and probably wasn't covered on tv though but anyways yeah very very very very defensive right and actually kind of. I don't say he broke them. That's a little a little extreme. But yeah he pulled away a little bit so good job. Good job for bam cooper web. Six six overall got a whole shot in moto two south there. It is not there. It's not there. It's not there i don't but the mar- thing that confused me more because there was like wait a minute. That was actually there from our. So it's like the slightest sign of life like you said it could happen web same as it's been for the previous six crew. He's fighting though he's fighting. Each trying thrive trying honestly. Nobody from the eighty. Three compound really had a good day so it was it just the pace like their pace overall. Just seem to be off jet connor web. Joey like yeah joey. They all didn't really have any sort of interesting. Really eighty-three that's what it is right. Yes i don't know. I don't i don't know web going there. I don't know i. I dunno i. Dunno cut the microphone. Cut the mic. Now i don't. I don't know anybody anything pretty sure. That's old news okay. Ap told me already talked about. Yeah i think i did. I can't the the writers training programs and trainers who cares. Like the fans. Put more stock into than i do. That's for sure but pretty big deal officially officially public supercross champion switches. You're right it is a bigger deal. Ap eighty-three compound not all bakers. Yep yep you do not think that's a big deal is i said well i said it was talking about anderson leaving alden like four years ago and it's still a topic rocks seven years. I don't know why government secret though like he's not there every day like i don't know what what i think i think they all know that it's oh my god it's gonna be like fire talk vital lookout. Yeah i mean if you know put proof will be in the pudding for next year and you know we kind of saw anderson win but then we also. I don't think any of us think that anderson had the drive to win either as much as coop. He's ever guys. You got a superstar full props to them but yeah i mean it webs a outdoor champ. He is a two time supercross championship. He can do whatever the hell wants like. Who cares. it's much do about nothing okay. Ap fell in. I turn first. Lap of i mode is dead last game between told me afterwards. He doesn't like sugar and it's not a surprise but he hung in there and the top three right outside the top three for the second model for half of it and then kind of drop back the fourth but yeah twelve four for a day christian craig eight a big crash in the in the morning in practice that was a big one and then devon raper was also freaked out by implying wet down as well right promotion of the year by god. He went down watching. He was so shocking that he just eight for craig and i told them afterwards and i there was the crash at southwick also in the morning when he landed on his head a little bit. You know he's like. I'm not scared he goes. I just sets the tone for my day which made sense to me right like just you have a big one and you're off all day. You're just you're not scared. Which is what he wanted to stress. You're just off. And i get it. Sure it makes sense as a writer but he got he got good stars in. Craig got shuffled back quicker than cooper web. He was going back but eight on the day for him. Ken rock sandwich. all right. look. I hate to say this but luckily i don't remember exactly where this came from so the person that said this is out there. Let me know but at the beginning of the year we were talking about supercross and somebody was like. Hey the problem rocks trying to win. Any title is that there are going to be racists where he has some sort of issue usually a physical issue And you can count on a couple of bad races and he's gonna lose too many points in those races so he just went six ten and lost a ton of points when he could not afford to. I don't know. I cannot remember who that was had that. Tell me more about this theory. judge Yes so it to me. Like when i see this unlike should be shocked like yeah. This is the problem. He has nine of twelve races. That are good and two or three where there's something wrong says. He was sick and his social today. So i mean somebody said that there will be issues and that's why can't win. Titles yeah well. Some judge ruled against that. So some astle judge so case was and supercross and there was a ruling and i we live in a civil society where rules have to be followed and judgments have to be abided by but the same judge said that if there was something happening outdoors he would accept an appeal to the decision true. But that's all right. That judge cannot go three months later. Round seven we cannot use physical we cannot use feeling sick and nearly august. Three not doing nazi lena pop up every now and then. Dna long loss recovered. Dna were serial killers get arrested. I mean i wouldn't be wouldn't be relevant from march. this is. He was sick this weekend. He three the first. Four motos the nationals. Clearly he was healthy during super cross. He was fine. We'll see in the the appeal. Won't we now we won't. It's done if you had if sorry whoever this was made this prediction had said the same thing before the nationals instead. Brock can't win the title because he will have issues that person we're looking good role. I'll buy would never taken that bet though i would have. I also think that he's not gonna win. The tour title crooked. The system is crooked creek to the same thing i mean. This is the same unfortunate thing that we've seen every other year that he's raced outdoors kuker crooked sixteen crooked ducks like it sucks. Because it's you know it's messing up the title fight. yeah dude. He looked sakamoto he. He was shot. Yeah absolutely he didn't come to corral and she was sick and it is what it is. I think again. Like when you're can rocks and i think you've earned the benefit of the doubt to say you're sick and for us to go. Okay that's you're sick like it was a terrible terrible day so i'm not going all jokes aside. I'm not going to throw in the look at this. You know what. I mean guys get sick so that happened but wait no. Don't you look. I'm trying i of making one hundred percent hundred percent. Yes yes but i was. I mean i wasn't thinking of the sick like the flu where you whatever the flu or whatever kind of sickness he had where you're just one day in your over it. I was more thinking to be honest. More thinking some sort of chronic condition of sickness. You know yeah so savant. Ten nine of quiet day. One motari moved up from the back a little bit maxine the eleventh eleven points on the day. Did you talk about the race. Earning info or by their. Yeah yeah i went by there. Yeah absolutely i mean we had billy gardell from twisted tea on the show and i feel like i'm gelling with that team. You know really looking forward to doing more. Maybe with them or the team. Or you know what i mean like really like heart rats dude even even though let's say you switch to mitch's team He's a good dude briefly. Yes briefly no. Listen so max's chick. I said this almost pod a couple of weeks ago and it was also subject to my race. Tech rant on my pulp show. I said that his wife found out his wife not a girlfriend. His wife put on something about pos bike. And it's costing my husband is he's going to you know endangering his life or something. You guys thought so. I went off on it as a guy. That's been on a team for a long time. I went off on that. I said you can't do that no matter how frustrated you are. You can't say that stuff you can't put it out there in public and hopefully that the team would say something and whatever and the maximum. His wife didn't like that. Max went by the chock maxes. Get outta here and i thought he was kidding. He's got that nice harry potter accent. So it's hard to take that anger seriously. But then he get out of here get get out of here get out. He talked shit. You talked to get out of here. And i'm like oh boy and remember we had a tony lessee a few years back at wash u. also far from that spot either burial ground there and so yeah i just said the max. I'm like okay like i'm out of your tent out of your tent. I'm on the. I was underneath the now i'm out. And then he just said man. I i don't think he should say that you know. And then he went into the truck. And i was like okay. Well i'll talk to brennan heart raft because you talking motive. Pc rod and then she came out and she let me have it too. And i'm just like but you can't say that. I said you may not know what i done in the sport but i said i worked on teams for a long time and i know these guys are busting their asses and you can't say that she said well i said it from my heart and then i deleted it and i'm like okay but that's fine but you can't say that i said these guys don't put on social when max falls over you know. Hey mac suck today fell over. Screw him or whatever. It's a team effort man. You're in good and bad. And so anyways not not a good scene over there and look like it would even get physical for a moment. So with a member of the hip com. Yeah we're gonna get physical with a heck number. Yes yes that level. Yes and i was just like i mean i told the guy i'm like. Are we gonna fight now. Or what are we gonna do and then he was like you need to get out of here and i'm like listen. I'm on that side here so you can't do anything. I'm not underneath your truck and that's how it kind of went right. So i mean look. They're not happy with me. I'll maybe will reach out. And maybe they'll talk. You know. I guess that's the end of my maxence the interviews. I don't care. I stand by it like you can't do that. That's complete horsh. It and if i was running a team i would let them know that surprised. They weren't mad at max. They're mad at you know. No no only one guy on the team dustin pipes. The owner was perfectly fine with me. He said i understand. You said that. I get it. You know what i mean. So only one member over there and then they said i can never come around again and then doesn't pipe said you can come back around so now i really do so. Yeah confrontation. I had no idea this went on. I mean how similar the escalated. Whatever emotions where did it compare to genova. And is that a ten ten ten now. That's an eight hundred. That's eight hundred is this is. This is our this. Four hundred four hundred. Yeah half the the. The laser was intense But this is what. I witnessed that one but only the only reason i witnessed that one was because i happen to be the cowie truck and and filipo obviously racing that day and he was demanding that we all go. He knew he couldn't go over there. Witnesses you wanted as many people to see it back to possible. He's got to go over there. Let's space you got to go over there and told me what's going on so i didn't have a tip me off why now anderson on twitter replied to racer twitter and for the day. Yes yeah which was me. Running in about justin cooper thrown away that money with the crash and then somebody said you just responded to mathis and he said i responded to the twitter and then they said well mathis runs the twitter which of course. How was he supposed to know like. It's it's the stupidest thing ever to say like. Hey you responded to mathis tweeted that with dumb. Right and then anderson wallace great. No just saying the guy telling them like you're responding the math. That's okay so then. The guy's math tweeting racer x and it's just that they hire a new guy and i'm like oh okay so then i said he would reply with something about how husky is also hiring new guy next year but he's currently blocked by you anderson to his credit re tweeted that. So yeah yeah. I agree with anderson. Restrict probably should hire a new guy. Wow okay all right disagree on then of course. Of course the best part of the max and his wife said this. I think she said for sure. I don't know of mac senate so forgive me. If he didn't but they both. I believe said all you do is talk shit on us. Meaning max which is what. Why get used as as as you're a mart or phil. That's a theme or timmy. Your team which is the word all you do is shit is what. Why can't use this as the climb. Yes it is. That really struck you. If i love avenue i love that well for joking about the cops of your house this week on one of our tex threads and you gotta admit that shit talkin internet does work so calming around. I know and i was like jerry springer and i said i said i said no i have not. I said to her specific guy. Remember that saying. I wrote plenty of good things about max this year. I guess you don't read very well or something. And that didn't help either. And so i think i think when they signed him last year. I think we'd have to check the tapes. I think you were saying you didn't think that was a good move. I did not. Yes i do. Not but but so. Here's the thing saying a guy's been solid and making all the main supercross. The that word doesn't filter back to people. Saying i heard this dude said you shouldn't have been signed. That does so. Of course of course absolutely guys never remember anything of the good stuff right. They never do that. And but the smart ones know how the media works. When you're good they talk about it when you're bad they talk about it. And that's what i feel like i do. But you know. I purposely went over there because again talking about going to the races and talking about moto media nowadays some some motor media i purposely went over there because i knew that i said this about max. Max wife's social so. I'm like i'm going to go over there. And if i just see raft or whatever i'm not gonna go find max but i will go over there and talk to whoever's there and max was there and he didn't wanna talk but that's part of the game when you when you say something bad you know you're at the rises you. You're there for these riders in the team and whatever to put your face on and be like. Yeah man. I said it so well. I'm sure there will be even more discussion on your show tomorrow night so any further but i heard all day off the best thing i heard all day. Steve getting screamed out by a writer and his wife is is great. I mean at anybody. Coming at steve. All all really. Oh your your time is coming here. Just give some twenty minutes. Well i only like it to appoint because in full disclosure. If i had been at the race well west. I went to merge Right after the race. I left to fly to tunisair but if i had been there when the whole thing was going down with moore concepts Probably would've have gotten fight i. I'm almost positive. Nickel sending your guy or jehovah's stomach. I can only take so much. I'm fine with argument. But if somebody's going to go at steve immediately flipping now. I'm on steve sided. We're gonna we're going to have it out. I saw tony earlier and he was like. Hey i was thinking about you this week or something i to call you and i'm like okay. Well what does it. And he's like. I don't know i don't remember what it was and i'm like well let me know or whatever you know. I'm good to see you genova. Mike was over there too. And and then and then i said oh hey was right over there not that long ago we got into it or something. And he goes he goes. That was a bad day. Yes it was one of those things where it's like. Yeah i i think steve idiot but that he's he's already right you don't you don't get yeldham. I mean i will i will. I will fight to the death on the fact that she should not have put that on social media like that is non negotiable. That's not not something you should ever do for a team. That's paying on money acceptable. Yeah it's funny. I'm like putting myself in if i'm standing there and i'm probably dying laughing. He's yelling at you. But then whenever one of the team numbers wants to then to a different level. I'm usually slipped to the other side. Yeah that's where i'm like. That's where i'm at. I'm really really guy really. This is where we're going so all right. This is your deal dance. He's not mind so you you take care of it anyway. But i will say this in your defense in any other sport if a if an mba players. Why for example says something on social media about the coach or the team and deletes it immediately. Oh no no no no no. It ain't getting deleted going to be front page headline news. There's going to be discussed on every sports argument. Show the next day. That is how it works. If a athletes wife says something about the team they are going ham on it. Absolutely just how it works not there. I don't even know if that is fair but is it is how it works. She voted whole five minutes to it. I'm like five minutes of a five hour show. Wow you know. I mean god. It's i struggle with that stuff. Like i don't think that there's anything that can gain from it. When family members Take it to social to arrow that stuff. I think it does. It could be anybody it can be an uncle. It could be a weiss to be a dad. Mom anybody should i. I don't think there's anything positive we're gonna come from again. The team doesn't bag on max when he falls over to turn your all. There is an effort right and shit goes sideways teams. I've been there. I know this and you know you're all in it together. And if there's problems keeping mouse right i've been on some really shitty teams really shitty and in the moment i don't think i ever was ruining them. I don't think i was. Yeah alright so dean wilson twelve. Watch dino's vomited. I wanna tell you one thing about unrelated to this because because we're actually still cool even do our racer x best post show ever together. You guys were really enjoyed the steve. Maybe you more than anyone. His writing was better. He's felt it was one of the veterans of the year. Why they got a part d. r. part and. I'm like dude this season start. Why why did you just get this part now. Please tell me was nothing off. Feels bike. I will be yeah. Yeah we're stroup is true pastrana parts on. I just knew you would enjoy army buddy part at the way we had nineteenth round. Okay all right okay Dino twelve watched. The blog is very entertaining. Good job dino heart raft thirteen for brandon. Bogle fourteen shock. Fifteen ben lemay ryan sites qualified. Well road really well. The first moto good job sides came from way back in the second moto to finish one spot out of double points apartment fantasy and that. Yeah i felt the same pain fantasy wise there but it still blows my mind. This impressive thing about is supposed to be that. He's a motocross supercross. I doing other things but to me. What impresses me more is how good he is when he randomly shows up at a supercross motocross. he's like the guys he beats. It doesn't make any sense to me. They should they should not be getting beat by him. I mean he shows up no prep. He had raised the national in three years. And you're like yeah the only guys that beat them are like really good guys. And that's what happened in supercross two that really impresses me carson brown to show eighteenth in the first moto then show for the second hurt shoulder so stroke get that he made it. That's impressive points. Shutout too late and smale lands kid. Yeah well that's good duties layton twenty-sixth layton smell that'd be really cool to see your kid qualify in front of his family and friends at the same track that you had success at connor olsen. We each i mean. Look great the solid and Road well and i'm looking forward to the high yield return on the investment. I was able to make carlson a not a good day. For era through his boots as a medicated. The got his boots. So i don't know what went off ready nor does anybody what happened. Fred's de dns. He he got the start of the second moto. I assume for money and then just rode around and pull off. So i don't know. I was very happy to dodge that bullet though for pulp fantasy because he was on my team all week owning up to it or my virtual team anyway and i pulled him at the last minute and yeah it worked because he wrote really well. He's got he's usually good at washable. He wrote well thursday night at. There's an motocross like this. All work. Nope dna good track form. Generally speaking a darn bait and switch man. I put freddie on my team for millville because you said to pick him in your staging area column at racetracks online dot com can you. he did. I scored a lot of points. But i take by faith that would you say you're going to do something that you're not gonna read on another last second. He was on team in and out all day. Saturday i just at the last second thought. That cody shaq had more upside. And cody shocked. derailed chains and broke chains all day long so it wasn't like i thought i backed off. I just thought shock would do a little better zero saint handicap. Well thank you because it did score me a lot more points and he killed away but at the same time now. I know you can't be trusted. Advice was good. trust pump fake pump. Fake the advice vice paid off all right. That's hundred class for chagall and a two week break now for. Loretta is of course and olympics. And everything else kinda worked out. Thanks to the folks that fly race in for coming or twenty two twenty and twenty two line continues to push the boundaries of innovation and style. The all new formula ep helmet offers riyan tech at an eye popping price improvements extended. The evil kinetic lines gear that follow last year is big changes to the light line. The market leading formula helmet revolutionizing brain protection zone pro goggle making his podium debut. This year things have never looked brighter fly race and checkup a new line. Fly racing dot com. Who who got that podium. Which yeah jamie ten still relevant still. I just want people to know. And i should. We should include you on this group. Jt it's mean region brayton on a group text and i just want people know that it's not an act like he. Heart emojis every text from brighton. No matter what. Britain says he just capitalize both capitalize. We ask in every day. And every i mean i just want people know this this is this is not for show. This is this is for real everything and says brains. Like i'm getting a sandwich puts a heart emoji to that to that comment and bright nowy stores in steve. Prove exactly. somehow. Somehow i've turned into jt with aimar. Like i've turned into this. I loved that someone else does this. You do to me with every narrowness ought not and you just throw them at me. No and i have nothing to do with it. Not true not true but this is this is this is. This is me with break. Now i am in this weekend you can suck on that. That doesn't matter that doesn't mean anything your fantasy you will pick satan himself. If it could get you double points. I would. yes you would. Yes you if you off. You thought he. He's a good play at a certain track with like devils dropping stuff. You would pay it deep south checks very he does yes so anyway so i just be better. Brain made the podium with Zone pro goggle and the fly racing guys so thank you to houston just crushing it. We almost had the points lead at one point. Okay everybody thanks to the folks at motorsport dot com of course Anything over seventy nine dollars is free shipping. Oem and aftermarket parts motorsport dot com official sponsor. Phil nicoletti returned to the ama nationals. House how going in solid fills bike being -tated over the porta. Johns thought was a great photo. Great photo gosh. There's a row of restrooms set up. Let's say no that's just you couldn't there was like three porta-john setup and if you look above that there was shows like on top of the club next levitating right over the top fills shitty season. Right they're all encapsulated. So thanks folks at motorsport for coming on this podcast and again. Thanks to the folks at kobe length. Of course morgan burger copa link rider. Morgan burger making the models. What we affectionately call him. Oh oh i did not know this okay. Making a comeback. Boy based in boise auto the dr three seat height a little shorter back in the day today. They make lowering suspension links for everything from yamaha used by trail. Riders motocross racers adventure tours. Like the first link. Each one is still seed. In for riders of all ages heights inabilities increase your plush improve your cornering confidence having a lower center gravity cobo links dot com fifteen percent of any link and free shipping by using a pulp amax couple links dot com built in boise. Ridden race everywhere. And thank you to rental and max's well also armagh. I just got some new hydrate. In i got some blitzes back in stock so blitz up with armagh pub amax twenty s. Say with armed dot com. A is using arm. no he's hurt macadear uses. he's out to era uses it. He's doing shitty mcgrath. You is it. Okay so i got somebody mcgrath using her due to arm everybody. I'm just making a joke. But use armagh and hydration stuff gets caffeine stimulant as well armagh dot com and ouija on maps. Yonex maps summertime time to use it five hundred plus thousand miles of trails map. You can download them so you can use them. If your phone doesn't have service which you cannot do with some of the map programs. I use the you can. Mark outweigh point. So you know people can leave notes essentially on these trails. You can use it if your jeep guy by bike guy amount bike guy even an e mountain bike where you'd probably cover more miles and really need. That's great to know where to go. It's the number one offroad. Gps app so on x. maps dot com or wounded road in the app store. Yeah thanks mcgrath users on maps all. You need to know all right. Justin cooper while shoe go. Wow he went from okay so we put two points on the jet which is good but he lost. Let me do the quick math here. He was twenty. I think it was going to be thirteen thirteen. Yes so just like that. I attach you guys on social fan goddess crash. Did you see it. Justin cooper posted it. But we did. Okay yeah it was a good one like good. Good one The camera weeds missed it. Of course wasn't on. Tv broadcast too busy focusing on heart raps issues. But yeah dude bummer. If you're cooper if you're cooper jt are you. Are you mad about the loss points or are you like listen. I still gain too. But i threw away overall. Yeah i think both those you obviously realize you gave you know an opportunity there but i don't blame them for trying to go for the win. He was closing on jay mark. He put in one of his best laps. Right there the weapons for that so you know if he was feeling comfortable in only wanted to try to get the moto win when you kinda have jet lawrence on its heels a little bit. I don't blame them for that. He's not a guy that takes huge risks. So you know i don't. I think that was just an outline. Right there's just a freak deal that happened in a really weird spot to crash. So i don't think you really change anything about. It's just unfortunate it where you could really put a dent into this You know the point situation you still gain but it could look a lot different than does right now. We thought he was obviously look is press conference after the race. And you know it's it's not always a sign of how things are going. But i thought he was fine with it in the press conference. Well that's understandable because you know at the same time. He took the points lead last week and didn't seem happy and he's been saying for a year or two now like he knows he's consistent. He knows he's fast and qualifying. He wants to be a guy that wins racist. That gets one once so he. This might have been as well. I think you even asked him as well as he's ever ridden didn't you ask them. Efforts moto suffers. Motive was was great. Yeah right so if if you're going to sulk over in to three at the last rates and be like yeah. I took the points lead. I'm not happy. Yeah i want overall this. You're going to. that's not what i want. I want one wants and you were fast enough to almost pull it off. Then you should be happy so yeah good for him. He's trying to break that mold and you could tell he was like really really dry. I want a one one bat. Screw the points good for him. Yeah yeah still put two on on the you know what i mean. So the jagai lucky. He could've scored none in that mode. But that crash. The average start eight point four justin cooper three point one. Yeah man. I gotta say the second moto at least was something the second atrocious and he worked up and he he. He sort of salvaged a bad day. But generational jet. If you're gonna if you're jet here. Jt jeff spending the next three weeks now saying am a second motor start. I was fine. I gotta fix right. You tell yourself right. Sure i would be more worried about the pace. I haven't seen okay. I haven't seen a anything in the motos in the last while That would be very reassuring going back to southwest. He wasn't all that fastest southwick. He wasn't all that fast at spring creek in the motos. Any wasn't all that fast at washington the motives. So there's nothing wrong with that. But i think if you are if your ultimate goal in it's pass fail for being the champion or not being the champion and there's there's reason to be concerned in my opinion because i think right now i would put him the third fastest rider. Navy fourth r. j. would be arguable. There to daniel blair's on line three like mine. Finding i don't think that that's that's a slam on him. I just think that's reality at the moment. That just where it is. I don't think that's where it was early in the season. That's not what the situation wants. But that's what it is right this second six whole trying to this topic. Here's the thing. I only see as we discussed many times. What we see on camera so when you start twelve. I don't even see the guy. And i can look at laptops during the race but you to have been the last couple of races. You're seeing the whole field. So are you not seeing jet like moving up like slowly slow yes right but not with. This is the best dude in the class c. That's that's the thing if you wanna be champ like you gotta make quick moves at gang. Can't get stuck behind guys that you are significantly better than in my opinion and you've gotta go. You can't be sitting in eighth place at halfway. You just can't be doing that. Hey maybe look it's a it's it's He did the whole season this year. You know it's his first time now as late nationals. Maybe he's just missing some. You know getting looming last year to well not this track. No i meant i meant supercross. He missed supercar. Third season racing costs. You know but i'm just saying like when you're in your third year racing series. I know there was only a couple of first time but he raced outdoors last year. I don't think that he would be thrilled about how last races are going. I think he thinks he should be doing much better than that. he's surely does. I wonder now you know he was so good at the first race. So are we looking at a little. Bit of. The imbalance of justin. Cooper resented supercross title. Fight jet was not that gives it an edge and focusing on outdoors for a few weeks and now it's even doubt it because of that cooper's getting better kubrick earlier to getting better i personally well. Yeah okay i don't. I'm not gonna argue that. But i personally think it's more if you continue to put yourself in negative situations and when i'm when i'm say negative i mean plus or negative right. Plus situation means a top three. Start where your are doing well go up exponentially or you just herself in a negative situation percentage wise where you're starting tenth or worse that's going to have an effect over the course of the season it's going to slowly catch up unless you're able to just put through the field like if you can just you know a race that deficit and the first laugher too no problem but he's not able to do that lately and to me. That's the biggest problem is. If you're gonna start you're going to get about start. You better make quick moves. Because if you don't you're going to look up on the third lap you're gonna be ten and that's a big problem. Yeah jamar takes the win. We think. I asked you guys last week on the podcast out of the last six races. How many does a win. We said three. I think we all say three. I said maybe one more. So i'm already in trouble. Jay got five moto wins. The next guy's got three and yeah man. I mean these are all coming up. I mean they're all good tracks for jamar right but he said what she goes never been his his favorite. But so it didn't take you in west shoe and truthfully he got a little bit of a break for sure but What do you mean he. He was winning that sakamoto. Yeah but just overall overall so you know what i mean so this. Rj got second the personal racism so anyways j. j. mart wins the majority of races going out in the motives. I mean i guess. That's that's a statement which to statements. Like hey you guys. You guys got lucky. Yeah i think so because because again going back to this jet conversation like you know at the first round jet dig it about starting the i mode of the year and still almost one and any yard. Everybody modo too. So but that limited amount of data. You're like i don't know maybe justice best guy. Even jamar was here but jane had. We'll have a very solid case. If this keeps up that he'll be like y'all got lucky that i missed two races with injury and whole thing for me to just go get fixed man like just go get go get fixed. Don't hurt. i didn't realize you'd be able to still win. You know. I was thinking i was going to settle for fourth and fifth and whatever but yeah i mean you know he's gotta get a surgery the end of the year. He said that on the show. And i heard that from other people too that may or may not be related to him. He has to get surgery the end of the year. So yeah we'll see what happens. But he had an entering take talked to a bit at millville about that and his take his. You know he's like yeah. I can do what everybody else does. Which is just get a six. And i'll be back ready for next year and he's like i've seen too many top like look at supercross this year. He made it through the first turn in his series ruin. He's like the idea that i'll get everything good and then next year we'll be fine. He's like you cannot count on that so if there's a race you can go in just race. He's always knows about next dealership the back up south. You know gosh brown. I hate to give wilpon credit. I really had to give hong credit but he has been working with pierce and pierce has been better So yes you don't screw on. Pierce brown's outdoors results have been better Moseman was good. Pierce was good job for the guys in the gas gas hundred lawrence. Just a second moto. That was weird and he just couldn't couldn't move forward you know just just didn't have it both it fall at one point. We do those first moment right. I assure both both lawrence brothers were talking before we before you got there about how. They didn't know where they were going. Early on. and jet launched a downhill in practice and forgot about the turn at the bottom. He launched the the of the top of the hill. Yeah we were talking about this In the morning. And i thought it was a pretty significant thing That this was one of the only tracks hadn't really ridden. It's it's really challenging to be on the pace of guys at britain tracking a bunch of times with the amount of practice or the lack of the amount of practice. I should say that these guys get it. It's a big challenge. Because i think in the first moto. These guys are still sorting it out. But they're still like oh wait. There's a line there. And i can go if i go inside. Here's a little faster because you just don't get that opportunity to do that. Time call find good. You have to put down fast laps really quickly. There isn't a lot of learning the track. You don't get that option for the guys hundred lawrence seventh dylan schwartz eighth army good second moto for schwartz. Yeah that was good. Is he gonna get picked up by somebody. I hate to be that guy. He deserves desserts. And i hate to say this but said that he deserves to be on a factory by consumers can do. i just. don't think that suzuki. But okay on par like oppressor kelly or factory honda. Thank you right. But his supercross didn't go well. It did not so if you're a manager. Are you like ken. This kid right supercars. Well i think it's worth a shot I think he's proven that he can ride at least and you could always chalk it up to. Maybe that wasn't very good supercross. Either because i would challenge you to find suzuki. That did well in supercross. Shoop two thousand nine was killing. And as departs but schwartz shape to man. That guy charges hard. Could you offer schwartz in the team. I was i was kind of wondering if that bike being a little down on tower navy was the difference because that track doesn't really reward torque and horsepower. It's really more about getting the power to the ground and and reduce wheelspin. So maybe he was the the edge that he's been facing wasn't a gated a little bit. We need to find more out of. We need to do some digging. Which because like i didn't think troll trained by looked slow at all i thought. Look fine. the fastest back in the class. But i thought the jj tr-train bike was pretty good. Arms got revamped their one of the years that he was there. And i would be surprised if if dylan another that same engine package. Because i don't think so. I think it's i think it's twisted to development isn't it is it is it is twist. Yeah i've i've talked to like lb. There larry brooks team manager. Yes the larry brooks team manager for. That kind of weird that brooks is around and he's just sort of quiet. Yeah yeah you just see guys set up a ten. On friday afternoon. Larry brooks for the barak suzuki to fifty yep Anyway i remember talking to him earlier in the year. And he's like yeah. This is you know we're learning. We're developing and i'm thinking like we'll jj over saying the same things like four years ago so you ended up starting from scratch again. But i guess. Is that the different team when we say it's not a factory team. I think we hear about barks. Hep are not getting stuff from japan. They're not getting works parts. So maybe it's just a totally different situation. I guess and nothing carries over. Can make go to bobby reagan and go in ricky shed and grab all the works parts out of there still fit. Hey four fallen a second moto. He must have because he was behind. Rj then he was gone and he was tenth he must have must have and it was. I was like oh this is going to be something. Maybe qualified with them qualified wealth and he was hanging with those guys. He was right there with that group. Yeah bummer get past though. He went back to eighth and then got past for night and they got passwords. Okay okay got ninth interesting. Yeah but he well when Out somebody went out cooper. Don't know cooper finish out of somebody went out that was it thanks march maybe fifteen volts content carson for jt eleven. Let's get really good. I like ten minutes I i think he's still got aways to go. Stay up there. But as the beginning with super good we each mumford thought it was a great Or we get on a divan and this little deeper. Tell me you guys tell me. This is one. This is one of the things. Where steve's put something on someone else. And i love when someone else is doing that tuesday because it did i tell carson to tell me that. He was thinking of jt while he was leading tonight. And i put those words motivate equal. Bro i did i. Those words in carson's mouth. No he heard what you had to say honestly probably what he heard what you said. He took it as a sign of disrespect and he wanted to show you wrong. I was that my. I'm not trying to well. It's because you play these things up like you tweet me in the first lack of the moto. That's how it's your. I don't carson doesn't see that that doesn't do ya has no effect right. It has no right okay. Well i mean do you feel like are you hire on his performance than super impressed. I was super impressed. I would love for him to to stay there. I mean that's obviously the next step is to stay up there but yeah i mean that was. That was a great improvement. It's awesome it for him. All right we're going to davy millsaps was he. There was most upset. He march banks twelfth again. Fall late. sh motor pull accounts are as we know the first moto and shit and the first and then he was passing guys like getting lap and then passing them back. And i don't really know the etiquette behind that. I guess whatever if they're holding you up go buy them but yes i think it. I think it sets you up for the second motor right. You need to find the pace. You'll go see how the traffic is obviously paid off to the second motoryacht v Yeah yep so there. Kelly was good again. We each nothing. Good job for dr kelly. Yeah and i work with him on fantasy as well. He's been really good. Impressive yup nichols crash late in moto to hurt his shoulder her he his shoulder's all like muddy. No i don't know if that's what hurt. But joe lancaster at the end of the day and he said they dropped some new dirt on it from a pond over there somewhere they put some dirt on what shoe goal and then he said unfortunately one of the spots were nicholas crashed like it was kind of pushed up there and it turned into a dirt claude and he said nichols he he was like looking at that spot going like Like someone's gonna hit that. And he said nichols did it. So he thought it was. Maybe it wasn't something done on purpose or anything like that. Just a cause of new dirt being dropped on the track fry one eighteen thirteen. Okay okay movement on doing good doing where do you think. Fry up next year barracks jeeze. I don't know. I don't know what are you going to do if you're jerrod fry when you're on the best bike in the class acknowledged by everybody just about except for mitch. Peyton what are you going to do. So it's hard to bounce back from that. Yes yup Friday this does it make sense. He's worse than he was last year. Right yeah yes is significantly tougher than it was last year though we need to sure. That's mentioned it. The end of last year the class was completely depleted. I guess you're saying injury on like horrendous left. No no i'm saying there was just people out over. Just 'cause when those guys came in it was after red is so. I see yeah children gritty performance by charles tough sakamoto. I had him on. Fancy team I motive was good. He was battle a battle. Derek kelly like the entire moto. And then i honestly i'll i'll be fair and say i. I thought he should be moving more in the second moto but at the same time he can't be anywhere near a hundred percent little troll arm plated. Lucky to be out there. Fifteen nineteen on the day patrol train all right and the all wise jinx wall crash. I turn like jt. Said i think he's fine though kinda hit his head. But that's a blow for him for sure. Ross what's the what's the points situation. What's the lead. It is eight only eight okay. Yep shelters stank dog on his home track for his fans twentieth staying at a point. Yep stank dude. Thanks like been around that area all year. He's been like just a solid. Just bet everything on them. Solid distant guy. Your thank you for reals real. Yeah you're right absolutely have been. Let's look thirty thirty one. Twenty five twenty nine thirty twenty four those results. Yeah it's been twenty three thirty guy every single rates south rock-solid absolutely. Oh by the way we didn't entomology second overall. I think we skipped over totally. But oh yeah slippery track on the circuit. I've got this tweet. And rj doesn't isn't called crash at all gets perfect traction all day which i thought that was pretty funny but he said he was riding with a wrist injury or a thumb injury so should he crashed in practice at red bud. He thinks that's really the whole reason but they also said he was sick that day. That was the whole reason for these crashes. I don't know but he was. I didn't really see any huge mistakes or saves seem fine dmitri action. He was falling no and he did say okay. He said he hadn't been asked or told anybody about the nation's at all but he said he would do it right. Didn't you say that. Yeah thank you did all right. So we got sexton and rj. They want to do. We had one of the jokes of the day when we were leaving. Kayla russell's bike was just all by itself up by the truck. We we just like roger said. Get that thing out of here. I don't want that in here anymore. I'm getting heat from. Austria was sitting out there. And they're like we're taking the just truck straight to unitil right. Rogers like no bring it to california off that bike off kayla pork are well anything else on the fly racing. Racer x podcast. We're offer two weeks. We'll reach you. Have your hell week coming. Up and loretta is where you just announce for ten days straight. Best week and worst week. Here it's set. it's awesome as it is grueling. I know to you. It's one hundred percent bad. But i'm telling you it's one hundred percent bad one hundred percent i would go to. Loretta is for a coupla days. I really would. I would love. I heard the hotel situation is better than it used to be like. There's there's a town close by with with good hotels and yeah it's it's a broke down time right so i i would go for a couple of days. I i really would but it's hot. It's really hot last couple of years somehow haven't been bad but i mean that's just Is you're gonna get that you're able which you would be able to if you're able to go into the announcers tower where there's air conditioning and chill and mcgill. You're good you'd be fine to david. Hang on someone's truck or something you know got fans on their tents and the like it would be it. Yeah if you went for two or three days and you just hang out with mitch. And bruce from kelley shows up and who knows what expert every single experts still racing at the event. You know what i mean kiefer's normally they're like you'd had a great time. Evan ferries going to be there temp. Timmy's helping them get whole shots. Yup yup. I think that's really what we learned from. This podcast is that tim. Various still a massive influence in american motocross. It's really what we learned. Sexton was working with stew or is still working with do whatever it is over a year now but but regardless. What i'm saying is tim. Ferry is the difference maker not do. The only thing about tim berry is that he can't remember anything about his racing career. So it's really tough to get them on these things and talk about stuff like you'll never do was look back so does he just won't so what didn't even know one before love. I would love to get them on to tell a story about how he banned. Jt from property for a year. He may remember that one. But i would love to hear His not rushmore. Helga my god. Can you imagine what would it be. Who knows rick rick. Because he he you know he. He knows ricky for sure. Ricky beat him down for a long time but other than that. Where would you. Where would he go up before guys before them quite good. I think he could that legendary time. You asked him name two or ten to fifty east riders and he was struggling and then at the last minute he pulled the clutch move of brothers got two for unbelievably. came through. we did it. He didn't show. Brothers named ten to fifty supercross writers and he could barely do it and then he got the sewell brothers which are also very random right. Yes that's on brand-new for sure Great all right. Everybody all right thanks. Jt and we. That was the sugar. Wrap up thanks to the sponsors and thank you guys for listening. Thanks boys extra. Listening to the fly racing. Steve mathis show. Don't forget to check out. Some of our past shows including motocross legends. Such as boy johnson jock sitting over to the side. The tendons were jerk in weird places and big disappointment. Danny store because that he never said sorry. Danny nine france and we've never talked before the five hundred events. Dave and i fly to germany. Go down to stood guard. There's this little shop out the back of the mall. Factory we get their cylinders. Take back and off. We go and you know we're in nicosia. Cylinders is a factory park handful of years before anybody ever saw in production. Dave mcgill was all you know he did the big pancake thing and he's got the thing he's completely on the gas tank trying to miss his tree and he would have gotten excuse. Even harder jumped farther. Battery has been you know. Been there don. I love the guy. I don't this i think he's the greatest had that absolutely one hundred percent in my mind. I firmly believe that statement. I said about these modern day guys in switzerland or belgium forty five minutes on the same bike. You're not beating roger. You crazy. They're not doing it if they think they're so much better. Nowadays than they were states there fool so different bikes. Different times. Beasts from the east damon bradshaw. It got to the point where. I didn't wanna leave home and once i got the raise i wasn't into it. I wasn't going to give one hundred percent. I'm not gonna take the money. The working class hero. Doug henry definitely an emotional moment for me just thinking to myself. That's it you know. It's amazing the stuff that goes to your head in a short amount of time of the things that you know that was going to miss machine until you really open yours and you wanna listen to what they're saying like being dead horses and i know from personal experience. Anybody ever sit down. Of course it could. Everybody did go mitch. Page two ways to make the money one is you can sign or two. You can earn the money. I'm a high believer in earning the money. I think they ride better when they earn the money. So in time. Jeremy mcgrath mad like so disappointed. So frustrating said. I'd pull and i left every point count. I could kick myself the day for. Not just around and pants been no problem in my ego. Gotten away the osho johnny could. He didn't even want to ride and you to to look at it all day. I got a chance to catch on that. I liked that era. I was in. I really do search popa. Maximum tune store to enjoy these and over. Eight hundred. great motorcross podcasts days.

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