Miami Dolphins (Phinsider Radio) Miamis running backs look to provide thunder and lightning in 2020


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By sitting there and that's really really sneaks up on you where all of a sudden your face is dripping and really that tells you that hopefully football is on its way you know I, know that everything stopped in the air. It's looking like we're going to have no preseason games and things like that, but you know as other. Get ready to play I. Think I'm hopeful. Is Anyone if the NBA play? Play as I think there's zero shot. There is no football, but but it's starting to get that feeling football, and there and and I hope we can come through on it in a couple of months. Before. We get any further into the show, please. If you're listening to this, subscribe to our podcast at five star rating. Follow us both on twitter at House H.. O.. U. T. Z. and Jake. Is J Mendel E.? N. D. E. L. Ninety Four. Follow him on twitter. Give him lots of follows, but you're right man I mean. I don't think people in Florida can sit here and. And listen to this just laughing, but you have to get the mail and you know you come in in your sweating a little bit about ninety degrees I think this whole week. It's been ninety degrees here in Pennsylvania, so it's definitely sneaking up on you and like you said no one truly knows what's going to happen this season. You know you see the NFL PA in the. They're kind of going back and forth I just saw John James. Own instagram he kinda gave out this heartfelt thing about you know. We got to protect our families. The owners you guys are just sitting back from a distance. You know they want to know what's going on, so I think there's a long road before we do eventually see football, but hopefully it is on the horizon. Because as we saw last week, we had lost to say about the wide receivers today. We're GONNA. Touch on the running back. So I think we just dive right into that and let's get started talking about running backs. I completely agree with you, and and to kind of get an idea of of the the landscape of the running backs. The Miami Dolphins currently have I think we have to start with one simple simple question here. Does Ryan Fitzpatrick lead the team in rushing again next year. Yes or no. I'm going to say no. I really hope not I mean. That was an outstanding job I him, and I think we talk about it time and time again, dolphins, a thirty second ranked run offensive line in football, the guy two hundred forty three yards. Four touchdowns broke Bo Jackson's. More he at some point throughout the year surpassed Bo Jackson rushed rushing touchdowns for his career so. It wasn't anomaly. It's not something that we should expect, but you know Ryan Fitzpatrick loves to do that. I mean and one other quarterbacks would slide Ryan. Fitzpatrick was truck's sticking over defender. So I WANNA say no, you know maybe in Ryan Fitzpatrick said he's thinking. You know still lead the team in rushing and crazier things have happened. Yeah and I you know nobody's GonNa to call him. You know a running quarterback by any means but He had three hundred and four rushing yards in two, thousand, eight and two hundred and sixty nine in two, thousand ten, and not only was I think I was more surprised by the fact that you know. This wasn't his career high in rushing than I was the fact he actually led the team in rushing Because when you look at those other than numbers, you kind of get the idea and you look at his runs. It is really kind of trying to make something at enough. And to like. You don't have to be running quarterback. Run at that the running back episode, but these carries are important to put into concept of of how. Much! The dolphins struggled last year in the running game, but ranch untouchables able to do is something. We kind of begged Ryan Tannehill the do for years, and that's just kind of. If a playboy extended us, run away. We thought the end of the wide receiver. He has speed. That's be something he'd be able to do, but we never really saw that. You know when pressured company tried to throw it into a tight window. To Jarvis Landry where you know. He just ran for five years before anybody was even near him. Whether you slid or whether you know, he tries to go for those extra few yards, but it was really interesting to see Fitz Patrick. Go about it that way. The dolphins we mentioned it last week. we're the second highest percentage team, the NFL throwing the ball, sixty six percent of the time ravens were the lowest throwing the ball, forty four percent of the time and they were. Tested for the ball forty percent of the time. If so correct, I'm sorry I, I'm going back and forth between the run pass option here. And the only team that was that ran the ball. More than fifty percent of the time was the ravens, so we can't really use them for an to figure an idea of how much the dolphins plan to run the ball in two thousand twenty, because like we said in the wide receiver show the dolphins were playing by so far behind so much last year I mean they weren't. Weren't GonNa able to run the ball much, and even when they did you know a Kaelin Balaj Kerry for one yard even hurts more than an incomplete pass, so that's something to keep in mind here, but the average quote, unquote split between the past, and the run is basically sixty forty. You pass the ball sixty percent of the time you run the ball forty percent of the time. So let's six percent of the Miami Dolphins on offense. The snaps, give or take again. This is over estimates when you're thinking about things about like fantasy. And just overall production, these are things that Kinda WanNa keep in the back of your mind because in order to produce new that opportunity. So the dolphins had roughly a hundred eleven hundred offense to snap slap based on, unless that's like a rough estimate to So, that would equal about sixty to seventy more rushing attempts in twenty, twenty, compared two thousand Nineteen and just to kind of finish up the two thousand nine hundred blurb. Had the most attempts last season with seventy four, and averaged one point eight yards a carry. Lee had eleven yards per game you can see here. How enthusiastic I am saying that Patrick Leonard Average two point seven yards per carry on sixty two attempts despite the fantasy community really really falling in love with him, and then mark and Kenyan drake to people who ended up not finishing the season with the dolphins very very very very different reasons We're not gonNA. Get too much into that I mean obviously Kenyan drake the starter in Arizona now, but they could buy for one hundred times that average three point eight yards per carry. it is hard to get a pecking order of what the Miami Dolphins did, but did seem like and and you know we used to book camps where we'd sit there and read about We don't think Kaylin barrages that you know we don't know how well he can accelerate in the next level, and that's Kinda. Really come into fruition, the season or or Al last season? Excuse me, but it seems the dolphins wanted to do fifty percent of Sam with their quote, unquote starter, whether that was Balaj before that it was getting drake for a little bit mark while and had the time, and then the number two guy about thirty five percent of the snaps or so and then there'd be that you know. Third String Guy Scat back or whatever it may be. I'll getting about eight percent of the snaps. This will likely to change as someone. really takes reins of that running game. I think someone could look at seventy eighty percent, and then he given we and I think that's why this is so interesting. Because the dolphins signed Jordan Howard to your. They sign map traded for Matt. Brita but you know these are. Are Two guys and we're GONNA. Mention Thunder and lightning later, but thunder and lightning don't always hit at the same time. You know there's obviously going you know the the liberal definition. There's a couple of seconds to a couple minutes between the two, but this could be a couple of weeks between these these to really get going, so Josh I've been talking a lot. Tell me a little bit about Jordan Howard. Okay, in the first thing I did while you were talking and it kind of made me realize Chan Gailey last time he was a offense coordinator. Two Thousand Sixteen with the New Jersey. Sorry new. York jets I I've wrote about New Jersey earlier in a tweet I got that a little bit mixed up there, so the New York jets and Matt Forte and below Powell. Those two guys kind of have a similar skill. Set when you think about it to. To a Jordan Howard and Matt Breeding Jordan Howard kind of guy that likes to run people over map, Rita's more of that scam back the likes to make plays an open field and and uses speed I think he was clocked the fastest player in two thousand nineteen, at maybe was at twenty five miles per hour or something like that, whatever was this? An explosive player continues to remind me of a Reggie Bush when the dolphins made that trade. Jordan? Howard I mean this is a guy that I mean surprisingly enough is only twenty five years old as you say here. Third Moguls rushing since he entered the league in two thousand sixteen average four point, four yards per carry last season, five, hundred twenty, five rushing yards at ten games at seven touchdowns again. This is probably going to be the thunder to breed as lightning. Look at what the Jet State and Matt Forte in Thirteen Games in two thousand, sixteen at two hundred and eighteen carries eight hundred thirteen yards and seven touchdowns so to me. I think Jordan Howard is probably going to be that guy that you know they. They bring it on first and second down and. The neighboring breed in passing situations and at the goal line. It's probably going to be Jordan Howard, but the biggest thing to me is. We don't know how this is going to shape up. I mean these guys have yet to get out there and you know I'm sure they've been dived into the playbook via zoom meetings and all these things, but until they get out there until they they go out there and take these reps I. Mean What we've learned from Brian Floors coach team that it is a competition and the. The best players going to be out there and like you said it's going to be a fluid situation. Maybe one week they game, plan and Matt. Rita's getting a bulk of those carries the next week. It's Jordan Howard. I mean no one truly knows the way this running back room is going to be set up but I. Think it's a pretty good guest that we can assume that Jordan Howard two year deal. Ten million dollars brought him in. You know we heard the rumblings. They wanted to Melvin Gordon. We heard the that. That, they might draft a running back. They did neither of those they brought in Jordan. Howard again twenty five years old guy that seems like he's been the link for fifty seven years guy who has been under the radar, but he can carry that workload and we saw in Chicago. We saw a little bit in Philadelphia before he got hurt. He beat out Mile Sanders and I think you as a fantasy football guy. We both know mile. Sanders Height is unreal right now. The guys get drafted in the first round in some. Some leagues I mean mouth. Sanders is going to be one of the better backs in football over the next few years and Jordan Howard you know went out there and prove that he was that guy and Philadelphia so i. don't see any reason why it doesn't do that here. Miami but again. This is going to be a tandem. It's not just going to be one or the other, but I think Jordan Howard. It's going to be at early down. Guy And he's definitely GONNA get. Those carries at the goal line so. Again it's in the air, but Jordan Howard absolutely thunder. Now let's talk about the lightning map. Breda and we've got a credit. Joe Shadow the Palm Beach. Post he's the one who kinda hinted at the thunder and lightning approach, but he also did mention to. You mentioned the Chan Gailey offense as someone who likes to have three receivers, even for receivers, sometimes the field at the same time a lot of the time that means if you have the receivers out there you don't have the blockers and right and Jordan Howard I think is someone who You, know you mentioned Matt Forte I think Frank Gore's another one, and there's some kind of debate about how good frank, or was in Miami and I guess you know the reason why you kind of Lean Matt Brita compared to Jordan Howard is. Someone might average three yards per carry four yards per carry, but if it's too like one yard carries on, you squeeze out an eight. Eight yard carry all the sudden. You're going to be feeling a lot of puns. Obviously you know. Hey, they're having four yards a carry. That's a first down every three players. That's the first time with necessarilly how it works, and not really like way should really think about football, so that's the concern in the Chan Gailey. Offense is Matt Breed. It looks like someone who's GonNa fit. Fit in lot faster a lot quicker. Someone who's going to be the beat defenders in compared to you know using blocks but I'm not trying to bash Howard here because I do think he will be fun guy in that Miami Dolphins Backfield, but the dolphins did trade a fifth round pick for Matt Brita and he was clocked the fastest runner an both last two seasons, but when talking. Talking about something like that being clocked as the fast runner. Yes, obviously, you need to be fast to get there, but in order to reach top speed, you need blacker than you need open field so whether that's missing assignments or something I mean Kaelin Balaj that run against the Vikings, people were talking about that. Threes and wikileaks had so much hype going into the twenty ninth season. Was Because that that seventy five yard run against the Vikings where they were talking about how fast he got it, and it was the fastest running over three years for the Miami Dolphins. Yada Yada Yada, but but as you saw that that doesn't really mean too much if you have the fastest run because. So many more things matter whether it's blocking schemes whether it's did seven guys. You don't miss their assignments and you just had a huge open lane to kind of take it to the house where in the NFL? Nobody's GONNA. Tell you again. It's not a track. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to sprint off the field, but what breed it really brings his that excitement you know. I really liked him. In terms of fantasy, the last couple of years I'm he made the most of a three man back in two thousand nineteen with six hundred twenty three yards in one hundred and twenty three rushing attempts those about five. Five yards per carry average, but if he's averaging five yards, why didn't they just run it over and over and get those towns exactly? However, he had just one receiving one rushing touchdown in two thousand eighteen. Do you like I'm arguing with myself here? Yawning I thought you were Yawny at first, that was a great. Twenty eighteen quote unquote was his breakout year as a sophomore at thirty carries I with thirty more carries compared to twenty, nine, thousand nine, so that's one hundred and fifty three for eight hundred and fourteen yards and three touchdowns. and to me, it kind of seems like breed. US Open Field Guy where you'll give it to Howard inside the twentieth, but. I saw a stat about Adam. Gates and It was Yuck. I. Don't know if you I don't know. This I'm sorry. This is horrible radio, but it was something along the lines of running backs had this many attempts inside the twenty and twenty nineteen of Adam Gates offense has had less than that amount of running back in temps inside the twenty, and in his last three years as a coach, so basically his senses. You don't run the ball inside the twenty inside the five whatever it may be because I think the twenty even skews it a little bit, but you know you have to wonder to. The dolphins. It kind of seemed like they use that offense quite a bit whether it's the bootleg Talbot Wilson things like that. You know you throw it up to. Throat up to Parker. You throw it up to Preston Williams doing early in the season. So when you say when I say breed the open field compared to Howard inside the twenty s that has to be a little concerning, because you think all, he's the goal line back. He's going to get all the carriers Yadda Yadda Yadda, but just since he's Goldline guy doesn't. Doesn't necessarily mean. Go go to them. And with the dolphins. The weather set up the core. I have a little bit of concern about drafting someone saying fantasy a Lake Jordan, Howard just because we don't know how. The Miami Dolphins are really going to operate inside the red zone, I get under the new offense, but you know like we just mentioned the Joe. Seems like Britos more likely to be the guy when there's three or four wide receivers out there and all of a sudden that quote, Unquote goal-line guy is a really. Finding his niche. Right and I? Think one of the biggest things that we have to look at. And I have a quote here from Bryant floors after the dolphins made that trade We all know. Jake Dobbins was one pick away. That's GONNA break my heart for many years, but this will floor said about Breda. This is a very explosive young running back with good vision that can create. Create a lot of big place, but he's also tough. He's also smart. He also has lobbed the qualities. We're looking for in our players. It wasn't exciting phone call and I can't wait to get him out there so i. mean on draft night. We know how great the running back room was. Are the prospects and we all thought the dolphins were going to draft guy whether. In the I for some reason, the Andrea Swift Jonathan Taylor list goes on and on. They didn't do that. They signed. You're on Howard Free Agency to year ten million dollar contract. That's I mean. That's a decent amount of money. For a twenty five year old running back especially in today's NFL, then they went out there and traded a fifth round pick for Matt Breed I think it was a great trade at the time. I still do and I think you're absolutely right I mean I. I keep comparing this to two thousand twelve Reggie Bush and he just seems like when you're watching the film. This is a clone of Reggie Bush. Was You know coming? Coming out of College Reggie, Bush was one of the most explosive, if not the most explosive player in college football history, and then when he went to the saints, you know he didn't quite make that impact that many expected then he got his opportunity when he came to Miami and he was Kinda that workhorse for a little bit, and he exceeded a thousand yards, rushing and I think that it goes back to let you know Chan. Gilliat looks for his running back room, and we talk about the jets. You can go back even further and talk about what he did when he was with the bills I believe they had fred. JAX NANCY CJ spillers. She was the same go ahead. Sorry, no, I was at those two for the Fred Jackson CJ spillover I mean that would ice creams, Jordan, Howard and Map Rita I if you really want to think about it that way. Yeah, and that's kind of what I was getting. I mean it's completely. CJ. Spill was kind of that same Reggie Bush type of impact player, and you see the same thing with Matt, Breda and to me. The biggest thing is we have to look at Berry. Jackson's article came out yesterday, and he said the dolphins have yet to sit down and really talk and extension with Brita, but they haven't with Radio Comic Melania. They haven't God while they're kind of waiting to see what the cap situations like. It deflates next year. I mean whatever could happen. This could be impacted by just what happens this season, but Matt Brita could be another long-term guy here I mean we got. We got Jordan Howard for two years locked up. Why can't map re to be that? Lightning for the next few years and I think it's GonNa come down to again. This certain situations you know Chang is offense to me is one that likes to spread out, and you mentioned earlier that you know. Those four wide receiver sets join. Howard can make that impact between the tackles, but who I mean I'm not a coach and. And neither of us are, but you sit there and you. You can play Madden, or you can look throughout the history of football. You know when you spread the and you have that running back. That can make defenders missing the open field, and then just use a speed. You know to get to the edge or to to explode up the middle. I mean I think Matt Breed is going to have that big impact. He's going to be that high upside player that dolphins desperately need so we can talk about Fred. Jackson CJ Speller. You know you can even talk about below Powell and whoever Matt Forte in with the jets, but I mean those are two very yearly similar comparisons. To what type of player is the dolphins get here and I think we all need to be excited. Because Bryant floors is excited, and it seemed like throughout the entire draft process. You know they always had this inner back pocket. You know you're playing a game of cards you know. Know you somehow pull out this this perfect hand out of your hat like you know you're sat sitting on the entire time. You're bluffing you, know they. They turned over the river there. You went all inner whatever it is I mean that's kind of what they did here with breed I think he's going to be the perfect player for this offense and I'm excited to see. See, the way it works out because again. This is the guy who didn't quite get those same touches in San Francisco that was a committee type thing and I. Don't know that it's going to be to that with the same extent. You know they're not gonNA. Give Patrick layer or miles, gaskins, or killing on some of these touches that map Howard. Won't because I mean I. I think those guys are GonNa. Go out there and show that fishing enough to ride those hot hands, and then you know you bring in Patrick Learn in passing situations. Maybe he's a Danny. woodhead. Talk About Patrick lawyer here in a second, but to me I like with the dolphins have with their running backs gotta be excited because it's much better than what we saw last year. And you know. I'm excited about these two I. Truly am outside of having a Zeke Elliott type running back on back there this this is kind of a best case scenario. You have two guys coming in I. I the Dolphins, but there are veterans and their cheap, and they're just they can fit the bill of the excitement of of you know Matt. Breda compare combined with the consistency of Jordan Howard I mean that is just something that opens really haven't had since Reggie Bush. Because you've been you know you think about back to the Kenyan drake. boomer bath bus, and I I don't know if that's necessarily all his fault, but that's kind of the way the offense and Lamar Miller was the same way. This really looks like offense. You can hand the guy the ball when you're up by seven and fourteen, whatever it may be late in a game you the ball to someone like Jordan Howard or you need one big breakway. What run by Matt to put the game from good? I think the dolphins really have a good plan in place for no matter what the situation is despite really having an opportunity to sit down and talk about it yet up. Some concerns though about writing quote, unquote the hot hand, and that brings us the Kaelin Balaj I get. There's a new offensive coordinator Chatham. She has gone, but this is I. Think I, you know I wrote here. We have to do this, but I think there's a conversation we have I don't think Balaj will make the team trying to come back from an injury with the amount of competition in this here he had one point eight yards per carry twenty, nine hundred, and just for ten first downs on seventy four tabs I use a fourth round pick in two thousand eighteen and he started six games for. For the dolphins and had more rushing attempts than anyone else, and that's really my concern is because you know there were so many warning signs that hey, maybe it's time to not have Balazs be the guy and we can make the argument, and how probably agree with you that you know just because you're? The starter doesn't mean you get the highest total staff because I think we did. See a fair share of Kenyan Drake when we've did see a fair share of Mark Walton for a little bit there, but you know those seventy four rushing attempts to lead the team is just really concerning the sense of. Brita has free strong runs, but Howard had fifteen in the average four point five carries, so we're just gonNA keep feeding Howard instead of really S- keeping that consistency of switching it up. I think that's my biggest concern with the Miami Dolphins running game adds a whole and I guess another huge concern is playing from behind, but I'm just trying not to think that the dolphins. Dolphins will lose another fifty nine to ten games river rest of my life, so I'm not even going to try to put that into perspective, but I think that's where my concern is, and maybe the coaching staff. Just maybe Balaj is a practice guy. Maybe he impresses so much practice field that it's going to be hard for fluorides and staff to really show him the door. Yeah and that's the thing I think that you and I both were not very high on Kalem Bellagio. You talked about our little book clubs that we did, and we were kind of ahead of the curve with Saint Keelan. Blog was not going to be very good running back, but he was drafted two thousand eighteen like you said so. We really only has two years under his belt I. Mean Eight. We can see here and talk. Talk about you know the inconsistency when coaching and what could come into effect there and really hinder his performance, but to me. The biggest thing was when he came out and said he knew he had nothing to prove, and I kinda soured on extreme I mean I I didn't really think the world of him before that, but once he said that I mean I from me the wrong way so I've kind of been extremely down. You're right. Who knows maybe goes out there and he does. What a guy his size should do i. don't know if you follow me on Instagram, but this looks like a frigging juggernaut. It looks like he should be bulldozing through people and you know all I can picture. My head is when the dolphins needed a yard, getting stopped running into his own. Own Offense Lineman you know they're. They're bringing the punting unit out so to me. He has a lot to prove and I. Think when you look at the roster. I. Mean Patrick layered talk about him. We're GONNA. Talk About Miles gasket and you know you can see her and make a case for Malcolm Perry because I think he's also says running back. Back I mean. Why would you keep Kayla Balaj when he got those guys? I just don't see that he has that same upside. At least from what we saw two seasons because besides that Ron. Against Minnesota Vikings I think it was a seventy five yarder. He's done absolutely nothing. He's amnesty yards, precarious career, and that that skewed by huge seventy five yard run I mean that's definitely concerning so a guy. His size one point eight yards per carry I mean I know. The offensive line was dreadful, but you talked about earlier. You know more Walton. Can you drink the both average December closer to four yards per carry? No, so I just don't know what can obliges. Issue is is young. And I think at some point you got at least give them one more chance, and without a preseason potentially and without training camp I mean. Is he going to get that? Other Chances I mean it's going to be interesting to see with any position, but with the running back group I mean. Jordan Howard Matt Rita. They solidify themselves. You think Malcolm Perry's also there and we can talk about Patrick learned a second so i. just don't think you're right when you put. I don't think he's going to make the team and. Maybe go somewhere else has success, but I just don't know that it's going to be here Miami. Yeah, I, mean. Fourth, round pick that kind of tells you enough where maybe another team will take training, camp, flyer or something like that if he is cut, I mean we're getting I at least I'm getting a little ahead of myself here all right, but then it goes back to the running back. The you know people love to say running mark doesn't so. Why would you pick up a Kalem Balaj when you can? Take a flyer on another guy so it. It'll be interesting to see for sure. There's no no doubt about it. and and I completely agree with nothing to prove really seemed like a you know when someone like Brian. Floor is saying you know you always have to compete for your starting job yet to be there fighting Nothing's you know. Given but earned Yada Yada and then just come out and say that when you're averaging one point, seven yards per carry, it's a little frustrating especially as a fan. Patrick layered. He became kind of a fantasy cult hero. Late in the season based on twitter feed, players started to really like him And I can kind of see why. He was pretty exciting. And you can tell obviously. Miami's offensive line struggled set skewed things, but he started four games and just average two point seven yards per carry but that looks so much better next to someone Kaelin Balaj so you have to wonder you know if if the fantasy had like. Hey, we're getting some sort of production and speak exciting about I. He looks like a bowling ball in the sense of he's really just GonNa put his head down and go and try. Try to get every yard. He can. However that doesn't mean he's going to you. Don't knock all the pins over. Some of the pins might even knock over him, but he's. He's a nice change of pace at a little flair. He's someone who can catch it. Offensive back sleeping, thinking they can just make like a basic tackle, and all of a sudden. He's GonNa do whatever he can to get out of. That's kind of sense. I got from him. I started four games after being a backup and special teams Guy More I on reception than I down runs again I think that Kinda goes towards Miami's offensive line, but he caught twenty three of thirty targets that came his way. I think he's a solid backup and a player I would hate to have on my team especially as third or fourth guy who can play on the special teams and make an impact on special teams. I think Patrick. Leonard Kinda just checks too many boxes for the dolphins to kind of ignore. Kind of one of those guys that got a behind the Patrick Leonard hype and I don't know if it was just because I. I wish I remember the staff. There was a time in college where I don't think. He dropped a pass in so many attempts, and it was unheard of number I. Really Wish I looked at up and figured out, but I mean Patrick layers guy that I make the comparison in a lot of people say oh, it's because you know he looks similar. Similar to Danny woodhead or a rex burkhead, but he just has that same mold. Dino is a guy like you said he's not going to go down with first contact there for a little bit, you know he was lining up on the outside. Creating mismatches them in man coverage against Linebacker, so I definitely think there's a role for him and I I love that you know he did become this fantasy. Call here I mean he's one of the few dolphin players. Follow me on twitter. Twitter and you know every now, and then we interact back and four, so it's really awesome, and I'm excited to see what he can do as at third that third guy in this room. You know this is the second year. He is nicknamed Ian. Turn a guy that many people didn't really expect much from, but he kinda worked, but off, and when he had those opportunities, he seemingly made the most of them, so I think that no Patrick. Leesburg chance of making this rousing. Rousing Keynote Balaj but I think a lot of that has to do with the skillset. He's a guy that can line up on the outside like I, said and create those mismatches just an overall. He reminds you of almost like a Christian McCaffrey light or something like that so i. don't know what we can expect. From Patrick Glared, given the touches but I do think that he's going to third gone the running back room, and all said and done I. Agree with you and I didn't write to too much about miles gaskin the former seven round pick. And as early as last week there whispers that you know he will be competing with Patrick Leonard and killing Balazs for that third, running back spot and gaskin. Equality Player and I. think that's Kinda. The perspective that needs that really rides with NFL. Running backs is in order to make it more than year to three years. You need to not be good. You need to give some some kinda off. Something that you really need to make a name for yourself. Because otherwise people are going to look for someone else who you know, it's all about your floor and ceiling. So Gaskin. He averaged three point seven yards, and Kerry was solid thirty six rushes for one hundred thirty three yards. He had a long Ah. Let me see here twenty seven yards. and. He caught seven receptions of targets that came as he was consistent, and he was all right. The only concern is there. It's an uphill battle for someone like miles gaskin to really make a name for himself in the London snap cow behind a second or third string, offensive line, and really you know that I deserve a spot. My ceiling hasn't been reached yet and I'm GONNA be able to make some big plays for this team. With gasket, and like you said, it was a very small sample size, he almost got to go back and see what he did in college, looking at it here as junior rushed for two, thousand, one, hundred, eighty two yards, and thirty five touchdowns, at Washington and then he followed that up his senior year with thousand. One thousand, five hundred sixty seven yards, twenty five touchdowns, so that sixty touchdowns in two season. So this is a guy that has all the you know attributes. You look for I mean. He has the success at the college level, and there's a speed back four point five, eight, forty at the combine smaller guy. You know five foot nine, but he's one of those guys that you just can't count out and I think a lot of fans. Kinda liked what they saw from him, and it'll be interesting. Seeing know how much that carries over I. Think we all remember that touchdown he had. Against Cincinnati Bengals when Ryan Fitzpatrick almost getting ready to fight the referee trying to get football back form. I mean it was awesome to see, but again this is the seventh round draft pick, so we'll see how if he can stick and if he does maybe a return, man maybe comes in and run some plays know. Patrick glares. Absence or you know maybe a similar style Takeda, and that's Kinda the running back that I see here's a guy that's you know. One of those scattered, and we're talking about seventh-round pickier perfect transition into Malcolm. Perry and he's a guy that a lot of dolphin fans. You know pretty high on just because of what he did in college, and I'm looking at it here. He has the record for most rushing yards season by quarterback in two thousand nineteen, he had two thousand and seventeen yards, rushing as a quarterback and I know that navy offense is a little bit different. But I mean the guy has the potential to be. No, I can't really putting. Words you know what we thought. How white might be know what bill parcells thought he could do with Pat White in that whole wildcat gimmick, but not compared to throw the football. You know he can lana in the slot and catch the football, and then he can run the football. It's a guy that I make the joke. Not Swiss army knife is a guy can do everything. This is a navy man, so he's a Swiss navy knife. That's kind of nickname. I made up got. Got, crapped on twitter, going to stand by that, so they know them. Perry makes a roster seventh round pick two, hundred, forty, six, overall I would imagine Malcolm. Perry makes the roster ahead of you know miles gaskin. Maybe even Patrick layered and Kalem Balaj but I don't know what his role is. He's listed as running backs WanNa, talk about like he's running back, but this is a player that offense excited for because he kinda got that. You know that video game highlight type to amend. I'm excited to see. The dolphins could do with him because I. They ran the wildcat last year with Keenum Balaj. You can't tell me it's not gonNA. Be a hell of a lot more successful with the guy like Malcolm Perry at the helm. I I liked the hype. And that's what you do it. The seventh round pick you take the risk you take your. Chances because they're so picks, but I'm not gonNA sit here and say I'm the as sold on him. The reason I might I might get some of this, but when I see someone doing three different things pretty well. It's because they can't do one thing extremely right. You know if he was so good at running the ball, he just a quarterback is so good at just catching the ball. He make a stop wide receiver. If so good running the ball, he'd be running back but but what we see. See. Here's someone who can do a bit of everything pretty well. He does have fumbling issues and I just wonder if any of those things that he can do pretty well can really translate to the football field I. Walked the chances I thaw him I. Think it's a super exciting pick. However, I'm not ready to be sold on it just yet. I think it is still an uphill battle and you know. I really think it's GonNa. Come down to any of these guys. What can what have you done for US lately? I think that's really how you're going to figure out. The difference between Balaj layered Gaskin Perry and I think it's going to showcase the most of whether it's consistency explosiveness, really ability to be there when his team needs him Malcolm Perry. You know he'd be. Be An ideal practice squad guy to if he doesn't make the roster, even mouse, gaskin can do that. You know with a wonky season coming up like it is you know injuries happened in football. Let alone you know if someone has to sit out for a couple of weeks. with any type of sickness. You bring up. Someone like gas can give them compare. Compare shop, however I think it's going to be hard to band blared the number three shop based on just consistency, but even for him to establish himself and go from the intern to the socio. It needs to be about consistency needs to be a. what else can you do for us? And for help Malcolm Perry I need to really see something on a professional field. Field before I can get excited about his town which again he is incredibly talented player. I mean we've been just said how miles gaskin had two thousand yards and was seventh round pick. You know there's a difference from going to the College Games, then NFL game and I'm very excited to see this I. Just don't know if I'm really sold on it just yet. Yeah I think that's kind of the way the summer months go, you know, get overly excited because we see these highlight reel of disguising college. And Guinea played for Navy, so how good was the competition? It was truly facing. We mentioned malls, Gaskins, and how great he looked in college. So you're absolutely right? We got temper expectations, but to me I just see a guy. I think they went after Kris Strangler. That was kind of that Tastes Hill Type Yana? The dolphins were very interested in him. So to me I think it's more about what I think. They might envision for a guy like Malcolm, Therrien, to me, just thinking. Thinking about this gimmick, you know we see some hill, you know. Why can't a Guy Malcolm? Perry a beat? The Dolphins Tastes Hill, and I think that's kind of fans. Get excited, but you're right in this uncertainty surrounded twenty twenty season. You know you made a great point. The practice squad that's probably going to be expanded. You know there's GonNa. Be More spots on there for teams to to dump. Some of these guys at you know are on the bubble, so maybe that's where Malcolm. Perry sticks to start. Maybe that's reminds gas goes I. Think you're right, I think we both agree Patrick, the number three running back in this. This in this room I think that he showed enough last year to at least earned the trust of the coaching staff, but again none of this is going to truly matter until they get out there and prove to Chan Gailey Peruta Brian floors. You know this is what I can do. This is what you can do for me lately and unfortunately, we don't know when that's going to happen. We don't know if they're going to get their opportunities in preseason because it sounds like the NFL, PA wants to do away preseason. I, think the I think the agreement was A. They're gonNA forty eight days to get acclimated before. Before the start of the NFL season, we don't even know when the returning not camp, so there's lots of uncertainty surrounding this season, but I think we can both say in conclusion with all of this. Is Dolphins running backs? Look a hell of a lot better this year than last year and even we'll get into the offensive line, but I think it all starts with the offensive line diagnose. We'll probably touch on that in the next episode but I'm excited for this running back room, and I think what the dolphins did you know given the circumstances that overpay for Melvin Gordon. They didn't trade up to get a J.. D. Andrea Swift as much as it pains me, but they went out there and got these players that have been productive in the NFL and they're both young. So you know if they do go out there and show okay, we are the guy that you know. This is the tandem in Miami for the next three to five years. They have enough wiggle room. They bring these guys in in. You know they can build something special here so. On paper. It looks a hell last season yet. The four is outstanding, compared to last season, and obviously I think what that the ceiling is higher to You gotTa love what the history books have said about Jordan Howard upset about to there is excitement there and you know it's important to keep in mind that anybody who makes that. NFL is incredibly talented. It's a solve a matter of being the you know the incredibly talented, incredibly talented. You know what I mean and it really seems like. Like. The dolphins have a couple of guys here. Who can who have that potential, but it's just going to be key. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch. And hopefully these guys get their opportunities and I think that would be. My biggest concern is really trying to figure out when to use the guy in the right situation. I think if the dolphins can do that, this is going to be a blast to watch these guys. Really you know. Run the ball. Even catch the ball, guess. Completely agree I'm excited to see what they can do this year Is there anything else you WANNA say about the running backs before we get going? I think I think that's just about it I. Think you know if I had to go down the list of if I had to go, you know just put these guys order I think it'd go Jordan Howard Matt Rita. Patrick layered miles gaskin kaelin blogs Malcolm Perry. I think I'd go in that order. I know the glad to be seen. A lot of things could change, but that'd probably be what I would do. I if you want to run down real quick to, and we'll get out of here that that sounds beautiful to me. I'll shake it up a little bit. We'll map. Out A line Ellen. So Finish Guy. Can you hear Jamie back? I'll change it up a little bit. I'll go MAPRA to Jordan. Howard. Team. Relax. I can always add this in later if you WanNa, just do the closing arguments. Add in my partly because she's okay, she's not a change it up a little bit. I think I'll go map Brita just be different Jordan Howard Patrick layered Malcolm. Perry Miles Gaskin Caitlyn Balaj ago. Go that order. I like it I like it. Thank you so much. Everyone for listening. The top, please hit us with that. Subscribe Button and give us a five star review. Leave a comment that help us also so much, and hopefully we'll figure out a way to reward you guys for doing that soon, but but again it helps so much. 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