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Winchester. House in San Jose California guys in cows. Let me just jump right here. This this place in particular is on my bucket list of places to investigate. It's always fascinated me I. I absolutely have to see this place before. I. Part ways with this lovely life online. Winchester Mystery House is just one of those places that you have to see. Needless to say, it's going on the bucket list. Author Bram Stoker throat there are mysteries which men can only guess at which age by age they may only solve and park. Some mysteries such as this. Drew in the likes of Harry. Houdini. In Nineteen, twenty four, he gave in to the lower and visited imagine that was a rambling puzzle of Carnival funhouse type quirks that could perplex even the smartest mortals. The Mansion was located at five twenty five South Winchester Boulevard right in the heart of present day. California's Silicon Valley. Typically unknown magician by Trade Houdini was dedicated at this point in his life to debunking what he considered to be a play of fake mediums. The mass of State even though it had partially been demolished by the Great San Francisco or nineteen o six found, it's haunting reputations very much intact fun fact as a result of the earthquake come the house went from seven to four stories high. Not even a master magician such as Houdini could shake the feeling that something inside the walls up that place was just playing. houdini would later dub the building winchester mystery? House. After the late Sarah Winchester, of course, they secretive millionaire clues who built the house and lived in it until her death in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, two. There have been over twelve million visitors to the house. Sarah Winchester passed away nowadays a history museum and paranormal attraction the winchester mystery. House has gone on to inspire a slew of novels even a new horror movie winchester, which stars Helen Mirren as the main character, the reclusive heir to a massive fortune. As I've seen the film I can say. One it's. Or? And to the film gives you a good look at the house. And it definitely makes you want to learn more about it. When asked if she thought the house was indeed haunted actress Helen Mirren stated that she was a skeptic. She did go on to say though if it is haunted I feel it is haunted by something very benign. I feel sort of a grades How shall I put I? Feel a sweetness in the house. Not a horror. There's a sweetness in it. If it is haunted by something, it's something sweet. You. The Story of Sarah Winchester. is as follows. Born, in eighteen forty Shubert. Grew up in a world of privilege. She attended the best schools and Spook four different languages she married well and had herself a little girl in her late twenties. Unfortunately. Tragedy Befell Sarah as she lost her daughter Anne to Marasmus at six weeks old. She was absolutely devastated much like any mother would in that situation. Then almost a decade. Later she lost her husband William to Berkeley close in eighteen eighty one. C Loss. The both of them to disease her husband and her child, and she was never really quite the same after that. Sarah Winchester went onto inherent more than twenty million dollars roughly five, hundred, million dollars in today's currency. As if that was an she received fifty percent ownership of the winchester repeating arms company from her husband that right there guys give her an income of roughly one thousand dollars per day. Anybody want to figure out what that is today go ahead. I encourage you do the math. It's twenty thick twenty, six, thousand dollars a day. That's what it equals out to roughly. Incredible. That's all I can say. I know some people who don't even make that in entire year. Well well, this kind of wealth hunter hands. Mrs. Winchester. Could do just about anything she wanted. Now she was living in a time where a lot of people were turning to spiritualism as a way of dealing with grief. Typically more European in nature this took off in the United States just after the civil war. Grieving wives and mothers were looking for ways to contact today, contact the dead to see if they weren't peace. Make Sense. There was nothing wrong with it. Most people considered it to be a normal thing. Sarah Winchester actually turned to a Boston medium that told her during a seance that she should leave her home in New Haven Connecticut and Travel West to California. There she must find a home to live in in never stopped building on. She must accommodate all those who had died as the result of winchester. Rifles. The words were allegedly spoken through the medium by Sarah's William, who said his wife needed to do this or live the rest of her life? By those who can't move on? Before we know at Winchester had pack your bags and a trip to California was underway. Sources for the most part thing that due to a rough battle with depression a much needed change of scenery wasn't order. There are those who were close to Ruben seeing a different tune. However, they say that Sarah was under the distinct impression that she was being plagued by spirits of those died because of winchester rifles, the only way to appease them was to move and build a house big enough with them all. The Jay doper desires came into not too long after an e bedroom unfinished farmhouse in these Santa Clara Valley out in California she bought it right away in the building commenced. The best carpenters were sought out and worked on the House twenty four hours a day until it became a monstrous seven storey mansion. And architect was never hired strangely enough and the. Construction was always done rather awkwardly hazardously I guess you could say. The the home contained numerous oddities because of the such as doors and stairs that lead to nowhere windows overlooking other rooms. Many. Accounts attribute these oddities to Winchester's belief in Gos-. By the turn, the century Mrs Winchester had spared no expense for her ghostly mansion and had ruled out twenty four thousand square feet, two thousand doors, one hundred, sixty rooms, thirteen bathrooms, seventeen chimneys, forty-seven fireplaces, fifty two skylights, ten thousand windows, six kitchens, two basements, three elevators, and let's not forget the gorgeous faux grain stained funhouse interior. Contractors who worked on the House during its Heyday reported that Sarah was holding seances on a daily basis local mediums in the area her objective you might wonder to get in touch with the good spirits out there amongst us. On asked about a strange Mrs Winchester would never confirm if she was indeed building a haunted house. All the same. She was contacting good spirits to see how to best appease the ones that she needed to build rooms for in her house. Perhaps, this is why so many illogical choices were made when it came to the construction of the place. WHO KNOWS One thing I will say in Sarah's defense while she. Appears to be a bit cuckoo for cocoa POPs. She deserves more credit than what she gets from history. She gets more credit. because. She's a brilliant mind and we overlook those quite often an even though she was. A bit rough around the edges trying to appease spirits she was. Hearing how tactful ways to make their lives hell at the same time I mean I. Don't blame her one bit. I would do the same thing if I'm going through all of this crazy construction so I can make a bunch of ghosts. Happy I'm surely quick to get something out the deal. Now. Thirteen different bathrooms and the home only one was functional. This was an effort to confuse any spirits who thought it might be fun to Hong a spigot. She would also do things like sleep in different rooms of the house every night and used secret passageways to get from one room to another. All of this, just to keep the spirits from following her. Sorry guys. But this is where I would pull out the old rock salt draw myself align. Every threshold and keep them out that way. But who am I to? Its. Sarah Winchester passed away of heart complications. Many years later in September of thousand, nine, hundred, twenty two and left all of her belongings to her niece Marian who had been secretary as over recent years. Her will never made a single mention of the house would further added the mystery of all. The house was cleared out in about six weeks and whatever Mary in keep she would sell at auction. About five months later after that, the house was sold for a mere one, hundred, thirty, five, thousand dollars and reopened for towards for the very first time to the public. Talk about a haunting legacy. And My Ryan. Since the reopening of the House back in the twenties employees who now work. There clean to have had run INS with the residents of tragic filled past time magazine actually went onto named the houses one of the most haunted houses in the world. And to this day, draws paranormal investigators, psychics and mediums from all across the gloom fame psychic Sylvia. Browne, even once paid the mystery home of visit. It seems like. Everyday something is. Occurring within the walls of the house things are just right unexplainable and for lack of a better word ghostly. I'm talking about disembodied voices. Strange shadows, odd Colt spots, flickering lights, and slamming doors. Both tour guys and visitors alike over the years have also reported feeling heavy presences while on tours and sometimes even seeing mysterious mysterious figures moving to the halls. Is believed that some Sarah Winchester's loyal workman and servants from the household may still very well be looking out for the place even in death. One such mysterious figured that is often seen as the apparition of a man with hair as black as the night. It said that he was a former handyman. Mainly because he's usually seen repairing fireplace and the ballroom or even pushing a wheelbarrow down a long in extremely dark hallway. Each time he has seen he simply disappears. Without so much as a trace. Once while conducting a tour one of the. Guy For the house took her guest daisy bedroom. This particular bedroom is where Sarah Winchester actually hit during the earthquake in nineteen oh six. The tour guide was about to begin her usual bid about the Becker when all of a sudden there came a heavy. From just outside the bedroom door. Poor Sam thought whenever guests had fallen. So she turned and called out to them then to attend attempted to invite them into the room. When no-one entered she was quite confused. There appeared to be no-one there or is adjusted to the darkness of the Hallway, and then she noticed something that didn't quite make sense to her. A small form that resembled person shrouded by darkness materialized and floated gently around the corner. Sam now slightly terrified quickly whipped around the corner after the string spector but again found no one there. Once more. She heard a heavy. Sigh. Perhaps Sarah Winchester is checking in on things and signed with her discontent. Several years back, there was a craftsman who is assigned to work on a hefty restoration project those taking place in the mansion he decided to get an early start one morning and he found himself in the hall of fires. The name simply comes from the fact that this area contains several fireplaces. House was empty and the stillness of it could be filled. The quiet. Filled his ears as he worked festivities at the top of the. Ladder. Suddenly someone came up from behind and tapped him on the shoulders. Caught off guard, he turned to see what I WANNA. Do you think found anyone of course not. No one was there. Getting back to his work the craftsman told himself that he was just imagining things and all was well. A few minutes past and then he felt someone pushing up against his back. A chill shot straight down his spine he flew down the ladder ran across the house to look for another project to work on. It was more than obvious that someone or something did not want him in the hall of fires. These are but a few of the many goes lean counters that I've come out of the winchester mystery house. There are plenty more where that came from as well. If. You visited the house, send us an email. Please tell us about your experience. Tell us if you've seen anything there. For those of you who have it though? Head over to our facebook page. After you're done listening, I'll post a few pictures from the house post a video that will even give you a good look at the interior. It's really quite stunning. You can also visit the houses website, winchester, mystery house, dot com, where can even read more about the housing greater detail them what I've just offered you, and you can also take a virtual tour of the House and Gardens. My friends as always. Thank you so much for tuning in to hauntingly yours a podcast for the paranormal. I'm visa rourke. You're storyteller and I invite you to get together with me each episode to hear chilling tales of those who've left us. Behind? If. You're enjoying our show, leave us a review whatever platform you're listening on. Please head over to our facebook page. Also, Lisa Lake check out our photos videos and much more how many get the word out and keep these stories alive. Until next time. I am and will remain. Much like the spirits. Onto Me Yours.

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