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217. Endgame Spoilers (Finally)


Hi, this is Kevin he's been co-creator of the teenage mutant, turtles Wolfman, creator of Jeff stroke and bullseye and team tight. Hi, I'm Bob McLeod best known for co creating the new mutants. This is Phillip seavy artists of tomb raider fan podcast. Welcome to the fan of podcast episode two hundred and seventeen. This is the show that brings together geeks and nerds Macron's. The fan of verse to discuss your favorite TV movies, comics and books this week. We are finally spoiling the game I think it might a spoiled itself by now. But I he's new master six nine he's Nick English. Look, here, you better get off of this headset right now, or I am going to come over there and I'm going to take. No, let's the line given to you. Your new master six now. Well, sorry coughing. She's off to get another haircut. She's Taylor Iverson and I love you three thousand. Oh, hi, I, I'm Peter Parker. I mean I mean I'm brand new xio. The best the best was Carol danvers response hype Peter Parker high. He got something for me. Oh, anyway, anyway, that's a, that's a spoiler. I guess so, yeah. Dari sorry, I'm a bit late. But you know what if you're the kind of person to be listening to this show and be concerned about? Spoiler still. And you already said, we're going to be spoiling endgame. So I would have just turned it off immediately seen. It also feel like I wouldn't click on an episode that said endgame. I wasn't even even if they just have it on auto play, you know. So what we're saying is we are victim blaming here. It is your fault. They're way too many chances. We gave you so shut up. And listen. All right. Let's, let's talk guys. Let's get real. What are your thoughts? What, what did you think about in game my first spoiled it, but non spoiler I thought Nick is really well, okay? This is not my first thought, but just in relation to my intro. After the snapping there were no other video games that we're Baid because they're still playing fortnight five years later. That's depressing. That is so depressing. Yeah. It really is. It's probably one of the like most because even the sports teams like they show that, like, yeah, I miss the Mets, right? Like so everything just kind of stops in the whole world in late nothing that's making new stuff. You know what? It doesn't matter if the snapping happens this podcast will continue as I get snapped because I haven't shown these guys how to record say, if you get snapped Graham, I don't know where to post the sound. No podcast, just be this random that. Well, I guess we're going over Brandon's house and. I probably could get on your computer. My password is one two three. We're not we're not doing space balls. It's a great joke for no girls, actually. It's my luggage. Luggage combination. So funny. Master, sixty nine I figured that's what will your password was. Well, you know, all right. So in all seriousness, non spoiler thoughts. At the end of this movie, I turned over to Lena. And I said, Lena I don't feel like I have felt this satisfied after a movie since. Star wars. Force awakens. Maybe. No, I didn't say I think I just said after the first ventures. But I just felt so like everything was right in the world after that movie, I just so so satisfied. I mean you guys knew that I hated. Well, I hate it because I liked it but I didn't I didn't I didn't like the things that were done in Infinity war, but I think the end game actually made Infinity war a better movie. Why didn't you like Infinity on because I was like these guys, we know they're coming back. This is just a cliffhanger part. It's really just part one and it wasn't it was because we knew I knew what was going to happen in end game. I really did. Because that's the natural conclusion of how this story works and I didn't know how they would get there. You just knew I did. I I very clear. I need to go look back on the saying secret wars. No, no, no, no. I was I was saying at one. Point at the very beginning. I said, this is how I would love them to do secret wars, but recently like the past couple of weeks as they did more promotional materials. I was like, oh, it's going to all be ant, man and quantum realm and stuff like that. Because as soon as the ant man movie of the wasp after credit scene happened. It's like oh, that's how they're doing it. They're using quantum realm and time travel and, and wittily wobbling us, and I know this is the non-sport of the report. So, but like we said like we say, I don't think this is. Well, yeah. So. So I, I, I saw it coming. I told my kids on the way into the theater this earn in the drive into the theater not in the theater 'cause I'm not a horrible person. But driving to the gay guys. This is what's going to happen. This is what I think's going to happen. What do you guys think is going to happen? And I told them that they were going to go do time travel now. I didn't I thought they were going to follow the time travel laws of all of the other movies that are out there all out. Yeah. Yeah. Like one of the ones they talked about because Scotland all travel because of back to the future machine. Yes lawn to leap, but they, they used a unique set of rules that I really haven't seen too much in the movies before. Because it's a little harder to do. And so I thought they were just going to go back in time and stop that before the snap happened Bono. This was much better. We got a whole time, heist out of it. So I have one more story that is non spoiler that I have to tell you, I actually wanted to tell you, this when we went and saw it together. But then I was like, no I'll save it. So in the whole month. So when everyone said, oh, it's a three hour movie plan your bathroom breaks. I was like. And the only time that I really need to go the bathroom is when I sit for a long time, like I can be walking for eight hours. And I don't need the soon as I sit for a long period of time. My body's just like why are you not going to the restroom? So, so I knew that it was going to happen. And I just was like, okay, I'll just have to see if I can gauge it. And both me and so I turned to Lena and I said, she says Nick, I really think that this is a good time for you to go pee and I went, okay? So I just took her advice, I ran out of the theater, and I was running like we were right next to the unisex bathroom. And so I went to go right to the unisex bathroom, and there's this little kid, looking at me, like grabbing the handle, and it was like in slow motion, because I was like I need to get that good. And he got the smug. Look on his face, and he like opened the door. And so I had to turn around and run to the men's room. Then I. Did my business? Really quick probably a minute minute a half tops past because I was just booking. It down. I would have been like thirty five seconds. If that kid hadn't been there. So I walked back into the theater down kids ruined everything. Well, it wasn't my kid, but I walked back in and I sit down and I was like I so fast. I probably like missed nothing and Lena turns to me and says, Nick, that was the absolute worst time you could have left you miss Stanley's cameo. I'm sorry. Oh, that's and so I said, well, I'll just have to go see it again this week. Okay. Yeah. I did. Well, I yeah. I did it wasn't that week but I went in the next week. So I've seen it twice. But yes that was my sort of. And so the second time I knew that I probably have two around the same time. And so I waited until after that cameo, and then I waited until the soul stone part because I was like I don't need see this part again. And then I just leisurely walk, because I was like, I know what happens and I was like fine. I know all the spoilers. I know what's going to happen now. But yes, so there's my other non-salary story about me seeing. That's funny. That's funny. All right. Taylor. Did you have any thoughts that you wanted before? I share a quick synopsis. I don't know how to share on spoiling thoughts. I enjoyed it, and I liked it. I also miss, I think the first ten minutes of the movie and I didn't have to Pete in any of it. And I think it's because I missed the first ten minutes. Yeah. I mean, you got the same movie, right? Yeah. Like I understood everything, I think came in right after captain marvel saved ironman from space. That's basically. Yeah, I missed all of that. Would you still was not like I still understood the rest of the movie are like we said, guys. All right. Here is our quick synopsis for endgame, which is the capstone of the Infinity saga of the marvel cinematic universe. So twenty three days after Thanos use the Infinity gauntlet to disintegrate half of all the life in the universe Carol danvers rescues, Tony stark and nebula from deep space and return them to earth. So that's your caught up now Taylor. That's basically, you just missed. You saw. Hawkeye's family all yes. Pir. I remember now. That's what that's what you miss my cousin told me after and I was like, really sad. And that's why it's a big deal when he goes back. Any any here's his daughter? Anyway. Carol danvers Tony stark nebula all you all reunite with the remaining avengers to find Thanos on uninhabited planet, and they plan to retake and use the invitations to reverse the disintegration 's, but then reveals that he destroyed them to prevent further use my stuff done now. Now, no more. No more Thor is all enraged and decapitates that. Oh, so it was like, whoa. Went to the head that was crazy right to do back to fans saying you should've gone for the head when he fails to in Infinity war. Yep. So after that, happens a we get a five years later. Flat screen everyone gasp, like immediately like in the theater both times like what? Yeah. I have so many questions about how this time jump is going to affect other marvel movies. Oh, it's gonna affect them all so yeah. So Scott Ling who in the end of ant, man and the wasp that we talked about is in the quantum realm. He escapes with help from master splinter who crawls. The only way that scene makes sense. If that rat is actually master splinter in disguise. So he travels to the avengers compound, where he explains that he experienced only five hours while trapped, so they theorize that the quantum Rome could allow for time travel, like they shouted in the movie. So the three of them go to ask Tony stark to help them retrieve the stones from the past to reverse those actions. In the present. Remember we had like a twenty minute conversation about how he would get out of the quantum realm. Do you remember the yes? Yes, I because they all disappeared like after ant, man. We were like Antony gonna come and get them out or something. We gonna save the day is going to be like, oh, my gosh, to help, my friend. No, no. It was just a rat through five years later randomly driving or walking over it. So they go ask Tony stark to help with time travel because he's the big brain. Right. And so he he refuses to help until he. Doesn't because he had a puzzle put in front of. Because he solve this. So after after Tony stark decides to help they crack the secrets to time travel and a time high, you also have to mention Morgan well, Tony stark initially says no because he's married pepper and has a little five years. And if you remember in one of the first iron man's either one or two, he talks about how he had a dream about as crazy unclaimed Morgan, and they had a child that I didn't. So call back to ironman, one or two or whatever when he's talking to pepper. Here's that's why Tony stark does not want to go and help ease. I got my perfect life right here. Why would I want to change any of that? And so he solves the problem goes into says. Okay, I will, I will help you as long as we don't change our time. We just bring the people back because. Yeah, that's worried about is if he changes the time line, then he doesn't have a kid anymore. Yes, I can totally get that, can I don't understand kids. Lost on me. So the time is who's in which they talk to the ancient one, and she tells them, hey, it's going to create a lot of timelines. If you aren't careful, when you move these stones and is going to destroy our time line, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, so they're careful ish, and managed to only talk to the ancient one yet. They don't talk to the ancient one Intel, they go back in time. And Bruce, trimbe time, heist in sues their all you already did that. Oh, yada yard skipping way for a three hour movie, and a one hour podcast there's going to be so much. Okay. So, so lost over a lot there yada, yada, yada. I mean that's it's the perfect synopsis. If you're listening to this part, you better, have seen the movie so. Yeah. So. So they're kind of careful and they fractured time line only in a couple of places like when LOKI gets the tesseract and use it to pop out of custody, at the end of the adventures time line, the first movies timeline. So, and in the process, they accidentally show Thanos how to travel in time, and they bring him to the future where conveniently Abiola has all in his brain. Right. Right. And the time travel, you'd think they would have thought that one through a little bit. But you know, you know. You know, they were under a lot of pressure and they had to think of a lot of different things. So, and they didn't they didn't consider that fan owes would even be anywhere around. Like during their time because they're only after going after the Infinity stones which, but the only reason that was able to, to do it is because the nebulous you know networks sinked up and there was no way, they could have known that that would happen. Yeah. Aimed gather the nebula telling them that it might happen. They don't know how that works. She would've known that can happen. I don't think so either. I mean they were all kind of surprised about that. I mean there were issues that I had with it with, like, the hey why did you send Clint and, and the soul stone black off to get the stone together because neither of them know how to fly the spaceship, and if something goes wrong, you're gonna want somebody who knows how to fly spaceship, which would either be nebula or, or rocket right? So what made it rocket wanted to die for each other rocket wanted to go with or because they're buddies? Okay. So then war joining the guardians of the galaxy. But I have thoughts about that to go down that do want to go down that let's see. Those ones, so. They set up the local TV show, bringing Thanos and yada, yada, yada, avengers. Assemble hold on. I have another question now. Just before I forget, so when low key escapes in the other places that mean going to be alive in the other time. No just there they, they had a fractured timeline, so it's an offshoot branch from the tree the primetime line, but I do think that what's going to happen is, they're gonna, then that's going to allow LOKI to come back in some way. Maybe maybe because he, he could jump universes. Marvel has done that before and marvels television on the Disney. Plus, is really leaning hard into the alternate timelines because they're doing a what if TV show they're doing this low key TV show? They're doing one division, which I wonder if they're going to do kind of, like set up the MO, vers just for Nick. What is one Wanda? Yeah. Yeah. They're calling it one division. That's the that's the scarlet which show. Yeah, I know. But I don't get Wanda and vision. Wouldn't talking about okay show is literally called Wanda vision. Yeah. That's the way you said it. Joe vision. Mojo, vers and vision. And so, that's what everybody is like. Yeah. That's terrible name. It's a terrible name. Well, it confused me completely right now. Like wait. It's really called that like want to TV like yeah. One got it. So they defeat dano by snapping him out out of existence. But because Tony start can't handle all that power. He sacrifices himself in the process, and he's gone. He he went kaput and, and you can say he dies. It's okay Britain. No, no, no. Because I have not accepted that yet. This is not you know in grief work in therapy. They tell you to use vary. Serious language like dead and died. Don't say things like passed away. You're onto a better place now. Gotta gotta keep it real. All right. All right. So Tony stark is dead. He bit the dust he's gone. You're still you're still you're still. Yeah. No more cheeseburgers. Nope. Hey, hey, hey, if I can't be all cutesy about it. You can't who soon too soon. Which cheeseburger is a reference which I was thinking about too, because I just watched ironman again. And so I was like why did I do that anyway? The first thing that Tony asks for when he comes back from Afghanistan. Is he wants an American cheeseburger? And so that's also why happy is so like. K that scene was one hundred percent improv really. Yeah. It makes sense to me. Oh, yeah. It makes perfect sense. So it's. Great because iron man's scenes always have some good improving. The first when he leans in and says, I am iron man that wasn't the script, and he improv that and so funny enough when Thanos says did a great job when Thanos says I am inevitable and iron man. And Tony stark says, I am iron man that wasn't shot until after all the principal filming hid finished and the and the directors the Russo brothers had to take Tony stark out to be like, Tony stark rubber damage. Yes. Out to be like, hey, we need you to film this, like fifteen more times, so that we can get this. And he really didn't want to get into the head space is like I'm done with the character. I moved on, I'm blah, blah, blah. And they're like, no, we just need you to say I am iron man. So they, they convinced him to do the ironman, part. And I think that was a that was pretty good symmetry. There was great. So. So. No, I, I liked. I liked it. But yeah, Tony stark he's gone. So. He's dead. He's dead. Take taylor. You say it. Shailer such. Cope with my losses. You need to cope with them. So. I mean now's the time this is actually a grief podcast. So. Okay. All right. I wasn't going to talk about this, but I cried like a baby in that film. And it's not because it's like, oh, Tony stark is dead. Yes. It wasn't because any of that stuff. It's because all of a sudden I was putting myself into the shoes of those people and the first time that I really like lost. It was when Scott Lang went and saw his daughter after the five years, and she's like dad, and I was like, oh my gosh. Like they were like so close. And she thought he died and he's back. So the first time around I only teared up because I was so like laser focused on, like campaign. He can't be everything. I just need to do. I just need to see this. I cried like a baby, when capsule Peggy in the past, and he just on the other side of the screen like look at her house, like, oh, loves her so much. And then I the only time that I that I cried like I teared I, you know, misty eyed Nick with Peggy because I have a soft spot for Peggy and cap. But I bawled as soon as those portals opened up after capitals alone. And it was like. I was just crying. This is so awesome. I was just balling, on the only other time that happened was in the first vendors movie when the five of them are fighting together. And they actually showed that scene in this one, you know, they do the pan around and you see them all like getting ready back to back to fight all the aliens and other times it seems so much smaller in this one like it's like, yeah, they're fighting some aliens in the streets. But it was so huge that yeah, it was at that time, I have the only other time that I have ever seen a movie like endgame, I would say is the first avengers because it is so different. The avengers was so different than everything else that I had seen up until that point, I've had some other people be like, oh, here's some shared movie universe, where they all teamed up at the climax baba. That's great. That's not that wasn't in my reality of that time, somebody being twilight, the end of twilight. It was it was it was great. And so enjoy was huge. Because there was nothing else like it end game is the same thing. I have never seen a movie. That is the capstone for twenty two other movies. I mean, this is an even chains bond has never even touched that, and it's the only other franchise. I can think that has at least twenty two movies. I don't know. Are there others? Twenty two movies now, the most Harry Potter, I guess that one has our wars, including yes, Star Wars. Hey count fantastic. Beasts I guess we could get that in the next starwars? Maybe Harry Potter with fantastic beasts. Listeners right in. I don't know. So. Case. What about Disney movies and how there's also of malice when they all come together guesses that they're all connected, like Tarzan, parents, or tangled, parents and all parents were very clearly? Else's parents who wrecked. That's what I'm saying. Maybe does that count. But those are unconfirmed connection Pixar we're all the Pixar movies are all one universe. Andy is the the end of it. Well, I guess Wally would be. Yup. All right. So they made a big deal about endgame, not being Infinity war part to do you think it was Infinity were part, too. Yeah. One hundred percent for sure. I mean, so I also think that it was the conclusion of all of the movies, but yeah, because I mean, there's so many there's so many things, they wrapped up even from ironman one and from captain America first avengers like that story ark finished at endgame, right? With captain America going back and actually dancing with Peggy, and I bought like a baby. But, you know, like and so that being said, like it is the conclusion of all twenty two movies. But which I don't think is a bad thing that it's all it's not bad at all. I don't think it's a bad thing that acts as a like a sequel to engage him. I mean infinitive. I don't think we even Ammon in the wasp, it kind of, like, you know, tied up those clues tied up that ties up. Guardians. I don't know. So then good more. The new Gamarra's is gonna come back and be the new Gamarra's with other guardians. Right. That's what's going to happen is going to have romance or something. So this is what happened. Just makes me really sad. And I don't like that. Well, here's here's my thing. And this was going to say before before we said, no, let's, let's put a pain on it. So if you watch when the as guardians of the galaxy come together Amora is not on that ship and star Lord at the beginning of that is saying is looking at his screen. Like searching for her basically. And so she took off and guardians of the galaxy three is going to be them going, go find her, or at least part of it. So, and that's why quill is like I'm in charge and Thors. Like, nope. I'm not endorse like no, I'm in charge because I want to go find good Maura. And that's his underlying thing is like Kamanga is like this is what I wanna do. So it's going to be like, Gomorrah nebula, buddy cop or I don't know. But that that's going to be part of the next movie guardians, three is that he's gonna go try to find her just really sat at the idea of not having old Kamara. The one who learned about the hero, Kevin bacon and footloose. Yeah. That just makes me sad. Think about it this way. She gets to relearn all of those things and experience the joy for the first time all over again, I guess. Oh, so sad. And I think that it is the most brilliant, way for them to bring her back. Yeah. But like it would have been really lame for them to snap everyone's alive. Like I think that they did so well, like that's something that was, I was really worried about it. He's like, okay, everyone's live. But like the penalty voice forever on being everybody. It's better than he's dead. So no more cheeseburgers. So, yeah. More sad. I'd like iron man is dead. And still enjoying cheese. I'm sure he is. But like LOKI comes back in like a way that time travel e like he could. And because he's mischievous he doesn't. Yeah. See I, I turn it version of he set that up so locate can come back and good moral comes back, and it's not actually her, but she comes through the portal with him. And then I thought it was very telling about, like there's not too nebulous and nebulous one that actually kills herself and she has a little tear in her eye that represents her growth as a character is that she's moving on the west. Yeah. Moving on with her past sins. Yeah. And I thought that was very awesome. Like an every single character had a moment. Except for Lewis. And I really just want them. I wanted him to be the after credit scene. It'll be like, I'm just going to tell you what just happened. They could've made it like thirty seconds and everyone would have just laughed, and it would been the great ending. But the only thing they did is they ruined. Promotional moment because. Yeah, that's true. I kind of feel like that. The title of this episode needs to be that he's dead. But I don't think we should do that. Because it's very. Play dead. He's dead. Jim. I agree. It's, it's just gonna be an game thoughts or something like that. But case lame here, here's one of the things that I here's one of the things that I loved about, what they did here at the end of Infinity war nearly everybody that I talked to said in order for this movie to in order for this to hold any credence with us in order for his not mad at the writers. The people who died by natural means need to stay dead LOKI needs to stay dead. Gamaa needs to stay dead. I haven't heard any up about anybody saying. No, they say dead. But everybody that I talked to said they have to stay dead. They can't fix that with the with the Infinity stones, and they didn't fix that with the infinite brilliant. Yeah. Yeah. I loved that. I love that because it just goes to show to the fans think they want something but they don't always know what they want. But they're stupid kind of kind of. That's the reason why a lot of people hate on a lot of things because they come up, and they're like, oh, my idea would have been so much better. And then there because they got another idea. Right. So, so, I think I think that endgame makes Infinity war so much better. Because it gives you that conclusion because that was something that I felt like we didn't have because you knew that wasn't the conclusion in Infinity war. Absolutely not. I mean, anyone who knows anything about comics, or wait go back to original question, though. So do you think that in the next guardians movie store is going to be a main character in it? Oh, yeah. It's definitely going to be as guardians of the galaxy. Okay. So, and then they'll be like volume three scratched out one. That would be kind of cool. I don't know. I mean so here's here's the thing I think about this Infinity, war or Infinity. We're getting better because of game is the, the exact same situation situation happened with Empire Strikes Back the original nineteen eighties reviews of Empire Strikes Back where it's not truly a terrible movie. It's a nice movie. It's not by any means as nice as Star Wars, it's not as fresh and funny and surprising and windy, but it's nice and ineffective. In a way that no one associated needs to be ashamed of. So, so that's, that's the original New York Times review. Empire Strikes Back. And then the same critic went on after return of the Jeddah and was like Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie. And so I think that I think that Infinity work has that same thing is like, I don't see where is the best of injures movies still. But it does give it a lot more. Yeah. The. It the story so much better story gives you that, that conclusion. Do you wanna hear something really funny? So the second time I went to go see my mom, I went with my mother because her husband, went without her, and then and then we were all sitting around at mother's day. And, and my sister, Emily said, can we talk about endgame yet, and, and she's like has everyone seen it. And my mom said, no, I haven't seen at okay. Mom when are we going this week? And she said tomorrow, and I said, okay, and so, but the thing was is what I wouldn't picked her up. She said. I just saw Infinity were for the first time last night. So that I could go see this show with you. I was like, oh, and she's like, I'm really glad that I didn't see it before. Like, now, I'll now all the but then she also told me I didn't see I didn't see captain marvel yet. And so I said, all you really need to know is that she met Nick fury in the nineties, and that she's really, really powerful more powerful than anyone else, and that she's been gone in space, the whole time, until now helping other people, you know, fight injustice, and she's like, okay? And so, like, during the movie, I had to, like explain like it was really good that we weren't there opening weekend because I could there weren't people around us because I could whisper to my mom, that's this person. She like oh yeah. I remember that. That's okay. And she's like I'm really glad you were there with me, because I totally I got so much more out of the movie I was like, yeah, it was great one thing that my mom did say that. I didn't catch up on and I never would have caught onto if I hadn't gone with my mother is that she during the Thor part when he him and rocket or trying to get the Infinity stone and his mother is there and he's talking to her, and he's like mom, I just wanted to do this, and stuff my mom leans over the Spurs. Whispers, he sounds exactly like you, Nick. And I was like. I really do. Love my mother. Like all roken inside. And no. But like when I was, like, when he was depressed and stuff. And he was like, mom, it just really need to talk to you, and stuff like that or stuff. Like she's like, yeah, that sounded just like you and I was like, you know, have a good relationship of my mom, and I do love her so okay with that. But I never would have been like yeah. I'm broken like sad, Thor that just needs to talk to his mommy. That is, how would you classify this genre? Is it around? Calm. No. Fantasy space adventure. It's an it's an action adventure epic. I don't know. Epoch advance you got put epic in there because. I mean we've never seen anything on this scale. But yeah, I mean, there's not very many wrong commie things that haven't been addressed in up to this point. See in some ways, it seems like there's the heist movie in there. There's a dramatic movie in there. There's an action movie in there is like, oh, they just took the three hours and made three different movies out of it. Because the first parts the drama, the second part is the highest and then the third part is the actions. So there's no wrong. I mean, that's, that's what I got out of it. I know this is the question we asked for every movie on this show. Oh, you know what? It's Carol, Dan, you know who it is Carol danvers war-machine. Oh, that was really good. They foreshadowed that really. So if you don't know in the comics war-machine, and Carol danvers has they have a great relationship, and it's more than friends with if foreshadowed that they did. Yes. Yes, so that she kind of like. I know. So I mean right. Peter has a crush on her. You know that guys everyone has a crush on her. I don't know. Peter, he actually could have a crush on like he's in the position like iron man. Yeah, that's creepy. You're married dude. But like know. Peter every boy, I'm going to go coaster on captain marvel. Let's be real. Even faith. I mean I don't blame her. So, and with that haircut. I mean okay. Seriously? So we've okay favorite part if you were to pick a favorite part, what would be the favorite part. K I already told you my favorite part when everyone shows up and they all fight and you can. Assemble, I also absolutely loved the entire scene, when they go to the hydro to, to the shield base and get more Pym particles that whole scene like that's just Nick's favorite when he sees when Tony seizes dad, when, you know all that love that whole thing. And when and, and one thing that I noticed the second time going through is when cap Russia's out of the elevate earn not one cap when Hank Pym Russia's out to like you open the package. He bumps into the like crazy. German guy that's in. That's like the hydra the hydra he bumps into him in the base. And I was like, oh my gosh. I don't know his name anymore. But, like the guy that builds all of the stuff for red skull in, in the first ventures. I was like, whoa, that's cool. And like that's all, you know, just like there's so many strikes in the show. But anyway, and that's also in Stanley shows up, so. It's just part of the show. Well, I thought the second time I was very adamant. Okay. Not blinking. I know it's in right now. What was your? This this'll be a real big surprise to you is when captain marvel comes in and she meets Peter Parker, and then he's like, how are you going to make it all the way over there? And then all the marvel women are like, don't worry, she's got help, and I did not cry at all. I love that. Both of you cried. I didn't we're really switching gender roles here. Faye? The closest I got I don't even want to say tearing up, but that was the most emotional part, maybe for me and one of my favorites. But also, I feel like that. And with scarlet witch and Thanos where there's a scene where, yes where. Where? Like something along the lines of you took everything from me. And he says, I don't even know who you are. And she says you will what I loved about. That is it was is it was a mirror from guardians of the galaxy win. Drax is going after Ronan, the accuser, and drac says you took everything from me. And he's like I don't even know who you are. And Drax just gets pummeled but I loved that. I loved that scarlet witch. They just I mean it was the inverted chaos. I'm a sucker for that, when you can tie those things together in that way where you do something. And then you have the mirror image of later with I. I with. Taylor's favorite scene, too, because she says she's got help. That's what scarlet witch says. When in Infinity war, but she's not there this time. She's the only one not there slows. Oh boy. Yeah. So, so here's here's the here's the thing about that. I want to talk about that scene a little bit because that scene has created so much uproar on the internet. And the only credible argument that I give to it is the writing could have been a little bit better. There was the one line of Mike. Okay. That was pretty hokey. But that was a really cool says opposed. Hannibal. I'm sorry, little hokey. Oh man. No. History. Dow, what has have problems. That's hokey. But also with the are you watching you're watching a superhero movie where they all fly rally, so facing aliens like. I mean Carol danvers absorbs all of the energy and then just crashes through the problem that line was hokey like shut up, they time traveled and a rat. No, no, no, no, no. I'm not. No. I was saying, oh, no. So the trolls the trolls, they're like, the trolls don't even care about that line there like. To put into politically correct logo. Well, you know what, there were tons of scenes with just guys in it, and you didn't complain about the just guy scenes and you know. I'm just going to say you know what a lot of times here. So what Taylor you're the one who has who teared up during this? Who was also yelling as I will. It's fine. I just feel like shut up man. Especially men who complain about stupid shit. That's just stupid. So as I've said before, yeah, and there was what like two point two seconds seen where there was a bunch of women. Oh, no. Yes. So I mean, if not every second of that three hour movie was not made for me, okay? Because I will tell you I went through a transformation on the scene because of hers is like, well, that's kinda that's weird. But it was because that one line, I was like, well, that was a weird way to introduce that they also I mean the women were not given enough things to do in the film before that I would love to have seen more. But if that's all we. That's all we get. And so, I was like, well, I wish they would have done more to earn that, and then I thought to myself, I should bring my daughter to this, because I promise you, she'll be jumping up and down on her seat. When the scene comes because she did that when Ochoa was beaten up people in Black Panther, and she was excited about that because a woman was kicking butt. And so I was like, oh, this, this is one of those parts where where. Oh my her name just completely not even jokey ones. Captain marvel Brielle Danielson David. I think it's Davidson Robinson. Oh, okay. Breed. You Hanson Richardson. Yes, that's it. That's it. Komo Morrison Thanos. Okay. All right. That's right. Where she says. Hey, you know what if the movie's not made for you the movies, not made for you? It's made for somebody though. And I was like, and I realized, oh, this was definitely a scene for my four year old daughter to be Ike. And hey, are you are valued? You're seeing you have potential. This is a scene that was made for my seven and ten year old sons to say, hey, you know what? Maybe you should receive those women 'cause they can beat the crap out of the, you just watch this, this was a scene for me to be like, hey, not everything's about you do. So. I mean so. Yeah, no, it was it wasn't. But it was so. Hokey lines in all of these movies that the hero say and that are men that you're not like, oh, well, that was real cap like why'd you have to say that you're just like oh, it's so great. Is that this wonderful? So shut up. I am inevitable. I am I man. Yeah. Like, I'm sorry. I could argue that that line is hokey. But I'm not I'm like it's a superhero movie. And to have someone say, I ran amok. Yeah. I think I got what I came for them. It's one hundred percent fan service, right there, and that's me sense. I could I could also are you that, that is America's ass was line? Oh, no one hundred. No, my was a captain America line was wind. He runs into his past self. And he says you've gotta be shitting me, I left so. I know I know he's captain America's swore within the first five minutes, the movie or five minutes of him being in there. And I wanted to stand up in the theater and yell. But then, as I know it would have got a laugh, I actually to Leinna. But here's the problem you were in the same thing. We were in the same theater. And the guy behind me was trying to mystery science theater three thousand that movie. He was not that funny. He was really more annoying than he was funny, or or he would repeat lines and I didn't wanna say anything because I'm he probably knows somebody that I know issues. But if this was out of theater full of my friends, friends and family, I would turn around and tell him to shut up. Mad branded. That's not good. Enjoy seeing the thing that he's not saying that it was actually me. I was gonna say. So I have no probably one you to shut up. Yeah, you would be like Nick shut off, literally. That's what we do. Have the time on this podcast. Nick shut up. I actually think that Jeff was sitting in front of me. Now, they think about it like he was the one that was right in front of me. You would have. We talk about. Can we talk about Hoke slash Bruce? My goodness. Are you? Are you happy about this? I don't know. I think I have weird feelings about this. She shoot out with the green guys. I don't know what my sexual orientation is. But I might be attracted to. I don't what do you what do we? Call him with coq half Hoke, half, Bruce, he's, he's Brady Hoke professor home. Professor hold that's the one professor. So. And it's also it's also funny how how in ragnarok, he's saying everyone hates me on earth. And then as soon as he's able to deal with his issues, he is now the most personable avenger of all of them like he is nicer to the kids and nicer to everybody that the cell fees. Yeah. Still dabbing five years later, because five years, you know, nothing about it. Maybe I don't know. But yeah, like I just thought it was funny to, like, that's you know, that's interesting. And he sees himself as the people the, the hope that he doesn't like. And then they're like, maybe you should go smash and stuff, and he's like, okay. That was my one complaint about about smart Holck because in the comics when he has that the brains of Bruce banner and the build of the hulk, he is able to use the strength so intelligently that he becomes Nyein stoppable because he is able to fight with strength, but use his brains. And I didn't see that. We either saw him, just fighting smashing, like would have done or him smokes. Man. I focus on Holck in that last scene. And see what he does. I thought he was. I don't remember in the final scene. I all Witter painted. I mean, there was some pretty cool stuff in that last one the second time around I saw mantis like holding one of the big guys putting him to sleep in the background. I was like, that's cool. And then I saw like, and we got to see why Valkyries like so awesome. Because like she can take down one of the giant like. I don't know what things by yourself. And I was like, yeah. Now we know why Hoke was so excited to see like your career. You're awesome. And we, we hadn't got to see much of that yet. Yeah. And there, yeah. So many cool things. Is my aunt man. I think he was a great character throughout the whole movie and did a lot of comedic relief. Okay. Speaking of ant, man and his characters. What was the deal with, with? Ant man and wasp fixing the van and waspy and like hitting on just second. I gotta go over there and joining the fi, and then then going right back to help. A little bit. Yeah. How many times girls like ditched me to go help and other girl that doesn't make it doesn't bother me at all stopped at the first part of that sentence, Nick, how many times is girl did me? Yeah. Well, not too, but yeah, it didn't bother me at all. She needed to be there. I didn't even notice it till somebody pointed out. But then all of a sudden, I was like, yeah. Does she didn't need to be there and that was cool? And that whole fight scene was just all over the place. So I'm fine with it. But also ant man with tacos. That was another great scene. The hope shared his talking guy. First time he's ever seen the spaceship. And then this blue girl, walks out, and he's like, what the like I mean, it's I feel like we have to talk more about Thor in his ark because I thought that was very interesting. Hang on. Let me share my favorite part, and then we'll jump into the thord his art because it kind of goes, there are things that go hand in hand with that my favorite, my favorite entire moment of that entire movie was when Thors getting beat on by Thanos and seen the camera cuts away to mule near and it's just like wiggling a little bit, and like, oh, what's gonna do with you'll near and then it start zooming. Of course he's calling it to him, and it flies right past four and cap catches. I was like, so many comics, and thord yells. Well. And then I proclaimed in the theater. Oh, yeah. Which is. Respond. It was me that was the one time that I had to exclaim. Yeah. No, that was that was my favorite moment. It's all it's one hundred percent fans or one hundred percent but it was cool fan service and then the rest of the movie we got to see Thor and cap. The smaller trading back and forth with meal near storm breaker. It was when he spins it the second time around. I was watching spin worrying. Yeah. Yeah. It was so good. It was, so I'm just okay, one one thing. I was a little Sally. Get see more Groot. Maybe I just need to look for them in the battle scene because I'm sure he was doing some cool stuff. He's, he's one hundred percent. He's a one hundred percent CG character. So I'm sure that he's all over the place in the stuff man. I just want to go frame by frame on that last. See, I can't wait to get the DVD. Well, okay. That just dated me. I can't wait to get this in ultra four K edition on my. Stream. I don't know. I don't know what it'll down the digital. Download that's what I want put it on my huge screen TV and just like next frame next to it next frame and just look at the whole thing. All right. So, so let's talk about let's talk about four and, and worthiness and fat Thor. And I was really curious as to what Taylor you'd have to say about this with your background in social work. I love Thor. I feel like this they could have so easily. And I really thought that the way the storyline was going, it was gonna cut to him being back to, like, then Thor, and that everything was great. But I loved that he just stayed the way he was, and he still could kick ass throughout I, I was one hundred percent expecting a lightning bolt to happen and all the fat to melt off. Yes. No. I totally thought like something was going to happen, or we're going to cut to and suddenly, it was all going to be fixed. So this idea of keeping him in this way and. Also, I feel like honestly dealing with almost this story of depression, and like him coping with that in him realizing and working his way through that, and then ultimately like still being able to love himself and still be able to find his own power and strength within himself. And I loved it was well that scene, where mule near where he'll hand out when he's talking to his mom's to call from you'll near and flies to him. And he's like I'm still worthy storm breaker doesn't have the magic runes on it. That means you have to be worthy to use it storm breaker. Anyone can use as far as I can see from from how Thanos one point, then picked it up and was pushing into his chest. But mule Nair can only be wielded by the worthy. So on the strongest avenger was crippled by depression, and he still was able to get through it right. Like that can crib cripple the most amazing of any of us. And so it's a very real thing. And you know, it was yes it was used as the laflin for a lot of the spots, both the depression, and the and the obesity. However, some representation is better than no representation. And yes, there are places that you could go to make that better. But the you don't but you need to start somewhere and I was glad to see mental health taking taking pretty prominent role in the in the biggest movie in a longtime over two billion dollars worldwide. So. Just loved the idea of them, not like making this quick fix out of it of him, really them showing this journey, and then being able to not just like, oh, because I felt like they yes, there were a lot of scenes where it was played for laughs and it was definitely the comedic relief. But there were also times where they took it very seriously. And we're like this is something that we can address in a serious way to yes. Yes. One hundred percent so it does seem like in the past. I mean definitely the world is getting better this, but in the past, it would have been four sitting there drinking beer and fat. And like upset with him playing yelling at kids on in a fortnight and then them saying, we have found a way to do this. You need to come and help us and him being like okay that fixes, everything. And then he just goes on helps them. I can totally see that happening, so many movies, you know, you need my help. I'm here to help, but it wasn't an. I love the fact that when he went and talked to his mom. Her advice wasn't like you need to be Thor. You need to be the king that you were supposed to be her advice was, you need to be who you are not who everyone thinks you should be. Or who everyone has thought you should be like be who you are not one and the joke that the, the line that a lot of people are getting mad about is, as a joke, was oh, and eat a salad, you know what? I'm okay with that. Because it wasn't her saying, you're fat, you need to eat a salad. It was her saying, you need to take care of yourself. Take care of yourself for is what she was saying. It wasn't. Hey, you're fat, and you're not and you're useless when you're fat. It's hey, you, you I know that you just aren't taking care of yourself. And that's what's brought you here. Take care of yourself is what I felt speaking as fat Thor shaped person, actually. No, I'm still not fat Thorshavn person. Because even his, his beer, gut had on it. Well, you can't and you can't grow that beard, I could not, not not in a million years. I'm really excited to see all the 'cause play though. Man from into the spiders, like Thor every, every aged guy that's just put on a few pounds like dude, this is best. I can be four. I can be. I'm super excited for the other thing I really wanna talk about is how this time jump of is going to affect every other marvel movie 'cause I'm very concerned about it. So all of Peter Parker's core people seeing the metoo, right? No, no. Because they're going to be having trailer. They, they were all napped. Yeah, it looks like I mean Ned clearly was because Near Net has not aged at all. Yeah. Well, and so did flash and m j. If you think about the last time that he the last time that he the Ned saw soap heater was when he jumped out of the bus. Stanley was driving. That was the last time that nets. So he probably just thought he was dead. You know or whatever. I don't know like that scene like so my is because of that. So you think they all they were all snapped so that are coming back, and they're all going to be in the same grade in the same school and everything? Yeah. It makes sense. They will throw in some character who was a minor character in homecoming and be like, oh, you're now five years. Older. Did you guys did you? So I was reading on read it, and there was a guy that noticed that in that scene, where Peter's with Ned in the background is. Who says named Ben Mendelsohn the guy who plays the scroll was he, he was he was like a teacher behind him. Okay. So, like, yeah. Okay. So so, so he's. Okay. There's, there's a quantum theory. There's a quote from Joe Russo. Talks about Spiderman specifically he's who he was the director of the film says the reason Spider-Man saw his friend again in high school at the end was simply because his friends were. Unfortunately also dusted, like Spiderman, was, of course, there are people in his grade whom didn't die, and they are probably already in college. So all of the far from home, trailers that we're seeing. Yes, coincidentally, all of the main characters who sign multi movie contracts. We're also dull snapped so. So that's what they're gonna do with most of other movies, or do you think spider-man's only one that, that would really affect it? It depends it depends. I think what about Black Panther. So what have we had confirmed? I mean, Black Panther, like we know that he it doesn't matter, who was confirmed because aunt may was confirmed to have survived, but she's not five years old, the same. Well, I mean, Marissa Torme does age really well. And the thing is, is that might be the way that they make aunt may actually old but, but it's still Mercer tour older. Yeah. Maybe she'll have gray hair something is low, weight, if yeah. So, yeah, what other movies, would it? And how they have stuff his daughter, right? Because. Yeah. But everyone else got snapped. Right. So like Hank Pym, his mom and. Now can the main characters will still be still all be there than his Cassie is older now. And in the last movie, she said that she wanted to be her dad's side, kick, except he's going to be. But now he's got the wasp to be his psychic. But now she's older. She's like seventeen years old now. That's almost an adult, you know, she sick sixteen going on seventeen oh, I like this sixteen going back to last week's episode. You just gotta listen to them. All guys got. I really like that makes me wonder why they're gonna be. I don't know, man well enough to know like, oh, she's good to be Bumblebee or something. I don't know. His daughter at one point does become the waas the wasp. I know that. But I didn't know if it would call or something different. I don't know prejudice caller, the waspa- face. Like I'm pregnant, I can't be caller wasp junior. Evangeline lilly. He got way too expensive. So we're going to write her out of this, and bring a teenage actor, which is like, here's the thing it's there is no such thing as too expensive. That's true. So very true. Okay. So then, then, then Black Panther. You know, there's we're good there anything, what are other movies? Well they've they've announced the turtles. Right. But that's just like I mean. We don't know anything about that. Anyone have always always said this, Marvel's true, super genius. They're taking characters that nobody knows or cares about turning them into these movies, so not being like well and. How many people do you think off at this point? Like how many people are leaving? I, I really think that they're going to talking. I'm talking viewers, because this is such a good place to wrap it up and be like you know what? I'm good. I watched those and I was starting to get a little bored with them and spider, like it's brilliant, because Spiderman is, is, is the most popular superhero part of me. Wonders if this was their plan, all along, when they decided to work with Sony to get Spiderman into the movie, not for captain captain marvel or not captain marvel captain America, the civil war it wasn't about civil war. It was we need a movie to keep people invested in the so they literally FOX and Sony just because of that Disney was like you know what? This is our money. Does this is what we need to do? I don't put a pass. So, I think it was more about that than about civil war. So what do we know what's after spider man, like what I don't even know, like I mean, we used to be so like dialed in on like these are all the movies that are coming on this exact moment have they've been very quiet about it just because of this. And so that's why I don't there, there were a lot of unannounced, marvel movies that when he nineteen twenty twenty twenty you know. Okay. But I don't know if. Is there going to be any more Thor movies? No. I think it's just gonna be as guardians of the galaxy j have announced that one they've announced guardians the galaxy three which is another huge one. Right. So it's like the ones that are like the most popular Spiderman and guardians. So they've got that are right after the downst- ace Spider-Man far from home, which is July second they've announced by three without a date. They've announced Black Panther too. Without a date. They've announced doctor strange to without a date on even ounce captain captain marvel to without a date guardians of the galaxy without a date black widow prequel, obviously without a name Shing without a date eternal without a date Shanxi didn't see this one before this is Cording to time, apparently miss marvel Kamala Khan is going to be. He's going to be. Oh, yeah. Stupid time. Kevin Feige said there are plans to introduce Marvel's too. The marvel cinematic universe. So, so she could be anywhere. Yeah. She could be on the Disney vault streaming service. Yes. Because yeah, they're trying to make friendly with all their TV stuff again. So. Yeah. So as anybody else really sad that the defenders didn't show up. Are you? Okay. With fine with it. That are the only thing I can think is that like, like when he says, what do you want more like when Wong is like what you want more like it could be referencing them just? Yeah. I mean there could have been references, but that would have only been for the hardcore nerds, just just for people hoping, like still want. I still won't. Jessica Joe, Luke cage, Jessica Jones. I want the immortal iron fist walk up to Peter Parker and be like, hi. I'm the immortal iron fist. I'm Peter Parker. I but I'm the immortal Byron fist. But I'm Peter Parker. Peter parker. So I do have a couple of things that I wanted to talk about because this movie does suffer from one thing, where they've got they've got bright, shiny flashy objects thrown in front of you, every two seconds. So you don't always get to think about what they're doing and why they're doing it. And I think that's I think there are some issues where I left the theater, and I was like, wait. What about this? What about that? There was a Stephen King book that I read called. I think it's the stand. I think that's the name of STAN last answer. I think it's just stand. And it is about basically the world gets a super virus super flu and most of the world dies, and that's essentially what has happened here, not quite to the extreme as in the stand. But there's a lot of people who died, and there's a chapter in the book that talks about how there are secondary losses involved with that as well. Young children who no longer have parents to take care of them and old people who Cassie. Yeah. Can you know if what if kassy's parents had both died and or both been dusted? And she was by herself what, what would have happened if, if Scott, laying would have come back to the world and Cassie was gone, not, because she was dusted, but because she just couldn't survive in this new world, and then Tony stark says, well, I've got my perfect world here. So I'm not going to. So we're just going to bring back the people who were dusted. We're not going to change anything just the people who were dusted. And so then all of the sudden all these people come back, but Scotland still wouldn't have had Cassie. And can you imagine civil war to right there? Right, then and there, because all of a sudden Cassie would would have would have been gone because she had think now you're making me depressed Brandon thinking about all the parents who came back, and they had had infants that died in car accidents because they dusted out of the driver's seat of their car. Think about what are you think about because because the movie didn't. And this is where there's a reason why brandy there's a reason why we already had to deal with this trouble in Infinity war, so we don't made. I mean we felt like it was wrapped up with pretty Bo. When you start looking at it a little deeper, this, this movie was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. But it actually was not that great of a movie it has not stood up. His not stood up to, to further thought and examination in a lot of ways. This is my favorite movie of the year, but it was not a great movie. I think that's the secret of marvel is they have gotten people to believe that okay? Movies are great movies. That's what comics do. Yeah. Comics make you dispute believe in what is not believable. Okay. Okay. Well, let's talk about let's talk about. Out. Probably Knicks favorite wrap up of this movie where Chris Evans captain America. Yeah. Go goes back and alternate timeline doesn't no, no, no. Because it depends on who doesn't matter that he made out with his daughter with his probably his, his knees agent thirteen niece. So, well, I'm lost a whole, there's a whole game of thrones thing going on here. So, so captain America goes back to talk to her to go be with Peggy Carter and shows up at the club. Like, that's what I imagine is that she's like be there on Saturday. And then he does he showed. So would she ever have gone to start shield? Yes, because he because he knows that that's what she needs to do. So basically agent Carter's just now gone the whole series. So Joe and Anthony Russo say no, this is the same time line. He is he's, he's in the same time line. However, Christopher Markus and Stephen mcfeely, who were the screenwriters said. No, that is an alternate timeline, because it changes things. But. But then what I can't remember which one says. Oh, yeah. The when it talks about picky, having kids in, I think it was civil war. Yeah. He goes and sees her on her death. And he asks her if he had a good life. Yeah. If she and so, I like to think that Peggy is just so good that she she that she was prepared. So Steve Rogers sat back and did nothing during nine eleven. America. America did nothing during eleven. Because because think about it. Think about it. He is the ultimate soldier. He knew the ramifications of it. And he said, I am. I am consciously making a decision right now that I'm going to go back and have a life. And so I am not going to mess with anything because I know the ramifications of that. I if there's anyone that could do it would be Steven Rogers anyone else. Anyone else? I'd be like. Nope. I guarantee you that Scott Ling something I guarantee you that Robert Downey junior would change everything and go kill Hitler. I you know, whatever like you know, but if there's one person that could do it would be Steve Rogers. Sorry, I think I just before anybody sends an angry emails creek switch that the Russo brothers exact quote was, for example, the old calf at the end of the movie he lived his life, married in a different universe from the main one he had to make another jump back to the main universe at the end to give the shield to Sam. And that's fine too. And I'm okay with the writer said. That's the writer say we are not experts in time travel. But the ancient want specifically states that when you take an INFINITI stone out of time line. It creates a new timeline so Steve going back and just being there would not create a new time line. So I reject the Steve as an alternate reality theory, I do believe that there is simply a period in world history from about forty eight to now where there are two Steve, Rogers and anyway for a large chunk of the one, one of them's frozen in ice. So they, it's not like they'd be running into each other, so directors and writers are arguing about what the canon of this movie is, which is because this movie there are so many convoluted things in there, which don't matter if you're a fan because it's just awesome. But if you start digging into as a cinematic masterpiece, there's lots of problems. So this cinematic masterpiece, but not because it's a good movie. Yes, yes, I agree. One hundred percent. And I also still stand by my theory that even either way, I am completely fine, and it is completely finding my head cannon that Steve Rogers would know a number one, because he has a super soldier mind that remembers all things that he would remember where he was. And so he would make sure to not cross streams with himself, even though that doesn't matter because you've already established this, but he also knows what not to mess up. But I also like to think that he also like hid himself and helped himself out, even though he didn't really know he was doing it. And that's what he was doing all okay, do you wanna do? You want to explain agent thirteen to Taylor. So agent thirteen in one of the captain America movies. I don't remember which one because I do twenty two moves believe it civil war. So he he has this. Soldier. It was in winter soldier gets Wiltshire sold winter soldier, because that's definitely the one I haven't seen. So there's a there's a scene where he is. He gets an apartment trying to live the normal life. Right. And he has a, a next door neighbor, who's accused girl next door the girl next door. And he you know, he's trying to become more. You know, like he's trying to be part of this world because he, he feels like he's not. And the girl clearly is looking at them all the time. And he's like, hey we should. You know, we should hang out, or we should go for coffee or black widows encouraging him to. Yeah. She's like you know what you really should, you know, sit down roots and blah, blah, blah. And so he ends up kissing her. And then you find out that she is an agent of shield, but not only that she is the daughter of Peggy niece. Oh niece, Peggy Carter. And so like that could have been his that would have been his niece. Yeah. Because if he's in the same time line, that's his niece. How does she not know what her uncle which is completely fine innocent mistake? It's not like they had a child, like that's where it would be weird like Luke kissing layer. Right. Kissing exactly exactly the same as Luke kissing, and who has a problem with that they didn't know. And then once they knew they were like you know what? Great. And they didn't do it again. I mean, we're not talking game of thrones here people. All right. All right. All right. So anyway, that's as anything else that you guys wanted to make sure that we covered and talked about before we wrap this thing up. I think I'm good. I think I figure anything I mean, there's so many, there's lots of things we didn't even talk about the Clint and Natasha. Subtleties of the we're gonna have we're gonna have we're going to have a prequel movie. So we'll learn about Budapest. That'll be cool. I love that. They focused on the the core. Right. Like the movie had little bits here. And there for all of the, you know, the other characters, but the main focus was the story arc with captain America. Iron man. Black widow Hawkeye and Hoke. Yeah. Chris Evans signed on. He was done. He was done in Infinity war. His contract was over. And they said that we want to send you off with a great big hurrah and in a story that is fitting cap. Please stay for one movie, and it was perfect. Well, in the in the we've already talked those, and it was great. It was perfect. It was perfect, except for the deals. Well, it was perfect. So, but yeah, like you, you know that because all of like, in the end credits the ones where they like have them sign the signature. And then they say rubber Downey Jodi are that have this big? Those were. No. Sound that the animation may. Powell? I actually did the voice work for that says, actually me, and Nick little tidbit for you guys. We were we weren't credited because, you know, but we got we know someone's, you know, someone. So we got to do. For the credit for the next time you watch those end credits just make sure you look for those. Yeah. Picture those things. The thing. Good. Our work here is done. Right. All right. So. What were you talking? I think that's good. We talked about everything we liked. We talked about how there was it was focusing on the main characters. Okay. It was a much more tight story. So lots of other things we didn't talk about. We liked this movie. Go see it rating out of five. I'm going to give it a four and a half. Five. Four point seven five. I've I am the harshest critic out of all of his apparently every time. Everytime. All right. All right. Well, if you disagree with our ratings send us feedback it's been a while. Tell us what you think about the movie you can do that by sitting by sending an Email to feedback phantom podcast dot com or joining our Facebook group, which is Facebook, which is Bannon, podcast dot com slash group because the Facebook link is just so long fan podcast carbon such group is easier not to say. Okay, so send us feedback there. Let us know what you think tell us how we're wrong. Tell us how I'm right? I mean, whatever I mean. But just tell me how I'm right? That's what I'm looking for here. Validation. That's why I've got a podcast. If you wanna come yell at me in person, I will be the Utah podcast summit on June eighth Nick will be there, Taylor keeps trying to come up with an excuse, but June eighth Utah podcast summit in sandy, Utah. When you go to Utah, podcasts dot com to buy your ticket used the discount code fandom, and you get twenty dollars off your ticket. So. This show you can learn how to launch your show out to build a community. You can learn how to make some money and then you can teach me how to do that. That's the really cool thing about the shows I'm involved because I want the answer these questions so market calendars, June eighth. Utah podcast. Summit dot com. We got some cool people flying in for this Oto be good. So all right. Guys with that. I guess all I have to say is until next time. Until next time. Snapped. Is he really going to save anything? No, he's mad at me. He's mad at me. Until next time. May the fandom be with you. I sure he was just waiting for that one. I had a quote, I could find it again. Twenty. I was like, okay, I'll be snapped. That's great. No mine mine. I wanna go back to mine, then because mine was going to be gift professor, hulk, my number. So until next time. Gift number. I had it in my brain in. You're going to say until next time. It was. I remember what it is. Now. But you could just add it after I was going, I was gonna say the part where captain America says. You keep telling everybody they should move on some of us do, but not us. May the van be with you. Oh shit. Was I supposed to say mine? A mess of editing. Anyway.

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