Picking Up the Pieces (w/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, and Ruby Roo)


Attention calling always bring hunt. Oh okay. Hi john self-proclaimed semi drag race expert. And i'm nick. I'm never watched it before and together. We are on. Welcome back to bring huntin Hello hello knowing kinsey. This but nick loves to continue barrow now but actually last week. I edited clapping. Underneath knicks purview. And it was actually a really really cute. So thank you. Nick for reminding us that soundboards can be augmented with your voice is called. It's called a duet. You're giving me big mouth fights right now. And i love that character. Lola yes absolutely. She's she's my favorite. She's so good. You haven't gotten a no no advertising on the spot but it's a great show show talk about too much what we are gonna talk about this week. I'm so excited. Ruby surly young house make a million sheiks read laughter. So if you don't know who will be ruined because you're crazy and you're going to think about new york city drag. You'll know that new york city only now makes drag queens in specific colors so we have yellow for lemon laguna. Rosa comes in rows away and then janice for some reason purple. I hurt that. John is actually purple in whatever that language was and we also have ruby. ru are red. She's a genius ratio here. No booby is a goddess. She's amazing she is nyc staple she. She's conquered brooklyn drag now manhattan night. I'm just getting. She lives in brooklyn but he also works in new york in new york and new york. I mean manhattan. She's city of her her. She she she. You can primarily. Catch her at pieces bar. Which is in new york city state bowl and she hold it down drag shows. She also bartends there and has basically been helping pieces. Keep itself together during these covidien times so that it doesn't break we're picking up the pieces because we don't need anymore. Gay clubs closing gay clubs. We don't even have gay clubs anymore. We left behind in in two thousand nine. When do boils drag race. I started the only have give bars left now and we barely have any of those as those so now today what. We're so excited to talk about with ruby is Is about the importance of keeping our chris bases open and what they're what they've been doing just to try and literally pay the rent during these times. We're so grateful for what she's doing. Emerson grateful to get a chance to bring a light some of this. It's literally the lord's work for queer people. Yeah yeah it is and we are just blessed to have this gift of her time and enjoy it and honestly without without this bar. I would have not gone to a stripper night because i stayed too long on a sunday under party again on. I didn't know what was going on but we went anyway. Happens to me all the time. This is an under-reporting was a wedding. Well this is why we love pieces and we love ruby and get into her. So what you're gonna take a quick break and we're can be back with ruby real. The camera zooms in on me. Get some high proof alcohol. We gasoline lives worth. Living is our mortality if there were not mortality we wouldn't be packing that i've participated in their share blood showing up out of the walked to me flat spontaneous conversation with people from around the world on strange thing christian available on your favorite podcast app and stranger thing christian dot com. Is it ruby. Ru i welcome. Hello i'm so glad to be here as well. I've been doing nothing at all. Thank god i have something to do. Honestly we've been doing nothing. I mean we're we're in twelve inches of snow and you know. I love a good inches. Anything over seven is a party stain. Side but yeah. So we're we're snowden today. I know that you you had a fitting today. Okay so i was supposed to have a fitting against the outfit is like this. Super super highways pants like come up almost to like the titty busy busy. It's like of course it and pant y- proportion it is a proportionate hasn't exactly so so then my costume designer simmons ben mason. He's incredible he mainly awards. Dress arguing with a jumpsuit. Who text me yesterday and was like. Hey girl have kobe and i was like i was like i was like this is upsetting because a of course thinking about your house also be tried to sell. We're talking about me and menu. Sorry for your issues. But like what am i going to get to try out. This compare pants so he's waiting for his test results and then we're gonna do a fitting save instead. I just like sat in my bad looking at the snow being like i thank god i make pop. It's four o'clock but it's snowing out. We woke up and it was the evening you know. Yeah it's about time for one. yeah. I know arguments here. I believe in lubrication at all times and you you. You do what you need to do. Yeah i'm ben mason shutout we love what you do. We want support and and yeah he. He's least like my main costume designer jeans. We just like we have like a group threat. We're like we just send back photos of weird things that we find. And he's like other he works. He works on twentieth street. And fifth avenue in the broadway costume ragu room. And it's it's an entire floor of a building. Elevator opens into this hugh. There's like ask beads on outfits outfit for frozen not deserve to be here but yes you do. What's going to cider trial. My beautiful gowns. Wait does even instagram. Yes he does. Everyone everyone listening. Yes out your phone. This is interactive okay so his instagram is be his last name. His i guess. His last name actually is a wacky B b z. A. w. a. c. k. i. One fix that. Because that's very own so now i got i got this stuff is gorge. He probably is fourth picture as me. Yeah oh my god. Oh that is gorgeous. It's so incredible. It's like so those sleeves those pattern. Those sleeps touched the floor. Doubt you can see all my stuff on that. I think he does a lot of british stuff because honestly this looks very bre if we know one thing about bread. It's that she's a fief. Don't my costumes diner. But then also undergra- so good for her and so he needs to put a lot more of his work on this post. I need ten with those leads. Detects in my digestion. I'll take over. I'll take over the social media and we'll get him some actual money. I mean i'm sure he's very busy. But i'm not right now kobe. Now how would you can you make during during the quarantine early we need. We need some up pieces because everyone's going digital. You only have to make half of it. You are rupaul. But speaking of which like you are in the new york city drag scene and you work in the In the bars well out of drag. What what is it been like during covid. What's what's been going on. Tell us give us the tea. So i predominantly at pieces hardware and play which is the trifecta course. Have to say that. Because to read. But i love that company. They're very great bay. Employees probably the most strategies of any company in europe and also are like very diverse And are learning about diversity more as we go together So i i have one bartender of the year at the words to times worse. I'm the current reigning bartender of the year. I of course got that a word. Because i i bartended pieces so when we reopened the second week of july i was one of the first people ass back. And we didn't really have any comprehension of like how this is gonna work. You know we're used to you. Know being act capacity bartenders behind the bar all night. You know it's at four o'clock we're taking sixty people out of there you know oh absolutely draco now when we reopened it was such a weird thing because like also we don't really have a we didn't have a way to take orders and put orders in in a way like a restaurant would work. Yeah yeah so mean another bartender. Anthony who shot ending. I say he's my work husband. Because we really like all of your instagram. Yeah might snack. We really figure out system together about how to take orders because we were doing out. We're doing at the time only outside so it was like how to especially because that bar you can't get around the marshalls like one person has to be bartending in one percent. Ask cossery so that we figure out a system at it worked very well and then that we ran with it and when pieces reopened people were so excited because i mean pieces really is a staple you know like it's on a legendary street and it is different from the other bars on that straight because it really is the closest thing we have to a club. Yeah i mean if we're looking at like two thousand and ten when we had like excel splash. Those jobs and none of that exists anymore so no thanks city. Yeah exactly exactly but pieces really is that is that venue and it was very important that we figure this out and also that like people still had a great time. Even though it was it's an it was a new thing. And i knew a new concept so we moved forward and we were having a lot of problems with the people who live across the street and the people who live the street specifically what we think was like. The super of that building was calling on us all the time because the rules the rules are first of all. The rules are completely arbitrary and the dot. The department of transportation is in charge of most of it is buffoonery. It makes no sense and then the weekends it's the sla which is like the liquor administration but to to organizations running running the rules and depending on who comes in. The rules are different so just basically like a complete. It's complete chaos. It's like every time someone came in to inspect your like. I don't know who you are where you're from but if you're from this the rules are this if you're from this side in the rules are this keys so it was like an uphill battle and we were literally just fighting to keep the company afloat. Yeah company employs the most drag queens out of any bar. Yeah any company in new york city the most partners because we have a bunch you know i mean it was so like literally like putting tables outside and literally having the super across the street filming less to report us to three one. Oh my god. We're not even open long enough to make a noise violation eleven o'clock at night. Look we're not even open so so it was a struggle but The owners. Eric justin are incredible. And they really you know business decide. They really fight for their staff. They thought ously and added in the end. We won because we now have this huge beautiful structure outside pieces hardware and now we have outdoor dining. I mean and then we have indoor during to i mean the thing. That's crazy actually is that then. We got a letter that says. Oh if there's snow on the ground you can't have tables outside. We're like wait a minute. What we s. I have no idea. I'm also like thank god. It's not my company. Because i don. I don't have to think of the logistics. I can't imagine what they're going through on a day to day basis. I thought it was just like before this now after this do we have to like watch until the snow. Like is fully melted. Like what did you see that. I don't know mike when they when the the When the letter came of course it was an address to me. But i was just like. Is that saying gay person. You're like let me let me just find out what you how it works. And also i feel like a lot of places are figuring out what works and what is allowed to work literally on a day to day hour by hour basis because no one has any idea cuomo wakes up if he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed then gets what indoor dining shutdown wake up tomorrow. He's like never mind. I change your mind. Causes over like to do what is he doing. God yeah and you know something. That's really been going through my mind. And i don't know if this is his touched you yet but i mean it's really scary to think about the number of gay spaces that are are not even able to do what you've been able to do. I mean i walked by nowhere var heat's been shut since like since day one so speaking of bars. So so i live in brooklyn. I i am blessed to have transcended the brooklyn thing. And i work mostly in manhattan. But i i i i i i watched you drag in like when i used to live in williamsburg so you add. Tnt yes of tnt. Dorji is literally asleep. Roommate's room right regular we started. I woke up. I woke her up. And i was like. Hey you cannot say hi later. Maybe she'll make a vocal appearance. But so far. I think sober is also the same owners. Macrey park and metropolitan and And what's mccullough r.i.p. Sugarland oh god. Nt at the at the time. Yeah so so. Macrey and metro have not been open since march because they have outdoor space on. Now i know. I mean and also like i'd i actually at the time when it should. I had just ended my show there. So i actually don't work for that company anymore. But a significant portion of my friends work there go there frequently. I go there like my shows in the city and Macara's macrey like a very drag bar now like it's like yeah. I think one of the best in brooklyn i would say you're welcome your. It's very strange seeing like my girlfriend's and who bartend for that company and just sitting around being like they can't really open because also like for outdoor dining. It's like you know the rules are like you can't be near a bus stop. You can't be near a fire hydrant. You can at macrey. It's that's what's there. I drink the bus stop and a train stations match that you just can't really open and then the idea of having the backyard open for outdoor dining or whatever it's called a yeah with work in in their mind safely and i'm mike okay i i hear that You know also it's like you know because it's such a learning curve and we're and we're constantly learning about it and the rules keep changing like i don't fault them for not being open then. I i'd did a show at the duplex for one eight years and they even when twenty-five percent indoor dining started again they emailed us and they were like. We're not doing that because twenty. Five percent of the duplex is like nine people. Yeah thanks tiny not even supposed to work nowhere near able to make the money you're supposed to be making your afford the rent of these buildings or anything. Exactly you're gonna be paying more staff to staff it and just to have the rights on dallas staff. Yeah yeah exactly. It's i've restaurant. Owner friends here in jersey. Where i live and yeah i am so glad. I'm not one of those people. Because i cannot imagine how lonely it must feel to after navigate your way all his every other day at something different. I mean it sucks. It's yeah yeah also also too. It's like the the prospect of like opening and then being like we're just gonna break even maybe if not. I always wanted to own the ball right now. I am very lovech that it makes you start. Yeah because i mean honestly so i. I've been working in this industry for the past couple of years as my side gig working in a restaurant right now is really hard because that means like you're the only server for god knows what sort of situation they're setting up. I would rather if i was working at a bar i would. I could see that working a little bit easier. Because you don't have to serve people as much you know you just a drink and then like a little bit of you'd never know but like a food option now because because now pieces restaurant you have to food option coming there to eat one to deal with people's complaints about the food and like pizza bitch. What do you want now. this is. I need drop. The food at pieces michelin star rated cuisine. Laughing it's like didn't they laugh and they're like we get. This is all bullshit. Drink your vodka soda. You know like. I say page here as a person who has worked in the service industry also like as a performer. Like just I know that like we're all trying to make it work. So when i go out it's not about like oh my god that you didn't put my like bubba bubba bubba. It's like thank you for serving me during this troubling time. I'm here because i like this Establishment and. I'm gonna spend some money because you know. Even though i have scarce resources. I would like to just at least enjoy a night out and i will tip you accordingly and i feel like. That's the only way to operate during this time. Yeah and it's just come to pieces because you're a great customer. I don't know if it's because pieces. Such such like an incredible establishment that has has a loyal clientele. And even though the you know on the weekends we really cater to tourists. And whatever you know like umbrella. And i were doing our show. A- dow cany duly came rate celebrities. Dal and what's her name. Just lawrence jennifer lawrence. Gag is okay. We'll get. I wasn't there for that. I was on vacation. No vacation with my husband. And i was like god. I'm so happy that i'm married and happy. And for his right side. But it's fun. We got married so young. But i will say that that when when we opened the people that were coming to pieces were incredibly kind understanding angst and still now they really are If you play it right and explain to them by you know this is how things were you. Have you have to wear masks when you stand right if you're inside But also like this is the wall and it's not really it's not really about us it's about me. I have to be here like if you say no to being hired back of and technically you're not supposed to claim unemployment. I didn't really have a choice. You have to pay rent and select people have been very to me. People have been very understanding and they in general have been tipping appropriately. I'm not expecting like. I'm gonna expecting because listen it's pieces. It's on christopher street in the west village. It's not a cheap place. So i'm gonna expecting you to leave me. I've million dollar tip. You know tip appropriately and also like i'm making a joke of this with you so we can talk about it together because you know if there's one thing we have to do in this stupor uncertain time it's we need to laugh together especially as oh god sect is not going to be old because we have a new president. That's coming in like let's laugh together because the were in my opinion the worst is over. Worst fbi over please go. it'll be over. The the community is coming to pieces is very generally very friendly. Of course like you know you're going to get the person it's like. Why is this drink. This much like obey. The drinks always been much. Just don't have that much money now and also it's also an mike and mike. Hey if you can't afford these drinks obviously annoyed by bottle of spending on and go home and drink it at home in the dark and then come to the bar maybe not wasted but like enough to sit there and like cookie. He doesn't drink. And but also if you order fifteen doubles your drink then your tab is going to be reflective of fifteen doubles cheap. You know of my god never order a double. That is just highway robbery. Quarter a double. Because i'm bartending. Word your liquor okay. Okay well then. I stand corrected but okay. So here's just one quick question. What would you say is your copay. Wisdom cove wisdom dan That is with a deeper than i thought. We're going gonna turn on on mike. Cova wisdom is. I think i think i really learned during this. Just who my closest friends were are especially in a time when this when this began during like real deep porno. Yes oh yes right at the start right. You know but i am blessed team area. I love my husband. He's in the other room Also live with We have a very crooked stories manager. She's one of my best friends as well. I saw it. It was nice having to other people in the house spot when it was keeping to your small small circle I really Bonded deeper with the the few like three friends. I was seeing during quarantine. I really that my. I guess my Code wisdom is learning. Who like the real bitches are. And in the same way people being like. Hey i wanted to come over with three friends much. No we can't do that girl like that. That should that's a kind of a legal on rate disappointing to learn. Yeah exactly exactly so. It's like two of my close. Friends are shiny penny and stephanie stone. And we saw each other together for the first time in like seven months like the other day because we had to go to lips to pick up but costumes but we have been in a group chat all day every day for eight months keno not seen each other in real because this is not a job. We're not. I'm not play having social media presence at all and sort of being no you have to set an example really i. Don't you know i. I didn't want be like having fucking raiders at my house. When if it's like the videos get out. That is so irresponsible and sent extends beyond just like our people our community. It extends because people look at us from the town that i grew up in from nowhere michigan. I'm like this. This is very serious and very important. So i think i think really like by wisdom is is figuring out who takes us seriously what that says about them as a person and then seeing who didn't give a shit i see girl and you know that if you don't do it the right way logan hardcore it's gonna come for you not the cova destroyer and i will say i will say in defense and this is not a critique on the staff that works on violent because i know very many of them doing that and they're all doing it. They were all very safely. And yeah exactly my point. Is the people going there. This community that actually. Yeah i mean obviously the people that work on fire island like this is their prime season. I'm all this happened right before they were trying to. They were trying to do the best they can. And i know from the. I've only been to up fire on like three times. That is a like religious experience for people. Because you've ever felt so accepted and so free as like you know obviously there's social politics and like you know class issues with by island but you can still go there for cheap and just really feel the fantasy of you feeling accepted so it's an important experience just when we abuse it that it becomes very problematic and i hope to do better because we have to do better as totally unlike some of some of the bartenders that pieces and i mean and partners that like like sable cities and tammy spanks who who on the island every every summer. This is how they make their living. They work their asses off the entire summer. So then they have a little bit more leeway for the winter here. Yeah done times when there's not a lot of stuff going on like for me going too far on this summer. Yikes people have to be there. I have to be at work. You know isa's it's the same thing. Yeah i can't. We're not gonna fall for going to work. We just wanna make sure that we're being a safe as we can. Okay so let's let's talk about some people because that's even with with every bit of seriousness. We need both. We need both the joy and then also some of the serious talk to get this time. So we're going to do is we're going to play a game and the game is called who or them. There are some people in this world who are famous and they are called. Them's like the ruby roots the british filters and rupaul's exactly who they are. We know what they do. We've been watching them for years. You know because we used to live in williamsburg la la la and and and then so. That's them okay. We know exactly who they are and then we also have people who are who what why why. Why did we know her name. And that's a who so we. Now have these wonderful queens Coming out of the woodworks For pasta and thirteen and we need to know who these people are. Because we're not sure who they are. I know i know a bunch of them. But i'm gonna feel bad also ladies if you're hearing this trashed and i'm not on drag race could you haven't met yet dragging inform the afternoon of course. Nothing's drag is the thing that people do. It is not the end all of anything okay. We're gonna do. Denali fucking love denali. So this is. This is the coolest thing about doing ski. Fridays of pieces and having done it with dusty right bottoms. When i started it was desi nine and then it became me in britta and then briefly it was me. Rosa and electrolyte fired roseanne. Not getting. she's but she should have been fired. So cool the cool thing is that we. We had a budget to hire queens from out of state on friday nights and especially a pieces. Friday is like is a huge deal. Obviously because i'm there but i'm nali was One of our guests and she is excellent. She is so fucking you in drag drag thomas. I'm always like you hunt piece of. Yeah and she's also just dwight and she's also very entertaining to watch and i am. I easily bored. Because maybe i have. Adhd but like i stand. And i when i found out she was on the show which was I was like yes someone who deserves it. I'm superstar. I love i. This makes me really happy. I we have at least two approvals of mr and so we're very excited. Okay did british same thing. Yes working with this bitch. I think britta i think she was our guest when we're doing the show together very is guaranteed elliott with two ts. Okay i do not. I do not but i have watched some of the like me. The queens and i find him very funny already. I'm i'm intrigued you. Ut's skinny west. Where my god. She really looking to west. It's the knows it's the together is love that outfit. I know right Like look at look at the shoes. Look at the shoes. Rosa is reading quote. Dominik jackson always check the shoes. If the shoes don't match the outfit like goodbye wash jay. okay. I do. Not but joey j. is the trade of the season not out of drag. I've already done this joey. James traded this season. But do you know hani's it. Okay okay so it was a who and like trust in. You can't because i'm following. I'm following now. Look at that. Excuse me you very white boys. Generally but like gaw flavor has its peaks and valleys. also i have a little insider t- because brazilian are pretty close by close. I mean we work together But i have heard just in general that this whole season is fire. Yes i mean. It seems seeing the was amazing they have. They've quality drag queens. Look joey right now. Like this look is what joe. Jay's drag is ella purple hair to hit that little follow. But here's here's what. I will say about jewish drag that. I see so far. The joey is sporting body type that actually can be quite challenging sometimes to put in drag with the the muscular abroad chats and whatnot. Joey is finding away to accentuate it. In a way that is beautiful that is flattering and much let cameron michaels just making you just like understand that like it doesn't matter what body you start with. Your drag is an expression of who you are. I think his drag is. It's it's it's it's different. It's not like it's not like you know pageant hair and it's not like right. What drag race that like. You know from season one to season. We're on thirteen now. There has been this sort of evolution. Where like you have to be in this like lace front like quaff situation six hundred dollars presenting this as you're like as your like initial look is like is a bold. Move your sheriff those borders for sure. Let's let's break some boundaries batches rate after put his instagram down. Because i know right. I just have to stop twice creepy if i keep liking that. That's what i would. I follow someone a lawyer. like background. Magilla gorilla pictures my say. I only some drag photos. Because i was like i'm liking too many behind. You mind you. We just talked about this really cute. Sexy singer called matthew matthew v. He's canadian and he followed me on instagram. And i will be watching for those lights is. Gm got mic. I have followed got mic on instagram for a long time a contender. Also contender weirdo. Like cool asta. Like i talk and talk but i'm not cool. I'm just like oh. Yeah like if i mean we've never met in real life but i'm thinking if we were i'd be like yeah. Yeah yeah. I didn't different kind of drag than i do. And like and like i don't wanna do your drag but like it is like profound thoroughly. I am so in. I am so in. What a what a cool representation of drag entity it's cool. it's called. yeah i really. I really like and also like just look at that picture lying. I couldn't think what does that kate is. Is it pardon shoulders. But i know we need brakes situation and she also how. How many yards of fabric. We're using that going by and you know what the weird thing is. I feel like i mean. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same designer to that. Did shake coup as like really big pink dress that she wore at the very end. 'cause it's almost the same fabric and it's like the same size although although i'm pretty sure this is actually the same designer. That did a lot of sasha velour dot from the headpiece it really looks like a. Yeah i think i for short confirmed that. It's the same designer that did sasha velours had beasted did blair saint clair's number at the final runway and then also jujubes he does like a lot of flack crustacean couture also to just say that there is something to me. There is as someone with sort of. Like i have a man's body you know i mean it's okay. That's that good body. Don't worry it's okay. Ain't no joey j. Honey i i have i. Have you know broad shoulders. And i just love when something extension weights. I think that's not necessarily feminine. You know so upset by gumming is like doing the thing that makes her shoulders. Look bigger at my. Don't off do very. Yeah it's very cool. Look we learned that in the eighties that if you have a nontraditional female figure make the shoulders bigger than the waist. Look smaller proportion ising. Yeah forced that that designer is named diego montoya. He was on project runway. Yeah we've talked. I've talked about. I don't know on product way. But we've talked about diego before i work. I mean get into mora hall. No i do. Not okay so who. I will say this. This is my favorite outfit from the. Yeah i know also also when she when she's sitting. I'm just i. I don't even have any idea how much each one of those giant ass feathers costs. Because i know. I know like in korea town like how much is a feather that that's one foot and then like ten dollars. How much could it be cost. Ten dollars that fed there is like three feet long burner side for this and honestly kill more more arm of them also in her. Meet the queen's like curd lace line it's unquote the hall family. The whole family to quote jada hall jada s and tall. The queen and her majesty is that are they. Yeah this is. This is family. This is family. The whole family makes sense to quote to quote her majesty jada as and tall. She said that she's like she's like. I'm a female illusionist and i have to say the family are looseness. They don't give you you know it's not cost you. It is full fantasy. Whatever they are. They're one hundred percent and that's why that's uncomfortable and also i would dare say that her face like the way that she structures. Her face is so similar. Data's per some just the way she does the nose and then the cheeks like it is. It is such. I can see the family resemblance. That's t can use trash hater. So kidding use as a good judy as mine. I was working when pieces was opened for indoor dining when we started bringing shows back candy show was on monday nights. I bartended that. She is a celebrity so she was only there for one of the three week but But also i have been very good friends with For a long time to do the right. Tnt we do a show together. I had one week and she had the other ways we can't amuse is did you. Guys know her at all. No no i. I discovered her when aga had her own coven that broke up and then became the dollhouse out and i was like who is this curvy queen. That's a part of that crew. I was made a joke that there were only a few. They were only three members of the house. Vodka and then there was the fourth member and the fourth moore was the house. Kennedy news is going to be exactly what you expect. It's going to be a true like new york cleaning. It's going to be loud. She's going to say exactly what she thinks. And i stand but she she's coolest Exactly who she is. If i'm out of drag or i'm in drag you're getting one person it says the i'm the same. Yeah i can say some meaner things. When i have a wig on but candy candy is just straight up candy. I mean sitting alone in the vip like people need to stop sleeping on candy. Okay that could stand a single word of that verse. Go off blue larry. Okay okay so i do. Not and i. I am who i am pissed that i do not know she is ray because the moment i saw her fucking face i was like. Oh god oh yes bitch. This bitch knows what's up stroke. Like yeah like look at her seeing her out of drag unlike you she can paint the. There's a facial reconstruction situation which like i am in for you know like yeah drag queens or surgeons really but without money bags our girl makeup expensive but lacks girl brooklyn. I sure do. I don't actually know her like super personally. This goes everywhere. She's from brooklyn she jersey. She's from no she plays. I've i mean like i went on her instagram. She's at allen. Cummings back coming club. Or whatever i know some softball where time off all the. That's the way you played softball. Local noah from this use. It athletic drag queens was like underhand underhand roseanne. I have literally never heard of the gallery. She's the pink jan. Thank you through. This on. Twitter at jam was like stop calling rosa the pink jan and someone said okay purple something or other and it was with this color thing because we had lemon we have laguna blue and then we have jannine each have their own color rent. So it's like you know. What are we going to. We have ruby by the way we have rubino ruby and ruby about me bitch. Zeh is probably one of my favorite besides mardi gold coming and british Probably my one of my. Oh sorry enthused. Because she's over there. A favorite people to work with. She is funny. She is offensive in a way. That is it that a drag queen should be offensive. I will say that. I'm not a fan of this outfit that we're looking at right now. No no no. No no i do not by the leggings situation great but also as a questionable taste honestly when you only have one color to work with. I'm gonna say outfit is not that i know that she's she's stepping house. Try to say that i do. I think that this may have been slightly different outfit. If she just worn the pants as right weird me out. Yeah and they they go into shoe and then us and it's slightly off like the to pinks for me. Don't really go together like they're slightly different shades in ways. That are kind of problematic because such. She's wearing a pink snakeskin which is so pretty so like i would have just preferred seeing her legs with some cute shoes and then bat wig which is a mullet. Would you know some more competition. Mullet could've been like maybe knee highs or something like that. Some kind of look with that. I think it may be could've blocked. Better yeah i think. I think the dress is so pretty that like i know. Sometimes it's you know when you're when you're padding your legs. You don't always want to have to do that full fantasy situation but it would have been a really. I mean it with that with that side slit ballot. Been really sexy for sure. Oh god has a gown yes you just have that just like all the way up there with all the leg. You don't take it all the way to where it actually is. just make it a gallon. Yup yeah that's it does i will. I will say grows say you saw in her. Meet the queen's. When when i heard the jam was on i was pissed. Yeah and when. I heard that rosa was on. I'm i'm a jealous person in but rose as is probably my sister. I m mike bitch you deserve to be on the show. I to what you do and you work for it and i think she would probably say the same thing about me too and also when i beat laguna in the next season. Fifty a frequenter of of the bars. I've been impressed to see rose as growth and you know it's it's it's sad to see another cute new york city girl go but we wish the best for everyone more room for us. Honeymoon got famous and give me my job bag out. Works out okay. Someone said on twitter that simone is unapologetically black. And i'm like bitch that's exactly what community needs. Look at this gorgeous gorgeous intimidated and turned on which is how i love to feel spinach. Among i love it. I can't wait to see what she what they put in the water in la. But that whole g g good crew is like servants. Some looks so. I'm really glad to see fluoride in the water. And so they throw up. Never get fat. Which is clearly what's going on also also like wearing a nail like that and like n like stunning twice. Yeah stunning to me. Shame on i do not neither do we. So who she. She is the queen of la. She's the drag mother of lowery really Is they're going to be some tension there. 'cause i never not about. I don't know. I mean. I think if you've been doing drag for thirty years i think you just keep on keeping on you. Yeah utica queen okay. So i don't i would tell you. This is probably one of my favorite outfits. The fact that she's wearing three hats in one. Is i love had. She is also watching her. Meet the queen's. These girls are going to hate this because she's weird. She says she's weird but she's smart energy though. Yeah that's like. I was like dorji brown but i'm excited and also is a perfect representation of who is yes. Yeah and if she if she made this or help design it. I am ready for everything. She serving the two different colors shoes. That still match the outfit. So doesn't even though that's a kitten heeled but you know we gotta be comfortable sometimes and then that pink trim that's so subtle at the bottom. It's just it's genius. It's genius because it adds it adds businesses is such a. It's a tour down. I mean not. it's not drag. it is drug it. it should be on a runway. I mean literally also have pink trimming on the sleeves and then on the hats so that everything is integrated so damn burnt-our are tina burners. i shows over shows over have to go. I love bullying tina burner at also. She gets so mad at me so she i call her. My opening are used to call my opening act. She did the happy hour. Show at hardware and i did the the night show with laguna and so she would come downstairs into the basement and i was like already halfway drunk getting and she be like. Hey girl relax. Fuck you tina main you bench by Tina is i will say tina is an incredible human being. Tina really is like she's the business. When i went to austin texas two years ago. I was working with sable cities in austin also to austin girls. They should pretty. You're amazing us. Why was there. Tina was just there on vacation. So we are like. I've also get get the fuck out but we had a really like great time hanging out together as boys man she is so passionate about drag in a way like wait here. I said you were gonna system. Here is just high thirty black lovely if you want anything more. It's gonna cost one hundred dollars in cash back to tina So i had a really great time in In austin just like hanging out like as a because the thing drag queens that work so much is that we don't really get to see each other a lot because we're all working at the same time you know all right now the shame. I think this outfit is terrible. I think the hair makes no sense for means for hair specifically for what is happening in the promo what what producer was like. Yeah where red and yellow hair right everyone else is doing like a beautiful like pink and turquoise situation it gives the impression that like that's important to her drag like it's always yellow and red hair. Well it loves a red wig. Oh okay well then then. I wasn't with censorship. Show is because she Stuck thick at note. Louis i for years and it hasn't got me on the trade so she goes podcast She said gena said. I will be the most dishes willing. You ever had serious another bb. I situation link hera your heart out but really. She said that and on the she was on that that other show with queens shade. Queens queens yeah And she's she's done and also you can meet the queen's she's literally like i'm gonna tell all of these new girls to sit the fuck down my how great for her. Because you can't self like that sometimes you gotta to let it happen organically well. Here's here's the one thing we know about drag race is that if you are a villain you go farther you around. I stopped myself. Because i was gonna say martin are there. Okay well look i. I've watched tina for years. I've been to her drag branches. I've been to her happy hour shows. I'm so sorry got she's great. She is she really is. She's good at drag iraq. She's dragged business. She's dragged business and which is so funds to be mean to her because she she's like annual suck. Yeah exactly you turn yet. But she was like miss hell's kitchen. She's like miss comedy queen current reigning. Or whatever i didn't even know pageant. So she's just she's she's put in the work and so we're going to see her work and maybe she'll be a villain but we'll still remember her as that shady ask queen meant like performed all over york and i will also say there's nothing wrong with this outfit it just doesn't fit with what is happening in the promo. Well yeah she. She took one tyler or body looks right and filming podcast or shut the fuck up. That was gonna blame her nose. And you know the funniest thing is the funniest thing but tina has had many different bodies throughout her drag career and she's always found a way to make it work so i applaud her cut. That is so funny. I love you but you remember anyway you anyway anyway. I know we have one of those bodies downstairs. Dorian corey bitch. I got my closet. Literally pairs burning. Thank you okay now. We now we know exactly who. These screens are antastic. So let's take a quick break and chat about a little bit of drag race. Say hi ruining his each other way. I can't hear if i'm not here. It's great to see you. I'm going to get a bite to eat. a trash. Comedy is the podcast where we trade. Sweet sweet fags. Like their dirty little pieces of gum sip. We're in new york based comedy team and we're joined each week with a funny delightful friend after each person chose their facts plea rate those facts from god. That's called the coldest ice you've ever seen to. Oh my god. That's so spicy of my mouth is gone to you. Please join us on mondays. So we're back and we're just going to touch on some oji drag race because you know sometimes you need to go back to the origins of thing tizzy see hurt going loss of the season where we discovered that bassolino could hide. Hide anything on top of the cameras on the land. How bad the lighting is right around the lace line you know. I think it was pre lace line. Put them on my grandma would they just gave it a shake and this as died back in. Yes this shaking go. Wigs are rampant nowadays these queens would-be clocked for basically any time that everything also for some reason i guess you know. In recent years people have fallen in love with eyebrows again. Thank you car de levin. A this was back in the day literally. People would shave off their eyebrows and all they wanted was that disgusting nineties pencil thin eyebrows. And it's the most disgusting being and it's so funny how when aesthetics change even though back in the day like to use chanel as an example like she's a beautiful queen gorgeous also rebecca also nina that thin eyebrow now is so aesthetically just uncomfortable to to look back up as you we love to say challa brow. Is that like i think. I think it's problematic for us to say you can say whatever you want with. Your mexican husband passed there. There was not access to drag makeup in the way the bears access to now so like so like the makeup that was like being used on season. One like there. There weren't like agostino makeup existed. Obviously but like there weren't stores that were like really catering to drag and now it's like now we have what specific products that are like really catering toward drag queens at the time. It's like that's what that's what they had. Also that's what drag makeup even look at rupaul. Like she looks nothing like she does. Now all has glowed up drag blowed up so we understand that what we're looking back underneath the vaseline is just what was available and what was. The deal was really good. I mean i have to say when i saw on jainal walked down the runway in monk in her own drag. I was just like on jain. It was so cute little many and it was fluffy and she had a shaved head and it as cute to me as seeing joey. Jay do it with all the fixings today. One hundred percent. I mean like on jonas specifically is actually my favorite from that episode because when she was doing like a the interview things just like i'm an hr is also. She got read so much in in that season for like nothing doing like archetypal drag on the back nine. Now we've look and we're like wait a minute. What she was doing actually was dragged. But it's not mainstream drag but now all drag is mainstream so yeah he was already pushing the boundary before anybody even on the show realized it. And and also like the drag. That rupaul did when we first started was not glam drag. It was like it was like rupaul. Went into this. Hyper 'em supermodel on. But that's not the only way to do drag. There's like there's jagger a one there's no one drag me. Yeah but it's like i live in brooklyn is see a bunch of weird shit and and that to me. I'm still i think we've got a taste of it but i feel like what brooklyn drag has brought has has managed to nurture and create a safe space for is that like cool alternate alternative drag in air quotes you know like i mean like sociable below or for instance Nightgowns is a show that she has been doing for years and years and years. I actually did nightgowns when it was at bizarre bar Sasha and she brought her dog for a number. I brought my cat for an been before she got on the show. Like guy and mike end nightgowns. Was this weird. Like whatever it's like i did is weird never. I did somebody to love at tinder day of the match with my cat. I involved like when she got on this show then she got so much recognition and she was like no one paid attention or care to was until i got on the show and that is a little problematic but also the visibility that she gave to alternative drag down and and to sort of the broken scene which she she even. She didn't feel like she figured. Yeah i i think it's so important and i initially when we talk to you about this interview we're talking about bushwick and how like that is like such a cool thing that happens and hopefully something that will come back when we can gather but i do think that unfortunately we do see a couple of times already on the first season of of drag race that like they they have trouble with something that isn't like gender normative in terms of like the way that the drag is they wanna see this female illusion and that that's problematic and really glad that hopefully sees conference that we'll see we'll see i mean i don't wanna talk shit but i'm very happy to see that. The show is evolving away. That is being more inclusive. Visibility is important. Talk shit if you want to Were drag queens like it's drivers that's what this is it's reality. Tv but at the same time visibility is super important. What matters is like the the production team and mike. How like a production team. And like how that rupaul. Literally like stocking now being pretend she just walked in but like but like the production team in like how how. They're pushing forward that that idea. I think that's what's most important in the. Yeah yeah. i'm less concerned with the why and the intricate details of whose opinion is what and more about just moving forward because as soon as you put it on tv. Everyone's going to be like. Oh my god. This is so groundbreaking. No this is what happens like irl and find them finally see on tv. Yeah yep so we're that plea So we had a oprah challenge and we have we have like two things that happened about problematic representation. One poor jay thinks she has to look like oprah and black face yemen to It would also funny. Is that even. Though they've been able to re- put out the series bay still haven't taken the shemale Graphic off radio but you heard they don't say it now right based show the graphic read it but we don't like disney putting a little warning ahead of like their problematic massey's well i do think that because there was so much so many problems that happened with the shemale situation i thought it was funny that they just cut the audio but they left the like. We're not gonna. We're not going to reedit the show right. It was called the loss loss season for a reason. State law were like. I didn't realize that they had not just to destiny's child songs but also the greatest love of all as the lip sing song. I don't know how this is still being released. They must pay so much money rate so so i was watching early. Say playing it on my phone and my husband was like he looked over now. Victory this fall those on my god. Thank god i watch that because that was the song also there was obviously not a budget. You see rupaul's suit up my dress barn woman honey. I'm just shut. I was. I was like wow you know. Talk about glow because paul is always talking about a client epstein pack now but like that old suit was it was it was. It was a right if it looked dress. Barn like smaller smaller budget on all fronts. Dead now hunting. Oh nine that he always looks at when he walks into the work. Absolutely excellent always. So what about this moment with barrack where she thinks that she has to black face and i just feel so bad for her the second they announced the challenge was like all right is going to be the first to do face. Yeah we're expecting it. And then i was like. Oh maybe i'm just being too harsh and then here comes the conversation of hey girl have brown tones and makeup a connect my ro some from you. I mean i mean. In her defense she did wipe it all off and over. Thank god this was. This was a lost in translation moment and it was like the concept was not my wasn't sunk in it's so cruel that no one from production explained it to her so that happening filming and ours. That's that's when they knew that they knew what this show was going to be about across putting on black babies just just the calendar for the next twelve sees. Something fucked up happening. Let's not tell them. No and then. And then i think the real misstep i thought was you know poor jaded innocently. Just being confused was when it was being explained to her. No one was being nice about the fact that definitely don't do black face like definitely i mean shady bitch to by thank girl. That's why i mean. First of all. I love the way the episode played out because if chanels attitude but yeah it. It wasn't like a teaching moment. Nobody was embracing it like a teaching moment. It was just an opportunity to be like this stupid. Let's make fun of her business. This won the competition really comes to 'cause you know all the queens were sitting there being like this girl thinks she's gonna do black face. Okay let me just watch an up. Everyone was just saying. Beat me is like here. I will say seems interactivity ended powder girl. Walks shady would be bb bb. Bb is kind is sweet but she likes to win an end. she doesn't play. she doesn't play. What did you think about the oprah like oprah olympics basically. I wish it could be redone now with the budget. They have now. Like i just feel like the whole the whole challenge with like different And also like the fact that like. They're like digging through their suitcases. Just digging through closed through in a suitcase. No now at the girls come with black a garment. A bag like this is the garment for this. This is the hair for this. It's like if bianca del rio is like choosing a wig. That's for show. She's not she's not fabricating. A wig barron the by. That's that's production. But the fact that they're like digging and then she knows like oh. Yeah and i'm gonna wear like business like fantasy red glitter now. Borough reasoning was like yes she wouldn't wear this Like on a talk show on but she could go out to the moon and a speech. I'm like no. It's not an oprah. Now should now thinking. That jacket was somehow emulated. Her embracing her oprah side was basically the same reasoning. That kennedy davenport did when she said that she was like a phoenix who was like hooking up with trade and then burned and crystallized. She's like i have in my closet cute and maybe i can make it work for this challenge me. She's she's visiting the expensive garment and brought him for this challenge. So these interviews. And i think that this is another moment where poor akasha is doing her thing but is just slightly unaware of how to not rub people the wrong around. Do you write. will. I mean she's not a team player as we've established in. Yeah and like and not not redeeming and immediately targeted until like a little skin on on the floor. She made it work. I do think that this episode was a beautiful example of how hard it is to be vulnerable with strangers and then also on tv. Because i think akasha came up came in with like a really big guard up so it became really hard to see like the sweeter more it was hard to get a sense of her story and they gave it to us this time because she was on her way out the door in the editing room but and she had a big wall up so she came off his route and the interview and then had a big wall up. So you know. All we heard about was how expensive everything was and how she's executing everything perfectly and how. What did you say she does. She said she was nice when she was done with the interview. She was like i was nice. Kyros classy i and it was like okay. Sure the doors they're right. She said she's like i connected with the guests. And it's one of those moments where it's like if you do all the talking you think it went really well. I mean well. Meanwhile tori spelling's. I you just see five questions. Well but this is. This is an example. How you tori spelling actually is a very smart and like personal person. She's able to like an even dean is like even when he eats like they're able to make every moment seemed like a casual fun thing when reality the in the background they're like what did you think of the final like lip sync moment where chanels head piece comes off and she rips everything off. She rips on the played her her medusa ripping off the breastplate like witness saw was ending as far as it seems we we got. It also might a bracelets. Especially then you're doing ripping apart that goes around your neck because you might not be able to especially because she was able to do it like nude allusion so that looked like her skin. So you don't want to rip that because that bat rip is hard to cover Okay now question did you. Did you clock that. That was a manufactured. Moment ahead peacefully. Yes yes aloe. Because they had heard that they had asked her to be more vulnerable right. You're not showing on ability and she's like of course i can show vulnerability and then they had heard lip sync to the greatest love of all. It's a very tender emotional song. And she's wearing this big had peace and then what she did was. She jumped her headpiece crumbled. And you know that. Chanel is aware of every single detail of what's going on her body like if she gained during this thing she probably knew and she did it. She orchestrated that moment of vulnerability. So chanel actually is. The best editors repulsed allies. Say she took that and was like oh i am. I'm a huge fan of racer. And they do. They actually called chanel to get it from the horse's mouth so chanel confirmed she. Did that. also also buries a great technique. I like if they're asking you do something you're like. Yeah let's rip out my my head and my breastplate was take care. What's it what's so funny. Is that like this. This started a trend of people on rupaul's drag race taking things when they get and be became a trend for a while until everyone was like. Just keep your wig on like that anymore. I like to leave it on. Please being asked. Yeah so anyway. But i do think that the game was played quite well by lady chanel. And that's why she stayed and that's why akasha left. Poor caution was crying at the end. Which if she just done that one episode earlier i have gone the distance as she could have done the limited and they would have pushed her far so knowing what we know. Now about drags journey. What what we think we've learned about. I don't know just the journey of drag since episode three riposte decorates what. We've learned a lot about what eyebrows look like. They should look. I rouse indefensible eyebrows. We have made immense. I think that there's something to be said for drag becoming more mainstream And when when just one came out like that's two thousand ten two thousand nine ya. This was not a thing that was really. It was sex so fringe so e show fringe. i mean. I remember watching season one drag race on tv by media and the next episode. Well and i think that from there now it's just fascinating evolution of something that is so like a marginalized community becoming so mainstream that like it let drag become an actual career. It was. It was awesome new job as a select few. Were doing it as a career Like me for for instance. If if drag race wasn't what it is i and also i started doing dragging 2012 like even me doing this as a career didn't exist. That would that would not be an option for me to do. I would not be able to do what i do for a living as a career had the show not is in and also watching the evolution of abyss queens season one even to like i mean look at the makeup skills changed from season one to season to even but like more seriously like season four but like it elevate elevated drag and now a lot of queens oh whoa rupa's ariston fucked up drag but it's actually i mean i can. I can see that side of it but the other side is that like this is my bread and butter. This is what i do for a living and if that show wasn't that show i would not be getting paid what i get paid to be at my bars. You know and and it reaches out even further. It's like i wouldn't be working as a bartender at pieces. Yeah because i got hired to do drag shows and then i got to be a bartender. It's like it's farther reaching than than than people give it credit. Yeah i think. I think it's i think it's created work opportunities for many many people and and it changed. It's changed the way that we gather as crew people. Because i i mean you talk about two thousand twelve. I remember moving to new york city in two thousand and ten and a lot of the bars were just places where like we went and we drank and partied and then there were like they were a lot of drag shows. But there there wasn't like i wouldn't say that every bar had a serious drags show schedule. And i think that that has really changed over the past ten years and i think i think too. It also gave a platform at bars for queen to an show. Yeah it's like it's a did pieces have cheese shows every every day of the week in two thousand and ten now. This is what i mean like. Literally they have a whole drag schedule and they have to have it filled and people come to watch these shows get. I mean even like when mary cherry started doing i can't remember. It was a black drag queen or queens of color night at macrey park on saturdays. I think was newest saturdays or sundays. I think it was. I think it was a sunday. Because i remember leaving my show and coming to see her. Yeah anyway the point is is just just like the way that like literally like people can go and have their own shows and it was just. It became a thing where like at a certain time or like. Oh my god. Did you ever go to that really late. Dipper good otter box was is. That is that the bar of the party. An after hours party was it in at the deep end. I can't remember where it was but it was it was like in williamsburg and it was like it would happen. It would happen after after two. Am or something. I don't know but it was very late. But i just remember going to otter box because i was like the dragon just so good like it's so late at night it's at such a random time but the drag is just so good at it was like this like fringe party but like i don't know i just think that drag becoming just by exploding and becoming mainstream and more people doing it. It's unleashed a lot. More creativity out there and i'm so grateful for it so yeah i agree and also like i think at the same time that it's like a lot of people are doing it. I think also what what is fostering is good competition. Yeah i mean. I mean i've always said i've always said from day. One drags on commissioner. I'm like bitch yes. It is dragged visit public. Because guess what like if you can ask for this amount of money from a bar. There's gonna be clean. Who's newer the you. Who wants to. Who will take your gig for less money. Who will undercut. You know you have to fight for how much you're worth And also prove it. Yeah but since drag is a competition and also rupaul's drag race is the epitome of that. But i think also at the same time it really is. Fostering like a whole genre of bike art and bike experimental especially in brooklyn. you know. it's mental weird. Shed and a mike down for it. Also i must have like down to critique it to hell also also fully willing to be like read me bitch read me. Tom brown's the wrong way. They their cousins. not sisters or twins alabama. Their cousins may be dating married. Yeah well honey. Only well ruby. Thank you so much. I know that you're snowed in and you're you have house guests and husbands and you know delivery We are. We're so grateful for your time and thank you patty me. This is really a blast. Y'all thaws i will. I'll be sure to swing by pizzas whether it's inside outside. you know. Find a way to make on the corner bottle of vodka would just hanging on of it. Thank thank you so much and actually actually world world world world world. Where where can people find you. I know you have. I looked up your instagram handles. And all the other handles and each one of them slightly different working people stop find. You really do all those things. The reason al my handles of different is because white bitches love naming their dogs ruby ru head stealing all the social media handles post to photos of their dogs and then never posted anything again. I have literally written to them have been like hey elderly. Pay you to release the who handle on twitter. Yeah nope nothing. Of course because because they're not read sorry. The dog died and now they have the username and they don't use it. You gotta tell your report their account and then it'll get taken down and then you got is anything i can do. I mean it's like a truly thing to do but you could do it. You're going to help me do this. This podcast is literally to fight for my handles. Yes so the wine is the most Is in ceram Ruby ruby ru. Are you be why are you are a if he type in ruby you will. It should come up for me. If you're a resp- respectable queer. Should she'll drag. You'll be able to find it if you don't and you're poser. Then maybe you're going to have an issue now. Good luck than it. But i'm ruby. Rose an actress on on twitter which. I don't really use that often. I need to. I need to start using my twitter. But i just really used to report but issue dates it's ruby ruby brewed. Are you beware ab Are you d e because even ruby ruby ru was stolen by another dog. This is this is this is this is forty. I'm here. I'm here and then on facebook. You can find me at ruby ru and you can also type in horse. That's my alias. On on of you type in horse it shows us. Did you meet ruby roof. It's me sarah jessica parker and buzi farris who faulty and you're also on youtube. Yes my suggestion. Which i don't have any more made me youtube also. I have to take some things down from that actually but Yeah searched I think it's ruby ridge. Nyc on youtube. I believe also and also i have a website Ruby ru nyc dot com. Yeah i went on a gorgeous. The photos that the fashion the fame. It's it's everything. Well it's been. It's been such a pleasure. We'll talk to you again soon. Thank you for all the behind the scenes info. The little tease. But until i until until the next bane this is not one on anna and all that kind of interesting about all. Thanks for listening to the apocalypse podcast network. For more great podcasts. Go to apocalypse podcast network dot com and remember every time you support one of our sponsors. You're supporting the podcast you just heard.

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