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College Football Week 5 Recap


Welcome to the solid verbal. For me, I'm a man. I'm forty. I've heard so many players. They why wanna be happy. You want to be happy for day stake. That won't down and tie. Hey, everybody and welcome back to the solid verbal. Of course, this is Dan voice because this is Dan speaking tie was attending too much more important things yesterday. So he was unable to watch games. He was spending time with his family. Yesterday was of course his father in law's funeral. So he was celebrating a great life and a great man. So and he really does appreciate all of your support. So there's no easy way to transition, but we're very grateful that our pal, Andy Staples, once again, able to join us to talk week five, Andy, how's life? How's it going? It's good. It's good. I'm I'm old. And but it didn't feel any different watching football a forty year old. So good. I was gonna really lean into the thirty five. It's a big one you can run for president. I've already passed one election where I could run and I just forgot. I didn't get enough signatures on the ballot. Fair enough. So you're able to watch games yesterday was yesterday your actual fortieth? Yes. It was ninety three AM yesterday. So you celebrated with vomiting. This true way to term forty when a little too hard on Friday night now. Now, yesterday was was very relaxing. I just watched a lot of football all day and is one of those things where because I've worked, I always work on my birthday and and usually Madda game, we celebrate some other day. The only reason why didn't do it. This is I knew state Penn State was the big, the big game that I would need to be at if I was going to a game night games and say, college are so hard to get to get. They take so long. You don't get back to your hotel room to like six AM the next day. And so I was like, you know what? I don't think they'll mind if I just watched that one on TV and no, honestly, I feel like I, I like those weekends where I can just sit and watch because I see so much more. You know, there's so many games that you like if I was at Penn State Ohio State, I wouldn't have seen a second of Notre Dame Stanford. Which I thought was was pretty valuable to watch because I have a very different opinion about Notre Dame now that I had a week ago that that's a big deal and then also got to watch some Kentucky, South Carolina. Some Helen's you'll miss stuff. I just wouldn't have been able to see fair enough before we go on, let's do something we do every week to start. This recap show and hit you with the rivers are made from the carcasses of dead trees. You had no chance Stanford. Hey, guys from Nashville, Tennessee. Hi, this is Patrick from lovely, Hayward, California. This is red from Texas. Hi, this is Trevor Ariza hey, this is Jack in Indiana. Watching my Stanford cardinal getting told a very, very fortunate story when annoying, but very good buck. My only consolation is a Stanford stance night is the cardinal will not face defense as good as Notre Dame's the rest of this year. Can you draw that big TV humi weady hounding. Jerry Tillery is Brian Kelly secretly visa at head coaching. My heart goes out to Penn State fans everywhere. You clearly looked like the better team on the field for portion of the night, and I cannot believe the call that they made to run that play and game like that to the bucks. And I don't even know what to say. Why would again this is team that looks good enough today to make the playoffs and they blew it against the buckeyes for the second straight year. This is a bummer. Say five tall is probably the worst play calling that I've seen since the l. decided not to off marshawn Lynch. I was worried they would lose, but then Penn State started throwing lateral to their backup. Quarterback should've known. Michigan comes back from seventeen down and beats northwestern. You know that called for fall only lasted thirty minutes reflectively three in one right now, Brian back. You can blame dad, Bo Sweeney cover, Lawrence, get knocked out. Great job, managing the quarterback situation, sweetie, nice job calling on behalf of my friend, Kelly. Just wondering if it's possible on France. Hey, hey, hey, hoagies beat the fighting cut. Chris today is the university of Texas four and one b k. state. I don't know how would be case they because they always be Texas at Oklahoma, your net, it was ugly, but, hey, you don't go into Bill Snyder, family fund steak and shake house or whatever, and expect a cakewalk. I need that Tennessee dramatic drive chart reading. I really thought was Tennessee was going to be able to keep a close there for a while. Then I realized that the crock pot got left on dog Lord of football, new coach, and yet still winning the same old. God, it's so foreign away. I feel pretty confident that fifty. State is not ten to fourteen points. Okay. So as Allman. Okay. What does Auburn. Who is Auburn? Sorry view. I you this version. You dad likes to Verita all teams names Cougars. Interesting. And the state, and it's lot more fun only blocked punt and having our own blocks, lots more fun and calling tell you that I will be bathing and since chilly tonight as the Bearcats of five. And I just want Dan to acknowledge that disrespect that he had for the Brown bears and acknowledged of feeding that they put on the Hoyas away from multi sport field. I just gotta say Notre Dame fan. I'm looking at the way things are going, and I think this is the time where you get up to mystic and you start yelling, we want Bama and then just see it all come crumbling down and I'm, I'm ready to go through that. Damn, I love it. I understand the emotions. I can't. I can't criticize anybody for digging deep needing to talk to somebody calling into the river blind. Always appreciate it and love all of that spice. I suppose let's start with what you were just discussing before we went to the reverse, and that's that Ohio State Penn State game, and it really marries nicely with you talking about perhaps questionable decisions of your own in your drinking life and finishing out the Penn State offense of run for the win with a perhaps questionable decision are awfully virtual opinion. You may. Okay. So my initial response to that play call was the same as everybody else. That's the best thing he'd come up with every two timeouts. But I thought about what the second half it looked like offense for Penn State and you know what? I don't necessarily disagree with the call because that just straight read option had worked, especially with trace McSorley keeping. And I saw a lot of people on Twitter saying, oh, you gotta have trace McSorley with the ball in his hands. Guys is read option. He has the option to keep the ball. He chose to let. The back, take it, which if you watch the play, it was the right choice. Ohio State defended perfect. They had not defended it perfectly all night. So again, I don't have as big of a problem because if they run that play ten times, five of them trace McSorley squirts out of there and gained fifteen yards. But they had the quarterback keep played perfectly Penn State just in block it very well. Yes. So if you didn't see the play, I imagine by now you probably have what Penn State driving to win. The game has a big fourth and five after uneven game by both teams offensively both going through spurts of success and slowing down on offense, but Penn State moving the ball on that huge, fourth and five after a couple of timeouts to sort of see what state is showing they decide to give the ball are traits McSorley gives the ball to mile Sanders in spot. And you know after four quarters of really the running game being entirely trace McSorley he runs for one hundred seventy five yards. And if you go back and watch the play and this is to Andy's point. What state is showing and what Penn State players and coaches talked about after the game is the fact that one this play has worked in the past with what good teams have shown like what, how state showed Ohio State did a great job looping around to cover that crease last second before the snap so well, and and I don't think that was a case of they knew that was coming right think that was that's Greg Xianglin shoe. That was glad I had that call in because I didn't know what was going to happen, but they had chase young doing a stunt, and it just so happened that the right guard didn't pick him up and he's right there to blow up that play. Because honestly, if if he's not doing that stunt, if they're just coming straight ahead that play probably gets blocked and Sanders has a really good chance of getting that I down. Yes. And it's also a spot in which if you give it to trace McSorley, yes, you have the opportunity to have him make a play with his arm or his leg. Eggs. But fourth and five is a dicey position, and you know, they had it against Appalachia state, and there was a deal where they had some soft coverage. Ohio State was playing soft wonder Seaver. Then pressing up on the other guys. The Appalachian state play McSorley recognize where the soft part of the coverages and it was, I'm blanking on his name, but the guy, the guy who played high school ball with McSorley, right? So they don't even need to talk. They just kind of look at each other and he knows the settle down soft spot and but that was a fourth in three. This was a fourth and five. So again, I'm not gonna kill the play call on that. If we wanna talk about Bobby Patrizia throwing the ball up three with ninety seconds left. That's a different story, but I'm not killing this Blake on particular because again, if they hadn't had the stun on, if whoever and I forget which Ohio State defender broke through and was, was there right on top McSorley because he's the one. Who made that play? Right? Even more than chase young did because if McSorley can keep than it's it's over. He's out the back door and he's going to get the first down and probably a lot more. So I just think that was a couple of good individual efforts by Ohio State and not the worst play call in the world. Sorry. No. And also we should, you know, big picture games don't come down to one single play, and if Penn State makes three open field tackles in later on in the game were probably not having this conversation at all. And also, if if that spot is. Is not done the way it's done right on the one Ohio State touchdown drive. Correct because it sure looked like he didn't make it, and I'm a person who thinks JT made it in the Michigan game. He got over that line and the Michigan game, right. It didn't look like he got over. The didn't look like they, they got that first down in this particular didn't fully. I wasn't confident in that spot either. But big picture trace McSorley was incredible doing just about everything for Penn State. Chase Yang was maybe even better with what he was tasked with doing for Ohio State on defense in Nick boasts stead. Just interrupting everything that that knocked down. I forget it was third or fourth down. Oh, was touchdown? Yes. Did you see the replay of urban Meyer watching it because he seeing the receiver or the it was the back slipping out into the into the flat. He's seeing that happen and going. Oh, no. Oh, no, they've got us. They've got us. Yes. And then chase young jumps up in bats. PAT's doubt and admires like shoe, whoa, close to see him both recognize in the moment and make the play is that's next level. That's your difference between a five star and four star essentially. Well, and chase. Young, I think is one of those people that draft picks are looking at is top five type pick in the in the two thousand twenty draft right? Clear why the f. lettuces and the awareness, the motor, everything appears to be there, and we can talk about Penn State Ohio State for a long, long time. But the fact of the matter is Ohio State adjusted really well and offense going to screens. Penn State made some enormous plays and got some enormous stops. And the game did come down to that final drive because of a number of factors. But Elias state going into Happy Valley into that environment with a quarterback who has never ever gone into a difficult road spot. And even though Dwayne Haskins did not have anywhere near his best game. Impressive win for Ohio. A really great second-half Ryan day. Yes, because yes, they evaluated what wasn't working and they fixed it. They realized, okay, we've got a quarterback who's getting rattled who is struggling to complete, passes down the field. So let's get him some stuff. He he can build some confidence, easy completions to really good athletes in space, and they're gonna make stuff happen. And that's what they so they stopped trying to to hit home runs, and they started taking singles and doubles. Yep. And all of a sudden they're moving the ball down the field and their tempo started killing Penn State. So very good job. I Ryan day recognizing that and putting his quarterback in a position to succeed. Yeah, singles with errors turned into triples, and that's what happened for Ohio State. So incredible win for Ohio State and. Penn State? I think we think a lot of looks like they could be in for a little bit of a letdown, but if trace McSorley is performing the way he did, they should be fine. Let's go to another quarterback who I don't know if anybody was really expecting to be what he is at the moment. Ian book comes more than just through. He is legitimately good against a good Stanford team spreading the ball around. Notre Dame is very good on the ground. Stanford offensively the ability to just throw the ball to these giant pass catchers and hope for the best didn't work enough. Bryce love had one run, and that was essentially it for Stanford on the ground. The Stanford offense is just it's not where it's been these past few years and the credit there has to go to what Notre Dame was able to do on defense. Yeah, and I think the world is learning about Jerry Tillery. That guy's incredible. He was really good last year too, but it's just, it was interesting. I remember last year when I went to two. Preview. I went to Athens the Monday before Georgia went to Notre Dame, and I remember one of the Georgia coaches telling me he said he said, it's amazing because we looked at all their film in the off season, and then we looked at the film of their first game. None of the same defensive lineman or playing like a whole bunch of guys had just beaten guys out at Notre Dame, right? And this generation of Notre Dame front. Seven guys is really good, and they sort of found their way last year and now they are at the strength of that team, yes. And on all three levels, whatever it is, if it's drew tranquil in the linebacking core, that secondary did a very good job. All things considered against the Stanford receiving core. And in book just made plays. He looked comfortable. He looked prepared. He looked confident, especially in the red zone. Dexter Williams comes out, comes back on his first carry takes to the house touchtone ridiculous and again, looping back. Good for Jerry Tillery for. Being known for making big plays instead of stopping USC players, which is yes. Prior to this year, probably the land wedding we knew him for. Yeah. Well, the and book thing's amazing because it it is. It kind of goes back to the conversation. We were having about Dwayne Haskins in the second half. Sometimes just staying on schedule is the most important thing. Oh, my gosh. Yes. And Notre Dame stays on schedule with the in book. Now Brandon wimbush can give you some amazing things, but then you also have negative plays in completions book. Just keeps them going, keeps the trains moving on time and sometimes that that's all you need when you have a really good defense and you have good good receivers, a good tight end and backs that can carry the ball. You don't need somebody to be superman. No need somebody to keep the thing moving. And that's certainly what he does. Does and look. The Notre Dame thing is fascinating to me because they're scheduled before the season. We were like, wow, it's rugged. Yeah. Now it doesn't look so daunting. This trip to Blacksburg this week. Maybe the best chance anybody has to beat them the rest of the year. Yeah. With how USC look last night. With, I mean, wake didn't do themselves. I mean, they already beat wake, but pit is Florida. State doesn't look. Good Syracuse does look pretty good. That's. Yeah, yeah. So I just, yeah, Notre Dame be wearing hideous uniforms and probably should lose just for wearing those uniforms. Correct. That said they'll probably win that game. I would've so, yeah. So this is interesting because in two thousand fifteen, we talked about Notre Dame's potential playoff contender. Last year. We talked about it up until the Miami game. I think they're going to be one. We're talking about into the last week of the season into the game. If they go twelve, obviously there in eleven and one is going to be a massive debate, but I keep waiting for this because you know, I always talk about the first year that to teams get in. That's when that's when these conferences really gonna start having discussions about what? Why did we start a system that there's five of us and four spots? The first time Notre Dame gets in, they're going to go nuts. And I, I would especially love if the first time Notre Dame got in a league teams and at the same time. And I, I think the SEC in the big ten both have that capability this year. So that would be my. Is just perfect chaos. Storm is Notre Dame gets in two big ten or two teams get in just watch those people freak out. If yeah, if Notre Dame goes even they're eleven and one, if they're twelve and older and if they're eleven and one that will include a Michigan win, like relatively comfortable, Michigan win, very comfortable. Stanford win, probably comfortable, Virginia Tech and USC winds on the road. It's hard for probably either a pack, twelve or big twelve champion at this point to compare. So somebody goes through the big, twelve undefeated I think I think that will be respected. Yes, this year because I feel like they got some pretty good teams this year. You look at tex- Texas looks like a legitimate team. Now, Oklahoma is is what it's always been and West. Virginia looks very good. So it does feel like there's there's a little more quality in the big twelve right now. In conclusion in book, sometimes the best ability. Is dependability pillow. Can I put that on a pill? Stitch it on a pillow. Actually, it's a that is a success. Sary's poster was it's got the ball legal flying over a river. Sometimes the best ability is depend too. Yeah, that's paraphrasing our pal Bengal also at sl saying sometimes the best ability is availability. That's my version of it. That's. That's actually my my mantra. That's my professional mantra. Yeah. I mean, it's all paraphrasing the John wooded ninety percent of life is showing up, but it's true. It was very it staying on schedule. Let's move to another quarterback situation that is not nearly as happy right now, but I think long term will be Trevor. Lawrence takes shot against Syracuse in the first half Clemson, not looking particularly good with Trevor Lawrence in there. Just looking sort of sluggish on offense and Syracuse move the ball pretty well. Got a couple of turnovers in there for the Tigers Trevor Lawrence leaves chase, Bryce comes in an unproven not necessarily heralded quarterback Syracuse though with the lead for most of this game, ultimately gives way to Clemson and Travis ATN onto Renfro makes a couple of big plays Clemson survives after a pretty tumultuous week where the Kelly Bryant, I believe he will still be transferring from Clemson. Yeah, I don't think he was going to. It's funny because everybody at halftime. Can they call Kelly? I had a had actual college college football people who work in college football going, you know, they can't do that right. Yes, to be on the dress roster that like, oh, well, you're killing it because I wanted to WWE insurance back God. That's Kelly Bryant music? No, out a motorcycle on a parish. Yeah, exactly. So Daboh and Nick Sabin figured out something that I think probably some of the other top shelf top echelon coaches need to need to kind of figure out is you need that three star quarterback that you sign with the five star guys because he's not going to transfer. He's going in there thinking, I'm not considered as good as these guys. So if I don't win starting job right away, that's fine because that's the way it was supposed to be. That's chased. Bryce. Also Mack Jones in Alabama, had Jalen hurts decided to do something, then he would have been the backup to talk of law. Yep. And you notice Jones got in yesterday through ninety four yard touchdown did, but. But that's the thing that that Daboh Nick Sabin got right that you know, look at some of these other coaches. They haven't quite figured out. Just try to get, you know, the four and five stars, and then they all leave. And then you've got nothing. Well. Chase Bryce was was very important yesterday because magic, imagine if they'd only had four stars because all the four and five stars have left other than Trevor Lawrence, they lost what four. In the past six, eight months, Kelly, Bryant was that three star, but once he became the starter for a year you can. You can kind of Atta star to right, but but yeah, you gotta have that guy who isn't expecting to be the starter you're in book for example. Exactly. Exactly. Ian book was a guy that Notre Dame came in on kind of late and you know, he just they, they're willing to wait it out and they're not afraid of competition because why would they sign their if they were, you know, they may be signing there for other reasons or they may have this belief in themselves that they are better than people think they are. And here's this chance to prove it and chase Bryce on fourth and six yesterday he proved it that. Was unbe an unbelievable throat. Because if you think about the situation that they were in Syracuse shows that they're bringing six on that play. So if you're a redshirt freshman playing in your first real action, you know he'd gotten into mop up duty, but first real teeth of the game action. Fourth down your team will lose your national title hopes may go down the toilet. If you don't make this play and looks like they're bringing six. And then all of a sudden they only bring three and they drop eight. Typically, a young quarterback will throw it interception in that situation. He looked off the safety and dropped it right in the bucket perfectly. That was a veteran play by guy who wasn't supposed to be playing and as one of those things why that's why we watch to see stuff like that. 'cause 'cause that was pretty amazing. And you have you just have to feel. Good for the kid because here's a guy who was not one of those five star guys was not. I'm going to be the, he signed with Clemson because he wanted to go play for a really good team. Any new there was a chance he may never get in even if only how life works. Even if state Penn State doesn't come down to a specific moment. You knew watching this game of eventually chase, Bryce is going to have to make a play with his arm that she was going to force him to make a big throw at a big moment. So there was that that feeling leading up to whenever that was going to happen, if Clemson has a chance they need to complete a significant pass. Yeah. Now, here's my my issue with Clemson period. Forget who's playing quarterback. The rest of the roster should be so good that they should be dominating most of the teams other schedule, right? And it concerns me that they can't seem to always do that like. As good as they've been over the years, they've never evolved into the killing machine in Alabama's. It is. It's something that you would have figured at this point with as many top three classes with it being the best school to develop receivers, they've developed pretty good running. Backs. The line has rate de Lima. Great, great. D. lineman that you'd figure that eventually they'd force enough three and outs and essentially do it. Ohio State did in the second half last night. Just just give it to t Hagans just give it to Martavis Bryant. Just give it to whoever and let them make a play, but you get those firm in games. You get the Syracuse games. You get do enough to win, but not enough to separate which it can't be all that exciting, but the fan base has national championship, but still it has to be frustrating. Oh, yeah. And the thing is you love the national championship, but they are a team that talent wise. They're one of the few that can actually compete with Alabama. Yes. So you wanna see that you want to see them do that. And. Here's the other thing with Clemson that is no fault of their own, but something they must deal with the ACC is is not good this year, and so they may have to go undefeated. They may not. They may not be able to afford to have that weird random loss that they seem to have. And so they just may have to keep keep winning these things and they should be able to buzzsaw some of these teams and they're not always doing that, like, Alabama, it's going to be shocking if somebody's within two touchdowns in them, Clemson. I'm not shocked if anybody other scheduled plays minutae game. Yeah, they have NC state and a couple of weeks at home. They go to BC which looks to have more life than usual, especially on offense. South Carolina looks like the ultimate South Carolina team this year. They're aggressively above average, if that's and Florida state's on the road, and Florida state showed some life yesterday in the second half. Thanks to Louisville. I don't think they're going to get that life treat over that one. Yes. Short of that NC state game. There's no team on this schedule, especially after how Duke looked against Virginia Tech yesterday that should be able from talent and coaching combination perspective to hang with Clemson, I don't think, but it depends on Trevor. Lawrence has health though as well. I think so. And look, they can. They can work this with chase Bryce. Now they got to be careful. I noticed that they were running chase, Bryce, plenty yesterday. So it may be that it's a certain point they have to be one hundred running the triple option because that's their. That's their next option right now. But. How would it be though? If let's say Lawrence isn't back yet, Bryce get sting up for a game and Tra and Renfro has to come in and win the game at quarterback on believable. I think that would be probably the most fitting thing that could happen his senior year. Yeah, it's the ultimate Daboh story to the guy who's been for ten thousand years. All right. We've spent a lot of time talking about three games when they were like fifty quickly, West Virginia, Texas Tech dot super out of hand. And then Texas Tech's defense fully shutdown west Virginia's offense in the second half. But it wasn't quite enough because starting quarterback Alan Bowman gets hurt. Jet Duffy is a complete wildcard as you'd expect from somebody jet Duffy. And I just I wanna see jet Duffy running that offense except they include more like just half of it is read option, yes, in half of it as air raid like that. That's all I wanna see. The read, write. I want them to run Oklahoma's offense is what I want with jet Duffy. Yeah, come here for that. They're very few coaches that could probably shift to something like that on the fly. I feel like cliff Kingsbury probably could. Yeah, I think so too. So I'm here for that if they want to do it. Yes, West Virginia is aggressively all over the place. The only points they score in the second half as Texas Tech. Climbs back into this game was a pick six to sort of seal things. They have an amazing first quarter and then are ultimately very ordinary on both sides of the ball after that is that is that cause for concern with the West Virginia team who has pretty high upside because of Wilbur, I don't think it's caused concern. I, I still think they're learning how to have a win like this. They've never really been in this position before, so now they're going to get a month kind of work the kinks out before the November from hell starts. Yes and it is. It is awful, like their November is brutal, so they need to. To win all these games and win them big because stay healthy role and then get an ember. And that's when you kind of figure out what you are because you're going to need to go probably three and one in November. If you wanna play for the big twelve title. So that is the schedule. It's as bad as the end of it is they now have a chance to whatever issues they've found in the first month should be able to work them out these next few weeks. The other games between ranked teams were Oregon Cal, and I can tell you that there are more positive to take away from this Oregon win over Cal tame with, I think a pretty good defense, but there are still some concern, some sloppiness and playcalling concerns on offense and second-half organ wins the turnover battle five to one and the offense scores twenty eight. And this is a game late, winning the turnover, battle five to one. And I think a lot of that goes to Cal for calling a good game without really a passing quarterback, but or. Going good position just basically because they bounce back and get into the by week after that Stanford loss with with more positively than not listen. I don't think Oregon should be worried about anything. Okay. I realized they're frustrated about the way the Sanford game ended, and they should be a horrible way to lose a game, but they are in really good position because they're kind of a year early. And I realize the issue now is Herbert gonna stay or go because of all the guys who look like first round quarterbacks next year, he has the most incentive to actually stay another year. So it would be nice if he for them if he would because I think they'll be ready for all this next year. But if this is gonna be the last year they get with him, they can still make the most of it because they got an open date this week if they go to Washington and win or gene. I'm sorry. Yeah, they Washington awesome if they beat Washington, Washington, beats, Stanford. Sure. So you can get into that. Three way tie deal. And then then it just comes down how you play against everybody else. I think they should feel pretty good about that. Yeah, absolutely. Herbert was dropping dimes the defense from where they were a couple years ago. It's hard to be unhappy with much. They're turning Cal over like they did. The offensive line looks totally new and rebuilt s-. And you mentioned Washington, that was the other game between ranked teams. They just completely destroyed BYU their opportunistic with turnovers. Jake Browning looks officiant and accurate like we expected him to at the beginning of the year, and this defense is so by and far clear best defense. Essentially, I guess west of the SEC that it's not really worth delving too far into their just that excellent. They are, but I do wonder how they're going to look when they play organ. I don't think they've seen anything goes organ. Including Auburn in that, you know, you look at Auburn. What they've been since that Washington game. They got some problems ofensive -ly. So I'm not sure Washington has been tested like the way they're going to be tested when they play organ indirectly doesn't reflect super well on Wisconsin. I guess last night with BYU BYU it certainly doesn't was not. I mean, just as soon as they had a little momentum, they would turn the ball over. They gave Washington short fields. They played like a totally overmatched team that they're probably something like a seven and five team that just had a had a very nice day against Wisconsin can't take that away from them. LSU demolishes ole miss. I don't know much about what to take away from this game beyond ole miss defense, still terrible and LSU did what we believe a good team should do against this whole misty ole miss is defense is the best confidence boost for an offense that needs one. Yes, when they are medicine for for an offense that just needs a little bit of confidence. And that's what. LSU needs going into this meat, grinder. They're about to go into because there at Florida, Georgia comes to see them and then although Mississippi State hasn't looked good, that's not the team. You wanna see on the back end of at Florida and Georgia? No. They are. They needed this and they're gonna go play Florida team in Gainesville that Florida is going to be a lot more confident after these last two wins and should be. Florida's defenses looked really good. The last two weeks and LSU's offense is going to be tested and they're going to have to. They're going to have to perform because while I don't think Florida's going to score a ton of points, they're not gonna give up very many either. So Joe boroughs going to need to be opportunistic and crazy legs. Borough is almost one hundred yards on the ground. I, I think I think they have a pretty good offense. They tend to be very conservative will see with their offense of lying. Can they can they? Because I think what what will happen against Florida is they'll just kind of push on each other and push on each other. And eventually somebody's gonna break through. It'd be very similar to that Mississippi State Kentucky game a couple of weeks ago where for a half, it was just back. Fourth back for push push, push, push push, and then eventually the dam breaks. And I think the dam will break on on LSU will be the one doing the breaking, but it's gonna take a while and they they can't make mistakes in the meantime, because as for showed against Tennessee, it can capitalize on your on your mistakes. Yes, or it can keep teams close when you keep making your own mistakes as Arte and Mississippi State sort of exactly. Florida does a decent enough job on offense, but not scoring flea bay. Franks was finally hit some receivers with some some nice looks and rhythm, but that's about all the positive you can take away. They get the one touchdown on a double pass, Mississippi State taking three giant steps back from where we thought they were going to be after that Kansas state win and Florida doing really I learned more about frozen custard by the way leading up to this game than I ever thought I would. And by Dan Mullins order heroes elder. Yes, Dan, Mullins order pretty good all things considered with all the options on the table at bops and starkville pretty good order. Can I offer another potentially controversial opinion? I'm ready. Nick FitzGerald may not be very good passer. Oh, I think that's. I think that's like SEC cannon point. This point. To the point where maybe Kitone Thompsons the better option. Yeah, Mississippi state's offense. Look severely limited and maybe that's more credit to what Dan Mullen was able to extract from him because he because he knows what Mullin was able to expect. Here's the thing Moorhead is good with, you know, has been good with multiple quarterbacks. I realize nobody knows what he did it for them, but he did. He was really good with quarterbacks at Fordham you, but I'm just surprised because I figured he would just because Fitzgerald's running Bill obviously his his strong suit, and you're supposed to be so afraid of what he's gonna do running the ball that you leave receivers running wide open, right? And it just hasn't happened that way. And I wonder kion Thompson had the entire spring because Cheryl was recovering from the injury. Perhaps the offense might run better with the guy who actually knows it a little better because he's had more time in it. I don't know. I figured we would see more of what Mississippi State looked like last year against LSU that they were less talented than a lot of the teams. Lot of the better teams that they were going to face, but there were going to be those opportunities for Nick FitzGerald to pop a couple of our hero passes deep. Here's the thing about that that Mississippi State LSU game, which is truly a lot of what we base, what we think about misbehaving on. Yeah, and keeping a close against Alabama LSU in that game, if you were, I had been there. They would have put us in on the decline. Yeah, that's out. Then they were dealing that game. Arden key. Just come back. He was way overweight out of shape they, they, they were going to get destroyed that game. And we're basing a lot of what we think about Mississippi State on that game. And you're right the game. They played in Alabama. Close. That was the one where Alabama had been at the game. We played linebacker for alabam. Correct? Yeah, that's working in like Dylan, Moses true freshman, yes, correct. So I mean that that's. Unfortunately, we may have picked the wrong sample size. There is there are games like last year's game against Georgia for Mississippi State that you saw them against an elite team that was at the height of its power, and it didn't go so well. So maybe we just overestimated what they are. Let's let's keep underestimating Kentucky though, because, oh, the pick and against Kentucky. They are the clear number two team in the SEC east. The schedule shapes up after beating South Carolina, which I would still consider to be a pretty major hurdle in the SEC four team like Kentucky, looking to continue making a leap Kentucky slows down in the second half, but that's not scoring is not well how Kentucky wins, what are Kentucky's losses the rest of the year. So they have. They have three lose -able games is Georgia, maybe Missouri, right? And well, if TEC say, looks like they did yesterday probably not saying, but that games on the road Kyle field. Tough place ago. So I think worst case scenario we're talking nine in three, yes, which was an increase case scenario. We're talking eleven and one medium case scenario. We're talking ten and two. You know what that means. That means a full peachable. Oh my gosh. Gary stoke at the peaceful is doing cartwheels right now because that stadium we sold out and solid blue. I can also see an extension for Mark stoops that is regretted in like four hundred forty six days. Yes, exactly. Exactly. But they're going to have to 'cause he's going to be. He's going to be one of the hot names. Yeah, absolutely. It really isn't credible. Benny smell. I mean by his standards doesn't have an enormous game, but Kentucky does enough defensively, they completely shut down South Carolina and especially up front, Josh Allen is an all SEC defensive player factor. Now. I think he's defense is the one is not getting the credit because you know, we love Benny Snell because he photo shops, trash talk, right? He's just a joy to watch and we love their offensive line. They have a guy named punchy guy named bungee and then Terry Wilson's fun to watch, but their defense. I mean, that's what shut down Florida. That's what shut down. State and that's down South Carolina. They weren't playing now South Carolina. They did. They scored twenty four points in the first half the Mississippi State. They needed that defense to keep him in them in the game. So I just, you know, I'm so impressed by how far this team is come. And again, we look down that schedule where losses and the way they're constructed. If there's a team in the east that can even challenge Georgia, they're it because they, they don't mind going toe to toe with you. They don't mind playing a very tough game in the trenches that does not bother them. So that actually could be a fun game winning without good quarterback play is one of those secret sauces where, oh, your quarterback has a bad game, doesn't matter. We're used to winning without meeting that. So there's something special about that. Georgia eventually runs away from Tennessee, though. I think there if we're going to complement Tennessee going through a pretty rough stretch right now, upfront against Georgia's run game. I thought there was a good amount of energy and buying and they forced Jake from to beat them yet. Tennessee was not as bad as we saw in the Florida game, which you know. Of course, they weren't going to be. You can't be as bad as six turnovers. So I think maybe it's not as dire, although the them getting called for the same illegal formation on a punt three times was truly magical. Yes, truly magical. They show there. Like the last one Gary says, like, maybe they got it wrong, and they show the replays. They had five guys in the backfield. I do wonder. Where where that's headed, but I'm glad to see that they were not as bad as it gets Florida. And so maybe it's not an eight season the SEC upcoming? Yes, I think that's a fair question. At least Texan does not look very good against what looks to be. Probably the worst SEC west team in Arkansas. On a neutral sites. The game is probably going to be best remembered for JIMBO Fisher grabbing and shoving a face mask at the end of the game, which seemed excessive. I mean that that stuff doesn't fly anymore. No, and a bunch of players are tweeting out that like, come on, what are you doing? This does well, and here's my thing. You can yell at somebody all you want. Keep your hands off. Yeah, because once you put your hands on them, they have permission to put their hands on you and JIMBO Fisher's going to do that to the wrong guy and find out he's really small. Yes, it's true, but I guess good for say an for winning when not looking all that good. Arkansas does a good job against kellyn Monde. Auburn is putting Albert his foreign one with a, we know that there's a facade of a good team. We have no idea what's holding up this foreign one after they struggle again on offense against southern miss. So they were shuffling their offense of line. Again, they had some injuries on the offense of line again. And here's the thing they're play Mississippi State and it's two teams that are not what they hope to be. But the thing is if Auburn can get through the hat, they're still five in one wrecked. They're still in better shape than than you'd think. And all that other stuff can maybe get worked out as guys get healthy. But I don't know. I mean, eventually Mississippi state's got a breakthrough to, and this is a game where Auburn with think will struggle to run the ball because of Mississippi state's front. I southern miss held Auburn to like two point seven yards a carry. So logically you'd think Mississippi State will be able to do at least that and if you, if that's the case in Jarrett's cinema better, have a great game. Yeah, and they're really starting to feel not having those two receivers. I think they were counting on who look like they're going to be red shirty now, even with some conversation about them coming back from eight year. All right quickly. Before we go on today's episode is presented by audible originals which are exclusive audio titles created by, let's say, celebrated storytellers from worlds as diverse as you know. Feeder, journalism, literature, food, whatever. There's a ton every month. Audible members get one credit for any audio book plus to audible originals from a changing selection all the time. You just can't get anywhere else. And you also get access to audio fitness and health workouts created exclusively for audible come on, get jacked, get yoked, getting great shape. Audible has the largest selection of audio books on the planet which will let you fill your affiliate fall with more stories. Like I actually listened to hit makers which was great by Derek Thompson. 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Yeah, that's the two and a half quarters thing because then you force the defense to be on the field a ton. Yeah. And that's and that's the difference between this Alabama team and other Alabama teams in the past, you weren't having to keep up on the scoreboard. If you're if you're like in the ten, nothing game a couple years ago, you know l. issues defense is playing playing. It's heart out and offenses during the game still within reach. One mistake might turn the thing. This. Time Alabama's gonna be up two touchdowns and that mistake doesn't mean as much gonna learn a whole lot about this LSU offense when that game happens. And the good thing is, I guess they both have a by. So LSU will have no preparation excuse 'cause they should be ready to go, no. And then they're going to be pretty banged up after this stretch, but they will. They will get the by. So. All right. Let's go to the big ten as we spent a lot of time on the these ranked games, Michigan needs every second to crawl and scratch back to beat northwestern on the road, which is both telling the old adage of like, how good is your bad because Michigan's offense was not great against northwestern, but also Michigan with this defense should be better than average teams by fourteen to twenty two points. Yes. And I would say that shape Patterson is probably the reason they pull that out because there were some place he made with his legs just kept kept the chains moving where Dr. Stop before. So that's good. Unfortunately, when they play Penn State and when they play state and maybe when they play Michigan state, those aren't first downs you saw trace McSorley. There was a play where what's the the linebacker who used to be a safety for Ohio State runs him down from behind, right, okay, shape. Patterson gets tackled that situation too. If you can do that to trace McSorley do that shape Patterson. So they've got to figure out a way to to put teams away like that because if they can't, they're not going to be dealing. They're not going to be in the game with a Penn State or with an Ohio State. Michigan. Michigan has an eleven in one defense with eight and four offense. Yeah, because you're okay. Koran Higdon is not having that game against their better opponent. No, and that's been their problem is they'll have those games where they run the ball against inferior opponents and everything looks okay. And then they get, you know, get to a good team and they. Cannot run the ball and everything else breaks down. So I hope you know, maybe maybe they build on this game though, in terms of blocking playcalling and everything and figure out a way to run against those teams. That's the part I worry about because when they needed to run a lot of the running, they got was shape Patterson scrambling around that won't work against Ohio State because they're too fast. So I worry about Michigan I was. I was sort of on the in the mode of they're fine. They just lost a really good Notre Dame team. It's going to be okay. And then in that game yesterday, kind of put me back in the mode of, I just don't know if their offensive -ly on the level of the better teams in the big ten. Are you familiar with escape rooms? No. Okay. So in a scape room is sort of like a group outing for like corporations and stuff, and you basically are locked in a room with a team of like. Four or five of your friends or co-workers or something like that, and you have to solve a bunch of puzzles to get out of to escape the room in like an hour. And so it's about teamwork and it's about creativity, and it's about focusing and when you solve all the puzzles, you get to leave the room. Sometimes it's like you're trying to detonate a bomb. It's just a fun activity that people do. And I feel like if you put this Michigan staff in an escape room to be creative and solve puzzles in an hour, they would just try to throw equipment through the door. That is where they're at, like the problem solving and creativity is so far behind other teams with this talent level. Probably a good example was you saw Ryan day solve a problem for Ohio State last night? Correct. And, yeah, you didn't really see any problems for Michigan. They just kept doing the same things and. It worked out for them yesterday, not sure it would keep working out down the road elsewhere. Nebraska loses again, there's not much to take away from this game other than it's still going to take a lot of time. Scott frost is getting a little more impatient. It seems and Purdue isn't particularly good. They score forty two on this pretty woeful. Nebraska defense. Yeah. I mean, produce move the ball against everybody. So yeah, you had to expect that was going to happen the, but yeah, I, I don't know what you do if you're Nebraska, is that schedule? I'm not sure there's winnable game until Minnesota on October twentieth. Yeah, and Minnesota's fine. They're fine. And it's not. It's not a, it's not a slam dunk win either. It's no, you're going to fight for it and then you're gonna get killed at Ohio State. You better have Illinois late, I believe, yeah, you better be annoyed, but then so, I mean, this could be like a two win season. Yes. Boston chip Kelly who, obviously. Joined at the hip. They might win a combine to the over unders two and a half combined winds, probably which is pretty crazy. Indiana beats Rutgers which Indiana foreign one goal is bowl eligibility for Indiana, and they look like they're on on pace to do that. Michigan state's that Michigan state Michigan game. I don't know what the over under his. I don't know that somebody's scoring a point and regulation, Michigan state comfortably ahead of central Michigan before the chip was comeback. Late Michigan state, the offense is not there. It's just it's a below average offense and a team. That's that's wasting a very good side of the ball with this Spartan defense. Yeah. And you wonder if it'll click income around or if this is just what it is I'm leaning toward, this is what it is. I think at this point it is what it is. Let's go back to offense because as Mak Brown, Qasem collar, Murray. As a wonderful day, he's cheat code. He is unlike. When things aren't there. He throws something there and it's it's super fun to watch. It's kind of sad. We only get one year of him, but he does make the clear correct decision to go play baseball because the correct life decision is always taking baseball money, fifteen million dollars a year guaranteed to play center field, which is what he'll be making in about five or six years. Is the way to go. Yeah, Baylor for all that it's worth their, improving the clear formula to beat Oklahoma is sort of what if you don't have the talent is to do something along the lines army tried doing Baylor, throws the ball sixty times probably not going to work to score Oklahoma's built to beat big twelve teams. Yes. So if you play like a big twelve team here, you're in trouble. Here's the thing. Texas doesn't play like those teams. That's correct. That's worse, right? But even okay. So over the past five years, when Texas has been the clearly inferior program is still one two of them and then play close the other three. So this game was probably going to be close whether Texas good or not. Just turns out texts might be good, so I don't know what that means necessarily, but I'm excited to watch it because I think I think Texas offense will look a little bit more capable against Oklahoma's defense. And this will be the big. Hist test of Oklahoma's offense so far because no one's actually stopped Oklahoma's offense army kept it off the field, but army's defense didn't stop them when they had the ball. They prevented big place. I think that's what it is when Oklahoma does have the ball, make them earn it downfield. Yeah, and I think that's what Texas will do. I mean, the question is, can Texas make Kyla Murray make mistakes because we haven't seen a make many mistakes yet. Correct. So Texas themselves on offense, mistakes against Kansas state, big shut out in the second half, but they they step up and prevent probably a very Texas loss from happening to Kansas state as the Wildcats comeback and make it a game late. But Texas still a little bit sloppy and places seminar makes a Cup, Sam etlinger, excuse me, makes a couple of big enough throws, but this was a relatively flat day for Texas. But you know, when you win and you're relatively flat ahead of a huge rivalry game, it's not the worst thing. Well, that I think that is the sign. Of progress is that? Yes, absolutely. Been a loss for Texas before they get to come away with a win, so they are. They are making progress. I'm not going to say Texas back and even if they beat Oklahoma and probably gonna say Texas back, but they are looking like a team that could compete in the big twelve, which is not something I would have said about any of the Texas teams of the past three or four years. I believe twelve, no ten offense of points because they have a a punt return touchdown and safety. So ten offense points against Kansas state. I'm not going to sound the alarm, but gonna need more than ten again. So you that. And I think they're going to get more than ten so you? Yes, I would assume so. I think they will be prepared. Tom Herman has shown himself to be at the very least a good big game coach and be last week who hate TCU is now on a one game winning streak against wha state. They pull this game out. Late TCU is probab-. Ably pretty good, but not where they've been these past three or four years. Right. And you saw Ohio state's offense like them up, but that is going to do that a lot of people. Yep. The Texas thing was interesting to me though, because the way Texas beat them was not what you've expected from Texas and no yesterday TCU was state looked like what game Gary Patterson would enjoy. You know, seventeen thirteen. So maybe the defenses. Okay. The defense is fine. I just I don't. I don't know that Sean Robinson is confident downfield even with, you know, he's got to good running backs. He's got three good receivers this, this felt like it would have been thirty one fourteen game with Trevan boykin. Oh, it definitely would've definitely would've so, but Robinson's a first year starting quarterback. Yeah, and we'll see. I mean, you know, in in a bad position because they've already lost Texas. They still to play Oklahoma. They just this might not be there year where they're competitive in the big twelve. All right. Let's go out west Friday night Colorado. Even though it's close at halftime runs away from UCLA. Stephen Montanez looks like he's one of the best three or four quarterbacks in the conference if not higher. And they have maybe one of the best five or six receivers in the country and LA, viscous Chenault heart, tell with who Colorado has played this far Nebraska and UCLA probably not the best measuring sticks. Yeah. We were talking about this on the radio last week and we had Mike MacIntyre on, and he said, he's like, we don't really know what we are yet because we just we have not had that that kind of test yet. And I think the problem is they still haven't crime. UCLA is not good. UCLA is going to be bad all year, and she's not going to tell you very much, but the good news for Colorado is the test do begin soon. So you get a visit from her this week and you know that that will test that offense because I think I think Zona say, defensively, they got some dudes. I love Renault Ren in the middle of that defense. He can blow up some stuff and makes makes you running game very difficult to to operate with him around. And then obviously Colorado's defense, we'll have to deal in the kill. Harry, the Nikial. Harry Lewis cushion matchup that now playing on the field of same time. But that's two of the best receivers in the country going at it. The Pac twelve has right now they've developed between JJ Sega, Whiteside, viscous Chenault, mceal Harry, Aaron. Fuller at Washington has been a quiet revelation and Dylan Mitchell at Oregon. They're putting together a nice class of receivers, this absolutely in guessing guys throwing the ball to. Yes. That makes a big difference like Montanez and Manny Wilkins. We weren't talking about as being great quarterbacks come into the season, but they get the job done. Yes, they are above average quarterbacks, which is not always coming in college football, let's stay live in Gainesville, Florida. Did I mention you did mention that? So UCLA right now, there were no real expectations going into season, but they sit enforce Cincinnati is better than we thought they'd be. They've played good to decent team, so it's not fully say UCLA is blowing it against bad teams. They have the Arizona schools Arizona's worse than Arizona state's. Utah's offense is still not all that good, but they have really good defense UCLA wears. The wind is now becoming a question, and I don't know where it is. May maybe it's Zona. But. Well, listen, USC will play down to you. That's like, that's true. That's true. But I mean, I can't see them beating organ not can't see them beating Utah. Cal looks like the type of team now, Justin Wilcox is like Mr. maddening, consistency. So even though they don't have the quarterback, they want right now for for what they'd like to do, they're still going to be a consistent, good defensive team that doesn't do per well coached. Yeah, exactly. So I don't like their chances against them either. Obviously, I don't like their chances Washington. Yeah. The Zona game on the twentieth is probably the. The most winnable game there because this could be home, man, this could be ugly. I hadn't looked all the way down the schedule at how bad it could be. But fair point by. By the folks that be nation after they lost Morgan Moriarty wrote about how chips probably gonna have more losses this year than he had in the entirety of his ten years at Oregon head coach chip, Kelly, believe if you look back to the NFL time, he's to eighteen in his last twenty, something crazy like that. So I, I think UCLA will be okay, but as there's nothing that tells me one hundred percent UCLA is going to become a nine win team with him. I just right now I can't say that, but we'll say he's got. He's got to change the culture there. The people forget when he took over at Oregon was like a lot of things going pretty good. Oh, it was white. Yeah. So this is this a little bit different? This is an overhaul. Yes, Washington state, Utah gets very weird at the end, Washington state comes back, pulls it out with a long touchdown, Utah in position to win this game, but keeps shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, and ultimately can't would have been a pretty great win for Utah to go to Washington state, but was who goes to foreign one and Gardner Minhsiu and his moustache are totally good. Yeah, I don't think they're great, but they're pretty good. No, they are pretty good. They probably should've won at USC and it's this is a team I think is probably gonna win it being this team that is formidable in the Pac twelve north that now that three way tie we talked about earlier, let's say organ beats, Washington and Washington beats Stanford Washington state. Maybe the team that breaks three way, tie that sends somebody to the. Championship game because they be somebody that they're not supposed to be. Oh, yeah, or I think Oregon goes to Washington state. I don't know where the other matchups are, but. In the styles, make fights side of things. Washington seems to be the safest here, like I never worry about Washington. The apple Cup does everything they can to try and get this to as a win. And ultimately, Arizona is just Arezzo, can't quite pull it out. Some weird coaching at the end of this game as Arizona decides not to just kick a field goal and give themselves as much time as possible to to tie this game, but is I don't know how to describe this USC team other than their superbeet up and not good in the secondary, and they are crazy, undisciplined and basically seventy three percent of what they should be. I think that's probably pretty accurate. From a roster standpoint, they're fine, but they don't get enough out of the roster, I think seventy three percent of what they should be exactly the way to put it because they just don't. They don't maximize their talent at all. And it shows when they play really well coached teams by the way they're about to play one. Yeah. So that's, that's the part that I 'cause I look at this. I don't know what you US's. They can win most of the rest of the games on their schedule, but they're gonna drop one or two that they're not supposed to just because they're not disciplined enough. This was after the Texas game, the essentially the most ideal schedule for USC maybe outside of having to go to Salt Lake City. But that game is not surrounded by tough games. They miss believe in Washington and Oregon from the north, and they get Notre Dame at home to finish the year. You know, UCLA is always going to be an l. a. obviously, but they get a pretty good Cal team at home. This is it's shaping up to be. I don't know a nine and three team that looks aggressively seven and five, right, right. Well, and here's the thing, let's say they must their way through Pac twelve schedule reality will slap them in the face when Notre Dame shows up. Yep, that that's, that's the one thing you put in the Bank at this point because. Notre Dame and especially if USC is banged up at that point, which they're open date is this week. So it's a finishing kick from here on and how healthy will they be by the time. Notre Dame shows up because remember last year when they played Notre Dame, they were completely depleted and got an eyelid. So Notre Dame maybe playing for playoff berth that point. So I, I'll be, I'll be very interested watch that Colorado game when they come back off their open date because Colorado's a pretty well coached team. We'll see where they're at. Because again, we we've talked about, we don't really know what they are yet. We'll have probably a little better idea the players on state, but it could be that could be a fun one. So outside of AirAsia state just destroying Oregon state Benjamin with, I think three hundred plus yards on the ground which is good. But it's, you know, within the context of Oregon state got to go to look at it like that, but airs state looks pretty good. And that's, I think a lot more than people expected with her. Retire? Yeah, I underestimated Herm quite a bit and I feel bad about that, but the guy knows what he's doing. I mean, he's he's made them as good or better than with Todd Graham and that was the goal. So I think I'm interested to see what what they do from here, because what do you got hired? I was like, you know, the one thing I think he'd be really, really good at just naturally recruiting. Right. So what if they're pretty good now and he's able to bring in some really good players. Thank you really interesting down the road, their schedules about to get dicey. They go to Colorado Stanford after by week they go to USC. They host Utah. They have that UCLA week off, right. Then they go to and then they go to odds. And so we are going to learn a lot more about ASU in the coming four to six. Here's the thing now they were what? Seven and five last year I believe. So, yeah, if they're seven and five again this year, is that okay or not worth paying rid of Todd Graham? I think it depends who the seven are and who the five are. Probably I mean, eighteen anything over that. I think you feel like, oh, yeah, that's a win. Because like I said, I think her greatest natural talent. We may not even gotten a chance to see it because that's the recruiting piece of it. So I think they can get better from here real quick. Today's show is also brought to you by the athlete. We've talked about the ethnic a ton, and I gotta tell you it's for good reason. They just. Do great work. The roster of writers is incredible. The angles they find with college football or incredible. We just talked about the behind the program series where they looked at the different smaller but super integral elements of huge college football programs, their creative, they're consistent. It's clean their no videos. There are no ads popping up, interrupting the experience. It's just they want you to read the content. They wanna make it easy. They've got a great app to filter who you wanna read what you want to read and move on. Doesn't matter the sport they've got you covered. The NBA season is starting. They've got incredible Rosser NBA writers, but nothing compares to the college football staff that they have going on that will just make your enjoyment of the sport heightened. So we have a discount with them to ninety nine a month. It's nothing the dot com slash solid verbal for that forty percent off two ninety nine a month deal. It's not gonna last forever. So if you've been on the fence pas, the show go grab it and move on with your life and appreciate what reading college football content should be. All right. Let's go to the ACC Miami. Thanks to, I believe six, five, six over from North Carolina. I feel bad, but man, North Carolina, like I don't have the music queued up, but like you review their Dr chart and its field goal. Fumble touchdown, touchdown, interception touchdown puns, interception fumble, punt missed field goal. Interception touchdown downs, fumble. It's North Carolina's not trending in a direction. I think they can pull themselves out of, you know what? Good for Miami New starting quarterback, taking advantage of mistakes and in an ACC with no depth, no middle class. And a lot of team swirling around the below average, Mark, Miami being pretty good, might be within the context of the ACC. Excellent. I was just say that that might get them to the ACC champion like it should be able to beat Florida state this week. All. Oh, I think Florida state had a win the kind of wind that helps you. Gain a lot of confidence yesterday. So maybe maybe they see a different Florida state team, but Miami should just be able to to run over them because five, I'm guessing to state still won't be able to block Miami. But yeah, I mean they got, I think I think they have the red bandanna game Boston College thing. Miami has to play that game. So that's gonna be a tough one. They're gonna be fired up at BC for that one. But you know, you look the triple lane stadium in November is probably the coastal championship game right there. Yeah. Okay. That's fine. I mean, just ignore the rest of the rest of the process to get to that point. But yes. Well, that's the thing. I don't know that there is much of rental. I'm saying the rest of the random AC that is going to have to transpire. We'll see if NC state can keep it us up. They have a pretty nice what I would say. We don't fully know what Virginia is, but Virginia's been playing decent ball. NC state wins that by a couple touchdowns wake and Greg door ch- he's there, highlight they score. Fifty six against rice. I think you're right about Florida state and confidence. Andre Francois looked like he finally got into a rhythm. Granted, you can get into a rhythm against this Louisville defense, right? And that's the thing this win like that game should have been close right as bad as Lula's that Florida state needed that to get out of it is pretty depressing for Florida state, but they still had the amazing comeback from, I think in ninety eight point, nine percent win probability for Louisville with ninety seconds to go. Maybe that springboards them into something I don't know because they're still talent on Florida state's team. The problem is they're still so to pleaded on the office of line that it almost doesn't matter what skill position talent they have ceiling, his solo because of that line, it just is a reality Boston College in the Steve adagio bowl wins by ten eighty points between Boston College and temple would have seemed very strange to say that three and a half years ago just like drew it up. Just like we ju- it up for genius tech with backup. Bryan Willis actually does a very good job against a Duke team that has been strong on defense. Daniel Jones comes back, but it doesn't make a huge difference for Geotech tech winning by seventeen and maybe just that moment to get refocused. Yeah, and it was one of those. They could have gone one of two directions after that ODU loss, and they chose to go the positive direction. And I think that's good for them because you know going into this week, they are probably the the last best hope of anybody beating Notre Dame. And if they play the way they did last night, they they can beat Notre Dame. Yeah, potentially a letdown spot for Notre Dame after an impressive Sanford win. Pit is not good, and it is strange to say that they're especially not good on defense, and I know that they've played UCF and Penn State. Two of the probably best eleven offenses in the country, but they are the worst right now. ACC defense and sort of surprising given patent art. I know this is his, I wanna say, fourth year he's had time to recruit and build his system. It's not there. It's not working and when you lose North Carolina and that's a big red flag and then UCF could've named score. So I, I don't know what happens to pit going forward. Now, there's probably one more just wait. They won that game in there because they seem to have one of those every year. But this is not. This is not what they signed up for more importantly and more relevant. UCF is once again, slaughtering teams and they have one of the best. I don't know six or seven quarterbacks in the country and McKenzie. Milton and Memphis looks worse after yesterday. Shout out to lane good for the green wave and Willie Fritz, but they go to USF Cincinnati appears to be improved, especially on defense. But when you look at where UCF is right now, there's nothing obvious loss wise and you get deeper and deeper into October, November playoff rankings. Start coming out. UCF national champion laugh. Last year, it's harder to ignore UCF this year than it was last year, although getting they will eventually be ignored. Yeah, they haven't played anybody. They have not miss. They weren't gonna play anybody like, what? What? What did he win against North Carolina mean not much, so it's it's sort of on them for not not scheduling anybody better. But you know, when you look at North Carolina when they scheduled them, probably look pretty good pit. Probably pretty good. So I don't know. I and I think they're now into the into the situation where teams aren't gonna wanna play him at all because you're not gonna pay them to come beat you and also Danny white. Their eighty doesn't want to do any paycheck game. So it's it's a strange situation that you find it self in. I do think there's more depth in the American this year. East Carolina has been playing. That's true better. I still don't think they beat UCF. Even though that game is in Greenville navy's, always a wild card since he is the one we. Against the spread picking contest on my radio show, and I've learned so we have, we have six games that me and my co host, Jason Warwick's picked together. And then each each host is allowed to pick two bonus games. So I've had since he has bonus game three times on three and picking cincy. And so I will be writing the Bearcats the rest of the year. Either them or whoever plays you. I was going to say the rule is just take you concept Ponant. The rule is what I like since he was a seventeen and a half favourite against Yukon, and I did the math on yukons average margin of defeat. Forty like, okay, I feel I feel fairly fairly confident this one they can they can make do. There's a pretty good just idea of depth right now with the group of five teams, Boise state, look, strong against Wyoming. Fresno state looks very strong. Given that it's a pretty talented Toledo. Team army lays waste to buffalo who idea people were pretty well. Buffalo was seven and a half point favorite in that game. Yeah, there is. There's a lot to like about what apps state has been looking like, especially, you know that Penn State game does not reflect poorly on Penn State nearly as much as we probably thought it would having watched app state place since there are. There are some and then you have UCF USF cincy and the American. There's some, there's some talent, and there's some some intrigue with with the group of five teams in Hawaii. Hawaii is gonna be a baby. Hawaii goes five OT's against San Jose State and listen who is defense is not good, but they're going to be a tough out in the mountain west. Absolutely, absolutely. So I think it'd be a fun, fun race now. I don't know that anybody comes out of any of this thing undefeated because Boise state's already got a loss. And I think like I said, I think the Americans deep enough that that UCF or USF takes a loss before they play each other, and then they gotta play each other. Obviously. So I do think there's gonna be some some judgment call there for the committee on who gets into that group. New year, six bowl spot for the group of five. But I think when it all shakes out, it will be whoever the American champ is. Yeah, that's probably right with Boise state's demonstrable Mosley, bad loss against Oklahoma state who we've probably downgraded a little bit quickly. I mean, that's that's every if there's any more action that you wanna talk about feel free. But I didn't pick the patriot league games this year or this week. So I'm I'm out on that. I believe Colgate shutout, Bill and Mary. So Colgate just get about that tribe. Yeah. Sorry about that. Get on board with Colgate right now. They're going to make the playoffs, and that's that's fun quickly. Some dudes, I don't have the music, but is it ju-. Qui- polite to Florida? Yep. He's all over the place for the Gators in their win. Travis carries everything for Clemson collar. Murray makes every play in the world k. Jay hamblur. I mean. There's a lot of people in that Ohio State Penn State game who you could call a dude, but the way he pulled away from a very fast Ohio State secondary is not something a lot of people can do. Greg Dortch. We mentioned chase would've had a nice day for Michigan thrill Taylor for Tennessee, very active against team cost that created a touchdown for shockingly enough corrects Riley Neal. The combination of I mean miles boykin is a huge game, but I think Jerry Tillery is the dude from that Notre Dame Stanford game, and then he's worth mentioning once again, chase young for states. Absolutely. He was fantastic. That's it. That's your show. Andy. Thank you very much. Please drink fluids after destroying your body a couple days ago I have been. I've been hooked in. I have been drinking as much waters humanly possible. I feel like I'm back to normal already. I feel like I'm ready ready to take on the week. Do you have a hangover? I don't even know that you were hung over. Maybe you just puked. I was fine terribly hung over yesterday. What's what is your go-to? Hangover strategy have a relative who has access to IV bags. So basically either have that or beyond a major league baseball team because that is also how it works there. Exactly. Thank you very much for your time. Of course, every week we are here, ties should be back on Wednesday to preview all of week. Six. I don't have the slate in front of us. Imagine it's pretty good. I can go to sleep at a normal time because Oregon is often up playing ten thirty game. I stayed up way too late. Watching that solid for Jimoh dot com. Follow us on Twitter on Facebook, everything. The pick them pool is happening solvable dot com. You can find it there. Thank you very much listening. Andy, thank you very much for your time. So you soon piece.

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