French Open Day 8 - Wawrinka vs. Tsitsipas - all-time classic; Konta continues stunning run; Thiem shows teeth after press room run-in


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Our eight daily podcast from rolling arrows twenty nine hundred Catherine rates go alongside Matt Roberts on what has been one of those days in tennis, which makes me feel sorry for the people that don't follow this sport. Because it has been intoxicating Matt absolutely intoxicating. And yes, there has been other very good tennis. And we will talk about that other very good tennis. But mostly we're intoxicated, still by the memory of verve Rinker against it's a pass were drunk on it, where drunk on more for in Quebec cans, sit surpasses Couric. And just one of the most mind bending, extraordinary matches that we've certainly. I feel like I've ever had the privilege to witness. I think you feel the same and one that is just too ready. Been fantastic. Frank chopin. And this has just completely bored. It's alive. It was everything we hoped. It would be a more just a stunning stunning met negative possible spin on the billions that much. They was obviously found member of the Wittig family. And those were the words from my father, it feels that was the final enroll Garros two thousand nineteen is over. Well, I get his point because I, I know we're guilty fooling into the Champions League semi final Trump here, but I fail to see how that can be talked in the men's tournament possibly a full cross owner, Dr against the full throttle your conviction, the final would everything on the line. But it does. Throwing in that. It does feel like that be. Like Madonna, Jackovitch going to get to the fine. But everyone else is going to have all the fountain. We're going to be talking about everyone else until the final because. The Donyo conviction. Not having these epic matches and the happening. Ho swear tree, it for anybody that, that isn't up to speed. It was a just a quite mesmerizing much. I set goes to Rinker second-set, which might and I wish together from the press season. We thought, well, this much is peaked. Second-set goes to sit to pass that have really to embrace it to Pasco the early break then have Rinker was a break in front, sits bus, eventually takes it takes the third, sits apostates the Ford fourth and despite having the lion share of the break points in the fifth. It is different that takes it. Eight games to six a bit of a role reversal fits a pass to what happened against federal in the Australia knife, and which is oversee federal had all the bright points, but it was to pass the took his chances and you not long from the city of press conference way, I think he said it was quite. Affecting, you know, the, the horror deeply affecting he, he wondered in a shell of a man took his place on the seats and slumped in it sits surpass, and couldn't even bring himself to move forward to the mic. He sat with his head in his hands, pretty much throughout sort of whispered muttered, a few words and some paper, comparing it to the press conference. He gave after lost to dog at your strain open, which was also deeply affecting press conference, but in a totally different way because then it was confusion. He didn't understand how he hadn't beaten the that day. Today. It was regret more than anything because he, he is voice trailed off when he kept mentioning the bike coins, so many break points so many break points. And he said, for some reason, I was expecting someone else to play full fullness break points. I wasn't I wasn't there on the break points. I let ring could do what he wanted to fill that regret. Slightly. I think he definitely had more chances in the fifth set. Bring Kate was was on his racket a few times, and he s- particularly as four him which she just pushed Y a couple of times. But equally, I think you just you have to hand it to, incur, who as much as sit supposed seems to think he let play great tennis on those break points, I really think offering stepped up and just went into a mode where he didn't miss and yet you still played forcefully. And that is. Russia difficult combination to overcome as an opponent. Yeah. I mean. As as, as my brother texted me, too. I mean, I'm looking back this text came through four fifteen pm. So that would have been. The five hours and nine minutes. He said, we're rank has the biggest bowls on the toll by an order of magnitude, and I replied agree with the sentiment, but I'd prefer MU gender neutral expression thereof, but he's why his name is absolutely right. And probably second in line is sits pass. I mean. I was I mean, going back in time hugely to the first set he double-faulted to hand the set of a Rinker, and I, I didn't think he was the Connie. I mean I know anyone is capable move some movements. But I didn't think he was a double full on pressure moments kind of a guy. I really, I really have always perceived him somebody that just plays exactly the same, regardless of the moment, but it shows that he always does feel it. And that makes it all the more extraordinary that he was on the edge on, on ROY on that precipice for, for all of the second set for periods of the third set. I mean okay on the precipice for most of the match. It was midway through that second set that he received the, the code violation for violently slamming bottles of water into the ground and the actually, I think he smashed three into the ground and then he got up and went to the fridge, and we also he was doing a full Bank data's except with bottles and the and the crowd started going. Ooh. And then he just took a sip from it and that was the only disappointing women in the whole match. What else did we have? We had him shouting at his dad in the stands imploring him to leave. The core zombie. As Hannah works put so will in the on Twitter, he went instead of full PG Andy Murray, fronting the box. Messi was possibly swearing in. Lick. I mean, we were resented behind into the right of postal sit surpasses could sort of feel the waves of vitriol, coming from Stephanos. And if if you coach wasn't your dad, there's no way you'd be getting away with that. I have never wanted to speak Greek as much as I did at the end of that match because the precedes in long length to get to them, you have to kind of go under the coat, and we went to the murder, and I said to this was like a place that we shouldn't allow to be like a place where the players should be actually, as I left the calls, there was a postal sits pass, leaving McCaw. And I just love to know what he was saying because mine separatation of it was he was analyzing the match in great depth talking to sits passes, brother and just saying, you know, lots of Greek words, breakpoint, lots of great words forehand. And what was his demeanor? He was intense really. I mean it was it was like he'd lived every single moment of that mansion, he was just playing over and over in his mind and clearly met up with Stephanus afterwards and have been in floods, it tastes, you could tell in that press conference. He said, it's been a long time since since I cried, but. It didn't say this is a long time in the life of a twenty year old does he mean does he mean, since that nadeau much the Australian Open? I think it's a good thing that sits surpasses this affected by it. I think I love that he's her. I mean that's notified to show. Afraid to show it. I think that's that's something that makes ending it makes him. Stand out amongst the other young players. I think. I think. Absolutely. There's no attempt to be cool knows no attempt to pretend that. There's anything more important women in that moment, than than winning the tennis match, I think, for me just. Enough to watch his performance against Federer Melvin. And now this one but the experience of what we're seeing in play. It was so different. Both times in Melbourne. It was like how is this guy doing this surely, it has to end some point and here I was expecting him to play, well, the whole match, and he's made that transition from someone who you think? Wow, this is a break FU to this guy is an established world class player. And he's made it in months, and it's incredible to witness. And I'm not sure there's how many people could have gone to with STAN Wawrinka today for five hours and nine minutes. Nine minutes Nidal obviously, we think that's probably the, the biggest stumbling block of his own. Physical condition. Although I mean he's defied the loser gravity physicality wise in the post. Covering. I mean, we tweeted a comment from for months Philander in, in the US book common should be saying, think it was going into the fifth set that he thought stomach Rinker looked literally weary in the to pass the physical edge. And I'm I'm lose to ever disagree with that. But I was looking at him thinking, that's yourself. Stanford. Wrinkle luke's. Yeah. They call him t's over reason stronger is the match goes on. And I didn't I didn't think he was looking weary recovery though. Isn't it? It's. I heard about him in the next match against federal against federa who just breezed through. I was searching for the perfect gift. I wanted one federal just sort of with his feet up on the sofa basically. Not much. In loving it. Wouldn't he he's appropriate tennis fan fetters, and he would have loved it for what it was, and he'd have left, it knowing that he had to play weary win? I think at the moment that he won his match against Liam Meiring gave his uncle interview of rinca was a set to the good against it surpassed. Little did they know how much that was yet to run. But. Federal is also I think, thinking is on go interview about the prospect of playing sit surpass and he said a funny he did a funny, didn't he? He said he wants to win right? He said he wants to have Rinker to win. But then he he, he was asked about his memories of playing for Rinker in twenty fifteen which is cool. Is the last time he played here in lost rinca? In the quarter-finals, and he said, I've got many horrible memories, if that much, lots of back cans, going post me and terrible shorts terrible terrible terrible, Reverend cajoled, but I said to you early does in the second set, Matt, that is awful kit that STAN is wearing and he said to me, STAN wins lambs impact kit. Exactly. But. Wall to road, he's gonna have to go. I mean no one is to my knowledge. No one has ever beaten federal in the Dow Jo- kovic back to back to back. I mean definitely in a slam that that hasn't happened. Oh I just I just cannot see him doing leasing. Pleasington dole in the semi's. Yeah. I just think the freshness will help Fedor, and we would who federal would have rather, played, and think did we come to the conclusion. Stan because sit surpasses even head a little bit. I think federal is kind of in stance had just by being Federer. Although all of stands wins against federal have come on clay. So, I think it is it is a bit of a level in a way that on how or across he'd be favoring federal big time, David, by the love that the crowds here have fish stamper, brink arrives expecting maybe a slight favoring Stanford rancor but sits pastures wins tennis fans over wherever he goes in the key had a, he had a crawl vocal, but it was overwhelmingly. Support for for Veronica. And most I was the match progress they grew and this is partly due to how well Veronica conducted, the whole performance because sits pass was doing all his tricks, and he does do tricks. He does he does borderline stuff. He pushes it the going to change his racket. Very slowly. Not looking like he's in any particular hurry, goes to changes racket, and he does it before his opponents about to serve, and also it was very fitting that the match ended all know, extraordinary get from wherever Inca back cans of chip on the line, and sit surpass, we weren't sure whether we had a play on it or not. But it didn't play. And he just immediately went over and points to amount that was out, and then the puck over and said it was in and a lot of times in this season. I've seen it surpass just point to the role mom throughout the whole hog swing. I just noticed how you always has no challenges left. He he seems to be really poor reading which one is the ball in Cressey admitted that that was definitely in. It didn't seem that there was any doubt. Let his mom. He said it was in the Shuki Hawkeye slams clay cools that much finished on a moment of completely impossible drama. Of course it did. I mean he hasn't seen the, the it was break point. I think either four or five will break points on verve, rinca serve the rally ends in a in an attempt to die volley from sits a pass. I mean, active kid of plugged, any point there. But that's the one that the is still being replayed, in my mind over and over the Franken, just he sits pass kind of stitch himself up with the crowd, and then Poundstone it and orchestrated all to his own advantage. He was he was so aware of the tempo of that match when it was right to call on the crowd. And when they were just going to simply respond to his tennis. And there were, there was a game when he broke, I think it was in the second set to get back on servants evokes from forty and he did it by each point, just gradually getting the crowd more and more on his side. It was just conducting them and the way points to his head. I just fall in love with him. When he does I just love that and he gets he doesn't he he, he makes. Make c k k and since those as well. But where does it in a different way? And just just as active and more effective for this Franks crowd. And unfortunately, we only go to questions in the on court interview from him, and that was, of course you we're getting the instant emotional reaction to questions because they're still low the match to come unquote, much still being played. I think Kennedy Korean bed more pair of split sets over long, then that much from very unlikely to get finished tonight. But he was he was choked up if not, actively crying throughout these questions and very emotional and thankful for the support received. And I think really. There's two parts to Reverend Cohen. He wants to win this tool Amon, but there is also a sense that he is just reasonably happy to be back here from an surgery, which could have could have ended his career eighteen months ago, eighteen months ago. I cannot believe that, that was the same guy that I was today that I watch. Murray at Eastbourne LA Sierra I. Cannot bend my mind around that fact, it's it was some believe it's been search building process for him? And and is classic is he would have seen federal comeback from his knee, injury and windows open straight away? Little. Nothing. It was nothing. I know. But it just is a classic case of always being in federal shadow, if you like and Rinkos really had to work. An his place back in these spots. And he is not going to give them out without a huge fight. Do you think that he is not going to have enough left in the tank to be federal because the template for beating federal slams recently? It's been make it physical make it long. Particularly things being equal. We say that's a great plan for stone. But maybe not after five hours nine minutes and at thirty four years of age, maybe not I think he might have to go with what he did here at the French Open when he beat her in two thousand fifteen and play three perfect sets and try and take him out in three knockout punch, exactly. But that is so difficult to do. However. We shouldn't we maybe we shouldn't be doubting stands, physical capability. It'd be so swashbuckling isn't it couldn't it because I think federal is going to want to keep the point shorts and not get dragged into a long battle. Maybe a fair amount of serve, and volley and I was really amazed by how well sit surpassed with ordering 'cause power, he seems to be able to really handle it not not having to resort to hitting slices. He can he can hit it back with topspin for me. I think we'll bring able to rush veteran more than he was able to rush sit surpass and we might see federal throw in a few more a bit more slice. But I think it's just credit credit to sits pass that he was able to live with that sort of. Groundstrokes and be fascinating to see where the federal can we think, is in a couple of days time, we're going to have a bit of a tough task on the hands, because the have Rinker against Federer and reminders if anybody needed reminding that there is a huge chance that this could be federal laws friendship. And I, I really don't think he's playing play next year because the Olympics and. In two French Opens time. He'll be very nearly forty. So the big Jones, big towns, that'd be as lost much at the French Open deep that or eleven time champion Rafael adul- up against a Frenchman. I mean again Big Ben will pay one set told against Kane is she Corey, but doll against a Frenchie. We'll federal against rancor. I mean, what are you just put them both on Longmen just to keep it fair? Yeah. I really don't know what they'll do. I need a would surprise me being chat trae. I can make a case for both. But I personally would federal over and contra spoiler. Doll won in straight sets sixty six three six three over one Londonderry told me. Yes, I, I again, I didn't see a bowl of that match because at least knows that he's right handed doing better than. I don't know. Yeah. He does. It's a blown highlight. So see tips on nothing fashion. It's not ninety ninety eight but I, I get the feeling actually competed really well today, it was a it's ketones reasonably lengthy straight-set defeat, but that's because of all, the, the trouser. Yeah. That's because it will the fat thing. Yeah. He's a he's a grind on clay. He was just network beaten at all today and, and didn't didn't meeting. So this week's edition of the tennis podcast is brought to you in association with us, who have centers Casteran the Sonos beam this speaker that tax evasion, and so you can feel like you within a tennis match. It's, it's amazing. They've also sent one to Matt. His television work look at his face. He's not I haven't even got Italian. David. Storm watching the tennis is V. It is good man. It is, is worth waiting five. Yeah. If you choose tin with troop lake right? You can go anywhere in your room and it will make you feel like you're Anna tennis tournament from any seat, and he can control it from your phone, or with voice commands viral exit which the people of a Lazier persuasion. Maybe like myself, it's topnotch perfect for gonna look send us dot com. We had the women's other than Stevens Migori, which was won by Stevens in, I mean, I, I don't think Morita had a nightmare Stevens with just better today. Six four six three that much. Unfortunately, overshadowed by the, by the dramatic final set of sit surpass and verve rancor, which is a real shame deserved greater spotlight. But anything would have been in the shadow of that much at the time, say Sloan Stevens, she will play Britain's Joe Konta. He went through in straight-sets six two, six four it was a it was a very convincing very, very convincing win. I've done evacuees to become the first British woman through to the quarterfinals here in Paris. Since Joe Joey did that in one thousand nine hundred three and not start will we will again, if she wins, again because Jerry reached the semifinals that year, but I mean, it's not out of nowhere for Joe conto because she was a finalist, and Raymond before that. Finalist in Rabat, but it's still a bit out of nowhere because she'd never wanna French Open match in the main draw. Yes. She's still on for the reverse of the Penco, isn't she? Winning no matches stranger things have happened. I mean, stranger things happen to you. Yeah. Think that's a good point. You make about how it isn't. It wasn't toe to the totally unexpected because she had Keiko four coming in here. And I just think conscious how career if you look at her best results slams, they've all come when she had a good build-up, she's she's all about that confidence. And just getting on a roll. And so I felt down obselete opposite of slain Stevens. Realize, no rolling whatsoever. Yet when she put a match, but come to Jen to twenty and fifteen really strongly started twenty sixteen reach Australian, Open semifinals 2017, she'd Miami weeks. Nothing him and then went on to the semi finals at Wimbledon and twenty nine thousand nine I think it really started with the Fed Cup, then shadow good clay court swing. And now she's in the quarterfinals. Hey, I think I think that's so important for come to Yukon. You would never pick joke onto of random good result. It's all about the process and building and getting confidence. And it's always just so alien could I call tennis, too, but I think she's always said, it's just because I haven't been confident about time of the season a now is to make sense. It's like, well, she's, she's got great groundstrokes that works on any colds and she's just added she's improved of movement, a lot, and she's added a little subtlety to. A game malleability about what games work on clay being slightly debunked to bet. I mean. Caroliina prescriber that doesn't like clay court game Petrie fitsville that was TD traditional clay cool game. But. The rules. Yeah. It's not like that anymore. We end up with Stevens possibly in the final, who you would say, all Klay causes. But. Plenty of people who on natural clay causes can play on this surface and our wellness surface. Pick Stevens is the favourite for that. But then you look at the head Ted and see that Jones has beaten slain Stevens twice this year, including in Roy Makaay weeks ago, which is huge surely mentally and mentally is, is everything for joy, Konta, having brought knowing they, she competes thunder Stevens on the kite, coal. She she has facts that she, you know, she can do that. I still take Stephen. Sling Stevens as I said yesterday, when they seem sakes plays the best, I take her against anyone, so. Yeah. I, I think maybe come to might have preferred to play Moog Ruth of matchup wise. But I, I think she'll give Stevenson go and she is a fishery one hundred percent in the mix. Eight players now that fool the rule in the mix. Indeed brilliant. Mckendry Chev is in the mix Petra mortgage is in the mix, we can have a drop shot off in that quarter final. Do you think pet from us is in the mic? I know she's. I'm in the mix thinking, if there's one player who's not in the mix, I think, say. As a gang of seven hand there in the mix, and patrimony teaches playing scrabble in the corner, runaround possibly, I just I mean I thought she was good today to to get paused canopies difficult player to painted a slam. But I worry about the gears. I'm I'm not sure she's got kids to go into a lot of players left and Mr. ought to have, including fund Russa gays. I mean Sylvester looked like a ghost of a woman, the rest of a wimp lay in the bed of the tournament, too. I think it has to be said the worst. She she was really. It was dying. It was she was really pulled today. She couldn't she couldn't find the court it felt to me like she couldn't handle fund Russo's bowl like it was coming onto a strings. And she wasn't able to control it. Often that much in my head. She was quite a still a tool, so to stunt, US type person and she was teeny tiny, teeny tiny, she, she came into press, and I asked to you just seem so composed, and so comfortable for a teenager. How you doing this? And she said, Well, I I had my difficult year lost. When she was eighty two. Have one in her life sweet. She's still what about sixty matches but he didn't I. To come. She does seem so unaffected by being in a grand slam. I'll sixteen quarterfinal. It's light. She didn't today. She doesn't she? She doesn't have the ups and downs that you expect the emotional ups and bell. I'm trying to make drops out. Dragon takeoff kitchen boundary volume aced, I almost put that to her in, in my place much into be, but decided it would be little bit unfair because she was so sort of in the Heyzer, the movement, sort of pitching nickname. Poor thing. I mean, she even born when Portas was thing anyway, I ducked, Matt. So. Carry allows to have has anyone ever said that you hit too many drugs, and she just laughed and said, no such thing thing. Is incidentally, the fact that he is locked in battle with them were probably means or dreams of initial coriander rooms of a dying with the Parisian light this evening. He well he's going to have to do it. When he's thrashing my own evidently, Jason saving it for the right money anytime he's going to do is when he's leading and against Nidal pretty much now, never situation, you'll be tool in the fisa you'll start cramping. And you'll just under of mazing say tomorrow shedule is just loading on my. It's not too bad. We still it was a fake canon Sony, Kenan both of them against say to the court against Ashkenazi. Baker match that I think battling fully by joke which against St. than team against fees. And then Hallett and spit. The women have the graveyard slots, again, on the main courts and. We don't have time to go into in detail. But it's kind of yes. I mean we praise the the equity the schilling earlier in the week. And yes, it's to women's to men's and sort of in the headline in the headline, sensitive sense of the words, there is parody but we all know there are recognized good slots and recognized fads loss on this court semi night that slows to and three of the good ones is one in four of the bad ones, and the women have been in one in full to today. And tomorrow were they an. Yeah. Yesterday's woke is Serena played played it for yesterday. So definitely. See one of the men's much she's going really long not we had today and therefore taking all the eyeballs of the whatever the fourth women's matches on really absolutely team. Mom feace. I mean if that's the straits than. Date night, tennis agreed. Yeah. Speaking of which unfinished business, Dominic team haven't me because he's done a thing. It was yesterday evening. He was giving his press conference just as gonna finished and it was answering was going straight. Suppress. We heard that didn't we as we will. Building, and it was reported initially. We now notes be accurately that Serena demand, this team to be kicked out of the press conference. I've spoken to people today, and that is that is not what happened. Serena Williams wanted to do press conference wants to do press straight away and, or she's going to leave now that's the part where you could potentially criticize Serena, because she is not unusual for top. Let's go straight. Suppress but threatening to leave and not to press, put the organizers hair in snotty, tricky situation because team was already giving his press conference in the main room. Now Serena would have been happy to go into room to, but it was Jovic did last year when he looks to check it out. But it was determined that it wasn't suitable enough times if size and also what I found out today. There was also an interview going on in room two at the same time it was at the back. So if you just looking on the monitor the screen, it would have looked like it was empty, but it was actually an in an interview going on. So if you're going if she was going to have to do press, she was going to have to interrupt someone. And it was a very difficult situation for people for the organizers to be because if one hundred impress journalists would have been very cross about that as well. She would have left, she would it on, because, frankly, define what is, I think Mike Smith of ten thousand dollars. Define isn't enough. I mean Venus Williams has been skipping press conferences and taking the fine for years. So I mean. Yeah, she that wasn't an MTA threat. She would've left she was taken that fine and everybody would have been disappointed. So I, I really sympathize with the organizers, yes, they could have somebody could have stood up to that could have happened somebody from the you could could have done that. But I can't honestly say that I would have been able to do that. So I'm loath to, to come down too hard on these the probably one able to. And, and I think the intentions were to try and ensure that, that everyone go to speak to Serena Williams, which fundamentally was the most important thing. However, it was rubbish Dominic war. It doesn't feel right. And I liked seeing him again. Get peeved about it. Debating whether that was a good thing that he go joke. Federal. Did you see federal made found that the way? It was the most sort of straightforward Germanic way, anyone could possibly have said. Well, maybe I leave to, and, and it was kind of out of character for team to get that irate about it and but he really thought about it. I e sort of sat there and thought connect count do this. Can I really annoy and I really want to leave in this feels really rubbish? But I'm not sure that I get I'm gonna to do it. I'm I'm leaving. But my take on it was well, if he was in a really good place, mentally, and comfortable with his game, and please the waves playing Woody of go cross about it. I think he would have been perfectly perfectly entitled to, and I wouldn't have blamed him at all. But he is the kind of guy who I wouldn't expect together across about it. So the thing I did wonder whether distress China is bit stressed about the way he's playing. Interpreted differently? He thinks it's, it's great to see Dominic team expressing himself. More nuts to sign of sort of gray to comfort his with his status within the game. I think there's an argument for that, but I do think come down on your side, that it's so answer character. We saw stressing out and rhyme. Didn't we about the shed and he lost early there? About a week at work. I would get cross about something that I normally wouldn't get cross about. Maybe we saw that all maybe it was just a situation that really just wanted him out. Dominic team might lose tomorrow. I think his possible partly because I my face was injured coming into this tournament, we don't really save them to be. And he's actually had a really good year on face consistently goods. And yes, he keeps winning in straight sets here, which team hasn't been during the day is rounded off on shot tomorrow by Hallett fitter. I'm going go watch the attack that I think you could step to fall but experience with the steps thus far have been very good long land is cine Akhavan against keys, then Feeney's vary. That's the men's much of the day from your they hatching of they'll portray that's good, too. And then Anisimov over and Bolsover I'd rather take it for long tomorrow in two days in a row. Doubles is happening to we will cover the doubles when it gets closer to the business end of things because my lost in the doubles today, so we're going to stay clear much still getting over it. Bench lost to answering Abbasi. What a what? Use said to me, there's a weakening come that cool. Then you made the point it was a, a store studied caught. Let's face it and. Quite a good, doubles plaid. Yeah. As when combating place, does it in Jiang? The Australian Open champions. I was on my moments of the year. Actually Australian Open notice today. Another women's doubles result was that of Stepan co and her partner whose name of, of my head. I can't remember but they beat shea and streets cover, which is just a fun pairing as well. And Shane streets, brilliant Ostapenko is now getting some wins other than just seven in the singles title. Hey, she's getting some in doubles as well. We've been the tennis book. We've been the tennis book. With the telegraph. With our executive. Jesus tennis bulls dot com with Rio with a why. It's been a, a quite glorious night of tennis. Dave tennis, hope five hours, nine minutes of tennis, and more to boots as well. But that particular match since a passenger Rinker will live long in both of our memories apologies. If you notice it to pass over Rinker fan and you've been bored for philology portions of this podcast. We've dedicated most of it to that much. But it really was one for the ages, I think, and it's been a great joy for us to be here for it and cover it for you. The tennis 'focusness, we hope you enjoyed it enjoying all of our daily podcast from this quite sensational. French open. We've got seven more of them to come. Mahnaz day tomorrow. Coin crushed about since mentally, ready, so right? Because David whiskey says the French Opens over now so you're not going to be missing anything. See tomorrow.

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