The Dimitroff Years: 2015


Belco hawley podcast. Official podcast falcons on the espy nation. Podcast network the state walker. Today's special podcast review of the thomas. Dmitrov years annabel things to help me with this task by special guests to join me on each of these episodes as we break down the trades. Free agent signings and of the draft picks made in dmitrov era. My guest today is on each one of our writers at alcohol dot com on none. Thanks for joining me. Of course happy to be here looking back on a off. Fantastic twenty fifteen season. This is gonna be very interesting and as you mentioned. We are diving into two thousand fifteen. Which is the first season under new head coach. Dan quinn so to set up what the season was about. Let's talk about what came into the two thousand fifteen season so obviously the two thousand fourteen season ended with a six ten season Head coach mike smith who had been with the team since two thousand eight Was fired Surprisingly i think too many people thomas dmitrov was retained. of course we are still talking about him And dan quinn came in. He was hired After a search by some committees the falcons had hired He had already. They also brought in offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. Of course many falcons fans still miss that particular coach this day and for the second year in a row the falcons would go into the draft with a pick in the top ten having finished four and twelve the year before six ten. What's your the falcons would have yet another top ten pick and of course we will talk about that in the second half. Podcast will get into the two thousand fifteen draft class but before we talk about the draft on non one to talk about. What the falcons did in free agency This was a pretty interesting lists because it wasn't just about the guys a kept it was about some of the guys that they brought in and almost as much about the guys that they let walk because obviously when a new coach comes in. It's normal for there to be a lot of turnover. I think even back when we covered dan quinn. Being hired we talked about the fact that his former head coach pete carroll when he came into the seahawks almost completely revamped the roster. They're in a very short period of time so it would not be a big surprise it. Dan quinn would do something similar. So wanna talk about some of these departures because some of them. I think we're going to have some fun talking about the first name on the list particular The first name to go for the falcons. I wanna talk about a sam baker. He was given the big contract Two thousand fourteen. The falcons drafted jake matthews and originally matthews was supposed to play right tackle but sam baker yet again got injured early on in the season. And that's when jake had to take over on the left side as a rookie M baker obviously came with a massive amount of money of the contract that he was given a with your thoughts on this former first round. Pick hitting the road in. Never playing the nfl again. I think it's it says something. That The falcons gave him that massive contract and then after they parted ways with him he never ended up playing the nfl again showing that he sam baker is just the perfect example of cognitive dissonance with thomas. Demetrius and a lot of gm's do this. But he was a demo troughs first round pick his second first round. Pick in two thousand eight. Remember the falcons got matt ryan and then dimitrov trade back into the first round to get a sam baker and sam baker was oft injured. He wasn't that great in his first few years. Certainly inaugurate enough to justify that contract and then he has twenty twelve season where he puts puts things kind of together and the entire team You know puts everything together for a thirteen and three run. And then thomas dimitrov is like see yes like. He was worth the first round pick. And then he doubles down on allegation validation instead of recognizing the sunk cost in looking at his entire career like trajectory. You look at his one season in a contract year of like you know being good. I'm not even gonna say great. He wasn't like a pro bowl. Or anything ryan gives them that terrible contract in. This is just like another one of those examples for why dimitrov shouldn't have been retained with After mike smith's got fired after twenty fourteen. Because it's like bro. That was terrible. Contract is that team was awful. Like i know. We're talking about baker right now but i remember Watching the team in week. Seventeen loss against carolina thinking to myself like these are the players on the field right now and i was putting a lot of blame on metro because of the roster that was like on the field. I know it was like a joint effort. But it wasn't just mike smith so you know when baker god It was a was a good riddance moment. But you know he loved it. He loved very very big parting gift. Allworth dead cap. Which i don't think we like ended up shutting it until like very recently. Yeah and that's I think if there's a contract that people point to that was the worst that dimitrov ever handed out. It has to be sam baker that has to be the top of the list. All right some other guys that departed. Justin blalock starting left guard for many years Ended up retiring so that left a hole of course on the offensive line. Two guys that leaving team that were drafted by dmitrov in previous years Corey peters weatherspoon both ended up signing with the cardinals We know how spoons career has turned out. Peter's is still playing and is a quality player in this league has has last longtime your thoughts on these. Two guys being Hitting the road on. I actually really wanted to resign. Peterson time he was he was very very solid. Interior defensive linemen and with weatherspoon. It's different because he was always injured yet. It's not his fault but he had his moments in twenty twelve's but in the end it's the best abilities availability and whether spoon was never available seemingly. It is funny with the cardinals They signed john abraham after dimitrov. Cut him way too soon. After twenty twelve with no plan of a you know bringing in any pass rushers in her pass rushers suffered ever since then he was like a pro bowler with the cardinals a year later. So then they're like all right. Let's let's dip back into like the falcons reserves in like what was he would also for said kept going with robert alford two so the cardinals just kept kept a close eye on dimitrov's cuts in on our defensive agents over the years it's so true some additional names will go through these pretty quickly harry. Douglas obviously drafted in two thousand eight. He ended up leaving the team signing with the titans after having a thousand yard season in two thousand thirteen with falcons robert mclane longtime nickel corner. Who i felt was one of the actually one of dmitrov better free agent signings in his time atlanta. He ended up leaving for the patriots Quizz rodgers Left the team was signed with the bears. In stephen jackson ended up being cut and Was not signed anywhere else so harry. Douglas robert mclean Quiz rodgers stephen jackson any thoughts on this list of guys ended up leading the team on the i. I always thought that. Harry douglas owed half is paycheck to matt ryan after that because like matt ryan is the one who got him paid like completely with that twenty thirteen season That's why whenever someone like argues. That matt ryan is a product of his receivers around him. It's like bro heathrow. For like forty five hundred yards in two thousand thirteen or even more than that. I forget how much it was. And he made harry douglas until a one thousand yard receiver. And then like with the titans harry. Douglas was just he was just like nowhere to be found like he was not good with the titans and then after parting with titans he's now on in on atlanta sports radio on the end of his career Yes stephen jackson. Twenty fourteen was one of those infuriating years where you knew that. Devante freeman was better than stephen jackson but the coaching staff just like kept going with the old veteran. And it's like all right were Stephen jackson is like been through the grind before like. Yeah he's been through like a massive grind as a running back that's why he's not effective anymore so it was one of those things where the jackson signing just never worked out He he was not very good was over the hill. With the falcons in those two years and he was just blocking the path of devante freeman. And we we learn in two thousand fifteen devante freemen actually was like you know it was egos even worse like when we found out in twenty fifteen. The devante freeman was a pro bowl level running back who won a lot of fantasy leagues. And you know who had just one of the best. Years as a falcons running back michael turner in two thousand eight. Yeah yep absolutely so closing out the list of guys with end up leaving. the team. Drew davis longtime wide receiver and special teamer. A bear. pascoe who i completely forgot was on the team The prior year Johnson former third round pick Offensive tackle offensive guard stayed injured way too long offensive. Tackle gabe karimi was cut. And josh wilson havi arenas and then safety dwight lowery who ended up signing with the colts. So these are the guys that left There there were more names Not really notable. But you can see. That's a pretty extensive list for the beginning of the dan. Quinn to try to rebuild this roster Guys they kept and there's just a few names here The number one on the list has to be in my mind. Kicker matt bryant who they gave a three year deal worth eight point five million In this season. Obviously i think looking back. This one was a no brainer Your thoughts on them keeping matt bryant in this season. Oh absolutely no brainer. I remember my. Brian was brought in in two thousand like november of two thousand nine. Because jason was just terrible apart absolutely fell apart and it was once specific game against the panthers where he missed two big kicks. In the falcons lost by like one point or something like that and then they went. Got my brian who was cut by the bucks. And i think he was in was the cfl or something like that. It wasn't like another league and brian dislike was glistening from the start and had this at this point he was one of the league's best kickers. And you know it's a three year deal and we saw what he ended up doing like the next three years. He was absolutely automatic. He ended up becoming The falcons all time leading scorer after a while. So that was that was a great thing when it happened very lucky signing because I always say if if everyone knew that he was gonna be that good. He would have been a free agent in november. But in the end. Odd the falcons. The falcons got their money's worth and then some map prime. Yes and i think the thing that's worth pointing out here too is matt was. He was not a young at this point. He was way past his prime supposedly but certainly have plenty of leg left in his in his career. Some of the other guys that The falcons kept wide receiver. Eric weems they signed to a two year. Two point eight million deal quarterback. tj eights completely. Forgot that he was On the team. Something about the falcons and former texans quarterback says their backups is really weird as well. You were talking about some of the tendencies of the cardinals welfare. Signing former texans quarterbacks t h one year deal worth one point five million Running back antone. Smith when you deal worth one point. Four million and safety charles godfrey one year deal one point two five million so any thoughts on some of these guys. They kept onto the team on Keep remembering anton smith in twenty fourteen. It's like every single time. This may touch the wall. He'd go for a touchdown and we five touches four touchdowns in like three games like long touchdowns like he was watching his speed and everything. In another case of mike. Smith deciding to pound the rock with us stephen jackson instead and just never utilize i like. I can't imagine what it would have been like if if kyle shanahan was here. And we had anton smith like you know in primates on smith twenty fourteen inch smith not like off injured of later on anton smith. But you know let's neither here nor there You know. Eric weems is someone that the team brought back because they were comfortable with him. he was. He was well past his prime. At this point he was a pro bowler in two thousand ten. And you know he was a he was a heckler tournament back then but then we saw you know twenty fifteen twenty sixteen years. He was a human fair catch like never never he never like did really anything to flip the field or to give the falcons a distinct advantage with the punt return game. Kind of like what we see now. Yeah yep exactly And i do want to say for for williams. He was at least incredibly good on the coverage side as well. You know he. He did sort of cut his teeth as a guy that not only fielded the kicks and punts but also on the coverage side and and did a fairly good job at that But as you know definitely past his prime at this point all right. Let's talk about some of the free agent signings because there some had forgotten about some of these names. But i will say when i went through. This list researching this podcasts. At the time. I was actually reminded that this was in my mind. A decent set of free agent signings. I think especially for the money that was given out. So let's go through some these The first one on my list tied in jacob tammy who was given a two year deal where three point two million your thoughts on tammy because i i feel like that was the the first sort of value signing that. I think actually had a really big impact on the falcons for this season. He was a big time. Contributor for the falcons Like not like. He wasn't like tony gonzales levels. But he was a great bridge the gap between tony. Gonzalez's in What we saw from austin hooper later. On after the falcons robert hooper in twenty sixteen years. He was a real good contributor to that. Super bowl team You know it was it was. This was a really solid. Signing on the falcons did some bargain shopping. I think dimitrov display was known as someone who wasn't gonna Dish out big money to free agents. He didn't. I don't think until alex mack a year later and even then that was probably because his job was a little bit on the line and because of the kyle shanahan connection of being a cleveland's offense coordinator so it was This was this was a really good signing and you know the rest of these names on the list. That was a lot of a lot of bargain bin shop in which i thought point pelican's fans come to expect and was somewhat necessary. You know obviously. The falcons became a very top heavy organization with matt ryan. Julio jones getting big contracts. But i will say i think tammy to your point was a good value signing and was not tony gonzales. But for what he was paid. You know one point six million a year. Nfl like the productivity was there Next name analyst This is the biggest contract they will hand out in two thousand fifteen season and that was to linebacker brooks reed who got a five year deal worth twenty two million. So obviously the the golden locks of brooks read or wetli people are gonna remember but he was a decent player in his time atlanta. He wasn't a game changer. Certainly wasn't the pass rusher that we hope to obey Solid against iran just a a good rotational guy your thoughts on read and and what he meant to the team in dame quinn's tenure. I mean it's when you assign a five year deal and you end up on the team for four years. It's it's a pretty good indication that you were either. You are a solid signing or that contract structure was like terrible to the point where the team couldn't get rid of you but you know in case it was the former Twenty sixteen in that playoff run. It was really that playoff run was pretty remarkable in that all of these players who were draft picks who were free agent signings like they all came together and it felt like everyone made a contribution to at least one of those two. Nfc aw wins. Between the seahawks and the packers i remember burrito to really good game against the seahawks and then a year later against the bears. We remember his like his heroics in week one That game winning sock had those up to sox not once you're dead yet. He was never like a great. Like sack guy He never really wasn't his career as career. High was his rookie year with six but in fairness read he wasn't someone you were expecting to bring in into just like fix the pass rush cost more than like four point five million dollars a year for that but it was. This was another one where you know it was it was a really it was a decent value signing a very fair contract. All around. yeah. I agree next thing unless linebacker justin durant three years. Ten point eight million. I also liked signing the falcons. Obviously they had issues at the linebacking position and he was a a solid veteran. Again he would stay with the falcons for a couple of years. your thoughts on durant of drink was just unfortunate because durant was always like oft injured like very like You know very injured player throughout his entire career. You said relatively healthy in his in his one year. With the falcons in twenty fifteen. He played thirteen games off the dion jones dropping him i think it kind of made drain a bit expendable and team opted to you know. Save the cap space with him. What sticks out most of the justin durant. I remember after he after we signed him He tweeted out along. The lines of off to eighty. Five is the worst highway alike in the entire country. Like what is this and then everyone was replying to them. They're like welcome to atlanta man. I forgot about that as so true. Oh my god yeah. He was I will say at For what we paid him. Probably a little bit too much Again with the injury history. But i felt like he did a good job in two thousand fifteen. The bridge the gap Next on the list wide receiver. Leonard henderson at the blossom. The us tiptoeing. You had stone hands and was brought an he played in washington with call shanahan one year deal worth one million. I'd liked this contract because number one. It was receiver that had experience with a offensive coordinator. Kyle shanahan Number two whether fans wanted to admit it or not the wheels had fallen off. Roddy white he was not the same receiver. He used to be In this season sort of cemented that it was such a cheap deal it was for one year one million dollars. It was just above minimum Even though hankison didn't turn out to be much of a contributor this year or or significant anyways. What were your thoughts on hankison in again. I feel like it's one of those like no risk signings dmitrov. I'm never gonna complain over a one year. One million dollar contract is because like you said it's just no risk to it at all and it was. It was like a healthy role of the dice. It was a worthy gamble. See see what we can get. You know in fairness he. He had a greg game against the giants that that season like. You know it was. Week was week to win against the giants. I think it was a week to he. Pretty much one. Is that game. I think that in of itself pretty much justified signing yeah. He played eight games. For the falcons didn't work out. I think he's lost. I saw from hankison. it was a few years ago. I think it was selling used cars at this point. Yeah his His tendency the drop passes to was a bit. That'll make you public enemy number. One with van base real quick man. We've have way too much of that over the years With with the falcons all right couple of guys tony tight. End tony miaki. He never actually took the field for the falcons. They brought him on Offensive guard slash center. Mike person three year deal where three point six million. I remember online. The beginning of the two thousand fifteen season when the falcon started five and mike person was given a ton of credit for stabilizing the center position after several years with a guys like oh you know joe holly who who ended up not even got cut in In the moving onto the bucks in yet. I think his first five games did not tell the full story of ways seizing would be But your thoughts on person. Because he i mean. He ended up being a starter. For a bit of the season It was mostly starter out of necessity. I correct me if i'm wrong. But mike person he wasn't really a center coming into that season now he was always a guard and it was one of those situations where you kind of thrust him into the center position. Just out of sheer necessity. That that's why. I don't really blame him for his struggles at yours because it was it was an unknown position for him that he had never really played like the nfl level. Now it's like our yard starting center this year but man that was the year where he had. You could tell he hadn't played it just because of all the fumbles he had. He led all non non skill position players at year with four. Fumbles in for your starting center. Fumbled the ball four times. That's ridiculously awful United he had some really an opportune fumbles to get some of the worst moments which again not also turned the fan base against him. And i think after that the team realized that with the position we can't just go. We can't just cheap out on it the way we just did again so so then that was. That was what convinced i. I'm sure the team to sign alex mack more than anything. Yeah definitely and with the the brunt of attack guys. I had center since The retirement of tom mcclure Mike person stands out as one of the ones who was the most desperate as mentioned the fact guy had not played center before. And you know to be fair those first five games. He played well. But then it really. The wheels came off after that played well in the first five games. Yeah exactly start five hundred finish eight. Something went wrong last name lists in. We're going to take a break and go into. The draft was linebacker. O'brien scofield who had a history of playing with the seahawks sudan. Quinn was very familiar with him. when you're deal worth one point seven million It was funny. He got a lot of hype. From falcons fans who just loved this guy one while he was with the team so I don't remember him doing anything particularly impressive. Atlanta's seemed like he had like one or two decent games. But your thoughts on scofield. O'brien scofield was a great boca leader on. And that's what made the fan base fall in love with him and he was a you know. I think he did the dirty bird a couple times. Everyone's like god look at him now. Got about that. And i do remember was like After we parted ways a year later the fan base was just like up in arms of all. Why are we not resigning. O'brien scofield likely. You know bring him back acting like he was dion jones or like proble player. And do remember this falcons group. I had someone asks a really good question. They said Other than being a leader in doing the dirty birds literally. What has o'brien scofield done. And i don't think anyone had like you know a legitimate answer to that. So that's where you knew. It's like all right like the fan base. The fan base gets gets gets high. Gets over hyped on some of these players very quickly. Sometimes yeah that has happened more than once for sure okay. so we've talked about free agencies. Some of the guys the falcons brought in and let go. Obviously the big talk is going to be the first draft class under new head coach. Dan quinn this is a doozy. This'll be fun to talk about before we do that. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. We're back on the falcons podcast. This is david walker. I am joined by fellow writer at the alcoholic on e. catch. We're covering the two thousand fifteen season. Under former falcons gem thomas dmitrov. We talked about free agency in the first half. Now it's time to talk about the two thousand fifteen draft class. This one is going to be fun. Obviously i wanna start off by talking about the first four or five in this draft class. Because i think we forget you know we think we remember if you will our own Failure in this draft and this was sort of a disaster in the first several picks so number one jameis winston With tampa marcus. Mariota with the titans number three dante fowler. Whose falcon with jacksonville. The reform art cooper to oakland still in the league still playing fairly well but with dallas number five brandon. Sheriff is probably the first player in this top ten that really panned out for the team that he was drafted by. And then you know. The falcons several picks later would get their shot. I wanna say we all know who the name is If you don't then you're gonna get a wake up call here just a second. I wanna say it was pretty clear. Coming in the falcons have a need at the past rush position. They had had need frankly since two thousand thirteen. When john abraham was allowed to walk or was cut. I'm sorry he was cut by the team Over the years Thomas dmitrov brought in guys like ray edwards osi umenyiora To try to fix the pass rush and it's never been good as when it was With abraham on the team so that said with the number eight pick in the first round out of clemson university. The falcons took vic beasley defensive. End pass rusher edge player odd non. Obviously we know how this is panned out at this point and i wanna point out a couple of things. So number one of the pass rushers taken in the first round dante fowler vic beasley. Let's see here Leonard williams bud. Depre- eric armstead beasley of. These guys is second in total sacks with thirty seven point five in his career so far but depre- has thirty nine point five in obviously still with pittsburgh In bud dupree twenty two. So what are your thoughts on this. Pick obviously we have hindsight now but even just looking at the pick at the time What are your thoughts on Vic beasley all. I was super happy about it at the time because he wasn't supposed to fall the eight. I think brennan sheriff getting taken by the redskins out was unexpected. Everyone thought that the redskins were probably gonna go for a pass. Rusher in may be beasley himself. It was. He was a really good player at clemson in college. And you know it's easy to look back off. That was a bust of a but at the time pass rusher was easily the biggest need on the team and probably still is all these years later announced but yeah beasley he like. I do remember i. I recall in two thousand fourteen like a year earlier Beasley had already made his name clemson and us jarring basie at this point now is talking to one of my friends now like man. It would be like fantastic. To for the falcons were to drop big beasley. But you know we're not going to be bad enough this year. We're probably gonna like you know. Make the playoffs and go on until like playoff run. And you know we won't. We won't be picking close close enough to take the top ten but you know that. That didn't pan out the way i was expecting so we were sitting at the eighth big. It was a big debate between beasley and todd. Gurley best player available. Bpa but the falcons didn't have a need running back like devante. Freeman had started coming on strong. The end of the two thousand fourteen season off into is going to be the starting running back in. You know freeman justify the faith that the team had in him by having to pro bowl season in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen. It's easier to look back and say the team should have gotten girly. Who you know. Tore the league up with the rams but vic beasley you was. He had that he had that solid. Two thousand sixteen season in solid yet. Bent asked twenty sixteen season. and i think Like we'll talk about with the second name on the list. I feel like if the if the falcons would have just finished the job against the patriots in super bowl. Fifty one we'd be looking back on this and saying all right vic beasley like you know. He didn't really last with the team after his rookie contract but it was justified. You know more so than ever because he helped the team win. The super bowl helped him get to the super bowl and win it. Even if he didn't he wasn't great in the playoffs he demanded so much tension in the playoffs. That it It opened things up for other players. The pass rushers overall on. This list weren't great bud. Dupree was the best one you mentioned. There was also also shane. Ray who ended up onto the broncos. There's lamed fast to you've flamed out. There was rainy. Gregory who at one point was like thought of as a top ten pick but then like you know the drug The drug failures ended up. Just tanking him all the way down to the cowboys like a number of runs later it was on it. Herbs are ignorant went down. He felt sixty all the way to sixty now looking at a friend. Clark sixty three actually knows a hell of a pick but i. i think i'm not mad at the vic beasley pick you know just because it's easy to talk about hindsight. I will give a lot of crowded mel kiper though because i remember he was bashing on the pick up and he was on beasley. Only has the one speed rush move and you know he has no counter moves and how he was going to like a struggle on the nfl. And you know me being a bias fan. I'm like what is melkite for. No like like maybe he should shut up But yeah he he was ended up being completely right and you know full respect to him. There's there's a reason why these guys get paid the big bucks. Yeah no kidding and in fairness very few of the first round pass rushers worked out as you mentioned. You know. bud dupree. I think the exception here Shane ray flamed out was out of the league. Two thousand eight. Obviously dante fowler were experiencing at first hand right now in honestly it wasn't until the later rounds like preston smith went in the second round Went to washington in this. Been a good player in the league Marcus golden who has thirty two and a half sacks in his career went in the second round Probably the the best pass rusher out of this class was in the third round in the hunter who was drafted by minnesota. So i i think this is a reminder that you know when it comes to the draft edge rushers in quarterbacks are can be overvalued in the first round and a lot of times you can go through an entire first round and not find the guy you know i. It's look at two quarterbacks in this class neither or with their drafting team at this point in that that is such a big Big miss of for for a those teams so Yeah i liked. The pick is well. Actually i will say in the time. I didn't think we're going to get beasley. And i was pounding the table for duprey. I thought debris was an athletic freak I thought that he could be a guy that could grow into the role over time. So yeah maybe. In hindsight i was i was happy when we got beasley. Because i was with you. I think he was gonna make it all the way to us at eight. I thought for sure another team was gonna take him but alas we ended up with him all right second round pick. This one was interesting. Because we've heard some stories now in hindsight that make this one a more interesting. I guess you could say At the number seventy three pick in the second round the falcons. I'm sorry number. Forty two pick in the second round of lsu. The falcons took jalen collins cornerback. Obviously you said it perfectly if we had won the super bowl. Two thousand sixteen. I think a lot of people would look at what collins did in particular in the end of the two thousand sixteen season and going to play offs and said he didn't work out but man he shirted workout in two thousand sixteen season. That was great instead. We're talking about this guy being a complete bust and we had heard that the falcons were looking at Landon collins the safety. Who would ultimately be taken by the giants at the top of the second round. And i don't know how much truth there is to. The story is just what we heard. we heard that the falcons were targeting a collins and then when he came off the board they were so caught off guard that they grabbed another call instead. I want. i don't want to believe it because it sounds so preposterous. And yet it's the falcons which makes me think it is a distinct possibility. That is what happened. Especially since landon. Collins was actually a very is a very very good player. Your thoughts on on on jalen collins in his time with the falcons. I i do honestly i believe fully that the was targeting landon collins just because a year later they took your neil in the first round so Also ski safeties are so important in dan quinn scheme overall so. I would not have been surprised if you're looking for safety early often but of course pass rusher trumped all all needs so that's why won't without beasley with the big but i mean yeah jalen collins he was. I think we were all a bit surprised when that was the pick in the second round. I think that was one of those. Dan quinn specials where it's like oh who like him really like i thought you know is not a bit of a reach by. He was you know. He fit all of the dan. Quinn you know. He felt the Mold as a cornerback of very tall lengthy physical guy went to lsu So you those are all things that just loves and you know like will like i briefly mentioned. He was really good in two thousand sixteen after dozen true fallen down here the point where the team would have won like the super bowl that pick would have been justified. The rasheed haeggman pick from twenty. Fourteen would have probably been justified because of the great nfc championship game. He had it was. But you know losing that game instead of instead of justifying the pick i think it soured people more on collins because he really got picked on in that super bowl game all that second half of than you know fouls in other drug tests and he ended his career getting burns in week. Four of the preseason later yeah it sort of a rough rough path for him and as you mentioned just being a knucklehead which we knew when we drafted him it was no big surprise And i think some people were pleasantly surprised at the falcons took a chance on because he had a ton of upside and we knew that the biggest question mark with him was going to be more about the mental game. Whether or not he could stay in and stay clean at the nfl level. Obviously he struggled with that even as he Had a very short career in the nfl. I think he was done after two sixteen. He hasn't been back so definitely. I think a big a big miss their next name on this list. And i wanna point out some guys in the second round right. After jalen collins houston took Banal drik mckinney Linebacker eric kendricks win a couple of picks later a obviously the falcons had a need at linebacker. Both those guys. I think would have been Excellent picks Especially since both guys are still playing in the league. Collins is not a little bit later in this round you think about the the fact. That the falcons Offensive line was still sort of patchwork You've got you know. Ali market Who went towards back end of the second like dolly marquette pet like i really liked him coming out and unfortunately he's now in the division with tampa and a obviously you mentioned earlier frank clark at the second last pick in the second round. So you know it's sometimes it's looking back on these draft classes that make some of these mrs even more painful when you realize. Oh my god we could have this guy could have the sky and you realize they with collins instead But then again. I want to say when it comes to frank clark. Every team passed on him at least once in in most teams in the league passed on him a second time before seattle grabbed him at the back and second so As you get into late around. I don't think it spare to overly criticize the team for missing on some of these guys because every team in many ways missed on these guys right third round. Pick pick number. Seventy three of indiana. The falcons took running back. Tevin coleman the one thing. I will never forget during the draft. Talk of this guy was We heard repeatedly bad scheme fit. And obviously a when you hear people say that. Don't trust that they know what they're saying because If if anything many of us were confused by this pick we thought. Hey you know. Devante freeman was sitting a year. We thought for sure he would become the starter. I think a lot of people saw tevin coleman that said oh man they're just gonna go ahead and give up on freeman and obviously that did not end up being the case and coleman really would make an impact until two thousand sixteen his two thousand fifteen was relatively quiet but whether your thoughts on picking that running back in the third round in what he ended up doing with falcons. Yeah i mean. Coleman was great In college indiana. And this felt like a full. Kyle shanahan fake. It felt like Shanahan was like all right. You guys got your like. I two round defensive players. Now let's start addressing the offense a little bit. And i think the plan was to give kevin coleman that starting job and to have devante freeman. Continue to be a backup because not first game against the eagles. Coleman had twenty carries an eye game got eighty yards. And i remember the fan. Base was just enamored with you. Know eighty yards on. Aw overall four yards per carry. Because the past two years. We had been watching gum. Stephen jackson running quick we're in quicksand so it was a A week later i remember. He had that rib injury in an devante freeman. Took over the starting job and just never looked back Freeman was just fantastic against the cowboys had three touchdowns three touchdowns against the texans and then coleman was kind of a came back to like reserve role in two thousand sixteen china and did a great job of utilizing. Both coleman an freeman as the best one two punch among running backs in the league that year yet. Yeah so this was overall a a real good pick in the third round like he called me didn't make passes rookie contract but given all that he did For the falcons in twenty sixteen in the two thousand seventeen was overall pick. I liked it and a lot of credits. Coleman who worked a ton between two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen become a better receiver and as we saw in the two thousand sixteen season. Both he and davante were incredible. Receivers out of the backfield and In particular. I remember coleman's game against the broncos in two thousand sixteen where You know they leaned on him heavily. And he i think he has a receiving touchdown that game in He had a fantastic game against a really. Really good broncos defense in that game so i love the pick a felt like again. You hear Some other guys went in the third round. The same draft class jordan hicks outside linebacker. A little bit later on Obviously a big name in this round was danielle. Hunter pass rusher out of minnesota and again you know fifty four and a half sacks over his career has obviously been a really really good. Pass rusher in the nfl. I just wanted to say every team passed on him twice. He made it all way to third rail So i don't want to give the falcons too much crap. In honestly. coleman was a pick at that point as well so I like it. And i felt like even in hindsight we can look back in agree. This is you know. Pretty pretty solid. Pick for thomas metro okay. Fourth round number one. Zero seven out of issue falcons took wide receiver. Justin hardy hardy. Was dave coates best friend. Yeah i we talked earlier about harry. Douglas moving on from the team in in going to the titans justin hartley felt like a replacement for that. Obviously julio jones Roddy white were still on the team. And you know a lot of people thought that hardy could come in and be a just a pure slot receiver Great hands absolutely phenomenal. And the massive hands. If i remember right from the common and just measured like enormous hands He was quick not fast but he seemed to be a decent receiver in in obviously was incredibly productive college. So what are your thoughts on justin hardy and what he ended up doing with the team like he was number four wide receiver. You know with the team. Great hands I said If you were to combine his hands with maybe All of calvin ridley tools for example. You'd have may be the greatest wide receiver in the league. The kidding on by Overall like you know shorts fourth-rounder it ended up. Being kind of a waste of before under like hardy. Never really did anything with the team you know. He likes the moments here and there. But you know he did come into Did come into the nfl. Having all one via the birth worth trophy for outstanding walk on he had think the fbi division one record for most receptions already see you so you know was a college legend but a doesn't always translate into the nfl. Yeah exactly all right. Some other guys that went in the fourth round that went after a hearty jamison crowder went to picks before hardy. So obviously can't nail the falcons for that all the way down at number one twenty four alexander. Who honestly i think it's probably overrated linebacker. But it's still a decent player still in the league but probably the most notable will be shaq mason At number one thirty one who is a center in still playing league in. Oh yeah. Let's not forget. Syria smith who was a pass rusher has forty four and a half sacks So again it sort of an upside down draft class for pass rushers where you've got guys in the third fourth round who have more More combined sacks in the guys in the first round So again just shows you sort of erotic nature of the nfl in where some of these guys end up delivering all right next pick. This one's gonna make us happy. The falcons actually traded up in the fifth realm to move up to number one thirty seven and out of clemson the second player. They would take clemson defensive. Tackle greg jarrett. I think we can look at The fifth round here and looks to fund digs would go at number one forty six. He is a phenomenal receiver. Obviously not still not when not minnesota anymore but Great pick their. Maybe you know you've got tyler davidson. Who has taken a little bit later. Obviously he's with the falcons and is is a decent interior player but bar. None grady jarrett. Who went at the very first pick and the for fifth round one thirty seven. He is the best player out of this fifth round and probably one of the best defensive player's out of this entire draft. So what are your thoughts on the falcons in particular dmitrov making the move moving up to that number that top. Pick in the fifth round to grab greg. Jarrett goes the greatest drop Troughs tenure all looking at everything. You know obviously. There was matt ryan julio jones but when you take value into consideration of a great job being a fifth rounder like matt ryan was the third overall pay julio jones you had to trade pretty much entire drop cloths to move up. Get him at six. But jared was you know in the fifth round in it was unacceptable. Even at the time at the time for jared to fall to the fifth round like you was super productive in in clemson in a fantastic college player in the only real knock on him was that he was short. He was like six feet tall That was kind of a ridiculous thing for you. Know a player to get knocked so much from the drop. All the to the fifth round like jared should have been a second second rounder probably given like everything off taking everything into consideration. The you know it's The falcons gain they moved up. I remember you know. He's also a toggle son so it was. You know it was. It was a great moment. Jessie tuggle announced the pick and he immediately got a lot of sports from the fan base of the so i. I wonder where. The where where jared goes. If there's like a full redraft twenty fifteen class like you know how top of the second if not in the first easily doll i mean like i thinking. Oh no i'm thinking more like he'd be top ten like ed this entire drive classmate like i mean if there's a redraft like right now like today He was you know fanta and this is one of those where you know. We've gone through each round and we're like. Oh while the falcons could have also gotten this guy who's a better pick. Who would have been. Better peg the falcons could have gotten this guy. Notes hindsight twenty twenty. But this is the pick where the falcons got him and this is other teams being like well. Yeah like a seattle. Yeah we got trae pool. But we could have gotten grady jared Break got john feliciano but we have got dirty or you know. The reagan got allen L. and dollars could have been jerry so it was. It was one of those where this one is. full like. full-on hit. There is no player after him that you would have rather had. Yeah in. I scanned through this draft class. When i was like oh man Especially from this point forward as you go through the six round and into the seventh round there is just no one Maybe maybe trent brown in the seventh round guard with the central cisco but that's it and Otherwise like grady jarrett was the best pick honestly for the remainder of the draft easily. And as you mentioned probably would be a top ten pick if you re drafted this entire class so and rightfully so he's been one of the best interior pass rushers in the nfl Since since he came into the league and who can forget who can forget his performance in the super bowl where he just absolutely was a destroying the patriots offensive line handedly It is a shame that we have not paired him with any other guys in that right now even this two thousand and twenty season. It's literally grady jarrett and a bunch of dudes so sad but hopefully hopefully the next coaching staff next gm will address that finally finally close out the draft Just two last names both taken in the seventh round. Both of these guys ultimately wouldn't do much in league number two twenty five out of eastern washington offensive lineman jack rogers and that new number two forty nine out of san jose state safety slash corner a keen king near these guys. Worked out with the falcons or with any other team in. Its the seventh round on hammer. Too much on these guys So with that on non. We've gone through free agency. We've gone through the draft. Why don't you give me your great if you will for. What dmitrov did the free agency what he did. In the draft and ultimately the job differ the two thousand fifteen season it was. It was a pretty solid offseason overall. I'd probably give it Maybe like a b minus Just because none like you got. You got some nice contributors. You didn't really Wait let let me let me Redo let's make it a solid. Be not to be minus over. Just because grady jarrett was just that good of a pick you know he was like a a game changer. But you know nobody else really like in free agency. You didn't really get any any real game changers You know in the drop vic beasley was was solid for year. But you know that's a top ten. Pick where he didn't make it past his rookie contract. you know. i know we talked about like in the moment but now that we have the gift of hindsight beasley wasn't like you know fantastic. Pick collins was a bust. Coleman was solid jarrett was really good. But you know there was a lot of foundational pieces here Which resulted in that. Super bowl like a lot of a lot of good contributors solid. You know with the super bowl. Of course. we know about a freeman. We know about matt ryan jones. There were a lot of these guys who were worker bees so to speak and in helping the team get to that point and i feel like again had we won the super bowl. We'd be looking at this draft class this overall free agency in a different light because we'd be like oh well jalen collins had great twenty sixteen in we probably don't win the super bowl without like him stepping up and Yeah stepping into it. So you know that's that's a shame but overall that's just how it goes without with evaluating the past. So this was it was all in. We saw grady. Jared to to show for it at this point. And he's been he's been absolutely fantastic. So i this wasn't twenty twelve. You know at the twenty thirteen off season at all so this was. This was one of demetrius better. I know better off seasons. Yeah i would tend to agree in obviously is the precursor to what would i think ultimately his best offseason in two thousand sixteen But he did solid work in this one and again i feel like vic beasley. Obviously we can pick now but at the time it made a ton of sense. He was a consensus. You know top. Pass rusher in this draft class and jalen collins. Lot of people thought he was going to go in the first round so he was a player that many people thought. Oh hey the falcons may have gotten some value here. Even if he didn't work out. And as you mentioned. I think the narrative changes Based on the super bowl and obviously that two thousand sixteen season ended with so much pain than it's hard to see what these guys did in that season in a positive light. Even though both guys had a relatively good to sixteen season. I do feel like i feel like be as the right grade. Greg jarrett is you know. The he's a franchise player and it's hard to find those when you find one in the fifth round. That's a big big win. And i liked the free agent signings i liked tammy i liked brooks read You know. I felt like they made some sensible moves and didn't overspend in free agency in completely with and the guys that they did spend on. It wasn't a lot of money that was lost. So you know. The cap wasn't devastated by like a sam baker type contract dante fowler. Yeah we're dante exactly exactly like dante. Fowler contract So this was. I think more reserved but successful off caesar a season for former. Jim thomas dmitrov so with that. Thank you for joining me on this. Podcast recapping the two thousand. Fifteen season under thomas dmitrov. Won't you tell our listeners. Where can find you what you have going on on you can find me at say would way on twitter. That's a my social media of choice and you know other than that. I'll be breaking down the off season at falco hollick No dropped season Back into it now. It's swallowed the season's already pretty much over at this point You know feels like just yesterday The nfl was announcing that we were gonna play and you know times just flying so you know stick with the fella golic as as a one stop shop. For all of your falcons news and information. Everyone does a fantastic job absolutely again. Thank you for. Join me on this podcast on. We're going to have you back on soon as we cover some different topics As we head into the offseason alcan's s from you guys. You can find me on twitter alcoholic d. w updates podcast hallways pod and of course our articles. Daily at the falcons dot com so for unknown david walker. Thank you guys for listening and we will be covering the two thousand sixteen season varies. Come back for that review. Thanks for talking to you next.

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