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Let me ask you a question. Would you like a little bit more time to read and learn? Maybe have some time right now. A lot of people. Do you need bleakest using links right now? Bleakest gives you unlimited access to a massive library of condensed nonfiction. Books all the books that you want to read or listen to offer one price. Go TO BLINK DOT COM slash boost and. Try It free for seven days. You'll save twenty five percent off your new subscription. That's bleakest B. L. N. K. I S. T. link dot com slash boost. I was thinking what if one day everything you knew. Got Flipped upside down and was just different life as you just change back in the moment. You probably couldn't imagine what it'd be like but today you know what it's like but then again let's think again what would happen if suddenly everything you know. Today got flipped upside down and changed and suddenly appeared the whole back to normal ish sort of or how about better because our lessons being learned right now that we can apply. And I'm GonNa make sure I apply and help you play as well. It's the Daily News for motivation dot com every single day for a long time since two thousand six stepping in the door with one simple mission when the world goes to to hell in a handbasket. It's Sarah I just really. I think it's all crazy when that happens. What do you do and back just not so long ago? That could've been somebody looking at you. Going what you say to me. Also Davis run. What's a little bit different these days isn't it they? Everything has gotten flipped upside down. That's okay it's GonNa work out just fine. We just need to kind of stay in the game. How's your mind man hasn't been busy? I like too busy my mine. When we're in times like this is busy. My mind makes a big difference. It makes me relax a VC. My mind with all kinds of little things that make mind just go. Okay what do I do now? I do that at the same time. I enjoy. Simplicity of what's happening right now. That's where we're GONNA TALK ABOUT TODAY. And the simplicity that I think is a really really big. It's a big old flag. That's waving saying. Hey a simple simple simple as a really good thing how are you it's me. Scott Smith Founder. Chief motivating officer here at motivation. Who'VE DOT COM? So happy you're here today as we As we go through this together and we sure are busier than ever these days. I could not have imagined that was going to happen that I would actually go into a time when less is going on and I'd be busier yet more content than ever and one of the things that I think helping me to do. That is my secret weapon. I've talked about it before blinking. You've heard about blankets right. I know you take your personal development very seriously. Well it's hard to find time to read and learn more. 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Used to be when I was driving. But I'm not driving much these days and cardio or just kind of hanging out listening and learning the main points. I want really really quickly. And what happens if I like what I hear and it's happened a couple of times now. I go get the full book. I just read it. I did that the Virgin Way. Richard Branson Book. I did it with figure out of all the MAURY folio book. I did it with the four hour workweek which already had but about it again in a digital version. This time. It's awesome if you're looking to learn and stay excited and it keeps your mind. Bright bleakest with blankets you get unlimited access to read or to a massive library of condensed nonfiction books all the books you want for one low price. I'm serious a fantastic right now. Go to for Vailima time by the way. Go to blink. Because they've got a special just for you go to blink dot com slash boost. Try It for seven days and save twenty five percent off your new subscription. That's bleakest spelled B. L. I. N. K. I S. T. BLINKS DOT com slash boost. To Start Your seventy trial. You'll also save twenty five percent off but only when you sign up at blinking dot com slash boost. So I call this thing. The we are going through right now. The great pandemic pause. Because that's what happened. Everything's pause economies ponds. Your life has caused a lot of spas now. I haven't paused a whole lot. And I'm calling my clients and calling my friends every single day and and trying to unplug them. I'm trying to come on. Let's do something. Let's go do whatever you can right. Now it's a crazy time I know but it's we're still here right but it's a great pandemic pause but tell you what for every day we go into it? We get closer to the end of it and as you look a little further you start to see that light way at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you may not be able to see it. But it's out there but most folks I know right now are living a little simpler world. It's simpler than it was even just a couple of weeks back now with few exceptions. If you're a first responder your world is not simple right now as you're on the front lines and it's rough and I love a lot of different folks first responders. You know who you are if you've been affected by this or by your health or somebody else in your family affected. Their health has been affected may be lost them. Life is not slow right now but for the vast majority of folks in America and around the world life has become slower. There seems to be more time in the day. Have you noticed the Russia used to be day-to-day seems kind of distant? Now that happens when we move through these processes as we look back. You have ground yourself. We talk about that a lot around here. Eventually as you settle in the the reality becomes the reality and eventually you to settle into what it is now. I'm always afraid when that happens. I am because I don't necessarily want to go back to what it used to be yet. I don't want to settle in where it is. I want to see if I can make something better at what just happened. Because the great the great pattern break has talked about. Last week has happened now in here. We are floating in this great pandemic pause. Is that such a bad thing to be floating. The storm is going to pass. It will pass always passes and you know that when we reignite our lives things will be what you make them so. Why not consider some lessons from a few very smart people in the past now? I'm a big Fan. If you tune into me over the years you heard me say something. Probably win it. I said way back in. I think I said in two thousand five. Yeah we did PODCASTS. We started podcast actually very early. Two Thousand and five one of the first out there before itunes podcast I was doing. Podcast was out the motivation of movement. And then the motivation to move show and then the David. Bruce came along and one things I've said from the very beginning was I like simple because simple works now at the time. It was just a very simple statement. I didn't think much about. I just knew that he didn't like complexity like simple. So I began to say that I would say lose drama. I like simple simple work but if you look back in time a lot of people have said something similar that Leonardo Da Vinci. You may have heard this before. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So for those of you who are sitting around these days. Feeling like What am I? I'm just a lazy person hanging around doing nothing. No you're sophisticated. You're keeping life simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Learn to keep things simple. This is a great reminder right. Now get this complexity in the sense that you're trying to figure life. Maybe we're going to get paid next. I get that but the buzz is out there simple now. Confucius life is simple but we insist on making it complicated. Oh yeah a lot of for the fun of it. I've caught myself before now. I talked to myself sometimes. I've got the woods. I'll talk 'cause I talk for a living and I'm thinking all time sometimes to be honest with you. I've done this so long now. I can't really tell if I'm talking to you talking to you're talking to that guy. It just kind of weird and so I kind of work stuff out. I notice sometimes even in my head because what. I do often as I try to help. People simplify things and therefore I must get complicated so I understand how they're seeing things and try to simplify so oftentimes I'll find myself living own little world where there's not a lot of stimulus going on and I tend to get things a little bit more complicated because we naturally want to do that. Insist to Papa doing right. So Confucius life is simple. Yeah I really is. It's breathing in breathing out. That's about it. Maybe go in the bathroom and eating some food occasionally. It's about it but we insist upon making a complicated right now much of the complexity in your life has been ripped away it has created a few other things that may be complicated and if we don't settle things and we will settle them but the things go on longer than we'd like it a little bit more complicated but in a very interesting simplified way. We're not running one hundred ninety mile an hour right now. Are we things get different when you slow down a bit? The Art of being wise is the art of knowing what to Overlook William James so just a few weeks ago knowing what overlook was pretty superficial when you think about it. If you're smart you knew it overlooked but most people. They just weren't paying attention so they overlook the wrong suffered not at all now. A lot of people are overlooking the news about the wisest thing to do. You need to watch occasionally but the art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. So what. Are you going to overlook now? What's out there that you can overlook can replace that. With a feeling of positivity moving forward can you find something to excite you the get you to the point that you get revved up. No matter what's going on. I had been working really hard to that for a couple of weeks. Now just to keep myself. I got myself pretty pumped up right now. You might be able to notice. James Warner aways back said. Simplicity is making the journey of this life. A with just enough baggage. Most people I know have had way too much baggage and look at what's going on in this great pandemic pause. I'm seeing something really really different. Most people aren't missing much of that baggage. They used to carry around all day. Long feels familiar. Maybe I'm going to get back to that but I challenge you and I question you can be maybe during this time you could grab the simply simple life right now and hang onto the best parts. Don't allow that crazy stuff to come back into your world. Is it possible yeah? It's simple and simple forks every time gift to simplicity. It can be overlooked and our desire to complicate life so head. Unwrap this gift. You've been given us with Grayson by the way that was good. I wrote that is pretty good okay. I couldn't come back tomorrow and all week long. We'll be here Mike. We always are and another operation. We mentioned show coming. Did it live last week in a little bit different? This week I'll send an email like too heavy as part of the show. Joy will be back on that reinvention literally about you. What can you do right now to re invent your world while the world's being. Reinvented what can you do about see tomorrow right here?

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