US Open Day 6 - Serenas statement; Felix takes flight; Tsitsipas - What happened!?


Hi this is Marion. Bartoli. Mats Wilander this is Mary Carillo. I'm stunned Rohingya and lighting Hewitt I'm Andy. Murray. This is Yannick Noah and you're listening to the tennis podcast. And Welcome to the one hundred tennis podcast of twenty, twenty a year in which we hardly had any tennis and we're still come up with a hundred show. Sound quite proud of that. and. Just, by way of introduction for those, you only just started listening to the tennis podcast you in the US Open My name's David Law. This is Catherine where to go helicopter Catherine. Hello David. New Listen this is speaking. Yeah Catherine's a very fancy TV presented by the way if you just needed checking and she's just come back from wearing lots of TV makeup and being in the studio. No Right now I'm not I've chiseled off the first three inches of makeup. There is still some remnants. If, you'd like to the process looks like we have posted a picture or three on our social media channels today at tennis podcast. If you'd like to know how the TV world works, it was a bit of an eye opener for me after. Market Jim Carey's. The, mosque. and. The being woman world. Works David. Yeah. Yeah I'm learning. I'm only forty six, nearly forty, seven Just. Just learn all the time. That the voice you just had was Matt Roberts who's also past tense podcast math and yes and Not a TV presenter. Still, time. Right. So let's talk about some tennis showy and let's start with. Last night because this time last night. Matter the words Oh sit Sebastian Orage sits apostle win that and you know I think we'll probably be pretty quick. Thanks David. Three that was. That was agreed by the way. Yeah. That was part of a conversation in which I said Oh yeah. Now. That's GONNA be one sided. Surpass. So that's tell us what did happen because after Catherine went to bed. I helped you a little bit with the tennis podcast recording and editing and I just saw I think it was i. think sits the just got the break in the third set on the. I'm just going to hang on to see if he holds this and then I'm GonNa go to bed at two sets to one. Which I did. And then I woke up. To Matt's WHATSAPP which said. Wait until you read about passing charge it is wild yet. Tell us more. Yes. I was not expecting to still be up after it was light. I had my breakfast before I, went to sleep. Everything was very strange and that was all because I got caught up and swept up by churches comeback against sit surpass because sit surpass got himself to five one up in the fourth set church held serve sits passer free at five to lost serve had match points at five three, two of them lost them both with errors had triple match point on his serve at five four made three more errors had advantage on his five four made another era lost his serve lost the next two games church took the fourth set. Sit. Surpass. Regained some sense of composure in the fifth set after really spiraling both in terms of his play and his mental stability in that fourth said he was he was shouting his dad throughout that fourth set. Maybe, we'll come on so that relationship in a minute, but it was quite uncomfortable to watch at times. He did compose himself in the fifth set went up a break immediately lost it the only possible solution to the Max v set tiebreak it went there. To sit surpasses I three serves with double faults and Church won the tiebreak and completed the comeback it was it was completely extraordinary and I tweeted that it fell intrusive to watch it because there was nobody watching obviously in the stadium apart from the two teams. So if you were watching this match you were you were kind of getting a particularly intimate experience, but it felt excruciating an intrusive because it was so difficult to watch sits at Pasco through that it was it was almost cruel there was that we were allowed to watch this because it was It was a shock, an implosion that I've never seen him before and it was it was a really tough watch, but also also an intoxicating one. Friend wondering real all of that off without glancing down at any kind of nights whatsoever. It's like is indelibly printed on his brain. Yeah, you know I woke up this morning to a Reply to our. Promotion of that as of last night's podcast, the I reply was. Did you talk about sits upstairs. To try to explain, yeah, we did just a out of dates and embarrassing. How Did after explain we can't on this occasion do an emergency podcast because matters the only one who saw its and he's just gone to bed at seven a. m. and. Eight thirty am without having seen any of it. So we're going to have to wait until until tonight. So that's why you hearing about it now, but it was it's worth the wait to talk about it because the so much to unpack there isn't a an and starting immediately with sits surpasses tweet. How long after the match did sit surpass tweets the this is the funniest and saddest thing that has ever happened in my career I think literally ten minutes. He barely left the court and suddenly. That tweet popped up on his timeline I mean, he left the court. Talk just yeah. A rack of a human being they not allowed to wear. This is USA open unless they're physically playing tennis. There's a lot. There's a lot of. The shirt listeners I am enjoying all the sort of pauses when they remember that they have to follow protocol whether it be in a match when someone's hit a blistering winner march the chair. GonNa, pick up my towel. It sort of takes away from that moment and sit surpass was wandering off the call Anita put on my mask and it kind of should my. It kind of took away slightly from his sort of quite dramatic exit. The nipples can remain expose but not the nose and mouth. Maybe I'm, David. I will so. He didn't do a press conference some rating I'm not quite sure why. I'm not sure extraordinary. It was about two in the morning local time left alone everywhere else in Europe where it was seven, eight him but yeah, I, mean. I'm not really sure as to the reasons for that. I'M GONNA. quit on Bona cherish how how enough to do that I mean was it Sounds like. The choke of chokes really. But that also feels that little unfair to change. What's what's your feeling on? Well. Yeah I mean it was. It was a definite choke from sits to pass. But other than those moments, the quality remained very high for the match in Church certainly paid very good match and what I thought he did was make it a bit personal. Once he realized there was a chance of a comeback. He he started fist pumping in sits surpasses directional getting in his face and I don't really think of churches that kind of person but I think he sent there was an opportunity and that sits pass was not particularly stable and he's a he's incredibly consistent. Player from the back of the court when he's playing well when he's when he's off his forehand sprays all over the place but this was the best I've seen in place since two thousand, eighteen season, which was when he beat veteran Hallo in Shanghai and helped Croatia win the Davis Cup and looked like he was on the verge of a bit of a breakthrough really or another breakthrough after his initial one years before that and yeah, he was he was really great and it's a it's taken awhile to get to this stage because I remember speaking to him. In Australia at the start of the year when he said he said that he goes on the court expecting to play badly. At the moment which was the which was how low his confidence was I mean that is. That's as low as confidence can get I think and it's taken them quite a while to rebuild it and this was. This was being rebuilt I. Think he looked he looked like a different man when he was mounting that comeback. Remember talking to you about an press conference of his that you went to Australia and being really affected by it. Actually I mean, I'm not sure he's he's this word, but it sounds to me like he's gone three periods of depression over the post. Few months will certainly something akin to it. The the the no joy. No. Joy in the game to think of this. This kid that was so ahead of the curve, you know he was getting wins a big full players before any of the sort of official next-gen emerged before the words next-gen had ever been thought of Little Aden outed he was. Know One of the original. What he was one of the catalysts for the for the conception of the next Gen, and then he sort of faded from its lineup in faded from the conversation somewhat and I think he's been affected by that I. Think she think there were some personality similarities between him and sit to pass a don't think they necessarily fit into the the laddish tool culture. I think they the keep themselves themselves little bit maybe a bit introverted quite thoughtful people I think church probably keeps a slightly better balanced. Than Sits Paseo margin is just rocking back and forth in it green somewhere at the moment. but yeah, I am chuffed. GonNa, Charge, but I I worry for pass because we know he takes defeats halt. I mean it was off to the French Open last. that much that he lost the Rinku which was not a choke the tool it was just a sensational match where. A play had to win. He said he didn't leave his bedroom for ten days or something. You saw him go off into the. Student you. Day, he was wearing a shirt. we've, sort of. Sort of going. Is. Pack, yeah It's I do worry about the effect that this could have on him, not not in some sort of existential crisis as such but more just how it may affect his career because this sort of lost does give you A. Real. Trauma I think and and. At least it can do and I can't imagine. Until he wins big match where he doesn't do that. and I don't even think that that completely vanishes it a think it's going to stay there I think he's got to do it multiple times. Now he's got a close out big matches multiple times. He's going to get rid of this from his mind that's at least logic would tell me anyway at least my logic would maybe he works differently maybe. I think there are some players maybe are able to put things away in a box PA- for him to be that affected on the court. Of all the people. I would not have expected this to happen to him. A really wouldn't there is absolutely no empirical evidence to suggest this to pass is a things were antibiotics Kinda guy. He's he's let's well on this. Song as possible do you have an existential crisis. Said to you that a player is going to lose six match points and lose a match from seven for the match forty level up. I really wouldn't have put him in that bracket because I think he's found the foundations of his game is so solid. His Physic- Keleti doesn't let him down. He was dumped in shots in the net he was shanking. And a really. Really. Don't understand that. Was it did you coined the term shopping on? On twitter. Did I say he got the shanks. Oh Did I. I think. Moment of inspiration that we witnessed. Yeah that's the thing he wasn't just missing. Slightly he was missing dramatically and I agree with you. David. Sit surpasses a is a player who I think has set belief in his game and trust himself and and I don't associate those sorts of players necessarily with choking no i. mean he he never? Seems more secure than Zverev for instance. I never think oh we're going to get. We could get twelve double-faults in a minute. Hey, you know order something we'll just bright down dramatically it took me it took as you said, Catherine, it took for. His peak to find a way past day and and you mentioned that that's an interesting. Point of discussion I mean, obviously, we know Zehra of has had a grand slam problem that's been well documented. Doing need to now think that sits surpass has a little bit of a Grand Slam problem. Okay. His breakthrough came at a slam which I think is maybe why why we haven't thought of it so far because he did have that moment, he beat federally got to the semifinals but since then will certainly since that loss to Rinca his grandson record is subpar though apply of his quality. This is the first time I've thought that and I think think Greg was that ski said on on the prime coverage today the outside of the Australian Open he's only beaten top fifty player at a slam once. which were, which is a really. Alarming record. So. If we're having that conversation about Zverev which we are. We probably should be having about six passes well. Greg thinks he greg come comes down in the middle of the raging mostly on social media arguments about whether he should sack his dad. Not from being his dad's from being his his coach. Gregg thinks that he needs to bring in another voice that keep it up the. Post losses going I think even if Stephanos told him to go somewhere think post loss probably wouldn't listen but keep keep him. They keep him around absolutely having their but you need another voice which sounds entirely logical to me except that there's no point in bring in the voice if they're either not going to be listened to or not going to be allowed. To properly express their opinion. I. Don't know whether this is true but I have heard rumblings about chiappa valve the reason coaching relationships kind of ready workout will have an impact is because basically his his mother is his coach. And and she no matter who's both on board that the voice is drowned out or guided And I'm not insulting that necessarily she's done a good job he's a good player but. Kind of negates the. Negates the point to bring in extra. So usually, no. He I believe he's still involved, but he is not a New York. His his mom his. His moments. Donahue who sits surpass what sort of character would work? As a coach in environment. I don't really know nobody really springs. To mind. I have no idea what he would be like as a coach overseas had the relationship was visiting about I know he's very close to Marcus bypasses. And they've talked about the possibility of a coaching relationship in the paused with that would be full moon little informally at an. But Y- I think we sits pass it would have to be somebody has some kind of emotional. To sound pompous about it. But you know thinking about how to pass would put it some sort of philosophical connection to I can't imagine him having a you know the sort of relationship that it's reported the Marina Sharapova N- Thomas Hoax stead had which was. Outside of the confines of the court, we do not hang out and shots. We don't talk about life ci the fight whatever sit surpassed need somebody that will. Listen To pour his heart. Fit Dinner about his. Twenty one year old life problems and Anybody. Heard the interview we did with spanked answers at the end of last year will be uplifted I'm sure and. I can't I just got away from that. So happy talking to him so. I can't imagine he would be anything other than a good influences a person. I think I think the thing with sit surpassed though is this situation that he's got with his father and actually his his family more generally kind of. Being. So involved in his career is that has been bubbling away as a potential problem for a little while now I mean it was a it was the ATP Cup when it really blew up and then account remember where it was but there was a press conference where his mom came to sit in on it the day are. Weird today after sits of passage said that he thought they were to involve. There's definitely A. Definitely a little bit of a problem there I think even if you go back to Paris last year, the French Open that match against for Vancouver, was were outbursts. The First. to Roy I had forgotten about his mom going to that press conference and asking a question. Go that was with. Yep Yeah. Didn't feel like it did in many favors. I. I'm sure sits Pascal source it out because he's that good I mean I matt a title Fuller Myself I had him on my semifinals. Authority could be a real threat to Jovic and he's not he's not even getting anywhere near that but I believe in him a believe in what he is as an athlete and the player but crikey this results. Logically. At least to me is a really tough one to get over. So we'll see we'll see whether it may may do a lot of good that he's got another Grand Slam to. Thrust himself straight into and get on the clay and. Build his way back up but yeah, it's it's a tough one. The biggest story of the day today. Is. The match that we saw between Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens and it was one that you really built up to on prime video and you'll coverage today catherine and quite Riley and I found absolutely fascinating to watch the spectacle didn't say the whole match. From start to finish I was but I had it on throughout while I was. Gone about my various. Business with my kids and cooking dinner and all the rest of it. But I was I was trying to work out. The turning point because Stevens took the first six two. And it was close early on at least in the second set. And then it's suddenly turned around and I couldn't really work out from the the the passing viewing that I was doing. Water turned what changed it or you? Really. I didn't fight you met but I'm not sure there was a moment there was i. don't think. So yeah. It just sort of just the natural break of the set. As is so often the case because if the beauty of Tennessee scoring system. It just. It provides an opportunity for first. Serena to. Regroup I, mean all the cliches I mean her her serve picked up. Was the big difference in sets two and three to set one for sure. Yeah. Absolutely and I think she I think she physically won't. I think losing that I the way she did. Loosened her up. She looks luggage sluggish in the opening set and. Sloan Stevens look smooth as she does when she's. Playing the way, she can so smooth and he just I think Serena. As any one playing sign Stevens can was made to look sluggish because you just don't. Pick which way selene Stevens is going to hit the ball. You seem to always be made to be on the run. It seems almost impossible to anticipate no matter how good non -TICIPANT A. Reader of the game you are it seems impossible to anticipate Saint Stephen's. She. Always seems to have much time and she so officiant with her with even when she's on. A. Sort of physically fade in that regard whereas Serena grew into the march which I think is really significant fishery neurology. I think then catchily as much as it was important that she finally got a couple of straight-sets wins in her opening team much is I. Think it's just as important that this almost three sets and she won anyway I am. Concerned for Serena in the scar tissue of leasing close matches. I'm. I think that could be a factor in in the next room when she faces sicario again Zachary some debate at prime towers about the coupons ation of that. So. Yeah. I I think actually. Today's result in school on. Of Dream I've always really concerned on her behalf early in that second set, she seemed to be late on bowls and that's I mean it seemed to me mainly because of Stevens Stevens being safe, fleet-footed, powerful, and reactive. She talented she just she almost. She just looked younger and better than Serena really for Senna bit and Then as she say that service such an equaliser isn't it for starting and yes slow Stevens from the reactions that I was getting because I just asked on twitter where's the turnaround here? Just wanted a bit of a consensus because I couldn't follow it closely enough and most quite a lot of people did think nets Sloan Stevens, went walkabout a bit for a while and that second set I think it's a huge win. For William's really massive weight I mean obviously it's a big win because. You don't win. You're not GonNa win the tournament, the context of it as you say, digging out of a hole and. Yeah I think. It's a massive massive when. I was also impressed by just how calm Serena state because a lot of the. Talk. In the moment is that she gets stressed in Grand Slam matches I would. I would slightly wrote back on that and I think she's got stressed in grandson. For. Sure. I'm not always sure she's been stressed guessing that quite so much. There's definitely been a difference when she got there maybe the Chung Action Australia would be would be an example where she did get stressed early on in the tournament. She was incredibly calm today and I think that was that was quite a positive sign and it did make. Slightly strange match. I must say I didn't I didn't find it completely compelling like normally would with Serena like familiar Serena on the brink in a grand slam is about as compelling sport gets usually because you see after dig deep and fight but. I'm sure she was fighting and overturning the match because obviously she did but she didn't have to extend of externalize any of that. It was it was all from within maybe that in itself is a is a positive sign that she's able to. She's able to turn around while also staying measured and calm. I also think it's doing the of goods to be with her daughter with a her husband as well. But I mean had door to there the moment she one had autism shown and it was it was wonderful really the the look on the kids face and. I think that yeah. That probably keeps a calm and inspired at the same time. I got a really good feeling I so in after that win must say And as you say, Maria saccharine next, which is and she's the player that Beata last week wasn't it and she was winning that match and then a very close second set tiebreak and then a really bizarre one-sided third set which. A few people thought. Williams kind of tanked. Towards. The end of which I didn't say will but. Remember anybody saying that about before. So the an and this, this looks like a refreshed Williams to me. And just a final note on her and anti sister Venus. If you haven't on chance to see. Yeah. Doing courage you do recommend going and having a read of New York Times piece by our good friend. Christopher clary. Another good friend of as Mary Carillo, pointed in its direction and the headline on the pieces with more black women. US Open shows Serena and Venus, his legacy and just to pick out a couple of. Lines from this piece. There's a quote from Haley Baptiste eighteen years of age received wildcards wildcard and she said it's amazing to see so many girls that look like me playing in this tournament in the main role. And in the tournament, there were twelve American players who are black in the women's tournament. And power is drawn to the twenty ten US Open. In which Serena was missing because of injury and Venus Williams was the only African American player in the women's singles draw and. Ten Years on twelve. African American players in the. And that's The players quoted they all talked about Serena intravenous, and when you see there, which is lined up a forty year old and a thirty, eight year old alongside these fifteen and sixteen year olds who are gaining entry into this tournament it's just. It's just incredible. Isn't it? It's wonderful to say and to see some clear then he had and. Evidence that it's made a difference to the widest boat. Yeah. They stuck around long enough to. To, be present furthering legacy, not just to be watching it from fall which I hope they are able to enjoy and I do wonder if if is a is A. Small pause may vacation for for sticking around you know with Every day they play every time they play Grand Slam match. There might be another future. Professional play or feature Grand Slam champion watching them that sees them and thinks, oh, I could do that. That is possible for me. I'm not must just be the most incredible feeling. Wondrous Amita vacation I certainly hope it is and very very well could be. This very uplifting. Absolutely. I think in that same piece Francis, tear fo was quoted as saying that that that is an inspiration for him. And that's part of the reason why he's playing him what he wants to do. Well, he's I think he's the only. African American in the drew this year on the men's side And there was an interesting point made in in the article which I would encourage people to read about why there's been more. In the women's game compared to the men's game, and one of the main reasons is the. Tennis is a tremendous provide sport for girls compared to boys in America who often? Have more. Sports to choose when they younger whereas tennis provides that pathway. So that's that's one of the reasons overstay along with the inspirational figures of Serena Venus and these these numbers off such a clear illustration and this doesn't just relate sleep very much relates to raise but not just raise everything such a clear illustration of why visibility representation is important because. You need to see it. To believe that it can be. Definitely. Also makes me just want to remind listeners that if you haven't already listen to our the Gibson and authorized podcasts, please do make the time because. It's because of people like them the Serena revenus ended up playing the sport ultimately, it was out there who Who broke the barriers down who she was the trial blazer and to was a multiple grand slam champion. And that's what gave gives the opportunity and her is something you should hear about and Arthur. Ashwell. He needs little introduction but to really hear his story is, is something I mean I kind of want to go back and listen to them and it's not because we'd. Produce them. It's just because the the store is the and I was listening to clips from Leslie Allen Speaking in those shows and this. So many contributions there that I'm really proud that we did those shows and and so you're gonNA listen. Raul. We're having a good time tonight. Thanks because I'm on my second baron anybody that's followed. This podcast in knows about two beers law knows that that spells trouble And Catherine has just cracked open her third beer and she's she's got a proper beer not somehow little bottles she said to the proper way. So yeah we're. Grab. Your right Catherine. Cans Heintz right mislead people. Yeah. Anyway. You're. You can handle as opposed to me. Right now Phoenix Oj. has today beaten. What's his name again? On. Current Muti. My formerly favorite player in the whole world. You I was. So looking forward to this match against Phoenix, and it ended up being a bit of a dud in terms of competitiveness but it was absolutely magical in terms of the play of Phoenix Osceola, including him, hitting the tween from near the back fence and still recovering in time data passing shot from a dropshot. So. That was wonderful from. And also matenaer were particularly taken by something that mutated. What did he do? He hit not one but two bulls out of the stadium and washing it back. It was even better than I thought. It was because he got the first ball from his pocket and wet out the stadium he requested the second ball from the bowl person. It took one bound more active straight out the look on the person's face was hilarious as if to say. About. That that's like Baghdadis. Racket smash sequence isn't it? Yes. The the calculated reaching for extra rackets. Wow I'm. It was so one sided actually quite nice of fate except to it's to say look current is actually better than this. He's better than what we've just seen in the first two sets I hate to say. Well this is. Getting. So excited about last night, but the the the hype train for Phoenix. Same in the last two days just gone off the scale it has left. The station has no. Station is so far away. And I probably got more infused by what he said straight after the match than even what I saw on court because he was asked this. Incredibly long winded question by the on Korten view, which is just though. This is not gonna go anywhere this answer because you've you've asked him. So you've given so much detail in that question and you're asking him about his killer instinct and I thought this is just going to. Bat this back and play straight bats and not not saying anything and and it I mean it was a deeply weird question wasn't exhibits was given. He said Oh you such a lovely man. Of, clearly never met this before in his life. Got The. Most fantastic answer. That question didn't deserve that good nuns. I'm question myself as a media. Interview now because this guy in spite of himself has just managed to. Get the best answer for emotional same ev and the quite was this Phoenix said I'm here to impose myself outside the court. I'm a pretty kind person, but once I step on the cold, it's the best man that wins only one survives. You've got to step it up with that animal in killer instinct. Now. That is a fantastic quiet, and it also is a quote I was holding not expecting regardless of the question it just showed to me that's something he has been actively working on is. Not Being a nice guy, who's an incredible athlete but being a winner. What is your favorite podcast? Matt, they call they call this stuff in the Gulf world in no lane up, they call them. A killer rather than a dog I never understood why dokes the dog but I understand? Yeah. They'll dog's delight. And Dogs Fancy turn to look the part but you know be be lovely generally is the another podcast equivalent a fangs Yes Mary things. He's actively trying to develop his own fangs and he said it's almost like positive affirmation if I say it. I'm GonNa do it I think he has a meter he confirmed the phoenix ordinarily seem has fangs. I mean, the the the blue hit a humiliating tweet. Leading six one, five, love. Those. Are Fangs as far as I'm concerned. Ruthless Yeah well that. His. His words matches tennis at the moment and his tennis is smothering his opponents with his forehand and giving them giving them no time at all I think oversee whenever we see a younger players I think it's. Is Natural to try and draw comparisons comparison. The most obvious one is probably to talk of Asian terms of the movement and the and the smoothness of it or when the defensive skills but there's that safety hardwired into Jackovich's game and is part of what made him so so strong in tight moments throughout his career I think. PHOENIX. Seem is much more of a risk taker than than I realized he was with that four forehand. So aggressive with it and agree turtle and an occasionally he will. He will make errors but when he's not making them. He's such a false he's just he's just he's just on, you like a wave and the and there's no room to breathe and it almost becomes a bit federal like in that in that respect where it's Quick and it's Punchy tennis and. It's it takes some stopping and at the moment neither marry nor. have had any chances whatsoever. Even shouldn't you've made? New dully sorry, you've made federal and give them my points. You've made federal and Jovic comparisons there but for me. The better. Well, the the one that springs out to me is the dull I'm I've definitely spent too much time with Gregg now but yeah, he's I mean not just because of the whole fangs on the call sort of sweet shy unassuming guy off it as as a very crude obvious. Comparison, but but the four hundred is the Dalai, the by can being a bit flatter. The the this the. Cowboy looking wild risk, take shots that actually have have more margin have deceptive margin for repeat built into them because of the spin on them they. plop in the last minute. Yeah, I am the the. Competitive Instincts I think Yeah. So you I mean, it's not that we're it's not the with jumping on board the hype train or anything, but we just compared to federated dull and Jovic rolled into walk. Anyone composition three best male players on. Can. I just say take you back about a year and three months to Queens. Last year. or Yes. Clean this this year. David. Yeah. About Biz, almost two tube is one and a half years. Thanks. To Queens last year he plays Nick curious on the second court. And curiosities playing. Playing. Very well, but he's behaving abominably towards the end he is trying he's I'm not saying he's trying every trick in the book, but he's but he's he's doing everything that curious does is doing in terms of antics litter be trick shots with the anger on the colts and losing his temper four people. And it goes deep into a third set and I. You know kind of seventy five or something like that in the third set for this young young Latte and in never he doesn't blink once in in not once he let curious get to him the beats him and that that really struck me at the time even though I've. I think he lost his way towards the end of last year at times in some been some matches that I. Really. I. Feel a bit quizzical as to how he's lost that one always sticks with me because it takes such a lot to to deal with and afterwards. Career you never hear curious about word about him he loves him and how could you not? What's what's to not like about this guy? He's a great kid and he's just an incredible athlete. Well. is a might not have belly button. That WANNA get. He said today in his press conference something I found interesting which was that. For, the last last year or so he thinks he might have been slightly getting ahead of himself and looking further ahead in draws rather than just playing the opponent i. Associate that with him I've always thought he probably rose quite. To grounded and measured, and as you said, that kind of comparison adult taking everyone. Completely seriously and I'm I'm not saying that he wasn't taking them seriously but I think he thought that the results that the bigger results might come even slightly faster than they have I mean that sounds like. With dictators thing to say because he is still so young but. He was talked about from really really young. We've known about free eggs. Seem for a long time and he said he has had the justice mindset and realize that he still needs. He still needs to win these matches to get to the big matches is not just going to happen and and I think that's I. Think there's a shift in both mindset and also the ways playing now against these. Opponents who is better than he's going out there and he's trying to crush them and is kind of born out in more these set there about that killer instinct. Is He contended for this title as we stand now I mean look I didn't have him in my quarterfinals I'll admit that. But as we stand here right now. Could he win it? Kind of feels like this one contender that's the problem I think he's got. Yeah I think take Jovic of the equation and yes. Always apply that to every everybody else in would be a potential contender I think Jovovich and then I would say. Medvedev and team. Yeah and then and then maybe Phoenix. And actually, he's due to play team if team can be chilly tonight as we. Record Right now it's two twenty six in the morning here in the UK and at the moment we've got an sue bond stole more of a match between on Stupa and Severe Kenan, which is a match we rule looking forward to and and Jabbar was leading by break next level of five games on everything he wished it would be. And after this team against Chile CH-. So we'll. We'll update you on all tomorrow as to what we've what we've learned to what we've what we've seen and what's happened that lineup will look like. You mentioned Francis earlier on to mention his straight sets, win other Martin, foot you bitch, which is a fantastic win because t.f being. Treading water really for quite a while. This is a real. The floor is now I think he's so he's into the fourth now. Is that right? Yes fourth-round and I think he didn't think he'd never beaten through traffic before yet to to dead yeah of favor and he he went out and get crushed him in straight sets and I didn't see a lot of that match but from from what I read and what I heard people saying it was it was some of the best tennis cfo ever played and that is. Would suggest them. VASIC Pospisil a surprise winner over Roberta about history. Good. That's a very, very good. Win. It was that was in five wasn't it off for five cents two cents to one down against about east too and he looked like he was having a power outage facet pospisil look like like about Easter Goo had him exactly where he wanted him drawing him into long rallies and kind of sucking the life out of him, and then suddenly appeared to get a second wind pospisil was was prob-. Probably the best tennis I worked all day on this persona knows last couple of sets just hitting winners from all parts of the court and. He's he's got a game that he can impose when he plays and get forward and come to the net and. He's he's a man who's quite difficult to start when he gets on a roll as well. Yeah the the first season is funny that the the Canadian men having such mazing week and males around. Here off Delos. Week it's yes. No. One would have thought that if you if you said candidate, if you said before the US Open calendar just to tip you off in the predictions candidate are going to have a good tournament. An ARA OCCA- going to get a put round inch of final or whatever. And Postal now faces Alex door who I mean that could be a re-instituting match clash of styles and all the rest of it. And one today Olsen five cents. But didn't he had he had a love six, four six. Scoreline. Against Him in the second and third cents against Kern Hutchinson of yeah. It was really bizarre. Just, two sets where he completely checked out and he he came into his press conference and the first thing he said he's Adler to apologize. I thought he was going to apologize for his moustache but. He didn't and he apologized for his attitude he was he was really annoyed with himself that he has kind of checked out smashed his racket disappointed that he you know he doesn't. Himself better standards the that I think mono and kind of credit to him that he did manage to come back winning five hatch Nov.. I found. To whelming I must say I'm. Slightly bemused by by his. What he's trying to do on the coal is such a big guy with a big game and he doesn't impose himself seems to be the theme of this podcast trying to impose yourself well, action of really doesn't and. Demo- at points felt like he was out hitting him and I mean that really shouldn't be happening I. Mean I like a good player. Action of Scott Weapons he's unable to deploy them I. don't think slightly quicker. Helped Him I. Think he likes it to bounce. So he can kind of goes into his hitting range a bit more but. Yeah he's. He's another one who is not had the Grand Slam results that that you would expect. t.f effort by the way plays against Medvedev who is also a straight sets win over the man with the mullet. Today and Dr Group Life What was his name again? T T JJ. Wolf. John Jeremy Jerry. Isn't it Jeffrey John Jeffrey Joe. Granddad when he's Jj will fee sounds like. The school bullies brother. I did I did hear from Leon Smith on five live today saying that not only did he have a mullet like on drag Z. from the early nineties he also has a backhand quite reminiscent of Agassi's so. I'll be looking at the future. Today. Well, no straight-sets. Very Good Yeah Andre Rib love also, very comfortable winner and in the women's draw. Fatana Perron. cavs run goes on she beat Don Jr.. Elise Mertens beat Katie McNally I watched a little bit of that where now he was serving for the first set and didn't quite get job done turned. Still. There still little straits strides forward firm Nali. Again she hasn't had I suppose you could destroy her three-set loss to Serena here. Last year is moment. She hasn't had that huge breakthrough moment or result, but just steroids little steps and. I'm excited about where they might lead her. She's really cool. Of strides currently, the Muka went through today against the woman beat Johanna Konta, saronic hysteria, but it was so close summit closer than again than I would have expected to stay very very nearly one and it was a final set tiebreak. She had a match point Khustar she had. Three. I think three back to back in. I mean the one I. was. Macabre coming in. Your Way and it was just the sort of ten is the kind of wanted to get off facing give a round of applause because of the the construction of a point line. Ending with a volley at the net, not just to sort of random put away but a properly constructed my intention is to get to the net in order to win this point. He's Great Muka of. IF THEY HADN'T I. If the old pandemic hadn't happened in the rankings haven't been shot to hell she could have been in the end of atop turn. Is She in the mix. Yeah, who of the Lost Sixteen in the women's is not in the mix. I would say look of is not in the mix because I think Victoria's rank will probably Patriot in the next round I think he needs to be as a ring to get in the mix. Yeah. Okay. Fine. She. Agree with the because Merton. Her quarter-final opponent would be mertens or the winner of Cannon Ingeba? So who's not who else is not in the mix of the sixteen? Perron cover. Not Putting Mertens Perron cover click. Anything Murthy th you would be surprised if she reached the final. Mertens yeah would. Yeah I. Would I think Mertens is one of those players who tends to come. When she plays someone who is better than her that sounds like a weird sense. She hasn't really the ceiling. She hasn't had any really big wins. She's she doesn't have that super auxiliary gear. Seating. Yeah. No, she's. She's a very, very good plan, but she's sick. Oh, she saccharine in the mix. No, not until she's beaten Serena. Great I don't think Putin savers in the mix. She's a martyr Walmart No. So I think. Abbas. Absolutely in it. Radi. Brady's an outsider. The Brady's not curb in my opinion. And even she's the favorite with the book is apparent, which is absurd. David and I had some collaborative donald about this surfer. Or what would you do you think `British ability should be favored to beat Cupboard Labor will I Picked curb to win that match and not that much of a disparity in the old between them and I think. And I think you know. odds-on same as predictions. We don't know and then the same feelings. Anyway moving on. Feelings collaboratively dialogue about something else Andy Roddick. Agree to disagree collaboratively. What does that say settled the argument? Well, it's only going to dialogue. Sorry dialed. Into further, the dialogue he always says form and confidence over experience. Yeah I. Mean The completely facetious point that I was going to meet your what's up, but I didn't want to poke the already angry bear. Was, would you just? Repeatedly making the point the nose insulting to to curb. He's one grand slams. I was GONNA say boy did you pick? Martina Navratilova Jennifer Brady and I saw. A sausage typing I thought that was annoying. Also. silly. Fast is annoying but. I was GONNA say. Extension of the point you were making I was GonNa say, would you pick marrying Chile over-dominant team and then I remembered that you did do that Yes I did. Yes I did. Pacific in by the way has just somehow managed to win that set against Uber seven four in the tie-break or what a woman as she says she's in the mix. Issue in the mix. Signed no still. I I just I. Love what she wants to buy a don't see her. In grandson mixes. And hope that I hope I'm wrong. Look. Every mix as things stand I don't see her in a grand slam mix in my lifetime. Ext.. However, I really hyper on a really. Hope I'm wrong. So. So there's that. A. You're damning this we. Might not be as good a play residual. The is his brother breeze in the drool. Look I love on I would pay to watch her play above ahead of so many grandson champions but. Lifetime's. Running into sify Kenan and ilk. End. Final the final discussion. I, think we'd better just talk about human the Denisovich intimate abolish who have been thrown out of the doubles tournaments. have been told that they couldn't play today. And I. Still Don't completely understand what the difference between them and Adr Marino arena yesterday was circumference. Can you explain I think today's dialogue was less collaborative. So what it seems to be to me and I looked. For backup and guidance here is that the player hotels both of them are in. Nestle County. which is under a different jurisdiction to the Billie Jean. King National Tennis Center in the tournament, which is in the city of New, York. So the USDA have reached an agreement with the city of new. York with the help of Governor Andrew Cuomo. Choose to have these protocols and regulations in place for the players that are. Sort of separate to their little employee of existing state and. The existing city protocols coronavirus. And they apply. At the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Nassau, county in that almost forty hours have introduced. New if she new eat it about people that have been in close contact with those have tested positive for covid nineteen dictating that they have to entirely quarantine for I think. Fourteen days. And that would include. Key Denisovich Kirsten Flip Flip Kuenz the Ben wallpaper eleven if you will. I believe nobody is explicitly said this but the implication therefore is that the sole difference between Audrey Drian Marinas, situation and key humid- benefit situation today is that At the time that people were. Registering this slight shift in the situation I'd remember we know was already on site. At the Billie Jean King National Tennis. Center. Where is Christina Medina? Vich was still at the hotel in Nassau County. It raises the question for me. What would have happened if address marina would one is much yesterday would have had to stay. Live at the tennis center in order to be able to play his next match I mean I'm suitable a know it sounds silly but. Soon, if genuine will. Ellen niff- Allen. Peres. Who's a doubles player and Seems to be some kind of spokeswoman for. Lower ranked tennis player certainly on twitter. She often uses a platform to talk about ongoing issues and she said she understood that if men Reno had won and comeback to the hotel, he would have to have been also withdrawn from the tournament. So I think we can read into that. The only way from an arena to stay in the tournament. Yeah probably would have been. Staying on sites. Throughout the duration that he was left in, which is A. An absurd situation. Really. But. Yeah. Over Steve Overstay, they are right for the dictated by the. Policies of the various areas. Square it's quite hot. Hetero and isn't it that we're in the situation I suppose that applies to sign many aspects of the pandemic and to be fair USDA have have thought of so many things and then an incredible together this thing staged but. That one feels really uncomfortable. Now I think they didn't have a choice about the decision today and if the Twenty. Four hours but I think where this kind of ood started was when they allowed the pauvres eleven to play I, think I think by making that concession they they did make it a lot more. Complicated and I know some people are praising that decision because people. Did get to play the tournament and there has been an awful lot of four out in the last few days and and it all stems from that decision if those players had simply been withdrawn in the same way that Kita Pella had. Yes, that is still difficult on them but I think I think they would have avoided these these knock on issues. Yeah muddied the waters in created a situation which was. Ripe for this sort of drama and the inconsistency that we've. We've landed up with I have no issue with strict protocols whatsoever I I believe in them and I have very little time for tennis players or anybody objecting to the move complaining about them. Because they knew what they were signing up for and be this is the world we're living in the world that everybody else's living in I do they have a lot more sympathy with? Lack of consistency of rule application. And That seems to be where we've ended up. The USDA had no say in what happened to the Denisovich today. As as we've made the point. They've they've sort of tied their hands behind their backs a little bit and I'm you know I I'm sympathetic. It's the by and large they've. They've done really well. That was potentially a bit of a slip. But. Gives me. I'm very surprised that Milosevic didn't do an instagram live today. For the night vacation or done. So we've heard the last of our. I think she's got to spend about the next ten base in that hotel room well now in issue with them, not being able to get to Roy Moore isn't that? Qualifying, Rome is begins next week end of next week. So I think custom flip would be playing qualifying Rome as it stands at the moment she don't think she would be able to get there in time I mean. This. Isn't going away. Basically, this is going to rumble on. And there will be more repercussions and these tennis players in are locked in a room with Internet and devices. So yes. There's no getting away. I've just been thinking about how many giant Jimbo chocolate chip cookies I would get through if I had to live on site at Flushing Meadows. Be a lot well. Hang on he he wasn't seated so you wouldn't have somebody. Eight thirty to thirty second seed so you would have had a sweet. It just needed a blow up bed. Those are quite good. They stay suites decked out. So it's it's fine hundred. Unfortunately. lost. Anyway. Right. Well, there's another tennis podcast in the books. For another day. Let's just have a very quick look at the order play. For tomorrow what days it tomorrow Sunday, and it will starts with. Slightly, Bizarre Selection on authorized stadium I up video. Putin saver against Petra Martic which I'm sure it'd be a good match. But why that's got the stage over Angelique Kerber against Jennifer Brady I don't really understand maybe because marches the eight seed but I'm surprised over former champion. Is more going on there than it just being the highest seeds must be TV preference may be player WHO's made request. I Don us. It seems story after that. It's Novak chocolate against public arena booster in the evening. Good Evening Section on Authorized Stadium chiappa valve against Davidge Goffin that he's a match macho at Happily Watch. and. Even more save cameo soccer against the knit cultivate which I think could be a bondstone. Could be a late night tomorrow night. Yes. If if is fit I think she wins. She's not. Fit Enough I think cultivate wins or I think concert wins. There's my prediction. Right. What do you think Matt? I'm sticking with a soccer because I we winning the tournament so you too all in on a soccer because you have to be. Now. David. The right. There's your little highlights of tomorrow's order play. We'll be back with another one of these tomorrow night Katherine we will be presenting on Amazon prime video if you're in the UK can watch wonderful presenting. From the pre-game show from three thirty PM in the UK tomorrow. Greg. Greg Craig. And then we will be back. A new nominee I love them they're great, and then we've got with the new tennis podcast tonight and every single day through week two of the US Open. So Lisa Review on I changed enjoying them do tell anybody who might want to listen And we'll speech tomorrow by.

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