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Hawks Birthday, Emmanuel Acho on the CBA Proposal, and Bare Feet on Airplanes


Coming up on today's show. It's my birthday celebrating. You ask well. I'm recording a podcast with my guy. Joe Thomas Happy Birthday to me. Sounds like a very unhappy birthday but Emmanuel Acho. He's calling into the show to explain how the upcoming CB vote could result in a legit labor. Strife GHOST POOPS GOOSE LIVER. Pat Say Corona virus theories and Joe's jungle juice doctrine. All of this and much much more coming up on a Happy Birthday Hawk and Chuck Norris Edition of the Tomahawk. Show is your boy. Todd Yours truly man. I just want to wish you happy birthday. I appreciate you all the talks and a good workout from a couple years ago. Doing hope you have a great birthday guy. Todd man as dope. I appreciate that Tiger early for anybody. That doesn't realize that actually no famous people. Joe Is not the only good football player that I know personally that was like a podcast version of namedrop right. You Texted Todd Gurley. Hey Man could you please call into the Tomahawk voicemail line and say something really nice about me so that I can prove that I'm actually friends with some cool good football players Joe Joe Joe is funny. The Next Level Twentieth Century namedrop. I didn't realize we were starting to episode and be We have been having a conversation. They makes me talking shit before the episode started and so when it came on. I'm like Oh snap. Who's that WHO's been listening to us? Shock each other threw me off a little bit but no I appreciate that man. Todd is good people great Bala. He's only twenty five only twenty five years old. I feel like he's been in the League for seven years. I know that's when he when he came in. He hit the ground running. He Molly stood from day. One I remember. We played them in Saint Louis Rookie year. It was the game that I got those concussions seen firsthand me getting run over by fairly but in that same game from what. I do remember that game. I remember Todd Gurley. Being way better than we were as a whole as a as a player was better than the Cleveland Browns as if they would've offered a deal to give them thirty one of our players for todd. Gurley Brown's would've taken at that. That's all I'm saying. Well I think that's a good way to start because it's ver- another exciting episode of the Tomahawk. Show as you know that amazing tool set that you've been hearing as Andrew Hawkins Majko's my name is Joe Thomas and we are celebrating today on the Tomahawk. Show because this is the Andrew Hawkins Happy Birthday Edition Tomahawk. Show Andrew March tenth. It's your birthday. You share birthday with Chuck Norris Carrie Underwood Jon Hamm Timberland Sharon stone. Do you have any big birthday today? I don't have any birthday plans. I'm catching up on emails favorite foods. I'm GONNA eat that for lunch I like how we're doing this thing. We're like we're celebrating. My birthday but in actuality is just me working on my birthday. But if it's a good spin job by the folks here over at the Tomahawk Show Joe Thomas include like. Hey We want to celebrate you year by noon for going to dock your pay. Nah Man. Yeah so Chuck Norris. I knew he was my birthday twin of mine. I didn't know John Ham with birthday twin. I'm Jon Hamm Fan. I'm a Timberland Fan But Chuck Norris is the one so i. I'd like to think of myself as the media version of Chuck Norris. Do you have any favorite Chuck Norris? `ISMs like remember for a while there was like the Chuck Norris. is so amazing. Type things up real quick. He was like the original What's the guy from? The he was he was like the original. I would bet you now now. Now that I know about marketing and brand bit on the side of it I bet when they wrote the treatment or came up with the concept of the guy that Chuck Norris was the catalyst for that. That's how this works. I would put everydollar my bank account that that whole phenomenon which this generation has no idea about right. You know the most the most interesting man in the world. That's the jokes that were they would say about Chuck Norris and we were like in middle school and high school and and coming up like it's funny. That's I don't have any funny chuck Norris `ISMs because the guy brainwash me into giving them all to him. But here's what people don't remember the chuck Norris `ISMs were so much funnier. They were like legitimately funny stuff. Like here's one for you chuck. Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets all the information he wants and then it was like time waits for no man unless that man is checked the Bible Jesus turned water into wine but then chuck norris turned that wine into beer millions of those things. I remember late by diamond in Madison. College We are having an after bar at our apartment in we printed these off. We started reading them and we interiors. We were laughing so hard because it was so funny and it was so relevant at the time. And it's so sad. I guarantee fifty percent of the players in the NFL out. Don't even know chuck. Norris has no clue check doors. Can we since they don't know there's also entertainment works? Can we just use all those chuck Norris `Isms and make them Hawk `ISMs so it. Can we just start? Andrew Hawkins doesn't wash his clothes. He disembowelled them. Andrew Hawkins is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall and a game of tennis. And Do Hawkins doesn't flush the toilet. He scares shit out of it. That's great which reminds me of my kids. They've been ghosting me in my bathroom. That's associated with my little office. That I have my podcasts equipment. Set up and and I think I need to set a trap so if you guys at home have any traps any good ideas on how to catch my kids in the act of ghosts. Pooping me please let me know. Drop me a voicemail at four four zero six to eight one three seven six and let me know the best method to catch him. I was thinking maybe like a sticky pad so when they come in their their feet get stuck and then they're stuck there until I come back the next day and then I can catch him in the act and they have to smell what they did for a full twenty four hours. Happy Birthday to me. We've transition to poopie JOE's. That's that doesn't WanNA talk. Show so joe. What was your and I shouldn't be asking you asking me this but I'm going to switch it up because it's all show we do. What was your favorite birthday year I think my favorite Bertha Year was twenty one. I don't own what I wonder was per se because you know when you finally reached that age that you've been thinking about for a long time to be able to legally buy a beer or my mom. She listens to this podcast so the first time I ever was able to finally buy a beer and enjoy it and taste with that. Nectar of the gods tastes like it was a big moment and I think after that there was some exciting birthdays. But I can't remember ever having another one that really stood out because it was always in the middle of football season so we never really celebrated with anything big elaborate But my favorite birthday that celebrated for my wife because she's my better half she's detriment to become one in Japan when you have the beautiful union of marriage And so I think my favorite birthday for her was. We went to Napa with some couples a few years ago. And I did like the wine tastings and we had a great time like Napa for adults is Disneyland. And it's Vegas for people that are like over thirty five. That can't stay up past ten PM. It's perfect it's perfect for you wind drunk so growing up. We didn't we weren't big a big birthday family. Because here's why when you have so many kids in a house where there was a time I mean. Besides my parents had six children we had cousins living with us and it wasn't like a huge house there might have been twelve or thirteen people in like our house at one time. So when you have that many people living in a house birthdays can't be a big deal because there's too many of them there's one going on all breeding so even now at the Ripe Young Age of thirty four. I still have a hard time making my birthday. Like make it making myself care about it. I'm not like a big like Oh look at me. It's my Berkeley I I did it. No it was my birthday today. When I woke up my mom called me last night. I'm working on a Dick a show. Dick of show. I'm trying to create. I'm working on my deck. My mom calls me three times. And I'm like I gotTA finish his. I'll call her back. I have not talked to her yet. It wasn't until today when I had a bunch of messages that I realized my mother was calling me at midnight on the East Coast to tell me happy birthday and I missed it because I don't even realize that it's my birthday so that's funny but I've had I've had a had had some cool birthdays coup birthday. My wife Kisha. She threw me my first birthday party. Ever at twenty five so the first time. I've had a birthday party surprise when bowling. That was awesome. That was a good one. Another room with my twenty first birthday. My older brother are trail was in the NFL. The time all those killer and he we went out in Miami to club mansion and it was my first time my first taste of what life in the NFL films. You know what I'd like to I'm Gonna I'm GonNa try to do. This was a monumental one. Oh any off White Vegas. That was probably my favorite one. We we acted like we were twenty one again so it was like a Reeb so that was cool. That was my favorite birthday. The the weirdest birthday party I've ever been to now. Transitioning out of my own birthdays told this story to the producer John. Before the show. And I'm like you know what I'm gonNA share it so I was interning here at uninterrupted would have been twenty seventeen. I was an intern. Came wanted to get my feet wet in this world of business to get ready to transition league was doing the NFL. So at the end of the internship identified job here. And before I was I was heading back to like. Ota's with the Patriots. Or whatever and Mave Carter who is the founder Co founder of uninterrupted in the bronze business partner? He's like hey man before you could add here. Let's let's catch up. Let's get dinner or something you know. Come over to the career I have somebody cook. And we'll go governor McGuire cool so we get to the day of or the day before I realized I hadn't got his his home address so I text. Oh yeah with. What's the address? He's a damn okay. Just meet me here is I forgot about okay. Cool not a big deal. I'll meet you at this place. Must be going to dinner. Whatever so I go to Google. What the place is. And it doesn't the address doesn't come up on. Google just doesn't exist the literally. It doesn't exist it's twenty seventeen to and I'm new to L. A. So I don't really know how things work out here or you know what I'm saying I'M A I'm a Cleveland. Western Pennsylvania of small town kind of guy and at the building says it's it's no name. I'm okay that's weird. I'm just going to ride by on the way home from work. Check it out so I road by and there was literally no name on the building. It's a dark nondescript building and there's nothing on it and no cars parked out front. There's no windows okay. Well he must have like a must be a private place that they go to have. Dinner Must Be Cookson. Must that must be really cool. You're thinking this is going to a new level of cool that I didn't know existed That's pretty awesome so I get there early. I'm like the first one. There will be here any minute you know. There's there's workers running around this is this is crazy. This guy literally has his own restaurant that just stays open for. When he's re readings Hungary slowly people started walking in our math right so now. Now there's a bunch of people there and I'm like okay. I don't know any of these people and then like a couple of celebrity start trickling in and I'm like Okay and everyone's Kinda looking over at me like Who's that guy eventually? Math comes sits down his. Oh what's up man? My bad I had to come to this event. Forget that you know we had our thing but with nationwide wanted to make sure we. We spent some time. Okay cool whatever out then. I think they think they can get the hit. The glass for a toast. Okay I'd like to wish happy thirtieth birthday to Michael Jordan. You are a separate since you've been a kid I'm like I am. I have Michael Jordan's thirty a family BIRTHDAY PARTY. Lo and behold. That's exactly where I was at so I got home. It was like how was it was it. I'm like. Yeah it was Michael Jordan Thirtieth Birthday Party. She's like what the Hell you talking about. I'm not kidding. Man that had like a little momentum stone that says Happy Birthday Michael and she still has it at the house soon. How's IT Yeah? So what was the restaurant or was it just like a pop up restaurant or was it a place that's always in existence? I think it's always an existing now that I'm in. La No name is a place that you know you can run out. People can have events there. But it's like I think they might do a happy hour sometimes. But it's really you have to be on the list you have to be in the know you have to know like certain people But it was awesome. It was just a weird birthday party to crash so I crashed Michael joyner thirtieth birthday party. Pretty well I'm reading this book right now called. Burn the ice by Kevin Alexander and it's all about the Sheffi food scene and there was a place in Portland that I was reading about. That sounds pretty similar kind of the hidden cool place where all the politicians and famous rich people and stuff hung out and the fact that it was like secret made it even better so maybe should come up with like a secret. Cleveland restaurant and it can be. We're all like the cool people hang out like not. Us Look like Hulu go in but yeah maybe if we paid enough they would let us in our own restaurant. We're certainly not cool enough but either way. I think it's time that we start off season edition of Tomah headlines. This is a special report from our Joe. The cowboys have reportedly offered Dak Prescott contract. That would make him the highest paid player in the League which includes a hundred five million in guarantees does DAX deserve to be player. One when it comes to money. Joe Absolutely. There's a few things that people need to remember one quarterbacks the most valuable position in the NFL and two when you become a free agent and you've won and played as well as Dak has in his early part of his career. You deserve to reset the market. When the salary cap continues to climb every single season it only makes sense. Your proportion of the salary cap that you take up as the franchise quarterback stays the same but since the salary cap is growing that means your dollar value. You're guaranteed money. Your average per year is going to continue to grow. And you're going to continue to beat the market. And you know what's going to happen? Next Franchise quarterback that has free agency in the prime of his career. That's played well. That's one games. That's all the right. Things like Dak has in Dallas is going to reset the bar and then won't be the highest played Guy Anymore so this is just the way of the world in the NFL when your quarterback and you're in the prime of your career you reach free agency you're a franchise guy who's done everything right. You're going to reset the market and become the highest paid player in the NFL. Yeah no I mean I think you hit it all right. Maga's especially since he's the cowboys not even including the marketability aspect of what he just brings to the star. He has an opportunity to get paid. Probably two more times and then transition to the Tony. Romo were because I feel like Tony. Romo is set in a nice little runway for cowboys quarterbacks. Because they are America's team right. That's their their moniker. They have that trademarked and there are tons of cowboys fans and if you look at what the broadcast networks do they do. Have an affinity for people that come from the cowboys for that same reason so even if you look at Tony Romo who didn't win anything right. He was just a good quarterback for them for a while and he was there guy and I'm not saying there's a red carpet late offer. 'cause he he you know he works hard bunch seventy million a year to call games. That is that is solid they. They've now created a precedent that I think back Prescott if he plays his car right. If you play cards right. Regardless of how much he wins he can also capitalize off of well. Here's your problem with that in the TV media. Business like you know. There's not quite as many seats as there is in the NFL. There's thirty two starting quarterback seats in the NFL. And there's three or four of those number one color commentary spots in the NFL and right now. Tony only one. That's getting paid boo bucks like that. Peyton. Manning might if he takes the Monday night football job But outside of those two guys you know Chris Collins or the next guy but I don't even think he's in that ten plus million and sell from I mean really and then the number two guy he'd be lucky to be making a million. I mean which is insane money to be talking about football. Let's let's be clear about that but it's not seventeen million a year so there's only a few positions. They're all right next one. According to Charlie. Weis Tom Brady text him and said nobody knows anything. So anyone who's telling you they know they don't know. Do we believe Charlie Weis? I believe that Tom Brady probably texted him. And I also think that there's a chance that Tom Brady wouldn't be telling the whole truth. Charlie Weis not that he really necessarily wants to lie to Charlie Weis but I think he understands that for the most part people understand the Charlie and Tom have a good relationship and in Tom's mind he can text Charlie. This knowing that it's going to get out because Charlie Weis has a Sirius. Xm radio show that he's going to be on every single day during the week and that going to say this and so that many people are ourselves included on the Tomahawk show. We'll hear that and say you know what that's probably chew. Because Tom and Charlie great relationship and Tom would never lie to Charlie but Tom is justifying it his mind because he knows that what's best for him and maybe his family and the process that he's going through is to let people on the outside that any reports are wrong and so his mind even though he might be telling a little bit of a white lie to Charlie Weis. He can justify nobody that gets hurt in this situation. I like it a little white lie never heard anyways lie. Also while you're saying that I don't have taken on Charlie Weis Jake. Mary Job Wise. I drifted off and started reading more. Chuck Norris `ISMs Chuck Norris is soon mass-based for taking the name of what he calls everything around you. That's alright imagine of my space. Thank you very much man. Rip All right next one. Two pieces of Brown's News here Christian Kirksey was released by the browns up through the two sides were unable to agree on a renegotiated contract our IP to the dog check hawk. Were you surprised by this move? I'm not surprised by Christian. Kirksey is our guy we you know. We were there when he was a rookie in two thousand fourteen. So got the release develop as a leader in the locker room and and really as a football player But the but the injury bug hits and that's a that's a reality of football. Is that once you get ordering age. It's it's tougher to stay as healthy as you once worrying. I don't know if that's a product of you. Just being out there a lot or it is the fact that your body changes over time. Which is what makes your snap. Count even more remarkable but you know for for Kirksey. I don't think it's a surprise to him I don't think it's a bad move other brown sometimes. A new chain of change of scenery is just necessary. I will say this Kirksey is one of those players for the Browns who will go down with them as a guy who always get a beer bought forum no matter what bar he steps in because he is a guy who you know. Kinda ingrained himself in that community and not just that man he he really like he took on the personality of the fans. I know fans really appreciate that in every market but especially in Cleveland where they're so passionate about you know the guys who put on Brown. I think you hit the nail. On the head Christian Kirksey embodied the passion the loyalty the toughness and the hard work that the people that are Cleveland Browns fans the people of Northeast Ohio. It perfectly reflected them and I think that's why he was such a fan favorite. That's why he was a favourite within the locker room. He always brightened up. Everybody's Day when you walked into the meeting room and you saw him in the midst of the misery of Owen Owen. Sixteen Hundred Fifteen. Kirksey always walked in with his briefcase and his hard hat with that business like professionalism and I think I really hope that if his is over in Cleveland which it looks like they're not gonNA resign him for lower contract since they've released him I hope that he has planted the seeds of professionalism and a lot of those guys in those defensive meeting rooms where they saw how he went about his business on how he conducted himself how he put himself forward as a leader. A leader of men leader of those people in that locker room and he treated everybody in that building including the smallest and most insignificant people in some people's eyes with the ultimate amount of respect. That's how you gain respect and you become a true leader. That's who Christian Kirksey was on top of being a great player. He will be sorely missed by the fans and the players in that organization. Absolutely I would get some more Brown. News Brown's center. Jc shredder was elected the new president of the NFL PA. Alex Mack was elected treasurer. Oh about Brown's just running all of football very aspect. This is crazy to. Nobody's surprise. The Cleveland browns are taking over because nobody has endured hardship and heartache like us which makes us better toughened hard on will be the name of your book. Joe The Joe Thomas Book when you write a book. What's going to be the name. Why losing is overrated? I got one for you. Don't be afraid to lose. And then it's you in the cupboard with your hands under your chance of that very serious. Look Oh yeah and it talks about taking chances in life and you know going for broke and not being free to start to leave a legacy you gotta play into that fact Joe you can write my feet and talk about how this book is Super Average. And you wouldn't buy it unless you wouldn't read it unless somebody gave it to you for free but I think he's a great choice for NFL PA president. He went to Cornell which I think makes him smart. Because I've heard of the Ivy League is is kind of like they call it. Wisconsin of the East Coast but he actually was a industrial labor relations major at Cornell which is exactly what you are as a NFL union president. And so I think that just makes any follows a long line of offensive lineman than have served as an NFL PA presidents. Going back to Kevin Mua when I was there and then Winston Eric Winston. Who's just finishing up his time right now as the NFL PA president even before him gene. Upshaw who was the executive director when I first got into the NFL Paul Offensive Lineman all offensive Lineman from the raiders and believe he was the NFL PA president many many years before so Offensive Lineman clearly making a statement as the smartest men in the room once again. Yeah no for sure. They don't have to worry about their good looks so whenever we won't go down that one but when you're ugly and fat like offensive linemen and you gotta work on the other aspects of your life. You can't just walk into a room in smile. You've got to have a good personality. Good brain and be good labor relations over labor relations up at the the industrial side. I'm in I think it's time to call our Guy Emmanuel Acho little. Cba UP. Dan the Tomahawk. I was good gentleman not much what you have to Another band New York man. Dodging Corona a good look. I was there last week. Are you scared of the Corona virus? Ea We'll get right to it man. Are you scared? Other Corona virus. I am I'm not I am a young healthy thriving individual who is who has no fear right now as I drink a bottle of water and vitamin C. Is there any truth? That corona virus cannot affect Pure African blood not buy into that. I am not going to be the one. I'm not going to be the African to find out why you're not gonNA test. We appreciate you joining us here in the Tomahawk Show Emmanuel Acho. Espn analyst TV media extraordinaire. What are the rising stars on all things sports also former NFL linebacker including with the Cleveland browns man and a lot of talk going on with the CBA? Ea and I didn't. I didn't exactly watch all the interviews. I did walk by the TV. And I've seen you and your brother on the television looking like twins But didn't so Sam ran for president of the NFL PA correct correct? He actually didn't win But it turns out that he was in full supports. I think it was a cleveland. Browns center correct me if I'm wrong. So yeah. Jc They just got elected problem. Yes they try to. My brother was like due to be the. Pa President So I guess with three literally in like Labor negotiations so Yeah my brother did get again elected to the executive committee. Now so you see your brother came out and I did see the video you posted about your brother being in favor of the new. Cba Agreement Talk to like from your perspective. I mean you're obviously the media Guy Tube and a former player have read through a lot of the points of why you think it was a favorable deal because there's been there's been players on literally every point of his bedroom. You're exactly right I to me. It's a favorable deal because it appeases the vast majority of NFL player now I is doing in Joe Senators Desk. Y'All know literally would be on opposing sides of this deal if I remember both of y'All's careers correctly that being It doesn't appeal to the press star player and it doesn't appeal the superstar player because their emails like the tender being Grandchild's tag that sucks. We acknowledge I acknowledged that. That's the sucks. The fifth year option for first round picks that sucks. I acknowledged that that sucks. That's not a good deal not at all. However they're only thirty conflict picks annually only roughly five percent of players get tagged or tenders so although it does suck there are act field any deal which will suck and it just affects the minority. Now when you look at the benefits you're talking about increased wages increase minimum salary. One hundred thousand dollars which would kick into effect immediately as soon as the deal is ratified That's the benefit you're looking at a larger percentage of revenue that would kick in media leach. That's the benefit and so I am simply looking get what deal serves the greater good and the current deal serves a greater good but all kind of couch. Everything with this is the deal. Perfect by no means you only way to get the new poopie better is if the players to successfully strike if the players could successfully stop work and strike but I don't think. Nfl players can progressively lake strike therefore to be the current deal is a good deal. The question that I have is not that are is this new. Cba making their contracts and their work conditions better but is it making it better enough. Have we done enough with the CBA? Have we exhausted? All of our leverage against the owners by giving them a seventeenth game and some other concessions have we extracted the most out of them and I think one a lot of people look at this. They're saying the seventeenth game was the biggest chip that we had on the table because the owners don't have to give up a single thing to have a seventeenth game. It's nothing for them. They could schedule thirty games and it doesn't affect them one bit accept it makes them way more money but you know who it does affect it affects the health and wellness of the players which were understanding has some very very significant long term negative effects on our health and wellness by playing more football more practice more games and the more games that you add has an incrementally negative approach in my opinion in the season because at the end of the season. You're already beat down. You're already more susceptible to more long-term injuries so adding more games on top of that is a cumulative effect and so by giving them that chip. Have we gotten enough in return? Did we get enough out of it? And what's your take on that great question? My answer to that is the player. Did Not You're exactly right when you say the seventeenth game was the biggest most colossal chip the NFL players had in their pocket. If anybody's familiar with the game of spades. It was the big joker. I'm like it was a car And the player per my knowledge. That problem lies in the fact that it appears to me that this deal was negotiated for the majority of the steel negotiated throughout the course of the season while the players or playing. It was negotiated by the reps of the NFL. Pa Fi- Excetera our lives over and all the players meeting Indian. Come to the table. This deal that the the bone structure of the deal. We've already been negotiated. And so the owners like wait a second. We already talked about. Forty seven percents. Hey No way we coming up to fifty. Now that's your servant lodgers or say a Macho Russell will and that to me job. Where the disconnect live. You feel the fact that the owners already had the leg up before the players actually upper got to the table. No by no emphasis deal in my opinion replace coconut. But if we're you are right now and the fact of the matter is Abba deal on the table. That is a better job and where you were. I hate the fact that it's ten years and I would have learned to lessen the deal table. That's better than where you wear. What's occurred 'cause if you ain't got a better alternative better sign but I think that's kind of where I am on this process two and like like I mentioned I'm more on the NFL side of it now. I work for NFL network. And I'm not getting a paycheck from the teams to play in the NFL anymore. But I'm trying to put myself in a player's position and I'm GonNa say the same thing you did like I feel. The players are not getting enough for giving up a seventeen game and they should push for more and I agree that that Moore should go to those players. That are the minimum salary. Guys the ninety nine percent in the NFL. The question is right now. What's the rush? And maybe the fear right now from a player standpoint is if they turn this down. What does that mean and I think that kind of highlights something you said about the process and a lot of players feeling like the Union and the people running the union during the negotiation process Maybe didn't do a very good job of getting enough for that seventeenth game chip and on top of that. They didn't do a very good job of communicating. What they were negotiating four until they get to this point where it's almost the point of no return so with that being said. Do you see that the union leadership is going to be continuing in the same way as it has been moving forward after this vote whether they voted yes or no do biggest frustration with this whole thing. How the heck how in the world can the players the union collectively fight the owners? When they're hiding her Russell Okon. He was the president before withdrawing his name but they of the voting process. He was up the player. President Duda suing the NFL Today. Now I'm not necessarily mad at him or law if they did. You know violate bill writes or violate in agreement. I'm not mad at him necessarily for a loss but I'm mad at him for the tiny of the lawsuit given the optics like how in the world can players or be banding together to go against these thirty two owners. How can they succeed when they're beefing amongst themselves in their governing body which is the Union? Secondly my brother made a great point gentlemen and he said. Hey Bro? He's you know. What did the executive committee boat to pass this and I said well they voted six to five from not mistaken. The first time saying no he said okay. What did the players vote when I said well? They voted seventeen to fourteen. Yes in order to stain. He then asked me the most poignant question of all he said what did the owners though apostle second and I said well. I don't know you said Edgar xactly because it hasn't leaked from their side. He said we US thirty. Two Reps at eleven executive committee where you can't even keep some quiet for a day or two and who actually have no idea what the owners are thinking. So my problem hock and Joe. Was it like if the players are completely fighting. Lesson Courtney battles to really fight. The one that is most important basketball scares me about the Union of the NFL. Players are so so. What's what scares me about it. In my brother playing the league. What ten years prior to me getting there in the I played ten years and I come from a family of no no. Bs 10-plus NFL. Football players. These conversations that I've heard since I was a kid and like you know and a lot of it resets and I'm not saying that we're experts by any stretch of the imagination. No but you're completely right about the exchange of communication between the PA. Because I feel like a lot of players feel like A. They're not being represented when you talked about this in Sam talked about it. Oh the little guy wins here. I don't always agree with that because I don't think we're thinking long term enough even the minimum salaries. It's GONNA take three years for that to go into effect and the owners have done and if you think about this kind of a thirty thousand foot view the owners who where we had a pretty solid deal in two thousand six they ripped it up and they forced US basically. We voted to agree to the new. Cba to where now we feel like just because it's better than the last one. It's a good deal. And that is not the case. Because they've added a seventeen game for basically half of what they took away in the last deal that alone doesn't make it make sense and then beyond that like practice squad salaries are fixed. I was a practice squad guy. I came into the practice squad. And if you can show that you have the ability of a team says we want to keep you. We're GONNA pay you regular money. They should be able to do that in this new. Cba they're not able to do that thirty. Two players negotiated more than a practical added. Yeah give it to me. Let me ask you this because this is a while I agree with you. I've had to challenge myself in this line of thought Nowhere in here. I'm not just talking about sports. I'm talking now about the entirety and catalyse of American. History goes eight group which has been previously kind of underprivileged than has been previously Gotten less than they deserve. Unless they're valued been able to jump from nothingness to getting everything they want. That took government happened in society like groups that have been belittled. Don't go from being the bottom of the totem pole and the top of the Totem Pole. Now while I agree with you and while I think players should get more and they should get fifty percent if not forty nine point nine percent. I just don't know that that's realistic. Hong were though. I don't know I guess it's not like we've never seen that before. They were getting that and for less work and as a a union vast should have been something we stood on. So it's not like I'm going to go to uncharted territories again when I was coming into the draft. That was under what that a fifty fifty split? Yeah yeah the forty nine forty point. Eight Point Five. I think is less than what the two thousand sixty is so to my knowledge again without getting into the hairs things to where we we kinda lose the appetite to my knowledge it was a higher percentage but at a lower growth percentage meaning. It wasn't a hundred percent. The players were getting forty nine percent. I think some of the right and some of the revenue were excluded. Yeah no that's still. This bucket is the same way it. It's not like there's always going to be that I guess my my entire point is regardless of whether you're the the top guy or the bottom guy with the NFL has been able to do is and this is a president. You're setting by continuing to agree to these deals. Every time it starts inching up and it gets to a point where they're saying okay reset it. They rip it up. They're gonNA force you to do it again. Because they've shown every the last two Seib as they have the ability to do so. Because you don't WanNa miss any dollars you don't WanNa miss any any salary the rip it up and just keep resetting you and in that setting you will keep hitting a ceiling and they will say hey rip it up again at another game rip it up and take them back down to forty seven then we'll go to eighteen games so they're not giving him a they're getting extra but taking less away from us and that's bad negotiation problem than these players. Have One thing left. Bacon do and that is strike like based on what you're saying. The players have one final toys and that is strike. But y'all two gentlemen on the other end of this call. No Nest is getting got. Dang well I do. The player will not win a strike. Over Thomas's an Anti Hawkins isn't a man you'll watchos but there are a large group of players who can't do it and he was right to win a strike. So here's an an and that's a good segue to the next point because you're right that you should be understatement. Strike is not likely even for fans listening like. I don't think there's going to be worked out but I don't think we're going to Miss Games. My whole thing was at least wait to the last minute. Don't let them push you earlier. At least at least act like you're going to do it so let me tell you. Let me ask you a manual. Do you think this vote if they do vote. No this week. Do you think there will be a work? Stoppage in twenty twenty one. I do I do. I've said that I said this a month ago and got ripped when I said it on Golic and Wingo morning show on ESPN. I got ripped when I said there'd be a work. Stoppage is looking more likely now than ever the only way. It doesn't happen gentlemen if the owners are like look man. We're going to let you vote on this deal again because we want this deal done before. Tv right that's the bike. And I think this is Suzie now. Who's the belief that blessing? I am not under the belief that the owners are bluffing. But if the owners unless the owners are bluffing I guarantee all man there will be able to stop it because I think that the player can win set strike. I think videos like a Pouncey Clinton gone by saying I got so all of. Y'All stay in my house. I think some of the places like absolutely believe that and the fact that a matter is there's not enough couchbase. There's not enough basements to slept on and stuck being so I think the players are GonNa try if this doesn't pass to strike or work stoppage and unfortunately it's just not realistic. You got millionaires or a hundred thousand years fighting billionaires Well well it's definitely A lot of interest for us is former players and the fans are tuning in. And they're interested because they don't want to see the NFL stop but We appreciate you for your time that you've given us but the last thing I want to ask is for our listeners for the average. Nfl Fan what should they be paying attention to as the NFL puts this possible? Cba to a vote and if it gets turned down. What's the next step in the process? And where does this potentially lead the players Granville Francis huge? I know they might not care about the new ones but if this CBS's does not pay football may stop for a period. Twenty twenty one. I do not know how long that period will be that fit only stop for period so this affects the fan just like it affects the players secondly the CPA doesn't pass. I think things get real interesting. It affects the fans for like the cowboys. Because now you can use to impact Dak and Marie. So there's some little things but the overarching theme gentleman is if this doesn't pass everybody needs to prepare for a work stoppage period. That's that's real. Hopefully all the NFL players out there are listening and the big thing in the last time we had to CBA was trying to make sure that players were saving their money in case of a work stoppage so that we could outlast the owners which of course we know is not going to happen because it doesn't matter how many millions players make the owners have got a big in front of their names and you just can't outlast guy like a like a group of owners that have billions and billions in their war chest. So we know your time is extremely valuable valuable we really appreciate you coming on and breaking down the CBA for us. We'll see what happens but it's definitely an interesting time in the NFL. Especially in the collective bargaining world them in a pleasure to talk to. Acho appreciate him joining us on a Tomahawk show. Always super intelligent takes and approaches every headline from a very unique angle which is just hard to do in media because you hear the same stuff over and over and over again so like I said. Appreciate him joining us. I think it's time now for explain. Joseph please explain yourself time for another famous edition of. Explain yourself all right John. Let's get started. Andrew Hawkins tweeted. I think you only get corona virus if you put your bare feet on stuff on airplanes that was explained yourself so every once in a while. Just jump to the twitter machine you know. Just drop drop tweet. I was on a plane. I was looking at somebody with their feet up on the seat in front of them and I thought to myself I would be completely okay of the corona enters through feet and that person leaves us plane and goes right into corn. So hang on a second. This person had their shoes on her shoes off. Shoes off expert feet bearing their feet obvious seat in front of them. Boo. That's a problem and the first thing I thought was I hope you get. I hope you die of the corona virus while I hope you're a horrible person upon you. I don't want him to die. I just want them to learn the lesson of stop putting your bare feet on stuff man or woman. It was a woman I've noticed. A lot of women fly in sandals us off for. I can't imagine taking my shoes off in an airport around an airplane. I mean I'm not gonNA live take it. I'M NOT GONNA do whatever but I mean I don't I don't put my feet on things socks. I have like my bag underneath my foot. I'll go no socks but I'm I'm with you Hawk though like. I'm not afraid to take my socks off airplane. They're going to get dirty but I'm not gonNA put my feet in my bed and I'm not gonNA put my feet up anywhere else. I'M GONNA go wash them off from an attainable. Our wherever you taking your shoes off and putting them on the floor and you want to put yourself in danger. That's on you. I don't mind that that's fine. We start putting your feet on other shit that other people have to come in contact with. That's what I got a problem. All right that's I think that's just like the fourth time I've used the S. word in case my mom is listening to this. The Birthday episode lifetime show. Yeah but here's the point if you're wearing sandals or flip flops you're basically wearing bare feet you're just protecting yourself from any sharp objects. It's not like there's any germs that magically are being protected by wearing a sandal that you wouldn't if you're just bare feet so it's just a matter of like comfort at that point so if you're not afraid of the germ exposure by wearing sandals or flip flops then you shouldn't be afraid of germ exposure that would be caused by wearing bare feet. I feel like we haven't talked about the corona virus enough on this episode with. We'll probably get to that at some point speaking of Airplanes Joe. Thomas tweeted on airplanes. I follow the strict rule of no kids equals no problem. Joe. Thomas explained yourself please do you. Flying kids was a nightmare. And you dreaded it and it was never fun at all but once you deal with the insanity of a bunch of little kids on a daily basis and the stress and the amount of energy you expend just trying to keep them from killing each and themselves if you get some quiet time no matter how small that little boxes that the shove you in due on an airplane seat you don't really care and you're just enjoying the peace and quiet and the fact that you don't have to jump up and yell and break up a fight. Yeah I agree. It is like a home away from home on an airplane. I still don't know how airplanes work I feel like I'm a smart guy and I can figure things out that's like one of those things that I just never understand. I look up every time and I think to myself how you know not aerospace guy though. So what have I got next down last weekend? Andrew Hawkins tweeted earned. Not Given Cleveland. We did it in. La For those. That didn't see. This Hawk was live tweeting Sons Championship basketball game and they want Hawk explained yourself. Yeah Man so son had a basketball game. He was stressed about it all week so I flew home early from the combine to be at my son's championship game And he has like five wristband zone. He wears rex like he had his first game in rex bags he bought out so he doesn't take him off now. So outside the court he has wrecks on all day He said he couldn't sleep. He was up at like five thirty. Am that morning because he was like. I'm so I'm nervous. I'm like up to Ansi. He has like a Cleveland browns wristband. He wears he's I'M A. I'm going to wear this so I can bring a championship home to Cleveland. Being DEAD ON TARGET. I am not kidding at all he. He sleeps on browse blankets pillows. He sleeps with the football. Raza could even browse wristband. Probably four out of the seven days of the week and then you win the game man. He bought out and they brought the trophy for a kid to win. It looks like an NBA Trophy. But it's actually like NBA Trophy Garage punk. Exactly the favorite part of your live tweeting. An instagram is when you took them to their own gym. Yes Dad moment and I do everything last minute do so I got to be somewhere at six? Pm I show up at five fifty eight and a half so we got to the gym literally four minutes before the game started and we were at the wrong. Jim So I had to drive them. Which is like another nine minute drive. But it's all right. We made it. So was he the star of the game. We'll see the. Mvp The ball out. He's really good basketball player for his age because he's not because he's like just he's athletic tall. You wanted to say that. Not because he's Tall. Not always in this league wants this. Rabbit Hole. But he's one of the taller. Seven eight year olds But a seventy seven year old league but he's good because he passes so he like prides himself on passes he thinks that's the coolest part of Lebron's game so everyone around him who might not be as athletic is he is like at this age yet. Everybody gets involved because you can easily come down and shoot every time. But he like he'll stop and we'll get like that. How many sister have you know and I let them count if someone has an open committed. I'd like eleven thirty so the whole game. He's just trying to dish it to people so everyone else can shoot so everyone just loves playing with it like a parent's love them and he you know. He just prides himself like assist points to him but he doesn't even like value points. It's very weird thirty assists in a league with the final scores. Probably eighteen twelve thousand eight but creative math on February nineteenth Andrew Sicilian in front of the PODCAST tweeted. I'm convinced Joe Thomas Wilf McGuinness and the ten win. Two Thousand Seven browns would have won the super bowl as the number seven seed the FCC. Under this proposed new playoff format or Joe. Thomas Quote tweeted. I second this genius opinion. Joe Explain yourself well. Anderson Ileana was a friend of the show's been on the podcast. He's a very very well respected some of the most well respected opinions in the NFL. Come from Andrew Cecillia. Yano and it's hard for me to put down the fact that when the browns were locked out of the playoffs in two thousand seventeen by a Romania accounting errors. We were all and I feel like we would have been that team that could go all the way from wildcard and win a super bowl. There was back with Derek Anderson. Pro Bowl alternate quarterback. We had Brolin Edwards. Ellen wins the tight end cast of characters including Jamal Lewis Rushing at Running back I think he had like twelve hundred yards that season. We had a solid offensive line and good defense. There was nothing that was holding us back. So yeah I. I liked that take. I thought thought if nothing else the excitement of my career and the only winning season that I had should be highlighted and a tweet you guys were riding high. After that season Bill we won the super bowl deep into the offseason dude. I didn't try it like a bat off seasons where I had the rookie minicamp to be at the browns. And I'm not being. You would have thought that they did win the Super Bowl with the way they were talking. Man Oh man. This is in response to bend barges smoothie that he shared with Colleen Wolf Joe if you add sugar to any smoothie it tastes good. Explained yourself so whether it's really does takes out the repelling and repulsive texture of certain foods and just blended all together and if you add sugar on top of the nicest creamy smoothness of a sugar. It's going to taste good. It doesn't really matter what you put in there because you've neutralized all the negative effects of the food that you're eating if you don't like the texture or some of the maybe tartness or maybe some of the bitterness of the food you blend all the other new throw enough sugar on there. It's what I call the jungle juice doctrine right. When you're in college everybody went to that. House party right and they had a big bathtub. Kool-aid look and stuff and it was pure grain alcohol with enough sugar to cover up the taste and get everybody drunk on very very few amount of dollars. So basically colleen and Ben were experimenting on another leg of the jungle juice doctrine. So I'M GONNA call you on that because I'm GonNa make a smoothie when we get together and I'm GonNa put sugar and I WANNA make sure I want you to prove that your theory is correct. Here's the problem. I don't eat sugar. That's my excuse but I I yeah. I certainly make plenty of exceptions. But I'm afraid that I'm going to have some things that are not food products if I agree to drink a smoothie. So hey how about this? Here's the agreement. I will drink whatever smoothie you make. As long as they're all food items okay all right but I don't want to drink the whole thing so maybe give me like eight hundred one cup. It's gotTA taste so bad. You won't be able to drink the whole thing anyway. I would I take that challenge. But don't put so much sugar that I die of diabetes. I'M GONNA put a lot of ridiculous foods and I feel like I'll even buy think worst taste like Chuck Chitlins. Have you ever had chicken? Joe Yeah it's like a stomach with no problem that's easy pig intestines. Yeah pig stomach intestines. So I'm going to tell you the three worst things that I've ever seen in my life and Si- overcame this and I think I can overcome your Chitlins When I was in Tokyo we had Sushi breakfast. Which included raw chicken and Sea Urchin Eggs Sea Urchin Roe? They were terrible and then the worst thing ever had was a raw goose delivered. Patail when I was a honeymoon in Switzerland it was at this French restaurant that was included of like the dinner was included with when you stayed at the hotel and so when my wife and I travel. We like to try new foods because we're disgusting and so we promised each other. We had to try one of each of the prefix menu courses and one of the pre like appetizer type courses. Was Goose livered pat aid but it wasn't cooked or anything they just took a goose liver through it in a blender and then put into a little mold and put it on your plate with some crackers whole basically what. I'm going to try to make you but I feel like I can overcome the last movie. I'M GONNA go with the ten worst tasting food known to man and I'm GonNa put them in a smoothie. Done no problem have a smile on my face off to wash it down with Joe Thomas. Seventy-three cold beer chaser got last one. Pablo s story tweeted. Charles Barkley's career. It's a profound human lesson. He never won any rings. But I'm always struck by how much happier he is that pretty much all the guys who did quote tweet by Andrew Hawkins did offer Joe Thomas. Yourself because you I had nothing to do with this and you had to my good name through the mud. No I'm saying that if you look I know a lot of these guys who were super bowl champions and they have these rings and there's always like they're still chasing something like they feel like since they got that they should deserve a certain amount of relevance forever. And then you look at the Joe Thomas who was just everybody's favorite football player and broadcaster and because he just enjoys life and he is so content with what has happened and transpired over his career. You just come across as way happier than the rest of them and it's shines through in the content and people get upset that you continue to get these amazing opportunities but it's for that same reason people just identify what your personality. Because you're just a happy Guy Joe that is explaining hawk sell. That's an explain Hawk self that I can appreciate as you can get behind now and I'll co sign but no I think that's a great tweet from Pablo story because it is a human lesson like those guys that think that. Oh all I need to do in my life is win the Super Bowl and that will give me like this fleeting happiness like. That's the accomplishment that I need to check off the list and then I'm GonNa find happiness and they realized that you know when you win one then would you want you want to win another one right and then when you win five like Tom Brady. You WanNa six. When you win the six you go somewhere else in free agency to try to win a seventh. Because you always chasing something that you think like an accomplishment will give you that happiness. You're always going to be wrong because you've forgotten that happiness is from the journey. It's not from getting any certain destination and I think like myself and Charles Barkley. You Never WanNa ring realize that. It's about the journey the adventure in the people in the personalities and everything that you do along the way that gives you the happiness. It's not about checking some off the list But that's also what news like Charles. Berkeley we play the titanic music over the top of that flow. Really Nice over that perfect. That was that was incredible. All right well. I think we've done all the explaining we need to do for this episode. It's my birthday. I am trying to get a drink. Let's knock this out so I can leave. Let's go on now. To great the take great. Take flawless as usual. Those drops are the best. Drive that one more time Chris. Rabid one more time because that might be my favorite would gray's lake. We might have to beg out of that all right producer. John is going to read a take from detaille Co sphere and we are going to basically give it a grade of whether we think it's great and by great you know makes Joe look them and or if it is terrible which means that anybody who says that. I wasn't the best receiver in AFC North History with obviously get a bad take. Great all right John. Kick us off after saying that he would not play any games that weren't in front of fans. Lebron James Walked back earlier today and said he would listen to the NBA if they banned fans over corona virus and said he would be very disappointed if you had to play. Nba Games with no fans. Huck greater take You know what I am going to go on the opposite end and I'm GonNa say that is a d. take from The Guy who signs my checks because I actually don't mind I feel like it would be less pressure for a for a guy like me to play in the game now dow Jo- who has top billing and he only comes when the fans are. There cheered his name on for me. My favorite time training camp is when the fans are no longer there. And it's just like that I practice. It feels empty because everyone's cut and the fans aren't there and it's like all the pressure is like now gone away so actually I wouldn't mind playing it and be stadium. I know fans are going to be like hockey sucked anyway. Her but that is my legit. Take Joe Hawke you sucked anyway would give his disappointment. Take a solid. See because you know what I can appreciate a little grandstanding. Just as much as the next guy and I think that's what Lebron was doing. You know kind of feeding off of his fans passion. I play for the fans but can you imagine if the NBA cancelled games because they were forced to this corona virus thing. It's pretty serious and obviously it's important for the health of NBA fans and the health of the country to be able to do. What's right? Can you imagine if fans were not allowed into the arena and then on top of that? Couldn't watch Lebron James at home on TV because he just refused to play altogether. So I think cooler heads will prevail in the Bron- will say look fans can't go and watch me in person but their ability to watch the game still give them enjoyment out of playing the game of basketball. It's still leads me on this path to try to win an NBA championship. And so while this is not the best option. It still makes sense. That even though fans aren't coming to play these games because they're gonNA be sitting at home watching me and they're gonNA probably enjoy just as much yet at this anything. That does any two people that remind me of Lebron James. It's me and you for sure I was GonNa say you put it together? We basically Lebron. So yes we are. We should change the name of the park. I'm six seven. No and I'm black. I would thanks John. It's Chris. Long speaking on the alleged new rams logo tweeted quote. I used to feel like Jack Youngblood when we put on the Yellow and Royal Blue. This logo would make me feel like. I'm playing double April Joe. Grade take That's an a plus take from friend of the show Chris Long because the first thing that I thought when I saw that was oh. This is a logo for the Milwaukee wave. Which was the indoor soccer team that played in Milwaukee for like thirty years because it looks exactly like a wave it has nothing to do with the rams and I really don't understand why they would want to update the logo. I think the rams had one of the great logos in the NFL. They've been a classic team for a long time with a great history and I think tradition is important and you see the best teams in the NFL. With the coolest logos are the ones that have been around the longest their time-tested you stick with those. If you want some alternate logos to sell a few more caps. That's great but let's not outright changed the logo to the Elliott wave that. Just look silly a+ take by Chris Long I'm GONNA grade it and I'm going to give it a I'm gonNA give it a B. I'm gonNA give it to be because the business side of it is go. Buy New hats right the by New Jersey new t shirts and then what do you do in five years when the contract's up switch it back by more bloom all over here so I do agree with what Chris said on the other side of it? It's GonNa make money you know boom. Nobody's buying bed crap first of all first of all there's not a lot of Calais anything fans la of the NFL team and on top of that. That's an ugly ass. It does look like a clip. Art Logo They get they didn't put a lot of effort into that or they did they tried. I guess you study long. He's studying wrong. They tried to hard talk. They tried to hard the Lebron Tomahawk. Podcast we try too hard. We got some good submissions on twitter. Or I'm sorry. We got some good submissions on instagram. Dj Mo- Sixteen Rights Joe Boroughs overrated. And he's the next Josh Rosen. Hawk take that's an F. Take I'm all in on Joe Borough a man? I met the guy once and he sold me. I'm like you know what you're GONNA make it. So that's the only thing I'm basing this off of no tape. No you know having broke down whether he knows how to read defenses just strictly. He shook my hand. He looked me in the eye and he gave me a little smirk. And I'm like you know what you have. A high social intelligence kid boom Super Bowl. Hawk is an easy win over. All you gotTa do is say one. Nice thing about him and then he'll go on. Tv for the next ten years and talk about how you're the greatest football player of all time which brings to my next point. You can buy his allegiance easily. Yeah you could definitely by my allegiance for sure. He's he's going to be a great politician a me and JC shredder next guy's Dj fry. We've got two deejays on the show today including Dj Chris Christie County Fire. He just dropped a minute ago. Dj Fry two thousand five hundred G Baker and Odell won't be on the same team together in two thousand twenty one. Joe Gray the take I would say. That's a d take. There's a chance that Odell gets dealt but I think more than not what Kevin Stansky and injure barrier looking at is Baker Mayfield. This guy he didn't have a very good year last year but he didn't have great coaching around him. He didn't exactly have a great structure. But we feel that the Kevin's too fancy offense which features bootlegs and Rollouts and wide zone combination with Odell Beckham 's ability to run down the field huge homerun type routes is a perfect recipe for playoffs and great success on offense and so they want at least give this experiment. One year in the Kevin Stefanski system and I do not see them getting rid of Odell for anything less than a ridiculous amount that nobody would be willing to pay. I was next on last one guys. Because we're becoming the official podcast steak. Dj Massaro three ten in Nigeria rights. Filet mignons appeal is entirely a status thing now tasting Rabai or die Joe Grades Take Going to have while I'm okay. Stop interrupting me. You've just struck a chord passion. Excuses goes off to lose park. Smarter talk you break. You don't know anything about steak. You keep your Burger Bill. Athey his his his my what I could see. His mind started work on this ads. Are we heard this? There's so many angles either about juicy. No analysts right now. I'm I'm coming off of three days of fasting because I really wanted to torture myself so I haven't had three days and you throw a steak question. You don't hungry. I am right now to eat a delicious rebuy or a flaming Yawn. But this is not a great take. I'M GONNA give it a sea because although I love rib. I think it's the most flavorful steak because the fat is where you get your flavor in the meat of course but the reason that filet Mignon has a wide appeal because of its tenderness and because before the Great Sufi was invented a great tender cut of maybe a shock or a short rib or even a Rib. I was not available to the average person. And so you had to buy the expensive filet Mignon at the time because everybody else would would dry it out if they were trying to cook it tenderness but we don't have that problem anymore. So actually if you've seen the prices of FILET Mignon they've gone way down and actually rib eye and a lot of places is more expensive than a fillet these days so Enjoy the fillet but it was the tenderness that made it to appeal people. It wasn't necessarily the taste. Although the he is right about the Rib ibn more flavorful because of the fat all of it sucks compared to a Tomahawk Mri. Joe That's true but a Tomahawk usually is a rebecca It's just a bone in rib. I it was just a good way to in the segment and you had to I had to. I had to down to do a little. Nobody wanted to hear it. That's perfect way to in this episode of the Tomahawk Show We will be back next week. Correct yes yes. We'll be back next week. That's all we need from you. Producer John a quick. Yes Joe You have final thoughts final thoughts. I'm kidding really excited because we had a little bit of a lull in the NFL season. But now we're starting to hear. Hit the busy part of the NFL season. Which is very exciting. I'm going to be out in. La Several Times in the next couple months will be talking free agency. We'RE GONNA be talking draft this guy. I'm hoping that maybe me and Mr Hawkins can get together. Do Little Reunion tour uninterrupted office offices and do some in person podcasting. So I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months. It's going to be a good time to be a Tomahawk member that well thank. You said it all Joe. Take us out.

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