Down a buffet concert with pesticide. Wow you're just i started in nineteen ninety-three ben in every single year. He's come to massachusetts since then and a few times twice when he came here. Don't forget thursdays saturdays and sunday afternoons so you're the king. I wouldn't say that but i i have been here quite a bit joan joy at very very much so the question i have is. Has he ever change to set from concert to concert or is it really the same song since you started. Oh absolutely that is not true at all. It's one hundred percent. A different set every time time and the great thing is about the real parrot head. Fans are the obscure songs that he plays like you know the young kids that come. They're all about margarita ville and fins vins crap. It's the great song like what like what the coast when the coast is clear what he rarely plays. He's like once in a while. He has a challenge right right okay. There are some outstanding secret ones that he'll play a every once in a while the real fans will how many songs do you think is gonna play tonight. How long have we play for. He normally plays the first set for about put seventy. Five minutes takes a quick break then he'll come back and play for another forty and then normally does two encores one with the band and one by himself himself where he thinks everybody always the coolest part nice you know. Have you noticed the <hes>. The age difference in the crowds like there is a lot our age but they're also also younger people here now still coming to see him. There are and it's kind of a double edged sword. I love that the next generation has been touched by his music music and i hope it's the music and not just the party that they're here for but the nice thing about being here is the eclectic group of people that you get to meet and interact with and camaraderie and you know what it's kind of like the way the world should be when you're at buffalo right right. Thanks or stop by dr. I show we appreciate it very nice very nice. Where where did he say he was from rhode island very nice awesome why he was so well spoke twenty six shows back to nineteen ninety what three 1893 awesome and then you know. It's a it's a it's not are wild crowd. It's not a crazy crowd now the year when we went so many years ago we were not in the v._i._p. But well come on. How are you doing deer. Stand up pembroke massachusetts nice and how many buffer shows have you. How many buffets shows have you been to. This is my first and i'm so nice i i'm so excited from pembroke massachusetts and how many shows shows have you been to <hes> the second time i've been here but not for jimmy buffett was so good so this. Is this your first month. Show so then. What do you think so far of. All of the goings on is a high happiest. I've i've look extremely happy happy happy because i'm with her <hes>. Is that your wife. Why can't i wish oh. What's the story right behind that you don't want to come. Nobody's gonna know nobody watches us. I only know one person in florida. They'll shake all right. Don't worry they'll pay any attention to what's going on. Thanks guys thank you guys appreciate it very nice. Nice all right. We got all kinds of microphones so cute yeah. Come on over there. We gotta get get over here. Let's say paying any attention. Look like we have a connection. We finally have a connection. Get over there so we can get you on all right. I don't think it's going to work over. We're here. They're all right. We are live from the jimmy buffett tailgate party which is in mansfield massachusetts and the reason we're here is because of these two folks chris and mri are they used to live in fort myers and now live in milbury massachusetts with their two lovely kids leads and they invite us up every once in a while now you had no idea we were coming right so <hes> let chris that when you grab the other one because it's nice and allowed and so what happened was we worked it out with chris to come up and now we were sitting in your pool. When you showed up at the house house they were in my pool and my kids had convinced me to come outside because they put the radio on and i said to my daughter. Why did you put the radio on so loud and i was actually kind of angry. I was very angry at her because it was too loud is friday afternoon. It was the whole neighborhood could hear it. I mean he actually was the source of the problem though and i ended up saying what are you doing and she's mine didn't put put it on didn't put it on. I said yes you did and finally they convinced me to go outside and i'm walking outside and i'm really angry now. So i'm going out there and i'm charged or somebody my backyard yard the backyard and she merges from my video. Everybody we have video. Oh so good job chris with surprise. Yes made me m- of it so we're gonna we did. What does that mean a six very nice. Oh cool wall. So what do you guys think of this show so far. This really looks like oh oh. I didn't mean our show but that's nice so into the show before shimmy. Were actually here with them the last time it was also fantastic because they we're with us so for some reason we keep on getting up getting together to any of the tampa shows with us than we do that at least no oh no. I thought we did the tampa. Who is that those. Nobody i know we care about this is crazy parking lot though it is it is stopped okay but has been and we've got some more your friends here to you. Invited the whole crew here. What are they doing ignoring well. They're they're cooking our food right choice so all right that i do wanna take a moment to not only thank you guys for having us up here but also to thank your your sister and your brother in law for bringing all the food. These guys know how to do it. We do here's and grills and food to feed. There's obviously seventy thrives your fish bites. There's bacon wrapped. Scallops bacon wrapped scouts here on at the show <unk> azure. There is turkey burgers. There's i mean there's cranberries and i made nothing. Nada zero just showed app now. Kim keeps showing up rating my cabinet. Oh wait no. That's you so at is like a garbage disposal. So the show starts at eight o'clock. The jimmy buffett show here in massachusetts mansfield massachusetts and it's it is really controlled chaos lot of craziness what is going on and we usually broadcast live at beach. Talk radio dot com nine o'clock from our perch at the table twenty-three. Don't tell everybody would happen today about the table. Oh yes so i i my phone went off and there was a picture of empty table twenty-three okay that someone sent us a picture and said we missed the ryan's down here so that was associated very nice to do that right. We <hes> we usually broadcast live from peach. It's time out every saturday morning at nine o'clock from monarch lock until ten o'clock with the local local radio politics action on facebook and youtube and iheartradio radio and spotify and our own app. We have our own app. You can download the beach talk radio app on apple's podcast this kind of thing. You learned something new you while you were here today i did. What did you learn how to play one game. Did you learn how to play over there. Turtle game and look at how i got wounded in the journal. Oh oh yeah there's a video that we recorded earlier. We were going around the parking lot to find crazy people which we didn't have to go far and we found a group on the other side that were playing flip cup which i had never heard of before. I had no idea what it was back in the college days. Christie was <hes> beer pong. He's never played flip cup guys so i learned. I'm not a play flip cup today and they were a lot of fun. Where are they from. Do you remember what air from from around here and then we played <hes> they were given away v._i._p. Tickets to jimmy over by the xfinity tents and we played this turtle game where it's like a different game right. It's like stop turtle all right so this big heavyset do standing next to me and every time he got the turtle he shoved in my chest and try and knock me over and he kept wounding me with the turtle and has aroused kept my cool. Let's talk about raspberries. Won't we talk about what happened this weekend. Should we now know you know off air. The wife out another accident folks. We'll save that story for next week. Everybody on fort myers beach knows about the bike accidents. How about we. It was just as bad everybody to learn a kitchen call up. No no boy leave it there. We'll leave it there. It was astor something that we thought we'd have to go to the hospital for call nine. One one. I kid involve far. It evolved cranium again ali an injury to the head again and the two of us went to help but your husband went right for his phone to take pictures he wasn't going to help. He wanted to get it on tape. Thanks so there was a record of homeowners. Insurance is an insurance agent. That's right yeah. We are broadcasting live to fort myers florida. Go ahead. You guys get up there. You ladies it. It's it's the rhode island boy no no. I'm not wait many years ago. What's your years ago. What's your favorite. Jimmy buffett song margarita ville sing it guy somewhere you. You look like the boy anyway with the heads. Let's hear one on song who wants to start it off. They come on larry. Oh you got <hes> come on on our show. We do show joe fort myers florida. Do our show from from up here so we could get all you crazy people on. I know you can see see it on facebook. Live at your leisure while i won't be live. What is your here. You got a car. Thank you yes. There'll be a comments section and there'll be lots of comments about you guys. How cute are they. The greg no all right guys. Thanks so much for coming by almanza joined the show a big. Thank you guys we're broadcasting live from mansfield massachusetts who sits at the jimmy buffett concert nice to see everybody watching on. I don't even know what you're on right now. Grab somebody else grabs. You're so good at that but there are one of the things they're one of the things you need to get better at as moving along oh boy when you don't see the content as strong as it is her move while they are are you one of the things i say to them on the air is i'll get you a card. I'll get you a car. That's what we have people for. Spend your time getting good content there you go. Here's your chance to redeem regain yourself. I'm good and where are you guys from agawam massachusetts and how many buffets shows have you been to. I'm a virgin the three hundred and seventy two virgins three hundred seventy two show's ask him. If do you believe anything. How are you guys married. There you go we used to be what's the story. How long have you been married too long thirty four for years. What about that thirty four years awesome well. Thank you thank you enjoyed the show from you won't get far right. Hi ladies how are you l. Rhode island new hampshire concord new hampshire and how many shows have you been. Tell a two fifteen nine las vegas lots of urgency today lots and lots of urgency to oh all my goodness so many virgins today art and what's your favorite song fans the fans allan. Thank thank you so much. Come on so. Where are you guys from. Where from boston yet many shows have you into. Well clearly all right. What's your favorite song margarita ville. We are hopefully hopefully getting a margarita. They'll resort down in fort myers soon. Have you ever been to fort myers florida now. Have you been to florida yeah into orlando disney disney. No spring break then. It wasn't very much daytona awesome all right. Well thank you for stopping by rachel. Rachel flared rachel square cats all right the air. They're doing great. I didn't know you were without power. You guys molasses pond east birmingham coming nice main and muffins shows. Have you been five five awesome. What's your favorite song fins up. That's very very so you're crowds. Grow spread daily mirror. I like your tattoo. Where did you get that are here somewhere well. I hope you have a wonderful evening by oh my did. I do a good job very nice. All right dear have a seat there. We gotta talk over. We gotta have a conversation about this. When you see somebody like the last girl where she really was cheerleader sake the what the last girl was kind of sucky you gotta move them along their. She's if you doesn't say anything funnier entertaining the people on fort myers beach. You're gonna flip off. Why did other because we'll switch in a little while so your friend what's his name. Bill will vander har. I don't think you're funny. You're very funny nikki's watching our friend nikki wanna see how nikki i naked. Debbie are all right folks if there's children buddy. How are you not too bad survive feeling show thirty minutes show oh. Where are you from brother from millis. What is it whereas that it's about <hes> twenty miles from you. I send you to thirty five shows. When was your first show back in ninety three ninety three here in boston yes so and he did tuesday thursdays. Oh yeah now he's down to seventy two years old grow and show. He's only one show. I think he did jones beach. This week didn't he. He did but only one show here. Okay gotcha oh. He did tuesday thursday and saturday here on spot. Oh cool all right ten years. He did probably two shows in the last five years. He's done a one your awful sedate right now because when you came over here before you were turned up i was i had a little bit of <hes>. You know jealous shots in me what was in the jello shots. <hes> you know probably vodka a little bit around nice. Just say so. What do you think of the crowd here in this parking lot. You know it's it's so cool cool to have a crowd like this where it's so big and people you know people are drinking and they're doing their smokin. I can tell they're smoking but there are so friendly. They are friendly. We've actually been and <hes> all the way over to the r._v.'s and <hes> you know the pirate ship up there and stuff and you know a couple of the wheels where they actually to you had to show my nipples but you know just just how it works way what you had to show your nipples. What do you mean you get a couple of drinks. They spend the wheel and an in every single. Stop says show your breasts right. It seemed to work that way. Well we appreciate your. Do you have a question we appreciate your coming by. I guess that's about it beef fan who's tuesday and you can sign up for our free news we of course we want to thank gene but go ahead to get the arches back at crest. You guys stopping more than love. That ray will be here. I'm scott sort of can't be working. Can we had to have someone watch this. The show must go on chris. I'm working on it here very important thing. It is nobody in fort. Myers cares mike all right.

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