Special Report: Alien Resurrection (1997)


Christopher media let's make some noise. She'll people pay to see this movie when they go to a theater they want. Cold sodas popcorn no masters in the projection booth. Everyone pretend podcasting is boring. They're very hard to come by. So it was cargo whenever you got going on here and exactly approved by congress. Military operation really. Who are you routing allen. Lieutenant first class number three six seven six ellen. Ripley died two hundred years ago thing. A- construct the lag or the hell is going on here is breeding an alien species could understand what we're trying to do here at brought it out. You wanna tell us what this is. It's a queen she'll breed. you'll die. Ellen ripley died trying to wipe the species out. I'm not anxious to see how old hobby i can see. I can hear it hang brennan to these things before. Yeah what did you do. I died removing. That's a standard emergency procedure in a serious problem in the ship autopilots back to home base base. I suppose i get that a lot. Welcome to the rejection booth. Mike white joining me once again l. Goro going everybody. Also back in the booth is mike thompson. Who you expecting santa claus on this special episode of the projection booth. We're looking at alien four also known as alien resurrection. It's the next chapter. Some might say the last chapter of the alien saga started by ridley. Scott way back in nineteen seventy nine released in nineteen ninety-seven we rejoin ellen ripley. Five years after alien three but two hundred years after the events portrayed an alien three. We'll discuss the strange about trump. Was that made it happen. L be spoiling the film as we go along so you have been warned. Al gore win was the first time we saw alien resurrection. And what did you think it had to have been in. Nineteen ninety eight definitely. Didn't catch this in its theatrical. Release because i would have been too young. But i would have picked it up when it became available on vhs and for myself it came with a great deal of anticipation. Even though i was four too young to see these movies in theaters I was a huge alien fan going back to when i was a very small child and was first gifted. The kenner alien figures that came out in the early nineties. And then that really kind of kicked started this obsession. With this franchise that became even more stronger. Due to the fact that when i finally caught glimpses of what the theatrical alien was the live action ailing was divorced from the comic books. I was reading from dark horse divorced from the toys. It's scared the hell out of me. And i've always had this impulse that if i'm frightened by something i dive deep into it so by even by the time. Resurrection came out. I was a huge fan of the franchise. I rented all the films. Read all the comic books. I'd got my hands on. And i was meeting this film with a great deal of anticipation. Hell i even picked up. The cracked parody of it when cracked was a magazine. Instead of a website. Just so i can get a glimpse of what to expect out of this movie. Because the only thing i had heard was space pirates. Were going to be involved. And i was so down for that space pirates. Only maybe perhaps be outdone by the ice pirates and. That's why actually paired these films together. When i discussed the back on my podcast talk without rhythm because hey i love me. Some space pirates. Sadly there's not too many space pirate films but ice pirates. It's a good pairing with this phil and mike how about yourself. There are so many parallels with my own experience. I i also briefly had the size kenner action figure in. My house was so terrified. That i made my parents take it back to the store and it is the great. It may be one of the ten biggest regrets of my life. And every time i met a comic convention and i see that thing it just kills me a little bit inside and even my mother will say like. I can't believe i took it back. I should have just you know. Put it somewhere else in waited until you were older. So i had a lot of fear and terror. Just regarding the franchise for a long time. It took me. I think i saw aliens many times but it was a while till i actually was ready to watch the first alien because i was just so sure it was going to be the scariest thing i've ever seen and of course i loved it when i did see it coming to alien resurrection. I saw in the theater when it opened. And i absolutely couldn't wait. I had gotten my hands on the original script and read it. Many many times leading up to the movie and the experience was devastating. Because what i had read was not really on screen. What we'll get into that. I read that script. And i figure you must have given it to me. Yes i did. I can almost visualize and positive. I left it in like the mailbox at your house. Oh god yeah all those all those years ago. Because i was i think it was living in chicago then and i knew i was going to be in town and i knew you had to read this because it had at. It had changed my life right now. Is that the actually. The release stripped book. That was that they put out a like a ninety seven. No i think the release script book was closer to the shooting. Draft god was. This was a draft. I'd gotten before the movie was i. Think even in production. It was the version that that that was written before the studio came in and said yes. It's going to cost three trillion dollars. We need you to cut out x number of things because that first draft was i wanna say september of ninety five so it would have been like a while before the green light went and i don't know if it was at first draft with the second draft and apparently there were like five different endings to this. We're going on. But i'm pretty sure it was. It was either the first or second draft because of the whole thing of the scene in a huge area where they grow fruits and vegetables. It's almost like a garden. Plus they grow a whole lot of marijuana and that one curiously enough made it into a couple of different iterations of the script. Again referring back to that weird cracked parody. Before i even saw the film for some reason that was actually in the parody. So i was disappointed when i finally sold the film and then that scene wasn't in the film. He apparently what ariga the ship is outside of international space. waters out. Pass neutrals outs either. In outside the neutral zone close enough that they're not a threat to the klingons but definitely somewhere out there just past pluto. So they're like able to do all of these experiments and yeah. They make their money by growing all this pot out in space. It's very dark star. I was reminded a little. Bit of one of the drafts of i think the eric read draft of alien three. Because there is a dream sequence that takes place and it is ripley in this big field of wheat and had also kind of comes back in that jungle scene that like the first or second page of of the draft that we read does say like angle weet. I can't remember the scene right now. It's like there's the vision but they're out in the field and that's when the my mom says there are no real monsters but there are yup. I recall correctly. It had it had to do with vision of ripley newt and then there was going to be this bug that was going to grow to monstrous proportions. And then things turning into the boom dream sequence. Yeah and she talks in the director's cut about her dreams. But i think that gets cut out of the theatrical release anything that reference new seems to have been just removed from the theatrical version. You know in the extended version because as he says. This is not the director's cut the director's cut as what you saw like. Okay buddy the part where you know. When when they're showing the clone all the different pictures trying to get her to do word. Associate like this. This is fruit. this is a glove. They show a picture of a little girl and she kind of breaks down and and that comes up with the marker of your special edition meaning that they chopped it out. It's a nice thing of of a reference for people that were totally invested in the series. But i can kind of see why they would cut it out just for one for pacing. It's it's not terribly necessary but for those that are invested in this series. It was very nice scene. And i do like the way sigourney. Weaver played that she's excellent the whole movie. It's it's an interesting thing of like you. You spend all of the second movie. Not all of the the crux of the second movie is. She's got to save this girl and the third movie is okay. That's done now. This one is like while maybe we can talk about that a little bit and but then but i completely agree with what you're saying. It's one of those things that this is a nice to have but in terms of the story and the plot right now. This is the kind of stuff we're going to lose to get this under two hours. As i was going back and starting to do research on this. I came to a moment where i was just like. Do i even want to fucking do this episode. Because i remember how much vitriol we got over the alien three episode. We did which i. I like alien three but yet apparently i didn't like it enough for the fans i am as i said a huge alien fan and as such i'm invested in pretty much every aspect of alien and even i steer clear of a lot of the fan side of alien just because there are some really hateful people in that community. The good lord. Don't get me wrong. You know yes. I listened to that episode in yes identified the port. The parts of the you got wrong or the just misinformed that it happens. But i'm not gonna you know shoved down your throat just because you happen to get something. Factually wrong. haven't helped me that. I thought that a really shitty looking rod puppet was a cgi creation. I thought the same thing when because he listen listening to the commentary or behind the scenes on alien resurrection. And they're saying oh you know these. These were the first. Cg aliens and i'm like no really. I was positive that they were. Cg in at least in a few moments they look that way or it looks that way to me in alien three poorly composite posited but there was that cg augmentation during the fracturing of the drone skull when the and that's the only bit of cg. But i mean honestly the first time i saw it. I assumed it was cg because it didn't look great. And then later on. I found out it was a rod puppets most people assume it is but as far as you know you not liking it enough even amongst the the hardcore alien community. There are splits within them. There are some people that think that anything past the first one is terrible. There are some nobody can agree on which the are actually quality films in a strange way. They're all completely unique and separate from one another even though they're all one off completely connected to one another you know like i was thinking back to win a friend of mine read the he also read the draft that we have of resurrection. And he was like you know. I don't know if this is a good alien movie. I think maybe it's just a good action. And i was like well. What does that mean. I think aliens is a good action movie and a good alien movie again. That's one of the reasons that i really do. Love this franchise. Is that at least four. The original four there seem to be a dedicated attempt on behalf of the producers to actually try to bring in a different director oral vision and try to take the the story in different ways. I mean you could see that with the with the developing of from alien to aliens the multitude of different scripts that came out as part of alien three and of course with alien resurrection went with because he was different because he could bring something else and while not everybody necessarily response to perhaps his the aesthetic he brought to the series. I nevertheless strongly respond to it for my own reasons. That i'm sure we'll get into. And it's one of the reasons that i enjoy the franchise that each of these films are so different that they can allow people to play in this environment particularly as we exist in our current the franchise mindset of kind of sameness. The idea that there will develop a franchise a sort of house style and you can bring in other directors but more or less they wanna try to keep. Things relatively cohesive the franchise didn't have that they wildly swung in different directions. And i think that made for some very interesting films that we're still talking about. I should add a big astros to what you just said. Those fires the producers wanted to go this way because i don't think he'll and guiler gala did not want this like he's even on the the the making of saying i didn't like the script. I didn't want it to go this way. I'm just like okay. He say he says he goes. We read this. And i was just like this is the end of the franchise. Brusson piece david guiler. We got to throw that out there. In a way he turned out to be right for quite a few years. It chronologically speaking. It is the last one like there hasn't been any. There are no stories that take place at least not yet after this one. This is the last ripley alien film. Even the expanded material around this. It was interesting. How little of an impact. It actually had extended universe if you wanna refer to that the How little of an impact. It had on stories that people were telling in the alien universe. Nobody really was all that interested in telling the follow up to resurrection. There was one novel and then it was promptly forgotten about. I haven't read that in that novel. Is it following the aliens or is it following ripley or is it both. It is actually following ripley and see if i reach over and grab it Yeah it's original. Sin by michael jan friedman which is just following the crew of the betty after the events of resurrection. It doesn't really do much with them. I mean it's it's a pretty much bog standard alien story that just happens to feature the surviving members of alien resurrection. And so we get a little bit more with ripley eight but outside of that one novel. Nobody really played with these characters. They weren't really continue forward in any comic books and even win. Titan books decided to bring back in start releasing new originally novels a couple years ago some of them were set chronologically after resurrection but they made a big attempt to sort of reestablish the status quo wayland tani came back apparently got better after its ball By out from walmarts and they mostly just seem to sort of forget the world that joss weeden at all had created an alien resurrection and i mentioned that. Kind of strange bedfellows. Things as far as this being a weeden script and then coming in and directing the majority of the Of the crew as far as i know was french. So it's got this french sensibility. It's in all of his guys working on this but then it's jocelyn the script so you have this very american sensibility of weeden coming in here and doing this. And we n'est like pop culture incorporate at you know he just. He knows what sells and he's able to do that and and do it very well. At least for a lot of years we were at comic con. I think two years after this. Because i think this this was just before weeden skyrocketed with buffy the vampire slayer and we were we were at the panel for that and somebody asked him. Hey is there going to be an alien five in his response was. Did you see alien four. And then he just put his head down of always tried to reconcile that because at least on the surface level and even by his own admission the the final film more or less stuck with a script. You know certain things were dropped out. But these were his characters and he's described it as being more of a level of presentation they were saying the words but they weren't saying them right and i was trying to reconcile it's like well. What does that mean. What are you getting into. And the thing i kinda landed on is the idea that we did in his various stories. There is an element of incredible earnestness in his stories. You know that there might be some ridiculous situations. There's a lot of pithy lines comedy. But nevertheless from an emotional standpoint everything is very people are invested in this world whereas the sensibility that june a and everybody else involved in this production with it had a much more comedic. Let's kind of have fun. With the weirdness of this world. And i think that's where one of the the major disparities between widens vision and says you and everybody else. He was working with and how they presented their film. And what are the reasons i enjoy. This film is from an aesthetic standpoint from a general tonal standpoint. It really does remind me of so. Many of the french science fiction comics. He would read and stuff like heavy metal that for the look of the characters the amazingly expressive actors that they got to be to be in some of these roles. The exaggeration of everything is even down to just how viscous drooling the aliens was. It feels like it was a live action liberalisation of the kind of comic books that a moebius would would have done appropriately enough since he worked on the first alien and also a. I've been reading a lot of all hundred rouse comic books. As part of his science fiction stuff it feels very much of a piece with that particular kind of french metal or law sensibility. It's the difference in tone ride like the screenplay is this hard-driving continually moving action piece from the writer of from the guy who rewrote speed. So and so. When i go into the theater then this is what i expect to get. And in the first twenty minutes. I'm like something has gone wrong here in terms of my own personal experience and so i was so angry watching this movie because it was not at all what i expected and it is because of the tone and watching it again this morning and and earlier this week. Is this movie supposed to be a comedy. And there's parts of it in the evening the commentary. They talk about the scene where dan day reaches back and pulls out a piece of his of his brain which i do not remember that being in the script and i think that might have been the part of the theater that broke me all those years ago but the commentary he specifically talking about the studio wanted it out. It actually went for longer like he. He sees his brain. I guess in and just passes out from shock and apparently sigourney weaver didn't like that part. The test audience saved them. And it's just there definitely is a very they even in the in the commentary and also in the in the behind the scenes they talk about the frenchness director and how how the studio absolutely was like no no. No this is what we brought you for what we want you enforce so keep doing all of that. And that was that for me is so challenging to reconcile. Because i really feel like when. I say that i'm saying this is a limitation of myself. Not so much the film it really felt like the studio comes in. And they're like okay. We got to figure out how to get things back on track because alien three was not what people wanted. So how do we make this aliens again. And that's what josh weeden comes in and does and then and then the director comes into the gal. I'm not interested in any of that going to do. I'm gonna do what i wanna do and he did it. So the quote was it wasn't a question of doing everything differently. Although they change the ending it was mostly a matter of doing everything wrong. They said the lions but they said them all wrong. They cast it wrong. They designed it wrong. They scored it wrong. They did everything wrong they could possibly do. It's actually fascinating lesson in filmmaking. Because everything they did reflects back to the script or looks like something from it and people assume that i hated it because they changed the script but it wasn't so much that they changed the executed in such a ghastly fashion. They rendered it. Unwatchable that sensibility. It's speak mostly to you. Know his his inherent sensibilities. It's his what he expects. Out of a science fiction story admittedly not all of the european traditionally french approach to science fiction that will blithely total shifts sometimes from page to page of over the top comedy or just incredible slapstick into you. Know very very serious in gory stuff. That sort of freewheeling artistic freedom that's not for everybody's taste i mean i would not necessarily hand off a copy of jodi rouse ke's in call to somebody ends like harry. You like star wars. Why don't read this. I do like that idea though. There is some fun to be. Pounded there. But to me i actually. I actually think. That's what makes the movie so charming. And the fact that he talks about it was cash wrong. I actually love the cast of this including some people. You would not expect to find in this kind to feature. I mean like Jay freeman who plays the villainous dr ren his facial expressions are just so perfect in this movie they are picked. Perfect for the tone. They are going for the way. You're saying it right now is like you're right for the this movie is going for. It's completely right when i was watching it this morning. I'm like this guy is chewing up the scenery with both hands at every turn. And it's like yeah but that's what they wanted. I also heard anecdotal accounts and i. I have no verification for this but apparently weeden at some points a disparage the casting dorf for similar reasons of Jack nicholson the fact. That brad dwarf is so used to playing crazy people. It's not a surprise when he goes insane. It's like well did it. Need to be a surprise when the guy who's who who's purposely breeding aliens. It ends up being a nut bar. That's not the kind of thing that anybody was going to be. Oh hey i'm surprised. He went crazy. And i'm sure brad door was having a blast. And when he was interacting with man in the suit with alien. It's that low. It's those little scenes that's again it's something we have not seen. And that's why. I appreciate it when i read that script. I was so interested and surprised by the by the way johner is written. Read the whole script. You're like man. This guy is going to get killed. And it's going to be spectacular because he is such a piece of shit and and and then when they when they read. They cast ron perlman. This is going to be great. And then i watched him in the movie. And i'm like. I cannot stand anything that he is doing because it just that quote from weeden spoke to me perfectly from my previous on my reaction from all those years ago. I think i think i reviewed it for cashiers and at the time i said it was the cinematic equivalent of being punched in the ball. I was so angry that this movie was not what i had envisioned. Did to be based on the script. I was just coming into it in know without that. And i'd love to ron perlman this and actually thinking back because i was looking through his roles and trying to think you know plot in my head and what i had seen. I think this may have been the first anything. I'd ever seen ron perlman where he wasn't wearing heavy prosthesis. Because i watched you know beauty and the beast. And i the island of dr moreau. But i think this is the first time i ever saw ron perlman face. And he left an impression. I love ron perlman in this movie because as you say his archetype is the one that's destined to die. You know he is. He is the next iteration of yaffa koto or mark. Rolston the big bruiser. That's very that. Nobody license very kind of acerbic at times and he's going to be alien fodder in the fact that he lived. I love that. I mean he's terrible character in a terrible person but kind of love the fact that he lived. Don't you think we should talk about the shares. Yup and koto should have blindly throwing more knives at people. And now you've got that great tie into between ice pirates. And this without ron perlman exactly and of course being the weird guy that i was i was looking for the various ways of this connected. Back to dune the david lynch version. And we we do have a couple of connections with this. We do brad door of showing up in this and The gentleman who did the costumes. I forget his name right now. I think it's bob ringwood. He also work on doing i believe. Do you still dislike it as much as you did. Back in the theater is the still a punch in the balls. I was very angry watching it again. And this time i turned on everybody so this time i was like wait a minute. This part of the script makes no sense. They ever like that. I was just you know what you started listening to the behind the scenes stuff. And you're like okay. I get it more now. I get what they were going for is. Is this the alien movie that i'm going to rewatch. No does it make me as angry as as a back then. Probably not. But i can. I will also say that back then. There was no alien versus predator to get nit picky and ludicrous at one point. And that's why. I went back and was watching it today because i was like. Wait a minute purpose. Better not have had his glasses on when the face hugger came out. Because there's no way those survived that. And then when i the other thing that was frustrating me. Even dan was like. I didn't have time to go back in and i also will say that there was part didn't want to go back and read the script again because i'm like clearly that impacted my experience with this film the first time. I don't want it to do it again this time. But the scene in which when christie is climbing up out of the water and the alien gets on it. And you know he. He unbuckled himself to sacrifice himself. The way that was shot. I was just like this is taking one hundred years for him to do this. And i just feel like he could have just kicked at 'lions is boots or i don't know reached around and just grab that ladder lake. Is he supposed to be like dying because he just got sprayed in the face with acid would make sense. But i'm just like for some reason that seen this time around really was just getting to me. The other thing is and this is a. There's a personal thing is one of the things. I remembered most from the script that i was very excited to see was the potential hand to hand combat scene between ripley and one of the one of the aliens cause in the script. That's kind of her introduction to the team the alien comes out. She fights it and she grabs. It's tongue and breaks it off and that scene was i was like this is perfect. I didn't even know that it made perfect sense to me that it would eventually reach this level and that and now we're gonna get it and instead we get this she's gonna shoot through the dead guy's body and then later she's gonna rip the tongue off because it's funny i guess and again i don't know if that was rewritten that way or if it was it may very well have been just a logistical thing of watching it. Now and thinking about it now. There may not have been away at the time to shoot the scene as written without looking absolutely idiotic. Yeah would've it would've been difficult as good as the skulls were that eighty. I did for the aliens in them. Because i actually do really like the work they did in this. It looks great. Yeah i don't. I don't know if they would have been able to necessarily pull that off as well is perhaps they would have liked so it probably. It probably was the concessions. Wards the reality of the practical effect. It was one of those things where i'm watching it now and i'm like one of my other problems with with the removal of that too. Was that that also at least helped me buy into the idea that the team was going to be like okay. We're going to keep you with us because you just kill this thing and we all saw. How much of a bad ass you are even though you do already have some of that with the basketball scene earlier was the it's presented in the movie when she shoots through the dead body. Mike did anybody even see that happen. I mean i guess they must have put it together but it's just like that part of it like losing that part of it was even now clearly twenty some years later. It's still hard for me. I really liked the shooting through. The michael went body at the kind of reminds me of when there's the boot in once upon a time in the west and the boot ends up shooting the guy i just i. I thought that was a nice introduction for her to the teen to your point they probably don't see it and as far as her ripping out the tongue. Yeah that doesn't really make any sense or the extra mouth other than it being some sort of like a like a castration thing. Yeah that's that's definitely how. I saw it in there. I it does kind of flop around rather suggestively. The first appearance of the queen alien when it comes out of her chest i mean basically has a foreskin on and i mean that's always been the design of the alien. It's it's a penis with teeth. It's a big walking angry penis. That's giger right now. His ease weaponized fallacies its entire rear recipes skier. And i like the idea of how the team comes together and peeled apart just the way that we have people being added to the team and then taken away from the team at the same time like just the way that the they're going back and forth with how many people are gonna make it out. Well we're going to add purvis to the group we're gonna lose this person. We're gonna add this other person to the group and you know. I just kind of like the the way that becomes the the almost like dungeons and dragons type adventure. We're going through with this ship. And while we do have a good idea of which people are going to survive the end they do somewhat sub subvert expectations Speaking before the ron perlman's character of johner is the archetype that's destined to die. But at the same time the fact that the first member of the crew of the betty is michael wing cots character. Who's this kind of course guy and you know. He's got the raspy voice and he's like are he's going to be a cool guy now. He's dead yeah. They present him as he's the captain. So he's the. He's the veteran on this team right. He's the veteran. Who's smart enough to be captain too so yeah. Of course he's gonna make it and they even send him off on his own sort of at that at that point he's to forge ahead because that's what that's he's smart enough to do. He's he's smart enough to handle it on his own. Nope he's gone because he dies and then hillier dies and between win cotton flowers. They're basically like the mom. And dad the betty and then you've got the three wayward sons with bryce john or in christie and i like how christie steps up and becomes leader for a while before he dies like. Wow you would expect kristie as such a bad ass and i love that in. This might have pissed you off too. As far as the script goes because christie's kind of two people in the script he's like this xiaoyang fat cloned plus himself himself and then they take those. Two things emerge them together. So when you get that awesome shot of him with those travis bickel guns sonny shoots up and gets the to ricochets before goes right into the soldiers had and it's like oh yeah that's totally talent fat. Move and yeah. I'm with you in the death of christie that that's always kind of bugged me. It's like when me just kick it off. What they really needed to do was literally. Show the alien with a death grip. Because i think that was what they were trying to sue. He got the acid in the face. He was exhausted. He knew he couldn't get loose of the alien. It was going to drag them down so he was willing to sacrifice himself to save his friend but in order to sell that it needed to be closed claw talent thing the way they presented to the movie all the steps he needs to take the unbuckle and south like man. That is way more work than just moving their hand off. They're just you know. Just just swing it around a little bit and grabbing onto the ladder yourself. You got ron perlman there. And he's a big guy he could have gone down a couple rungs. Just gotta grab the do. I do think that it's in his character right. He's willing to shoot it the thing but he's not going to do any more work than that he already wanted to ditch the one guy anyway. There's a weird new thing where the aliens announced spit acid. That never made sense to me that it spits acid at christie. I was like did you bite the inside of your mouth in the first two movies are the only ones where the acid really always make sense and then it becomes like maybe i need to rewatch the third. Make sure but it feels like an all the subsequent films. It just becomes more of okay. Well the plot needs the acid to come out right now so it's just gonna come out right now and the other thing so if you can spit to acid out in why you have to rip the one. One of your buddies apart melt the floor. Couldn't you just floored that way. It's a good question but then again the acid doesn't completely dissolve his face like the other acid that we saw like mark rolston drake's character have so maybe it's a less potent as i don't know they did it because it was cool. And you know what there was an action figure of before that that had a spitting action. So maybe they decided to use it in the script still to this day and i'm grateful for it and again. I'm still sad that i let that one go but it's amazing to me that these were ever something that was like. Yeah this needs a toy line oh in market for kids hardcore marketed to kids presents. Hugh alien action figure stripped illegal camping with the lie down. You'll destroy this nation with straight triumph alien action. Figure you from jenner because those kids in the commercial where like ten years old when they were using that i was completely obsessed with the first one even though it's years to watch it because like i go to bookstore and i i flip through the comic novelization or all the other things for me. Aliens were the cool things in the cantina and in star wars. They weren't supposed to be scary. And the scariest thing i've ever seen. I'm right there with you. When i see the end of alien which it took me so many years to actually watch the original ridley scott alien like you. I saw it while after aliens. And i still picture that comic novel in my head. I still picture the exact way that it was drawn before. Like the after burners and burning alien off and all that kind of stuff. It's like yeah. That's that's my version of alienist comic book version of alien. I find alien resurrection fascinating in just the way that it is exploring the things that have come before it the way that we have taken this ripley character and we will draw in the third one and now she's back as this but it's she's not ripley anymore. She's kind of ripley but not ripley and the way that we're exploring still what it means to be human versus what it isn't to be human and that we've got her as that character but then we also have call as that character as this second generation autan and i'm guessing that her name is call because it sounds like recall elite recall and i like that she is more human the ripley as even though she's a machine and just like the way that they are exploring lab as well as exploring the same things that we've done in the other movies where it comes to motherhood and you know what it means to accept your child reject your child and that were playing with that. Also with the idea of how much of ripley's alien versus how much of the queen replay and it's again very much in keeping with some of the inherent themes of the franchise. I mean we may look at the life cycle of the alien. It's about the infection of a foreign entity it is. It is the propagation through Extraterrestrial rape and then how that fits into the inherit body horror aspect of it and that was the original. Ripley's ultimate fate. You know she herself was infected with the embryo and she chose to sacrifice herself. And then with this ripley eight character it further. on's the adds a new twist to that sort of body horror elements by integration rather than it being a separate entity entity that explodes outward like a parasite. The alienness becomes almost symbiotic and she becomes this combined entity and it's something that i think. I played a very interesting in. At least the novelization were was going deeper into the way her thoughts were transformed and how she was almost psychically tapping into the nest and they touch on that a little. But one of the more interesting elements was also the fact that the aliens them selves had elements of her memory as well because they're they're her genetic offspring that the aliens were seeing in. This are not the aliens from the previous films. They are something else. There mutants themselves which is why they have less of a dui arrest biomechanical. Look at a much fleshier. Look to them. And it's against that development that inherent alienist and the infection of the flesh. That is a very much part of this franchise. The i got a lot of shit about that too when it comes to the idea of because there are those weird hybrids where it's like. Oh well if a face. Hugger attacks a rhino than the baby. Coming out is going to be a rhino alien. And it's like well that ruins the entire. Dna of the species folks. You know you can't have if it meets with a gerbil any alien gun running around trust me. Nobody has nobody has come up with a good explanation for a lot of those things but they always have to be the same creature that comes out in order for the race to propagate but this makes sense so far as it makes sense in a way that their dna is is coming together so then the aliens look a different then the queen has a different cycle. You know that. She gives birth in a more human way as opposed to a gerbil alien. There's been so many wild contradictions onto exactly how the alien words and at certain points they decide. Okay we're gonna scrap all of this. We're gonna go through a twentieth century fox before it was about. Oh by disney. They decided that they were going to officially say that. This is how the alien works and all the weird hybrid things. That's not really a thing except when it is it doesn't make any sense. And it's been wildly contradicted many many times over the years. You kind kinda have to accept it. I suppose while it just becomes unfortunately more and more of a okay. We just need it to work this way in services plot. It's like the the internal question of well. How long does it take for daily. Digestive will adjust states at the speed of plot. That's why purvis who got infected at the same time as everybody else why. He doesn't have a bursting out of him early at the same time why he's still able to walk around. Its cooler for him to have the alien so it can explode through the other guys. Yeah exactly now at some point. I don't remember the source of this. But i think it was. It was said somewhere that He was diabetic and so there was a shift in his biology which caused a slower station. But that's that star wars stuff. That's that's fans jumping in to explain the inconsistencies of the world. Medical orient count that kept from got a very high. I'm number. just wait until you jump into the fan. Conversations of queen versus egg morphing and then The results for that comes out of that. I mean we could talk about who fertilize the egg. That became the the baby alien. And there are moments in the movie when ripley kinda gets into that whole world of the aliens goes into the literal underworld of the ship and everything where it looks like. She's just bone and aliens like that was. That was the thing. That was what i was thinking of earlier. So the movie. I was waiting for was the one where she has a hand to hand fight with with alien in the movie i was given with the one where she's getting it on with won the tender embrace of the alien but again that's seen kind of works for me because that one felt the most tive of giger and when you look at his sort of biomechanical body scrapes and that sort of the charge section sexuality of his paintings dark as it is that seemed to fit very well with what they were doing with. You know ripley absorbed into the hive or a nestled in the arms of the aliens. I could see the aliens. Not giving a shit about ripley. Because she's more one of them than these other creatures that they inherently want kill. Yeah that's exactly what it was. It was the thing that you smell like us. We're gonna deposit you in the hive just somebody else coming home. That's it exactly. I have a theory. I mean if every one of these movies has an android character and we start with ash that we moved to bishop than we have call them. We have david. Does that mean that allen is going to be the next android that we get. Because she's the next in line alphabetically would be. It would be a very easy way to bring sigourney. Weaver back into the franchise. Now we've had walter though. oh fight. Did skit walter. But walter died so me and i just want to help walter with the fingering. Speaking of sexual subtext. Subtext is kind of a generous word for. I still remember the first time. I saw covenants in the theater and that scene came up in somebody bless them in the darkness of the theater just went out but and i wish it was me but it wasn't. I love the call character and i love which represents that i love this whole idea to of you. Know motherhood is part of it and that we have mother as the computer in the first one and then we have switched to father in this one and that father. The way that that call into the system is through the bible. It's like of all places of all things to do to be in that she takes over the father and basically says god is dead when she's like father's dead asshole. I really appreciate that. That moment. And i can't remember if that's necessarily in the script i think it might be but i'm sure it is but it's funny. I feel like that moment in the script. It's much more for a laugh right. It's father's dead asshole attention. And she says that whole line about attention. Aliens ran his on this four. Go get him. And i feel like that's more what the script is trying to do in my opinion whereas i think the movie is much more like we'll throw that in but that's not the kind of humor we're going for in this picture not the same. Yeah but in this one. It's much more to me. It's the the woman or surfing the the male role and had loved that all the females. That are normal. Quote unquote are dead by the end of the film. Now you have this alien woman hybrid and the android that are there and then the only two men that are left at the end of this film are one guy who can't use his legs and johner. Who's just like this mental midget you know. It's just like the worst of humanity has all come together at the end of the this fell but we dump them off on on earth which is a shithole. so we're will we finally get to earth and and this is the earth that we get to and and i love that john has that line about it being shithole. And then when you get there. You're like oh yeah he's right. It is a shithole well. It's it's more that way in the in the extended version than in the theatrical one in the theatrical one actually in the theatrical one. it isn't terrible. they showed the clouds but they don't actually show the landscape. If i recall correctly. Look down because i was. I think it was passionate again in just flying over it and it all looks and i think one of them even even i think on the commentary. They said no. No we know it was it was. It was beautiful or something like that. You can't remember that line in the movie or not whereas in the extended version. You're basically in this. The plan of the sending in italy was paris because the having some fun while we always have to destroy the eiffel tower. We're going to show some some sort of thing. Now i mean that's like a role in emberg staple right and michael bay too. I think that was an armageddon week to see. Paris destroyed these days. We seem to be shifting to destroying the golden gate bridge so so many people so many times the golden gate bridge get so. Messed up in modern blockbusters. It's la people to striking back at san francisco. It is curious that it is nicer in one version. There's that moment where the sun hits their faces. And i'm kind of reminded of that blade runner ending which was like oh surface returned to being green. Because there's no one there but yeah in the extended version it's just like here's the broken eiffel tower. Good luck. here's the out. The four of you are on this planet. You're pretty much fuck now. But they're also just going to disappear lake watching it again. I'm like oh so in this version they just go off and find serenity and and mail and all those other people and then they just take off and fly again. That's the route they took with the one novelization or one novel. Follow up to this. They just went right back to being space pirates. I haven't read the novels. But i did read that. There was a little bit of a follow up to out of the shadows one called cps sorrows and ellen shows up in that but again i am. Read that in those like. Who's this guy Alan decker seems to be character in there. Yeah so out of the shadows. That was one that was actually set between alien and aliens ripley in that and then they had to figure out a way to use her in also get her so she ended up. She didn't aliens and they they manage it. It makes kind of sense but you know it is what it is. Where's the other one. decker is her genetic descendants. And so he somehow has an element of the race memory and the aliens. They remember going up against ripley so they have a particular mad on against him. It's a good novel. It's just it's it does require a fair bit of I'm just going go with what you're putting out here. I mean to be to be fair. The franchise overall asked that too. Yeah pretty much pay off you start getting in there. It's just gonna drive you crazy. I mean when when wayland and or you tani show up. It's just like wait a second. This doesn't make any sense. We forget that there. No and you tani or queen alien in the first alien that that's introduced by cameron and then you get other things that are introduces we go along and then they kind of try to retrofit these things. I am curious. Talked about the novelization. I read a little bit about the novelization. Because i think there's a little bit more about. Who's the raymond cruz character. Who i think should have gotten a little bit more to do in the movie but he his death is so unceremonious to me. It's just it's just frustrating. It's like hey the ha go back there. It's basically just telling go back there and die. That's it in the ac crispin novelization. They shifted over a couple a couple. More things for distefano just kind of developing his him as a little bit more of a character than he ultimately was in the final film. That weird moment where he and christie have a moment about the guns so turned on by those guns watching that scene. Now that is some of the truest shit that i've ever seen because i've seen gun guys when they get together and they have that same glint in there is those two actors are perfect in that senior are completely selling it. If feels totally true like this isn't even acting. It's just catching them behind the scenes and i loved and had day up but man he is making some of the goofiest faces in this film comes up in the commentary from the one guy. I think he was the story board artist. You can't remember his name right now. He seemed to be like the most critical of the movie and aside from from david guy but he had said like you know i. I wonder if the director would if he had seen american television. If he had seen cheers would he would have still cast this guy. And then in the commentary he taught the director talks about. I loved him in blood simple. And it's like yeah but the problem is he's the problem for me anyway that he's not playing the same character. He's playing in blood simple. He's playing the character from cheers. But again i i. I sort of enjoyed that for the tone that gave it lended towards the comedic tone. That obviously doesn't work for everybody but to me it again. Kind of fits. It speaks to the ineptitude of the organizations. I can go along with the idea. Basically saying like. Hey you've seen this cliche military character four thousand times we could have cast earlier. Let's go a different way. I did love the moment. Even though this might have been a rod puppet but i don't think it was the I love the moment. When the alien sneaks aboard the shuttle and then you get all the gore being thrown against the windows and stuff and the blood coming up. I really enjoyed that. And then the the the hand grenade that gets tossed in there again. I think that handgrenade might have been a rod puppet. I'm not sure. I like the themes that were going in. And grenade was real. It's just like the basketball scene. He threw it that one time and it was perfect. We are obligated mentioned that the sigourney weaver is a hundred percent. Awesome baller that she didn't get that shot in one. Nothing but nets will done sigourney holy shat. There's a whole section on the dvd. Just about that and it's like this. This is absolutely the right thing to do. And i love the fact that i think it was peter who is going to digitally change it. So that the ball would always stay in frame and sigourney. Weaver was like no. You're not doing that. Goes because that's gonna ruin the whole thing you can't and i love how appropriate just like i fucked it up because character so every time i watch that scene i keep. I'm watching perlman the entire time to watch for. That's when i went back watching it today. I'm like okay. I'm going to see how badly he if you really does this. But now they come together perfectly. They ended very well. And this was the perfect time for ron perlman. You're talking about how. Yeah he was in beauty and the beast and i read a little bit of his autobiography. He was just having a horrible time after beauty and the beast got cancelled and just plain all these roles whereas like i'm not even going to mention these roles i'm not proud of these things. And then he meets gear multo and then he meets a in cairo. And it's like for a few years there was just like. Oh ron perlman this like. After i went and saw cronos i was like. Oh perlman's in this okay. I will go see whatever it is. I will see it because he was working was interesting directors and those movies that he made which in ankara the movies. That still continues to make with del. Toro fuck ya. It's like was perfect that he kind of became this actor for these foreign directors which was just wonderful and he's taking all these chances his role in cronos still just one of my favorite things ever definitely and i came to that later. This was a very interesting time in his career especially since while he was simultaneously linked to type. Because you know very much. You look at ron perlman and it's like okay. It makes sense. Cast him as the heavy but in the hands of a right director. They can take that expectation and they can. They can twisted. They can have some fun with it and you even got to see that in resurrection because he had some legitimate laugh lines in this movie. Oh yeah not. All of them have aged. Well he has one of the worst lines in the movie one. That's after one of the best scenes in the film when she goes in and sees all of those failed clones the wonderful moment of pathos. That's fantastic the the music. The music in this whole film is wonderful. I love the score. I love everything about that scene. And when he does that must be a chick thing. I was just fuck this movie. That's not a line that his age will. He also refers to freeze ironsides. I didn't catch that unlike. Wait wait a minute. He's referring to him from a character. whose so how. Many hundreds of hundreds of years. It's been since since raymond. Burr was ironside. I still occasionally make shakespeare references. So maybe in this world that the that finally got its do. And if that's what the future holds i'm all for it. They are well. Are we sure it was the raymond burr version. Because i was that amazing version with blair. Under what yeah you know or you know. We're also assuming that there aren't going. I mean this was hundreds of years from now. How many more versions could there have been. No i mean maybe that's what's coming next. It's probably one of those stories suggests gets rebooted over and over again. Much like hamlet or macbeth. Yes now that would have an awesome. If instead of watching like qvc while they were drinking they were watching future. Ironsides just made that joke. Were keep going back to the motherhood thing in the one other thing. I wanted to bring up real quick. What's the idea of insects in this movie. And i did appreciate that. They played more on the insects when it came to this. There's that seeing that never made it to the original that is in the director's cut which i don't think ultimately succeeds where they crushing a bug. Like i you see the mouth and then you realize that the bug and the guy crushes it and puts it in a straw and spits it out. Ok i guess. It was the fauna in the novelization. That does that. But so you got that. But then this whole idea of ripley coming out of that. Cocoon that dress. Shift thing that. She's wearing in the way that she comes out of that. I think that's wonderful. And of course we have bread or later in the film saying. Oh it's a beautiful beautiful butterfly and like it's really nice that they're kind of bringing in that ripley is also very unsettle. It would have definitely If they were going to continue on that fit in interesting if they had gotten kronenbourg to direct this as they were apparently at one point courting speaking of body horror he got kronenbourg. Could've done interesting things with an alien film. He would have totally rewritten everything. Oh yeah. I'm not saying that i'm not saying that is a negative. I know of often felt. If you took william gibson's alien three script and then given it to kronenbourg that would have been just something amazing. Am i the only one to that when we have a ripley eight. Does that eight remind you guys have infinity as well as just be reaching. I could see it in. See it you know the the the concept of the eternal ripley. She's back from the dead. Well that's one of the things i was thinking about earlier to is is the the cross dna of of all of them. Just just furthers the whole concept that she and this species are just destined for one another. You know they're they're they're linked to gather because that's one of the other things about the franchise that so interesting is that it isn't solely about these these four movies and we've seen what happens without her right like these. These are the these movies like okay. We have to have the monster and we have to have her. You know and i understand like a standard superhero kind of thing where we have to have the the superhero we have to have the the villain but it's it didn't ever have to go that way but after the second one i feel like yeah it did and the it just made perfect sense to me from a thematically that it will be like no no. They're they're just going to be combined now. Which has always been interesting to me. I look i love these films. For the arc of ripley. You know the the transformation of her down to her becoming an alien herself with with the clone of ripley eight but what always found fascinating is the insistence a distance upon the producers to inject an element of legacy into these films. Whether it was you know bringing ripley back for Alien three because originally there. There was a sense that we're going to do that. Also when we didn't pitched a hit did his treatment for his alien four it was going to follow a clone of new and it wasn't going to involve sigourney weaver but there was always that tendency to know we have to have Sigourney weaver in this to make this work. And then the later. It shifted into the really scott films. He became the anchor point. It was okay. This is our legacy thing with this as ridley scott. We can't do this without ridley. Scott's neil blonde camp. You wanna make an alien movie. no you can't because you're not ridley. Whereas for me the alien franchise has always existed as something more than the films. And so there's always been different people telling stories with different people in all of these elements that create this larger alien universe. So i've never really been all that protective of well it has to involve sigourney. Weaver has to involve ridley. Scott i love the sigourney. Weaver alien films. I don't need her to be in an alien moving forward to work. Just as i don't need release scott doing whatever he was doing with from ec covenants. I don't need that. And i got i really as much. I admire release got as a filmmaker. He's one of the greats is made so many films that i absolutely adore. I hope he never makes another alien movie because he sets it up. The david ends up being Space jockey at the beginning that they find the derelict ship in the first alien film. I'm gonna fuck and scream. Remember who it was. A friend of mine was talking about. How lake their theory is that really scott made the first alien and you know it was. It was a revelation. And then james cameron comes along and makes aliens and it was like really scott was like wait a minute. Who's this guy who came in and took this from me and then all these layers. I'm going to make sure everybody understands that. I'm the one who really like now. Man you're not it's bigger than you man. Cameron makes it when he makes his version of it he decides because he didn't have to bring ripley back but he's like no she's going to be here and he injects humanity into into that aspect of the story right and that's saying that she there's there's humanity in the first one but the characters are all fully fleshed out in the first one there many of them are just there to get eaten and the actors and the performances elevate all of that whereas really scott. He's so much less interested in humanity. He only wants. He has only the only characters he's interested in the robots with these movies. He wanted to tell robots stories which is perfectly fine. It's just tying back to david as they seem to be going with the arc of it after covenant. I mean it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I mean as a fan. I like the idea of the aliens being something more ancient something. That's predates humanity and unknowable. This is the tear in space that you are never going to understand and you need to get as far away from as possible. That's all there is to it and even the idea that the engineers created the aliens. I'm perfectly okay with that. You just don't have to as long as you. Don't explain every little element of it because you keep certain things mystery or explain it poorly. Well yeah there is that right and even when it comes to the alien versus predator films. I mean again. We seem to be so beholden. To whale you tani. It's just like come on guys we can have like. You said we have alien stories that have nothing to do with. And you tommy with ripley with any of the droids none of that stuff we could be completely in a different part of the galaxy and have alien story and we should be able to do that but for whatever reason it just like we have to keep putting it into this time line somehow and it's like no no no it's like it's the star wars thing where it's just like. Oh somehow we have to tie a fucking skywalker into this. It's almost like fan service in a way. I don't hate fan service. But it. But i also don't i don't feel any need to be imprisoned by it and that's and that's that's what it is you know you'll have these little little nods and stuff like that can be cute but other times they can just be unnecessary or destructive. Yeah i mean you. You can use elements of waylon. Utah need to build a world because it's established they're very big company but literally if you're gonna do in alien versus predator film one. I have no idea why they didn't just set it in the future. Because that's what everybody was asking for. And you really didn't have to include anything more overt than a wayland. You tani mug exactly. We don't have to see mr utah ni or mr. I mean we get mr ghitani in the second one. We get mr whelan in the first one i was like. Oh god i guess that goes for keeping Lance henriksen in the films by or didn't really need it didn't need it lance but but he's already in the movie you're talking about three. It's like it's like it's one of the things like okay. Y- you design them and you made them look just like you for for what again right. You made him look like younger. You i guess to it. What risk you know. Yeah yeah very much hubris. I guess i don't know why okay. We'll we'll talk more about previous in the second half of the show. I mean just say a quick i like the biblical you know about how they poured into as part of the bible. I i don't know if this is true or not. But i like the idea of. I read an article where it was talking about. How people keep asking ripley who she is or what she is an. Nfl kinda denies herself three times until she finally gets asked. Who are you by purvis. And then she says. I'm the monster's mother and that's like the truest answer. That could possibly give gives an answer at one point. That she's ellen ripley lieutenant first class and call calls it and says like hey you died two hundred years ago but yeah once you finally says i'm the monster's mother it's like okay now you finally you're there. You finally accepted who you are and those she can start building a identity of her own and escape this place soon. I do love that final line which lived through the entire thing of. I'm a stranger here myself. Love that line. And i love that. Yeah this version of ripley has never been to earth and the version of ripley that we saw in the very first movie ellen ripley. I don't know if you've ever been to earth. I mean who knows at that point. Well issue on earth in aliens though. No she's an a space station which he and his space station though at. She's in the space station at the beginning. They i don't think they define it. But i believe in the expanded i believe. They said she stayed on gateway l. k. That would make sense because there's nothing for her there. Yeah i think our daughter is on earth and she died on earth just a few years before ellen was found. That was another thing. I got shit for by the way when i was talking about alien threes. I kept talking about like fairy tales. And you know how she's kinda like snow white and then you've got like At one point there's a framing of her alien three where the seven prisoners go. She's like snow white. And the seven dwarfs somebody was just like hey man trying to put a fucking tale shit on this fuck you that was so fucking bear like an alien aliens. They call her snow white. At one point. I mean they were playing. They were playing with fairy tale. Motifs the dammit. I got no time for people with no imagination. I mean the alien queen could sell be melissa melissa fan in this whole idea of harboring sleeping beauty and like here again. She is up two hundred years ago. They literally referred to the. They literally referred to the alien as a dragon. He he is sleeping beauty. She wakes up at the beginning of almost every movie. She wakes up. Either from being an hypo hyper-sleep i think in what one two three. And then this when she wakes up from being cloned cloned right yeah. I don't know why they cut that moment of her grabbing. One of the arms of the doctor. I thought that was a good seem surprised that that was cut. Because when i was watching it and i put the thing on and then i was like oh. I thought that was in the movie and well. It's it's it's a great scene because it just again. It establishes very early on that. She's not right that she is deadly and even when unconscious she has these reactions to attack like an alien intimate also called back to like the pardon in par-three three when the doctor goes to give her the shot and she just wakes up and grabs his arm real quick or even the way she you know in the novelization of aliens the way she interacts with the after she wakes up. It's all this very cheap. When she wakes up she's usually. It always feels like she's a little more aggressive. She's not a morning person by any stretch right exactly but also just like you need to get away from what we're talking. She wakes up something terrible's have other. That's the other great line is like. I'm used to be afraid to sleep because i'd always have nightmares but now i'm not because when i wake up it's always worse i do really like to. There was a few articles that read. Of course the modern prometheus frankenstein. They talk a lot about frankenstein especially with this one. Because of the way that the doctors are these kind of mad scientists and they make these creatures basically remaking replay. I love so much that somebody pointed out that the brand door of character you know. Keep him alive till the end. And then when the baby dispatches That the baby bites brain out basically. It's just like taking care of the mad scientist by removing that brain. That thought up all of this madness that they have and this one is so great to with this whole idea of the alien mother giving birth to this baby and this weird post birth abortion that they basically gives you the baby. And when you see the look on. Replace face that she's super. She said that the space has to be the strived. Yeah a key elements of ripley's characterization. From aliens forward is her as mother and this is her essentially killing a child her all her child her grandchild but still her child and she's got her surrogate daughter. Now she's got hall at least but again calls not human and she's not human so i guess they're actually kind of a perfect mother daughter in this one won't hopefully die unexpectedly at the beginning of next sequel the original ending just for folks homeless. Like not only were they carrying the bodies of these poor mining workers who you know. They're the proletariat getting fucked over by this capitalist system. Sorry to throw in a little marxism for it but they were also transporting these harvesters and at the end they get in one of these harvesters and end up the fighting the baby alien that way and the baby alien was what had like. Six lags is more like a spider than wings wings. That's right towards the end. It broke out and it had wings and it turns into this ariel battle. And i was thinking about that earlier when you were talking about like the insect nature of the monster in how it's played up in this movie and it's like what we'd was going for in the original draft but it's like there's really no suggestion from either one of these species that have now intermingled that wings would show up kind of reminded me of the of splice. Know the vincenzo. Tally film but it also reminded me more of the end of aliens when sigourney gets into the The the body mecca suit. Basically you know the the suits that they had in the as the novel of starship troopers that to me is what the movie is more than anything is him trying to take it back to aliens trying to look even that one part where it's like when john or wants to ditch the one guy says no offense in gives him the finger and says none taken. I like a lot of the dialogue that we have an alien resurrection but to me the best dialogue is still aliens. you know. That movie is so fucking quotable you you know the line. It's just it's amazing to me that it's what's endlessly quotable dialogue dialogue that is so distinct to those individual characters. You know you know who said what when you're when you quote that or when you're thinking about that and some of those people aren't even on the screen for that long but it just becomes it it is so perfectly individualized and that's what makes that movie so strong like one of many things that makes it so strong. Yeah we can quote hudson. We can quote hicks. We can quote fast as we can call it so many of these people i. I can't really quote john. Are that much work christie. That monitor raise that much. You know like you quoted freeze. He quoted the line. but that's about. It's it's kind of awkward to try to say. I am not the man with whom to fuck. That's like that to me. Feels like classic early weeden dialogue at it is before he'd done like ten years of television was like okay. Yeah that's just a lot to that. There's no reason to put anybody through that. I mean i. I mainly just hurt people. I mean jonah does have the best lines. Say that's a. That's that's a solid line for sure but again it's not there's nothing in there or in ripley has some good lines to it. Just doesn't have the magic of that second movie breath or even the first movie for that matter but although in the first movie it feels again going back to what i said before like i feel like that's an example of just flawless casting. Oh fuck him. You know you and you've got the in. I have to imagine that much of that. Dialogue was not even written especially since they were using that altman technique of the overlapping dialogue. And everything they were just felt like they were just riffing right and just comes out totally natural completely believable. Like this is a ship full of factory workers that you know and and this is how every single one of them would talk. There was an article from just A last month where they were talking. That originally all meant was supposed to direct alien. And i just i mean some of those weird like you know. Hey yeah we almost had this guy. We almost had. This guy is just like wow okay. 'cause it's another one like reading about who might have directed alien resurrection. You're just like wow. These are some really interesting choices that you had here. I'm glad that it was unique. And i think she getting burned by this movie so much help to make other things. I mean. what wasn't his follow up to. This was watching this in. my wife is like what. What did this guy do. She said something like that. The his next movie was like one of the best movies of that year. I saw very long engagement. I haven't seen mic. Max and i haven't seen what what's the other one that he did The young and prodigious pivot. I haven't seen that either but apparently he's got a movie. That might be going direct to netflix this year. Big bug out. What's another alien. Maybe it's all about that bug at the beginning. Who gets squashed comes back for revenge and we're so interesting also in one of the the behind the scenes the one i was the story board artist. Who was like. Genie saw himself as like a hired hand more that he was he was. This movie was basically him just making a commercial like a really long commercial. If that's the case. And you know i have my own feelings about this movie but i'm not going to take anything away from him. I feel like that's more. It just felt. I don't know if he meant it that way. But that felt more limiting than than i saw it no he. He came to play. But i think it's one of those things where he when he initially came in. It was with the idea. I'm just gonna go along. I'm gonna do what they want me to do. I'm gonna make an american movie. And then he realized that they the producers and the people behind it. They wanted him to play. They wanted him to bring his own thing to it so he brought it in. But i don't think he did it in a aggressive. This is how we are going to do it. I think it was just He was happy. The opportunity to inject a little bit of that weirdness in their everything that you hear in the commentaries stuff it does not sound like it was a bad shoot at all. It sounds like they all had a great time. I mean the underwater stuff very enchanting but that also them filming that i did really bring them all together and it's a perfect way to actually schedule that kind of shoe to you. Know 'cause you could you imagine going through weeks and weeks of filming knowing you have this terrible terrible thing ahead of you will and if one of died than they could have replaced him right away without having shot the rest of the film or if they refused to be in the scene. It's a trauma shoots all the news stuff i that whole thing. I never knew that. Kim flowers hillard that whole thing where he weaver sees her outfit and says i want that and so when hillard is in the water. She's wearing the outfit that eventually they would redo for cigarettes. And i think that's one of the reasons why she happens to be the last one in the water and ends up being killed in that me but yeah poor kim flowers. I was looking at her from agra fast. Just like what else has she done. Oh not a whole lot is like i like during the film cheap see was in two other things including the small small role in fear and loathing in las vegas. And then that's it. Her career ended in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Hopefully she's doing well. What was your thoughts. Because this remember this being a very divisive points at the time of its release still continued the look and the presentation of the newborn. I like the newborn. I was reading one review that talked about. How the newborn head a beer belly. Yeah all they talked about. The genie was insistent that it had genitals male and female male female. And they did that. And i love what they what he's telling us even even he's even for a frenchman. This is too much. And then they had to digitally array them. Ella gillis things like you know we could have just made a an appliance to cover it probably would have been cheaper than going through digitally removing it. The way that walks leads with its genitals to you know like it's not necessarily the belly that we're seeing it's the genitals that it's leading with because of the change that's not clear right see. I always looked at it. More like How sometimes a baby will have a protruding stomach. And it's again. It's a very sort of malformed. Infants quality that the thing has and i remember a lot of people talking about how it was so far apart from a gig or design. And it's interesting that if you look at the various concert they came with it. Originally they work with something that was decidedly more giger esque. I never felt that way. I never i think for for me. It was always. It was such a shock. And i i have to assume that this i'm not the only one who felt that it was just such as any talk about this. A little on the commentary to it was a shock to suddenly be dealing with a monster. That head is yeah and that was so far. Fueled from anything that the franchise had done before. I mean when you see the queen it makes sense. It's a bigger version of the alien. It still fits but the is definitely. Put it into something else. But i can. I can see why japan wanted the is because he wanted to sing to a moat. he wanted to show. it's emotions. it's it's its own little dirty and it's hard to do without swith something that has no is with the you. Get this almost like an exoskeleton head but if you took that away i wanna say in the gone back to the some of the early giger concepts that it does have kind of a skull face so i was like. I'm okay with having a skull face but yet to your point it does have is but the the pretty ice and yeah it makes you feel for it. That's what we have to do. Unsettling isn't the right word. It was just so not what i'm used to. These are killing machines that and that's all they've ever been right and so all the sudden our lake hold on. I'm supposed to an end. And i'm just gonna fully admit they're successful like it's kinda painful to watch that thing die like i said the totally successful in the sense. I think i can't remember who it was. And if i read this senator somebody was complaining. We i watched it like and these things got these puppy. Dog is god's it's supposed to be it's supposed to be a this horrible monster but you know that's what they wanted to go with and again it's it speaks to what we were talking about the version of expectations and i don't necessarily know if they were going to actively out to subvert this is just where as sensibilities lied and. I do like what we see with this thing. Because so much of the initial design of the of the creatures is in keeping with his bio mechanical aesthetic. You know that blend of flesh in metal and what we have with this with this mutation. That's coming from the cloning process is something. That's all flesh. And it's something that's different than anything we'd ever seen now do. Do we need. Would we need to to continue with that. Designed to carry the franchise forward. No but as a one off and again just kind of speaking about something. That is other something that is beyond our perceptions. Something that is alien. I think it fits very well into that. It's a powerful mix of something you're trying it's trying to get you to be sympathetic to it. But it's absolutely grotesque exact won't and that's the thing is one it's making those noises and going up to its mother and you think that oh this is going to be a loving scene and then it rears back and suddenly becomes ugly and smashes her face off and it's just like whoa okay. This is not to be trifled with. 'cause i just like oh it's a beautiful beautiful butterfly but no just going to kill this thing. It's absolutely terrifying. Yeah and i never knew. Until i was watching the credits. The other day that archie. Hahn one of the guys. From phantom of the paradise who's in the juicy fruits he does part of the voices for the alien that han had a whole career. After acting in front of the camera he does a ton of voice of work and yeah he was making. Those noises of the baby has one of two people credited for that. And those noises. I have to say i mean i think that alien resurrection is really put together. Well i mentioned the music before. And i love that. That part of the making of where they're talking about. Here's some the weird sounds that we came up with for this movie and i was like. Wow that's really neat. Who would have thought to do that. And those things play into it. Really well i mean in each of the alien scores is really well done. I make fun of horner. Sometimes because there are parts of aliens it sounds exactly like wrath of khan. But but it's a good score especially the beginning when the machine comes in. And it's looking around and and ripley's in the crowd chamber that kind of like that music that they have is beautiful stuff. And of course nobody beats the jerry. Goldsmith's score from the original and god. I mean to use those parts of it for that trailer that trailer. Still the one of the scariest things i've ever seen. Yeah that's that's just takes me back to prometheus and how that trailer was they. Use the the sound effects from seventy nine. And i'm like oh man. I'm so on board for this just a heartbreaker we forget. How important sound is sometimes like i think. One of the most successful things to talk about another franchise one of the most successful things that they do in the mandalorian is to reuse or replicate the sounds from the original star wars to the point where sometimes feels like they're actually sampling lines from the original star wars. When it comes to some of the things that the storm troopers say and that that brings you back into that. That's one of those other member bury's for me is when i hear those things i'm just like. Aw that sound that sounds beautiful. And yet the the sound design on something like this. And and the rest of the aliens franchise. Wow they can do a really good job of setting that tone all right guys. Let's go ahead and we're gonna take a break and we're gonna play a trio of interviews. I separate here from christie gay jordan. After that we'll hear from purvis who's played by leland orser and last but not least we'll hear from the assistant director and special effects maestro peach off and we'll be back with all of those right after these brief messages. Do you like leased. Bids do bathe in rural eat. Do danson on the virus sky of raw daisies reading through man chest pain. Who is question. Yes we all do. Good listening to the podcast after movie dinah if not then you're missing out may or may not spend eternity and insufferable torment lament which between simon cowan piers morgan in an elevator. That smells of death. The movie dina is a website dedicated to movies new old loud small and of every genre. 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I've covered everything from obscure saturday morning. Tv too short lived shows like other world the phoenix the highway. Man and cliffhangers. You can find the show over it. Forgotten dot tv or at all the usual podcasts places. I hope you'll join me soon at forgotten. Tv is adam spiegelman from the colt movie. Podcast proudly represents. And you listen to my favorite movie podcast the projection booth. I know it's messed up right folks into the interview portion of the show first up. We're going to hear from the man. The played christie. That is gary jordan. By the time. This comes out a new movie starring. Mr jordan will be available. It's called redemption day. It is available on all streaming platforms. That are worth your time. Now enjoy this interview. Where were you at in your career when you got the gig for alien resurrection. I had just broken up with my girlfriend. And i was in a mess Just i kinda got kicked out of new york. Hit that on my band and it was a mess for me. And so i got when i got the los angeles i was just a wreck and they called me for the audition and i went in there and just brought all that angst with me in the room and they were like we love it. Hire him. I was l- i just went out of that. I didn't even They they my agent called me. He's the gary. Where did you go. They're looking for you in the hallway. 'cause after i did my thing in the room i just left was so full of whatever i was bringing into the room. Chase me down the hallway as my agent told me looking for me to try to to tell me that. They wanted me for the role. That was a great time for me. Because i was having such a hard time in the open because i was. I guess you know you go through transition in life and that was one of those transition. I was playing with the band in new york doing well. But i was. I was point with moving up to los angeles spending more time out there to follow through with my acting. endeavors and My aspirations i was on the fence and that film kind of pushed me over to go. This is what you need to be doing. And don't worry about the band. It's such a strong ensemble piece. I must have been kind of nice to have that support of the other actors as well. it was. I mean ron perlman. Always look too because you really made me laugh on. Said he's actually the strong as a character actor he is. He's very very funny guy and he he makes the day go by quick sigourney. Weaver is just awesome. She's so full of power and great. And she's very supportive with me. And i got to know Winona onset there. I had not known ever four. And she's just like she's suggests to busy. She has a Shied demeanor very soft spoken. But she's sweet a super sweetheart and I had a A great time with an october most of all getting to know zhong peers. Even though at that time he didn't speak much english and my french was not non. Existent we still. you know. We still manage to get through this production and Picking great direction from him because he is one of the greats a great visual director. So i was just was pushed into the deep end of the pool of their literally actually did a two week. Underwater scene that lasted for two weeks. And when you're underwater for twelve to fifteen hours a day. I think i started to grow gills and it was fantastic because you started being more comfortable under the water. Then you are. When they ask for lunch break. I stayed down there. It was just stay down there all day and they would give us directions with the speaker underwater because sound travels faster underwater. Which is something that you don't realize when you're human being when you're underwater. You can hear better because the sooner so it was interesting it was. It was a great shoot and it was great to be introduced into the art of blockbuster. Filmmaking was that film with that franchise recently. I've seen the documentary. They've just done about alien. Is the name of loose me. But it's mostly a buck how they crafted the first alien and working with geiger and it was very very interesting. Super super informative and i've always loved this guy that everyone one of his films. I love so it was great to see this film. And i feel very proud to be part of that franchise. I don't imagine that that was your own hair. Yeah was we got some extensions to make it a little bit longer. Because i think my hair is just maybe two inches three inches shorter than that but it was my lots now the thing was. Is that the funny thing was that i was doing some rules here and there because at that time it was i was really early on for men who had locks. There's nobody in sports. That had not one person and i was the only guy on tv with last time. I lay kravis was out with his album so he was only rock mode locks so it was You know it was really early. Time for that type of look and i did that film right after that film think i went off to egypt and i cut my hair off so i came back with the premier with a bald head and the director. Job here looking galle. What did you do 'cause he that was going to be such a big hit. And he knew that it was going to be so good for my career. But i changed all of that. I had meetings lined up with all the major directors and i walked in with a bald head. No one recognized. No one knew who i was. I didn't work again after alipur another year and a half live in. Yeah junaid direct you through an interpreter or more through like body language yeah this is interpreted amos christine and he also directed me through body language. Now since i have been living in paris about eight years. And i live actually around the corner from his office. Mama i've i've spent some time with him in paris and he's english is is better than my french. I say now but at the time he was hardly speaking ridge so he said that you went for a year and a half without getting a gig that one. Yeah it was about a year and a half. So i worked again. And after that i was able to do things that i had because i had lots for. I don't know over a decade. Yeah and so. When i when i cut my hair took me to find my place in the industry but then afterwards i was able to do serious like Say nocco mex- for for candidates Towers Mom and i leave it at a tv film together like that. That i wouldn't have done with lock's so it kind of opened me up but at the time you know. I think the industry had a hard enough time trying to figure out what to do with me as it were now. I was just trying to kick my way around the industry. Trying to figure out what i would be best doing so it took a while. It took awhile after that. But i you know. We've been touching governor industry as it is a good lesson. How did you end state. Yeah i i had a baby on the way to so on my daughter nyla was is being born and i was just trying to I was just being an artist. You know doing odd jobs Kicking around as musician. Doing what i could. I just you know by any means necessary. I just kept going and sell guitars doing all sorts of odd jobs. Man tell me about redemption day and tell me about the making of that did you shoot it. All pre covid. Yeah denture day was shut off recovered and shot all entirely in morocco. she would still use. I got the script through left of my immediately interested because it seemed like i could bring more to just a some kind of action hero thing that we soon before i wanted to put some kind of dimension to the character and i talked to the director about forty more of the ptsd issue there with that his driving not his driving to get to have them get back into part of the issue. What drives him to have struggled to some of these these places in his life trying to go back into society and then subsequently going back into field This is something that a a great deal of servicemen and women deal with and i wanted to put that into focus because often we see action films and the heroes just unflappable and was just you know indomitable. It's is a big hero. Does everything right and get the bad guys and people go home. And everyone's happy. But i wanted to put more of a human frail thing in there somewhere that he makes mistakes and that he's coming from the past and he's maybe done some things that are had some things he's experienced that that don't sit well with him that he can't sleep through and there's Friends of mine. That i've been through service industry marines that i've known over the years i've sort of crafted out there and taking pieces of events so and Hopefully some of that comes across the screen as well and it was really interesting to shoot in morocco for that. Because we re not like. We're shooting in nevada somewhere. We shouldn't in a beautiful place but it's also very easy to get into character over there. You've been doing this for over thirty years now. And i'm curious what your methodist to get into character touched about taking pieces from people that you knew. Are you able to do that for everything that you do. Or how do you go about kind of crafting. Who you're going to be unscreened. Mostly i could do that with a lot of the characters. The power of observation is is is really necessary. Would look crap. And that's something that i from watching. Sam jackson watching number genero has been observing people realize situations. You have to put someone who's in a mental help. Just go and spend some time there and really start to pick out human qualities and characteristics of of the people that you're playing and that really helps craft the character it transcends. It comes across on screen. I think mostly so definitely do try to do that. I try to interview people's much as possible. I try to get as much physical activity in there and i and for this Particularly we didn't have that much time. I didn't have. I had two months three months with fretwork to be able to do that. Usually when you're doing a big budget film they'll give you six to eight and nine. What's to prepare. And i'll give you a team that i had none of that so i had to do a great deal of that on my own. I call up all the people that i knew and just had discussions with them about how hannah themselves higher ups about how they handle themselves. How do they stand. How would they working with firearms. That i started working with different firearms trading places and and just getting myself more comfortable you want to be fluid and so some of that we ended up using and some of the stuff that you know just really working hard at may have ended up editing floor but at least give an effort. Because you know that's less with the craft is about and that's the love it s another. She has the craft search and to to to take every day. There was a film that i had to do. I play george jackson prison for thirty years. That was tough because they wanted to put me up in a nice bed and breakfasts up there in the bay area. No was when we were actually in shooting in nevada reno. We shouldn't read on. And i was in this nice bed and breakfast but bad to shoot the prison every day in the in the when the ward where they They do lethal injection in those cells. That's where we shooting after the first day there. I said i'll just have to go is like a shitty motel. Just because i'm i'm coming in here it's just not just your normal job that i'm doing it's really you know to to stay in that place. I'm gonna have just the in a certain amount of solitude now. So i had to do certain rituals clinton's that prison often because a lot of dark spiritual energy live and so i really worked hard at trying to maintain. And i'm i don't consider myself A method actor at all but in that for that particular role particular role. I felt that i needed to maintain pensive just set the continuity who out my performance is really important for me to maintain that to not go off and have a great much crew. This really needed to maintain to keep his accent too. I kept on listening to wreckage of him. Speaking to get kate in his voice and i kept on looking at videos of his mannerisms every time we gotta brick routes Cut i would go back to my recently. My just tried my best to do crap because when you work with somebody who's in historical figure it depends on what kind of actor you are but most actors want to get it right. You know. he's somebody who's been on take historical figure who's been we have record of. Do you want to get it right now. And short of being an impersonation you wanna kinda get the whole thing right and that was particularly hard just because There was one part. We i got locked in the The cell the the the the things that broke the mechanism. So i got locked in about three hours and the whole cruise freaking out trying to get out of there. But i was actually by that time. I was content because i had been in the cell for so long and i had been working with his character and reading his books and doing all those things so i was already lewis with it. You know like get outta here. I have to get my makeup guys like. Let's keep rolling. And she we come up with. And that's the kind of sets that i like the spontaneity of director and writer willing to bend the rules a little bit brings something new. You never know what you get. Go out and take a a handheld camera and shoot some other things. That's the kind of creation. that's why i'm involved. That's why i like this This method of storytelling. Because of those fasten. I've got one slightly annoying question for you but it came up while we were talking about Alien resurrection on the show. Why didn't you just kick that alien off your boat. I think what jump. Here's your name was going for. Was he had an effect in mind and It changed because the budget went. Allow him to complete it so we switched to the To the the aliens shooting acid in my because when we were shooting another seen when another day they were putting some smoke. Coming out of my gun. Monday were putting the smoke coming out of my gun. It's something that they spray into. The barrel of the gun and the guy was screaming into the barrel together. Sprayed it right my eye. And i just went down like a load of bricks. I just went down and i was wriggling and pain on the floor. And he saw that and that's when he decided to change the script should be me up in the ladder getting shot with asking him. I and that's sort of what i was just talking about. As far as an spontaneity willingness to be in the moment and and but that's a great question because for me. I i to do things. But i think for his effect he was tried to. He was trying to craft a perfect shot that he would. He would pan back in. Show that up on that apparatus with an alien hanging off my foot. You know so i think i had to play along with it and just believe that an alien had incapacitated me so severely who out my nervous system that i just could not move and the only thing i can do is just cut myself free. You know because the acid my nervous system. So that's what i played it for. You know to be honest with you. When i started the film i i was like probably sixty and gm shares. And they like went. Gary you gotta gained some weight. You can't look we don't look like you can carry a guy when you're back throughout half the film so go go bulk up at all. I just started eating enlisting and eating and listening and before that i was getting guy it was one of the best experiences of my life. I really put a little markup there and that was that was fun times man. It was like doing something you love. And i was wondering every day even when i wasn't shooting just seeing how kanji would light. He's the scientists and we were just around so many technical geniuses that is just like a kid in a candy store. I'm still in buck myself. So i've seen all the various and it was just great to be an end city. The lost children was my favorite show the years prior right before alien resurrection. So i was a fan boy. When i got this. That from alien franchise. Jack is jim. Nez work with carol. You know sigourney is work. You know being one of the first hero. We've seen one film. And i was just a fan boy. Big time yeah. I left his delicatessen so much. The first time. I saw that it just blew me away. What a what. Good thing to do with wide angle lens. He's magnificent the guys that the genius. What are you working on now. Other than promoting redemption day. I'm in atlanta right now. So ming a couple of episodes of a show called First wives club based off the film with amazing comedian. Stand up comedian and show until The songstress Jill scott is also in the show. So i'm just having a magnificent time laughing through the getting of twenty twenty one because these women make me last there so beneath the comedy. Actually when i was. I used to crack jokes all the time and they would have told me down. Tell me rolling. A seen. Gary could you. If i didn't crack the cool all day then wasn't a good thing. I was working really hard laugh. Because you know one thing. I realized that real cops and real people on crime series. They have to last all day too because they have to work with morbid shit so they have to figure out ways to you know. Get through the day. I'm hoping for more of that in the years to come more laughter mr jordan. Thank you so much for your time. This has been terrific. Stay safe down in atlanta and good luck with the first wives club. I look forward to seeing it very much raw up next. You're going to hear from purvis. That is mr leland. Orser who shares a little bit about his career and how. It was working on alien resurrection. I have been a fan of your work since the first time. I put a name to your face and i think that was seven. That was my first movie. My first real movie unusual thing. I think the role originally called for an older overweight. Like at the time i was considerably younger. You know middle aged guy. Who's a casting director at the time. Who still out there in billy hopkins and he kinda championed the at that time and he ating and he was doing all the big movies and anything that came across his desk he would bring me in for whether it's right for it or not and this was the most unusual ask i got you know. Request to come in and audition for this thing and I resisted big time at first. And then i was reassured that he felt that there was something there that i could do something with so it was really kind of. There's no way in the world this is ever going to happen. Approach to it. I did a screen test for it and screen test center. David fincher and And it all happened pretty quickly after that. I was a major in a nightclub in on the sunset strip at that time to was working as a philly called me personally and told me the news and And i was. I was actually not happy. I was disturbed. And i and i saw. I don't really know if i want to do this. I don't was a great acting exercise in the screen test thought. Do i want to be associated with that content and that act and he reassured me. He said i'm telling you leland. Do this also quit your job as a maitre d' because your career will has begun and He said this will be a a marker for you and and things will will change from here on out because of what you're gonna do in this movie. He said that he had been confidence. Great confidence in me. And i'll i'll ah forever be grateful to him for for starting because it did start there time. Read write that. You studied acting in london. I did it. A little place called the drama studio had a sister school in berkeley. It was a one year program which is what drew me to it and we had all the same advisors and teachers from rot and central and The you know the other academies and consider tores in london some believe ordinary people teaching speech and texts How to approach shakespeare and text and it was a really a great year of education. Learns a lot. When did you know that acting was the career choice for you. Career interesting word. I knew it was something for me and right for me right from the third grade. When i played. I played Ton ten christmas carol and my school in just Fit it fell so totally right. It's out completely at home. And then i and and i always did. I went to college and went to a small liberal arts college back east and it wasn't a conservatory and it and it really didn't have the strongest Department for training somebody to have a career in in theater and in film and entertainment so like two years in. I realized that was in the wrong place and i was also very interested in what else the school had to offer in the way that you -cation and i got interested in my education and academics for the first time in my life will late in the game and so So i changed my major and When i when i finished i i had been now away from acting for two years and from the world that i grew up in that meant. Now it's time to go out into the world and get serious and get a real job and that acting wasn't really a it wasn't really something that people who came from where i came from. Did i have no family member who had ever done that. And who would have shown a light of the way for me you know. I used all the career counseling and all of that kind of stuff that a school offers. You and i actually landed an offer from a bank to do their training program for international banking fucking add or subtract to save my life and But but but i you know i did really well in the interview and I very quickly realized that that was a the the wrong thing and found my way back and turned the offer down went to new york city and got into some atkin classes surrounded myself with like minded people and and realized that this was something not that i could do but wanted to do and and had to do and really never looked back when you get there and you're doing the acting classes that you start working in the theater. What was your your way of expressing yourself other than the classes. I did the classes and I did those for a short period of time. And then i realized that i needed more than that. And that's when. I applied to to go to school. And i felt like i missed a lot of time and i felt like i needed to catch up quickly. Which is why. I didn't apply to the standard four year programs because i thought It'll all be over by that time. And you know and and i'm i'm ready to go now i just. I know that. I need to learn things about how to do this professionally so i went to school in london and then i came back in the moment i got back. I started working in the theater. And i really. I've worked at in the theater a lot. I i toured the whole eastern seaboard doing theater in all of the regional theaters on the east coast and that that was formative and wonderful incredible. When did you decide that you're going to make the breaking go out to la you know. I realize that we're only so far. I could only so much i could do. I lived in rent controlled apartment on the upper west side. And i love the theater and the theater. I hope to always be the theater. I hope to go back to it. But i but i realized that i wasn't going to be able to do what i wanted to do. In life with the living that i was making on a off broadway regional theater you know salary i also was drawn to the world of film and television and i and i and also confident that there was a place in for me so i just made the leap. I just. i got in my car with my cousin and drove across country and ended up in la. And you know got here and immediately started working in In television mostly television. You did a lot of tv worker. I remember you. In cheers and x-files did a couple episodes of these fakes nine. And then you've done so many different iterations of star trek sunset. Yeah including playing not a a an alien not a not a creature. Not romulu night. I've played a real person in in in in in star trek as well. That was a great place for up and coming actors they were and that was like a repertory theatre sort of setting. You could do multiple characters on multiple shows because you could hide behind the products you know and and and it was And you know and it was a good paycheck back then going back to your role in seven your person hysterical. And i'm so cute. How do you get to a place like that. And how do you maintain that. Especially because i know that david ventures kind of notorious for multiple takes how do you get in that head space. I had no idea what they saw in the arrive. They saw in me. So i would certain it was going to be a total failure and so again like the screen tests for. I really had nothing to lose. I felt like it was just a one off in the room in front of the camera. But i also knew that i had to go to place. Mostly that i that i hadn't actually Even ever been to in my own life in my own emotional life. I didn't know how i was going to do that. And and i had to go to that place a virtual psychic psychotic break. I go to that place in front of people in front of a crew of people and actors. And and i thought how the fuck am i ever going to do that so i decided one thing i could do was not sleep the night before so they told me the day that i was going to shoot stayed up all night and that morning i got a call. I was supposed to go in in the afternoon saying your day. Your day of shooting has been pushed tomorrow so then i thought fuck okay. Now what do i do Do i sleep. But if i sleep then i'm not gonna dumbness sleep deprivation. Prep work that. I thought was going to help me so then i thought you know what i can't sleep. I'll just stay up again. So i stayed up another night and i was really not in a great place as one can imagine and so i wasn't eating because my stomach was all messed up but i needed to stay awake so i was drinking a lot of black coffee. I was supposed to be. I stop that morning. The scene with the interrogation scene with me and morgan freeman so. I'm drinking a lot of black coffee to keep you awake. And then they said to me. You're you're seeing has been pushed to the end of the day so it just sit on the steps of my trailer. If i went inside i would fall. Asleep wasn't really a smoker at the time but I thought you know that that should help to kind kinda fucked things up. So got got a couple of packs of marlboro reds. So it was caffeine and marlboro reds. Black coffee and marlboro reds. So by the time they brought me on set. I was in a state and then as you have correctly observed there were many many takes and then you know that's that's sort of where it ended up. I would not advise that kind of preparation To any buddy was it. The i could've gotten there. I could have gotten there without all of that. I now i now know while you could wreck your health by during that. Oh i did and then once it was over. And i came home that night. Then i couldn't sleep and you know and having been through it and you know i was i was i was kind of a a wreck for a few days but i've since learned as an actor that you don't need to go to those extremes to get. What is that you need to get tough lesson learned. It's funny the next thing. I remember you being in was escape from la but you had already done so many things. Just between seven and escape from la. It seemed like that casting agent was right. It just seemed like kick start your career. You seem to be working all the time after that. It's the way it kind of always was from that moment. On scape from la was opportunity of a lifetime to work with john carpenter. And i i've been really really lucky in in my career to work with these directors that i had read about in a new about and watched the work junk carpeting was such a great guy. I've one thing i remember from. That was my first fitting for my costume. Scheduled me and peter fonda at the same time by accident so peter fonda and i were back to back in this tiny little wardrobe room in and out of these costume choices costume designer. Have i was a wet suit. So that was pretty was a wet suit. That was pretty simple. But that was kinda neat. You can great guy. We shot in the coliseum for a week. We did night shoots. And there's a lot of nights shoots on that movie i want say. And maybe that was my very first introduction to extended nights shoots which are a very interesting element of making films. They take a toll on on all involved as well. You become night owls. That was a great experience. Great experienced semi was in the movie and Being in the coliseum was a highlight we it all to ourselves. I remember standing on the fifty yard line and just looking around going to things that happened in this place and we have it to our own. Who's pretty pretty cool. The olympics were there all this like working with Junk kerogen a in alien resurrection. So seven happened first and then alien. Resurrection happened soon after that thing that with that. I had in common with those two movies with cinematographer darius kanji shot both of those and i had been jagoda. The leme lays on sunset and You're not here you're back east. There's a independent movie house here called the it was the langley's And then they call it the sunset. Five i wanna say and now i don't even know what it's called or and certainly not open but It played all of the art house independent films and it was a favorite place to go to in remember Sitting in the theater watching city of lost children and turning to who whoever i was with and growing. This is the kind of movie that i want to be in. This is the kind of filmmakers that i wanna work with you know and then They gave giampiero not mark. Caro did it by himself Alien resurrection she brought over eventually brought over like many of his friends crew. So it was a predominantly. French crew ultimately didn't start out that way but it became a french crew and You know what if ever as the doug that tool on the fox lot like fifteen feet into the ground and took over entire sound stage. It's so we could shoot all that underwater stuff and the creatures the face hugger the i mean to to watch those movies and then to walk into a sound stage and see all of that stuff. You really have to pinch yourself. And working with gorny was Total blessing and ron perlman domini pignon. Who had been one of the stars of delicatessen in city of lost children separately When not on the taken movies i worked with. I work in france with a french crew. And i was very used to their system and their rhythm and and they're In in the way they work and the french offensive. Got it down. What's so different between their films at anna. Us from set. There's no lunch. I wanted to say that we got you know picked up at our hotel at around nine o'clock so you get a good night's sleep could stay out and party you taking in you do your hair and your makeup and your wardrobe and then everybody assembles together to eat a meal together and and red wine served at the table who sit at long tables. The food is served to you and then you go and shoot for eight hours in that day. And there's no meal break. And i love the fact that there's a great cause a meal break can really disrupt thing. It's an hour. And then it's kind of an hour to kind of regroup and i love that. Everybody has a glass of wine. Before it's so civilized. I have to say your death scene in alien resurrection as just one for the books. It's so good. I camera down my throat that you know again. That's something that had to be shot over and over and over and over and like any science fiction film you gotta believe it for the audience to believe that you have to commit and think that's the that's what makes good science fiction. Really good is that There's no question that the actors are believing and feeling everything that they are doing and experiencing. You can't go halfway just because you're dealing with a big latex creature you know you gotta go gotta go all the way even more than the camera going down your throat. The way that you kind of stumble walk over to the guy before you hold his head to you. I love the way that you carry your body in that scene. It's almost like that moment of superhuman strength. That happens the alien taking over the body and the body no longer being in the body now being piloted by the alien. Let's just put me in his taking over the helm it's very cool. I loved loved working with all of those people love those days. They were long grueling days but we had such a good time together. That's another one where it's just such an amazing cast. That is put together. I mean you the off so many great people and just everybody in there from the smallest roles on i mean to have fred dorf just in that little tiny role. But it's brand dorf. I know and when you look back and look at one flew over the cuckoo's nest. And i truly love the first two and aliens. I think they're two of the greatest movies ever made. And i was a huge fan of david ventures version which he took over midway through production. I know too much about it. I don't feel the same way about the one that i was in. But there's a lot about it. Visually i i love. I'm very grateful to have been part of the series. The first two were fucking incredible and and a great deal of the of what happened in the third one in the concept of what happened in the third one. I loved as well. I think there's room for them to do more. You gotta go back to the rough basics of of the first it created a a an an an didn't it i outer space. Shaw i mean it. It started something that everybody has copied and and tried to replicate offender that by the way i loved battle star galactica out of nowhere. I loved all ninety. Seven episodes of the second battle star galactica. Is that a terrible thing to say fucking loved it. What is that like becoming a part of a world that you already love you know. I don't know if you had a love for star trek before you became part of star trek. But how is it to go into the alien realm and be there with ripley when you love alien and aliens you get over that pretty quickly. I wasn't a stalker type fan of any of the any of this stuff that i've done you get over it really quickly. Because she gotta work you gotta go to work and and these people that you have seen and watched and enjoyed and are all human beings all who want to create a good product and good tease and You are working with with them and so you have to do your job and you have to do your job. Well so i've just been really lucky. I was very lucky to you. Know to work opposite. Scorning a fucking extraordinary actor. You know you try to give as good as you get and you know when the when the bar is high. You're you just you you keep trying to reach it and the higher it goes the higher you reach so i feel like the better. The people are that you work with the better. Your work is it. Brings you to a higher level like a tennis match. You know you get the ball gets hit hard you. You're gonna have to hit it hard back and wanna keep a rally going. I just watched you in very bad. Thanks what an incredible movie. I had no idea where it was going to go. After the first act. I could not see the twists and turns yet is a good one a net my to be wife on that movie. It didn't happen doing that movie. We re-met later. The movie was great working with peter. Who's such incredible creative guy with so much energy and so many great ideas in you know working with with the with all the actors you know in the groomsmen and and and and that group was was was really Was a really great experience. I loved the script Again high level all around everybody working on it and it was really the precursor to the hangover. I wanna say the time wasn't right for it. I guess the humor is so dark. I still do have a lot of people. Come up to me and tell me unless they love that. Movie in a lot of them are women. But it's interesting. Yeah my wife made me turn it off for a little while. I had to watch it when she was out of the room. Just because the cameron diaz character was so shrill into. I can't stand it turn her off. He showed good years since i watched it. We wanna watch it with our son. Who's now an eighteen year old. And so we sort of your time. And i don't think he's seen it yet so we wanna what have family movie night. Watch very bad teams. When did your son kind of realize like mom and dad are in these things that i can see on tv. If i happen to be flipping around always he mean he's grown up on ourselves on our sides when you have a kid regardless of what it is that you do. At least in our way of parenting you know life becomes about the kid and and and about the kid's life and and the kids day and the kids achievements and the kids trials and tribulations and the whole family focus goes on that we didn't minimize what it was we did but we didn't certainly didn't emphasize it as the most important thing in the house. 'cause it he has always been always and always will be the most important thing in the house he would here. I think from friends. Who would you know. Were aware but Pretty unfazed by the whole thing. He grew up coming to the set of e are on the warner brothers. Lot and following the pa's and ad on Big love out in santa clarita eve visited while i was doing one of those star trek's on the paramount lot when i was shooting berlin station in europe. We wanted one season in budapest and He came over and found a job. That had nothing to do with with the show or with entertainment. He had his own internship over there doing something that was completely until as he he is his own his own only on And we you know so that that success. I'm trying to think of if you and jean even shared any scenes in that one. But i know for sure that you've worked together since then. You even directed a movie that that you both were in. I'm just curious. How is that working with your wife. In a professional capacity we gravitated towards each other when we were shooting scenes that we were both in there. Were there were there. Were group scenes. that we were both in and we somehow always ended up taking breaks and talking and the ended up or other people around but we always ended up being in a group or just the two of us doing a lot of talking together. She was so funny. And so good at that part saying stern's wife danny stern's wife on say we could right before the strike There was the the writers strike which really hit everybody hard in this town. We did a television movie together. To sort of you know stowaway. Some squirrel away some nuts. Just 'cause none of us knew how long that was gonna take so. We did this tv movie. That shot up in canada. I don't even remember what it was called or should nobody ever saw it but it. It arrived at the perfect time to do what we needed to do. And then And then i wrote this short. And i did this short. I did the circuit with the festival circuit with this short and the head of the sundance institute's centimeter now. What you've done the short. Where do you. What do you want to do next. And i s- i sort of said. Well what are what are you think. What are my options. And she said you know your options already use this as a calling card as a director. And i know and the the you could go to all the festivals that you want to and need other sort film makers and i thought no and she said or this is smaller piece of something bigger and you expanded until the rest of the story and make it into a feature and i said yes so that down and wrote the the feature version of the shorts. You know the first person i showed it to my wife and i said you know what what do you think. And she said you know if one of my representatives presented me with this script. It's something that i would that i would want to do that. I would kill to do and yet there was no possible way. That either bus wanted to go down that road together. Specially due to the subject matter of the film. Don't know when that changed. My thinking changed because some so many people that i showed the script to said course. She's gonna play that role right eventually. It'd end it ended up happening and we were basically separated literally with a little guest house Behind our house. And i. When i lived in that during the production of the film we we. We separated church and state which was when when we were shooting. And when i was working we were not together when i wasn't in time off in a day off and we were together. We did not discuss it. We did not address it. It was a it was a an agreement that was almost like contract. We made that when we walked on the set. We were one relationship when we walked off the set and it works really really really well. The most amazing thing was the first day of shooting getting behind the camera putting her in front of the camera because she's in every scene in the movie and i was so mesmerized by watching her on the monitor that i forgot to i yell action and then yell cut and then i realized just after that one i simple take that i was dealing with one of the most talented people And and That that i that i've ever met and that i've ever worked with and what an incredible realization after having been married to somebody seen there were known them and love them to life. Go to this next level where i was appreciator. Now of what she was doing and then she intern. Appreciated how. I had written in how i was directing and so we ended up working together really really well and We're able to take each other to higher levels than either of us had anticipated in the first place. She's so fucking beautiful in. That movie was great. It was it actually took our marriage to To to to an even better place than it was already. It was a really dangerous move. It could backfired easily and he didn't but it's a tough film to film to watch. It's a very difficult subject and difficult to watch. I wouldn't watch it. It came up on my netflix. I would not watch it. We had dinner one time with lake edwards and julie andrews just the four of us. My wife was doing a movie with julie andrews and we ended up the four of us. We we're going to be a ton of people and we walked into this restaurant and was nobody else there and it was just the two of them and i was just like. Are you fucking kidding me. What am i going to say. how am i gonna. He completely put me at ease. We have a wonderful evening great conversation and he asked me if i wrote and i said i only write in you know in journals and You know for fun and he said but if you ever considered writing because you sound knee you know. Speak in like a writer. And i said i haven't been trained i haven't i. I never studied it and he said you. You don't need to. And i said well what do you mean. And how and how did you become a writer and basically what is your process and he said to me said you know. I go to the quietest place i said. I haven't had a place That he would go to. He said i got my whatever it is going to be writing with instead. It out and he said and i just i get very very quiet and i sit and i waked in a wait and i wait. Wait and i wait for the story to tell itself to me. I wait for something to speak to me. And he said he compared it to like a bird sitting on his shoulder and singing into his ear. I thought oh oh. And that conversation. Absolutely love me to make the short and And the feature a of morning that. I ended up doing that. That exchange gave me courage to try to listen. Have you listened since then. Have you tried to do that again. In question in the eleventh year of isolation in the pandemic has been eight months. My questions of these. What do we want to watch. What what do we want to see. What stories do people want to be told. I have something. I i've shown it to A couple of friends. I have confidence in it in the story itself and in the telling of it. It's it's very very different from what i did. The first time out of my question is does does anybody. Does anybody wanna wanna hear this story. Does anybody wanna see this story told him kind of fumbling around with that because the moment that you take a step towards okay. I'm doing this. That's a investment of years. I don't wanna make that investment casually. They wanna take that step you know so i have to just take out if this is the story that i wanted that i feel people want to be told. I don't wanna tell a story that nobody wants to to hear. And what do i watch. What do i what do i. What am i interested in seeing now and we're so totally blindsided and and traumatized by this period of time. That were that were all experiencing. What do we want to see during this time. What do we or or am i writing stories for when this time is all over and everything is back to normal or we'll everything ever be back to normal. What do i personally go to. What do i personally. Click on and sit with for ninety minutes two hours three hours. You know we're watching. Ken burns's Series on country music. That's tastic. We watched that documentary about my teacher. The octopus on netflix. At the guy who who befriends and octopus in wreath in south africa. I think it is incredible fabulous. So i don't know. Have you been able to do much during this time. I worked straight or number of years in europe. And i was away from home for a long time and came back and both of us work and it was my turn to stay at home in our son was finishing up. High school applying colleges. And we've we've never both been away at the same time so So i stay and we finished up high school and got him into school and and then corona virus arrived. It's been a big fat long stretch. Since i've been out there. I have not worked on a set now with all the covid protocol and strict. But i hear it's hardcore. Ooh and last but not least you're going to hear from a director and special effects maestro. Pto as he talks all about his work on ailing resurrection and be sure to check out the bonus interview with him where he gives us a scoop. All about cat-woman you've been working in the business for quite a while. I mean well before Alien resurrection you had been doing a lot of stuff. Yeah the victim. Yeah we i started. It'd be seventy so Longtime in seventeen nine hundred seventy six. What got you into the business. I only being dreaming director in some kids. Well what you start with other fee and arts all because of my black and whites live in the basement and and that's what that's what we really started to get to by image of course was was moving on tv. You killers especially carries garrison guys. You have so many here. Is that all stuck a almost a not. Let the bars and we'll have those years. Now is different. The duct tape was easy to shooting them. To give you know to be A geek movie goers so. That's what i was in the meantime. The other fee. But i was not that in like a super way. An of planes were making movie rates. But i thought it was. She always not. That's all i prefer. Excuse for those and then came to work in. Your family was not at all. So i didn't have a way to get in the movie business so i started to photography was photography store sympathizer for anyone day. Another guy who was a friend. Who was she an editor. And then i hope i up to the guy and i thought that you might be more secure director and could be some six house get there. You know what the is a nice stock stock. You have really a a very very past. Gauge vector actress can be directly. There's not one one past it'll be. I don't think he's quite a good one. Because you know you've already able to your everything and you understand how the shield a grandma I said. I told me she. Won't i can have you nuisance apprentice that you are of course write me so and and how i started i so was seventy six and the i was the guy who was working on toward movies so i started as many as we told movie which is which was really. I was eighteen which was quite fun and and uh that time for movies were rented a movie. I mean there's of course were caught. Who movies but they were not today. Like in a very shady thing. I mean you had to have actually been told moods. Difference is in fighting and other fucking. That's because most of the different and so there were serious movies. That was the production and everything so I did that for five stick soon. I made a bunch of movies. And i was lucky enough to go from editing to our system jacksonville and it became so diverse in. Because you know i it was a small crew and so i could be the tried to learn. Every every stepping everywhere is So i've been you know the christian a focus puller kimelman d. I had the opportunity to really experience every every single work position in the movie as well in post production dubbing thing and family thing at that time it was. of course we're con field. So i don from the ground i am really and it was the phone movies if i started in a video industry. Everything is much more. You know Yeah kenya do you have to. I don't have been able to do anything. Irregular seasons issue so lucky without his in setting twenty five The movie where patty's here in a regular theater and then when the when the I detail start that your home video start. That's that's definitely the desk for the movies. People didn't want to go this year. Movie hero if they had the opportunity to what you at home. So that's really killed. The other the shield them industry in theaters and so and so from that on movies were shot and deals and deport achieve really stopped the job and and i get up because you know i i was not you know Into palm wasn't two movies in the movies and look at more. And i quit the streets who go to grow into commercial because you know there will be destroyed within. You know what they saw on the job that was fired in commercials and culprit forties. That's how i you know. I i i moved but then i start to get four because you know i want to feature films and because of my technical background and everything photo then i thought to be interested in vigo deal switching under doing. It's worth revisiting affects. If that's high. I really start to to to to do this. And then that took creative digital. Because then i realized that you know that just era were arriving on in france. I was in the first su In in the video. I mean these just for deal i for movie afterwards and then i started comedy and we both the first machine from contel company would be over that computer code the harry and the very first towers the harry so by twenty eighty five. Th that's fucked. Because know i i was the new guy in town doing okay. People being that people do get stand. I get all the the good directors and the commercial and for like a like a decade our lucky enough to do the best commercial. I try and of course because my was to go back to the shipment is true and then i give it up in a house system them to be able to do digital here as well. So same thing. We'll get the first digital eventually affects up for for film and that time it was a test them from own genera and then that that's supposed to be the beginning for for me to to get back into the movie industry and do specs for the moving. But that's how you know that kelly wins Until alien and then because you know. I was on commercials on the on the movies that i did the effects for that of course and then the city of jerusalem and then gets hired by fox because of of of Shooting for ideon and then socks asked jumped to bring escude. Because there'd be where he did that he or she wins and trucks that they'd bring your guys being. Gp your guy being. I did the how we all them deal. The french but boy than how we learn in los angeles i forty years ago from. I can't imagine you doing digital effects in the early nineties and and in the eighties just it must have been a real challenge to even get the equipment to work into. I mean god. The file sizes must have been huge back then. Oh yeah yeah me too. Okay me say. Because i mean the only shooter at that time drastic. That was very expensive computers. And then you have to. You have to right to own program because you know there's program on the market so i designed the first deal for us. I i've gone to design of the of the self square for composites in for the children. And so we had our own or the departments. You know how to deal the Tourist we needed and i. It's amazing because it'd be time where we have also extra motion control rig for the shooting. I watch we try to do actually was to be the french people. That's what's the goal for us. Of course our like a heating star wars item. And so we wanted to not to cutting about you know it's to inspire that's what they were doing. What and how were working. So and then. That's what that's how we decided. Okay we need to be able to the over. The twin the shooting under postponed. How we invest you know emotion emotion control to be to be able to. I mean to to actually pursue because like. She was dead at that time. It was very eventually and very busy. And you have to almost reinvent the wheel on every shot because you have to try to be the most crazy possible and gave some liberty to the director and but lots of nice because of course you have to make sure that. The vm got shop. So it's it's really very interesting and everything starting to change. When the first tracking south were appear to be able to track without motion control and to be able to not be dealing with off camera and all that. That was very very d- you personally. I did that was on on nick. Bissau's movie internal arch. And shall i give my step three. There's some points with being but to you based on let through the whatever you want to be. Don't have this strange thing. And when he starts his openly about painting and you know that the fact that you know he wants to. He didn't want to be in bulk of cameras. And you want to actually literally the next to go do whatever you want and it could be your soup. You're okay. i think what he was doing. He was doing rehearsing on anything. You know my ticket camera do a hand show. Whatever you want. And i'll to the world send me send me to send me the film and and we didn't week will tweets a painting on the show and rescinded an back to do so. You can really see the quality and that's what we did and Week after that you received so the french who painting on on his show and then he was convinced. Okay that's okay. you can do that. How did i it was you know. I stayed Because of that of of the computer you know taking your auger the thing. That's that's that's a very game changer. And now i mean angry iphone. No whatever you know self and has emotion tracking which was that time. And i'm talking about that. I think he's a ninety seven and eight something. I suppose religion solutions so it was character twenty years ago. I for tracking something that you still eating. That's that's that's the way it is. Tell me about that. Experience of working with giancarlo especially on City of las children and then one of his life to just work with jay on ailing resurrection. Yes let's face special because they were both my best friend and especially michael. My did my witness on by waiting so it's almost like a really small family. So debate goes together goes. Yeah working with easy. Easy humidity sticking by easy's because they're very close but hard. I wouldn't say how because the the thing was cowan genetic is they had a very very precise idea of what they want us. It's the story board of every fucking shots everything was was what storyboarding and was on pl even when giampiero. I'm in cal- Over a rice cake so they i actually exchanging with them What's possible. It wasn't wasn't possible i was. We talked about the process from the viking for which was a an beijing a chance on the shooting of course on this that every day we had shot and then doing anything as well so what to be a to make sure that you know that was fine with the visual effects Show a very close very very close and because we have this really friendship relationship. That makes things easy but usually scary. Because it's because they're your friends so you don't want to to see them to give to give them the best you know it's it's it's you know you can. You can think it works to weird because it took span we can fit your friend or it's okay you know we knew to To limit thing or you can go the other route. I mean because it's your friends. There's no pistol up and he wants to give them better than even expect. And i was more into that. That's world to gifts to japan. You know what they expect the or better. She possible and confidence. I mean they were definitely. I doubt on anything concerning the work we did. And you're really like If they felt in the could push us they were bush. And if this fails what you know that the the happy where they have it was. Okay i'm so a mixed up but you know we were always you know both of us. You know how you came to do. The best and bush boundaries to go your star is we can. We can go. That's the other. It was the and so. I defend differences between Alien and and your siblings at home because knocked out on steven my whole and and and and the engineer well clearly they us together. A whole was a designer and an engineer was a director so Do meaning he was on. The statue was looking through talking to the doctors. Were challa was really getting with visual aspect with with the production diner custom designer so they really speak the work like that so it was like to have your amongst We still ahead. But but you always you know what i mean. I i when ones when what what. How do you put something. He'll do was happy as well. So it was like Like a an amazing. You know which work there we ever had any. We never i any conflicts between the two of them. So that's what we. Because they know billion so i just have to deal with is there's up yet was in evanston and same thing. She was designing every shot was story boarded. And then my father eventually getting anybody. Should you just wanted to have jimmy and and knock out whole works on the very pre-production of the on the design of the costume on the global design on on the on the thing and he works on very pre story board and three design from france And then when we stopped working. La up you how you doing crew of of of of course especially of custom-designed Story and and Yeah so i was close to him. And i was that that's when of course on the only type of movie the i mean the the the studio director who have secular director and say no director. I don't need to consecutive checked to get. There's no way you want to. I'm and and the thing so we want you to have a second second director talk yesterday. I of course they present some of them so regular thick into american jack in the same. I know people growth of english as a part. So that's complicated. Not one word. This digest guy. You know So he has. This was a performance and he had a interpreter who was like translating. You know in real time but to enforce was performance. And you don't want to deal with it was. It was a a an english speaking new director. And so he said you don't want to on shulan that's were director and that's true. I mean on on on all the shot. That's usually fact. I was actually the the but it was a small. And i really do with dogs to bring it under siege rosedale. No sure nobody's sure and it's okay we can. We can test them and so they did they. Give me one night Giusto million close ups H was when when they were in the debate this team when when run feldman was shooting You know was that rather shoe shoe. She made down on. So i'm not my first. Assignments was to do some close ups on on and we see with the bullets and all of us we spend the night and the day after when the look of the shop and this will be higher so italian as the second. So i wasn't what i was. A defensive is though and then. I hadn't taken hats Being the second director. And that's worth to me was such a blessing. Yeah okay. I was happy with that because you know we. We did have been asked to speak because it was. I knew exactly what you wanted. And and so. I've been thought of every every people actually process and and i use it so labeled like heart duckie put up here with like and so i knew i knew how to shoot that. We're shocked so that's that's was is making very comfortable. And then and then i shall to know i wouldn't have but you know pretty much like your own with half of shots million are shows. I saw because you know. I shot all the show without a leading actors. Of course sometimes it was. The redesign weavers tangles. And sometimes you know a ho senior for example this team when the when the queen is giving burst the the award mean. I showed the whole team. There's just a few close up of see gordon. Aiding and so. I went on to shoot but otherwise it's was on the confused on the plane so to me. It was incredible. It's like a blessing because they had the whole thing with people just for me and jackson is something. There's other thing. Because you know. W because i do pino from france and jump here when when seen where where pm reaching the corridor and the an indian on top of the shooting jump yet neto because leads or something but it's when it's convenient for me to him so he told me it was you know up. You know okay do. It doesn't seem like that. I have a director plus all the action stuff and so again my participation and what is not worth the big and. I think that we use splitting your time between doing the directing and doing visual fixes that point or did the effects come after that. No no i was putting my. I'm doing you know everything was done. Because you know every individually. And also i had three three visit affects crew. I have one onset had one Who is doing the show because we have all the. I mean the the spaceship was show and we had too much in weeks with initial. I know how a small june needs to do. What's the better or belief that explosion and blood and themselves. So i was a jew thing. Which is the one you need. That i didn't really deal with ways. That's what miniature. Because they had had my close provide the in henry who was really focusing on the on the show he was he was. I was going back and forth. Sometimes but every country was working fulltime on the miniature. So that's a he's thing but other officials provides the then i was you know in in all the years because the The the the initial shock more motion control. And we you know sometimes ten or fifteen passes for shot. Get older duty. Shot to be blind and smoke. All elements were competiting. Let's On the computer that's was pretty busy isn't every day we shut twelve hours and then after that we had to see anything the davies so Yeah we had. This must have been a challenge to recreate that intricate. The the geagan designs were in a computer. And then also when you're shooting live action stuff. It must have been difficult to shoot that because the creatures are so shiny and always needs to be lit in such a way to to emphasize that kind of insect like husks. That they have that was really the thing with saddam kanji. Ep and he's the which we could breed was you know to lots of Indian lights so every time we shot union so vivienne was covered with slime to make to to to make it through to make the the texture of the innovative very shiny wish. That we say irregular. 'cause it was he's you know in mirror was more like a text do respecting maria with slime you know so we put up slime on the alien so understands was that you had a candidate maybe one hundred fifty needs. Neon lights didn't chew that's anywhere on the so whatever the shooting he will always catching some reflections on some some Some some light on them. That's what she's the he's technique waiting and it's worked up wonderful. It's the way the looked like he was incredible. The baby alien is just remarkable that it can be so horrifying and sympathetic at the same time. the beginning when we put people action. We decided that old the aliens. That's you know that are. We don't see the feats practical and as soon as we see the indian food body then cg because it's impossible to be kicked so that's one of the design of the newborn too clever that the studio finally signed other design. Vein they the process and the shooting. That i just thought that when day funding were okay with the to the design. So that point too late to to To have the vote for the blue skies studio. We're doing the visual effects via the treaty was to for them to model the area and stuff. So there's no way that the the new border was have any digital a double so we had to deal with the with this guy and with traffic and just raise rather than the things or that you have to be jingle and so i don't put their focus there on on expression so Eddie i would you to the creature spending enough time to design their head and to have like a dozens of mothers. Have to be able to put the i tonight. The wrinkles the the mouse the mouse. Everything on each stays that could give you know a ground for discretion who. That's the biggest challenge was to make this creature emotion. I noticed that it was the fact that okay. This is hybrid. It's a mixed in the area and whatever what an alien doesn't show expression so don't go the other way with this guy and to how did guy as expression stocks table to show that the condition where you know you come from this fact Thing to another thing which is much more much more emotional. And actually it's westerly. Played because you really feel that you can sorry for him. All you see all like entity receive something. Were the the just the regular just stuck scared when we look at you. That's what is the big thing with. A new board have expression what were some of the biggest challenges that you had making the movie because it sounds like there are a lot of things that you have to overcome. While you're you're solving these problems. The dixie moist the younger water. That's was the first big chunk of work we started with. And we shot this This before christmas and the results. Yeah we always say okay if we should've seen them and and you can surely there's something that would end up the movie otherwise they will virus after christmas but that was the so media and we think we have to shouldn't steam and then doing christmas wish you wanted to have an i thing of of seeing these newsweek style or anything so something still on the skies and and then the scene was amazing so the to your was very happy and then we We around in fire for the book of the challenge was first to find a place to shoot them. So we we. We stopped to around in town stanks and could do it in the end we can find the has been good for us so fox studio then decided to d.c tank in one of his one off the set to the. That's what you have. then did. They really were worth two gig a tank and do whatever you ashes new study motor and all that stuff to would practical. But that's one of the big challenge and then after that the shooting is because you got to get a project and the and they duty full so die. Use was putting milk in the water so he was dozing bill. To get this americanise of the words that so Into shoots you know. Light to iraq the actors with the under what speakers and the safety stuff. It's something i don't personally. I've never ended up before the mortar and jumps. Yeah so it was really like a two five thousand delays and to understand why some can do what we call with the was possible. But we're gonna constable how to use as people of you want to be saved and and Just want yeah. I guess it was the most challenging part because you know look unknown with the water and and the rest. I didn't think it was a because you know because thing we wanted to keep the maximum to push boundaries and out of out of the box. Well sometimes you know i. It was hard because you know the studio especially when you have a few grew to. They don't want to sing out of the box. I want to be to do the way it has to be done. And so on and and the procedure so sometimes on was pushing the envelope enforcing people looking stuff. And i thought you know couldn't do it and there's one example and dropped. You're always talk about one day as on your says finishing the south and he wanted to justify team to to to to a different versions of the same shot but just to You can leave a higher and do a quick show and then you're the the the the the pretty piece covering up between plans. They got just got to the camera and shoot the puck not twenty five minutes and the is still of course no problem so he called the grapes who bring to being a ladder and the the guy the ladder and then another great came and brought paul. Greek came with always nails in the end. I took half an hour rigged the fucking. You know ladder. Where because i know we always know boss okay. I'm on his moneys and giampiero. Thought you'd be reading clayton guys. I just wanted to shoot fucking thing seconds and then to kathleen our an gian. Piero was still shot. You know this one goodies and now the next you know about half an hour of my next up so And then there and then then wrong. You never tried to keep seeing that a gypsy Thing to be able to be controlled. Okay just doing okay. You just use your world. He's on you. Don't see a you ended up. I couldn't do it to the second. Because you know we had a smarter crew and and that's the purpose to being. Oh you do have The men your main cats so you can do that. Komo or a rock and roll stuff. But i. it's no fucking way that was the lesson a the lesson for all of us. I know that you said jump couldn't really speak english. But he had a translator was their language barrier. Though between you and the people that you're working with or or hammond and the actors no no. That was fantastic. Because you have no. Never i actually. I am the first filling up yet into the studio. he cames. it was really picking on on your in-depth bitter and so he's found his the girl who used to work latino and and you know when you have people talking with a real time a- and so on so he found this girl who was amazing and so she went to. He's first interview with the studio. This this woman and anything when sufa lawler then the studio then Wh what was confided comfortable because they thought the the so that the communication when back and forth in eating but easy so that got the job and mitterrand for during production. It's the same thing i mean. Everything was easy because this woman because she was so Incredibly fast and she could really translate you. Know for a backing force with a few seconds of delay. It was a substantial says. It's like incredible. I and then now communication where where ratings. I think beginnings was complicated. But it's not a matter of communication of culture more so to understand how does appear to understand how it works and the team crew had to understand how the brain went to work. So i trust we had a couple of weeks of innovation so everybody you know both the to you know Start to understand each other and you can work in. You know insane twenty. Yeah i think it took two weeks actually to keep out you know let's cruise speed and everything was was was fine but it was great. It was really more the culture thing. How white is the movie. The kukoc show in france. And and in hollywood because especially niedecker unions junior crew Which is very very friends from a from a big french. Screw where everything is different. No in french we do that. I do was what she was recalled eating french our when you start shooting at noon until seven thirty pm so that's an with no bridge. That's how shoot. But then we are so the thing is that The crew you don't set a ten in the morning so yeah one hour track then. I never knew good lunch. And then you start to work and of course during lunch french wine. We have wine at lunch. And we smoke on pets with reconciling. It said another concert. It's really everybody's jokes and you know again everybody. You know Square so it's it's a very very good off but you know it's it's a real especially shops here because had his own family he he always kept the same crew from what movie commercials or music video so he. It's he's stumbled so so you have. Do you have your soul cats when when when you deal with your family when you work. But she here in la of course you has to disclose body. Let's not not clean so. Of course we had the. We had the same connection and within know speed of action. But we had to deal with your the. I want to the wage but the how the american crew the americans zero and the decision on the clear ones and the contingency are now holiday. The practice works so but the crew was amazing. The crew was really wanted to To please on to adopt Themselves along the best they could to work us so each wants to me like i said the first two weeks with the accords Two dogs Sneaking their butts by but then afterwards many commission on the remember like on the movie the last shop. Everybody's crime you know. Why did you say to watch the last shot of. That's the last. You feel the goosebumps than you know you cry. Because it's the end of the story and It's just enough of that. So we tied managing relationship with both sides. You know No because we sell anything studio there. There's no one shots outside. We had three sweet four studios at at On the talk scott. I did it us. And the full the source that's close next to each other and we were moving from one sets with other ones who was prepping. One was shooting and one was a striking though. Wisconsin work within the three main sites on the fullest. One was visited shop is green screen a so so it was. We had our little village. I'm relieved for only six months. That saw it wasn't that long hours But intention a good good all right. We are back and we're talking about alien resurrection and by the way just so you know. That was the first half of the interview with p. Tough the second half will be available as a separate special. Be sure to check it out because if you are as fascinated with the cat woman debacle as i am. You're going to definitely love hearing utah off. Just give us all the t. Four pete's of poor one of my favorite parts and the commentary is when in resurrection is when they're talking about the brandy in that little cube and then you know the guy uses the laser to to melt it. This is one of my favorites. Because it's very very fucking stupider. I do have to ask why they would print transport little cube of jelly as opposed to container of could kind of a fun thing to do. But it's just like the other guys. I don't know how you would transport brandy that way but okay. This is the future. Apparently they're supposed to have another insect in the movie. And there's going to be a mosquito bites ripley and explodes because of the acid blood it but they figured out how much it would cost to do that effect and they said gabbert gotten or. I'm not gonna do that. But they kept in the part where john shoots the spider after right after every everything else. He's wonder how that spider ended up on their apparently supposed to be deathly afraid of insects. Like that was one of the things that was in the novelization. That didn't ever come through anyplace else but when he sees that spider i was like. Oh that's like the last remnant of that. Apparently i have to tell the story. And i think i told you this story. Mike i have to tell you. The story of michael wind cut. Because i tried to get in every with michael big fan. Michael uncut love. Michael cut the crow counter monte cristo. Anything that he's in. I love his performance robinhood thieves so email his person and his person writes back and says hi mr white as you might be aware mr wind. Kat is not inclined to give interviews regarding the movie you mentioned which is alien resurrection. I can only assure you that. He believes any of the alien. Derivatives ridley's original are inferior. Best edith grove. Botany hill productions owls. Yeah so i wrote back. And i said okay. That's cool one of these days. I would love to talk to him about something. Maybe he did enjoy doing and so she writes back just writes back and says some enjoyable things to talk about seven beauties on mcchord the loneliness of the long distance runner death in venice last tango in paris silent. Light taxi driver dog to the conformist. Let cleese love the hustler. Irreversible networks city. Light's greed mulholland drive limit. Pre day of the locust. They shoot horses. Don't they bicycle thieves eight and a half the mirror. Thanks for your admiration. It's like was he in those films. No wasn't this siro back. Those are all great movies and we had a blast. Mulholland drive in. They shoot horses. Don't they and included the episodes and then she writes back again just out of curiosity. Why if that caliber film engages you. Would you presume mr winkle might be at all enthused about vastly inferior back more than anything. I just want an excuse to talk to him about his career. I've always enjoyed everything that he's done in any role that he's been in no matter how large or small and that's the last email i ever got so strange. What the fuck man. I mean mr wind cod. If you're out there and you wanna come on talk about the loneliness of the long distance runner. I'm here for ya. I got a co host chair sitting right here. That would be awesome If you never actually get an interview with him but he just becomes re occurring guests on the show. It's like hey mike wing back. Can you imagine the ham and tom waits having a conversation. I have many times. Just as i've i've imagined a movie where tom waits. And ron perlman play assassin ross. Yes exactly. I would like up speaking of frankenstein. I would like tom waits to beat dr frankenstein ron perlman to be the monster. I have created you in my own image. That kurt russell and jeff bridges why they have never worked together. I know got what they be in a sci fi movie or a cowboy. I kind of like this idea of. Just you know where you have Duos of assassins trying to kill each other and they're all brother or sister teams and it's just actors that vaguely look like each other. Oh i got it. Why not will. Smith and a clone of while smith you go. It's like if you were a mashup up it's a mad mad mad mad mad mad world and battle royale. That's basically what. I'm going for here after alien resurrection. We didn't get another ripley alien film. That was what ninety seven and then in two thousand four we find the got alien versus predator. And i get a lotta shit for it. But i fucking love alien vs predator. It's interesting because she talks on the commentary one of the reasons. She signed on to alien resurrection. I think was to try to prevent alien. I was not a fan of adp when it first came out. But over the years. I've come around to it more and it's it's just a big dumb fun movie alien versus predator the first one to me. Is the kids movie that all these toys were were building words from the. This is the movie that made sense to have toys associated with. Here's my scar action. Figure beast versus hunter aliens versus predator with awesome new predators clan leader attacks with whipping dreadlocks and stalker glowing in the dark. Fires speier's suddenly creeping up his attacks the wild boar alien and the ferocious mothering monstrous high trash. Then covers any who will survive. Aliens versus predator queen high-priced with other alien me and figuring news other figures sold separately there was an inevitability to the whole thing right like as soon as that alien had was the end or was in predator two. It was like okay. This is going to have to happen some day. Exactly oh in. The comic books were fantastic. I love the comic books of vs predator again. I don't think that those were ripley. Comic books i think there are separate colony. And it's like okay. This is cool. Know it's not on earth even it's just here. This stuff is taking place if they kept a little bit more with that. I don't think that that movie would have gotten as much shit as did. It's not the high watermark paul w s anderson career. Obviously that's event horizon but it's up there it is towards the top. It's one of his more inspired movies. It just like you're saying it's perfectly perfectly fun and enjoyable. But i go back to like like i said in terms of my reaction to alien resurrection in my reaction to the first alien versus predator is definitely also informed by the second one will. Yeah there is that an for for the longest time. I was actually going to bat for requiem because it did a lot of things that i enjoyed one of my major complaints about the first one is that it was a pg thirteen film that for coming from two very hard franchises particularly predator the fact that they had been reduced pg thirteen. It didn't sit with me right so requiem went into it and it went into. It's hard hard enough to slaughter entire a neonatal ward hard. that was. This movie went really really hard rewatching. Now though it's it's the one that the worst for me just with the the the blandness of the characters and the subplots that really had nothing to the movie. I mean honestly you could you could. You could cut it down to a good forty minutes and maybe actually color corrected properly so you can see what the hell is going on in some of the sequences and you'd have a good movie but Yeah in the last like ten minutes of that movie. Because i remember when i saw it together we together. Yeah and i remember the last ten minutes suddenly like sitting up my seat. Because when i don't even remember the name any of the interesting but when when the one when the one girl goes running through the cheerleader i think and suddenly just get dispatched by by the predators slave. What which which i can't i don't know the correct term for and it was so quick and so unexpected. I'm like it just made me sit right up in the theater. Like oh wait. We're cooking with gas now and then ten minutes later the movies over site and then again. It's an it ends in such a way. I think i'm remembering the right one here. This is the one where they nuke the town at the end right. Yeah they pulled them from space. It's the only way to be shirt. That's the only way to be sure and again. That's one of those things so you had to blow up the town because you're trying to respect continuity that you spent the whole movie ruining so that in the ad like no no no it's fine. No one's going to remember that this happened within we're gonna throw in this waylon utah any reference so that everybody can get all excited and it's like four. What right now felt very strongly that they go in hard for the the ira but it's all just in my opinion it was all just again like mismanaged. It's one of those things. Have we know that you were happy. You know the general. I wasn't happy with a pg thirteen so. We're not gonna do that this time. We're not gonna do any of it really right though. We're just going to throw in gore where it would make sense. You know where we think it would make sense. But it doesn't really work in terms of the story and again. This was another one of those this one. I think more than any of the others. where's i like. How does the acid work and went if there's not much in the way of consistency with that now very very frustrated one if memory serves this of his the prevailing so we have the aliens vs of cross with it. And i remember sitting in the theater with you and i was quoting. I think aliens the most but just saying all these lines because they were basically aping as this felt it felt like a multimillion dollar fan film is what it felt like your point if they cut it down to like forty forty minutes throw it on youtube. People would be losing their shit over it like. Oh my god look this. Awesome thing that these two brothers made that Live out wherever but as a theatrical release. No thank you win win win. The red band trailer came out. It was like okay. Maybe this is it you get two and a half minutes of highlights and it really does speak to what you're saying like ok that two and a half minutes. I'm on board for this. You see the full movie. It's like okay. And then i think mike you and i have been having basically a continuing conversation every day. Since when was it twenty twelve when we permit theus came out. I mean this movie has given us more fodder than any other movie to talk about ira. In august of that year. I was at work and we were talking about the summer movies and you know that was the year the avengers came out. And and i said and everybody's like well that was that's that's going to be the big movie of the year. You know that's the you know that. Nothing's bigger than that in my gear. All wrong and this was already after it come from is the biggest movie of the year. Do you want to know why it's the biggest movie a year because we can't stop talking about an i know i can't stop talking about it and neither could any of the people i was talking with where we we can't let this movie goal for some reason and nine years later we talk about it. I can see it from here. I've got haven't framed yet. But i've got the poster. I watched a fan of it today. That i downloaded probably twenty fourteen. And i finally brought myself to watch this fan at it today. It's the first time that i've watched it. Since i saw the accurately because i hated it so much and the fan edit does a couple of interesting things that i think at the movie should have done one of which was to actually show as guy pearce without all the makeup on because otherwise. Why don't you just cast someone who's nine hundred years old rather than having guy pearce under all of this horrible looking old age. I mean these days they would probably have somebody who's eighty ninety years old and then d. age them out. There's your jeff bridges right. They're young jeff bridges at his ted talk but having that ted talk at the beginning of the film made so much sense and what he's bringing up brings up t e lawrence. He brings up the idea of premiered theus stealing fire from the gods. Just all of the stuff that actually brings the whole movie together. And i'm like what the fuck we doing cutting that out. This is actually. This is the movie. This is your central thesis right here. I think there is ample evidence to suggest that ridley scott what he removes in most of the time when you see a director's cut for the movie. It's it's not necessarily that much but at least in my experience. It's not that much better than the theatrical cut right like the director scott usually more it's into self-indulgence and stuff like that but when i watched the deleted scenes from scott movies lately if you'll be very much like you should left all that in and you shoulda cut out a lot of the stuff that you mean hell when he went back and did another cut of alien the fact that it ended up being shorter than the theatrical cut even i was watching deleted scenes from the original alien that somebody loaded onto youtube. And i'm watching them. Like i think most of these probably should've just stayed in even his own reaction to what is it the the blade runner sequel. He's like he's like yeah. It was good but you know it was too long. I never would have let it be that long. I'm like yeah i know. Yeah that's a problem there. You would have just whittled it right down to nothing. I always say that british got his own worst enemy with the way that he insists on correcting blade runner. But i mean he seems to me have lost the thread so much before prometheus and permit theus was just like what are you doing. You're leading this child. Play with a gun. It was just traumatic that movie just it was just like what are you doing these. I mean they followed protocols. Better in nineteen seventy nine than they did in two thousand twelve. I mean as soon as they took off their helmets. I was like okay. That's at this movie's over. You know what's funny about that though. Because i was talking with a friend of about that after after we watched Alien covenant that happens in that one too and it's like an. It's like it's like you know. I'm trying to remember for myself as like a kid. You go into an adult. I never had a problem. I guess you don't you don't think about it. You just assume the technology was better and they talk about. They would beamed onto a planet in star trek all the time and never wear helmets. They were m class planets third visiting though too late but at this time like yeah i guess i guess i can. I guess i can buy. I think i'm just so angry with this franchise now that i'm just ready to make now. That was dumb to punch of the two extensible. Experts the geologists who gets in a cave system and the animal behaviorists or the zeno biologist who clearly cannot recognize a threat display. it literally. Looks like a fucking cobra and he wants to touch it in the script. That part is it's still stupid but it's handled a little bit better like he doesn't. They don't have him get down there and say like hey. Hey hey sweetie like that. So it's like okay. It's still stupid that they're getting high out in space but but at least it's not as as ridiculous as i'm gonna basically just throw myself into the things jaws. Well that's the thing when you watch for me theisen you look at the various script and what got in and what's come out and a lot more revelations behind the scenes have come out on that it started from a really good point and there was a lot of very interesting stuff so of which i think made it into the film. It's just we ended up with the worst version of that story. It feels to me like it's going back to that same place of okay really scott latched onto these three. Things are these themes that he liked and everything like he doesn't care about this monster at all. You even hear it. When he talks about it he was just like. I thought the monster was done but apparently it's got more in it and that's why it's gonna come back and alien covenants like you don't understand what it is you're messing with. That is fundamentally why. I don't want any more ridley. Scott alien films. Even though his from him making science fiction films. And i still need to catch up with that. Raised by wolf series. Did for hbo. But i i'd like him as a science fiction storyteller but again the alien universe is bigger than him and the fact that he has been rightfully wrongly given the keys to the kingdom again to just kinda blithely steamroll over everything. That's where it gets irritating to me. I mean even that even fell down into the fact were they. They just decided to start carving off the different continuities. The fact that ed from fox's perspective a all the alien films of their own continuity all the predators of their own continuity in alien versus predator is its own continuity onto itself. It's like they ignore all the other things in his fans that were kind of invested in it. It kind of feels like a slap. You know it's lessening it. It's making it into one person's thing instead of letting it become one person thing instead of what it should be and again the way that covenant ended where it really did feel like they were setting up a David to be the father of the alien species that he no. He was the one who came up with aliens in general. And he's going to be the one that's responsible. For the derelict the crudeness romo found. That doesn't even work just in the context of the films because they literally said that this this this alien had been there so long it had become foss. Had been fossilized and there's only there's only a span of like twenty years between covenant and the first alien film. How does that work. They're going to go with the easiest trick in the world. It's all going to be time. Hopefully they're not going to go with anything. That's one nice thing about disney now owning a twentieth century. Fox is. I have a feeling they're gonna clean. Break it if what they did announce that what is it. No holly is doing the tv show now and so for me and like okay. Okay you know what if you find a way to get sigourney weaver to show up for like five minutes an episode of that. I'm on board with that. But but but if it is going to be a no hollies a he's an interesting and he definitely can take a franchise. Take something that that you wouldn't think could be turned into a tv show and turn it into a tv show but it is that that thing of just let this let somebody else let somebody else have this thing because look i understand that really scott feels like he should own it but we've already seen what happens when when somebody else takes it away from you. That was aliens and it was and that was great. Yeah it was really weird. Because when they announced that he was doing it people latched onto like all of the bad things that he had done and was just like okay. guys. He's actually really good. Have you never seen fargo like that. The he also did a great job like bonds and and a lot of other things they just latched onto like. I dunno lucy in the sky or something like this guy is the one thing that and and i think legion was just not what a steep marvel. Movie crowd wanted out of out of that thing. But that didn't make it any less interesting but it was just again. It's like well. This isn't falling into that category. And and and. And i also you know. I can't necessarily begrudge somebody though for being nervous about it because it could very much be well. This isn't going to be about a this. isn't going to be about aliens. It's just going to be about the formation of wha- waylon you tiny or something like that it's like it's just wait and see what we get exactly. And that's that's the position i i. We can't know until it comes out. I hope it's going to be good. Because i'm a fan of this franchise. i'm a fan of the concept of alien. And i once more of it. I want people to play in this world saying that. I still want to say the Right now i have the opposite feeling when when it's when it's like no no really scotch it's still doing. He's had two times so far to try to get this right. He's had his time. We're done we're done. We're done now we're done. Your series reached its apex with the fingering. We can leave it at that. And it's not that. I don't want really scott to make movies. I wanted to keep making movies forever. But i know what he's gonna do here. Let's see what else he's why don't you just. Why don't you turn black rain into a franchise. Let's go with that. You know watch that. I was very curious about the blunt. Camp stuff though. He really hasn't given me any reason to trust him on anything. Either i mean i district nine was fantastic but then you got fucking chappie. Fan of elise eum chappie. Yeah was kind of a set this step down. I still hope that at some point even though the chance of him. Making a movie is pretty slim. I would still like to get some kind of release of what his idea was whether it be a comic book format or just give us the script put out. A book of this was what i was planning on doing. In in forty years will get stephen scarlata. And i can't remember the director's name and they'll come in and they'll do the Do but it'll be alien a- and all of these people went on to work on national howley. tv show. While i was really expecting that we're gonna go to comic book route. 'cause darkhorse before they've recently lost the license for alien predator book adaptation of gibson's alien three. And they'd just finished releasing a complication of abandons Alien script and they were going to do a original script version of predator but that cans when the marvel took license to for the comic books. And now you promotional pieces of Of zeno more standing there. With what star lord's walkman foreground All right i mean it'll be fine but it's in fairness they did say that they're not planning on crossing over so they're just doing that as promotional stuff is like. Hey marvel has it. so we're going. We're going to do these things so we'll see how that goes. I mean again. So much of my early buyin. To either the alien franchise of the predator franchise. It came from the comic books. So if you publish alien predator comic book. I'm gonna be reading your alien predator comic book. Those alien and predator comic books were so good in a of them not all of them but a lot of them were as good if not better than some of the got. There's freedom there in the sense of like even going back to alien resurrection right. Where and i know they had multiple endings. But but you know the the ending in the script i read was not what i would save necessarily better than the ending of the final film. But you know why they didn't do it because it was going to cost a ridiculous amount of money but then when you do these comics it's just like the sky is literally the limit like it's in that freedom is great while i wanna think my co host mike and l. Goro being on the show. So mike what is going on with you sir. I'm just trying to get by. That makes sense. I think i'm succeeding but you know who knows. I do see another viewing prometheus. Though my future. I went all the way up to permit theus and rewatch the today that fan at it but i couldn't bring myself to watch and covenant. I just couldn't do it. I had the special edition. Dvd of covenant. And i'll watch it again. Freebies guy to make another one of these. Watch that too and al gore. What's going on with you still continuing on with the with rhythm podcast Depending on when this episode is dropping will probably still be in the middle of what i call my patriot. Picks program where i turn over the booking to very generous patriot supporters which is always a really fun because They tend to book films that either. I've meant to get around to discussing or stuff. I never would have considered. So it's it's always a great period of discovery and rediscovery for me. I am sprinkling my patrons through the year so that tonight. I'm doing a little spice. You see i. Just i just i just as bookham right all right in l. a. at the at the front end of the year. So that makes sense. I might have to do that in. Twenty twenty two. We'll see well. Thank you so much guys for being on the show. Thanks everybody for listening please over to the website projection with podcast dot com. Where you can find out more about today's episode. You'll also find a link speed patriot. 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