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And you can get that incredible deal all right. We got lots to talk about as always here on no dunks but perfectly. We had five games on last night. So we gotta do five games one thing and we're gonna we're gonna flip the order in terms of the way. We saw the games last night. Because we gotta go to. Tk he's pumped. He had a great tuesday. Which has bled into wednesday guy was up late last night. Trae kobe white scores. Twenty one and the bull's rally to beat the blazers won eleven one away. They were down twenty but they came back What's the big takeaway well skates. I only got one thing for you. The polls are hitting me win of the year the first twenty point comeback in the nba. This season i saw some highlights from the clippers versus the spurs. They're talking could they be the first team to pull off a twenty point comeback. No they can't but the bulls did as a crazy game. What a night. In the kirby household bowls blazoned on the deck owl's blazers on deck election results trickling in on the computer a luxurious matchup out there red and black both teams january five going down in history. But this was a weird one. I said the bulls gave up a twenty point. Lead thirty nine point eight three pointers in the first quarter. Blazers look like they on fire. It looked like it was going to be sad. Trey kerby coming in on the show today. But i had the faith skeets i said. Just stick around the comeback bulls. We'll take care of this. And somehow they did a billy donovan has gotten something. Out of zach levine. Feels a little bit different. He was out there over passing the ball in the first half of the game but kept getting teammates involved. This ended up being a really nice team win. The bulls had so many guys in double figures. They ended up with seven players in double figures. Everybody was doing something everybody was bored in. This was a fun game to watch like. I said the balls have this huge comeback being a dagger three under a minute left. I'm upstairs everybody else in the house asleep. I'm just jealous like this back in my arms against each other legendary stuff damian. Lillard basically didn't make a shot in the second half did make the one that was most important knockdown down that three from the right wing. The purest swish. You could ever hope to see if you're damian lillard but this was just was just exciting man. I was going nuts in the house. Thaddeus young plants small five otto porter thirteen rebounds including a huge rebound highlight under a minute. Skeets didn't even jump off the florida. Grab it. This was legendary stuff. If you are a bulls fan you look at being hired as an assistant coach by the trail. Blazers who say this was a revenge game. Where's your defense blazers. Can't stop the unstoppable four hundred ninety two finals three just called the bulls win in portland in early january legendary. Twice for excited piss. I marked down. I was like. I was getting ready to go to bed last night. I got. I got to write this down. I gotta remember january fifth. What a night. The election. The polls i was flying. I'm a little pissed with that bulls victory because this is what i saw in the bulls last year. Trade like contributing saudis contribute. This is what i envisioned. And maybe yeah just took boiling out of there and billion there to help put it all together but yeah le- this was really an impressive comeback in his trae said the first time this season that a team came back from twenty down. There's been a lot of teams down twenty so far this season the numbers are crazy the blow. We've we've had some teams get back into games. You know the clippers being one of the last night but always tough to come back from twenty and then to continue to get victory. You see a comeback a lotta time but then you know. The other teams are taking control and ultimately close but bulls. What do you think about this and no makkinen. Either there for the bozo. Little bit shorthanded. But they just basically with that first quarter and after that they clearly apply portland for three quarters in this game. I thought portland just sort of got on. I think the first four three pointers and sort of got off to that late. But that was really the best they did in that first quarter. They built that big late. And that was it. After that chicago and the chicago bulls went into the paint anytime they want. Which is a real concern. Here i think for the blazes. Their defense was very very ordinary particularly in that second half they last night. That's a question. He for portland going forward but for the booze to go on the road to get this win. This started off so badly. And they'd look badly but now they're starting to resemble the team that's starting to just change a little bit and zach. Levine was asked after the game. Would you guys have won this game last year. And he's like no no way. Because i wouldn't have you know you give the buddha punch lachey and they lie down straight away but this this season does feel a little bit different already. I mean did get off to a bit of a slow start. They would billy donovan. But sometimes that can be the way with the new coach. So you know. I think the two sides here i think you chicago very impressive win the blazes another just ordinary performance by them and i wonder if they will be a movement their season if lee. There's a lot of people wanting you to start Machine lasers defensive big if you can yeah well see note should be that guy that i really shouldn't he i mean he. He was very very good. Dan in the bubble there but last not a couple of times just got beaten very very easily and also you cannot have kanter mellow out on the crew together. You just cannot do that. That's just a recipe for disaster. But again i think what chicago did which was smart just sort of kept attacking attacking attacking in the pint and then when someone was over for three that far to that god shoot the three so a fun win and you just see try happy. Isn't that exciting to see. Someone has a big comeback. Because i imagine that first quarter trae was pretty much ready to just jump into bed and say screw. This is all over. No way way tweet during the fourth quarter a blazers fan said to me. Man i'm so sorry. You got to watch the bulls every single night. This is my first time catching them. They're terrible xactly. Being barely touched the ball in the first quarter said just stick around the comeback. Is they've got this taken care of. Just what they did. Stacey king set on the broadcast who have predicted this only being pure positively. And that's what it's all about this year the bulls. They look like the team. Everybody thought they were going to be last year. It was to me. You saw kevin o'connor tweet last night. Where he's saying. I love the blend of youth and others that they have. And that's exactly what it seemed like coming into last season. the difference. Obviously there's a new coach in charge and honestly last night watching the game. That billy donovan had had some sort of effect on the bulls right exactly being like i said he was over passing a little bit. People were calling him rondo last night because he wasn't looking for shot he was just trying to force passes. You didn't have a shot for the most part. But you did a great job of getting people involved in. Billy donovan is a point guard coach. Point guards teen tend to play well underneath him. So i liked what i saw from. Zack levine pat williams. He had a nice little his low shot to get things started there. In the fourth quarter. Garrett temple had a huge game. We already mentioned otto porter hitting the glass. Apparently he's a small ball four now. He was a rim runner. Last night's bad young a small ball five. That was a game changer when he came in. And kinda when bell carter out of that drop defense was able to play a little quicker and that kind of shut things off damian lillard and cj mccollum a little bit the balls. They looked good last night. They've won four out of five. Will it keep going. Yes it will. Oh you're positively positively. Yeah i wish it was still called the rose garden because we had the florist pat williams do things. That zach levine. Three two that was ultimately the game winner was huge just a one point game and he. He drains the big three. And you guys know. I love a rebound highlight. Let's go next level with this. I thought wendel carter. Junior laid down some huge light picks last night. He was jeff in guy to wasn't mccullum twice. Maybe they got that shook common ludwick but he drops up big picks the guys. We're not calling out because they were not ready for the big window. Courtesy junior screen there. Yeah but that team needs a bit of toughness too. I mean that's one thing that that does send a bit of a message to other teams. When you got a go out there. Nothing good. He was really upset because he was just doing his playing his role. Like he's a big guy. Mike guy screens make your body get felt there and he did that so yeah that that's what chicago has lacked in. The last couple of years is any real defensive toughness. You know you sort of look at. That team is pretty flimsy. You can score on the many time so you do need a guy who can who can sort of you know. Show his eyes and it's his third season now also expect him to stop feeling a bit. More in control at the bulls have got high hopes to win new car too. I mean he's been injured a lot through his career so far but if he can stay on the floor. He's a pretty talented guy. I mean i don't know really what the ceiling is in. We get a good sustained period from him. Al horford we always heard the al horford. Yes yeah that'd be. That'd be incredible. Yeah yeah we just again like. I need to need to put it together for most of the season anyway yeah. Injuries have played a huge part. All right congrats to trey kerby and and the fans out there love it. I love it big victory in portland next game. Keep moving here. Kyrie irving leads. The undermanned nets to the one thirty to ninety six below out over the jazz. Here's one of those blow to lee what's your takeaway well. I was very excited for this game. Especially because kevin wasn't playing he's after the next few games with corona virus protocols. And so i was like okay. Let's just see because the nets are under little bit of pressure. They need a win. They're playing against a very good team. A very good defense team. But cairo was in his bag as he'd say in that first quarter he was just incredibly hit so many shots that three step back inside the pint and this was a blow at in the first quarter and again in the nba. We know first. Quarter as we're talking with the bulls in the blazes there. That usually doesn't count for anything but in this game it absolutely did. The jazz had no real counter at all Cari was just incredible. They couldn't stop him even when they double team him. It was just too good. He made the right play. Read or just hit the shot and really disappointing performance from the utah jazz. I mean this is a team that i've looked at a couple of times. I thought they're very good offense. There makes such a difference when you have bogdonovich back in that lineup. And he stunk it up last night mitchell plight but that was really and really go. You know he's got into a little bit with shack over on the weekend. They're saying that you can get paid two hundred million if you don't have to school and i thought it was not a good response from rudy last night. Defensive wasn't good. He got his ass handed to him by jared allen. Exactly like that sort of thing. That like You know the the height of radio looking. Like that. And think i mean jared allen. He's a he's a solid player but rudy bear. If you're an all nba all stop you. Should dominate that matchup. But he didn't do that last night. So yeah this one turned into a real snooze. So the question has to be asked the nets better without kevin durant by call ably ellis later on the athletic. I love it. Well here's the other takeaway to not just kyrie cook and early but the starting lineup trae. That's steve nash. Ultimately went with Raise some eyebrows. At least they went with. Because there's no katie. Kyri starting okay. Bruce brown to a lot of people who You know he played for the pistons. He's there with the nets now. Taurean prince okay. Jeff green the start and then finally finally deandre jordan. We're gonna start the better center that we have the better version of basically you Younger you jared allen. He got the start. He was huge. Nine hundred and eighteen for jared allen three steals two blocks. he's thoroughly. Oh played radio. But that was a lot of names. Like shuffling around here from steve nash and the nets coaching staff. A lot of guys. That were you know. Joe harris to the bench and stuff like that and for one night it works out but i guess steve. Nash says we're just going to try things here. And see what what lineups. Click so far so good with this one. Yeah not bad. A little experimentation by steve curry putting a place where he's gotta make some decisions on what to do with kevin durant coming out and i think it's kind of interesting that he decided to go defense. I because that's definitely what the says. Jared allen moves better than deandre jordan and this bruce brown and defensive player for the most part taurean prince. Maybe he stretches the corporate out there for his defense and jeff green you just want to highlight dunks from him every once in a while but it was good for the nets that they went and tried to figure out their defense. We've been talking about it for the past couple of shows that the nets haven't committed to defense. This is a move by steve. Kirsten sorry steve nash. Wrong coach steve. Saying yeah we're coming out and we're playing defense. They didn't actually need to play defense so much last night. Only ninety six to the jazz which is impressive. But it's a blah who knows the defensive stats there. But jared allen getting the start you gotta think he's gonna be starting from here on out. There's been a lot of talk. Obviously the internet wants them to start over deondraye jordan. He seems like the better player to me. The important thing is that he has most lebron finishing their Their games which i think is a bigger deal and he seems to be fine with coming off the bench knowing. He'll get his chance eventually. He did last night. He was incredible. He was being compared to kenyon. Martin i love to see that. But like a throwback as well but he was great dominating go bare there's some great highlights crushed on top of his head blocked them a couple of times at the rim. He was an impact player. And that's exactly what the nets needed with katie. Gone up. yeah my thing with him is whether starting or finishing okay. He just needs more minutes. I mean he's he's much better than d andre jordan. He's i love him. Love his games basically since he was a rookie. He is just a great. You know third fourth guy if he's that type of in the pecking order on your team. Man you got a really good squad. I love he'd he also said this. He credited a change of his pre game meal from past with pesto sauce to pass though with l. Freida sauce for his season high in points and rebounds in last night's game. I had to get your take on this. You're a big pesto. Big passed i big homemade pesto. Go yeah i love the basel in the switched off the creamier thicker free interesting interesting choice. Sort of dairy option which appropriate he. He didn't specify what type of pasta he was using all the data. That's what we need to find out really the source here gone with a row sauce or the sort of what these. The rica rigatoni just plain. Spaghetti doesn't do spaghetti doesn't get all that will pester. Usually you need something a little more. Clearly in their little shorter little stomach. Your favorite my favorite pasta well pool. That's a tough one ought properly. I mean knock. He doesn't really count as costs. That doesn't a gray area. It's because it's potato is made it's not really Probably i'm probably going to default back to the few sealy. You just watch seinfeld pro. Yeah that that is a great one with Crime goes makes jerry. Because he's silly. Pasta trae cava toppy bucatini. Favorite pasta depends on the song. Us a trick question. I will say this Ravioli ravioli is great but you cannot put like a lobster ravioli or anything like that. You won't get those in like trader joe's they have lobster ravioli of light night now. You can't do it like that. It's going to be more vegetable in for the ravioli. Okay i will say insane. Tate's feel bad actually feel bad for the jazz fans last night. 'cause i don't know i have nothing to back this up like i haven't crunched the numbers wherever gone back and looked at other shows but it feels like to me. Tell me if. I'm wrong guys that like on a night where there's not a lot of games and then of course we're gonna be talking about it the next day and it's like oh this jazz nets game like you said lee off. That's you know that's intriguing no d. Maybe more competitive. The jazz had been plan. All right you know like oh this could we could be talking about. Utah's what i'm getting at here. And then they lay a stinker and they're just like sort of forgotten about and we gloss over them. I feel like that happens with the jazz. Yeah with our show. I don't know what it is. And then i think the flip of it is. They have like really good friday night performances and like talking. You know what i mean. Mitchell will go for forty and then buried. 'cause we're not talking about on the weekend i again just feels that way to me. I don't know it does a- last night's game wasn't real snooze again a great opportunity for utah to get a win against a team that hasn't been struggling a little bit and without their best player but instead they lay an egg from the start. And where's the comeback. Because mike conley surprisingly. I'm not if you guys knew that. He was leaving the team in scoring not. I'm not sure if he is. Because mitchell had thirty one i think conlon had ten in the end so mitchell probably have taken him but it was like he starting to fit into that role a little bit more than he did last season and again bogdonovich talked about him. He can light it up. Any time Joe can be good as well he can get it gone but they were just kind like Not not last night. Not not interested and again joe harris coming off the bench so it was like a defensive. Look here from the from the nets and the jazz had no counter punch. You know no way of firing back on the on the nets and it was a real schmoozer in the end. Yeah donna mitchell believe everything. Twenty two basically points per game and clinton laser at nineteen so not far behind. Then you've got go bare fourteen and thirteen doing his thing. I mean there four and three. I'm not saying the jazz are like brutal. I still liked them. But again they have this habit of putting up stinkers on a night where you can really focus on them and want to focus on them and maybe talk about them in great detail and they just got hammered right. You got to play well on a five game night. So i'm sorry. I talked about on. No i'm also willing to pump the brakes on the jazz because it kind of feels like this every single year. Slow out of the gate. Then they'll have a month where they win eighteen out of twenty games or something right. So we'll talk about you. A bunch of marched jazz. Probably right next to next game. Yokich kitchen the nuggets regroup to rally past the wolves. One twenty three one sixteen. It came back in this one. Trae big takeaway. Yeah it was a rally but it didn't really feel like the nuggets wherever in danger of losing this game because nicola yokich is making an mvp case right now and it wasn't actually that hard him. Last night he had thirty five points. He went twelve for twenty from the field. Fifteen boards a measly six assists. Come on man. Step up your game but watching yokich there were so many times he would just catch the ball turn and there was nobody even touching at the free throw line underneath the basket. There's just no resistance inside from the timberwolves at obviously No carl towns. Last night. there was a lot of skinny. What's his name. Jared vanderbilt is a little too skinny to be able to handle yokich in the bekaa fiery though he was definitely fun to watch. He's not really just class right now. You know there are some nods read minutes. Just what the resistance wasn't there from the timberwolves. They don't have the defense for but it was great to see yokich come out and dominate once again. And he's you know if if the nuggets had won a couple of games earlier in the week. We're probably talking about him at at the top of the mvp valor percent valid. Don't you think the guy's gonna be leading the league in assists big man incredible stuff but if you are the timber wolves some good things to take away from this game. The juancho revenge game ballots. Pretty wild i think. We're probably the biggest juancho. Her gomez fans in the world twenty five last night. He was balling for timber. Wolves and anthony edwards is a fun watches well He was taking the ball. Strong hope at a huge donkey had a nice little jelly on the break. The guy's been much more of a driver than i thought he was going to be. Coming into the league scouting report on him was that he's gonna take one hundred step back jumpers. He's still take somebody gets to the hoop looks like an nba player. That was fun to watch. But you gotta play defense eventually. Yeah what do you think about. Trae said they're li denver's three and four if they're five and two is yokich like at the top of everybody's mvp leaderboard this season. I think especially with jamal. Murray sort of struggling struggles continued their. Because yokich is leading that team. He's doing everything. And it's not just the stats. If you gotta you gotta watch a game. Every single possession goes through him like everything either. he's bringing up as the giants footer. Or then you know the guards bring it up and then it's passed a him. Let's operate you know it's it is really wild to watch that. Every single play goes room. Sorry to interrupt you there. But that's it. He's got the skill set as well where he doesn't like school and thirty five as you mentioned there last night. But he doesn't feel to me like he. He's a score. I just wanted to get his plays involved. Get his teammates involved. But one thing i learned last night was that if you get a technical foul hang on the rim. It doesn't count as a personal technical fair right. it's sort of like an unsportsmanlike or non unsportsmanlike. A non negative very weird. Because yokich last night through a couple of dogs the first one he goes by dunks it and it does give himself a gets a technical foul for it and then only like a minute. Aside lighter he's joining the and he gets another tech. You're like oh always gone. Yeah but he doesn't get ejected for that so he gets fine for the personal for the for the non unsportsmanlike. But it doesn't count as a personal tech which is weird because why wouldn't it count as a personal technical fab. I mean i understand the illegal defense ones goes against the team again. Because that's like a team concept right. But how is not a personal technical foul and handle not even know this this game forever because john kuczynski and i last night rick's changing a little bit on twitter. He was like yoga going. And also yeah. I'm pretty sure that's his second techies going and then he stayed out there and it wasn't until we looked into and we found out that it doesn't count as a technical foul against so. Does that mean. I mean you can get as many of those as you want three game you can get five of those technicals You know if you keep hanging on the rim and that doesn't can't get you i guess so yeah wouldn't be tossed. Yeah but scenically yokich actually up on the rim. that should not be. You should be applauded. And then he had another throat later on. But it's so funny because he's just not a a highly so when he does get up for a dunk. It's like wow. This guy takes all these effort to get up there and throw it down onto watch Crazy stuff man crazy stuff in english. This guy is a sixty eight years old and still learning but but also nickel yokich must have known that i guess because he got the to eat nearly got another tek after that as well it was really pushing it last night. He was really trying to get himself thrown out. But you know what the wolves they could end up with the worst record in the nba This season especially if tanzania or a long period here. Because i actually thought that competitive last night russell was good but feel that the nuggets were just going to get there. Because i just the better team playing harm but Yeah you when you look at the wolves and you just think oh man. It's it's really hard so did not a great defensive team offensively got some talent there but just not enough if the other team has a decent defense to throw at it so it could be another rough seas there minnesota. Yeah i like to see denver turning it around here too. You're right jamal. Murray is not bubble. Murray by any means yokich is leading the way. But you michael. Green is back to this team or with this team. I should say and bike playing the last couple of games. I think he played really well. In this game. Series vs minnesota hit three threes in both games grabbed. Eleven rebounds total Seventeen specifically off the bench last night. Those are key and will barton this. His frantic energy is very. I don't know if it's because the way he plays like it. Maybe it sticks out more than it would on another team but like it feels needed. Just that manic energy your watch him when they go to like the timeout like camera like we're in the huddle of their chairs and stuff like that. He's always like just like bobby brown. You can never stop moving. And he of course does that on the floor but twenty seven and three last night. And i think he's very important to their success moving forward to and i liked that he talks up yokich to had you had a quote like saying like he tells yokich before every game. Just go out there and win. Mvp like you're the best player in the world if you want to be aggressive and no one can stop you and some nights at work definitely with you okay. So he was big down stretch thirteen of his thirty five in the fourth. Sort of. it's amazing everything. Every every single play goes through him so he's either scoring attempting shot or of course trying to set a guy up or setting up the the the next thing that sets up a guy like the hockey. It's it's wild so goodwin by denver and yep come more they put together a little streak here. Four wins in a row. Whatever the yeah the people the national media will start taking notice of what the heck yokich is really doing there. I know the diehards know. What's up how specially is. But you'll start seeing it on some of your other shows that maybe don't follow the legal that closely our next game here. Laker stretched the winning streak to four four straight for them. They beat the grizzlies ninety four. Ninety two honestly there's not a lot to take from this one. The first one is the score may jump out at ninety four ninety two. Yeah it was. It was a defensive minded game. Anthony melton actually had a wicket block on anthony davis and then dumped. It punched one home on the other end with about six minutes remaining it. That's what it looked like. The grizzlies might win this game. But you didn't think that if you saw the game prior because this was another miniseries where the lakers had just played the grizzlies two nights prior. I guess it was on sunday night. And in that one which i watched lebron just took over he literally just decided. Okay games close. I'm going to start to try now. And i'm just gonna stamp on this game. We'll get the victory. He sort of did it again last night. I mean it was. It was the same movie it really really was. La trailed seventy nine seventy seven with both five minutes ago and then lebron got some help in this one. They went on a combined nine to run they had the lead and they held on for dear life at the really well at the end with some crazy turnovers but lebron i mean it's it's wild to watch a guy coasting through games and now his version of coasting is still damn impressive but a really is. I'm not exaggerating the lakers. As a team are doing this. And i don't know if it's going to come back to bite them in the ass but it's pretty amazing to watch them sort of just half asset for two to three quarters and then turn it on when they need to. Did you see any resemblance to the lebron toe to lebron they last night because it felt like that to me where he knows. He's going to win the gate but some of the shots he hit as well. You know just is crazy. Sort of full aways setbacks that like just go perfectly through the net as well it was kind of like he was just toying with them and I think a part of it was dillon. Brooks had that little show is strength there with lebron where he got the ball. Lebron on his butt and dillon brooks landed in got the foul and he did the big flex and this also reminds me a little bit of like the last dance where we saw michael jordan sometimes needed anything just to motivate him. Well here we are on. A tuesday nodded january and lebron memphis. He knows he can win this game. And it was almost like thank you. Thank you dylan brooklyn. Giving me just that little bit of like all right now. I have to show this guy because you saw lighter on as well when he hit that crazy full away he drop the to. Yeah i don't know if you saw it as well on a play early lebron's blowing kisses to the memphis benches. Well i did see him so he was kind of. I think that's what it was last night. He's like. I have to win this game. But someone give me reason he'd of rier up. Right and dillon brooks did that. I was because it is just so much fun. When you see lebron just get into that rhythm where he's like okay. Thanks for coming guys now going to win this game And it's good not great memphis anything from this way well. I didn't watch this one very closely. I did see a fast break. Where grayson allen. Just kind of tipped the ball. The onus val and tunis running down the middle of the lane he finished with a very slow lap and it may be misplanned. Pick up all. This would have been the biggest highlight from any game on a wednesday night if we were out there playing. But you look at the box scores. And it's just how much the lakers are in foot. The switch mode this season every one of their starters except for dennis schroder who is a minus one has massive plus minus splits for last night whereas the bench was struggling. And that's the difference. There once the lakers put in their starting lineup. The game's going to be over because lebron eighty know exactly what they need to do to get a win in a scenario against the grizzlies. It's not necessarily needing to play one hundred percent strength the entire night. We worried about the lakers. Taking games off last season coming in you know because we're like lebron. He knows his body. The guy manages the season as well as anybody does. That wasn't the case for last season. The lakers one hundred percent locked in. We're winning the title from day one. This year they came and they said we already got the title. We had to play seventy five days ago. So let's take you a little chill this year. Turn it on when we need to their preserving themselves by load managing during games. Lebron's quarterbacking out there. The guy doesn't put in the effort until he needs to score and it's fine because he knows exactly what to do. Impressive stuff from the lakers. They're not even trying hard. And they're the best team in the west and the grizzlies are of course playing with other two. Best players and drama jackson to your. They put up a fight. I mean it's nice to have molten back. What do they call mr do. Something i think is his nickname. Which is a fascinating nickname. But he does a little bit of everything he he was helping of. Course stay in this game and give them a lead late in. They thought they put up a valiant effort but it was a little big brother little brother scenario there. It's like okay this little too close here. I'm just gonna pull out this victory. what are you gonna do. Yeah you're right lebron's load managing during games and we talked about it. I think a big part of it is like. Hey i could take the night off. I could just take the night off. But i play rack up. Twenty to twenty five points. That's going to help in the total accumulation of catching kareem abdul-jabbar for the most points. Why not that's what he's doing. It's really astonishing. Totally jumper is money enough. Now that he can hang out on the perimeter threes at a high enough rate. He can these follow as at a high enough rate that he can just hang out on the perimeter not take a million bumps yep pick teams apart like remembering the bubble watching him. Take apart zones from miami this. It's similar stuff on the bronze just out there. Like moving people around with his is that feels like until there's a split second where he can fit a passan. That's why is one of the ghosts. I sure final game. From last night spurs stop a four game skid one sixteen. Thirteen victory over the clippers. We sort of alluded to this one. Crazy crazy spurs up a massive amount. The clippers have been playing in weird games this year. Man they are either thirty or down. Thirty feels like in every single game. They've played but came back. But in the end. I pulled out anything to take away from this one year. Ozzy mate putting se when this is nato we and who'd is coach. Popovich go to patty thrills. Coming off the bench i think in that first quarter hit four threes and like the last ninety seconds of that i it was incredible performance and he finished with eight for the game. Twenty seven points missed one free. Throw the which really have kept the clippers within a chance of a tie game lease but they weren't able to do that. No paul george here for the clippers and we'll find out tonight if he was lured managing or he was genuinely soul with that ankle. They're not. I suspect it was probably a little bit more of the foam rather than the latter But yeah the clippers Just just the we'd team again as you mentioned they'd like they were killing the sons on on what not sunday night that was and then the sun's daily pulled that out and then last night they will half asleep in that first half got themselves back into it. Light but the spurs i will say those spurs jerseys look unreal on the court. I thought i look gorgeous. Fiesta jerseys you saw well like the young stars. The killed and johnson the lani walker devante murray like hell. They went on that four game. Losing streak is kind of weird because they got some very good young talented athletic by play defense but then last night having lamarcus and derosa out there was just the experience. Perhaps that's maybe that's what they'd be missing. I thought that they're a good thing with a young athletic gauze. And then you have the veterans out there who can just see you team harmon and patty mills. Welded that light in the game. He's a veteran now. Of course we don't make him one of the young guys anymore but the funny thing about patty mills is the shot. Selection has never really changed throughout his career. Some of those shots are a little bit wild a little bit alien the shot clock. They go in there. That's the difference. I think that's the difference. When you look at paddy's highlights from his portland is and even when he. I got to san antonio couple of shows just but now he's just It's the repetition ex-experience and knox in it was. It was great to see him have such a great performance. He shooting fifty seven point five percent from three on the season right now on fire because he shoots a lot in them as you would if you shut the while they hit twenty. Three's a spur. I think tied a franchise record. That's a ton for them. Speaking of the clippers. I remembered this tweet from tim reynolds. Last night i remember. I liked it for a reason so i could bring it up on the show. Listen to this this season games. The clippers have played. They trailed by fifty seven to the mavericks. They led by thirty. One against minnesota led by thirty one against phoenix. They led by thirty against portland. They led by twenty four against denver. They trailed by twenty four against the spurs last night. When we're talking about here. They led by twenty two against the lakers and they trailed by twenty against the jets twenty or more upper down in every game. They've played this year. That's really really strange that. That's a big gap. I mean a lot of those were thirties for crying out loud if not more so weird weird stuff. But they missed paul george. No doubt he's having a good year obviously helps a permanent defense. Go ahead try is having a good year but a guy. That's not having a good year. Luke the nar dog just nine points last night. Three of ten. He's shooting all right from the field so far this season he's forty three percent from three but i think he was supposed to be the third initiator. Perhaps for the clippers. This season landry shamet went out in the trade kind of more just the shooter that compared to canard work canard should fear radically. Be able to handle the ball and pick and roll. Make some plays and space the floor. He's been underwhelming. So far is only been in double digits. Two games so far this season and if the clippers are going to go further this season they went last season. They're going to need more from him because all the talk in the offseason was. They need another secondary creator. They need somebody else. Who's gonna be able to make plays what he froze for me lazy so pumped stall over. The no isn't oh did you spell only. Maybe he's just watching more highlight the booze last night. He's just captivated despite all right well as we try and get trey kerby back. Let's take a quick break to hear from our sponsors. I love magic penn and teller. David blaine that trick where your uncle used to take his thumb off. In fact growing up strafford one of the best stores to go to as a kid was a place called family and company. Which was this fantastic little toy shop. 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Engagement rings launches on january eighteenth and you can preview it exclusively at blue nile dot com. I gotta get in on that cinnamon. Magic outright yes. Yeah because see them on. Anything is great cinnamon. Cereal cinnamon toast crunch. But i want to get it on the cinnamon on the magic spirit. I'm sure it'd be incredible without the sugar and that it's gotta be it's gotta be i would think so. Yeah i actually liked. I liked to all of the flavors and i'm not a big cocoa cereal. Yeah i didn't even that one but frost and my favorite fruit is right there. And then blueberries really really good. And then i'd cocoa ranked fourth but it was still delicious and i saw. I saw someone i don't know if it was on instagram Or on twitter. Maybe it's in the youtube comments. Somebody who's like. I love your magic spoon. Breeds but come on. No one's buying cereal online. Who by serial online. I said well first off. You can buy anything on exactly. Who doesn't do the shopping online. These i thought it was just weird to say something orientated caught. Remember but i think all you know like you rank the koci fourth because you have to rank them of course but it's like you know i. It's almost like at the olympics. If there was a fourth place as you still doing it still a great place to finish off that level. Yeah thank you think you think the guy that what is the fourth best bobsledder in the world is walking around chest pasta. Look he wants to be on the in the middle among the middle of course but you know his family and friends assigned listen. Man is only three people in the world better than you like in the high world siree than you on that given day. Yeah exactly so. Yeah i mean of course people want that but not everyone can win it now they can have the top the top spot on the ds this thing. It's worse to be silver second or fourth. I made it. It depends if you. I mean 'cause you can get defeated and and get the silver medal but you can also like like you don't get defeated if you if you run second if you're not a main angry right. Yeah so if you lose by half a second in the race. It's like well you came second robin getting defeated into second place. If you know what i made sure. So what's your what's your answer i guess you. Would you be content with a silver medal instead of no medal. Yeah i think you'd want the silver medal. Yeah i mean yeah. You'd want that silver medal winner to showed off the kids and the grandkids. Bronze is the worst almost rather just before that well see. I don't know what it was like the canada in the eighties and Early nineties but australia. Most of our medals at the olympics were bronze wasn't until we'd around the two thousands. We started picking up a few more gold medals but the bronze was always like yeah. Well that's the thing when you're not winning any medals then russell in the front the front page of the newspaper but then when your country starts winning some medals then you win bronze. And everyone's like yeah so you can. You can win bronze you know because he might be battling that person for four. so you win that bronx. Yeah why do you keep saying like that. I mean every olympic events different. Yeah that's what i'm saying. That's what i'm saying. You can win. Bronze you can lose silva you know what i mean like say finished with a win rank right right right okay. Gladly cleared that. Are we stalling. Just to try and get feedback. Maybe a little bit a not good not look good insight going gonna get a black screen drinker become an forth on today's podcast. Jd you're always gold congrats to you late. You and i are battling now for silver. He's back fist mysterious black towns. So like i was saying about luke talking about the olympics. I'm not even tell you how we got onto that tangent. Okay let's get to some news nice to have you back to you k. We a report coming out the last couple of days. The nba is seriously discussing expansion. Adam silver has said that himself makes sense. You know profits probably down here during the pandemic expansion b.'s. Caesar a great way to just inject a bunch of cold hard cash to the other owners who are possibly hemorrhaging money here but how much money well according to. Espn's brian win. Horse within the league office sources said officials have floated the tag of two point five billion each for two expansion teams in the near future. We're at thirty right now. Let's say we're gonna bump it up to thirty two but two point five. Bill will come questions off this louis expansion. You think is a good idea right now in today's nba. And if you do where would you locate. Let's say two teams have out. I think expansion is a good idea if it's for the right reasons but this doesn't feel like the right reasons for me. This feels more like we need some cash. We need some quick hod cash as soon as we can. Because i think they'll have no shortage of takers to come up with that two and a half billion dollar fee because there's always interest for people to to buy team because it usually is a cash cow now if you get two teams and that's a five billion dollar cash injection that gets split amongst the other owners. The players don't get any of that so that would be a about one hundred sixty odd million her team which which sounds like a lot of money but and it is but to me. It's like i. I would like to see a more sustainable way of trying to generate the money that they're losing because ultimately if you have more teams and get that hundred and sixty million you're gonna be diluting. The tv revenue that comes in so is that they're sort of like short term like cash. Quick hit which don't think is the right reason to do it so i'd be a little bit careful right now now. I think a big part of this is because we simply don't know when we'll have full arenas in the nba again that that might not be for a couple of years potentially We start seeing strickly. And i know that some fans at games now which doesn't seem like the smartest idea but there are some fans there but also from what i've seen around the world in In soccer in england and cricket in australia day have brought crowds back but as sort of social distance. Hasn't been a capacity at any game or anything that i've seen so far so and i think america considering where they are with the virus is still just a long long long way away from that even though we started the at the vaccine rolling in now so my my my ultimate point is i think Don't do this unless it is really going to be done with a long-term financial plan in place that isn't just going to then create a head further down the line because it may is caused even more financial grief for other teams because again more teams means. Competition might be a little bit harder to sell season tickets to some in some cities depending on how the team is. Bannon as danny larue. Often points out is the most competitive advantage in the nba. So you wanna make sure you get you're going to get more earners make sure garner's because there are a lot of nba on his right. Now i am nine spit. I think we know who they are. Want for good owners and and their teams have been terrible for a long time. So it's a it's a it's a it's a dicey proposition right. Now i think for the nba bring teams back. Seattle's obviously going getting a team and that's a no brainer. I think trae degree at that seattle would be one of the teams that has automatically given one of these expansion teams. Even they'd be bringing them back. Yeah it'd be exactly like the charlotte hornets. You know when the pelicans became a team. And then the bob cats turned into the hornets. I think it would be exactly that obviously seattle. It'd be great you know. They've got a championship history. We all remember the sonics in their ten seasons ago. Basically so yeah. I think that one is a lock the other place i would like to see the nba expand into mexico city. The biggest city in north america bigger than new york city who has two teams. They've been playing occasional games in mexico city for years. that'd be a great place to grow the game ethic. What do you think badly of mexico city or another another place. Yeah well i would love the the nba to go back to vancouver. But i just don't think that would happen. I don't think they had the interest in that city to sustain an nba team but as far as a beautiful cities vancouver for me would be top of the top of the pa. I'd love to hear some more. Dennis scott stories from his time playing with the vancouver grizzlies. We know he had a great time there but other than that mexico city absolutely. I think that would be fantastic for the nba. To do that. Because i don't think travel would be much of a concern there because the why these teams traveled around anyway. So it's i think it's central time zone there in mexico city. I'm not sure about any whatever it is. It would be great the nba to expand across the border. If they yeah other cities being thrown out louisville it is sort of at the top of a lot of people's list. Las vegas i know is a hot one only obviously they have a hockey team there. They've got a brand new arena. There it's vegas you got so many people. Is there a foot. Yeah arash markazi actually. He tweeted this out yesterday. An online and ideal online for thirty two team. Mba was seattle in las vegas in the west. And then you'd have to bump minnesota till the east and you could do eight divisions in two sixteen team conferences. What do you think about this. We're showing the map in the sort of like the division for everybody joining us on youtube if they were in vegas and seattle trait that that makes sense to me. I don't. I don't really have an issue with putting you know lump in minnesota in with the box in the bulls and the pistons. No oh yeah. I think that makes sense. That's kind of they expanded. You need to take one team to the eastern conference. If it's going to be vegas and seattle added it's going to be between the grizzlies and the timberwolves right. Those are the teams that are furthest east on the map and it seems like they should actually be in the eastern conference. Both of those teams will be a lot more competitive in the eastern conference as well. So yeah i would be down but this definitely feels like las vegas and seattle would be the cities that teams seattle like. We're saying the history and has shown that they are ready for pro. Sports teams team seemed to be doing. Well once they gotta las vegas maybe not successful. I know the raiders haven't had a great season but the aces were great in the wnba was the gogoi's went to the finals. Their very first season right and they were a huge success story so pro sports leagues. Were very nervous to go to las vegas when bedding was completely outlawed. Now that It's more legalized make sense to me. Yeah let's hear from you guys out there. Where would you put two expansion teams or do you sort of agree with lee. Maybe like is this the right idea. A lot of people think there's enough talent in the league lead to to sustain two more teams in terms of like obviously distributing like these great players to have then star players on other teams. Now that that's an interesting point because every year we know a lot of teams tank though early into the season. So you know you don't want more teams coming into then potentially watered down the league even more you know i saw that. That's i'm not sure. I completely agree against that comes again from ownership and management. Where if they like. Listen we want. We want this team to suck so we try to get a higher draft. But i'm not convinced that that's entirely true myself. I think sometimes less is more in that state instance where you have more competitive league with perhaps not as many teams lost again. Let's hear from you guys out there. On the street team tweet us at no dunk sink. Finally i just wanted to bring this to your attention last night. I tweeted my early all disappointing team. Sort of just like off the top of my head guys that have been pretty garbage to the year. It's obviously super early. Still i had devante graham and these were these were stats heading into last night's games for some of them but devante graham nine point nine points per game twenty-seven percent shooting. My other guard was norman powell with the wraps you picked a lot of apps. Eight point five point three and thirty one percent shooting for him. I had curiously virtue pretty decent game last night but coming into its thirteen point. One points per game thirty seven percent on the floor. Kelly oubre junior ten point nine points per game thirty four percent from the floor and even worse from three and then davis bertans ahead as my other. Four eleven point three and thirty five percent from the floor. I tweeted this guy a lot of great responses. But i want to ask you guys is. Is there anything i missed or who you would add if we even we're building an all disappointing second team. Who would be. Who would be in. Play there for you trae. Well when i was running up and down stairs trying to make sure my internet was right. Fretting about this skeets thinking. I wasn't going to be able to get back for this question. To address your anti-big man bias. Once again not only are there no centers on your disappointing team. There's only one guy over six foot. Ten davis bertans and he takes all of his shots outside. We've already lost the center. Spot on the all star game. You guys want to get rid of it in the nba. And now skeets is not even letting the no'don'ts audience have a center on his disappointing team when skeets has been bringing up the most disappointing centers in the league for the first two weeks in the season. Aron baynes. he's right there for you. Marvin bagley beans bagley the third and the second right there for you. Marvin bagley six eleven shoot and thirty seven percent. It's about al horford nine seven and three. He's got nineteen combined stats. And he's making twenty seven million dollars a year use of put up a big triple single nine seven and three. The no don't audience demands a center on this team gates. No more anti big man bias. That's fair. i got a lot of votes for nurk last night. Siaka was in the mix too. Yeah there is people saying about jimmy butler. I gave jimmy butler pass because of injuries. He's missed like half games. He's been bad but in terms of shooting the ball fair fair. Yeah again i. I was doing this quick. I was actually like struggling. Just on the fly to think of big guys bagley. Good one really really. Good one I i didn't have high hopes for as it was so wrapped raptor on the team already. That added anyone else. Leave well after the first game of the season. The raptors and the hornets. Jj riddick had twenty three points when six for eleven. I said ou. Six men positive for j. j. riddick since then he's gonna three for twenty six. Ill scored twenty four points in the other games on. He s just been cold out there. He just kinda shot which is incredible. Because he's got such a beautiful shooting stroke and he's a veteran he's being around. This is a great role for him and a good team. Good opportunity but Yeah he's just been clunking at a lot lightly. So i expect he will shake out of that slump but Yeah overall shooting twenty four percent on the season. He went six eleven that first game and a great win against maybe it was because it was the raptors although he's played the raptors again so but Yeah i just you know either for a career with his shooting stroke. It's like. I could easily see him. Getting sort of fifteen points a game on that team new orleans but not happening right now yet. John hollander also suggested a good one last night to me. Gary harris who had again to last night's game again. I don't have the updated stats. But was averaging seven point seven points per game on thirty six percent shooting from the floor and twelve point five percent from three wamu. There was some. I don't know who was who was reporting it saying that the nuggets we're trying shopping. Miranda interest gary harris. Wonder why right now. I still have belief that game. I think it's still team gary. I am not ready to jump ship just yet but but maybe we'll bought and coming back as well because they're in. The bubble is impacted. He's role. I'm not sure opens up interesting. That shot right now team. Gary showed up to our old volleyball team up in canada. What a team on the beach of mad crazy. Toronto beach angle sticks and rocks. Didn't want to die for the ball. Yeah but show team gary. I was always fun miss those days. All right let's take one more break to hear from our sponsors before tweeted tonight. 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We're rooting for us off over here in this house. I'm sure you guys are as well and oh yeah shadow to dekabde county During the show task sent me a bunch of tweets about the the pronunciation of dekalb county which was speaking of tessa. Lebron thinking about putting together an ownership group for the dream in. That's a great idea. You love to see it to see it. That is a cube beagle to assume that his dog right now. He's a real puppy guys off the same using that commercial. I think so. Th the dog poo and great commercial commercial. I saw about twenty thousand man miss those ads but i don't know maybe no dogs can chip in on buying the dream here. Exciting right to conserve interest for Nba podcast that own wnba team. But send us that kick fund raiser things lebron whatever you're getting a little bush bucks lettuce in all right. Let's get to pick him results from last night. It was the bulls blazers game. Answers were favored by ten and a half. They didn't even win so good call by tasks and trey to take cover again. They just outright victory. So lena were wrong with that. One we get three of us. Four and four. That's tacitly in myself. Trey your three and five very close. And there's a lot of january left so tonight's game is the clippers warriors interesting line warriors. Not the favorites at home. They're they're getting and a half points. So clippers got to win by five or more. We got a busy eleven games scheduled tonight and this is the second game of the espn doubleheader celtics. Heat at seven thirty. And then this one our pick them clippers at were your so. Let's go to you first. Legally clippers favored by four and a half on the road in oakland. What are you gonna. yeah. I'm not sure if paul george is back second of back to back the he's been playing so well right now and the clippers. You just don't know what you're getting. So i'm going to take the warriors i think. I think i can keep it close enough even if they don't win to To cover the spread this. Give me the worries. Okay and i'm going to correct myself. They don't play in oakland anymore. I forgot where the oakland jerseys though. Yeah that's right that's why it's very confused a slap in the face of you. Ask me what do you got you. Yeah i'm with leon this one. I'm going to go with the warriors as well. They've been playing pretty pretty nice basketball since draymond green came back four and a half points not a huge line but a little bit too big for my liking so give me the warriors swerve clippers as we pointed out. They're going to be down twenty or up twenty. So which one will it be. Flip a coin. Give you to win by five or more. And then let's hear pick gimme the warriors in the four points and give me a verbal altercation between draymond green and somebody on the clippers. Maybe many people on the clippers. Patrick beverley would be at the top of the list of things to say we will see all right. I'm the only one taking. Llc to cover the spread everyone else got the warriors okay. We'll call it. They're glad we got your back there trae with a bang and then you were gone and style. I'm trying to do my part over here. You know what i mean. What happened just classic wi fi situation or just a classic wi fi situation. You know i ran. Upstairs had to turn off the router plug bag in nineteen hardwired in the old school days dialing in on my modem but it's feeling reliable feeling like the bulls ultra fit kids. I the balls did it now. I did it. Make sure you double triple check that wi fi or your internet connection because we got another podcast record later today. We don't want you freeze it on the beach man. Oh man gets cold on the beach. Can you know selling me. Yeah yeah exactly. So we'll be beat stepping it up answering your questions and your comments today at three pm eastern on youtube so make sure you join us live on youtube or just. Listen to the podcast. Subscribe to know ducks wherever you listen to us. Keep those questions coming. No dunks at the athletic dot com. Go grab your ducts. Merch at no ducks dot com and subscribe to the guys. The athletic dot com slash. No dumps clipper bros. I have a great time. Turn-up love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining us and remember. Tuck in your t-shirt means you mean business phrase the debut you can stay in pierre. It's been so long.

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