Ravenscourt: Chapter Four: Physician Heal Thyself


Epic Productions Presents Ravens Course an original limited series podcast created by David. Horgan chapter four physician. Heal thyself. I'm embarrassed by other breath from the effort of climbing in the back window. I caught my leg slightly to more deep scratch than anything. But it would be a terrible irony after all of my mental spiritual battles with this place. It took me out with tetanus metallic taste in the air almost feels like getting drunk. I think it's just adrenaline. Hope it is. I've been thinking of going back to rain scores for so long. I hadn't really planned it all didn't bring any twos with may just to this recorder would make terrible cat. Burglar passed piece of graffiti on my way in that read about an all hope he who enter abandon stocks rock guess people are drawn to the darkness in the world and it seems the opposite is true to. I'm walking down. The corridor at the back of the kitchen is this is a horror movie would probably be rats. Scurrying around the cat would jump out at me at some stage but birds. Don't even fly overhead here. I've seen nothing living since crossing the treasury. The battery is on. My flashlight would probably run out. But I- intentionally came here early in the morning and far too old to be afraid of the dark. This place. I'm not sure what I was expecting that. The building has not aged as naturally as one would expect. I guess on natural things are resilient to organic decay at the same time as whilst over it does not what I remember and it is far from what I had been in my mind it does. The appearance of a dementia patient was still trapped in the amber of the glory days but there is a glimmer of recognition in its is in my recovery. I practiced mindfulness. Unfortunately it was not popular at the time I've seen patients. I truly believe it would have been immeasurably helpful to them. Some of them the best description. I've heard of it is that your thoughts are like water flow and the goal is to find a place behind the waterfall. We are not are so of course. This does remind me of Elisa's assertion that Boda existed in the shadow behind the Mirror. A kind of dark. Mindfulness a malevolent consciousness that exists beyond the perceptions of reality. Maybe there is more to this world than what is reflected back to us. It seems like the Sun is setting definitely getting darker. That's impossible time is couldn't have been here all day. Just got not just leave and come back another day but I fixed my coverage to this. I think I could stomach coming back here another day. In fact I don't know how many more days my stomach will allow me to have a waiting to hear back on some tests. The doctor is not optimistic. Was never a fan of medical doctors. Socially or professionally. I find them code. The old me would have question if this obsession with. Raven scored was a distraction from the microscopic battle. Going on inside me when I have little or no control over but assist on my colon. Didn't cause a patient to go missing twenty years ago it didn't drive Alicia craziness. Early didn't write me a fucking letter. Cheeses really have that warm white wine feeling in my stomach. My head is going this girl in a red tracer the end of the corridor to get her out. I'm standing outside the door of my office. I okay where's your mom? She's looking out the window giving me the silent treatment their tattoos all over her face. Who Do this to child? Do you want to come with me? I'll take you home. She shaking. Who did that to your face. She's just staring at me. I swear every time I look away. The tattoos seem to shift on her face. I'm a doctor. It's okay you can trust him. I'm not going to hurt you. I think I'm more afraid than you are. You are you alone. She shaking you border. She shaking her head shapes on our face shift signed to moving but I can hear words titled Rewards. She's holding her hand the voices they've it'll tell me everything. I've I go with her secrets. The truth answers to get out of here if I stay on. Never leave the amount of this place in open up and swallow me want to go home now. I want to go get away with the strangest dream. Last night I dreamt that I lived in a mirror. I could only be seen when other people looked at me. I scream and scream. What new could hear me? I had to waste until they looked ravens. Stars Mark Dalton and Irene. Kelleher produced an edited epic productions distributed by Cornucopia Radio.

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