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Survivor 39 Episode 10 This Week in Survivor with Haley Strong


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You will from America for the theme to this week in survivor and I thought not that the man behind this week in survivor history was going to sing the opening lyrics like he said he was going to do just a second ago Let's find out what gives with Mr Jordan Kayla. I got cold feet and I hope you sing. It was a joke. It was uh-huh actually wanted me to say. Oh yeah talk about tweets. Yes well and it was a conversation similar to one. Ah on several months ago with Akiva Winokur who I believe is scheduled to still be a guest on this podcast. Some point this season that you said that you know with the opening lyric is in. Let's talk about twitch. Let's talk about tweets which I didn't know until talking to America about the song but yeah I guess we have had this conversation before and I'm just like bad doing my best of these point. Yeah because well will we ever had this on the podcast. This conversation was this was. This was post post recording. Maybe baby the song was called the. Let's let's talk about twists or let's talk about twitch and take a quiz. I guess that's true. We talk we talk about the weeds and and we take a quiz. Yeah all right well. I'm very excited to have this woman here with us on twitter for this week and she ah for my understand has never appeared on the quiz and we don't know why. I thought that she was not pro quiz but she says that she is so. Let's find out what's going on here with the CO host of our bachelor wrap up. Everybody knows her in terms of that being an expert `expert on all of the snack chat going on. Here is the Great Haley strong. Haley how are you. I'm doing well. Thank you for having me. Hey this is a big snapchat weak and even though I'm Canadian I am find to be quizzed about all of the American thanksgiving traditions. Hold that thought. We'll talk about that too. Yes yes so. Let's talk about your plane. Haley strong has never been on twitch. You're right I believe that's a travesty but I think I'm biased. So I've been in waiting for my call I'd say since twitch began seeing all of my friends from the divers go on twitch and like I never got the call all and I didn't like message you and be like. Hey Why am I even on twitter. Because I didn't want to forward or whatever and instead of Jordan messages me on the blue the other day and said hey you wanna be on this. What did I respond Jordan like yes finally? I'm so excited. Thank the Lord. What's the deal George Wyatt? Why haven't we ever had Haley? Take the twist quiz before so as I told as I told HAL. This explanation is that I have thought for some reason. I don't know how this happened. It was in my head that two years ago I and Message Sally about doing the quiz and she said that she was very flattered that I I asked but she was not she did not want to do the trivia however this is a conversation that never happened since the conversation that I had with somebody else and in my head or whatever the reason I attributed it to Halley so it was I guess kind of like a Bernstein Berinstain bear situation I thought I asked Clinton I thought she said no so this this season now that we're doing pinch quizzes I was like Oh perfect can have how strong we could get a pinch closer then. I looked back at our chats on twitter on facebook and I realized I have never asked her to be on the show so we don't even need offense blizzard and I just assumed that you hated me. I'm a stand I love that you do and like I. I have a tendency to be kind of you know in my real life and podcasting live to be like slightly forgotten about whatever just because you know other people come to top of mind I so I just figured like Oh. I'm not not who Jordan wants for this. I was always just kind of like. Oh okay I got it you want other like like I get it but I don't fit for waiting patiently for my call and I'm so excited that I finally got. Yeah well you're here and I will say this Halley. I I have listened. I believe two more episodes of your bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Recap than I have watched the bachelor in paradise it is episodes so I am a fan. I'm so sorry you've got to go through the city Bachelor in paradise or you listen to one and you watch zero Bachelor in paradise. Episodes sounds I watched two episodes of Bachelor in paradise this season I may be listened to four or five of the gas. Okay as long as you hit download. You don't even have to listen. And as long as there's downloading the episodes I find with that. Yeah okay all right so Haley that on behalf of Jordan Kayla. I just want to apologize again for having you on sooner I'm actually breakdown breakdown and rectify. Yeah I don't know where anyone Haley's anti quiz because I like I like quizzes. I'm not as good at it as many people you know around. But that's fine. Not everyone has to be a ton of ten. Some of us are happy being six six point five. I'm ready. I'm ready to do this. High depends on the question. Go to ball. I hear you on it. Depends on the questions on. It's been are going to be great as they as they always are all right so anyway Haley. So what's what's been going on. It's it's not. Your busy season season in terms of this is my. This is my off season for a lot of staff I my jobs are pretty crazy. I work at a seasonal restaurant and I also work in event planning and then the Bachelor and Bachelor in paradise. All that stuff happens in the summer so my summers are like Super Jam packed so October. November December is kind of like my offseason. So I'm just having a great time relaxing Ethan. I I don't know if I talked to you since this happened. Ethan I got engaged. Engage this summer right at the end they're gonNA lesions Z Q and we just got a kitten this week. So that's been a real fun fun. Funnel side project going on. But Yeah I've just been chilling grilling and whatever else rams with that zone. So what do you what do you do name. What did you name the getting? His name is Jasper so That was the name the shelter gave him him and all of his siblings. It named after twilight characters so there is Emmett Jasper Rowsley and Alice and like do toilet now. Did I think that the jobs were fit this cat. Yes so he kept it. We thought it was pretty decent one because sometimes will go into shelters and their names are going to be like a spot not keeping spot like sorry no offense to does his head turning spot just like was not for us. Whatever happened to Taylor Lautner? He's still around show he was in this really great British. Oh a couple of seasons. What's it called? Oh my God it's called Kuku to know Kuku so it's on Netflix. You should watch. It's really funny. The first season has Andy Sandberg the next couple of Taylor honor and like that's the last thing man. I don't know what he's up to like super currently but like the Google search certainly currently some things about why why are there are reasons. Why Hollywood won't cast Taylor Lautner? Yeah it seems like maybe that. Put that on the rap wheel the rise and fall of Taylor. Lautner isn't. Isn't there like a picture like a comparison picture of him. That's like one of his first Google results where it's just him and Alama and they look very similar. They talk for for a couple of months from now. Okay all right. All right we're let we got the Get into survivor. Of course we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about some some fun stuff along the way but hale age wanted to. I actually what I wanted I want to ask you about was that of course survivor. has this ongoing scandal from everything that came out of last week's episode. But what I wanted to get your take on. Was that a couple of seasons ago. I think it might have been like a year and a half ago that there was a issue where the Bachelor in paradise ended ended up having a scandal where that there was an issue during the production of Bachelor in paradise. And I know the story like anecdotally but I just wanted to see how if there's any sort of parallels between the response that ABC had in terms of handling that that situation and where we're has the network on wrong so far with this sure and so. Yeah it's going to be hurt to look back on this season with survivor and not have an not focus on this blemish and so the Bachelor in paradise situation it was within the first like two days as a filming it might have been the first night of filming. Two contestants had a lot to drink and they're getting pretty hot and heavy and then something's went down. A producer stopped it and made a complaint to the head of the company or the headed production or whatever and then they completely shut down production like so. They film usually in June for like an end of July August viewing in war. Whatever so they shut down they completely shut down production for three weeks to investigate? What happened and I think it's warner brothers? Who produces the show? ABC They had an investigation. They flew everyone home for Mexico while they completed the investigation and then they found around that it wasn't necessarily the issue they thought it was. Maybe so everyone came back and they recorded this conversation. Chris Harrison had with everybody. Everybody saying everyone's views and thoughts about what happened And what will be going on the future and some things that that are in place now because of the situation because it's it is different because people are eating and drinking and so on Bachelor in paradise which are not on survivor. So a lot of you know not not standards. But you've got to have a lot of inhibitions that just aren't argument they are are when you're sober. Yeah definitely different very much apples and oranges in terms of Of the two specific instances is this is I was just more interested to know in terms of how it was handled at the time. Hell if I remember also was did blow up really big in the news like when it happened happened as opposed to when it aired on the TV show. Yeah we're broke in in the early June time that everyone ruined got sent home and why it happens in who it was between and what was going on and then so they put rules in place. They can only have two drinks per hour if anybody wants to intercourse intercourse with somebody else. They have to go to our producer and say like yes. I want to intercourse with this person. The other person asks say the same thing like hardcore consent. They're they're really really hard core about these things and so it'll be interesting to see where survivor goes from here. If they have like you have to ask asked to touch people or hug and you know because sometimes context is key but when people are verbally saying yes or no. That's that's that's really important. It was a huge. It was a huge thing In Bachelor nation and like you say not just within Bachelor nation it blew up all across the Internet and it was hard to it was hard to figure out what was true. It wasn't a lot of people were putting putting in their opinions and they didn't really know what the show was and obviously people look down on the bachelor to begin with so her on it. Obviously I don't think think Bachelor in paradise dealt with it perfectly. Yeah it's a hard thing to deal with perfectly. But they but they tried and they put some new rules in place to in hopes that it'll never happen again. Yeah re blew up when the episode air to just to kind of like see what happened But I feel like that overall and tell me if I'm crazy that I feel like that overall it was your your news when it happened but I feel like that. It was considered that it was handled well by the production. That's hard right because everybody's perception if it was handled well is different did aiming. I believe it was handled. Well time it's the same type of controversy of of you know I. It seemed like that at least in how it was was perceived when it aired that I don't again I'm not in bachelor world. It seems like that there is a lot. What more trouble with how this situation is still being digested by the audience? As opposed to the Bachelor Situation Yeah and I think maybe it's because bachelor took such drastic steps to take care of the situation where it feels like survivor. Didn't okay and maybe that's the difference between how far on in the season they are in survivor. Where in Bachelor in paradise it was right at the beginning? Would it be different if if it happened. You know two weeks into production there or it's really hard to say but at least it felt like the bachelor did something that actually mattered where it kind of feels like survivors like we did something congratulate us. We we talk to them. We're really should have been like a one and done situation ensure again just like bachelor. It's hard to do something like this perfectly and I think I'm hoping that production is seeing the mistakes they made and I hope that they you will be Paul Genetic for it and understand why people are upset and have steps and placed that. This won't happen ever again. Yeah and it really seems like the fact that like they sent the contestants home the bathroom and I don't think that that would be necessarily be the similar way that it should be handled on survivor for a lot of different reasons but it seems like the fact that they stopped they paused and figured out like you know what was going on and did like in the case of this like all right. We're really going to get to the bottom of this before we get the game going and they were willing to like not have season. Go on and you know. That's a huge moneymaker for ABC. So the fact that they are even willing to be like. Hey like you know if it's found that like that there is some wrong going on we are fine with just canceling this and figuring it out y'all but they have to write with all the liabilities and stuff they they would they would have had to But yeah so then. They started filming again two weeks later and then the season was aired a week later than usual. I think it started started a week later than usual to be able to deal with the production. Time and stuff So yeah I think the major differences that felt like bachelor tried you. You know obviously an INS on survivor. You can't really send everybody home but we've had situations on the show before where there's been hurricane and they've kind of evacuated the people for for a day. I feel like this could have maybe entreated more like that it would have given the show more time to talk about it. More time to brainstorm. What the right thing to do? And then maybe there would have been a better the outcome and I also feel like it. Just you know now that we're we're one episode. Pass this. I feel like the show has also dropped the ball in in making making the viewers realize that this was. This was a serious thing that happened. It's something that can't just be swept under the rug and in this episode. I feel like we should have either gotten the statement at the beginning of the episode even better maybe Jeff Jeff recording a video at the beginning of the episode now that they've gotten all the reaction that they haven't handled this situation well and then you know Dan being kind of like a AH narrator in the episode. They could've easily just made him invisible. There are other people who were instrumental in the Erin Vogt. I feel like he didn't need to be such a central figure. I think they could have. Maybe not really shown Dan in a game play light. Because I mean when you think of. It's hard to look down at down now and and see your player because of what he what he did to cause this whole situation car. They've made an invisible for lesser reasons. Understand understand why he couldn't have just been invisible. Wholesome knowing that this was an issue like I don't know why like you before we were recording? We're talking about Purple Kelly like they. There's a reason she was purple. Kelly like she was visible the entire time. And that's because she spoiler alert for those who haven't gotten through survivor Nicaragua Nicaragua yet. She quit and that's why she didn't get any screen time. So why why. Dang it screen time. I don't know yeah I don't know lots of lots of questions around unanswerable questions. It's real questions playing this season. Okay all right so this week we did have our two people Go home in Aaron and Missy Haley any thoughts on John Aaron and Missy as they're out of the game this week any thoughts on air or MRI. It's hard for me to separate any of the things that went on last week with what they did earlier in the game I thought they were interesting characters. Although I didn't get much from Erin I'm not GONNA lie. MRI was an interesting very hard which is appreciated. Obviously Clichy was thinking she was trying. You love to see people like that but I think it was a very smart move to vote both these people out Jordan just to go back a couple of weeks to win that missy and Erin were part of the group that had the decision of whether or not to throw that challenge going going into the merge potentially where where ultimately they decided not to throw challenge. I feel like hindsight twenty twenty a probably a lot of things but I feel like that maybe throwing that challenge get rid of Tommy before the merge might have been a better way to go berserk. Br I'm pretty sure we made. We made that point at the time and a lot of people made that point. That was a I guess. Yeah and again this was this was such a you know this is something that they haven't. I'm done much on survivor. Before were they sort of. It's sort of almost like an like an unbridged. There's two different tribes now going to tribal council so it sort of took that for them to go home but I think they were were potentially on the ropes anyway without knowing it and yeah I think throwing the challenge in that situation would have been the right move and you do have to worry about people having idols. It's tough to throw challenge especially if you're an athlete I get that sentiment but I think it definitely would have been the right thing to do and just think Aaron made himself such a big target right by winning the first the first two immunities and then missy again. We don't know the full story because we don't you know we saw a couple of scenes where she wasn't speaking nicely to charisma but it's just it's the reason you have to play the game and Elaine who I think a great job making charisma feel comfortable was able to get you. It was able to be in the majority of that vote. Okay Haley of the people that are out there. Do you have a favorite person that you are rooting for the most in this season and Janet Janet probably the number Lancer on on the board. I think we're all rooting for Janet. I wanted to ask. Oh that I've seen a lot of love for Nora and a lot of love for charisma do you feel like do people have to pick one or the other her to be a stay of Nora or charisma no I think I think he can stand any want to you. Know they're just completely different players and people and so it would be hard to be like. Aw I can only pick one or the other. You're the hate each other but that's fine. You know. We stand people on opposite sides for. I think it's a good rivalry. Georgia are you more of a team. Nora or team charisma. I mean in this episode. I think overall oh I've been more more Nora than charisma but more because of the entertainment factor than the actual gameplay factor but in this game I was actually pretty impressed by Norris. She was the one that we saw driving the vote I again. We don't know on the island who who is really in charge there. But the show gave Credit Sonora. I don't we shouldn't give credit to Nora for that. Vote and I think Charisma Rish morale. There were some parts of of the episode that were good for for her. She found the idol. Obviously she didn't play it unnecessarily at tribal council so she still has it she was able. We'll get out who she was starting to see an adversary. But I just think if I were a juror. And I witnessed the conversation between Charisma mm-hmm and missy where even though missy came out a little bit. She came out strongly. She didn't make charisma. Feel comfortable as she should have. But if I were to see that conversation encouragement is sort of you know missy said. Don't bite the hand that feeds you missy was actually trying to not get charisma voted out. I think charisma. Even if she didn't like the way that missy was talking to her should've it of maybe played more strategically and not had the the kinds of outbursts that he did and you know sort of walked away from the conversation so as far whereas the social game there I wasn't so impressed by Rish MMA but again I mean with the way it is right now. I think she's one of the people who's done the least objectionable Asia objectionable on the show. Okay I want to have a couple of clips that I didn't get to play from during during the week. I thought I saw Hailey that Nora. Got A lot of props four. She's demonstrating the way that survivors Should be going about getting consent before initiating physical contact on the show not voted tonight. Congratulations course yeah. Nura got some other players didn't say I didn't realize that we've needed to be doing. I didn't I didn't understand what they were saying in the production meeting Nora gets it. Yeah but then Elaine. No she's goes Jeff. Can I have a hug to a says. She has them but then kisses. I'm like no so if you tweeted during the episode Nora S Jeffrey. She could hug him before she did it. You see that down Hashtag survivor and I actually got thirteen. Hundred likes on that tweet. Which I think is my most awful viral superstar Jordan? Earn Galas over here. Maybe that's why I never got the call. 'cause you were trying to Hollywood me. Well no I made the call in the week that I got the other thirteen hundred now. I've gone big time so now I'm big enough to have Halle strong is against Da and then Nora at that first tribal council that there was some conversation about like what is what is Janet means that the group and this was another clip. That really made me laugh. Here's nor talking about Janet at Tribal Council Talk Jen. She's my mommy. Try that the wage. She's not she's not a girl she's a she's not a hot take at all. But if you're you're over twelve you should not be calling people mommy or unless it's ironically. ooh ooh Mommy. Mommy like how would uh-huh why. Why was that even flying? Yeah what a gem is also missy had an interesting interesting exit from the game in that Second Tribal Council what you make of Mris extended exit. I loved it. I love some good theater. You know what I get if people in Lincoln why they didn't like it but me personally fan I do. I want to see it in every episode having this after kind of breakdown like no do I think it works well for MRIs character. Absolutely I big Fan. Okay I find with that all right after missy ended up finally going and getting her torch snuffed. She talked about her experience. And this is how she described being voted out of the game on the scale of Dope nece getting blindsided doesn't negatively geico negatively dope to get blinds on the scale of doping. Hell you know about the scale of Dope Ness of course. Yes yes so it goes. Negativity is it negatively dope to decently. Dope is that what the scale is. Yeah so I think it negatively dope Tillich sorted out to decently to doped extra dope all the way to the top it's it's de facto. Push Ashtrays hopeless. Hope it then. Then hope is though during the way that she's has said decently dope over the course of this. I feel like that decently. Dope is better than dope. I think well yeah no I think you might be right even though it usually if you qualify something with the word decently. It's worse than if you just say the actual thing but yeah I think in in the MRI scale on the MRI SCALL- decently dope is more dope than hell. I would go. Negative negative than just plain in. Dove decently. Haley Uber. Dope dope feels like eighty percent. We're out feels like one hundred percent though also dope if is all the way better than decently okay. Yeah because it's like full Volvo job it's like it's decently. Joe We're we're like dope it's like sold out. This is why we need missy exit press and we can now find out all right email. Okay so we'll have to go on based on for our lack of information here after that we will say that DOPE IS BETTER THAN decently doping than negative negative dope is negatively. Dope is the worst and so- Haley really as our snack chat expert. I was wondering if we could throw out and the traditional Thanksgiving foods for you and you could tell dope scale on the scale of negativity dope to doe. Tell us about some of these foods. Now when when of course famously Canadian Haley strong a Canadian thanksgiving is it all the same food. Is there any differences. You know. It's pretty much the same except I'd say we don't have sweet potato casserole. Okay what what do you have a replacement staple no relief relieve. I think it's like sort of a thing here but like not as much of a thing. Okay all right. We just didn't candidate don't put marshmallows on quite this much stuff as you guys do in the states not bad all right Hailey Turkey. Okay as as the nucleus the Thanksgiving dinner is a decently dope dope dope on Turkey. Okay I feel like Turkey gets a lot of hate you know and it does and I've heard a lot of justification on why does I am just a fan of Turkey. I love it. Okay I it also a trip to Turkey. Okay there you go all right. I love Turkey either. A big Turkey legs like one of my favorite things. The image of you with a giant Turkey leg makes me. He's at medieval times to every every thanksgiving. I've ever been to me with a plate of other stuff just holding the Turkey leg like nine in then using other hand sides it's a site okay. All right Hailey. cranberry sauce super super dope beyond indecently Dell. It's my favorite. It's my favorite part. And Like I. Like I like homemade cranberries. I love jellied Kramer. Jelly where are you just like. Pour it out and it comes out in the shape of the Canon came in my God. My favorite uh-huh yeah. That might be the best the best on the history of this podcast. Wow I could get a lot of hate about it like I did from my. Oh my my Bagel take and how I say beg or on Yeah. We do say Bagel wrong but the race as I wanted to say Bagel but but the Jelly cranberry sauce is way. Better than any HOMEMA- cranberries Haley. Remind me what was the the Bagel take of there. Were there was something going on in the world. There was like a Bagel. There was a bagels. Were trending on twitter for some reason right. I don't remember her at Dickey's like message and being like ask Haley why she doesn't legals bagels. Were hot for some reason. Maybe Yeah Yeah. Yeah this year at Thanksgiving my mom says does she brought a can. She was bringing it again. I said Great. She gave me the cranberry sauce. I was worried because there was one canterbury sauce and there was ten people coming to my house. I was like non going to be an grammar so I went to the store on Thanksgiving. Got Another KANTA cranberries. Okay and then. My Dad comes uh-huh later and he's like I brought another cranberries Jessica rate. We have so many cranberries now and we went through all. Wow Okay Haley. Here's what I do. Okay so I take I take one of the delicious dinner rolls. I put a layer of Turkey on it layer of mashed potatoes and then a layer cranberry sauce. Eat It. Like San okay. That's that's usually my day after Thanksgiving when when this just like the white meat leftover I I usually go white meat. It on some bread stuffing and the members. Amazing all right Hailey so instead of me quizzing you could you tell. Is there any thanksgiving. Thanks giving food that is negatively dope stuffing stuffing on staffing. I just don't love the texture but throws me off it's always kind of like wet and mushy sometimes. The flavors are a little too strong. When really I just WANNA focus on that cranberries anyway? Yeah I don't love stuffing I'm very reserved with my gravy. I just like a little side dish so I can do a casual dip like I'll take my little Turkey sandwich originally dip it in the gravy. But I don't want gravy all over my plate I want to choose. How much gravy is associated with my dinner? What else I do like sweet potatoes without sometimes? My mom makes regular mashed potatoes with sweet potato delicious. We often do roasted veg thing with like turnips and other turn up like vegetables. And then like Brussel sprouts. And I hate Brussels sprouts so like I don't want that Is there anything missing. We're GONNA any dessert dessert. Dessert dope or negatively DOPE I. I didn't think Pumpkin Pie was dope until pretty recently dope super dope and I'm not like decently double the Guy My dope I'm decently dope. I'm compiling decently joke now. What about Pecan Pecan Pie? Because for me pecan Pie superdome. I don't think I've ever had a full peace of Pecan Pie but I think for me it is. It is very sweet and the the one thing I want to not not a dessert. What about butternut squash soup? I like it if it's is I. Whoever makes it put some salt in it? Because then I'll find out a little too sweet Yeah so that's yeah that's up for that. They had my my cousins butternut squash. It's very okay all right. Let's back contract full down the butternut squash squash soup rabbit hole. Okay Super Note. All right there you go marshmallows on his side dish. By the way all right and would eat that. I'm not normally a big marshmallow fan but I don't mind it on the sweet potatoes but let let's get this back to survivor a little bit and let's talk about what's going on in the world of social media. We actually have some interesting stuff to talk about this week. And so let spring thing in our social media segment and back with us this week to go into our social media. Here's the Great Jacob. SEGER Weinstein tweets Tapie tweet planets. Jad Van den it Janet that you're singing long-tailed yeah okay all right Hailey. We have some wedding news this weekend to mention. I am so excited about this. Okay I love you know. I'm I talked about the bachelor. I love love like I love a good love story. Love a good love story. We have have a great one to talk about because this weekend Mr Joing Lum and Fan Favorites Sierra Don Thomas tied the Knot Haley congrats to them. I'm I'm genuinely happy for them. Still thinking about this couple makes almost no sense to me. But I'm so happy about what makes no sense about them. It's almost like I don't know why the world from day one like. Why did it take like four years for this this to happen? I don't know I don't they just make no sense to me but I'm so happy. They found each other earn love and want to get married. Yeah Yeah so yeah. Congratulations to Joe and Sierra. Lots of great pictures from the JOE and Sierra wedding a ton one of the season thirty cast looks like was out there for that. So congratulations to one person from Bachelor in paradise who. I can't remember someone told. Let me and I can't remember it. Was Somebody from Bachelor in paradise over a graduates currency Dr France. So that makes sense. I think that's Joe and Sierra. So congratulations on. How many married survivors do we have? Haley is this a part of the top of my head probably rob and Amber Robin amber. These two yeah the survivor Africa people among Kelly. And so someone. Yes so Kelly Kim It's not Kelly. Kim It's Kim Powers is married to Alex Bell from the Amazon. There's the survivor China. Was Eric Hoffman. And Jamie do GIN Janey. Yeah yes and then. I know we're going to get dragged for this now that I opened this can of worms Nicole de la me in the cold of course and then. I'm Whitney winning Keith. Are They married when she was on that address. Okay all right. I wasn't. I wasn't sure if the to Oughta know has gotten invited so okay so with the Keith. And are there any other ever weddings. There has to be feel like. We're we're missing some. I mean of course. Lots of survivors get married but how many survivors have been married to each of John. John and Poverty Jonah Poverty. Okay Okay Yeah Yeah yes okay. Yeah to me the at least on paper the Joe and Sierra one is is way more easy to see than the John in poverty. But I'm happy I like. I like them both okay. I agree with you there. Station and Rachel Count. Well I'm trying to think they can't it. We're married on the one that John John and Jacqueline Okay I guess I think it counts. I think accounts. Don't you know you can meet on Rachel Apostle to drag on twitter Jordan. I don't think Rachel Apostles GonNa drag. Okay all right so congratulations to Joe and Sierra for all that okay we talked. It's a little bit about Nora. Nora had some great if not tweets then re tweets because this week Nora had the opportunity you too not just win immunity but also to win. PB and J. for her tribe Haley quickly weigh in on PB and J.. I like it. Yeah it's a classic. Would I stand on a platform for extra time for. I don't think so. Oh you would give you a jump golf like Nora. I would probably forget to. I think like you haven't eaten Ceylon. You forgot you're just excited you one thing I get it. Yeah the people. There would have remembered that there is a reward part of the challenge but didn't Jeff not even state that until the talented started. someone was out when he when he said that they were going to attach the reward. I might be wrong about that but I take. TB J. Person Okay so on Nora's twitter the of course. The great at Nora knows best one she had some interesting re re tweets after this past episode that Nora had tweeted or re tweeted somebody a person named own my days on twitter at Kalija underscore. T- nora dozen give a F. Word about that. PB and J. Hashtag survivor with a Gif of beyond say just sort of like you so you just put a hand through her hair not caring for got someone did make a point in the in the Patriot group that it was actually actually from a strategic standpoint. Even though I don't think she did a strategically it may have been a good thing for Nora not to win the challenge outright because he doesn't look like as much of a challenge threat going forward but I think she's just was was being nora and forgot but we got some again like amazing. TV Out of it. So it's worth it for us. Yeah she nora. Nora did not care and then also on top at that then she had another re tweet about this same part of the episode. Where Nora retweeted somebody else all is well? Add good life forty nine said no dean did not open his mouth to say that nor could have won them. PB and J. and and have the nerve to sound annoyed after he didn't Win S. word for them boy by ended Hansie. Dan Actually actually call her stupid and then she has a gift of a boy by fine I mean they should have lasted longer if they if they wanted immunity and they wanted their drive to win a reward. They should have lasted longer. I do understand in the moment being Being disappointed that again. Is it really great like a Gregg. But you're really playing a great social gaming or calling someone stupid and pointing out that they could have won. You think at that point you want to try to keep it as quiet as possible. I don't know but are the shady re tweets from Nora. Haley is adding to the legend of Nora. Absolutely this feels like quintessential on her good on Golan nor keep keep the shady re tweets coming because superdome salute absolutely if you can't say segment Shady Nora Shady nor retweets because it's really great then. I want to talk about another another suddenly spicy of twitter conversation and at least still funds by there. There was some talk about survivor. Goats about the you know the Goat Kentucky and the goat army going far into the season and in Haley of the Great Ron Clarke had something to say about goats and Ron Clark asked for future survivor. Contestant and Ron Clarke had said to the next crop of individuals to play at survivor. CBS Get out the goats. I we beg of you and and there seems to be some sentiment from the rest of the cast of survivor thirty eight. That seemed to agree with him. I Julia Carter had done the twitter Hashtag goat hunting. People wanted Seems like that. War Dog was onboard with getting rid of the goats but it it turned out that Julian Rosenberg really took offense to that She responded not all of us quote. Beg of you nothing about survivor as easy. He anyone who makes it to the end deserves to be there period. Maybe divisive should be if you WANNA be sitting on. The jury learned to play just slightly less aggressively. Do Do you think that we could see. A future. Season Haley of goat's versus not copes. I don't think we see this season but I think that all the goats would end up at the end quote unquote goats. Listen I would be so of moist choice. Supportive of those people and I agree like you made it to the end. You made it to the end for a reason like I think you should get some Kudos for that so the leave it there may not be how other people would have wanted to make it there but you made it there and they didn't so yeah Aurora. She weighed in and said again. If you're calling someone to go you're too who busy judging people rather than figuring out how to make it to the end. There's one right way to play survivor. Make it to the end. If you don't nothing else matters you lost. Yeah Yeah and like I feel like if you got a goat early someone else would emerge as the go like I feel like whoever is at the bottom there's always gonna the goat are perceived as the go Yeah I'm Pro Jordan. I think I would be If I if I played again I it would be like. Hey look let's let's just all take out the goats. Let's all go far. Boats I think is sort of a relative term I think A. Goat to somebody body could be a winner in a different situation and I think a good example of this is Spencer who got no votes when he went to the end of Cambodia however if he had gone to the end of coggin on he would've been a definitely a contender to win the game. So I think being a goat is situational. I think if you are if you're playing rate aim and you're able to kind of pull people long you get to the end with with other contestants that the jury views have as not playing strategically or not playing socially then. Yeah they're goats. You're you're going to get the votes but a goat is also someone who who can still your spot and it could be dangerous to have all these these people around who nobody wants to vote out so I think there's a balance. I think that there are goten survivor. I think there's some people who no matter what they do would have a very hard time winning survivor. But I also think someone there's people who could win one season and and have no chance on another season so I think it's relative all right there you go all right Hailey are llamas. There are a lot of bombers in survivor. Yes Haley Javid Whitson tweet it out. I might light also. Do this responded. Sorry Gavin Whitson responded to a tweet from Saudi named multi. That said GonNa tell my kids. He won survivor. Thirty eight with a picture of Gavin Gavin. Said I might do this and the TV will always mess up right before that. Final Tribal Council. So I wanted to ask you. Did you have any good. I'm gonNA tell my kids. Survivor means queued up now. Oh my gosh. Sorry no I feel prepared for this. Any goods gets me. I did want to do. I thought this was too hot for twitter but I did want to do one of two to one get a picture of of a my friend Dan. Liu and say I'm going to tell my kids. This is survivor Dan. I'm going to tell my kids. That Michelle Fitzgerald is the best ass. Whatever okay I 'cause I think she's completely underrated? So is that how that marks. I'm going to tell my kids. This is the best survivor winner. Ever and then picture of Michelle Fitzgerald. Yeah that's like I also had a survivor out. I'm young and hip mine is all around is unrelated. It's going to be. I'm GonNa tell my kids that this guy won survivor Amazon and then of course it's going to yeah picture of Matt Bonner filter. Yes there you go I feel like the rams yeah. I feel like that you could do something with Blake towels. -Ly I think there's opportunity for you to bring that back Jordan. I think so. I'm going to brainstorm this after we record. You're listening to this. They're say again Haley. I don't want people to think shading Michelle wasn't your shading. Michelle seem sincere. Seemed very sincere. Okay good okay. Good I just WANNA make. I'm worried that this was a sarcastic. Take that you are that you don't know me okay. Disagree Pro Republican okay. All right I'm GONNA get dragged for untold right now. Okay take it easy on Jordan. Everybody all right Bret Lebel. I don't really. I don't really get dragged that much on twitter. It's somewhat right twitter. We'll come on. What are you what are you waiting for all right? Bret La Belle says Nora says F.. PB and Jay bitches. So I don't know if that bread is sort of the residents survivor snack chat expert that he seems like that he's pro. Jay seems like he's not complaining about like we have you ever had the PB and J. in Fiji. He's he's not he's playing a game. Yeah if anybody wants to take me to Fiji so I can try that I'm now it's not like the pizza and and then price as A. I had a good tweet of help. Wayne Charisma was being spoken to about her health by the other players players. He says they didn't care when she cut her hand but now they want to call the doctor so good job by price. Okay okay all right. We're going to finally get to see if Hailey has what it takes in this week in survivor history quiz but first let me take a moment and thank our sponsor than those our friends over at DC universe because if you love he's viewed love love DC movies shows and comic books. We've got good news for you. DC Universe the ultimate DC membership is offering a special fourteen day free trial to or listeners. Visit DC UNIVERSE DOT com slash. podcast One and use Promo Code Rob Podcast to start your free trial. DC Universe has has so much to offer including the action packed original series like doom patrol young justice outsiders swamp thing and tighten season two. It doesn't stop there. The highly anticipated adult animated series Harley Quinn Premiers on November twenty nine tune into C- Harley voiced by Kaley cocoa break things off with the joker and ED attempt to make it on her own. will she be the newly liberated queen pain of Gotham city catch new episodes on Fridays. 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Let's get to our this week in survivor history quiz. I'm so nervous now. Twitch push okay all right take it away Jordan Kayla Ish. Yes this is don questions. You've never gotten dragged ragged on twitter. I mean what's your definition of drag and I've gotten I've gotten tweets that like some of my questions. were slightly poorly word. Maybe but I don't think that's drags I mean. No one's ever said anything horrible to twitter. I feel people get. I feel like people get dragged way worse than I do and I think on a on a weekly basis I think the response at least the thing is people could sub tweeting me. Maybe like sub tweet drags. I haven't searched by my name without my like atrazine Caylao after the show. Yeah we'll see how that turns out so maybe getting dragged but at least the tweets that are directed at me or are typically positive and often when they're not they're constructive so keep keep coming at me. Hey guys. So here's here's the quiz and this is a long time in the making with the Heli strong who should have been against a long time ago. We have four multiple choice questions. You each each get to answer two of them if you answered if you get the the options you can only get one point but you cannot steal if you go for to your opponent could steal a point if you're wrong and then we'll go to the final round in which both of you can receive points. The four categories that we have today are cookie adjacent Losers what do we say to the survivor. God's not today and let's go to rocks. Okay hello you go. I guess you get to choose. I kind of gopher cookies adjacent. We're going to survive or nothing tastes better than five hundred dollars from November twentieth. Two thousand eight eleven years ago Wednesday and I believe how you're you're very close to the situation so the bone auction is known for the cookie incident involving sugar and Randy but other stuff happened to one is sealed note. It ended up being an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Gosh okay so now if I answer it if few answers out here and you're right you get to but rob has a chance to steal right. I'm GONNA GO Kenny. And he he is. Okay all right. Can I hear the question wartime. Yes so the question is good. Bone auction is known for the cookie. Incident involving Chagrin Randy. But other stuff happened to one a sealed note that ended up being an advantage and the next immunity challenge Sealed note that ended up being an advantage. I'll say Bob it was not bob. Corinne Kaplan okay. So yeah it was one of the advantages where it gets. That's you to the final round but then you still have to people so she she did not win a minute there unfortunately neither foul Yup and it is rob Ob Stern. We have Losers what do we say to the survivor. God's not today and let's go to rocks. Let's go to rocks okay. Let's go to Russia millennials versus Gen X.. Million Dollar Gamble from November twenty third two thousand sixteen three years ago Saturday on the famous rock draw. That sent Home Future Y.. X. Lost Host Jessica Lewis. Zekan Hannah were immune. Due to the fact they were the two players that received the tide votes Jay was also immune since he won the immunity challenge who else at the rock drill was immune and therefore did not draw Iraq. Okay somebody else was immune The I will say I'm going to guess and I'm going to say that it was Hannah. Anna is incorrect. So Hell you get to steal point okay. Selenium versus Gen-x. Let me put myself in that place. Who was there was was David if it is incorrect the answer was Ken McNicoll because David Played His idol on then he thought that adamant thought that he overheard That Ken was GonNa get the votes. I think actually on the podcast the next week. Sunday and of Not The credit for so yes you also also get zero points on that. So we have two more categories we are tied and Heli you can either choose glues irs or you can choose. What do we say to the survivor? God's not today today that one what do we say. Okay we're going to blood versus water. Big Bad Wolf November twentieth two thousand thirteen six years ago Wednesday who came in first place in the first post merged redemption island truly winning the right to give away an idol clue to someone still in the game. Can you marite that. Who came in first place? In the first post merged redemption islands rule and this is not the season redemption island. This is the first redemption island tour of blood versus water. Winning right to give away an idol clue to someone still in the game. Who Was it Tina? But I don't think it was because I think she didn't like outright. They win any of those until the very last one when actually mattered. Who would have been out? Who went out? Who went out John? Coach John Cody is not correct. Rob You can still appoint okay. This is so much fun and we don't hear the multiple choices I believe it was Vitas is correct. You remember who he gave the note to I was. I was eliminated that point. This is not for an extra point but you could. If you could figure this out. Did he give it to Katie eighty you did give it. Acadian is actually the first time in a while that the person who received a note actually kept it in do not throw it in the fire because she was at the bottom at that point so rob you have a swindler. As long as she did not find the idol and Sara Houston actually tricked her into telling her that she didn't have a great seen us. Oh Rob you get the last question. This is losers. We're going to survivor Samoa. The day of reckoning November nineteenth two thousand nine ten years ago Tuesday. We all remember at the Samoa. Final Ten shambo sided with the evening. The numbers to five to five in that ostrich on venture flipped against Laura on the revote in order to avoid Iraq draw he was also docked on Pi also and was. He was stoked on pecan Pie who flipped his. Vote from you're never gonNA remember what I said. Here flipped his vote from in other words. WHO DID HE GLUE ALLIANCE MINUS Shambo? Vote for we need to read that again. Yeah yeah this version who did at the final final ten John Ventures opposed as okay so the final it'll ten shambo sided with the pope was. It was a five five vote. John fincher flipped against Laura on the revolt in order to avoid ARACA. Who did he flipped his vote from in other words? Who did he glue alliance alliance minus Shambo? Vote for Okay I will say that I like this then. We don't get the multiple choice and I'll give Haley the chance to get it if I get a wrong. So I'll say for Russell was incorrect. I think they voted for. Mac is also incorrect. MIC was. It was Natalie They tried to vote for for Natalie. Natalie yeah so she would have actually been been safe if they hang onto their so rob. You're going to go into the final round with a one zero lead and and I can't believe he didn't touch on this during these social media segment but a former former twist contest in Zeke Smith started a great hashtags week. Remember when Josh Wigley and this game is called Hashtag ask tag remember when joss witter. So I'm going to ask you a question about Josh takes from this week in survivor history. It's GonNa there's GonNa be a multiple choice of two so there's going to be a and B and you have to give me the right answer so you are trailing the way that this works. If if we're still tied up tied after four responses we're going to go to a tiebreaker. If you get when wrong you can't in any more points on this question Haley. If you're wrong on this question you automatically lose the game couple. Thanks Haley do you think. Will this be the reason. The Jordan gets dragged for this question for forcing me to lose with hysterical this game. Why is this not what's wrong with this game I don't know could be arbitrary? I think people like it. Also Russell Hands that. He responded to the goat conversation that Ron Clark started. He said why would they do that when they think they should be able to. BEAT THEM DOT DOT DOT Russell. Who famously lost OSU Sandra? Who he said was not sure why? He wouldn't be more in agreement with Ron Clark. Also Russell's pin tweet is. I think I'd be good at finding infinity stones. If I think it's your rob I think would be finding infinity stones. I think that he's found all those idols. I think I think you're right. It would be good. I think Thai would be good. Yeah L. E. Mail you mean on the goat stuff now. What's your pin tweet? It's it's just my link to the Patriots video that I posted. I was very excited about it when I when I posted it. It talks about how that I made a lot of podcast. Yes in two thousand sixteen and while it's a link to the video which I'm still proud of the pin tweeden's terribly dated. It's just has a ton of likes in re tweets and I wish I could edit it so why can't you just say tweet the video again. I make that your pin tweet. Yeah I got so much such a great response to that specific tweet endured end. Do you just change every week. I whenever whenever we released a podcast they make that link to that the Stang. Yeah it is a good idea. Now it's thinking Danza next week. It's going to be sure to go. I can't wait to re tweet that. Yeah I feel like you guys are stalling here. Hoping who's a quiz all right. Let's go let's go into this cell. You need to get this question first of all you need to pick a number between one through four to decide the order three okay. Okay during David Versus Goliath. which two things did Josh tweet are? Extremely Shit Hey. Angeline is negotiations with probst and her constantly bringing up the rice be the survivor editors visually dividing the island into Christian sectors and Mike White saying cats. Hey is incorrect. The answer is just shit survivors visually dividing Ireland into Chris Sectors and Mike White saying cats so unfortunately halley you finish with a score of zero. The final scores one zero. Let's see if rob would have gotten his question now. Is this just based off the Jesuit twitter. This is well. There's Josh Williams twitter and there's one question from from podcast. I had a little more respect when I thought that you'd gone back. And listen to a bunch of PODCASTS. From this I mean we already ready. Did that with with this week and Robin icky and that was a lot of work. Yeah that was that might have been the closest. You came to getting dragged by twitter. Maybe you know what I've heartache. I've I listened to that podcast. I've been very behind you standby on. Rene I stand by it. I think it was a great podcast. It was I mean. Do I think it's the greatest of of all time. No I think maybe the royal rumble is is my favorite ran out. But I think it's above average episode. Because I made the questions that he was this way this week in Robin Akiva was that an above average that on the scale of negativity dope to dope. How dope was this week and Robin Akiva? The featuring Jordan Kayla's I haven't made it to that one yet I was so upset with my placement in the royal rumble. I need to take a break. Okay all right so rob would you. You have gotten this question right according to actually let me do this. I'm not going to do the next one. I want some better on the wiggle room. To What Tribal Council survivor history did Wigley compared John Hennigan boot was Eh Philip Shepherd and Karen Moen or be savage in Cambodia I'll say it was the savage in Cambodia that is correct. He said that John Hannity knows John. Lynch pin of that alliance just like savage was the linchpin of the by John Strong Alliance and when he went out. It's sort of allowed that to the fall. Apart I think Phillip Sheppard probably thought he was the most important member of his alliance and that he was keeping thinks together but it was really only. Eric flipped on that vote. Once the three Amigos pulled off the pulled out that move so I think it was a good point and Hashtag I. I remember anymore anymore. Josh questions a couple more your real quick okay. According to Josh. Tadashi twitter what happened in survivor. San Juan del Sur. That made him stand up and shout. Oh Shit for the first time. This season a Jeremy's blindside be stick to the plan incident I'd say stick to the plan do agree or or disagree with ROB. I was going to say that it was actually Jeremy's blinds and the last one that I have during survivor. Philippines Jesuit tweeted. If you're a Hashtag survivor fan and then you need to listen to you. Need to listen to Rochester. Knows interview with Blink was Blink Boston rob or Jeff probst. I think it was Boston. Rob Do you agree or disagree. I would've said Jeff Ropes. It was Jeff probst question and yes you could've rabbi. You did do both of those interviews during Philippines Rob. I believe was in was in October though. Okay there you go all right there this week. This is what the future this week in this week in this weekend. Rob His podcast. Okay all right. Do you have any other questions for Haley. Strong Jordan Haley. Since this is the first time I know it's a travesty. But this is the first time that you've been on twitch who was the first survivor you followed on twitter. Who is the first I survivor player followed on twitter? What a great question? Oh my gosh I have no idea. I remember the first survivor player that that follow me on twitter twitter now it was like it's three three-month like right when I started watching survivor and I will tweet about it and then he found me somehow and followed me. I don't know what followed him back. Wow which on twitter I wanNA find Bush. Okay but who. Who's the first survivor? That that you fall onto I gosh hint that I think we'll give it away. Oh you know the answer. He goes out of the bushes on twitter. Follow Him which is Sir Tweet is October twenty fifth twenty thirteen? Hello I have forgotten the etiquette. tweeting how do I re tweet. At Amanda Cannon Girl at Andrea L. McDowell. One person re tweeted that okay. Okay so this isn't necessarily the first one. I followed on twitter. This is just who like I said I have currently me following. This is yeah. I guess if you had I guess if you follow the survivor contestant and you can follow them they wouldn't be on this list correct And then is it rob. It is rob okay season. Everyone refers to with survivor Amazon. Bush season who was the first survivor. You follow twitter that that was not a WHO that is not currently on this podcast. My Gosh who would it if it is a twist alumnus when Who could it have been? ooh Gosh I am during blink. Maybe like Kim Spradlin. W4 Patankar on twitter. What do you think this is Andrew Wilkie? Oh okay all right okay Jordan. Anything else for Haley. I think we're all we're all alright. Haley what a pleasure was to get the catch up with you. Are you hoping that Jordan Kayla will call you again and get you back on twitch and and and so so that you can answer a question correctly in your next time on twitch first of all how dare you. Yeah that I'll just become coming third co host here. Yeah I can tell you have so much fun and I failed miserably. Obviously but I feel one okay. Who wants nothing win? We'll greet time being risky. And but not using the multiple choice. But I really don't think multiple choice that have helped me at all. Yeah okay all right. Here's another another Bush. Lockley tweet but I never burn that down L. O. L.. RT AT JEFF probst Hashtag survivor the fire at tribal Israel. It's very hot on tribal council because of a fire. It is harder awful. It is hot. Okay Haley Duva wedding date. Say Do October third of next year. Okay okay all right. It's all it's all happening. It's it's crazy I can't plea convince somebody to marry me and also good job on scheduling pulling your wedding for the bachelor slow season. He I was thinking ahead. That wasn't that wasn't very smart. I I needed to have it and not the busy season you know. Of course you can follow the great age strong underscore on social media also on Instagram at H.. Underscore don't forget that underscore. Yeah sorry I want to follow me on the joke to us. If you want to follow me you could follow me at Bush. Luckily Luckily on twitter another book at Jena Maresca. And at Ethan's on so you guys. I'm celebrity apprentice. How is the pizza? Okay there you go which is watching closely. This is from March eleventh. Two thousand eleven. Okay all right though. We don't need the historical deep dive to butch lock lease twitter her although maybe if you want to come up with a good. I'm going to tell my kids for them. Bring Back Hashtag remember when when Bush likely all right and they're having faded shelter all right Jordan kayless. He's on he's on a roll here at Jordan keilor's never been dreading toilets just like get just like how like Halley. Thanks giving all right there you go all right Hailey. Thank you so much looking forward to catching up. Of course we just speaking of Rene up that we talked about how the Jordan Kayla had one of the most negatively dope episodes in the history of the podcast when he talked about the golden girls season season. Three episode seven Haley. Are you a golden girls watcher. I had seen a few episodes but I am not a continuous watcher. Show Chow season. Three episode episode of for an APP was like one of the dope which I believe it was Yeah it's certainly was where we talked about the A.. chiller liked about it was it was dope or decently doped depending on how the scale better that was better than this week in Robina. I look at this objectively guy. Of course thank you guys so much for listening and we're back with news AF and hopefully from what I understand. The return of Stephen Fishbach to survivor know it alls this week. But I will confirm that with with Stephen Heading into Wednesday night. Thank you so much for listening to the good one by

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