Mr. Robot | Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: "406 Not Acceptable"


Mister robot fees in four four. Oh six not acceptable is over has been for a little while but we are just getting started. Started here on post show recaps catching up a little bit late. But we're coming in hot with a baseball bats in hand to size up this past week of Mister Robot. Stop Down for some other feedback. That's leftover from four zero five. I'm joined here by the man. The myth the legend. I wasn't going to say the little B word because you're certainly not that Antonio Missouri. I just right here. I have some Christmas in a cup for you. Sweep government yeah. It's Great Ashby word. Word wouldn't call me that and I'm not tied up. I'm not being tortured there aren't fables being sprayed around my head. We're here to podcast. We're here to talk about certainly a hot button episode of Mister Robot. But we're here to talk about the season as a whole we're reaching the midway point. Christmas is almost here. Christmas has come in many ways but we have not got to Christmas night yet. It seems like we're about to reach a breaking point on a couple of things so we thought this would be a good place to stop down and talk about the season as a whole as well as episode six with Jessica with which just aired all right. So let's let's let's start there before before we start looking broadly at where we are in the season You know just. We're pulling in for feedback from this week. There's plenty of ways to get your feedback into intas. We've got an email address. MISTER ROBOT AT EPO show RECAPS DOT com. That's M. R.. ROBOT PUSHER RECAPS DOT COM. You can always tweet at us as well APP OSHA RECAPS AT AC Missouri's Antonio I'm at round Howard and one of the one of the first takeaways when I was like scrolling through some of the feedback was I had seen a note from your friend in mind. The Great Brendan Fitzpatrick who remarked. That this episode was trending towards being one of his least favorite episodes of Mister robot given and some of the dark energy about this episode. I don't know about worst episode. Ever Mister Robot deals harsh harsh harsh indictment to be making certainly certainly disclose to the episode. I would say probably for me. The weakest of the season so far though not without complexity and not without material to really sink our teeth into do but Antonio this is what I believe is referred to as a chess pieces episode. Right this is like some board setting. That's going on here in six. We're definitely moving pieces into positions that they need to be for the next dramatic moments to arise but I sort of felt like we were doing that In the last episode sodas well to an extent. Although not like this this this last episode was a was of course the big heist. It was wordless but it was the highest and was its own thing we needed the characters to complete it so that we could get them to the next moment but we found so many great things within the context of that even though Krista story was about Christa Christa being captured or DDP story was about DDP ultimately needing to find Elliott and and Darlene Darlene. And Elliot store was about executing executing the hack there were these emotional beats in the in. The process of that in this episode is not without those as well but it really feels like the payoff from the events of this episode. has yet to really come. And I think what last episode did really well was the payoff of for example Elliott Elliott putting his hand on Darlene at the end of all latte putting his hand on hers and that emotional moment they shared came within the context of that episode. A what was going on with Philip price came within the context of that episode. This it just feels like now. We have to see what happens. Ultimately as a result of everything that happened with KRISTA and Vera. Now we have to see what happens ultimately as a result of everything that happened with Darlene and DDP so a lot of these payoffs they just seem to be pushed at least one episode further down the line and I think that's great because so much tension was built in this episode however ever because some really dark turns were taken shifting. The payoff away from this episode. I think does leave. People feeling certain type of way about the episode and it does make people feel like like overall it was dark or things ultimately weren't achieved or the ball wasn't moved far far enough down the field to necessarily justify the tension or difficulty faculty that we faced. I mean we can't really hide from the fact that as Mister Robot articulates throughout the course of this episode Elliott crosses a major line. Somebody call it the Walter White Light Line some might say this is a point of no return considering the actions that he took it literally Corp The valley the Lily Court Lil e Corp of the Valley. I see what you did. There was great. It was great. Yeah it could be. I mean it could be justified. If you feel that way is certainly one of those things where like a Rohrschack test. It's depends on how you read. It is what you see in Elliott's actions here Elliott's Justifications Ring Hollow. They don't stay for me and they don't even say Mister robot but he crosses the line very clearly here and what we don't see is the payoff for that line and I'm not sure we will feel good about the payoff. I'm not sure taking certain people off the board and breaking bad was justification for some of Walter's actions and I'm not sure that there wasn't a better way to do this with Elliot but was there so we sastre way. was there a faster way Antonio. That's yeah the speed seemed to be what he was most concerned about. Not The downer. I guess they're not the not the opiate but but no this is A. It's a very good question and not just what's happening with Elliot. Obviously the whole episode code was Fernando Veira torturing Krista as well and everything that came from that scene and the incredible interplay between the two actors especially really just delivered a lot of tension and a lot of upset feeling and not a lot of payoff. Because look that's still clearly as an ongoing thing and we have not seen the result of that so I can understand why people were were upset by this episode. I definitely get it but I also think that there's a lot to talk about and we can talk about it in the context of the whole season so oh I don't know we're we're Elliott's actions. Did you feel like it was a bridge too far. From which we you'll never be able to return to the way you feel about Elliott well so so I think it's worth continuing sort of just like the bird's eye view conversation on this episode by drawing in more feedback. I think this is going to guide us through the whole podcast today. Let's go and and to lean on Edward Morris who's been a great supporter of Mister Robot coverage here on post show. RECAPS who is initial reaction to to this episode is Dom being bad. Vera is being bad white. Roses being bad Elliott is being bad and another way of articulating. That would be the way. That dom is acting is not acceptable. The way that Vera is acting not not acceptable white rose. Not Accessible Elliott. Not Acceptable. The way that you were acting and dawn had noted did that she had no don says. I've Lost Count of how many times it held my breath during this episode. This feeling more and more like everyone I like will die and I I got news for you. Everyone you like will die just four of life so in the grand scheme yes. I'm feeling dark mark now to. It's dark up there unless light rose is able to pull off her massive plan a case death is not the end potentially who knows but we had started this conversation by drawing on fifties reaction and then fifty sat with the episode a little bit longer and that take graduated into something Nelson morphed and this is what fitzy had written in. At first I was ready to send a note saying this was my least favorite episode of Mister Robot that I hated it however I had to wrap my head around on the fact that just because I was upset by the episode doesn't mean it was a bad episode. It's okay for TV to be upsetting if not entirely nerve wracking and wrenching. You think I've have learned this lesson from the leftovers. If not mister robot itself my thoughts are still going back and forth however between was this drama and intensity for intensities sake or was this all necessary for the plot and progress of the season. I'm still not entirely sure and I probably won't be until this is all said and done at the end of the season. This is going to be an episode. We look back and study audie and at the end we're going to be asking. Was it earned. I think that fifty s graduated take mirrors mind even to the point where I say like I think that this is the weakest episode of the season is a relative term because I think that this has been a very strong season so far and I think that the the reasons why view like this was a weaker episode compared to one through five. Is this just a little bit more like a deck center of getting like Vera imposition into finally collide with Elliot and a lot of exposition. That leads us to this place on but it also is an episode that is deeply embodying its title which is something that we have been seeing all throughout. I mean I think you could probably come up. Is it your point. You could come up with a pretty decent fantastic for the way the rest of Mister robot bought is going to pan out just by studying what the episode titles are going to be based on like the foro errors right like four six. Not Acceptable is going to feature in episode. We're not acting especially acceptably like their behavior is at the very least questionable if not outright objectionable Elliott doesn't get away from this either. I've I have been saying on this podcast that I believe that Mister robot will end in a fashion that is bittersweet in a way where Elliott is allowed to to reconnect is allowed allowed to like actually achieve meaningful connection either with himself in a in a healthier way than he has had the sparring his life with other people with the rest of the world. I still think that is possible But I think after an episode like this it will be very very hard to feel good about that if there are not consequences to be. Paid for the PEPPERMINT MOCHA of all. I mean it really is for me the Lilly corporate the valley. We went here right. It's not that Elliott hasn't done questionable things before it is not as though Elliott hasn't isn't compromised himself before she let several convicts out of prison in order to get Fernando Vera out in order to save Showa. He risked the lives of many for one and wanted to get for it. You know Shayla was dead. Anyway it's it's not lost on me. That Elliott makes probably the pure Elliott the non mister robot Elliott makes one of his single most morally dubious choices since that season one episode where he frees Vera from jail with Vera looming in the distance. What he does here to Libya is patently unacceptable? draftable the Calculus for him is. Do I traumatized this woman's life do I potentially end it you no. I don't know her. Potentially taking her own life is high on the list of things that he thinks might happen in this moment but it's at at least a risk that he's going to be severely ruining her existence by making the threat that he makes by compromising her against the dark army and the day use group the way that he does by drugging her he trucks this woman. He drugs this woman who he's just slept with as as an act of subterfuge as an as an act of getting closer and using this person for for not wholly transparent purposes and the goal in the face of it is extensively to stop the machinations of a Lego Malaysia. MANIACAL NIAL insanely super powerful. Terrible person in white rose who may be planning something very dangerous for humanity sanity at large and by taking this person out and by doing everything in his power to taking this person out. While knowing that there is a ticking ticking clock tick Tock Tick Tock indeed Antonio that maybe this one person's life is worth that cost and Elliott has has given up on himself finding any measure of actual happiness has given up on the idea of him needing this or has accepted in his mind. The idea That this is an acceptable course of action to take in the pursuit of something greater but as a human being as a human being what what he does is a full on violation so much. So that it grosses out mister robot and you had sent me a very funny me me on text before we got on here I don't know where you where you caught this from but it's basically yeah. Please go believe it was on read it I was hopefully. I can find a way to credit. The user certainly will but it's it's basically a list of all the times that mister robot has pushed Elliott over the edge scene by scene and then it is ultimately mister robot saying this is too far. What are the instances that are listed there on the meme? It's it's mister robot season one telling Elliot let's just blow up the pipeline by by Steel Mountain. Who Cares if people die? It's it's an image of Elliot talking to the guy at Steel Mountain whose name mind blanking on at the bill bill bill saying. Hey Elliott just destroy this guy self worth and scar him for life Mister robot on the stairwells saying Elliott. Forget Shayla get back to work. She had it coming Mister robot with his gun to Romero's head saying hey elliot guess how I convinced Romero to comeback. It's mister robot with with Elliott. Trying to convince him to work with race as Elliot don't get involved in what raised doing let ray traffic kids. It's Mister robot at the precipice of stage. Hey Elliot let's blow up a building again. It's it's mister robot holding a gun to Terrell saying. Hey Elliot screw it. I'm shooting this guy in the forehead head. It's Mister robot looking at the computer screen as stage two is imminent saying Hey Eliot. I'm only going to save this building because he tricked me. Because I was tricked. And then culminates culminates in the coffee shop with Elliot and Mister Robot Mister robot looking at Elliott. WHO's planning on drugging Olivia? And saying W. T. F. Elliott where your boundaries at uh-huh that's the line that's the line for Mister robot and it's funny Reddit user was to underscore ones who posted that I saw there. It's very very funny Johnny. But the whole point is all of this is Elliott. These are all different sides evaluate in La to somebody who is not altogether. Well Elliott is somebody who who suffers greatly lately from illness from compulsion from a variety of things But the the Romney Malik portrayed version of Elliott Elliot by and large. You'd think of him as somebody who's going to do the right thing. Even if it's the hard thing in the face of overwhelming obstacle and you think of Christian slater's eaters portrayal of Eliot as somebody who's going to cut the corners somebody who's willing to get his hands dirty in order to get the job done and that's shifting this season as they are becoming more and more in messed with each other and maybe as the other one whether that's us or something else entirely maybe starting to manifest more. Maybe the other one is the two of them combined who really knows where they are passing each other ships in the night but it just strikes me that I think it's it's inexcusable. Elliot does here and I'm not here to present a counterpoint. But Elliott says in the episode and of course writers put the words in these characters mouth so they can say whatever want him to say. I thought Amelia Grays writing in this episode was very very good and I thought the actors did a great job with with the words that they had to speak. It was almost musical. Some of the dialogue from various specifically But Elliott says when he's talking into oblivion about why he has the problems that he has with the dark army he says they back everyone into a corner until that's all into all that's left for us is to compromise ourselves. I'm he directly says this which of course can't be ignored in light of the actions that he takes in the episode but also can't be ignored because he sort of is lying to himself. We're trying to defend. Send himself about a lot of his motivations. He says you know she would have just been honest with herself about who she worked for. This wouldn't have been a problem. He he's I tried to justify earlier in the season to Darlene. After Angela's dead he basically says you know. We didn't have anything to do with that. That was on her. That wasn't our fault that that happened. She put herself in that position. Never mind that Angela would have never been on the dark. Armies radar had it not been for Elliott's involvement with dark army. I really don't think that would have been the case. Ace Let us not forget that the dark army only felt the need to hack equal or attack all safe because Elliott pulled the one eighty. He did with Terry Kobe by throwing Cherry Colby under the bus by putting that in play. That's when the dark army felt like they needed their own backstop here because they couldn't trust Elliott in their backstop involved compromising Angela putting her in the dark armies crosshairs. And so on. That's at Elliott's Terry. Colby mistake was very human. One came from a place of motivation that I think we could justify. He was looking for Angela Terry. Kobe was a horrible person in that moment. Elliott was going to do the other thing until Terry. Kobe was such a piece of shit in that meeting. Being that he switched the file here Elliott has just seemingly saying this is the only way I could think of. It's the fastest way I could think of. It's the only way I knew that you could trust me and yet yet. You're talking about a person who very much understands not only the ten foot impact of the dais group but the thousand foot impact. He is manipulative. He does Specifically bring up the fact that they're responsible for the massacre that killed Olivia's mother so it is absolutely manipulative. What is going on here? But he is not not wrong in that they have harmed tens to hundreds to maybe millions of people's lives through their actions just in the last twenty years and for what just to consolidate the power as far as Elliot sees it one life or in the case of Olivia at least two lives because of her child can be ruined. Including Elliott Elliott own life. If he feels like he can ruined his own life and if he can stick his neck out there and damage all this what someone else in the face of the fact that this may actually save millions of lives so these are the kind of complicated decisions that leaders do have to make any time. Our leaders send people to war. They are making that type of decision and he's our leaders have to decide I'd about using a weapon. They have to decide they make. They make the kind of decision when they decided to budget compromises. They they can think of those things as lives in hand. It is not at the ten and foot level that Elliott's experiencing with Olivia. It is very much in those instances at the thousand foot level especially in the case of drone strikes. Some of the horrible things that our government has done but these are the decisions that leaders have to make and I do think Elliott has sort of detached himself from the process. That said you would be foolish not to think about all the lives lives that have lined up against Elliott right on in this in this season alone Freddie Lomax in the first episode Angela in the first episode right off the Bat tyrel wondering going through the forest because of his connection with Elliot. All these lives are being put on Elliott's back because of his actions so I think Elliott's mind it's what's one more. What's one more or if I can stop all of this? What's more if I can put an end to this? Yes it's very personal. Yes it's hand-to-hand yes. It's a horrible thing but listen. My life is jeopardized I can get through it and if I can get through it she can to in if I. If she can't get through it I might not be able to get through it either. So we're all soldiers in this war at this point. She's a soldier because she chose to sign up and I know he saying that because he wants to defend himself but I think his line about everyone being backed into a corner until so all that's left is for us to compromise ourselves. It rang true to me in terms of some of the other things in this episode where we have feedback about everybody acting bed yes. DDP is acting bed but the lines. About what what would you do if you were in my situation. I'm doing it. We know the pressure that she's under. We've seen it in every episode. We've seen are wondering around the streets. We know that a guy who just had the misfortune of interviewing her about a case at Santiago case ended up murdered because of a stray remark. The DP made to Janice so in that scenario how do you feel. And ultimately. She didn't do anything bad. She did the right thing quote unquote right thing thing morally but these are morally difficult issues. It's kind of like a very human version of the trolley problem that the good place did such a great right. Ah We're seeing a play out in real time. Can you is a Livia worth the sacrifice. If you're going to save thousands millions more people shortly she is if if you're Elliott so I'm not saying that he was right and I'm not defending him. I'm just saying put yourself in his shoes put yourself in. DDP shoes put yourself on these bad actors shoes. And I'm not saying bad. Actors actors like the performances are bad the performances were great. Put yourself in their shoes. And maybe you feel a little differently maybe you feel like your back's against the wall and you don't have a choice. That is the result of things that he has done. Elliot clearly does feel bad about his actions from prior seasons. I don't think Elliott has even taken the time to stop down and feel bad about anything in these seasons so this was an elliot plan. Mister robot didn't agree with clearly a large part of Elliott. Even the Alpha crazy normally unreserved of dangerous part of Elliott feels like this is a bridge too far. This is a line that's being crossed and yet Elliott still feels the need to cross it. I think we need to ask ourselves. Like what has he experienced to put him in this position and I think if we look back over the course of the series is a lot. I completely agree with that. I think the thing for me is going going to be. How is this addressed? And that's that's the part fifties comment that that really sits with me is in the balance of the show where we go with Elliot ultimately Louis how how reflective will the show will allow him to be about what he just did because what he did just do did cross a line and it's not you know not to take away from the fact that he's crossing a line in deciding like this is for the greater good and I can take that cosmic scar like I can. I can suffer for this if it means that I'm going to be able to write some cosmic wrongs like I can I can. What's more one more individual in the face of billions of great? You know that. Ah you very beautifully. Articulated the type of decision making that has to go into something like that but what kind of introspection is he going to be. Allowed to have not just about data Livia but about Shayla and about what I did to her and and how. That situation was allowed to unfold that he was allowed to that. He he sprung Fernando Vera from prison that Fernando Vera. His escape allowed so many other people to escape who knows what comes from that who knows the fact that all of society was drawn into this world because of his plan our son is dead. As a result of this mogul ugliest dead. Trenton is dead Romero maybe would have died anyway since it was just a random random act of violence but tyrel Carell is deceased as well and he's a good person to talk about here. Because I love this show. Obviously we would not be talking about it to the at that we talk about it but at tyrel well who himself is a bad actor. And I'm not talking about Martin Wallstrom. who is a terrific Tyrrell? Who has done some awful awful awful things who killed a woman during a sexual assault gets to die by like being lovingly embraced by a warm blue glow? That's the kind of ending he gets to hire. People were upset that he died. You know that's the kind of ending he gets to have on on a show like this and Angela. Moss gets shot in the back of the head a because she's been like misguidedly crusading towards a starting a new world order and is lost in her grief and gets to have like a non drowning affiliate death. You know like that's what happens to her and she is by all accounts a pretty good person who is pretty dinged up in that way and she gets to have a really big emotional reaction to that before she is sent off like she gets kind of really reckon with that Terrell never really got to fully recognize with what he had done. I think he got to reckon with who he was and why he was the way that he it was. But I don't get the sense that he walked off to the warm blue glow doing especially guilty about the thousands of people who died because of his work on stage to where is mister robot robot gonNA land with Elliott's ending in that regard. Is this going to be a show that ends with him really weighing saying all of that and getting a moment to really feel all of that because if he doesn't and he gets to have a relatively happy ending. I think I'm not going to be thrilled. Told about that I think that Elliott deserves reckoning. I think that he's probably deserved. Some kind of a reckoning for a while now and it just feels more punctuated for me after this if even Mister robot is kind of disgusted with Elliott by the end of this episode. It's not it's not necessarily discussed that I feel towards Elliot but I don't think that he can do what he did to Libya a even in the service of what it is that he did and not at least half to map it onto twenty four. Because we're in the middle of a little bit of a twenty four episode right now with all this time so so fast that dammit Khloe were running out of time even Jack. Bauer was allowed to end a season and one of his very very very bad long days by sitting in a car and being like Holy Shit. The things that I had to do today the things that I endured today the moral sacrifices sacrifices I made the moral choices I probably should not have made but made anyway and before that day just hits him and he cries and that's how Tavora twenty-four scene. It's it's a beautiful scene and Kiefer Sutherland. Is Crazy talented Nazi. No Christmas trees were harmed in the making of that senior. Who knows if Elliott's get to tackle a Christmas tree before the season of Mister robot is over but he needs to have a moment like that if he does not get L. A.? Moment like that then. I'm I'm not sure that I'm GonNa feel emotionally satisfied by the Elliott Alderson arc. I feel like we will probably get something where he reckons with at this to some degree. So I feel confident about it because Mister Robot articulates. That's US like we can't pretend we didn't just see that. You can't pretend you didn't see see that and you didn't do a thing right. That's what it was going to say a few things one. The show is definitely aware of it right because not only mister robot say a Livia says it how many people people have had to suffer because of you was it worth it and you're the worst kind of monster because you don't even know it Elliott's kind of walking around in a daze. But we've seen this before out of Elliott Elliot and the reckoning that he had before in don't delete me in season three When he had to sit? And have that that that long night with With Trenton brother with Muhammed and really own up to a lot of that is our favorite episode. It certainly my favorite episode Even after this last episode episode. Five here in this season That remains my favorite episode for that reason because Mister robot piled up so much on top of Elliott that he took the time and space to sit down and have him really reckon can with that is significant for me and it landed so well with me in our podcast talk so much about why that was so effective in that moment. I think the show has done it before this this episode in the Consciousness Episode Multiple Times the characters are aware of that and are aware of what's going on but I will say this is sort of me talking about comparing pairing this to to episode when when I said last episode was moving pieces around the board but there were effects. What we're dealing with? The season of course is because of the compressed time because we're looking at a lot of episodes in the course of a very short period of actual showtime You have the opportunity to do that. You have the opportunity to sit down and do do just an hour. We're very little happens. We're Elliott reckons with a lot of what's come along and what he's faced with the problem I think. Is that what we've shifted in the in. The course of this season is Elliott's real reckoning with regard to what happened with Angela. That's the thing he hasn't really let in. That's the thing maybe that's motivating him to a certain extent but that's what he really hasn't come to grips with and he hasn't that we've seen take the time taking the time. He's still not even talking to US Josh like he's still I'm not even talking to us because he hasn't processed that bit of it yet so I think that is the catalyst that is the moment that is the thing of. That's going to come from all of this and we're just piling ailing stuff on top of it. At this point it comes out in the way that he and Mister robot of switched roles comes out in the when he yells at tyrel and then as able to pivot back a little it it comes out in the fact that I do think he shared some very real human emotion with Olivia. It wasn't pure manipulation. He allowed himself to have that kind of moment at the time we remarked on that episode in that moment said well this is good Elliott having a human moment like this is what he was able to let in and maybe he'll he'll make some progress in terms of his emotional state. Now as a result of this clearly wants to four two steps back in that regard but that is the reckoning. I think that he has not allowed the emotional reckoning with Angela that he's not allowed himself to have and that's the reason. A lot of this is getting shifted down the block and I think that's the reason a lot of his behaviors just becoming more and more abhorrent Because he hasn't taking the time to stop down and do that. I think about how he's treated Darlene in this season in the things that he said to her. He's apologized and we even have some of that in this episode. Some apologies allergies Between the two of them but he is just chugging full steam ahead and really not stopping down because I think he feels that he needs to and because of the nature of the season. I get the opportunity to step step back. But it's also just soap repulsive. We are really heading hour by hour almost into what's happening happening so we have to think about that right. We have to think about man it feels like Elliott. Just really doesn't give a shit anymore but this could be like what is it like a one hundred forty eight hour thirty six six hour stretch of his life on the last few episodes so maybe he hasn't just taken even breath from that time. When was the last time the guy slept? You know what I mean like. I A lot a lot of that stuff. The show is not necessarily processing because of the timeline so for example. Because we're compressing the episodes together Elliott. Elliot gets beat to Shit last episode onset by a free car right right is lying on the ground and looks fine this episode. And that's that's tough to deal with if you know if that were a wrestling match I'd say needs to be selling his injuries. More the crowds never going to believe this. So that's one thing that I think again. The construction of this season season leads to a lot of that. What I will say and I want to use this to transition for a moment if we get to a point next episode where where we end up meeting the other guy because Vera breaks Elliott? Because he he's in the trunk. Now a Lotta trunks on this show. He is in the trunk now. And he ends up with Vera Vera. And it's an episode with Elliot Vera and Krista and maybe not much else happens in that episode and ultimately we meet the other Guy Elliot does break and very is able to break him in. That break leads us to a major thing. Will that have been worth it. We'll all of the horrible behavior. This is back to fifties point. Will that all have been worth it. If what we get is a break. I think that's what most people want after episode two this season to pick mystery that a lot of us want to see solved as what the hell was going on with the other guy. Who's the other guy? Obviously there's a little bit of a nudge down the court in this episode. We're KRISTA says she's got this big file. September two thousand fifteen that would be before the major events of the show that we know about. We know it's shortly after Elliott with a baseball bat. Maybe not an eastern but definitely a baseball bat crashes Server Room I think or something I don't know if it was a baseball bat there or if when he was a kid at a baseball bat but we know Elliott has been prone to these violent outbursts and we know that happened in. That's why he ended up with Krista and and if that's what we're going to find out about maybe it's related to the other guy. Maybe ties back to his childhood with that Baseball Bat in that bedroom when he jumped or was pushed out the window. Maybe that's all that so if we get to that point because we have pushed Elliott so far that he's breaking his own barriers crossing these lines doing horrible things that has not reckoned can with any of it. Is it worth it that brings us into the Veira of it. All I have an interview up at T. H. R. dot com slash. Mr Roy about with Elliot Villar. Who Plays Fernando Vera that I encourage you to check out? He's really smart guy and was it was really fun to talk about him. Not using the barrel voice like having he's like I could not be more Far Away from Fernando Vera. Like up my my two twins downstairs like arguing over a movie as we were having the phone conversation it was. It was really really fun to talk to him. So if you haven't checked it out I recommend you do. His twins named a bully and a little bit. Well that leads nicely into this next question from Phil not the Great Faculty who wrote and said I don't care about who the other one is anymore. Who is little bitch and I'm articulating that the way that it is written who who is little bitch? I know that that is probably a great takeaway to have from this episode of Mister Robot. Did you did you. Did you read that story. As as a KRISTA did that Vera was low bitch and that he was being bullied on that he learned how to see somebody because various ice. I see you or that. That's the thing that he says or was he the bully. There's a big scar in his. I A lot of people think he might have been the bully What was your read on that? I read it the way that Chris did. I tend to believe Chris Pretty good at her job. I think that the story makes more sense in that regard that this was like this is the origin story of Fernando. Carreira this is how Fernando Vera came the bully instead of being the little bitch that this is is like the guy who hated himself because he was so deeply viciously boyd. His entire life decided to figure out how to use that hate as power. And it's another thing that Elliot Villar says very confusing to talk about Elliot Villar who is not Elliott Alderson. Elliot Villar who plays Fernando Ferrara Spanish for robot by the way is that true. No Stop Stop It. She's I know that you've been doing your duo lingo. So I wasn't sure yes but yeah I think that the idea there being In his mind that that Vera has two superpowers. One of those super powers is like intense empathy. Believe it or not that like he can intuit two people very well. He knows what people are feeling very in touch with his own feelings. That's how he's able to have that moment back and sees one where he pieces together. How he wound up in jail will that it was Eliot who put him here and that's that's when he laughed and he goes to? That's who you are that he's able to see people like that. So that's that's power number one in power number two is he's a storyteller that's what he does. He's somebody who knows how to really spin a yarn and not just knows how to spin a yarn but knows how to recognize the story. And that's why he's able to detect that there's something about Christa that's very important to Elliott. And why he shoots his assistant and called blood. Because if you can't see something so glaringly obvious. What value do you provide to me anymore? So I'm very interested to see how this is all going to shake out now. That Elliot and Vera era art due for an imminent collision. I'm open to it and I'm intrigued by it and I- posited to Elliot Villar when I had been saying on the podcast that if white roses the global problem than Vera is the local and he he agreed that there's definitely that like macro micro element to it. There's something a little more personal about the history between Vera and Elliott and. I think that that's going to come out hopefully in a way that like fuels Elliott Elliott in a big way moving forward especially in the wake of him. Having just done something pretty terrible. I wonder how that comes out in whatever conversational collision. We might be headed for in other people and Tonio are still not fully sold on the bearer of all this came to us by Jennifer Layton who said nothing against Elliot. Villar the actor who plays very. He's very very good. It's not his fault that the characters dragging his show to a screeching halt vera had a purpose in season. One killing Shayla was a breaking point for Elliott as well as a chance for us to see Elliot hacking hacking skills in action when he enjoying helped him escape from prison but then he was done. I was satisfied when he disappeared into the night when he showed up again at the end of season three. I was jolted. Why what we're done with him? I figured he must have a good reason to be back like maybe he had joined the dark army but no his mind is still in the same place. It wasn't season one and the audience has already already moved past that. It's like when you have a friend at work who's also watching Mister robot. But he's way behind on the episode so when he shows up at your office on Monday mornings it says dude they killed Angela. You're like dude. We're way past that you need to catch up. That's how I feel about Vera. He's like I want to take over New York and I want that little hacker do to help me and I'm like dude. That's so three seasons ago. Keep up at this point. The only way justify return would be to happen. Turn out to be the third entity in Elliott's mind or for Leon to show up in the next episode. Just shoot them turn to the audience and say sorry. Sorry about that. I promised we're done with them and then go back to the show. I mean listen. I'm I'm very on board for the idea of like Leon is now following following Elliott Elliott thrown into the trunk of the car and has stock Elliott whatever's going on with Fernando Vera and Leon just assassinates Fernando Carreira. Sign me up. That sounds great. It was wonderful to see joey bad ass back in the mix even if it was a kind of anticlimactic return. I thought where he just started little convenient where he just said. Oh Oh yeah. I'm a freelancer now. Yeah that's awfully convenient resigned from the dark army and be available for hire. I do love that Leon was listening to Joey. Really bad ass like that was great. That was a nice little touch. Yes you're a real king if you can listen to your own music while you're walking around. Yeah that was great. Did you read that Leon Elliot. The oxy was that with that was that was my impression. Yeah I think mine too that tracks for me for sure and the fact that Leon is freelance right now is very convenient and you've got to imagine l.. It's going to be tapping him for more stuff. It'd be very satisfying to see Leon. Turn against the dark army. Like shoot white rose break. It's nothing personal. It's just business. Like I think that you know that. There's a very ron quality to Leon right. Like you started the cell l.. Sort of the Mister robot Hebron. Yes place for the Lakers now. Yeah no yeah. He is a self sword. And but he's he's a self sort in the way that I think you wanted to prioritize Brown's loyalty deteriorate or Jamie or their family but that wasn't necessarily always the case I feel like Leeann Elliott do have a bond bond I feel like Leon does care about Elliott strange but don't be a stranger stay strange with. Don't be a stranger by the way that was if anyone felt felt like Leon. This place looks familiar. That was ron's coffee from the beginning of the pilot and it's just been re purposed so I heard the owner got into some trouble. Yeah a little spot of bother as a spot of bother or not like you do. I think we are about to find out imminently imminently whether or not the juice worth the squeeze on Fernando Vera. I really enjoyed his scenes this episode. I thought that that's a that's A. That's an actor who who has embodied that character in a really terrifying way and given the utility of him on the show has not been afforded a lot of opportunities to to really flex his muscles with a big meaty. Seen like that certainly in a very long time and I still think like probably even ever short of maybe like the The scene in prison between him and Elliot where where there were there. I haven't like their face to face conversation before he breaks out. This was really high on the list of just like the Great Fernando moments and like just how afraid you were for Christa the whole time like when he says do you guys think did she just called me a little bitch and you don't know what he's GonNa do and you love you love and care about Christa so much I'm very worried for Christa. Still I don't like her odds of getting out of this one alive. I really hope that she's able to to bust through. But it's it's dicey for sure but I think look I I don't sign on for what Jennifer is saying here. At the end the only way to justify his return would for him to be the third entity in Elliott's mind. I think I'd be pretty annoyed with that. I don't think that I would like that at all. I think that it would be very confusing. There's really no story to back that up as far as I'm concerned I don't think the plot would make any kind of sense for Verret. Be a third Elliott. But I think for like for Elliot to prepare to break Elliott in such a way that he's able to dry Out The other one. I do think that there's there's some they're they're potentially. That's what I was GonNa say and we look no advanced knowledge of this. We I have not seen the episode. It's just I feel like that is The likely place we end up and it does feel like that I. If you're talking about about I mean the what I'm basing this on the watching the episode live this week It they said next week is commercial free commercial free to me means stress It means that it's going to be a unique episode. It's going to be the episode that if they had the opportunity to stick their neck out and say commercial free and they didn't and do it for the dialogue free episode. A couple episodes ago. They were okay with commercials in that one but not in whatever is coming next then whatever is coming next x is going to be a I think a pretty significant episode and if that happens in the context of Voghera and Elliott facing off and we see some extended version of the other guy Whatever that is I think we could be in for a saying? Of course Faira worked of course These complicated characters in this guy who sees people this guy who has pushed Elliott. WHO's already on the brink and has not allowed himself anytime to breathe a put him in a truck and put him in this position While all of this was going on I and the other guy emerges that could be significant. It could derail the plans for the evening. I could derail so much of what happens. The rest of the season it could enhance them. What could becoming next with Vera in Elliott could be so significant that I think the Jews could easily be worth the squeeze and I'm not even sure the squeeze was was that expensive That cost us that much. We didn't get a ton of era this season. We've got a ton of era this episode. But as you're saying great performance just the way it was written as I said I. It sounded almost like a at times like Dr Seuss Book. Just when he was just the reciting the lines there was just so much poetry in them. There's so much power in the performance and really just such an incredible performance Gloria Reuben as well in those scenes it really just I didn't feel like we're losing. We've wondered why Sara. What's going on with Vera? I think we're going to see that but I didn't feel like in getting their this episode we were costing ourself anything. If anything I thought I just was in enwrapped in in I was in raptured by what was going on like I really felt very taken with the performances and I was scared and I was worried but I was just fascinated by. Yeah the storytelling that we're hearing so I feel like it's been a waste. It does feel like it's not the kind of watch the Birdie kind of thing like there's some other key thing thing is going on And Vera is a distraction. But I think if this distraction is what leads to US bringing the other guy out then. I don't think it'll have been a distraction in the course of the grand scheme some of the show so TVD obviously but none of that will justify Elliott actions in this episode. Obviously I for every for for people that are that. Feel that it's a bridge too far. I don't think there's much we can do. I think reckoning. We'll be doing it. Connor wrote in and said really feel like Elliott signed his his death warrant this episode full. Walter White can't see him surviving the series. I was holding out so much. Hope for a Gotcha. Moment as he was leaving Olivia's lying about the drink would have surely been enough and I tend to agree with connor although it wouldn't have been enough to make Elliott the bad guy in the way that this action clearly early did so Elliott being the bad guy going that far breaking his limit says Mister Robot has observed. I think that that is maybe necessary for for us to get what we're going to get if we get it with the other guy emerging so dvd on whether Eliot going bad and breaking bad in that way is worth it. But I think I think I think that it will be because as you pointed out and as we've discussed the show seems very cognizant of the fact that all of this was was a bridge too far. I'm a little interested though this bridge too far in many ways because of the performance because of the actress and I can't remember her name Dominique Garcia Zia Dominik Garcia. She's great she's really good in this role there's a lot of humanity and there's a lot of faith there's a lot of feeling there. There's I think a very real connection between her elliot on some level So there's a lot of their their and so as a result Elliott crosses the line he crosses and we feel like he's a villain darlene killed. Susan Jacobs in cold blood. Mind you and we don't feel that way about Darlene. We don't feel like she went the too far. Why because Susan Jacobs was bad because she had done bad things? Olivia was a different shade of Bad. She was just an enabler but not a true killer She had an addiction and a son so we feel more bad for her than we felt for. Susan Jacobs who are Brownstone and house in Greenwich like I I. This is French. Says the same action. Yeah yes though I understand Darlene killed her though cold-blood killed her knowing what was going to happen thin and called blood but a warm pool this is. This is the consequence of that right. Kill a cold blooded with a warm pool. We're only dealing with the Livia now because because we can't deal with Susan Jacobs so Dr Leans like worse action on morality scale. Her mortal sin has led to Elliott's mortal saint in this way And nobody's complaining about how Darlene how we feel about Darlene. Well we only listened buddy. We almost aren't feeling anything about Darlene anymore. Because you almost wouldn't exist exist right now. At this point in the conversation she was a second away from death a couple of times over in this episode. I DP gets the drop on her. We spend a lot out of time with dom like wrestling with the fact that she's going to have to kilter. Arlene Darlene is saying. You know things like you don't WanNa do this. You're not a killer we have. We have something special like that night. Wasn't nothing you know. It wasn't nothing and I. I don't know what to believe with all of that. I mean I do I do buy for Darlene Arlene that it probably was one of the last most recent nice things that has happened for her in its own way. But but DOM ultimately decides I'm not GONNA GONNA kill Darlene. Darlene has to kill me because if she kills me and I'm too chicken shit to do it myself. But if she kills me than my family is off the cook. It's the only way to save them and protect them and I don't think that there is any world. Darla was doing that even if Johnson the dark army hadn't walked walked in but Janice is gonNA shoot Darlene. Straighten the face if not for the fact that Darlene has erased her phone. So the only way to get to Elliott is through Darlene. visor some more more time Very clever very glad that that happened. METOO and Darlene. At this point is a little bit of a cockroach like we've we've been predicting her death. For seasons there have been portents last one standing is gonNA be Darlene Alderson. I that would be okay with me. And I at this point if you're talking like connor and feeling like Elliott signed his death warrant and maybe we could've ended with a happy ending for Elliot but now we can't because he's gone too. Who Far and compromise too much of his own morality and he will die? But darlene will live If that's the case then she will have not done it without a a lot of blood sweat and tears on her and And I'm hopeful that if that's the case that she will have come come to grips with a lot of it. Even in this episode she sees Angeles ballet shoes and sort of catches her breath right. It it it it definitely has taken a. She's taken aback by what she finds their and seize their she too is still bill processing everything that happened with Angela and she's process it in a different way and wants to talk about it in a different way. We've seen just over the course of the few days that this season takes place her dealing with it in a lot of different ways I including substance abuse. But she's I think in a different place than Elliott for sure and maybe as a result result she's able to emerge on the other side a little less less scary than Elliott has been a Elliott. Not Let himself any any any any rumor Marini real estate such that he and Mister robot are basically the same thing to the point where mister robot has Elliott In in him. More than Elliott dies in a lot of instances here her. So there's A. There's some kind of reckoning that has to come there that may be Darlene won't get because Darlene has dealt with the Angeles stuff a little more directly early. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA find out what happens with those characters. I just hope that speaking of reckonings Janus has got to go uh-huh yeah for sure. Edward Morris it said. Why didn't they just shoot to which Kathy atoll offers this? I am thinking they could have shot Janice too but it would have made it worse. Remember you can kill Janice till the cows come home. It's not gonNA stop the rest of them. Janice is not going to survive the series. She's GonNa she's GonNa wind up on the hook. I hope that's right. Art Do taxidermists use hooks. I I don't know if he's exhibitions. This is GonNa wind up on the taxidermy tools. I don't know what those are. Blades of some variety. She's going to be stuffed is what I'm saying that that'd be pretty cool. A lot of people wonder if she's going to a maybe a taxidermy. Someone else obviously. We've had feedback about at that that of course she's GonNa taxidermy tyrel. A lot of people have have written in about that or said that. I think it's funny. I think it's funny to. I think that she could taxidermy. Something on the show besides that poor dog She's hardcore history fan definitely. Dan Carlin that. She's listening to in this episode. ASSODE I believe for those interested parties. Who want to know more about that? I believe that as the Prophets of doom hardcore history episode forty eight Dan Carlin. They're just in the brief moment. We hear him is talking about somebody who talks to an invisible entity he's saying. This is a person who argues with an invisible entity was like how did they find like the five seconds of Dan Carlin podcast. That is perfectly tuned to Mister Robot of Great Research Squad working for Mister Robot. The writer's writer's room they're very well listened well read. I'm sure yeah well in the we the what made me talk about Gavrilo Princip. All those years ago in season two with Gideon was that I've been listening to hardcore history so here we are once against paddock. Oh and that's definitely what I'm not feeling great about being petty go with Janice but let's say lobby. What are you GONNA do? I guess I'm going to go stuff my brother's dog here as I'm house sitting tempted. I know you're tempted for sure very temperate nine to do all right well. Let's let's do support quick heads before we start the process of signing out here. Zach Brooks tweeted something to San Antonio Antonio it's the one scene of white rose in this episode where white roses talking about wanting to bring Elliott in. Its time that Eliot knows that we're both on the same side. That's very provocative and I think that that's worth talking through separately but the photo the screen shot that Brooks took and sense. Our Way on twitter has a profile shot of beatty Wong standing in front of a projector. There is there are a couple of graphs. There's one that says high probability that has like some red squiggly lines like shooting out of the air right above beatty Wong's head and then a bunch of arrows pointing to his face is a tip off that a white rose is going to go the way of so. Many people from the departed is. Is this like a full-on headshot tease. It could be like it could be A. I don't know if you if you really want to sit down and think about about how if what's the appropriate end for white rose and is it at the hands of Elliott. If it is what will it be headshot I dunno no no. It doesn't sound very in keeping there are many boundary. Go ahead death by machine right like to some degree probably like self self-immolation right like some kind kind of self self particle beam bursting thing. That seems to be more along the lines of what you would think. There are many lines. There aren't any in many boundaries we talked about Madam Executioner Darlene. As far as I know as far as we know that is one. Boundary Elliott has not crossed. He has hurt people he has manipulated. Needed them he has put them in the line of fire. He has indirectly lead to their deaths. As far as we know he is not killed. Anyone now we don't know we were told. A stray bullet killed Romero it. It seemed like Phillip Price was by accident. Nuffield Price Gideon was by accident so we don't know but as far as we know Elliott has not pulled the trigger on anybody now he tried did he certainly tried with tyrel. It's not something I think. He's incapable of but he is not done it so far as we know and yet we don't know all that much what about the other guy so td. I suppose but if that were the case if I think. A lot of people have speculated and I I it got multiple tweets about this as well maybe that it should be Elliott. That takes vera out. THAT ELLIOT IS GONNA kill Vera in. That'll be Elliott finally crossing that line. I'm wondering if that's the right if that's the right time for that to happen if it's GonNa happen or if it's more likely that it'll happen with white. Rose do you have any opinion on that not really. It's it's a little hard for me to see that future Valley taking out out or in terms of Elliott taking Phillip Price Out Phillip Price. And I keep saying I WANNA see more Phillip Price I. I'm not worried about seeing we. I don't think we've gotten our fill up price. I think that that is still on the menu. I I don't I don't think I don't think Elliott is going to be the trigger man on anyone I don't know I just. I have a hard time seeing it. I guess I could imagine this. Scenario where He decimates Voghera in that like brings the other one out is just ruthless vicious killer and like he does that right in front of Krista or something like that in the next episode food that might make people feel like bringing back was worth it to some degree if they might it might. It might not like it just. I understand people's concerns. I any concerns. I have with this show. I have taken an always learned to take a wait and see approach and not always. Are those concerns As we've talked about not always do I feel like I got what I wanted or expected out of the thing anytime. You invest a lot in theories on the show. You're not always going to be satisfied vied so it makes more sense to invest in the characters and so that's why I understand when people get upset about something like tyrel being taken off the board. Not because they had pet theories because they were so invested in that character sometimes because they have pet theories but obviously if you theorize a ton about a show your theories are never always all going to be met. Unless you're the writer of the damn show so I definitely get That that people might feel that they have They have certain things. Invested in certain outcomes. I take a wait and see approach approach when it comes to mister robot especially because the show has not let me down and actually continues to surprise me. It doesn't always mean that we're not going to get a Joanna well situation and where I've tried to wonder why she's talking to Ali a weird scene in some foreign language that the expecting him to know. We don't get a payoff on that. I don't need need all that always but it doesn't mean I'm always going to be satisfied with the decisions that show makes but I'm constantly fascinated by I'm constantly thrilled by it And so I'm constantly looking forward to it and I'm constantly dreading Josh the time when there will be no more mister robot. It is fast approaching. Tick Tock Tick Tock Speaking of Times Design Award and others wanted us to talk about how we always see characters cellphone screens. It had led to some theorizing earlier in the season I when Dr Lene seemingly new Elliott's passcode on his phone. Alex Wilpon pointed out like how did she know that is something going on with our leading. I thought maybe Charleena been dead like we go rabbit hole because why because there's product placement involved here show these phone. I think that that's it right like Mr going commercial free free next week. They got to work him in somehow. I said Mister robot is in many ways. This is an anti-capitalist show. But it's an you know capitalist world gotta gotta working in and not everything can be commercial for a fake Barbecue Company. That's true and you know I'm not gonNA mention the operating system of the cell phone provider here because I can't be bought but but you know I don't want to amplify their product placement but if that's how we're doing it on Mister robot I'm fine with it. Yeah whatever. It's it's not like the same thing we're like on the apple plus shows right now like literally every other scene it's just Jennifer. Aniston Reese Witherspoon on an apple product but I mean Mike. That's four literally apple. It's not like they're making this show for whatever phone company that they're using the right. The other thing is it's not like a super well well rated show We're lucky to have gotten four seasons through the grace of USA through. CMS males earned prestige and Rami Malik earn prestige and the prestige of the cast and crew. Through of this show. We have got four seasons. It's not because it's a ratings smash it was a breakout hit for USA in season. One it has no longer a breakout. Anything in that regard so look if it takes some product placement here for USA to stick their neck out and say you can do whatever you want. You can do a commercial the free episode so be it man so I'm okay with it anything else that you WanNa talk about either from this episode from last week or just robot in general before we start packing up when this robot and Elliott after. They've left Olivia. They've come up out of the Metro. Alexina I've stopped there. The signed wind behind them says the future has a silver lining of the Easter egg on the sign with Owen consumer industries are Omni Consumer Industries is definitely a shadow to robocop with Omni consumer products. The logo is very similar. It's there in the background. But what about the future has a silver lining. Do you feel like that's the show telling us. Look I know this seems was pretty bleak but something's cool something about to happen man. I hope so we were not something cool is about to happen like something where you're not going to be like soil sad. Maybe there's GonNa be something that does it just completely liquefy your insides Or maybe the silver lining built in with the OCP AP tie in is that we're going to get an eighty two. Oh nine showing up at some point just like blasting white rose and all the members of the day's group soup by the end of this please or just somebody bring a dirty bomb in there anything really if that if those people are getting together man I really hope yeah last saw him down dial yeah take him down. Let's do this or I don't know silver sly silver lining maybe a silver over slider God man. Unless you've got something else that's a perfect place for me to call it. We'll be back very soon. We're talking for seven in the not too distant future. That's the plus side of the fact that this robot podcast is dropping in your feet a little bit later than usual will be back at the normal time coming up for four zero seven do we. The title on that off the top of our heads. What four zero seven is going to be called looking at up right now? vamping while I do that proxy authentication required is that right. Yeah so I don't know what that means so it's like you means you don't have the proper credentials for server so I don't know if that's directly linked to what's happening with the Livia or if it means ultimately that you have to get in a different way to get in a different way kind of thing makes me think that there is going to crack Elliott. So we'll find out. Oh you know what it makes me. Think that bear thinks that he's got the the proxy authentication right like. He thinks he's got the file. He thinks that he knows how he's going to get to Elliott and instead Elliott's going to he's going to grab the bad out of his hand and use it as his own weapon in the little bitch is going to become the bully once again. Yeah I'm not locked in here with you. Oh you locked in here with me. That's exactly what's going to happen. That'll be an awesome episode. I think that could be cool. Great so we'll see the Make sure you get your feedback in to us at push recaps at AC Musar disease. When I'm at around Howard we will be back with another episode of Mister Robot? PODCAST very soon. Subscribe if you have not done so already post your recaps dot com slash. Mr Robot itunes apple feed but you can find us any where you get your podcast ratings and reviews greatly appreciated. If you like. Those watchmen references Antonio. And I are podcasting about watchmen over at the Hollywood reporter. The series regular podcast podcasts. That show has been an utter blast. And it has been very fun to podcast about with Antonio. So you have not gotten into watchmen yet or your somehow. I'm not aware that Antonio and I are podcasting about it. Now you are seek out series regular the Hollywood reporter podcast on your podcast APP of choice. I do not think you'll be disappointed with our takes. Six on watchmen. I don't think so either. Cruickshank struck shanks all right. On that note we will be back. Reporters seven in the near future. Take everybody by the.

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