REShow: Ed Orgeron. Hour 2 (09-09-19)


Thank you for listening to this podcast. One sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one. Everybody's got A to do list drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list and the good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. All you have to do is go to GEICO DOT COM and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance extra money in your pocket. Of course this may be the most rewarding warning to do you do today our number two of the rich. Eisen show army air at Orange Iran of LSU football big win. Joe Borrow looked amazing mazing against Texas how big W out of LSU BIG W we'll discuss it with what Ed ordure on in this hour phone lines are live at at eight four four two zero four rich. We do have a phone line. Open singular so getting while to get good here at richeisenshow is our twitter account. Get our APP APPLE APP store Google play at the link at the top of our twitter <unk> handle. Our Youtube page is just going gangbusters with the number of people telling me that hey they follow the show through Youtube. Please go and check out. If that's your way of consuming matters I that's what a perfect way to keep up with Antonio Brown news <hes>. I I made it into a youtube video this weekend from him. You head <hes> yeah because I saw aw it's Friday night right. <hes> and <hes> I get a <hes> <hes> a text from somebody that <hes>. Hey <hes> Antonio Brown is <hes> put out a youtube video where he's recorded Jon Gruden conversations he's had with Jon Gruden and on my okay I'll bite. I I look at it beautiful video. I mean I mean whoever's doing attitude. It's great. It really is beautiful striking cinematography. I never thought I'd use that words to describe anything of Antonia Rent. That cinematography on Antonio Brown <hes> and <hes> he included a whole bunch of <hes> audio or his people include all bunch of audio of NFL media folk to <hes> a talking about Antonio Brown's behavior including me asking the question of Jerusalem his agent through Stacey Dales on our Thursday night. Broadcast is Antonio all right which as I tweeted out one one hundred percent based on genuine concern for a player who I met <hes> Post game of Thursday night football game years ago where he crushed it balled out kid from south Florida Dion wanted him to come on the set to we asked we asked Ben I I am Ben declined. I'm telling you and Antonio Brown showed up and it was that kid who balled out against the against the browns. Mike Wallace wanted the big contract he was the one who is is just doing all the hard work and just dominating and he was a delight to talk to and all of the behavior from the feet to what I saw on hard knocks to the helmet to the screaming and the yelling at work and the apologizing to to to the t- to his team. I mean again Thursday. He apologizes to his team in it looks like they were letting him back into their graces and you could hear the phone call that. Gruden made to him like what what the Hell's the matter with is essentially is what he said and then comes Saturday that the report from Chris Mortensen that that Gruden found it amusing on my okay. How many things is this guy going to do. The GRUDEN is GonNa good cop here and somehow some way. There was a disconnect either. Rosenhaus didn't let them know this was possible or telling him. It was coming the raiders. I didn't tell Rosenhaus it was coming and they just told Antonio Brown. You're going to be fine two hundred thousand dollars for this thing with Mayo and all of your guarantees are gone. You GotTa Play Week week-to-week for us and then comes the instagram saying releasing on Saturday and Chris Morton's report Sunday that he reached out to social media consultants last week to speed up his departure from Oakland. How best how I look I've heard of crisis management people and Social Media and public relations. I've never heard of reputation exploding <hes> experts. Here's how to explode reputation. Are they the ones who told him. Hey have you been fined Antonio. You have okay. You should instagram story story out. You're fine letter and use the word evil to describe your team. That's what you should do. You know what you should do. Here's what you should do tape Jon gruden wooden begging you not begging you imploring you to be a professional and put that out you should you. I should do really those people exist because his sure doesn't seem like Antonio needs that help. But of course it's all going to work out a New England. Of course it's GonNa work out in New England because nobody takes the oxygen out of a story that would normally emily burned down your football house quite like the New England patriots and it all starts with bill check who handles the media in a way that certainly when you ask them straight up yes or no question just removes everything from equation so they dominate the steelers last night and it's his first time being in front of media after signing Antonio Brown on the spot literally honest about I mean I we. We were our game day morning meeting. It was two o'clock in the afternoon five o'clock eastern time and had already been done and he's not officially released until four o'clock eastern. That's when it was so this was bill belichick <hes> last night after the game gopher. My Bill just wanted to see. Do you have any he comment on the reports and that was that Tommy didn't even get out Antonio Brown's name. Just don't say don't ask you a question that here's another one bill. Your offense was up obviously very productive tonight but Antonio Brown already put out on social media that he's joining your team what my head can you tell us anything about that decision. No I'll talk about the game players on our team. I thought they did a great job. Authencity we had some balance and they'd some big plays a couple of big throws down the field for touchdowns and big gains so anytime you can get those explosive plays that helps open things up. Why did you sign him. That's the question. Why did you sign and he could then say well? It's not official yet so I can't talk about right. Why did you sign Antonio Brown. Why he's a top five wide receiver. I understand that it's <hes> I will say this so patently disappointing for so many fans and I understand your Patriot guys. You didn't want you didn't want them. You said you didn't want it. I don't think they needed him to win the Super Bowl but also want to invite that behavior into your house. It appears to be disruptive whether or not he changes. I guess we'll see you didn't want him didn't want him okay that just goes to show you how insane the behavior was they don't want and it runs completely counter not everything that I saw for the two days at the NFL one hundred taping a keeper of the NFL flame where respect must be paid to the game and it is paid back to the men who due respect it with championships because we're all pulling in the same one team do your job direction. I was so impressed the modern day Lombardi however reaches into the page of the latter day Lombardi because he's the modern day Lombardi Lombardy not just because of the XS and os but because winning isn't everything it's the only thing and he handles the media in a way where he doesn't answer the question or it's doesn't it's doesn't pose properly and he's got a goat at quarterback and he has a level of success that demands the respect that Antonio Brown clearly did not have towards towards the end of his reign for Mike Tomlin and clearly never had for Jon Gruden and absolutely didn't even remotely have for Mike Mayock and for this guy to behave the manner that he did to get out of Oakland the manner in which he did and then get rewarded by playing for the privilege normally to play for for the Patriots so disappointing for so many fans I got texts and tweets and DM's of people just saying they got sick to their stomachs over all of that is because they already hate the Patriots. It has nothing to do with the Patriots. It would have been anybody obviously the Patriots lend a different level level to it yeah different level too it also they're able to do it because bill is maybe the only coach in the NFL aside from. Mike Tomlin maybe P carroll with the job security and the pedigree to take a guy like this on which is why we're going to see if Antonio Brown is really crazy or crazy like a Fox because if he mocks this up and I'll direct one last time I'm I'm assuming to the Cameron Antonio Brown you Sir have the best situation you've ever had. You've got the best coach ever played for best quarterback you've ever played for with all due respect everybody else. Who's coaching quarterback for you. The best the best Brady's apparently already invited Brown into his actual house to stay Michael while he's trying to get set up. You've got the best if you can't stay away from your social media accounts for a guy who view social media so sideways he calls it snapface. If you can't just do your job then everybody will wash their hands. Even though everybody was I thought he was washing their hands into the raiders. Let him go but you. Rosenhaus said that there was it's another team. Do you have what this Rosenhaus out to say on on. ESPN this <hes> this morning we had no idea whether the Patriots would be interested in in fact. I didn't have any communication with the Patriots until well after he had been officially released. After four o'clock there was no intent intent to steal it wasn't premeditated at all he simply asked for the team to release him and they decided to do that and had ignited being the Patriots H. Rates it would have been another club who I'm not going to call out but we were in heavy negotiations with two teams going back and forth and there was a good chance adding tonio was gonNA sign with the team not named the New England patriots so the amount of money the Patriots gave him certainly certainly sounds like there was another team involved here and Bella check. I don't think is going for the old banana and the tailpipe like say having a phone next jury ear while Williams Willis mcgahee sits next you waiting to get drafted making it seem like other people are about to take the kid with a bad knee like drew. Rosenhaus did way back in the day man's good agent and I have heard that there were multiple teams but I still believe there had to have been some form of communication. Shen that Antonio Brown would react the way that he reacted to losing millions of guaranteed dollars just because that bad in Oakland as he really view Oakland Oakland so bad that he acted like he was running free into his own backyard and again that's why he should should stay away from the Youtube and everything else because you got a coach that is dousing all the oxygen out of the flaming house to the media. I'm sure Brown on will not be made available to later in the week and just do your job. That's the way you win championships in New England eight four four willful rich number to dial. WHAT'S OUR POLL question results. We're here at the very back end of first segment of our number two Chris still so crazy. It's crazy. It's crazy. It's nuts and again in the NFL. You do not treat your again. He's told his teammates. I'm sorry the captains were behind him. Okay the captain's supported him. The quarterback was there and then he learns he's getting fine for the obviously findable offenses and he says I want out and then the model franchise of the NFL says were all in on that yeah well. We'll we'll we'll. We'll make sure you don't learning single lesson from all of that. There will be no repercussions agents from all of that except for the fact you get to play for the best coach best quarterback and the best team coming off of yeah so that's why so many fans are pissed and then you see what they look like without him last night against steelers site so they don't even need them really they do that last night and they add. Antonio this week and they might add Gronkowski and like two months. I'll people's heads will explode then all right <hes> the poll question today at richeisenshow on twitter. What was the most surprising result from? NFL Sunday decks perfect game eight percent steelers failed to score a touchdown twenty eight percent ravens put up fifty nine points twenty eight percent titans route the Browns thirty five percent vote for that one too man. I would vote for that one too because I believe the Patriots'll shut anybody down right now. I you know Dak has has looked terrific before. I knew the dolphins. We're GONNA take but the titans going into Ohio. Oh which after the browns scored a touchdown start the game and then punking them thereafter <hes> was particularly impressive and surprising eight four for two four rich number to tons of phone calls. You're on hold. Stay on hold. We got a third hour. That's virtually free with the exception of Dalvand Cook calling into our show from Minnesota but when we come back the head coach of Lsu at Orange Iran here on the rich Eisen show every car comes with sheriff stories that Ding in your bumper. 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Justin Jefferson has it at the thirty eight down the far sideline ten five touchdown tigers sixty one yard touchdown established on third and seventeen with two and a half to go in many other teams are just let's just run up. The middle had them burn their last time out play defense and try and and hold onto our six point lead but not Lsu not what Joe Borrow not with the way Joe Borrow is playing and the head coach of Lsu football after that big huge win over Texas coachella coach L. Ed or Jurong joining me here on the rich Eisen show. How are you coach doing great great to be on your show great to have you back walked me through your decision to just turn borough L. loose right there on third and seventeen yeah well. We lose touch down. Go ahead by two scores. <hes> we were not stopping him on. Defense Steve as they did the great job that Dr Joe made a great place. <hes> try it was alleged made him a great block on the linebacker. Joe Slated medal and just debate debate a great catch and ran ran out after what a great play. When do you make that decision. Obviously there's a few seconds before snap on third and seventeen walk me through what a coach thinks <hes> button pushing seeing how everything's going down in a big spotlight that Austin trust among war the plan trusted their belief and I'll quarterback would have an outstanding quarterback will always felt that we can get to protect the ball count appeals over the white I bartend and around here on the rich Eisen show you said after the game that it was a big statement. What statement did that make that win the statement you know let's say some give give credit to Texas. They fought they were tough. It was a great atmosphere that quarterbacks. It'd be one of the best quarterback we've seen. It was a battle to go and beat a top ten team on the road inpatient versus although whatever behind we face adversity and we have to so <hes> how does how does this provide you what you need to move forward then well defense you get better <hes> we have thirty one points in <hes> basically thirty one points of the second half. We're not at least about so we got up to get better at that continue to do things on all that we do get. I don't get to where we need to go. How much better can borrow though he's he's pretty good right now. We have some things you get better at you. Get Out of the run game but right now <hes> the way he's playing why say this with the ultimate of respect <hes> <hes> what's gotten into him. I know he's good and he has been great but he has been superlative. He has been just remarkable over the first two weeks and especially again in a crucible crucible spot like awesome yeah that that's what he wants. He's a game or a ball or he loves. The loves the competition this is Joel Osteen. He's is more comfortable around us. She moved pile took over it. No the players very well not a players believe in them this team. He's worked with these receivers. There's also malone relentless hours in the classroom with Joe. Brady Steve is bigger and the guy's just a ball. He loves the game at around here. <hes> on the rich. Eisen show some gamesmanship here as well. <hes> is did your band get forced to sit in the nosebleed section. Yeah I think we have something like thirty thousand fans. Show up at put up in the nosebleed section but you know what we're from Louisiana Man. We're GONNA fight right so that we can hear loud and clear. We'll proud of them and I'm sure we'll get something for them when they get to come to Tiger Stadium next year. What do you got what I mean. <hes> uh the the section at the top at the top of the stadium right now for the tax your administration okay <hes> and or cleanup duty. Vivo something like that could could you could you do that. Well Company richest neutral okay. Let's go around here on the rich Eisen show and the offense <hes> so much is being made about the twenty first century spread offense that you are employing with borough right now when you when you hear that what do you think when people are saying we haven't seen an offense like this out of. Lsu before or something we always wanted since I got hired. It took a little while to get it to get the right people in here. <hes> get the wide receivers obviously the right quarterback. Stephen Good friends you know we put my personal style offensive with USA and what we did in Miami but we need to go to the spread and we found the best guy to help us learn to spread this Joe Brady Young got. I'll always wanted to saints fans wanted to Rpo some penn state. He's coming in and put it in a Steve done a tremendous job call along with Joe guys believe in that's working working well and <hes>. Do you believe that you are the best team in the country right now. We don't know that I know a good football team but I know no this that when we're playing well and we also GONNA be heartbeat. We also Saturday night with special teams. We although we have a goal line stand played well in the first half. We have to play a complete game sixty minutes this SEC tough. We gotTA take it one game at a time. I know you've got Florida Florida. You've got Auburn both of them at home and then you've got a visit to Alabama. How much do you keep your eye on other schools as you matriculate your way through this <hes> as Z. So schedule you just take it one game at a time one day at a time. We have state coming in this weekend. Today's telecoms Monday to win. I'll be allowed celebration. GonNa on what I put on team. Maybe twenty hour rule and tomorrow we'll be focused on beat northwestern state and just take it one game at a time. What did you call Monday. What is it called eldest truth Monday a walk me through what this place well what we do. Is We felt the things that we did well with the team. We all that they did well. We're showing the things that we busted will improve improve. Donald Trump Monday mistaken the coaching in the Games but I tell them this is all family we tell the truth. We put it all but they were moved forward. Is it a two way street to the players. Get to tell the coaches some truths or no <hes> whatever whatever's wisely have what we call a leadership meeting council meeting guys always their opinions show certainly make him okay so the truth is somewhat of a one way street. <hes> in in in a meeting is what you're saying right definitely okay but the door is always open for the street to be flipped to go all yeah okay all right. This is exciting times top five now for your school how do you. I guess <hes> another coach coach in your <hes>. Conference calls that rat poison. I'm wondering what your thoughts are for your team to look up and see all the accolades and hear about them back out the noise by the noise good bad indifferent coach Karl. USC. You just can't believe what they read about when you when you win they make. Oh you do good or bad so you know <hes> we gotta be able to control the weaker troll focus on balance sheet tigers and so far. We have great leadership team. We've done that okay and do you pay attention with. The saints are going to do tonight. I mean how how are you. I'm a big fan man. I love to say Sean Payton's a great coach Ryan Brian Nilsson Costa. US's that's fine coach of friends with all those guys. Mickey low missile we love drew brees. We're big fans of the Saints Okay and if you smoke in his eye on Williamson listen if you met him yet speaking of big on offered him a scholarship when when he was in high school hold on a second now walk me through that one coach at orange around correct yeah yeah we are you <hes> dining graduate. Cisco's named Eric Metaxas who watch them play basketball offered him a scholarship so so we want a few schools that offer football scholarship and what happened <hes> no response he chose to play basketball. Do More even respond to your offer run to play tight end at. LSU Is that right eating respond to get much response okay well you could have brought him to the state of Louisiana Ziana before <hes> before the Pelicans finally did okay position. He wanted to win a football. I won last serious one for you and then one one more question it for your coach at Orange Iran <hes> scheduling <hes> putting Texas on your schedule and vice versa <hes> second game of the season. It's just becoming so rare I mean fans. Just cannot get enough of games like this straight out of the gate and it seems so many schools are either <hes> shying away from that that or unable to do that. I'm wondering what your philosophy is on that scheduling onboard especially when you win obviously but you know you had. Lsu You gotta be at the top. <hes> you want to compete with other. Teams are not accomplishing. You WanNa see what you especially early in the season that tells you a lot about football altea and the only way to learn about football teams to play the best. We played a great team of text. These guys don't go a long way. Well did you <hes>. Did you <hes> <hes> are you for any sort of uniformity though where everybody's gotta do this where everybody's got to play in the SEC. Everybody has to play AH caliber of a school that when you schedule them that's their caliber <hes> like Texas. Would you be up for uniformity nationwide on this coach. No I think I think football's you play with it and you conference able to schedule a non conference games and I think he's according to your school accorded the Athletic Administration to head coach football team. You've got a team that you want to schedule weeks. Choose to compete at the highest level. That's that's about a sign and I saw tweed. You'd have to game. I'm sure you're not in charge of the twitter account there at Lsu where you are the minister of Culture of Lsu. Did you see that tweet that somebody sent out there. I don't watch none of that. I I'll tell you what we go. We have some cages. Come Cook US jumping higher white beans and rice fried trampling right got this. You should obey word for it to me is that right and so we had a great meal. That's great celebrations. Okay very good. So did you say anything to the Texas Ministry of Culture Matt McConnell. Did you say anything. No No. I was just interested. Tag is winning football game. We did it. We got out of town. I'm glad to be back back in bad route all right and and and tea with <hes> hot tea with lemon and honey for that voice coach. I'm always concerned about. It sounds like you're in postseason former with that voice of yours. We're ready to go okay. Take care of yourself coach. You got it. Thanks that's Ed Ores. You're on here. I didn't give me go tigers at the end right there. Normally we get that when he comes was on the show at Voice Doors Ron manager they go that Yo- Barrowman. He's nice the sixty sixty one yard with a game winning touchdown pass with two twenty seven ago now they're down twenty two seven and a half and they come back. Yeah I can win it. What a stone's call that. Is You know what let's row it on third and seventeen. They got one more time out to go. I love that stuff. If I you know I know that so much second guessing. Why would you do that play to win. Don't play to not lose. I will take that out of my team's coaching staff every time point a win man. That's why you're there. Do you have the Nick Sabin soundbite. Let's play that this is what Nick Sabin add to say <hes> when asked hold on let me make sure I get this score right sixty two seven ten victory home victory over New Mexico state didn't cover. Oh God are you serious. They were fifty five and a half point favorites in other words the same <hes> spread. That's is going to be for the Patriots at Dolphins next week right probably two. It didn't even play the fourth quarter easier once again. He's gone through <hes> half of September without playing in the fourth quarter so it's going to be so of course everyone talks about this schedule where every year there's a <hes> you know warm up for Auburn game this year. It's good a Western Carolina. That's right before the Iron Bowl so Alabama's soft schedule. <hes> shall we say is something that Nick Saban has a soft spot for this was nick after the game you thank this kind of level of competition can get you ready for an SEC game a week later well. I've talked about this before I so we we try to schedule the best teams that we can schedule and <hes> we're trying to do that in the future as well <hes> but we have we can only play the people who are willing to play us. I I've said my opinion about playing twelve power five schools. That's what I would rather do <hes> so but a lot of other people don't agree with that. I'd rather play Tennis Games and N play to other power five schools so all the Games are exciting for the fans. All the Games are good football. You wouldn't have to go undefeated to get in the playoffs because you play a more quality schedule. I've been through and covered that ground a a hundred times so do I think we can get better in games like this I do if you approach the game right and you practice the right way and you prepare and you have the right focus and you play to your standard. You can get better playing anybody. Would I rather play other teams. No disrespect the New Mexico state. Their coach works hard. Their players played hard but if it's my philosophy that we should play twelve power five schools. I'd say the answer that would be yes but that's that's a philosophical answer. That's not the way it is so. I don't know why you would ask me that question as if I could do something about it when I can't do anything anything about it. We're playing the best teams that we can get the playoffs. Why don't you start calling around and see if you can get somebody else to play and and play. 'em We'll play anybody can get to play okay. Kinda was a four answer yeah several podiums so well. Here's here's what I will say when I hear that if there's anybody out there that thinks <hes> poor. Nick Sabin he's just making an excuse excuse that nobody wants to play him that he could find somebody wants to play hearing that rational it was rational response by saying I'll take ten league games and to what would you say the power conference. France opponents that they have to ever GonNa play in the SEC. He would do that if he could. I will say to anybody that thinks he's making potentially an excuse or reason for his soft schedule. I'll make you athletic director somewhere. Would you schedule Alabama game. One game two out of the gate no okay would you know with your job potentially not as secure as other places right and your program either coming up or troughing or trying to get to that next level. Would you put it all on the line in a as knick points out system where undefeated schedules are paramount. That's right no chance in the same anyway I would never put army on my damn schedule and I don't want to see it on Michigan ever again. I'll take a break a comeback until it man walk you through that one yanks. Wait till show you this text. I got just just as things were really on the line. Wait until I show you this at the Maryland. Just scored another to know how she how about that. I eight four four two or a two eight four two zero four rich number to dial and your phone the phone lines are lit will start clearing some of the phone banks as well here on this edition of the rich Eisen. Show Yahu daily fantasy is going big this year here. It's the perfect time to start playing Yahoo. Daily fantasy never play daily fantasy before Yahoo. has you covered unlike those other daily fantasy sites that let users enter enter a hundred fifty different lineups in their biggest contests. Yahoo has a ten entry Max that means better chances for you to win the big contests. 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It is only five dollars. That's the Promo Code P. Od twenty-five hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting according this podcast certainly couldn't do this. Show without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show here we go third and eleven P. Rolls Out. He's going. He's looking at past. He's got to be second foul. Tall Michigan date bets win in the second overtime. I S ask that's <hes> Michigan's radio network right there. As <hes> Michigan Survived Army in two overtimes should never been that close got to play better than the refs ref ref called <hes> waved off a Michigan defensive touchdown to put him up fourteen seven dreadful call dreadful call but <hes> again got to play better than the refs ref because they gave it right back to army and when you've turned it over three times in the first half against the team on army you're you're asking for Michigan asphalt and almost got it. If Michigan turns it over three times the first half against Wisconsin in Wisconsin in two weeks that'll be that'll be rap and shape patterson's gotta hold onto the ball and they gotta play better but there to know they survived it a asphalt and the almost got it in the form of a a fuel goal with no time left. Two seconds left in regulation coal tally army freshman kicker. I kick in a game ever field goal kicking the game ever and almost made it now. Where was I get these tweets. Hey where where whenever machines oh yeah AH whenever Michigan's in a tough game I wonder where what rich Eisen is doing right now and they start tagging me to check on you so I sent out a tweet at halftime saying hang for all those people talking about. I wonder how rich Eisen is doing right now. I am blissfully getting set to settle in my son. I A WIA so game coop playing his first soccer game eight-year-old you eight playing his first socking you under nine because he's eight okay first soccer game with a goalie seven on seven seven. Wow offsides referee like beginning to get a little real real deal. Okay like free kicks. If you touch the ball like none of these like just get up. Keep playing playing stuff domino thrilled and he man got my son. Coop he can run like a deer and it was a billion degrees out and I'm sitting there watching it and trying to be as present as possible knowing Michigan's blowing it or potentially their season could be blown and I'm going to go to the Game Day morning meeting later on in the day all these guys and they're gonNa give me the business and I hate that and it seems to happen every year now or something like that happens and I've seen it all play play out but I'm waltzing needle. I'm watching my son. He boots went in the net with a goalie for the first time ever. Look I see the referee like riding his number down. I think we're DOC beginning to start taking Allie of yeah keeping score taking a hand you recall let's go my son could easing easing the line for the Esso Oh golden boot and his and his latest new kicks are in fact gold. It's great now but hi. I'm also noticing my Alma. Mater could be circling the training and army yeah so my my battery on my phone's running out and it's akin into a Hanukkah miracle okay the oil's burning low and it's I need eight more days out of it or Kramer is is is in a test test drive in his car and they're holding hands holding hands with the car dealer like Thelma and Louise this. What's happening with my phone so I've got friends of mine. My Buddy Paul John and Jack Jian Rob their all texting me like updates right. 'cause I don't have enough juice to start you know following on watching watching the watching the video so every time I phone buzzes. I'm concerned about a bad update a or beat. It's my phone running out of juice. Look at my phone when my other buddies have texted me that the army guy settling in for the kick to win it phone buzzes and I look at the phone and here's the texts put it up. It's from Todd Fritz same tents in big house and I wrote back is this this one they call you captain obvious and he wrote back probably Fritzy who who in their right mind and s somebody whose team is their season. Life is on the line who just taxed. Hey man pretense for your team. What is that if you still need a fantasy name tents and big house Fritz. That's what is that. Dan Control your people. What the heck of course I I'd screen-grabbed that and sent that to Paul and Dan with my remaining battery power was so pissed who does that. Someone like do you do that. I don't know I didn't I didn't hear you remain. Leave me alone. Daddy left <music> out who you cannot wait. I cannot wait till the broncos earn some sort of tough spot tonight tonight's week one. I mean like season on the line install like his playoff. Life is on the line. Hey presents team <hes> tencent mile high tencent Mile High I mean that text is in the shoot frizzy. Wow <hes> let's go to the phone lines right here. <hes> let's go to WHO RAN VEGAS. Let's take Ray in Vegas here in the rich Eisen show what's up very rich. How you doing man what's going on brother ran. They've Antonio Brown thing. It's just `nuts I just WANNA. Get your take on a couple of things. Go forward one do you think. NFL is going to do anything to him especially with this phone call now in California it a crime to do what he did well. It's up to grow if gruden wants to press charges. That would be one heck of a way to you know hit him with one more fine going out the door. I don't know we we have the update on that in the next hour. Okay <hes> No. Nfl what does the NFL going to do what does the NFL this whole thing about yeah just released like less than a couple of hours aries time by the Patriots and now you're saying that ten conspiracy but some something just doesn't smell right then <hes> fresh Ville look rate <hes> he for whatever reason he wanted out of Oakland and the clearly findable offenses of missing a practice in training camp missing a walk-through in Canada barking your general manager any reportedly profane manner and furby threatening him reportedly sadly these are what we would call findable offenses in a contract ridden with language saying you do these things you can lose your guarantees and then all of a sudden somebody holds accountable and east takes that personally we talked about that with Doc rivers on Friday. How you handle that Gruden try to handle it by essentially being the good cop every time and then either you can sit here and say and thank you for the Call Ray. He just looked around and he saw I can't outstanding place anymore. I can't stand my general manager and deep down. I know I'm going to get picked up by somebody if I get out of here and it's possible that that team has quarterbacked by somebody better than Derek Carr and maybe in his in his right rightful state he heard or rumors. Everybody talks in the NFL that the Patriots actually tried to acquire him when he was on the block with Pittsburgh but Pittsburgh the very very warm place would have to freeze over for Pittsburgh to just hand him to New England for three to five so if they were interested in actually giving up draft capital for him they'd be interested in just coughing up kraft capital for him or Rosenhaus can do that put two and two together. I mean he's clearly one of the savviest agents in any any sport so put it all together and drew says now we didn't know the Patriots involved until after he was released again. I'm not saying that's a Brooklyn Bridge sale but I have to know that words out on the street and people talk if I'm the raiders I might knock on that door with the League but the League not GonNa sit here and say his behavior was so reprehensible the Hansel in Oakland that we should sustain suspended for what instagram eight four four two zero four rich number dial when we come back act poll question third hours for you and Alvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings who is just tremendous in that week one beatdown of Atlanta speaking of beat down a crucial member or their offense is down for at least half a year update on Nick foles injury and so much more than Jaguars of traded for quarterback Chris Brockman News Update and your calls coming up what he paid you you know the Jag just another guy on ESPN around the horn. I have the talk board with me. I'm excited to announce announce my new show but woody page podcast exclusively with podcast one each week. I'm giving you my raw. unfiltered takes on the latest news events events and sports and pop culture. That's not enough. I will be joined by guests from the sports world. Has We looked back at the important events in their careers that made them legendary so join me me every thirsty for new episodes of the woody page podcast here on podcast one download it listen to the episode exclusively at Apple Podcasts podcast one dot com and you like to show tell your friends if you don't keep it to yourself. We'd really appreciate that. We have double header on. ESPN and there's not much better than that starting off at the Houston Texans at the New Orleans saints with the saints being a seven point favorite that's a seven ten eastern turn kickoff on ESPN which is followed by the Denver Broncos at the Oakland Raiders Denver broncos being a one point favorite at ten twenty pm the eastern on ESPN right guys. It's time to make decide DOT com. You're betting partner. New Members get one hundred percent bonus cash all they have to do who is used T. R. One. Oh One so only game until you bet it at that.

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