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Woke means the latest addition <hes> the e._s._p._n. Dan thomas shack his and stevie nikko. We also welcome as julianne laurent to the show and as is tradition it seems julianne is only starts with a name interesting stuff coming out from jodi cog donna on the fossil and a board saying name is he's not happy at his team. That is the situation that has to be resolved in paris today. At this time we roll around around that he can join boston. If one day there is a name our case we will talk. Joel's standing parents is not going to barcelona. No that would be far too simple nikolai too easy done so this is maybe the truth of today and that's what cardona had to say the truth of tomorrow tomorrow and the days after we'll be different. Maybe the saiga thing really remembers on until the thirty first of august even the first of september because they really wants wants to leave and really wants to go back to the bathroom and really want him to go as well to leave because he doesn't want to be there and ambassador now. They have to find a way somehow of sending a decent offer to g to try to get name on bike. You've that's really what they want to not be. D._v._d.'s and the woman emma who trained today in pirate and look happy with his teammates and with the whole human onto raji father still confident that can happen with barcelona jules speculation meanwhile in some of the press. I've seen that you've offered name all alone madrid something. The president perez is keen to see <unk> happen. It's not so much wants pulled pork by the whole he wants. He doesn't want he doesn't want anyone else. You won't i pulled pork bar. If frontino products there's an bringing pug bob signed name instead. I'm not sure will be very happy with with the president and he rightly we saw because like he's been saying it doesn't it doesn't need name right now. There's a one name either going forwards. He's got plenty of options on the on the left in the center as as well and and really why needs is another midfielder or maybe even two if you donovan the bake will happen as well and by sunny the priority for sedan not name amo. We'll move the needle on this choice who all make it get done p._s._e. Are trying to play games by saying tabatha listen. You know he's is yours if you want him. Give us a good of this has to be sorted out between between nine and the solve the season in france for example which is next weekend or maybe the following weekend and i think they would be happy if he was to go. You know later in the month because like we said he wants to leave and they don't want him to stay because he doesn't want want to be that however they also need to think about replacement if if he wants to go so i d g they keep talking to botswana's awesome high if they get rid of continue of rocky teach and bring more plays into into the club then we'll be able to make this offer at the moment nothing is moving and if he stays nemo we'll have to remain peres meanwhile it looks like develop is remaining inch terrain and lukaku in manchester for the moment. This is how big toll wasn't it. Last week and reporters suggesting was very close to being done this swap d._o. However over the last twenty four hours solstice the same pretty much well. It's off the table. It's not happening yeah and i mean people in manchester saw blaming an agent for wanting too much money and asking asking for exorbitant wages and and you know and commissions and stuff like that but let's not forget here that politics would have to go from eventers too much to the united. She's not really the most appealing of transfers. Let's be honest and the most attractive or transfer no champions league now a team that would compete for the title by any stretch of the imagination either and you know and and they they expect yeah yeah i would love to come and just why don't you pay me even less than event is either he wants he wants money and he wants united to to make a more attractive offer to him than what they've been doing so far so i don't think you can really blaming for trying to get more money and trying to make that move and be more attractive just point it doesn't they. In the sense that manchester united don't hold the sort of peo. Maybe they did in the past. However if you're palo davala twenty six years of age looking to make a statement is not manchester united good place to do it. I don't believe so you know he's for me. In the last particularly two seasons he's lost the he's lost the name and and what people run the world of him because he hasn't produced and so if he's going to go and and make an interim self again he has to go somewhere where he's gonna get the ball where he's gonna get a chance to create and school goals and right now you don't see anybody manchester united been able to do aw heading the ball and i'm sure he's actually capable of so why would he put his chance. Maybe his last chance on the line go into a shade aid but he's not quite sure he's going to get the ball. So where does this leave. Roman lukarco jules paquin as favorites. Yes i think so content who simcoe optimistic on sunday after the game into play the spurs that maybe the could could happen. I think there was there was a time where people i thought that he was gonna go to you've enters into could forget about him. The fight that dibella now that he's not moving to manchester from from from us to to to you look can happen now. It's all so into seems to be really the only klebb nah able to afford him way would actually want to go as well and with the manager in onto continues really keen on the player and probably to be fair to lukaku. I think he would fit kunti an interstellar football far more than sarah new ventures. I still and picture in my head our luke kuhn sarah would have got on together event so personally. I think it would be a much better than you would have been. You spoke about poor pauper per before we were in this weird world. Aren't we now with the way in which the transfer window works thursday it closes in the premier league which means that no premier league side and and then add to their squad after that deadline however players can leave and go to other lease come as you mentioned before that league closed until the end of the month but surely if you just unite and if any deal is going to get done to see paul poke believe it would mean you'd want it done by thursday because at least then you'd have the chance to spend that pump the money yeah you're right and hopefully for united and whoever is in charge over there of the transfers whether i would've maybe whoever let's hope for them that they have a plan in place as well just in case madrid arrive with bigger and better than the one they've just made with the twenty seven or thirty million euros plus homage would regain which obviously was turned down but if they can come up with something better than that and bigger than that then united would have a plan in place already to go again midfielder maybe to go and get the talking player or maybe another defender to spend a bit of that book by money however if that doesn't happen before thursday then you struggle to see united being okay of leading pokemon go to madrid without being able to replace him or at least to spend the money on other players. What a mess. Why doesn't that time is another show i suppose but with donning paul paul how much of a coup is it for manchester united nineteen if they keep him this poor poor but will continue to give his absolute best for for manchester united if these as much as he wants to go he doesn't impress me as a kind of personal the kind of player who through all his toys to the prom who won't try her show on manchester united he give as he always has a lot of season. We say public giving one hundred percent in every match listen to wasn't great but i don't think that's poor pub. Being you know as a sabe being upset with club or throwing some kind of on field protests is just wasn't playing that well if he's been seated totally shot he if you think poll pole was not bothered why would we found in at the end of the season front who strapped for trying to argue and plead with them that tells you he's bald and yes. It wasn't wasn't always great but i'll tell you what not once that i ever think it wasn't dry and that's good the blue half of manchester and talk about the future of leroy santa of course picked up a knock during the community shield final came off after just nine minutes. We'll this stifled binds attempt to try and get immature gills it depends on the seriousness and the gravity of the injury of the knee and the ligaments for example would be out for six to eight months or something. They're not going to spend one hundred million euros on him clear and we all we all know that however if like cities seem to think it's not too serious and we don't have the latest updates on the the the text is today and it's not they're not think the movie certainly on he. He wants to go back home. He wants to go to buy munich. They really need him. The need to strengthen their squad as well especially those wide attacking area so it makes sense for everyone and city will get an amazing deal for leroy sunny to get one hundred million heroes for him money that again before thursday and again you would think that cuba garish done in the team over there have something in place to spend that money and replace him that would go through and then everyone would be happy by munich sunny and much of the city being quiet for city so far this summer obviously boards in rhodri. They've now added can selo as well to the ranks thinks making the switch from events the city you've got done. Hilo resume hasn't done much going the other way. We'll consult will be first choice. Joel's i still think the car walker would be your first choice does obviously the option to blame us tobacco in england lynn if pep decided one day to go through the bike for example and then you can play consolo who so good going forward and such a cross of the ball in a be more of a position in which a bit higher on the pitch which is better probably consolo is just to grow version. One really struggling with is how you've entered a happy with that. Did i just don't just don't get it how you can lose conceal. Get that neto on a little bit of with it and still being being happy because i consider we'll be the perfect robot for my so. Sorry sorry wants to play next season with you. Venter's just quickly cleese david kara walker. Has he done enough. Do you think guardiola since he's joined from spurs for that big fierce yeah absolutely a listen to spend fifty million on them depends better talk. Walker has made that defense better as we mentioned. Thursday is the deadline further transfers in the primarily. That's the last thing which they can answer their squads. I'll transfer talk is line is being very very busy. Then over the next few days. Check it out over on the website and now i fought from geico aiko motorcycle. It took fifteen minutes to take a spirit animal quiz online. Please be cheeto the cheetah and learn your animal. Animal isn't the cheetah but the far less appealing blob fish <hes> come on glad insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen blob official minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance. Geico geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Karen maguire officially presented today as the latest addition to the manchester united squad son contrat along side. Are they going to social status. I on cicis was made official. He's he's upset about that. They needed you know somebody who's gonna lead that late. Somebody's going to be vocal. Somebody who can actually play you cannot do that. He's not million but the fact is. He mixed them so much better defensively. It has to be one of the most expensive defender of all time and listen. It's just what the golden as you know. Certainly i wouldn't say he's the best defended of all time next to the golden age eighty million and monchy aided the needed bodily and it's a premium premium. They have to pay yes because of the situation meanwhile yesterday of course we saw the community shield stevie went ahead breakdown liverpool's defeat on penalties to taste. Why not i'll tell you why i'm lost because because the result in this game for me is not what of what you know when you're going through preseason as a player or coach you the idea was to stop slowly and make sure by the time you <unk> game that you ready yes and it's not always straightforward and it hasn't been for liverpool because in some games who've been questioning but this game against city absolutely other percents tells me that the ready to go the way they particularly in the second half played the way that we know livable because the ball didn't let position put them under severe pressure. That's the liverpool that we saw last year and to be able to see that seven days before the season starts is grit for a little fun but for your club. I'm sure he's well pleased to see that. The one negative you did mention to me was once again the goal coming from the far side from apple's perspective with alexander on. I think i think if you look at the goals of liverpool loser comes down that shade and the husky questions over the not just the partnership that i think it will be stocked with which will be mighty and alexander ronald. It's job because i need my. I need my sent back to tell me when i'm full but i need to push me around a little and so help me with my physician because alexander ronald she'll she'll. I'm not so sure that mighty can do and i think that's why sometimes alexander arnold donald gets positioned defensively liverpool legend slams alexander says he asked to be up to learn that we'll be talking about. We're gonna later on as always you can check extra time which is available on youtube channel plenty of content over <hes> for you to enjoy favorites to win the premier league. The book is we've. They've got it pretty much. There's a two-horse race city on liverpool. Then thirty five big jump men to spurs third favorite's fifteen two one chelsea then twenty five to one makes them the favorites to finish in four united and arsenal coming in fifteenth time. Isn't it really of the year for some predictions steve. Oh ooh okay. Stephen has got manchester united finishing fourth. I'll tell you what we do. Everybody's prediction and then we'll talk about the particular points that have been made so our top scorer player of the year sixty to win the title also to finish ahead of chelsea <hes>. Let's take a look at what shocker has said. He is also got city winning the league as well liverpool runner-up spurs. He's also united in the top for our cia exactly the same isn't it when you're gonna go arrow as top scorer as opposed to sada. Let's see if jill's mixed up slightly has indeed he's got oh my goodness jewels liverpool winning it city second his beloved arsenal a third spurs fall off chelsea faith and his anti united way's safe harry kane top goalscorer banados silva. They signed and to make it through as a player of the year. Okay joe is my prediction as well as liverpool's spurs chelsea four united faith in in safe harry. Kane top score came to bring you. Shed was a one season. Wonder exactly have lately gone on this thing. <hes> wish i wanna start with joel saying that liverpool staffing to win the league is there year surely they've grown so much squads with club as a manager adjourn in the last two years. They came so close last year in the league it would be thirty years since the last title as we know come next may and i really believe now the they in the right place. Everything like i said the way they've built their squad. The weather star football the mentality that will have after everything they went through last year in the league and being so close. I really believe with thirty years of course since steve. Nicol was helping them win the tide so but you don't think they're going to do it listen. I was trying to come up with an argument. Why in the space of the summer liverpool the pull of gotten ahead of manchester city gills argument that now is that time well other than digital raw got phelan as kane and don't go on raw got feelings i mean the truth is out liverpool better today than they were in the last season and they will run. I'm not sure they are there. Are the only argument i had to. Figura was as losing company. Does that make the difference between liverpool being better than city but until i see a game right i can't i can't on rhodesia. Yes and that's why. I've got city just ahead of liverpool. There's a man who knows about rule. Gut feelings joel's roles. Can you discuss why you fail basically that as we said pick names in over the summer listen. I think to start with winning. Three titles in a row is almost mission impossible. Only solace ferguson donate twice. Okay is the only one hundred hundred and twenty six years of english football history to have done it. I don't think guada- much the city will do it. At some point this season champions league will take over the focus will take over there the ambition and the motivation because that's the one whether or not the one the owners and a lot of people at the club clip want to win and i think that we're masuda shift last year didn't happen. I think the shift this year of city and the champions league and liverpool in the league more than the other around and will be there and like i said i really think that for everything liverpool and club learn from la season all that disappointment in the league the only defeat and yet come one point show. I really believe that does make them a better squad better team. What are you send your city. This is going to one point is going to be closed last. It'd be close by this one point or not well. We have to wait to see i. I think there's an to steve's point. It's not a good starting. Nothing position for liverpool where you are your who is in somebody else has player leaving your who city liverpool being better as that company pretty has left manchester city. That's not where you want to be in charge of your own destiny. I just don't think liverpool of done that and the one thing that i- city have done spend a big biller squad to win the title over the last couple of seasons even though they haven't spent the kind of money that we'd normally associated with them. They've added one or two pieces orbit for lots of money and just fresh out squad this time you haven't seen liverpool even that out to the depth of their squad and i just feel that that could come back to hone them so much went well for them last year as as julian rightly points out one defeat yes elite force short. You just don't see that happening again. If you look look at my pigs kevin debris was my player of the year now that's a play that the didn't how last year because he was just so engineer plagued so yes the bush company with also gained kevin the broin up he would walk into any say in the world so we all agree that the first two will be city and liverpool disagreement of course over the order and then he gets a bit interesting arsenal finishing third julianne moore on. I really believe in the in the like young a true franz. I think they're going to strengthen the defences where with the center by between nine thursday and i like the civil signing for example. I like the energy that it would be in that team. I think that would be better equipped away from home. Which is really what led them down. There were thirds in terms of points a home after liverpool and city but only eight away from home because i don't think that the tool for example to play on the council in many of those games theme we've peppy obama young and like especially should we pay pay. They've added to try to be better where from whom i think the defense is obviously always the department where the heart to be stronger and i believe that they they will they will sign at least one defender between nine thursday to be a bit better defensively but yeah i believe i believe in them and i'm ready to finish that i love the we shoulders peppy obama yang in luck yeah unfortunately even mentioned socrates matafi on jimbo's as good as upfront fee was chilean bodies the bike three and that's why i've actually got money united ahead arsenal in fourth both place because it had gone out after losing fifty four goals last year gone and bought one misako who is a real defender and the mcguire. Who's a real real defender. You stick the hair behind them as well. No united luke pray solid defensively where does arsenal goodness what an absolute shambles and we can see well. The thing goes shane. Somebody who they gonna shine this actually going to make such a difference. That's why i don't have them to four. I think also better than they were last season. I think they mean score more goals and keeping my exactly how many dischord last year but i don't think i don't think i am addressing the issues very poor the back that that remains and then for me also the biggest issue is when things get tough. They don't have leadership. They don't have any metal new show that fourth place this lose last season on somehow they contracted to do exactly that that's a lack of leadership lack of any real spying bryant signed somebody between no one thursday. Don't see them addressing that significantly enough time chose about why things mentioned innovation safe maybe later on in the week just reminding download our daily podcast which is available on the website. We talked offs week but we found a lot of tweets. Dr incident you save. He is and that you would read this moscow fire. Walk mark sable through some thirty some beans we any sort of the baked beans yeah any pretty much. Yeah i mean we should probably just confirms either someone purchase off that was a shepherd's pie. That's a me by surprise goodbye. You're welcome into extra-time. Thank you very much feel tweets. Do you think they should be more time. In between the end of the preseason. The start in the premier league league season crop has recently complained about the short amount of time huckabee was actually not a problem. I'm with when the season ends and the season begins right. It's unfortunate the international tournaments and in the middle of it so it's not really when the season he's been funny. She's installed all the nonsense that goes on june in the middle of the summer when the players can't get a break who is student excited is it about the most ac- play the premier league they hadn't even listened to the spurs all nicholas pepe for arsenal and both uconn you choose. You choose easily enough. Come on i'll happy yeah. Ah frank was very excited about when he was on frank leboeuf to junior out. They're going to win the league school a goal because you're going to lose a goal which goes seventy-three only six liverpool scored more right or you're going to choose tools <hes> <hes> because i want to see him with obama young and like i said ed's but i also want to see the million i i much. Nobody can can hold his ground in the big matches against the other. Big powerhouses is in the paula tissue banks. Yeah i love the most stressful person to watch gang with the president. Who's laughing when liverpool plan plan. Everybody is all right and you're the teams t._v.'s all right with any other team. Everybody's okay with all now. It's interesting because someone on this panel is normally very calm. However when it comes to turn on tobago's explains the only time i've ever seen you really spike what you're trying to suggest that then you do a commentary once the <hes> involved refuse to speak in the second half pretty much yeah we will lose him. Bodily used to produce produce. Something moved seriously. It became by the u._s. They've never had me back sits below. What's that okay. <hes> chose really about peers. We'll check with n._p._r. Thing yeah wow especially especially the big cheese we ended losing badly usually so yeah at least happens once in a live to our white none. No thank you for having me thank you evanson awards more likely to take a shot at tops six shack and if they all top six what top sixteen currently is out. There's a lot of top sakes. I'm going to go wolves must because i thought they made a decent run last year. A <hes> change it for them and poodle have chelsea finishing six right now. I want to miss out. It's going to be justin optic concussion with my landlord friend over here. Oh yeah i i can well considering. We actually don't know what we're gonna. Get from really man for that reason alone you comfort them here the world because we know he's getting from moves open attack football bowl fun eagles but i can't see that right now but ever joe's everton i think the signings that they've made some some again after all the money they invested last summer is a huge statement from mukasey lavar. He's the manager and find the right formula. We those new players especially. I think they would be very solid and very hard to beat and i think we'd have a good girl at that top. Six finish voice which i think clinging europe as well for awards might be a bit too much for them to to play no competition final question. You're excited for the return of craig burley tomorrow to his humble and i am imagine all all that forty five. This is a busy. Are you yeah ah last night we had a good run digital fosters well. It's going to be so by they tend. He'll be here since twelve so he'll be ready. Recommend down yeah arrive at five to four. Tomorrow's uh-huh stand who else e._s._p._n. A._f._c. is back on the australian samara with the return and of craig burley this as not bothered by anything. That's happening happened.

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