The Hidden History of Jewish Pirates, Part 2: Famous Privateers


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We'll select up to ten semifinalists and give them a thousand dollars to produce a pilot. Then listeners for across the world vote on their favourite to decide the next great podcasts enter today at next great podcast dot com. That's next great podcast DOT COM. Why shouldn't next great podcast come from you? Ridiculous histories of production of IHEART radio. Yoho ridiculous historians of sorry I just had to get it out of my system. All right. Well, I'm Ben. This is part two of our exploration of the little known story of Jamaica and Jewish pirates. Hi I'm no bent with that. Just a drawn out yo or with those meant to be Hojo's in between. A PIRATED REF? Yeah. Pirating breath. Did it sound like a Yo-yo? Jojo. I just was making sure we're on the zoom and I was a little bit. It dragged it out. Did that thing we're at digitally Kinda stretched so on my end of his candlelight sounded like you were saying you. Welcome to the show. But no I I kid But yet today we did we did this intentional two-parter and i. know the first one seemed a little on the short side. But we felt like it was a good kind of primer to now get you into some like really cool dives into some of the most notable. Jewish pirates and privateers from throughout history So what do you say we? We jump right in with Simon raise. Aka. The Great Ju- Yes, let's walk the plank of the podcast with the help of our Super Producer Casey peg. No doubt brandishing a scimitar behind US forcing US along you're right. This guy was known as the Great Ju also, as we go through this episode, please if you're played along your home, let us know what your ideal pirate nickname would be i. think that's the coolest thing. If you're a pirate, you get a nickname right we've talked about cool professional nicknames in the past but raise had the Moniker, the Great Jew he and his family like. So many of the people we mentioned in part one of the show they fled the Spanish inquisition in the early fifteen hundreds and I they went to Turkey, and then it was in modern day Izmir Turkey where Synon- came the right hand man of a fellow named. Hey. Ridden bar. Barrosa. One of the most famed pirates of all time Barbarossa would eventually go on to become a Sultan Commander in the Ottoman Navy and these guys had their own interesting take on the pirate flag They sure did and just one quick little snippet of backstory on Synon-. He was born to Sephardic Jewish. Parents who fled Spain and then look like you said located into the Ottoman Empire but I just I thought the distinction of Sephardic. Jews was interesting because I wasn't intimately familiar with this tradition and it specifically refers to descendants of Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal from the later centuries of the Roman Empire until they were essentially forced out. Of those countries in the last decades of the fifteenth century and that's from Britannica there just to just to give credit where credit is due but this is something I wasn't intimately familiar with. So always interesting to learn about new kind of cultural offshoots. But yes to to your point, ben about they're kind of interesting spin on the Jolly Roger, which we heard from you. Last episode of did have some variations there's had a six sided star very much seeming to be a reference to the Jewish Star of David in place of. That smiling skeleton boy and they were a dynamic duo on the high seas. Probably their biggest victory came in fifteen thirty eight during something called the battle of Preveza right off the coast of Greece. Ottoman. Forces led by these two guys defeated an entire flotilla of armed ships from Christian countries that have been kind of assembled or Justice League by Pope Paul. The third this victory, there's ensured that the Ottoman forces would dominate the Mediterranean for generations to come, and this is where Synon- earned his nickname is street name the great do. You know who gave it to him? His enemies. On the Spanish side of the conflict. Totally. Yeah. It makes me think of immediately if the character and inglorious bastards the one with the Baseball Bat, you know bashing heads all the time. He gets his nickname from his enemies to was the bear Jew, right because he was known for bashing heads. So you always know if you get a pretty cool sounding nickname from your enemies, you doing something right striking fear into the right hearts you know what I mean I still think that you know the Spanish forces at this point we're like, why not throw it some hate speech. While we're here, let's just also be sold. I. Don't know what they. You know what I mean. I. Don't know how they meant it to be received but I agree with you, it is a very bad ass nickname. People were so intimidated by the sky or looked up to him depending on where they stood in the conflict that they began spreading rumors of his sorceress powers. He was so good at navigating. The sees that people started saying he had to use magic to do it. They're like there's only one way I love picturing this conversation. It's bunch other sailors meeting up and they're like look guys. We know we're just mainly winging it out there how to Synon- know where he's going all the time and someone else said I think it's magic bro, and they were like, yeah, because that was a sufficient explanation of things at the time. Well, mistaken wasn't part of that kind of. Antisemitic attitude and almost fear of Jews as having some kind of being like which is or something or as as possessing some kind of magical powers you often hear kind of dated jokes about even in like you know the That that fantastic film Joe Rabbits by TYCO A T T, there's a character i. don't want to about the movie, but there's a child who refers to Jews as being like having the ability to hypnotize you or something like that like Oh. Yeah. Empire rules or whatever, and think that sort of attitude about like they've they're using witchcraft to do this navigation was probably a pretty widespread idea an another way to further dehumanize people when you really think it all the way through. So interestingly enough you can read more about Barbarossa and synonymous adventures. In the five volume book of Barbara's memoirs that he dictated Tucson, they currently reside in the Istanbul University Library. So this guy's having an adventure that most people don't know about which is crazy I would love to see the film which I know I've been saying like every episode we do but so many of these stories are just perfect there. So cinematic okay. We can't spend all their time on this guy. Though? What say we move onto another great nickname the pirate rabbi Yeah Samuel Palash. Palace. Shea I'M GONNA go with Palash. What do you think? Probably. GonNa get corrected either way. Let's stick with Yeah. This guy wasn't just your run of the mill son of Abraham. He was actually a rabbi, his name was rabbi Schmil PA-, LACI and He is said to have taken part in some pretty serious pirate raids against Spanish and Dutch ships which would have been under the privateer side. Isn't that right them? Yeah. He was working for the Dutch government and then he was also working for the Sultan of barbary Morocco. He was instrumental in one of the very first treaties between European Middle Eastern powers. That's the sixteen ten agreement that guaranteed peace between Morocco and the Netherlands. So. Despite the fact that he had trained as a rabbi, he obviously felt more called to this life on the high seas as a privateer but he was still a man of faith. He was still pious and one of the rules on his ship was that. The members of the crew had to donate a tenth of their loot. I'll just say a code of their booty to charity. Lean into it did. And he also kept things kosher on a ship, which if you think about that, that's seems like at some point, it could get a little. Tough right. I mean it you know it takes a lot of effort and certainly you don't have the luxury of having access to like things when you're you know far far away at sea but that whole aspect of like donating to charity. That's the real kicker for me. That's fantastic So sixteen, Fourteen, Morocco and Spain went to war with each other and Palash. was responsible for. Heading up a small Moroccan fleet. That was destined for a conflict with Spanish ships and actually was able to be successful and capture them He was though arrested by the Spanish ambassador and then tried under Spanish for piracy. There's a letter to a Dudley Carleton who was the British ambassador to Venice than and he summed up the life of this Jewish pirate thusly on this comes from a S H dot com I'm not familiar with the words. So forgive me if I'm I address spell mispronounce, which is a really great resource for Jewish culture and heritage and all kinds of history and cool storytelling highly recommend it but eight little known facts about Jewish pirates, and they. Have this quote from Dudley. Carleton and keep in mind that maybe some of this language might sound a little charged. I'm just reading it from historical record quote here is a Jew pirate. That brought threes, prizes of Spaniards into Plymouth. He shall likely pass out of here well, enough for he has league and licensed under the Kings Hand for his free egress and regress which was not believed until he made proof of it. Okay. Yes. So eventually they had to they, they realized he is approved by the highest authority to basically do what he wants. Right it's imagine you know we talk about sometimes in spy novels right? The idea of a license to. But imagine, there was a country where you literally got A. Letter the whip out. The says something like. Super Producer. Casey, peg room has the express authorization of the US government whatever he wants to go yep. I would love that I would. I would probably get into some really poorly thought out hijinks. Plash was acquitted. He was set free when he passed away in sixteen sixteen he was given a hero's funeral every single member of the Jewish community in Amsterdam got together and marched in his funeral procession, and they were not alone. They were joined by royalty and they were joined by elders of the city itself. So this person. Had had an immense amount of support and recognition in his time. Yeah. For sure am like we said bus another myth about pirates. I mean this guy seemed like a pretty benevolent pirate at the end of the day and had a bit of a moral code which I appreciate because you think of pirates is just you now being wanting and not following the rules and this guy was definitely a different spin. On that? All right. Let's move on to another Amazing nickname on a nickname but like a a gang name this was this one's about subba tall and the Brotherhood of the black flag which sounds like definitely a black flag tribute band, right? Don't I'm not alone in that okay. So this guy was a Jewish physician living in the sixteenth century, an educated man, and he was an explorer of what would. Now be known as the America's He's also. Credited by some with introducing the potato to Europeans which Nice win man. I I've been thinking about this during you know what I miss I miss having fries French fries. The I didn't cook. Yes. You're really been doing much like a dry theory of immune to a chick-fil-a or any any of that Yeah. I went through a drive through once but usually usually have been staying in in cooking. It's a little healthier something to do I've been I've been cooking. So weird stuff you guys all right now and you're talking about you're going to have a seafood. Mc Strata Ganda with your Japanese Grill. After we get done recording and I think you've inspired me to go a seafood route myself dinner my mom visiting. But speaking of the sea and food we were talking about potatoes minute ago and now we're talking about super tall and the Brotherhood of black flag. He formed a bond some something of an alliance with another famous explorer son who realized as well that the the profession of piracy was a pretty good racket and that was the son of Sir Francis Drake Henry So the. To. became inseparable and they started this organization. If you want to call it that known as the Brotherhood of the black flag, it was absolutely a band of pirates That was hell bent on attacking as many Spanish ships they could write off of the coast of a place that I think you have very recently been a modern day Chile. Yes that's right. They are said to have buried six thousand pounds of Spanish gold and an even larger amount of silver near harbor in Chile at this time, no one is found that buried treasure. However. Treasure hunters have found some documents that were partially written in Hebrew that they believe may have been written by Super Bowl himself so. It is quite possible someone off the coast of Chile one day find the hidden treasure of the Brotherhood of the black flag absolutely ben and just for reference if you wanted to check out this. 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He was one of the most famous of revenge seeking Jewish privateers and pirates he started his life In secrecy as a Jewish person because he grew up under the inquisition in Portugal. He was asked time one of the most well known prominent successful merchants in the capital of Portugal Lisbon. and. Then he was discovered to be Jewish and to be practicing his faith in sixteen o five, he and one hundred and fifty other people were publicly tortured. And this changed Cohen's life. He decided that he was going to work against Spain and Portugal and fight against the injustices. Of the inquisition I the had to escape. Yeah. That'll certainly do and he did that thing he got out of Amsterdam and he pretty quickly seem to find his way into the good graces of the Dutch and he became essentially a spy for them for the Dutch navy and he settled in Jamaica, which was already starting to become this kind of safe haven for these Jewish ex pats. and he worked with the Dutch on behalf of the Netherlands to attack these Spanish vessels and just kind of be a thorn in the side of these colonial ambitions to take over the new world. This everyone was vying for a lot of that real estate, right? Yeah. That's right. This is part of a massive land and resource grab on the part of the European powers. Cohen even teams up with one of the most feared pirates of the day a man named Sir. Ian and Sir Henry Morgan is a dangerous dangerous dude, right but. This land grab this age of expansion panic that so many European powers are going through a makes them bend the rules a little bit more, and so the Dutch and British governments actually. They're not very loud about it, but they back up Cohen and Henry Morgan would that be Captain Henry Morgan of the of the rum fame, the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. Yeah. Remember Captain Morgan's Ab surely it's named after. Yeah I mean, what would what would imagine a captain? Morgan was a Sir Henry. Morgan is a Welsh privateer and it was a plantation owner who eventually became Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. So he was in the halls of power. But the to be clear. The what I'm talking about I, say the quiet support is the Dutch and British governments quietly supporting Cohen in his partnership Sir Henry Morgan was already kind of like. Above, reproach in a lot of ways because he was so powerful and just for the record confirmed captain, Morgan Rum is named after Sir Henry Morgan for his adventures in the in the Caribbean. True. Yeah. I mean it makes sense to me right And drink responsibly, and you too can live like the captain you. Wonder why they never had a tagline like promote yourself or even used that I'm the captain now mem-. Be. Great. That would be good. You know what I was thinking in my mind I was confusing the the captain Morgan's tagline with the Captain Crunch tagline which I think is superior is you in the cabin make it happen? There were go. And drink responsibly. And eat your sugary cereals responsibly kids right. Eat Your breakfast candy responsibly. That's still baffles me. So here, let's fast forward to the house. We promise you a heist. There is a heist evolve in sixteen twenty eight. Cohen helps the Dutch west India Company Pool One of the most profitable see heist in the entire history of piracy they steal like over a billion dollars, worth of gold and silver for Spanish fleet off the coast of Cuba and when we say a billion that's awes- roughly adjusting for how much this and silver would be worth in today's age but it's still it's still kind of tough to To get a super accurate calculation they're just it was a lot of money but wait a minute I thought the Dutch west. India was a legitimate business. What are they doing pulling off heists? Dutch west India Company. Well, the Okay Specifically Cohen Health Admiral Pete Hein is over. We're going to be all unfunded factual about it. The Dutch west India company was not was probably not officially sanctioning this heist, but without doing a whole episode about them yet I wouldn't put it past them in they are. Very bad group, but in another thing in our views look up. In Britannica Dutch west India company it says using booty acquired from the capture by the Dutch seamen Piet Hein of part of Spanish treasure fleet. The company challenged the Portuguese. Brazil beginning in sixteen thirty and attained his greatest success during the administration of Count John Maurice. So they definitely ran on it and they're definitely sanction it. Yeah we should do at some point a story about some of the many crimes of those organizations because even if you know a lot about him, you might not know the whole terrible story. So. Not long after successfully pulling off this massive see Heist Cohen starts his own pirate island. Off The coast of Brazil to mentioned earlier, and then once Portugal takes over the area Cohen becomes this adviser to Captain Henry Mortgage. Drink responsibly indeed, and then you know Cohen does finally going to retire I. Guess He's getting up there in years. Sir Henry Morgan becomes Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica and actually pardon Cohen's Ochoa living in the clear and he stayed in Jamaica until he passed away living the life of a civilian but having had some Hella Adventures the pirates life was certainly for him but he knew when to say when just like you should when you're drinking captain Morgan's rum that's right and that's a lovely pirate stereotype a bust, not all pirates died on the high seas in you know a a wave of treasure and blood falling to cannon fire. Some people were actually able to retire which I thought was pretty cool. And now I think we have time for one more someone who's been called occasionally the most famous Jewish pirates. Jean Lafitte was born in France in about seventeen eighty. I had no idea John the feet was was Jewish pirate certainly heard of him from the feats blacksmith shop in in New Orleans, which I believe is the oldest bar still an operation there possibly in the United States it's been around for a very, very long time And it's a pretty fun little dive bar to check out they have really get hurricanes. But yeah, John the feet was born in France in about seventeen eighty, like you said and there is a pretty controversial work called the Journal of the feet controversial and it may or may not have been written by him or could be some kind of forgery it. Could be could have been by third party He does claim that his mother's father was a Spanish Jew who was subjected to torture under the inquisition and much like some of the previous entries in this list seeing that happen to his family created a lifelong hatred for Spain and four, obviously the the Spanish inquisition and decided that he wanted to. Wreck their shop and like just absolutely be another thorn in the side of the Spanish Armada Right So he wanted to mess with their money because they have these holdings in the new world and that's where the inquisition was absolutely like burning their way across the land. So John, moves to R-. Orleans? To escape the inquisition, he doesn't move along he brings his brother, Piere and together they found a blacksmith shop and they do pretty well but there's a conspiracy afoot because they have a second secret profession they have commissions from the Republic of Cartagena to intercept Spanish boats. So wilder operating their blacksmith shop, they carry on this secluded interdiction career from a secluded colony in Bar Atari Bay off the coast of New Orleans. That's cool. Secret pirates is a recall and from that same article from J.. Post dotcom Jewish pirates of the Caribbean they have really great quote from a professor by the name of Edward Bernard Glick who an article called the feats. Jewish origins in the Jerusalem Post back in two thousand and six, and he says Lafitte was also a Sephardic Jew along with his first wife and Glick points out that not only did laugh it run single pirate ship. He had a whole fleet of them that he kind of ran like kind of a mob boss almost from his blacksmith shop, which also was a site for fencing stolen pirate loot. That's my favorite part. By the way you know Y- come for the horseshoes and then east stay for the emeralds right? Or maybe like a curse skull I don't know. I. Don't know what kind of stuff they're fencing in this pirate Jim. This episode of ridiculous history is brought to you by our friends at Bollandbranch Ben. Let me ask you. Do you know what? Millions of Americans and three former US presidents have in common? 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He retaliates by putting a five thousand dollar bounty on the head of the governor. He's telling the governor of Louisiana stop playing with Brooke Boy Rules. You know what I mean seriously holy cow that is a I wouldn't say that a weird flex as much as it's just a power move of epic proportions. So, okay. We we know where this guy stands but then in the war of eighteen twelve, the feet in his capacity as a spy warned American troops of the British invasion. But now like the Beatles one, this is a military invasion and he offered to help out Andrew. Jackson? Who was the general defending New Orleans at the time with some of his top guys from his pirate. Crew. Yup. He said, we'll do this. We'll help you out andy which I'm sure he called Andrew Jackson Andy Right so we'll help you out andy. You have to do is give us a full pardon for anything we ever may have or may have not done deal and Andy says yet deal. The pirate gang does a great job Jackson in fact, later in life Jackson goes on to call. La Fit one of the ablest men of the battle of New Orleans. So it sounds like he earned that pardon one hundred percent and you know he he takes it easy for a little while but a couple years after this massive, you know hero moment he starts back up into pirating. Piracy Pirating I'm GonNa go with pirate pirating. It's just fun to say but he moved shop to Galveston Texas and brings close to a thousand buccaneers along with them and he established like a pirate community the he referred to his kingdom named Campeche on the barrier island of Galveston which is a thing it's on the Gulf coast I didn't realize Galveston was an island and they lived under the rule of the time the new waiver Espana Colony of Mexico and he partnered up with a Portuguese Ju by the name of. Wow de la Hoya and some of their biggest named You Know Heist Buds were folks like a Bowie of the Alamo fame also known for the knife th th that was named him. So until he passed away in eighteen twenty, five John, Lafitte. Of the most feared pirates of the Spanish main and the Spanish main is the eastern coast of Spain's possessions in the new world. At this time, you can see traces of his story everywhere. New Orleans, there's a national park named after him The author we mentioned part. One of this series even posits that this man was the inspiration for Johnny Depp in the pirates of the Caribbean movies but A. I still still feel like the inspiration is that guy from the Rolling Stones Keith Stewart Keith. Stewart. Is a guy who went to high school with and if you're hearing this Keith I, hope you're well the other Keith Keith Richards. Yes and he was be played his father in one of the movies I. Think those are not how he definitely was I think he's probably inspired like maybe Lafitte was part of the stoorikhel call precedent but certainly, his mannerisms were all Keith Richards. Yes. So maybe in that point, we're talking about the creative. Inspiration of the screenwriters or the scriptwriters and the creative inspiration of the actors. But there there you have it folks for a long long time the stories of these. privateers and pirates were rarely explored in the history books and that began to change in the last decade or so when historical graveyards were unearthed in the Caribbean that revealed the extent of the Jewish population that had gone, they're seeking safety from the inquisition and also helped us understand that several individuals in these communities were indeed pirates. Yeah. That's right and back in two thousand seven, the Caribbean volunteer. Expeditions nonprofit cultural preservation. Society in the Caribbean has started to take a lot of steps in compiling a lot of these research materials and artifacts and inventory and these gravesites like you mentioned Ben to really shine a light on this. mainly. Kind of lost part of history transcribing epitaphs and just creating wealth of information that folks that are interested they want to find out more about the The Jewish pirate community was forced out of Spain largely due to fear of being persecuted and tortured by the absolutely horrific. Spanish inquisition I see this with sincerity. What an astonishing story and how fortunate we are to be able to learn more about it in the present day. You know I'm pretty happy that we made this two-parter. Oh, I am too and I did when I one last little thing that that I think is super interesting and I always wondered about because of this mass let's let's not forget like this was about Jamaica specifically about about these Jewish pirates that got their start after Immigration Jamaica in addition other places. But that was sort of the big one in terms of how much of the you know parliament they made up in terms of the seats. And that has a lot to do with it maintains a big part of the heritage of Jamaica. Wish, you think of oftentimes intertwined with Rust Foreign Ism and as it turns out, the concept of Rastafarianism has a lot of connections with Judaism, their Messiah the VIP and Emperor Highly Selassie was said to have been descended from King Solomon and obviously one of their most powerful symbols in Russifying ISM is the lion of Judah and Rastafarians also keep kosher. Yeah. There are so many. Misconceptions about rastafarianism here in the West, it probably deserves its own episode as well. There is fascinating history there of course, piracy is not over I rec- continues in different parts of the world. You've probably seen stories about piracy in the Middle East or off the coast of Somalia recently a, but this age of piracy seems to be unique because of the way it meshed and involved in concert with the age of maritime expansion from Europe and the. One of the many waves of anti-semitism that Europe experienced at the time to try court hats off to you pirates of of history. I don't know I mean a weird spot with this because I don't WanNa completely condone. The you know the behaviors of these people which at times had to be brutal and violent and bloody but also I'm I love the idea of fighting back against this institutional evil of the inquisition. and you got to give him props for their open-mindedness culturally and allowing folks that were basically cast off if not outright. Hunted by by certain individuals in power and bringing them into their ranks and not judging them for their heritage or any of that stuff. So that's pretty cool and very punk rock if you ask me Yeah Oh that's great. That's that's a great way to to into this Noel Casey we would be doing a terrible job if we didn't include some of the cool parts of real life pirate code, this comes to us from Mark Man Seaney over at mental floss some of these rules might surprise you. So we talked about voting mentioned voting that's awesome They also said you can't steal from other pirates. I guess offer among thieves. Oddly enough they said nobody can gamble. which which feels like a weird vice to isolate, but I guess it was bad for life on the ship a everybody had a bedtime that a curfew. Yes lights out. Are you get a spanking. they also had to. Also had to always be ready detangle. Each man must keep his piece cutlass and pistols and all times clean and ready for action I just love ms piece cutlass pistols. Yeah. I like how they say peace cutlass epistles because you gotta wonder what's the peace? What's the piece I thought? The piece was the pistol yeah. Maybe. It's like a Bolo or a or a side piece maybe like a little when you keep in your pirate boot. Yeah or like a a mace or like a Frisbee I, don't know tell us what you think the best pirate piece would be. They all says, it never bring your date home right? Most of these things did not add instant of fatal punishment but if you brought. A. Person of any sort with you. For romantic purposes onto the ship, you would be put to death the out loud a lot of things punishable by death or marooning, which I guess means abandoning you on a desert island with nothing but maybe a mix tape of your favorite songs and one last week I'd love to point to because it is kind of progressive is the way that mental floss puts it as lose. A. Limb get workers COMP, and here's the code every man who shall become a cripple or lose a limb in the service shall have eight hundred pieces of eight from the common stock, and for Lesser Hurts proportionately and pieces of eight being a very popular and widely accepted Spanish coin that I think we're even American legal tender until eighteen, fifty seven what a ride. Oh Man I. You know we busted a lot of stereotypes here. and. We talked a little bit about the complex cultural situation. But still you know like the six or seven year old in me is so into the idea of just hopping on a boat and living life on the high seas, I don't think I would want to do it with a crew though I wanna be like Kevin Costner in waterworld and just have like my own. Thing in assistant, you guys remember waterworld. That's one of Casey's Favorite Films Right Yeah Jeanne tripplehorn turned in a tour De Force performance as did Dennis Hopper and here the ride universal's pretty cool but wait a minute. How would you feel about? Like more of like a like a Tom Hanks and castaway kind of situation. What would be your inanimate object you at anthropomorphized? That wouldn't be a computer with a satellite link. I you know that's a good question. If you had to anthropomorphized something on a desert island I would try I would try to make like a really cool sculpture or something. You know leave a mark after I'm done as far as companionship I'd probably see if I could befriend some of the native fauna. Have like a psychic bird or Mammal of some sort because I don't know if you could be friend of fish perhaps they were be corvettes on this island where you where you wind up I, know you have a real kinship with those guys. Do What about you know? What would you What would you do to while away the lonely days on a desert island I go with coconut. Just. Because it's obvious you know. You can draw face on it. I mean not have volleyball volleyball seemed good because it's like sodas you know squishy. You can put your head on it. Maybe a maybe a pillow we'd get dirty I don't know I'm Gonna I'm GonNA stick with Coconuts Yeah Tiger I wanna Tiger I wanna be friends with Tiger be friends with the tiger let you ride around on his back and potentially also talked to you when she showed started going. Mad and illuminating and then eventually would also probably eat you but dare to dream is what I say about all of this stuff as did many of these incredible piety characters huge thanks to Super Producer Casey, program for being here through all of this through this intentional two-parter even though God could have been a three part and the lengths of these are way out of whack what are you GonNa do you GotTa. Get a vacation someplace. Huge things to Alex Williams composer theme. Christopher Haciendas here in Spirit John Stricklin. Thanks to Gabe Luzia, thanks to the authors mentioned in today's episode doesn't love to learn more about pirates Thanks of course to Eve's Jeffcoat and a behind the scenes peer. Folks of this is one of the last things were recording before some of us hit the figurative road for a week's vacation. and. This was a little bit uphill. We've got I've got some gremlins on the wings of the Internet connection. So I WANNA. Thank Casey. For ferrying with me as we were sort now that some of the technical difficulties and all the various streams salads that happened today all good man, all good It was a pleasure as always. We'll see you next time folks. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. IHEART radio, we bring you the best podcasts from the Ron Burgundy. Show to the breakfast club to stuff. You should know. Really all of today's biggest names. But each of these shows started with an idea and now we want yours we're looking to you for the next great podcast. Simply go to the next grade PODCAST DOT COM to get the details and submit your pitch. We'll select up to ten semifinalists and give them a thousand dollars to produce a pilot. Then listeners across the world will vote on their favourite to decide the next great podcasts enter today at next great PODCASTS DOT COM. That's next great podcast DOT COM. 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