The Lambily Goes to War


Sometimes when this war things happen collaboratively the bring everyone together. That's all I'm GONNA say so. Hold on for a second cats and kittens. I'M GONNA make it happen for every one one two three four sweet. No you fucked it up start over. There's an intro to it. Are you want the full intro? A fucking full. Well why would I want? What's wrong with you? There's like there's just like a little bit of an Intro to music you shit head fuck enough. That tone is never been taken for an intro of Mariah Carey saw. Jesus Christ forget fucking thing. I mean here commercial for the when Steve Hits a Youtube thing again right on the mood. Now she'll bring it can do it kind of warranty to close here. We wouldn't even have that right there. It's my grades vocal. Challenge yet. Sweet distant I can do it through to one does waving for me. It took so long somehow. The one that I needed would eventually literally I had a vision. And it was all that you've given to me. I like this. We're working together to through fell through any nation carry the way all Mao really has a drone I believe and now I know succeeded in finding the place in see why I had a vision of love. Come on come on girl and that was all that you've given to make fans come cherry. Whatever the Fuck Yar in front I realize the soft d you to be taken Mariah the Anti War much of this you play so faithfully my pants stupid for do sir dumb. Fuck I had Beijing blow now. That's one that's one performance right there. That's one musicians. Take on one side of the war. Thank you Mariah. We're good about shoes goods. I think that's a good song my Ron. I do what we need it president. How much of it you know but thank God. You're blind. Read my lyrics on the phone the whole time. Oh here she says. I know that's what you will read. What would carry a nice tune? Thank well that's all. That's the wall down for video of it later. I knew that song to some extent so people are asking. Why am I playing Mariah Carey this morning because people don't know most of listeners though? No I'm that at the moment but I heard from one musical artist rights a great musical artist Mariah Carey. Yes she's all right. I'm a huge fan but then again before the five year old Harrison Ford also but I mean you also have other reasons to be sympathetic with her kind of style. Not just because full crazies. Because I'm just because I'm she's not crazy to take it easy. You don't want these people in your life wacky. Want these people. In Your Life bonkers. Trust me you don't want these people in your life. The world is the history filled with fame. Famous musical feuds. It goes from the beginning of time right so now you have one between Titanic Artists Mariah Carey and another titanic artist s With a song whose controversial lyrics sparked a social media outrage last night. The song you're about to hear is that Song I disavow right. What but the title is very offensive. I understand I I B- here's a the artist. Though I support these ladies and gentleman is art. Yeah you know there was no background. Check these C- of a wrecked over move Bob w well I've got my own this job. I can't task to Latin. Marin socks off a hundred and fifty people now Oscar screaming along shrew. Y'All the job sends out circle. Officer works good to me with new. Look for Flesh tonight a red sox owner just great songs. Great Song Music Face legal issues and so the lines drawn fable here for all the kids out there Not a fable obviously based in truth so There's a podcast called quantum week. So it's about macaroni and Chris. Yes some more. Most of our audience will have discovered you through quantum leap good point Some refer to them as closet case. Pena said I do not know me very clear I that was the man Chris. Madden Chris just two guys talking about Iran. Then we can history with essentially no humor and forty minutes aboard. It makes matters of Mayo show last night. Mcclay Lake all in the family from nineteen seventy seven. Let's Richard Pryor stand up from each from like seventy five funny guys listen to riots. So that's that's got a lot of personnel flamboyant fellow. So do you have a cut? The kickoff the war. No yes okay. Well hold on the quantum leap tweet support. Okay so the only thing I can say is you know I was on know. I'm early beverly to rise to man healthy wealthy and wise right so I woke up this morning and the only way I can really give us an accurate depiction is somehow. I had slept till ten thirty on September eleventh feel very felt. I felt very disillusioned. Yes I don't know where to start to unwind it essentially this point you know. I'm almost reading Harry. A book on Steve Whispers in my ear and I say well after I have to be resolute here fades NIIMI. These days I am going. I am going to studio today. I'm going I don't care what's going on. The people need. Yes so so. Throw that first. Pitch at the Five K. On the twenty third so so play the clip. And then we'll I'll I'll try described the best. I CAN THE WAR. That isn't sued. And I'm looking at referenced. Movie Gloria I love the movie glory at the end Broddrick stead Washington's dead dead cat as dead. They're all dead. I'm almost looking at the field this morning. With great general and seeing my men read from Barstow I see Michigan Auto Body of Fishing Blind Mike on top his that despite all always comes on is that is that. Is that the beheaded the LOAN PENIS HEAD. I see in the middle of a field. No body on it. I'm concerned right. I think there was a rally but yes Here's the here's the cut that you know almost like shooting. What's his face? The artist shot heard round the world. Yeah with with Doug Franz Ferdinand Vernon Frankie right the kickoff. Ww One which is really or that. Nobody knows anything about another disgust. Details in comparison to Mariah Carreno. What's it's number I v Crawler though it's fans versus what their name is their fan base. I don't know Mariah Carey's fans they've some name though where they become like lambs are so it's very strange. Maybe I'm not going to be. I'm going to knock the people's fan bases but this is very strange but anyway. Here's our podcast. It's occasionally our network this bizarre. No I think they have been. Yeah are they. They're putting on the youtube channel. Everyone except for the one that you did the crossover. Let's hear early offensive to people but are still great songs. Because there there's there's some depth to it. They're like underneath stuff. So sometimes you will get artists that or Lionel. Richie is another good example that he has some great carole. King is another great. I think she's a phenomenal writer. But she would still or even James Taylor would kind of be fitting there. But there's like layers and if you don't dig into those layers you could you know it. It doesn't challenge you in you anyway. It's a temporary. Didn't use to be terrible. I seven singer songwriters. There was some good stuff. I really think like really the way. Eight really shifted. Yeah I think that's what I think there was It became a catchall for some are and be like you could you? It was the toast version of Lisa. Verge right of all these genres now. I really think it so. The John was really about being digestible. And I hate to say it but digestible by low. Iq people who copy of Charles Murray the bell curve is sitting behind and out. Don't knock line Richie. I'm alleged to that Bullshit A. B. or James Taylor can Mac Hirano singing me this depression but how did that turn your Mariah Carey though Because the they put out a picture of Mariah says. Is this the face of stupid? That's and the tweet says is adult contemporary created specifically for low IQ people yes. Of course it is Mariah. Carey's music is stupid shit. Tennis quotes one alone bringing on Fuck Mariah Carey so last night at about nine o'clock I was tagged a tweet by Matt. Carrano and I thought let me see what this and he was quoting someone who says Listen here blind Mike Depression is very real or mental health. And I was like I realized their argument with me. But not me. It was blind prison. Mike and Mike in the middle of and I scroll to the top. And I see it's star seventy five tweets in right. I see Chris is the one that started. This and I almost commented to see what's going on. I felt like this might be one. I should stay out of let everyone handle. I think you're right because it was tough to wrap your mind around contemporary created specifically for low IQ people. This is the tweet. So I'm reading the Mariah Carey Pedia. The lamle is a mixture lamb lamb. Family she calls her fans lambs because butterflies didn't take off. Well all I know is I. I did the best I could. I can't I. It was wild as you know you go back. I don't know ten thousand tweets going on these groups and I don't know I'll stand by my people in all declare victory even in the face of defeat. I suppose but like what what happened. Where where you know so that happened then did actually get seriously point or no. Well they're critical. You're calling Corinto a racist and homophobic. Well okay they're they're using they're using saying low. Iq Is a dog whistle for black people. Oh this is interesting way. To the end of these these tweets. Though were you know. Blind Prison Mike. Yes is that helping the cause when he tweets out to Mariah's army at rise army to when they're getting a battle about artistic things and he writes without context rape is better than anything Mariah unlearn. Who's fighting the righteous fight? Army says this is the type of disgusting disrespectful ship talking about you really have to be miserable overall. Bothered to say these type of mass mass report now says by the any kind of fight. We need please report. This man says Katy cat see. They're just being mean and illogical taking him out. Oh my God mutuals report. Well okay okay. Thought about this this morning while I was running listening to vision of Love I thought okay. So I'm a Mariah Carey Fan. Okay I am hello your speaking to At bright try with Adam Rockwell. Was THE HAMLETS. Come writers okay Steve Explain to me what rape is. Rape is a parody. Song created by Fan of the Kirkman Eoghan show mocking a child molester. Read so is it. Yeah well enough fine because you're making fun of a boy being sexually assaulted. No actually what I'm doing is George. Her has a battle at the red sox were doing pointing out the inconsistency there. Oh how they're turning the other way. So what why do care so much about this pocket? Well he's declared war on them but why you doing okay. Yeah he's doing fine. He hates them. Why does he hate them? Actually doing great because he got hurt because they didn't because he has a mental illness and when he came back they told David field. What the Fuck Are you? Let me be a lamb on my own to insane groups but this is crazy. I mean I'm just giving a few of these going back. I want to get one of these MARIAH CAREY FANS on Steve. Oh Yeah let's let's broker a little piece because these could be useful allies. I don't know if they'll see your side of them. I'm open I understand. Some actual reporting going on is that right. Oh yeah deleted tweets and stuff and bear in mind blind prison Mike. The Guy who tweeted out that will bear in mind blind prison. Mike go ahead like six kids at the same time. He's tweeting that rape is better than anything Mariah Carey. And now we'RE GETTING THE STAR. Now getting the one-star reviews or or they start calling in weaker for us for quantum week. I'm giving them one than those days. They'll probably down to two stars. Colorado is where is corona always? Love it is I was. I was talking with him on board. I was talking with him about a different thing last night and he was like all right. I gotta go. I'm fighting with Mariah fans. Jesus you lean into the controversy. You know I'm sure he hates Mariah Carey music to the gals even the words to reach out to one of these people. I don't know let's see if we can build this bridge because these are digital be good. People think it'd be funny. Go over some really nice to earlier. I don't know right. You think people that are searching Mariah Carey by name on twitter. I mean they'll crazier. No no no but the different brand of crazy I think I suppose and of the world's GonNa be weird when you're when you're that dedicated somebody who like whether you love me or not. You hate me whatever like I produce something every single day. Yes like what do you do? If your whole life is Mariah Carey doesn't do anything ninety. Six percent of the time That's the only mean. Guess you're on? What man no you probably should chasse go and other stuff like our Discord doesn't stuff right. But Yeah what a Bruce fans do any idea there sure laser. Yeah I mean there you speculate about the next album next. Torbert. It's a very muted community has never. There's no reason to get worked up above and right like nobody ever minus drummer. I guess she likes. She's a Queen Right. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's a diva Yes Solo tweets out And Marina Mariah Brittany retweeted Alright LAMBS THEY WANNA call Mariah. St We back harder. Be sure to go. This liquid leave. Shittier review and rate their podcast. Come on how funny is that? And now they'll be more confused because they'll say it seems their leaders and enjoys the idea that the why. Why does he want to get you not find that funny Mariah Carey's fans are going and macaroni and Pena's head over there over there perfectly reasonable del contemporary? Which is what you think is stranger this or till heap star. I tell you much strange. I believe is. He's this is like I mean. They came out of nowhere none Look at this ugly mole balding incest rat coming from. Mariah's her name motors. Trashy podcast baby opened up a gofundme e so we can help you move out of your mom's basement you saltine cracker. Please lease white. People are a disease. I say a little low. I Q is National. Excuse you them right literally helping. Pass the reading and writing portion of my sat's because of extensive vocabulary okay. So can we reach out to enchants enhance ella demon a bunch of them right now? Another thing your podcast you speaking out. Hey Gobi pressed somewhere else. Why people really have no place to speak on talent. Black women for music in general. Okay especially if you're past and unseasoned white male needs a podcast in two thousand twenty all doing a podcast out of your parent's basement at the age of forty white culture weird now the third layer. This is that a man from a third much bigger. Podcast is reaching out to these people saying. Well you get to discussed this ruling brave the show your face a called. Mariah's Khurana tag just who you clearly crime fighting actually humorously fighting cook at this look at this. Here's Oh look at this. Here's really the vocab words. She's using her song. G wrote. Try again dummy. Some of the words are rendered envision amid obscure her solidarity. Disillusion destitution nothingness. Like this. I mean credit there. I don't think Mariah Carey's dumb no she's very I mean she's got a great voice I assume she she. That feels very well. She writes some of these songs or know that. I'm not sure I know who does right all their songs macaroni. Well produces them a parody song? It's no originals. Imagine being so ignorant only listen a few songs written by Mariah thinking that all our songs are lyrically meaningless. What a shame. You're clearly a closet homosexual financial aspects that seems like crowd response to think that burn. Nice to all they snap back. That's why that's how I got involved is Colorado Tag. Someone called Blind Prison Mike Blind Mike. Oh Yeah Right. Blend Mike and I was like I don't think they know it doesn't matter that they got the wrong guy they got they got Khurana. Let me miss up your five Star Rating. Report everything chronic. Why because I mariah has a world class voice better but the people riding your songs suck up panicked Colorado at that point trying to broker peace. Patti go to hell somebody tweets out. This is funny fifty pages. This is Great Kerama trying to respond to Vegas giblet making the case from Ryan. You could have done that persona but someone you think is done it well. Instead of attempting to diminish the accomplishments of it'd be successful woman. That's this is just. Asinine congrats on your eight monthly spotify listeners though Parana I don't think you understand the concept. That's the number one songs are good. I praise them. I suspect they do not understand if I liked the song. I'M GONNA praise. No no no listen. I'M GONNA CHANGE. Your mind on us. You know a couple of weeks ago. We did a song simply red. I like that song disgusted to it. Were a different Mariah Carey. Song number one that we could talk about it. But I'm I have to adhere to the rules of the program. I can't I said this is I made these rules. I can't fight it. I wish I could now. When we have kirk on we can break tradition. Said we can talk about the number two or three movies. But we're not going to go to crazy fucking Koran. He'd be worse. Challenge of a worst podcast hosted by talentless drips and make. Npr sound energetic. Measures yes I get the Quantum Week Chris go full Judas Judas head the kind kinda turn his back on crime macron. Take the beating. I didn't see because Christina was more involved. I Guess Chris Matt does all the music stuff on the show. I three hundred. Yeah wow soldiers during during wartime direct your anger here folks so we won the war Steve. I mean I think Khurana won the war. You fans the war. Yeah because I think the Mariah people were kind of punch down. I mean this movie is slaughtered by the lambs. That's what it's called the lambs in one by one. I mean I don't know I'm on. I'm not impressed with this. Ain't all publicity is good publicity. I suppose Mariah Carey was you know. Frankly hoping the book at the Wilbert Open for us and now. I think it's going to be an issue. I think I think we're going to learn. Have US be good relations with Mariah Carey? That's my prediction. She is definitely seems like whenever personnel. This whole what did she perform in Saudi Arabia again. She doing that again anytime time soon. Taking money from the that guy in you know well people slaves and dying. Why why anger them? I'm just asking I don't know they don't they? Don't hate this party. They're not giving this podcast. One Star reviews. I hope Weekday. Blame THEM I think. This corona virus thing washes away. She'll be in here in the studio. I'd like to think so. Sure she seems like a person who's connected reality. I'd like to have a conversation with her. She's I think she's she largely stayed out of actual real life controversy or no no. I mean she's constantly. She's a diva there's Carolina. She likes that not showing up to show that. That's like bullshit though I like it. And that's our version of controversy. Didn't some of sue her for like her assistant. Said she was pissed off or something. I don't know what's up Steven Reich. Carry Assistant Look Up. Riot Kerry assistant urine now this week with Eminem and Nick Cannon and all that but like bullshit right yea below eminem and there's not a lot this below him in that simple. The eminent doesn't well never had I mean well. He's in front judges. Oh No I'm saying he hasn't had a egos. After a lot of weaker targets yes in sync backstreet boys triumph and sell comedy. Though yes Mariah. Carey's former assistant says she was paeon called Hor. This is from January two thousand nineteen. Do you think that the Mona's rise fans gave that person a fair shake before they they wait in no? I'm racquel former assistant known as Leon subject the sexual battery and harassment drinker. Approximately two years of employment before being wrongfully terminated by the singers could be total bullshit though batons them but Jeez `whoosh so does the sinks carry the singer former manager Stella Stop Ler. She's her assistant. God this one was paid for three twenty grand a year to be the personal assistant peanuts apparently Carey says that she was recording darasing videos of trying to extort her for eight million. I mean soon those but she's also mark has people that goes goes with Saudi Arabia. Which is very weird gets. Pay The shallow. The money at very strange. Would you not do a live show in Saudi Arabia for a couple of no I would not you you want me to. She cancels. She got paid a bunch of people. Ask you to stop doing it. I mean at the LAMELA though. No okay so she's you know understand. Seizures described it to you. I know but beehive I understand like beyond say too much with a Legion of. Don't don't don't don't don't don't your heads saying you've been a legion of gear. Who can't make sense of the Lambley? No because it comes from nowhere. It's not part of her name. I think it might be a I get I think our fans are so docile and peaceful. As they showed last night their lands I liked it. They fight back. That was a good crazy battle. That are so serious all the time like I mean if you can't laugh at that like I said you know you get out of the business. Go do something else. I mean you know you've got the fans. I almost feel like they lost last night. You got to fight back you kill it. Lamb's chew I don't know if they do feel oh I'm I'm seeing of tweets defeat Yeah some good shots from an offense. How would you even? What would say to these people though? They're so ridiculous right. I mean like what's the fight do you think? Do you think every musician as big as Mariah Carey has this kind of crazy fan base just like looking on twitter attack people. I suppose like the all like I mean like I. Don't think a bruce springsteen dozen right or Bob Dylan Bob Slick. It's top heavy. It's people who are the word I would use stupid or have an Iq. That's low right. Attach and these people are really you know you think Mariah Carey for example we do a fucking am and discord you think Mariah Carey fans where they're down mentally thing right. Carrie would by hundreds of pizza. Well I look. There's no reason again. That's that's a whole different. Did seem to get into a mental health debate. At least the audition I saw also crazy. Seems like a reasonable reasonable but debate you. But like you know like there's sort of that like Mike was saying that Britney Spears diva crikey know who else thinking of Mariah Reich Harry the ones who are professionally debates NATO fake bullshit fits and all that when Houston when he uses a true? How much more talented than were much. Better seeing them carry much much better. Say They won't like that well. It's the truth a hot debate. They're all come on you. Who who do you prefer I would go honestly Mariah? She's a good singer. That's the thing I'm not going to Bali. She's a good. She's got a very nice voice but I have no. She's one of those people. If you said to me Niimi five Mariah Carey songs. I probably couldn't but if you play your tenure notes I know them all like I mean. I know the Christmas obviously yeah. That's a huge. What's her other biggest hits vision love? We just played Jeb with boys to men those huge. Yeah see again. I wouldn't I wouldn't them either but if you play them on. Normal love takes time someday. I don't WANNA cry. Emotions can't let go. That's a big one that was in play classes. A my heart will go on Level Song. I think really I think so. I think she's a big movie or something. I'm sure she. She tried her hand at acting. No one will want to know is it. Does the Lambley have a private threat and a discord that we can infiltrate? There's no question they must don't they have to. They have they seem like more of a group. Maybe every song starts. I know this. I mean a hero. That's worth I'll be there and that's a huge success. I know these songs is. She's pushing a lot of number one. Hits Jesus Christ one sweet day. That's poison man. You know that one always be my baby. Oh right now he. Hey she's got. She's still by a huge now which I didn't realize bad enemy for chronic takeoff. Jesus hits like two three years ago. Oh that I didn't know I know. She's still thought of highly but she live. Show coming up in Honolulu and November. Really good for her album. Works out that I had I mean at that is just so random but so perfect every night with a different group play. Krahn he makes fun like Britney Spears or something Michael Jackson that'd be a good one that rating two point five stars unless you Michael Jackson's crowd battle with kronos crowd over the song rape. That's one eight. Yes that'll be good. That'll be perfect. Oh I mean you know I would put personally. I would put rate if I had to rank all their songs. I would the Mama Yours touch over any of Mariah Carey songs Yeah that's fair. Personally that's just me. I mean Mama Gary's touch hasn't got a lot of replay here where I am really been called for but here's the other thing the other thing about Toronto Mariah Carey both pretty dormant right now in terms of performing. Ooh That's true a hidden awhile. Semi retired wonder why that is. The fans are semi retired as well as I said this retired by chronic get. That's a good question. Could see how stupid Song Service Quantum Week every week and I was. I was thinking of crush of three scrummage. Chevy Song Perry on for the Mariah Carey people set in your inbox today at seven o'clock. Yeah I was thinking about that because I thought we haven't heard from Taras Liar Guy. I kind of quiet as well. But that's embarrassing by chronic. Is the most publicity however get right he could have done a parody of America Song dunking on the Lambley. Of course of course I'm not gonNA tell them which vision they go. But you know he's he's maybe maybe perfecting random could be in a rush. That kind of stuff could be. I don't know I know. Maybe maybe satisfied was courage just calling the day all just focusing on this podcast. Will you know kind of Isley break character now? Will he quantum like a special respond? Oh that's the what's the discipline. Yeah Oh hey maybe in that stage his where he's about talking about the music rather than make can happen kind. 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Promo Code Kirk to receive fifty percents off your entire purchase. Check it out now. Death wish coffee dot com slash. Kfi arquette right. We have here right. Yes all right what else I saw. Maybe Steve said this is also. Maybe the podcast was old. See The thing with Kevin Spacey. Just that just came up which some of these posts tweeting about. But maybe the podcast is old and they just picked up on it. Yeah so the PODCAST was called. Bits and pretzels. I'd never heard of it before. Yeah but he did. He did some kind of We himself to say hey. We're all gosh us. That's it's crazy time for all. Yeah I mean it's weird. He he was on a podcast. I guess so it. It really wasn't an a German business conference. Yeah he was. He just like basically taped a youtube video and it was him giving somewhat prepared remarks. Yes very strange. Yeah I mean he's just clearly a lunatics the oddest times but he's like trade can tell trying to just relate to people or he wants to have someone say. Oh yeah no we get it. We were the same we going through. He just wants that relation some but the last time he poked his head up. It was right around Christmas. And he had that video where he's kind of sitting by the fire. Z Z finishing. Yeah but he's kind of the character of Frank Underwood which makes it Creepy Eerie. Strange one hundred per se. He's it's called. Let me be Frank. Very Weird. Yeah. That's right yeah. It's very strange. I don't really understand that. And I saw people that I can relate to their situation because I think undermines the experience that they may be having their own unique and very personal experience. But in this instance I feel as though I can relate to what it feels like to have your world some stop and so while we may have found ourselves in similar situations albeit. Be Very different circumstances. I still believe that some of the emotional struggles are very much the same and so I do have empathy for what it feels like to be. Told that you can't go back to work or that. You must have message to Stephen Murphy and the situation that you've observed not wrong in way though he's not looking to be like right right right sure. It's very odd way a very odd. Just you know but yet. I mean he's not he was found not guilty. The thing with Around raw had. There's kid right yes I mean. Is He a victim anything? What are what are we got on the? What's he supposed? Never say anything but I think isn't the reaction from Hollywood indicative that something was going on and everyone knew of course like he's totally guilty conscience completely. His career is over. But I'm just saying you're supposed to like this. He's so he's a weird person. He's a weird human being. So is he supposed to stay in this whole for the rest of his life and just not speak now? I think it's more just funny that you'd never as a gauge of what even when he got like. I'm gay and that was that was was very was very interesting know. He's completely lunatic. People who file complaints against him. Just turn up dead yet but we think it's killing them. He might be the little kid. It's not like a Hillary Clinton level pattern but it's it's It makes you go Makes you wonder also like how with pain in the ass scam and the direct deal with be crazy. Well that was always around right that he asshole work with complete asshole. But I mean you stayed in the character of Frank Underwood for the entire shoe name. I know that I forget who it was. We had some of the on the old show in this before all of it. And they were like he should asshole. He's an asshole and he likes young kids and that was known as I cost me like. It was known that spacey was first of was known he was gay. Recycling is known he liked younger. Guys I don't think people thought that meant you know rape or yeah you know but I mean he's done he's there certain guys who can can vision some sort of comeback but Kevin Spacey's done. He's cooked yeah. I can't imagine a rolling would be like he's gone forever. Gone Gone. I mean he'll pop up in some low budget thing. He mentioned that movie made made like eighty bucks. Now is shopping for all this stuff. Yeah so you know. It's pretty amazing. That just completely cut him out of that movie. Uh supposed to come out bazaars of all Ma'am I get I mean the idea cast anyway in the old makeup on the I hate when they do that anyway. Just cancel old guy. They found him but as we always say it's timing I have this basis story right here and they're mocking him saying he's gone forever but then the picture above me is an ESPN instagram picture. Talking about how awesome Mike Tyson is. Yeah so it's really just a question of timing. Yeah I mean if Mike Tyson had been the heavyweight champion or retired heavyweight champion almost the reputation like Holyfield. Who's you know? Guess a weird guy but sort of looked at is different etc or Michael Moore or Larry Holmes or whoever but a great fighter in all these allegations came taste the same time in two thousand seventeen th that we know about him now he would never podcast. Nothing he'd be looked at is the biggest scumbag on earth. Yeah but now he's Wacky and he likes pigeons and he works out and ESPN thinks it's awesome and he's whether right yes That fucking thing odds. Alpha NECAS wouldn't work with Mel Gibson Works Mike. Tyson fucking stupid but I mean you know but whether you believe Tyson raped as Ray Washington or not I. I happen to believe it but whatever you think I mean. He has a long history of beating up women that he copped to himself. So nice to know there is something to I mean. He served time he went to jail. He's admitted his stage show. He talks about all that type of Shit. He's a changed guy. Like one guy is just totally threatened to eat people's children now. I don't know different guy. I guess. Okay but so. Let's say Kevin Spacey Does Eight Years From Now? There are people who say. Oh that's awesome his instagram. But Kevin Spacey because of timing. That's why bright but I'm also saying there's not a clear change in in lifestyle with Kevin Spacey. Yeah right but it doesn't even matter like I said the force if we knew nothing about the about the sights every bad thing you ever did came out on December eighteenth two thousand eighteen in some story in New York Times. He would be the biggest prize in the world. Yes I also think. Tires benefited from comedy central roasts. You know he's a hangover's elevated as a piece of pop culture but they think he's funny but yet he raped on. He went teddy bear with the jail for raping a woman right. So why is that? Am I missing something in and again? You're right Mike you rehabilitate. That's all about great but ESPN is feel that way but other people. I'm willing to bet that source and who did that. Instagram posts has no idea about him. his sex surprise me allegations. When surprise me I mean you know? I remember reading a book about him in the eighties. One of his old. Somebody worked with one the management and I mean he would beat the shit out of Robin givens like beat the piss out of her right and so mean again. Does that mean he shouldn't be able to work now? No but I'm just saying it's a sort of thing where he's awesome. Dennis Rodman's awesome but yet these other people are scumbags. Well well why because you choose. I don't know it. It's the same thing with Kobe to completely. Of course I mean I'm reading issues is number. That was a wonderful guy. He's thoughtful and that's so I mean I don't know but yeah that's basically thing he says he's going to. He's going to do something weird neck six months perf- try and do something whether pitch some weird reality show on youtube or something something bizarre. Because he's I mean you went for being really really really famous to being really really famous and look at it creep and he cannot handle it no way you could tell candle. I just look forward to every Christmas Eve. When he comes out. What the fuck is he is is not in Germany. Doing this right. No I think he was in his in his house. Just live streaming it. It's just so strange. There's a line in there where he's like it's all crazy. Like crazy stuff happens to us. Sometimes you will. You're crazy. Things a little different Kevin. I guess I mean it's true but he's I guess he's so rich. It doesn't matter for him in some ways but a time from no no flights in Thailand. That's true good point not easy Was I gonNA say before we a couple of other things? I wanted to get to As Ward Octa you warthog okay. Oh yes good. He says thank you very much. He sends his. Is the Gopher your magnanimous? But we're not we're good. Thank for all the reviews you guy. Yesterday some of those tweets are funny. Somebody tweet a picture. Kurt cobain pizza box and that. Yeah we missed that. How does that Jake Gig? What's his name? Uncle Gag the funding with all the people mention yesterday. Six seventy people do you wouldn't think that Roberta McCain at her age would be able to eat that much peace no true. It's true you guys watch the DJ podcast. I saw I was watching one of the state. That was very good cocky young. Geez Mike how you guys are nice chemical. You're you're enabling him. What's Funny Adam telling me? You can't them cocky and then throw lean on that fires. Fiber clearly amuses me that he's not that big a fan of the show like he's so obviously in it for whatever in Joan fake that you have to laugh. It's more I think like. He respects what you've done but isn't necessarily a fan of that. Likes like Ryan seacrest. Yeah I like the end of it when he asked her about the interpreter internship thing and he was like yeah. Well I've sent my My proposal yeah. It just weird that he didn't on that 'cause email says you know. I'm good at social media. Oh Christ even like all these people in this youtube thing is fine. I find fun. But he's a he's a. You mentioned. You know Mike laughed when I was going to be a CO smells like no. He's a lot 'cause you would never be the coast of the show. You don't you're temperament. Your Lyman is the same as my. I like his his argument about the length of the podcast. Was You know you mentioned me at one hour fifty five minutes into the podcast like I might not have heard that if I tuned out at one hour. Forty five is gonNA drive some people crazy. I think there's a place for a little Shit Sir. Like that as a as an intern. Yeah who comes in the causes of trouble once in a while his proposal as how he would do his internship. I remember what was it has to be on air. No of course. He's an on air in Torchwood. Never happen but I mean delusional. But it'll be funny once in a while. He did something stupid then. We yelled at him on. The phone came in yelled and screamed and fucking had fit. Yeah that'd be funny. Once in a while seems beneath him though. He's got ask Star Star. Mike likes him anymore. Well no I I do. The problem is I do like I knew. This is your Steve. He's a nice guy game. Recognize game here. Oh you're saying I'm saying I'm saying he sees Mike sees a threat right now. He's trying to figure out what the best defense. Because you can't be gotta be wondering what is that possible. You can't attack him too much because then people will say you're sensitive and everything yet. I think it's a keep your enemies. Closer type situation here because that was the thing is he was too. I thought he was going to be a Dick and he was a nice kid. I mean he's you know he's harmless. And then I got to listen to most of the plane male mentors sucking each other off for forty minutes. This the two men of similar point. They're like you know the talk about the interviews each day with me and like you know what you got out of which follows no. Would you got out of it matters an males like I don't think I've ever heard Kirksey? He hates the Red Sox. More of the Murchison. I got that I think was at that time no time. What a revelation and then ended mentors brings a coming after you. That's your play the second but the last couple of is Andy Mayo. Recommend some psychology book in like talks about it talks about me and basically I think says that we asked him to be on Colin and I want to Youtube show so I wouldn't so you wouldn't criticize US anymore. No I asked him. I asked him to be on. Cullen because the character Ethan was a total we. Didn't I know what we get it? We didn't do as a matter of fact not dance around. If you listen to last couple of minutes like I like mentors and they they're they're they're you know what they are funny listened to and everything but like at the end. He's like here's a book. I recommend all you guys. And it's a book about psychology. And you know Kirk Is Really Nice to all of us. We feel like we have to be nice. Backed him like they asked me to be on Colin and KIRK WITH MY YOUTUBE. Show some now. I'm not as critical as they are. Been like not worried about you. So that's why you asked Bob Murchison to be down right. That's why I've asked surely come on. The show Kirk wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about like me more psychopath. Fuck the nickel's worth of advice was to get a psychology book as we said that the nickel's worth of ice but he's also like I know he's critical the show sometimes but he's not this tormentor that is constantly you all this guy off my question correspond both educationally on Diem or whatever and they're nice. I'll say they're never in tunes for other. No quicker guys. You know he'll quicker quicker no to quicker really so I mean but it's fine. I liked. I liked I liked those shows. They both guys do a good job. Yeah listen this matters last night I am I. Actually I had to think about this one. The Indian Cook lost. He's I win three loss to the Boston Globe. He lost to the Boston Red Sox and he lost the Bob Merchants. So Kirk it out of the monster job that he had and now he's landed in a fantastic spot and he's rebounded but I think there either beat of that that kind of losing the great jar. They're just oh and three so after a long any male just doing to please my dad for like ten minutes back. My Dad might change was good fun to listen to eighty year old dad away and email. Hopefully the fucking ground in the week goes right. We the shit in his grave. What I will tell you right now in his grave the mail on it should may on his dad's face made him look better than the desperate hideous to his mom's fucking brother expect product of incest. Jesus what's a book called tweakable? Look it up but anyway so I thought about that was running and I would say I am WanNa know with tours yet uncompleted. That's I would say you know. I beat Murchison. Murchison was because I was gonNA say a win. Andy kind of point you know he. He drove me out of the. I helped drive me up to me. That's that's true. He was ahead but then thanks to the defense. Not Not matters wasn't there or male by the way Featherstone than the rest of the great minivans we right now be merchant merchants sitting in his little place in Sherborne looking out his window at a huge house with flashing lights looming over enlisting to this right now in dying to go. Send an email somewhere. Anybody can't do it because his wife put her foot up his asshole so and I'm doing this having a good. That's a win. It depends on how you score because he got you out of the eye which are original goal but then he also wanted you to here when that so a red sox glow bright red sox wanted me off I. They got what they wanted. I want the red SOx to be business. I've not wanted yet The Globe wanted me gone from me. I got it I though got Jim O'Sullivan I got Colin so I've gotten some good hits at the globe but the globe so far is accomplished more than I have against them. So if you want to score right now at score one two I just described the three contention. I'd say one and personally I'm still fighting wars. But that's in one and by way the orme rage on again. If we're looking at fairly I so I have to disagree with members of the. That's I don't think that's a crazy. I understand where he's coming from though but he's also doing it to be like them. I'm not afraid to be consistent the whole mail. It may was dripping with jealousy about Dj. He talks about him constantly through that constantly. More talented man gentry. Dj As on maybe some much. He's much much better. The are much better. Yeah but I mean mail like the at the end of May was thing we've got the holding up. This book gets my. This is part of the Mayo Clinic Club. True its stamp of approval. He's by himself. At THE END Steve. I'm talking about so matters. Leaves and listened to the psycho path. Here's what I mean by that. Some kirks most memorable moments were APP. Hold on hold on during the show during the show suggests that softened right which. I don't know maybe that's true. Maybe it's not. I don't feel like I've softened a couple of weeks ago I was in here ranting and Raving Bang on the. I forget what it was about about something I think maybe what he means is Eddie I. There was a lot more reason for tension. And there's probably not as much of that that's definitely true. I can get pretty worked up. Still don't have there's no management structure trying to put their boot on your right. Yeah fight against true. That's definitely true. So so so he says that in the. Amelie gets on this podcast since apologize by himself without matters after this brimstone okay. He got suspended for how badly he flipped out about the Red Sox and John Henry and Linda Zuhdi okay. I think he wants said he practically blacked out with rage during that segment. So I think now. I wonder if he's got professional success and appreciation from an audience and most importantly his employer that he didn't have it enter comedy didn't have any in. The absence of those factors is leading to fewer blowups from Kirk. When in the past you may have expected one and I brought this up on the Youtube. Show with Kirk and it is not meant to denigrate TJ Hubbard in any way but this is a great offer. Second Sector Center. The FUCK IS GOING ON MEDICINES. The stuff yeah. I'm so normal. Now there's no way to denigrate teach Hubbard. He's a fucking moron. I love the guy but he is. He's begging to be denigrated. I think ever Matija hope. I don't know if there's a man more ready to be denigrated is literally the most thickest Steve any minute fans care about if he's not he's the greatest he's as the Kellyanne yes. That's fine my Gerry Callahan friend. We'll discuss that later. Forty minute conversation during the phone yesterday. Who you you read the Discord Ama. All about that in their issues. Good you know when people. I thought he was going to go that disgusting. Spit in the corner of my mouth. Hideous it on hold on before I forget earlier in the watches episode or now I had to. The Mayo said that he thinks he could have your be your job. Oh he said that. For while he's he's he's he has no sense of humor. He deemed me and was like teran a chance to audition very clear. He's terrible always been in his notes for me. That's always kind of been all. These are criticizing other people. Having no energy he has no energy. He's no urgency saw a horrific broadcast horrific human being. Because that's kind of what I expected from an from in the past and he didn't. I'm glad he didn't. Because you know probably would have been entertaining. But perhaps fair and I think kirks explanation of it made total sense to me a good in the past. I thought he would have flipped out on him. So maybe it's because what was a couple of weeks ago where I was in here literally. Bang yelling about the intern stints. Yes they seem calm then no the fuck very tension fuel so there was a bow wherever. I don't WanNa argue them just as crazy as I used to because I don't WanNa be yeah. I think it's a good thing. Know you've just want you to invent things to get the mail healthy. I says what's true. I'm not saying because it bothers him but he's not a real fan of the show. I continue not just not fucking blow ups or softening from Kirk or symptomatic of the fact that things are going really well for them so not meant a bad thing not meant as a criticism. I'm terrified criticizing Kirk. Now why am I terrified of criticizing curb these three steps so it's influence the psychology of persuasion? The name of the book book influenced by Robert. Shield Dini okay. There's the author's name for you. Thank you. It's not stuffy. It's in a really accessible easy to read an interesting way and as a title tells you it's all about Steve doing are we doing to channel the reciprocity principle prints reciprocity principle but powerful and it is this part of us that got wired into US neurologically? Caveman Nicer. You you what's the reciprocity principle. Do Something Nice back for them. This all the time in Marcus Guy. What happened about to say? Listen listen listen to me okay. We right now. You're looking at right here right here. Okay it looks like a two bedroom property but it's paradise right so he put down fifteen thousand dollars right now. The world will be yours. He's literally like I think he's comparing you to those timeshare property with him like you know you like Y- five okay to Disneyworld but you WanNa go Las Vegas Las Vegas you want. What do you want to go? See the Himalayas? You can go there. Barcelona the world is your choice. Ter- okay here's the reciprocity principle. You could buy a house in Vermont. Sure but how often are you going to go skiing whereas you could mix up here? The vacation destination. Let me ask you just a random question. Okay you walk into Puerto Right now walkout. You're in Hawaii you. Of course you would. Wouldn't I listening to? In fact investors would say foolish. Not I can even more absurd than that. Because he's saying you're the mail where they send you a penny and eastern dollar rates. Nothing I mean these guys. Send me a sense. That's the reciprocity principle. Because it's proven that even a small gesture like that is worth the company's investment because it's playing on that part of your brain that then feels compelled to do something for that company. Let me ask you something serious skiing three years in a row. Don't you want the feel of sunlight on your face? Don't WanNa Tanner Lounge by the pool. This year. You could do that. This home is everywhere and you can trade with other famous and make friends. It's wonderful. It's fantastic it's a reciprocity principle and only cost you a nickel. We'll see next. This is shaped like a pyramid dory. Look somewhere else. That's that's totally irrelevant. Don't worry about that. Twenty five thousand dollars right now and we're done labels. They are making it more likely that you're going to do something. Nice back for them by patronizing them or sending a donation. Or what have you so how that relates to the came s world is a guy like me you know I feel fortunate and I feel like it was very cool. Thing Kirk did talking to me on Youtube. I feel fortunate. Feel like it was a very cool thing. Steve Date inviting me to contribute to. Cullen those are them doing things for me and the reciprocity principle then makes fans of referring fucking what a lunatic. You're literally nothing. You're a fucking stain on a Tampon. And you're gonNA fucking what are you even thinking about? What the fuck are you thinking about getting a little bit of come? That drips condom tossed outside a window to high school. Kids fucking the parking lot. I mean what are we fucking doing? Here he's going to say now. Is that you know. Kirk always says just talk about mental health. That's all I was doing was trying to have. I always say I can talk about me. I'm interesting well mental health other than these exposing mental illness. He's Kinda telling people how to cope with certain. Is that what he's saying in the ways like we? We are being nice to him in exchange. Now we won't be tough on me anymore. That's part of it. He's also he's also thinking that I was like you know what I want to make any Mayo's Day I'm going to cast him in this episode. Pay Pal Been Nice. You have a nice is if his fucking mother's brother it fucking pulled out. Jr IS UNDER STOMACH. So we wouldn't have this idiot on earth saying the stupid. Shit names extraordinarily just saying I mean. Really what a shithead these wearing some of our merchandise good like whoever's face the fuck another video let me is he done. If I'M GONNA offer take that I think is going to Piss them off or if I want to be critical of them. I'm going to be hesitant because I feel like I owe them something. And that. By mysteriously recused bribery received that same show. Maybe I'll tell you why next time we'll have to include you. You don't have a youtube show anymore. You can criticize us all you want. Has THAT THAT SOUND? Good deal so good. Because I don't care fuck it. Matters is so sensitive about the calling. You bring us up like fifty times. Yeah call people to call people to call people. Yeah you you fucking native up. It's more he wants to prove he's not going to back down right. Who Cares? It's over the fucking thing was a week ago. I can't for his next day is upcoming turn will be to be anti Mike. I'm sure it'll be a freshly boy doing the Steve Thing. Like your hate Steve. He hates the I. Don't know but I mean I'll say at least give matter. I like mentors mentors legitimate hater. Mentors would never do that. That's beneath manners. Nothing is underneath while general as well foot tall but that wouldn't you say that's the lowest. I must say this right now. That at the end of that Mayo thing is the lowest moment of any minute fan ever and that is saying an unbelievable amount. What about Mike and mad? Wasco four part of the family. Oh Mike Zalmay guy. I'm saying from like Mike's not thought. Oh He's just a drunk Mayo. Thought about that like you know what the show is over thing to say. We'll come back for my final thoughts. I think it was a little minefield. It might be. Oh you think perhaps yes. Jesus let me just kill herself of the other things like goodbye brains to prove this theory focusing with is he thinking. I definitely don't think he thought that would get this reaction of Shave Him. But what is he thinking by doing that? It was a little level of narcissism there right. That's that's the the little nugget here which around everything is better. I like my oh show. I know I mean it's fine. I think may a very crazy like everyone else sensitive and I mean this a kind of a positive way. Like he's a very thoughtful guy very concerned as much as he's kind of an asshole on twitter. He's very concerned about hurting people. I remember when you're saying this because he's no no go. You always say because he's offered us offered Spas Youtube shows. How this war? Yeah Yeah. He's he'll stop saying mean things on twitter so you just you know you feel like you have to. You'll reciprocity principle. He really wants into the private thread. Never when we auburn nothing now unless you criticize the criticizes us we might have to. We have no choice. How much more can we dangle over? And he's got a gun to our heads but when he when you went away for a little while and I did the episode with a bunch of People. Watch on and said you know he's like you know. I don't know if we should be doing this without speaking about mental health in a in a positive way. That is good conducive to to everyone and I was like. But he's very Romanian. Well-meaning yes that's perfect term but stupid. Sure yes again. I have to bring it back. Another a father of two sitting in front that microphone last night about the reciprocity principle more from this lunatic. How much because he but he but he ended up they'll be ended by saying that's nickel's worth of free advice the trademark and at the end Stamps Jeremiah. Delusional there at the end but he knows how to stay on brand. 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Great friends expressed VPN dot com slash Manhattan three months on a one year deal. I think our neighbors downstairs. It back to work. Oh really the physical therapists or the church. The physical therapist spectacle never really sleep. The thing I've noticed is the church downstairs hasn't been in session. Dorman church upstairs. Maybe I mean maybe they have different interpretations of how to handle a play got now could be I got some questions yesterday. Did they obey. Beg Your Pardon. Nice with questions asking why you had mentioned the UN. I and Eric or potentially go to We were GONNA meet potentially with some people who advertise or represent advertisers. Who may have left us in the past we were going to meet with some of the heads of some ad agencies based in La Control billions of dollars of AD spending correct. It was going to be Kirkman Han Make Nice tour. I think this is Steve Robinson's face and I think it'd be better. That's just you know was it wasn't our idea was my house. It was also the time where Murchison was freshly gone and things were a gordon much. Ali's disarray a much better position than we were even during that conversation. Yeah I mean I think we're we're at a much better position so weirdly than we were in January and February pre Wilbur. Selling out like the different time I think I think writer or actually I think it happened right around when the Wilbur sold out me right when it started momentum no that was when they were like. Oh Shit rather we. We can take these seriously. They might know what they're doing so they were kind of hoping we would sort of you know. Goto meeting sort of swipes magical stuff and then things would your driveway would rise again and stay risen from any and you can use your eyeballs in your nostrils and razzle right. Sure you at this point. Yeah sure we terraced to. That don't was named or not. I don't even remember what the good everything's amicable with. I think they're Romans attitude is always. We actually really like you guys. We like everything that's happened. Yeah but it's just we actually like get your man. We liked the whole battle. But we're new. We're actually worried about the galley stuff and it's just not it's the FDA regulatory. We're those guys. I actually think that is going to be back pretty soon. Especially where they've got such. They still have this partnership directly with Barstool. Barstool touches is going to come under a higher level of great company in the. Fda's looking for a reason. So I mean they. They need to play there. We liked them. It was like I think people thought this was not. I got why they didn't allow people were like. What's your own Falkirk and your kind of but it's also funny so I don't really like those. Those ads of the reason why advertising on the show is so affect. Sometimes you lose them but sometimes you get to be the best address the question because there's a character in nothing nothing in the industry like that. Nothing Continue Steve is true. I mean though it's yeah it is sure between front care but I think everyone seemed to get that one like I never saw like. Oh I got and don't do that. They're they're great company and they like I said when you're new and knew that this is not you know like we can show and the other thing is you can joke around like we love. Dr Sheffield I joe around and putting him a toothpaste have my my cereal or something. Because they know that it's goofy and whatever but sometimes if you don't really know when you check in and then you're like well wait a minute what I get that company whereas like tries to Cam from price they running the show or whoever. Someone's like some audio for me because Obviously get Roman is still advertising with other Barstool podcasts. In the million dollars worth of Guys doing an advocate for them and they did they get Yo Man. They they did. They stole no they said. Get Your Oh man did completely breezed over there was no character. But someone's someone sent to me like they stole. Get your man. It's like no just like mixed up the it's exactly I was starting so it looks like it just the only people that do that to me and those guys that's about well man going to be. I guess in the show. Next week obviously. They're all week right. I am on C. K. Today O. X. Fifteen I'm calling you'll be the third call it. Can they take three calls at once? You'll be the there. It's bad. Was It really jared it? Oh I was texting with him yesterday because I listened to change the literally this week last week. That's how they did it now. I don't know yeah I don't I I. Because he wanted the technical side of the Jordan thing I think he likes it or something whatever. He tweeted out yesterday. I think large maybe said something about how he was done with the the Jordan Large Willie clones partner on Barstool Bra and Casey retweeted. It was like finally. I've been waiting. I forget who that is. That's just a fucking brain is weird like finally I've been waiting for somebody to have a credit critical take of stepping up lead with fruitcake why is KFC living in a cocoon? That didn't been doing it. Slow tweeted him in called Dennis. Rodman fucking astle. We don't world busy busy. What was I going to say? Something else can forgetting anyone else. We have well. I mean we've got corona virus and murder Hornets and now apparently a race war. Starting in Georgia. Yes I saw. I saw that Is Is Baker. Open Golf yet. Msu smarting or no. I I don't know if he has. Yes all reports last night. Yeah confused by and I'm telling you go. It's because you call it's not it's just weird. I mean. What are you GonNa Golfing to? The United States are doing. Yeah he's just he's GonNa cave but but why is he not if Baker on the phone right now said why? Why aren't you allowing? Even players going off by themselves Solo. T- what would answer be the only thing I can think it's then people will go out more more putting literally every other state is doing. It would just be euphemisms it would be look. We're in the where at the end of the second quarter. Okay so say Charlie. Okay can I go? I may go for a walk today by myself. Because Mark Twain of course called golf a good walk spoiled with was but you know. But that's what is I'd be literally going for a walk with a bunch of what he just can't pay someone you can't get a business and go for a walk so my good friend Gerry. Callahan Gerry Callahan. Podcast good podcast. Gosh go listen to it was saying that you know. There's like forty thousand people in the state are employed in the golf industry. And I bet you that's conservative. Total this gotta be. How many clubs golf courses master the one run by Cullen out in central mass? She said she had around ninety employees. Yeah because I mean you're forgetting you know. Keep her grasp pros. You have restaurants canucks mechanics. You have people rain car. Breaks down the driving range stuff. I mean driving ranges are not gonNA open. No what was by size oh Yeh cut through the plexiglass do every three eight fuel-wasting a fucking ball as opposed to walking. It's just it's just and they're not going to be passed yes we'll CBS. Boston reports two hours ago. Golf courses in Massachusetts are going to open soon and governor. Charlie Baker is expected to make an announcement Thursday despite the Cronin Blah Blah Blah. Dispe I mean the coronavirus is really getting smaller every day Massachusetts? I mean it just is. It's working now if Charlie Baker said. Hey today like so. I like golf. If I didn't golf I think this is ridiculous but if Charlie Baker tasted hey I'm opening up the Burlington mall the Braintree Mall in you know whatever I'd say you're fucking crazy. You know what I mean like. Yeah or at least I would say boy. That's really A. I'm not sure that's a great idea whereas this there's no doesn't make any sense. Is I think this makes more malls. It'd be like okay. Whatever I don't think people are gonNA swarm out only a food court right now and have a packed with people seems pretty. It'd be very odd. Yeah just seems whereas a month maybe won't be but if I'm trying to think of something equivalent of if he was like yeah. I'm banning horseback riding. I would say you're fucking why like. What are you talking about? Right if you're GONNA get close hiking in the Blue Hill or banning walks. I'd say you're cruel. Seems like the safest activity that you could keep? You have to pay to do like this activity that you can shut down there if you walk around Lexin. They've literally hammered like fucking would over basketball hoops at this point. Yeah so Kenosha hoops by himself. I get you play five on fire at two two or something. I suppose but some Kinkel fucking shoot hoops self. Will they do it? Because you're GONNA get groups of people but just just say you know. Hey listen here's the deal you can play with family member by if they violated. Then you close it. Y- doesn't seem that like what point you also say. The mental health of kids is I mean. These kids have been out of school for eight weeks. They've seen their friends or hung out it all other than doing these sad fucking zoom facetime which is fucking heartbreaking. Honestly like a point you say that's more damaging than than maybe getting a flu. That's not gonNA make. It sucks worse than the kids having the fluid or current about St the other day where I was walking just taking a walk around my neighborhood and like a family was coming the opposite way and they all like the kids. The Dad stops them and they all kind of move way out of the way and I was going to be an odd way to grow up where you just see some coming. You naturally note a move across the sweatshirt you though. That's they were doing without a real confused. Okay shop by that so know but you're right you see even now you're like Harry go way way way way out of the way. Let's get ten feet other way because persons walking by and you may have a mask on fucking mask. Yeah you don't even think that in ten years for some reason Harry is going to get out of people's they don't get a long term right now is like I said before like you when your grandparents were depression era kids and they go in the basement. Have five thousand things a fucking corn? I don't know I don't know what the equivalent is hoping masks sanitizer. I don't know but they're always going to be in. This is getting to the point where you know. I I mean. I don't know when you think so today is may seven in Massachusetts. If I gave you over under date of when you'll be able to go sit inside. A restaurant outdoor seating inside a restaurant. Would you say still spaced out? Maybe end of August of June fifteenth Thursday August. I wow I'm wed because it gives the conservative bakers. Ben Everything else with this stuff. I also think that they're literally the last state in the starting pressure again. Every state is up. He's not gonNA WANNA look like a complete tyrant and what we've seen with these golf courses this act of civil disobedience basically that was effective in one. So if I'm a restaurant with outdoor seating I'm looking at that and saying we'll fuck it. I'm going to reopen and Baker is GonNa cave because he's a pussy everyday try by the Belmont Country Club. Right course I'm looking. I'm saying your private club. You want to be open with the fuck. Aren't you open fuckers? Charlie Baker GonNa do. He can't shut the private golf course. Like why what are we doing like if you want to have it open and have your members play golf which they pay a huge sum to do. You're still paying it because Charlie Baker and people I some people say well. You're rich golf totally. I get that. But it's more of a freedom discussion. If it was something else that was equal. That wasn't golf. I I'm all for it. Well it's just when you can't wrap your mind around. Why because if he's going to get one guy wants to go golfing who is he possibly affect? There's no art. There's literally no not touching things that other people are touching. There is the flag in the whole but they are now but also like you. You also have to do that right. Just take him out. Only argument would be you. Know the employees congregating around the clubhouse. Maybe that's what they were trying to shut that you can force. I think there needs to be some element of having faith. In people to mitigate their exposure. Right yeah I can go back to business restaurants or the government's talking to build a design every single fucking plan this more on Baker fucking talking with a mask on every time I see him would. Which is it a mask kind of a little bit of slack. When they're you know in front of copyright we don't WanNa hear him speak with other people in the vs that concern. Why is he doing outside? This woman is opening up the course today right. It's open right now call Kettleborough. Let's it's open. Let's go yeah because you keep saying like oh it's because you go but I can't think of a better example. I don't think that should be. I definitely more passionate because I golf course can leave them open close for care right. But I'm just thinking if this if you give me some equivalent I'm like Fuck Ya whatever to me it's almost like it will be like Baker saying you cannot go for walks and honestly walks more dangerous. Why Pass so many people? It has a path by my house. Pass a million people you say. Hey this people I see them congregating like you shouldn't do that. I would disagree. Betsy show which was kind. He's close cowards life. So anyway we'll see what happens so but I mean again the numbers have been down pretty markedly the last week or two mass which is good but I keep saying I think everybody kind of good faith may eighteenth bigger extended a couple of weeks if you're Baker may eighteenth if this continues. I'm not saying you open everything up everything but you gotta give these people a little taste of something some things and it's not this phase one which is what we're in right now you got. You gotta say we're open up some of these stores. Ten people in the time fought whatever the number is. But you gotta give these these companies as business people something. Nearly six hundred subs acute cova patients treated at Boston. Hope what was this? This acute nearly six hundred subs acute cova patients. Have you mean to say there? Some subsequent subsequent six hundred sub acute cova patients have been treated. The sandwiches. Cute cute is subsequent. Wouldn't really make sense there. I don't think maybe it's a word. I don't know maybe smart subsequent awards. No not to my knowledge near or anywhere near other people are asking you to make sure that you have the face covering on thank you. I also WanNa let the disability disability communities talking to the mirror there we wanna make sure everyone inside. A grocery store for example has their nose and mouth covered. When is this going in the press conference? Yesterday it's all we know you'RE GOING GROCERY STORE. It's like being a fucking warzone. Everyone's terrified I'm so scared that I'm going the wrong way in the arrows. I got my mask on. I'm I'm only I just don't want I really don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable. That's IT YOU WANNA get in there. Get Your Shit. I'm a grocery store Guy Right. I've talked to grocery store people all around the world true. Let's call random one. Let's see what's going on the grocery store one of our guys called Jake Packs Fuck Jake. Oh Miss Stacy. I don't know she's frozen cold. Now where do we on the staging? Jesus you turn your back on claim supermarket guy. Listen you one second. You hear that last two seconds. Silence of Stacy Hendler Michigan. Didn't reach out to me all right fair enough. Yep I'll six was awfully cold frozen section. That's what I say. I guess you hold a grudge. I respect and I mean I hopefully the people who go to the show the loss can tell her with a great show was because she is banned from the palace banned from the premises Stacey. I've been changed my. Nothing's Steve Martin supermarket in. Granger Indiana thank you. I love Indian. This'll make the people feel better. I think money markets and Grainger. How can I help you? I love who am I speaking to? We sent Lisa This is the Kirkman a hand show. It's a podcast from Barstool sports We're located in Massachusetts. We're trying to get a sense because Massachusetts really hit hard by the Cova nineteen. We're trying to get a sense of what the supermarkets like around the rest of the country Can you give us a minute sorted? Describe what's going on in your particular store no. I can't I can let you talk to a manager. Who's a manager Manager Germany give you to Eric Eric because here Okay Rick Guy. One moment with a k. Or okay that's fine. I'll ask him by change. Didn't like maybe one. That was a good day. Yes event say this to him. Now live team. Eric is Kirkman hand from Barstool Sports. Host the podcast of the Kirkman hand show. And we're trying to get an idea of what's going on with supermarkets around the country and if you have a minute or not to discuss that all adds up goes to our corporate office. Okay that with a C or k but that's all that go covert ops number. You're going to see your the Corporate Office Eric. That seems ridiculous. It I mean if you have any questions or whatever they'll be more than happy handling everything okay though. You're doing all right okay. We'll talk to you later Erik the Viking if you will thank Sealer Very Fun supermarket well I mean this. This is my point was like Oh call stacy these are. These are stressful times for these people. They don't want to Bolsheviks Idiots. I know I'm saying pots and pans for him every night. I don't think they're very stressful. No matter WASCO got zero case but they still have the same rules in the same. You know go laugh Eric. Though you broke a little at least not a lot of laughs leases well. Even Eric is usually a straight laced guy. He got cut through his court a little bit. Very tight lipped. Lisa most leases are loose lipped. But this one is very title. What all the things you can remember. Remember what was interesting inside and down? Kirk brain works no supermarket Kirk. I don't think so. I think I think we're bullying bullying but these people have real shit going. I think if we I think we should try jake honest. That'll be a good gauge of how supermarkets are 'cause we know laid back kind of guy. Actually Jake might not even be alive after Lewis about this right is it was starting. They were going to do wrong. Mardi gras thing. Everybody from all over Louisiana was coming into a pig run. When was that January February? Yeah this is like the far-right feels like right after that. Yeah I know might have January really. I'll tell us have. You might be right. I feel like yeah. Maybe I feel like Cornish is getting bigger during that discussion but it could be January to us oppose just the same. Yeah Yeah because I I I. It's always funny because we forget that we were making jokes too big cat about corona virus. We now if I knew a carnivorous was then it was said no you know. I like I don't remember. It was kind of looming over that they were probably what three weeks away from it. The Super Bowl Banana. We've been cancelled. Yeah you know I mean I I. I still think the NFL will have a season. I think it's just too important to without vain. Arrogant since no fans no international games. I think it's GonNa be like we are. I think it's going to be like season ticket. Holders get to go to games a year or something. They'll be six thousand fans spread out. You'll be Carpool. I mean. Doing the Tokyo tell. Oh I don't think so. No it's weird. You have masks on and gloves at Games and now in the cold weather. Maybe it's not a big deal but it's going to be very strong bigger deal in the cold weather. They are true they are international. Which kind of surprised which they did this all the NFL Games in London where to stay Tom? Brady wouldn't WanNa go to Mexico City right now and that means they did it this early. You know like they could have waited it out. Yeah that's true. I don't know what the reasoning I'm sure they have. They have reasoning for International. Travel or sedated cancer the NBA NHL seasons. Yeah right no no. They haven't but they're talking about going back. I mean they've opened some Iraqi facilities for do that. Where are they going to do that though? I don't understand playing Disney world which is bizarre but huge groups of people aren't going to be a thing I think for a year. You might be right. I understand how sports do it. They're talking about bringing NBA back in some tournament. It's like well. Then how would you call it? How'd you Michael Jordan? And whoever wins this year are both? Nba Champions it doesn't make any sense fucking right. Doesn't you said it to the whole thing fired up yesterday with the sportstalk good? What else Well I don't know if you WanNa talk at all about that thing in Georgia. It's I mean we'll give it a few days yields hold on because I want to see I. I'm not quite there yet. Project Veritas actually. Did some found something interesting with CBS. They did a story about A testing site and it turns out that the entire thing was fake setup and they had doctors nurses getting their cars and make it look like line a mile long w was just like an entirely like totally fraudulent setup scene to make it look like a drive through testing site was overrun and all of their video was just people getting fake tests and fake swabs. We all right back to Georgia thing. Where do you think the story is here though? Well the story is that the two men who basically hunted down and killed you believe that story. I mean based on what I've read. I don't think that he should have been killed. Has Been An odd lack of movement on the part of the the justice system. And I also think that there's a little bit of Nepotism some connections that the two right so so my point is we pretty much agree in the story. Then it's not like there's this is hidden like Yeah Right. I mean so. Yeah that's what I mean. So it's one of these things were they think Lebron and Biden and those guys probably right. The Brahms criticized bike. Whitlock which weird you see that. Try to get your brand going winkle can you? You really can't win then like you say the the story for people who don't know he's he's running for just going for a jog through this neighborhood in Georgia and a father and son to white guys jump in their truck. A couple of people made nine one one calls about the guy and they drive out ahead of him and shooting him and he is yes. And it's like I mean it's not it's not stand your ground law. They're not in their own homes or anything there was no perception of breaking in. It was just. It really looks like A modern day lynching. It's bizarre. It's so I mean I just hope that turns out to be the case The does exactly what happened. I just hope some of these fucking idiots don't starts sprouting bullshit and just well. That's the thing we sought South Carolina couple years ago. This does happen. That's the thing you can't always racism the world that does this does happen in and everything is. I mean it's like a powder keg already. Tensions are so high because of Corona virus. It's going to start to get a lot warmer. Nobody's going to be able to find you know entertainment or leisure activities and it's just like I don't know it's looks like a perfect storm brewing for some big national scandal. I guess I mean yeah. Let's let's take is like an inopportune trump tweet or something or you know it's this last. Then that's that's what I'm saying. I me just leave it alone. If it's fact that this is exactly we think it is and we'll find out I mean we're in a C- learn more and but I mean just leave it alone. Please Jesus Christ and what? I'm confused Lebron would have even said that would have woodlock so Lebron tweeted out. Let me say I will say Lebron's was not been was great? Nobody's near particularly. He's celebrated for his political takes for some reason. Here's here's to never. Lebron James tweeted this. We're literally hunted every day. Every time we step foot outside the comfort aren't homes can't even go for a damn jog man like wtn you kidding me no No Man are you kidding me? I'm sorry recipes. My prayers and blessings sent to the family. 'cause we was going to say rather Heavens above to your family I mean I'm sorry like you know. Lebron James were not litter literally literally hunted every day every time Ebola. Brian just says that but that is but that is brand going is actually probably a good way to put you just using hyperbole to make a point so maybe you know with seasons the barbershop. We'd lock says this isn't helpful. It's twitter trolling. It's using the man's tragedy to build. A brand is more outspoken Michael Jordan. They're all kinds of ways to draw attention to this tragedy suggesting that we are hunted every day. Every time has just shits during you know what I apologize to look percent right. That was a percent right. I was wrong now. I don't know that he's doing this. Bill Brand is and I actually don't think he's that I think he's got emotional in the moment in over fucking steps because that's he also likes the applause from. There's no safer way to do it than that right. But he doesn't believe that I mean he's right. I I was dead dead wrong with locks right. That is shit stirring and dangerous. Lebron James is probably the most famous black man in America today. Yes Sir Age Group lebrons more famous or whatever. It's called with their top three ninety nine percent name. Whoever it is Jordan. Ab- whatever me through people do I do. I DO SMART. Jiwa on this a couple of months. Shy tweet adds a damn right because we are a couple of months ago you were being followed. And you'll have to apologize to Bob. Because probably wasn't him? It was probably just some probably some fucking racist Iraqis. You know what? It's all coming together now the Lexington PD. That's true. But the victor lebrun literally means like he's literally so when the broncos literally has to be one of the most misused word now right I mean Lebron somebody who let's be honest made up that fucking graffiti story thing a couple of years ago and wholly made up. No one talks about by the time the cops got house was gone. There were so upset. They called the police. But then you destroy the evidence in the twenty minutes. I mean. It's just so stupid but yeah but like I can't kill the broad because he is passionate about this stuff at the same time. So it's like you can't you either. WanNa kill which I don't I don't care. If Jordan doesn't have political era or care about race racism in America. If he doesn't care why should why should I care? He doesn't care. Yeah but will brown. I think it is both where it's yeah. He I think he does things over his brand but in that moment he was probably I guess something he was all those retail whitlock. Tweet word he saying that. Lebron they're thinking okay. How can I be more outspoken? Michael Jordan. He's thinking that he's thinking he's thinking let's get the blue checkmark. GimMe the boys. That's what he's thinking which is essence the same thing but yeah I think is it. Sit around like how can they like Jordan? This he's gone. Sure I'm sure yes. Thought that actually does think never talk politics this generation. He believes it though. I think he's outspoken. I think he's you know I don't mind that these I suspect that four months stuff but at least he's not afraid to say now. Famous Dad Young. I don't necessarily do have strong political beliefs. It's that you're kind of forced to Hillary Clinton the connection with Hillary Clinton who's forcing Lebron James. Anything well forced in the sense of people turned you constantly hot political takes and you have to lean a certain direction it will. Brown was as passionate about trump. He'd be fucking destroyed. Tiger Woods is more famous than the younger age. Lebron isn't on that he's he's a tiger woods. Is You know friends with Donald Trump. It's yeah it's different it. Blue Lebron's decided to be. That guy wasn't forced so babies Lebron could have done with tigers. Done how argument. The argument is the Prins sport. The plays in the age of falls is different than tigers. Well Miami like that's virtually any type. Michael purposely stayed at stuff to it was a pre social media though. Yes like that yet guys. That's a big thing. That's Jordan Jordan. I think Jordan's difficult. He's just got a different each of the different person he doesn't get. It's a jeeter you know. Some people just Lebron look at all those guys that you're using as examples as a business guy as well. This is how I'll be different. Outspoken on those but think that's put more money Lebron's pocket I think Jordan also became huge era. Where your politics wasn't wrapped up in your identity and your ego whereas social on social media is to blame for our because. Bron love his politics defines who he is really I you know I think I use it. Whatever like it doesn't Lebron takes the easy side of the argument every single time of core every six but wants. He's good at everyone's like Oh. He's really brave outspoken. Well it's like well. It'd be more brave and outspoken. Because like if he just came out and said you know one day one day so you know trump to the good job at the press conference today. That was a good answer. I don't like the guy boy. He did a good job on this one. That we the bravest thing he's ever done politically but no one in his world acknowledged that they tell him how is for saying that type of Shit right and they would never be would be destroyed if he ever said anything about a thousand percent right now action was the Jordan brand thing which I think is kind of that's force. I know what he's saying but he's right pure shits during in in. I think the the the way the left will say is that trump is a rabble-rousing. A Shit. Stirrer his tweets well. What's the difference on that tweet? Saying the hunted every time I mean that's like that we are dead Smith a couple of weeks ago she's stupid the Brawn James. His literally had his balls massaged for. I don't know twenty five years or whatever. It is now thirty five twenty years. He was on the cover of sports. News What Fifteen. Sixteen twenty and even end. He's eleven or twelve years ago this ask his. You know the best basketball player in the world for his age. So put your right into that child star mentality where they don't have a connection reality and then you have the opposite with where just will have to be a much bigger than like Stephen a Smith. But he doesn't because he actually takes a takes opinions that he's not supposed to have or other. He looks each case individually right. There are times where he would have the bronze back. Of course. There are times recess. Okay I'm looking at this on. Its own boy. This is a dumb thing to tweet. It doesn't make any sense. The fucking cracks on. Also think something that we can't. I guess it really truly empathize with how it would feel to be black in here about this like the guy just but I understand there. There's like a level of of rage there that any of us can comprehend some fifty percent. I mean know what Steve Share of. Shirk get away with that bullshit there but yeah I. I don't see the storm God. You know I'm anti-death penalty because there's just such a flawed system. Yeah you read. Every you know you see podcasts and I read books and about these people who are clearly innocent or guilty every time but then you see these two idiots in. You're just fucking kill these guys. What's the benefit of Emmy's human beings who killed this fucking on earth real right if if it's if it's they did it you know. I just fuck. I don't know I am so all executive I'm like why AM I. Why am I? Why is he paying for them to live? What's the why are we paying for him to have a pollster and a retrial? Salton within the argue that it's more expensive to kill him. Yeah that's bullshit I know. Because we'VE WE'VE ENABLED IT. We've set up a system we've purposely made it more expensive. They'll never that system will never be fixed. I- my O- podcast. I think I had the guy on Benjamin rash. Rachlin was booked before it's called Goldman and this a man and it's a story about this guy in North Carolina who went to jail for years for raping this woman. He clearly the mini reader. He didn't do it. Oh I've heard another in the book. The book is Great. Guy was good podcasts. Guest put up or not. I think there's technical I forget I because I didn't hear him on your. Did you get Morose owed? Yes before Musso is the only way back on the when you read the book in. I mean look. We've seen five thousand podcast like this year's like this is a really flawed system and we're trusting twelve people every group of twelve people in the world is like eight dummies in there. So now we're chart trusting with the most important thing of all. Yeah well and for every Zarni of where we're like I let him fuck or fucking kill them. There's someone who we would say that about but is being falsely accused and I do. We just don't have the stone. I do think that is that again. That clearly is a massive racial divide. Oh yeah like. There's that's argument like I care which side you're on The black people in America are way way worse profiled found guilty help prison. It's because I always say a lot of the stuff is based in economics. A lot of it when people say it's race alive it's economics. This one is not now. Money's factor if you're poor and you can't get good lawyers huge factor if you're black there's certain group of people who think you're you know. Mark Cuban Library said you across the street on instinct number. Yes and that is very very very real so I am. I would love to be selective with death penalty so yeah this guy should die. That guy should die right now sam. I'm anti because you get a death penalty imposed by Kirkman Trust. Yes Yes for instance. You have become more woke recently. Well it's stranger that works. Well you see the clothing to certain won't be we don't need to get away with the big sponsor coming up. I'll just say the Minister Farrakhan's group has reached out and I'm considering joining a new nation. That's all minister. The new face of Fubu could happen. Unleash the hounds for a little bit here. I've got a little bit of Fell as bad radio. Oh sure they ample of what? They're trying to fill the airwaves with I think mass you Kinda run into trouble when you. Your logo is good. It's one although starting in Mass Golf Golf is back Massachusetts. Golf courses are permitted to open the effective immediately. Nine thirty three yapping away. Let's see let's see here the following guidance. I'm just curious how to do this. No more out during the Gulf allowed a private operator of course may permit individuals access to property Salonga. No gatherings of any kind appropriate social distance of six feet in the business operators hoosier security all staff must were face coverings coarser so these cabbies allowed no golf carts allowed pushcarts may be used groups of players more than four one time fifteen minutes before groups. Golfers must stay in their car until fifteen minutes before their teatime must return the car. Mealy following play online remote payment must be utilized flags six must remain in the whole practice close. That's pretty much. They expect faculties must have facilities must have readily available hand sanitizer. So they everything's open. You'll be cagey deputy around. Jesus Christ away fun but see how quickly Charlie Baker caved on this one. There's GonNa be there's GonNa be restaurant owners other businesses that we're not even thinking of that are like Oh right. I'm opening fuck. Yes that's why because I think once there's pressure from everyone else everyone else starts all right. But here's the thing I mean. Yes but you can make a case that being inside a restaurant inside. The building is wait. I mean this is pretty limited. Yuki there's no carts is nothing you are. There are times where if you're going to play Cisco say play my brother Adam. My brother Ryan. We're going to be a thousand feet away from anyone else. Oh No I know that. I'm just saying if if every state New England or the country has restaurants opened with twenty five. He's going to do it this way. I mean at least I mean we're of what two weeks away from it being really warm every day basically warm enough we can do it outside at least have patio seating for fifteen people supposed to snow this week and I think oh it's true. Yes that's not much not too far but I mean you know but we are now at me so whatever twenty days from now it's going to be in the. May I would think it's going to be in the seventies pretty much every day right. I would hope so. Yeah so Jesus all right go ahead. Sorry Meeting Way Pilgrim. Is I think mass you kind of run into trouble when you. Your logo is a person you know. It's one thing it's a cat or a bear or something like that but when you choose when you when you cartoon a player a person up Jerry West. It's like kind of cheesy. Has Anyone ever done it? Well it's like I. I don't know the Celtics logo by the way but Leprechaun with the pipe and everything. I'm half Irish. I'm you know borderline offended. I Care Torture of my people. I hope what the fuck are you talking? We're doing this Murray. Is He doing it? Just sorta it's Corny. You know I do the Yankees. The Yankees are named after people right so named after human talking about Ascott Yankees. You know what I mean they use to day. Wasn't it a guy with a top hat or bad or something you know like Israeli? But I don't know what their their mascot is. I don't know if they have a mascot anymore. Like just a guy in a soup dancing around anything else. Yeah they did. They did a couple of segments on this on the mound the mascot topic and they got they got around to a racist mascots. But you know what the funny thing is. I was like this take sound so familiar. The last audio we pulled from Julia de Caro show this try to do a mascot about people it was like verbatim word for word the same Notre Dame thing no to know. Thank you jewelry. That was funny. Where's the what's the origin of this though? What's Mike worked up about? I think it was regular the regular. Like you know Redskins Lewis your story straight. I don't know. Nc REDSKINS was hiding. That scare me. Because it's just a regular human with like a costume little tiny dude. That doesn't bug me. But if the Irish Americans in this country decided they are not comfortable with that mascot. I'm totally fine with a going away. Go find with any human mascot going away we can just be tigers and wildcats and links and whatever else. He Maggie filter. What was the? What was the one that where is that? The no way was at the same conversation. It was the same show. I don't know if you had that something that was fully. Give me give me a little bit more about what you're talking about one no to have. Yes you list. Oh someone calls her sexist or says why it's some sexist issue that one. No dicara cuts are all dicara and then something about sexism women broadcasting an NHL game. Oh that's right yeah. This is literally what he said. Is it sexist to say some? Don't want to hear a woman's voice while they're watching sports because they have to listen to their wife all day and that's their escape shouldn't be diversity of thought is the same as gender diversity aid that's not true second of all. I wonder how many times this guy has thought. Oh I just need to hear some women right now been listening to dudes all day. Bet You never never. That's why it's sexism and not quote unquote gender diversity. But it's like I mean really people. It's one game out of the entire season wasn't it though isn't it? I forget what it was. She says she says a no not to not going to happen. And three was defined this anytime. My husband says anything to me on International. I'm like really on International Women's Day. You're going to do this to me today. And all days I will say since it's International Women's Day I didn't put on makeup to come into the score dipped. Gee I will never find on the breadline today. Jesus Maggie got the boot too. I assume she must have but I can't imagine she's talented and listening to that fucking show. I was always amazed there. Were like one. Maybe there were planted calls but always one or two calls. That was like this isn't me WH- WHO's getting on like I mean right? I mean what was like I mean right. I mean up the Julian felber show. Listen to that'd be great. I mean seriously so you'll have to cut. Damn what was it? I don't know it wasn't that same. Someone's Today's yeah. Yeah she's like a no B- No way seek never gonNA happen. What was it? I'm terrible remember? Ask a caller called in and said fuck. I can't remember all right. Us close as I can reach the House Steve. What's Susan target already? Hello Hey guys I've listened to I've listened to the colonists like five time. Thank you and I just have to say. That makes the best thank you. Oh good thank you any else. Nope looks like that guy wants that. What second one. Second say that guy. What's his name hates. Rights Dave tweet. Last night was written other. Which what's his Silverman Roberson Jelly beans. He'll never come on now. We'll we'll try again. Hello guys might kid out talk to Mike Professionally do. What's the problem well? I don't know if you remember before I was struggling with original content. Try really hard instead of doing one thing. Like good or decent. I've tried to do a lot of things being really bad. Yeah I'm I'm a big star other big popular Youtube Network it. I I came up with an idea to do a youtube show called. It was kind of like making fun of penalties and I did it for an episode of then stops and then I did a new series where I interviewed fans and sucks so I decided to do what no their show called. Gopher where I talked to my sub because we take. I'm talking to my car. I think that's good. Yes on my my boss. He came up with idea on his show. He does this thing where he talked about the Sopranos. In for a little bit this show turns into like the Sopranos Review of TV episode. Which we did. This is not that big a deal are good. People only tell decided. Maybe maybe I try my luck. Get comedy specials. That sounds like a bad idea but okay I should try it. It's mic either have talent. Don't you never speak the Mike Money I've talked to Mike? Okay I should I just give. Yes yes I mean my suggestion. Okay thank you. Goodbye Mike WHO's necks? We'll say that was born from me crying about Feminine Booth Cancer Equal I I will say I reached out to like fifteen different members of the Lambley as I haven't got a single the back. Nobody looking to jump in the pit and fight for the euro. Well it's nice to see kind of. They're not doing it for the fame. They're bunch of cowards. I agree yes. I don't even think any of them actually love Mariah. You're all in it. They're all out slam status. They're all on lamb can do that. I'm doing it up disavow Ryan I our friend. I disavow that. Hello Up Steve. They're loaded up yes with up calling from prison. How're you doing? You Owe me. Hello me and this. Is You call from President? Prison like everybody else you know. He makes the joint living like pigs. Doing time you're talking about music but I'm talking about okay. Where's he going with that? I have no idea you're rich so you wouldn't go to prison Oh wow the hype. Okay I was Kinda. They'll go somewhere. I don't know you never know. Hello what's up. I've been working on something here and I. I think he has made the interest. Is this game. Show GONNA work around last couple of a couple of weeks. I think it's a lot of finding a rival. The big boys like maybe families you'd and You know the price is right. So here's the premise. Agnese the host. I will say something to you. Guys you guys up. Guess so here. It is the premises. I name any town or village or city in North America. Okay and you guys gotta just the shape of it back. GimMe Gimme one right now. Let's do it favorite place World Winthrop Maine with triangle. Steve. She's cheating genes. I'M GONNA say it's an irregularly shaped town it's shaped like h look at that shaped like an h though. It's tried Mary. Mohi what does that? Shape linking. 'em How did you say no? It's it's more shaped like a rectangle we can do mean. Let's make this happen. Okay okay. I'LL SHOOT. You guys can help you out. Maybe maybe we tried off on the Youtube Network. I you have a title for it though we need the prices rights are good name jeopardy wheel of fortune. What's the name shaping? I know the shape is right. Good work legally. I don't WANNA get into a battle with goodson productions their play on geography. Maybe that's I'm saying the Schubert's rate it's shaping America Shaping shape up love to say. We'll put in the hopper figure out some thank. You could work. Should be ahead leaping. Hello Dad must being do data Terry Are you? What's going on? But you should be doing some schoolwork right now. What's up? Yeah Yeah but then you know ever since this podcast got pretty big. I've been getting pretty famous myself. I noticed that I've been getting notice. I don't know if you noticed around the house. Kind of walking around with your gig swagger have. Yeah actually you know this call is actually I hate to say this is actually sponsored? Call is that okay. Well let's let's hear it. Yeah so I actually I mean actually. I'm actually just calling but one of my favorite restaurants. Have you heard of table in Boston? Restaurant I read. It's fucking it's Harry Harry ever own Harry Harry. I don't like it but yeah but I would say. I've seen many many members. I see many Harry. Shut up your oh. I've seen many media members tweet about specific restaurant. I Know Jen. But and they have pictures is well. It seemed to be like from the menu. It seems very organized these tweets. That's all I would say. Well Dad you know. I'm a picky eater but when I get the table often how'd you get there Harry and you I have no problem picking. There's too much to choose from. Dr Sheffield Documentary. Mary thank you. Thank you Harrison. Very much by himself a lot so I did. Radio generally look on the weekends like ten years ago. Whatever I wanted to shows in she was always very nice to meet you. It's been nice to me. We of course much but if she came in one of my parents wakes and her dad in like this general social media's of very different human being about ash other than what I see on. Yeah like what's going on here. And she was not a good look to be suggesting that people might redeem gift cards at her location. I think I get like if you're a small restaurant. Let's say am on the business of trying to injure small restaurants. Just now he do it how we do it the show we don't again. I can't think about small is. This is not how we know we play ball right now. We're not GONNA do but it's like a small place and you go there a lot and you have a gift card. If it's a place I'm loyal to. I would probably hold off until businesses better before you said Gift Card if I can just say maybe that person doesn't have any fucking McGregor. She's like Oh shit. I have a gift card one meal out of this or maybe somebody bought them the gift card two weeks ago for it so they could use it for that then then like what are we saying that you can't use it. Use Bother two weeks ago. It got so it seems very. I see stuff like that. Like I'd be more likely to use a gift card for CEO whenever whatever Chili's or something I would for a mom and pop lease the way she raised. Those seemed very straight by writer. Should you know be using gift is? She doesn't really seem like a mom and pop place right. She seems like someone who's been very successful. It's a high end restaurant. I guess I know nothing about nothing about I. Suppose as my my I just don't like when media people tweeted. It's clearly pagoda. Puggle which is not illegal. I guess on twitter at this point. Right they probably. It's not always influences. Would be out of business if offering I am not. I'm just not a fan feels. Fake looks fake anyway to me like nobody's just seems like it's stage that's all but whatever What would you laughing at? Oh say you're going to go hit the links with your callaway golf clubs. Well they pay a good. That's that's how it works. Let's see media people time saying how great places like this feels phony to me almost hurts a place in my mind delicious. Yeah it's weird. Salute up hoes Mike there. Hello Mike this is Eric Mama Gary's fuck shack. How are you doing? Here's what's interesting name. What was it called? I'm Gary Fuck Shack Mama Erie's fucked Zach and that's a real place. Yeah on the confirmed or two PM appointment today. I didn't know you had to make a point but I'll be there was usually. I'm just allowed right at the moment. Is it different during covert nine times more spread out? She's really packing them in. This exit is fantastic. We'll yes I'll be there good do they have plexiglass setup for the spit roast. She's acting this complex. Makes her Mike. Were you going to be supplying your toys today or did I need to run? The dishwasher does get. He's in he's in. I'M GONNA have to make an appointment I'd like you to supply. Would you like to watch again this time? It's because of the sixth call. We were there. We appreciate it. Fuck Shack said right because so often advertised and by appointment usually they are. I would think so. It's good this move. Are they the next sponsor of Mike and the mad offense they might be who we got here up Steve? They're loaded up kirk morning. Kirk this is Kevin from Vermont. How're you how are you today? I'm doing fine Cam. We talked to you this week. I is going over there. Well every everything's good in Vermont. Beautiful Day it's trout. Season about fly fishing. Do too much exercise. Though I read this week not too much back on the pounds. I read your column on Monday Tuesday while fly. Fishing is a very demanding sport. Kirk I guess not smell not like walking on the golf course you know. Wanted to call and apologize. I I had a good chance to listen to your Cohen episode. Actually it was a fairly accurate depiction talks. I thought so. Yeah I mean. Give me some thoughts please. The floor is yours. You know some of the names. Some of the names and dates were obviously a little off. But but you know maybe that was some poetic license. I think so yes. I don't think I don't think you captured my love. Life quite as quite as accurately as a lot more women. I wonder that you're you're a bit of a bit of a Cockman aren't you? You took the word right out of my mouth because I figured laws you. Yeah how many women. How many women do you think you will chamberlain? Famous was what twenty thousand dollars how many women you bedded call? Would you say in your in your in your fucking career boy? Some of those probably lost in the in the ether of of of Guinness and Irish whiskey. But but I'd say I'd say thirteen thousand five hundred twenty give out a toll somewhat specific but how many of them were how many of them were completely satisfied. Four self deprecating. He's very honest. What else can I listened to a couple of episodes and I wanted to check on on your in your sidekick. Mike takes a real beating from the from the other callers from the third host. Your show there does yes. Listen Mike I I knew your parents. I knew very well there the night you have to see how it was in a restaurant DOWN SOUTH PIZZA JOINT DOWN. South Shore God Can I smell it? I can still smell it. You Know God can I you know. He's a distant father you know you're there was a lot of other guys new rum and Oh sure. I never thought that he was the only one who jackie late in the correct place to be by law. So we the story. Oh you had. It was his duty to the story that give resemblance death physically maker. Yeah I would say okay. I'm sorry called Grad. I just wanted to tell Mike that he's you know he's he's a nice a nice side a nice. Oh that's nice figured out creative ways to agree with Kirk. Some jokes all right call check in. Okay be safe with the with your lovely wife in Vermont. All right. We'll do thank you thank you. Thank you Kevin. Get along much better now. Two longest conversation. I think you've ever had with him. Reporters have with them in the last. What does that picture from? You just texted me. Red Sox put out a fly over. They've carved red sox heart. I think the original is nurses. Yes and I sent it to our our memes Smith's and asked if they could get a little creative with it so the red sox fielded looks a little different after the fans are GONNA says figures we've got a few more. Oh good anymore. Childish Flyovers Shopping suicide help the blue age. Wow you're the patriots the sky. Everyone's like Oh this is great Loria. What's so great about that? I don't understand it there either. I mean I don't know why it's now uplift. I can appreciate the expression of American military might but I don't think these were armed. We're trying to scare Russia very like Korean to me. Bring a military muscle like ooh. I just don't trust the military the government which they did say two months ago Yeah no wonder why I load up Steve. They're loaded up. Let's go. Hey Kirk Hawaii sprague mantra. Oh what's second chairman? Give me one second. Jerry just tweeted out for a show to the tee shots fired. Oh I like the guy curious to hear about what's Mr Sinatra. How are you Thank you for having me your wonderful audience. Just you got an Italian podcast here I'd call in pay my respects. No Pizza Sopranos Frank Sinatra okay. Yes my favorite song of yours is Angel Eyes Angel Allies. That's a good like a question for the good one. I wrote that one. Yes I know how the The potty training going poorly today what's going on you know. Franken accepts things. That's true house frank. Well be Biden's mikey tonight. So bad. Franklin's ELSA chairman Just just a quick say and before I go out ultimately the Italian community we say don't stat in the cone money mono we'll just stand. That helped me with my luggage. Thank you thank you fred. Expect that today to talk to Frank Sinatra this. Yeah Glue Lucky enough to have that conversation yet right now. Think so all right. Who's next lucky? Indeed Boys One's not bad. How you doing good? I'm good. How are you guys? Think we're doing okay. Mic went to bed. I sniper could show that they could fund show. I believe I think so. Sure was sometimes. It's not but I think it's been good. It's been this week to week so far. Good Day Good Day Steve. I I have planned for later today. I'm I'm calling manner to to defend your honor. I really don't think that's necessary. Management NECESSARILY STEVE. Again last night though again. Oh really y'all again person personal shots at all. He wants to end the war and that that's what I'm doing. I said he said last night he said you know who can You know who would ever Defense Steve? And you know he kept going on and on about why he can't understand why you got so upset about what he said about your wife so. I tweeted at him and I was like you know. Can I call in later and tell you why I like Stephen why I would've kicked your ass if you said what you said about his wife about mine? I'm going to try to call him later. Let's let's be. Let's be fair though like getting really upset. Was I really that upset? I just he was trying to make nice with me. He was like oh I want to have a piece of it with you and I was like no like. Let's let's not pretend like I like you. Marching mentors stock drop in the MENA phase sad. He's it bothers closer relevant. Getting I don't think so. I think when you go on Andy Mayo. Show kind of an image rebuild. Andy Mayo took a beating took a beating. Today I was not a bad day bad day. I like matters I I appreciate that. I'm GonNa go and give me the the full defense but I probably won't watch it matters is it's it's feels. Guess IT GOES UP TO STEVE. Now feels you saying and maybe I'm wrong. Visiting was when the wilburs done Steve's going to announce his resignation. The next day doesn't like the world. Here's cayennes theory and I don't really understand. I can see where long-term business stuff all the Wilbur B that moment. I don't think you're wrong. You're lying but me. I don't think you're going anywhere. No why glaring right now. You're not going anywhere. No I'm not. No I'm not going anywhere is what I'm saying like I'm like you know your your shark and I'm like a lamp Ray. Right no suckled underneath you hanging on. Okay yeah actually. It's about right. Maybe maybe maybe I'd like attached to the Turkey that you may have started with a little bit when you. I don't know that Discord anger or number one. But you would want set awhile ago that you thought that that wouldn't be here. I think we're different time in our relationship now. I think we're in a better place. I think we look at things I mean again with them. When do a Barstool sports? I don't the break up. I mean as a formative moment I mean. We're GONNA have our own last dance podcasts. At some point someone's GonNa show one's going to try and break us up. Whoever THE JERRY. Krause maybe Michael Be the Jerry Krause. Lana resembles there. I can see him trying to trying to break us up. It could be a whole although I will say I don't like you make an is Becka Gerry Callahan. After what he said about me we could talk yesterday. Yeah he's Shitty. Who Steve By. The Way I think I think I think in the policies coming for that I hope so I actually. I found a little bit of audio. Jerry's also talking about that story out of Georgia power. I don't I don't think opinion it was. It was right in context. It'd be tickled during that uptake. We're taking his his take on the current Colorado Nazi stuff well. That's I don't know how you can be friendly with a guy like that takes more. He does sort of rapid fire department. Throws I'll tell you what Jerry is. Jesus I mean if Jerry Dave we're GONNA have do their youtube show with us. I don't think we can have the calculation. Anything else. Adam Well yeah two more quick things. One Mike how disappointed are you after you saw the incredible performance from Denman? Last night that you didn't bring him onto Mike Independent from from the guy. Yeah I can't believe that he was electric. I mean know how you can show your faith after having the date stolen pretty good although I will say that guy he would have shined with me because I said I sucked in comparison. He was much better so point. All right and then my last question. Is You no doubt now? My usual series question I was talking to a couple of Friends of mine and I was wondering because I saw this article that was about You know how now everything that anytime. Someone wasn't feeling well and they you know they. It wasn't able to be diagnosed with something now. Everyone just assumed it was corona virus. I think it's a pretty lazy thing that's going to cause a dangerous inflation and case numbers but And if you have any take on you know whether or not you think. That's that's likely whether it's been around for a lot longer than we realized. Yeah I I think. The infection has been around a lot longer. I also think that there are incentives in the like the reimbursement system set up so doctors are incentivized to label something as a Cova death. I if it was already like a stroke or something and they're presenting some Patrick. I'm sure there's a lot of cases being labeled as Kronenbourg have corona virus in die of anything else it's labeled crow when the night of over one hundred and five year old woman goes to a hospital for falling but she also might have symptoms of Corona virus. That's GONNA okay. You crossfire staff at one of the count. The the incentives are skew Zalm saying. That's probably true. I think that's for sure I think I'm going to go. Get the antibiotic say what's that anybody task because I had family that flew through New Jersey. Just when everything was right before everything was gonna get shut down but I was around and right afterwards got sore throats and so I don't know I might. I might have been. I might be survivor where you go there you go. Somebody's Mommy Mommy reviews right now online of interesting ones. It's all say five stars who are first from anyone interesting. Interesting people were there. Five Star reviews its staff. Yes all right. We got here. Steve and the Jews become very prominent in this world. Yeah up on shows now. I don't know. Does she never get him on the time we Mornings Good Morning Guys. Great Show Kirk thank you. I was wondering if you would tell us your top five favorite daily Cooper tombs. I am not a huge fan of that filmmaker really not. I'm not I like I like script. I like story. He's visual and he's always. He's very cold. You know although you yes although he was asked about you know whether he thought his films were very sad and cold in that way and he especially you know two thousand and one and he said no and the answer he he gave was that at least. There was hope that there was something. That's true I remember i. I read People Tom. Hanks US two thousand one. His favorite movie watches like five times a year. I have I've seen it. I don't I don't like it. It does nothing for me. You said like dialogue. There's only I think forty minutes. Not Much rougher me you know. The shining to me is fine. Stephen King hates it. If I pick my faith I mean the first half full metal jacket is fantastic. Fantastic Very Linden. It's okay not a great Ryan on the OS now. That doesn't hold better lead. You know yeah I mean again. That's a visual. Yes it looks great. I mean looks unbelievable. He's a great. Obviously it's like you know. I say about certain bands. I don't like East clearly. A great filmmaker. His movies never connected for me like you know in a way that Spielberg was more and Spielberg's probably just more tuned into popular culture. And what people wanted to see Kubrick was you know didn't do as credit digit. Didn't give a shit if people wanted to watch movies. And he just didn't right. Did you see the documentary about the China? Look the conspiracy theory. Yeah Yeah it was okay. The Guy who wrote the guy who adapted eyes wide shut. I think his name is Frederick Rafael. He wrote a book about correspondence with Kubrick during the whole thing is actually pretty good. It's actually pretty good. Book gives you into him. I recommend that I I'll I'll write down. There's also a documentary. I think with Kubrick's driver or like you know somebody who worked for. Oh Yeah. I'm watching that though. Yeah I wake up. I look at cool thanks. Kubrick was really focused on safety like He. He demanded certain you know he was. He was particular about everything. Yeah it's in the book to Sane. Perfectionist talked about the cars that he would only ride in. You know really detailed stuff like that. I'll take a look thanks. Mike Zuber drivers very particular. Emma yes famously. Particularly Kubrick is that. Here's a perfectionist demand. The perfect jump right out of the not. Not Today the turn. I'm always very very generous. Mike are you SUC. Do you tend to give away again. I mean if they're really bad I'll give them one stinks. You feel. It must feel bad. I wonder if they're going to be in rough shape. Throw this WHO UBER share prices. Pretty rough I would say it's good. That's they're they're in they're in trouble. I mean they'll survive but they're going to be different like everything else it's going to be. I think everyone will be wearing fucking mask and gloves for worry about. Might be hard for me to go rides. Yeah it'll be it'll all they'll always be business for a Mikey. You always got Steve. Kerr thanks buddy. Hello she's arcade. Yes sorry good. I'm happy to kick off the gentile portion of the program. Dennis Miller calling. Sammy Davis Junior. But was William Bello Dennis. Our you let lesson I don't want to go on a rant about listening less than Stanley Kubrick. I'd Rather Watch blind. Mike do paint by numbers. Okay all right. That was prophet. Okay go ahead. Hey Kirke yes. Sally struthers was just saying leaving Mama Mia's Kirke and it's been reduced to rubble. Okay a flex was just there. Okay okay the opposite of really bright at Blind Mike. Okay after you and Chad okay. After you guys complete days portnoy memorial side Cakes Mall Bremmer wants to hire you. Get a fine. Wmd's and Iraq's top sally struthers. I like these enforced. This guy can catch meller time. Bad Badwan Sean Hannity okay. He's a cool around just like you all right joke. Oh plug for the real demonstrate. Okay all right. Anything else does at that. Hey Man gotta pay the bill Sunday. You know what I mean I. I don't want to go on a ranch here. Not exactly a great economy for the stand up comedians. You know what I mean. I know I haven't time you say you know what I mean so far. I've known what you've meant every time every time. A big bend. What's your favorite? Dennis Miller jumping. I talk about myself in the first. So we're weird. Oh Jeez I don't know we played a couple. We played a few weeks ago. I'm a huge fan of that now. My Love that whole thing waffle house thing was very international. House is very very funny. That's that's a good one dennis well from what I've seen about blind. Mike looks like he's been eating a couple of waffles and pancakes the pig. He's stuck Dennis. If you kept up with your friend Bill O'Reilly Bell Bell Size. He's a little A little self quarantine locking himself in a closet with a couple of coeds okay. You know what I mean that within I would get a funny joke. Myself at Hampton Beach fifteen years ago. Whatever I want my buddy Jim and he's like he's talking about jerking off. He's like he's like you know women. These guys is we jerk off guys jerk off so that was the hotel this afternoon by myself. Watching the price is right jerking off. Describe it was funny. It was a good joke. Not as this Dennis Miller but no of course. They swallowed up. Steve there's still ended up Kirk by away. Speaking of dentists mentioned the Five K. Hopefully they'll be doing it. That's May twenty third. This is your last day to sign up. And get your t-shirt raced. Sign up after which you'll get your t shirt for race day. If you sign up today Kirkman showed dot com. Get your ticket in your t-shirt now. Kirkman hand show dot Com tri-state running company. Of course I'm wearing my tristate shirt. So is by the way my shoes on ran this morning Tristate RUNNING DOT COM schedule. A virtual shoe fitting with a run walk specialist to identify the right shoe for you. Cameron team will definitely do that for you. Let us know they're happy? I think so far. We're happy with them in the fans. Love it so Let us know when you do that. Please reach out to him. The great fans of show if you need any running help at all right now. It's a no brainer. You can't go anywhere else. Go to TRISTATE RUNNING DOT COM. Enter the code Kirk again. Complimentary gift tristate running Dot Com Promo Code K. I K tristate running company. The official sponsor of the Dave Portland Memorial Five K may twenty third. Get your tickets and t shirt now a Kirkman show and by the way. Today is the last day that you can enter into the five K. And still get your shirt ship to you before the race. Have you ever heard that before Mike or no? No I've never heard said that thirty seconds. Sorry is that crunchy or smooth. Peanut butter and your fucking. I've done that. I don't worry about it putting you'll rebound it'd be fair. You guys say sorry. I just saw this tweet from the Guardian that says can Tony Soprano make me a better parent the lessons. We've learned from lockdown TV interesting housing an ominous in that to kirk interesting. I never aerob- so I can't really be Tony. Soprano no no I didn't. I don't wear those crucial boxer shorts either. But it's not necessarily. The dress doesn't make the man true told me to go down there slurp down the back to bed very strange for a grown man to do kids. I load up Steve. They're loaded up. Hello hey how you doing kirk So Super Bowl One piece of content. That you guys talk about. I was very excited. Obviously the world has changed since then things happen. Guys are both busy big egos both sides. How about the Brandon Walker Kirkman and nostalgia show episode one that debuts tomorrow night? Wow she's way call no no nothing nothing right now no I mean. I think he's got these. It's just actually. It will be easier to do post Quarantine you know. We'll get there. We'll get there. We still slow but we'll get there. Yeah Yeah I I think you guys play well together. He's great we love. Yeah Okay Yeah. He's somebody that we Miss Georgia. The START I think that was clearly mischa right now. We Youtube misjudged. You won't even even there. I guess I was standing right there and I says you're both wrong. It is a great man. This is I say about a lot of people at that. Company is a great and I'm not allowed to speak about always defending these fuckers as true. What do you get for nothing? Nothing spit upon. Who's up Kirk? How you doing hello. I'm I actually had a question. Regarding the Wilbur Okay Irish out now the AMA and told you my fiance having a baby boy. Oh yeah actually within a couple of weeks of the schedule live show With if she would come along with me and she doesn't have them yet. Would you be able to plus the ball from their short? Or if it's maybe like a day old couple days old do have an issue. I mean to be crude an issue if he's not yet birth if I go into the canal birth in in in in both fans that know how to deliver a baby or so I'm thinking we could induce on the stage. That's true we could do that. Would you be willing to do that? Show I would deliver the baby if you want if you want that to happen. Yeah that's be okay with that really matter. I mean if you're a fan of the show she a fan of the show not exactly he got plenty of time to. Boehner up on if you will may June July and September fourteenth the Wilbur. Show no but if the show is still on and things are better and you want to bring your lovely wife whether she's had the baby or not Absolutely I'm happy to bust. The child's testicles. At the show you'll be holding it up like risk holding Simba. Yeah just by the ball how we have a name for this kid. Or what We went over a couple of names last night. We just found out yesterday. I was GONNA ask you guys. Have you had any name suggestions? Her and I both really liked the name. Lincoln right now after Steve. So call it. What did they are you looking for nicknamed potential links decent nickname? I'll decent nickname. It just is. I know the links I know. My life are cool. People the links plural out here Jenkins Thompson link was a. He was the athletic trainer at Bowdoin College. Very old guy was a world war two that he was one of the trainers for the miracle on ice team. That's one why based I base my value of names around people. It's wise links. Andy don't true but don't dance around that you said plural Zelda from what a fucking cartoon Game Zelda ordering time the greatest video game ever created your fucking great way she thinks about it thinking about it too great links in my life so of course. I'm GONNA say the name link is Great. I mean look it has to be out now right well after all. That may so bad bad name. Pretty cool on the bad name so. I give you my advice like I did not go. We had We obviously we had kate Catherine and Harrison. Which you can Harry so those are pretty basic and we'd had a kid unfortunately that we often told the story the full we wound up Yorio Illinois. We thought we adopted the baby. One of losing the baby back to the family in that girl's name is going to be Lillian. Willie which I liked as well Lillian Ryan. The middle name is going to be after my brother. Yes she was really hoping for a girl to. Yeah Yeah I don't blame. Trust me you fucking boys. Poyser did Messer Disaster Disaster Lincoln. You'll have to give us your last name. Obviously but you always have to say also is a serial killer sounding name Like when you name your kid John or or assassin assassin or a series. That's mean last name is booth like Jeffrey Dahmer. Sound psychotic because we already know yes every Jeff. Wing like Mark David. Chapman sounds like a crazy name. You have a mark Chapman Dave. Chapman isn't that Charles. Manson could have been a bad sounds crazy but crazy. There's a bias is biased. But John Wayne. Casey sounds crazy. Yes sounds like you're using the middle name to any that Ted Kaczynski sounds a little crazy. Well Yeah I mean. Is it going to be an a three name guy for with your kid or no? I mean Middle Name. There's going to be like it's not going to be called that though now. Okay all right. We are dragged drive over by the balls. And I'll bless him. Tickle them and final no no problem by the Ford. Maybe either way's fine. Yes look forward to it. All right thank you. I'm in good luck with everything. The people with no middle name. I don't understand they. Just the parents are just lazy or I love. It's a certain naming convention just like Arabic names are named after your father. Right yeah yes. It's why Kirk Mosman Jane. My legal. Yeah I did. I just did that. I didn't tell you that Kirk Marvin Hagler Must Leeann. Mb now the doctor but the doctor of love decision MD. Could it be a Mazda Lee episode? Probably not a might be depends on who play casting would be tremendously might be problematic. That's true hello. Hey Kirk from Boeing. Give me a call game one second. Do you think when is that was my favorite so it was so excited. I heard that call because I'm watching it with the Great Mike Lacey prime and that's house that night. I remember and I knew right away. You know like sometimes like the minute. The guy was on the phone. I knew it was and I knew what he was doing. And they asked Michaels on after he was great. I would love to have a farcical co I love to have Al Michaels on Monday because we had them on a Generalissimo Jerry. I totally in on the joke. He'd be dream guests for me to where he's awesome totally in on the on the first time after the whole thing in Howard said to him when the caller said look here. Did you have an idea there? May maybe something foul Afoot Peter. Kind of Hawaii. He's he's he said. Oh Lord Imagine this quite Tennessee's my favor of one because I wasn't around for the Oj. One obviously but when fake Steve? Bartman called sports salt with Dan. Patrick Yeah and then he says I don't know Dan do you like Howard Stern's but she's hangs up and their silence for a minute and Dan. Patrick looks at the camera and goes America. We've been having been at but I feel like this is the lake now. One more second travis like now ARP if that happens. I I'm afraid someone's are people are going to do that. Yes and I'm fine with that but it won't be played along with as well as but you can get these panicked people who I I think it's even more news. Now than efforts almost easier I would think but they don't take as many that's on Air Street. Yeah as we've discovered with all these different zoom conferences and everything. Jewish interaction with the public is very can live L. raking everytime it happens. I'm like Oh God what's up Travis. Hey so I was going to watch it on your guys Youtube Channel. I got through like one episode of Mike's on before I had to switch it to listen to Kirk again now on there and you have all right. You see all the You're old enough about me episodes on Channel All right. I've seen that yet so I've been listening to starting at those kind of for the last couple of days and I just I kinda thought it was. Your first interview was with Portnoy and twenty twenty. Listen to kind of talk about how you know. Nothing's GonNa Change With Barstool. You know he's back in like twenty sixteen or whatever it was whatever day was my guest. Yep so I guess I live in Iowa so I didn't really know you never until you got to Barstool and have been wrestled yourself but like those days back in you know enough about me. And when you're interviewing Bob Bryan and Shaughnessy or to Boston. It's funny listening to you. Interview guys like that at the Boston Globe. And like just the the timeline. Yeah right and so like at this time. Like in two thousand sixteen. Like I'm I'm sitting there thinking how interviewing Ryan Shaughnessy and like at this point. Murchison wasn't a part of the two years away almost at that point but like in even still like the Boston Globe. Like you didn't have issues with the bombing after the after the Erin Andrews thing I did but like Ryan was always great to me always really nice when I was. I was at this way like when I was no buddy I would do comcast television comcast was a TV station in Boston. And now it's NBC. I think they would have these shows at night. And they're kind of like these roundtable things and around two thousand ten or eleven started doing like Friday nights at ten. You know the put me on Tuesday nights at ten that go on there with Joe Haggerty or these fucking people do two segments again. He was a big deal in Bryan. Treated me like I was an equal then. Dan Treated me that way. Shaughnessy treated me like that. Tommy Carin treating me like that like you remember the ones who are really really nice. You know you remember the ones who are fucking assholes like Andy Gresh. Joe Haggerty those people. So like Ryan did Ryan's podcast a couple of years ago. He's always been really really nice to me. So what like two thousand sixteen? There was no murchison yes people. The Globe took shots at me after Aaron is booming tail. Bob You know what I mean like. Now it's now it might be different. But also I not be if I saw Bob today if I saw Ryan today I'd be happy for social distancing but I would say I'd say I would say hi and we have a good conversation. I always like us always been really really nice to me. Far as the Sean today. They're out there. They're great to me at that point you mentioned in an interview. He mentioned that Marty Tyrrell who I radio guy here in Detroit or whatever and he doesn't show yeah well he kind of did something along the lines of like Craig Carton you know in in New York where he got caught up in my prodding people like Oh yeah. I remember that I read that and Ryan. I just thought it was funny and I go. This is so Boston Globe instead of like. Oh yeah like a great guy. One of my good friends like Mardi. I'm like I just think he probably doesn't even read well. And that's what I wonder to like. Maybe this says that or whatever. But he's like he went on Ryan's like I go on his show not from what they were telling enough to tap that relationship. Just like kind of one of those. I'll talk to you. I'll talk to you interests but yeah I liked I liked Ryan I could. I could talk about like Shawna's your story last week about covering Larry Bird. There was a story he was just going to bring that up because I listen. I listen to his interview with the JAB up in Maine. Yeah because I was just like hunting around trying to find some audio globe. He did a segment with them where he literally just call them right. Yeah yeah good. Call them like I. I wouldn't promote it. I hope nobody buys it. But I mean Jonah sees a good writer. He can be a good writer. He's a fucking asshole phony. Rhinos Ryan's of various joint kid. I guess but but you know you know who's fucking around. Yeah was crazy that was ever spent a few times after Marchesi call him a Bible bump thumping phony. Yeah which I thought was awesome in the fucking. You mentioned the of spending them now for that and how he got suspended for that even crazy because at the time was a big story but even then. I remember thinking why because it's not a religious country anymore that was back when the Christian customers that a little more babies go upstairs Jovan accurate calm yesterday saying that tops not taking enough heat for this and the the the the Biden had answer these terrible questions embarrassing but he's also writing columns like yeah Yeah Biden raped tar read but neither do right now. People are now saying in the New York. Yes of course Biden's a rapist. But he's not the most rape but vote for him anyway. Because the other guy did it too. I did think it was funny. I ended up being. I think Steve retweeted. It was just nobody. I think I would let Joe Biden rape me on Fifth Avenue. Still vote for him over. You know what I kinda. Give her She's kind of honest to isolate up. Steve is still and out of their true yet. This year was up. Beat O K B. What's what the Hell is going on now. Is this what do you mean you tweet at me last night right? Yeah the my hotel. Are you working today at work? I'm I'm taking a little break. Call you call you up but Yeah I called in about three days so I figured I'd send you a tweet. That was very nice. I'm confused okay. Be With the Blue Checkmark who has two hundred and fifty five thousand followers. Twee missed me last night and then I said I missed talking to him and then you tweeted something else I forget the was was it. My kid he's working construction hammers he has. He knew everything working laboring hanging. Hingham is a bitch. I think I deserve better than just a kid out of the faintest idea what I'm talking about understand often. These could be some lyric. I have no idea. I'm on the phone. What did you mean by that? Well I got your tweet. I heard the Ding Ding on my phone. I saw a tweet from Kirkman at hand. I was like Charlie Baker at press conference. I was crime. Is That's weird? I don't know that he would know all these references but yes yeah has worked today Not Bad today I I was pretty bad yesterday. I was really tired. So that's why didn't get the call in a lot of stuff going on hasn't trucks got I get on unloaded nick? Doing you're doing righties. He's back in Queens going to be driving back there tonight. A phenomenal manager. Could you find a construction job in Westchester County or something? Maybe cut down the miles. And even he didn't lose his original job so why even more money. I don't but I mean why don't you take a job in New York doing this? Well I'll eat Massachusetts there so okay that makes sense hidden very simple. Answer but a logical. Okay everything else is good though. Yeah that's fine. I'll be back in New York probably doing some talks with For the L. E. and Oh right Trista quick. Oh good good join. Katy hanging there. We'll talk to you soon. I was befuddled that those tweets last. I other fake like ten times. I didn't get to this guy happened. The hacking news a counter might only guess is that that guy messaged him and said Hey. Will you play along us? That's the only thing I could. I could see more Dan. Reaching out to allies suspicion Mike Fowler. Or He's a big Fan. Yeah that's possible. We got along. I like him you know. He's been all these miles his car seems it's gotTa be and just the Commute Jenner taxing mental traffic. Try true kind of open it up. A little guys weather can enjoy a little bit boy. That's a lot of driving dry surgery. All right we're good to talk to people like the call. I'm confusing every feel does. Yeah all right hello couple more. Hey Kirk what's up? Hey it's Jason Voorhees Jason. Oh Jesus Christ. I didn't expect you to call today. How are you? I'm doing pretty good? It's a beautiful sunny day out. You know whether it's Nice. Spring is in the air I was just calling my mom and I are heading up to Camp Crystal Lake Okay. We're going to do our traditional. Stop IT MAMA. Mia's so jason you go in there. Anted Mama Mia feeling we go up every summer. We stop at Mommy tonight. I don't remember much of what happens after that. But it's sort of part of our tradition. Did you once walk in there? Sort of a normal kid and then walk out with somebody else. Oh Yeah I'm normal. I'm about about to eat my I haven't had having a right right now. Well let us know. Yeah go ahead Jason. Good one bite. Everybody knows the rules you doing as we speak. Yeah sure you WANNA hear it would go ahead all right. Here we go. What's happening business? Still Jason Jason. We lost the connection. I had no idea having that quick. I know there was speculation instrument. Daddy just tweeted out. Last time I went to my and my son could still see. Oh Gosh that's I don't remember horrifically inappropriate thing. They're that young that doesn't make any sense at all. All right one more take get a good one. Good Morning Fellas. It's the Mayor Marty Walsh. Hello Mr Mayor How are you? I'm a little tired. I had a sleepover over at Charlie Baker's house last night sleep over it. Okay Yeah I I heard you guys will give me a hard time. You and that That knucklehead producer yours and that blind dope sidekick Yup. Yes Mr Kennedy So I I got something I want to read to you. Because it's Thursday tomorrow night. I plan on reading this so I know that produced the yours like poetry so I have a Haitian lullaby wanted to run by you guys to see if it will meet your standard okay. Suppose I mean listen. We'll we'll we'll give it a shot it only two stands as I think that's what they call it but it's wicked good. Okay let me let me hear it. It's call Dodo T- PETITE MON MON DODO NOT PETITE MON Mon the Aldo T. PETITE MON MON CPAP but Dodo. Crab La Mancha. You Dodo Crab La Mancha. Todo t crab non Kalou Dodo Tepe Crab non-core Lulu. I don't WanNa hear you race baiting me no more you wise. Guy. Thank you Mr People say. Why don't you think this? Podcast can't be bigger rogan essay because it's very very limited amount of people who understand you don't understand you're doing something different fly understand that and I think that's GonNa make it take off. Well conclude as Usual Usual Charlie. Allegedly they load up still not quite quotes him with a CPA. Why aren't they live and understand why the weather live? They should be live. I'm like this ability. We'll be able to take a risk like that. That one's fine fine sometimes. Who the hell knows but yeah. Hello yes credits. Visiting nurse from Rhode Island on. What's up I'm good. How you guys don't do it. Fine Oh holy Shit. Macarana take a beating from those fans last resilient. You'll hear just a few minutes. I think you don't come at the Queen. I guess not no. I guess not all right. Chris. We'll talk to you but yeah we We start the show with that. Maybe we'll end the show with that. We all more costumer. Yeah we'd take one more Elo Kirke tag tell you a quick story. Yeah sure you'll be proud of me so my aunt she's making all these masks for the family doesn't then since kids and it's a big thing and We get them in the mail that she may twenty four them. I've my and the Red Sox mask good so I give them through my wife and my step children's and rabbit die where those Matt Disavow your your aunt. You said Oh yeah you disavow this which should rec realize wretched horrific woman. Oh yes kirk. Wish death on this woman The line in the sand you go. You can go left. Go right what's eleven. What's his name remo? Auntie mobile our. That's what I would say. No more Sheron. She's gone. Yes see you and day correct. Yes or no you yes disavow about remember when Kennedy had said Okay Goodbye. Goodbye pisses me off. Save lives would have been John. Horrific woman don't use somewhere. That's bad I believe you said I never have okay. Steve Nine seven eight year up. Oh for chrissakes ended. Hello it is yes it is okay how you doing the right call. Steve. How's it hanging might not just wanted to let you know that you're a very very good boys and after listening to the show yesterday. I got a craving for farsight of Mama Mia Pizza no great. That's great that's great isn't so tell us about your experience. Mikey I don't know that it was wonderfully even pizza. The whole thing back for another slide. Oh God don't say one more thing so know everything looked Jeez well luckily have already. I had my crying coped with how was Damore Hog was okay with all the talk about yes you referred to it as a free promotion so. I think that's true by the way. Yeah the only bad thing was if people didn't didn't understand well if you listen to this ago but yeah. I think I think that didn't happen. We said five star Ratings Leva five star rated my favorite image. I think I said this yesterday. My favorite all day was and he confirmed that it is in fact a p the people that own. It WON'T NECESSARILY UNDERSTAND. Have any idea what's going very why why they say. Casey Anthony did my pizza. All Right Steve. No I think that's a good call then on good so we still go stack lines though. Take one or two good news boy. I'm feeling frisky guys. Are you Lou? This big big. Mariah Fan and just listening to a podcast and I love it. Wow Okay thank you for that. What what do you like about specifically Mariah Fan? I'm a big blind Mike Fan. I had a question blaming okay. You don't get the pod but go ahead Mike. What are you getting your mom for? Mother's Day Title probably have a better idea for you. Why don't you get a two tickets to pound real evil youth all the time? What'S UP Mr Gary? How are you? What'S UP I just wanted to call and played over for this weekend. We're GONNA take his mom out obviously mica flesh later in the closet and we'll go into town stupid. Old Old flames reunite very strange. My mother my mother marry now. What is it will album jealous? I I'm some chores. Mike has been a lot infidelity case. I've been real. I've been feeling really guilty lately. Kirk ever since you guys are talking about Mama. Mia's Pizza Hut last time. Last time I went to Mama. Mia is pizza maker. Still See. Read your daddy to keep up with this show valley. We move fast move fast. This is this is I love. You guys love you to said. Let me today as well. That's nice a part of the family. Now the real risk cheese just when you think you can't beat the memo call. Wow that's the best of the best call ever we end on that note. We'll to you. This was pretty reprehensible. I don't know how it can be anybody's idea humour so a second time we've jumped back on their promise. I'm not gonNA walk the this Mariah Digest. Tweet US texted you Steve. No okay. I'm essentially a vision of love where I started the show Settling a new song. If someone is found the finding old videos a Khurana was done wrong. Oh God Mike. I suspect they're not parody. I wish you I don't know if I'm ready for the Mike. I don't think you've ever wanted to have Z. Yes ever in your own try. Give me time Melissa in the kitchen and your back was facing me not again. It was checked found the Koran. No family as a shovel towards the fridge door for meal. You said to me bill. Mr Cooke a music video for a song called eat my eggs. It's his wife and he's like pretending to be a team. What the fuck is going on around? The right now started at war with the Shit. They get nuked him so scared. But this sounds like sort of a weird Al type of a thing or something. I think. If you see the picture you'll see the picture freezes crime because also patches younger. His head is cocked. One way this vision of love by always response you your tweet with a picture of their scribe or you have dialed is ultra selection. Just took his frozen pictures. Khurana dancing kitchen knows. I have to revise my opinion. I do not think the mid offensive one. This war no doesn't sound like a tweet. Three thousand of these even the fans will be going after Khurana now. Of course another person just tweeted Diego said Hey macaroni of twelve hours to delete this. The original winter up the The the woman they make fun of contemporary or leak your home address. What the fuck. Oh my God. This is not a silly game anymore. Call you call. Khurana didn't pick up house now No no truck commented is no coronas. Phone is just off no number. Where is he? I've got his number. Okay okay we'll have sound like the number two guys. Why talked him three times? I was down the kitchen than we used to be. Played on my phone. I'm calling them right now. What the Hell is that? It sounds like he was trying to get into the world of. Yeah what is that like folk music folk music? I don't come silly songs and you'll have that happen. I bet they leaked cell phone number. I don't know can you hear me? Can you hear me? I'm going live for the first time for the first time in months. I'm going live on periscope and this macarana lay this video we actually. We stopped the show. The show has done right. Mike yes the show is done and this new Krahn Ovidio is so wild that we're trying to react to this in real time trying to get crime onto respond. We I think we rain. They've definitely got more information than us. I'm sure at this point who I know. That's what I mean. I need help. I was dancing. I was e Cetera. Sure what the what the fuck my life number one. What is going on. I was GonNa do a whole suite of him but only got the lawn. What was it what is it what are you what do you mean what am. I fucking joke bunker my wife. It didn't WANNA eat eggs so I made a a meeting. And what is going to start the show? We stopped the show. And now we're going to this. What is the Mariah fans are going to kill you? They're gonNA kill you it fucking dude. I didn't know the big did did crazy. Delete your cell phone numbers that we could get hold of. You know. I just have bad reception Where my office in the house my Google number? This number is the best way to reach their threatening the leak. My house is we just now. She's do you want to. This is for the record. Do you want to retract any of your statements about adult contemporary music and the people who listened to it? Bucknell all right. I respect that. I've poke the bear. My are you worried about your your partner. Quantum Week is getting a complete passive also under the bus on twitter. No I don't mind that at all I this is. This is my doing in fact. I was the one that told. I told him I was going to tweet it. I was going to do this any purported me obviously but no I mean I think we respond to this And some show respect quantum week special episode or no. I don't even know how to respond to it. Who's you know who's GonNa listen to the when they when they get done like destroying my My review is there anything that the dignity unearthed. It's going to be more balancing but I just saw. Oh I doubt it. Okay I mean you got I mean between the minute fan. I provides no one got to that. This is true. Training has shown in kind of good points him man. We'll talk you hanging there. Shame on them in the fans cheeses when he was actually he was sitting in this chair producing the show. True failed to dig this up. That's bad unbelievable. Video is unbelievable fans. Bad Day you'll have math. They like met with is this. He's like for simple doesn't eat eggs. I met a music video. The convert vicinity. Begin SILLY ARGUMENT LIFETIME. Radley more it more than anything else you could have said. We're being on all right goodbye.

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